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173026: WALTER C. TILL - Koptische Grammatik (Saidischer Dialekt) Mit Bibliographie, Lesestucken Und Worterverzeichnissen
70165: DR. FRITZ TILLMAN - Die Sonntaglichen Evangelien [Vols. I-II]
125710: GEOFFREY TILLOTSON - Newman: Prose & Poetry
168011: EVERETT TILSON AND PHYLLIS COLE - Litanies and Other Prayers for the Common Lectionary: Years a, B, and C (3 Volumes)
1233721: T.C. BRIDGES & H. HESSELL TILTMAN - Heroes of Modern Adventure [and] More Heroes of Modern Adventure
163914: TIME, LIFE, AND FORTUNE CORRESPONDENTS - December 7: The First Thirty Hours
80458: THE MILITARY CORRESPONDENT OF THE TIMES - The War in the Far East 1904-1905
7206: WERNER TIMM - Vom Koggen Zum Funfmaster
132440: FELIX TIMMERMANS - The Perfect Joy of St. Francis
121792: PABLO TORNERO TINAJERO - Relaciones de Dependencia Entre Florida Y Estados Unidos (1783-1820)
172896: GILLIAN TINDALL - A Handbook on Witches
132346: LANCE O. TINGAY - The Bedside Barsetshire
1243311: PHILIP BOOTH & ELIZABETH TINGLE - A Companion to Death, Burial and Remembrance in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe, C. 1300-1700
131458: EDWARD LAROCQUE TINKER - Lafcadio Hearn's American Days
141497: ADRIAN TINNISWOOD - The Arts & Crafts House
125741: ADRIAN TINNISWOOD - His Invention So Fertile: A Life of Christopher Wren
43065: VINCENT TIROZZI - Brevis Collectio Quaestionum Ritualium Quae Proponi Possunt Pro Solution. .
93632: JOSEPH LESAGE TISCH - French in Louisiana
91062: DR. P. TISCHLEDER - Wesen Und Stellung Der Frau
97775: MORRIS TISCHLER - Optoelectronics: Fiber Optics and Lasters - a Text-Lab Manual Second Edition
98764: J.W. KAY & D.M. TITTERINGTON - Statistics and Neural Networks
126176: HAROLD H. TITUS AND MORRIS KEETON - Ethics for Today
167571: EVE TITUS - Basil of Baker Street
163571: MURRAY T. TITUS - The Young Moslem Looks at Life
169693: REV. J. TIXERONT - Apologetical Studies: The Trinity, Jesus Christ, the Church, Penance
69966: LESLIE J. TIZARD - Preaching: The Art of Communication
83335: TUE TJUR - On the Mathematical Foundations of Probability
1241164: WALTER L. TOBEY, ED - The Graphic Arts and Crafts Year Book 1913-14: Vol. VI American Annual Review of the Printing and Allied Industries
130805: HENRY J. TOBIAS - A History of the Jews in New Mexico
39204: JOHN J. DELANEY & JAMES EDWARD TOBIN - Dictionary of Catholic Biography
142263: GREG TOBIN - The Good Pope: The Making of a Saint and the Remaking of the Church - the Story of John XXIII and Vatican II
168187: ST. ALPHONSUS DE LIGUORI; THOMAS W. TOBIN, TRANS - Uniformity with God's Will
169388: MARCUS N. TOD, ED - A Selection of Greek Historical Inscriptions, Volumes I-II
140071: TODD I. HERRENKOHL, EUGENE AISENBERG, ET.AL., EDS - Violence in Context: Current Evidence on Risk, Protection, and Prevention
148453: JOHN M. TODD, ED - Problems of Authority
18342: CHARLES TODD - A Test of Wills
59539: IAN TODD - Ghosts of the Assassins
65176: JOHN M. TODD, ED - The Springs of Morality: A Catholic Symposium
16467: IAN TODD - Ghosts of the Assassins
146055: T. WINGATE TODD - The Clinical Anatomy of the Gastro-Intestinal Tract
165370: CHARLES BURR TODD - The Real Benedict Arnold
172544: A.G. TOENNIES - Hymnal of the Evangelical Church. Word Edition
113415: JOHN TOLAND - Infamy: Pearl Harbor and Its Aftermath
172969: JOHN TOLAND - But Not in Shame: The Six Months After Pearl Harbor
113372: JOHN TOLAND - The Last 100 Days
172928: JOHN TOLAND - The Last 100 Days
1235424: MARC TOLEDANO - The Franciscan of Bourges
149176: FR. JAMES TOLHURST - A Concise Companion and Commentary for the New Catholic Catechism
