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0010091: MULTIPE AUTHORS - 27 Letters Spanning 108 Years Related to the Société Des Auteurs Et Compositeurs Dramatiques
0010063: PAOLO BAGLIONI - 1767 Venetian Government Order by the Podestra of Chioza
0010094: BARALEU - 1796 Handwritten French Legal Contract About Real Estate Transactions
0010069: 2ND LIEUTENANT MELVIN BECKER - 1945 Us Military Furlough Order from the 327th Infantry Regiment
0010088: JENNY BOUPELLIER AND JEAN BEY - 1830s Collection of 13 Letters from a Close Friend in Southern France
0010101: ROYAL INSURANCE COMPANY - 1941 War Damage Act Insurance Documents Related to the Blitz Bombings
0010080: MONSIEUR LE CURE - 1800s Handwritten Catholic Sermon for the Third Sunday of Lent
0010068: DANISH VICE-CONSUL, PIERRE JEAN VANBOUGWERSS - Beautiful Pre-Revolutionary 1777 French Diplomatic Correspondence
0010085: DELISLELYS - 1800s Handwritten French Promissory Note and Letter from Vimoutiers
0010067: THE DIRECTORY - 1801 Post-War French Republic Legal Bulletin
0010100: COMMANDANT OF THE US NAVY’S SIXTH DISTRICT - 1957 Us Navy Correspondence About Naval Reserve Officer’S Deficient Request
0010044: EARLE SUMNER DRAPER - 1914 Diary by Earle Sumner Draper, Who Coined the Term Urban Sprawl
0001108: ETHEL FISKE - Rare 1899-1903 Diary and Scrapbooks by Student of Mathilde Marchesi
0010071: GASPARD MONGE, GEORGES DANTON - 1792 Post-Revolutionary French Property Seizure of Emigres Legal Document
0010105: GERMAIN AND JAROIN - Gorgeous 17th Century Ephemera Displaying Ronde Script
0010103: ETABLISSEMENTS KUHLMANN - World War Two French Letter for Shipment of Military Chemicals
0010097: COLONEL LOUIS II DE LABROUSSE - 1875 Personal French Letters by Cavalry Officer of the Legion of Honour
0010047: EVA B. LAMPHERE - Handwritten Rural Vermont World War II Homefront Diary by Eva B. Lamphere
0010090: UNKNOWN ROYAL COURT LAWYERS - 1834 Analysis of Legal Judgement Against Swedish Nobility in France
0010046: ETHEL LEBER - Handwritten Depression-Era Vermont Diary by Ethel Leber
0010045: ELEANOR L MACRAE - 1940s Pair of Diaries Handwritten by a Wealthy Toronto Area Woman
0010092: ARCHBISHOP JEAN-JOSEPH MARCHAL - 1880s Pastoral Letters from Archbishop Jean-Joseph Marchal of the French Diocese of Bourges
0010049: CHARLES L. MERRICK - 1925 Diary of Charles L. Merrick, Whose Family Farming Legacy Dates Back to 1714
0010048: DORIS CUTHBERT METZLER - Original 1960s-1970s Collection of Diaries Handwritten by Doris Cuthbert Metzler of Michigan
0010073: CONSEIL D’ETAT DU ROI - 1786 Decree Issued by King Louis XVI's Council of State
0010087: UNKNOWN - 1777 Legal Registry Document About French Nobility Real Estate
0010086: UNKNOWN - 1792 French Revolutionary Order of Estate Forfeiture After Mass Emigration
0010078: UNKNOWN - 1928 Paris, France Post Office Telegraph Notice
0010076: UNKNOWN - High Value 1905 Money Order Receipt from Vieux Marche, France
0010102: UNKNOWN - 1921 Post-War Certificate of Birth Details for Parisian Serviceman
0010077: UNKNOWN - 1924 French Money Order from Nice, France
0010043: UNKNOWN - Handwritten 1941 Diary of a Wife and Mother in Pre-Wwii California
0010089: UNKNOWN - 1696 Gorgeous, Detailed Manuscript Referencing the Seigneur de Valon
0010042: UNKNOWN - 1906 Original Travel Diary of a Young Englishwoman
0010083: UNKNOWN - 1727 Handwritten Legal Note of Noble Navy Officer from the D'Estienne Family
0010104: UNKNOWN - Elaborate, Handwritten French Letter from a Catholic Bishop to His Boss
0010081: UNKNOWN - Beautiful 1800s Handwritten French Sermon on Roman Catholic Teachings
0010064: UNKNOWN - 1801 French White Wine Contract for Trade at la Rochelle Seaport
0010066: UNKNOWN - French Revolution Commerce Document with Defaced Fleur de Lis Seals
0010075: UNKNOWN - 1896 Elegant Death Announcement from Epernay, France
0010093: ARCHBISHOP GUILLAUME-AUBIN DE VILLèLE - 1825 Inaugural Pastoral Letter by the New Archbishop of the Diocese of Bourges
0010079: GENERAL RAOUL VORUZ - 1939 French Orders to British Troops Including Mandatory Masking
0010050: VIRGIL B. WILEY - 1920s Diary Handwritten by a Young Man in Love
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