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130028: - The King James Study Bible, King James Version
130158: - Waukegan Centennial, Official Program
130151: - Gran Cronica de La Segunda Guerra Mundial, 3 Tomo
130009: "ADAMS, JOCELYN DELK - Grandbaby Cakes, Signed
130221: "ADAMS, RAMON F. - More Burs Under the Saddle, Books & Histories of the West
130019: "ANDERSON, DOUGLAS A., EDITOR - Tales Before Tolkien, The Roots of Modern Fantasy, Signed
130126: "ARNOLD, LARRY AND SANDY NEVIUS - Reiki Handbook: A Manual for Students and Therapists of the Usui Shiki Ryhoho System of Healing
130185: "ASIMOV, ISAAC - The Relativity of Wrong, Essays on Science
130071: NATIONAL COAL ASSOCIATION - Class Report-Coal
130119: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Cuentos Clasicos de Ayer y de Siempre (storybook classics of yesterday and always)
130102: "BANVILLE, JOHN - The Revolutions Trilogy: Doctor Copernicus, Kepler, The Newton Letter
130124: "BAROODY, THEODORE A. - Holographic Health A Soul Centered Paradigm, 5th Edition
130148: "DE BARROS, PAUL - Jackson Street After Hours: The Roots of Jazz in Seattle (Hardcover)
130004: "BECKETT, SIMON - The Calling of the Grave, Signed
130167: "BENDERSON, BRUCE - User
130141: "BERGER, JONAH - Contagious, Why Things Catch On, Signed
130035: "BIRCHALL, DIANA - In Defense of Mrs. Elton, Signed
130220: "BISHOP, ELIZABETH - Geography III: Poems
130205: "BLACKSTONE, SARAH J. - Buckskins, Bullets, and Business, A History of Buffalo Bill's Wild West
130190: "BLAGOJEVICH, ROBERT - Fundraiser A: My Fight for Freedom and Justice, Signed
130171: "BLAIR, DAVID AND GEOFF MCNAMARA - Ripples on a Cosmic Sea, The Search for Gravitational Waves
130069: "BLISH, JAMES AND ROBERT LOWNDES - The Duplicated Man
130147: "BOYD, BRIAN - Stalking Nabokov (Paperback)
130225: "BREMER, RICHARD G. - Indian Agent and Wilderness Scholar, The Life of Henry Rowe Schoolcraft
130037: "BROOKE, CHRISTOPHER - Jane Austen: Illustion and Reality
130204: "BUEHR, WALTER - The Story of Locks
130079: "BULAWAYO, NOVIOLET - We Need New Names SIGNED
130153: "BURNS, DON - Stuff Dreams Are Made Of: A Novel, Signed
130168: "CAREY, JACQUELINE - Kushiel's Dart, Signed
130074: "CASTER, KENNETH E., ET. AL. - Elementary Guide to the Fossils and Strata of the Ordovician in the Vicinity of Cincinnati, Ohio
130219: "CEBULA, LARRY - Plateau Indians and the Quest for Spiritual Power, 1700-1850
130043: "CHAMBERS, JANE - Last Summer At Bluefish Cove, A play
130132: "CHEKHOV, ANTON - Longer Stories from the Last Decade
130192: "CHESTERTON, G.K. - The Secret of Father Brown
130006: "CHIBNALL, MARJORIE - The Normans, The Peoples of Europe
130051: "CHILDS, LAURA - Motif for Murder, Signed
130198: "CHILDS, LAURA - Postcards from the Dead, Signed
130104: "CHIMA, CINDA WILLIAMS - The Warrior Heir, Signed
130020: "CLAREMONT, CHRIS - The New Mutants Annual #2 1986
130022: "CLARKE, STEPHAN P. - The Lord Peter Wimsey Companion
130206: "CLARKE, CHARLES G. - The Men of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, A Biographical roster of the fifty-one members
130052: "COHEE, JIM - The Swan: A Novel, Signed
130240: "COHEN, NORM - Long Steel Rail, The Railroad in American Folksong
130203: "COHEN, MORTON N. AND ROGER LANCELYN GREEN, EDITORS - The Letters of Lewis Carroll in Two Volumes with Slipcase
130215: "COLBY, SUSAN A. - Sacagawea's Child: The Life and Times of Jean-Baptiste (Pomp) Charbonneau
130115: IMAGE COMICS - Drink and Draw Social Club Vol 1
130245: H. K. PORTER COMPANY - Porter Diesel-Electric Locomotives Catalog
130008: "COREY, JAMES S. A. - Babylon's Ashes, Book Six of the Expanse, signed
130088: "CUMMINGS, TROY - Charge of the Lightning Bugs: A Branches Book (The Notebook of Doom #8) SIGNED
130255: "DAVIS, A. A. - The Baptist Story, Sermons on the Trail of Blood
130057: "DICKERSON, DEBRA J. - An American Story [Sep 19, 2000] Dickerson, Debra J.
