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148489: ALICE KEMP-WELCH, ED - Of the Tumbler of Our Lady & Other Miracles Now Translated from the Middle French
6214: JAMES WELLARD - The French Foreign Legion
104236: FRANK WELLER - Handbook of Electronic Systems Design
1234162: REV. PHILIP T. WELLER - The Roman Ritual: Complete Three Volume Set
15939: RALPH & FLORENCE WELLES - The Bighorn of Death Valley
94942: PAUL WELLMAN - Ride the Red Earth
112817: H. G. WELLS - New Worlds for Old
105462: GEORGE A. WELLS - Goethe and the Development of Science 1750-1900
167221: HELEN WELLS - Ski Nurse Mystery
169318: COLIN WELLS - The Roman Empire
171426: H.G. WELLS - The Time Machine: An Invention
162190: G.A. WELLS - Did Jesus Exist
143926: GEOFFREY H. WELLS - The Works of H.G. Wells 1887-1925: A Bibliography, Dictionary and Subject-Index
15010: HELEN WELLS - Cherry Ames, Army Nurse
132450: RHEA WELLS - Beppo the Donkey
164982: HELEN WELLS - Cherry Ames, Visiting Nurse
112697: CARVETH WELLS - Adventure!
161604: WM. E. WELMERS - African Language Structures
168226: JOHN WELWOOD, ED - Ordinary Magic: Everyday Life As a Spiritual Path
162386: STANLEY WEMYSS AND KANAE AKIYAMA - Short Cuts to Japanese: A Primer of the Japanese Language
161791: CARLA WENCKEBACH AND HELENE WENCKEBACH - Die Schonsten Deutschen Lieder
167551: LLOYD WENDT AND HERMAN KOGAN - Big Bill of Chicago
162169: RABBI AARON HALEVI; CHARLES WENGROV, TRANS - Sefer Hahinnuch: The Book of [Mitzvah] Education, Vols. I-V
113615: F.X. WENINGER - On the Apostolical and Infallible Authority of the Pope, When Teaching the Faithful, and on His Relation to a General Council
164721: F.X. WENINGER - Catechismi Tres Systematice Coordinati Pro Plena Juventutis Christianae Instructione
113656: F.X. WENINGER - On the Apostolical and Infallible Authority of the Pope, When Teaching the Faithful, and on His Relation to a General Council
132517: F. X. WENINGER - Catholicity, Protestantism and Infidelity: An Appeal to Candid Americans
164971: F.X. WENINGER - Epitome Pastoralis Ad Usum Cleri in Statibus Foederatis Americae
164953: F.X. WENINGER - Exercitia Spiritualia S. Ignatii de Loyola: Meditationibus Illustrata Ad Usum Cleri Tam Regularis Quam Saecularis
168453: F.X. WENINGER - Catechismi Tres Systematice Coordinati Pro Plena Juventutis Christianae Instructione
70378: FRANCIS X. WENINGER - Originelle, Kurz-Gefasste, Praktische Fest-Predigten
70094: FRANCIS X. WENINGER - Originelle, Kurzgefasste, Praktische Fesstags-Predigten Fur Das Ganze Kirchenjahr
69718: F.X. WENINGER, S.J. - Epitome Pastoralis Ad Usum Cleri in Statibus Foederatis Americae
67685: FRANCI X. WENINGER - Die Unflehlbarkeit Des Papstes
67291: F.X. WENINGER - Katholicismus, Protestantismus Und Unglanbe
70289: FRANZ X. WENINGER - Praktische Winke Fur Missionare Zur Abhaltung Der Missionen
32806: FRANZ FAVER WENINGER - Originelle Kurz-Gefasste Praktische Fasten-Predigten
70329: FRANZ X. WENINGER - Originelle, Kurz-Gefasste, Praktische Marianische Fest-Reden
164718: F.X. WENINGER - Catechismi Tres Systematice Coordinati Pro Plena Juventutis Christianae Instructione
164719: F.X. WENINGER - Catechismi Tres Systematice Coordinati Pro Plena Juventutis Christianae Instructione
164720: F.X. WENINGER - Catechismi Tres Systematice Coordinati Pro Plena Juventutis Christianae Instructione
166100: SIM WENNER - Back Away from the Stove
107175: HELMUT WENSKE - Letzte Aufzeichnungen Aus Der Somnambulanz
