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87833: N.H. MAGER & JACQUES KATEL - Conquest without War
113564: FREDERICK WARD KATES, ED - No Other Wealth: The Prayers of a Modern-Day Saint, Bishop Charles Henry Brent 1862-1929
60957: LOUIS O. KATTSOFF - Making Moral Decision: An Existential Analysis
96687: JAMES J. MURPHY & RICHARD A. KATULA - A Synoptic History of Classical Rhetoric: Second Edition
170503: MENKE KATZ - Menke Sonnets
170585: ELIEZER KATZ, ED - A New Classified Concordance of the Bible: A Hebrew-English Thesaurus of the Bible
162308: MICHAEL JAY KATZ - Night Tales from Long Ago
30349: DR. FRANZ KAUFEN - Assnrien Und Babylonien
165783: RUTH KAUFFMAN AND REGINALD WRIGHT KAUFFMAN - The Latter-Day Saints: A Study of the Mormons in the Light of Economic Conditions
173019: CHRISTOPHER J. KAUFFMAN - Education and Transformation: Marianist Ministries in America Since 1849
165079: REGINAL WRIGHT KAUFFMAN - The Mother of All Churches: A New Challenge to Rome
172721: CHRISTOPHER J. KAUFFMAN - Tradition and Transformation in Catholic Culture: The Priests of Saint Sulpice in the United States from 1791 to the Present
147482: CHRISTOPHER J. KAUFFMAN - Tamers of Death Volume One: A History of the Alexian Brothers from 1300 to 1789
171812: DONALD T. KAUFFMAN, ED - Baker's Concise Dictionary of Religion
26142: PAMELA KAUFMAN - Shield of Three Lions
26355: SCHIMA KAUFMAN - Mendelssohn: A Second Elijah
124994: PETER IVER KAUFMAN - Augustinian Piety and Catholic Reform: Augustine, Colet, and Erasmus
168456: HERBERT KAUFMAN - Do Something! Be Something! a New Philosophy of Human Efficiency
43816: CARL MARIA KAUFMANN - Handbuch Der Chistlichen Archaologie
55312: WATHER KAUFMANN - Angewandte Hydromechanik II
109915: FRANZ KAULEN - Assyrien Und Babylonien Nach Den Neuesten Entdeckungen
102726: WALTER KAUZMANN - Kinetic Theory of Gases
169566: VILIUS KAVALIAUSKAS - Orders, Decorations and Medals of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania 1918-1940
125434: D.J. KAVANAGH - The Holy Family Sisters of San Francisco: A Sketch of Their First Fifty Years 1872-1922
124108: PATRICK KAVANAGH - Lough Derg: A Poem
66269: REV. WILLIAM A. KAVANAGH - Lay Participation in Christ's Priesthood
124376: JOHN FRANCIS KAVANAUGH - Following Christ in a Consumer Society: The Spirituality of Cultural Resistance
132528: KIERAN KAVANAUGH, TRANS & OTILIO RODRIGUEZ, TRANS - The Collected Works of St. John of the Cross
120774: JAMES KAVANAUGH - The Birth of God
132575: ECKFORD DE KAY - Heraldry in the Episcopal Church: How Ecclesiastical Coats of Arms Depict the History of the Church
160839: DENNIS KAY - Shakespeare: His Life, Work and Era
111889: JAMES TERTIUS DE KAY - Chronicles of the Frigate Macedonian 1809-1922
171649: PAT KAYSER - Cincinnati without Fears or Tears
151102: R.P. KILIANO KAZENBERGER - Liber Vitae: Seu Compendiosa Expositio Litteralis
160583: ALFRED KAZIN - A Lifetime Burning in Every Moment: From the Journals of Alfred Kazin
102233: ROBERT J. KEALEY - Reflections on My First Year As Principal
66010: REV. THOMAS M. KEALY - Dowry of Women Religious: A Historical Synopsis and Commentary
62640: CLAUDE KEAN - Stock Charges Against the Bible
126427: MICHAEL KEANE - Dictionary of Modern Strategy and Tactics
66132: FRANCIS PATRICK KEARNEY - The Principles of Canon 1127
15031: CHERRY KEARTON - In the Land of the Lion
167956: MARY MARGARET KEATON - Imagining Faith with Kids: Unearthing Seeds of the Gospel in Children's Stories from Peter Rabbit to Harry Potter
1241272: JOHN KEATS - Poems, Odes, Sonnets
111736: JOHN KEATS - Unpublished Poem to His Sister Fanny April 1818
13553: JOHN KEATS - Eminent Domain: The Louisiana Purchase and the Making of America
113245: ROBERT B. KEBRIC - Greek People
149884: MARQUESS CURZON OF KEDLESTON - Travels with a Superior Person
132384: JOHN CAVANAUGH-O'KEEFE, ED - Fighting for Life: The Further Journeys of Father Paul Marx, O.S. B.
