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126572: RABBI DR. MARCUS LEHMANN - Passover Hagadah: Illustrated
170717: ARTHUR C. LEHMANN AND JAMES E. MYERS - Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion: An Anthropological Study of the Supernatural
125793: JOHN LEHMANN - Christopher Isherwood: A Personal Memoir
142640: DAVID LEHMANN - Struggle for the Spirit: Religious Transformation and Popular Culture in Brazil and Latin America
64414: JOH. LEHMANN - Die Clementinischen Schriften
125794: JOHN LEHMANN - Christopher Isherwood: A Personal Memoir
112966: DONALD J. LEHMER - Archeological Investigations in the Oahe Dam Area, South Dakota, 1950-51: River Basin Survey Papers Inter-Agency Archeological Salvage Program No. 7
165584: J.F. LEIBELL, ED - Readings in Ethics
113094: LEON H. GILDIN (LEIBLE) - You Can't Do Business (or Most Anything Else) without Yiddish
96634: MARTIE ROSEN & ABBIE LEIBOWITZ - The Healthcare Survival Guide
162126: LUCY LEID, COMP - Countryside Cooking & Chatting: Traditional Recipes and Wisdom from the Amish & Mennonites
171320: J.E. AUSTEN-LEIGH - A Memoir of Jane Austen by Her Nephew
166990: DRS. GEOFFREY K. LEIGH AND GARY W. PETERSON - Adolescents in Families
140708: MARGARET LEIGHTON - A Hole in the Hedge
162302: EZEKIEL LEIKEN - The Beilis Transcripts: The Anti-Semitic Trial That Shook the World
63311: DR. KARL A. LEIMBACH - Die Bucher Samuel
162052: PAUL LEINWEBER, ED - Taschenbuch Der LangenmeßTechnik Fur Konstruktion / Werkstatt / Messraum Und Kontrolle
67218: ANTON LEINZ - Apologetische Vortrage
62632: FRITZ LEIST - Seine Rede Geschah to Mir
21970: ERNEST E. LEISY - The American Historical Novel
168068: JOHN H. LEITH - The Reformed Imperative: What the Church Has to Say That No One Else Can Say
149005: WILLIAM FORBES-LEITH, ED - Narratives of Scottish Catholics Under Mary Stuart and James VI
145761: THEOPHILE LEJEUNE - Notice Historique Sur la Vierge Miraculeuse de Cambron Et Sur la Chapelle Erigee En Son Honneur a Estinnes-Au-Mont
95847: JEAN LEJEUNE; EDITED BY J.P. MIGNE - Oeuvres Completes de Lejeune in Vols. III-V of Collection Orateurs Sacres
101555: WALTER LELAND - Boiler Practice
101556: WALTER LELAND - Boiler Accessories
162208: LOUIS S. LELAND, JR. - A Personal Kiwi-Yankee Dictionary
170755: CHARLES GODFREY LELAND - Gypsy Sorcery and Fortune Telling: Illustrated by Incantations, Specimens of Medical Magic, Anecdotes and Tales
1236172: CHARLES G. LELAND - Aradia or the Gospel of the Witches
93786: CHARLES G. LELAND - The Breitmann Ballads
161913: JOHN LELAND - The Itinerary of John Leland the Antiquary, in Nine Volumes
162901: LOUIS S. LELAND, JR. - A Personal Kiwi-Yankee Dictionary
169750: ST. AUGUSTINE OF HIPPO; REV. J.M. LELEN, ED - The Confessions of Saint Augustine
171149: REV. J.M. LELEN, ED - Manual of Catholic Devotions
171093: REV. J.M. LELEN - Ave Maria: Prayers and Devotions for Catholics with Epistles and Gospels
171073: REV. J.M. LELEN, ED - Key of Heaven: A Manual of Catholic Devotions
165207: SISTER MARY LELIA - Leading the Little Ones to Mary
49499: ALEXANDER A. DI LELLA - Daniel: A Book for Troubling Times
98143: ALEXANDER DI LELLA - Daniel: A Book for Troubling Times
120150: HUGO LEMAY - Franciscan Bibliography
170518: DAVID LEMIEUX - The Ancient Tarot and Its Symbolism: A Guide to the Secret Keys of the Tarot Cards
120311: FR. LEONARDUS LEMMUNS - Fragmenta Franciscana Dialogus de Vitis Sanctorum Fratrum Minorum
68775: A. LEMONNYER, O.P. - Notre Vie Spirituelle L'Ecole de Sainte Catherine de Sienne
170597: TERTTU LENEY - Complete Finnish (Book and 2-Cd Set)
102638: H. LENNERZ - De Beata Virgine: Tractatus Dogmaticus
1234430: ARTHUR LENNIG - The Count: The Life and Films of Bela "Dracula" Lugosi
169395: JACK J. LENNON - Pollution and Religion in Ancient Rome
1243201: SR. MARY ISADORE LENNON, COMP - The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with Indulgenced Prayers and Novenas
1243246: SR. MARY ISADORE LENNON, COMP - The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with Indulgenced Prayers and Novenas
46522: JOSEF LENSE - Vom Wesen Der Mathematik Und Ihren Grundlagen
46687: DR. JOSEF LENSE - Reihenentwicklungen in Der Mathematischen Physik
126096: LEO MAXWELL BROWN, WILLIAM DAVIDSON, AND ALLEN BROWN - Vision Fulfilling: The Story of the Rural and Small Community Work of the Episcopal Church During the Twentieth Century
167183: VICKI LEON - Uppity Women of Ancient Times
122902: DONNA LEON - Death in a Strange Country
93315: LUIS DE LEON - Luis de Leon: The Names of Christ
126605: HENRY LEONARD - Open Your Mouth and Say "Oy": A Treasury of "Dayenu" America's Most Popular Jewish Cartoons
143250: EMILE G. LEONARD - Histoire Generale Du Protestantisme, Vols. I-III
149791: LEONARD BACON, S.W.S. DUTTON, AND E.W. ROBINSON (GENERAL ASSOCIATION OF CONNECTICUT) - Contributions to the Ecclesiastical History of Connecticut; Prepared Under the Direction of the General Association, to Commemorate the Completion of One Hundred and Fifty Years Since Its First Annual Assembly
141966: ELLEN LEONARD - George Tyrrell and the Catholic Tradition
125798: EMILE G. LEONARD - A History of Protestantism: I. The Reformation
8867: ELMORE LEONARD - The Tall T.
