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%23152364: Shamir, Ronen. - Managing legal uncertainty : elite lawyers in the New Deal.
%23151695: El-Shamy, Hasan M. - Folk traditions of Tthe Arab World : a guide to motif classification.
%2355878: Shanahan, Rodger - The Shi'a of Lebanon: Clans, Parties and Clerics (Library of Modern Middle East Studies).
%23197144: Shand, John. - Philosophy and Philosophers : an introduction to Western Philosophy.
%23279506: Shankar, N. - Metamathematics, Machines and Gödel's Proof.
%23145632: Shanks, Henry T. - The Secession Movement in Virginia, 1847-1861.
%2397145: Shann, Edward. - An Economic History of Australia.
%23279507: Shannon, Robert R. - The Art and Science of Optical Design.
%23273977: Shannon, Kelly - The Landscape of Contemporary Infrastructure.
%2362445: Shao., Shaping - Kua guo xi qian de fa lu? kong zhi.
%23281529: Shao, Liu. - Traité des Caractères : traduit de chinois présenté et annoté par Anne-Maria Lara.
%23223127: Shapira, Anita. - L'imaginaire d'Israel.
%23189773: Shapiro, Marianne. - Hieroglyph of time : the Petrarchan sestina.
%2344468: Shapiro, Lawrence A. - The Mind Incarnate.
%23276358: Shapiro, Michael (ed.) - The Peirce Seminar Papers : essays in semiotic analysus. Volume V : the state of the art.
%23156171: Shapiro, Ian. - Democratic Justice.
%23217606: Shapiro, Laura. - Something from the oven : reinventing dinner in 1950's America.
%23278265: Shapiro, Ian. - Ethnicity and group rights.
%23151431: Shapiro, Ian & Judith Wagner DeCew (eds.) - Theory and Practice. NOMOS XXXVII.
%23158641: Shapiro, Ann-Louise. - Breaking the codes: female criminality in Fin-de-Siècle Paris.
%23172571: Shapiro, Edward S. - A time for healing : American Jewry since World War II.
%23282512: Shapland, Joanna (ed.) - Justice, communauté et société civile : études comparatives sur un terrain disputé.
%23288511: Sharafi, Mitra. - Law and identity in colonial South Asia : Parsi legal culture, 1772-1947.
%23248570: Sharma, B.M. - The Republic of India : constituion and government.
%23277350: Sharma, B.L. - The Kashmir Story.
%238647: Sharp, Walter R. - The United Nations Economic and Social Council.
%23273357: Sharpes, Donald K. - Handbook on International Studies in Education (Hc)
%23100871: Sharples, K.S. - The legal framework of judicial sentencing policy : a study based on the Dutch and English systems.
%2329985: Sharples, K.S. - The legal framework of judicial sentencing policy.
%23285905: Shatanawi, Mirjam. - Tehran Studio Works: The Art of Khosrow Hassanzadeh.
%2339934: Shaughnessy, Edward L. (ed.) - China : empire and civilization.
%23263362: Shaviro, Daniel - Do Deficits Matter?.
%2320379: Shavrukov, Vladimir Y. - Adventures in diagonalizable Algebras.
%23232223: Shaw, Bernard - Peace Conference Hints.
%23277057: Shaw, Alison & Shirley Ardener (eds.) - Changing sex and bending gender.
%23213315: Shaw, Victor N. - Social Control in China: a Study of Chinese Work Units.
%23281510: Shaw, Malcolm N. - International law. 6th edition.
%23145657: Shaw, Kinn Wei - Democracy and Finance in China. A Study in the Development of Fiscal Systems and Ideals.
%23135432: Shaw, Charles S. - The Speeches of Micah. A Rhetorical-Historical Analysis.
%23222668: Shaw, Malcolm N. - International law. 5th edition.
%23282049: Shaw, Malcolm N. - International law. 6th edition.
%23210783: Shaw, Crawford (ed.) - Legal problems in international trade and investment.
%23249036: Shawcross, John T. & Frances M. Malpezzi (eds) - John Donne's religious imagination : essays in honor of John T. Shawcross.
%23288915: Shawky, Wael. - Wael Shawky : Cabaret Crusades - drawings.
%23185443: Shayler, David. - NASA's scientist-astronauts.
%23105343: O'Shea, John M. & Ludwickson, John. - Archaeology and Ethnohistory of the Omaha Indians. The Big Village Site.
%23219691: Shea, Daniel M. - Transforming democracy legislative campaign committees and political parties.
%23275323: Shea, William Rene. - Galileo in Rome : the rise and fall of a troublesome genius.
