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170350: RICHARD MARSHALL - Witchcraft: The History and Mythology
166223: PAUL VICTOR MARSHALL - One, Catholic, and Apostolic: Samuel Seabury and the Early Episcopal Church
170038: DOROTHY MARSHALL - Dr. Johnson's London
144068: LOGAN MARSHALL - The True Story of Our National Calamity of Flood, Fire and Tornado
72472: A.F. MARSHALL, B.A. OXON., ED - The Comedy of English Protestantism: In Three Acts
170193: BRUCE MARSHALL - The World, the Flesh and Father Smith
124260: BRUCE MARSHALL - The World, the Flesh, and Father Smith
1237155: JOHN MARSHALL - The Life of George Washington
70146: L'ABBE CHARLES MARTEL - Domincales Ou Cinquante-Deux Instructions [Vols. I-II]
170456: LEO LOUIS MARTELLO - Reading the Tarot
173384: CICERO; JULES MARTHA, TRANS - Ciceron Des Termes Extremes Des Biens Et Des Maux, Tome II: Livres III-IV
173942: MARTHA BOICE, DALE COVINGTON, AND RICHARD SPENCE - Maps of the Shaker West: A Journey of Discovery
104029: CICERON - EDITED BY JULES MARTHA - Des Termes Extremes Des Biens Et Des Maux: Vols. I-II
143028: BERNARD L. MARTHALER - The Creed
65783: A.G. MARTIMORT, ED - The Church at Prayer: Introduction to the Liturgy
84761: MSGR. A.G. MARTIMORT - In Remembrance of Me: The Prayer of the Church and the Sacraments
150650: A.G. MARTIMORT - I Segni Della Nuova Alleanza
148464: MALACHI MARTIN - King of Kings
165857: SAMUEL E. MARTIN - Korean in a Hurry: A Quick Approach to Spoken Korean
174927: JIM R. MARTIN - The Secret Baptism of Abraham Lincoln
160097: CHRISTOPHER MARTIN - Damn the Torpedos! the Story of America's First Admiral: David Glasgow Farragut
173244: TACITUS; RONALD MARTIN, ED - Tacitus: Annals V & VI
171386: JUDY MARTIN - The Complete Guide to Calligraphy: Techniques and Materials
141573: THOMAS F. MARTIN - Our Restless Heart: The Augustinian Tradition
172281: JOHN R. MARTIN - Ventures in Discipleship: A Handbook for Groups or Individuals
142246: ROBERT BERNARD MARTIN - Gerard Manley Hopkins: A Very Private Life
169504: RALPH MARTIN - The Return of the Lord
130066: A.R. MARTIN - Franciscan Architecture in England
170355: JOHN BIDDULPH MARTIN - The Grasshopper" in Lombard Street
160917: BRIAN MARTIN - John Henry Newman: His Life and Work
70061: L'ABBE C. MARTIN - Retraites: Sermons Des Meilleurs Predicateurs Contemporains [Six Volumes in One]
70167: L'ABBE C. MARTIN - Anne Pastorale [Vols. I-II]
61626: JAMES ALFRED MARTIN JR. - The New Dialogue between Philosophy and Theology
37959: DR. JOSEPH MARTIN - Florilegium Patristicum: S. Thasci Caecili Cyrpiani de Lapsis
64493: JULES MARTIN - Saint Augustin
62995: A.D. MARTIN - Foreshewings of Christ: Old Testament Studies in the Preparation for the Advent
37206: KONRAD MARTIN - Zum Lobe Der Unbefleckten Empfaguiss Der Allerseligsten Jungfrau
70116: M. L'ABBE C. MARTIN - Sermons Empruntes a Nos Meilleurs Predicateurs Contemporains Suivis D'Exemples En Style Oratoire
97398: OLIVER MARTIN - Two Educators: Hutchins and Conant
47066: JOHN MARTIN - The Story of Jack and Jill
96906: MARGARET RHETT MARTIN - Charleston Ghosts
86160: A.E. MARTIN - Infrared Interferometric Spectrometers
166949: D. MANUEL MARTIN - Exercicio Quotidiano Con Diferentes Oraciones, Y Devociones Para Antes Y Despues de la Confesion, Y Sagrada Comunion. Se Ha Anadido Ultimamente El Trisagio a la Ss. Trinidad
147094: HUGH MARTIN - Great Christian Books
165632: JEX MARTIN - The Words of Our Lord: The Story of Christ's Life, with Special Emphasis on the Words He Spoke
121143: GEORGE VICTOR MARTIN - The Bells of Stt. Mary's
145340: CHARLES ALFRED MARTIN - Catholic Religion: A Statement of Christian Teaching and History
161600: LAURA MARTIN - Entre Lineas: A Strategy for Developing Reading Skills
166187: EDWARD SANDFORD MARTIN - The Luxury of Children & Some Other Luxuries
142970: GIACOMO MARTINA - Pio IX (1846-1850)
147518: C.C. MARTINDALE - St. Vincent de Paul
142200: ANDREW MARTINDALE - The Rise of the Artist in the Middle Ages and Early Renaissance
146679: C.C. MARTINDALE - The Queen's Daughters
169358: CHARLES MARTINDALE, ED - The Cambridge Companion to Virgil
165433: JOSEPH C. MARTINDALE - First Lessons in Natural Philosophy for Beginners
144042: C.C. MARTINDALE - Bernard Vaughan, S.J.