113297: OTTO D. TOLISCHUS - Tokyo Record
131393: HAROLD E. TOLIVER - Marvell's Ironic Vision
80383: F. TOLKE - Besselche Und Hankelsche Zylinderfunktionen Nullter Bis Dritter Ordnung Vom Argument
83324: DR. FRIEDRICH TOLKE - Praktische Funktionenlehre
171308: WILLIAM PEARSON TOLLEY - At the Fountain of Youth: Memories of a College President
95845: R.B. TOLLINTON - Clement of Alexandria: A Study in Christian Liberalism: Vol. II
121413: HERBERT CUSHING TOLMAN - The Art of Translating with Special Reference to Cauer's Die Kunst Des Uebersetzens
55392: NEWTON F. TOLMAN - The Search for General Miles
126276: MELVIN B. TOLSON - A Gallery of Harlem Portraits
172804: LEO TOLSTOY - Resurrection: A Novel
172084: LEO TOLSTOY - What Men Live by: Russian Stories and Legends
171630: LEO TOLSTOY - Resurrection: A Novel in Three Parts
1220657: LEO TOLSTOY - Walk in the Light and Twenty-Three Tales
171485: ROLF TOMAN, ED - Neoclassicism and Romanticism: Architecture - Sculpture - Painting - Drawings 1750-1848
80670: DR. R. TOMASCHEK - Grimsehls Lehrbuch Der Physik, Vol. I: Mechanik/Warmelehre/Akustik
107192: H.M. TOMLINSON - The Snows of Helicon
107201: H.M. TOMLINSON - Old Junk
107200: H.M. TOMLINSON - The Foreshore of England or Under the Red Ensign
163580: REV. IRVING C. TOMLINSON - Twelve Years with Mary Baker Eddy: Recollections and Experiences
146769: H.M. TOMLINSON - London River
121230: E.P. TOMPKINS AND J. LEE DAVIS - The Natural Bridge and Its Historical Surroundings
146616: AMLETI TONDINI - Inscriptionum Fasciculus and Inscriptionum Fasciculus Alter
126787: JOHN LAWRENCE TONE - The Fatal Knot: The Guerilla War in Navarre and the Defeat of Napoleon in Spain
168941: BILL TONELLI, ED - The Italian American Reader: A Collection of Outstanding Fiction, Memoirs, Journalism, Essays, and Poetry
94314: ERMANNO MARIA TONIOLO - Maria Vincolo Di Unita Presenza Della Virgine Nelle Chiese Di Cristo
1242045: A. RONALD TONKS - Sunrise on the Wabash: A Short History of Indiana Southern Baptists
123382: ARTHUR TONNE - Lent and the Capital Sins: Seven 25-Minute Sermons on the Capital Sins, Sermon for Good Friday, One for Easter
99192: ELISABETH TOOKER - Native North American Spirituality of the Eastern Woodlands
160801: JAMES M. O'TOOLE - Militant and Triumphant: William Henry O'Connell and the Catholic Church in Boston, 1859-1944
164585: FINTAN O'TOOLE - A Traitor's Kiss: The Life of Richard Brinsley Sheridan, 1751-1816
125974: FRANCES TOOR - Spanish for Your Mexican and Cuban Visits
165135: ROBERT G. TORBET - A History of the Baptists
120287: ALFONSO TORO - Compendio de Historia de Mexico
71716: WILLIAM GEORGE TORPEY - Judicial Doctrines of Religious Rights in America
68570: TIHAMER TOTH - Wachstum Und Gestalt [Vols. I-III]
1240973: MOTHER LOUISE MARGARET CLARET DE LA TOUCHE - The Sacred Heart and the Priesthood
164045: RABBI ELIYAHU TOUGER, TRANS - The Chassidic Haggadah: An Anthology of Commentary and Stories for the Seder
162011: DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM, GOVERNMENT OF INDIA - Hindustani for the Tourist: A Phonetic Phrase Book for Everyday Use
141598: RAYMOND JACQUES TOURNAY - Word of God, Song of Love: A Commentary on the Song of Songs
62724: R. TOURNAY AND RAYMOND SCHWAB, EDS - La Sainte Bible: Les Psaumes
166953: R.P.A. TOURON - La Vie de Saint Dominique de Guzman, Fondateur de L'Ordre Des Freres Precheurs, Avec L'Histoire Abregee de Ses Premiers Disciples
130359: MANUEL TOUSSAINT - Carta de Americo Vespucio de Las Islas Nuevamente Descubiertas En Cuatro de Sus Viajes
