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56893: ANON - The Spiritual Lyre: A Collection of Songs for the use of Spiritualists
71649: ANON (BY THE AUTHOR OF THE YOUNG MAN'S OWN BOOK) - The Young Man's Book of Classical Letters consisting of Epistolary Selections; Designed to improve young ladies and gentlemen in the art of letter-writing, and in those principles which are necessary for respectability and success in Life. With introductory rules and observations on epistolary composition
74013: ANON - The Secret World of Herbs Fact File
36041: ANON - Hey-Diddle-Diddle Come Dance to My Fiddle
36091: ANON - Paroissien Selon Le Rit Romain, comprenant Les Offices des Dimanches et Fetes de L'Annee, Approuve par Monseigneur L'eveque D'Arras
36150: ANON - Little Tots' Rhymes & Stories
36151: ANON - The Sleeping Beauty
36153: ANON - Sinbad the Sailor & Other Fairy Tales
36279: ANON - Tiger Tim's Annual 1929, A Picture and Story Book for Boys & Girls
60851: ANON - An Introduction to the use of the Globes, with Questions for Examination Annexed. Designed Principally for the use of Schools
64467: ANON - The Printing Art - 57 Issues From March 1913-February 1923 [Incomplete Run]
64407: ANON - Angels, Cherubim, and Gods; or An Enquiry into the Signification and Application of these and other kindred expressions in the Holy Scriptures
64463: ANON - La Cripta Di Montecassino
64618: ANON - Daily Pious Practices and Prayers in honour of the adorable sacrament of the altar with short prayers before and after comunion [communion] and for visiting the blessed sacrament and assisting at benediction
64684: ANON - Playbox Annual 1935
64848: ANON - Historical Maps of Macau
64811: ANON - Lesebuchlein fur die erste Jahresklasse der Thurgauischen Primarschulen 1879. [Reading book for the first year class of Thurgauischen Primary Schools]
64591: ANON - The Royal Fabulist
64590: ANON - The History of King Pippin
64593: ANON - The History of Jack and The Bean Stalk
64595: ANON - The World Turned Upside Down, or No News, and Strange News
64772: ANON - In Memoriam, Edmund Hope Verney 1910
72824: ANON - Album of 52 Plates for Each Week of 1884, From St. Stephen's Review
49338: ANON - Coloured Pictures of Nursery Rhymes
70466: ANON - A Guide to Peiping [Beijing] and its Environs , with maps and illustrations
69862: ANON - Willing's Press Guide 1971
72294: ANON - The Poetical Forget-Me-Not
62010: ANON - Round the Coast: An Album of Pictures from Photographs of the Chief Seaside Places of Interest in Great Britain and Ireland
61982: ANON - Aunt Mildred's Legacy, A Story for the Young
61963: ANON - Ricordo di Venezia [Memory of Venice]
61961: ANON - Ricordo di Padova [Memory of Padua]
61900: ANON - The Child's Companion, and Juvenile Instructor, New Series. 1854
61846: ANON - Uphill School for Girls, Totterdown Hall, Weston-Super-Mare
61838: ANON - Royal Albert Memorial University College Exeter, Hostel for Women Students
61837: ANON - High School for Girls - Quilmes; with Annual Sports on the Athletic Ground programme [2 booklets]
61797: ANON - World's Columbian Exposition Chicago 1893
61779: ANON - An Apology for the Conduct of the Present Administration, as to Foreign Affairs Generally, But Particularly with Regard to France-
61748: ANON - Die Walkure by R. Wagner [Programme]
61745: ANON - La Fille de Madame Angot & La Vie Parisienne [2 Programmes in 1]
61666: ANON - The Wonders of Speed
61665: ANON - Our Pets' Fun Book
61660: ANON - Fireside Tales
61557: ANON - Up to Town [Dean's Untearable Holiday Series No. 41]
36746: ANON - Album of original photographs of Australia featruing places and people [1912], including Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Queensland, Sydney, plus Sri Lanka, Naples, and New Zealand
36936: ANON - La Campagne De 1870 Jusqu'au 1er Septembre, Par Un Officer De L'Armee Du Rhin
37022: ANON - Directions for using the "Reliance" Freezers with recipes for cream & water ices &c.
37262: ANON - Little Tots' Holiday Book
63860: ANON - Rare Books In English Literature, Including Sections Devoted To Tennyson, His Family and Friends, First English Translations of Famous Books, Modern First Editions and a supplement on the Literature of Gossip. Catalogue 35, April 1931
75517: ANON - The Christian Year: Thoughts in Verse for the Sundays and Holidays Throughout the Year
43950: ANON - Home Cookery, 16 issues 1916-1919
49302: ANON - Early Duties and Early Dangers
49292: ANON - The Natural History of Quadrupeds and Cetaceous Animals, from the works of the best authors, antient [ancient] and Modern, embellished with numerous plates, accurately coloured from nature, in two volumes
64131: ANON - Mother Goose Nursery Tales
66163: ANON - Missale Romanum ex Decreto Sacrosancti Concilii Tridentini Restitutum S. PII V. Pontificis Jessu Editum Clementis VIII. Urbani VIII. Et Leonis XIII. Auctoritate Recognitum
62785: ANON - Little Pets Story Book
63910: [ANON] - The Book of Common Prayer and Administration of The Sacraments, and other rites and Ceremonies of the Church-
59120: ANON - Portraits of the Principal Female Characters in the Waverley Novels; To Which are Added Landscape Illustrations of the Highland Widow, Anne of Geierstein, Fair Maid of Perth, Castle Dangerous. Vol. III
70540: ANON - Catalogue of Works on the Peerage of England, Scotland, and Ireland.
37854: ANON - Little Redcoats
38106: ANON - The Lives of the Fathers or the Desert, and of Many Holy Men and Women Who dwelt in Solitude, Translated from the French
38026: ANON - My Easy Lesson Book
38110: ANON - La Mano Italiana"2" Disegni di Tre Secoli Esposizione 22 Febbraio - 14 marzo 1984-[Italian Hand Drawings of three centuries Exhibition 22nd February - 14th March1984]
70120: ANON - Collection of 3 Hebden Bridge U.D. Secondary School Journals No.s 2-4 1911-1913
60609: ANON - The Olive Leaf for 1853 [Volume 10]
60904: ANON - Idle Hours Employed. A Selection of Moral Tales
57588: ANON - The Nursery Library
72572: ANON - 'Curiosities of Entomology' and 'Curiosities of Ornithology' [2 volumes in 1]
45680: ANON. - My Confession Book
51292: ANON - The Shepherd Boy; or, A Price Restored, an interesting romance
60631: ANON - The Three Bears and the Three Tiny Pigs
59597: ANON - Collection of 9 Motor Racing Prints [2 SIGNED]
58904: ANON - 2 x Antique Photo Albums 1913-1917 & 1918-1920, country pursuit etc
59363: ANON - Descriptive Geography; with Popular Statistics of the Various Countries and Divisions of the Globe, Being the Fifth Volume of the Instructor
59127: ANON - Antique Photo Album, containing Landscape Scenes of the Lake District and Furness Abbey
59114: ANON - An Artists Sketch Book, 1935-1948
61484: ANON - Fireside Amusements
59236: ANON - Westinghouse Geared Turbine Marine Propulsion
59237: ANON - Electrical and Mechanical Equipment for Marine Service
45848: ANON - The Good Shepherd: The Life of the Saviour for Children
59320: ANON - Maximumrocknroll, December 1995 #151 Part 1
38861: ANON - Holiday Fun, [Aunt Louisa's Home Toy Books - Series III]
38862: ANON - Great A, Little a
38864: ANON - The Story of King David, [Aunt Louisa's Toy Books series No. 3]
38868: ANON - Home & Farm Pictures: 8 Pictures In Colour [Farm, Holidays, Storytime, Country, in 4 Volumes]
39034: ANON - Chronica de Mailros e Codice Unico in Bibliotheca Cottoniana Servato Nunc Iterum in Lucem Edita Notulis Indiceque Aucta [Chronicle of Melrose]
63643: ANON - Collection of Eight Photographic Postcards of People in Eritrea from 1936
63638: ANON - On.. Trial [Sutton Adult School]
60606: ANON - The Child's Own Book
56545: ANON - Henriade an Epick Poem, in Ten Canto's, Translated from the French into English Blank Verse, to Which are now Added, The Argument to each Canto, and Large Notes Historical and Critical
72437: ANON - The Truth about my Friends
58627: ANON - 'Biological Dictionary' in Russian
74037: ANON - An Universal History from the earliest Account of Time compiled from Original Authors; and illlustrated with Maps, Cuts, Note, &c. , Vol.V
72307: ANON - Album of Views in North and South Wales
64020: [ANON] - Catalogue De Reliures, du xv au xix siecle, en vente a la librairie Gumuchian and Cie [FINE BINDINGS]
73528: ANON - The Picture Gallery of the Nations
73073: ANON - Acts of Parliament for the St. Albans & Dunstable Turnpikes
73508: ANON - A Letter to Lord Robert Bertie, relating to his Conduct in the Mediterranean, and his Defence of Admiral Byng.
73116: ANON, AND MORELAND, CARL - Souvenir of Painswick "Queen of the Cotswolds"; Painswick the Official Guide; Painswick , Time Chart of a Cotswold Village [3 volumes]
73122: ANON - Instructions in Household Matters; or, The Young Girl's Guide to Domestic Service.
61153: ANON - Collection of 6 sets of small Photographs from Cities in the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark
57858: ANON - 5 Stereoscopic Photographs of India (1903)
74420: ANON - The Good Girl's Present; or, Mary and her Mamma.
57586: ANON - English Scenery
61163: ANON - Erinnerung an Wien [Memory of Vienna]
63021: ANON - Collection of 4 Menu Cards for Ladies' Evening at Summit Lodge 1961-72
48679: ANON - Wells Cathedral and Glastonbury Album of Views
49837: ANON - The Bumper Picture Book
63047: ANON - Two Menu Cards for Ladies' Evening at Summit Lodge, 1954
62650: ANON - Famous Fairy Tales for Children
61995: ANON - The Book of the London International Chess Congress 1899 [London 1899 International Chess Tournament]
46160: ANON - Register zu den banden 51 bis 60 der sitzungsberichte der mathematisch-naturwissenschaftlichen classe der kaiserlichen akademie der wissenschaften VI.
46445: ANON. - Large Victorian Scrap Book
61396: ANON - I Can Dress Myself
61749: ANON - Madama Butterfly by G. Puccini [Programme]
60120: ANON - Elements of Natural Philosophy, Arranged Under the Following Heads: Matter and Motion, The Universe, The Solar System, The Fixed Stars, The Earth Considered as a Planet... And the Human Understanding
46903: ANON - Black's Road & Railway Travelling Map Of England
46827: ANON - Für Freiheit und Vaterland Lieder der erwachten nation
62446: ANON - The Western Martyrology: or, Bloody Assizes. Containing the Lives, Trials, and Dying-Speeches of all those Eminent Protestants that Suffer'd in the West of England, and Elsewhere, from the Year 1678, to this Time. Together with the Life and Death of George L. Jeffreys-
60542: ANON - Railway Directory & Year Book 1962-63
45425: ANON - Sing a Song of Sixpence, Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales
60592: ANON - March's Library of Instruction & Amusement, No 7. Rural Tales for Youth
61116: ANON - Universal Directory of Railway Officials and Railway Year Book 1943-1944
61321: ANON - Paper Cuts: Amusing and Educational, for Children
56206: ANON - Two Memorials of the Abbe de la Ville, Together with the French King's Declarations, Transmitted by the said Minister to the Sates General of the United Provinces; as Likewise th Answer of their High Mightinesses to the said Pieces, as Contained in their Resolution of the 7th of November N. S. 1747
59439: ANON - Norwegian Stories. Watchman Halfdan and his Little Granddaughter: and Fisherman Niels
74421: ANON - Punch and Judy
45318: ANON - The Nursery Playmate, containing 'The Nursery Alphabet' and 'Little Bo-Peep'
60162: ANON - An Account of the Spirits Received into Stock by an Off Licence at 65 Worcester St. Gloucester, between 1947-56
59967: ANON - Blotting Pad with Embroidered Cover c.1900-1920s
60330: ANON - The Parent's Cabinet of Amusement and Instruction [Vol. 4.]
