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1323: FLETCHER (H. L. V.). - Herbs.
3007: FLORIN (LAMBERT). - Ghost Towns of the West.
8962: FLORUS (LUCIUS ANNAEUS). - CL. Salmasius addidit Lucium Ampelium, E cod MS. nunquam antehac editum,
6670: ALLINSON FLOUR. - 11 fine Recipes for your Oven, Use Allinson Flour
3405: FLOWER (NEWMAN). - George Frideric Handel, His Personality and His Times, a new and revised edition with 4 colour plates and 37 illustrations
3273: FLOYD (ELIZABETH), HINDLEY (GEOFFREY). - Makers of History, from the Earliest Times to the 1970's
3289: FLYNN (JOHN L.). - The Films of Arnold Schwarzenegger.
5885: FOGES (CHRIS). - Imagination, text and interviews by Chris Foges
5263: FOGLE (BRUCE). - Know Your Cat, an owner's guide to cat behaviour, photography by Jane Burton
1444: FOK (PAT). - Quiet Beauty of China, .
5171: FOLLETT (KEN). - The Key to Rebecca.
3276: FOLLY (MARTIN). - People in History.
6266: FONTAINE (J. DE LA). - Fables, Notices et annotations par Maurice Morel Agrege de l'Univesite, dix gravures, un hors-texte
7751: FOORD (EDWARD). - The Last Age of Roman Britain,
4349: FOOT (M. R. D.), LANGLEY (J. M.). - MI9, The British secret service that fostered the escape and evasion 1939 - 1945 and its American counterpart, foreword by Field-Marshal Sir Gerald Templer
5639: FORBES (COLIN). - Shockwave.
1010: FORBES (ROSITA). - India of the Princes.
1011: FORBES (COLIN). - Tramp in Armour, Uncorrected Advance Proofs
3632: FORBIS (WILLIAM H.). - The Cowboys, The Old West, by the editors of Time-Life Books
3581: FORD (MARY). - Wedding Cakes, with step-by-step instructions
7822: FORD (E. B.). - Butterflies, all known British butterflies shown life-size in colour and 56 colour photographs of living specimens by S. Beaufoy, 24 plates in black and white, 32 distribution maps and 9 other diagrams, The New Naturalist series, No. 1,
6200: FORD (MARY). - Making Soft Toys, with step-by-step instructions, and full size templates
3582: FORD (MARY). - Birthday Cakes, with step-by-step instructions
7242: FORD (E. B.). - Butterflies, all known British butterflies shown life-size in colour and 56 colour photographs of living specimens by S. Beaufoy, 24 plates in black and white, 32 distribution maps and 9 other diagrams, The New Naturalist series, No. 1,
3788: FORDIN (HUGH). - The Movies' Greatest Musicals, Produced in Hollywood USA by The Freed Unit
5517: FOREMAN (AMANDA). - Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire.
5794: FORES'S, MASON (FINCH), R. M. ALEXANDER, CUTHBERT BRADLEY. - Fores's Sporting Notes & Sketches Volumes 1 - 11, A Quarterly Magazine Descriptive of British, Indian, Colonial and Foreign Sport, illustrated by Finch Mason and R. M. Alexander
9932: FORESTIER (SIR AMEDEEE). - Sailing of the Mayflower 1620, PRINT
8124: FOREY (PAMELA). - Wild Flowers of the British Isles and Northern Europe,
10094: FORMAN (H. BUXTON). - The Books of William Morris Described, with some account of his doings in literature and in the allied crafts,
7461: FORSHAW (JOSEPH M.). - Parrots of the World, illustrated by William T. Cooper
1984: FORSTER (E. M.). - A Passage to India, A Harvest Book
4157: BUNDESMINISTERIUM FUR LAND-UND FORSTWIRTSSCHAFT. - The Spanish Riding School of Vienna, translated by James L. Kaiser
8175: FORSYTH (ALASTAIR). - Buildings for the Age, new building types 1900 - 1939, general editor,
2409: FORSYTH (FREDERICK). - The Devils's Alternative.
2826: FORSYTHE (H. G.). - Steam Shed Portrait.
9675: FORTEY (RICHARD). - The Hidden Landscape, SOFTBACK A Journey into the Geological Past,
5300: FORTY (GEORGE). - Patton's Third Army at War.
6377: FOSDICK (HARRY EMERSON). - The Meaning of Prayer.
6048: FOSDICK (HARRY EMERSON). - The Meaning of Service.