1210696: T.F. TOUT - Chapters in the Administrative History of Mediaeval England: Vols. III & IV [Incomplete]
140244: LADY SUSAN TOWNLEY - 'Indiscretions' of Lady Susan
172330: MRS. A.M. TOWNSEND, ED - The Baptist Standard Hymnal with Responsive Readings: A New Book for All Services
73076: PETER TOWNSEND - Duels of Eagles
162296: CHARLES E. TOWNSEND - Continuing with Russian
122500: HELEN TOYNBEE, ED - The Letters of Horace Walpole, Fourth Earl of Oxford: Vols. I-VI, X-XII, XIV-XVI [Incomplete]
170133: DON TRACY - Roanoke Renegade
15722: HONOR TRACY - The First Day of Friday
165187: THOMAS TRAHERNE - Centuries
131523: H.D. TRAILL - Coleridge
121283: ARTHUR TRAIN - Ambition
149485: ARTHUR TRAIN - Manhattan Murder
172846: MARK EDO TRALBAUT - Van Gogh: A Pictorial Biography
55098: JOHANNES TRALOW - Cards and Kings
149601: SAC. SALVATORE TRAMA - Manuale Teorico-Pratico Per Gli Ufficiali Delle Curie Ecclesiastiche Opera Utile Altresi Al Parroci Specialmente Ed Ai Sacerdoti in Generale
163394: CLEVELAND TRAMRAIL - Cleveland Tramrail Pocket Edition Catalog and Engineering Manual
121827: C. SMART TRANS - The Works of Horace
28676: JOHN HIGGINBOTHAM TRANS - Cicero on Moral Obligation
85040: RONALD HALSTEAD - TRANS - The Priest and Vocations
164819: EDGAR NELSON TRANSEAU - The Zygnemataceae (Fresh-Water Conjugate Algae) with Keys for the Idenitifcation of Genera and Species and Seven Hundred Eighty-Nine Illustrations
126498: A NEW ENGLISH TRANSLATION - The New English Bible: The Old Testament
102918: E.B. PUSEY - TRANSLATOR - The Confessions of Saint Augustine
140950: JOHN KEMMY (TRANSLATOR) - The Knowledge of Jesus Christ Considered in His Mysteries
141313: JACOB MILGROM (TRANSLATOR, COMMENTATOR) - Leviticus 1-16 (the Anchor Bible Vol. 3)
84360: NIGEL TRANTER - The Path of the Hero King
84358: NIGEL TRANTER - Montrose: The Captain General
8179: NIGEL TRANTER - James by the Grace of God
170490: SERGIO TRASATTI AND ARTURO MARI - Viaggio Nella Sofferenza / Podroz Przez Cierpienie / Journey in Suffering
167587: MARY TRASKO - Daring Do's: A History of Extraordinary Hair
87197: THOMAS GANNON & GEORGE TRAUB - The Desert and the City: An Interpretation of the History of Christian Spirituality
63486: MARION M. TRAVIS - The Divine Drama
112213: MAX ALLAN COLLINS & JAMES L. TRAYLOR - One Lonely Knight: Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer
145771: REV. GERALD C. TREACY - Honor God's Name: The Second Commandment
166857: JAMES J. TREACY - Tributes of Protestant Writers to the Truth and Beauty of Catholicity
145748: REV. GERALD C. TREACY - Education - True or False
125010: WILLIAM P. TREACY - Irish Scholars of the Penal Days: Glimpses of Their Labors on the Continent of Europe
125717: PENELOPE TREADWELL - Johan Zoffany: Artist and Adventurer
26015: GEOFFREY TREASE - The Seven Kings of England
171571: GEOFFREY TREASURE - Who's Who in Late Hanoverian Britain 1789-1837
120486: LAWRENCE TREAT - T As in Trapped
1242873: HENRY TREECE AND EWART OAKESHOTT - Fighting Men: How Men Have Fought Through the Ages
144151: PATRICIA TREECE - Nothing Short of a Miracle: The Healing Power of the Saints
170845: H.W.F. GESENIUS; SAMUEL PRIDEAUX TREGELLES, TRANS - Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Lexicon to the Old Testament Scriptures
122738: NICHOLAS TREGGIARI, O.M.C. - Life of Father Benvenuto Bambozzi, O.M. C.
108159: JULES TREMBLAY - L'Hopital Public D'Ottawa
125579: REV. MARC TREMEAU - The Mystery of the Rosary
150026: RICHARD CHENEVIX TRENCH - Notes on the Parables of Our Lord
47578: BARON FREDERICK TRENCK - The Life of Baron Frederick Trenck. .