%23157120: Shear, T. Lesley. - Kallias of Sphettos and the revolt of Athens in 286 B.C.
%23250690: Shearer, Ann. - Athene : image and energy.
%23218283: Sheehan, Michael M. - The international politics of space.
%23197550: Sheers, Owen. - Het Afrikaanse dagboek van Arthur Cripps.
%23274585: Sheffield, Patrick. - How to cheat in Motion.
%2322932: Shek, Richard - Liu: Heterodoxy Late Imperial China
%2333385: Shek, Richard - Liu: Heterodoxy Late Imperial China.
%2377914: Shelden, Michael. - Friends of promise: Cyril Connolly and the world of Horizon.
%2397587: Sheldon, Charles H. - A century of judging : a political history of the Washington Supreme Court.
%23129546: Sheldon, Garrett Ward. - The political philosophy of Thomas Jefferson.
%23140020: Shelkoplyas, Natalya. - The application of EC law in arbitration proceedings.
%23284155: Shellard, Sarah Alexandra (Editor). - Artificial Intelligence at MIT, Vol. 2: Expanding Frontiers.
%23284156: Shellard, Sarah Alexandra (Editor). - Artificial Intelligence at MIT, Vol. 1: Expanding Frontiers.
%23278123: Shen, Ling. - Shen Ling : qing se yu ai = Shenling : eroticism and love.
%23251811: Shenefelt, Michael. - The question of moral philosophy.
%2360316: Shenefield, John H. & Irwin M. Stelzer. - The antitrust laws : a primer.
%23225567: Yap Kioe Sheng - Thala of Tunis? : een antropologisch onderzoek naar een interne migratiestroom in Tunesië.
%23274604: Sheng, Lijun. - China and Taiwan : cross-strait relations under Chen Sui-bian.
%23121382: Sheng, C.L. - A Utilitarian General Theory of Value.
%23291597: Shenstone, Susan Burgess. - So obstinately loyal : James Moody, 1744-1809.
%23262745: Shepard, Alan and Deke Slayton. - Moon shot : the inside story of America's race to the moon.
%23174583: Shepard, Paul. - Traces of an omnivore.
%23271395: Shepard, Todd. - The Invention of Decolonization: The Algerian War And the Remaking of France.
%23278029: Shepherd Jr., George W. & Ved P. Nanda (eds.) - Human rights and third world development.
%23280763: Shepherd, Gill. - Managing Africa's Tropical Dry Forests : Review of Indigenous Methods.
%23280985: Shepherd, Michael. - The Psychosocial Matrix of Psychiatry: Collected Papers.
%23277740: Shepherd, Ben. - War in the wild East : the German army and Soviet partizans.
%23281694: Shepherd, John C. & Geoffrey Alan Jellicoe. - Italian gardens of the Renaissance.
%232577: Shepherd, Jr., George William. - Racial influences on American foreign policy.
%23284998: Shepherd, Robert J. - Public opinion and European integration.
%23250496: Shepherd, Geoffrey. - Poets and prophets : essays in medieval studies.
%23233682: Sher, George. - In praise of blame.
%23163791: Sherborne, James. - War, politics and culture in Fourteenth-Century England.
%23276190: Sheridan Walker, Sue (ed.) - The Court Rolls of the Manor of Wakefield from October 1331 to September 1333.
%23284161: Sheridan, Thomas B. - Telerobotics, Automation, and Human Supervisory Control.
%23197790: Sherif, Vamba Omar. - Het land van de vaders.
%2317595: Sherman, Cindy. - Cindy Sherman : untitled horrors.
%23166395: Shermer, Michael. - The borderlands of science : where sense meets nonsense.
%23125000: Sherover, Charles M. - Time, Freedom, and the Common Good. An Essay in Public Philosophy.
%23289265: Sherpbier, Herman. - Milton in Holland : a study in the literary relations of England and Holland before 1730.
%23182688: Sherry, Michael S. - The rise of American air power : the creation of Armageddon.
%23135706: Sherwin, Byron L. - Sparks amidst the Ashes: the spiritual legacy of Polish jewry.
%23251854: Sheshinski, Eytan & Yoram Weiss (eds.) - Optimal Pricing, Inflation, and the Cost of Price Adjustment.
%23274127: Shetter, William Z. - The Netherlands in Perspective: the Organizations of Society and Environment.
%2394486: Shevtsova, Liliia Fedorovna. - Yeltsin's Russia : myths and reality.
%23272756: Shibli, Ahlam. - Ahlam Shibli : phantom home.
%23263084: Shieber, Stuart (ed.) - The Turing test : verbal behaviour as the hallmark of intelligence.