170474: WALTER YEELING EVANS-WENTZ - The Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries
161923: MARGARETHA WEPPNER - The North Star and the Southern Cross: Being the Personal Experiences, Impressions, and Observations of Margaretha Weppner, in a Two Years' Journey Round the World
160935: FRANZ WERFEL - The Song of Bernadette
112826: HERBERT A. WERNER - Iron Coffins: A Personal Account of the German U-Boat Battles of World War II
98645: RICHARD BECHERER & CHRISTIAN WERNER - Lidar for Remote Sensing
97931: KAREL WERNER - A Popular Dictionary of Hinduism
8113: R.B. WERNHAM - Before the Armada: The Emergence of the English Nation 1485-1588
113114: KENNETH P. WERRELL - Blankets of Fire: U.S. Bombers over Japan During World War II
172352: W.B. WERTHNER - The Backgrounds of Early Dayton History
164936: VLADIMIR WERTSMAN, ED - The Armenians in America 1618-1976: A Chronology & Fact Book
132031: PAUL WESCHER - Jean Fouquet and His Time
147991: JOHN WESLEY - The Saints' Everlasting Rest: Or, a Treatise of the Blessed State of the Saints, in Their Enjoyment of God in Glory
168040: JOHN WESLEY; JAMES F. WHITE - John Wesley's Prayer Book: The Sunday Service of the Methodists in North America
168838: WESLEY & ELAINE WILLIS, AND JOHN & JANET MASTER, EDS - Basic Theology: Applied
169603: ZDZISLAW P. WESOLOWSKI - Polish Orders, Medals, Badges and Insignia, Military and Civilian Decorations 1705-1985
102654: KLAUS WESSEL AND MARCELL RESTLE - Reallexikon Zur Byzantinischen Kunst: Band VII - Lieferung 49-50
163069: LILY F. WESSELHOEFT - Flipwing the Spy: A Fable for Children
131029: BENJAMIN DEAN MERITT & ALLEN BROWN WEST - The Athenian Assessment of 425 B.C.
172758: SHEARER WEST - Chagall
172309: KATE WEST - The Real Witches' Handbook: A Complete Introduction to the Craft for Both Young and Old
1242033: KATE WEST - The Real Witches' Coven: The Definitive Guide to Forming Your Own Wiccan Group
169453: JERRY WEST - The Happy Hollisters and the Cowboy Mystery
169452: JERRY WEST - The Happy Hollisters and the Cuckoo Clock Mystery
160751: JULIUS WEST - G.K. Chesterton: A Critical Study
150938: MORRIS L. WEST - The Heretic: A Play in Three Acts
149281: WALLACE WEST AND JAMES P. MITCHELL - Our Good Neighbors in Soviet Russia
166846: ROBERT WESTALL - The Stones of Muncaster Cathedral
150074: BROOKE FOSS WESTCOTT - Saint Paul's Epistle to the Ephesians: The Greek Text with Notes and Addenda
123248: JOHN HOWELL WESTCOTT AND EDWIN MOORE RANKIN, ED - Suetonius: De Vita Caesarum, Libri I-II: Julius/Augustus
143788: WENDELL WESTCOTT - Bells and Their Music with a Recording of Bell Sounds
161154: LIVY; J.H. WESTCOTT, ED - Livy: Book I, Complete; Books XXI and XXII, with Omissions; and Selections from Books XXVI, XXVII, and XXX
26797: WALDEMAR WESTERGAARD - The First Triple Alliance: The Letters of Christopher Lindenov, Danish Envoy to London, 1668-1672
164354: REV. DR. JOHN H. WESTERHOFF - Grateful and Generous Hearts: A Pilgrim's Stewardship Adventure
141833: CLAUS WESTERMANN - Genesis: A Practical Commentary
35821: MARK WESTERN - Mystic Man
1213620: WILLIAM D. WESTERVELT - Hawaiian Legends of Old Honolulu
68820: KENNETH WESTHUES - The Religious Community and the Secular State
123477: FRED WESTING - Pennsy Steam and Semaphores
172831: DONALD E. WESTLAKE - The Fugitive Pigeon
126743: WILLIAM WESTON - An Autobiography from the Jesuit Underground
164601: WILLIAM WESTON - An Autobiography from the Jesuit Underground