160724: MICHAEL TREND - The Music Makers: The English Musical Renaissance from Elgar to Britten
80534: F. TRENELENBURG - Akustik
71684: COUNCIL OF TRENT - Canones Et Decreta Sacrosancti Oeumenici Councilii Tridentini
72171: J. TRESAL - Les Origines Du Schisme Anglican (1509-1571)
149343: REV. LEO J. TRESE - God, Man, and God-Man
41885: ILLTYD TRETHOWAN - Process Theology and the Christian Tradition
121637: G.O. TREVELYAN - Cawnpore
170134: ROBERT TREVELYAN - Pendragon: Late of Prince Albert's Own
5198: ROGER TREVELYAN - Pendragon: Late of Prince Albert's Own
121609: RALEIGH TREVELYAN - The Golden Oriole
67154: RIGHT REV. J.F.M. TREVERN - An Amicable Discussion on the Church of England and on the Reformation in General, Dedicated to the Clergy of Every Protestant Communion
143919: SIR FREDERICK TREVES - The Cradle of the Deep: An Account of a Voyage to the West Indies
61594: D. DUBARLE; REGINALD TREVETT, TRANS - Scientific Humanism and Christian Thought
65378: REGINALD TREVETT - The Tree of Life: Sexuality and the Growth of Personality
125021: MERIOL TREVOR - Prophets and Guardians: Renewal and Tradition in the Church
20301: MERIOL TREVOR - The Arnolds: Thomas Arnold and His Family
102711: J.E. TREVOR - The General Theory of Thermodynamics
125445: MERIOL TREVOR - Pope John
169320: AHMED TRIKI - Neoplatonisme Et Aspect Mystique de la Creation de L'Univers Dans la Philosophie Des Ihwan
160595: LIONEL TRILLING - Matthew Arnold
125839: DIANA TRILLING - The Beginning of the Journey: The Marriage of Diana and Lionel Trilling
147832: WILLIAM RALEIGH TRIMBLE - The Catholic Laity in Elizabethan England 1558-1603
171925: J. SPENCER TRIMINGHAM - The Sufi Orders in Islam
172866: RALPH WALDO TRINE - My Philosophy and My Religion
62737: J. TRINQUET, ED - La Sainte Bible: Habaquq, Abdias, Joel
146367: NIGEL TRIPPETT AND NICHOLAS DE COURTAIS - An Illustrated History of the Abingdon Branch
113158: JAN F. TRISKA, ED - Constitutions of the Communist Party-States
161363: JAN F. TRISKA, ED - Soviet Communism: Programs and Rules: Official Texts of 1919, 1952 (1956), 1961
167342: BROTHER TRISTRAM, ED - Exciting Holiness: Collects & Readings for the Festivals & Lesser Festivals of the Calendar of the Church of England; Authorized for Use from Advent Sunday, 1997
168846: KALA TROBE - The Witch's Guide to Life
170382: KALA TROBE - The Witch's Guide to Life
170440: KALA TROBE - The Witch's Guide to Life
1233199: FRANCIS TROCHU - The Cure D'Ars, St. Jean-Marie-Baptiste Vianney
101099: DON TROIANI - Don Troianai's Soldiers in America 1754-1865
1241191: ANTHONY TROLLOPE - Framley Parsonage
125679: ANTHONY TROLLOPE - Dr. Wortle's School
125646: ANTHONY TROLLOPE - Barchester Towers
125677: ANTHONY TROLLOPE - The Warden
171723: ANTHONY TROLLOPE - Barchester Towers
160294: ANTHONY TROLLOPE - The Last Chronicle of Barset
160860: ANTHONY TROLLOPE - Rachel Ray
160859: ANTHONY TROLLOPE - The Warden
171409: ANTHONY TROLLOPE - Framley Parsonage
112433: FRANCISCO DEL PASO Y TRONCOSO - Epistolario de Nueva Espana 1505-1818: Vols. I-XII
125376: JOHN E. TROPMAN - The Catholic Ethic in American Society: An Exploration of Values
169609: L.J. TROST - Die Ritter- Und Verdienstorden, Ehrenzeichen Und Medaillen Aller Souverane Und Staaten Seit Beginn Des XIX. Jahrhunderts
7058: WILHELM VON TROTHA - Frankreichs Fremdenlegion
172999: LEON TROTSKY - The History of the Russian Revolution
107234: WILLIAM R. TROTTER - Winter Fire
147723: MARGARET TROUNCER - Saint Jean-Marie Vianney: Cure of Ars
172701: MARGARET TROUNCER - Saint Bernadette: The Child and the Nun
131224: JANET CAMP TROXELL, ED - Rossetti's Sister Helen
171930: BEN TROYER, JR. - Ausbund & Lieder Sammlung: Songs with Shape Notes
122859: KEGAN PAUL, TRENCH, TRUBNER AND COMPANY, ED - Bibliographica: Vols. I-III [Complete]
172295: D. ELTON TRUEBLOOD - The People Called Quakers
1230605: DALTON TRUMBO - Johnny Got His Gun
1235513: DALTON TRUMBO - Johnny Got His Gun
172627: J. HAMMOND TRUMBULL - The Memorial History of Hartford County, Connecticut 1633-1884
167176: DONALD J. TRUMP WITH MEREDITH MCIVER - Trump: How to Get Rich
51316: ROBERT C. TRUNDLE JR. - From Physics to Politics: The Metaphysical Foundations of Modern Philosophy
70206: CYPRIAN TRUSS, O.F.M.CAP - From the Pilot's Seat: Talk on Timely Topics
123165: JOHN G. TRUXAL AND MARIAN VISICH, JR. - Competitiveness
113168: ROLLA MILTON TRYON - The Teaching of History in Junior and Senior High Schools
