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126258: Joseph F. Hogan - A Do-It-Yourself Retreat: How to Bring out the Real Good in You
105047: Thor Hogan - Mars Wars: The Rise and Fall of the Space Exploration Initiative
66500: William F. Hogan - The Testimonies and Testimonials Required from the Admission of Aspirants to the Novitate
186481: John S. Hogan - Devotions to St Thomas Becket
97542: Rev. Michael Hogan - The Ecclesiastical Review on Morality of Hunger-Strike
69111: Rev. John G. Hogan - Sentinels of the King
146584: Henry Hogarth - Henri Bremond: The Life and Work of a Devout Humanist
131326: Rev. David Hogg - The Life of Allan Cunningham
203607: Ian Hogg - Twentieth Century Artillery: 300 of the World's Greatest Artillery Pieces
202597: Ian V. Hogg - The Hutchinson Dictionary of Battles
170487: Simon Hoggart and Mike Hutchinson - Bizarre Beliefs
46663: K. Hohenemser - Die Methoden Zur Angenaherten Losung Von Eigenwertproblemen in Der Elastokinetik
180497: Ferdinand Holbock - New Saints and Blesseds of the Catholic Church, Volumes I-II
202279: Erasmus; Annemarie Holborn and Hajo Holborn - Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus: Ausgewahlte Werke
183919: Stewart H. Holbrook - Lost Men of American History
140794: Alfred Holbrook - Reminiscences of the Happy Life of a Teacher
167988: Manfred Holck, Jr., comp - Dedications and Readings for Church Events
204384: Lotte Lehman; Frances Holden, trans - More Than Singing: The Interpretation of Songs
162540: L.V. Hodgkin (Mrs. John Holdsworth) - A Book of Quaker Saints
81611: Hilary Costello & Christopher Holdsworth, eds - A Gathering of Friends: The Learning & Spirituality of John of Forde
180588: Christina Hole - Saints in Folklore
175421: S. Reynolds Hole - A Little Tour in America
1262445: Mary Holingsworth, Miles Pattended, & Arnold Witte, eds - A Companion to the Early Modern Cardinal
141430: William L. Holladay - Jeremiah: A Fresh Reading
149123: William L. Holladay - The Psalms Through Three Thousand Years: Prayerbook of a Cloud of Witnesses
177428: J.G. Holland - Scribner's Monthly, an Illustrated Magazine for the People. Volume XXII (May-October 1881)
67201: Lieut. Jerome P. Holland - Let's Talk It over
173739: Eileen Holland - The Spellcaster's Reference: Magickal Timing for the Wheel of the Year
140437: Rupert Sargent Holland - The House of Delusion
1225027: Sister Mary Ildephonse Holland - Lengthened Shadows: A History of the Sisters of Mercy Cedar Rapids Iowa
120269: Lady Holland; ed. by Mrs. Austin - A Memoir of the Reverend Sydney Smith
120268: Lady Holland; ed. by Mrs. Austin - A Memoir of the Reverend Sydney Smith
126660: Eileen Holland - The Wicca Handbook
174967: J.G. Holland - Scribner's Monthly: An Illustrated Magazine for the People, Volume I (November 1870-April 1871)
200228: Annie Jefferson Holland - The Refugees: A Sequel to "Uncle Tom's Cabin.