60291: ANON - Magazine For The Young 1850, Vol. IX.
73770: ANON - Monasticon Hibernicum. Or, The Monastical History of Ireland.
57910: ANON - The Progress of Nations or the Principles of National Development in Their Relation to Statesmanship, A Study in Analytical History
66280: ANON - The Perambulation of Oxford, Blenheim and Nuneham; to Which is Added, an Appendix, Containing a Description of the Models in the Picture Gallery
66281: ANON - Erorterung der Frage: ob einem erhrlichen Mann zum Heyrathen an oder da von ab Zurathen sey? Zu einem Hochzeit Geschenk Ubergeben von einem Ungenandten.
60196: ANON - The Magazine of Japanese Art. Vol. II. Nos. 7-12 (6 issues) 1895-1896
62478: ANON - La Mythologie Mis a La Portée de Tout le Monde, Ornée de cent Figures en Couleurs, ou en noir, Dessinées et Gravees par d'habiles Artistes de Paris- Tome Troisieme [Volume 3 only]
71769: ANON - The Natural History of Insects. [in 2 volumes]
51144: ANON - Ninety-Nine Salads and How to Make Them, With Rules for Dressing and Sauce
61962: ANON - Ricordo di Genova [Memory of Genoa]
60869: ANON - Habits, Manners and Customs of all Nations: for the Instruction of the Young
62881: ANON - Missale Romanum Ex Decreto Sacrosancti Concilii Tridentini Restitutum, S. Pii V. Pontieficis Max, Jussu Editum Clementis VIII. & Urbani VIII. Auctoriate Recognitum; In Quo Missae Sanctorum ad Hanc Usque Diem Emanatae, Accuraté Disponuntur
60151: ANON - Description Des Beautés De Gènes et De Ses Environs, Ornée de Différentes Vues, de Tailles Douce, & de la Carte Topographique de la Ville
64518: ANON - Live Jesus and Mary! The Rule of Saint Augustine and Constitutions for the religious of the congregation of our lady of charity of the good shepherd of Angers. Corrected and harmonised with the brief of Gregory XVI, and the code of Canon Law of 1918
62188: ANON - Verdadera Relacion de la gran Vitória que han Tenido los imperiales en la toma de la Inexpugnable placa Philipsburgh, que lo Executo el Muy ilustre Coronel Gaspar Bamberger en 24. de Enero deste ano mil y Seiscientos y Treinta y cinco anos.
62189: ANON - Relacion Segunda Mas Copiosa, Yuer dadera, de la Traicion y muerte de Duque de Fridland, y todos los Complices en ella, donde sa Declara el estado de Cosas de Alemania, Embiada a esta Corte este ano de 1634.
62698: ANON - Libellus Precum et Piarum Exercitationum in Usum pie Vivere, Et Feliciter Mori Desiderantium
61872: ANON - Collins' Alternative History Reader. Book III - (Standards VI and VII): Queen Victoria and the British Empire
42806: ANON - Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor, Dean's Gold Medal Series No. 89
42098: ANON - Abiding Words [a Biblical text for each day of the year]
41882: ANON - First Book of Verse, [Oxford Elementary School Books]
62479: ANON - La Mythologie Mis a La Portée de Tout le Monde, Ornée de cent Figures en Couleurs, ou en noir, Dessinées et Gravees par d'habiles Artistes de Paris- Tome Dixieme [volume 10 only]
72933: ANON - Log of a Summer Cruise
44279: ANON - Miniature Engagement Diary for 1925
19882: ANON. - Offices de la Quinzaine De Paques A L'Usage de Rome entierement refondus d'apres les editions les plus recentes du Breviaire et du Missel romains. Augmentes de l'Exergige du Chemin de la Croix... Approuve par Monseigneur L'Archeveque de Tours
62971: ANON - Printed Books in the Library of the Society of Antiquaries of London, on March 10, 1887... Together With Supplement for 1887-1899
44367: ANON - Jesus And The Children
44366: ANON - God's Love And Care
60248: ANON - Ristretto Delle Cose Più Notabili Della Città Di Firenze. Quarta Impressione. All' Altezza Reale Del Serenissimo Gio: Gastone I. Granduca Di Toscana
51156: ANON - Little Folks: A Magazine for the Young
74276: ANON - Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Apiculture in Tropical Climates, Nairobi, Kenya 5-9 November 1984
44788: ANON - Tit-Bits Monster Table Book
74991: ANON - Concerning Lawn Tennis and Badminton
60857: ANON - Histoire du Petit Benjamin
56347: ANON - The State Hermitage Museum (St. Petersburg)
61747: ANON - La Belle Helene by J. Offenbach [Programme]
12884: ANON. - Facts and Figures about Western Australia 1907, for the intending emigrant, tourist, or capitalist
72306: ANON - Photographie Vulgarisatrice, 6 et 8, Rue des Petites Ecuries, 6 et 8 (pres le faubourg St-Denis) Paris- [Catalogue]
71846: ANON - Asia Antiqua [Map of Ancient Asia] c.1700
58568: ANON - Im Kinder-Garten
60517: ANON - The Railway Year Book for 1930
57232: ANON - The Coalition: or, an Historical Memorial of the Neogtiation for peace, Between His High Mightiness of C----M----T and His Sublime Exellency of H---Y---S with the Vouchers
61076: ANON - Holly Berries
60163: ANON - Collecion of 38 UK Railway Tour Itineraries, Letters and Related Ephemera from 1951 to 1985
65705: ANON - Mt. Paekdu
71770: ANON - The Butterfly Collector's Vade Mecum: With a Synoptical Table of British Butterflies. [originally owned by Edward Newman]
47801: ANON - The Royal Album of Morecambe and Lancaster Views
47948: ANON - Frith's Photo. Pictures - Victorian Photo Album featuring collection of approx 40 photographs plus engravings
11671: ANON - Map of Ireland
61150: ANON - Souvenir of Luxor, 18 Views [No. 966]
60320: ANON - Little Annie; or, is church time a happy time?
74081: ANON - A Catalogue of the Library of the Medical and Chirurgical Society of London, Supplement
61440: ANON - Visitors Book for The Red Lion, Blewbury (Oxfordshire Village Inn)
58273: ANON - Collection of 6 Victorian Colour Prints Relating to Sheep
58271: ANON - Collection of 8 Victorian Landscape Colour Prints of Family Outings and Gatherings
48674: ANON - 13 Permanent Photographs of Winchester
61081: ANON - Le Livre Des Petits Enfants, Abecedaire Simple et Facile
70703: ANON - The Court Letter Writer; Or the Complete English Secretary for Crown and Country.
65342: ANON - Collection of Eric Gill memorabilia
65111: ANON - Kendal. Between the Mountains, Moors and Sea. A Gateway to the Lakes.
58080: ANON - The Worcester A B C railway Guide and Motor Coach and Bus Services, June 30 to July 31, 1952 No. 859
58286: ANON - Collection of 6 Victorian Portrait Prints of Young Women
57974: ANON - The Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine. An Illustrated Journal, Combining Practical Information, Instruction, and Amusement.. New Series, Volume 8 & Part of Volume 9. January - December 1864
60274: ANON - Woodland Rambles. Uncle Ben's Conversations with his Nephews on the Beauty and Utility of English Timber Trees
58274: ANON - Collection of 5 Victorian & Antique Colour Prints Relating to Sheep
58275: ANON - Collection of 4 Victorian Hand Coloured Prints Relating to Pigs
58276: ANON - Collection of 4 Victorian & Antique Colour Prints Relating to Pigs
58277: ANON - Collection of 5 Large Antique Colour Prints Relating to Cattle
58278: ANON - Collection of 5 Small Victorian Engraved Prints Relating to Cattle
58280: ANON - Collection of 5 Victorian Prints Relating to Cattle
58281: ANON - Collection of 4 Victorian & Antique Large Colour Prints Relating to Farming
58283: ANON - Collection of 3 Victorian Colour Prints Relating to Farm Life (1903)
73370: ANON - Dunstable Library and Museum. Annual Reports 1925-32 [contains 7 slim volumes]
58189: ANON - The Gentleman's Diary, or the Mathematical Repository; An Almanack for the Year of our Lord, 1792 - 1798 [7 vols in 1]
17539: ANON. - Perky and His Pup
58285: ANON - Collection of 4 Victorian Hand Coloured Prints Relating to Poultry
61151: ANON - Small Album of Original Photographs of Hunt Meetings 1913-14 including New Chapel Green, Colman's Hatch, Dorman's and others
58493: ANON - Scripture Natural History; Containing a Description of Quadrupeds, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibia, Fishes, Insects, Molluscous Animals, Corals, Plants, Trees, Precious Stones, and Metals, Mentioned in The Holy Scriptures
63533: ANON - What and How of The Eternal Worker: The Work and the Plan?
63517: ANON - Easy Lessons in Reading and Spelling for the use of the Younger Classes in Primary Schools
49487: ANON - A Select Collection Of Interesting Autograph Letters Of Celebrated Persons, English and Foreign, From The Sixteenth Century To The Present Time, Comprising Nearly Three Hundred Valuable Documents And Autographs, Engraved In Exact Fac-simile Of The Originals. With Short Biographical Notices
63309: ANON - The Railway Diary and Officials' Directory 1914 & 1918 [two volumes]
63219: ANON - The Child's Companion, and Juvenile Instructor 1861 & 1862 [2 volumes in 1]
62955: ANON - Flowers of Piety, Devotions and Prayers Compiled from Approved Sources
56507: ANON - Genuine Old Colour Print of 4 dogs
63033: ANON - First Grammar Book for Children
62972: ANON - An Antidote to Dr. L-----s's [Dr. Lucas's] Address; Addressed to the Merchants of the City of Dublin
60539: ANON - Railway Directory & Year Book 1973
58418: ANON - Roma I Serie, 20 Vere Fotografie a Colore [The Rome Series, 20 True Colors Photography]
61287: ANON - The Juvenile Plutarch; Containing Accounts of the Lives of Celebrated Children and of the Infancy of Persons who have been illustrious for their Virtues or Talents. Part the First
62951: ANON - Stories and Lessons on the Festivals, Fasts, and Saints' Days, Vol. I. The Greater Festivals
74398: ANON - The Comical Creatures from Wurtemberg, including the story of Reynard the Fox.
56828: ANON - An Introduction to Vegetable Physiology with References to the Works of De Candolle Lindley Etc. [Small Books on Great Subjects, No. IX]
49871: ANON - Hieroglyphic Bible; being a careful selection of the most interesting and important passages in the Old and New Testaments; regularly arranged from Genesis to Revelations
49900: ANON - The Court and City Register, or, Gentleman's complete annual kalendar [calendar], for the year 1771-
50620: ANON - Daily Food for Christians, Being a Promise, and Another Scriptural Portion, for Every Day in the Year. Together with a Verse of a Hymn.
