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6853: ROBINS (JOYCE). - The World's Greatest Disasters.
7420: ROBINS (T. S.). - Xarifa, Yachting Scene Off Cowes Isle of Wight, Fores's Marine Sketches series plate 1, engraved by J. Harris after a painting by T. S. Robins, depicting Xarifa, H.M.S. Yacht Victoria & Albert & Fairy, Mirage, Bianca, Musquito, Pearl
6374: ROBINSON (THOMAS). - Scripture Characters, or, a practical improvement of the principal histories in the Old and New Testament in three volumes, a new edition, containing a biographical account of the author
6521: RODDIS (ROLAND). - Cornish Harbours, with 23 photographs
3512: ROE (DEREK). - Prehistory, An Introduction
8306: ROE (DEREK A.). - The Lower and Middle Palaeolithic Periods in Britain, Archaeology of Britain series edited by Barry Cunliffe,
6425: ROGERS (JANE). - Mr Wroe's Virgins.
1700: ROGERS (JOHN C.). - English Furniture, revised and enlarged by Margaret Jourdain
4720: ROGERS (COLONEL H. C. B.). - Napoleon's Army, .
2784: ROGERS (COLONEL H. C. B.). - Transition from Steam.
7434: ROGERS (RICHARD). - Cities for a small planet, edited by Philip Gumuchdjian,
8687: ROGERSON (JOHN). - The New Atlas of the Bible,
4440: ROGERSON (SIDNEY). - The Old Enchantment, with a foreword by Viscount Halifax, illustrated with woodcuts by J. E. Maunton
4756: ROHMER (MAJOR-GENERAL RICHARD). - Patton's Gap, an account of the Battle of Normandy 1944
6881: ROHWER (JURGEN). - War at Sea 1939 - 1945, (Jurgen Rohwer served in the German Navy from 1942 to 1945)
4445: ROLFE (WILFRID). - The Love of Britain, introduction by the Marquess of Bath
4262: ROLLESTON (MARGARET ANNE). - An English History Note Book, with an introduction by Rev. T. W. Sharpe, Sixth Edition, The "Guide" Series
4324: ROMER (ELIZABETH). - Italian Pizza and Savoury Breads, written and illustrated by Elizabeth Romer
1716: ROMFAHRER (BERUHMTER). - Rom, Ein Farbbildbuch Mit Ausgewahlten, farbfotos von Kurt Otto-Wasow, einfuhrung und textauswahl von Dr. Hans Mollier
3559: ROMFORD (T., EDITOR). - Famous Sporting Prints, 1. Hunting
4109: ROOM (ADRIAN). - The Street Names of England.
1822: ROOME (WM. J. W.). - Apolo, The Apostle to the Pygmies (Africa), with a foreword by Rev. Preb. W. Wilson Cash
1816: ROOME (WM. J. W.). - Apolo, The Apostle to the Pygmies (Africa), with foreword by Rev. Preb. W. Wilson Cash, DD
1701: ROONEY (BRIAN). - The Whitbread Book of Horses.
2595: ROONEY (DAVID). - Burma Victory, Imphal and Kohima March 1944 to May 1945, Cassell Military Paperbacks series
3675: ROONEY (DAVID). - Burma Victory, Imphal and Kohima March 1944 to may 1945, Cassell Military Paperbacks series
2473: RORIE (DAVID). - The Auld Doctor, and other Poems and Songs in Scots
5844: ROSCI (MARCO). - The Hidden Leonardo.
10283: ROSCOE (THOMAS). - The Tourist in Italy, illustrated from drawings by S. Prout Esq FSA, The Landscape Annual 1831,
10282: ROSCOE (THOMAS). - The Tourist in Switzerland and Italy, illustrated from drawings by S. Prout, The Landscape Annual for 1830,
5839: ROSE (ANDREA). - The Pre-Raphaelites.
1791: ROSE (H. J.). - Outlines of Classical Literature, for students of English
2874: ROSE (FRAN). - Cross Stitch, Design Manual
3990: ROSEBERY (LORD). - Napoleon, The Last Phase
5466: ROSEBERY (LORD). - Miscellanies Literary & Historical.
2142: ROSENTHAL (HAROLD), WARRACK (JOHN). - Concise Oxford Dictionary of Opera.
6961: ROSS (GORDON). - The Boat Race, The Story of the First Hundred Races Between Oxford and Cambridge
9738: ROSS (NORMAN P. EDITOR). - The Epic of Man, by the Editors of life,
3753: ROSS (JOSEPHINE). - The Monarchs of Britain.
5094: ROSS (JOHN M.). - Scottish History and Literature, to the period of the Reformation, edited with biographical sketch by James Brown
9865: ROSSETTI (WILLIAM MICHAEL). - The Pre-Raphaelites & Their World, A Personal View From Some Reminiscences and other writings, Introduction and Epilogue by Angela Thirlwell,
6309: ROTHENSTEIN (JOHN). - Augustus John.