184420: Stanley C. Hollander, comp - A Special Interest Bibliography on Discount Selling, Retail Price-Cutting, and Resale Price Controls
174863: Josiah Allen's Wife (Marietta Holley) - Samantha Among the Colored Folks: "My Ideas on the Race Problem
179647: J.E. Holley and Carolyn F. Holley - Pictorial Profile of the Holy Land
177495: Edward G. Holley - Raking the Historic Coals: The A.L. A. Scrapbook of 1876
113408: Melvin G. Holli and Peter d'A. Jones - Ethnic Chicago: A Multicultural Portrait
167873: Joseph E. Holliday and Miriam Bilyeu Berger - A History of Calvary Episcopal Church, Cincinnati, Ohio
174021: Joseph E. Holliday and Miriam Bilyeu Berger - A History of Calvary Episcopal Church: Cincinnati, Ohio 1844-1968, 1968-1993
28190: Robert Cortes Holliday - Joyce Kilmer: Memoir and Poems
174022: Joseph E. Holliday - Calvary Episcopal Church: Cincinnati, Ohio; a History
186895: Holling Clancy Holling - Seabird
185972: Andrew Hollingsworth - Danish Modern
182552: Christopher Hollis - Thomas More
72143: Christopher Hollis - The Monstrous Regiment
169054: A.S. Hollis, ed - Callimachus: Hecale
1210854: Christopher Hollis - Erasmus
132226: Christopher Hollis - The Seven Ages: Their Exits and Their Entrances
203044: C. Warren Hollister - Medieval Europe: A Short History
173081: R. Ross Holloway - Constantine and Rome
165228: Richard Holloway, ed - The Anglican Tradition
144541: John Holloway - The Charted Mirror: Literary and Critical Essays
169672: Walter Hollweg - Der Augsburger Reichstag Von 1566 Und Seine Bedeutung Fur Die Entstehung Der Reformierten Kirche Und Ihres Bekenntnisses
172320: Jean Holm - The Study of Religion
126414: Jean Holm, ed - Sacred Place
162758: Monika Holm and Marianne Mathlein - Svensk, Svenska Beginner's Book: Swedish-English Vicabulary / Svensk-Engelsk Ordlista
176170: Malcolm C. Salaman; C. Geoffrey Holme, ed - The New Woodcut
173991: Fred L. Holmes - Alluring Wisconsin: The Historic Glamor and Natural Loveliness of an American Commonwealth
175603: Oliver Wendell Holmes - A Mortal Antipathy: First Opening of the New Portfolio
175127: [Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.] - The Autocrat of the Breakfast-Table
174756: Oliver Wendell Holmes] - The Poet at the Breakfast-Table
174757: Oliver Wendell Holmes - Over the Teacups
174283: Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr - The Autocrat of the Breakfast-Table
174749: Oliver Wendell Holmes - The Professor at the Breakfast-Table
169212: Davidis H. Holmes - Index Lysiacus
174750: Oliver Wendell Holmes - The Professor at the Breakfast-Table; with the Story of Iris
174753: Oliver Wendell Holmes - The Iron Gate, and Other Poems
1257669: Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. - The Common Law
166341: Urban T. Holmes - Praying with the Family of God: Selections for Children from the Book of Common Prayer Compiled with Introduction and Commentary
162176: Mary J. Holmes - Maggie Miller
164589: Fred L. Holmes - The Voice of Trappist Silence
1245137: Oliver Wendell Holmes - The Poems of Oliver Wendell Holmes
178399: Richard Holmes - Redcoat: The British Soldier in the Age of Horse and Musket
1250821: Richard Holmes - Acts of War
1237148: [Sherlock Holmes] - Shades of Sherlock - a Collection of Seven Issues
126254: Urban T. Holmes - Praying with the Family of God: Selections for Children from the Book of Common Prayer Compiled with Introduction and Commentary
167101: Urban T. Holmes, III - What Is Anglicanism
178400: Richard Holmes - War Walks: From Agincourt to Normandy
178401: Richard Holmes - War Walks 2: From the Battle of Hastings to the Blitz
178487: Richard Holmes and Martin Marix Evans, eds - Battelfield: Decisive Conflicts in History
172085: Oliver Wendell Holmes - The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table: Every Man His Own Boswell