8329: FOSSATI (GILDO). - China, The Monuments of Civilisation, translated by Bruce Penman, foreword by Anthony Burgess,
9562: FOSSIER (ROBERT). - The Cambridge Illustrated History of the Middle Ages, 2 volumes, Volume 1. 350 - 950; Volume 2. 1250 - 1520; edited by Robert Fossier, Translated by Janet Sondheimer and Sarah Hanbury Tenison,
8009: FOSTER (JULIA). - Julia Foster's Patchwork, her own ideas for you to make, photographs by Christopher Cormack, drawings by Caroline Holmes-Smith,
6531: FOSTER (A. J.). - Tourist's Guide to Bedfordshire, with map
6336: FOSTER (NORMAN). - On Foster ... Foster On, introduction by Deyan Sudjic, edited by David Jenkins
6154: FOSTER (MARGARET LA T.). - Friends of all the World, Evenings for Girl Guides, with a foreword by Alice M. Behrens
6754: FOULIS (HUGH). - Para Handy and Other Tales.
9315: FOWLER (W. WARDE). - The City-State of the Greeks and Romans, A Survey Introductory to the Study of Ancient History,
10141: FOWLER (W. WARDE). - Julius Caesar and the Foundations of the Roman Imperial System, Heroes of the Nations series edited by Evelyn Abbott,
8478: BRANIGAN (KEITH) AND P. J. FOWLER. - The Roman West Country, Classical Culture and Celtic Society,
3923: FOWLER (H. W.). - A Dictionary of Modern English Usage.
6833: FOWLES (JOHN). - Shipwreck, photography by the Gibsons of Scilly
9365: FOWLES (JOHN). - A Maggot,
9366: FOWLES (JOHN). - Daniel Martin,
8359: FOX (CARL). - The Doll (publisher's original de luxe binding in red velvet gilt), photographs by H. Landshoff,
1929: FOX (RUTH MARY). - Dante, Lights the Way
2858: FOX (M. J.), KING (G. D.). - Industrial Steam Album Number 2.
2657: FOX (KEN), GRANT (ED) AND JO IMESON. - The Seventh Virgin Film Guide, based on the definitive industry database
10117: FOX (ADAM). - English Hymns and Hymn Writers, Britain in Pictures, The British People in Pictures series, with 8 plates in colour and 22 illustrations in black & white,
6643: FRAMPTON (KENNETH). - Richard Meier.
3339: FRANCE (ANATOLE). - Penguin Island, illustrated by Frank C. Pape
4019: FRANCE (ANATOLE). - A Mummer's Tale, (Histoire Comique) a translation by Charles E. Roche
1155: FRANCIS (SIR FRANK). - Treasures of the British Museum, edited and introduced by:
2246: FRANCIS (DICK), WELCOME (JOHN). - Great Racing Stories, edited and introduced by Dick Francis & John Welcome
1406: FRANCIS (DICK). - Wild Horses.
1054: FRANCIS (DICK). - Longshot.
2960: FRANK (ALAN). - Sinatra.
1542: EINHARD THE FRANK. - The Life of Charlemagne, translated and with an introduction by Lewis Thorpe
2153: FRANKFORT (HENRI). - The Art and Architecture of the Ancient Orient, The Pelican History of Art series
4697: FRANKFURTER (ALFRED). - Catalogue of an Exhibition of Paintings by the Rt. Hon. Sir Winston Churchill.
2700: FRANKLIN (BENJAMIN). - Autobiography, edited with an introduction by Percy H. Boynton, American Authors Series
3225: FRANKLYN (JULIAN). - The Dictionary of Rhyming Slang.
1169: FRANZ (ISFRIED). - Glanz Einer Krone, ein bilderbuch, text in German
6155: FRASER (ANTONIA). - Boadicea's Chariot, The Warrior Queens
5925: FRASER (ANTONIA). - Mary Queen of Scots, Illustrated Edition
10096: COLLIE (MICHAEL) AND ANGUS FRASER. - George Borrow, A Bibliographical Study, St Paul's Bibliographies 9,
4870: FRASER (ANTONIA). - Mary Queen of Scots.
4785: FRASER (ANTONIA). - Cromwell, Our Chief of Men
4686: FRASER (ANTONIA). - Cromwell, Our Chief of Men
1306: FRASER (ANTONIA). - Dolls.