50699: ANON - The Young Student's Self-Instructing Drawing Book; containing progressive lessons in the art of drawing in pencil, chalk, indian ink, &c,. With directions for copying each subject, including essays by the most eminent artists on perspective, architecture, design, light and shade, &c.,
58659: ANON - Large Victorian Photograph of a Women Entitled 'Grandma', Nice example of a Upper Body Portrait Using Props
58658: ANON - Large Victorian Photograph of a Women Entitled 'Grandma', Nice example of a Head and Shoulder Portrait
62548: ANON - The British Chronologist; Comprehending Every Material Occurrence, Ecclesiastical, Civil, Or Military, Relative to England and Wales, From the Invasion of the Romans to the Present Time: Interspersed with Processions at Coronations, Instalments of the Military Honours, Marriages, Funerals of Sovereigns, &c. &c.... In Three Volumes, Vol. I (of 3)
57107: ANON - For Humanity and Freedom: The Uprising of the People in the Soviet Sector of Berlin and in Soviet Occupied Central Germany on June 16 and 17, 1953
62530: ANON - Picture Building Series
56959: ANON - Collection of 8 Slides of the UK
58372: ANON - Roma 32 Tavole Pittura Parte I
58778: ANON - Knock-Out Fun Book 1945
62390: ANON - The Administrative Class of the Home Civil Service
57651: ANON - Koniglich Grosbritannisch - Hannoverscher, Staats-Kalender auf Das Jahr 1818
72430: ANON - The Oeconomy [Economy] of Human Life, Translated From an Indian Manuscript, Written by an Ancient Bramin. To Which is Prefixed an Account of the Manner in Which the Said Manuscript was Discovered. In a Letter From an English Gentleman Now Residing in China to the Earl of E****.
62208: ANON - Versalles et Les Trianon [Versailles and Trianon]
62155: ANON - Letters, &c. From Friends of the People: or, The Last Words and Dying Advice of a Weaver to His Children
61742: ANON - Khartoum Souvenir Film Programme
61979: ANON - Half Hours in Many Lands, [The Half Hour Library of Travel, Nature, and Science for Young Readers]
58526: ANON - The Little Kitten Who Would Not Wash its Face
58499: ANON - Mycetes Seven July 1963
74085: ANON - Dizionario Portatile di Geologia, Litologia E Mineralogia del Cavaliere Luigi Bossi socio di Varie Accademie
56949: ANON - 12 Photogravure London View Postcards, Series A, B + C [26 postcards]
58616: ANON - Pacata Hibernia; or, a History of the Wars in Ireland, During the Reign of Queen Elizabeth. Taken from the Original Chronicles. Volumes I & II
60541: ANON - Railway Directory & Year Book 1963-64
65341: ANON - 4 menu cards illustrated by David Cobb
69221: ANON - The Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Holy Communion- , with , Hymns Ancient and Modern , Miniature edition
73788: ANON - Dolls from Japan
69563: ANON - Pets , and, Nursery Rhymes , 2 volumes in the series 'Look With Mother Books'
69722: ANON - Curiosities of Modern Travel : A Year Book of Adventure
72296: ANON - Illlustrated Catalogue of Sanitary Appliances , comprising Lavatries, Water Closets, Urinals, Kitchen Sinks, Intercepting Traps, Gullies, Grease Traps, Filters Ventilators, India-Rubber Hose Pipe, &c.
69687: ANONYMOUS - An Essay Concerning the Human Rational Soul. In three parts shewing I. The Origin, II. The Nature, III. The Excellency of this Soul, Upon Natural as well as Reveled Principles. , with an Introduction in Defence of Reveled Religion
75779: ANS - Urban Ruralism, Living Walls
62442: ANSARI, DR SARAH; DE BLOIS, CHARLOTTE [EDITORS] - Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, 19 Parts from 2008-2014
47105: I'ANSON, BRYAN - The History of The Chapman Family, (Vol.1)
27498: ANSTEY, F - Voces Populi first and second series, 2 volumes - each has been dedicated by the artist B.J. Ottewell and one has a tipped in original watercolour by Ottewell
63518: ANSTEY, CHRISTOPHER - The New Bath guide; or Memoirs of the B-N-R-D Family, in a Series of Poetical Epistles
70642: ANSTIS, JOHN - Observations Introductory to an Historical Essay, Upon the Knighthood of the Bath
65548: M. ANT DE MURET - Les Six Comedies De Terence Corrigees en Presque Infinis Endroits
72197: ANTHONY C. WILSON, MAC OF GILWELL, W. SILKE AND M. SILKE - 3 volumes of performances published by The Boy Scout Association, includes 'Sons and Airs! Eleven Items for Group Shows', 'Mac's Medley' and 'Revue Sketches for Cubs and Scouts'
60499: ANTLER, DR. ARTHUR S. - A.V.R.O 1938
75790: APPLETON, IAN - Buildings For The Performing Arts; A Design And Development Guide
39017: APPONYI, GRAF ALEXANDER - Hungarica: Ungarn Betfreffende, Im Auslande Gedruckte, Bucher Und Flugschriften, [in 4 volumes]
70404: ARBERRY, A J - Tales from the Masnavi [Rumi]
75550: ARBUTHNOTT, JO. [JOHN ARBUTHNOT] - Tables of the Grecian, Roman and Jewish Measures, Weights and Coins; Reduc'd to the English Standard. Humbly Dedicated to His Royal Highness The Prince. Owned and inscribed by Jonathan Swift
60394: R.M.S.P. "ARCADIAN" - A Cruise on the R.M.S.P [Royal Mail Steam Packet Company] "Arcadian"
64303: ARCANGELI, FRANCESCO - Graham Sutherland
36931: ARCHER, WILLIAM HENRY - The Statistical Register of Victoria, From The Foundation Of The Colony; With An Astronomical Calendar For 1855
73699: ARCHER, THOMAS - Charles Dickens: A Gossip about his Life, Works and Characters. With Eighteen Full-Page Character Sketches (reproduced in photogravure) Division 1-6 [6 volumes]
46702: ARCHER, DEREK - A New History Of Dursley
76682: ARCHER, CHARLES MAYBURY - The Hammersmith Protestant Discussion: Being an Authenticated Report of the Controversial Discussion between the Rev. John Cumming- and Daniel French, on the Differences Between Protestantism and Popery-
66173: ARCHER, THOMAS - Pictures and Royal Portraits (Illustrative of English and Scottish History from the Introduction of Christianity to the Present Time) (Volume I)
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73838: ARCHIBALD, RAYMOND CLARE - The Scripta Mathematica Studies Number Three: Mathematical Table Makers. Portraits, Paintings, Busts, Monuments. Bio-Bibliographical Notes
59801: ARCHITECTURAL PUBLICATION SOCIETY - Collection of 98 plates and parts of text from the Dictionary of Architecture, 1850-1855
69386: ARDEN, HARVEY / TREZISE, PERCY / JARL, MOONIE / MOUNTFORD, CHARLES P. - Dreamkeepers / Dream Road / The Legends of Moonie Jarl / Before Time Began. [Dreamtime legends - 4 volumes.]
28436: ARDIZZONE, EDWARD - Let's Have A Party - A Fine Drinking Book
66164: ARDIZZONE, EDWARD - Paul the Hero of the Fire
58544: ARDIZZONE, EDWARD - Little Tim and the Brave Sea Captain
60778: ARDIZZONE, EDWARD - Paul, The Hero of the Fire
72348: ARETZ, GERTRUDE, [TRANSLATED BY JAMES LAVER] - The Elegant Woman: From the Rococo Period to Modern Times
30787: D'ARGENSON, MARQUIS - Journal And Memoirs Of The Marquis D' Argenson Published From The Autograph Manuscripts In The Library Of The Louvre By E J B Rathery In Romances Of Royalty Series [Two Volumes]
60896: ARGUS, ARABELLA - The Adventures of a Donkey
61821: D'ARGY, C. - Gymnastique des Perses Modernes. Exercices des Mils, Descrits par C. D'Argy, Lieutenant
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37870: ARIAS, P. E. [TRANSLATED BY B. SHEFTON] - A History of 1000 Years of Greek Vase Painting
75715: ARIOSTO, LUDOVICO - L'Orlando Furioso di Lodovico Ariosto. (Italian Text) Volumes 1, 2 and 3 only of a 4 Volume Set
16103: ARISTOPHANES - A Metrical Version of The Acharnians, The Knights and The Birds, in the last of which a vein of peculiar humour and character is for the first time detected and developed, translated by John Hookham Frere
43224: ARISTOTLE, [EDITED BY W. D. ROSS] - Aristotelis: Topica et Sophistici Elenchi, [Oxford Classical Texts]
62659: ARISTOTLE - The Works of Aristotle In Four Parts
67734: ARIYAPALA, M B - Society in Mediaeval Ceylon (The State of Society in Ceylon as Depicted in the Saddharma-ratnavaliya and Other Literature of the Thirteenth Century)
63460: ARKELL, W. J. - A Monograph on the Ammonites of the English Corallian Beds, Part VIII only
69604: ARKLE, WILLIAM - A Geography of Consciousness
57176: ARMIGER, CHARLES [EDITOR] - The Sportsman's Vocal Cabinet, Containing Scarce, Curious, and Original Songs and Ballads, Relative to Field Sports
35574: ARMSTRONG, WALTER ET AL - The Magazine Of Art
61273: ARMSTRONG CORK COMPANY - The Armstrong Book of Interior Decoration
52473: ARMSTRONG, THOMAS - King Cotton
52329: ARMSTRONG, ANTHONY - When Nile was Young: a Romance of the Eighteenth Egyptian Dynasty
65395: ARMSTRONG, WALTER - Gainsborough & His Place in English Art
76451: ARMY & NAVY STORES LTD - Army & Navy Stores Limited : General Price List 1935-36
57737: ARNALL, WILLIAM - Opposition No Proof of Patriotism: With some Observations And Advice Concerning Party - Writing
71839: ARNAUD, GEORGE - Memoires de Chirurgie, Avec quelques remarques historiques Sur l'Etat de la Medecine & de la Chirurgie en France & en Angleterre Parts I and II [2 volumes]
64835: ARNO, PETER - For Members Only
70169: A. [ARNOLD, MATTHEW] - The Strayed Reveller and Other Poems
75774: ARNOLD, SIR EDWIN - The Light of Asia, or The Great Renunciation (Mahabhinishkramana). Being the Life and Teachings of Gautama, Prince of India and Founder of Buddhism
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13142: ARNOLD, BRUCE - Jack B. Yeats, catalogue to an exhibition at RHA Gallagher Gallery Dublin February - March 1995
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69295: ARNOLD, THOMAS - Semons Preached in the Chapel of Rugby School (with an Address Before Confirmation)
65170: MRS ARNOLD FOSTER - In the Valley of the Yangtse
76272: ARNOLD, MATTHEW - On Translating Homer
74798: ARNOUX, HIPPOLYTE - Album of 28 Large Albumen Prints of Egypt including the Pyramids, Sphinx and Port Said
74027: ARONSON, RONALD - Camus & Sartre: The Story of a Friendship and the Quarrel that Ended it
65455: ARROWSMITH, AARON - An Atlas of Ancient Geography for the use of King's College School
76537: ARROWSMITH, AARON - Atlas of Modern Geography
31282: ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB - Home Game, Football League, Official Programmes
37651: ARSLAN, EDOARDO - I Bassano, I. Testo, and II. Illustrazioni, [in 2 volumes]
60819: ARTAUD, ANTONIN - Antonin Artaud [Collection Beaux livres litteraires]
59229: ARTHUR MEE, HENRY N. ELLACOMBE, CAROLE CHESTER, J. D. NEWTH - The Little Guides Gloucestershire, Gloucestershire The Glory of the Cotswolds, The Gloucestershire Garden, Gloucestershire A Pocket Guide & Gloucestershire [collection of 5 volumes]
72270: ARTHUR, GEORGE - Queen Alexandra
67937: ASHBY, THOMAS - Some Italian Scenes and Festivals
36620: ASHER, ANGELO A. - The Fan Waltz
76336: ASHFORD, JOHN - London: Past, Present, and Future
50406: ASHFORD, L J, & MAYES, L J - The History of the Borough of High Wycombe: From its Origins to 1880, & from 1880 to the Present Day, [in 2 volumes]
46820: ASHMEAD-BARTLETT, ELLIS - Richard Langhorne: The Romance of a Socialist
73416: ASHWORTH, C. - A Collection of Tunes, Part 1. Consisting of Psalm Tunes, suited to the several Metres commonly used in Publick Worship, set in Four Parts, and on the most easy Keys. With an Introduction to the Art of Singing and Plain Composition.