70009: C.C. MARTINDALE, S.J. - Christianity Is Christ: Five Courses of Sermons
104470: GILBERT MARTINEAU - Napoleon Surrenders
160460: LAURO MARTINES - April Blood: Florence and the Plot Against the Medici
140360: JOSE MARIA HERNANDEZ MARTINEZ - Ex Abundanta Cordis: Estudio de Laespiritualidad Cordimariana de Los Misioneros Claretianos
171896: FLORENTINO GARCIA MARTINEZ AND EIBERT J.C. TIGCHELAAR, EDS - The Dead Sea Scrolls: Study Edition, Volumes 1-2
65889: REV. LOUIS ANGULO MARTINEZ - Legislacion de la Iglesia Sobre la Intencion En la Aplicacion de la Santa Misa
1214829: CARLO MARIA MARTINI - Jacob's Dream: Setting out on a Spiritual Journey
172237: CARLO M. MARTINI - Women in the Gospels
102385: CARDINAL MARTINI ET AL. - Communication Et Spiritualite
150621: CARLO M. MARTINI - IL Problema Storica Della Risurrezione Negli Studi Recenti
168179: MARTIN E. MARTY - The New Shape of American Religion
1825: MARTIN E. MARTY - Modern American Religion Volume 2: The Noise of Conflict 1919-1941
125595: MARTIN E. MARTY, JOHN G. DEEDY, JR., DAVID W. SILVERMAN, & ROBERT LEKACHMAN - The Religious Press in America
39746: MARTIN MARTY, O.S.B. - Dr. Johann Martin Henni: Erster Bischof Und Arzbischof Von Milwaukee - Ein Lebensbild Aus Der Pionier Zeit Von Ohio Und Wisconsin
98068: MARTIN E. MARTY - An Invitation to American Catholic History
145567: IK MARVEL - Reveries of a Bachelor: Or a Book of the Heart
1242169: WILLIAM MARVEL - Lee's Last Retreat: The Flight to Appomattox
170818: ANDREW MARVELL - Coy Mistress: A Group of Love Poems by Andrew Marvell
132385: FR. PAUL MARX, OSB, PHD - Confessions of a Profile Missionary: The Journeys of Fr. Paul Marx
63691: W. MARXSEN - Introduction to the New Testament: An Approach to Its Problems
109812: WILLI MARXSEN - The Beginnings of Christology: A Study in Its Problems
145733: THE ORDER OF SERVANTS OF MARY - Standing at the Foot of the Cross: Tsunami Relief and Rehabilitation Work
172561: MARY ANN CLARK, JERRI POGUE, AND DIANE RICKARD - Great American Catholics
168719: SR. MARY CHARLOTTE, SR. MARY BRENDAN, AND MARY SYNON - A Book of Friendliness: A Collection of the Prose and Poetry Which Has Helped to Better the World
140394: THE LEGION OF MARY - The Official Handbook of the Legion of Mary
173891: MARY ANN BUCZYNSKI, SHERRY KELLEY MARSHALL, ALIS ROBINSON, MILDRED SCHILZ, AND URSULA WALTER - The Madisonville Coordinating Committee: A Study of Neighborhood Action
126196: THE SLAVES OF THE IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY - Saints to Remember: From January to December
126195: THE SLAVES OF THE IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY - The Communion of Saints: Sanctity Through the Centuries
145717: SR. CORONA MARY - 'Sophia": God's Associate in His Works; an Exegetical and Theological Study of Wis 8: 1-6
162916: MARY ANN T. BURNS, CARL J. MEDICUS, AND RICHARD SHERBURNE - Lingua Latina: Liber Primus, Liber Alter
99509: SOICETY OF MARY - A Portrait of Courage: Fr. Jakob Gapp S.M. 1897-1943
1246033: CONCILIUM LEGIONIS MARIAE/THE LEGION OF MARY - Legio Mariae: The Official Handbook of the Legion of Mary
1246034: CONCILIUM LEGIONIS MARIAE/THE LEGION OF MARY - Legio Mariae: The Official Handbook of the Legion of Mary
168625: SR. MARY CHARLOTTE, SR. MARY BRENDAN, AND MARY SYNON - A Book of Fortitude: A Collection of the Prose and Poetry Which Has Been Part of the Building of America
1232710: CONCILIUM LEGIONIS MARIAE/THE LEGION OF MARY - Legio Mariae: The Official Handbook of the Legion of Mary
124665: THE SOCIETY OF MARY - Biographical Sketches (Volumes 2, 5-10)
124664: THE SOCIETY OF MARY - Menology of the Society of Mary(Volumes 1-2, 4-7)
147877: COLLEGE OF NOTRE DAME OF MARYLAND - The 1941 Damozel
101879: MIGUEL ANGEL MARTIN MAS - La Grande Armee: Introduction to Napoleon's Army
140080: MIGUEL ANGEL MARTIN MAS - La Grande Armee: Introduction to Napoleon's Army
1238558: MANUELA DUNN MASCETTI - Goddess Wisdom: Aphrodite, Artemis, Athena
40415: JOHN MASEFIELD - In Glad Thanksgiving
121494: JOHN MASEFIELD - Conquer: A Tale of the Nika Rebellion in Byzantium
149553: ROBERTO MASI - De Ss. Ma Eucharistia Quaestiones: Adnotationes in Usum Privatum Auditorum
