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69306: BEECHING, H C, (EDITED BY) - George Herbert's Country Parson
66149: BEERBOHM, MAX - Heroes and Heroines of Bitter Sweet (671/900)
62503: BEERBOHM, MAX - Cartoons "The Second Childhood of John Bull"
65440: BEETE JUKES, J - Narrative of the Surveying Voyage of H.M.S. Fly, Commanded by Captain F. P. Blackwood, R.N. in Torres Strait, New Guinea, and Other Islands of the Eastern Archipelago, During the Years 1842-1846: Together with An Excursion into the Interior of the Eastern Part of Java (Volumes I and II)
68156: BEETHOVEN, L. VAN - Sammtliche Trios fur Violin, Viola, Violoncello-partir-ausgabe; Quartetten fur zwei violinen, viola, & violoncello no 1-6, 7-11 and 12-17 [4 volumes]
22353: BEETON, ISABELLA MARY - Beeton's Every-Day Cookery and Housekeeping Book - Comprising Instructions for Mistress and Servants, and a collection of over 1500 Practical Receipts
70115: MRS. BEETON - Mrs. Beeton's Book of Household Management, A Guide to Cookery in all Branches, Daily Duties, Menu Making, Mistress and Servant, Home Doctor, Hostess and Guest, Sick Nursing, Marketing, The Nursery, Trussing and Carving, Home Lawyer
58972: MRS. BEETON - Mrs. Beeton's Cookery and Household Management
58970: BEETON, MRS. - Mrs. Beeton's Everyday Cookery, With About 2,500 Practical Recipes
61309: BEETON, MRS. - Beeton's Every-day Cookery and Housekeeping Book. A Practical and Useful Guide for all Mistresses and Servants, Entirely New Edition, Revised and Greatly Enlarged-
59724: MRS. BEETON - Beeton's Every-day Cookery and Housekeeping Book: Comprising Instructions for Mistress and Servants, and a Collection of Over Sixteen Hundred and Fifty Practical Receipts
45168: BEETON, S O - Beeton's Dictionary Of Universal Information; Comprising Geography, History, Biography, Mythology, Bible Knowledge, Chronology With The Pronunciation Of Every Proper Name
61502: BEETON, ISABELLA - The Englishwoman's Cookery Book
68072: BEETON, MRS - Beeton's Every-day Cookery and Housekeeping Book (A Practical and Useful Guide for all Mistresses and Servants)
63524: MRS BEETON - Beeton's Every-Day Cookery and Housekeeping Book: A Practical and Useful Guide for All Mistresses and Servants
62519: BEGBIE, HAROLD - Tables of Stone
60841: BEGG, MARY MILLAR - My Mother's Marriage Ring and Other Poems
58294: BEGUERIE, PHILIPPE AND DUCHESNEAU, CLAUDE - How to Understand the Sacraments
67355: BEHAN, BRENDAN - Borstall Boy
46708: BEHRENS, LILIAN BOYS - Echoes of The Good And Fallen Angels De Cawston, Norfolk
50208: BEIDLEMAN, RICHARD G. - California's Frontier Naturalists
67490: BEIRNE, BRYAN P. - British Pyralid and Plume Moths, containing a descriptive history of all the British species of moths of the families Pyralidae, Pterophoridae and Orneodidae.
7746: BELDY - Our Lady's Flowers
67769: BELGRAVE, C DALRYMPLE - Siwa (The Oasisof Jupiter Ammon)
15210: BELL, A. STANLEY (EDITOR) - The Liveryman a Journal Published by The City Livery Club, 51 issues bound in 7 volumes from the period November 1939 to November 1971
19239: BELL, HERBERT C. & PARKER, DAVID W. ET AL - Guide to British West Indian Archive Materials, in London and in the Islands, for the History of the United States
35772: BELL, P R F, AND OTHERS - Proceedings of the Second Australian Workshop on Oil Shale
43565: BELL, CHARLES DENT - The Four Seasons At The Lakes
62196: BELL, CURRER [BRONTË, CHARLOTTE]; LESBAZEILLES-SOUVESTRE, MME [TRANSLATOR] - Jane Eyre ou Les Mémoires D'une Institutrice, Tome Premier & Deuxiéme [Vols 1 & 2]
62191: BELL, CURRER [BRONTË, CHARLOTTE] - The Professor, A Tale. In Two Volumes [2 volumes in 1]
60328: [BELL, MRS. E.] - Entertaining and Instructive Rambles For Young Persons
70068: BELL, JOHN - Travels from St. Petersburgh in Russia to Various Parts of Asia. Illustrated with Maps. In Two Volumes. [volume 2 only]
72214: BELL, SIR CHARLES - Tibet Past and Present
67779: BELL, CHARLES - The Anatomy of the Human Body. Vol III Containing The Nervous System, with plates. Part I, Anatomy of the Brain, and Description of the Course of the Nerves. Part II, The anatomy of the Eye and Ear.