97606: JERRY KEEFE - Facts in Black and White
121988: JOHN KEEGAN - The First World War
113131: JOHN KEEGAN, ED - Churchill's Generals
113491: BENJAMIN KEEN, ED - Latin American Civilization: History and Society, 1492 to the Present
145910: ALAN KEENAN AND JOHN RYAN - Marriage: A Medical and Sacramental Study
64876: ALAN KEENAN AND JOHN RYAN - Marriage: A Medical and Sacramental Study
143135: HENRY F. KEENAN - The Conflict with Spain: A History of the War Based Upon Official Reports and Descriptions of Eye-Witnesses
150805: JAMES KEENAN, ED - Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church
66059: MICHAEL JAMES KEENE - Religious Ordinaries and Canon 198
167904: HUGH T. KEER, SR - A Manual of Faith and Life: A Guide for Individual Christians or Communicant Classes (Main Text and Teacher's Guide)
1235509: JAMES A. KEGEL - North with Lee and Jackson: The Lost Story of Gettysburg
146839: CHARLES W. KEGLEY, ED - The Theology of Rudolf Bultmann
83361: WOLF D. KEIDEL ET AL. - Kybernetik Und Bionik: Cybernetics and Bionics
161365: SIR DAVID LINDSAY KEIR - The Constitutional History of Modern Britain Since 1485
69839: THOMAS H. KEIR - The Word in Worship: Preaching and Its Setting in Common Worship
86780: B.S. KEIRSTEAD - The Theory of Economic Change
163009: SIR ARTHUR KEITH - The Antiquity of Man, Vols. I-II
125854: LUCILLE KEKEWICH, ED - The Impact of Humanism
149836: CLARENCE BUDINGTON KELLAND - Mark Tidd, Manufacturer
171264: CLARENCE BUDINGTON KELLAND - Mark Tidd, Editor
143593: REV. JOSEPH E. KELLER, COMP - The Life and Acts of Pope Leo XIII Preceded by a Sketch of the Last Days of Pius IX. And the Origin and Laws of the Conclave
160956: JAMES KELLER AND MEYER BERGER - Men of Maryknoll
149299: JAMES KELLER AND RICHARD ARMSTRONG, EDS - Apostolic Renewal in the Seminary in the Light of Vatican Council II
172412: REV. JOSEPH E. KELLER, ED - The Life and Acts of Pope Leo XIII. Preceded by a Sketch of the Last Days of Pius IX. And the Origin and Laws of the Conclave
113623: WERNER KELLER - Diaspora: The Post-Biblical History of the Jews
70644: JAMES KELLER - The Priest and a World Vision
71137: JAMES KELLER - To Light a Candle: The Autobirography of James Keller, Founder of the Christophers
45332: GERARD KELLER - Het Vermoorde Parijs
171215: JAMES KELLER AND MEYER BERGER - Men of Maryknoll
150485: REV. JOSEPH E. KELLER, ED - The Life and Acts of Pope Leo XIII
126260: FATHER JAMES KELLER - Change the World from Your Parish
163488: ELI KELLERMAN - Jewish Ceremonial
66552: E.E. KELLETT - The Story of Myths
167273: DAVID KELLEY - The Art of Reasoning with Symbolic Logic: Instructor's Manual
130981: REV. FRANCIS C. KELLEY - Dominus Vobiscum: A Book of Letters
172474: REV. FRANCIS C. KELLEY - The Story of Extension
172476: FRANCIS C. KELLEY, ED - The Great American Catholic Missionary Congresses Held Under the Auspices of the Catholic Church Extension Society of the United States of America
145520: FRANCIS CLEMENT KELLEY - Pack Rat: A Metaphoric Phantasy
99303: FATHER BENNET KELLEY - The New Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism No. 1
166532: C.F. KELLEY - The Spirit of Love Based on the Teachings of St. Francois de Sales
1240575: FRANCIS CLEMENT KELLEY - Blood-Drenched Altars: Mexican Study and Comment
42600: VERY REV. FRANCIS C. KELLEY, ED - The Great American Catholic Missionary Congress
65763: FRANCIS CLEMENT KELLEY - The Epistles of Father Timothy to His Parishioners
98810: JOHN JOSEPH KELLEY - Bergson's Mysticism: A Philosophical Exposition and Evaluation of Bergson's Concept of Mysticism
142927: FRANCIS C. KELLEY, ED - The Two Great American Catholic Missionary Congresses
124854: FRANCIS CLEMENT KELLEY - Sacerdos Et Pontifex: Letters to a Bishop-Elect
66230: REV. JEREMIAH FRANCIS KELLIHER - Loss of Privileges
168206: EDMUND SPENSER; ROBERT KELLOGG AND OLIVER STEELE, EDS - Books I and II of the Faerie Queene: The Mutability Cantos and Selections from the Minor Poetry
46603: WINTHROP N. KELLOGG - Porpoises and Sonar