1459: ROTHENSTEIN (JOHN). - The Tate Gallery, 68 reproductions in full colour and 39 reproductions in photogravure
3758: ROTHERY (GUY CADOGAN). - Concise Encylcopedia of Heraldry, (originally published in 1915 as 'ABC of Heraldry')
6990: ROTHSCHILD (MIRIAM), CLAY (THERESA). - Fleas, Flukes & Cuckoos, A Study of Bird Parasites, with 99 black and white photographs, 4 maps & 22 drawings, A New Naturalist Special Volume
3383: ROUBIER (JEAN). - Odhams Practical Photography and Film-Making, edited by K. S. Ankersmit
5128: ROUSE (LYDIA L.). - Effie Patterson's Story.
6651: ROVIRA (JOSEP M.). - Jose Luis Sert 1901 - 1983.
9916: ROWE (LAURA). - Granite Crosses of West Cornwall,
1159: ROWE (W. H.). - Our Forests.
3384: ROWENA (ANNE). - Handknitting Collection, 34 stunning designs, photography by Martin Palmer
4401: ROWLAND (T. J. S.). - Unusual Things For Lively Youngsters, illustrated by the author
9450: ROWLING (J. K.). - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,
1673: ROWSE (A. L.). - William Shakespeare, a biography
4350: ROWSE (A. L.). - The England of Elizabeth.
3182: ROWSE (A. L.). - Windsor Castle, in the history of the nation
2486: ROWSE (A. L.). - Windsor Castle, in the history of the nation
2559: RUBENSTEIN (LEONARD). - The Great Spy films.
7369: RUBIN (JAMES H.). - Nadar 55 (55 series),
4778: RUDORFF (RAYMOND). - War to the Death, The Siege of Saragossa 1808 - 1809
2411: GANS - RUEDIN (E.). - Antique Oriental Carpets, from the seventeenth to the early twentieth century, with 200 illustrations, 40 in colour and 7 maps
6652: RUHE (PETER). - Gandhi, Pictures edited by Sophie Spencer-Wood and historical research by Terence McNamee
2630: RULE (MARGARET). - The Mary Rose, the excavation and raising of Henry V111's flagship, foreword by HRH The Prince of Wales
5308: RUMBELOW (DONALD). - The Complete Jack the Ripper, a new and completely revised edition of a classic case-history of murder, introduced by Colin Wilson
3833: RUMP. - Rump, or an Exact Collection Of the Choycest Poems and Songs Relating to the Late Times, By the most Eminent Wits, from Anno 1639 to Anno 1661, Volume 2. Printed for Henry Brome at the Gun in Ivy-lane, and Henry Marsh at the Princes Armes in Chancery-lane, 1662
8152: RUOFF (JAMES E.). - Macmillan's Handbook of Elizabethan & Stuart Literature,
6689: RUSCHA (ED). - They Called Her Syrene.
10265: RUSKIN (JOHN). - The Wprks of John Ruskin Volume XXX1X General Index Library Edition, edited by E. T. Cook and Alexander Wedderburn,
4472: RUSKIN (JOHN). - Sesame & Lilies, The Two Paths & The King of the Golden River, Everyman's Library edited by Ernest Rhys, with an introduction by Sir Oliver Lodge
6710: RUSMAN (E.). - Wings Across Continents, (The K.L.M. Amsterdam - Batavia Line)
1145: RUSSELL (JOHN). - Shakespeare's Country, illus. from photos. and prints
10101: RUSSELL (NORMA). - A Bibliography of William Cowper to 1837,
7303: RUSSELL (LADY ELIZABETH, BARONESS HENNING VON ARNIM). - Elizabeth and Her German Garden,
7811: RUSSELL (SIR E. JOHN). - The World of the Soil, with 4 colour photographs, 44 photographs in black and white and 11 text figures, The New Naturalist, A Survey of British Natural History, No. 35
2464: RUSSELL (LEONARD). - The Saturday Book 8, being the eighth annual issue of this celebrated cabinet of curiosities and looking-glass of past and present, edited by Leonard Russell, the book designed by Laurence Scarfe
4072: RUSSELL (RONALD). - Walking Canals, edited by Ronald Russell
10127: RUSSELL (NORMA). - A Bibliography of William Cowper to 1837, Oxford Bibliographical Publications New Series Volume X11,
1592: RUSSELL (LEONARD). - The Saturday Book Fifth Year, edited by Leonard Russell
1591: RUSSELL (LEONARD). - The Saturday Book Sixth Year, edited by Leonard Russell, with illustrations by Laurence Scarfe
1529: RUSSELL (BETH). - Victorian Needlepoint, special photography by John Greenwood
10150: RUSSELL (PERCY). - A History of Torquay and the Famous Anchorage of Torbay,
6806: RUSSIA. - World War 11 Battle of Russia, including the Fall of Leningrad and the Defeat ofthe Nazi's in Stalingrad
6167: RUTCZYNSKI (K.). - Gentleman, The Horse !, The Horse in Polish Life and Art
4341: RUTHERFORD (MARGOT), CURTIS (TONY). - The Lyle official Antiques review 1979, compiled by Margot Rutherford, edited by Tony Curtis
3704: RUTHERFORD (MARGOT). - The Lyle Official Antiques Review 1979, compiled by Margot Rutherford, edited by Tony Curtis
2589: RUTLAND (JONATHAN). - Ships, New Horizon Library series
2363: RUTTER (FRANK). - The Wallace Collection, National Treasures series
4786: RYAN (CORNELIUS). - The Longest Day, A Corgi D-Day Special
6633: EDITORIAL ESCUDO DE ORO SA. - All Sevilla, text, photographs, lay-out and reproduction, entirely designed and created by the technical department of Editorial Escudo De Oro SA
1474: SA (HERNANE TAVARES DE). - The Brazilians, People of Tomorrow, with a map by R. M. Chapin, Jr.
