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5039: HUDSON (JOHN). - The Charm of the Cotswolds, Exploring the British Isles (British condensed version of John Hudson's 'A Year in the Cotswolds'
2560: HUDSON (PETER). - Gracie Fields, Her Life in Pictures
9020: HUETSON (T. L.). - Lace and Bobbins, A History and Collector's Guide,
3769: HUFF (THEODORE). - Charlie Chaplin.
8219: GROS (BARON ANTOINE-JEAN, 1771 - 1835, ARTIST): HUFFAM (T. W. ENGRAVER). - Napoleon at the Battle of the Pyramids, July 21st 1798, soldiers said Napoleon from the summit of yonder pyramids, forty ages behold you, and the battle began,
4512: HUFTON (GEOFFREY), BAIRD (ELAINE). - The Scarecrow's Legion, or Smuggling in the South East, Kent and Sussex
2523: HUGGETT (FRANK E.). - Goodnight Sweetheart, Songs and Memories of the Second World War
1798: HUGHES (BERNARD), HUGHES (THERLE). - After The Regency, a guide to late Georgian and early Victorian collecting 1820 - 1860 (antiques)
5216: HUGHES (ROBERT). - The Fatal Shore, A History of the Transportation of Convicts to Australia 1787 - 1868
1258: HUGHES (THOMAS). - Tom Brown's Schooldays, with an introduction by Lord Elton, illustrations by Will Nickless, Collins Classics series
8361: HUGHES (G. BERNARD). - Antique Sheffield Plate,
5965: HUGHES (G. BERNARD). - Horse Brasses, and other small items for the collector
5472: HUGHES (THOMAS). - David Livingstone, English Men of Action series
4637: HUGHES (SPIKE). - The Art of Coarse Gardening, or the care and feeding of slugs, illustrated by John Jensen
4475: HUGHES (THOMAS). - Tom Brown at Oxford, by the author of "Tom Brown's School Days"
3930: HUGHES (THOMAS). - Tom Brown's School Days, by an old boy
3216: HUGHES (G. BERNARD), HUGHES (THIRLE), JUDITH BANISTER, GEOFFREY WILLS, CLIFFORD BREWER. - The Country Life Antiques Handbook, Introduction by Therle Hughes
10271: ALLINGHAM (HELEN) AND MARCUS B. HUISH. - Happy England, as painted by Helen Allingham, with memoirs and descriptions by Marcus B. Huish,
2167: HUIZINGA (J.). - The Waning of the Middle Ages, a study of the forms of life, thought and art in France and the Netherlands in the X1Vth and XVth centuries
7660: HULME (F. EDWARD). - Wild Fruits of the Country-Side, figured and described, with thirty-six coloured plates by the author, The Woburn Library of Natural History series edited by His Grace The Duke of Bedford,
3015: HUMBLE (RICHARD). - The Illustrated History of the American Civil War.
2518: HUMBLE (RICHARD), CHAMBERLIN (RUSSELL) AND PAUL ATTERBURY. - The Beauty of England, English Castles by Richard Humble, Great English Houses by Russell Chamberlin, English Rivers & Canals by paul Atterbury
8185: HUMBLE (RICHARD). - Marco Polo, introduction by Elizabeth Longford, Great Lives series,
3050: HUMBLE (RICHARD). - Famous Land Battles, From Medieval to Modern Times, Maps by David Worth and Jennifer Mexter
3662: HUMPHRIES (CAROLYN). - Microwave Cooking Times, updated from the original by Jan Orchard
8603: HUNT (PETER). - Devon's Age of Elegance, described by the diaries of the Reverend John Swete, Lady Paterson and Miss Mary Cornish, edited by Peter Hunt,
9240: HUNT (JULIAN). - Chesham, A Pictorial History,
6162: HUNT (JOHN). - The Ascent of Everest.
6727: HUNT (JOHN). - The Ascent of Everest.
6126: HUNT (LESLIE). - Veteran and Vintage Aircraft.
7250: HUNT (JOHN). - The Ascent of Everest
4100: HUNTER (C. F.). - The New Testament, its writers and their messages, Third Edition revised
8270: HUNTER (ANDREW ALEXANDER). - Cheltenham College Register 1841 - 1910, edited by Andrew Alexander Hunter,
5856: HUNTER (GARRY). - Trip Transporting Grain, Ar Director's Cut
1140: HURD (ARCHIBALD). - The Triumph of the Tramp Ship.