149556: ROBERTO MASI - De Ss. Ma Eucharistia Quaestio Disputata de Essentia Sacrificii Missae
149547: ROBERTUS MASI - Testimonia Patrum de Ss. Ma Eucharistia (de Praesentia Reali Et de Transubstantiatione)
149551: ROBERTUS MASI - De Sacramentis Novae Legis (Pro Manuscripto) Vols. I-II
149552: ROBERTO MASI - De Causalitate Sacramentorum: Recentium Opinionum Disputatio Theologica
149554: ROBERTO MASI - IL Sacerdozio Cristiano: Appunti de Lezioni (Ad Uso Privato)
143319: ALFRED MASKELL - Ivories
70077: REV. STANLEY MASLOWSKI - What's the Good Word? Contemporary Homilies
143606: F. VAN WYCK MASON - Rivers of Glory
107721: A.E.W. MASON - Fire over England
170146: F. VAN WYCK MASON - Brimstone Club
109445: A.E.W. MASON - The Witness for the Defence
107540: A.E.W. MASON - The Truants
107539: A.E.W. MASON - The Four Corners of the World
132405: L. C. MASON - Building a Small Lathe
107545: A.E.W. MASON - Clementina
163372: HERBERT W. MASON - Al-Hallaj
160350: EMMA MASON - Westminster Abbey and Its People C. 1050-C. 1216
21342: HERBERT MOLLOY MASON JR. - The Lafayette Escadrille
168449: ARTHUR JAMES MASON - The Faith of the Gospel: A Manual of Christian Doctrine
108265: A.E.W. MASON - The Truants
108263: A.E.W. MASON - The Courtship of Maurice Buckler
163922: VAN WYCK MASON - Spider House
171983: F. VAN WYCK MASON - Three Harbours
150536: MARK S. MASSA - Catholics and American Culture: Fulton Sheen, Dorothy Day, and the Notre Dame Football Team
165597: BENJAMIN L. MASSE - The Church and Social Progress: Background Readings for Pope John's Mater Et Magistra
147006: BENJAMIN L. MASSE - The Church and Social Progress: Background Readings for Pope John's Mater Et Magistra
168288: J.C. MASSEE - The Pentecostal Fire: Rekindling the Flame
174561: VERONIQUE MASSENOT - The Great Wave: Inspired by a Woodcut by Hokusai
147093: ALEXANDRE MASSERON - The Franciscans
174538: GERALD MASSEY - The Historical Jesus and the Mythical Christ. Or Natural Genesis and Typology of Equinoctial Christolatry
113618: REV. PIUS MASSI - Hidden Treasure of Plenary Indulgences
80924: CAV. H.J. MASSI - Cursory Notes in Illustration of the Paintings in the Papal Palace of the Vatican [Bound with] Compendious Description of the Museums of Ancient Sculpture. .
113163: ROBERT K. MASSIE - Peter the Great: His Life and World
171570: ALLAN MASSIE - The Royal Stuarts: A History of the Family That Shaped Britain
142617: JEAN BAPTISTE MASSILLON - Petit Careme de Massillon, Eveque de Clermont
174827: JEAN-BAPTISTE MASSILLON - The Charges of Jean Baptiste Massillon, Bishop of Clermont, Addressed to His Clergy
173563: JOHN MASSON - The Atomic Theory of Lucretius Contrasted with Modern Doctrines of Atoms and Evolution
143804: DAVID MASSON - The Three Devils: Luther's, Milton's, and Goethe's with Other Essays
130278: DAVID MASSON - Essays Biographical and Critical: Chiefly on English Poets
1240861: SISTER M. DOLORITA MAST - Man of Lorraine: Life of Saint Peter Fourier
131123: REV. J. HOWARD E. MASTERMAN - The Age of Milton
160703: ANTHONY MASTERS - The Play of Personality in the Restoration Theatre
174695: JOHN MASTERS - The Breaking Strain
166290: REV. GEORGE MASTRANTONIS - The Virgin Mary Theotokos: The Person with the Highest Divine Mission
166291: REV. GEORGE MASTRANTONIS - Death, the Threshold to Eternal Life
166292: REV. GEORGE MASTRANTONIS - Marriage: God's Highest Institution for Man's Noblest Union
166289: REV. GEORGE MASTRANTONIS - What Is the Eastern Orthodox Church? Selected Fundamentals on Its Origin, Teachings, Administration and History
39324: ANTHONY MEISEL & M.L. DEL MASTRO - The Rule of St. Benedict
68011: EUGENE MASURE - L'Humanisme Chretien
132342: FRANK J. MATERA - Strategies for Preaching Paul
143936: AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR TESTING MATERIALS - Symposium on Aircraft Materials
65031: M.-M. MATHARAN - Asserta Moralia
173830: COTTON MATHER - Cotton Mather on Witchcraft
168771: COTTON MATHER - Cotton Mather on Witchcraft
1220445: HELEN MATHERS - The Mystery of No. 13
28696: WILLIAM H. MATHESON - Claudel and Aeschylus: A Study of Claudel's Translation of the Oresteia
163366: GEORGE MATHESON - Representative Men of the New Testament