165177: SEAN KELLY AND ROSEMARY ROGERS - Saints Preserve Us! Everything You Need to Know About Every Saint You'LL Ever Need
150443: J.N.D. KELLY - A Commentary on the Pastoral Epistles Timothy I & II, and Titus
132110: BERNARD W. KELLY - Historical Notes on English Catholic Missions
125357: GERALD KELLY - Guidance for Religious
165634: J.N.D. KELLY - Early Christian Doctrines
172431: WALT KELLY - Pogo
172430: WALT KELLY - The Pogo Papers
123728: JERRY KELLY AND ALICE KOETH, ED - Artist and Alphabet: Twentieth Century Calligraphy and Letter Art in America
126206: GEORGE A. KELLY, ED - The Teaching Church in Our Time
140834: BERNARD W. KELLY - Historical Notes on English Catholic Missions
169746: REV. WILLIAM L. KELLY - Youth Before God: Prayers and Thoughts
142076: GEFFREY B. KELLY, ED - Karl Rahner: Theologian of the Graced Search for Meaning
99135: MATTHEW KELLY - Rediscovering Catholicism
99150: GEORGE A. KELLY - Human Sexuality in Our Time: What the Church Teaches
64295: J.N.D. KELLY - A Commentary on the Pastoral Epistles: I Timothy, II Timothy, Titus
99642: FREDERIC JOSEPH KELLY - Man Before God: Thomas Merton on Social Responsibility
69618: P.J. KELLY, S.T.L. - So High the Price
69791: REV. M.V. KELLY, C.S.B. - Some of the Pastor's Problems
35259: BLANCHE MARY KELLY - The Sudden Rose: An Essay on the Unity of Art
38955: LINDA KELLY - The Young Romantics
144711: BLANCHE MARY KELLY - The Voice of the Irish
169233: ADRIAN KELLY - Sophocles: Oedipus at Colonus
142898: JAMES KELLY AND DAIRE KEOGH, EDS - History of the Catholic Diocese of Dublin
171513: JERRY KELLY AND ALICE KOETH - Artist & Alphabet: Twentieth Century Calligraphy and Letter Art in America
2333: HUGH KELSEY - Logical Bridge Play
120528: D.M. KELSEY - Life and Public Services of William E. Gladstone: Salesman's Sample
145150: EDWIN WALTER KEMMERER - Kemmerer on Money: An Elementary Discussion of the Important Facts and Underlying Principles of the Money Problems Now Confronting the American People
169534: CHRISTIAN KEMNER - Meletema Historico Philosophicum de Monade Pythagorica, Quod, Consentiente Amplissima Facultate Philosophica in Academia Gothor. Carolina Sub Moderamine Viri Amplissimi Atque Celeberrimi Dni. Sven Bring. Hist. Prof. Reg. Et Ord. Pro Gradu Magisterii, Publicae Bonorum Censurae Modeste Submittit Stipendiarius Regius Christian Kemner, Blekingus Die XIII Maji. Anni Mdccli L.H. L.C.
101590: ALAN KEMP - The Royal Artillery (7): Uniforms and Equipment
60955: J. KEMP - Reason, Action and Morality
143111: PETER KEMP - Decision at Sea: The Convoy Escorts
169378: D. KEMPF AND M.G. BULL, EDS - The Historia Iherosolimitana of Robert the Monk
125291: CONSTANTINE KEMPF - The Holiness of the Church in the Nineteenth Century: Saintly Men and Women of Our Own Times
171100: THOMAS A KEMPIS - The Imitation of Christ. In Three Books
1213455: THOMAS A KEMPIS - The Christian's Pattern or a Treatise of the Imitation of Jesus Christ
143817: THOMAS A KEMPIS - The Imitation of Christ in Four Books
148534: REV. J.F. KEMPKER - Very Reverend J.A. M. Pelamourgues, First Pastor of St. Anthony's Church, Davenport, Iowa
64937: F. CLAUDE KEMPSON - The Future Life & Modern Difficulties
172760: KENNETH PAYSON KEMPTON - Loot of the Flying Dragon
172850: KEN BECK, JIM CLARK, AND LES KERR - The All-American Truck Stop Cookbook
144900: ELIZABETH KENDALL - A Wayfarer in China: Impressions of a Trip Across West China and Mongolia
146686: JOHN KENDALL - Extracts from the Writings of Francis Fenelon, Archbishop of Cambray. With Some Memoirs of His Life. To Which Are Added Letters, Expressive of Love and Friendship
161647: CHRISTOPHER KENDRIS - Lectures Variees
166718: WILLIAM F. KENKEL - The Family in Perspective
97228: REV. JOSEPH B. KENKEL - Sharing the Profits with Employees
66894: REV. JOSEPH B. KENKEL - Sharing the Profits with Employees
60481: DALLAS KENMARE - Love, the Unknown
171995: GEORGE F. KENNAN - Russia Leaves the War
90855: GEORGE F. KENNAN - From Prague After Munich: Diplomatic Papers 1938-1940
162213: JOSEPH SPENCER KENNARD - The Friar in Fiction, Sincerity in Art and Other Essays