176248: Kenneth L. Holmes, ed - Covered Wagon Women: Diaries & Letters from the Western Trails 1840-1890, Volumes I-XI
200766: Ernest Holmes - The Science of Mind
200827: Oliver Wendell Holmes - Poems
186424: Oliver Wendell Holmes - The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table
12820: Michael Holroyd - Bernard Shaw: Vol. I: The Search for Love 1856-1898
173102: Michael Holroyd - Lytton Strachey: A Critical Biography, Volumes I-II
16046: Michael Holroyd - Bernard Shaw: Vol. I: The Search for Love 1856-1898
63337: Gustav Holscher - Das Buch Hiob
202316: Bruce W. Holsinger - Music, Body, and Desire in Medieval Culture: Hildegard of Bingen to Chaucer
55153: Niels von Holst - Der Deutsche Ritterorden Und Seine Bauten Von Jerusalem Bis Sevilla Von Thorn Bis Narwa
126525: Robert Holstock and Malcolm Edwards - Lost Realms: An Illustrated Exploration of the Lands Behind the Legends
174993: Rackham Holt - George Washington Carver: An American Biography
176747: Rackham Holt - George Washington Carver: An American Biography
170249: Elizabeth Gilmore Holt, ed - A Documentary History of Art, Volumes I-II
1243240: Victoria Holt - My Enemy the Queen
1243236: Victoria Holt - The Shivering Sands
1243239: Victoria Holt - The Spring of the Tiger
1243237: Victoria Holt - The Mask of the Enchantress
165334: Gavin Holt - Green Talons
141128: Geoffrey Holt, S.J. (editor) - Catholic Record Society: The Letter Book of Lewis Sabran, S.J. (Rector of St. Omers College) October 1713 to October 1715, Volume 62
200632: Robert R. Holt - Freud Reappraised: A Fresh Look at Psychoanalytic Theory
63393: John Marshall Holt - The Patriarchs of Israel
145252: John Jacob Holtzapffel - The Principles and Practice of Ornamental or Complex Turning
186762: Wm. M. Holub - On the Humor Side
42863: Frederick G. Holweck - Fasti Mariani Sive Claendarium Festorum Sanctae Mariae Virginis Deiparae
169236: D. Holwerda - Sprunge in Die Tiefen Heraklits
169143: Dr. D. Holwerda - Helios En Dike Bij Heraclitus: De Fragmenten 28, 120, 16, 94, 63 En 23
166002: Richard Neitzel Holzapfel and T. Jeffery Cottle - Old Mormon Kirtland and Missouri: Historic Photographs and Guide
130340: Herbert Holzapfel - The History of the Franciscan Order
165990: Richard Neitzel Holzapfel and T. Jeffery Cottle - Old Mormon Nauvoo and Southeastern Iowa: Historic Photographs and Guide
174070: Harold Holzer and Joshua Wolf Shenk, eds - In Lincoln's Hand: His Original Manuscripts with Commentary by Distinguished Americans
170347: Hans Holzer - Witches: True Encounters with Wicca, Wizards, Covens, Cults, and Magick
174018: Hans Holzer - The Lively Ghosts of Ireland
182554: Rev. Joseph Holzner - Paul of Tarsus
180614: Rev. Joseph Holzner - Paul of Tarsus
178743: Lynn M. Homan and Thomas Reilly - Historic Journeys Into Space
179197: Helen Walker Homan - St. Anthony and the Christ Child
182679: Helen Walker Homan - Star of Jacob: The Story of the Venerable Francis Libermann, Founder of the Congregation of the Holy Ghost and of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
171964: Robert Home - A Precis of Modern Tactics. Compiled from the Works of Recent Continental Writers at the Topographical and Statistical Department of the War Office
203612: Jamie Douglas-Home - Stately Passions: The Scandals of Britain's Great Homes
186236: [Winslow Homer] - Harper's Bazar: A Repository of Fashion, Pleasure, and Instruction, Volume VIII
162616: Homer A. Rodeheaver, George W. Sanville, Yumbert P. Rodeheaver, and Joseph N. Rodeheaver, comps - Triumphant Service Songs: An All Purpose Book Prepared to Meet the Requirements of Every Department of Church Work
144620: Hon. J.L.E. Peck, Hon. O.H. Montzheimer, and Hon. William J. Miller - Past and Present of O'Brien and Osceola Counties, Iowa, Vols. I-II
175891: Park Honan - Shakespeare: A Life
107809: William Hone - The Year Book of Daily Recreation and Information. .