5893: SACK (FREDA), SIMMONS (JOHN) AND TIM RICH. - 26 Letters Illuminating the Alphabet, edited by Freda Sack, John Simmons and Tim Rich
4063: SACRET (J. H.). - Bourbon and Vasa, A Textbook Ff European History, 1610 - 1715, with a summary of the events immediately preceding
4366: SAGAN (CARL), LEONARD (JONATHAN NORTON). - Planets, Life Science Library series
5763: LE SAGE (ALAIN RENE). - Histoire de Gil Blas, par Le Sage, vignettes par Jean Gigoux
4224: SAGE (RENE LE). - The Devil On Two Sticks, a new edition with an introduction by Arthur Symons, with illustrations and decorations by Philip Hagreen
3324: SAINT (ANDREW), DARLEY (GILLIAN). - The Chronicles of London.
5583: SAINTSBURY (GEORGE). - A Scrap Book; A Second Scrap Book; A Last Scrap Book.
8700: SAKLATVALA (BERAM). - Arthur: Roman Britain's Last Champion,
2093: SALIS (MRS DE). - Sweets and Supper Dishes A La Mode, Third Edition
9283: SALISBURY:. - antique engraved view of Salisbury in Wiltshire, View of the City of Salisbury in Wiltshire
7795: SALISBURY (SIR EDWARD). - Weeds & Aliens, with a colour frontispiece, 29 photographs in black and white and 34 line drawings, diagrams and maps by the author, The New Naturalist, A Survey of British Natural History, No. 43,
9772: SALLUST, FLORUS AND VELLEIUS PATERCULUS. - Sallust, Florus, and Velleius Paterculus, literally translated with copious notes and a general index by the Rev. John Selby Watson, Bohn's Classical Library,
6819: SALMON (EDWARD). - United Empire Volume X1X (New Series) 1928, The Journal of The Royal Empire Society (formerly The Royal Institute)
6817: SALMON (EDWARD). - United Empire Volume XX (New Series) 1929, The Journal of the Royal Empire Society (formerly The Royal Colonial Institute)
1563: SALMON (ARTHUR L.). - Dartmoor.
6820: SALMON (EDWARD). - United Empire Volume XXV11 (New Series) 1936, The Journal of the Royal Empire Society (formerly The Royal Colonial Institute)
9647: SALMON (ARTHUR L.). - Dartmoor, Described by Arthur L. Salmon, Pictured by E. W. Haslehurst, Blackie's Beautiful England and Scotland series,
6814: SAPIENTIA SALOMONIS. - Sapientia Salomonis (Song of Solomon in Greek, Armenian and Latin).
6959: SALT (HENRY S.). - Richard Jefferies: His Life & His Ideals, new and cheaper edition
9979: SALUSBURY (G. T.). - Street Life in Medieval England
8483: SALWAY (PETER). - The Oxford Illustrated History of Roman Britain,
9011: SALZMAN (L. F.). - English Life in the Middle Ages,
4237: SAMPSON (HENRY). - Jane's World Railways 1967 - 68, edited by Henry Sampson, 10th Edition
9616: SAMPSON (ANTHONY). - Anatomy of Britain,
6464: SAMUELS (H.). - Industrial Law, with a foreword by Sir Harold Morris, Fifth Edition
5649: SANDAK (CASS R.). - New Frontiers Exploration in the 20th Century The World of Space.
