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36042: SISTER MARY LUELLA, ED. - The Catholic Booklist, 1942-1945.
65773: S.G.A. LUFF. - The Breezes of the Spirit.
109156: DAVID LUFF. - Bulldog: The Bristol Bulldog Fighter.
141344: ILDEFONSO DI S. LUIGI - Della Giustificazione E Della Limosina
122644: LUIS AZCUE Y MANCERA, ET AL. - Catalogo de Construcciones Religiosas Del Estado de Hidalgo: Vol. I [Incomplete].
122645: LUIS AZCUE Y MANCERA, ET AL. - Catalogo de Construcciones Religiosas Del Estado de Hidalgo: Vol. I&II [Complete].
35975: DR. I.P. KIRSCH & DR. V. LUKSCH. - Illustrierte Geschichte Der Katholischen Kirche.
143578: PETER LUMBRERAS - The Twenty-Four Fundamental Theses of Official Catholic Philosophy
145684: JEAN-PIERRE LUMINET - Le Destin de L'Univsers: Trous Noirs Et Energie Sombre
107003: BRIAN LUMLEY. - Hero of Dreams.
109982: ROBIN LUMSDEN. - Edged Weapons of Hitler's Germany.
141367: GIROLAMO LUNADORO - Relazione Della Corte Di Roma Del Cavalier Girolamo Lundaro, Cioe Ordini, Riti, Congregazioni, Funzioni...
141078: ARNOLD LUNN - The Revolt Against Reason
142629: VIVIEN LUNNISS - Celtic Calligraphy
142630: VIVIEN LUNNISS - Celtic Calligraphy
107051: RICHARD A. LUPOFF. - Sword of the Demon.
130289: ALISON LURIE - Clever Gretchen and Other Forgotten Folktales
44155: T.R. LUSCOMBE. - Builders and Crusaders.
130791: WICENTY LUTOSLAWSKI - The Origin and Growth of Plato's Logic; with an Account of Plato's Style and of the Chronology of His Writings
120080: CORA E. LUTZ - Dunchad Glossae in Martianum
103875: CORA E. LUTZ. - Remigii Autissiodorensis Commentum in Martianum Capellam [Two Volume Set].
103812: CORA E. LUTZ. - Dunchad: Glossae in Martianum.
63073: J.L. SAMUEL LUTZ. - Biblische Dogmatik.
142778: JONATHAN LUXMOORE AND JOLANTA BABIUCH - The Vatican and the Red Flag: The Struggle for the Soul of Eastern Europe
1428: MARSHAL LYAUTEY. - Intimate Letters from Tonquin.
124008: ANDREW LYCETT - Dylan Thomas: A New Life
147258: JOHN LYNCH - The Portrait of a Pious Bishop; or, the Life and Death of the Most Rev. Francis Kirwan, Bishop of Killala
106048: RICHARD CHIGLEY-LYNCH. - Movie Musicals on Record.
147386: JOSEPH H. LYNCH - Simoniacal Entry Into Religious Life from 1000 to 1260: A Social, Economic and Legal Study
149294: JOHN W. LYNCH - This Little While
108043: GORDON LYNCH. - After Religion: Generation X and the Search for Meaning.
130714: DANIEL LYNCH - A Woman Wrapped in Silence
123750: WILLIAM F. LYNCH, S.J. - Images of Faith: An Exploration of the Ironic Imagination
149401: CHARLES H. LYNCH - The CIVIL War Diary 1862-1865 of Charles H. Lynch, 18th Conn. Vol's.
142097: WILLIAM F. LYNCH - Images of Faith: An Exploration of the Ironic Imagination
144361: JOHN W. LYNCH - A Woman Wrapped in Silence
59263: HELEN M. LYNCH. - In the Shadow of Our Lady of the Cenacle.
62656: WILLIAM E. LYNCH. - The Word Dwells Among Us: A Foreword to the Biblical Books.
69094: JOHN W. LYNCH. - Hourglass: Stories of a Measured Year.
37176: JOHN W. LYNCH. - This Little While.
63956: WILLIAM E. LYNCH. - Jesus in the Synoptic Gospels.
65953: REV. GEORGE EDWARD LYNCH. - Coadjutors and Auxiliaries of Bishops: A Historical Synopsis and a Commentary.
144357: JOHN W. LYNCH - Hourglass: Stories of a Measured Year
151080: WILLIAM F. LYNCH - Images of Hope: Imagination As Healer of the Hopeless
123114: PATRICIA LYNCH - Knights of God: Tales of the Irish Saints
148891: JOHN W. LYNCH - A Woman Wrapped in Silence
151044: CHRISTOPHER OWEN LYNCH - Selling Catholicism: Bishop Sheen and the Power of Television
145240: FRANCIS LYNDE - The Taming of the Red Butte Western
97338: FREDERICK M. LYNK. - Mary Our Mother.