130099: "DIXON, DIANNE - The Book of Someday SIGNED
130098: "DOBLIN, ALFRED - Berlin Alexanderplatz: The Story of Franz Biberkopf (Paperback)
130202: "DODGE, MARY MAPES - Hans Brinker or The Silver Skates
130007: "DOHERTY, PAUL - The Year of the Cobra, Signed
130005: "DOHERTY, PAUL - The Great Crown Jewels Robbery of 1303, Signed
130023: "DOUGLAS, DAVID AND BARBARA DOUGLAS - Marriage Beyond Black and White: An Interracial Family Portrait, Signed
130068: "DRAKE, DAVID - Redliners, signed
130161: "DUCKWORTH, ALISTAIR M. - The Improvement of the Estate, A Study of Jane Austen's Novels
130252: "DYBEK, STUART - Childhood and Other Neighborhoods, Signed
130213: "DYBEK, STUART - The Coast of Chicago, Signed
130238: "EAKIN, JAMES S. - Critters, Vol. 1, signed
130239: "EAKIN, JAMES S. - Critters, Vol. 2, signed
130054: "EVANOVICH, STEPHANIE - Big Girl Panties, Signed
130024: "FISHER, ROBIN - Vancouver's Voyage, Charting the Northwest Coast
130095: "FROEHLICH, SUSAN AND JONATHAN RODMAN - Rabbit Turds, Signed
130025: "FROSTIC, GWEN - Synthesis, Signed
130059: "GIBSON, CAROL AND LOLA M. JONES - Another Ann Arbor, Black America Series, Signed
130056: "GILL, JOEL CHRISTIAN - Strange Fruit, Uncelebrated Narratives from Black History, Vol. 1
130131: "GILLEO, MARK - Favors and Lies, Signed
130105: "GORDON, JAIMY - Bogeywoman, Signed
130045: "GORDON, JAIMY - She Drove without Stopping: A Novel [Paperback] [Oct 01, 1993] Gordon, Jaimy
130145: "GREEN, EDWARD, MILA CSELENSZKY ET AL. - High School Mathematics Made Easy to Understand (Paperback)
130184: "GREENE, GRAHAM - The Ministry of Fear: An Entertainment
130096: "GROSSMAN, VASILY & THOMAS P. WHITNEY (TRANSLATOR) - Forever Flowing (European Classics) (Paperback)
130263: "GUNN, VIRGINIA (EDITOR) - Uncoverings 1994 Volume 15 of the Research Papers of the American Quilt Study Gr Paperback
130250: "HALL, SHARLOT M., EDITIED BY C. GREGORY CRAMPTON - Sharlot Hall on the Arizona Strip, A Diary of a Journey Throu Northern Arizona in 1911
130226: "HAMILTON, W. T. - My Sixty Years On the Plains
130011: "HANEY, PAULA - The Hoosier Mama Book of Pie, Signed
130041: "HAUENSTEIN, RALPH AND DONALD E. MARKLE - Intelligence Was My Line: Inside Eisenhower's Other Command
130149: "HAYDEN, JEROME & BETTYE HALL - Trigonometry, Teacher's Edition (Hardcover)
130053: "HEATH-STUBBS, JOHN - Artorius and Book One of Artorius, 2 books
130078: "HEERSHON, JOANNA - A Dual Inheritance, signed
130091: "HEIDEN, BRUCE - Homer's Cosmic Fabrication: Choice and Design in the Iliad (American Philological Association American Classical Studies) (Hardcover)
130106: "HELAKOSKI, LESLIE - Big Pigs, Signed
130165: "HELLMANN, LIBBY FISCHER - A Bitter Veil, A Novel of Iran, Signed
130084: "HERBERT, BRIAN & KEVIN J. ANDERSON - Dune: The Machine Crusade SIGNED
130186: "HERMANOWICZ, JOSEPH C. - The Stars are Not Enough: Scientists, Their Passions and Professions
130196: "HICKS, ROBERT - A Separate Country, signed
130201: "HILL, JOSEPH J. - The History of Warner's Ranch and Its Environs
130251: "HOLLON, W. EUGENE AND RUTH LAPHAM BUTLER, EDITORS - William Bollaert's Texas
130181: CHICHUNG HUANG - Tao Te Ching: A Literal Translation with Notes and Commentary
130208: "HUBBELL, SUE - Broadsides from the Other Orders, A Book of Bugs, Signed
130038: "IBSEN, JOY - Songs of Denmark, Songs to Live By
130193: "JACKSON, KENNETH HURLSTONE - The Gododdin, The Oldest Scottish Poem