68368: THEO WESTOW - Introducing Contemporary Catholicism
68291: THEODORE L. WESTOW - The Variety of Catholic Attitudes
68358: THEO WESTOW - The Agony of the Church
46795: H. HONL & K. WESTPFAHL - Sonderdruck Aus Der Max-Planck-Festschrift 1958: Fortentwicklung Der Kirchhoffschen Beugungstheorie Zu Einer Strengen Theorie
73587: WILHELM. H. WESTPHAL - Physik: Des Alltaglichten Lebens
7009: FRED WESTPHAL - Gemarterten-Schreie in Der Kulturwelt: Briefe Der Deutscher Sohne Aus Der Holle Der Fremdenlegion
59068: E.V. WESTRATE - Those Fatal Generals
132472: R. MCADAM & R. WESTWATER - Mining Explosives
59543: JAMES HARPUR & JENNIFER WESTWOOD - The Atlas of Legendary Places
121565: CHRISTIAAN RUDOLPH DE WET - Three Years' War
168105: BRUCE WETTERAU - The New York Public Library Book of Chronologies
112602: REV. F.X. WETZEL - The Our Father: A Booklet for Young and Old
59535: EDWARD M. WEYER JR. - Strangest Creatures on Earth
46746: ULRICH WEYH - Elemente Der Schaltungsalgebra
167154: RICHARD J. WHALEN - The Founding Father: The Story of Joseph P. Kennedy
125469: REVEREND CHARLES W. WHALEN - The Trappist Way: A Picture of the Trappist Life and a Brief History of the Foundation of New Melleray Abbey at Peosta, Iowa, in the Archdiocese of Dubuque
102856: DORAN WHALEN - Granite for God's House: The Life of Orestes Augustus Brownson
1241188: HAROLD WHALEY, ED - Great Men Search for God
171397: JOYCE IRENE WHALLEY - The Pen's Excellencie: A Pictorial History of Western Calligraphy
171713: JOYCE IRENE WHALLEY - Cobwebs to Catch Flies: Illustrated Books for the Nursery and Schoolroom 1700-1900
171387: JOYCE IRENE WHALLEY - The Art of Calligraphy: Western Europe & America
112824: EDITH WHARTON - The Valley of Decision: Volume I and II
10445: EDITH WHARTON - Fighting France
121557: GEOFFREY WHEATCROFT - The Randlords
93270: DENNIS WHEATLEY - Unholy Crusade
165263: CHARLES WHEATLY - A Rational Illustration of the Book of Common Prayer of the Church of England: Being the Substance of Every Thing Liturgical in Bishop Sparrow, Mr. L'Estrange, Dr. Comber, Dr. Nichols, and All Former Ritualists, Commentators, or Others, Upon the Same Subject; Collected and Reduced Into One Continued and Regular Method, and Interspersed All Along with New Observations
62988: ANTHONY WHEATON, TRANS - Son and Saviour: The Divinity of Jesus Christ in the Scriptures
166303: APOSTLE CLARENCE L. WHEATON AND ANGELA WHEATON - The Book of Commandments Controversy Reviewed: An Examination of Some of the Controversial Claims Made for the Rejection of the Book of Commandments by Some of the Divisions of the Restoration
113409: RICHARD WHEELER - Voices of 1776
161682: MORTIMER WHEELER, ED - Splendours of the East: Temples, Tombs, Palaces and Fortresses of Asia
93794: BENJAMIN IDE WHEELER - Alexander the Great: The Merging of East and West in Universal History
170107: FREDERIC M. WHEELOCK - Latin Literature: A Book of Readings
1243383: FREDERIC M. WHEELOCK, REVISED BY RICHARD A. LAFLEUR - Wheelock's Latin: 6th Edition
123883: JOSEPH P. WHELAN, SJ - The Spirituality of Friedrich Von Hugel
160533: JOSEPH P. WHELAN - The Spirituality of Friedrich Von Hugel
141785: JOSEPH P. WHELAN - The Spirituality of Friedrich Von Hugel
164604: JOSEPH P. WHELAN - The Spirituality of Friedrich Von Hugel
147900: JOSEPH P. WHELAN - The Spirituality of Friedrich Von Hugel
123163: STEVE GRUENERT & TODD WHITAKER - School Culture Rewired: How to Define, Assess, and Transform It