171138: GRACE KENNEDY - Father Clement; a Roman Catholic Story
120214: W.P.M. KENNEDY - Elizabethan Episcopal Administration: An Essay in Sociology and Politics
169298: GEORGE A. KENNEDY - Greek Rhetoric Under Christian Emperors
168404: DES KENNEDY - Nature's Outcasts: A New Look at Living Things We Love to Hate
63239: JAMES KENNEDY - An Aid to the Textual Amendment of the Old Testament
167969: JAMES W. KENNEDY - The Most Comfortable Sacrament: A Primer of Eucharistic Devotion for Preparing and Guiding the Worshiper Before, During, and After the Holy Communion
1232465: H.A.A. KENNEDY - Philo's Contribution to Religion
32959: BRENDAN KENNELLY - The Crooked Cross
169161: KENNETH MORGAN ABBOTT, WILLIAM ABBOTT OLDFATHER, AND HOWARD VERNON CANTER - Index Verborum in Ciceronis Rhetorica: Necnon Incerti Auctoris Libros Ad Herennium
144670: BASIL KENNETT - Romae Antiquae Notitia; or, the Antiquities of Rome
164075: HERBERT A. KENNY AND GEOFFREY P. KEANE - A Catholic Quiz Book
150360: ANTHONY KENNY - Medieval Philosophy
1214823: ANTHONY KENNY - The Unknown God: Agnostic Essays
39455: DENIS KENNY - The Catholic Church and Freedom: The Vatican Council and Some Modern Issues
150954: ROBERT W. KENNY - Temple Rodef Shalom: The First Twenty-Five Years 1962-1987
150862: ANTHONY KENNY - Wittgenstein
1226809: FRANCIS PATRICK KENRICK - The Primacy of the Apostolic See Vindicated
146715: REV. FRANCIS PATRICK KENRICK - The Primacy of the Apostolic See, and the Authority of General Councils, Vindicated. In a Series of Letters Addressed to the Right Rev. J.H. Hopkins, D.D. Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church of Vermont
147342: REV. EDWARD F. KENRICK - The Spirituality of the Teaching Sister
169627: REV. EDWARD F. KENRICK - The Spirituality of the Teaching Sister
146711: FRANCIS PATRICK KENRICK - A Treatise on Baptism; with an Exhortation to Receive It, Translated from the Works of St. Basil the Great. To Which Is Added a Treatise on Confirmation
38018: FRANCIS PATRICK KENRICK - A Treatise on Baptism: Also a Treatise on Confirmation
67683: FRANCIS PATRICK KENRICK - The Primacy of the Apostolic See Vindicated
67682: FRANCIS PATRICK KENRICK - The Primacy of the Apostolic See Vindicated
162101: CHARLES FOSTER KENT, TRANS - The Shorter Bible: The New Testament
1241176: CHARLES FOSTER KENT - The Founders and Rulers of United Israel
170063: ROBERT THURSTON KENT - Kent's Mechanical Engineers' Handbook: Power
167639: WILLIAM WINTHROP KENT - The Hooked Rug: A Record of Its Ancient Origin, Modern Development, Methods of Making, Sources of Design, Value As a Handicraft, the Growth of Collections, Probable Future in America, and Other Data
113024: ROLAND G. KENT - Language & Philology
166919: DEBORAH KENT - Dorothy Day: Friend to the Forgotten
168101: HOMER A. KENT, SR - The Pastor and His Work
148813: MARK L. KENT AND SISTER MARY JUST - The Glory of Christ: A Pageant of Two Hundred Missionary Lives from Apostolic Times to the Present Age
151388: ROLAND G. KENT - The Sounds of Latin: A Descriptive and Historical Phonology
70894: MICHAEL KENT - The Bond of Peace
148290: SUSAN KINGSLEY KENT - Gender and Power in Britain, 1640-1990
168015: SAMUEL PEPYS; J.P. KENYON, ED - Pepys's Diary
124128: JAMES KEOGH - This Is Nixon
148583: DERMOT KEOGH - The Vatican, the Bishops and Irish Politics 1919-39
141193: JOSEPH J. KEPES AND JOANNE LOPEZ KEPES - Philip C. Hoelle, Sm: Servant Priest
148308: L. KEPPEL - Blessed Rose Philippine Duchesne, Religious of the Sacred Heart and Missioner 1769-1852
69814: RT. REV. PAUL WILLIAM VON KEPPLER, D.D. - Homiletic Thoughts and Counsels
67960: DR. PAUL WILHELM VON KEPPLER - Das Problem Des Leidens
40612: DR. PAUL WILHELM VON KEPPLER - Mehr Freude: Ein Ostergruk
23659: VICTOR KEPPLER - The Eighth Art: A Life of Color Photography
121282: J. ORTON KERBEY - The Land of to-Morrow: A Newspaper Exploration Up the Amazon and over the Andes to the California of South America
71145: WILLIAM J. KERBY, PH.D., LL.D. - The Social Mission of Charity: A Study of Points of View in Catholic Charities