6362: FRASER (W. H.), SQUAIR (J.). - Heath's Modern French Grammar, Heath's Modern Language Series
4642: FRASER (ANTONIA). - Heroes & Heroines, edited by Antonia Fraser
2304: FRASER (ANTONIA). - Dolls, Pleasures and Treasures series
4770: FRASSANITO (WILLIAM A.). - America's Bloodiest Day, The Battle of Antietam 1862
1947: FRAZER (SIR JAMES GEORGE). - The Golden Bough, a study in magic and religion
6526: FREAM (W.). - Elements of Agriculture, a text-book, prepared under the authority of the Royal Agricultural Society of England, Fourth Edition
1709: FREDERICKSEN (BURTON B.). - The J. Paul Getty Museum, Greek and Roman Antiquities, Western European Paintings, French Decorative Arts of the Eighteenth Century
2407: FREELOVE (WILLIAM FRANCIS). - An Assemblage of 19th Century Horses & Carriages, from the original sketches by the late William Francis Freelove, written by Jennifer Lang
8492: FREEMAN (CHARLES). - Egypt, Greece and Rome, Civilizations of the Ancient Mediterranean,
1324: FREEMAN (JULIA). - The Wonderful World of Cats.
6895: FREEMAN (ROGER A.). - Raiding the Reich, The Allied Strategic Offensive in Europe
1325: FREETHY (RON). - The Naturalist's Guide to the British Coastline.
1115: FREISE (KURT), LILIENFELD (KARL) & HEINRICH WICHMANN. - Rembrandts Handzeichnungen, 1 Band Rijksprentenkabinet zu Amsterdam, 11 Band Konigl. Kupferstichkabinett zu Berlin, text in German
8353: FRIAR (STEPHEN). - The Batsford Companion to Local History,
8469: FRIAR (STEPHEN). - Heraldry, For the Local Historian and Genealogist,
3241: FRICKE (JOHN). - Judy Garland, World's Greatest Entertainer, a unique photographic tribute
5265: FRIDAY (NANCY). - Men in Love, Men's sexual fantasies, the triumph of love over rage
5264: FRIDAY (NANCY). - Women on Top, how real life has changed women's sexual fantasies
1042: FRIEDELL (EGON). - Kulturgeschichte Der Neuzeit, die krises der Europaischen seele von der shwarzen pest bis zum weltkrieg, Vols. 2 & 3 only, zweiter band barock und rokoko/aufklarung und revolution, dritter band romantik und liberalismus/imperialismus und impressionismus, text in German
1421: FRIEDELL (EGON). - Kulturgeschichte Agyptens Und Des Altens Orients, Leben Und Legende Der Vorchristlichen Seele, text in German
1362: FRIEDLAENDER (L. C.). - Wien, text in German, English, French and Italian
8343: WILLIAMS (STEPHEN) AND GERARD FRIELL. - Theodosius The Empire at Bay,
6201: FRIEND (J. NEWTON). - Elementary Domestic Chemistry, with 55 diagrams
1586: FRITH (DAVID). - Thommo, Jeff Thomson, the world's fastest bowler, tells his own story to David Frith, with foreword by Dennis Lillee
1587: FRITH (DAVID). - Cricket Gallery, fifty profiles of famous players from The Cricketer, edited by David Frith, foreword by HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, photographs by Patrick Eager
5369: FROST (ROBERT). - Selected Poems, Gramercy Great Poets series
1422: FRUHCHRISTLICHE UND KOPTISCHE KUNST, AUSSTELLUNG IN DER AKADEMIE DE BILDENDEN KUNSTE, WIEN 11 MARZ BIS 3 MAI 1964. - Im Zusammenhang mit der Ausstellung, Christliche Kunst Aus Athiopien und Nubien Museum fur Volkerkunde, Wien, text printed in German
1621: FRY (PLANTAGENET SOMERSET). - The World of Antiques, introduction by Ralph and Terry Kovel
3112: FRY (PLANTAGENET SOMERSET). - Great Lives, Revised Edition
2976: FRY (PLANTAGENET SOMERSET). - 1,000 Great Lives.