71968: BELL, J.J.; CORRIE, JOE; BERESFORD, HUGH; AND OTHERS - One-Act Plays and Sketches for Boys' Clubs, Boy Scouts and Schools
57040: BELL, QUENTIN - Virginia Woolf A Biography, Volumes One & Two
64363: BELL, HENRY NUGENT - The Huntingdon Peerage
35832: BELLAMY, DAVID - The Wild Places of Britain
32877: BELLCHAMBERS, E [EDITOR] - The Scripture Cabinet, comprehending the principle events recorded in the old and new testaments
23104: BELLENDEN, WILLIAM [ INTRODUCTION BY SAMUEL PARR ET AL ] - Gulielmi Belleneni Magistri Supplicum Libellorum Augusti Regis Magnae Britanniae, &c. De Statu Libri Tres
5418: BELLENGER, WITCOMB, STEUER ET ZIRARDINI - Nouveau Guide de conversations Modernes, en quatre langues, Francais, Anglais, Allemand, Italien
43554: BELLI, ANNIBALE - Giotto: Frescoes In The Upper Church, Assisi, [The Gallery of Masterpieces 2]
58914: BELLISS & MORCOM LIMITED & THE NATIONAL GAS AND OIL ENGINE COMPANY - Instructions for the Care and Management of Heavy Oil Engines; & Instructions for Erection and Maintenance of National Heavy Oil Engines "HA" Series [2 volumes]
28321: MRS. BELLOC LOWNDES - The Empress Eugenie
69963: BELLOC, H. - Cautionary Tales for Children Designed for the Admonition of Children between the ages of Eight and Fourteen Years
43805: BELLOC, HILAIRE, THIELE, E O, OGILVIE, ALAN G, ET AL. - The Geographical Journal Vol. XLV No. I January 1915
51667: BELMONT PARKER, WILLIAM [EDITOR] - Bolivians of To-Day, [Hispanic Notes & Monographs III]
66070: BEMAK, FRED, AND KEYS, SUSAN - Violent and Aggressive Youth (Intervention and Prevention Strategies for Changing Times)
48075: BEMROSE, WILLIAM, [EDITOR] - Bow, Chelsea, and Derby Porcelain. Being further information relating to these factories, obtained from original documents, not hitherto published
64845: BEN, SHE AND YI, MING - The Album of Shanghai During the Past 150 Years
58741: BEN JONSON, DAVID GARRICK, COLLEY CIBBER, BEAUMONT AND FLECTCHER ET AL - Every Man in His Humour, Philaster, Careless Husband [3 volumes in 1]; Rule a Wife and Have a Wife, The Careless Husband [2 volumes in 1]; Philaster, The Provok'd Husband, The Fashionable Lover, The Countess of Salisbury [4 volumes in 1], [3 Bell's British Library Volumes]
46759: BENCHLEY, ROBERT, FORD, COREY, [EDITED BY R. E. SHERWOOD] - Life Vol. 85. #2219, May 14th 1925 [Nautical Number]
44943: BENEDETTI, MARIA TERESA , PIANTONI, GIANNA , TOLOMEO, MARIA GRAZIA , VOLPI, MARISA - Dei Ed Eroi : Classicita e Mito Fra '800 e '900 [Gods and Heroes: Classicism and Myth from the 19th to the 20th Century]
26423: BENEDIKT, MICHAEL - 5 books of poetry, Night Cries, Sky, The Badminton at Great Barrington, The Body and Mole Notes
46367: BENET, STEPHEN VINCENT - Young Adventure; Western Star; The Last Circle, [in 3 volumes]
72280: BENEZIT, E - Dictionnaire critique et documentaire, Des Peintres, Sculpteurs, Dessinateurs, et Graveurs, de tous les temps et de tous les pays par un groupe d'ecrivains specialistes Francais et etrangers, [complete set of 14 volumes]
46424: BENGELII, J.A. - Novum Testamentum Graecum Textu per omnia Milliano, cum Divisione Pericoparum & Interpunctura J.A. Bengelii [ Hkainh Aiaohkh - Greek New Testament ]
57731: BENGELII, JOH ALBERTI - Gnomon Novi Testamenti
59130: BENJAMIN BRITTON, IMOGEN HOLST, LUDWIG LANDGRAF - Noye's Fludde: The Chester Miracle Play set to Music by Benjamin Britten Op. 59
70667: BENNET D.D., THOMAS - Directions for Studying, I. A General System or Body of Divinity II. The Thirty Nine Articles of Religion. To which is added St Jerom's Epistle to Nepotianus
62970: MRS. BENNETT, SAMUEL RICHARDSON, & CHRISTOPHER VON SCHMID - Jane Shore; or, the Goldsmith's Wife; The Basket of Flowers, and Other Tales; & Pamela; or Virtue Rewarded: in a Series of Familiar Letters from a Beautiful Young Damsel [3 volumes]
25063: BENNETT, COLIN N. [WITH THE GUIDANCE OF E.T. HERON] - The Guide to Kinematography , For Camera Men, Operators, and all who ""Want to Know""
27074: BENNETT, BILL & ROBINSON, PETER [ EDITORS ] - Prefect Bound - Magazine of the Cambridge Poetry Society Winter 1976-7 [ contributors include Tom Raworth, Denise Levertov, Edwin Morgan -]
32237: F.J BENNETT. J.H, BLAKE. W.H.DALTON. W.WHITAKER. F.M. TROTTER. J.S. FLETT. C. STUBBLEFIELD ET AL - 161 Maps from the Ordnance Survey Geological Survey of England & Wales [ one inch to the mile ]
44596: BENNETT, S. E. - Holly Boughs
47735: BENNETT, JAMES - A Tewkesbury Guide: Containing a Sketch of the History of the Borough; The Battle of Tewkesbury; and Description of The Abbey Church, It's Monuments, &c.
50781: BENNETT, ARNOLD - Buried Alive
48179: BENSON, E. F. - Lovers and Friends
48180: BENSON, E. F. - David Blaize And The Blue Door
57727: BENSON, EDWARD WHITE - The Apocalypse: An Introductory Study of the Revelation of St John the Divine
48286: BENSON, E. F. - The Luck of the Vails
48280: BENSON, E. F. - Mrs. Ames
57225: BENSON, ARTHUR CHRISTOPHER AND ESHER, VISCOUNT - The Letters of Queen Victoria A Selection from Her Majesty's Correspondence Between the Years 1837 and 1861.. In Three Volumes, Vol. III. 1854-1861
13669: BENSUSAN-BUTT, JOHN - On Naturalness in Art, a lecture based on the sayings of painters and others, with a postscript on aesthetics and index of sources
63182: BENTHAM, G.; HOOKER, J. D. - Genera Plantarum, Ad Exemplaria Imprimis in Herbariis Kewensibus Servata Definita- Vol 2 Part 2 & Vol 3 Part 1 only [2 parts of 7]
71736: BENTLEY, E.C., POE, EDGAR ALLAN, COLLINS, WILKIE, AND OTHERS- - A Century of Detective Stories
57200: BENTON, ALISON M. - Cheals of Crawley: The Family Firm at Lowfield Nurseries 1860s to 1960s
64314: BERALDI, HENRI - Bibliotheque Henri Beraldi, Premiere Partie & Deuxieme Partie, Livres Anciens des XVI et XVII Siecles [Parts 1 & 2]
64189: BERENSON, BERNARD - Italian Pictures of the Renaissance: A List of the Principal Artists and their Works with an Index of Places, Florentine School Volumes I and II, & Venetian School Volumes I and II [4 volumes]
56043: BERGER, PATRICIA AND BARTHOLOMEW, TERESE TSE - Mongolia: The Legacy of Chinggis Khan
19254: BERGHAUS, DR.H. - Map of Mountain Chains in Asia & Europe
19255: BERGHAUS, DR.H. & JOHNSTON, A.K. - Map of Mountain Systems of Europe, constructed on the basis of contour lines from the drawing of Professor Berghaus, Berlin by A.K. Johnston
19256: BERGHAUS, DR.H. & JOHNSTON, A.K. - Hyetographic or Rain Map of The World, extended from the original designs of Professor Berghaus, Berlin by A.K. Johnston
19257: BERGHAUS, DR.H. & JOHNSTON, A.K. - Geographical Distribution of the Currents of Air, or of the Perennial, Periodical and Variable Winds showing also the Various regions of Prevalent Hurricanes by Professor Heinrich Berghaus, Berlin
69462: BERGK, THEODORUS - Poetae Lyrici Graeci
51868: BERKELEY, REV. M J - Introduction to Cryptogamic Botany
45453: BERNACCHI, L C - A Very Gallant Gentleman
28795: BERNARD QUARITCH [EDITOR] - Contributions towards a Dictionary of English Book-Collectors and also of some Foreign Collectors
63843: BERNARD QUARITCH - A Rough List of Cheap Books to be Sold Immediately at Bernard Quaritch's Warehouse, 16 Castle Street, Leicester Square. No. 35, April 1878.
