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2780: MAYNARD (CHRISTOPHER). - The Book of Great Mysteries.
5160: MAYNE (THOM). - Morphosis, with a commentary by Val Warke
6533: MCCALL (W. TOLME). - Continuous Current Electrical Engineering, Second Edition, fourth impression
4972: MCCARTHY (MARY PAT), STEIN (PAT). - Agile Business for Fragile Times, strategies for enhancing competitive resiliency and stakeholder trust, with Rob Brownstein, foreword by Bill Emmott
2578: MCCARTHY (ALBERT). - The Dance Band Era, The Dancing Decades from Ragtime to Swing 1910 - 1950
3554: MCCAUSLAND (HUGH). - Old Sporting, Characters and Occasions from Sporting and Road History
3392: MCCRUM (ROBERT), CRAN (WILLIAM) AND ROBERT MACNEIL. - The Story of the English.
6708: MCDONALD (DAVID), BALL (ADRIAN). - Fifty Years with the Speed Kings.
6019: MCDONALD (ROBERT). - Upholstery Repair and Restoration.
9691: MCDONALD (WILLIAM A.). - The Discovery of Homeric Greece,
6036: MCDONALD (WILLIAM A.). - The Discovery of Homeric Greece.
3852: MCDONALD (DAN). - The Clyde Puffer.
5670: MCELWEE (WILLIAM). - The Art of War Waterloo to Mons.
6693: MCGRATH (TONY). - Assignments, The Press Photographer's Year
1713: MCGREGOR (CRAIG). - The Great Barrier Reef, The World's Wild Places
8862: MCKAY (ALEXANDER G.). - Vergil's Italy,
6561: MCKEE (MRS). - Mrs McKee's Royal Cookery book, A day-to-day cookery book by the former cook to H.M. The Queen and H. M. The Queen Mother, decorated by David Hutter
6164: MCKEE (MRS). - Royal Cookery Book, decorated by David Hutter, a day-to-day cookery book by the former cook to H. M. The Queen and H. M. The Queen Mother
3859: MCKEE (ALEXANDER). - A Heritage of Ships, A Regional Guide
3163: MCKEE (MRS). - Royal Cookery Book, decorated by David Hutter
6764: MCKIE (ROY). - A Man's Best Friend.
1913: MCLEAN (J. B.). - Faith Triumphant, a review of the work of the Faith Mission 1886 - 1936, by those who have seen and heard
5223: MCLEISH (KENNETH), MCLEISH (VALERIE). - Crucial Classics, How to Enjoy the Best Music in the World
3597: MCLLWAIN (JOHN). - HMS Warrior, Britain's First and Last Iron-Hulled Warship, A Pitkin Guide
1896: MCNEILE (CYRIL). - The Black Gang, by "Sapper"
2144: MCNEILE (CYRIL). - Bulldog Drummond at Bay, by "Sapper"
2180: MCNEILE (CYRIL). - The Female of the Species, by "Sapper" Classic Thrillers series
3167: MCPHEE (NANCY). - The Complete Book of Insults, being a bumper volume containing The Book of Insults Ancient and Modern and The Second Book of Insults
6110: MCQUAID (MATILDA). - Shigeru Ban, with foreword by Frei Otto, introduction by Matilda McQuaid
3540: MCTAGGART (LIEUT.-COL. M. F.). - Mount and Man, A Key to Better Hosemanship, with a foreword by Field-Marshal Viscount Allenby, GCB, Illustrations by lionel Edwards
4811: MCWHIRTER (NORRIS). - The Guinness Book of Answers 3rd edition, general editor Norris McWhirter, assistant editor Moira F. Stowe
2127: MCWHIRTER (NORRIS), MCWHIRTER (ROSS). - The Guiness Book of Records, editors and compilers Norris and Ross McWhirter
5970: MCWHIRTER (NORRIS AND ROSS). - The Guinness Book of Records, associate editor and compiler Andrew Thomas
4985: MEAD (PETER). - Gunners at War 1939 - 1945.
3312: MEADEN (GEORGE TERENCE). - The Circles Effect and its Mysteries.
3690: MEADES (JONATHAN). - This Is Their Life, foreword by Mike Yarwood, an insight into the unseen lives of your favourite T.V. Personalities
10287: MEADS (JIM). - They Still Meet at Eleven, with drawings & water colour by John King
3522: MEADS (JIM). - They Still Meet at Eleven, with drawings & water colour by John King
10288: MEADS (JIM). - They Still Meet at Eleven, with drawings & water colour by John King
10286: MEADS (JIM). - They Still Meet at Eleven, with drawings & water colour by John King
7368: MEDINA (CUAUHTEMOC). - Graciela Iturbide 55 (55 series)
6827: MEDLAND (J. C.). - Shipwecks of the Wight.