165656: BISHOP A.W. LEONARD - Preaching Missions: Order of Worship, Hymns, Responsive Readings
146390: ORVILLE H. LEONARD - The Land Where the Sunsets Go: Sketches of the American Desert
113112: WOLFGANG LEONHARD - Betrayal: The Hitler-Stalin Pact of 1939
106399: ADOLF LEONHARD - Elektrische Antriebe
68286: M. LEPIN - Le Christ Jesus Son Existence Historique Et Sa Divinite
108217: MICHEL LEPLAY - La Bible Entre le Culte Et la Culture
161536: IGNACE LEPP - The Challenges of Life
67393: IGANCE LEPP - The Christian Failure
60976: IGNACE LEPP - The Authentic Morality
142807: IGNACE LEPP - The Authentic Morality
69092: FATHER JOHN LEPPICH, S.J. - Cries Form the Half-World
65012: JOHN P. LERHINAN, ED - Background to Morality
171617: MIKHAIL LERMONTOV - The Lay of Tsar Ivan Vassilyevich, His Young Oprichnik and the Stouthearted Merchant Kalashnikov
172842: ABRAM LERNER, ED - The Hirschhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden: Smithsonian Institution
43984: JEAN-MARIE LEROUX - The New People of God: A Short History of the Church
148301: HEINRICH HUBERT LESAAR - Saint Augustine
120987: ALAIN RENE LESAGE - The History of Gil Blas of Santillana Rendered Into English by Henri Van Lann Revised and Completed by Henri Roberts Also an Introductory Notice Life of Lesage and Notes with Etchings by Adolphe Lalanze in Three Volumes
163884: A. JEAN LESHER, ED - Prayers for the Common Good
145795: PERE LESIMPLE - Le Rosaire Des Malades
162693: WOLF LESLAU - Concise Amharic Dictionary: Amharic-English, English Amharic
160516: SHANE LESLIE - Cardinal Manning: His Life and Labours
170449: MIKE LESLIE - The Magical Personality: Identify Strengths & Weaknesses to Improve Your Magic
142663: SHANE LESLIE - Henry Edward Manning: His Life and Labours
1242042: SHANE LESLIE, ED - An Anthology of Catholic Poets
122707: SHANE LESLIE - Cardinal Gasquet
125822: SHANE LESLIE - Cardinal Gasquet: A Memoir
147858: SHANE LESLIE - Cardinal Gasquet
148060: SHANE LESLIE - Henry Edward Manning: His Life and Labours
113450: HUNTER LESSER - The First Campaign: A Guide to the CIVIL War in the Mountains of West Virginia, 1861; Three One-Day Driving Tours
161789: GOTTHOLD EPHRAIM LESSING - Lessing's Minna Von Barnhelm with Footnotes and Vocabulary
65412: STANISLAS DE LESTAPIS - La Limitation Des Naissances
164906: STEPHEN C. LESUEUR - The 1838 Mormon War in Missouri
160827: EMMA LETLEY - Maurice Baring: A Citizen of Europe
170831: CRISTINE LEVENDUSKI - Peculiar Power: A Quaker Woman Preacher in Eighteenth-Century America
131042: RICARDO LEVENE - Ensayo Historico Sobre la Revolucion de Mayo Y Mariano Moreno: 2 Volumes
130563: RICARDO LEVENE - Introduccion a la Historia Del Derecho Indiano
20254: PIERRE LEVEQUE - The Greek Adventure: A Cultural and Historical Study of the Ancient Greeks
172604: F.P. LEVERETT, ED - A New and Copious Lexicon of the Latin Language: Compiled Chiefly from the Magnum Totius Latinitatis Lexicon of Facciolati and Forcellini, and the German Works of Scheller and Luenemann
124238: PETER LEVI - The Frontiers of Paradise: A Study of Monks and Monasteries
1210859: PETER LEVI, S.J. - Water, Rock and Sand
1210868: ANTHONY LEVI, S.J. - Religion in Practice: An Outline of Christian Religious Teaching in the Light of the Religious Relevance of Humane Standards of Conduct
1235537: ELIPHAS LEVI - Transcendental Magic
149467: CARLO LEVI - The Linden Trees
149857: PETER LEVI - Edward Lear: A Biography
73555: SIMON A. LEVIN, ED - Some Mathematical Questions in Biology VIII
103268: JOSEPH M. LEVINE - The Battle of the Books: History and Literature in the Augustan Age
98632: DAVID CURRIE & PAUL LEVINE - Rules, Reputation and Macroeconomic Policy Coordination
126637: RICHARD N. LEVY, ED - On Wings of Awe: A Matzoh for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur
96976: DANIEL LEVY - Dawn of a Nation: Ben Ish Hai Anthology Vol. IV