94745: KAN K. MATHEUSSEN - Maria-Jaarkrans: Mariale Kunst Uit Oost En West
173619: WILLIAM M. MATHEW, ED - Agriculture, Geology, and Society in Antebellum South Carolina: The Private Diary of Edmund Ruffin, 1843
131341: WILLIAM MATHEWS - Hours with Men and Books
168100: JAMES K. MATHEWS - Set Apart to Serve: The Meaning and Role of Episcopacy in the Wesleyan Tradition
172021: FRANK F. MATHIAS - G.I. Jive: An Army Bandsman in World War II
160945: FRANKLIN K. MATHIEWS, ED - The Boy Scout Year Book of Fun in Fiction
169577: RENE MATHIS - Croix Et Medailles de Guerre 1914-1918
44248: REV. MICHAEL A. MATHIS, C.S.C. - With the Holy Cross in Bengal
66231: REV. MARCIAN J. MATHIS - The Constitution and Supreme Administration of Regional Seminaries Subject to the Sacred Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith in China
167418: MAURICE MATLOFF, ED - American Military History Volume 1: 1775-1902
165249: A.T.E. MATONIS AND DANIEL F. MELIA, EDS - Celtic Language, Celtic Culture: A Festschrift for Eric P. Hamp
31914: PETER BATCHELOR & CHRIS MATSON - Vcs of the First World War: The Western Front 1915
132082: LEONARD VON MATT AND WALTER HAUSER - St. Francis of Assisi: A Pictorial Biography
142626: LEONARD VON MATT AND HUGO RAHNER - St Ignatius of Loyola: A Pictorial Biography
146164: ROBERTO DE MATTEI - La Chiesa Fra le Tempeste: IL Primo Millenio Di Storia Della Chiesa Nelle Conversazioni a Radio Maria
132109: DAVID MATTHEW - Lord Acton and His Times
132100: GERVASE MATTHEW - The Court of Richard II
121526: D.J.A. MATTHEW - The Norman Conquest
174574: CAITLIN MATTHEWS - The Celtic Book of Days: A Guide to Celtic Spirituality & Wisdom
162230: BRANDER MATTHEWS - Vignettes of Manhattan
170563: JOHN MATTHEWS - King Arthur and the Grail Quest: Myth and Vision from Celtic Times to the Present
149866: T.S. MATTHEWS - Name and Address
161462: BRANDER MATTHEWS AND LAURENCE HUTTON - The Life and Art of Edwin Booth and His Contemporaries
1245842: JOHN MATTHEWS - The Journey of Theophanes: Travel, Business, and Daily Life in the Roman East
174028: JOHN MATTHEWS, ED - The Bardic Source Book: Inspirational Legacy and Teachings of the Ancient Celts
172800: JOHN MATTHEWS, ED - The Celtic Seers' Source Book: Vision and Magic in the Druid Tradition
1245693: JACK MATTHEWS - Reading Matter: A Rabid Bibliophile's Adventures Among Old and Rare Books
126541: JOHN MATTHEWS, ED - The Druid Source Book: From Earliest Times to the Present Day
162930: PAUL MATTHEWS - Basic Errors of Catholicism
1245694: JACK MATTHEWS - Booking Treasures
112607: J. MATTHEWS - A Handbook of the Organ
120573: STANLEY MATTHEWS - Football Parade
142367: JOHN MATTHIAS, ED - Introducing David Jones: A Selection of His Writings
21860: F.O. MATTHIESSEN - Theodore Dreiser
98217: A.J. MATTILL - A Classified Bibliography of Literature on the Acts of the Apostles
113252: EDWARD J. MATTIMOE, ED - Company: A Magazine of the American Jesuits, Spring 1993 (Vol. 10, No. 3)
147007: GARRETT MATTINGLY - Catherine of Aragon
104282: J.O. MAUBORGNE - Practical Uses of the Wave Meter in Wireless Telegraphy
1241181: RALPH MAUD, ED - On the Air with Dylan Thomas: The Broadcasts
165593: REV. J.H. MAUDE - The History of the Book of Common Prayer
170294: BILL MAULDIN - Up Front
171703: GUY DE MAUPASSANT - A Woman's Life
171425: GUY DE MAUPASSANT - The Necklace
171427: GUY DE MAUPASSANT - The Tales of Guy de Maupassant
171762: GUY DE MAUPASSANT - Bel-Ami
37966: P. IVO DER MAUR, O.S.B. - Monchtum Und Glaubensverkundigung in Den Schriften Des Hl. Johannes Chrysostomus
113521: REV. F.A. MAUREL - The Christian Instructed in the Nature and Use of Indulgences
165322: OSCAR E. MAURER, ED - Manual of the Congregational Christian Churches: A Compendium of Information, Forms, and Services
148845: OSCAR E. MAURER, ED - Manual of the Congregational Christian Churches
144600: HERRYMON MAURER - The End Is Not Yet: China at War
148300: OSCAR E. MAURER, ED - Manual of the Congregational Christian Churches: A Compendium of Information, Forms, and Services
124907: FRANCOIS MAURIAC - A Kiss for the Leper (le Baiser Au L'Epreux)
147250: FRANCOIS MAURIAC - God and Mammon