%23284162: Shieber, Stuart M. - Constraint-Based Grammar Formalisms: Parsing and Type Inference for Natural and Computer Languages.
%23114538: Shields, David S. - Oracles of Empire : poetry, politics, and commerce in Britisch America 1690-1750.
%23273880: Shields, Sarah D. - Fezzes in the River : identity politics and European diplomacy in the Middle East on the eve of World War II.
%2389702: Shih, Jhy-mou. - Die Abwicklung des Seefrachtvertrages und die Haftung des Reeders im deutschen und chinesischen Recht.
%23279611: Shihata, Ibrahim F.I. - The World Bank Inspection Panel.
%23126585: Shikita, Minoru & Shinichi Tsuchiya (eds.) - Crime and Criminal Policy in Japan : analysis and Evaluation of the Showa Era, 1926-1988.
%23292395: Shiller, Robert J. - Finance and the good society.
%23251857: Shiller, Robert J. - Market Volatility.
%23241281: Shils, Edward. - The calling of sociology and other essays on the pursuit of learning.
%23208159: Shimbun, Asahi. - The road to the abolition of nuclear weapons.
%2385617: Shin, Yu-Cheol. - Juristische Überlegungen zur Unternehmenshaftung im Vormärz.
%2392567: Shiner, L.E. - The secret mirror. Literary form and history in Tocqueville's Recollections.
%23218942: Daniel L. Stufflebeam & Anthony J. Shinkfield. - Systematic evaluation : a self-instructional guide to theory and practice.
%23273654: Shinn, James - Fires across the water : transnational problems in Asia
%2348854: Shipman, Pat. - Taking wing : Archaeopteryx and the evolution of bird flight.
%23291841: Shirer, William L - Love and hatred : the troubled marriage of Leo and Sonya Tolstoy
%23155307: Shirer, William. L. - The rise and fall of the Third Reich : a history of Nazi Germany.
%2322503: Shirk, Susan L. - The political logic of economic reform in China.
%23273328: Shirk, Susan L. - China: Fragile Superpower: How China's Internal Politics Could Derail Its Peaceful Rise
%23215164: Shnayerson, Robert. - The illustrated history of the Supreme Court of the United States.
%23197688: Shoemaker, Donald J. - Theories of delinquency : an examination of explanations of delinquent behavior.
%23284158: Shoham, Yoav. - Reasoning About Change: Time and Causation from the Standpoint of Artificial Intelligence.
%23207890: Shook, John R. - (ed.) The Chicago school of functionalism.
%23246743: Shostak, G. Seth. & Alex Barnett. - Cosmic company : the search for life in the universe.
%23191482: Shoulson, Jeffrey S. - Milton and the Rabbis : hebraism, hellenism, & christianity.
%2335935: Showalter, Elaine. - Inventing herself : claiming a feminist intellectual heritage.
%23123053: Shrigley, David. - Yellow bird with worm.
%23252072: Shubik, Martin. - The Theory of Money and Financial Institutions (Volume 1).
%23252116: Shubik, Martin. - Game Theory in the Social Sciences, Vol. 1: Concepts and Solutions.
%23252056: Shubik, Martin. - The Theory of Money and Financial Institutions (Volume 2).
%23252111: Shubik, Martin. - A Game-Theoretic Approach to Political Economy.
%23134360: Shuffelton, F. (ed.) - The American Enlightenment.
%2399466: Shukri, Ahmed. - Muhammedan Law of Marriage and Divorce.
%23246583: Shulman, David. - From hire to liar : the role of deception in the workplace.
%2330561: Shultz, William J. - The humane movement in the United States, 1910-1922.
%23285416: Shuwen, Jolene Lin. - Governing climate change : global cities and transnational lawmaking.
%239268: Shuy, Roger W. - The language of bribery cases.
%23230970: Siawosh U, Latif Kerimov, Werner Zollinger Azadi - Azerbaijani-Caucasian Rugs.
%23248071: Sibley, Charles G. & Burt L. Monroe, Jr. - Distribution and taxonomy of birds of the world.
%23156518: Sicari, Stephen. - Pound's epic ambition : Dante and the Modern world.
%23214629: Siccama, J. G. - Restructuring Armed Forces in East and West.
%23188875: Siccama, J.G. & J.Q.Th. Rood (red.) - Grenzen aan de Europese integratie : het Westerse antwoord aan Oost-Europa.
%23182703: Siccama, Kornelis Hendrikus. - De annexatie van Bosnië-Hercegowina 5 October 1908 - 19 April 1909.
%23186930: Sichel, Kim. - Germaine Krull : photographer of modernity.
%23148568: Sicher, Efraim - Beyond Marginality: Anglo-Jewish Literature after the Holocaust.