106190: RAPHAEL LEVY - Tresor de la Langue Des Juifs Francaise Au Moyen Age
170591: FAYE LEVY - 1,000 Jewish Recipes
126082: RABBI RICHARD N. LEVY, ED. & TRANS - On Wings of Freedom: The Hillel Haggadah for the Nights of Passover
33740: J.E.P. LEVYNS - The Disciplines of War: Memories of the War of 1914-18
106593: THOMAS J. LEWIN AND V.K. NARAYANAN - Keeping the Dream Alive: Managing the Space Station Program 1982-1986
149585: LOUIS J. LEWIS - Penetrating
1241245: C.S. LEWIS - Transposition and Other Addresses
150029: ETHELREDA LEWIS, ED - Trader Horn: Being the Life and Works of Alfred Aloysius Horn
162055: G.L. LEWIS - Teach Yourself Turkish
93151: NORMAN LEWIS - Spanish Adventure
1234558: GEORGE CORNEWALL LEWIS - On Local Disturbances in Ireland and on the Irish Church Question
172368: C.S. LEWIS - Surprised by Joy: The Shape of My Early Life
149260: D.B. WYNDHAM LEWIS - Francois Villon: A Documented Survey
162847: M.B. LEWIS - Teach Yourself Malay
164301: BERNARD LEWIS, ED - Islam and the Arab World: Faith - People - Culture
28584: D.B. WYNDHAM LEWIS - Ronsard
1210760: W.S. LEWIS, ED - The Yale Edition of Horace Walpole's Correspondence: Vols. V, XI, XII, XV, XVI, XXX-XXXIX [Complete]
87975: C. DAY LEWIS - English Lyric Poems
31413: WILLIAM D. LEWIS, ED - Scott's Ivanhoe: A Romance
69285: HENRY OWEN-LEWIS - A Layman's Retreats
84422: MATTHEW LEWIS - The Monk (the Dennis Wheatley Library of the Occult)
97571: JOHN L. LEWIS - Testimony of John L. Lewis
39144: REV. GEORGE CHEEVER & TAYLER LEWIS - A Defence of Capital Punishment and an Essay on the Ground and Reason of Punishment with Special Reference to the Penalty of Death
166991: CHARLES LEWIS AND THE CENTER FOR PUBLIC INTEGRITY - The Buying of the Congress: How Special Interests Have Stolen Your Right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness
146376: ALFRED LEWIS - Home Is an Island
131506: LUDWIG LEWISOHN - The Creative Life
163569: LEONARD LEWISOHN - Beyond Faith and Infidelity: The Sufi Poetry and Teachings of Mahmud Shabistari
64944: REV. J. LEXENAIRE - Hereafter or the Future Life According to Science and Faith
126171: GERD DE LEY - African Proverbs
131173: J.W.T. LEY - The Dickens Circle: A Narrative of the Novelist's Friendships
160777: JEAN LEYMARIE - The Spirit of the Letter in Painting
147935: M.D.R. LEYS - Catholics in England 1559-1829: A Social History
147806: M.D.R. LEYS - Catholics in England 1559-1829: A Social History
121454: M.D.R. LEYS - Catholics in England 1559-1829: A Social History
162928: RABBI SCHNEUR ZALMAN OF LIADI - Likutei Amarim Tanya
168583: PERE LIAGRE - A Retreat with Saint Therese
171521: BILL LIBBY - Andretti
170460: CAITLIN LIBERA - Creating Circles of Power & Magic: A Woman's Guide to Sacred Community
95957: MATTEO LIBERATORE - Della Conoscenza Intelletuale: Part II: Teorica Di S. Tommaso
113716: KENNETH LIBO AND IRVING HOWE - We Lived There Too: In Their Own Words and Pictures - Pioneer Jews and the Westward Movement of America 1630-1930
120149: COLUMBUS MEMORIAL LIBRARY - Bibliography of the Liberator Simon Bolivar
36703: THE APOSTOLIC VATICAN LIBRARY - The Books Published by the Vatican Library Mdccclxxxv-MCMXXXXVI [1885-1947]: An Illustrated Analytic Catalogue
160417: THE MORGAN LIBRARY - A Selection of Twelve Miniatures from the Da Costa Hours: Pierpont Morgan Library Manuscript 399
1241159: E.S. LIDDON - The Riddle of the Florentine Folio
141624: RICHARD M. LIDDY - Transforming Light: Intellectual Conversion in the Early Lonergan
172530: RONALD A. LIDSTONE - The Art of Fencing: A Practical Manual for the Foil, Epee and Sabre
101320: ELLIOTT H. LIEB - Mathematical Physics in One Dimension: Exactly Soluble Models of Interacting Particles
147580: JOSHUA LIEBERMAN - Creative Camping: A Coeducational Experiment in Personality Development and Social Living, Being the Record of Six Summers of the National Experimental Camp of Pioneer Youth of America