4159: MURET-SANDERS. - Muret-Sanders Encyclopaedic English-German and German-English Dictionary, 2 volumes, giving the pronunciation according to the phonetic system employed in the method of Toussaint-Langenscheidt, Abridged Edition (for school and home) Part First English-German by B. Klatt, revised by Edmund Klatt, Part 11 German-English by H. Baumann brought up to date by a supplement by Professor E. Klatt
7425: SANDERS (MARK). - Star Culture The collected interviews from Dazed and Confused magazine, including Damien Hirst, Iggy Pop, Alexander McQueen, John Waters, Oasis, Ice T, Malcolm McLaren, Harmony Korine, Kate Moss, Larry Clark, Stockhausen, Noam Chomsky, Grace Jones, Tibor Kalman, Astrid Proll, Jean Baudrillard, David Bowie, Jerry Hall, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Anita Pallenberg, Bjork, Harry Crews and others,
7162: SANDERS (MARK), POYNTER (PHIL) AND ROBIN DERRICK. - The Impossible Image, fashion photography in the digital age, contributing photographers Nick Knight, Phil Poynter, Inez van Lamsweerde, Lee Jenkins, Rankin, Matt Alas and Marcus Piggott, Vincent Peters, Andrea Giacobbe, Norbert Schoerner, Stephane Sednaoui, Solve Sundsbo, Mike Thomas,
7904: SANDERSON (EDGAR). - The British Empire, Volume V1 only (West Indies and Australasia), At Home and Abroad, an account of its origin, progress, and present position, with full descriptions, with many illustrations and maps, new edition, greatly enlarged and brought down to the beginning of the twentieth century,
5643: SANDS (DAVID). - An Interpret Guide to Central American Cichlids, a detailed survey of this colourful and challenging group of freshwater tropical fishes
5425: SANDYS (CELIA). - From Winston With Love and kisses, The Young Churchill
4936: SANDYS (CELIA). - The Young Churchill, The Early Years of Winston Churchill by his granddaughter Celia Sandys
4937: SANDYS (CELIA). - From Winston With love and kisses, The Young Churchill
1460: SANTINI (CARLO). - Il Paesaggio Del '900, a cura di, printed in Italian
1895: SAPPER. - Bulldog Drummond, The Bulldog Drummond Books
2479: SAPPER. - Word of Honour.
7008: SARGEAUNT (H. A.), WEST (GEOFFREY). - Grand Strategy, The Search for Victory
5914: SASSIENIE (PAUL). - The Comic Book, the one essential guide for comic book fans everywhere
10198: SASSOON (SIEGFRIED). - The Heart's Journey,
2074: SASSOON (SIEGFRIED). - Poems by Pinchbeck Lyre, "It is the season of Larks"
9935: SASSOON (SIEGFRIED). - Memoirs of a Fox-Hunting Man ; Memoirs of an Infantry Officer ; Sherston's Progress ; 3 volumes, all SIGNED LIMITED EDITIONS,
3877: SATTIN (D. L.). - Barge Building and Barge Builders of the Swale.
1049: SAUERLANDT (MAX). - Deutsche Plastik des Mittelalters, mit uber hundert, zumeist ganzseitigen, abbildungen
9168: SAUL (NIGEL). - The National Trust Historical Atlas of Britain, Prehistoric to Medieval, General Editor Nigel Saul,
9750: SAUL (NIGEL). - Historical Atlas of Britain, The National Trust, Prehistoric and Medieval,
8413: SAUL (NIGEL). - The Oxford Illustrated History of Medieval England, edited by Nigel Saul,
4693: FANE-SAUNDERS (KILMENY). - Radio Times Guide to Films, edited by Kilmeny Fane-Saunders, more than 21,000 films, 500 New Reviews, 100 Landmark Films
3027: SAUVAIN (PHILIP). - Britain's Living Heritage.
1301: SAUVAIN (PHILIP). - Britain's Living Heritage.
1353: SAUVAIN (HARRY). - Investment Management.
2527: SAUVAIN (PHILIP). - Modern World History 1919 Onwards.
2262: SAVA (GEORGE). - The Healing Knife, A Surgeon's Destiny
5271: SAVAGE (STEPHEN). - See-Through Sharks, illustrated by Rod Ferring
3333: SAVAGE (GEORGE). - Glass and Glassware.
2342: SAVAGE (GEORGE). - Porcelain, Through the Ages, a survey of the main porcelain factories of Europe and Asia with 64 pages of plates, many line drawings, a bibliography, and tables of maker's marks
9759: SAVILL (H. E.). - Catalogue of Period Cabinet Fittings, H. E. Savill, Scarborough, SOFTBACK,
8194: GARDNER (WILLOUGHBY) AND H. N. SAVORY. - Dinorben, a hill-fort occupied in early iron age and Roman times, with contributions by Sir Ifor Williams, Caerwyn Williams, J. P. Gillam, G. C. Boon, J. F. Cowley, Grave Simpson, H. G. Trotter, National Library of Wales,
10023: SAVORY (H. N.). - Guide Catalogue of the Early Iron Age Collections, SOFTBACK
3844: SAWFORD (ERIC). - The Last Days of Industrial Steam.