148912: FRANCOIS MAURIAC - Memoires Interieurs
172375: FRANCOIS MAURIAC - The Eucharist: The Mystery of Holy Thursday
26378: FRANCOIS MAURIAC - Memoires Interieurs
27976: FRANCOIS MAURIAC - Second Thoughts: Reflections on Literature and on Life
170997: THE BLESSED LEONARD OF PORT MAURICE - The Little Mission Book and Pocket Manual. With Prayers at Mass
172884: MAURICE AND WILFRED DRAKE - Saints and Their Emblems
170897: MAURICE AND WILFRED DRAKE - Saints and Their Emblems
120090: BERAUD DE SAINT-MAURICE - Jean Duns Scot
174696: RENE LOUIS MAURICE AND KEN FOLLETT - The Gentlemen of 16 July
173504: DAPHNE DU MAURIER - Mary Anne
172838: DAPHNE DU MAURIER - The Scapegoat
172830: DAPHNE DU MAURIER - The Flight of the Falcon
173282: GEORGE DU MAURIER - The Martian: A Novel
172864: PETER MAURIN - Easy Essays
174996: ANDRE MAUROIS - Disraeli: A Picture of the Victorian Age
87845: SIMONE ANDRE MAUROIS - Miss Howard and the Emperor: The Story of Napoleon III and His Mistress
142662: FERNARD MAURY - Etude Sur la Vie Et Les Oeuvres de Bernardin de St-Pierre
174841: REUBEN MAURY - The Wars of the Godly
102319: FREDERICK MAXFIELD AND R. RALPH BENEDICT - Theory of Gaseous Conduction and Electonics
131507: HUDSON MAXIM - The Science of Poetry and the Philosophy of Language
140499: HUDSON MAXIM - Defenseless America
170022: SAADYAH MAXIMON, TRANS - The Passover Haggadah
24223: COL. F.I. MAXSE - Seymour Vandeleur: The Story of a British Officer
161320: CONSTANTIA MAXWELL - Dublin Under the Georges 1714-1830
173904: SIDNEY D. MAXWELL - The Suburbs of Cincinnati
121642: LEIGH MAXWELL - The Ashanti Ring: Sir Garnet Wesley's Campaigns 1870-1882
46678: JAMES CLERK MAXWELL - Physikalische Kraftlinien
171289: SOPHIE MAY - Little Pitchers
102279: LEOPOLD MAY - An Introduction to Mossbauer Spectroscopy
113215: LARRY MAY - Screening out the Past: The Birth of Mass Culture and the Motion Picture Industry
1239823: HERBERT G. MAY AND BRUCE M. METZGER, EDS - The New Oxford Annotated Bible with the Apocrypha: Revised Standard Version Containing the Second Edition of the New Testament and an Expanded Edition of the Apocrypha
109108: W.E. MAY - The Boats of Men-of-War
126867: ROLLO MAY, ED - Symbolism in Religion and Literature
168743: DEAN L. MAY AND REID L. NEILSON, EDS - The Mormon History Association's Tanner Lectures: The First Twenty Years
39436: J. LEWIS MAY - Father Tyrrell and the Modernist Movement
161329: MARTIN MAYER - The Lawyers
64169: GEORGE K. MAYER - Die Aechtheit Des Evangeliums Nach Johannes
1218842: METRO-GOLDWYN-MAYER - How the West Was Was Won
162182: J.P. MAYGRIER - Midwifery Illustrated
165914: THEODORE MAYNARD - Richest of the Poor: The Life of Saint Francis of Assisi
148012: THEODORE MAYNARD - The Long Road of Father Serra
1240994: THEODORE MAYNARD - A Fire Was Lighted: The Life of Rose Hawthorne Lathrop
1242711: THEODORE MAYNARD - Mystic in Motley: The Life of St. Philip Neri
1240989: THEODORE MAYNARD - The Reed and the Rock: Portrait of Simon Brute
147023: THEODORE MAYNARD - Humanist As Hero: The Life of Sir Thomas More
172719: THEODORE MAYNARD - Humanist As Hero: The Life of Sir Thomas More
1240968: THEODORE MAYNARD - Too Small a World: The Life of Francesca Cabrini
99287: THEODORE MAYNARD - The Story of American Catholicism: Volume Two
148013: THEODORE MAYNARD - Pillars of the Church
125124: THEODORE MAYNARD - The Catholic Way
141171: ETHEL COLBURN MAYNE - Browning's Heroines
112716: ST. PATRICK'S COLLEGE - MAYNOOTH - The Furrow Nov. 1950: Special Issue on the Assumption of Mary
146305: P. FELICE MAYR - Divus Augustinus Vitae Spiritualis Magister Seu Instructio Hominis Christiani Per Pia Quaedem Ac Salutaria Documenta Ex Sanctissimi Patris Ac Maximi Ecclesiae Doctoris Augustini Operibus Collecta, & Pro Quotidiana Spiritus Alimonia in Singulos Dies, Ferias, Ac Festa Totius Anni Distributa, Pars I-II
163241: MANFRED MAYRHOFER - A Sanskrit Grammar
147416: OTTO MAZAL - Buchkunst Der Gotik
43557: STEPHEN B.G. MBUNGA - Church Law and Bantu Music: Ecclesiatical Dociments and Law on Sacred Music As Applied to Bantu Music
172876: DALE MCADOO, TRANS - Color Profiles of World War I Combat Planes