147371: F. LIEBERMANN - The National Assembly in the Anglo-Saxon Period
37735: GODDARD LIEBERSON, ED - John Fitzgerald Kennedy... As We Remember Him
1242172: MARCEL LIEBMAN - The Russian Revolution
161258: ALFRED LIEF - The Firestone Story: A History of the Firestone Tire & Rubber Company
68376: PIERRE-ANDRE LIEGE, O.P. - Consider Christian Maturity
166423: HANS LIETZMANN - Mass and Lord's Supper: A Study in the History of the Liturgy
96009: HANS LIEZMANN - Geschichte Der Alten Kirche Vol. I.
32418: THE EDITORS OF OUTDOOR LIFE - The Story of American Hunting and Firearms
124897: DALE B. LIGHT - Rome and the New Republic: Conflict and Community in Philadelphia Catholicism between the Revolution and the CIVIL War
148274: J.B. LIGHTFOOT - Saint Paul's Epistles to the Colossians and to Philemon
95860: PERE DE LIGNY - Histoire de la Vie de Notre Seigneur Jesus Christ: Vol. I.
1234566: ST. ALPHONSUS DE LIGUORI - Preparation for Death
167919: S. ALFONSO DE' LIGUORI - Visite Al Ss. Sacramento Ed a Maria Ss. Ma
125222: ST. ALPHONSUS LIGUORI - Hail Holy Queen!: An Explanation of the Salve Regina
126243: ST. ALPHONSUS DE LIGUORI - De Magno Orationis Medio: Ad Aeternam Salutem Et Quamlibet a Deo Gratiam Consequendam
1234569: ST. ALPHONSUS DE LIGUORI - The Way of Salvation and of Perfection
1234571: ST. ALPHONSUS DE LIGUORI - The True Spouse of Juesus Christ: Vols. I & II
1234577: ST. ALPHONSUS DE LIGUORI - Miscellany
1234573: ST. ALPHONSUS DE LIGUORI - Abridged Sermons for All Sundays of the Year
1234568: ST. ALPHONSUS DE LIGUORI - The Great Means of Salvation and of Perfection
1234575: ST. ALPHONSUS DE LIGUORI - Preaching
1234572: ST. ALPHONSUS DE LIGUORI - Letters: General Correspondence and Special Correspondence: Vols. I-V
1234574: ST. ALPHONSUS DE LIGUORI - Dignity and Duties of the Priest, or Selva
169573: I.I. LIKHITSKIY - Art of Russian Metal Miniature: Catalogue of Badges 1917-1991 / Kunst Der Russischen Miniatur in Metall: Katalog Der Abzeichen 1917-1991
166098: LILIAN M. HEATH, ET AL. - Temperance and Truth Triumphant - Christ in the Under-World or the White Telephone
45340: DETLEV VON LILIENCRON - Krijgsnovellen Met Schets Van Den Fransch-Duitschen Oorlog Van 1870-1871
38990: BARON JOHN LILJENCRANTS - Spiritism and Religion: Can You Talk to the Dead
1214738: A. LESLIE LILLEY - Modernism: A Record and Review
165730: A.L. LILLEY - Sacraments: A Study of Some Moments in the Attempt to Define Their Meaning for Christian Worship
94418: WILLIAM LILLIE - Studies in New Testament Ethics
143414: WILLIAM SAMUEL LILLY - The Great Enigma
125349: WILLIAM SAMUEL LILLY AND JOHN E. P. WALLIS - A Manual of the Law Specially Affecting Catholics
102100: WARREN LILLY - Reasons Against Becoming a Catholic
112361: OLIVEIRA LIMA - Aspectos Da Litteratura Colonial Brazileira
66183: R.D. LEONE IACOBO LINAHEN - De Asbolutione Complicis in Peccato Turpi
1240717: TONY LINCK - Napoleon's Generals: The Waterloo Campaign
146513: JOSEPH C. LINCK AND RAYMOND J. KUPKE, EDS - Building the Church in America: Studies in Honor of Monsignor Robert F. Trisco on the Occasion of His Seventieth Birthday
167644: BRUCE LINCOLN - Emerging from the Chrysalis: Rituals of Women's Initiation
164830: I.T.T. LINCOLN - Revelations of an International Spy
147327: CARTER LINDBERG - The European Reformations
145632: CHARLES A. LINDBERGH, SR - Your Country at War and What Happens to You After a War
125807: REEVE LINDBERGH - No More Words: A Journal of My Mother Anne Morrow Lindbergh
171406: ANNE MORROW LINDBERGH - Listen! the Wind
113337: CHARLES A. LINDBERGH - The Wartime Journals of Charles A. Lindbergh
1240845: CHARLES A. LINDBERGH - We: The Famous Flier's Own Story of His Life and His Transatlantic Flight
1243310: ELEANOR GIRAUD & J. CORNELIA LINDE - A Companion to the English Dominican Province
25009: SHIRLEY LINDE - The Whole Health Catalogue
171401: ERIK LINDEGREN - Erik Lindegren: An ABC-Book
141205: ARTHUR G. LINDELL - School Section Sixteen