3677: MEDVED (HARRY), MEDVED (MICHAEL). - The Hollywood Hall of Shame, The Most Expensive Flops in Movie History
2913: MEDVED (HARRY), MEDVED (MICHAEL) AND RANDY DREYFUSS. - The Fifty Worst Movies Of All Time, (and how they got that way)
2488: MEDVED (HARRY), MEDVED (MICHAEL). - The Hollywood Hall of Shame, the most expensive flops in movie history
9145: MEE (ARTHUR). - Kent, The Gateway of England and its Great Possessions, with 400 places and 226 pictures, The King's England series,
9140: MEE (ARTHUR). - London, Heart of the Empire and Wonder of the World, with 200 pictures, The King's England series,
9134: MEE (ARTHUR). - Warwickshire, Shakespeare's Country, with 220 places and 215 pictures, The King's England series,
5724: MEE (ARTHUR). - Sussex, The Garden by the Sea, with 300 places and 238 pictures
4750: MEE (ARTHUR). - Surrey, The King's England series, fully revised and edited by E. T. Long, illustrated with new photographs by A. F. Kersting
4499: MEE (ARTHUR). - Northamptonshire, County of Spires and Stately Homes, with 275 places and 172 pictures, The King's England series,
4000: MEE (ARTHUR). - Berkshire Alfred's Own Country, with 170 places and 120 pictures, The King's England series
4644: MEE (ARTHUR). - Northamptonshire, The King's England, County of Spires and Stately Homes, with 275 places and 172 pictures
4508: MEE (ARTHUR). - Yorkshire North Riding, The King's England series, with 288 places and 120 pictures
5546: MEHLING (FRANZ N.). - Paris and the Ile de France, A Phaidon Cultural Guide
8873: MEIER (CHRISTIAN). - Caesar, translated from the German by David McLintock,
2471: MEIKLE (HENRY W.). - Scotland, a description of Scotland and Scottish Life
1907: MEINERTZHAGEN (COLONEL R.). - Pirates and Predators, the piratical and predatory habits of birds
2419: MEINERTZHAGEN (COLONEL R.). - Nicoll's Birds of Egypt, Published under the authority of the Egyptian Government
3317: MELEGARI (VEZIO). - Great Military Sieges.
3416: MELEGARI (VEZIO). - The World's Great Regiments.
1498: MELETZIS (SPYROS), PAPADAKIS (HELEN). - National Museum of Archaeology Athens.
7030: MELHUISH (CLARE). - Modern House 2.
7027: MELHUISH (CLARE). - Modern House 2.
7026: MELHUISH (CLARE). - Modern House 2.
6679: MELHUISH (CLARE). - Modern House 2.
5886: MELHUISH (CLARE). - Odile Decq Benoit Cornette.
2685: MELLEN (SYDNEY L. W.). - The Evolution of Love.
4594: BALFOUR-MELVILLE (E. W. M.). - The Growth of the Constitution, The Westminster Library series
4973: MENDELSSOHN (PETER DE). - The Age of Churchill, Heritage and Adventure 1874 - 1911
5586: MENDOZA (TONY). - Ernie, A Photographer's Memoir
9682: NATAL MERCURY. - Studies and Types of South African Native Life, SOFTBACK,
5510: MEREDITH (SHEENA). - Reader's Digest Medical Breakthroughs 2005, The latest advances and most important health developments
3931: MEREJKOWSKI (DMITRI). - The Forerunner, The Romance of Leonardo da Vinci, The Westminster Library of Fiction series
6122: MERING (F. ). - Istoriya Germanskoy Sotsial-Demokrati, translated from German into Russian by Landau
4219: MERLIN (DAVID). - The Simple Life.
8075: MERRIFIELD (RALPH). - The Roman City of London,
7306: MERSON (A. J.). - A Book of Classical Stories, Harrap's Junior Modern English Series,
3430: MESSENGER (CHARLES). - The Century of Warfare, worldwide conflict from 1900 to the present day
3253: MESSENGER (CHARLES). - History of the British Army.