60090: BERNARDS TECHNICAL BOOKS - Electrical Engineers & Electricians Handbook; Manual of Mathematical Tables; Radio Manual Calling Men at War: Radio Operators and Civilian Radio Engineers [3 volumes]
30711: BERNHEIMER, KONRAD O - Konrad O Bernheimer Gemalde 1996 - 1997 Catalogue of The European Fine Art Fair Basel 26 October - 3 November 1996, Deutsche Kunst - und Antiquitatenmesse Munchen 29 November - 4 Dezember 1996, The European Fine Art Fair 7 Marz 1997 - 16 Marz 1997, Fine A
61901: BERQUIN, M. - The Children's Friend: Consisting of a Variety of Moral and Interesting Stories, For the Amusement and Instruction of Youth
60742: BERQUIN, ARNAUD - The Looking-Glass for the Mind; or, Intellectual Mirror. Being an Elegant Collection of the Most Delightful Little Stories, and Interesting Tales, Chiefly Translated from that Much Admired Work, L'Ami des Enfans
60419: BERQUIN, M. - L'Ami de Enfans, Volumes 1-4 [Complete in 4 Volumes]
30585: BERRIDGE, ELIZABETH - Sing Me Who You Are
49346: BERRIDGE, W S - The Zoo's Who's Who: Monkeys, Bears, & Animal Giants, [in 3 volumes]
59938: BERRISFORD, JUDITH M. - Red Rocket, Mystery Horse
65691: BERRY, JEAN DUC DE AND THOMAS, MARCEL - Les Grandes Heures de Jean Duc De Berry
67418: BERRY NIBLETT, S. - Essays on the Most Important Affections of the Skin.
70380: BERRY, R.J. - The New Naturalist No. 109: Islands
70631: BERRY, R. J. - The Natural History of Orkney
38660: BERT HENRY & CO - Patrician Robes, Season 1909 [Catalogue]
65865: BERTHELOT, PASTEUR, FRIEDEL, MASCART, MOISSAN - Annales de Chimie et de Physique Septieme Serie 1894 a 1903 tomes I a XXX tables des noms d'auteurs et table analytique des matieres
65863: BERTHELOT, PASTEUR, FRIEDEL, MASCART, - Annales de Chimie et de Physique Sixieme Serie 1884 a 1893 tomes I a XXX tables des noms d'auteurs et table analytique des matieres
56105: BERTRAM, ANTHONY [EDITOR] - World's Masters New Series: Bosch, Giotto, Sickert, Rembrandt [4 volumes]
68117: BERTRAND, PIERRE - Geneve et la Grande-Bretagne de John Knox a Olivier Cromwell
15714: BESANT, ANNIE (EDITOR) - Our Corner, Volume IV 1884 ( July to December )
57014: BESANT, WALTER; RICE, JAMES - Children Of Gibeon; With Heart And Crown; My Little Girl; Armorel Of Lyonesse [4 volumes]
63865: BESLEY & COPP - Besleys Directory of Exeter and Suburbs 1955
64560: BESSET, MAURICE - Who Was Le Corbusier?
61656: BESSIE MARCHANT, EVA GRAY, JEAN ASHLEY AND OTHERS - Stories for Girls [Dean's Everyday Story Books. No. 11]
35995: BESTALL, ALFRED - The New Rupert Book - The Daily Express Annual [ 1951 ]
35996: BESTALL, ALFRED - The New Rupert Book [ 1946 ]
35997: BESTALL, ALFRED - Rupert Winter Adventure - Two exciting new stories in full colour [ Adventure Book No. 35 ]
52406: BESTALL, ALFRED - The Rupert Book
60987: BESTALL, ALFRED - Rupert and the Seaside Mystery; & Rupert and the Brithday Surprise; [Adventure Series Nos. 24 & 26]
69829: BESTERMAN, THEODORE - Crystal-Gazing : A study of the History, Distribution, Theory and Practice of Scrying
52944: BETJEMAN, JOHN - Uncollected Poems
52381: BETJEMAN, SIR JOHN AND LARKIN, PHILIP [INTRODUCTION] - An Exhibition of Works by Sir John Betjeman, from the Collection of Ray Carter in the Art Gallery of St Paul's School, February-March MCMLXXXIII
69216: BETJEMAN,JOHN - Collected Poems
48545: BETTANY, G T - Eminent Doctors: Their Lives and their Work, in 2 volumes
16185: BETTESWORTH, W.A., THORTON, PERCY M., CHALLEN, J.B., PERKINS, HENRY ET AL - The Cricket Field - An illustrated record and review. Volume II 1893 ( bound copies of the magazine published weekly in the cricket season, otherwise monthly )
60827: BEULER, J. - Songs, Humorous and Satirical, to Popular Tunes, 1st - 9th Collections [9 volumes in 1]
71615: BEUTS, N. D. - Map of Broach Distict Province of Guzerat [Gujarat] compiled from the village maps of the Guzerat Revenue Survey
44822: BEUYS, JOSEPH - Aktioner, Moderna Museet Stockholm Jan-Feb 1971
32771: BEVAN, BRYAN - Edward III , Monarch of Chivalry
64091: BEVAN, EDWARD - The Honey-Bee, its natural history, physiology and management
67150: BEVAN JONES, V R AND L - Woman in Islam (A Manual with Special Reference to Conditions in India)
63414: BEVAN, THEODORE, F., WHITEHOUSE, COPE., ARDAGH, C., SURTEES, COLONEL CONYERS., BROWN, CAPTAIN, R.H. AND FRESHFIELD, DOUGLAS, W. - Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society and Monthly Record of Geography, Vol. IX, No. 10., October, 1887
42063: BEVERIDGE, REV. WILLIAM - Private Thoughts Upon Religion
52829: BEWICK, THOMAS - Memoir of Thomas Bewick, Written by Himself 1822-1828
35729: BEWICK, PAULINE - Ireland , An Artists's Year
65029: BEWICK, THOMAS - Memorial Edition of Thomas Bewick's Works: A History of British Birds (Volume 1: Land Birds, Volume 2: Water Birds), A General History of Quadrupeds, The Fables of Aesop and Others, A Memoir of Thomas Bewick [5 volumes]
67179: BEWICK, THOMAS - A History of British Birds (Vol I, Vol II) [2 volumes]
65125: BEWICK, T - History of British Birds, Volume 1, Containing the History and Description of Land Birds
50866: BEWICK, THOMAS & OTHERS - Bewick Archive, consisting of 39 books and ephemera
42017: BEYER, VICTOR - La Cathedrale de Strasbourg [Chefs-d'ouvre du Vitrail europeen]
70077: PROF. T.J. BEZEMER - Indonesian Arts and Crafts: Pictorial Atlas