168317: JAMES V. LINDEN AND WILLIAM T. COSTELLO - The Fundamentals of Religion
62843: JOSEPH LINDER - Die Heilige Schrift
113133: GERALD F. LINDERMAN - Embattled Courage: The Experience of Combat in the American CIVIL War
144049: TOM LINDMIER AND STEVE MOUNT - I See by Your Outfit: Historic Cowboy Gear of the Northern Plains
131082: TH. LINDNER - Der Krieg Gegen Frankreich Und Die Einigung Deutschlands
80446: THOMAS LINDNER - Der Krieg Gegen Frankreich 1870-71
104068: CHRISTER LINDQUIST - Hochdeutsch in Skaninavien III
120586: PHILIP LINDSAY - Jack Laughs at Locksmiths
147298: PHILIP LINDSAY - The Secret of Henry the Eighth
149978: SUZANNE G. LINDSAY - Mary Cassatt and Philadelphia
126500: HAROLD LINDSELL, ED - The Evangelical Study Bible: King James Version
164005: KAMBALA (LAVAPA); CHRISTIAN LINDTNER, TRANS - A Garland of Light: Kambala's Alokamala
38689: HERBERT LINENBERGER, C.PP.S. - The False Denunciation of an Innocent Confessor: A Commentary with Historical Notes on the Manner of Making Judicial Denunciations
166406: REV. JOHN LINGARD - The Antiquities of the Anglo-Saxon Church
168173: WALTER L. LINGLE AND JOHN W. KUYKENDALL - Presbyterians: Their History and Beliefs
170971: REV. DEAN A.A. LINGS, COMP - Our Favorite Novenas
141729: MARTIN LINGS - What Is Sufism
168570: MARK J. LINK - Christ Teaches Us Today
145828: PAUL LINK - A Time to Sow and a Time to Reap
148392: STEPHANIE LINKOGLE - Gender, Practice and Faith in Nicaragua: Constructing the Popular and Making 'Common Sense'
151103: ANTONY LINNEWEBER - The Man Who Was Nobody: Or, How Saint Francis of Assisi Won the Heart of the Wrold
170437: DEBORAH LIPP - The Elements of Ritual: Air, Fire, Water & Earth in the Wiccan Circle
44273: PETER LIPPERT, SJ - Zur Psychologie Des Jesuitenordens
40254: PETER LIPPERT, S.J. - Briefe in Ein Kloster
63321: DR. JOSEPH LIPPL AND DR. JOHANNES THEIS - Die Zwolf Kleinen Propheten: Osee, Joel, Amos, Abdias, Jonas Michaas
126654: DEBORAH LIPPMAN AND PAUL COLIN - How to Make Amulets, Charms, and Talismans: What They Mean and How to Use Them
1237159: WALTER LIPPMANN - A Preface to Morals
172416: TERRY W. LIPSCOMB, ED - The Journal of the Commons House of Assembly: November 20, 1755 - July 6, 1757
160740: ROGER LIPSEY - Angelic Mistakes: The Art of Thomas Merton
161561: ROGER LIPSEY - Angelic Mistakes: The Art of Thomas Merton
125221: SAINT THERESE OF LISIEUX - The Story of a Soul: The Autobiography of Saint Therese of Lisieux
160704: LEANDA DE LISLE AND PETER STANFORD - The Catholics and Their Houses
171459: IVAR LISSNER - Man, God and Magic
172393: VERA LIST AND HERBERT KUPFERBERG - Lincoln Center Posters
167423: REV. JOHN STOCKTON LITTELL - The Historians and the English Reformation
166237: ARTHUR W. LITTLE - Reasons for Being a Churchman: Addressed to English Speaking Christians of Every Name
160485: ARTHUR LITTLE - Christ Unconquered
163056: FREDERIC V. LITTLE, BOSTON ARCHITECTURAL CLUB - The Domestic Architecture of England During the Tudor Period Illustrated in a Series of Photographs & Measured Drawings of Country Mansions and Manor Houses - with Details
113246: HENRY WILSON LITTLEFIELD - An Outline of the History of Europe 1500 to 1848
164901: FRANK C. LITTLEFIELD - Germany and Yugoslavia, 1933-1941: The German Conquest of Yugoslavia
169677: REV. E.A. LITTON - Introduction to Dogmatic Theology on the Basis of the Thirty-Nine Articles
167723: JAMES LITTON, ED - The Plainsong Psalter
1240778: INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE ON ENGLISH IN THE LITURGY - The Liturgy of the Hours According to the Roman Rite
143627: INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION ON ENGLISH IN THE LITURGY - The Sacramentary Approved for Use in the Dioceses of the United States of America by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops and Confirmed by the Apostolic See