9601: EVANS (D. R.) AND V. M. METCALF. - Roman Gates Caerleon, SOFTBACK, The 'Roman Gates' Site in the Fortress of the Second Augustan Legion at Caerleon, Gwent, The Excavations of the Roman Buildings and Evidence for Early Medieval Activity, with contributions from D. Allen, D. M. Bailey, P. M. Barford, B. M. Dickinson and others, Oxbow Monograph 15,
9835: METRAUX (ALFRED). - Easter Island, A Stone-Age Civilization of the Pacific, translated from the French by Michael Bullock,
8321: ALKIM (U. BAHADIR) AND HENRI METZGER. - Archaeologia Mundi, Anatolia 1 & 11, 2 volumes. Anatolia 1. From the beginnings to the end of the 2nd millennium B.C. Translated from the French by James Hogarth, 61 illustrations in colour, 97 illustrations in black and white, 1970 ; Anatolia 11. First millennium B.C. to the end of the Roman period, Translated by James Hogarth, 33 illustrations in colour, 113 illustrations in black and white, 1969,
9574: MEYER (KARL E.). - The Pleasures of Archaeology, A Visa to Yesterday,
8796: SILLAR (F. C.) AND R. M. MEYLER. - Elephants Ancient and Modern,
9707: MEYNELL (SIR FRANCIS). - Folio 21, A bibliography of The Folio Society 1947 - 1967, with an appraisal by Sir Francis Meynell,
3817: MEYRICK (CAPTAIN RICHARD). - The John Gershom Parkington Memorial Collection of Time Measurement Instruments, Catalogue Mark 111 1979
9215: COLT (C. F.) AND ANTONY MIALL. - The Early Piano,
1024: MICHELANGELO (BUONARROTI - SIMONI). - I, Michelangelo, Sculptor, an autobiography through letters, edited by Irving and Jean Stone, from the trans. by Charles Speroni
2803: MIDDLEMASS (THOMAS). - Encyclopaedia of Narrow Gauge Railways, of Great Britain and Ireland, foreword by David Woodhouse MBE
6740: MIDDLETON (C. H.). - Mr. Middleton Suggests, An "Information Bureau" for the Gardener directed by the well-known Broadcaster C. H. Middleton
10066: MIDDLETON (BERNARD C.). - The Restoration of Leather Bookbindings, SOFTBACK, Revised Edition, drawings by Aldren A. Watson and Seymour Fleishman, LTP Publication No. 20,
4633: MIDDLETON (G. A. T.). - The Principles of Architectural Perspective, prepared chiefly for the use of students with chapters on isometric drawing and the preparation of finished perspectives, Second Edition Revised
3610: MIDGLEY (RUTH). - Waddingtons Illustrated Card Games, The Diagram Group
2387: AUTHOR OF GYPSY MIKE. - Bonny Sweet Robin, by the author of "Gipsy Mike"
4433: MIKES (GEORGE). - Little Cabbages, drawings by David Langdon
6252: MIKHAILOVSKIY (N. K.). - Literaturniya Vospominaniya 1 Sovremennaya Smuta.
10039: MIKUS (JOSEPH A.). - La Slovaquie Dans Le Drame De L'Europe, SOFTBACK, (Histoire Politique de 1918 a 1950), Preface de Paul Lesourd,
1025: MILES (HUGH), SALISBURY (MIKE). - Kingdom of the Ice Bear, a portrait of the Arctic
6597: MILIADIS (JOHN). - The Acropolis, with 100 plates and with plans
4230: MILIADIS (JOHN). - The Acropolis, with 100 plates, and with plans
4600: MILL (JOHN STUART). - Utilitarianism, Liberty & Representative Government, Everyman's Library Series 482, with an introduction by A. D. Lindsay
2687: MILL (JOHN STUART). - Utilitarianism, Liberty & Representative Government, Everyman's Library series
10029: MILLAR (T. G.). - Long Distance Paths of England and Wales,
3939: MILLAR (PATRICK). - The Scottish Students' Song Book.
9658: MILLER (JOHN). - Charles 11,
7676: MILLER (EDWARD). - The History and Antiquities of Doncaster And its Vicinity, with anecdotes of eminent men,
4373: MILLER (MARTIN), MILLER (JUDITH). - Miller's Antiques Price Guide 1983 (Volume 1V), compiled and edited by Martin and Judith Miller, assistant editor Stuart Brunger
3812: MILLER (JUDITH), MILLER (MARTIN). - The Antiques Roadshow Quiz Book, compiled by Judith & Martin Miller
3726: MILLER (JUDITH), MILLER (MARTIN). - Miller's Antiques Price Guide 1988 (Volume 1X), Professional Handbook, compiled and edited by Judith and Martin Miller
3718: MILLER (JUDITH), MILLER (MARTIN). - Miller's Antiques Price Guide 1994 Volume XV, Professional Handbook, Consultants Judith and Martin Miller, General Editor Josephine Davis
3716: MILLER (MARTIN), MILLER (JUDITH). - Miller's Antiques Price Guide 1985 (Volume V1), Compiled and Edited by Martin and Judith Miller
3708: MILLER (JUDITH), MILLER (MARTIN). - Miller's Antiques Price Guide 1990 (Volume X1), compiled and edited by Judith and Martin Miller
3706: MILLER (MARTIN), MILLER (JUDITH). - Miller's Antiques Price Guide 1982 (Volume 111), Professional Handbook, compiled and edited by Martin and Judith Miller, assistant editor Stuart Brunger
3591: MILLER (JUDITH), MILLER (MARTIN). - Miller's Antiques Price Guide 1992 Volume X111, Professional Handbook, compiled and edited by Judith and Martin Miller
3590: MILLER (MARTIN), MILLER (JUDITH). - Miller's Antiques Price Guide 1986 Volume V11, Professional Handbook, compiled and edited by Martin and Judith Miller
3589: MILLER (JUDITH), MILLER (MARTIN). - Miller's Antiques Price Guide 1991 Volume X11, compiled and edited by Judith and Martin Miller
3588: MILLER (MARTIN), MILLER (JUDITH). - Miller's Antiques Price Guide 1987 Volume V111, Professional Handbook, compiled and edited by Martin and Judith Miller
3587: MILLER (JUDITH), MILLER (MARTIN). - Miller's Antiques Price Guide 1989 Volume X, compiled and edited by Judith and Martin Miller
3586: MILLER (JUDITH), MILLER (MARTIN). - Miller's Antiques Price Guide 1995 Volume XV1, Professional Handbook, consultants Judith and Martin Miller, general editor Josephine Davis
2641: MILLER (WILLIAM H.). - German Ocean Liners of the 20th Century, foreword by Arnold Kludas, preface by Frank O. Braynard
1427: MILLER (KEITH). - Cricket Crossfire.