8327: SAWYER (JOHN). - The Story of Gloucestershire, Second Edition, with map and illustrations,
4172: SAWYER (SIR JAMES). - Contributions to Practical Medicine, Second Edition, Revised and Much Enlarged
3191: SAWYER (ROGER). - Spike Milligan, a Celebration, the Best of Milligan
8927: SAYCE (R. U.). - The Celtic Iron Age, Reprinted from the Transactions of the Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society, Vol. LXV1 1956,
1367: SAYER (ANGELA). - Portrait of Cats.
5044: SAYLE (ALEXEI). - Barcelona Plates.
3943: SCARDINO (PETER T.), KELMAN (JUDITH). - Dr Peter Scardino's Prostate Book, The Complete Guide to Overcoming Prostate Cancer, Prostatitis, and BPH
10248: SCARFE (LAURENCE). - Venice, The Lion and the Peacock, with drawings by the author,
5976: SCARFE (NORMAN). - Suffolk, A Shell Guide
3352: SCARRE (CHRIS). - The Times Archaeology of the World, A Meticulous Reconstruction of Our Past
5491: SCHAMA (SIMON). - A History of Britain, At the Edge of the World 3000 BC - AD 1603
3364: SCHEFFEL (RICHARD L.). - Reader's Digest Family Guide to Nature, Answers to 1001 Questions
1182: SCHERMANN (DAVID E.), WILCOX (RICHARD). - Literary England, photographs of places made memorable in English Literature, preface by Christopher Morley
3748: SCHEUER (STEVEN H.). - The Movie Book, a comprehensive, authoritative, omnibus volume of motion pictures and the cinema world
3407: SCHICK (I. T.). - Battledress, The Uniforms of the World's Great Armies 1700 to the present, introduction by Alun Chalfont, illustrated by Wilhelm von Halem
3568: SCHICK (I. T.). - The Uniforms of the World's Great Armies 1700 to the Present, edited by I. T. Schick, introduction by Lord Alun Chalfont, illustrated by Wilhelm Von Halem
6264: SCHILLER. - Samtliche Werke, Tempel Klassiter
4018: SCHILLER (FREDERICK). - Wilhelm Tell, edited with introduction, fragen, notes and vocabulary by Robert Waller Deering in English, new edition, Heath's Modern Language Series
4180: SCHILLER (FRIEDRICH). - Die Rauber, Ein Trauerspiel, edited by L. A. Willoughby
6423: SCHLIPPENBACH (PAUL VON). - Brioni, Ein Buch Der Erinnerung, Zwolf Radierungen von Paul von Schlippenbach
2282: SCHMIECHEN (JAMES), CARLS (KENNETH). - The British Market Hall, A Social and Architectural History
1183: SCHNECK (MARCUS), CARAVAN (JILL). - Cat Facts, .
9660: PITTAWAY (ANDY) AND BERNARD SCHOFIELD. - Country Bizarre's Country Bazaar, HARDBACK,
8607: SCHOFIELD (GUY). - The Men That Carry The News, A History of United Newspapers Limited, Guy Schofield tells the story of United Newspapers,
5228: SCHOLES (PERCY A.). - The Oxford Companion to Music, Tenth Edition, Revised and Reset edited by John Owen Ward
2439: SCHOLES (PERCY A.). - The Oxford Companion to Music, self-indexed and with a pronouncing glossary, Eighth Edition, revised and with appendices
9231: SCHOLES (PERCY A.). - The Oxford Companion to Music, Self-Indexed and with a Pronouncing Glossary, Third Edition Revised with an Appendix, Tenth Edition,
4150: SCHOLES (PERCY A.). - The Oxford Companion to Music, self-indexed and with a pronouncing glossary
4581: SCHOLZ (ARNO). - Stacheldraht um Berlin.
3934: MERCHANT TAYLORS SCHOOL. - Merchant Taylors' School, Its Origin, History and Present Surroundings
8672: CRAFT SCHOOL. - Craft School. Over 80 step-by-step craft projects, cross stitch, decoupage, dough craft, dried flowers, papier mache, patchwork,
9859: SCHOONMAKER (FRANK). - Encyclopedia of Wine, edited by Hugh Johnson,
4882: SCHOTT (BEN). - Schott's Original Miscellany, conceived, written, and designed by Ben Schott
6113: SCHOUWENBERG (LOUISE). - Hella Jongerius, edited by Lucas Verweij
1109: SCHREYER (LOTHAR), KRAMREITER (ROBERT). - Salzburg Herrnau, fur gott und menschen, text in German
6579: SCHUBERT (JORG). - Lisbonne.
4418: SCHUBRING (DR. PAUL). - Die Italienische Plastik Des Quattrocento, neuntes bis dreizehntes tausend, Handbuch der Kunstwissenschaft series
3735: SCHULBERG (BUDD). - Moving Pictures, Memories of a Hollywood Prince, the dramatic compulsive story of the great days of film
5692: SCHWARZ (CATHERINE). - Chambers Maxi Paperback Dictionary, 20,000 new entries, 130,000 references
5818: DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE. - National Lending Library for Science and Technology Current Serials Received by the NLL, 01/03/1967
2472: SCOTLAND. - National Proverbs Scotland.