132108: E.C. WHITAKER - Documents of the Baptismal Liturgy
123029: E.C. WHITAKER - Documents of the Baptismal Liturgy
167653: JOHN O. WHITAKER, JR. - The Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Mammals
162803: K.P.K. WHITAKER - 1200 Chinese Basic Characters: An Adaptation for Students of Cantonese of W. Simon's National Language Version
144736: PAUL WHITCOMB - Confession of a Roman Catholic
145742: PAUL WHITCOMB - Confession of a Roman Catholic
126465: ELLEN G. WHITE - Spiritual Gifts, Volumes One and Two: The Great Controversy & My Christian Experience, Views, and Labors
150891: JAMES BOYD WHITE - Heracles' Bow: Essays on the Rhetoric and Poetics of the Law
166447: ALEXANDER CURRIE WHITE, ARR - The Golden Book of Henry Drummond
171434: E.B. WHITE - Charlotte's Web
146327: PERCY WHITE - The Triumph of Mrs. St. George
150894: JAMES BOYD WHITE - Heracles' Bow: Essays on the Rhetoric and Poetics of the Law
125379: ANTONIA WHITE - The Hound and the Falcon: The Story of a Reconversion to the Catholic Faith
113616: JOHN HENRY CARDINAL NEWMAN; W.D. WHITE, ED - The Preaching of John Henry Newman
167877: VIRGINIA S. WHITE, COMP - From Camargo to Indian Hill
150888: JAMES BOYD WHITE - When Words Lose Their Meaning: Constitutions and Reconstitutions of Language, Character, and Community
164586: G. EDWARD WHITE - Creating the National Pastime: Baseball Transforms Itself 1903-1953
150921: JAMES BOYD WHITE - Justice As Translation: An Essay in Cultural and Legal Criticism
161524: NEWPORT J.D. WHITE - John Henry Newman
171529: VIRGINIA S. WHITE - Treasured Landmarks of Indian Hill
112936: ANDREW DICKSON WHITE - Fiat Money Inflation in France: How It Came, What It Brought, and How It Ended
131302: HELEN C. WHITE - The Mysticism of William Blake
150890: JAMES BOYD WHITE - Connecting to the Gospel: Texts, Sermons, Commentaries
150889: JAMES BOYD WHITE - When Words Lose Their Meaning: Constitutions and Reconstitutions of Language, Character, and Community
131612: JAMES TERRY WHITE - Captive Memories
163032: OWEN P. WHITE - Lead and Likker
150923: JAMES BOYD WHITE - Living Speech: Resisting the Empire of Force
150922: JAMES BOYD WHITE - Justice As Translation: An Essay in Cultural and Legal Criticism
150897: JAMES BOYD WHITE - This Book of Starres": Learning to Read George Herbert
164681: ELLEN G. WHITE - Counsels to Parents, Teachers, and Students Regarding Christian Education
148109: N.J.D. WHITE - The Date of St. Patrick: The Internal Evidence of His Latin Writings
172907: CHRISTOPHER WHITE - Rubens and His World
170014: ELLEN G. WHITE - Messages to Young People
43784: REV. ROBERT J. WHITE - The Legal Effect of Ante-Nuptial Promises in Mixed Marriages
95295: FATHER CLARENCE D. WHITE - Christ Our Vocation: Our Way to God Series - Book 12
126616: ELLEN G. WHITE - Christian Experience and Teachings of Ellen G. White: Volume One with an Appendix
150899: JAMES BOYD WHITE - From Expectation to Experience: Essays on Law and Legal Education
150898: JAMES BOYD WHITE - From Expectation to Experience: Essays on Law and Legal Education
150892: JAMES BOYD WHITE - Heracles' Bow: Essays on the Rhetoric and Poetics of the Law
126136: E.B. WHITE - E.B. White Treasury Containing Stuart Little, Charlotte's Web, and the Trumpet of the Swan
150311: R.J. WHITE - Cambridge Life
147461: NEWPORT J.D. WHITE - An Account of Archbishop Marsh's Library, Dublin