60713: Dr. Martin Honecker - Logik
184866: Arthur Honegger - I Am a Composer
185239: Arthur Honegger - Jeanne D'Arc Au Bucher
203253: Arthur Honegger - Le Roi David
203762: Committee of the Hong-Kowloon Chinese Compatriots of All Circles for the Struggle Against Persecution by the British Authorities in Hongkong - The May Upheaval in Hongkong
161510: Josef Hons - Velke Zeleznice Sveta: Dzungli a Tajgou
183535: Walter Honscheidt and Uwe Scheid - Wheels and Curves: Erotic Photographs of the Twenties
33800: Miriam Hood - Gunboat Diplomacy 1895-1905: Great Power Pressure in Venezuela
176950: Thomas Hood - Hood's Own: Or, Laughter from Year to Year. (First and Second Series)
144878: Thomas Hood - Memorials of Thomas Hood: 2 Volumes
176967: Thomas Hood - Whimsicalities, a Periodical Gathering, Volumes I-II
113600: Walter Farquhar Hook - Discourses Bearing on the Controversies of the Day
149443: Sidney Hook, ed - Language and Philosophy: A Symposium
60119: Sidney Hook, ed - Religious Experience and Truth: A Symposium
60476: Sidney Hook, ed - Human Values and Economic Policy: A Symposium
131614: Edward Niles Hooker, ed - The Critical Works of John Dennis: 2 Volumes
1210757: Edward Niles Hooker and H.T. Swedenberg, ed - The Works of John Dryden: Vols. I-IV, VIII-XI, XIII, XV, XVII-XIX [Incomplete]
1245585: J.T. Hooker - Reading the Past: Anceint Writing from Cuneiform to the Alphabet
110647: Edward Niles Hooker - The Critical Works of John Dennis: Vol. II 1711-1729
179538: Daryll V. Hoole - Our Own Society
178409: Finley Hooper - Greek Realities: Life and Thought in Ancient Greece
172080: Walter Hooper - C.S. Lewis: A Companion & Guide
55117: George Hooper - The Campaign of Sedan: The Downfall of the Second Empire, August-September 1870
98970: George Hooper - The Campaign of Sedan: August-September 1870
142089: Bernard Hoose - Proportionalism: The American Debate and Its European Roots
200912: Thomas N. Hoover - The History of Ohio University
59639: Anthony Hope - Sport Royal
175591: Laurence Hope - India's Love Lyrics
183406: Murry Hope - Practical Egyptian Magic
168742: Laurence Hope - India's Love Lyrics
125825: Anthony Hope - Memories and Notes
177291: Murry Hope - The Sirius Connection: Unlocking the Secrets of Ancient Egypt
130776: Mrs. Hope - Franciscan Martyrs in England
170664: Arthur J. Hope - Notre Dame: One Hundred Years
183497: Murry Hope - Practical Celtic Magic: A Working Guide to the Magical Heritage of the Celtic Races
204275: Murry Hope - The Sirius Connection: Unlocking the Secrets of Ancient Egypt
1264678: Anthony Hope - The Prisoner of Zenda
1213479: Laurence Hope - Stars of the Desert
113651: D.M. Hope - The Leonine Sacramentary: A Reassessment of Its Nature and Purpose
176647: Murry Hope - The Way of Cartouche: An Oracle of Ancient Egyptian Magic
62502: P.H. Hopfl - Introductio Generalis in Sacram Scripturam
102243: Hildebrand Hopfl and B. Gut - Introduction Specialis in Novum Testamentum
178772: Mei-ling Hopgood - Lucky Girl
174478: C.J.M. Hopking - The Practical Kabbalah Guidebook
172315: Keith Hopkins - A World Full of Gods: The Strange Triumph of Christianity
146734: John Henry Hopkins - A Second Letter to the Right Rev. Francis P. Kenrick, Roman Catholic Bishop of Philadelphia
141468: Gerard Manley Hopkins - The Wreck of the Deutschland
160246: C. Howard Hopkins - John R. Mott 1865-1955
22094: Kenneth Hopkins - Walter de la Mare
101238: Bruce R. Hopkins - The Law of Tax-Exempt Organizations: Ninth Edition: 2008 Cumulative Supplement
176840: Keith Hopkins and Mary Beard - Wonders of the World: The Colosseum
185615: Antony Hopkins, foreword - Great Composers