%23136527: Sicherer, Carl August Xavier Gottlieb Friedrich. - Lorelei : Plaudereien über Holland und seine Bewohner.
%23287016: Sicherman, Harvey. - Palestinian autonomy, self-government, & peace.
%23127472: Sickel, Theodor von. - Liber diurnus Romanorum pontificum ex unico codice Vaticano denuo editus.
%23292272: Sickert, Walter. - Sickert : paintings.
%23274827: Sicking, J.M.J. - Overgave en verzet : de levens- en wereldbeschouwing van Carry van Bruggen.
%23278970: Sicking, Christiaan Marie Jan. - Aristophanes' Ranae : een hoofdstuk uit de geschiedenis der Griekse poetica.
%23243519: Sidel, Mark - The constitution of Vietnam : a contextual analysis.
%2377676: SIDGWICK, NEVIL VINCENT. - The electronic theory of valency.
%23249072: Sidgwick, Henry. - The methods of ethics. Seventh edition.
%23137606: Sidhu, Jatinder S. - Organization Mission, Business Domain Orientation, and Performance. A conceptual and empirical inquiry.
%23262183: Sidorenko, Olga Ferguson. - European asylum law and policy : the EU and Slovak perspectives.
%23214964: Sieben, Raymond & Jacques Ziller. - 1992: de gevolgen van EG beleid voor decentrale overheden in Nederland.
%2386046: Sieber, Ulrich. - The International Handbook on Computer Crime: Computer-related Economic Crime and the Infringements of Privacy.
%23291451: Siebert, Fredrick Seaton. - Freedom of the press in England 1476-1776 : the rise and decline of government controls.
%234678: Siebert, Horst (ed.) - Trade and environment : a theoretical enquiry.
%23286854: Siebesma, Pieter. - Bijdrage tot de quantiteitstheorie.
%23127474: Siebs, Benno Eide. - Weltbild, symbolische Zahl und Verfassung.
%23278797: Sieburg, Friedrich. - Napoleon : [de honderd dagen].
%2370608: Sieburgh, Carla. - Toerekening van een onrechtmatige daad.
%23270503: Siedentopf, Heinrich & Jacques Ziller (eds.) - L'Europe des administrations? : la mise en oeuvre de la législation communautaire dans les états membres. Vol. I: Synthèses comparatives.
%23270506: Siedentopf, Heinrich & Jacques Ziller (eds.) - Making European policies work : the implementation of Community legislation in the member states = L'Europe des administrations? : la mise en oeuvre de la législation communautaire dans les états membres. Vol. II: National reports = rapports nationaux.
%23217692: Siegel, James T. - A new criminal type in Jakarta : counter revolution today.
%2377931: SIEGEL, C. - Lawrence among the women. Wavering boundaries in women's literary traditions.
%23279091: Siegel, Carl. - Alois Riehl : ein Beitrag zur Geschichte des Neukantianismus. : Festschrift der Universität Graz.
%23277240: Siegel, James T. - Objects and objections of ethnography.
%2341640: Siegel, Ronald K. - Intoxication : life in pursuit of artificial paradise.
%2378872: Siegel, Heinrich. - Das Versprechen als Verpflichtungsgrund im heutigen Recht. Eine germanistische Studie.
%23243827: Siegele, Starr. - Toiles for all seasons : French & English printed textiles.
%23280822: Siegersx, Monique F.W. - Exploring farmers' perceptions of drought in Tanzania and Ethiopia.
%2381713: Siegfried, Walter. - Untersuchungen zur Staatslehre des Aristoteles.
%23127476: Siegfried, Carl. - Philo von Alexandria als Ausleger des Alten Testaments.
%23132958: Sieghart, Paul. - The International Law of Human Rights.
%23231290: Siegmund, Jörg. - Opfer ohne Lobby? : Ziele, Strukturen und Arbeitsweise der Verbände der Opfer des DDR-Unrechts.
%23231732: Siegmund, Jörg. - Opfer ohne Lobby? : Ziele, Strukturen und Arbeitsweise der Verbände der Opfer des DDR-Unrechts.
%23277050: Siegrist, Hannes & Dietmar Müller (eds.) - Property in East Central Europe : nations, institutions and practices of landownership in the twentieth century.
%2379559: Siehr, Kurt. - Private law in the international arena : from national conflict rules towards harmonization and unification : liber amicorum Kurt Siehr.
%23192763: Siekmann, Robert C.R. - Basic Documents on United Nations and Related Peace-Keeping Forces : with an appendix on UN military observer missions.