98762: CHUNBG KUO & MENG HUA TSAI - Three-Dimensional Holographic Imaging
167065: ALEXANDER N. TSAMBASSIS - Human Experience and Its Problems Introductory Readings in Philosophy
61903: RADOSLAV A. TSANOFF - Worlds to Know: A Philosophy of Cosmic Perspectives
171400: JAN TSCHICHOLD - Treasury of Alphabets and Lettering
170729: CONSTANTINE N. TSIRPANLIS - Introduction to Eastern Patristic Thought and Orthodox Theology
172956: COLONEL MASANOBU TSUJI - Singapore: The Japanese Version
102449: V.N. TSYTOVICH - An Introduction to the Theory of Plasma Turbulence
160901: DOUGLASS SHAND-TUCCI - Harvard University: An Architectural Tour
168113: WILLIAM POWELL TUCK - Our Baptist Tradition
167142: KAREN B. WESTERFIELD TUCKER, ED - The Sunday Service of the Methodists: Twentieth-Century Worship in Worldwide Methodism; Studies in Honor of James F. White
140074: TERRENCE L. TUCKER - Sardonic Satisfaction: Uncle (Bomby) Bob's Letters Home
171549: LOUIS LEONARD TUCKER - Cincinnati's Citizen Crusaders: A History of the Cincinnatus Association 1920-1965
167252: BEVERLEY D. TUCKER AND WILLIAM H. SWATOS, JR. - Questions on the Way: A Catechism Based on the Book of Common Prayer
172903: LOUIS LEONARD TUCKER - Cincinnati's Citizen Crusaders: A History of the Cincinnatus Association 1920-1965
149858: REV. MAURICE G. TUCKER - John Neville Figgis: A Study
172290: TASHA TUDOR, ILLUSTRATOR - Mother Goose
150065: SIMON TUGWELL - The Apostolic Fathers
121585: SIR FRANCIS TUKER - The Yellow Scarf: The Story of the Life of Thuggee Sleeman or Major-General Sir William Henry Sleeman
172694: CHARLES J. TULL - Father Coughlin and the New Deal
144200: JOHN R. TUNIS - Champion's Choice
172932: FIELD-MARSHAL EARL ALEXANDER OF TUNIS - The Alexander Memoirs 1940-1945
146804: JOHN R. TUNIS - Keystone Kids
172251: IVAN TURGENEV - The District Doctor and Other Stories of Turgenev
172252: IVAN TURGENEV - The District Doctor and Other Stories of Turgenev
28498: MILTON HAIGHT TURK, ED - Selections from Dequincey
2000: PATRICK TURNBULL - Napoleon's Second Empress: A Life of Passion
124874: D.H. TURNER, RACHEL STOCKDALE, DOM PHILIP JEBB, & DR. DAVID ROGERS - The Benedictines in Britain
57536: MARK TURNER - Reading Minds: The Study of English in the Age of Cognitive Science
163130: ELIZABETH SAND TURNER - Let There Be Light
1243372: P. TURNER, ED - Papyri Greek & Egyptian Edited by Various Hands in Honour of Eric Gardner Turner
166548: WALLACE TURNER - The Mormon Establishment
122739: JAMES TURNER - The Shrouds of Glory: Six Studies in Martyrdom
63132: H.E.W. TURNER AND HUGH MONTEFIORE - Thomas and the Evangelists (Studies in Biblical Theology #35)
63949: H.E.W. TURNER - Jesus Master and Lord: A Study in the Historical Truth of the Gospels
1243189: WILLIAM J. TURNER - This House of Gold: The Chapel at Mt. St. Mary's Seminary of the West, Norwood Ohio 1924-1974
15431: W.J. TURNER - English Music
167698: RUFUS P. TURNER AND STAN GIBILISCO - Electronic Conversions: Symbols and Formulas
104597: JOSEPH TURQUAN - The Empress Josephine
148791: FRATREM JOANNEM DE TURRECREMATA - Tractatus de Veritate Conceptionis Beatissimae Virginis, Pro Facienda Relatione Coram Patribus Concilii Basileae, Anno Domini MCCCXXXVII, Mense Julio
169542: FRANCISCI TURRETTINI - De Satisfactione Christi Disputationes Cum Indicibus Necessaris [Bound with] de Necessaria Secessione Nostra Ab Eccelsia Romana
98573: GARDNER STILSON TURRILL - A Tale of the Yellowstone or in a Wagon Through Western Wyoming and Wonderland
67285: LT. COL. W.H. TURTON - The Truth of Christianity Being an Examination of the More Important Arguments for and Against Believing in That Religion
113581: GODFREY TURTON - My Lord of Canterbury
162157: MRS. L.C. TUTHILL - I Will Be a Sailor. A Book for Boys
163490: MARK TWAIN - Christian Science
172095: MARK TWAIN - The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
1237022: MARK TWAIN - The Tragedy of Pudd'Nhead Wilson and the Comedy Those Extraordinary Twins
171359: MARK TWAIN - The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County and Other Sketches
104709: MARK TWAIN - Life on the Mississippi
172226: MARK TWAIN - The War Prayer
172089: SAMUEL L. CLEMENS (MARK TWAIN) - The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
140355: LADY TWEEDSMUIR, ED - The Clearing House: A Survey of One Man's Mind