68712: WILLIAM J. KERBY, PH.D., LL.D. - Prophets of the Better Hope
70249: IS. VAN DE KERCKHOVE, S.J. - Manuale Missionum
160897: FRANK KERMODE - Not Entitled: A Memoir
126259: WALTER KERN - Updated Devotion to the Sacred Heart
166233: WALTER KERN - New Liturgy and Old Devotions: Explanations and Prayers
60969: GEORGE C. KERNER - The Revolution in Ethical Theory
64763: JOSEPH E. KERNS - The Theology of Marriage: The Historical Development of Christian Attitudes Toward Sex and Sanctity in Marriage
109623: JOE KERR AND ANDREW GIBSON - London: From Punk to Blair
164371: HUGH T. KERR, ED - Calvin's Institutes: A New Compend
113352: JOHN KERR - Queen Victoria's Scottish Diaries... Her Dream Days
140999: LADY AMABEL COWPER KERR - Unravelled Convictions; or, My Road to Faith
122545: IAN KERR - The Acheivement of John Henry Newman
142074: WALTER KERR - Tragedy and Comedy
126700: IAN KERR, ED - The Everyman Chesterton
148411: RAYMOND KERRISON - Bishop Walsh of Maryknoll: A Biography
113660: ALEXIS DE TOCQUEVILLE; FREDERICK KERSHNER, JR., ED - Tocqueville's America: The Great Quotations
167748: HOWARD E. KERSHNER - The Moral Basis of a Free Society
168760: REV. JOHN C. KERSTEN, COMMENTARIES - New Saint Joseph Sunday Missal: Complete Edition; with the Proper Mass Texts for Every Sunday and Holyday in a Continuous and Easy-to-Use Arrangement
168761: REV. JOHN C. KERSTEN, COMMENTARIES - New Saint Joseph Sunday Missal: Complete Edition; with the Proper Mass Texts for Every Sunday and Holyday in a Continuous and Easy-to-Use Arrangement
150317: M.T. KERVINGANT - Monastic Odyssey
102461: I.G. KESAEV - Cathode Processes in the Mercury Arc
113142: RONALD KESSLER - The Sins of the Father: Joseph P. Kennedy and the Dynasty He Founded
141951: EDWARD KESSLER AND NEIL WENBORN, EDS - A Dictionary of Jewish-Christian Relations
99504: ALBERT KESSLER - La Valeur Educative Et Apostolique de L'Enseignement
1236716: TINA KETCH - Candle Lighting Encyclopedia: Two Volume Set
60671: CHARLES B. KETCHAM - The Search for Meaningful Existence
162563: RICHARD M. KETCHUM, ED - The American Heritage Picture History of the CIVIL War
39587: RICHARD M. KETCHUM - Will Rogers: The Man and His Time
113315: REV. JOSEPH KETLEY, ED - The Two Liturgies, A.D. 1549, and A.D. 1552: With Other Documents Set Forth by Authority in the Reign of Kind Edward VI. Viz. The Order of Communion, 1548. The Primer, 1553. The Catechism and Articles, 1553. Catechismus Brevis, 1553
107074: GREG KETTER AND ROBERT GARCIA - Temporary Walls: An Anthology of Moral Fantasy
91046: DR. PETER KETTER - Die Versuchung Jesu
160803: MICHAEL KETTLE - Sidney Reilly: The True Story of the World's Greatest Spy
62921: JOS. KEULERS - Het Boek Josue
62920: JOS. KEULERS - Het Boek Der Rechters
169077: EVA C. KEULS - The Reign of the Phallus: Sexual Politics in Ancient Athens
166757: RICHARD KEW AND ROGER J. WHITE - New Millennium, New Church: Trends Shaping the Episcopal Church for the Twenty-First Century
99852: FRANCES PARKINSON KEYES - The Career of David Noble
162663: FRANCES PARKINSON KEYES, COMP - A Treasury of Favorite Poems from the Scrapbooks of Frances Parkinson Keyes
40773: FRANCES PARKINSON KEYES - Tongues of Fire: The Story of Christian Missions from St. Paul to the Present
146615: FRANCES PARKINSON KEYES, TRANS - The Third Mystic of Avila: The Self Revelation of Maria Vela, a Sixteenth Century Spanish Nun
142647: FRANCES PARKINSON KEYES - The Rose and the Lily: The Lives and Times of Two South American Saints
150574: FRANCES PARKINSON KEYES - Tongues of Fire: The Story of Christian Missions from St. Paul to the Present
160130: MILO KEYNES, ED - Essays on John Maynard Keynes
131499: GEOFFREY KEYNES, ED - The Letters of William Blake
131492: GEOFFREY KEYNES - The Letters of William Blake
146927: CH. DE KEYSER - L'Immaculee Conception: Lectures Et Meditations Sous Forme de Neuvaine
166089: M.F. GORON; ALBERT KEYZER, ED - The Truth About the Case: The Experiences of M.F. Goron, Ex-Chief of the Paris Detective Police
169753: SPENCER T. KEZIOS, TRANS - The Resurrectional Hymns for Sunday