4405: HURLEY. - Hurley Cook Book, recipes from people who live in and around Hurley, in aid of the Village Hall restoration fund
4867: HURLEY (ALFRED JAMES). - Days ... That Are Gone, Milestones I Have Passed In South-West London, Memories of Fifty Years of Local Newspaper Work, Public and Social Life, Illustrated
1400: HURLIMANN (MARTIN). - Spain, with introductory essay and notes, 237 pictures in photogravure, 8 colour plates
2642: HURST (ALEX. A.). - The Medley of Mast and Sail 11, A Camera Record, 525 photographic illustrations of many of the world's vanished sailing craft, both great and small, accompanied by comment and description by experienced ship-masters and other experts
2276: HURST (GEORGE). - Historical Notices of John Bunyan.
8812: HURST (H. R.). - Gloucester, The Roman and Later Defences, Excavations on the E. Defences and a reassessment of the defensive sequence, with the research assistance of L. F. Pitts, contributions by H. E. M. Cool and others, Gloucester Archaeological Reports, Volume 2,
5966: HUTCHINGS (MARGARET). - Toys from the Tales of Beatrix Potter, with sections on the baskets by Eve Legg and the furniture and accessories by Richard Hutchings, photography by Eve Legg
1309: HUTCHINGS (ARTHUR). - Mozart the Musician, (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
5708: HUTCHINSON. - Hutchinson Family Encyclopedia.
4851: HUTCHINSON. - The Hutchinson Almanac 2000, The Almanac for the new Millenium
4805: HUTCHINSON. - The Hutchinson Encyclopedia, for the Millennium, Millennium Edition
2961: HUTCHINSON (TOM). - Screen Goddesses, This edition produced exclusively for W. H. Smith
8160: HUTT (ALLEN). - The Changing Newspaper, Typographic Trends in Britain and America 1622 - 1972,
3956: HUTTON (EDWARD). - Giovanni Boccaccio, a biographical study
6527: HUTTON (F. H.). - Electricity and the Motor Car, Lighting, Engine Starting, Ignition, specially written for the Amateur Motorist, Third Edition enlarged
2813: HUXLEY (SIR JULIAN). - The Atlas of World Wildlife, foreword by Sir Julian Huxley FRS
6659: HUXLEY (PAUL). - Exhibition Road, Painters at the Royal College of Art, Andrew Brighton, Richard Cork, Christopher Frayling, Marco Livingstone, Lynda Morris, Bryan Robertson, Portrait photographs by Snowdon, Interviews by Robert Cumming and Christopher Frayling
1327: HUXLEY (SIR JULIAN). - The Atlas of World Wildlife, with a foreword by;
10002: HUYGHE (RENE). - Larousse Encyclopedia of Prehistoric and Ancient Art, Art and Mankind series, General Editor Rene Huyghe,
1767: HYAMS (EDWARD), ORDISH (GEORGE). - The Last of the Incas.
3462: HYAMS (JOE). - Bogart & Bacall, A Love Story
1401: HYAMS (EDWARD), MACQUITTY (WILLIAM). - Irish Gardens, text by Edward Hyams, photographs by William MacQuitty, with a foreword by the Earl of Antrim
8054: HYAMS (EDWARD). - The English Garden, photographs by Edwin Smith, 188 photogravure plates, 17 in colour,
4099: HYDE (GEORGE E.). - Trees, Town and Country series
3068: HYSLOP (DONALD), FORSYTH (ALASTAIR) AND SHEILA JEMIMA. - Titanic Voices, memories from the fateful voyage
9320: IBSEN (HENRIK). - The Collected Works, 11 volumes as originally issued, Copyright Edition, with introductions by William Archer and C. H. Herford, entirely revised and edited by William Archer,
8736: ILTON (PAUL). - Digging in the Holy Land, archaeological adventures revealing the religious and historical past,
4933: GAVET-IMBERT (MICHELE). - The Guinness Book of Explorers and Exploration, general editor Michele Gavet-Imbert
7820: IMMS (A. D.). - Insect Natural History, with 99 colour photographs of living insects and 7 colour photographs of preserved specimens by S. Beaufoy, E. J. Hudson and others, 104 photographs in black and white, 8 distribution maps and 40 diagrams,
5668: STUTTMAN (H. S.) INC.. - The New Illustrated Science and Invention Encyclopedia volume 21, Temperature to Truck, The new how it works
8081: INCHBALD (JACQUELINE). - ID & D '66 Interior Design and Decoration, designed by Ian Cameron,
3836: INCHLEY (W.). - Steam Boilers, and Boiler Accessories for steam users, engineers, and engineering students
1095: INDIA:. - In the Image of Man, The Indian perception of the Universe through 2000 years of painting and sculpture, Hayward Gallery
9862: CENTRAL OFFICE OF INFORMATION. - Britain, An Official Handbook, Prepared by the Central Office of Information London, 1964 Edition,
4206: INGE (WILLIAM RALPH). - A Rustic Moralist.
4205: INGE (W. R.). - Christian Ethics and Modern Problems.