164789: HENRY HALLAM TWEEDY, ED - Christian Worship and Praise
167507: THOMAS TWINING - Travels in India a Hundred Years Ago with a Visit to the United States: Being Notes and Reminiscences by Thomas Twining, a CIVIL Servant of the Honourable East India Company
102405: SERGEI VLADIMIROVICH TYABLIKOV - Methods in the Quantum Theory of Magnetism
126681: NOEL TYL, ED - Astrology's Special Measurements: How to Expand the Meaning of the Horoscope
105526: JOHN E. TYLER - Light in the Sea
164608: KATHARINE TYNAN - A Nun, Her Friends and Her Order: Being a Sketch of the Life of Mother Mary Xaveria Fallon, Sometime Superior-General of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin in Ireland and Its Dependencies
149035: KATHARINE TYNAN - Father Mathew
1214830: GEORGE TYRRELL - Tradition and the Critical Spirit: Catholic Modernist Writings
123613: GEORGE TYRRELL - Tradition and the Critical Spirit: Catholic Modernist Writings
123597: GEORGE TYRRELL - External Religion: Its Use and Abuse
164944: GEORGE TYRRELL - A Much-Abused Letter
123254: ROBERT YELVERTON TYRRELL - Bacchae of Euripides
122731: GEORGE TYRRELL - Medievalism: A Reply to Cardinal Mercier
122728: GEORGE TYRRELL - External Religion: Its Use and Abuse
122732: GEORGE TYRRELL - Christianity at the Cross-Roads
142937: GEORGE TYRRELL - The Faith of the Millions: A Selection of Past Essays, First and Second Series
172714: GEORGE TYRRELL - A Jesuit Friendship: Letters of George Tyrrell to Herbert Thurston Presented by Robert Butterworth
141962: GEORGE TYRRELL - Medievalism: A Reply to Cardinal Mercier
172575: GEORGE TYRRELL; WILFRID WARD - Letters from a "Modernist": The Letters of George Tyrrell to Wilfrid Ward 1893-1908
172748: DONALD TYSON - Rune Magic
168176: JOSEPH B. TYSON - The New Testament and Early Christianity
1238724: DONALD TYSON - New Millennium Magic
171447: DONALD TYSON - The 13 Gates of the Necronomicon: A Workbook of Magic
106949: JON WYNNE-TYSON - Sealskin Trousers and Other Stories
170379: DONALD TYSON - Necronomicon: The Wanderings of Alhazred
126409: LAO TZU; JOHN C.H. WU TRANS - Tao Teh Ching
165883: SUN-TZU - The Art of War
112128: IRENE MAHONEY O.S.U. - A Far Country: Ursuline Mission in Thailand 1924-1945
126658: FRATER UD - Secrets of Western Sex Magic
125503: S. INIOBONG UDOIDEM - Pope John Paul II on Inculturation
167656: MIKLOS D.F. UDVARDY - The Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Birds: Western Region
131032: JOSE BRAVO UGARTE - Historia de Mexico: 3 Volumes
130387: JOSE BRAVO UGARTE - Carta Al Emperador: Refutacion a Las Casa Sobre la Colonizacion Espanola
103295: MYRA L. UHLFELDER - De Proprietate Sermonum Vel Rerum: A Study and Critical Edition of a Set of Verbal Distinctions
125239: BARRY ULANOV, ED - Contemporary Catholic Thought: Faith, Hope and Love in the Modern World
36749: BARRY ULANOV, ED - Contemporary Catholic Thought: Faith, Hope, and Love in the Modern World
36764: BARRY ULANOV - Sources and Resources: The Literary Traditions of Christian Humanism
142612: BISHOP ULLATHORNE - Mr. Gladstone's Expostulation Unraveled
113032: B.L. ULLMAN - Ancient Writing and Its Influence
101909: I. ULYANOV - History of the Russian Military Forces: Regular Infantry 1801-1855
161776: B.O. UNBEGAUN - Russian Grammar
147751: EVELYN UNDERHILL - The Life of the Spirit and the Life of to-Day
170472: CALLIA UNDERHILL - A Witch's Book of Divination
124830: EVELYN UNDERHILL - Worship
131090: FRANCIS H. UNDERWOOD - James Russell Lowell
163415: JULIA UNDERWOOD - Household Polish Phrasebook: 200 Essential Expressions Plus a 600-Word Glossary
162087: CICERO; WILLIAM UNDERWOOD AND THOMAS CLARK - Select Orations of Cicero. The Four Orations Against Catiline, with an Interlinear Translation on the Hamiltonian System
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1230736: EVELYN WAUGH - Basil Seal Rides Again or the Rake's Regress
1230660: EVELYN WAUGH - Waugh in Abyssinia
1230664: EVELYN WAUGH - Black Mischief
1230661: EVELYN WAUGH - Love Among the Ruins
161894: JULIEN J. WAVRINEK - French in Record Time without a Teacher
121088: FREDERICK WAY JR. - Way's Steamboat Directory: Abridged Packet Edition 1944
170356: MABEL CLARE WEAKS - Calendar of the Kentucky Papers of the Draper Collection of Manuscripts
108609: JOHN WEAL - Junkers Ju87: Stukageschwader of North Africa and the Mediterranean
141202: B.L. PUTNAM WEALE - The Re-Shaping of the Far East Vol. I.