73495: THE ASIATIC SOCIETY OF JAPAN - Transactions of the Asiatic Society of Japan. Second Series Vol VII to Vol XII, 1930-1935 [6 volumes]
73493: THE ASIATIC SOCIETY OF JAPAN - Transactions of the Asiatic Society of Japan. Founded 1872. Vol XLI Part II 1913
73496: THE ASIATIC SOCIETY OF JAPAN - Transactions of the Asiatic Society of Japan. Second Series Vol XIII to XV and XVII to Vol XIX, 1936-1940 [6 volumes]
71663: ASIL CLUB [EDITOR] - Asil Arabians, The Noble Arabian Horses
74401: ASIMOV, ISAAC - Realm of Numbers
70672: ASKER, CARRET, HONORE, AND OTHERS- - L'Illustration , Tome CXLVI. - Juillet, Aout, Septembre, Octobre, Novembre, Decembre 1915
41439: THE ATHENAEUM - The Athenaeum Subject Index to Periodicals. 1916. [Issued at the Request of the Council of the Library Association], Theology and Philosophy; Historical, Political, and Economic Sciences, including the European War, Geography, Anthropology and Folk Lore; Education and Child Welfare; Fine Arts and Archaeology, including Architecture, Building Construction and Town Planning; Music; Language and Literature; Science and Technology, including Hygiene and Sport
52797: ATHERTON, GERTRUDE - Sisters-In-Law
14941: ATKINSON, REV. J. C. - British Birds' Eggs and Nests, popularly described
36940: ATKINSON, CHRISTOPHER - Sermons on the most interesting and important subjects
60005: ATKINSON, S. [EDITOR] - Ackworth Games and the Men Who Made Them
44305: ATKINSON GALLERY - The Ida Branson Memorial Bequest Exhibition 2003 , M.A. And Other Post Graduates Selected Works Painting, Printmaking, Photography, Sculpture And Multimedia
44166: ATKINSON, BROOKS - Broadway (Donald Pickering's copy signed by Diana and Estelle Sherwood)
71702: ATKINSON, ALEX AND SEARLE, ROBERT; BROCKBANK; THELWELL; LANCASTER, OSBERT - A collection of four illustrated Penguin Books: The Big City or the New Mayhew (no.1856); The Penguin Brockbank (no.1997); The Penguin Thelwell (no.2006); The Penguin Osbert Lancaster (no.2243)
8982: ATKINSON, BLANCHE - The Real Princess
56957: ATKINSON, DAVID - Collection of 13 Motor Racing Prints By David Atkinson
74543: ATKYNS, ROBERT - The Ancient and Present State of Glocestershire [Gloucestershire]
60003: ATTERIDGE, HELEN - Butterfly Ballads and Stories in Rhyme
43107: ATTWELL, MABEL LUCIE - For Today, ["Golden Thoughts" Booklets]
35125: AUDEBRAND, PHILIBERT - Voyage et Aventures Autour du Monde de Robert Kergorieu
56806: M. L.- E. A. [AUDOT, LOUIS-EUSTACHE] - La Cuisiniere De La Campagne Et De La Ville, ou Nouvelle Cuisine Economique-
75146: AUERBACH, ERNA - Nicholas Hilliard
64079: AUGUSTIN, SAINT, [EDITED BY R. M. K.] - The Life of the Illustrious Doctor of the Church, Saint Augustin, Bishop of Hippo. From the Rev. Alban Butler's Lives of the Saints; The Meditations of Saint Augustin; The Soliloquies of Saint Augustin; & The Manual of Saint Augustin [4 volumes in 1]
37430: 'AUNT LOUISA' - The Home Object Book, [Aunt Louisa's Object Books for Children No. 7]
60307: 'AUNT FRIENDLY' - Aunt Friendly's Nursery Keepsake. Containing Seventy-Two Pages of Pictures Printed in Colours by Kronheim. With Letter-Press Descriptions
16474: AUNTIE EMILY ET AL - The Prize for Girls and Boys 1879
42918: AUNTIE MURIEL (OF RADIO FAME) - Auntie Muriel's Nature Wallet, The Alphabet in Picture Puzzle Form
73449: AUSLANDER, SHALOM - Hope: A Tragedy, A Novel
63983: AUSTEN, JANE - Pride and Prejudice [Nelson Classics No.25]
69505: AUSTEN, JANE - Seven Letters from Jane Austen to Frank and Charles Austen
62024: AUSTEN, JANE - Mansfield Park
37320: AUSTEN, JANE - Mansfield Park
37885: AUSTEN, JANE - The Watsons
74572: AUSTEN, JANE - Sense and Sensibility (Everyman's Library no. 21)
74643: AUSTEN, JANE - Emma [Vol IV of The Novels of Jane Austen. The Text based on Collation of the Early Editions by R. W. Chapman]
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74573: AUSTEN, JANE - Pride and Prejudice (Everyman's Library No.22)
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62278: AUSTEN, JANE; SOUTHAM, BRIAN [TRANSCRIBER AND EDITOR] - Jane Austen's 'Sir Charles Grandison'
57597: AUSTEN, JANE AND DOBSON, AUSTIN [INTRODUCTION] - Northanger Abbey and Persuasion
69526: AUSTEN, JANE - Volume the Second, Volume the Third [2 volumes]
65904: AUSTIN, STANLEY ELSTON [EDITOR] - The Printseller & Collector A Monthly Journal Devoted to Prints and Pictures, Ancient and Modern and Objets D'art: Volume 1 January to December 1903 & Volume 2 January to July 1904 [ 2 volumes in 1]
65038: AUTHOR NOT STATED - A New Description of Blenheim The Seat of His Grace The Duke of Marlborough-
66131: AUTHOR NOT STATED - Dublin Delineated In Twenty-Six Views of the Principal Public Buildings, Accompanied by Concise Descriptions of Each; with an Itinerary and New Plan of the City, pointing out the Leading Streets, and Principal Objects of Attraction
66130: AUTHOR NOT STATED - Amusemens du Beau-Sexe ou Nouvelles Historiques et Avantures Galantes, Tragique et Comiques, Tome Cinquieme
69967: AUTHOR NOT STATED - Album of Stromness and Neighbourhood, Views of Stirling District, Views of Ballater, Souvenir of Loch Lomond and The Trossachs [collection of 4 photographic view ablums]
66217: AUTHOR NOT STATED - Blue Book Containing Rituals Etc, for the Use of Subordinate Divisions of the Order of the Sons of Temperance Friendly Society
65039: AUTHOR NOT STATED - Fishing Tackle
65600: AUTHOR NOT STATED - Images Enfantines, Le Juste Calife, L'Ane D'Auguste, La Bergere et le Loup, L'Ours...
37856: AUTHOR NOT KNKOWN - Holiday Pictures A Painting Book with Paints and Palette complete
66251: AUTHOR NOT STATED - A Complete Set of Round Script, written for the use of . . .
64958: AUTHOR NOT STATED - An Abstract of all the Claims on the New Forest in the County of Southhampton-
65854: AUTHOR NOT STATED - Parecbolae Sive Excerpta E Corpore Statutorum Universitatis Oxoniensis Accedunt Articuli Religionis XXXIX In Ecclesia Anglicana Recepti Nec Non Juramenta Fidelitatis Et Suprematus
66305: BY THE AUTHOR OF THE LONDON SPY - Nuptial Dialogues and Debates: or, An Ufeful [Useful] Profpect [Prospect] of the Felicities and Discomforts of a Marry'd Life, Incident to all Degrees, from the Throne to the Cottage- The Second Volume
65598: AUTHOR NOT STATED - Collection of 9 Rupert Calendars
69966: AUTHOR NOT STATED - Photographic View Album of Mallaig and District, Photographic View Album of Shetland [collection of 2 photographic view albums]
69965: AUTHOR NOT STATED - Photographic View Album of Aberfeldy, Gems of Perthshire Scenery [collection of 2 photographic albums]
67962: AUTHOR NOT STATED - Cirencester Lawn Tennis (Hard Courts) Club, An Open Tournament [3 volumes]
67957: AUTHOR NOT STATED - The Lawn Tennis Championship Meeting 1949
67952: AUTHOR NOT STATED - Insects and Their Habitations A Book for Children
67883: AUTHOR NOT STATED - Oriental Fairy Tales or Fancy's Wanderings in the East
67729: AUTHOR NOT STATED - The Magazine of Domestic Economy Volumes 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, and Volume 1 of the New Series
64905: AUTHOR NOT STATED - International Muscial Drills Healthy Home Exercises and Deep Breathing
66127: AUTHOR NOT STATED - The Primer Set Forth by the Kinges Majestie & his Clergie
65896: AUTHOR NOT STATED - Malvern Priory Church [The Ancient Malvern Priory]
65720: AUTHOR NOT STATED - The Cyclist's Map of Fifty Miles Round London, Showing in Colour all Rideable Roads and Dangerous Hills [Folding Map of S.E. England]
65357: AUTHOR NOT STATED - Oriental Fairy Tales or Fancy's Wanderings in the East
65541: AUTHOR NOT STATED - Remains of Nithsdale and Galloway Song: with Historical and Traditional Notices relative to the Manners and Customs of the Peasantry
65006: AUTHOR NOT STATED - Murrays Handbook for Travellers in Greece
65551: AUTHOR NOT STATED - The Music with the Form and Order of the Service to be Performed at the Coronation of her Most Excellent Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Route maps, Traffic and Parking Arrangemnts for the Coronation Procession [2 volumes linked to the Queen's Coronation]
65436: AUTHOR NOT STATED - Murray's Handbook for Travellers in Northhamptonshire and Rutland
65433: AUTHOR NOT STATED - Murray's Handbook for Travellers in Yorkshire
65434: AUTHOR NOT STATED - Murray's Handbook for Travellers in Devon and Cornwall
65407: AUTHOR NOT STATED - Luton Dunstable, Hemel Hempstead, St. Albans, Farnborough, Cambridge, Oxford, Aylesbury, Beaconsfield, Bedford, Basildon, Berkhamsted and Tring, Chesam & Amersham, Harpenden, Hatfield Potters Bar, Hitchin, Hertford Ware, High Wycome, Rickmansworth ChorleyWood, Northhampton, Watford, Stevenage, Welwyn Garden City [22 volumes of Barnett's Street Plan Maps]
65249: AUTHOR NOT STATED - The Divine Comedy: William Blake
65242: AUTHOR NOT STATED - The General Stud Book containing Pedigrees of Race Horses From the Restoration to the Present Time
51333: BY THE AUTHOR OF ENQUIRE WITHIN [ROBERT KEMP PHILP] - The Domestic World A Practical Guide in all the Daily Difficulties of the Higher Branches of Domestic and Social Economy
47800: THE AUTOCAR - The Autocar Route-Finder Map of Great Britain with Table of Distances from and to London, Correct Routes and Exits From London to any Destination in Great Britain
57991: AUTOGRAPH BOOK - Small album with some pretty drawings in black & white and colour
72151: AVI NOAM, R. - Hebrew Conversation Manual
71861: D'AVILER A.C. - Cours D'Architecture qui comprend Les Ordres de Vignole Avec des Commentaires, les Figures & Descriptions de ses plus beaux Batimens, & de ceux De Michel-Ange, Plusieurs Nouveaux Desseins, -L'Art de Batir, avec une ample explication par ordre Alphabetique de tous les termes. [volume I]
70322: AWDRY, REV. W. - Seven Ladybird editions of Thomas The Tank Engine And Friends, comprising: Thomas and Terence and James and the Tar Wagons; Thomas Goes Fishing and James & The Troublesome Trucks; Percy and Harold and Percy Takes The Plunge; Thomas & Trevor and Duck Takes Charge; Percy Runs Away and Thomas & The Breakdown Train; Pop Goes The Diesel, Dirty Work and A Close Shave; Thomas and Bertie and Thomas Down The Mine
42812: AWDRY, THE REV W. - The Railway Series - Branch Line Engines, The Little Old Engine, Main Line Engines, Four Little Engines, Percy The Small Engine, [5 volumes]
58520: AWDRY, THE REV. W. - Belinda Beats the Band
63432: AWDRY, REV. W. - The Rev. W. Awdry's Railway Stories, red and green books, containing Railway Series Nos. 1-6, & 13-18 [in 2 volumes]
13777: AXFORD, BARRIE, BROWNING, GARY K. ET AL - Politics, an introduction
74911: AYCKBOURN, ALAN - Joking Apart, Ten Times Table, Just Between Ourselves. (Three Plays)
75080: AYCKBOURN, ALAN - The Norman Conquests, A trilogy of plays
74973: AYCKBOURN, ALAN - Three Plays. Absurd Person Singular; Absent Friends; Bedroom Farce.