121614: MOHAMMAD AYUB KHAN - Pakistan Perspective: A Collection of Important Articles and Excerpts from Major Addresses
172291: MUHAMMAD ZAFRULLA KHAN, TRANS - The Koran: The Eternal Revelation Vouchsafed to Muhammad, the Seal of the Prophets
171880: HAZRAT INAYAT KHAN - The Inner Life
101212: K.M. KHANNA - Statistical Mechanics
80688: A. KHINTCHINE - Asymptotische Gesetze Der Wahrscheinlichkeitsrechnung
94096: G. YE. KHOLODOVSKII - The Principles of Power Generation
126251: KILENCEDIK KIADAS - Unitarius Enekeskonyv
130173: REV. D. P. KIDDER AND REV. J. C. FLETCHER - Brazil and the Brazilians Portrayed in Historical and Descriptive Sketches
113251: MICHAEL KIDRON AND RONALD SEGAL - The New State of the World Atlas
113430: OTTO KIEFER - Sexual Life in Ancient Rome
26224: BENEDICT KIELY - Poor Scholar: A Study of the Works and Days of William Carleton (1794-1869)
65758: VINCENT F. KIENBERGER - The Way of the Blessed Christ
164135: EZRA KIENWALD, TRANS - Passover Haggadah
130943: H. KIEPERT - Historisch-Geographischer Atlas Der Alten Welt
160162: SOREN KIERKEGAARD - Kierkegaard's Attack Upon "Christendom" 1854-1855
121622: V.G. KIERNAN - From Conquest to Collapse: European Empires from 1815-1960
150728: GEORGES KIESEL - Der Heilige Willibrord IM Zeugnis Der Bildenden Kunst
42732: CHRISTOPHER KIESLING, O.P. - The Spirit and Practice of the Liturgy
86431: KERSTIN LINDAHL-KIESSLING ET AL, EDS - Morphological and Functionl Aspects of Immunity
146906: PHILLIP A. KILDAHL - Caius Marius
124179: JOHN W. KILGO - Campaigning in Dixie: With Some Reflections on Two-Party Government
167061: WILLIAM J. KILGORE - An Introductory Logic
172394: KAREN KILIMNIK - Drawings by Karen Kilimnik
65944: REV. ADRIAN JEROME KILKER - Extreme Unction
70130: REVS. GERARD WEBER & JAMES KILLGALLON - To Be Church: Source Material for Homilies on the Sunday Scripture Readings, 1967-1968
126110: JOHN KILLINGER - Contemporary Wedding Services
132383: EDWARD J. KILMARTIN, S.J. - Church, Eucharist and Priesthood: A Theological Commentary on "the Mystery and Worship of the Most Holy Eucharist
131582: ALINE KILMER - Candles That Burn
122539: PHIL KILROY - Madeleine Sophie Barat, 1779-1865: A Life
167364: SPENCER W. KIMBALL - The Miracle of Forgiveness
126493: EDWARD A KIMBALL - Lectures and Articles on Christian Science
167141: TERESA BERGER; TIMOTHY E. KIMBROUGH, TRANS - Theology in Hymns? a Study of the Relationship of Doxology and Theology According to a Collection of Hymns for the Use of the People Called Methodists (1780)
167143: ST KIMBROUGH, JR., ED - Charles Wesley: Poet and Theologian
168081: S T KIMBROUGH, JR., ED - Methodism in Russia and the Baltic States: History and Renewal
172992: JOHN KIMCHE - The Unfought Battle
148118: FLORENCE SAU KIN - Soul Within a Peach
141778: MARY KAY KINBERGER - Lonergan on Conversion: Applications for Religious Formation
151012: CAPTAIN JOHN KINCAID - Adventures in the Rifle Brigade
1226093: CARDOZO KINDERSLEY - Mr. Eric Gill: Letters to an Apprentice
1235315: STEPHEN KING - Firestarter
141548: FRANCIS KING - E.M. Forster
149947: JAMES KING - The Last Modern: A Life of Herbert Read
1237062: MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. - Stride Toward Freedom: The Montgomery Story
1237028: STEPHEN KING - 'Salem's Lot
172802: FRANCIS KING - Magic: The Western Tradition
166172: ARCHDALE A. KING - Liturgies of the Religious Orders
163248: EDWARD S. KING - Speak Malay! a Course in Simple Malay for English-Speaking Malayans
1235402: FRANCIS KING - Modern Ritual Magic: The Rise of Western Occultism
172208: URSULA KING - Christian Mystics: The Spiritual Heart of the Christian Tradition
113650: ARCHDALE A. KING - Notes on the Catholic Liturgies
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146448: JUSTUS GEORGE LAWLER - Nuclear War: The Ethic, the Rhetoric, the Reality; a Catholic Assessment
1235512: MARGERY LAWRENCE - Number Seven Queer Street
165669: WILLIAM APPLETON LAWRENCE - Parsons, Vestries, and Parishes: A Manual
167542: FRIEDA LAWRENCE - Not I, But the Wind...