164424: HENRY R. MCADOO - The Unity of Anglicanism: Catholic and Reformed
164218: CLELAND BOYD MCAFEE - The Ruling Elder: His Duties and His Opportunities
166349: CLELAND BOYD MCAFEE, ED - The Communion Service: A Manual of Helpful Suggestions to Aid Ministers in Their Communion Practice
112937: HENRY MCALEAVY - Black Flags in Vietnam: The Story of a Chinese Intervention
151196: JOSEPH B. MCALLISTER - Ethics: With Special Application to the Nursing Profession
167424: LESTER G. MCALLISTER AND WILLIAM E. TUCKER - Journey in Faith: A History of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
170401: ALFRED MCBRIDE - Celebrating the Mass: A Guide for Understanding and Loving the Mass More Deeply
60107: WILLIAM LEON MCBRIDE - Duquesne University Philosophical Studies #36: Social Theory at a Crossroads
4235: GLEN MCBRIDE - The Genesis Chronicles
164929: RICHARD P. MCBRIEN - Who Is a Catholic
142455: RICHARD P. MCBRIEN, ED - The Harpercollins Encyclopedia of Catholicism
67618: RICHARD P. MCBRIEN - The Church in the Thought of Bishop John Robinson
125698: JOSEPH MCCABE - Talleyrand: A Biographical Study
59553: JOSEPH MCCABE - The Strange Civilizations of China and India
69813: JOSEPH E. MCCABE - How to Find Time for Better Preaching and Better Pastoring
166077: LIDA ROSE MCCABE - Ardent Adrienne: The Life of Madame de la Fayette
172538: JOHN D. MCCALLUM - The Story of Dan Lyons, S.J.
123914: ABBOT JUSTIN MCCANN, ED - The Rule of St. Benedict: In Latin and English
140269: MARGARET HILL MCCARTER - The Corner Stone
172516: DAVID MATZKO MCCARTHY AND M. THERESE LYSAUGHT, EDS - Gathered for the Journey: Moral Theology in Catholic Perspective
125412: MICHAEL J.F. MCCARTHY - Priests and People in Ireland
62472: DENNIS J. MCCARTHY AND WILLIAM B. CALLEN, EDS - Modern Biblical Studies: An Anthology from Theology Digest
95671: ARCHBISHOP EDWARD A. MCCARTHY - Pastoral Letters 1977-1993
150871: TIMOTHY G. MCCARTHY, ED & SEAN C. STIDD, ED - Wittgenstein in America
167678: KEVIN M. MCCARTHY AND KARELISA V. HARTIGAN - Greek Americans of Florida
124312: DORAN MCCARTY - Teilhard de Chardin
66083: REV. EDWARD P. MCCASHLIN - The Division of Parishes: A Historical Synopsis and a Commentary
146431: TERENCE P. MCCAUGHEY - Memory and Redemption: Church, Politics and Prophetic Theology in Ireland
65650: MICHAEL F. MCCAULEY, ED - On the Run: Spirituality for the Seventies
93916: IAN MCCAUSLAND - Introduction to Optimal Control
149254: DORA GREENWELL MCCHESNEY - Cornet Strong of Ireton's Horse: An Episode of the Ironsides
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146718: RT. REV. JOHN MILNER - The End of Religious Controversy, in a Friendly Correspondence, between a Religious Society of Protestants, and a Roman Catholic Divine
172361: JOSEPH E. MILOSH - The Scale of Perfection and the English Mystical Tradition
60812: CHARLES C. MILTNER - The Elements of Ethics
168172: MILTON J. COALTER, JOHN M. MULDER, AND LOUIS B. WEEKS, EDS - The Confessional Mosaic: Presbyterians and Twentieth-Century Theology
131518: JOHN MILTON - Complete Prose Works of John Milton: Vols. 1-8
1241266: JOHN MILTON - Poems: L'Allegro, IL Penseroa, Comus, Lycidas and the Complete Minor Poems
120079: P. PARTHENIUS MINGES - Der Gottesbegriff Des Duns Scotus
130063: P. PARTHENIUS MINGES - Die Gnadenlehre Des Duns Scotus: Auf Ihren Angeblichen Pelagianismus Und Semipelagianismus
130064: DR. P. PARTHENIUS MINGES - Ist Duns Scotus Indeterminist
106682: NELSON H. MINNICH - Studies in Catholic History in Honor of John Tracy Ellis
144591: KENNETH R. MINOGUE - The Concept of a University
144547: K.R. MINOGUE - Nationalism
169352: WILLIAM W. MINTON - Concordance to the Hesiodic Corpus
170635: JEROME R. MINTZ - Legends of the Hasidim: An Introduction to Hasidic Culture and Oral Tradition in the New World
10777: HENRI LE MIRE - L'Epopee Moderne de la Legion Etrangere 1940-1976
150589: JEFFREY MIRUS - The Divine Courtship
69397: BERNARD C. MISCHKE, O.S.C. - Meditations on the Mass
140842: PIERO MISCIATTELLI - The Mystics of Siena
161549: LUCIEN MISERMONT - The Blessed Sisters of Charity of Arras
83351: RICHARD VON MISES AND THEODORE VON KARMAN - Advances in Applied Mechanics: Volume III