5710: SCOTT (SIR WALTER). - Ivanhoe.
4950: SCOTT (ALASTAIR). - The Highlands and Islands, Exploring the British Isles
1866: SCOTT (TOM). - Dunbar, a critical exposition of the poems
4242: SCOTT (SIR WALTER). - The Fair Maid of Perth, Black's School Edition Waverley novels, with introduction and notes by E. W. Jackson
1910: SCOTT (PETER). - Wild Chorus, written and illustrated by Peter Scott
3516: SCOTT (AMORET), SCOTT (CHRISTOPHER). - Antiques As An Investment, The Oldbourne Investment Library
3177: SCOTT (KATHRYN LEIGH). - Lobby Cards, The Classic Films, The Michael Hawks Collection, foreword by Joan Bennett, text by Kathryn Leigh Scott
3144: MORGAN & SCOTT. - Stories That Never Grow Old Vol. 1V, David, Jonathan, Gideon, for the children
1050: SCOTT (WALTER S.). - White of Selborne, (Gilbert White)
4580: SCOTT (HARRY J.). - Further Up The Dale.
4956: SCOTT (ALASTAIR). - The Highlands and Islands, Exploring the British Isles series
1416: SCOTT (WALTER S.). - White of Selborne.
9040: SCOTT (AMORET) AND CHRISTOPHER SCOTT. - Collecting, Blishen Books series edited by Edward Blishen,
5137: SCOTT (SIR WALTER). - The Lady of the Lake, Illustrated in Photography
4951: SCOTT (ALASTAIR). - The Highlands and Islands, Exploring the British Isles Series
3106: SCOTT (C. J. DE C.). - The Mariner's Handbook, Fourth Edition 1973, NP 100
6570: SCOUTER. - The Scouter June 1954 Volume 48 No. 6 to October 1954 Volume 48 No. 10.
2306: STARS OF THE SILVER SCREEN. - Stars of the Silver Screen, Extracts from The Movie
9557: CARY (M.) AND H. H. SCULLARD. - A History of Rome, Down to the Reign of Constantine, Third Edition, HARDBACK,
4844: SCULLY (HUGH). - Antiques Roadshow, A-Z of Antiques Hunting, compiled by the T.V. experts with an introduction by Hugh Scully, Editor Huon Mallalieu, Consultant Editor David Battie, includes prices guide
10155: SOUTHEND-ON-SEA. - Southend-on-Sea 1835 - 1935 Centenary of the Famous Pier, Celebrations July 23rd - 31st inclusive, Programme of Special Events and Attractions,
4404: SEABY (PETER). - Standard Catalogue of British Coins, 1. England and United Kingdom, that is, excluding Scottish, Irish and the Island Coinages, 1969 edition
3202: SEABY (PETER), PURVEY (P. FRANK). - Coins of England and The United Kingdom, Standard Catalogue of British Coins Volume 1, Revised 16th Edition, adapted, with additional material, from the catalogue originally compiled by H. A. Seaby
9304: SEAMAN (L. C. B.). - A New History of England 410 - 1975, With a preface by Asa Briggs,
10153: SEAR (DAVID R.). - The Emperors of Rome and Byzantium, SOFTBACK, Chronological tables for history students and coin collectors,
9692: SEAR (DAVID R.). - Greek Coins and Their Values, Volume 2, Asia and North Africa,
8530: SEAR (DAVID R.). - Byzantine Coins and their Values,
6603: SEARLE (RONALD). - Something in the Cellar, Wonderful World of Wine
4960: SEARLE (RONALD). - Back to the Slaughterhouse, and Other Ugly Moments
6830: SEARLE (MURIEL V.). - Down the Line to Bristol.
3137: SEARLES (BAIRD). - Epic, History of the Big Screen
8282: SEARS (ROBERT EDWARD, BAPTIST). - Life and Light, edited by Robert Edward Sears, Volumes X1X to XX111, consecutive numbers 217 to 276,
5931: SEBRELL (WILLIAM H.), HAGGERTY (JAMES J.). - Food and Nutrition, Life Science Library, consulting editors Rene Dubos, Henry Margenau, C. P. Snow
3869: SEDDON (DON). - Diesel Troubleshooter.
7148: SEIBOLD (J. OTTO), WALSH (VIVIAN). - Going to the Jetty, a book about the Getty Center in Los Angeles,
3947: SEITZ (RAYMOND). - Over Here.
3855: SELIGMAN (ADRIAN). - The Voyage of the Cap Pilar.