170207: HELEN C. WHITE - A Watch in the Night
171537: LLOYD A. WHITEHEAD - Hoosier Horizons
132388: MARGARET WHITEHEAD, ED - They Call Me Father: Memoirs of Father Nicolas Coccola
101743: KENNETH D. WHITEHEAD - The Idea of the Catholic University
21821: FRANK WHITEHEAD - The Disappearing Dais: A Study of the Principles and Practice of English Teaching
126680: WILLIS F. WHITEHEAD, ED - Agrippa's Occult Philosophy: Natural Magic
1243366: A. BULOW-JACOBSEN & J.E.G. WHITEHORNE - The Oxyrhynchus Papyri Volume XLIX
172179: ROBIN WHITEMAN - The Cadfael Companion: The World of Brother Cadfael
167989: YVONNE WHITEMAN, COMP - A Garden of Greek Verse: Poems of Ancient Greece
145477: GERTRUDE WHITING - Tools and Toys of Stitchery
131545: LILIAN WHITING - The Brownings: Their Life and Art
143865: LILIAN WHITING - The Lure of London
1241264: WALT WHITMAN - Leaves of Grass: A Gathering from Walt Whitman
146389: WALT WHITMAN - The Eighteenth Presidency!
171673: DAVID C. WHITNEY - The Colonial Spirit of '76: The People of the Revolution; the Lives of Members of the Continental Congresses and Other Prominent Men and Women of the Period
113358: DAVID C. WHITNEY AND ROBIN VAUGHN WHITNEY - The American Presidents
1243241: PHYLLIS A. WHITNEY - Hunter's Green
1243242: PHYLLIS A. WHITNEY - The Turquoise Mask
113293: MAJ. GEN. COURTNEY WHITNEY - Macarthur: His Rendezvous with History
25064: JANET WHITNEY - Abigail Adams
1243244: PHYLLIS A. WHITNEY - Seven Tears for Apollo
1243243: PHYLLIS A. WHITNEY - Snowfire
169014: C.R. WHITTAKER - Frontiers of the Roman Empire: A Social and Economic Study
172845: JOHN GREENLEAF WHITTER - The Poems of John Greenleaf Whittier
131308: JOHN GREENLEAF WHITTIER - The Poetical and Prose Works of John Greenleaf Whittier: 7 Volumes
131549: JOHN GREENLEAF WHITTIER - The Complete Poetical Works of John Greenleaf Whittier
163618: JOHN GREENLEAF WHITTIER - Selections from the Religious Poems of John Greenleaf Whittier with a Brief Introduction
50692: HARRY WHITTINGTON - Samuel Bronston's the Fall of the Roman Empire
149600: G.D. WHITTINGTON - An Historical Survey of the Ecclesiastical Antiquities of France; with a View to Illustrate the Rise and Progress of Gothic Architecture in Europe
98417: PETER WHITTLE - Probability
33753: LNT.COL. F.E. WHITTON - The Decisive Battles of Modern Times
46614: DR. G. WIARDA - Integralgleichungen Unter Besonderer Berucksichtigung Der Anwendungen
65579: STEPHANO CARTON DE WIART - Tractatus de Peccatis Et Vitiis in Genere
85737: LEONARD WIBBERLEY - The Good-Natured Man: A Portrait of Oliver Goldsmith
172622: LEONARD WIBBERLEY - John Barry: Father of the Navy
70892: BRIAN WICKER - Culture and Liturgy
67411: BRIAN WICKER - Toward a Contemporary Christianity
59387: RAY WICKER - The Realms of Gold
90673: D. JAMES WICKSTEED, ED - Cisterican Studies: Vol. XI #2
1235422: KEITH R. WIDDER - Reveille Till Taps: Soldier Life at Fort Mackinac 1780-1895
111689: KEITH R. WIDDER - Reveille Till Taps: Soldier Life at Fort Mackinac 1780-1895
13106: EMIL & DANIEL WIDEN - Jerusalem
144244: GABRIEL-PH. WIDMER - Gloire Au Pere, Au Fils, Au Saint-Esprit: Essai Sur le Dogme Trinitaire
131261: HELEN E. WIEAND - Deception in Plautus: A Study in the Technique of Roman Comedy
167948: ULRIKE LINK-WIECZOREK - Reden Von Gott in Afrika Und Asien: Darstellung Und Interpretation Afrikanischer Theologie IM Vergleich Mit Der Koreanischen Minjung-Theologie