8166: FRY (PLANTAGENET) AND SOMERSET FRY. - The World of Antiques, Introduction by Ralph and Terry Kovel,
8937: COX (J. STEVENS) FSA. - A History of Ilchester, The Ancient County Town of Somerset, with 82 illustrations and maps,
3234: FUCHS (WOLFGANG). - Humphrey Bogart, Cult-Star, A Documentation
6985: FUHRING (PETER). - Design Into Art, Drawings for Architecture and Ornament, The Lodewijk Houthakker Collection
8570: FULFORD (MICAHEL). - The Silchester Amphitheatre Excavations of 1979 - 85, with contributions from D. Allen, J. Bird, G. C. Boon, R. Bradley, P. Cannon, M. Corney, A. Grant, B. M. Dickson, D. Richards, B. Sellwood, N. Sunter, J. Timby, A. van Scheepen, J. Watson, Principal Illustrator Brian Williams, Britannia Monograph Series No. 10,
8943: FULFORD (ROGER). - Hanover to Windsor,
2031: FULFORD (ROGER). - George the Fourth, with eight illustrations
1012: FULFORD (ROGER). - Glyn's 1753-1953, six generations in Lombard Street
9626: FULFORD (MICHAEL G.). - The Second Augustan Legion in the West of Britain, SOFTBACK, The Ninth Annual Caerleon Lecture In Honorem Aquilae Legionis H. Augustae, The Ninth Annual Caerleon Lecture delivered by Professor Michael G. Fulford, Department of Archaeology, University of Reading, on Saturday 23 September 1995 at Gwent College of Higher Education, Caerleon
9483: FULLER (JOHN). - Waiting for the Music, (poetry),
9477: FULLER (JOHN). - Flying to Nowhere, A Tale,
9479: FULLER (JOHN). - The Tree That Walked, The Phoenix Living Poets series,
9481: FULLER (JOHN). - The Grey Among the Green, Chatto Poetry series,
9478: FULLER (JOHN). - The Adventures of Speedfall,
9401: FULLER (JOHN). - Come Aboard and Sail Away, Poems by John Fuller, Illustrated by Nicholas Garland,
9480: FULLER (JOHN). - Tell It Me Again,
9482: FULLER (JOHN). - The Burning Boys,
2475: FULLEYLOVE (JOHN). - Edinburgh, Water-Colours
10004: NATIONAL ART COLLECTIONS FUND. - National Art Collections Fund, 1947 - 1964, 17 annual issues, PAPERBACKS Forty-Fourth Annual Report 1947 to The Sixty-First Annual Report of the National Art Collections Fund 1964,
4739: FURNEAUX (RUPERT). - The Seven Years War, The British at War series, general editor Ludovic Kennedy
4599: FURNEAUX (W. S.). - Butterflies, Moths, Other Insects and Creatures of the Countryside
7247: FURNISS (DOROTHY). - Drawing for Beginners, with many illustrations,
5543: FURST (ALAN). - Red Gold.
5075: GABRIEL (JURI). - Victoriana, illustrated by Peter Morter & Design Bureau, Hamlyn all-colour paperbacks
2239: GADD (DAVID). - The Loving Friends, A Portrait of Bloomsbury
4672: GALFORD (ELLEN). - The Essential Guide to Genealogy, The professional way to unlock your ancestral history
5653: GALLAGHER (STEPHEN). - Nightmare, with Angel.
8734: GALLOWAY (ROBERT L.). - A History of Coal Mining in Great Britain, a reprint with a new introduction, bibliography, and index by Baron F. Duckham,
10059: GALLUP (DONALD). - Ezra Pound, A Bibliography, St Paul's Bibliographies No. 7,
9221: GALPIN (CANON FRANCIS W.). - Old English Instruments of Music, their history and character, fourth edition, revised with supplementary notes by Thurston Dart,
4162: GALSWORTHY (JOHN). - The White Monkey.
3197: GALUPPINI (GINO). - Warships of the World, an illustrated encyclopedia
7670: RALEGH (SIR WALTER) AND ANTONIO GALVAO. - The Discoverie of Guiana, by Sir Walter Ralegh, 1596; and The Discoveries of the World by Antonio Galvao, 1601; historical introductions by A. L. Rowse and Bibliographical Notes by Robert O. Dougan, Bibliotheca Americana series,
6157: GALWAY (JAMES). - An Autobiography.
8015: CURRER-BRIGGS (NOEL) AND ROYSTON GAMBIER. - Debrett's Family Historian, a guide to tracing your ancestry, introduction by Sir Iain Moncreiffe of that Ilk, Bt, foreword by Lord Teviot,
5197: GAMES (ALEX). - Balderdash & Piffle, One sandwich short of a dog's dinner, the stories behind our most intriguing words and phrases
5020: GAMLIN (LINDA), ROHAN (ANUSCHKA DE). - Mysteries of the Rain Forest, The Earth, Its Wonders, Its Secrets, series
4995: GAMLIN (LINDA). - Life in Prehistoric Times, Journeys Into the Past series
3365: GAMLIN (LINDA), VINES (GAIL). - The Evolution of Life, edited by Linda Gamlin and Gail Vines
2791: GAMMELL (C. J.). - The Branch Line Age, the minor railways of the British Isles in memoriam and retrospect
6158: GARDINER (DOROTHY). - Companion into Kent, with 16 plates
1784: GARDINER (DOROTHY). - Companion into Dorset, .