%2366564: Siekmann, Robert C.R. - Juridische aspecten van de deelname met nationale contigenten aan VN-vredesmachten (Nederland en Unifil).
%23213989: Siemerink, L.A.R. - De overeenkomst van Internet Service Providers met consumenten.
%2395584: SIEMSEN, A. - Goethe, Mensch und Kämpfer. Eine Einführung in sein Leben und Werk und eine Auswahl der Gedichte.
%23284395: Siepmann, Eckhard (ed.). - Fantasie und Alltag in Sowjet - Rubland : ein Augenzeugenbericht von René Fülöp-Miller.
%2318187: Sier, A.A. C. - Cicero's somnium scipionis.
%23284342: Sierksma, Rypke. - Plan, partijdigheid en politiemoraal : over Foucault, macht en maatschappelijke kennis.
%23287010: Sierksma, Gerard. - Linear and integer programming : theory and practice.
%23255979: Siertsema, Lodewijk Hendrik. - De Jamin'sche interferentiaalrefractor en hiermede verrichte brekingsindices-bepalingen.
%23221018: Siesling, Mirjam. - Multiculturaliteit en verdediging in strafzaken : een onderzoek naar de manieren waarop in het Nederlandse strafrecht ruimte wordt gevonden voor het verwerken van de culturele achtergrond van de verdachte.
%23207581: Sieveking, Klaus (ed.) - Das Kommunalwahlrecht für Ausländer
%2330864: Sigal, Leon V. - Fighting to a finish: the politics of war termination in the United States and Japan, 1945.
%23254096: Sigúan, Marisa und Karl Wagner (eds.) - Transkulturelle Beziehungen : Spanien und Österreich im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert.
%23246828: Sigur, Hannah. - The influence of Japanese art on design.
%2378994: Sigwart, Heinrich Christoph Wilhelm. - Vergleichung der Rechts- und Staatstheorien des B. Spinoza und des T. Hobbes, nebst Betrachtungen über das Verhältnis zwischen dem Staat und der Kirche.
%23127477: Sigwart, Heinrich Christoph Wilhelm. - Die Leibnizsche Lehre von der prästabilierten Harmonie, in ihrem Zusammenhange mit früheren Philosophemen betrachtet.
%23127478: Sigwart, Heinrich Christoph Wilhelm. - Der Spinozismus, historisch und philosophisch erläutert, mit Beziehung auf ältere und neuere Ansichten.
%23127479: Sigwart, Heinrich Christoph Wilhelm. - Über den Zusammenhang des Spinozismus mit der Cartesianischen Philosophie. Ein philosophischer Versuch.
%23146562: Sijbrands, Marja. - Strategische en logistieke besluitvorming. Een empirisch onderzoek naar informatiegebruik en instrumentele ondersteuning.
%23130885: Sijes, B.A. - Vervolging van Zigeuners in Nederland, 1940-1945.
%23146528: Sijm, Jos. - Food security and policy interventions in Sub-Saharan Africa. Lessons from the past two decades.
%23160318: Sijmmons, J.G. ... [et al.] - Maatschappelijk ondernemen in het bijzonder in de zorg.
%23160524: Sijmmons, J.G. ... [et al.] - Verslag van de vergadering van de 'Vereeniging Handelsrecht' van 10 juni 2008 : maatschappelijk ondernemen in het bijzonder in de zorg, naar aanleiding van de voordrachten van prof. mr. J.G. Sijmons ... [et al.]
%23231485: Sijmonsma, J.R. - Het inzagerecht : Artikel 843a van het Wetboek van Burgerlijke Rechtsvordering.
%23104536: Sijpesteijn, P.J. & K.A. Worp (eds.) - Eine Steuerliste aus Pheretnuis (P. Pher).
%23244458: Sijtsema, Johanne Catherine. - De 17 keuren en de 24 landrechten in de Ommelander rechtshandschriften.
%23237426: Sijtsma, Wil. - Stiel, stijl & styling.
%23232521: Ko Swan Sik (ed.), - Asian Yearbook of International Law, 1991.
%2316195: Ko Swan Sik. - De meervoudige nationaliteit.
%23269087: Sikkel, J.C. - Vrijmaking van den arbeid.
%23289165: Sikkel, D. ... [et al.] - Methoden voor omvangsschattingen van verborgen populaties, met name illegalen.
%23283105: Sikkelerus, W.P. van. - Het fiscale compromis. 2e druk.
%23186400: Sikkes, P. & A. Zadel. - Beknopt leerboek voor het gemeenterecht.
%23292053: Sikkink, Kathryn. - The hidden face of rights : toward a politics of responsibilities.