170506: ELIE WIESEL - A Passover Haggadah As Commented Upon by Elie Wiesel and Illustrated by Mark Podwal
63305: HERMANN WIESMANN - Das Buch Der Spruche
66035: REV. DONALD H. WIEST - The Precensorship of Books (Canons 1384-1386, 1392-1394, 2318, 2): A History and a Commentary
169220: JAN HERMANNUS WIETEN - De Tribus Laminis Aureis Quae in Sepulcris Thurinis Sunt Inventae. Specimen Litterarium Inaugurale Quod Ex Auctoritate Rectoris Magnifici J.M. Janse, Bot. Et Zool. Doct. , in Facult. Disc. Math. Et Phys. Prof. Ord. Amplissimi Senatus Academici Consensu Et Nobilissimae Facultatis Litterarum Et Philosophiae Decreto Pro Gradu Doctoratus Summisque in Litterarum Classicarum Disciplina Honoribus Ac Privilegiis in Academia Lugduno-Batava Rite Et Legitime Consequendis Facultatis Examini Submittet Jan Hermannus Wieten, E Pago Aalsmeer Die XIX Mensis Martii A.D. Mdccccxv, Hora IV
143847: ALBERT EDWARD WIGGAM - The New Decalogue of Science
170125: KATE DOUGLAS WIGGIN - The Birds' Christmas Carol
112955: MELANIE WIGGINS - U-Boat Adventures: Firsthand Accounts from Wwii
66219: REV. URBAN C. WIGGINS - Property Laws of the State of Ohio Affecting the Church
121641: A.J. WIGHTMAN - No Friend for Travellers
141843: GEOFFREY WIGODER, ED - Everyman's Judaica: An Encyclopedia Dictionary
125211: S.R. WIGRAM - Chronicles of the Abbey of Elstow: With Some Notes on the Architecture of the Church
163863: GEORGE V. WIGRAM - The Englishman's Greek Concordance Numerically Coded to Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
123385: JOHN WIJNGAARDS - The Gospel of John & His Letters
91460: ALFRED WIKENHAUSER - New Testament Introduction
97036: KEN WILBER - The Holographic Paradigm
169827: ARCHIBALD WILBERFORCE, ED - The Great Battles of All Nations, Volumes I-II
170943: HERVEY WILBUR - A Short Biblical Catechism, Containing Questions Historical, Practical and Experimental. Designed to Promote an Intimate Acquaintance with the Inspired Volume
59312: MARGUERITE EYER WILBUR - The Unquenchable Flame: The Life of Philip II
163589: JOHN WILBUR - Letters to a Friend, on Some of the Primitive Doctrines of Christianity
97452: NOEL MACDONALD WILBY - Saint John of Rochester
169225: ULRICH WILCKEN - Alexander the Great
169800: ARTHUR M. WILCOX AND WARREN RIPLEY - The CIVIL War at Charleston
165098: L.R. WILCOX AND HERBERT J. CURTIS - Elementary Differential Equations
43274: DORIS WILD - Ikonen: Kirchliche Kunst Des Ostens
94285: HANS WILDBERGER - Jesaja Kapitel 13-27
94286: HANS WILDBERGER - Jesaja Kapitel 1-12
169260: OSCAR WILDE - The Plays of Oscar Wilde
126558: LADY WILDE - Irish Cures, Mystic Charms & Superstitions
172136: OSCAR WILDE - The Ballad of Reading Gaol
172255: OSCAR WILDE - Lord Arthur Savile's Crime: A Study in Duty
171428: OSCAR WILDE - Lady Windermere's Fan / the Importance of Being Earnest
172066: OSCAR WILDE - Complete Works of Oscar Wilde
141490: AMOS N. WILDER - Jesus' Parables and the War of Myths: Essays on Imagination in the Scriptures
171626: THORNTON WILDER - The Bridge of San Luis Rey
91342: AMOS N. WILDER - Jesus' Parables and the War of Myths
166011: KATE ELENOR WILDER - Pussy Letters: Nature Stories About Animals, Birds, Insects, Plants, Foods, Textiles, the Forest and the Sea; "How" and "Why" Stories That Will Inspire a Love for Nature and the Great out-of-Doors
168192: LESLEY WILDER - The Great Days and Seasons: Meditations for the Christian Year
168083: FRANKLIN WILDER - John Wesley Rides Again!