1785: GARDINER (DOROTHY). - Companion into Kent, Methuen's Companion Books series
4839: GARDNER (JOSEPH L.). - Great Mysteries of the Past, experts unravel fact and fallacy behind the headlines of history
5439: GARDNER (BRIAN). - Churchill in his time, A Study in a Reputation 1939 - 1945
2591: GARDNER (JOSEPH L.). - Great Mysteries of the Past, Experts Unravel Fact and Fallacy Behind the Headlines of History
1472: GARDNER (BRIAN). - Churchill in his time, a study in a reputation 1939 - 1945
9737: GARDNER (JOSEPH L. EDITOR). - Reader's Digest Atlas of the World,
6498: GARLAND (H. B.). - Schiller.
6921: GARRARD (PHYLLIS). - Hilda at School, A New Zealand Story, illustrated by Radcliffe Wilson
1116: GARRARD (JEANNE). - Flowers of the Bahamas.
6834: GARRATT (COLIN), WADE-MATTHEWS (MAX). - The Illustrated Book of Steam and Rail, The history and development of the train and an evocative guide to the world's great train journeys
6698: GARRATT (COLIN). - 100 Years of Classic Steam.
2870: GARRATT (COLIN). - The Last Days of British Steam Railways.
2904: GARRATT (COLIN). - Classic Days of Steam, Illustrated Encyclopedia, an authoritative history of steam locomotive from 1830 to 1950, charts the major developments of the steam engine throughout the world
5656: GARROULD (ANNE). - Images of Italy, introduced by John Julius Norwich
3122: GARVEY (JUDE). - A Guide to the Transport Museums of Great Britain.
8599: GASCOIGNE (BAMBER). - The Treasures and Dynasties of China, with photographs taken in China by Christina Gascoigne and Derrick Witty,
1488: GASCOIGNE (BAMBER). - The Treasures and Dynasties of China, with photographs taken in China by Christina Gascoigne and Derrick Witty
1757: GASCOIGNE (BAMBER). - The Christians, with photographs by Christina Gascoigne
4853: GASCOIGNE (BAMBER). - Encyclopedia of Britain, The A - Z of Britain's Past and Present
9733: GASCOYNE (JOEL). - A Map of The County of Cornwall 1699, Newly Surveyed by Joel Gascoyne, Reprinted in Facsimile with an Introduction by W. L. D. Ravenhill and O. J. Padel, Devon and Cornwall Record Society, New Series, Vol. 34,
7691: GASELEE (SIR STEPHEN, EDITOR). - Early English Recipes, selected from the Harleian Ms. 279 of about 1430 A.D. with wood engravings by Margaret Webb, and an introduction by Sir Stephen Gaselee,
5570: GASNIER (VINCENT). - Top 10 Wines Australia & New Zealand, Top 10 Wine Lists from Master Sommelier Vincent Gasnier
7713: GASQUET (CARDINAL). - Monastic Life in the Middle Ages with a note on Great Britain and the Holy See 1792 - 1806,
5605: GASSENHEIMER (LINDA). - Cooking to Dine French Cuisine, Easy and elegant entertaining
6012: GASTON (DESMOND). - Care and Repair of Furniture.
4968: GATES (BILL). - The Road Ahead, with Nathan Myhrvold and Peter Rinearson
1490: GAULT (S. MILLAR). - The Dictionary of Shrubs in Colour, photographs supplied by Ernest Crowson, foreword by C.D. Brickell, published in collaboration with The Royal Horticultural Society
1489: GAULT (S. MILLAR), SYNGE (PATRICK). - The Dictionary of Roses in Colour, foreword by Frank M. Bown, Photographs by Ernest Crowson, published in collaboration with The Royal Horticultural Society and The Royal National Rose Society
7868: GAULTIER (BON). - The Book of Ballads, edited by Bon Gaultier and illustrated by Doyle, Leech, and Crowquill, eighth edition,
8419: GAUNT (PETER). - The Cromwellian Gazetteer, An Illustrated Guide to Britain in the Civil War and Commonwealth, foreword by C. V. Wedgwood,
1681: GAUNT (WILLIAM). - Court Painting in England, from Tudor to Victorian Times
1069: GAUNT (WILLIAM). - Kensington and Chelsea.
2324: GAUNT (WILLIAM). - The Impressionists, with 108 plates in full colour
4789: GAUNTLETT (ALISON). - Images of World War 11, photographs by the Daily Mail
3730: GAY (JOHN). - The Beggar's Opera.