71789: ELIZABETH M. LYNSKEY, PH.D. - The Government of the Catholic Church.
147396: JEFFREY PAUL LYON - Syriac Gospel Translations: A Comparison of the Language and Translation Method Used in the Old Syriac, the Diatessaron, and the Peshitto
83393: THOBURN C. LYON. - Practical Air Navigation and the Use of the Aeronautical Charts of the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey.
145610: S. LYONNET - Le Peche: Judaisme - Nouveau Testament - Peche Originel
62747: S. LYONNET, ED. - La Sainte Bible: Aux Galates, Aux Romains.
63080: STANISLAO LYONNET. - De Peccato Et Redemptione [Complete Set].
146695: REV. MARK J. LYONS - Mary and the Priest (Meditations)
140292: GEORGE N. LYONS - The King's Steward: The True Story of George Schumann
149229: EUGENE LYONS - Assignment in Utopia
65883: AVITUS EDWARD LYONS. - The Collegiate Tribunal of First Instance with Special Reference to Matrimonial Causes.
86400: E.N. LYUSTIKH. - Isostasy and Isostatic Hypotheses.
104560: M.M. - Memoires Pour Servir a la Vie D'Un Homme Celebre.
120202: LAWRENCE D. ISABELL O.F.M. - The Pratice and Meaning of Confession in the Primitive Franciscan Community According to the Writings of Saint Francis of Assisi and Thomas of Celano
110810: JOHN H. MCGOEY S.F.M. - The Sins of the Just.
120060: DR. P. HIERONYMUS SPETTMANN O.F.M. - Johannis Pechami Quaestiones
120306: FRAY DIEGO DE CORDOVA SALINAS O.F.M. - Cronica Franciscana de Las Provincias Del Peru
112404: FATHER THADDEUS O.F.M. - The Franciscans in England 1600-1850.
120312: LEO KALMER O.F.M. - Stronger Than Death: Yellow Fever Heroes
42953: PAUL CHAPEL O.F.M. - A Living Liturgy: Reflections on the Liturgy and on Daily Life.
67688: BERTRAND VAN BILSEN, O.F.M. AND HENRY J. KOREN, C.S.SP. - The Changing Church.
100151: THEODORE KOEHLER S.M. - Marian Studies: Vol. XL 1989.
100152: LAWRENCE J. CADA S.M. - Chaminade's Letters to the Retreat Masters of 1839.
100153: HOWARD HUGHES S.M. - Marianist Feasts: Morning Praise and Evensong - Musical Settings.
120157: FR. PETRI DE AQUILA O.F.M. - Commentaria in Quatuor Libros Senentiarum Magistri Petri Lombardi.
120233: P. ODORIC-M JOUVE O.F.M. - Le Frere Didace Pelletier Recollet
130062: P. ODULFUS SCHAFER O.F.M. - Bibliographia de Vita Operibus Et Doctrina Iohannis Duns Scoti
130233: LINO G. CANEDO O.F.M. - Cronica de Los Colegios de Propaganda Fide de la Nueva Espana
120267: FR. ZEPHYRIN ENGELHARDT O.F.M. - The Franciscans in Arizona
120380: FR. GREGORIO ARCILA ROBLEDO O.F.M. - Las Misiones Franciscanas En Colombia
142084: JEAN MAALOUF - Praying with Mother Teresa
144856: MAARTEN MAARTENS - The Greater Glory: A Story of High Life
124241: MAARTEN MAARTENS - The Price of Lis Doris
32342: A.J. MAAS, S.J. - Enchiridion Ad Sacrarum Disciplinarum Cultores Accommodatum Opera Et Studio Zephyrini Zitelli-Natali.
107622: HENRY MAAS. - The Letters of Aubrey Beardsley.
150657: A.J. MAAS - The Life of Jesus Christ, According to the Gospel History
87119: D.J. MABBERLEY. - The Plant Book.
131521: HAMILTON WRIGHT MABIE - Essays on Nature and Culture
148623: R.A.S. MACALISTER - Monasterboice Co. Louth
143894: CHARLES MACARTHUR - War Bugs
125487: AMBROSE MACAULAY - William Crolly: Archbishop of Armagh, 1835-49
12411: LORD MACAULAY. - Samuel Johnson.
148076: THOMAS BABINGTON MACAULAY - Lays of Ancient Rome: With "Ivry" and "the Armada
8115: NEILL MACAULEY. - The Prestes Column: Revolution in Brazil.
147253: REV. JOHN MACBETH - The Story of Ireland and Her Church from the Earliest Times to the Present Day
130810: REV. JAMES MACCAFFREY - History of the Catholic Church in the Nineteenth Century 1789-1908: 2 Volumes
148980: WILLIAM MACCALL - Christian Legends
143001: DONNARAE MACCANN, ED. - Social Responsibility in Librarianship: Essays on Equality
124998: DANIEL MACCARTHY, ED. - Life of Saint Columbe, or Columbkille
148131: DIARMAID MACCULLOCH - Thomas Cranmer: A Life
147357: J.A. MACCULLOCH - Medieval Faith and Fable
104651: F.J. MACCUNN. - The Contemporary English View of Napoleon.