83429: RICHARD VON MISES - Wahrscheinlichkeitsrechnung Und Ihre Anwendung in Der Statistik Und Theoretischen Physik [Vol. I of Vorlesungen Aus Dem Gebiete Der Angewandten Mathematik]
1220455: LUDWIG VON MISES - Human Action: A Treatise on Economics
60779: HENRYK MISIAK AND VIRGINIA M. STAUDT - Catholics in Psychology: A Historical Survey
167180: ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA; MARIA MISRA, INTRO - The Britannica Guide to India: A Comprehensive Introduction to the World's Fastest Growing Country
168740: ROMAN MISSAL - Revised Rites of Holy Week: Passion Sunday, Chrism Mass, and the Easter Triduum with the Order of Mass and Provisional Texts for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of Holy Week
124272: CATHOLIC MISSAL AND PRAYERBOOK - The Book of Catholic Worship
164376: CATHOLIC MISSAL - New Saint Joseph Daily Missal and Hymnal: The Official Prayers for the Celebration of Daily Mass; with the People's Parts of Holy Mass Printed in Boldface Type and Arranged for Parish Participation; in Accordance with the New Revised Liturgy As Directed by Vatican Council II; with Many Study Helps and Extra Features
164378: CATHOLIC MISSAL - New Saint Joseph Daily Missal and Hymnal: The Official Prayers for the Celebration of Daily Mass; with the People's Parts of Holy Mass Printed in Boldface Type and Arranged for Parish Participation; in Accordance with the New Revised Liturgy As Directed by Vatican Council II; with Many Study Helps and Extra Features
164383: CATHOLIC MISSAL - New Saint Joseph Daily Missal and Hymnal: The Official Prayers for the Celebration of Daily Mass; with the People's Parts of Holy Mass Printed in Boldface Type and Arranged for Parish Participation; in Accordance with the New Revised Liturgy As Directed by Vatican Council II; with Many Study Helps and Extra Features
164382: CATHOLIC MISSAL - New Saint Joseph Sunday Missal and Hymnal: The Complete Masses for Sundays and Holydays; with the People's Parts of Holy Mass Printed in Boldface Type and Arranged for Parish Participation; in Accordance with the New Revised Liturgy; with Many Study Helps and Extra Features
164381: CATHOLIC MISSAL - New Saint Joseph Sunday Missal and Hymnal: The Complete Masses for Sundays and Holydays; with the People's Parts of Holy Mass Printed in Boldface Type and Arranged for Parish Participation; in Accordance with the New Revised Liturgy; with Many Study Helps and Extra Features
169660: THE ROMAN MISSAL - The Lectionary for Mass: Book of Gospels; English Translation Approved by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops and Confirmed by the Apostolic See
43495: REV. LOUIS MISSEREY - Le Droit Des Religieuses Selon le Code de Droit Canonique
172435: A PRIEST OF THE CONGREGATION OF THE MISSION - Questions on Vocations: A Catechism Principally for Parochial Schools, Academies and Colleges
168958: A DOMINICAN MISSIONARY - A Dominican Mission
102115: A CARMELITE MISSIONARY - 1925-1975 Golden Jubilee of the Canonisation of St. Therese of the Child Jesus
168096: A DOMINICAN MISSIONARY - A Dominican Mission
102640: UN MISSIONNAIRE - Notre-Dame Du Laus
70627: AMERICAN BOARD OF CATHOLIC MISSIONS - The Report of the American Board of Catholic Missions to the American Episcopate: July 1, 1935-July 1, 1936
120206: CATHOLIC CHURCH IN MISSOURI - Historical Sketches of St. Columban's Congregation and the Missions Attended by the Franciscan Fathers
1232274: MARGARET MITCHELL - Gone with the Wind
123942: DONALD W. MITCHELL AND JAMES WISEMAN, ED - The Gethsemani Encounter: A Dialogue on the Spiritual Life by Buddhist and Christian Monastics
1237644: MARGARET MITCHELL - Gone with the Wind
1244468: MARGARET MITCHELL - Gone with the Wind
1237641: MARGARET MITCHELL - Gone with the Wind
1238802: MARGARET MITCHELL - Gone with the Wind
124360: PRYCE MITCHELL - Deep Water: The Autobiography of a Sea Captain
144842: RUTH MITCHELL - My Brother Bill: A Biography of General Mitchell
142502: EWING YOUNG MITCHELL - Kicked in and Kicked out of the President's Little Cabinet
167581: MARGARETTA K. MITCHELL - Recollections: Ten Women of Photography
173159: MARGARET MITCHELL - Gone with the Wind