130060: "JACKSON, RICHIE JEAN SHERROD - The House by the Side of the Road, The Selma Civil Rights Movement
130063: "JAMES, PETER - Dead Man's Grip, signed
130064: "JAMES, PETER - Dead Man's Time, signed
130089: "JARVIS, WILLIAM - Jane Austen and Religion
130116: "JOHNSON, DAVE, DAN PANOSIAN, ET.AL. - Drink and Draw Social Club Vol 2
130044: "KATO, HIROSHI - The Japanese Economy in Transition
130218: "KAUFMAN, POLLY WELTS - Women Teachers on the Frontier
130047: "KEATING, H. R. F. - Inspector Chote Hunts the Peacock
130187: "KEGERREIS, SHARON AND LORRI HATHAWAY - The History of Michigan Wines: 150 Years of Winemaking along the Great Lakes, Signed
130080: "KINGSBURY, KAREN - Unlocked SIGNED
130229: "KLINE, BENJAMIN F. G. - Heisler Locomotive 1891-1941
130189: "KOMAROFF, LINDA AND STEFANO CARBONI - The Legacy of Genghis Khan: Courtly Art and Culture in Western Asia, 1256-1353
130183: "KOZHAMTHADAM, JOB, S.J. - The Discovery of Kepler's Laws, The Interaction of Science, Philosophy, and Religion
130087: "LAGERCRANTZ, DAVID - The Girl in the Spider's Web
130146: "LANTZ, WALTER - Andy Panda's Vacation
130261: "LEDERACH, JOHN PAUL - The Moral Imagination: The Art and Soul of Building Peace
130262: "LEDERACH, JOHN PAUL & ANGELA JILL LEDERACH - When Blood and Bones Cry Out: Journeys through the Soundscape of Healing and Reconciliation ( Hardcover)
130216: "LEVINE, PHILIP - The Simple Truth
130039: "LIKER, JEFFREY K. - The Toyota Way: 14 Management Principles from the World's Greatest Manufacturer, Signed
130097: "LONDON, C. ALEXANDER - The Wild Ones
130231: "LOUDON, JIM - The Oneonta Roundhouse
130033: EDWARD VERRALL LUCAS - Charles Lamb & the Lloyds
130188: "LUCAS, E. V. - More Wanderings In London
130207: "MADSEN, BRIGHAM - Glory Hunter, A Biography of Patrick Edward Connor
130117: "MANUSHKIN, FRAN AND ILLUSTRATED BY PAUL O. ZELINSKY - The Shivers in the Fridge, signed
130156: "MARCH, RICK, PHOTOGRAPHS BY DICK BLAU - Polka Heartland, Why the Midwest Loves to Polka, Signed
130217: "MARCY, RANDOLPH B. - The Prairie Traveler: A Handbook for Overland Expeditions, Limited Ed.
130194: "MARRONE, TERESA - Abundantly Wild, Collecting and Cooking Wild Edibles in the Upper Midwest
130046: "MASSIE, ROBERT K. - Nicholas and Alexandra
130211: "MATTES, MERRILL J. - Platte River Road Narratives A Descriptive Bibliography of Travel Over the Great Central Overland Route to Oregon, California,Utah, Colorado, Montana, and Other Western States and Territories, 1812-1866
130154: "MAY, PETER - Coffin Road, Signed
130234: "MCCABE, JOSEPH - The Logic and Virtue of Atheism
130075: "MCGIMSEY, CHARLES R. III, HESTER A. DAVIS - Indians of Arkansas/What is Archeology
130210: "MCKEE, RUTH KARR - Mary Richardson Walker: Her Book, The Third White Woman to Cross the Rockies
130224: "MCKENNEY, THOMAS L. - Sketches of a Tour to the Lakes, Of the Character and Customs of the Chippeway Indians
130232: "MELLANDER, DEANE E. - Rails to the Big Vein, The Short Lines of Allegany County, Maryland
130169: "MELVILLE, HERMAN - Mardi and A Voyage Thither
130076: "MENCKEN, H. L. - Minority Report
130214: "MOORE, N. F., STANLEY PARGELLIS AND RUTH LAPHAM BUTLER - A Trip from New York to the Falls of St. Anthony in 1845
130248: "MORA, JO - Trail Dust and Saddle Leather
130066: "MORSE, A. J. - Walking, The Art of Sauntering, Signed
130065: "MORUS, IWAN RHYS - When Physics Became King