202283: Jasper Hopkins and Herbert Richardson, ed - Anselm of Canterbury: Trinity, Incarnation, and Redemption; Theological Treatises
200042: N. Hopkinson - Callimachus: Hymn to Demeter
125737: Lyndall P. Hopkinson - Nothing to Forgive: A Daughter's Life of Antonia White
176633: Ellen Evert Hopman and Lawrence Bond - People of the Earth: The New Pagans Speak out
181345: Glenn Hopp - Billy Wilder: The Cinema of Wit 1906-2002
67104: David Hopper - Tillich: A Theological Portrait
176900: Sarah Hopper - To Be a Pilgrim: The Medieval Pilgrimage Experience
1244078: Horace; edited by Fredericus Doering - Q. Horatii Flacci Opera
173362: Horace; Eduardus C. Wickham - Q. Horati Flacci: Opera
184022: Horace - Traduction Des Oeuvres D'Horace En Vers Francais; Avec Des Extraits Des Auteurs Qui Ont Travaille Sur Cette Matiere, Et Des Notes Pour L'Eclaircissement Du Texte. Tome Troisieme Contenant Les Satyres
177726: James D. Horan - Confederate Agent: A Discovery in History
124055: Daniel P. Horan, OFM - The Franciscan Heart of Thomas Merton: A New Look at the Spiritual Inspiration of His Life, Thought, and Writing
113452: James. D. Horan - The Desperate Years: A Pictorial History of the Thirties
150015: Hord - Lost Dollars or the Pirates of Promotion
175541: W. Garrett Horder, ed - The Poets' Bible, Old & New Testament Sections
184331: Paul L. Horecky - Libraries and Bibliographic Centers in the Soviet Union
160866: Paul Horgan, ed - Maurice Baring Restored
200895: John Horgan - Rational Mysticism: Dispatches from the Border between Science and Spirituality
121534: E.W. Robinson-Horley - Last Post: An Indian Army Memoir
148421: Dr. Karl Hormann - Peace and Modern War in the Judgment of the Church
81161: Dr. J. Horn - Gewohnliche Differentialgleichungen
178407: Simon Hornblower and Tony Spawforth, eds - Who's Who in the Classical World
169074: Simon Hornblower and Tony Spawforth, eds - Who's Who in the Classical World
169297: Simon Hornblower - The Greek World 479-323 Bc
1239543: Simon Hornblower and Antony Spawforth, ed - The Oxford Classical Dictionary
24959: George Hornby - Poems for Children and Other People
181222: Alex Horne - Sources of Masonic Symbolism
113105: Alistair Horne with David Montgomery - Monty: The Lonely Leader; 1944-1945
171988: Fiona Horne - Witch: A Magickal Journey; a Hip Guide to Modern Witchcraft
185501: Marilyn Horne with Jane Scovell - Marilyn Horne: The Song Continues
178012: David Horner - The Second World War (1): The Pacific
70643: Norman A. Horner - Cross and Crucifix in Mission: A Comparison of Protestant-Roman Catholic Missionary Strategy
200328: Harlan Hoyt Horner - Lincoln and Greeley
187659: James D. Hornfischer - The Fleet at Flood Tide: America at Total War in the Pacific, 1944-1945
166866: Xavier de Hornstein - Les Grands Mystiques Allemands Du Xive Siecle: Eckart, Tauler, Suso
178207: Erik Hornung - History of Ancient Egypt: An Introduction
184330: Lois Horowitz - Knowing Where to Look: The Ultimate Guide to Research
181364: Frederick A. Horowitz and Brenda Danilowitz - Josef Albers: To Open Eyes; the Bauhaus, Black Mountain College, and Yale
204336: Joseph Horowitz - Classical Music in America: A History of Its Rise and Fall
184855: Joseph Horowitz - Conversations with Arrau
121311: Raymond Horricks - In Flight with the Eagle: A Guide to Napoleon's Elite
204143: Lieut.-General Sir Brian Horrocks - Escape to Action
203415: Heather Horrocks - Women Who Knew the Mortal Messiah
104481: E.L.S. Horsburgh - Waterloo: A Narrative and a Criticism
176768: Nicholas Horsfall - A Companion to the Study of Virgil
149074: Richard A. Horsley and Neil Asher Silberman - The Message and the Kingdom: How Jesus and Paul Ignited a Revolution and Transformed the Ancient World