43852: BHADESHIA, H K D H - Worked examples in the Geometry of Crystals
32182: BIART, LUCIEN [ TRANSLATED BY MARY DE HAUTEVILLE ] - My Rambles in the New World
70070: BIBLE - The Holy Bible , containing the Old and New Testaments: Translated out of the original tongues: And with the former translations diligently compared and revised, by His Majesty's Special Command
61676: BIBLE IN DANISH - Bibele: Den Hellige Skrifts Kanoniske Boger; Udgivet af det Danske Bibelselskab Kobenhavn
67988: BIBLE - The Holy Bible
69198: BIBLE - The Holy Bible , containing the Old and New Testaments : Translated out of the original tongues : and with the former diligently compared and revised, by His Majesty's special commmand
50377: BIBLE - La Sainte Bible Content le Vieil et le Nouueau Testaments Enrichie de plusieurs belles figures Sacra Biblia nouo et Velere testamneto con stana eximiis sculpturis, et imagibus illustrata
69752: BIBLE - The New Testament of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
71941: BIDDLE, P. G. - Tree Root Damage to Buildings [in 2 volumes, volume 1: 'Causes, Diagnosis and Remedy' and volume 2: 'Patterns of Soil Drying in Proximity to Trees on Clay Soils'
63422: BIDDULPH, C.E.; NURSE, LIEUT, CHARLES G.; HOUTUM-SCHINDLER, A., THOMPSON, JOHN. AND TANNER, H.C.B. - Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society and Monthly Record of Geography, Vol. XIII., No. 11, November, 1891
63292: BIDDULPH, GENERAL SIR MICHAEL A. - Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society and Monthly Record of Geography, Vol. II., No. 4., April, 1880
67651: BIERMANN, G. ROLAND [ARTIST] - G. Roland Biermann: Metamorphosis
36709: BIGGS, E J, GAUNT, W, ET AL. - The Studio, An illustrated Magazine of Fine and Applied Art, Volume 106, No. 484-489, July to Dec. 1933 [ one hundred and six ]
69354: BIGGS, BRUCE , BEST, ELSDON - Maori Marriage , and , The Maori As He Was , 2 Volumes
60610: BIGLAND, J. - A System of Geography, for the Use of Schools, on a New and Perfectly Easy Plan, in Which the European Boundaries are Stated, as Settled by the Peace of Paris, November 1815
47527: BIGLAND, J - Dr. Goldsmith's Abridged History of England, from the Invasion of Julius Caesar, to the Death of George II. To Which Is Added, A very Extensive and Faithful Continuation To The Death Of George III., And Also Of The First Seven Years of The Reign of George
70098: BIGSBY, ROBERT - The Spirit of Chivalry; or, A Light from the Dark Ages. A Moral and Political Discourse Suggested by the Signs of the Times, including A Plan of National Philanthropy, designed to foster the sentiments of honour, loyalty, patriotism, and humanity; to strengthen the bonds of public safety by the removal of class disunion; to remedy the many evils and defects of our present social system; and elevate this standard of general happiness by opening a path to a higher, more spiritual civilisation.
70288: BILBLE - The Parallel Bible , The Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments translated out of the original tongues: Being the authorised version arranged in parallel columns with the revised version
45655: BILBO, JACK - Carrying A Gun For Al Capone
25634: BILL, LEDYARD - Minnesota, its Character and Climate, likewise sketches of other resorts favourable to in invalids, together with copious notes on health, also hints to tourists and emigrants
72094: BINDMAN, DAVID AND TOOMEY, DEIRDRE - The Complete Graphic Works of William Blake
28239: BING, S. [ EDITOR ] - Artistic Japan - Illustrations and Essays Numbers 8, 9, 10, 12, 19 - 26 [ 12 issues of the monthly journal bound together ]
47236: BINGHAM, CLIFTON - Full of Fun
71706: BINGHAM, CLIFTON - Proverbs Old Newly Told
51586: BINGHAM, J. K. W AND HAUPT, WERNER - North African Campaign 1940-1943
61659: BINGHAM, CLIFTON - Let's Pretend, A Children's Play Book
60446: BINGLEY, THE REV. W. - North Wales; Including its Scenery, Antiquities, Customs, and some Sketches of its Natural History; Delineated from Two Excursions Through all the Interesting Parts of That Country, During the Summers of 1798 and 1801, In Two Volumes
63464: E. W. BINNEY, THOMAS WRIGHT, THOMAS DAVIDSON & SEARLES V. WOOD - Palaeontographical Society. Vol. XXIV.; Carboniferous Flora. Part II.; Cretaceous Echinodermata. Vol. I. Part IV.; Fossil Brachiopoda Silurian. Part VII, No. 4.; Eocene Mollusca. Part IV, No. 3. [4 Volumes in 1]
57047: BINNS, JOHN [EDITOR] - Doctor Who Short Trips: Steel Skies
39238: BIRCH, WALTER DE GRAY - Vita Haroldi. The Romance of the Life of Harold, King of England. From the Unique Manuscript in the British Museum.
24047: BIRD, BREVET-MAJOR W D - Lectures on the Strategy of the Franco-German War 1870 up to the Battle of Sedan
29808: BIRD, JOHN H - Cinema Parade, Fifty Years of Film Shows
45717: BIRD, W H, COWLEY, P. CROSSLEY, DELDERFIELD, E R, ET AL. - 10 Books on Churches: 1. Old Oxford Churches, 2.The Cornish Church Guide, 3. The Church houses, 4. English Church Design 1040 -1540, 5.The English Abbey, 6. Church Furniture, 7. Henry Yevele c. 1320 to 1400 The Life of an English Architect, 8. Modern Chur
58245: BIRD, MARIA - Andy Pandy's Adventures
48197: BIRD, W. HOBART - The Ancient Mural Paintings in the Churches of Gloucestershire
70648: BIRD, ISABELLA - The Golden Chersonese and the Way Thither
60703: BIRD, JOHN - Annals of Natal: 1495-1845, Volume I. & II.