130016: "MUHLING, MICHAEL - The Real Middle-Earth, Discovering the Origin of The Lord of the Rings
130150: "MUIR, JOHN - Picturesque California: The Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Slope (7 books of 10) [Hardcover] [Jan 01, 1888] Muir, John
130179: "NAHIN, PAUL J. - The Science of Radio
130072: "NICKINSON, PAT - Sandcastle Moats and Petunia Bed Holes, A book about Groundwater
130122: "NIEUWSMA, MILTON J. - Surviving Auschwitz: Children of the Shoah, Signed
130227: "NIMKE, R.W. - The Rutland, 60 Years of Trying, Volume VII: The Addendum, Signed
130236: "NIMKE, R. W. - The Rutland: Betterments - Statistics, Traffic, Equipment, Plans-Structures, Fixtures, Signed
130013: "OLSEN, WILLIAM - Sand Theory, Poems, Signed
130247: "PARKER, DONALD DEAN, EDITOR - The Recollections of Philander Prescott, Frontiersman of the Old Northwest 1819-1862
130142: "PAUL, BILL AND CINDY PAUL - Shadow of an Indian Star, Signed
130107: "PHILLIPS, JONATHON - Holy Warriors: A Modern History of the Crusades
130199: "PONTING, HERBERT AND FRANK HURLEY - 1910-1916 Antarctic Photographs, Scott, Mawson and Shackleton Expeditions
130139: "POTTER, DANIEL - A Reason for Border Sheets Manuscript
130138: "POTTER, DANIEL - A Reason for Border Sheets Cursive
130223: "POUND, ROSCOE - The Spirit Of The Common Law & Other Writings.
130118: VARIOUS PRESENTERS - CSA Designation Program, 23 CDs
130134: "PRYCE, TREVOR WITH JOEL NAFTALI - Amphibians End, A Kulipari Novel, Signed
130244: RAILHEAD PUBLICATIONS - Vulcan Locomotives Catalogs Reprint
130172: "RABINOVICH, ITAMAR - The Lingering Conflict: Israel, the Arabs, and the Middle East, 1948-2011 (Saban Center at the Brookings Institution Books) Hardcover
130050: "RAGLAN, LORD - The Hero, A Study in Tradition, Myth, and Drama
130159: "RANVILLE, JUDY AND NANCY CAMPBELL - With a Dream as a Compass We have Gathered These Memories of Mackinaw, Signed
130197: "REID, BASIL A. - Myths and Realities of Caribbean History
130257: "RETTIG, HILLARY - The 7 Secrets of the Prolific, How to Overcome Procrastination, Perfectionism, and Writer's Block
130155: "ROBINSON, PETER - Abattoir Blues, Signed
130178: "ROBINSON, J. ARMITAGE - Two Glastonbury Legends: King Arthur and St Joseph of Arimathea
130090: "ROSEN, MICHAEL J. & STAN FELLOWS (ILLUSTRATOR) - The Tale of Rescue Hardcover SIGNED
130249: "RUMER, THOMAS A., EDITOR - This Emigrating Company: The 1844 Oregon Trail Journal of Jacob Hammer
130073: MORTON SALT - A Complete Guide to Home Meat Curing
130195: "SALVATORE, R. A. - The Icewind Dale Trilogy, Collector's Edition (Forgotten Realms)
130042: "SANDELIN, KARL - Kalsec, Inc. The Beginning Years Through 1992
130036: "SANDESON, RUTH AND HIS WOODBURY GRANDCHILDREN - Scrap Book, Amos Williams and Early Danville, Illinois
130191: "SANDFORD, CHRISTOPHER - Sutures, Signed
130177: "SAYERS, DOROTHY L. - Unnatural Death
130082: "SCALZI, JOHN - The End of All Things SIGNED
130083: "SCALZI, JOHN - The Human Division SIGNED
130081: "SCALZI, JOHN - The Ghost Brigades SIGNED
130256: "SCHOLL, AMY - After ""I Do""
130237: "SCHRAMM, JACK E., WM. HENNING AND RICHARD ANDREWS - When Eastern Michigan rode the Rails, Book 4
130241: "SCHRAMM, JACK E., WM. H. HENNING - When Eastern Michigan Rode the Rails II; The Rapid Railway and Detroit, Port Huron by Rail-Ship- Bus
130173: "SCHREIBER, JOE - Eat the Dark: A Novel Paperback SIGNED
130026: "SEUSS, DIANE - Wolf Lake, White Gown Blown Open, Poems, Signed