6440: INGERSOLL (RALPH). - Top Secret.
8201: INGLIS (BESSIE D.). - Wild Flower Studies, in colour and pencil, with descriptive notes,
3819: INGRAHAM (ELIAS). - Illustrated Catalogue & Price List of Clocks Manufactured by E. Ingraham & Co. Bristol, Conn., Established 1841
2054: INGRAHAM (J. H.). - The Prince of the House of David, or three years in the holy city
6363: INGRAM (A. F. WINNINGTON). - Addresses to Working Lads, published under the direction of the tract committee
3510: INGSTAD (HELGE). - Westward to Vinland, The Discovery of Pre-Columbian Norse House-sites in North America, translated from the Norwegian
5706: INNES (JOCASTA). - The New Paint Magic.
4945: INNES (HAMMOND). - Glorious East Anglia, Exploring the British Isles series
1412: INNES (HAMMOND). - Levkas Man.
1425: INNES (HAMMOND). - Levkas Man, .
3498: BRITISH FILM INSTITUTE. - Film and Television Handbook 1990.
2995: BRITISH FILM INSTITUTE. - Film and Television Handbook 1990.
5409: TIME-LIFE INTERNATIONAL. - The First Men, The Emergence of Man series
10043: IREDALE (DAVID). - Local history research and writing, A manual for local history writers,
7627: IRVING (WASHINGTON). - The Sketch Book; Bracebridge Hall, or The Humourists, The Author's Revised Edition,
7866: IRVING (WASHINGTON). - The Life and Voyages, Second Edition,
1682: IRWIN (MARGARET). - That Great Lucifer, a portrait of Sir Walter Ralegh
1684: IRWIN (MARGARET). - Elizabeth, Captive Princess
8914: ISNARD (H.). - Algeria, translated by O. C. Warden, illustrated with 156 photogravures,
1189: ASSOCIAZIONE BANCARIA ITALIANA. - Banking in a Changing World, lectures and proceedings at the 24th International Banking Summer School held at Chianciano (Italy) May 1971, text in English
2381: IZMIDLIAN (GEORGES). - Oriental Rugs and Carpets Today, How to Choose and Enjoy Them, with 34 plates in full colour, 16 ibn black and white, 50 drawings
6303: JACK (IAN). - English Literature 1815 - 1832, The Oxford History of English Literature X
2863: JACKMAN (MICHAEL). - Engineman S.R..
7760: HYAMS (EDWARD) AND A. A. JACKSON. - The Orchard and Fruit Garden, A new Pomona of hardy and sub-tropical fruits, edited by Edward Hyams and A. A. Jackson, photography by Eric H. West,
1141: JACKSON (R. M.). - The Machinery of Justice in England.
2646: JACKSON (ROBERT). - History of the Royal Navy.
3673: JACKSON (G. GIBBARD). - The Railways of Great Britain, the story of their rise and progress to the date of their new grouping
8546: JACKSON (RALPH). - Doctors and Diseases in the Roman Empire,
6674: JACOBS (MICHAEL), WARNER (MALCOLM). - The Phaidon Companion to Art and Artists in the British Isles.
3727: JACOBS (ARTHUR). - Music Lover's Anthology, Compiled by Arthur Jacobs, With an introduction by Sir Malcolm Sargent, and eight illustrations by Milein Cosman
2756: JACOBS (DIANE). - Hollywood Renaissance, the new generation of filmmakers and their works
4029: JACOBSEN (HANS ADOLF). - 1939 - 1945, Der Zweite Weltkrieg in Chronik und Dokumenten, mit 6 karten und skizzen 4 spitzengliederungen, 3 durchgesehene und Erganzte Auflage
3539: JACOBSON ("SPIDER"). - Huic Holloa !, Being the Sporting Reminiscences of a Totally Unimportant Person
3149: JAGGER (CEDRIC). - The World's Great Clocks and Watches.
4075: JAIS (DR PIERRE), LAHANA (HENRI). - Bridge Simple et Moderne, enfin l'esperanto du bridge, la methode de la longue d'abord
10260: JAMES (HENRY). - The House of Fiction, essays on the novel by Henry James, edited with an introduction by Leon Edel,
10261: JAMES (HENRY). - The Other House, with an introduction by Leon Edel,
10253: JAMES (HENRY). - Terminations, (Edel's Second Impression only 500 copies printed), The Death of the Lion, The Coxon Fund, The Middle Years, The Altar of the Dead,
10258: JAMES (HENRY). - The Reverberator, with an introductory note by Simon Nowell-Smith,
10252: JAMES (HENRY). - Stories Revived Second Series, A Passionate Pilgrim; Rose-Agathe; Poor Richard; The Last of the Valerii; Master Eustace; The Romance of Certain Old Clothes; A Most Extraordinary Case;
10250: JAMES (HENRY). - The Other House, In Two Volumes, Edel's First Edition, Second Impression so called "Second Edition" (only 400 copies printed),
10259: JAMES (HENRY). - Selected Letters, edited with an introduction by Leon Edel,
10222: JAMES (HENRY). - The Ambassadors, Methuen's Colonial Library,
2406: JAMES (P. D.). - Devices and Desires.