%23291807: Sikkink, Kathryn - Evidence for hope : making human rights work in the 21st century
%23110342: Sikora, Joseph J. - Theological reflections of a Christian Philosopher.
%2353804: Sikuta, Ján & Eva Hubálková. - European Court of Human Rights : case-law of the grand-chamber 1998-2006.
%23291571: Silberbach, Frank. - Berlin 140°.
%2379946: Silberer, Herbert. - Der Traum : Einführung in die Traumpsychologie.
%23238494: Silk, Jonathan A. - Riven by lust : incest and schism in Indian Buddhist legend and historiography.
%2317998: Silk, Joseph. - Cosmic enigmas.
%23246705: Silk, Joseph. - On the shores of the unknown : a short history of the universe.
%239056: Sillevis Smitt, H.H. - De meestbegunstigingsclausule in handelsverdragen. Diss.
%2366033: Sillevis, J.W. - Het recht van gratie.
%23216829: Sillevis, John. & Hans Kraan. - De School van Barbizon : Franse meesters van de 19de eeuw.
%23106408: Sillevis Smit, J.L.W. (e.a.) - NAI 50 jaar : Arbitrage: in wiens handen? : jubileumboek ter gelegenheid van het vijftigjarig bestaan van het Nederlands Arbitrage Insituut.
%23280647: Sillitoe, Paul. - Indigenous Knowledge Inquiries : a Methodologies Manual for Development.
%23279078: Sillitoe, Paul. - From land to mouth : the agricultural economy of the Wola of the New Guinea highlands.
%23286250: Silva Rosa, J.S. da. - Geschiedenis der Portugeesche joden te Amsterdam. 1593-1925.
%23216956: Silva, Purnaka Lohendra de. - Political violence and its cultural constructions : representations & narrations in times of war.
%23292270: Silver, Larry. - Pieter Bruegel.
%23288278: Silver, Brian L. - The ascent of science.
%23177573: Silverburg, Sanford R. (ed.) - Palestine and international law : essays on politics and economics.
%23226440: Silverburg, Sanford R. & Reich, Bernard. - U.S. foreign relations with the Middle East and North Africa : a bibliography.
%2388782: Silverentand, Larissa (ed.) - Hoofdlijnen Wft. 2e druk.
%23284596: Silverman, Marty. - Stepping stones.
%23273935: Silverman, Marty - Stepping Stones
%23274313: Silverman, David. - Qualitative research : theory, method, and practice.
%23200612: Silverstein, Harvey B - Superships and nation-states: The transnational politics of the Intergovernmental Maritime Consultative Organization.
%23292166: Silverthorne, Jeffrey. - Jeffrey Silverthorne : working.
%23190337: Silvestre, Armand. - Le nu au salon de 1896 (Champs-Élysées).
%23255975: Sim, May. - Remastering morals with Aristotle and Confucius.
%23184103: Simai, Mihály. - Economic integration : concepts, theories and problems : [a selection from the papers contributed to the Fourth World Congress of Economists, held in Budapest, August 19-24, 1974].
%23218145: Simbeye, Yitiha. - Immunity and international criminal law.
%23155847: Simbolon, Indira Juditka. - Peasant women and access to land : customary law, state law and gender-based ideology : the case of the Toba-Batak (North Sumatra).
%2375869: Sime, M.E. & M.J. Coombs (eds.) - Designing for human-computer communication.
%23278777: Simenon, Georges & Frederick Franck. - Het Parijs van Simenon.
%2321597: Simeon, Joel Ben - The Ashkenazi Haggadah.
%23286201: Simester, Andrew & G.R. Sillivan. - Criminal Law : theory and doctrine. Second edition.
%23273148: Simester, Andrew (Editor) - Criminal Law Theory: Doctrines of the General Part
%23278363: Simkin, Colin. - Popper's views on natural and social science.
%2382652: Simma, Bruno (ed.) - The charter of the United Nations : a commentary.
%2373263: Simmel, Georg. - Philosophische Kultur.
%23258498: Simmel, Georg. - Philosophie des Geldes.
%23223770: Simmel, Georg. - Einleitung in die Moralwissenschaft : eine Kritik der ethischen Grundbegriffe. Band 1.
%23268765: Simmel, Georg. - Soziologie : Untersuchungen uber die Formen der Vergesellschaftung. 5. Auflage.
%23203632: Simmonds, Kenneth R. [ed.] - U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea, 1982.
%23281437: Simmonds, R. - Legal problems arising from the United Nations military operations in the Congo.
%23279757: Simmons, John Galbraith. - The Scientific 100; a Ranking of the Most Influential Scientists, Past and Present by Simmons, John G. (2009) Hardcover.