69409: AYLING, STEPHEN - Photographs from Sketches by Augustus Welby N. Pugin [2 volumes]
25874: AYSCOUGH, JOHN - On Kali's Shoulder, a brief notice of what befel at Katara, in the Deccan, to an officer of the 92nd Mahratta Cavalry
65616: AYTOUN, WILLIAM EDMONDSTOUNE - Poems of William Edmondstoune Aytoun
76623: AYTOUN, WILLIAM EDMONDSTOUNE - Lays of the Scottish Cavaliers and Other Poems by William Edmondstoune Aytoun
58585: AYTOUN, WILLIAM EDMONDSTOUNE - Lays of the Scottish Cavaliers and Other Poems
36019: BABA - Japanese children's book - 11 Cats in the Bag
70575: BABIN, DUPLAY, VAUCHER, AND OTHERS- - L'Illustration , Tome CLII. - Juillet, Aout, Septembre, Octobre, Novembre, Decembre 1918
70574: BABIN, CONRAD, LOTI, AND OTHERS- - L'Illustration , Tome CXLIX. - Janvier, Fevrier, Mars, Avril, Mai, Juin 1917
70679: BABIN, GUSTAVE, CARRE, HENRI, ECARY, FELIX, AND OTHERS- - L'Illustration , Tome CLI. - Du 1er Janvier au 30 Juin 1918
70568: BABIN, GOURARI, TINAYRE, AND OTHERS- - L'Illustration , Tome CXLIV. - Juillet, Aout, Septembre, Octobre, Novembre, Decembre 1914
70673: BABIN, FAURE, LOTI, AND OTHERS- - L'Illustration , Tome CL. - Juillet, Aout, Septembre, Octobre, Novembre, Decembre 1917
46071: BABINGTON, CHURCHILL, LUMBY, REV. JOSEPH RAWSON, [EDITORS] - Polychronicon Ranulphi Higden Monachi Cestrensis; together with the English translations of John Trevisa and of an unknown writer of the fifteenth century, Vol I. to IX., [The Chronicles and Memorials of Great Britain and Ireland during the Middle Ages, complete in 9 volumes]
70538: BABUR, ZEHIR-ED-DIN MUHAMMED - Memoirs of Zehir-Ed-Din Muhammed Babur, Emperor of Hindustan , written by himself, in the Chaghatai Turki [in 2 volumes]
29892: BACH, JOHN [JOHANN] SEBASTIAN - S Wesley and C F Horn's New and Correct Edition of the Celebrated Forty-Eight Preludes and Fugues-in Four Books
21594: BACON, G. - Geological Map of England and Wales - two sheets [ taken from From Bacon's Atlas of the British Isles.]
31601: BACON, CHARLOTTE - The Grays
71913: BACON, G. W. - Bacon's New Large Scale Map of the South African Republic (Transvaal) Showing: Orange Free State, and Frontiers of British Territories
74500: BACON, CAPTAIN ALBAN F. L. - The Wanderings of a Temporary Warrior , A Territorial Officer's Narrative of Service (and Sport) in Three Continents
73305: BACON, FRANCIS AND KITCHIN, G. W. [EDITOR] - Of the Proficience and Advancement of Learning
39254: BACON, G. W. AND CO. LTD - Bacon's Large Scale Plan of Bradford, with Street Index
62101: BACON, G. W. - Bacon's New Large-Scale Map of North London and Suburbs & Bacon's New Large-Scale Map of South London and Suburbs [2 folding Maps]
73737: BACON, G. W. - Bacon's Large Scale Plan of Cambridge, with Street Index
62668: BACON, FRANCIS AND WRIGHT, W. ALDIS - Bacon's Essays and Colours of Good and Evil, With Notes and Glossarial Index, [Golden Treasury Series]
62653: BACON, FRANCIS - Essays by Francis Bacon [Oxford World's Classics No. 24]
56663: BACON, SIR FRANCIS - The Elements of the Common Lavves of England, Branched into a Double Tract: The One Containing a Collection of some Principall Rules and Maximes of the Common Law, with their Latitude and Extent. Explicated from the more Facile Introduction of such as are Studiously Addicted to that Noble Profession. The Other the use of the Common Law, for Preservation of our Persons, Goods, and Good Names. According to the Lawes and Customes of this Land
74809: BADDELEY, ALLAN - Tytherington In The Past Some Historical Notes
59727: BADDELEY, WELBORE ST. CLAIR - A Cotteswold Manor, Being the History of Painswick
72173: BADDEN-POWELL, ROBERT - Young Knights of the Empire their Code and Further Scout Yarns
71746: BADEN-POWELL, ROBERT - The Wolf Cub's Handbook
71881: BADEN-POWELL, R. S. S. - Pigsticking or Hoghunting. A Complete Account for Sportsmen; and Others.
71930: BADEN-POWELL, ROBERT - Quick Training for War. A Few Practical Suggestions Illustrated by Diagrams by Lieut-Gen. Sir Robert Baden-Powell
72013: BADEN-POWELL, OLAVE - Travelogues: Travelling Experiences of the Chief Guide
72652: BADGER, GEORGE PERCY - An English-Arabic Lexicon, in which the equivalents for English words and idiomatic sentences are rendered into literary and colloquial Arabic.
74575: BAEDEKER, K - Norway and Sweden. Handbook for Travellers.
76039: BAEDEKER, KARL - Oberitalien mit Ravenna, Florenz, und Livorno (1911) and Oberitalien mit Ravenna, Florenz und Pisa (1928) Handbuch fur Reisende [2 volumes]
73963: BAEDEKER, KARL - Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, with Excursions to Iceland and Spitzbergen, Handbook for Travellers [2 volumes Eighth and Ninth Editions, 1903 and 1909]
74139: BAEDEKER, K. - Belgium and Holland including the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg: Handbook for Travellers [Eleventh and Twelfth Editions]
63609: BAEDEKER, KARL - The Dominion of Canada with Newfoundland and an Excursion to Alaska, Handbook for travellers
73995: BAEDEKER, KARL - Agypten Und Der Sudan, Handbuch fur Reisende
73997: BAEDEKER, KARL - Egypt and The Sudan, Handbook for Travellers
63584: BAEDEKER, KARL - The Rhine from Rotterdam to Constance, Handbook for Travellers
39926: BAEDEKER, KARL - South-Eastern France, from the Loire to the Riviera and the Italian Frontier, including Corsica: Handbook For Travellers
63145: BAEDEKER, KARL - L'Allemagne et L'Autriche [Handbook for Travellers]
66034: BAEDEKER, KARL, - Northern France from Belgium and The English Channel to The Loire Excluding Paris and its Environs; Handbook for Travellers
66319: BAEDEKER, K - Paris et ses Environs (Manuel Du Voyageur) [Paris and its Environs: Handbook for Travellers]
74147: BAEDEKER, KARL - Schweden, Norwegen die Reiserouten Durch Danemark, nebst Island und Spitzbergen, Handbuch Fur Reisende
73944: BAEDEKER, KARL - Belgien und Holland, nebst den Wichtigsten routen durch Luxemburg. Handbuch fur Reisende.
74894: BAEDEKER, KARL - Great Britain Handbook for Travellers 1897 and 1910 [2 volumes]
74895: BAEDEKER, KARL - Paris and Environs with routes from London to Paris; Paris et ses Environs [2 volumes]
74012: BAEDEKER, KARL - Schweden, Norwegen die Reiserouten durch Danemark nebst Island und Spitzbergen, Handbuch fur Reisende 1911 and 1914 [2 volumes]
44739: BAEDEKER, KARL - Northern France from Belgium and the English Channel to the Loire excluding Paris and its Environs, Handbook for Travellers
74134: BAEDEKER, KARL - 2 x Oberitalien mit Ravenna, Florenz und Pisa. Handbuch for Reisende [1911 and 1928 editions]
75038: BAEDEKER, KARL - Le Sud-Est de La France du Jura a la Mediterranee et y compris la Corse; Le Nord-Ouest de La France de la Frontiere Belge a la Loire, excepte Paris [2 volumes]
48635: BAEDEKER, KARL - Egypt. Handbook for Travellers, part first: Lower Egypt, With The Fayum and the Peninsula of Sinai
65526: BAEDEKER, KARL - Spain and Portugal
65523: BAEDEKER, KARL - Greece
75049: BAEDEKER, KARL - Egypt and The Sudan
73980: BAEDEKER, KARL - Schweden, Norwegen die Reiserouten durch Danemark nebst Island und Spitzbergen, Handbuch fur Reisende 1911 and 1914 [2 volumes]
73994: BAEDEKER, KARL - Schweden und Norwegen nebst den Wichtigsten Reiserouten durch Danemark. Handbuch fur Reisende 1903 and 1911 [2 volumes]
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62701: BANNERMAN, DAVID ARMITAGE - The Birds of Tropical West Africa, With Special Reference to Those of the Gambia, Sierra Leone, The Gold Coast and Nigeria, Volume Two Only
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60301: BARKER, MARY CICELY - Spring Songs With Music From "Flower Fairies of the Spring", Music by Olive Linnell
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63758: BARRIE, J. M. - Courage
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22633: BARTHOLOMEW, JOHN - The Imperial Map of England and Wales according to the Ordnance Survey, with the lastest additions shewing clearly every feature of the country, railways and their Stations, Roads, Canals, Rivers, Gentlemen's Seats &c. &c. on a scale of 4 miles to the inc
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76285: BARTHOLOMEW, JOHN - Bartholomew's New Reduced Survey for Tourists & Cyclists - Coloured - Scale 4 Miles to an Inch: Sheet 1 Donnegal and Enniskillen; Sheet 2 Belfast and N.E. Counties; Sheet 3 Connemara and Sligo; Sheet 4 Limerick and Shannon; Sheet 5 Killarney & Cork; Sheet 6 Dublin and Athlone; Sheet 7 Wexford and Waterford [7 Maps in slipcase]
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73378: BARTHOLOMEW, J. G. - The Survey Atlas of England and Wales. A Series of Eight-Four Plates of Maps and Plans, with Descriptive Text, Illustrating the Topography, Physiography, Geology, Climate, and the Political and Commercial Features of the Country
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73828: BARTHOLOMEW, JOHN - The Times Handy Atlas
42088: BARTLET, J. - The Gentleman's Farriery: Or, a Practical Treatise on the Disease of Horses: Wherein the best writers on the subject have been consulted, and M. La Fosse's Method of Trepanning Glandered Horses is Particularly Considered and Revised
75216: BARTLETT, JOHN - Familiar Quotations, A Collection of Passages, Phrases and Proverbs Traced to Their Sources in Ancient and Modern Literature
67542: R. BARTOLINI & E. FIUMI - Florence and its Surroundings
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65301: BARTON, WILLIAM [PUTTICK & SIMPSON] - Catalogue of the Libraries of the late William Barton, Esq. And of a Clergyman, Deceased, Together Comprising An Excellent Collection of Works in Theological and General Literature, Numerous Topographical Works, Especially in relation to London and its environs, The Parish of St. Saviour, Southwark, Many of the volumes having interesting additional illustrations; works on Ecclesiastical Architecture
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72925: BATEMAN, REV. GREGORY C. - Fresh-Water Aquaria: Their Construction, Arrangement, and Management, with full information as to the best water-plants and live stock to be kept, how and where to obtain them, and how to keep them in health.