6039: JAMES (ALAN). - The Post, Past-into-Present Series
4873: JAMES (PAUL). - The Royal Almanac, foreword by Richard Baker
4253: JAMES (WILLIAM). - Human Immortality, two supposed objections to the doctrine
9223: JAMES (PHILIP). - Early Keyboard Instruments from Their Beginnings to the Year 1820,
3222: JAMES (M.). - Complete Guide to Home Gardening, foreword by S. P. B. Mais, seventeen full coloured illustrations, 64 pages of plates and numerous illustrations in the text
1935: JAMES (P. D.). - A Taste For Death.
1328: JAMES (DAN). - Treasure, (Treasure Hunt)
10221: JAMES (HENRY). - The Princess Casamassima, A Novel,
7234: JAMESON (STORM). - Cloudless May,
6466: JAMIESON (THOMAS). - Amateur Photography, A Practical Handbook for the Amateur
5177: JANOWITZ (HENRY D.). - Good Food for Bad Stomachs, The Healthy Eating Guide For Anyone Who's Ever Had An Upset Stomach
3158: JARVIS (D. C.). - Arthritis & Folk Medicine.
3693: JAXTHEIMER (BODO W.). - How To Paint and Draw, with 300 illustrations in colour and 150 in black and white
3041: JEAL (TIM). - Livingstone.
3772: JEBB (MILES). - The Thames Valley Heritage Walk, A Constable Guide
9598: LYNE (M. A. B.). AND R. S. JEFFERIES. - The Alice Holt / Farnham Roman pottery industry, Research Report No. 30, SOFTBACK
7230: JEFFERIES (RICHARD). - The Open Air, Phoenix Library series,
7279: JEFFERIES (RICHARD). - The Life of the Fields, Fine-Paper Edition,
1948: JEFFERSON (ALAN). - Lotte Lehmann 1888 - 1976.
7398: JEFFREY (IAN). - Shomei Tomatsu 55, (55 series),
3004: JELINEK (JAN). - Primitive Hunters.
1662: JELLEY (HAROLD). - Motor Car Maintenance Overhaul and Repair, a practical up-to-date work on the maintenance, overhaul, and repair of motor vehicles deals also with garage equipment
5707: JEN (KUO HUEY). - Regional Chinese Specialities, Cookery Edition Sonia Allison, Series Editor Wendy Hobson, Gourmet Cookshelf
9992: JENKINS (ALAN C.). - The Naturalists, Pioneers of Natural History,
3767: JENKINS (CLIVE). - Power Behind the Screen, ownership control and motivation in British Commercial Television
6835: JENKINS (ELIZABETH). - The Mystery of King Arthur.
5690: JENKINS (ALISON). - My Home Workbook, essential tasks you can tackle with confidence in your home
1692: JENKINS (ELIZABETH). - Elizabeth the Great, a biography
4982: JENKINS (SIMON). - Discover Britain's historic houses West Country.
4981: JENKINS (SIMON). - Discover Britain's historic houses West Country.
4979: JENKINS (SIMON). - Discover Britain's historic houses Yorkshire.
2528: JENKINS (ALAN). - The Book of the Thames, with photographs by Derry Brabbs
1174: JENKINS (J. GERAINT). - Agricultural Transport in Wales, National Museum of Wales, Welsh Folk Museum
4984: JENKINS (SIMON). - Discover Britain's historic houses West Country.
4983: JENKINS (SIMON). - Discover Britain's historic houses The Southeast.
4980: JENKINS (SIMON). - Discover Britain's historic houses The Southeast.
3381: JENKINS (JO-AN). - Decorating Furniture, Simple techniques, Imaginative ideas
3157: JENKINS (J. GERAINT). - Traditional Country Craftsmen, drawings by Winifred Mumford
2688: JENKINS (ELIZABETH). - Elizabeth the Great.
1522: JENKINS (ELIZABETH). - The Mystery of King Arthur.
8473: JENKINSON (SIR HILARY). - Selected Writings, published in collaboration with The Society of Archivists,
9635: JENNESS (DIAMOND). - The Indians of Canada, Sixth Edition, issued under the authority of the Secretary of State, Bulletin 65, Anthropological Series No. 15,
5816: JENSEN (JOHN). - H. M. Bateman, The Man Who ... and Other Drawings, edited by John Jensen
3685: JENSEN (LIZ). - War Crimes for the Home.