149626: REV. JOHN MACDEVITT - The Most Reverend James Macdevitt, D.D. , Bishop of Raphoe. A Memoir.
131152: HUGH MACDONALD - The Poems of Andrew Marvell
144879: GEORGE MACDONALD - Sir Gibbie
148146: FIONA MACDONALD AND JOHN JAMES - A Medieval Cathedral
124171: GEORGE MACDONALD - David Elginbrod
143235: ALEXANDER MACDONALD - Summary of the Catholic Religion, Including Its History, from the Birth of Our Saviour Until the Present Time
148648: PHILIP MACDONALD - The Polferry Riddle: An Anthony Gethryn Detective Story
144877: GEORGE MACDONALD - Warlock O'Glenwarlock: A Homely Romance
144880: GEORGE MACDONALD - The Marquis of Lossie
146464: FREDERIKA MACDONALD - Nathaniel Vaughan: Priest and Man
36182: ALEXANDER MACDONALD. - The Apostles' Creed: A Vindication of the Apostolic Authorship of the Creed.
1144: R.J. MACDONALD. - The History of the Dress of the Royal Regiment of Artillery.
132325: GEORGE MACDONALD - An Anthology
147282: HAZEL CHRISTIE MACDONALD - Death Walks Softly
120158: ANNE MACDONELL - Sons of Francis
104512: A.G. MACDONELL. - Napoleon and His Marshals.
44019: GARY MACEOIN. - New Challenges to American Catholics.
100189: GARY MACEOIN. - What Happened at Rome?
81486: GARY MACEOIN. - Father Moreau: Founder of Holy Cross.
147065: GARY MACEOIN - Father Moreau: Founder of Holy Cross
145421: BERNARR MACFADDEN - Manhood and Marriage
1218427: BERNARR MACFADDEN - Foot Troubles
41809: REV. G.J. MACGILLIVRAY, ED. - Man: Papers from the Summer School of Catholic Studies Held at Cambridge, July 25th-August 3rd 1931.
65282: REV. G.J. MACGILLIVRAY. - Moral Principles and Practice: Papers Read at the Summer School of Catholic Studies Held at Cambridge 1932.
148175: WALTER MACGILVRAY - John of the Golden Mouth; Preacher of Antioch, and Primate of Constantinople
125472: KENNETH MACGOWAN - Patriot Priest of Abbeyfeale: The Story of Fr. William Casey
67065: GEDDES MACGREGOR. - The Coming Reformation.
1214913: GEDDES MACGREGOR - Reincarnation in Christianity: A New Vision of the Role of Rebirth in Christian Thought
106940: ARTHUR MACHEN. - The Great God Pan.
131279: ARTHUR MACHEN - The Autobiography of Arthur Machen
112245: HELEN MACINNES. - Above Suspicion.
1214825: ALASDAIR MACINTYRE - Against the Self-Images of the Age: Essays on Ideology and Philosophy
141963: ALASDAIR MACINTYRE - A Short History of Ethics
102835: DOCTOR FR. MACK. - Splendor and Strength of the Inner Life.
131262: J.W. MACKAIL - Latin Literature
131548: J.W. MACKAIL - Coleridge's Literary Criticism
113006: J.W. MACKAIL - Virgil and His Meaning to the World of to-Day.
147399: RUDDOCK F. MACKAY, ED. - The Hawke Papers: A Selection: 1743-1771
3924: CHARLES MACKAY. - Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds.
146233: VICUNA MACKENNA - Francisco Moyen: Or the Inquisition As It Was in South America
131371: JAMES MACKENZIE, ED - Life and Complete Work of Michael Bruce: Poet of Loch Leven
146696: R.A.F. MACKENZIE - Faith and History in the Old Testament
67516: R.A.F. MACKENZIE, ED. - The Word: Readings in Theology.
30462: AGNES MURE MACKENZIE. - The Scotland of Queen Mary and the Religious Wars 1513-1638.
143916: ALEXANDER MACKENZIE - The History of the Highland Clearances
121725: COMPTON MACKENZIE - The Windsor Tapestry Being a Study of the Life, Heritage, and Abdication of H.R. H. The Duke of Windsor K.G.
124901: REV. HENRY BENEDICT MACKEY, O.S.B. - St. Francis de Sales: Letters to Persons in Religion
67498: J.P. MACKEY. - The Modern Theology of Tradition.
85900: J.P. MACKEY. - The Modern Theology of Tradition.
67497: J.P. MACKEY. - Tradition and Change in the Church.