9661: SELKIRK (RAYMOND). - On the Trail of the Legions, HARDBACK,
4106: SELLAR (W. C.). - Garden Rubbish, and other country bumps, with affrontispiece and numerous insulting illustrations by Stephen Dowling (Licentiate of the Royal Raspberry Society)
3410: SELLAR (MAURICE), JONES (LOU), ROBERT SIDAWAY AND ASHLEY SIDAWAY. - Best of British, A Celebration of Rank Film Classics, stills researched by Carrie Haines, with a foreword by Barry Brown, A Major BBC1 series
7830: SELOUS (FREDERICK COURTENEY). - Travel and Adventure in South-East Africa, being the narrative of the last eleven years spent by the author on the Zambesi and its tributaries, with an account of the colonisation of Mashunaland and the progress of the gold industry in that country,
5854: SEMBACH (KLAUS-JURGEN). - Into the Thirties Style and Design 1927 - 1934, with 126 plates, 8 in colour
2912: SEMMENS (PETER). - A History of the Great Western Railway, 1. Consolidation, 1923 - 29
2484: SENNETT (TED). - Hollywood's Golden Year 1939, a fiftieth-anniversary celebration
8258: HERRING (J. F.). SENR. - Thorough Breds, Fores's Stable Scenes Plate 3, From a picture in the possession of the publishers,
6768: SERRAILLIER (IAN). - They Raced for Treasure, a novel for children
3450: SERVICE (ALASTAIR), BRADBERY (JEAN). - The Standing Stones of Europe, A Guide to the Great Megalithic Monuments, the only country-by-country guide to the great sites
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5631: VAKIL (ARDASHIR). - One Day.
1923: VALE (EDMUND). - How to See England, illustrated by Ruth Vale
1650: VALERI (DIEGO). - In Milan and on the Lakes of Lombardy with Stendhal, with original extracts from Stendhal's works and preface by Diego Valeri, the Italy of today seen through the eyes of yesterday
9869: VALLANCE (ROSALIND). - Dickens' London, Essays Selected and Introduced by Rosalind Vallance, Engravings by George Cruikshank,
5891: VALLE (DANIELLA), WALKLEY (RICHARD). - Unit graphic and media design London College of Printing.
9673: BOULE (MARCELLIN) AND HENRI V. VALLOIS. - Fossil Men, A Textbook of Human Palaeontology, with a new Introduction by Kenneth P. Oakley, 298 illustrations,
2337: VALLOIS (G. M.). - First Steps in Collecting, Furniture, Glass, China
1100: VALSECCHI (MARCO). - Signorini, Immagini di Arte Italiana, testo e scelta delle opere di, printed in Italian
1099: VALSECCHI (MARCO). - Italian Still Life, Masterpieces of Art
3692: VANCE (MALCOLM). - The Movie Ad Book.
3527: VANDERVELL (ANTHONY), COLES (CHARLES). - Game & the English Landscape, The Influence of the Chase on Sporting Art and Scenery, Foreword by the Duke of Wellington
3544: VANDERVELL (ANTHONY), COLES (CHARLES). - Game & the English Landscape, The Influence of the Chase on Sporting Art and Scenery, Foreword by the Duke of Wellington
9299: VANSITTART (PETER). - The Wall, a novel,
6594: VANTAGGI (ROSELLA). - Siena Town of Art.
3061: VARIETY. - Variety Action Movies, illustrated reviews of the classic films
3056: VARIETY. - Variety Comedy Movies, illustrated reviews of the classic films
1534: VARLEY (PETER). - Canada, photographed by Peter Varley, introduction by Kildare Dobbs
8519: DONANA (COTO) AND CHARLES-A. VAUCHER. - Wild Andalusia, Coto Donana, text, 265 black & white photographs and 9 colour plates by Charles-A. Vaucher,
2799: VAUGHAN (ADRIAN). - Obstruction Danger, significant British railway accidents, 1890 - 1986
2782: VAUGHAN (J. A. M.). - Modern Branch Line Album.
2845: VAUGHAN (A.). - The Kenning Collection, compiled by A. Vaughan
2428: VAURIE (CHARLES). - The Birds of the Palearctic Fauna, a systematic reference; 1 Order Passeriformes, 1959; 2 Non-Passeriformes, 1965
2427: VAURIE (CHARLES). - The Birds of the Palearctic Fauna, a systematic reference, non-passeriformes
7096: VELARDE (GILES). - Designing Exhibitions.
6040: VELDT (JAMES A. VAN DER). - The City Set On A Hill, illustrated with photographs
6595: VENEDIKOV (I.). - Thracian Treasures from Bulgaria, a special exhibition held at the Btitish Museum January - March 1976
8408: VEREY (ROSEMARY). - The Scented Garden, HARDBACK,
6339: VERGO (PETER). - That Divine Order, music and the visual arts from antiquity to the eighteenth century
8658: VERNEY (RALPH) AND DAVID VERNEY. - The Joyous Patriot, The Correspondence of Ralph Verney 1900 - 1916, edited by David Verney,
1318: VERNEY (SIR HARRY). - The Verneys of Claydon, A Seventeenth-century English Family, edited with preface and postscript by,
9561: VERNEY (RALPH) AND DAVID VERNEY. - In Viceregal India 1916 - 1921, The Letters, Volume 2 of Ralph Verney, edited by David Verney,
3473: VERSO (JO). - Picture It In Cross Stitch, with charts and line illustrations by the author
6172: VERSTEIJNEN (FRITS). - The Catholic Mission of Bagamoyo.