69308: BIRD, ISABELLA L - Unbeaten Tracks in Japan (An Account of Travels in the Interior Including Visits to the Aborigines of Yezo and the Shrine of Nikko)
67794: BIRE, EDMOND - Causeries Litteraires
69853: BIRKET-SMITH, KAJ; WACHOWICH, NANCY; HERBERT, MARIE; RAY, DOROTHY JEAN; - The Eskimos; Saqiyuq; The Snow People; Eskimo Masks: Art and Ceremony; Eskimo Graphic Art 1967 [5 volumes relating to Eskimos]
64781: BIRKHEAD, ALICE - Tales From Irish History
70718: BIRKS, TONY - Hans Coper
35450: BIRMINGHAM AND MIDLAND INSTITUTE. - Birmingham and Midland Institute. Birmingham Archaeological Society. Transactions, Excursions, And Report For the Year 1907 Vol XXXIII, and For the Year 1908 Volume XXXIV [ 2 volumes in 1 ]
39960: BIRMINGHAM, GEORGE A - A Wayfarer in Hungary
71592: BIRMINGHAM, J. - The Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy Volume XXVI Science [August 1877]
71987: BISCHOFF, GOTTLIEB WILHELM - Die Botanische Kunstsprache in Umrissen, nebst erlauternbem Lerte. [in 2 volumes]
60033: BISHOP, FREDERICK - The Wife's Own Book of Cookery, Containing Upwards of Fifteen Hundred Original Receipts, Prepared with Great Care, and a Proper Attention to Economy, and Embodying all the Latest Improvements in the Culinary Art; Accompanied by Important Remarks and Counsel on the Arrangement and Well-Ordering of the Kitchen, Combined with Useful Hints on Domestic Economy-
52482: BISHOP, WILLIAM HENRY; H RIDING, WILLIAM; WARNER, CHARLES DUDLEY; MILLET, F. D. ET AL - Harper's Monthly Magazine, European Edition, Volumes 5 - 10 1882-85, [in 6 volumes]
63719: BISHOP, ELIZABETH - The Fish [broadside]
61454: BISHOP, JOHN GEORGE - "A Peep into the Past:" Brighton in the Olden Time, with Glances at the Present
67568: BISHOP, RICHARD E - Bishop's Birds (Etchings of Water-fowl and Upland Game Birds)
69351: BISHOP F.G.R.S., ISABELLA L. - Among the Tibetans
58170: BISHOP, JAMES [EDITOR] - Illustrated London News 21 volumes 1971
7854: BISLAND, ELIZABETH - The Life and Letters of Lafcadio Hearn, two volumes
39175: BISMARCK, OTTO PRINCE VON - Bismarck: The Man and the Statesman, Being the Reflections and Reminiscences of Otto Prince von Bismarck, [Collection of British Authors, Tauchnitz Edition, in 3 volumes]
69376: BISTA, DOR BAHADUR - People of Nepal
39656: BJORNSON, BJORN-STJERNE - Three Dramas, Volume 2, [Everyman's Library 90]
19300: BLACK, ADAM & CHARLES - Map of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Quebec ( Eastern Section )
19301: BLACK, ADAM & CHARLES - Map of Canada Central Provinces
31206: BLACK, ADAM & CHARLES - Black's Picturesque Guide to Wales, North South and Monmouthshire
32232: BLACK, MAURICE - British Lower Cretaceous Coccoliths I. Gault Clay Parts 1, 2 & 3 [ Monograph of the Palaeontographical Society ]
36320: BLACK, STEPHEN, MILTON, RODERICK, STIVENS, DAL, ET AL. [EDITED BY JACK HARGREAVES] - Lilliput, July-August, October-November 1953, and November-December 1953, Volume 33 No. 1, 5, 6, Issue No. 193, 197, 198, [3 volumes]
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72184: BOY SCOUTS ASSOCIATION, JOHN THURMAN, REX HAZLEWOOD - Collection of Scouter's Books and Patrol Books [15 volumes]
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71750: BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA VIA ADVISORY COMMITTEE - The Den Chief's Denbook of the Younger Boy Program of the Boy Scouts of America , "A Cub is Square"
71748: BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA - A Manual of Customs and Drills for Boy Scouts
71895: THE BOY SCOUTS ASSOCIATION - Collection of 9 booklets from the Scout Badge Test Series
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57006: BOYD, JANE - What Are They Doing Now and How Can They Tell Us?
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58509: BOYSE, SAMUEL AND COOKE, WILLIAM - The New Pantheon: or Fabulous History of the Heathen Gods, Goddesses, Heroes, &c. Explain'd in a Manner Entirely New; and Render'd Much More Useful than an Hitherto Publish'd...
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70216: BRADLEY, RICHARD - A General Treatise of Husbandry and Gardening. Containing Such Observations and Experiments as are New and Useful for the Improvement of Land. With an Account of such extraordinary Inventions, and natural Productions, as may help the Ingenious in their Studies, and Promote Universal Learning [vol 1]
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42860: BRISTOL ROVER F.C. - Collection of 17 autographed newspaper photographs of Bristol Rovers players from 1970s
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58595: BROMLEY, HENRY - A Catalogue of Engraved British Portraits, from Egbert the Great to the Present Time. Consisting of the Effigies of Persons in Every Walk of Human Life; as Well Those Whose services to Their Country are Recorded in the Annals of the English History, as Others Whos Eccentricity of Character Rendered Them Conspicuous in Their Day
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38882: BROOK, RICHARD - Culpepper's Herbal, Improved. A New Family Herbal, of all the British and Foreign Herbs, Plants, Roots &c., Which are at Present Known to be Useful to Man.