130170: "SHERIDAN, JAMES E. - Saugatuck through the Years 1830-1980, Signed
130101: "SHULMAN MD, NEIL - What? Dead Again? Hardcover
130085: "SILVA, DANIEL - The Fallen Angel SIGNED
130152: "SIZER, PAUL - Little White Mouse Omnibus Edition
130136: "SOMMER, BARBARA W. - Hard Work and a Good Deal, The Civilian Conservation Corps in Minnesota
130209: "STALLARD, PATRICIA Y., EDITOR - Fanny Dunbar Corbusier, Recollections of Her Army Life, 1869-1908
130253: "STEIN, GERTRUDE - Wars I Have Seen
130163: "STEIN, GERTRUDE - Three Lives
130092: "STOKER, SHANNON - The Registry SIGNED
130058: "STRATTON, ALLAN - Leslie's Journal, Signed
130135: "SULLIVAN, FAITH - Good Night, Mr. Wodehouse, Signed
130174: "SWEED, RON AND MIKE OLSZEWSKI - The Ghoul Scrapbook
130258: "SZASZ, THOMAS - Liberation by Oppression, A Comparative Study of Slavery and Psychiatry
130164: "TENNYSON, ALFRED LORD - Idylls of the King in Twelve Books
130012: "TERRY, STEPHEN - Michigan Agricultural College, Campus Life 1900-1925, Signed
130108: "THOMSON, PEGGY, ILLUSTRATED BY DAVID SMALL - The King has Horse's EarsSigned
130160: "THURBER, JAMES - Many Moons
130175: "THURBER, JAMES - The Middle-Aged Man on the Flying Trapeze, A Collection of Short Pieces, with drawings by the author
130110: "TILLMAN-WILSON, PATTY ANN AND ILLUSTRATED BY TRAVIS J NORVIL - Princess Nevaeh Saves the Golden-Eyed-Eagle
130137: "TODD, R. LARRY - Mendelssohn, A Life in Music
130254: "TOKLAS, ALICE B. - The Alice B. Toklas Cook Book
130133: "TOUGAS, SHELLEY - The Graham Cracker Plot, Signed
130070: "TURNER, JOHN, ET. AL - The Ku Klux Klan, A History of Racism and Violence
130048: "UPFIELD, ARTHUR W. - Winds of Evil
130049: "VICK, EDWARD C - Audels Gardeners and Growers Guide, 4 Volumes
130162: "VINAVER, EUGENE - Malory's Morte Darthur, In the Light of a Recent Discovery. Reprinted from the Bulletin of the John Rylands Library
130100: "VONNEGUT JR., KURT - Cat's Cradle (Third Printing, Hardcover)
130067: "WARDE, SHIRLEY A. - We jus Catch Um, Folk Stories from Belize
130114: "WATSON, TOM - Stick Dog Wants a Hot Dog, Signed
130166: "WEBER, DAVID - On Basilisk Station, Signed
130111: "WEDELL, ROBERT - Rolf the Green Ghost in Save the Haunted House, Signed
130113: "WEDELL, ROBERT - Rolf and the First Thanksgiving, Signed
130112: "WEDELL, ROBERT - Rolf and the Rainbow Christmas, signed
130015: "WEEKS, GEORGE - Sleeping Bear Yesterday and Today
130246: WESTINGHOUSE - Westinghouse Equipped Diesel-Electric Locomotives 10 to 80 Tons
130242: "WHEELWRIGHT, JANE HOLLISTER - The Ranch Papers: A California Memoir HARDCOVER
130176: "WHITE, HELEN C. - The Metaphysical Poets, A study in Religious Experience, Signed
130212: "WHITE, DAVID A., EDITOR - News of the Plains and Rockies, 1803-1865, 9 Volumes
130143: "WIJDEVELD, H. TH. - The Life-Work of the American Architect Frank Lloyd Wright
130040: "WILSON, GEORGE M. - Seeing Fictions in Film, The Epistemology of Movies
130243: "WILSON, DALE - Algoma Eastern Railway, Revised and Expanded Edition
130200: "WISTAR, ISAAC JONES - Autobiography of Isaac Jones Wistar, Half a Century in War and Peace
130222: "WOUK, HERMAN - Marjorie Morningstar, Signed, Limited
130055: "YUTANG, LIN - The Gay Genius, The Life and Times of Su Tungpo
130157: "ZIMELMAN, NATHAN - Once When I Was Five
130233: "ZIMMERMANN, KARL - Lake Michigan's Railroad Car Ferries

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