5323: MILLER (MELISSA). - Definitive I.Q. Test for Cats and I.Q. Test for Cat Owners.
4896: MILLER (RUSSELL). - Nothing Less Than Victory, An Oral History of D-Day
5026: MILLER (JUDITH), HILL (MARK). - Buy, Keep or Sell ?, everyone's complete guide to collectables
3043: MILLER (C. A.). - Sir John Hawkins, Dr Johnson's Friend-Attorney-Executor-Biographer, A Reorientation of The Knight, The Lady, and Boswell
2300: MILLER (JUDITH), MILLER (MARTIN). - The Price Guide to Pine Furniture and Kitchenalia, A Miller's Guide, assistant editor Elizabeth Smith
9669: MILLETT (MARTIN). - English Heritage Book of Roman Britain,
4108: MILLS (A. D.). - A Dictionary of English Place Names.
3576: MILLS (JOHN). - The Practice and History of Painting, A Book for Schools, Introduction by A. E. Werner
5623: MILLS (DICK). - An Interpret Guide to Marine Fishes, a superbly illustrated introduction to keeping marine tropical fishes, featuring over 50 magnificent species
5615: MILLS (DICK). - A Fishkeeper's Guide to Coldwater Fishes, a comprehensive survey of coldwater fishes suitable for keeping in aquariums and ponds, including Koi Carp
5243: MILLS (A. D.). - The Place-Names of Dorset, English Place-Name Society Volume L11 Part 1 The Isle of Purbeck, The Hundreds of Rowbarrow, Hasler, Winfrith, Culliford Tree, Bere Regis, Barrow, Puddletown, St George; Volume L111 Part 11 The Hundreds of Cogdean, Pimperne, Badbury, Cranborne, Wimborne St Giles, Knowlton, Monkton Up Wimborne; Volume L1X/LX Part 111 The Hundreds of Redlane, Sixpenny Handley, Sturminster Newton, Whiteway, Buckland Newton, Brownsall, Sherborne
2922: MILLS (BRIAN). - Movie Star Memorabilia, A Collector's Guide
8162: MILNE (MALCOLM). - The Book of Modern Mountaineering, with a foreword by the Rt. Hon. the Lord Hunt of Llanvair Waterdine,
10065: LEES-MILNE (JAMES). - Writers at Home, Introduction by James Lees-Milne, The National Trust,
2967: MILNE (LORUS J.), MILNE (MARGERY). - The Mountains, Life Nature Library
10035: MILNER (N. P.). - Vegetius: Epitome of Military Science, SOFTBACK, translated with notes and introduction by N. P. Milner, Translated Texts for Historians series Volume 16,
2808: MILNER (CHRIS). - The Midland Main Line Today.
4562: MILTON (JOHN). - Poetical Works, edited after the original texts by the Rev. H. C. Beeching
2582: MILTON (JOHN). - Poetical Works, a memoir and essay on his poetical genius, by Dr. Channing, together with Addison's Critique on the Paradise Lost
3848: MINCHINTON (WALTER). - A Guide to Industrial Archaeology Sites in Britain.
4290: MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE, FISHERIES AND FOOD. - An ABC of Home Freezing, Bulletin 214
2932: MITCHELL (DAVID). - Pirates, an illustrated history
2825: MITCHELL (W. R.), JOY (DAVID). - Settle to Carlisle, a railway over the Pennines
3420: MITCHELL (ANDREW W.). - The Enchanted Canopy, Secrets from the Rainforest Roof, with a foreword by Gerald Durrell
5857: MITCHELL (W. R.), JOY (DAVID). - Settle to Carlisle, A Railway Over the Pennines
3198: MITCHELL (DAVID). - The Complete Book of Martial Arts.