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60668: BROUGHTON, JAMES - Seeing the Light
60731: BROUGHTON, JAMES - A to Z: 26 Sermonettes
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60730: BROUGHTON, JAMES - True & False Unicorn
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61695: BRUCE, CHARLES - My Beautiful Home! Or, Lily's Search
70461: BRUCE, JAMES - Travels, between the years 1765 and 1773, through part of Africa, Syria, Egypt, and Arabia, into Abyssinia, to discover the source of the Nile -
56152: BRUCE, DAVID K. E. - Sixteen American Presidents
58393: BRUCE, JAMES - Travels to Discover the Source of the Nile, in the Years 1768, 1769, 1770, 1771, 1772, & 1773. Vol. VIII. Containing the Plates and Maps
61323: BRUCE, JAMES - Travels to Discover the Source of the Nile, in the Years 1768, 1769, 1770, 1771, 1772, and 1773. In Six Volumes [Volumes 1-3 only]
63266: BRUELE, GUALTERUS - Praxis Medicinae Theorica et Empirica Familiarissima Gualteri Bruele: In qua pulcherrima dilucidissimaque ratione morborum internorum cognitio, eorundemque curatio traditur
30526: BRUGGEMAN, L - Indisch Tuinboek
70185: [BRUGIS, THOMAS ?] - Vade Mecum or A Companion for a Chyrurgion
36770: BRUNA, DICK - Miffy's birthday; Miffy at the seaside; Miffy at school [3 volumes in child's Miffy carrier bag]
56361: BRUNEL, ISAMBARD KINGDOM - Plan of the Proposed Great Western Railway with Branches to Bradford and Trowbridge
17768: BRUNET, PIERRE NICOLAS - Abrege Chronologique des Grands Fiefs de la Couronne de France, avec la chronologie des princes et seigneurs--
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63921: DE BRUNHOFF, JEAN - Babar at Home
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35051: DE BRUNHOFF, JEAN - Babar's Travels
35324: DE BRUNHOFF, JEAN - Barber's Friend Zephir
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46352: DE BRUNHOFF, LAURENT - Babar et le Wouly-Wouly
63920: DE BRUNHOFF, JEAN - Babar and Father Christmas
21802: BRUNHOFF, LAURENT DE - Babar's Visit to Bird Island
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50380: CAMPBELL, THOMAS - A Philosophical Survey of the South of Ireland, in a series of letters to John Watkinson, M.D.
69535: CAMPBELL, MARIUS R. - Guidebook of the Western United States Part E. The Denver & Rio Grande Western Route , Bulletin 707
69670: CAMPBELL, JUNE / O'CONNOR, W.F. / SNELLGROVE, DAVID AND RICHARDSON, HUGH - 3 volumes on Tibet. Traveller in Space, In Search of Female Identity in Tibetan Buddhism / Folk Tales from Tibet / A Cultural History of Tibet
61290: CAMPE, J. H.; HELME, ELIZABETH [TRANSLATOR] - Columbus, or the Discovery of America; As Related by A Father to His Children, and Designed for the Instruction of the Youth
46225: CAMUS, ALBERT, GUNN, THOM, MACNEICE, LOUIS, IBSEN, HENRIK, ET AL. [EDITED BY JOHN LEHMANN] - The London Magazine, Volume 5 No.1-12, January to December 1958, [complete in 12 volumes]
28623: CANADIAN NATIONAL RAILWAYS - Tours Canada [six in one volume] Across Canada, Canada's Maritine Provinces, Historic Quebec, Niagarqa to the Sea, Ontario, Canadian Rockies Jasper and the Triangle Tour
58037: CANDLER, EDMUND - The Mantle of the East
69743: DE CANDOLLE, M. AUGUSTIN PYRAMUS - Collection de Memoires pour servir a l'Histoire du Regne Vegetal (Neuvieme Memoire: Observations sur la Structure et la Classification de la Famille des Composees)
18641: CANNAN, GILBERT - Adventurous Love and other verses
65146: CANNELL, J. C. [COMPILER] - Modern Conjuring for Amateurs
72274: CANNING, GEORGE AND WILLIAM GIFFORD (EDITORS) - The Beauties of the Anti-Jacobin; or, Weekly Examiner; Containing every Article of Permanent Utility in that Valuable and Highly Esteemed Paper, Literary and Political; The Whole of the Excellent Poetry; Together with Explanatory Notes, Biographical Anecdotes, and a Prefatory Advertisement, by the Editor
52668: CANNON, RICHARD [COMPILER] - Historical Record of the Third Regiment of Foot, or The Buffs; formerly designated the Holland Regiment. Containing an account of its origin in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, and of its subsequent services to 1838
56360: CANNON, RICHARD - Historical Record of the Thirty-Fourth, or, the Cumberland Regiment of Foot: Containing an Account of the Formation of the Regiment in 1702 and of its Subsequent Services to 1844
56307: CANNON, RICHARD - Historical Record of the Tenth, or the North Lincolnshire, Regiment of Foot, containing an account of the formation of the regiment in 1685, and of its subsequent services to 1847
56308: CANNON, RICHARD - Historical Record of the Eighty-Seventh Regiment, or the Royal Irish Fusiliers: containing an account of the formation of the regiment in 1793, and of its subsequent services to 1853
29072: CANSICK, FREDERICK TEAGUE - A Collection Of Curious And Interesting Epitaphs Copied From The Monuments Of Distinguished And Noted Characters In The Ancient Church and Burial Grounds of Sanint Pancras, Middlesex. [Cansick's Epitaphs of Middlesex volume 1]
61060: CANTERBURY, THE ARCHBISHOP OF [PREFACE] - School Prayers for Week-Day Mornings
26801: CANTON, WILLIAM - A Child's Book of Saints
67828: CANZIANI, ESTELLA - Through the Apennines and the Lands of the Abruzzi (Landscape and Peasant Life)
46022: CAPGRAVE, JOHN, [EDITED BY FRANCIS CHARLES HINGESTON] - Johannis Capgrave Liber De illustribus Henricus, [Chronicles and Memorials of Great Britain and Ireland during The Middle Ages No.7]
44752: CAPPER, BENJAMIN PITTS - A Topographical Dictionary Of The United Kingdom; Compiled From Parliamentary, And Other Authentic Documents And Authorities; Containing Geographical, Topographical, & Statistical Accounts Of Every District, Object, And Place In England, Wales, Scotland,
63456: CAPPER, R. AND RIDER, CARDANUS ET AL - The British Imperial Calendar for 1816: or, General Register of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and its Colonies; Containing Lists of Both Houses of Parliament, all the Official Departments of the State, and Branches of Public Services; The Church; The Law; National Scientific, or Commercial Companies and Institutions; with many Additional Articles of Public Utility
62018: CAPRON, J. RAND - Photographed Spectra: One Hundred and Thirty-Six Photographs of Metallic, Gaseous and Other Spectra Printed by the Permanent Autotype Process with Introduction, Description of Plates and Index, and with An Extra Plate of the Solar Spectrum (Showing Bright Lines) Compared with the Air Spectrum
63646: CAPTAIN W. E. JOHNS - Two colour aviation prints by Captain W. E. Johns (author of Biggles)
69962: CAPTAIN MARRYAT - Olla Podrida
72104: CARDEN, GEORGE FREDERICK; EDMONDS, MRS T. R.; HUNT, JOHN LEIGH; AND OTHERS- - The Court Magazine & Monthly Critic, And Lady's Magazine, & Museum of the Belles Lettres, Music, Fine Arts, Drama, Fashions, &c., Vol XXI, includes a Memoirs of Isabella Clara Eugenia, Mary I and Philip II of Spain, July-Dec 1842
52509: LE CARDINAL DUBOIS ARCHEVEQUE DE PARIS - Mariage de S.A.R. Madame La Princesse Genevieve de Bourbon-Orléans & Monsieur le Comte De Chaponay
65143: M. LE CARDINAL DE POLIGNAC [ TRADUIT PAR M.DE BOUGAINVILLE ] - L'Anti-Lucrece Poeme sur la Religion Naturelle in 2 Volumes
47669: [CARE, HENRY] - The History of Popery: With such Alterations of Phrase, as may be more suitable to the Taste of this Age; and such Additions, as may Improve the History, Strengthen the Argument, and better Accommodate it to the present State of Popery in Great-Britian, V
22635: CAREFUL, MARTHA - Household Hints to Young Housewives, with the Arrangements and Receipts for Forty Dinners, &c.