150450: DAVID LAWRENCE - Supreme Court or Political Puppets
22112: JEROME LAWRENCE AND ROBERT E. LEE - The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail
98811: MIKE LAWRENCE - Judgment at Bridge
169527: EMERIC LAWRENCE - Meditating the Gospels
170775: LAWRENCE S. ROWLAND, ALEXANDER MOORE, AND GEORGE C. ROGERS, JR. - The History of Beaufort County, South Carolina: Volume 1, 1514-1861
147899: EMERIC A. LAWRENCE - Homilies for the Year and Prayers of the Faithful
126108: ROBERT LAWSON - Edward, Hoppy, and Joe
1235426: DON LAWSON, ED - Youth and War: World War I to Vietnam - an Anthology
141278: ROBERT LAX - Circus Zircus Cirque Circo
173010: BENTLEY LAYTON - Coptic in 20 Lessons: Introduction to Sahidic Coptic with Exercises & Vocabularies
173011: BENTLEY LAYTON, ED - Coptic Gnostic Chrestomathy: A Selection of Coptic Texts with Grammatical Analysis and Glossary
126363: WILLIAM H. LAZARETH AND MARJORIE F. GARHART - Helping Children Know Doctrine
160083: HOMER LEA - The Valor of Ignorance
167233: HENRY C. LEA - History of Sacerdotal Celibacy
112833: I. S. LEADAM, ED - The Domesday of Inclosures, 1517-1518: Volumes I&II, Complete Set
149746: DAMIAN RIEHL LEADER - A History of the University of Cambridge Volume 1: The University to 1546
167565: MUNRO LEAF - Wee Gillis
171725: MUNRO LEAF - Aesop's Fables
168443: THE MASSACHUSETTS COUNCIL OF THE CHURCH SERVICE LEAGUE - Prayers for the Church Service League: Diocese of Massachusetts, 1 Joy Street, Boston
39741: E. LEAHY - Light in Darkest Africa: Charles Cardinal Lavigerie 1825-92
145476: THOMAS LEAMING - A Philadelphia Lawyer in the London Courts
91337: A.R.C. LEANEY - The Letters of Peter and Jude
46932: EDWARD LEAR - A Book of Nonsense
164923: JAMES F. LEARY - A Light to the Nations: A Guide to the New Testament
43148: REV. PATRICK O'LEARY - The Cermonies of Ordination with the Ceremonies of the Masses, Private & Solemn, in Which Orders Are Conferred
170426: JOHN P. LEARY, ED - I Lift My Lamp: Jesuits in America
87410: GARY LEASE - Witness to the Faith: Cardinal Newman on the Teaching Authority of the Church
143187: J.C. LEASK AND H.M. MCCANCE - The Regimental Records of the Royal Scots (the First or Royal Regiment of Foot)
161935: W. KEITH LEASK - James Boswell
113362: VIRGINIA WOOLF; MITCHELL A. LEASKA, ED - A Passionate Apprentice: The Early Journals 1897-1909
121592: JAMES LEASOR - The Red Fort: The Story of the Indian Mutiny of 1857
32345: ROBERT KEITH LEAVITT - Noah's Ark, New England Yankees, and the Endless Quest: A Short History of the Original Webster's Dictionaries
64666: PAUL LEBEAU - Le Vine Nouveau Du Royaume: Etuce Exegetique Et Patristique Sur la Parole Eschatologique de Jesus a la Cene
80418: V.L. LEBEDEV - Random Processes in Electrical and Mechanical Systems
160599: DAVID LEBEDOFF - The Same Man: George Orwell and Evelyn Waugh in Love and War
1242464: MAURICE LEBLANC - The Blonde Lady Being a Record of the Duel of Wits between Arsene Lupin and the English Detective
1242705: MAURICE LEBLANC - The Teeth of the Tiger
1242706: MAURICE LEBLANC - The Teeth of the Tiger
1242703: MAURICE LEBLANC - The Return of Arsene Lupin
1242635: MAURICE LEBLANC - The Eight Strokes of the Clock: The Latest Exploits of Arsene Lupin
1242707: MAURICE LEBLANC - 813: An Arsene Lupin Adventure
1242634: MAURICE LEBLANC - The Melamare Mystery
1242466: MAURICE LEBLANC - The Crystal Stopper
1242465: MAURICE LEBLANC - The Hollow Needle: Further Adventures of Arsene Lupin
1243182: MAURICE LEBLANC - The Crystal Stopper
1242338: MAURICE LEBLANC - The Hollow Needle: Further Adventures of Arsene Lupin
1242636: MAURICE LEBLANC - Arsene Lupin Versus Herlock Sholmes
1242704: MAURICE LEBLANC - The Secret of Sarek
43561: FERNANDE LEBOCUHER - The Incredible Mission of Father Benoit
146914: REV. HENRY LEBON - The Marianist Way: Meditations on the Religious Life, Vols. I-II
146916: REV. HENRI LEBON - Our First Century 1817-1917
99502: REV. HENRI LEBON - Our First Century 1817-1917
146201: LOUIS J. LEBRET - Human Ascent
91010: JULES LEBRETON - The Spiritual Teaching of the New Testament
68946: JULES LEBRETON, S.J. - Tu Solus Sanctus: Jesus Christ Vivant Dans Les Saints Etudes de Theologie Mystique
142722: JULES LEBRETON - The Spiritual Teaching of the New Testament
168953: FRANCIS P. LEBUFFE - My Changeless Friend: First Series
60441: ROBERT LECHNER - The Aesthetic Experience
126724: P. PETER LECHNER - The Life and Times of St. Benedict: Patriarch of the Monks of the West
66850: ROBERT LECHNER - The Aesthetic Experience
166825: ROBERT LECKIE - American and Catholic
164611: W.E.H. LECKY - Clerical Influences: An Essay on Irish Sectarianism and English Government
149188: REV. ALEXANDER G. LECKY - In the Days of the Laggan Presbytery