8038: KLINDT-JENSEN (OLE). - The World of the Vikings, illustrated by Svenolov Ehren, translated by Christopher Gibbs and George Unwin,
4431: JEPSON (R. W.). - How To Think Clearly.
6676: JERDE (JON). - You Are Here.
4055: JEROME (JEROME K.). - Three Men In A Boat, (to say nothing of the dog)
5721: JEROME (HELEN). - The Fine Art of Cooking.
7687: JEROME (HELEN). - Sweet-Making For All,
10158: JERVOISE (E.). - The Ancient Bridges of Mid and Eastern England, written on behalf of The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings,
8355: HILL (DAVID) AND MARGARET JESSON. - The Iron Age and Its Hill-Forts, HARDBACK, Papers presented to Sir Mortimer Wheeler on the Occasion of his Eightieth Year at a Conference held by the Southampton University Archaeological Society 5th - 7th March 1971, University of Southampton Monograph Series No. 1,
8664: JESSUP (RONALD). - South East England, 75 photographs, 57 line drawings, 2 maps, 1 chart, Ancient Peoples and Places series, general editor Glyn Daniel,
9716: JESSUP (RONALD). - Age by Age Landmarks of British Archaeology. Illustrated by Alan Sorrell,
1175: JETELOVA (MAGDALENA). - New Works, made at the Henry Moore Scuplture Trust Studio
5138: JEWITT (LLEWELLYNN). - Handbook of English Coins, giving a concise description of the various denominations of coins from the Norman Conquest to the Present Reign
2522: JIRANEK (J. E.), HEJZLAR (TOMAS). - In The Realm of Musical Instruments (Complete with Panton record in sleeve at end) edited by J. E. Jiranek and Tomas Hejzlar, photographic collaboration Petr Sirotek
4078: JOAD (C. E. M.). - The Adventures of The Young Soldier in search of The Better World, with drawings by Mervyn Peake
5888: JODIDIO (PHILIP). - Piano, Renzo Piano Building Workshop 1966 - 2005.
5887: JODIDIO (PHILIP). - Ando Complete Works.
9323: ST. JOHN (HORACE). - The Indian Archipelago, 2 volumes Complete, Its History and Present State, in two volumes,
8735: JOHN (BRIAN S.). - The Ice Age, Past and Present,
6629: JOHNES (RAYMOND). - Japanese Art, Spring Art Books series
7286: JOHNS (REV. C. A.). - Flowers of the Field, revised throughout and edited by Clarence Elliott, with an appendix including the Pipe-Wort Tribe (Eriocauleae), the Sedge Tribe (Cyperaceae), and the Grass Tribe (Gramineae), with 96 coloured illustrations by E. N. Gwatkin and 245 cuts in the text, Fourth Impression,
9176: JOHNSON (STEPHEN). - Later Roman Britain, hardback, Britain Before the Conquest,
1523: JOHNSON (HUGH). - The World Atlas of Wine, a complete guide to the wines and spirits of the world
5571: JOHNSON (HUGH). - Pocket Wine Book, The world's favourite wine adviser updated and expanded 97, 20th annual edition
1711: JOHNSON (WILLIAM WEBER). - Mexico, The Sunday Times World Library by the Editors of Life
5412: JOHNSON (ADRIAN), SCOTT (GEORGE WALTON). - Byzantium, A BBC Radio Guide to Byzantine History and Art, consultant for the series Philip Whitting
5303: JOHNSON (CURT), MCLAUGHLIN (MARK). - Battles of the American Civil War, first Bull Run to Petersburg four hard years of manoeuvre and bloodshed
4398: JOHNSON (BOROUGH). - The Art of the Pencil.
3951: JOHNSON (PAUL). - The National Trust Book of British Castles.
3914: JOHNSON (SAMUEL). - History of Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia, edited with introduction and notes by George Birkbeck Hill
3635: JOHNSON (WILLIAM WEBER). - The Forty-Niners, The Old West, by the editors of Time-Life Books
3449: JOHNSON (WILLIAM W.). - Intelligent Listening to Music, A Guide to Enjoyment and Appreciation for all Lovers of Music
2886: JOHNSON (PETER). - Railway World Annual 1988, edited by Peter Johnson
2587: JOHNSON (PAUL). - The National Trust Book of British Castles.
2099: JOHNSON (CURT). - Artillery, Modern Military Series, editor Michael Leitch, introduction by Aram Bakshian Jr
7269: JOHNSON (CHARLES). - The Language of Painting,
10154: MAYHEW (RALPH) AND BURGES JOHNSON. - The Little Mischief The Tenth Bubble Book, The Bubble Books Series, The Hodder Columbia Books that Sing, Singing The Little Girl who had a Little Curl, Oh,Dear! What can the matter be ?, Boby Shaftoe, Records by Columbia Graphophone Co.