40016: CAREY, HENRY - Songs & Poems
65690: CAREY, ROSA NOUCHETTE - The Novels of Rosa Nouchette Carey
63416: CAREY, A. D. - Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society and Monthly Record of Geography, Vol. IX., No. 12., December, 1887
60985: CAREY, PETER - Illywhacker; & The Tax Inspector [2 volumes]
56576: [CAREY, HENRY] - Sally in Our Alley
71969: CARLISLE F.R.S F.S.A. F.L.S, ANTHONY - An Essay on the Disorders of Old Age, and on the Means of Prolonging Human Life
44858: CARLSNAES, WALTER - Energy Vulnerability And National Security: The Energy Crises, Domestic Policy Responses and The Logic Of Swedish Neutrality
14071: CARLYLE, THOMAS - History of Friedrich 2 of Prussia called Frederick The Great, 6 volumes
29250: CARLYLE, THOMAS - Montage and other essays
45538: CARLYLE, THOMAS - The French Revolution: A history [Vol 2]
65387: CARLYLE, THOMAS - The French Revolution, Volume I and II
72118: CARMICHAEL SMYTH, MAJOR G. (EDITOR) - A History of the Reigning Family of Lahore, with some account of The Jummoo Rajahs, The Seik Soldiers and their Sirdars;
9177: CARO, ANNIBAL - De Le Lettere Familiari del Commendatore Annibal Caro, two volumes in one
61278: CAROLINA BARONESS NAIRNE, S. E. S. AND, R. E. S. T. - Collection of 6 Miniature Books: The Land O' the Leal; In Fun and In Earnest; Home Sweet Home; On Business Only; Sketches by Great Masters; and The Compliments of the Season or Words for all Time [6-volume boxed set]
67938: CAROLINE OATES AND JULIETTE WOOD - A Coven of Scholars: Margaret Murray and her Working Methods
30495: CARPENTER, EDWARD - The Art of Creation , Essays on the Self and Its Powers
64474: CARPENTER, EDWARD [EDITOR] - A House of Kings, The History of Westminster Abbey
51399: CARPENTER, EDWARD - From Adam's Peak to Elephanta: Sketches in Ceylon and India
52525: CARR, A D - Medieval Anglesey
35101: CARR, FRANK G. G. - The Yacht Master's Guide and Coaster's Companion
64752: CARR, J. W. COMYNS - The Abbey Church of St. Alban's
69881: CARR, HARRY - Queen's Jockey
59443: CARR, HERBERT - The Irvine Diares: Andrew Irvine and the Enigma of Everest 1924
59459: CARRINGTON, M. AND C. E. - A Pageant of Kings and Queens
69705: CARRINGTON, FITZROY [EDITOR] - The Print-Collector's Quarterly [4 volumes from 1910s]
49246: CARROL, LEWIS - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
70593: CARROLL, LEWIS AND BARTLEY, WILLIAM WARREN (III) - Lewis Carroll's Symbolic Logic: Together with Letters from Lewis Carroll to eminent nineteenth-century Logicians and to his "logical sister", and eight versions of the Barber-Shop Paradox
72036: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
57571: CARROLL, LEWIS AND WYATT, WOODROW [FOREWORD] - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
31373: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Through the Looking-Glass and other Writings
64587: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
45958: CARROLL, LEWIS - The Hunting of the Snark; an Agony in Eight Fits
62025: CARROLL, LEWIS - The Complete Alice: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland; & Alice Through the Looking-Glass [2-volume boxed set]
64573: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice in Wonderland
52563: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Told mostly in Words of one Syllable
69416: CARROLL, LEWIS - Collector's Library: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass and what Alice found there
46123: CARROLL, LEWIS - Phantasmagoria and other Poems
47072: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice's Adventures in Wondeland and Through the Looking-Glass
66169: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice's Adventures in Wonder Land
69417: CARROLL, LEWIS - Collector's Library: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass and what Alice found there
60068: CARROLL, LEWIS - Verses from Alice
69081: CARROLL, LEWIS - Feeding the Mind
70318: CARROLL, LEWIS - Jabberwocky: A Pop-Up Rhyme From Through the Looking Glass
69086: CARROLL, LEWIS - Doublets (A Word-Puzzle)
69133: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland [in Bulgarian]
69082: CARROLL, LEWIS - Feeding the Mind
57563: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland with Bruno's Revenge
72141: CARROLL, LEWIS, ROBARTS, EDITH - Alice in Wonderland: by Lewis Carroll, Retold by Edith Robarts
72037: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
68002: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland , with Proem by Austin Dobson
67781: CARROLL, LEWIS, WILDE, OSCAR, RUSKIN, JOHN - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Happy Prince, Selfish Giant, The King of the Golden River [4 stories in one volume in Korean]
67780: CARROLL, LEWIS - Fushigi no Kuni no Arisu [Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in Japanese]
67776: CARROLL, LEWIS - Fushigi no Kuni no Arisu, [Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in Japanese, 2 volumes]
67711: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There
67645: CARROLL, LEWIS TRANSLATED BY ELFELT, KJELD AND JERMIIN NISSEN, MOGENS - Alice I Aeventyrland [Eventyrland] og Bag Spejlet , [Alice In Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass] 2 volumes in one book
67644: CARROLL, LUDOVICI [LEWIS] TRANSLATED BY HARCOURT CARRUTHERS, CLIVE - Alicia In Terra Mirabili , with Aliciae Per Speculum Transitus [Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass] 2 Volumes
67643: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland , Through the Looking Glass , 2 volumes
67641: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alicia en el Pais de las Maravillas [Alice's Adventures in Wonderland]
67638: CARROLL, LEWIS - Przygody Sylwii I Bruna [Sylvie and Bruno], Przygody Alicji w Krainie Czarow [Alice in Wonderland] [2 volumes]