73284: BATEMAN, J. - The General Turnpike Road Act, 3 GEO. IV. Cap. 126. with an Appendix of Forms, and The Standing Orders of Both Houses of Parliament with respect to Private Road Bills, &c. To which are added, an Index and Notes
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73738: BATHOLOMEW, J. G. - The Pocket Atlas and Guide to London
44059: BATTINO, RUBIN - Metaphoria: Metaphor and Guided Metaphor For Psychotherapy and Healing
68087: BATTISS, WALTER W. - South African Paint Pot Comprising 1. The Art of the Yellow Man, 2. The Art of the Black Man, 3. The Art of the White Man
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70645: BAXTER, IAN AND HOLZTRAGER, HANS - From Retreat to Defeat: The Last years of the German Army on the Eastern Front 1943-45, a Photographic History. and In a Raging Inferno: Combat units of the Hitler Youth 1944-45 [2 volumes]
76812: BAXTER, RICHARD - A Key for Catholics, to Open the Juggling of the Jesuits, and to Satisfy All Who are Truly Willing to Understand, Whether the Cause of the Roman or Reformed Churches be of God; and to Leave the Reader Utterly Inexcusable that After this Will be a Papist.To Which is added some Proposals for a (hopeless) Peace
59300: BAYLEY, VIOLA - The Open Road - Book II, The Wings of the Morning
62610: BAYLEY, ELIZABETH BOYD - Under the She Oaks
74629: BAYLY, THOMAS HAYNES; GODBE, S - Out John [Out] , Comic Ballad Sung by Mr John Parry written by Thomas Haynes Bayly
47110: BAYNE, A D - A Comprehensive History of Norwich, including a survey of the city...
59795: BAYNES, JOHN - For Love Of Justice: The Life Of A Quixotic Soldier
74093: 'BB' - The White Road Westwards
56842: BEALE, LIONEL J. - A Treatise on Deformities; Exhibiting a Concise View of the Nature and Treatment of the Principal Distortions and Contractions of the Limbs, Joints, and Spine
73935: BEALL, JOHNSTON - Happy Hours
13696: BEAN, DAVID - Tyneside, a biography
69028: BEAN, LOWELL JOHN - The Ohlone Past and Present, Native Americans of the San Francisco Bay Region
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59516: BEANS, CHARLES [EDITOR] - The Links 1953 Volume 37
66237: BEANS, GEORGE H. - A List of Japanese Maps of the Tokugawa Era, & Supplement A + C [3 volumes]
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38227: BEARDSLEY, JOHN - Probing The Earth: Contemporary Land Projects
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58319: BEATRIX POTTER, VICTORINE BALLON & JULIENNE PROFICHET [TRANSLATORS] - Histoire de Poupette-a-L'Epingle [The Story Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle in French]
58318: BEATRIX POTTER, VICTORINE BALLON & JULIENNE PROFICHET [TRANSLATORS] - Histoire de Jeannot Lapin [Benjamin Bunny in French]
52655: BEATSON, ROBERT - Naval and military Memoirs of Great Britain, From 1727 to 1783, in Six Volumes
60194: BEATSON, ROBERT - A Political Index to the Histories of Great Britain and Ireland; or, a Complete Register of the Hereditary Honours, Public Offices, and Persons in Office, from the Earliest Periods to the Present Time, In Two Volumes
22409: BEATTIE, JAMES - The Minstrel
67151: BEATTIE, WILLIAM - Switzerland (Vol I, Vol II) [2 volumes]
57217: BEAUMARCHAIS - Le Barbier De Seville
76233: BEAUMONT C.W., SADLER M.T H. - New Paths: Verse - Prose - Pictures, 1917-1918
37181: BEAUMONT, JOHN - The Present State of the Universe, Or an Account of I. The rise, births, names, matches, children and near allies of all the chief Princes of the world. II. [...] To this Fourth Edition continu'd and enlarg'd, with several Effigies wanting in the former Impression; as also the various bearings of their several Ships at Sea; are added their several Territories, which are distant from them in other parts of the world
42630: BEAUMONT & FLETCHER, MASSINGER & FIELD, ET AL. - The British Drama; Comprehending The Best Plays In The English Language: Volume I Part I and Part II Tragedies: Volume II Part I and Part II Comedies and Volume III Operas And Farces, [in 5 volumes]
65855: BEAUMONT, FRANCIC WITH FLETCHER, JOHN - The Works of Mr Francis Beaumont and Mr John Fletcher [10 volumes]
60035: BEAUVILLIERS, A. B. - A Complete System of French Domestic Cookery, Formed Upon Principles of Economy, and Adapted to the use of Families of Moderate Fortune: Being the Result of Forty Years Extensive Practice, and According to the Methods of the First officiers de Bouche, Comptrollers of the Royal Palaces, and Cooks of the Highest Repute in Paris
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51842: BECKER, JOHN - Near-Tragedy at the Waterfall
52810: BECKER, VIVIENNE - Antique and Twentieth Century Jewellery: A Guide for Collectors
72683: BECKETT, SAMUEL - How it is [translated from French by the author]
65586: BECKETT, SIR EDMUND - A Book on Building, Civil and Ecclesiastical; with the Theory of Domes, and of the Great Pyramid; and a Catalogue of Sizes of Churches and other Large Buildings
65518: [BEDDOES, THOMAS 1760-1808] - The History of Isaac Jenkins, Sarah his Wife and their three children; to which is added a Friendly Gift for Servants and Apprentices
48686: BEDFORD, DONALD A. & PHILIP - Carol Ringing and More
76187: BEDI, RAMESH - Corbett National Park
70237: BEEBEE, TREVOR AND GRIFFITHS, RICHARD - The New Naturalist, Amphibians and Reptiles, A Natural History of the British Herpetofauna
58024: BEEBY, THE REV C. E. - Creed and Life: A Critical Enquiry Concerning the Ancient Orthodox Creed and a Declaration of its Contents in Proof of its Capacity to Meet the Needs of Modern Life
66206: BEECHING, H C, (EDITED BY) - The Poetical Works of John Milton (Edited after the Original Texts)
69306: BEECHING, H C, (EDITED BY) - George Herbert's Country Parson
66149: BEERBOHM, MAX - Heroes and Heroines of Bitter Sweet (671/900)
65440: BEETE JUKES, J - Narrative of the Surveying Voyage of H.M.S. Fly, Commanded by Captain F. P. Blackwood, R.N. in Torres Strait, New Guinea, and Other Islands of the Eastern Archipelago, During the Years 1842-1846: Together with An Excursion into the Interior of the Eastern Part of Java (Volumes I and II)
22353: BEETON, ISABELLA MARY - Beeton's Every-Day Cookery and Housekeeping Book - Comprising Instructions for Mistress and Servants, and a collection of over 1500 Practical Receipts
58972: MRS. BEETON - Mrs. Beeton's Cookery and Household Management
73105: BEETON, ISABELLA - All About Cookery
61309: BEETON, MRS. - Beeton's Every-day Cookery and Housekeeping Book. A Practical and Useful Guide for all Mistresses and Servants, Entirely New Edition, Revised and Greatly Enlarged-
74410: BEETON, MRS [ISABELLA] - Mrs Beeton's Every-day Cookery
60841: BEGG, MARY MILLAR - My Mother's Marriage Ring and Other Poems
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67490: BEIRNE, BRYAN P. - British Pyralid and Plume Moths, containing a descriptive history of all the British species of moths of the families Pyralidae, Pterophoridae and Orneodidae.
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74230: BENNETT, STUART - Trade Bookbinding in the British Isles 1660-1800
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76026: BENNETT, CHARLES - The Book of Blockheads. How and What they Shot, Got; Said, Had; Fought, Followed; Gave, Sold; -
75829: BENNETT, CHARLES - The Book of Blockheads. How and What they Shot, Got; Said, Had; Fought, Followed; Gave, Sold; -
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60742: BERQUIN, ARNAUD - The Looking-Glass for the Mind; or, Intellectual Mirror. Being an Elegant Collection of the Most Delightful Little Stories, and Interesting Tales, Chiefly Translated from that Much Admired Work, L'Ami des Enfans
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75292: BEZA, MARCU - Byzantine Art in Roumania
70077: PROF. T.J. BEZEMER - Indonesian Arts and Crafts: Pictorial Atlas
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70070: BIBLE - The Holy Bible , containing the Old and New Testaments: Translated out of the original tongues: And with the former translations diligently compared and revised, by His Majesty's Special Command
61676: BIBLE IN DANISH - Bibele: Den Hellige Skrifts Kanoniske Boger; Udgivet af det Danske Bibelselskab Kobenhavn
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67988: BIBLE - The Holy Bible
69752: BIBLE - The New Testament of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
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69354: BIGGS, BRUCE , BEST, ELSDON - Maori Marriage , and , The Maori As He Was , 2 Volumes
60610: BIGLAND, J. - A System of Geography, for the Use of Schools, on a New and Perfectly Easy Plan, in Which the European Boundaries are Stated, as Settled by the Peace of Paris, November 1815
70098: BIGSBY, ROBERT - The Spirit of Chivalry; or, A Light from the Dark Ages. A Moral and Political Discourse Suggested by the Signs of the Times, including A Plan of National Philanthropy, designed to foster the sentiments of honour, loyalty, patriotism, and humanity; to strengthen the bonds of public safety by the removal of class disunion; to remedy the many evils and defects of our present social system; and elevate this standard of general happiness by opening a path to a higher, more spiritual civilisation.