6988: JOHNSON (SAMUEL). - Works, a new edition in twelve volumes, with an essay on his life and genius by Arthur Murphy
6324: JOHNSON (SAMUEL). - Selected Writings, edited with an introduction and notes by R. T. Davies
3696: JOHNSON (AUDREY). - How To Repair And Dress Old Dolls.
3283: JOHNSON (PAUL). - Castles of England, Scotland and Wales.
3140: JOHNSON (DEREK E.). - Collector's guide to Militaria.
2372: JOHNSON (CHARLES). - A Short Account of British Painting.
1018: JOHNSON (HUGH). - The World Atlas of Wine, a complete guide to the wines and spirits of the world
8463: JOHNSON (ANNE). - Roman Forts of the 1st and 2nd centuries AD in Britain and the German Provinces,
4587: JOHNSTON (SONA K.), JOHNSTON (WILLIAM R.). - The Triumph of French Painting, Ingres to Matisse
4218: JOHNSTON (JANET). - Home Made Biscuits can keep you going !, -me for McDougall's Self Raising Flour, McDougall's Present Recipes by Janet Johnston
1735: JOHNSTONE (PAUL). - Buried Treasure.
2503: JOHNSTONE (PAUL). - The Archaeology of Ships, A Bodley Head Archaeology, drawings by Pippa Brand
10162: JOHNSTONE (PAUL). - Buried Treasure with 67 plates and a frontispiece,
7350: JONES (T. H.). - Royal Horse Artillery, 1843 (PRINT) a handcoloured engraving of the Royal Horse Artillery,
3368: JONES (MARTIN). - England Before Domesday.
6794: JONES (BRIAN). - An Introduction to Practical Astronomy.
6677: JONES (PAUL BLUNDELL). - Gunnar Aspluund.
6297: JONES (EDMUND D.). - English Critical Essays (Nineteenth Century), selected and edited by Edmund D. Jones, The World's Classics series 206
5614: JONES (DYLAN). - Outside the Rules.
5606: JONES (BRIDGET). - Hamlyn Microwave Cookery, edited by Bridget Jones
5544: JONES (GRIFF RHYS). - The Nation's Favourite Comic Poems, a selection of humorous verse
4326: JONES (BRIDGET). - Complete Mince Cookbook.
4212: DUNCAN-JONES (A. S.). - The Story of Chichester Cathedral, with a foreword by the Bishop of Chichester
3717: JONES (STEPHEN). - The Illustrated Frankenstein Movie Guide, Compiled and written by Stephen Jones, Introduction by Boris Karloff
3511: JONES (GWYN). - A History of the Vikings.
8920: HIGHAM (NICHOLAS) AND BARRI JONES. - The Carvetti, Peoples of Roman Britain series, General Editor Keith Branigan,
3460: JONES (RICHARD GLYN). - Still Unsolved, Great True Murder Cases
1912: JONES (HENRY). - The Wildfowl Paintings of Henry Jones, text by Peter J. S. Olney, foreword by Sir Peter Scott CBE DSC
3428: JONES (JAMES). - Graphic Art of WW11, with a personal narrative, Graphics direction Art Weithas
3387: JONES (ANTHEA). - A Thousand Years of the English Parish, Medieval Patterns & Modern Interpretations
1046: HARVEY-JONES (JOHN). - Making It Happen, Reflections on Leadership
6537: JONES (WILLIAM). - The Book of Nature, or, the True Sense of Things, explained and made easy to the capacities of children, in two parts, the thirteenth edition
4026: JONES (A. H. M.), MONROE (ELIZABETH). - A History of Abyssinia.
2069: JONES (PHYLLIS M.). - English Short Stories 1888 - 1937, selected by Phyllis M. Jones
2003: JONES (PHYLLIS M.). - Modern English Short Stories, selected by Phyllis M. Jones, The World's Classics series
1142: JONES (G. P.), POOL (A. G.). - A Hundred Years of Economic Development in Great Britain, (1840-1940)
7147: POWELL-JONES (MARK). - Impressionist Painting.
6347: JONSON (BEN). - The Alchemist, edited by J. B. Steane
1382: JORDAN (MICHAEL). - Mushroom Magic, A Channel Four Book
8047: JORDAN (E. L.). - Animal Atlas of the World,
7745: MORRIS (JOHN E.) AND HUMFREY JORDAN. - An Introduction to the Study of Local History and Antiquities, with 64 illustrations,
6102: JORG (C. J. A.). - The Geldermalsen History and Porcelain.