170776: INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION ON ENGLISH IN THE LITURGY - Rite of Anointing and Pastoral Care of the Sick: Provisional Text Approved for Interim Use in the Dioceses of the United States of America by the Bishops' Committee on the Liturgy and the Executive Committee of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops and Confirmed by the Apostolic See
140223: INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION ON ENGLISH IN THE LITURGY - Collection of Masses of the Blessed Virgin Mary Volume I: Sacramentary
168467: INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE ON ENGLISH IN THE LITURGY - Rite of Anointing and Pastoral Care of the Sick: Provisional Text
126229: INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION ON ENGLISH IN THE LITURGY - Resource Collection of Hymns and Service Music for the Liturgy
126309: NATIONAL OFFICE FOR LITURGY, ED - Sunday Mass Book for Canada
168197: THE COMMISSION ON THE LITURGY AND THE COMMISSION ON THE HYMNAL, AUTH - Service Book of the Lutheran Church in America
167796: INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION ON ENGLISH IN THE LITURGY - Resource Collection of Hymns and Service Music for the Liturgy
162359: INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION ON ENGLISH IN THE LITURGY - Order of Christian Funerals: Approved for Use in the Dioceses of the United States of America by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops and Confirmed by the Apostolic See
144154: INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION ON ENGLISH IN THE LITURGY - Collection of Masses of the Blessed Virgin Mary
170874: INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION ON ENGLISH IN THE LITURGY - Collection of Masses of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Volumes I-II (Sacramentary and Lectionary)
125755: A. WALTON LITZ, ED - Eliot in His Time
43533: FERRUCCIO A. LIUZZI - De Delictis Contra Auctoritates Ecclesiasticas (Cann. 2331-2340)
130065: P. LODOVICO DA MOTTA DI LIVENZA - Metodo E Sistema Scientifico Del Venerab. Giovanni Duns Scoto
145090: LORD RUSSELL OF LIVERPOOL - The Knights of Bushido: The Shocking History of Japanese War Atrocities
154: DOUGLAS LIVERSIDGE - The Restoration
142817: K.T. LIVINGSTON - The Emergence of an Australian Catholic Priesthood 1835-1915
131382: R.W. LIVINGSTONE, ED - The Pageant of Greece
131388: R.W. LIVINGSTONE - The Mission of Greece: Some Greek Views of Life in the Roman World
168190: LIZ AND COLIN MURRAY - The Celtic Tree Oracle: A System of Divination
73394: L.A. LJUSTERNIK - The Topology of the Calculus of Variations in the Large
169980: BAHA'U'LLAH - Kitab-I-Iqan: The Book of Certitude
160770: ROBERT LLEWELLYN AND JOHN CHANCELLOR - The Cathedral of Saint Peter and Saint Paul
20059: RICHARD LLEWELLYN - The Flame of Hercules
150323: ROBERT LLEWELYN, ED - Julian: Woman of Our Day
104495: PETER A. LLOYD - The French Are Coming! the Invasion Scare 1803-5
143899: NELSON LLOYD - How We Went to War
8814: CHRISTOPHER LLOYD - The Nation and the Navy: A History of Naval Life and Policy
1547: COL. E.M. LLOYD - A Review of the History of Infantry
161351: A. LLOYD, TRANS - Imperial Songs: Being Poems by T.M. The Emperor and Empress of Japan, the Crown Prince and Princess, and Other Imperial and Distinguished Personages
113455: DAVID LOADES, ED - Chronicles of the Tudor Kings
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149150: JACQUES MARITAIN - Art and Scholasticism with Other Essays
113370: MARK A. NOLL, NATHAN O. HATCH, GEORGE M. MARSDEN, DAVID F. WELLS, AND JOHN D. WOODBRIDGE, EDS - Eerdmans' Handbook to Christianity in America
164948: DIANE MEI LIN MARK AND GINGER CHIH - A Place Called Chinese America
168903: REV. F. MARKERT, COMP - My Companion: A Simple Prayerbook Worthy of Being Your Daily Companion
171045: REV. F. MARKERT, COMP - My Companion: A Simple Prayerbook Worthy of Being Your Daily Companion