45655: BILBO, JACK - Carrying A Gun For Al Capone
47236: BINGHAM, CLIFTON - Full of Fun
71706: BINGHAM, CLIFTON - Proverbs Old Newly Told
51586: BINGHAM, J. K. W AND HAUPT, WERNER - North African Campaign 1940-1943
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60446: BINGLEY, THE REV. W. - North Wales; Including its Scenery, Antiquities, Customs, and some Sketches of its Natural History; Delineated from Two Excursions Through all the Interesting Parts of That Country, During the Summers of 1798 and 1801, In Two Volumes
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73110: BIRCHAM, PETER - The New Naturalist Library: A History of Ornithology
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76196: BIRDWOOD, GEORGE C. M. - The Industrial Arts of India Volume I and II [2 volumes in one]
67794: BIRE, EDMOND - Causeries Litteraires
70718: BIRKS, TONY - Hans Coper
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72699: BIRMINGHAM, GEORGE A. - From Dublin to Chicago. Some Notes on a Tour in America
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71987: BISCHOFF, GOTTLIEB WILHELM - Die Botanische Kunstsprache in Umrissen, nebst erlauternbem Lerte. [in 2 volumes]
60033: BISHOP, FREDERICK - The Wife's Own Book of Cookery, Containing Upwards of Fifteen Hundred Original Receipts, Prepared with Great Care, and a Proper Attention to Economy, and Embodying all the Latest Improvements in the Culinary Art; Accompanied by Important Remarks and Counsel on the Arrangement and Well-Ordering of the Kitchen, Combined with Useful Hints on Domestic Economy-
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67568: BISHOP, RICHARD E - Bishop's Birds (Etchings of Water-fowl and Upland Game Birds)
72378: BISHOP, JAMES - The Painted Picture Play Book Second Series
50244: BITNER, JASON [EDITOR] - Dirty Found # 1 & # 2, [in 2 volumes]
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76016: BIVAR, A.D.H [COMPILED BY]; SEMENOV, PETER PETROVICH; THOMAS, COLIN; VALENTIJN, FRANCOIS; DE MORGA, ANTONIO; LOBO, JERONIMO; VAN DEN BROECKE, PIETER; FLEUR, J. D. LA - The Travels of Ibn Battuta A.D. 1325 - 1354: Index, Volume V; Peter Petrovich Semenov. Travels in the Tian'-Shan' 1856-1857; Francois Valentijn's Description of Ceylon; Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas; The Itinerario of Jeronimo Lobo; Pieter Van Den Broecke's Journal of Voyages to Cape Verde, Guinea, and Angola 1605 - 1612 [6 Volumes]
19300: BLACK, ADAM & CHARLES - Map of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Quebec ( Eastern Section )
19301: BLACK, ADAM & CHARLES - Map of Canada Central Provinces
71674: BLACK, ADAM - Black's Travelling Map of England and Wales
49343: BLACK, DOROTHY, FLOYD, GRACE C, GALE, NORMAN, ET AL. - Merry Times with Louis Wain
46734: BLACKALLER, RICH [EDITOR] - The Regal Song Folio
32611: BLACKSTONE, WILLIAM - Commentaries on the Laws of England, Volumes I, II, III, IV [ facsimile of 1765 edition ]
37808: BLACKWELL, CAROLE - Tradition and Society in Turkmenistan: Gender, Oral Culture and Song
48161: BLACKWELL, GEORGE - The Law of Meetings: Being A Concise Statement Of The Law
63990: BLAEU, JOAN [JOHANNES] - Somerset Tensis Comitatus. Somerset shire [Somersetshire], original coloured engraved map
45101: BLAEU, JOHN - Blaeu's Atlas of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland
11445: BLAGDON, FRANCIS WILLIAM - The Modern Geographer, being a general and complete description of Europe, Asia, Africa, and America, with the oceans, seas, and islands in every part of the world. Including an exposition of the civil and military governments-.., and a copious explanatio
62954: BLAGG, T. M. [EDITOR] - The Index Library: Indexes, Calendars, and Abstracts of British Records, Part 186. Oct. 1933; & Part 187. Apr. 1934 [2 volumes]
70478: BLAIR, JOHN AND HAMILTON, WILLIAM [TRANSLATOR] - The Life Surprising Adventures and Heroic Actions of Sir William Wallace, General and Governor of Scotland
49872: BLAIR, HUGH - Sentimental Beauties and Moral Delineations from the writings of the celebrated Dr. Blair, and other much admired authors; selected with a view to refine the taste, rectify the judgment, and mould the heart to virtue
27610: BLAKE, WILLIAM - Songs Of Innocence And Of Experience Showing the Two Contrary States of the Human Soul
45600: BLAKE, QUENTIN, [INTRODUCTION BY RUSSELL HOBAN] - Woman with a Book, Twenty Drawings by Quentin Blake
74349: BLAKE, WILLIAM - Tyger, Tyger [No. 5 of the Taurus Poems]
63493: BLAKE, WILLIAM - Songs of Innocence
64542: BLAKER, RICHARD - The Needle-Watcher
67658: BLAKEY, ROBERT - The Angler's Complete Guide to the Rivers and Lakes of England.
45887: BLANCHARD, P - Felix et Pauline, ou le tombeau au pied du Mont Jura, Vol. 1 & 2, [in 2 volumes]
60122: BLANCHARD, P. - Modeles de Enfans, ou Traits D'Humanite, de Piete Filiale, D'Amou Fraternel, Etc
60106: BLANCHARD, PIERRE - Les Enfans Studieux, Qui se sont Distingués par des Progrès Rapides et leur Bonne Conduit; Ouvrage Propre à Exciter l'émulation de la Jeunesse
61406: BLANCHARD, THOMAS - A Stream from the River of Life
72429: BLANCHARD, E. F. - The Poetical Works of Oliver Goldsmith: With a Notice of his Life and Genius
76263: BLANFORD, HENRY F. - A Practical Guide to the Climates and Weather of India, Ceylon and Burmah and the Storms of Indian Seas - Based Chiefly on the Publications of the Indian Meteorological Department
72751: BLANFORD, PERCY W.; ROYAL SOCIETY FOR THE PREVENTION OF ACCIDENTS - Scouts on the Water. A Handbook for Leaders; Water Safety Code [2 volumes]
63942: BLECKE - Two Original Silhouettes: Boats and Water Scene, and Trees.
73667: BLEW, W. C. A., DIXON, WILLIAM SCARTH, FLEMING,DR. GEORGE, AND SHAW, VERO; HOUSMAN, WILLIAM; SPENCER, SANDERS - Three Volumes from the Live Stock Handbooks series: No.II Light Horses. Breeds and Management; No. IV Cattle. Breeds and Management; No. V Pigs. Breeds and Management
61919: BLEWITT, OCTAVIAN - Handbook for Travellers in Southern Italy; Being a Guide for the Continental Portion of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, Including the City of Naples and its Suburbs, Pompeii, Herculaneum, Vesuvius, The Islands of the Bay of Naples, and that Portion of the Papal States, Which Lies Between the Contorni of Rome and the Neapolitan Frontier
64515: [BLISS, WILLIAM HENRY] - The Definitions of the Catholic Faith, and Canons of Discipline of the first four general councils of the universal church: In Greek and English
46358: BLISS, SONIA - My Usual Self
65624: BLISS, FRANK E. [COMPILER] - In Praise of Bishop Valentine
58886: BLOCKLEY, JOHN - Watercolour Interpretations
71587: BLOME, RICHARD - The Gentleman's Recreation In two parts. The first being an encyclopedy of the arts and sciences. To wit, an abridgment thereof, which (in a clear method) treats the doctrine, and general parts of each art, with eliptical tables, comprehending a summary and general divsion thereof; being a translation from the most authentick authors, by persons well experienced therein. To which divers sculptures, and schemes, are added for the better illustration, and demonstration thereof. The second part, treats of horsmanship, hawking, hunting, fowling, fishing, and agriculture. With a short treatise of cock-fighting; for the breeding, dyetting, ordering, matching, and fighting them. All which are collected from the most authentick authors [a fragment only]
33814: BLOMEFIELD, FRANCIS - The History of the City and County of Norwich; containing its original rise and increase, its ancient and present Government, with the various accidents that have happened to it; the Foundations of the Cathedral, Castle, Parochial Churches, Monasteries, H
72774: BLOMSTEDT, MAGNUS, AND BOOK, FREDRIK, (EDITED BY) - Sweden of To-Day (A Survey of its Intellectual and Material Culture)
67430: BLOMSTEDT, MAGNUS, AND BOOK, FREDRIK, (EDITED BY) - Sweden of To-Day (A Survey of its Intellectual and Material Culture)
74086: BLONDEL, JAMES AUGUSTUS - Dissertation Physique sur la Force de I'Imagination des Femmes enceintes sur le Fetus
73491: BLOOMFIELD, LIN [EDITOR] - Frank Hinder. Lithographs
67175: BLOWHARD - Jack Tench: of the Midshipman Turned Idler
73601: BLUCK, R. S. - Greek Unseens
51486: BLUMENFELD, JESMOND [EDITOR] - South Africa In Crisis
58403: BLUNDSTONE, S. RICHARDSON [EDITOR] - The Railway Engineer: An Illustrated Monthly Review of the Construction, Machinery, and Administration of Railways, Volume XIV - No. 156, January 1893
46458: BLUNT, R G - Our Forefathers in the Dark Ages, and what we owe to them: A sketch mainly intended for the young
75622: BLUNT, REV. HENRY - A Second Volume of Posthumous Sermons
48851: BLUNT, REGINALD - Paradise Row: or, A broken piece of old Chelsea, being the curious and diverting annals of a famous village street newly destroyed, together with particulars of sundry noble and notable persons who in former times dwelt there; to which are added likenesses of the principal of them and of their several houses
13666: BLYTHE, F.A. - The Missing Jug
65952: BLYTHE, RONALD - Outsiders (A Book of Garden Friends)
65499: BLYTON, ENID - Sunny Story Book
61739: BLYTON, ENID AND ROWLEY, ALEC [MUSIC] - The Play's the Thing! Musical Plays for Children
65498: BLYTON, ENID - Noddy and his Friends; Sooty and the T.V. Town Band; Noddy Loses his Car [3 Volumes, Board Books]
22910: BOADEN, JAMES - Cambro-Britons, An Historical Play in three acts. First performed at the Theatre Royal Haymarket on Saturday, July 21, 1798, with a Preface
76236: BOARD OF EDUCATION - Educational Pamphlets, No. 64, (industry series, No.1), Education For Industry and Commerce
76235: BOARD OF EDUCATION - Educational Pamphlets, No. 64, (industry series, No.1), Education For Industry and Commerce
66211: BOARD OF EDUCATION - Recreation and Physical Fitness for Girls and Women
76154: BOARD OF EDUCATION - Report of the Board of Education 1900-1901. Vol. II - Appendix to Report (Report and Statistics).
76135: BOARD OF EDUCATION - Report of the Consultative Committee on Infant and Nursery Schools
61923: BOBBIN, TIMOTHY [JOHN COLLIER] - Human Passions Delineated, in above 120 Figures, Droll, Satyrical [Satirical], and Humourous [Humorous]: Designed in the Hogarthian Style, Very Useful for Young Practitioners in Drawing
59717: BOCCACCIO, GIOVANNI - Decamerone di Messer Giovanni Boccaccio Cittadino Fiorentino, Volumes I-IV [4 volumes]
73866: BOCCACCIO, GIOVANNI - The Decameron of Giovanni Boccaccio, Newly Translated from the Italian by Frances Winwar with an Introduction by Burton Rascoe [in 2 Volumes]
69824: BOCCACCIO, GIOVANNI - The Nymphs of Fiesole by Giovanni Boccaccio with the Woodcuts made by Bartolommeo Di Giovanni for a lost Quattrocento Edition.