1097: MITCHELL (PETER). - Dutch Painting, Art of the Western World
4919: BRUCE-MITFORD (RUPERT). - Recent Archaeological Excavations in Europe, edited by Rupert Bruce-Mitford
1436: BAYERNS KIRCHE IM MITTELALTER. - Bayerns Kirche Im Mittelalter, handschriften und Urkunden, ausstellung veranstaltet von den bayerischen staatlichen bibliotheken in verbindung mit den staatlichen archiven bayerns Juni - Oktober 1960
10269: MENPES (MORTIMER) AND G. E. MITTON. - The Thames, by Mortimer Menpes, text by G. E. Mitton,
10268: PALMER (SUTTON) AND G. E. MITTON. - Buckinghamshire and Berkshire, painted by Sutton Palmer, described by G. E. Mitton,
1562: MITTON (G. E.). - The Thames.
10240: MENPES (MORTIMER) AND G. E. MITTON. - The Thames, painted by Mortimer Menpes, text by G. E. Mitton,
8093: MOHEN (JEAN-PIERRE). - The World of Megaliths, translated from the French,
5134: MOLESWORTH (MRS). - Carrots, Just A Little Boy, illustrated by Walter Crane
4768: MOLLO (BORIS). - The Indian Army.
3126: MOLLO (BORIS). - The British Army From Old Photographs, From the National Army Museum, foreword by Field-Marshall Sir Gerald Templer
2918: MOLLO (ANDREW). - Uniforms & Insignia of the Navies of World War 11, compiled by US Naval Intelligence, introduction by Andrew Mollo
3263: MONACO (JAMES), PALLOT (JAMES). - The Encyclopedia of Film, the Virgin international encyclopedia of Film
10266: PALMER (SUTTON) AND A. R. HOPE MONCRIEFF. - Surrey, painted by Sutton Palmer, described by A. R. Hope Moncrieff,
3094: MONCRIEFF (A. R. HOPE). - Romance and Legend of Chivalry, Myths and Legends
6728: MONCRIEFF (A. R. HOPE). - Romance & Legend of Chivalry, with illustrations in colour & monochrome from drawings and famous paintings, Myth and Legend in Literature and Art series
5284: MONETTE (PAUL). - Becoming A Man, Half a little story
1179: MONGAN (ELIZABETH), SCHNIEWIND (CARL O.). - The First Century of Printmaking 1400-1500, A catalogue compiled by Elizabeth Mongan and Carl O. Schniewind, An Exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago
1739: MONSARRAT (ANN). - An Uneasy Victorian, Thackeray the Man 1811 - 1863
1859: MONTEFIORE (ARTHUR). - Henry M. Stanley, The African Explorer
7143: MONTIER (JEAN-PIERRE). - L'Art sans art d'Henri Cartier-Bresson, idees et recherches, sous la direction d'Yves Bonnefoy,
8409: ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MONUMENTS. - An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the County of Northampton, Volume V, Archaeological Sites and Churches in Northampton,
3304: MOODY (RICHARD). - Prehistoric World, the 3400 million years before modern man
5040: MOONEY (BEL). - The Heart of the West Country, Exploring the British Isles (British condensed version of Bel Mooney's 'Somerset')
10001: MOORE (DORIS LANGLEY). - Fashion Through Fashion Plates 1771 - 1970, with 72 colour and 93 monochrome illustrations,
6741: MOORE (JOHN). - The Boy's Country Book, edited by John Moore, illustrations by Quentin Blake diagrams by Charles Green
6082: MOORE (C. K.), SPENCER (K. J.). - Electronics: A Bibliographical Guide.
4367: MOORE (RUTH). - Evolution, Life Nature Library series
4112: MOORE (JOHN). - Our National Heritage, with an introduction by John Moore
2593: MOORE (LEONARD). - The Hamlyn Junior Encyclopedia of Nature.
8682: MOORE (ROWAN). - Sackler Galleries, Royal Academy, London, Architects Foster Associates, Photographs by Dennis Gilbert, Blueprint Exra 04,
5498: MOORE (EDWIN). - Concise Dictionary of Biography, Pocket Reference
4452: MOORE (JOHN). - Brensham Village, with a frontispiece by Clifford and Rosemary Ellis
3966: MOORE (ANDREW W.). - Dutch and Flemish Painting in Norfolk, a history of taste and influence, fashion and collecting, Norfolk Museums Service, director Francis Cheetham, published in conjuction with the commemorative William and Mary Tercentenary exhibition
3184: MOORE (CAPTAIN JOHN). - Jane's Fighting Ships 1986 - 87, founded in 1897 by Fred T. Jane, edited by Captain John Moore RN FRGS
2135: MOORE (FRANK LEDLIE). - The Handbook of Opera, compiled by,
7779: MOORE (THOMAS). - Odes of Anacreon, translated into English verse with Notes, Third Edition,
4510: MOOREHEAD (CAROLINE). - The Lost Treasures of Troy.
1917: MOOREHEAD (ALAN). - The White Nile.
5484: MOOREHEAD (ALAN).. - Montgomery.