146949: ALBERT G. MACKEY - An Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry and Its Kindred Sciences Comprising the Whole Range of Arts, Sciences and Literature As Connected with the Institution, Vols. I-II
98308: CHARLES O. MACKEY. - Graphical Solutions.
146694: J.P. MACKEY - The Modern Theology of Tradition
150412: AIDAN MACKEY, ED - G.K. Chesterton Collected Works: Volume X
2891: J. MILTON MACKIE. - Life of Schamyl and Narrative of the Circassian War of Independence Against Russia.
111944: COL. THOMAS T. MACKIE ET AL. - A Manual of Tropical Medicine.
148586: FRANCIS J. MACKIERNAN - Diocese of Kilmore: Bishops and Priests 1136-1988
123538: THEODORE MACKIN - The Marital Sacrament
37170: G.W.H. LAMPE & D.M. MACKINNON. - The Resurrection: A Dialogue.
142879: JAMES MACKINNON - A History of Modern Liberty, Vol. I: Introduction (Origins-the Middle Ages)
125132: THE REV. A. MACKINTOSH - Our Pilgrimage to Rome
1209: H.B. MACKINTOSH. - The Grant Strathspey or First Highland Fencible Regiment 1793-1799.
1217: H.B. MACKINTOSH. - The Northern or Gordon Fencibles 1778-1783.
142195: TONY MACKLIN AND NICK PICI, EDS. - Voices from the Set: The Film Heritage Interviews
151395: HUBERT A. MACKO - Grammar of the Slovak Language
131395: E.R.D. MACLAGAN, ED & A.G.B. RUSSELL - The Prophetic Books of William Blake: Milton
112984: MICHAEL MACLAGAN - Philobiblon by Richard de Bury: The Text and Translation of E.C. Thomas.
85735: A. MACLAREN. - The Psalms: Volume I: Psalms I-XXXVIII.
147707: J.P. MACLEAN - Flora Macdonald in America with a Brief Sketch of Her Life and Adventures
150488: J.P. MACLEAN - An Historical, Archaeological and Geological Examination of Fingal's Cave, in the Island of Staffa
147349: REV. XAVIER DONALD MACLEOD - History of the Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary in North America
148651: MARY MACLEOD - The Shakespeare Story-Book
1035: LOUIS WRIGHT & JULIA MACLEOD. - The First Americans in North Africa.
142784: XAVIER DONALD MACLEOD - History of the Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary in North America
120761: KATHLEEN M. MACLEOD - The Castle on the Cliff
34629: ALISON MACLEOD. - City of Light.
1218130: REV. XAVIER DONALD MACLEOD - Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary in North America
121667: SEUMAS MACMANUS - Yourself and the Neighbours
149286: FRANCIS MACMANUS - Saint Columban
121995: SEUMAS MACMANUS - Heavy Hangs the Golden Grain
132231: ARTHUR T. MACMILLAN - Fernand Portal (1855-1926): Apostle of Unity
110483: RAMSAY MACMULLEN. - Christianity and Paganism in the Fourth to Eighth Centuries.
141967: JOHN MACMURRAY - The Structure of Religious Experience
1214923: JOHN MACMURRAY - The Self As Agent: The Gifford Lectures
1214924: JOHN MACMURRAY - Persons in Relation: The Gifford Lectures
148985: REV. JOHN CAMPBELL MACNAUGHT - The Celtic Church & the See of Peter
120597: DUNCAN MACNEIL - Charge of Cowardice
132105: EONA K. MACNICOL - Colum of Derry
148309: F.B. MACNUTT, ED. - Classics of the Inner Life
69825: SYLVESTER F. MACNUTT, O.P. - Gauging Sermon Effectiveness.
131546: ANDREW MACPHAIL - Essays in Puritanism
106535: EUGENE FAIRFIELD MACPIKE. - Hevelius; Flamsteed and Halley: Three Contemporary Astronomers and Their Mutual Relations.
124287: JOHN MACQUARRIE - An Existentialist Theology: A Comparison of Heidegger and Bultmann
150085: JOHN MACQUARRIE - Mary for All Christians
141816: JOHN MACQUARRIE - 3 Issues in Ethics
132321: JOHN MACQUARRIE - Heidegger and Christianity: The Hensley Henson Lecttures 1993-94
123582: JOHN MACQUARRIE - Mediators between Human and Divine: From Moses to Muhammad
61525: JOHN MACQUARRIE. - Twentieth Century Religious Thought: The Frontiers of Philosophy and Theology, 1900-1960.
94696: JOHN MACQUARRIE. - Twentieth-Century Religious Thought: The Frontiers of Philosophy and Theology 1900-1980.
149543: WILLIAM DUNN MACRAY, ED. - Chronicon Abbatiae de Evesham, Ad Annum 1418
95657: EAMONN MACTHOMAIS. - The Labour and the Royal.