151418: LESLIE D. WEATHERHEAD - Why Do Men Suffer
1241161: A. EARL WEATHERLY - The First Hundred Years of Historic Guilford 1771-1871
131303: BENNETT WEAVER - Toward the Understanding of Shelley
163934: WILLIAM WOYS WEAVER, ED - A Quaker Woman's Cookbook: The Domestic Cookery of Elizabeth Ellicott Lea
123614: MARY JO WEAVER, ED - Letters from a "Modernist": The Letters of George Tyrrell to Wilfrid Ward 1893-1908
17417: WARD WEAVER - Hang My Wreath
168561: ALLAN BECHER WEBB - The Presence and Office of the Holy Spirit. Six Addresses Given at the Church of S. John the Evangelist, Wilton Road, in the Parish of S. Peter's Eaton Square, May 16th and 17th, 1878. With Three Sermons Preached at S. Peter's, Eaton Square
130149: E. A. WEBB - The Book of the Foundation of the Church of St. Bartholomew London
172100: SIR CHARLES MORGAN-WEBB - The Rise and Fall of the Gold Standard
166882: GEOFFREY WEBB - The Liturgical Altar
131292: BONAMY DOBREE & GEOFFREY WEBB, EDS - The Complete Works of Sir John Vanbrugh: 4 Volumes
111412: JEAN FRANCIS WEBB - H. Ridger Haggard's King Solomon's Mines: The Story of the M-G-M Motion Picture
16040: NANCY WEBB & JEAN FRANCIS WEBB - Will Shakespeare and His America
112904: WILLIAM S. WEBB - An Archeological Survey of the Norris Basin in Eastern Tennessee
168508: JUDGE A.R. WEBBER - Early History of Elyria and Her People
167684: CHRISTOPHER L. WEBBER - A New Metrical Psalter
167205: CHRISTOPHER L. WEBBER - Welcome to the Episcopal Church: An Introduction to Its History, Faith, and Worship
131109: MSGR. FRANCIS J. WEBER - The Historic Church at San Buenaventura
140459: ELIZABETH ANNE WEBER - The Duk-Duks: Primitive and Historic Types of Citizenship
172951: JOSEF WEBER - The Dog in Training
170859: REV. FRANCIS J. WEBER - Documents of California Catholic History (1784-1963)
149365: MSGR. FRANCIS J. WEBER - California Catholic Miscellany IV: Prominent Catholic Chronicler; a Bio-Bibliographical Study of Peter Thomas Conmy (1901-1996)
106658: RONALD WEBER - Seeing Earth: Literary Responses to Space Exploration
62884: OTTO WEBER - Ground Plan of the Bible
64864: LEONHARD M. WEBER - On Marriage, Sex and Virginity
39236: WILIAM WEBER - In Traveling for the Messenger
36314: DR. G. ANTON WEBER - Die Vier Heligen Evangelien
38160: WILLIAM WEBER - With the Thirtieth Infantry U. S Volunteers 1899-1900-1901
170860: REV. FRANCIS J. WEBER - A Select Guide to California Catholic History
143210: FRS. GERARD WEBER AND JAMES KILLGALLON - Life in Christ: A Catechism for Adult Catholics
122553: NEIL WEBSDALE - Familicidal Hearts: The Emotional Styles of 211 Killers
170383: RICHARD WEBSTER - Omens, Oghams & Oracles: Divination in the Druidic Tradition
167940: HUTTON WEBSTER - History of Civilization: Ancient & Medieval
140956: RICHARD A. WEBSTER - Christian Democracy in Italy 1860-1960
168253: RICHARD WEBSTER - Chinese Numerology: The Way to Prosperty & Fulfillment
170338: NOAH WEBSTER - The Webster Bible
167167: GRAHAM WEBSTER - The Roman Imperial Army of the First and Second Centuries A.D.