1013: GAYN (MARK J.). - The Fight for the Pacific.
1536: GEBHARD (DAVID). - The California Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, photographs by Scot Zimmerman,
1307: GEDDES (CANDIDA). - The Horse, the complete book of horses and horsemanship
4612: GEE (H. L.). - The Friendly Year.
4611: GEE (H. L.). - Talking in the Garden.
4593: GEE (H. L.). - Nodding World, a friendly man's account of what he found there and the people he met
4426: GEE (H. L.). - Bright Interlude, some account of what we did, all six of us, at the Seaside
4259: GEE (H. L.). - Talking Out of Doors.
4636: GEE (H. L.). - Wartime Pilgrimage, some account of a hopeful journey
4638: GEE (H. L.). - And Pastures New, relating how a traveller who intended doing one thing did another
4639: GEE (H. L.). - Winter Journey, some account of a friendly man's adventures
4602: GEE (H. L.). - The Sunny Room, how Penelope came into it, what she did there and the manner of her leaving it
4597: GEE (H. L.). - Gay Adventure, some account of what befell two rogues on a walking tour
1423: GEIGER (DR. H. U.), ITTEN (DR. M.) AND OTHERS. - Das Schweizerische Landesmuseum, text printed in German, French, Italian and English, photography by Robert Hirt
9856: GELB (BARBARA LEVINE). - The Dictionary of Food And What's In It For You,
2525: GELDER (PETER VAN). - That's Hollywood, a behind-the-scenes look at 60 of the greatest films ever made
2584: GELFAND (MICHAEL). - Livingstone the Doctor, His Life and Travels, A Study in Medical History, with a foreword by C. Hely-Hutchinson, President, British South Africa Company
7441: GELLATLY (ANDREW). - The Official Extreme Golf Manual, for golfers with more attitude than aptitude, main photography David Robinson,
2209: GELLIE (MARY E.). - Fearless Frank, or The Captain's Children
9775: GELLING (MARGARET), W. F. H. NICOLAISEN AND MELVILLE RICHARDS. - The Names of Towns and Cities in Britain, Compiled by, Edited and introduced by W. F. H. Nicolaisen,
6716: GENDERS (ROY). - The Rose, A Complete Handbook
1356: SOCIETE GENERALE:. - Le vocabulaire du commerce exterieur, text in French
5798: GENLIS (MME LA COMTESSE DE). - Les Veillees ou Cours de Morale a l'usage des enfans.
9580: GENTLEMAN (DAVID), GEOFFREY GRIGSON AND PETER BRANFIELD. - The Shell Book of Roads, Painted by David Gentleman, Text by Geoffrey Grigson, Line Drawings by Peter Branfield,
5198: GEOGRAPHERS. - A - Z West Sussex Street Atlas, Bognor Regis to Worthing, Brighton City Centre Large Scale
7944: GEORGE (DAVID LLOYD). - Is It Peace ?
3250: GERAGHTY (TONY). - This is the SAS, A pictorial history of the Special Air Service Regiment
8926: WILSON (A. E.) AND ETHEL GERARD. - Guide to the Bronze Age Section, Worthing Museum Publications No. 2,
1445: GERNSHEIM (HELMUT). - Masterpieces of Victorian Photography, with a foreword by C. H. Gibbs-Smith
5067: GHADIALI (DR E.), BARONOWSKI (DR ANDREW), DR TIM NASH AND OTHERS. - Managing Pain, Health and Healing the Natural Way
5068: GHADIALI (DR E.), BARONOWSKI (DR ANDREW), DR TIM NASH AND OTHERS. - Managing Pain, Health and Healing the Natural Way
9739: GIANNELLI (GIULIO, EDITOR). - The World of Classical Athens, 335 illustrations in colour,
9751: GIANNELLI (GIULIO, EDITOR). - The World of Ancient Rome, 333 illustrations in colour, translation edited by Joan White,
2217: GIBB (PHYLLIS). - Classrooms A World Apart, The story of the founding of the Broken Hill School of the Air
4023: GIBBINGS (ROBERT). - Coming Down the Wye, with engravings by the author
4070: GIBBINGS (ROBERT). - Lovely is the Lee, with engravings by the author
1043: GIBBON (MONK). - Austria.