130800: WILLIAM EDWARD HARTPOLE LECKY - History of European Morals from Augustus to Charlemagne: 2 Volumes
144356: JACQUES LECLERCQ - Marriage and the Family: A Study in Social Philosophy
120118: DOM JEAN LECLERCQ AND BLESSED PAUL GIUSTINIANI - Camaldolese Extraordinary: The Life Doctrine and Rule of Blessed Paul Giustiniani
160111: JEAN LECLERCQ - Memoirs: From Grace to Grace
1210869: JACQUES LECLERCQ - Christians in the World
60948: JACQUES LECLERCQ - Les Grandes Lignes de la Philosophie Morale
62804: BEGUERIE, LECLERCQ AND STEINMANN - Lectio Divina 14: Etudes Sur Les Prophetes D'Israel
172674: JEAN LECLERCQ - The Love of Learning and the Desire for God: A Study of Monastic Culture
65186: JACQUES LECLERCQ - L'Enseignement de la Morale Chretienne
64971: CHANOINE JACQUES LECLERCQ - Essais de Morale Catholique [Complete Set]
38595: JACQUES LECLERCQ - La Philosophie Morale de Saint Thomas Devant la Pensee Contemporaine
123941: JEAN LECLERQ - Women and St Bernard of Clairvaux
62751: R. LECONTE, ED - La Sainte Bible: Les Epitres Catholiques, de Saint Jacques, Saint Jude Et Saint Pierre
166318: ANNE K. LECROY AND MARION J. HATCHETT - The Altar Guild Handbook
99090: MARY JO LEDDY - Reweaving Religious Life: Beyond the Liberal Model
161350: RICHARD M. LEDERER, JR. - Colonial American English: Words and Phrases Found in Colonial Writing, Now Archaic, Obscure, Obsolete, or Whose Meanings Have Changed
102755: LEON LEDERMAN AND JOSEPH WENESER - Nuclear and Particle Physics Annual: Volume 1 (1967)
130493: LUIS CASTILLO LEDON - La Fundacion de la Ciudad de Mexico 1325-1925
1230513: HARPER LEE - To Kill a Mockingbird
160428: HUGH LEE, ED - A Cezanne in the Hedge and Other Memories of Charleston and Bloomsbury
165875: PONG KOOK LEE AND CHI SIK RYU - Let's Talk in Korean
123861: JOHN B. LEE, ED - Under the Weight of Heaven: Writing from the Abbey of Gethsemani
162129: JOHN A. LEE - Greatest and Lasting Hymns: A Collection of the World's Best Songs
144996: DWIGHT E. LEE, ED - The Outbreak of First World War: Who or What Was Responsible
122558: REV. ROBERT E. LEE - 'Pope's Parish': Liscannor/Moymore, Dioc. Of Kilfenora, Co. Clare 2003
125015: G. LEE - The Life of the Venerable Francis Libermann: A Pioneer of the African Missions
150448: JENNETTE LEE - Uncle William: The Man Who Was Shif'Less
97801: BERNARD J. LEE - The Future Church of 140 B.C. E.
98745: HIRO LEE - Economic Development and Cooperation in the Pacific Basin
145797: ROBERT G. LEE - The Lesson of Lourdes
120772: W. STORRS LEE - The Sierra
67775: BERNARD LEEMING, S.J. - The Churches and the Church: A Study of Ecumenism, Developed from the Lauriston Lectures for 1957
151048: BERNARD LEEMING - The Churches and the Church: A Study of Ecumenism
88032: FRANCIS NOEL LEES - Gerard Manley Hopkins
126497: ISAAC LEESER, TRANS - The Twenty-Four Books of the Holy Bible: Hebrew and English
171412: EDWARD LEESON, INTRODUCTION - The Folio Book of Humorous Anecdotes
1210858: CLAUDE LEETHAM - Rosmini: Priest, Philosopher and Patriot
91295: AREND TH. VAN LEEUWEN - Christianity in World History
92454: VICTOR LEFEBURE - Scientific Disarmament
1242860: VICTOR LEFEBURE - The Riddle of the Rhine: Chemical Strategy in Peace and War
144938: VICTOR LEFEBURE - The Riddle of the Rhine: Chemical Strategy in Peace and War
166665: GEORGES LEFEBVRE - Simplicity: The Heart of Prayer
125035: JEAN-PAUL LEFEBVRE - The Empty Cathedral: An Open Letter to the Pope
145768: EUGENE LEFEBVRE - Land of Miracles: Sainte Anne de Beaupre
71267: EUGENE LEFEBVRE, C.SS.R. - The Saint Called Good
72240: GASPAR LEFEBVRE - Cours de Liturgie Romaine: Volume I, Liturgie Fondamentale
172849: LEONARD J. LEFF AND JEROLD L. SIMMONS - The Dame in the Kimono: Hollywood, Censorship, and the Production Code from the 1920s to the 1960s
87516: GORDON LEFF - Richard Fitzralph: Commentator on the Sentences
168994: MARY R. LEFKOWITZ AND GUY MACLEAN ROGERS, EDS - Black Athena Revisited
144348: JEAN LEFLON - Eugene de Mazenod: Bishop of Marseilles; Founder of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate 1782-1861 Vol. II: Missions of Provence; Restoration of the Diocese of Marseilles 1814-1837
166301: J. WICKHAM LEGG, ED - The Sarum Missal Edited from Three Early Manuscripts
172075: JAMES LEGGE, TRANS - The Philosophy of Confucius
36363: FRANCOIS LEGOFF - The Life of Louis Adolphe Thiers
131482: PIERRE LEGOUIS - Andrew Marvell: Poet; Puritan; Patriot
147862: BRENDAN LEHANE - The Quest of Three Abbots
66264: JOSEPH B. LEHANE - The Morality of American CIVIL Legislation Concerning Eugneical Sterilization
149105: FRANZ LEHAR - The Merry Widow: Complete Score for Piano and Voice in English

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