162576: HARRY EMERSON WILDES - William Penn
172433: HARRY EMERSON WILDES - Twin Rivers: The Raritan and the Passaic
36769: MAURICE WILES - The Christian Fathers
91569: MAURICE WILES - The Christian Fathers
60708: MARGARET L. WILEY - Creative Sceptics
130895: A. CURTIS WILGUS - A History of Hispanic America: A Text Book Handbook for College Students
172675: ROBERT LOUIS WILKEN - The Spirit of Early Christian Thought: Seeking the Face of God
102463: M.V. WILKES - Oscillations of the Earth's Atmosophere
160653: PAUL WILKES - The Education of an Archbishop: Travels with Rembert Weakland
122042: ROBERT N. WILKIN - The Spirit of the Legal Profession
151375: MOTHER MYRTLE WILKINS - Word-Order in Selected Sermons of the Fifth and Sixth Centuries
123258: AUGUSTUS S. WILKINS, ED - The Epistles of Horace
110789: SPENSER WILKINSON - From Cromwell to Wellington: Twelve Soldiers
28238: MARGUERITE WILKINSON - Contemporary Poetry
121324: FREDERICK WILKINSON - Antique Guns and Gun Collecting
18200: FREDERICK WILKINSON - Battle Dress: A Gallery of Military Style and Ornament
160721: L.P. WILKINSON - A Century of King's 1873-1972
166888: ALLEN SINCLAIR WILL - Life of Cardinal Gibbons: Archbishop of Baltimore (2 Volumes)
147142: DANIEL E. WILLARD - Geology of the Center of the U.S. A. Known As the "Magic Circle
144976: CORNELIS DE WITT WILLCOX - A French-English Military Technical Dictionary
120954: BERNWARD H. WILLEKE - Imperial Government and Catholic Missions in China During the Years 1784-1785
46816: FR. A. WILLERS - Methoden Der Praktischen Analysis
171014: HERBERT L. WILLETT AND CHARLES CLAYTON MORRISON - The Daily Altar: An Aid to Private Devotion & Family Worship
112932: GORDON R. WILLEY - Prehistoric Settlement Patterns in the Viru Valley, Peru
172597: EUGENE P. WILLGING, ED - Catholic Life Annual 1959
172598: EUGENE P. WILLGING, ED - Catholic Life Annual 1958
165965: WILLIAM S. GRAY, ROBERT C. POOLEY, AND FRED G. WALCOTT - Paths and Pathfinders
169632: WILLIAM S. GRAY, ROBERT C. POOLEY, AND FRED G. WALCOTT - Wonders and Workers
165776: WILLIAM S. GRAY, A. STERL ARTLEY, AND MAY HILL ARBUTHNOT - The New More Streets and Roads
144695: FRANZ MICHEL WILLIAM - Das Leben Marias Der Mutter Jesu
162370: DR. WILLIAM CARR, ET AL. - Hitler's War Machine
113465: WILLIAM S. GRAY, MARION MONROE, A. STERL ARTLEY, MAY HILL ARBUTHNOT, AND LILLIAN GRAY - Guidebook to Accompany the New More Streets and Roads
165777: WILLIAM S. GRAY, MARION MONROE, A. STERL ARTLEY, AND MAY HILL ARBUTHNOT - More Times and Places: The 1962 Edition
113466: WILLIAM S. GRAY, MARION MONROE, A. STERL ARTLEY, MAY HILL ARBUTHNOT, AND LILLIAN GRAY - Guidebook to Accompany the New Streets and Roads
170346: WILLIAM R. HOLLAND, CLIFFORD P. CATANIA, AND NATHAN D. ISEN - Louis Icart: The Complete Etchings
167459: WILLIAM S. GRAY, MARION MONROE, A. STERL ARTLEY, AND MAY HILL ARBUTHNOT - More Times and Places (Teacher's Edition)
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