3095: GIBBONS (TONY), MILLER (DAVID). - The New Illustrated Guide to Modern Warships, detailing and illustrating some of the world's most powerful warship classes
1969: GIBBS (PHILIP). - Heirs Apparent, a novel
9087: GIBBS (LEWIS). - The Silver Circle, Sir Francis Drake, a new appraisal, with 16 pages of plates,
3948: GIBSON (ROBERT). - Best of Enemies, Anglo-French Relations Since the Norman Conquest
10113: GREEN (RICHARD LANCELYN) AND JOHN MICHAEL GIBSON. - A Bibliography of A. Conan Doyle, with a foreword by Graham Greene,
1294: GIDE (ANDRE). - Logbook of the Coiners, translated and annotated by Justin O'Brien
5383: GIELGUD (SIR JOHN). - Typed Letter Signed.
8767: GIES (FRANCES) - The Knight In History,
5098: GILBERT (MARTIN). - Winston S. Churchill, Volume 111, 1914 - 1916.
4840: GILBERT (MARTIN). - Churchill at War, His 'Finest Hour' in Photographs 1940 - 1945
4677: GILBERT (MARTIN). - Winston Churchill, The Wilderness Years
4312: GILBERT (JOHN). - Charting the Vast Pacific, Discovery and Exploration series
4534: GILBERT (HOWARD). - The Fortunate Hills, The History of the Chiltern Society 1965 - 2001
3634: GILBERT (BIL). - The Trailblazers, The Old West, by the editors of Time-Life Books
2991: GILBERT (JOHN). - Dinosaurs Discovered, illustrated by Guy Michel
5669: GILBERT (ADRIAN). - 1998 Formula One Yearbook, Chronicle of the Grand Prix Year
5423: GILBERT (MARTIN). - British History Atlas, cartography by Arthur Banks
4922: GILBERT (MARTIN). - Churchill.
2758: GILBERT (MELVIN BALLOU). - The Director, Volume 1, Numbers 1 - 10, December 1897 - November 1898, Dancing, Deportment, Etiquette, Aesthetics, Physical Training
8405: GILBERT (JOHN). - The Complete Aquarist's Guide to Freshwater Tropical Fishes, Peter Bird, Donald Cook, George Cust and others, edited by John Gilbert, consultant editor Raymond Legge, with a special colour section on Aquatic Plants,
5453: GILBEY (QUINTIN). - Fun Was My Living.
5301: GILBY (THOMAS). - Britain At Arms, A scrapbook, from Queen Anne to the present day Collected, with an introduction
8627: GILL (CRISPIN). - Plymouth Pictures,
5278: GILL (ANTON). - Il Gigante, Florence, Michelangelo and the David, 1492 - 1504
9244: GILL (DOMINIC). - The Book of the Piano, edited by Dominic Gill, with an Epilogue by Sir Clifford Curzon,
5621: GILLIAT (MARY). - Making the most of Children's Room, a creative guide to home design
8028: FALKUS (MALCOLM) AND JOHN GILLINGHAM. - Historical Atlas of Britain,
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4558: HORNE (C. SILVESTER). - A Popular History of the Free Churches, Third Edition, with thirty-nine full-page illustrations
7602: HORSLEY (JOHN). - Britannia Romana: or the Roman Antiquities of Britain, In Three Books, The 1. Contains the History of all the Roman Transactions in Britain, with an account of their legionary and auxiliary forces employed here, and a determination of the stations per lineam valli, also a large description of the Roman walls, with maps of the same laid down from a geometrical survey, 11. Contains a compleat Collection of the Roman Inscriptions and Sculptures which have hitherto been discovered in Britain, with the letters engraved in their proper shape and proportionate size, and the reading placed under each, as also an historical account of them, with explanatory and critical observations, 111. Contains the Roman Geography of Britain, in which are given the originals of Ptolemy, Antonini Itinerarium, the Notitia, the anonymous Ravennas, and Peutinger's table, so far they relate to this island, with particular essays on each of these ancient authors, and the several places in Britain mentioned by them, to which are added, a chronological table, and indexes to the Inscriptions and Sculptures after the manner of Gruter and Reinesius, also Geographical Indexes both of the Latin and English names of the Roman places in Britain, and a Gerneral Index to the work, the whole illustrated with above an hundred copper plates,
5464: HORTH (A. C.). - I Made It Myself, a practical book of working toys, models and other objects
3620: HORTON (JOHN). - Legends in Music, illustrated by W. Payne
2011: HORWILL (H. W.). - A Dictionary of Modern American Usage.
6624: HORWOOD (HAROLD). - A History of Canada.
8178: HOSKING (ERIC). - Portrait of a River, The Wildlife of the Danube, from the Black Sea to Budapest, illustrated by Eric Hosking, foreword by Peter Scott,
9080: HOSKINS (W. G.). - Local History in England, paperback, Third Edition,
9776: HOSKINS (W. G.). - Fieldwork in Local History,
9314: HOSKINS (W. G.). - Two Thousand Years in Exeter,
4114: HOSKINS (W. G.). - One Man's England.