105269: H.D. MACWILLIAM. - The Official Records of the Mutiny in the Black Watch: A London Incident of the Year 1743.
148525: EDWARD F. MADARAS - Al Baghdadi: Tales Told by the Tigris
130207: SALVADOR DE MADARIAGA - Hernan Cortes
148473: RIGHT HON. D.H. MADDEN - The Diary of Master William Silence: A Study of Shakespeare & of Elizabethan Sport
123838: FIONA MADDOCKS - Hildegard of Bingen: The Woman of Her Age
148297: SISTER MADELEINE - Solitary Refinement
130606: JULES DE LA MADELENE - Le Marquis Des Saffras
144855: SISTER M. MADELEVA - Gates and Other Poems
102925: SISTER M. MADELEVA. - My First Seventy Years.
32269: SISTER M. MADELEVA. - American Twelfth Night and Other Poems.
66765: SISTER M. MADELEVA. - Addressed to Youth.
73504: DR. ERWIN MADELUNG. - Die Mathematischen Hilfsmittel Des Physikers.
62641: JOHANN MADER. - Allgeneine Einleitung in Das Alte Und Neue Testament.
143105: A. PATRICK MADGETT - Christian Origins Vols. I-II
140070: THOMAS F. MADIGAN - Word Shadows of the Great: The Lure of Autograph Collecting
130311: HANS ROGER MADOL - Godoy El Fin de la Vieja Espana: El Primer Dictador de Nuestro Tiempo
124255: PATRICK MADRID - Pope Fiction
148043: PATRICK MADRID, ED. - Surprised by Truth: Eleven Converts Give the Biblical and Historical Reasons for Becoming Catholic
147374: IO. NIC. MADVIGII - Emendationes Livianae: Iterum Auctiores Editae
97554: REV. HERMAN J. MAECKEL. - Modern Socialism.
86102: THIERRY MAERTENS. - The Breath and Spirit of God.
34443: HELENE MAGARET. - A Kingdom and a Cross: St. Alphonsus Liguori.
122612: BLACKWOOD'S MAGAZINE - Tales from Blackwood: Odd Volumes
107389: CORNHILL MAGAZINE. - The Cornhill Magazine New Series Vol. III: July to December 1897.
122646: CATHOLIC MAGAZINES - The Junior Catholic Messenger: Confraternity Ed. Vols. VII, VXII-XXII & School Ed. Vol. XXII.
124646: AMERICAN LITERARY MAGAZINES - American Quarterly Review: Vols. 1-14
1215041: BRYAN MAGEE - Karl Popper
124071: BARRY MAGID, ED. - Father Louie: Photographs of Thomas Merton by Ralph Eugene Meatyard
124070: BARRY MAGID, ED. - Father Louie: Photographs of Thomas Merton by Ralph Eugene Meatyard
124069: BARRY MAGID, ED. - Father Louie: Photographs of Thomas Merton by Ralph Eugene Meatyard
147823: FRANK N. MAGILL, ED. - Masterpieces of Catholic Literature in Summary Form
98370: ANDREW MAGINNIS. - A Priest to a Nun.
120536: RUSSELL M. MAGNAGHI - A Sense of Time: The Encyclopedia of Northern Michigan University
147395: GIUSEPPINA MAGNALDI - La Forza Dei Segni: Parole-Spia Nella Tradizione Manoscritta Dei Prosatori Latini
149040: JAMES A. MAGNER - Men of Mexico
73489: V.A. MAGNITSKII. - Problems of Theoretical Seismology and Physics of the Earth's Interior.
1153: PHILIP MAGNUS. - Kitchener: Portrait of an Imperialist.
123756: EIRIKR MAGNUSSON, ED - Thomas Saga Erkibyskups: A Life of Archbishop Thomas Becket: Vols. I-II.
146983: CHARLES M. MAGSAM - The Inner Life of Worship
105031: JAGMOHAN MAHAJAN. - Splendid Plumage: Indian Birds by British Artists.
104515: DR. J. ALEXANDER MAHAN. - Marie Louise: Napoleon's Nemesis.
1690: J. ALEXANDER MAHAN. - Marie Louise: Napoleon's Nemesis.
83493: J. MICHAEL MAHAR. - India: A Critical Bibliography.
144251: MICHAEL MAHER - Psychology: Empirical and Rational
68839: TRAFFORD P. MAHER, S.J. - Lest We Build on Sand: A Study of the Natural Basis for Supernatural Formation.
146429: BETTY MAHER - Called to Be a Nuisance: Reflections from the Fringe
148457: PROFESSOR P.J. MAHON AND REV. J.M. HAYES - Trials and Triumphs of the Catholic Church in America Vols. I-II
148577: REV. MICHAEL P. MAHON - Ireland in Religion and Letters or Discourses and Writings of Catholic and Irish Interest
140611: P.J. MAHON AND J.M. HAYES - Trials and Triumphs of the Catholic Church in America Vols. I-II
142738: E.J. MAHONEY - Sin and Repentance
147040: MOTHER DENIS MAHONEY - Marie of the Incarnation: Mystic and Missionary
68742: REV. F.J. MAHONEY, S.J. - Branches of the Vine.