76597: BOCLET; HACQ; DANDELEUX; DELUXENNE - Dijon, Chalon, Besancon; Arles, Marseille, Aix; Avignon, Nimes, Valence, Le Puy; Lyon, Macon, Grenoble, Chambery [4 Maps in slipcase]
9847: BODE, DASTUR DR FRAMROZE ARDESHIR BODE - Sharing The Joy Of Learning
64711: BODELSEN, MERETE - Gauguin's Ceramics: A Study in the Development of His Art
22908: BODIN, FELIX - Resume de L'Histoire D'Angleterre & Resume de L'Histoire De France jusqu'a nos jours - two volumes
67954: BODINGTON, E. J. - A Guide to Devizes and Ten Miles Round with an Extra Chapter on Stonehenge
70325: BODKIN, THOMAS. - Hugh Lane, and his Pictures
69102: BODLEY, R.V.C. - Algeria From Within
42986: BOGAERS, ADRIANUS - De Togt van Heemskerk naar Gibraltar. Dichtstuk
76553: BOGARDE, DIRK - Charlotte Rampling With Compliments
34115: BOGG, EDMUND - A Thousand Miles in Wharfedale and the Basin of the Wharfe from Cawood to Camfell
76472: DU BOISGOBEY, FORTUNE - Du Boisgobey's Sensational Novels. V: Bertha's Secret
47671: BOL, L J - The Bosschaert Dynasty: Painters of flowers and fruit
30716: BOLITHO, HECTOR - Roumania Under King Carol
72032: BOLL, HEINRICH - Traveller, If You Come To Spa-
75867: BOLLAS, CHRISTOPHER; GOMEZ, LAVINIA; GROTSTEIN, JAMES S. AND RINSLEY, DONALD B. (EDITORS) - The Shadow of the Object: Psychoanalysis of the Unthought Known; An Introduction to Object Relations; Fairbairn and the Origins of Object Relations [3 Volumes]
47325: BONAVIA, DAVID - The Chinese
75498: BONE, GERTRUDE - Mr Paul
56294: BONHEUR, THEO (COMPOSER) - The MacDonald March
61389: [BONNER, EDMUND] - Photocopy of 'Homelies set Forth by the Righte Reverende Father in God, Edmunde Bishop' (1555)
67424: BONNET, A - Traite des Maladies des Articulations (Atlas volume)
42037: BONNEY, T. G, BROWNING, PEARSE, GRANT ET AL - Picturesque Europe: The British Isles, with Illustrations on Steel and Wood by the Most Eminent Artists
18103: BONNINGTON, CHRIS - Quest for Adventure
62909: BONNYCASTLE, JOHN - An Introduction to Astronomy, in a Series of Letters, from a Preceptor to His Pupil. In Which the Most Useful and Interesting Parts of the Science are Clearly and Familiarly Explained
49990: BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER - The booke [book] of common prayer, and administration of the sacraments, and other rites and ceremonies of the Church of England
70030: BOOKER, REV. LUKE - Sermons on Various Subjects intended to Promote Christian Knowledge and Human Happiness
62334: [BOONE, JAMES SHERGOLD] - An Oxford Spy, in Four Dialogues; with an Introduction
34876: BOOSEY, MRS. P SOLMS - Gordon of Duncairn, A Novel [in 2 volumes]
71796: BOOT, JEREMY - The Art of Jeremy Boot , Birds of Australia
35523: BOOTH, MARTIN - Life Confronted catalogue prepared in conjunction with the touring exhibition of Stephen Vince
72789: D. E. BOOTH, C. P. S. WARREN AND V. C. BARCLAY - 3 Volumes of Stories for Scouts [Contains: 'Sammy in Search of a Pack', 'The Giant-Killers' and 'Potted Stories, to tell Scouts and Cubs']
75604: BORAIE, SHERIF [EDITOR] - Oriental Costumes
46615: BORD FAILTE EIREANN - Official Guide to: Sligo and Leitrim, Kerry, Donegal, Dublin, Galway and Mayo, [in 5 volumes]
69035: BORDIER, HENRI, AND MABILLE, EMILE - Une Fabrique de Faux Autographes ou Recit de L'Affaire Vrain Lucas [Fake Autograph Collection of Vrain Lucas]
61139: BORELLA, MR. - The Court and Country Confectioner: or, the House-Keeper's Guide; to a More Speedy, Plain, and Familiar Method of Understanding the Whole Art of Confectionary, Pastry, Distilling and the Making of Fine Flavoured English Wines from all Kinds of Fruits, Herbs, and Flowers: Comprehending Near Five Hundred Easy and Practical Receipts, Never Before Made Known-
63197: BORGIA, SEFANO - Letters from the Cardinal Borgia, and The Cardinal of York, MDCCXCIX - MDCCC.
61994: BORISLAV IVKOV, RAYMOND KEENE AND JULIO KAPLAN - R.H.M. Survey of Current Chess Openings: Nimzo-Indian Defence 1, All Variations
75142: BORLAND, DOUGLAS M. - Children's Types
10159: BORNIER, M PHILIPPE - Conferences des nouvelles ordonnances De Louis XIV, avec celles des roi predecesseurs de Sa Majeste, le Droit ecrit & les Arrets, enriches d'annotations et decisions importantes, Tome Premier & Second, [in 2 volumes]
65185: BORSOOK, EVE - The Mural Painters of Tuscany from Cimabue to Andrea del Sarto
66144: BOS, LAMBERTUS [EDITOR] - Vetus Testamentum Ex Versione Septuaginta Interpretum, Secundum Exemplar Vaticanum Rome Editum, Accuratissime Denuo Recognitum, Una Cum Scholiis Ejusdem Editionis, Variis MStorum Codicum Veterumque Exemplarium Lectionibus, Nec Non Fragmentis Versionum Aquilae, Symmachi & Theodotionis
60042: BOSTON, MR T. - Human Nature in its Fourfold State of Primitive Integrity, Subsisting in the Parents of Mankind in Paradise:- Entire Depravation, in the Unregenerate:- Begun Recovery, in the Regenerate:- and the Consummate Happiness or Misery, of all Mankind in the Future State. In Several Practical Discourses
52612: BOSWELL, JAMES - The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D, In Four Volumes
70480: BOSWELL, JAMES - Johnsoniana: From Boswell's Life of the Great Lexicographer and Moralist [2 volumes in one]
52199: BOSWELL, JAMES - The Life of Samuel Johnson LL.D. In 3 Volumes
73509: BOSWELL, JAMES - The Journal of A Tour to the Hebrides, with Samuel Johnson, LL. D.
63272: BOSWELL, C. S. - An Irish Precursor of Dante: A Study on the Vision of Heaven and Hell ascribed to the Eighth-century Irish Saint Adamnan, with Translation of the Irish Text [The Grimm Library No. 18]
76116: BOSWELL, PEYTON JR. - Modern American Painting: With Eighty-nine Illustrations in Full Color Selected from the Series on Contemporary American Artists Published in Life
39661: BOTHE, FREDERICUS HENRICUS, [TRANSLATOR] - Poetarum Comicorum Graecorum Fragmenta, post Augustum Meineke, Accesit Index Nominum et Rerum quem construxit, I. Hunzicker
57163: BOTTEMLEY, ERIC AND PARKHOUSE, NEIL - The Transport Art of Eric Botomley G.R.A.
74016: BOTTONE, S.R. - Magnetos for Automobilists. How Made and Used. A Handbook of Practical Instruction in the Manufacture and Adaptation of the Magneto to the Needs of the Motorist
39065: W-BOUGHTON-LEIGH, BRIDGEMAN G. F. C. - Memorials of a Warwickshire Family
39895: BOUGUEREAU, M. - Le Theatre Francoys, Tours 1594 [Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, Second Series, Volume V]
41117: BOUILLY, J.N. - Contes a Mes Petites Amies ou Trois Mois en Touraine [Stories of my girlfriends or three months in Touraine]
71771: BOULTON, HAROLD [EDITOR] - 12 New Songs by Some of the Best-Known British Composers [with compositions by Joseph Barnby, Alfred Cellier, F. Corder, Frederic Cowen, Charles H. Lloyd, Hamish MacCunn, A. C. Mackenzie, C. Hubert H. Parry, Arthur Somervell, C. V. Stanford, A. Goring Thomas and Charles Wood]
58260: BOUMPHREY, ESTHER - Hoojibahs And Humans
76482: BOURDILLON, F. W. - Aucassin and Nicolette
63801: BOURDON, M. - Elements D'Arithmetique
63792: BOURNE, FREDERICK S.A., BERESFORD LOVETT, LIEUT-COL, BATEMAN CHAMPIAN, COLONEL J. U. AND OTHERS - Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society and Monthly Record of Geography, New Monthly Series, Vol. V., January-December, 1883
76588: BOURNE, EBEN - Ordnance Survey Map of Wiltshire [including Trowbridge and Warminister], scale 8 furlongs to a statute mile
76570: BOURNE, EBEN - Ordnance Survey Map Sheet No. III of Kent [Including Isle of Sheppey, Canterbury etc.], scale 8 furlongs to a mile
71905: BOURNERIAS, MARCEL, POMEROL, CHARLES, TURQUIER, YVES - Guides Naturalistes des Cotes de France: La Cote Atlantique entre Loire et Gironde. Vendee-Anuis-Saintonge
58429: BOUTELL, CHARLES - Heraldry, Historical and Popular
71696: BOWEN, EDWARD E. [EDITOR] - The Campaign of Waterloo Extracted from Thiers' History of the Consulate and the Empire
69863: BOWER, URSULA GRAHAM, MAXWELL, NEVILLE, AND JACOBS, JULIAN - Collection on the Naga Hills of India and their people the Nagas: Naga Path, India and the Nagas, and, Hill Peoples of Northeast India The Nagas Society, Culture and the Colonial Encounter [3 volumes]
46705: BOWERS, DOROTHY - Fear For Miss Betony
73632: BOWLES, PAUL - Three Tales; Things Gone and Things Still Here [2 volumes]
63685: BOWLES, BERNARD - The Fight for Honour
56198: BOWLES, FRED G. - The Shadow-Barge and Other Lyrics
64214: BOWLKER, CHARLES - The Art of Angling, Greatly Enlarged and Improved; Containing Directions for Fly-Fishing, Trolling, Bottom Fishing, Making Artificial Flies, &c.
34989: BOWMAN, F.H. - The Structure of the Wool Fibre , In Its Relation To The Use of Wool For Technical Purposes
67309: BOWMAN, ANNE - Among the Tartar Tents or, The Lost Fathers A Tale
72983: BOWMAN, ANNE - Esperanza; or, The Home of the Wanderers.
72183: BOY SCOUTS ASSOCIATION, JOHN THURMAN, REX HAZLEWOOD - Collection of Scouter's Books, Patrol Books and Wolf Cub Books [15 volumes]
73007: THE BOY SCOUTS ASSOCIATION; MELVILLE SMITH, BETTY AND CONNELL, ELIZABETH; RICHARDSON, URSULA - 5 titles referencing Handicapped Scouting: A Handbook for Handicapped Scouting; 100 Games for Cripple and Hospital Packs; A Handbook for Handicapped Scouting (revised); Scouting for the Handicapped Boy; Games for the Handicapped
71747: BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA - Investiture Ceremonies for Tenderfoot Second Class and First Class Scouts and for the Installation of a Troop
72836: THE BOY SCOUTS ASSOCIATION, ROBERT E. YOUNG; A.W.N. MACKENZIE; "BARNACLE" - 9 Volumes on Scout Tests and Badges
71927: THE BOY SCOUT ASSOCIATION - The Gilwell Book; The Jamboree Story. The Full Story of the Eight World Jamborees of The Boy Scout Movement 1920-1955 [2 volumes]
71751: THE BOY SCOUTS ASSOCIATION - Wig and Wam Models
71750: BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA VIA ADVISORY COMMITTEE - The Den Chief's Denbook of the Younger Boy Program of the Boy Scouts of America , "A Cub is Square"
71748: BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA - A Manual of Customs and Drills for Boy Scouts
72786: THE BOY SCOUTS INTERNATIONAL BUREAU, ROBIN GOLD AND FALCON TRAVIS - 4 Volumes on International Scouting [contains: 'Boy Scouts in Five Continents', 'My Scout Friends: An autograph book for Scouts,', 'Ideas for International Scouting' and 'The Commonwealth Cub Scout Book']
71895: THE BOY SCOUTS ASSOCIATION - Collection of 9 booklets from the Scout Badge Test Series
70384: BOYD, J. MORTON AND BOYD, IAN L. - The New Naturalist No. 76: The Hebrides, A Natural History
74350: BOYD, ANTHONY; TOULSON, SHIRLEY; LOWBURY, EDWARD; WEISZ, ALIX; MURCH, EDWARD; CADDICK, ARTHUR - Lesson Limerick; Flaws; A Garland for Margot Fonteyn; Self Portrait 1960; Chopin at Genoni's; Old Johnny Bagwash [6 Phoenix Broadsheets]
57006: BOYD, JANE - What Are They Doing Now and How Can They Tell Us?
68107: BOYD, DAVID - Sfumato, Paintings and Drawings of David Boyd
51915: BOYD, HUGH, & CAMPBELL, LAWRENCE DUNDAS - The Miscellaneous Works of Hugh Boyd, The author of Junius. With an account of his life and writings, Volume 1 only
70689: BOYD, A. W. - The New Naturalist: A County Parish, Great Budworth in the County of Chester
70245: J. B. DE BOYER [MARQUIS D'ARGENS] - The Jewish Spy: Being a Philosophical, Historical, and Critical Correspondence, by Letters, which lately passed between Certain Jews in Turky, Italy, France &c [5 volumes]
72978: E. V. B. [E.V. BOYLE] - Ros Rosarum, ex Horto Poetarum: Dew of the Ever-Living Rose Gathered from The Poets' Gardens of many Lands.
62711: D. A. C. A. BOYNE, J. C. G. HASTINGS [EDITORS] AND OTHERS - The Architectural Review Vol. 163 Jan-June 1978 & Vol. 164 July-Dec 1978 [complete year in 2 vols]

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