9770: HOSKINS (W. G.). - Devon and Its People,
1846: HOTSON (LESLIE). - Mr W. H., (the friend to whom Shakespeare wrote his sonnets)
1632: HOUGH (RICHARD). - A History of Fighting Ships.
4969: HOUGH (G.L.). - Chambers Dates, Second Edition
4826: HOUGH (RICHARD). - Winston & Clementine, The Triumphs of the Churchills
4729: HOUGH (RICHARD). - Mountbatten, Hero of Our Time
4652: HOUGH (RICHARD), RICHARDS (DENIS). - The Battle of Britain, The Jubilee History
1257: HOUGH (RICHARD). - Mountbatten, Hero of our Time
2501: HOUGH (RICHARD). - Edwina, Countess Mountbatten of Burma
2928: HOUGHTON (JOHN). - Historic Figures in the Buckinghamshire Landscape.
9760: DEVON ARCHAEOLOGICAL EXPLORATION SOCIETY: C. M. HOULDER. - Devon Archaeological Exploration Society in Union with the Devonshire Association, Transactions 1963, No. 21 (New Series), editor Diana Woolner, A Neolithic Settlement on Hazard Hill, Totnes by C. H. Houlder, SOFTBACK,
2709: HOUSE (JOHN), STEVENS (MARY ANNE). - Post-Impressionism, Cross-Currents in European Painting, Royal Academy of Arts London 1979 - 80
3329: THE PUZZLE HOUSE. - The Ultimate Pub Quiz Book, Quiz Book, graded levels of difficulty, themed quizzes and potluck, over 8,000 questions and answers
5926: GOOD HOUSEKEEPING. - Good Housekeeping's Picture Cake Making, compiled by the Good Housekeeping Institute
5600: GOOD HOUSEKEEPING. - Eating Italian, BP Lifestyle series
10195: HOUSMAN (A. E.). - Last Poems,
10194: HOUSMAN (A. E.). - A. E. H. Some Poems, Some Letters and a Personal Memoir by his Brother Laurence Housman,
10193: HOUSMAN (A. E.). - More Poems,
3737: HOUSTON (PAM). - Cowboys Are My Weakness.
6206: HOWARD (R. W.). - Totems, Tigers, Torches, and other stories of Indian boys (India)
1734: HOWARD (ALEXANDER), NEWMAN (ERNEST). - Pictorial History of Russia From Rurik to Stalin, 1,000 Years of Russian History in Pictures
3424: HOWARD (RICHARD), MOORE (ALICK). - A complete checklist of the Birds of the World, with a Foreword by Leslie Brown, Revised by Alick Moore
9083: HOWARD (K. W. H.). - The Axminster Ecclesiastica 1660 - 1698, edited with annotations and appendixes by K. W. H. Howard,
9533: HOWARD (ALEXANDER). - Endless Cavalcade, A Diary of British Festivals and Customs,
6886: HOWARTH (DAVID), HOWARTH (STEPHEN). - The Story of P & O, The Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company
1766: HOWARTH (DAVID). - The Golden Isthmus.
3248: HOWARTH (DAVID). - Famous Sea Battles.
3988: HOWARTH (DAVID). - 1066 The Year of the Conquest, illustrations to chapter headings by Gareth Floyd
2296: HOWELL (MARK). - Great Cars.
2182: HOYT (ROBERT S.). - Europe in the Middle Ages.
3905: HUBENSTEINER (BENNO). - Bayern Bavaria Baviere, foreword, preface by Benno Hubensteiner
1449: HUBERT (GERARD). - France Gothique et France Renaissance, Collection des Ides Photographiques 16 et 17, texte et realisation photographique de, printed in French
8830: HUDSON (KENNETH). - The History of English China Clays, Fifty Years of Pioneering and Growth,
8397: HUDSON (ROGER). - The Grand Tour 1592 - 1796, edited by Roger Hudson,
4970: HUDSON (ROGER). - Hudson's English History, A Compendium
3497: HUDSON (KENNETH), NICHOLLS (ANN). - The Book of Shipwrecks.
1233: THAMES & HUDSON. - The Picture Encyclopaedia of Art, a comprehensive survey of painting, sculpture, architecture and crafts, their methods, styles, and technical terms, from the earliest times to the present day
9181: HUDSON (W. H.). - Works, Collected Edition, 24 volumes, Complete,

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