9072: BERESFORD (M. W.) AND J. K. S. ST JOSEPH - Medieval England, An Aerial Survey, with 117 air photographs, Cambridge Air Surveys series 11,
6837: JOSEPH (FRANK). - Atlantis and Other Lost Worlds, new evidence of ancient secrets
8236: BERESFORD (M. W.) AND J. K. S. ST JOSEPH. - Medieval England, An Aerial Survey,
6968: JOSEPHUS (FLAVIUS). - The Genuine Works of Flavius Josephus, The Jewish Historian, containing twenty books of the Jewish Antiquities, seven books of the Jewish War, and the Life of Josephus, written by himself, translated from the original Greek, according to Havercamp's accurate edition, together with explanatory notes and observations, parallel texts of scripture, the true chronology of the several histories, an account of the Jewish coins, weights and measures, and a complete index by the late William Whiston AM. professor of Mathematics in the University of Cambridge, a new edition, now first revised and improved by the Rev. Thomas Smith, in two volumes
5397: JOSLIN (E. C.). - The Standard Catalogue of British Orders Decorations and Medals 1969 with valuations.
7337: JOSSET (LAWRENCE). - The Last Green (handcoloured engraved GOLF / GOLFING PRINT),
7336: JOSSET (LAWRENCE). - Golf at St. Andrews 1800 (PRINT), engraved by L. Josset, Pl. 1,
5808: ART JOURNAL. - The Art Journal 1899, New Series
7513: ART JOURNAL. - The Art Journal 1901, New Series
5915: ART JOURNAL. - The Art Journal 1895, New Series
2768: NOTTINGHAM JOURNAL. - Nottingham Journal, largest net sale of any morning paper in Nottingham, No. 31,863, Friday 20 January, 1928, Late City Edition
5838: JOY (THOMAS). - The Truth About Bookselling, foreword by Sir Stanley Unwin
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5305: MASTERS (JOHN). - Fourteen Eighteen.
6707: MASTERS (DAVID). - "So Few", the immortal record of the Royal Air Force
6842: MATANLE (IVOR). - The Hitler Years, A Photograhic Documentary, designed by Gary Hazell, produced by David Gibbon and Ted Smart,
6700: MATANLE (IVOR). - World War 11, foreword by Viscount Montgomery of Alamein CBE, Oberburgermeister Manfred Rommel, John S. D. Eisenhower, 50th Anniversary Commemorative Edition
9602: MATHER (KIRTLEY F.). - The Earth Beneath Us, photographs by Josef Muench, Mary and Benjamin Shaub, Robert Clemenz, Andreas Feininger and others, the fascinating story of geology,
6053: MATHEWS (BASIL). - The Clash of World Forces, a study in Nationalism, Bolshevism, and Christianity
2286: MATTEUCCI (MARCO). - History of the Motor Car.
5111: MATTHEW (CHRISTOPHER). - Now We Are Sixty, decorations by David Eccles
5149: MATTHEWS (RUPERT). - The Illustrated History of the 20th Century, 1993 edition
4801: MATTHEWS (RUPERT). - The Illustrated History of the 20th Century, 1993 Edition
2568: MATTHEWS (LEONARD). - History of Western Movies, This edition produced exclusively for W. H. Smith
8815: MATTINGLY (GARRETT). - The Defeat of the Spanish Armada.
3935: MATTINGLY (GARRETT). - The Defeat of the Spanish Armada.
6568: MAUGHAM (W. SOMERSET). - Sixty-Five Short Stories, Complete and Unabridged
6251: MAUGHAM (W. SOMERSET). - The World Over, The Collected Stories
4053: MAUGHAM (W. SOMERSET). - The Round Dozen, a collection of his stories selected by W. Somerset Maugham
1074: MAUGHAM (ROBIN). - Conversations with Willie (W. Somerset Maugham), Recollections of
5069: MAUGHAN (PROFESSOR RON), CALE (DR LORRAINE), THOMAS (DR BRIONY) AND OTHERS. - Exercise and Your Health, Health and Healing The Natural Way
5456: MAUGHAN (SIMON). - RHS Good Plant Guide, 2000 award winning plants
6888: MAULE (HENRY). - The Great Battles of World War 11, the story of 13 crucial engagements with over 400 illustrations including maps
7782: MAUNDER (SAMUEL). - The Biographical Treasury, A Dictionary of Universal Biography, twelfth edition, revised, corrected, and extended to the present time, with an additional supplement,
1386: MAURICE (SIR FREDERICK). - Robert E. Lee, The Soldier
9427: MAURIER (DAPHNE DU). - The Scapegoat,
9424: MAURIER (DAPHNE DU). - The Parasites,
9417: MAURIER (DAPHNE DU). - Growing Pains, The Shaping of a Writer,
9414: MAURIER (DAPHNE DU). - The King's General,