113499: EDWIN MARKHAM, COMP - The Book of Modern English Poetry 1830-1934
7949: WALTER MARKOV - Die Napoleon-Zeit: Geschichte Und Kultur Des Grand Empire
163813: GEORGETTE A. MARKS AND CHARLES B. JOHNSON - Harrap's Slang French-English Dictionary / Dictionnaire Anglais-Francais
167739: LIONEL S. MARKS, ED - Mechanical Engineers' Handbook Prepared by a Staff of Specialists
150338: ROBERT A. MARKUS - Conversion and Disenchantment in Augustine's Spiritual Career
161568: GILBERT MARKUS, ED - The Radical Tradition: Revolutionary Saints in the Battle for Justice and Human Rights
149900: JULIA MARKUS - J. Anthony Froude: The Last Undiscovered Great Victorian
147043: D. COLUMBA MARMION - Le Christ Dans Ses Mysteres: Conferences Spirituelles
170365: A. MARMORSTEIN - The Doctrine of Merits in Old Rabbinical Literature and the Old Rabbinic Doctrine of God: The Names and Attributes of God / Essays in Anthropomorphism
144697: MELANIE MARNAS - (St Luc I 27) En Hebreu: Miriam
68207: MELANIE MARNAS - Who Is Then This Man
61088: WILLIAM H. MARNELL - The Good Life of Western Man
148582: PATRICK MARNHAM - Lourdes: A Modern Pilgrimage
64782: PHILIPPUS MAROTO - De Extraordinario Iubilaeo Anni 1929
171590: JUSTIN MAROZZI - The Way of Herodotus: Travels with the Man Who Invented History
130194: MARTIN MARPERLATE - The Epistle [September-November 1588]
145455: JOHN P. MARQUAND - Thirty Years
147669: PHILIP MARQUARD - Formation of Lay Franciscans
166068: H. MICHAEL MARQUARDT AND WESLEY P. WALTERS - Inventing Mormonism: Tradition and the Historical Record
1235479: GABRIEL GARCIA MARQUEZ - One Hundred Years of Solitude
146306: MAX MARQUIS - Written in Blood
64425: DON MARQUIS - The Dark Hours: Five Scenes from a History
125774: ALICE GOLDFARB MARQUIS - Alfred H. Barr Jr. : Missionary for the Modern
145473: SIR J.A.R. MARRIOTT - Anglo-Russian Relations 1689-1943
167482: LEO MARRIOTT - Battleships
13248: J.A.R. MARRIOTT - The Life and Times of Lucius Cary Viscount Falkland
130274: SIR JOHN A. R. MARRIOTT - The Mechanism of the Modern State: A Treatise on the Science and Art of Government
167296: STEVEN P. MARRONE - William of Auvergne and Robert Grosseteste: New Idea of Truth in the Early Thirteenth Century
131251: H.B. MARROT - The Life and Letters of John Galsworthy
168987: P.R.V. MARSDEN - A Ship of the Roman Period, from Blackfriars, in the City of London
141610: JOHN MARSH - Saint John
167697: HENRY MARSH - British Documents of Liberty from Earliest Times to Universal Suffrage
123699: GEORGE P. MARSH - The Origin and History of the English Language, and of the Early Literature It Embodies
145140: EDISON MARSHALL - Benjamin Blake: A Novel
1243374: AULUS GELLIUS; P.K. MARSHALL, ED - Noctes Atticae Tomus II Libri XI-XX
164469: PAUL V. MARSHALL - The Voice of a Stranger: On the Lay Origin of Anglican Liturgics
144471: HOWARD MARSHALL - With Scott to the Pole
132522: JOHN S. MARSHALL, ED - Hooker's Polity in Modern English: The Ecclesiastical Polity Abridged and Paraphrased
161117: WALTER MARSHALL - The Gospel-Mystery of Santification Opened, in Sundry Practical Directions. Suited Especially to the Case of Those Who Labour Under the Guilt and Power of Indwelling-Sin to Which Is Added, a Sermon on Justification
161211: KAREN MARSHALL AND NEAL WIEGMAN - Los Estados Unidos Hispanicos: A Cultural Reader
1243373: AULUS GELLIUS; P.K. MARSHALL, ED - Noctes Atticae Tomus I Libri I-X
131047: T.W.M. MARSHALL - Christian Missions: Their Agents and Their Results: 2 Volumes
170350: RICHARD MARSHALL - Witchcraft: The History and Mythology
166223: PAUL VICTOR MARSHALL - One, Catholic, and Apostolic: Samuel Seabury and the Early Episcopal Church
163479: EVELYN MARSHALL - Longman Crossword Key
170038: DOROTHY MARSHALL - Dr. Johnson's London
144068: LOGAN MARSHALL - The True Story of Our National Calamity of Flood, Fire and Tornado
72472: A.F. MARSHALL, B.A. OXON., ED - The Comedy of English Protestantism: In Three Acts