2455: MOOREHEAD (ALAN). - Montgomery, a biography
9714: MOOREY (P. R. S.). - Biblical Lands, The Making of the Past,
6215: MOORFIELD (S. H.), WINSTANLEY (H. H.). - Mechanics and Applied Heat with Electrotechnics, a textbook for engineers
9549: MOORHOUSE (GEOFFREY). - India Britannica,
5079: MORAN (LORD). - Winston Churchill, The struggle for survival 1940 - 1965, taken from the diaries of Lord Moran
9905: MORDACQUE (L. A. J.). - Histoire de Napoleon Bonaparte, a l'usage de la jeunesse et des ecoles, par L. A. J. Mordacque, Professeur de Langue Francaise, Auteur de L'Orthologie Francais, Membre de la Societe Literaire et Philosophique de Manchester,
3087: MORECAMBE (GARY). - The Illustrated Benny Hill.
2494: MORECAMBE (ERIC), WISE (ERNIE). - Autobiography, Referee Dennis Holman
2516: MORELLA (JOE), EPSTEIN (EDWARD Z.). - Judy The Complete Films and Career of Judy Garland.
2507: MORELLA (JOE), EPSTEIN (EDWARD Z.) AND ELEANOR CLARK. - The Amazing Careers of Bob Hope, From Rags to Riches
6742: MORGAN (BRYAN). - The Railway-Lover's Companion, edited by Bryan Morgan
5224: MORGAN (TED). - Churchill 1874 - 1915.
5127: MORGAN (JOHN). - Meggie of The Pines.
4383: MORGAN (RUTH). - Good Cooking for You, by Ruth Morgan cookery editor of Woman
2608: MORGAN (KENNETH O.). - The Oxford Illustrated History of Britain, edited by Kenneth O. Morgan
1387: MORGAN (TED). - Churchill 1874 - 1915.
4034: MORGAN (DAVID). - The Mongols, The Peoples of Europe series
3980: MORRICE (RICHARD). - The Buildings of Britain Stuart and Baroque, a guide and gazetteer, general editor Alastair Service
10256: MORRIS (WILLIAM). - The Sundering Flood,
8635: MORRIS (JOHN). - Londinium, London in the Roman Empire, revised by Sarah Macready,
5989: MORRIS (DESMOND). - Bodywatching, a field guide to the human species
4794: MORRIS (DONALD R.). - The Washing of the Spears.
2410: MORRIS. - The Morris Oxford (Series 11 and 111), Cowley and Cowley 1500, Traveller (Series 11, 111, and 1V), Half-Ton Van and Pick-Up (Series 111), Workshop Manual AKD579E
4912: MORRIS (JOHN). - The Age of Arthur, A History of the British Isles from 350 to 650
9874: MORRIS (JOHN). - The Age of Arthur, A History of the British Isles from 350 to 650,
4167: MORRIS (MARCUS). - The Best of Eagle, edited by Marcus Morris, the national strip cartoon weekly
3181: MORRIS (DESMOND), COLLETT (PETER), PETER MARSH AND MARIE O'SHAUGHNESSY. - Gestures, their origins and distribution
2812: MORRIS (PAT). - The Country Life Book of the Natural History of the British Isles, a field encyclopedia of the wildlife and habitats of Great Britain and Ireland, consultant editor Pat Morris
2113: MORRIS (MARCUS). - The Third Eagle Annual, edited by Marcus Morris, great new strips, stories, articles
2806: MORRISON (GAVIN). - London Midland Then & Now.
6828: MORRISON (GAVIN). - London Midland Then & Now.
3207: MORRISON (JAMES H.). - Wave to Wisper, British Military Communications in Halifax and the Empire, 1780 - 1880, History and Archaeology No. 64
2848: MORRISON (BRIAN). - Modern Railways Pictorial Annual 1986, edited by Brian Morrison
1121: MORRISON (TONY). - Pathways to the Gods, the mystery of the Andes Lines by; and incorporating the work of Gerald S. Hawkins
1639: MORTON (H. V.). - Atlantic Meeting, an account of Mr. Churchill's voyage in H.M.S. Prince of Wales, in August, 1941, and the Conference with President Roosevelt which resulted in the Atlantic Charter
1825: MORTON (ELIZABETH). - Sunday Graphic Royal Tour Picture Album, foreword by Sir Alan Herbert
5179: MORTON (ANDREW). - Posh & Becks.
2466: MORTON (H. V.). - In Search of Scotland, Fourteenth Edition, with 16 illustrations and a map
1202: MORTON (FREDERIC). - The Rothschilds, a family portrait
5446: MORTON (H. V.). - In Search of England.
4868: MORTON (H. V.). - In Search of Wales.
6217: MORTON (H. V.). - The Heart of London, thirteenth edition
9466: MAURIER (G. DU) AND FELIX MOSCHELES. - In Bohemia with Du Maurier, The First of a Series of Reminiscences by Felix Moscheles, with 63 original drawings by G. du Maurier, illustrating the Artist's Life in the Fifties,
3176: MOSELEY (ROY). - My Stars and Other Friends.