9429: MAURIER (DAPHNE DU). - The House on the Strand,
9440: MAURIER (GEORGE DU). - Trilby, A Novel, with 121 illustrations by the author,
9441: MAURIER (GEORGE DU). - The Martian, A Novel,
9442: MAURIER (GRORGE DU). - Peter Ibbetson, with an introduction by his cousin Lady ***** ("Madge Plunket"), edited and illustrated by George Du Maurier,
9443: MAURIER (GEORGE DU). - Novels, with the original illustrations, Trilby, The Martians, Peter Ibbetson, with introductions by John Masefield O.M. & Daphne du Maurier,
9444: MAURIER (GEORGE DU) AND DAPHNE DU MAURIER. - The Young George du Maurier, A Selection of His Letters 1860 - 67, edited by Daphne du Maurier, with a biographical appendix by Derek Pepys Whiteley, and illustrations from contemporary drawings by du Maurier,
4946: MAURIER (DAPHNE DU). - The Magic of Cornwall, Exploring the British Isles series,
9422: MAURIER (DAPHNE DU). - The Glass-Blowers,
9421: MAURIER (DAPHNE DU). - My Cousin Rachel,
9430: MAURIER (DAPHNE DU). - The Young George Du Maurier, A Selection of His Letters 1860 - 67, with a biographical appendix by Derek Pepys Whiteley and illustrations from contemporary drawings by du Maurier,
9431: MAURIER (DAPHNE DU). - The Du Mauriers,
9438: MAURIER (GRORGE DU). - Peter Ibbetson, with an introduction by his cousin Lady ***** ("Madge Plunket"), edited and illustrated by George Du Maurier, in two volumes, 2 volumes,
9419: MAURIER (DAPHNE DU). - Hungry Hill
5580: MAWER (A.), STENTON (F. M.). - The Place-Names of Worcestershire, English Place-Name Society Volume 1V, in collaboration with T. F. S. Houghton
5581: MAWER (A.), STENTON (F. M.). - The Place-Names of Sussex, with the assistance of J. E. B. Gover, Part 1 The Rapes of Chichester, Arundel and Bramber, Part 11 The Rapes of Lewes, Pevensey and Hastings
5250: MAWER (A.), STENTON (F. M.). - The Place-Names of Buckinghamshire, English Place-Name Society Volume 11
2448: MAWSON (MONICA). - Saxa Book of Seasoning.
9184: MAXWELL (GORDON S.). - The Romans in Scotland,
1576: MAXWELL (HENRY). - Railway Magazine Miscellany 1897 - 1919.
4497: MAXWELL (GAVIN). - The House of Elrig.
2521: MAXWELL (JOHN). - The Greatest Billy Cotton Band Show.
8035: MAY (THOMAS). - Catalogue of the Roman Pottery in the Colchester and Essex Museum, Borough of Colchester,
1937: MAY (ROBIN). - A Companion to the Opera.
4478: MAY (J. LEWIS). - Charles Lamb, A Study
2649: MAY (ROBIN). - The Story of the Wild West.
1156: MAY (PETER). - A Game Enjoyed, an autobiography, with Michael Melford, foreword by J.J. Warr
7658: MAY (THOMAS). - The Pottery Found at Silchester, a descriptive account of the pottery recovered during excavations on the site of the Romano-British city of Calleva Atrebatum at Silchester, Hants, and deposited in the Reading Museum, County Borough of Reading Museum and Art Gallery, Silchester Department,
6852: MAYER (S. L.). - The Japanese War Machine.
4682: MAYER (S.L.). - Hitler's Wartime Picture Magazine Signal, edited by S.L. Mayer
2935: MAYER (S. L.). - The Biography of General of the Army, Douglas MacArthur.
6942: METRO-GOLDWYN-MAYER. - The Sun Comes Up, A Story of Lassie the Famous Sheepdog, with 8 plates in colour, 80 illustrations and text based on the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Technicolor Film "The Sun Comes Up"
10136: MAYHEW (DEBRA). - The Soup Bible, SOFTBACK, all the soups you will ever need in one inspirational collection, consultamt editor Debra Mayhew, over 200 recipes from around the world,
7854: MAYHEW (HORACE), AND LEOPOLD SCHEFER. - Letters Left at The Pastrycook's, being the clandestine correspondence between Kitty Clover at School and Her "Dear, Dear Friend" in Town, edited by Horace Mayhew, illustrated by Phiz, Third Edition, London, Ingram Cooke, and Co. 1853; Bound with: SCHEFER (Leopold). The Artist's Married Life, being that of Albert Durer, translated from the German of Leopold Schefer, by Mrs J. R. Stodart, London, John Chapman, 1853,
8373: MAYHEW (HENRY). - London Characters and Crooks, edited and introduced by Christopher Hibbert,

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