175189: Daniel Horsmanden - The New-York Conspiracy, or a History of the Negro Plot, with the Journal of the Proceedings Against the Conspirators at New-York in the Years 1741-2
67067: Walter Marshall Horton - Christian Tehology: An Ecumenical Approach
184401: Donald D. Horward - The French Revolution and Napoleon Collection at Florida State University: A Bibliographical Guide
186078: Barney Hoskyns - Montgomery Clift: Beautiful Loser
174252: James K. Hosmer - A Short History of the Mississippi Valley
174671: William Hosmer - The Higher Law, in Its Relations to CIVIL Government: With Particular Reference to Slavery, and the Fugitive Slave Law
166583: Rachel Hosmer and Alan Jones; H. Barry Evans - Living in the Spirit with Use Guide (2 Volumes)
21635: University of Texas Anderson Hospital - Genetic Concepts and Neoplasia: A Collection of Papers Presented at the 23rd Annual Symposium on Fundamental Cancer Research 1969
98695: Moazzem Hossain - South Asian Economic Development
186922: R. Hostie - The Discernment of Vocations
150593: Rev. J.H. Hostmann - Faithful Unto Death: A Word of Admonition to the Confirmed Youth of the Evangelical Church
180285: A.E. Hotchner - Blown Away: The Rolling Stones and the Death of the Sixties
1250823: Eri Hotta - Japan 1941
67641: Rev. Frederick A. Houck - Letters to Fellow Christians
68375: Rev. Frederick A. Houck - The Palace Beautiful or the Spiritual Temple of God
65721: Rev. Frederick A. Houck - Godward or the Rugged Path of Joys and Sorrows
44143: Rev. G.F. Houck - Die Kirche in Nord-Ohio Und in Der Diocese Cleveland 1749-1890
47253: G.F. Houck - Die Kirche in Nord-Ohio Und in Der Diocese Clevelnad 1749-1890
184494: James A. Houck - William Hazlitt: A Reference Guide
121683: Rev. Frederick A. Houck - Our Palace Wonderful or Man's Place in Visible Creation
112600: Rev. Frederick A. Houck - A Biography of St. Ann's Parish: Toledo Ohio
145459: Rev. Frederick A. Houck - Letters to Fellow-Christians
204156: Harry Houdini - Miracle Mongers: A Complete Expose of the Modus Operandi of Fire Eaters, Heat Resisters, Poison Eaters, Venomous Reptile Defiers, Sword Swallowers, Human Ostriches, Strong Men, Etc.
41301: Emerson Hough, Alfred Henry Lewis - The Saturday Evening Post, May 9 1903
130891: Graham Hough - Reflections on a Literary Revolution
95034: Emerson Hough - The Covered Wagon
177310: Joseph C. Hough, Jr. - Black Power and White Protestants: A Christian Response to the New Negro Pluralism
179124: Bryan Houghton - Judith's Marriage
122659: Walter E. Houghton - The Art of Newman's Apologia
149891: George W. Houk - Innocent Impresarios: Vanguard Concerts at the Dayton Art Institute: Vince and Elana Bolling's Vision at Fifty Years
66237: Rev. Francis John Houlahan - Retroactive Inhibition As Affected by the Temporal Position of Interpolated Learning Activities in Elementary School Children
141772: J.L. Houlden - The Pastoral Epistles: I and II Timothy, Titus
6357: Peter Houle - The English Morality and Related Drama: A Bibliographic Survey
108223: Janine Hourcade - La Femme Dans L'Eglise: Etude Anthropologique Et Theologique Des Ministeres Feminins
202082: Guillaume de Saint-Thierry; Jacques Hourlier, ed - La Contemplation de Dieu / L'Oraison de Dom Guillaume
142708: Providence Mother House - Monseigneur Ignace Bourget and the Work of the "Providence": Pastoral Letters, Ordinances, Personal Correspondence, Etc. , Together with Explanatory Notes Concerning the Institute of the Daughters of Charity, Known As the Sisters of Providence
145757: Lourdes Retreat House - Blessing of the Lourdian Shrines
99469: Keen's Chop House - Keen's Chop House Dinner Menu: Nov. 17 1954