2553: MOSLEY (LEONARD). - Zanuck, The Rise and Fall of Hollywood's Last Tycoon
4303: MOSLEY (LEONARD). - Backs to the Wall, London Under Fire 1939 - 45
4399: MOSS (PETER), REETON (JOE). - Encounters With The Past, how man can experience and relive history
1261: MOSS (ROBERT). - The Collapse of Democracy.
2222: MOSSMAN (SAMUEL). - David Livingstone and Mungo Park.
7765: MOTHERSOLE (JESSIE). - The Saxon Shore, with twenty-four illustrations by the author, maps & plans,
7198: INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED MOTORISTS. - About the Driving Test of the Institute of Advanced Motorists, "skill with responsibility"
9997: MOUCHA (JOSEF). - Beautiful Moths, illustrations by Frantisek Prochazka, text by Josef Moucha,
3456: MOUCHA (JOSEF). - A colour guide to familiar Butterflies and Chrysalides, illustrated by Bohumil Vancura
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6983: RICHARDSON (SIR BENJAMIN). - Disciples of Aesculapius, with a life of the author by his daughter Mrs George Martin, in two volumes Vol. 11, with portraits and illustrations
9621: RICHMOND (IAN). - Roman Britain, with 8 plates in colour and 22 illustrations in black & white, Britain in Pictures series, The British People in Pictures,
7038: RICHMOND, YORKSHIRE:. - antique view of Richmond in Yorkshire, View of Richmond in Yorkshire
6538: RICHMOND (ROBERT). - Leighton Buzzard and its Hamlets, with forty pages of illustrations
6035: RICHMOND (IAN). - Roman Britain, with 8 plates in colour and 22 illustrations in black & white, Britain in Pictures series, The British People in Pictures,
4140: RICHMOND (W. K.). - Quest for Birds, the problems and pleasures of an English bird-watcher
8337: RICHTER (GISELA M. A.). - The Engraved Gems of the Greeks, Etruscans and Romans, 2 volumes, Complete, Part One. Engraved Gems of the Greeks and the Etruscans, A History of Greek Art in Miniature ; Part 11. Engraved Gems of the Romans, A Supplement to the History of Roman Art,
9930: GOULD (JOHN) AND RICHTER (H. C.). - Chlorostilbon Portmanni (Humming Bird), PRINT, from John Gould's Monograph of the Trochilidae, or, family of Humming Birds
8640: RICHTER (GISELA M.A.). - A Handbook of Greek Art, Architecture, Sculpture, Gems, Coins, Jewellery, Metalwork, Pottery and Vase Painting, Glass, Furniture, Textiles, Paintings and Mosaics, with 500 illustrations,
9929: GOULD (JOHN) AND RICHTER (H. C.). - Eugenia Imperatrix (Humming Bird), PRINT, from John Gould's Monograph of the Trochilidae, or, family of Humming Birds
6003: RICKMAN (PHILIP). - Bird Sketches, Special Edition, and Some Field Observations
5930: RIDDELL (JAMES). - London in Colour, a collection of colour photographs by James Riddell, with an introductory text and notes on the illustrations by William Gaunt
2541: RIDDICK (MAJOR DAVID W. G.). - For Crown and Country.
3583: RIDGEWAY (JUDY). - Home Cooking for Money.
1715: RIDLEY (JACQUELINE). - The Care and Repair of Antiques, illustrated by David Dowland and Joyce Smith
3695: RIDLEY (MICHAEL). - Oriental Antiques in Colour.
9596: RIENITS (REX) AND THEA RIENITS. - The Voyages of Captain Cook,
3294: RIESE (RANDALL), HITCHENS (NEAL). - The Unabridged Marilyn Her Life from A to Z.
2520: RIESE (RANDALL). - Nashville Babylon, the uncensored truth and private lives of country music's stars
9646: RIMBAULT (EDWARD F.). - The Pianoforte, its origin, progress, and construction, with some account of instruments of the same class which preceded it, viz. the clavichord, the virginal, the spinet, the harpsichord, etc. to which is added a selection of interesting specimens of music composed for keyed-stringed instruments, by Blitheman, Byrd, Bull, Frescobaldi, Dumont, Chambonnieres, Lully, Purcell, Muffat, Couperin, Kuhnau, Scarlatti, Seb. Bach, Mattheson, , Handel, C.P. Emauel Bach, etc.
5190: RIMINGTON (STELLA). - At Risk, the stnning debut novel from the former head of M15
3751: RINGGOLD (GENE), BODEEN (DEWITT). - The Films of Cecil B. DeMille.