97304: REV. E.J. MAHONEY. - The Jubille Year 1925.
97563: REV. E.J. MAHONEY. - Training in Purity.
147313: REV. D. O'MAHONY - Panegyrics of the Saints: From the French of Bossuet and Bourdaloue
62177: MICHAEL J. MAHONY. - Cartesianism.
125403: PATRICK J. O'MAHONY, ED - Catholics and Divorce
64870: PATRICK J. O'MAHONY. - Catholics and Divorce.
84719: REV. ADAM J. MAIDA. - The Tribunal Reporter: A Comprehensive Study of the Grounds for the Annulment of Marriage in the Catholic Church: Volume I.
1210741: HENRY SUMNER MAINE - Lectures on the Early History of Institutions.
124299: MAIRE AND CONOR CRUISE O'BRIEN - A Concise History of Ireland
130148: HENRI MAISONNEUVE - Etudes Sur Les Origines de L'Inquisition
97138: PATRICIA VOYDANOFF & LINDA MAJKA. - Families and Economic Distress.
150497: REX MAJOR - They Shall Burn
147367: EDWIN CASKODEN [CHARLES MAJOR] - When Knighthood Was in Flower: Or, the Love Story of Charles Brandon and Mary Tudor the King's Sister, and Happening in the Reign of His August Majoesty King Henry the Eighth
102628: CHRISTIAN MAKARIAN. - Marie.
142503: HERMAN O. MAKEY - Wendell Willkie of Elwood
131008: FELIX MAKOWER - The Constitutional History and Constitution of the Church of England
44236: APOSTOLOS MAKRAKIS. - Memoir on the Nature of the Church of Christ.
63741: APOSTOLOS MAKRAKIS. - An Interpretation of the Gospel Law and Commentary on the Epistle to the Hebrews (Both in Extenso) Including Theological Knowledge of Great Benefit to the Jews and a Supplementary Monograph on Baptism.
36557: APOSTOLOS MAKRAKIS. - The Paramount Doctrines of Orthodoxy.
149289: A. MAKRAKIS - Memoir on the Nature of the Church of Christ: On Its Fundamental Law and on Christian Life
67269: FATHER MALACHY, C.P. - Lectures: Controversial and Devotional.
81437: REV. HENRY M. MALAK. - Theresa of Chicago.
151125: NORMAN MALCOLM - Ludwig Wittgenstein: A Memoir
107619: DAVID MALCOLMSON. - Ten Heroes.
147802: EMILE MALE - Religious Art in France: XIII Century; a Study in Mediaeval Iconography and Its Sources of Inspiration
149020: EMILE MALE - L'Art Religieux Du Xiie Siecle En France: Etude Sur Les Origines de L'Iconographie Du Moyen Age
125359: L. MALEVEZ - The Christian Message and Myth: The Theology of Rudolf Bultmann
109: BRONISLAW MALINOWSKI. - Magic Science Religion and Other Essays.
84126: B. MALINOWSKI. - The Family Among the Australian Aborigines.
5752: COL. G.B. MALLESON. - The Refounding of the German Empire 1848-1871.
1215145: JOHN W. O'MALLEY - What Happened at Vatican II
125188: BILL O'MALLEY - More O'Malley's Nuns: 120 New Good-Natured Cartoons of Blessed Hilarity!
69723: AUSTIN O'MALLEY AND JAMES J. WALSH. - Essays in Pastoral Medicine.
125100: JOHN W. O'MALLEY - Religious Culture in the Sixteenth Century: Preaching, Rhetoric, Spirituality, and Reform
146558: REV. JOSEPH I. MALLOY - A Catechism for Inquirers
97511: JOSEPH I. MALLOY. - May Catholics Be Masons?
64450: DR. LEO HANS MALLY. - Oberammergau: Scene of the Passion Play.
124786: CAROLINE MALONE AND SIMON STODDART, EDS. - Territory, Time and State: The Archaeological Development of the Gubbino Basin
149185: VERY REV. S. MALONE - The Birthplace of St. Patrick
124198: MARY T. MALONE - Who Is My Mother?: Rediscovering the Mother of Jesus
141597: GEORGE A. MALONEY - Singers of the New Song: A Mystical Interpretation of the Song of Songs
142703: GEORGE A. MALONEY - Jesus, Set Me Free! Inner Freedom Through Contemplation
99548: GEORGE A. MALONEY. - Jesus Set Me Free! Inner Freedom Through Contemplation.
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101974: MALCOLM MCGREGOR. - The Poster Book of the American Revolution: Military Uniforms and Weaponry.