186975: Caryll Houselander - The Reed of God
187602: Caryll Houselander - The Way of the Cross
187821: Caryll Houselander - The Stations of the Cross
187571: Caryll Houselander - The Reed of God
300092: Caryll Houselander - The Way of the Cross
187822: Caryll Houselander - The Reed of God
300102: Caryll Houselander - The Risen Christ
28486: Laurence Housman - A Wordsworth Anthology
201635: Arthur H. Houston and Vicken Koundakjian - Wound-Medals, Insignia and Next-of-Kin Awards of the Great War
111083: Margaret Belle Houston - The Witch Man
179097: Jean Houston - The Search for the Beloved: Journeys in Sacred Psychology
67559: Francois Houtart - The Eleventh Hour: Explosion of a Church
1250839: Guus Houtzager - The Complete Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology
185934: Herbert G. Houze - To the Dreams of Youth: Winchester . 22 Caliber Single Shot Rifle
42947: Robert W. Hovda - Sunday Morning Crisis: Renewal in Catholic Worship
201303: Robert Hovda - Dry Bones: Living Worship Guides to Good Liturgy
112045: Robert Hovda - Dry Bones: Living Worship Guides to Good Liturgy
64667: Aloysio Van Hove - Tractatus de Sanctissima Eucharistia
121478: Mark Hovell - The Chartist Movement
71390: Ferdinand Hover - Leben Des Heiligen Johannes Berchmans
124350: Hugo Hover - Saint Joseph Continuous Sunday Missal: A Simplified and Continuous Arrangement of the Mass for All Sundays and Feast Days, with a Treasury of Prayers
173438: Cicero; W.W. How and A.C. Clark - Cicero: Select Letters, Volume II; Notes
177257: Victor B. Howard - Conscience and Slavery: The Evangelistic Calvinist Domestic Missions, 1837-1861
67085: Peter Howard - Design for Dedication
146445: Roy J. Howard - Liturgical Retreat
184954: Margo Howard - Eppie: The Story of Ann Landers
184324: Patsy C. Howard, ed - Theses in American Literature 1896-1971
185773: Joseph L. Howard - Madame Ernestine Schumann-Heink: Her Life and Times
184343: Howard Lee Nostrand, David William Foster, and Clay Benjamin Christensen - Research on Language Teaching: An Annotated International Bibliography, 1945-64
1210955: F. E. Howard - The Mediaeval Styles of the English Parish Church: A Survey of Their Development, Design and Features
173339: Janet L. Howard and Odile Lavandier - Boots from Heaven
164663: Richard P. Howard - Restoration Scriptures: A Study of Their Textual Development
69612: Roy J. Howard, S.J. - Liturgical Retreat
173325: Michael Howard - British Intelligence in the Second World War, Volume V: Strategic Deception
178485: David Howarth - Waterloo: A Near Run Thing
178234: David Howarth - A Brief History of British Sea Power
174982: Irving Howe - Selected Writings 1950-1990
160857: Irving Howe - A Margin of Hope: An Intellectual Autobiography
113172: Irving Howe with Kenneth Libo - World of Our Fathers
300134: Very Rev. Canon Howe - The Catechist or Traditional Catholic Stories for the Help of the Catechist in the Explanation of Christian Doctrine
69933: Reuel L. Howe - Partners in Preaching: Clergy and Laity in Dialogue
200337: Marie Jenney Howe, ed - The Intimate Journal of George Sand
173337: Nicholas Howe - Migration and Mythmaking in Anglo-Saxon England
130974: James Howell - Familiar Letters or Epistolae Ho-Elianae: Vols. I-III
182526: Rev. Clifford Howell - Of Sacraments and Sacrifice
131432: Roger Howell - Sir Philip Sidney: The Shepherd Knight
186768: Clifford Howell - The Mass Commentator's Handbook
1256424: Clifford Howell - Of Sacraments and Sacrifice
165966: Robert M. Howell - Family Tree
143898: W.D. Howells - London Films and Certain Delightful English Towns
175865: William Dean Howells and Henry Mills Alden, ed - Their Husbands' Wives