9227: RIPIN (EDWIN M.). - Keyboard Instruments, Studies in Keyboard Organology 1500 - 1800,
10279: RITCHIE (LEITCH). - Travelling Sketches on the Rhine, and in Belgium and Holland, with twenty-six beautifully finished engravings from drawings by Clarkson Stanfield, Heath's Picturesque Annual for 1833,
10280: RITCHIE (LEITCH). - Travelling Sketches in the North of Italy, the Tyrol, and on the Rhine, with twenty-six beautifully finished engravings from drawings by Clarkson Stanfield Esq. Heath's Picturesque Annual for 1832,
10276: RITCHIE (LEITCH). - Scott and Scotland, with twenty-one highly finished engravings from original drawings by George Cattermole, Heath's Picturesque Annual for 1835,
3734: RITCHIE (M. T.). - English Drawings, An Anthology, edited with an Introduction by M. T. Ritchie, Life and Art in Photograph series X
10281: RITCHIE (LEITCH). - Travelling Sketches on the Sea-Coasts of France, with beautifully finished engravings from drawings by Clarkson Stanfield Esq. Heath's Picturesque Annual for 1834,
4079: RITCHIE (R. L. GRAEME), MOORE (JAMES M.). - A Manual of French Composition, fro Universities and the Higher Classes of Schools
10275: RITCHIE (LEITCH). - A Journey to St. Petersburg and Moscow, through Courland and Livonia, with twenty-five splendid engravings by the first artists, after drawings by A. G. Vickers, Heath's Picturesque Annual for 1836, St Petersburg and Moscow,
7876: RIVERS (THOMAS). - The Miniature Fruit Garden, or The Culture of Pyramidal and Bush Fruit Trees, with instructions for root-pruning &c &c. Sixteenth Edition,
8653: RIVET (A. L. F.). - The Roman Villa in Britain, edited by A. L. F. Rivet, Studies in Ancient History and Archaeology, editor F. T. Wainwright,
1333: RIXON (ANGELA). - Horses.
2596: ROBBINS (HAROLD). - Tycoon, a novel
4002: ROBBINS (CHANDLER), BRUUN (BERTEL) AND HUBERT S. ZIM. - Birds of North America, A Guide to Field Identification, illustrated by Arthur Singer, A Golden Field Guide
10272: ROSCOE (THOMAS) AND DAVID ROBERTS. - The Tourist in Spain Andalusia, by Thomas Roscoe, Illustrated from Drawings by David Roberts, Jennings' Landscape Annual or Tourist in Spain for 1836 Andalusia,
10273: ROSCOE (THOMAS) AND DAVID ROBERTS. - The Tourist in Spain and Morocco, by Thomas Roscoe, illustrated from drawings by David Roberts, Jennings' Landscape Annual for 1838 Spain and Morocco,
10274: ROSCOE (THOMAS) AND DAVID ROBERTS. - The Tourist in Spain, Biscay and the Castiles, by Thomas Roscoe, illustrated from drawings by David Roberts, Jennings' Landscape Annual or Tourist in Spain for 1837,
4608: ROBERTS (MICHAEL). - The Faber Book of Comic Verse, compiled by Michael Roberts
3861: ROBERTS (BOB). - Last of the Sailormen.
3856: ROBERTS (BOB). - Breeze for a Bargeman.
3398: ROBERTS (J. M.). - Ancient History, From the First Civilizations to the Renaissance
3143: ROBERTS (PETER). - Eagle Book of Cars and Motor Sport.
2312: ROBERTS (JANE). - Royal Artists, from Mary Queen of Scots to the present day, foreword by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh
2292: ROBERTS (PETER). - Veteran and Vintage Cars.
2293: ROBERTS (PETER). - A Picture History of the Automobile, ninety years of motoring progress in 200 illustrations and 40 full-colour pictures
9632: ROBERTS (HARRY). - English Gardens, with 8 plates in colour and 23 illustrations in black & white, Britain in Pictures series, The British People in Pictures,
3998: ROBERTS (I. W.). - The Russian Intervention in Hungary in 1849, some thoughts and considerations, Hungarian Studies 5/1 (1989)
3444: ROBERTS (J. M.). - The Triumph of the West.
2330: ROBERTS (PETER). - Everyone's Book of Classic Cars.
8251: ROBERTS (DAVID). - Baalbec (Ruins of the Temple of the Sun, Mount Lebanon in the Distance, To the Right Honourable and most Reverend J. B. Summer DD Archbishop of Canterbury, This Print is by permission respectfully dedicated by His Grace's Obliged and Obedient Servant, J. Hogarth,
4394: ROBERTSON (SANDY). - Top 1000 Videos to Rent or Buy.
3085: ROBERTSON (PATRICK). - Guinness Film Facts and Feats.
3290: ROBERTSON (PATRICK). - Guiness Film Facts & Feats, New Edition, completely revised
2975: ROBERTSON (PATRICK). - Movie Clips.
9032: ROBERTSON (JEAN). - The Sunday Telegraph Cookery Book, illustrated by Pamela Guille, colour photographs by Brian Price Thomas also Penny Tweedie, The Cookery Book Club,
6847: ROBERTSON (KEVIN). - The Last Days of Steam Around London.

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