67636: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice (Alis) Harikalar Diyarinda [Alice in Wonderland]
67632: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alices aventyr i Underlandet [Alice's Adventures in Wonderland]
67631: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice No Pais Do Espelho [Alice through the Looking Glass]
67507: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland [in Russian], Alisa v strane chudes
67353: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland; Through the Looking Glass [2 volumes]
67351: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice nel Paese Delle Meraviglie [Alice in Wonderland]
67314: CARROLL, LEWIS - Lisa I Undralandi [Alice in Wonderland]
67313: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Through the Looking-Glass and what Alice found there [Text in Russian] [2 volumes in 1]
67304: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice in Wonderland, Alice through the Looking Glass [Text in Russian] [2 volumes]
67302: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice in Wonderland
67301: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice in Wonderland [Text in Greek]
67253: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass [Text in Hebrew] [2 volumes in 1]
67247: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There [2 volumes in Greek]
67245: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alicja W Krainie Czarow [Alice in Wonderland]
67244: CARROLL, LEWIS - De L'Autre Cote du Miroir et ce Qu'Alice y Trouva suivi de La Chasse au Snark [Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There, followed by Hunting for Snarks] [2 volumes in 1]
67243: CARROLL, LEWIS - O Tym, co Alicja Odkryta po Drugiej Stronie Lustra [Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There]
67242: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice I Spegellandet [Alice Through The Looking-Glass]
67238: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice nel Paese Delle Meraviglie [Alice in Wonderland]
67237: CARROLL, LEWIS - Viaggio Attraverso lo Specchio [Alice Through the Looking Glass]
67236: CARROLL, LEWIS - Perpetiile Alisei in Tara Minunilor [Alice in Wonderland]
67234: CARROLL, LEWIS - Songs from Alice in Wonderland
67233: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There
67208: CARROLL, LEWIS - The Hunting of the Snark; The Hunting of the Snark, An Agony in Eight Fits [2 volumes]
67192: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
71645: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
69056: CARROLL, LEWIS - Bruno's Revenge (published in Aunt Judy's May-Day Volume for Young People Vol IV No. 20 edited by Mrs Alfred Gatty)
69059: CARROLL, LEWIS - Phantasmagoria and Other Poems
69058: CARROLL, LEWIS [EDITED BY LADY KATHLEEN] - Tales for Little People: Alice in Wonderland Part I and Part II [2 volumes]
69055: CARROLL, LEWIS - Three Sunsets and Other Poems
69083: CARROLL, LEWIS - Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There (People's Edition)
69085: CARROLL, LEWIS - The Story of Sylvie and Bruno; Sylvie and Bruno Concluded [2 volumes]
69088: CARROLL, LEWIS - The Story of Sylvie and Bruno; Sylvie and Bruno Concluded [2 volumes]
47981: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
48095: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
58108: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice in Wonderland, Printed in Gregg Shorthand
70654: CARROLL, JANE L. AND STEWART, ALISON G. - Saints, Sinners, and Sisters: Gender and Northern Art in Medieval and Early Modern Europe
57422: CARROLL, LEWIS - Rhyme? And Reason?
59528: CARROLL, LEWIS - Aventures D'Alice Au Pays Merveilles [Alice's Adventures in Wonderland]
63743: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass and what Alice found there [2 volume boxed set]
59169: CARRUTHERS, ANNETTE AND GREENSTED, MARY - Good Citizen's Furniture: The Arts and Crafts Collections at Cheltenham
57368: CARRUTHERS, M. I. K.; JOAN, NATALIE; MASSIE, ALICE, ET AL. - Mrs Strang's Annual for Girls
58069: CARSTAIRS, HENRY - The Winton Street Mystery
60926: CARTER, EDITH A; HUNT, EVELYN, ET AL. - Tiny Tots Annual: Stories and Pictures for Little People
70580: CARTER, HOWARD AND MACE, A.C. - The Tomb of Tutankhamen, Discovered by the Late Earl of Carnarvon and Howard Carter [in 3 volumes]
37252: CARTER, ANGELA, [EDITOR] - The Virago Book of Fairy Tales, and The Second Virago Book of Fairy Tales, [2 volumes]
46574: CARTER, THOMAS FORTESCUE - A Narrative of The Boer War: It's Causes and Results
59565: CARTER-SMITH, GRACE, ET AL. - The Home Visitor and District Companion. An Illustrated Magazine, New Series Vol. XIII. 1886
71849: CARTER, OWEN BROWNE [ARCHITECT] - Beyn-El-Kasreyn, with the Minaret of the Tomb of Sultan Kalaoon, [original lithographed print from 'illustrations of Cairo']
47839: CARTER, REV. T T, [EDITOR] - Simple Lessons; or, Words Easy to be Understood. A Manual of Teaching. In Three Parts: I. On The Creed. II. The Ten Commandments. III. The Sacrements
69359: CARTIANU, ANA - Romanian Folk Tales
71580: CARTIER-BRESSON, HENRI - Les Europeens: Photographies
35044: CARTWRIGHT, THOMAS - The Old Old Myths of Greece & Rome, [ Every Child's Library ]
38098: CARTWRIGHT, RICHARD - Richard Cartwright, Sanctuary 10th February - 12th March 2005
38099: CARTWRIGHT, RICHARD - The Holy Ground, Richard Cartwright
37895: CARTWRIGHT, RICHARD - The Calling
49494: CARTWRIGHT, JULIA - Three Weddings Attended By Beatrice D'este Duchess of Milan 1475-1497: A Study Of The Renaissance
60436: CARY, JOHN - Cary's New Itinerary: or, an Accurate Delineation of the Great Roads, both Direct and Cross, Throughout England and Wales; with many of the Principal Roads in Scotland from an Actual Admeasurement-

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