%2387026: Simmons, C.A. - Reversing the conquest : history and myth in nineteenth-century British literature.
%23197613: Simmons, Mary Kate (ed.) - Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization. Yearbook 1995.
%2349601: Simoens, Dries - Vergoeding voor verkeersslachtoffers: Naar een grondige hervorming.
%23292311: Simon, Jürgen. - Das allgemeine Persönlichkeitsrecht und seine gewerblichen Erscheinungsformen : ein Entwicklungsprozess.
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%23150339: Sperling, Jutta Gisela. - Convents and the body politic in Renaissance Venice.
%23277735: Speyer, A. Nicol. - Verschuldigheid van vracht bij vervoer te zee.
%23267227: Speyer, A. Nicol. - Verschuldigheid van vracht bij vervoer te zee.
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%23100889: Spiegel, Friedrich von. - Eranische Altertumskunde : Persien und die Perser von den ältesten Zeiten bis zur Islamisierung.
%23100890: Spiegel, Friedrich von. - Vergleichende Grammatik der altiranischen Sprachen : eine Grundlegende vergleichende Darstellung der altiranischen Dialekte, der Keilschriftsprache und des Awesta, mit Berücksichtigung der neuiranischen und indischen Sprachen : Lautlehre, Morphologie, Flexionslehre und Syntax
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%23176581: Spiegel, Eugene. - Incidence algebras.
%2387360: Spiegel, Laurens Pieter Jan van de. - Résumé des négociations, qui accompagnèrent la révolution des Pays-Bas Autrichiens, avec les pièces justificatives.
%23288885: Spiegel, Laurens Pieter van de. - Verhandeling over den oorsprong en de historie der vaderlandsche rechten, inzonderheid van Holland en Zeeland.
%23278388: Spiegel, Laurens Pieter van de. - Verhandeling over den oorsprong en de historie der vaderlandsche rechten, inzonderheid van Holland en Zeeland.
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%23254604: Spiegel, Laurens Pieter van de. - Verhandeling over den oorsprong en de historie der vaderlandsche rechten, inzonderheid van Holland en Zeeland.
%2335933: Spiegel, Laurens Pieter van de. - Verhandeling over den oorsprong en de historie der vaderlandsche rechten, inzonderheid van Holland en Zeeland.
%23104423: Spiegelberg, Herbert. - Phenomenological perspectives
%23170573: Spiegelberg, Herbert. - Gesetz und Sittengesetz: Strukturanalytische und historische Vorstudien zu einer gesetzfreien Ethik.
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%2357006: Spier, J. - Overeenkomsten met de overheid.
%23288316: Spier, J. ... [et al.] - Verbintenissen uit de wet en schadevergoeding.
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%23248437: Spier, J. - Overeenkomsten met de overheid.
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%23264272: Spies, Werner (ed.) - Picassos Welt der Kinder.
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%23272025: Spilker, Kaye D. & Sharon Sadako Takeda. - Breaking the mode : contemporary fashion from the permanent collection Los Angeles Museum of Art.
%2380160: Spiller, Pablo - Agua perdida : compromisos institucionales para el suministro de servicios pub?licos sanitarios.
%23288125: Spiller, Neil. - Architecture and surrealism : a blistering romance : with 199 illustrations.
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%23280527: Spinath, I. ... [et al.] - Praktijkregels voor curatoren, toetsingsregelement en ReCoFa Richtlijnen, 2005 : [Insolad, 2005].
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%23231051: Spinelli, Claudia - Hannah Villiger.
%2367075: Spinner, Jeff. - The boundaries of citizenship : race , ethnicity , and nationality in the liberal state.
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%23135994: Spiteris, Tony. - Art de Chypre des origines à l époque romaine.
%23286326: Spits, Elisabeth. - Nederlandse jachten 1875-1975.
%23179838: Spits, F.C. - Naar een Europees leger.
%23172186: Spitz, Ellen Handler. - Inside picture books.
%23219693: Spitzer, Robert J. - Politics and constitutionalism : the Louis Fisher connection.
%23245909: Spivey, Nigel. - The Ancient Olympics.
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%23232591: Spoor, Max (ed.) - Globalisation, poverty and conflict: a critical 'development' reader.
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%23283138: Nederlandsche Spoorwegen. - Dienstregeling : 26 mei 1963-30 mei 1964.
%2345926: Vereeniging tot Stichting en Exploitatie van een Herstellingsoord voor Spoorwegpersoneel. - Gedenkboek uitgegeven t.g.v. het vijf-jarig bestaan der Vereeniging tot Stichting en Exploitatie van een Herstellingsoord voor Spoorwegpersoneel.