61895: RICHARD WEBSTER - Equilibrium: A Constructive Attack on the Atheism of Oxford Philsoophy and Certain Assumptions on Linguistic Analysis
93156: GRAHAM WEBSTER - The Roman Imperial Army
168152: RICHARD WEBSTER - Numerology Magic: Use Number Squares for Love, Luck & Protection
143308: JOSEPH WECHSBERG - Verdi
143886: DIXON WECTER - The Age of the Great Depression 1929-1941
43291: JOHN WEDDA - New England Worships: 100 Drawings of Churches and Temples with Accompanying Text
90809: J.H.M. WEDDERBURN - Lectures on Matrices
172750: HARRY E. WEDECK - A Treasury of Witchcraft
112899: WALDO RUDOLPH WEDEL - An Introduction to Pawnee Archeology
167341: FLORENCE WEDGE - God and Your Resentments
168186: FLORENCE WEDGE - God and Your Sins
166474: C.V. WEDGWOOD - The Thirty Years War
147234: C.V. WEDGWOOD - The Trial of Charles I.
113397: C.V. WEDGWOOD - The Great Rebellion: The King's Peace 1637-1641 / the King's War 1641-1647
165335: WEEGEE - Naked City
164238: SILAS B. WEEKS - New England Quaker Meetinghouses Past and Present
166663: LOUIS B. WEEKS - Making Ethical Decisions: A Casebook
100854: HELEN THURBER & EDWARD WEEKS - Selected Letters of James Thurber
151426: GENEVIEVE C. WEEKS - Oscar Carleton Mcculloch 1843-1891: Preacher and Practitioner of Applied Christianity
143459: HERMAN A.J. WEGMAN - Christian Worship in East and West: A Study Guide to Liturgical History
148287: HANS-ULRICH WEHLER - The German Empire 1871-1918
46672: WOLFHARD WEIDEL - Virus: Die Geschichte Vom Geborgten Leben
172573: ROBERT CHARLES WEIDEN - Mother Seton and Her Daughters of Charity
1233063: HALBERT WEIDNER - Praying with John Cardinal Newman
163710: PROF. DR. GUSTAV WEIGAND - Bulgarisch-Deutsch Worterbuch
122671: GUSTAVE WEIGEL, S.J. - Churches in North America: An Introduction
149309: GUSTAVE WEIGEL - A Catholic Primer on the Ecumenical Movement
150528: GUSTAVE WEIGEL - The Modern God: Faith in a Secular Culture
68094: EDUARD WEIGL - Christologie Vom Tode Des Athanasius Bis Zum Ausbruch Des Nestorianischen Streites (373-429)
40607: JOHANN BAPTIST WEIGL - Theologisch-Chronologische Abhandlung Uber Das Wahre Geburts Und Sterb-Jahr Jesu Christi
69131: LUDWIG WEIKL, S.J. - Stir Up the Fire: Considerations on the Priesthood
170728: LOUIS WEIL - A Theology of Worship
161833: ARMAND WEIL AND EMILE CHENIN - Contes Et Recits Du Xixe Siecle
112690: MILOS WEINGART ET AL. - Byzantinoslavica: Recueil Pour L'Etude Des Relations Byzantino-Slaves: Vols. 1-20
70262: FRANCIS X. WEINGER - Originelle, Kurz-Gefasste Praktische Standes-Predigten
113189: ALLEN WEINSTEIN AND FRANK OTTO GATELL - Freedom and Crisis: An American History
105628: HAROLD R. WEINSTEIN - Jean Jaures: A Study of Patriotism in the French Socialist Movement
151114: LEWIS WEINSTEIN - The Heretic
83453: DONALD J. WEINSTOCK - The Two Boer Wars and the Jameson Raid: A Checklist of Novels" As Contained in Research in African Literatures
145230: ALISON WEIR - Mary, Queen of Scots and the Murder of Lord Darnley
162452: ROBERT M. WEIR - Colonial South Carolina: A History
142561: HERBERT T. WEISKOTTEN - Sancti Augustini Vita Scriptaa Possidio Episcopo
147729: BREBT RICHARDS WEISMAN - Excavations on the Franciscan Frontier: Archaeology at the Fig Springs Mission
68282: HUGO WEISS - Die Bergpredigt Christi
67102: MICHEL P. WEISS - Survival Through the Moral Law: An Inquiry Into Christian Precepts and the Political Order
91019: DR. KARL WEISS - Voll Zuversicht! Zur Parabel Jesu Vom Zuversichtlichen Samann Mk 4 26-29
91022: DR. KARL WEISS - Exegetisches Zur Irrtumslosigkeit Und Eschatologie Jesu Christi
91052: DR. KARL WEISS - Die Frohbotschaft Jesu Uber Lohn Und Vollkommenheit

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