170193: BRUCE MARSHALL - The World, the Flesh and Father Smith
126528: RICHARD MARSHALL - Witchcraft: The History and Mythology
124260: BRUCE MARSHALL - The World, the Flesh, and Father Smith
1237155: JOHN MARSHALL - The Life of George Washington
70146: L'ABBE CHARLES MARTEL - Domincales Ou Cinquante-Deux Instructions [Vols. I-II]
170456: LEO LOUIS MARTELLO - Reading the Tarot
104029: CICERON - EDITED BY JULES MARTHA - Des Termes Extremes Des Biens Et Des Maux: Vols. I-II
143028: BERNARD L. MARTHALER - The Creed
65783: A.G. MARTIMORT, ED - The Church at Prayer: Introduction to the Liturgy
84761: MSGR. A.G. MARTIMORT - In Remembrance of Me: The Prayer of the Church and the Sacraments
150650: A.G. MARTIMORT - I Segni Della Nuova Alleanza
148464: MALACHI MARTIN - King of Kings
165857: SAMUEL E. MARTIN - Korean in a Hurry: A Quick Approach to Spoken Korean
160097: CHRISTOPHER MARTIN - Damn the Torpedos! the Story of America's First Admiral: David Glasgow Farragut
171386: JUDY MARTIN - The Complete Guide to Calligraphy: Techniques and Materials
141573: THOMAS F. MARTIN - Our Restless Heart: The Augustinian Tradition
172281: JOHN R. MARTIN - Ventures in Discipleship: A Handbook for Groups or Individuals
142246: ROBERT BERNARD MARTIN - Gerard Manley Hopkins: A Very Private Life
169504: RALPH MARTIN - The Return of the Lord
126517: RALPH P. MARTIN AND PETER H. DAVIDS, ED - Dictionary of the Later New Testament & Its Developments
130066: A.R. MARTIN - Franciscan Architecture in England
170355: JOHN BIDDULPH MARTIN - The Grasshopper" in Lombard Street
160917: BRIAN MARTIN - John Henry Newman: His Life and Work
70061: L'ABBE C. MARTIN - Retraites: Sermons Des Meilleurs Predicateurs Contemporains [Six Volumes in One]
70167: L'ABBE C. MARTIN - Anne Pastorale [Vols. I-II]
61626: JAMES ALFRED MARTIN JR. - The New Dialogue between Philosophy and Theology
37959: DR. JOSEPH MARTIN - Florilegium Patristicum: S. Thasci Caecili Cyrpiani de Lapsis
64493: JULES MARTIN - Saint Augustin
62995: A.D. MARTIN - Foreshewings of Christ: Old Testament Studies in the Preparation for the Advent
37206: KONRAD MARTIN - Zum Lobe Der Unbefleckten Empfaguiss Der Allerseligsten Jungfrau
70116: M. L'ABBE C. MARTIN - Sermons Empruntes a Nos Meilleurs Predicateurs Contemporains Suivis D'Exemples En Style Oratoire
97398: OLIVER MARTIN - Two Educators: Hutchins and Conant
47066: JOHN MARTIN - The Story of Jack and Jill
96906: MARGARET RHETT MARTIN - Charleston Ghosts
86160: A.E. MARTIN - Infrared Interferometric Spectrometers
166949: D. MANUEL MARTIN - Exercicio Quotidiano Con Diferentes Oraciones, Y Devociones Para Antes Y Despues de la Confesion, Y Sagrada Comunion. Se Ha Anadido Ultimamente El Trisagio a la Ss. Trinidad
147094: HUGH MARTIN - Great Christian Books
165632: JEX MARTIN - The Words of Our Lord: The Story of Christ's Life, with Special Emphasis on the Words He Spoke
121143: GEORGE VICTOR MARTIN - The Bells of Stt. Mary's
145340: CHARLES ALFRED MARTIN - Catholic Religion: A Statement of Christian Teaching and History
160146: ROBERT BERNARD MARTIN - The Dust of Combat: A Life of Charles Kingsley
161600: LAURA MARTIN - Entre Lineas: A Strategy for Developing Reading Skills
166187: EDWARD SANDFORD MARTIN - The Luxury of Children & Some Other Luxuries
142970: GIACOMO MARTINA - Pio IX (1846-1850)
147518: C.C. MARTINDALE - St. Vincent de Paul
142200: ANDREW MARTINDALE - The Rise of the Artist in the Middle Ages and Early Renaissance
146679: C.C. MARTINDALE - The Queen's Daughters
169358: CHARLES MARTINDALE, ED - The Cambridge Companion to Virgil
165433: JOSEPH C. MARTINDALE - First Lessons in Natural Philosophy for Beginners
144042: C.C. MARTINDALE - Bernard Vaughan, S.J.
70009: C.C. MARTINDALE, S.J. - Christianity Is Christ: Five Courses of Sermons
1232461: HARRIET MARTINEAU - Retrospect of Western Travel: Vols. I-III

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