164458: LEONEL L. MITCHELL - Planning the Church Year
67055: JAMES MITCHELL, ED - The God I Want
90342: MARGARET MITCHELL - Things You Have Always Wanted to Know About Cooking
98661: RALPH MITCHELL - Environmental Microbiology
144858: J. CALVIN MITCHELL - Excerpts from the Crater of Gold: A Mysterious Manuscript
107745: SOUER ESTELLE MITCHELL - Mere Jane Slocombe
166229: LEONEL L. MITCHELL - Planning the Church Year
172529: MARY RUSSELL MITFORD - Our Village
160715: JESSICA MITFORD - Faces of Philip: A Memoir of Philip Toynbee
160907: JESSICA MITFORD - Decca: The Letters of Jessica Mitford
83347: H. MITTELSTAEDT - Regelungsvorgange in Lebenden Wesen
71526: JOHN C. MITTERRUTZNER - Das Leben... Vincenz Maria Strambi
104239: R. MITTRA - Computer Techniques for Electromagnetics
110971: SANDA YOCUM MIZE - Joining the Revolution in Theology: The College Theology Society 1954-2004
141549: ARTHUR MIZENER - F. Scott Fitzgerald
55307: KARL MOBIUS - Flugfunkwesen: Teil I: Physikalische Grundlagen Der Funktechnik
66193: TIMOTHY MOCK - Disqualification of Electors in Ecclesiastical Elections
125686: MUSEE NATIONAL D'ART MODERNE - Georges Rouault: Exposition Du Centenaire
161546: RONALD MODRAS - Ignatian Humanism: A Dynamic Spiritulaity for the 21st Century
142948: WILLIAM MODYSTACK - Mary Mackillop: A Woman Before Her Time
65896: JOHN M. MOEDER - The Poper Bishop for Ordination and Dimissorial Letters: An Historical Synopsis and Commentary
65328: CONRAD HENRY MOEHLAMN - The Story of the Ten Commandments: A Study of the Hebrew Decalogue in Its Ancient and Modern Application
140998: JOHN ADAM MOEHLER - Symbolism: Or, Exposition of the Doctrinal Differences between Catholics and Protestants, Vols I-II
161459: ALFRED H. MOELLER - The Best of Two Worlds
167404: REV. LAWRENCE MOESLEIN - Masses of the Congregation of the Most Holy Cross and Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ
167579: BRUCE G. MOFFAT - The "L": The Development of Chicago's Rapids Transit System, 1888-1932
162120: JAMES MOFFATT, TRANS - The New Testament: A New Translation
168459: J.E. MOFFATT - Thoughts on the Gentle Master
173768: THOMAS C. MOFFETT - The American Indian on the New Trail: The Red Man of the United States and the Christian Gospel
164915: JOHN CLIFTON MOFFITT - The History of Public Education in Utah
112982: MARQUIS DE MOGES - Recollections of Baron Gros's Embassy to China and Japan in 1857-58
171919: CH. NAZAR MOHAMMAD, COMP - Commandments by God in Quran
149181: J.A. MOHLER - The Life of St. Anselm, Archbishop of Canterbury; a Contribution to a Knowledge of the Moral, Ecclesiastical, and Literary Life of the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries
73017: DR. STANLEY R. MOHLER - Medication and Flying: A Pilot's Guide
72238: JOHN S. MOIR, ED - The Cross in Canada
1235356: VINCENT MOLETA - From St. Francis to Giotto: The Influence of St. Francis on Early Italian Art and Literature
171735: MOLIERE - Tartuffe & the Would-Be Gentleman
171380: MOLIERE - Tartuffe or the Hypocrite
1245840: GEORGES MOLINIE, ED - Chariton: Le Roman de Chaireas Et Callirhoe
91034: DR. HEINRICH MOLITOR - Die Auferstehung Der Christen Und Nichtchristen Nach Dem Apostel Paulus
140890: EINAR MOLLAND - Christendom: The Christian Churches, Their Doctrines, Constitutional Forms and Ways of Worship
121790: BORIS MOLLO - The Indian Army
10149: ANDREW MOLLO - World Army Uniforms Since 1939
130634: J. FITZGERALD MOLLOY - The Most Gorgeous Lady Blessington
147361: WILHELM MOLSDORF - Christliche Symbolik Der Mittelalterlichen Kunst
160877: HELMUTH JAMES VON MOLTKE - Letters to Freya 1939-1945
141971: JURGEN MOLTMANN - A Broad Place: An Autobiography
168384: JURGEN MOLTMANN - The Crucified God: The Cross of Christ As the Foundation and Criticism of Christian Theology
148288: WOLFGANG J. MOMMSEN - Imperial Germany 1867-1918: Politics, Culture, and Society in an Authoritarian State
174191: GORDON WETMORE; PRINCESS GRACE OF MONACO, FOREWORD - Ireland Portrayed by Gordon Wetmore
173826: JAY MONAGHAN, COMP - Lincoln Bibliography, Volumes I-II
172792: PATRICIA MONAGHAN - The Book of Goddesses & Heroines

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