9719: BAHN (PAUL G.) AND JEAN VERTUT. - Images of the Ice Age,
2248: VIDAL (GORE). - Kalki, a novel
2247: VIDAL (GORE). - Duluth.
5840: VIENNE (VERONIQUE). - Chip Kidd, Monographics series
3918: VILLERS (KAY). - Brussels a town like a heart, English translation by Kay Villers
4885: VILLIERS (ELIZABETH). - King Edwards of England, Their Loves and Hates, Their Strange Experiences and High Adventures, The Glamours and Splendours, The Triumphs and Tragedies of their Reigns, collected from history, romance, legend and tradition
3569: VINCENT (TREVOR). - Mountbatten, Eighty years in pictures
2297: VINCENT (ADRIAN). - Rural Life, Victorian Watercolours
3565: VINE (C. J.). - Tramping With A Colour-Box, edited by Flora Klickmann
5206: VINEGRAD (BERIT). - Canapes Tempting Treats, over 100 cocktail party recipes
1670: VIRGIL. - The Aeneid of Virgil, translated into English verse by E. Fairfax-Taylor, Everyman's Library series
5480: VIRGIL. - The Works of Virgil, translated into English Prose by C. Davidson, with copious notes and an introduction, Classical Library series
9570: VISSCHER (C. J.). - London Before the Fire, A Grand Panorama, from original seventeenth century engravings by Visscher, Hollar and de Witt, Commentary by John Wellsman in 1973,
7404: VISSER (HRIPSIME). - Ed van der Elsken 55, (55 series),
4416: VITZTHUM (DR. GEORG GRAF), VOLBACH-BERLIN (DR. W. F.). - Die Malerei Und Plastik Des Mittelalters in Italien, sechstes bis dreizehntes tausend, Handbuch der Kunstwissenschaft series
2280: VOSS (FREDERICK). - Picturing Hemingway, A Writer in His Time, with an essay by Michael Reynolds
2514: VUKSIC (V.), GRBASIC (Z.). - Cavalry, The History of a Fighting Elite 650BC - AD1914
8354: WACHER (JOHN). - Roman Britain,
9688: WACHER (J. S.). - The Civitas Capitals of Roman Britain, Papers given at a Conference held at the University of Leicester, 13 - 15 December 1963, edited by J. S. Wacher, A series of lectures by Aileen Fox, S. S. Frere, B. R. Hartley and others, SOFTBACK,
8095: WAECHTER (JOHN). - Man before History, The Making of the Past,
1031: WAGENER (HILDE). - Kunstler Erzahlen..., erlebnisse von 155 kunstlern 170 illustrationen, text in German
1188: WAGENFUHR (PROF. DR. HORST). - Handelsfursten der Renaissance, text in German, mit 24 farbigen tafeln und 11 zweifarbigen bildern im text
1075: WAGENFUHR (PROF. DR. HORST). - Handelsfursten der Renaissance, printed in German
2046: WAGNER (COSIMA). - Diaries, Volume 1 1869 - 1877, edited and annotated by Martin Gregor-Dellin and Dietrich Mack, translated and with an introduction by Geoffrey Skelton
8616: WAILES (REX). - The English Windmill, with drawings by Vincent Lines,
6173: WAIN (JOHN). - The Oxford Library of English Poetry, chosen and edited by John Wain, Volume 1: Spenser to Dryden; Volume 11: Sackville to Keats; Volume 111 George Darley to Seamus Heaney
3770: WAIN (JOHN). - The Oxford Library of English Poetry, chosen and edited by John Wain
10156: WAINWRIGHT (A.). - Walks in Limestone Country, The Whernside, Ingleborough and Penyghent areas of Yorkshire,
8228: WAINWRIGHT (GEOFFREY). - The Henge Monuments, Ceremony and Society in Prehistoric Britain, New Aspects of Antiquity series, General Editor Colin Renfrew, with 111 illustrations, 8 in colour,
8101: WAINWRIGHT (G. J.). - Mount Pleasant, Dorset, Excavations 1970 - 1971, Incorporating an account of excavations undertaken at Woodhenge in 1970, with major contributions by D. Britton, R. Burleigh, J. G. Evans, R. A. Harcourt and I. H. Longworth,
4447: WAINWRIGHT (A.). - Fellwalking with Wainwright, 18 of the author's favourite walks in Lakeland with photographs by Derry Brabbs
9216: WAINWRIGHT (DAVID). - Broadwood By Appointment, A History,
9069: WAINWRIGHT (G. J.). - Coygan Camp, A Prehistoric, Roman-British and Dark Age Settlement in Carmarthenshire,

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