176363: W.D. Howells - Evening Dress: Farce
1249207: Wright Howes - U.S. -Iana (1700-1950)
98380: Wright Howes - U.S. -Iana (1700-1950)
187962: Wright Howes - U.S. -Iana (1700-1950): A Descriptive Check-List of 11,450 Printed Sources Relating to Those Parts of Continental North America Now Comprising the United States
172807: Edith Howes - The Long Bright Land: Fairy Tales from Southern Seas
174044: William Howitt - History of Priestcraft in All Ages and Nations
99971: Sir Henry Howorth - The Golden Days of the Early English Church: Vol. II
131133: John W.S. Hows, ed - Golden Leaves from the American Poets
203604: Harry Steven Howser - Richard I in England
71160: J. Arthur Hoyles - The Church and the Criminal
167445: Hoyt L. Hickman, Don E. Saliers, Laurence Hull Stookey, and James F. White - The New Handbook of the Christian Year Based on the Revised Common Lectionary
167446: Hoyt L. Hickman, Don E. Saliers, Laurence Hull Stookey, and James F. White - The New Handbook of the Christian Year Based on the Revised Common Lectionary
167447: Hoyt L. Hickman, Don E. Saliers, Laurence Hull Stookey, and James F. White - Handbook of the Christian Year
113289: Edwin P. Hoyt - Sunk by the Bismarck: The Life and Death of the Battleship Hms Hood
113294: Edwin P. Hoyt - Hitler's War
175111: Bruce W. Hozeski - Hildegard's Healing Plants from Her Medieval Classic Physica
63287: Karl Hozhey - Kurzgefasztes Lehrbuch Der Speziellen Einleitung in Das Alte Testament
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176174: Charles William Janson - The Stranger in America 1793-1806
167549: Gosta Gustaf-Janson - The Old Man's Coming
65221: Louis Janssens - Freedom of Conscience and Religious Freedom
65349: Louis Janssens - Droits Personnels Et Autorite
40129: Dr. Franz Jantsch - Ave Maria: Ein Marianisches Hausbuch
202355: Grace M. Jantzen - Julian of Norwich: Mystic and Theologian
182785: Lisa Jardine - Erasmus, Man of Letters: The Construction of Charisma in Print
160926: Lisa Jardine - Erasmus, Man of Letters: The Construction of Charisma in Print
179528: Lisa Jardine - Going Dutch: How England Plundered Holland's Glory
19716: Catherine Jarman - Evolution of Life
204334: Randall Jarrell - Pictures from an Institution: A Comedy
179190: Fr. Bede Jarrett - The House of Gold: Lenten Sermons
180391: Fr. Bede Jarrett - The Space of Life between
176099: Col. G.B. Jarrett, comp.; Joseph V. Mizrahi, ed - West of Alamein
182320: Madeleine Jarry - Chinoiseries: Le Rayonnement Du Gout Chinois Sur Les Arts Decoratifs Des Xviie Et Xviiie Siecles
187197: F. Washington Jarvis - Prophets, Poets, Priests, and Kings: The Old Testament Story
146712: Samuel Farmar Jarvis - A Reply to Doctor Milner's "End of Religious Controversy," So Far As the Churches of the English Communion Are Concerned
105929: Bhupendra Jasani - Outer Space - a New Dimension to the Arms Race
162591: H.A. Jaschke - Tibetan Grammar
177046: Anais Nin; Philip K. Jason, ed - Anais Nin Reader
201393: R.C.D. Jasper and G.J. Cuming - Prayers of the Eucharist: Early and Reformed
132535: James A. Rhodes & Dean Jauchius - The Trial of Mary Todd Lincoln
109726: Yato Dharma Stato Java - Hindu Love Lore
177286: Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker - Numerology and the Divine Triangle
64164: Robert Javelet - The Gospel Paradox
67613: Antonio M. Javierre - La Sucesion Primacial Y Apostolica En El Evangelio de Mateo
171179: William Jay - Prayers for the Use of Families; or, the Domestic Minister's Assistant
107293: Paul Jay - The Selected Correspondence of Kenneth Burke and Malcolm Cowley 1915-1981
183422: Karla Jay, ed - Lesbian Erotics

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