90778: JOHN STEVEN MCGROARTY. - Mission Memories.
130622: JOHN S. MCGROARTY - California: Its History and Romance
130597: JOHN S. MCGROARTY - California: Its History and Romance
64678: W. BARRY MCGRORY. - The Mass and the Resurrection.
142041: JOHN ANTHONY MCGUCKIN, TRANS. - The Book of Mystical Chapters: Meditations on the Soul's Ascent, from the Desert Fathers and Other Early Christian Contemplatives
124149: JOHN ANTHONY MCGUCKIN - The Scm Press a-Z of Patristic Theology
150852: BRIAN MCGUINNESS, ED - Wittgenstein and His Times
142171: MARTIN R.P. MCGUIRE - Introduction to Mediaeval Latin Studies: A Syllabus and Bibliographical Guide
147081: C.E. MCGUIRE - Catholic Builders of the Nation: A Symposium on the Catholic Contribution to the Civilization of the United States, Vols. I-V
70636: FREDERICK A. MCGUIRE, C.M., ED. - The New Missionary Church.
147071: BARRETT MCGURN - A Reporter Looks at the Vatican
65775: REV. P.J. MCHUGH. - Living the Christian Life.
97650: JAMES T. MCHUGH. - Mixed Marriage: New Directions.
151024: FRANCIS P. MCHUGH, ED & SAMUEL M. NATALE, ED - Things Old and New: Catholic Social Teaching Revisited
122527: CHARLES HOWARD MCILWAIN, ED - The Political Works of James I
61648: RALPH M. MCINERNY, ED. - New Themes in Christian Philosophy.
124896: RALPH MCINERNY - The Red Hat
125232: JOHN MCINTYRE - St. Anselm and His Critics: A Re-Interpretation of the Cur Deus Homo
123687: WILLIAM MCKANE - Proverbs: A New Approach
63141: WILLIAM MCKANE. - Prophets and Wise Men (Studies in Biblical Theology #44).
91529: HENRY MCKEATING. - The Books of Amos, Hosea and Micah.
140626: N.K. MCKECHNIE - Heir of All the Ages
7719: ALEXANDER MCKEE. - The Golden Shipwreck.
132400: R.J. MCKELVEY - The New Temple: The Church in the New Testament
141431: MEGAN MCKENNA - Lent: The Daily Readings
149156: MARIAN MCKENNA - Pictorial History of Catholicism
65090: CHARLES R. MCKENNEY. - Moral Problems in Social Work.
120679: JOHN D. MCKENZIE - Uncertain Glory: Lee's Generalship Re-Examined
146479: JOHN L. MCKENZIE - Myths and Realities: Studies in Biblical Theology
123487: JOHN L. MCKENZIE, ED. - The Bible in Current Catholic Thought
103655: JOHN L. MCKENZIE. - Second Isaiah.
146551: JOHN L. MCKENZIE - The Two-Edged Sword: An Interpretation of the Old Testament
87901: JOHN L. MCKENZIE. - Light on the Epistles.
85172: JOHN L. MCKENZIE. - Mastering the Meaning of the Bible.
85173: JOHN L. MCKENZIE. - Vital Concepts of the Bible.
86140: JOHN L. MCKENZIE, ED. - The Bible in Current Catholic Thought.
38484: JOHN L. MCKENZIE, S.J. - Authority in the Church.
147276: REV. JOHN H. MCKENZIE, COMP. - Manual for the Holy Eucharist
143325: MARGARET G. MCKEOWN AND LINDA LUCAN, EDS. - Bringing Reading Research to Life
72094: J.P. MCKEY, C.M. - History of Niagara University: Seminary of Our Lady of Angels.
62957: J. CHARLES MCKIRACHAN. - Older Than Eden: Great Homes of the Bible.
42521: J. WILLIAM MCKUNE. - Father Mcgee.
130781: JEAN O. MCLACHLAN - Trade and Peace with Old Spain 1667-1750
83216: N.W. MCLACHLAN. - Theory and Application of Mathieu Functions.
97388: JAMES J. MCLARNEY. - The Banquet of Triumph.
147078: GEORGE F. MCLEAN, ED. - Philosophy in the 20th Century: Catholic and Christian, Vols. I-II
65532: REV. DONALD ALEXANDER MCLEAN. - The Morality of the Strike.
30604: ENID MCLEOD. - Charles of Orleans: Prince and Poet.
122587: JOHN MCLINTOCK AND JAMES STRONG, ED. - Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological, and Ecclesiastical Literature: Vols. I-V [Incomplete].
142654: EMMETT MCLOUGHLIN - People's Padre
125007: W. MCLOUGHLIN, TRANS - Pope Adrian IV: A Friend of Ireland
123902: MARSHALL MCLUHAN - The Medium and the Light: Reflectio on Religion
148160: THOMAS MCMAHON - The Mass Explained
147063: EDWIN M. MCMAHON AND PETER A. CAMPBELL - Becoming a Person in the Whole Christ
103580: ROBERT MCMAHON. - Augustine's Prayerful Ascent: An Essay on the Literary Form of the Confessions.