%23201810: Stichting Spel en sport. - Volksspelen.
%23239841: Spoto, Donald. - Joan : the mysterious life of the heretic who became a saint.
%2368054: Spöttel, Walter. - Honig und Trockenmilch : Biochemie und therapeutische Bedeutung.
%23289713: Spotts, Frederic. - Cursed legacy : the tragic life of Klaus Mann.
%2330383: Sprack, John. - A practical approach to criminal procedure.
%23279721: Sprack, John. - Employment law and practice.
%23256799: Spragens jr., Thomas A. - The irony of liberal reason.
%2374050: Sprague, Marshall. - So vast, so beautiful a land: Louisiana and the purchase.
%23214786: Spree, Reinhard - Die Wachstumszyklen der deutschen Wirtschaft von 1840 bis 1880: Mit e. konjunkturstatist. Anh (Schriften zur Wirtschafts- und Sozialgeschichte ; Bd. 29).
%23156094: Spreeuw, Jaap. - Heterogeneity of hazard rates in insurance.
%23291113: Sprenger van Eyk, J.P. [S.V.E.). - De wet op het notaris-ambt van 9 julij 1842 (Staatsblad no.20), zooals zij luidt na de daarin gebragte wijzigingen, benevens het tarief van het honorarium en de wetten op de openbare verkoopingen van roerende goederen, enz. voor zooverre op het notaris-ambt van toepassing, toegelicht en van aanteekeningen voorzien.
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%23273268: Sprenger, Reinhard K. - Sprenger : de motivatiemythe : manieren om de impasse te omzeilen.
%23228496: Sprenger, R.M. - Viglius van Aytta und seine Notizen über Beratungen am Reichskammergericht (1535-1537).
%23287124: Sprenger, Gerhard. - Naturrecht und Natur der Sache.
%23145695: Sprietsma, Cargill - We Imperialists. Notes on Ernest Seillière's Philosophy of Imperialism.
%23261473: Spriggs, Lynne - Let It Shine : Self-Taught Art from the T. Marshall Hahn Collection.
%23277978: Springman, Michael. - The Guards Brigade in the Crimea.
%23246410: Sprinker, Michael. - History and ideology in Proust : a la recherche du temps perdu and the Third French Republic.
%23248123: Spritzler, John & David Stratman. - On the public agenda : essays for change.
%23285088: Spronck, Lou. - Theodoor Weustenraad (1805-1849) en de 'Percessie van Scherpenheuvel'.
%23182612: Spronk, Johannes E. W. - Bijdrage tot de Biografie van Nicolò Paganini.
%2368010: Spronken, Taru. - An EU-Wide Letter of Rights: Towards Best Practice.
%23276265: Spruijt, H. & W. Slootweg (ed.) - Verzameling van al de nog van kracht zijnde circulaires van het Provinciaal Bestuur van Zuid-Holland : in druk medegedeeld aan de besturen der gemeenten in dat gewest, over het tijdvak 1813-1875.
%23187326: Spruit, J.E. (e.a.) - Corpus Iuris Civilis. IV: Digesten 25-34. Tekst en Vertaling.
%23235215: Spruit, J.E. - Metopen : verzamelde essays over het Romeinse recht en zijn geschiedenis.
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%2318713: Spruit, J.E. & R. Feenstra (eds.) - Textus iuris Romani. Teksten ten gebruike bij de studie van het Romeinse recht.
%2363835: Spruit, J.E. - Rechtsgeleerde muurbloempjes uit de 17e eeuw : curieus verglaasde wandtegels met taferelen uit de Pandecten = Le droit romain, sujet d'une décoration murale du 17e siècle : carreaux émaillés illustrant les Pandectes de Justinien.
%2330386: Spruit, J.E. (ed.). - Maior viginti quinque annis : essays in commemoration of the sixth lustrum of the Institute for Legal History of the University of Utrecht.
%2353405: Spruit, J.E. & K.E.M. Bongenaar (eds.) - Gaius en Paulus.
%2353407: Spruit, J.E. & K.E.M. Bongenaar (eds.) - Fragmenta Vaticana : collatio : consultatio : scholia Sinaïtica : probus.
%23238634: Spruit, J.E. (e.a.) - Corpus Iuris Civilis VIII: Codex Justinianus 4-8.
%2353197: Spruit, J.E. & K.E.M. Bongenaar (eds.) - De Instituten van Gaius.
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%2310683: Spruit, J.E. & K.E.M. Bongenaar (eds.) - Ulpianus, Papinianus en kleinere fragmenten.
%2328215: Spruit, J.E. - Van vedelaars, trommers en pijpers.

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