146533: MISS ELLA MCMAHON - Irish Faith in America: Recollections of a Missionary
65751: EDWIN M. MCMAHON AND PETER A. CAMPBELL. - Becoming a Person in the Whole Christ.
97673: CHARLES A. MCMAHON. - The American Public and the Motion Picture.
148236: DARRIN M. MCMAHON - Enemies of the Enlightenment: The French Counter-Enlightenment and the Making of Modernity
66220: FREDERICK RICHARD MCMANUS. - The Congregation of Sacred Rites.
130484: REV. JOHN BACH MCMASTER. - History of the Expedition Under the Command of Captains Lewis & Clarke: 3 Volumes
124365: WHEELER MCMILLEN - New Riches from the Soil: The Progress of Chemurgy
95651: JOSEPH MCMINN. - Swift's Irish Pamphlets: An Introductory Selection.
83764: DOUGLAS C. MCMURTRIE. - Early Printing in Tennessee with a Bibliography of the Issues of the Tennessee Press 1793-1830.
112430: FR. VINCENT MCNABB. - Oxford Conferences on Faith (Summer Term 1903).
145002: VINCENT MCNABB - Oxford Conferences on Prayer: Michaelmas Term 1902
84762: VINCENT MCNABB. - Faith and Prayer.
44090: AUGUSTIN MCNALLY. - The Catholic Centenary 1808-1908 As a Newspaper Man Saw It.
70079: JAMES J. MCNALLY. - Rock of Truth.
81324: REV. JAMES J. MCNALLY. - Make Way for Mary.
125459: AUGUSTIN MCNALLY - St. Peter's on the Vatican
125174: MARTIN MCNAMARA - The Apocrypha in the Irish Church
123820: WILLIAM MCNAMARA, OCD - Christian Mysticism: The Art of the Inner Way
142645: KEVIN MCNAMARA, ED. - Mother of the Redeemer: Aspects of Doctrine and Devotion; Lectures of Maynooth Union Summer School
147061: ROBERT F. MCNAMARA - The Diocese of Rochester 1868-1968
150711: KEVIN MCNAMARA, ED - Mother of the Redeemer: Aspects of Doctrine and Devotion
147427: MAY MCNEER AND LYND WARD - Little Baptiste
97678: REV. ARTHUR L. MCNEIL. - Mass Wine: Its Manufacture and Church Legislation.
63721: A.H. MCNEILE. - An Introduction to the Study of the New Testament.
148509: C. MCNEILL - Monaincha, Co. Tipperary. Historical Notes.
97521: REV. GREGORY SMITH & CHARLES MCNEILL. - The Divine Love Story Part III: The Sacraments.
148510: CHARLES MCNEILL - Accounts of Sums Realised by Sales of Chattels of Some Suppressed Irish Monasteries
130083: ARCHBISHOP MCNICHOLAS - Sermon of Archbishop Mcnicholas for the Seventh Centenary of the Death of St. Francis
97510: ARCHBISHOP JOHN T. MCNICHOLAS. - No Wall between God and the Child.
97607: ARCHBISHOP JOHN T. MCNICHOLAS. - Communistic Mentality.
144329: PAUL MCPARTLAN - Sacrament of Salvation: An Introduction to Eucharistic Ecclesiology
130989: LOGAN G. MCPHERSON - Transportation in Europe
140517: JAMES M. MCPHERSON - Crossroads of Freedom: Antietam
130991: B.J. MCQUAID - Christian Free Schools: Or the Right of Parents to Provide Religious Education for Their Children, without Let or Hindrance
147248: REV. JOSEPH P. MCQUAIDE - With Christ in China
143307: JENI MCRAY, ED. - Leadership Glossary: Essential Terms for the 21st Century
141893: PHILIP MCSHANE - Music That Is Soundless: An Introduction to God for the Graduate
147370: SHANNON MCSHEFFREY, TRANS. - Love and Marriage in Late Medieval London
142711: J. MCSHERRY - Pere Jean; or, the Jesuit Missionary: A Catholic Story Founded on Facts
130652: JAMES MCSHERRY - Father Laval or the Jesuit Missionary: A Tale of the North American Indians
132352: REV. PATRICK J. MCSHERRY, O.F.M., CAP. - Wine As Sacramental Matter and the Use of Mustum
147062: JOSEPH MCSORELY - Father Hecker and His Friends: Studies and Reminiscences
106175: JOSEPH MCSORLEY. - Father Hecker and His Friends.
142739: JOSEPH MCSORLEY - Isaac Hecker and His Friends
149280: EDWARD MCSORLEY - Our Own Kind
69089: JOSEPH MCSORLEY. - Common Sense.

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