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0002556: G I N - 1818 Superb, Original 600+ Page French Manuscript Book of Complex and Advanced Mathematics, Geometry, Statistics, Navigation and More Beautifully Executed and Littered with 100s of Drawings, Graphs and Charts
0001518: [HENRY MORTON STANLEY] - 1890s Original Manuscript Notes on a Lecture by the Renowned African Explorer Detailing the Emin Pasha Relief Expedition
000811: - Das Neue Und Verbesserte Gesang Buch... . Psalmen Davids Famt Einer Gammlung Alter Und Neuer Geistreicher Lieder... . Rebst Einem Anhang Des Hendelbergischen Catechismus... . Vor Die Evangelich Reformirten Gemeinen in Den Bereinigten Staaten Von America
0001935: L.H. - 1928 Original Manuscript Travel Diary of a Young Teenage Girl Traveling to Finland the Home of Her Mother's Family and Her Father's Grave
000453: - Haggadah Shel Pesach : Passover Haggadah with Commentary of Rabbi Shabbtai Cohen
000975: - The Customs and Manners of the Bedouin Arabs: Designed Especially to Illustrate the Early Scripture History, Written for the American Sunday School Union - Personal Copy of Famed CIVIL War Army Chaplain Rev. B.W. Chidlaw
RAB236: - Machzor - a Cycle: A Prayer Book for Shavuot with Yiddish Translation
RAB3008: - Musaf L'Yom Kippur [the Mussaf Service for Yom Kippur] - Bijgevoegd-Gebed Voor Den Verzoendag
RAB3017: - Seder Tefilos - Order of Prayers
0009154: [TO MARJORIE ELMS] - 1928 Original Handwritten Parody Poem of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas,’ Poking Gentle Fun at Prohibition and the Culture of the Roaring Twenties While Still Being Quite Wholesome at Heart
000679: - 1859 - 1860 Hamasaef: The Hebrew Review and Magazine for Jewish Literature: The Journal of Hebrew Enlightenment and the First Modern Hebrew Periodical
0001883: G.H.C[ELLA] ? - 1927 Original Manuscript Travel Diary Handwritten by a Man of Wealth and Charm from Hobart Australia to Culpepper West Virginia and Some Very Exotic Ports of Call from Indonesia, the South China Sea, Singapore, Japan and Hawaii
0002270: GUNNER C.J. WALLACE O.F.C. 1612928 - 1943 Original Manuscript Diary of One British Gunner's Miserable 6 Months in Diego Suarez Madagascar
0002563: 'W.B.' - 1751 Original, Superb Manuscript Book of Geography, Astronomy and Navigational Wisdom at the Then Apex of Scholarly Knowledge During the Age of Sail
0002107: D.R. - 1965 - 1968 Original Group of Four [4] Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by a Young 1st Lieutenant Serving His Country in a Ballistic Missile Bunker Ready to Defend America from the Soviet Threat
0001938: F.M.B[UETTNER?] - 1905 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Young American Girl on Her Way to Study Piano at One of the World's Most Prestigious Music Conservatories
0009064: [TO MISS S. R. CRAGIN] - 1846 Original Handwritten Manuscript Letter Describing a Rigorous Trip Up One of America’S Most Famous Ecological Landmarks, Mt. Washington, As Well As Detailing an Event in the Darker Side of Nature
0002262: 'S.B.' [?] AND CLEMENTINE - 1830s Superb Original Manuscript Books [2] and Handwritten Study Highlighting the State of Higher Education in France in the Early 19th Century
0002065: A.S. - 1859 Original Manuscript Eyewitness Account of the Rare and Unusual Meteorological Event Known As Parhelia or Sun Dogs
000962: A. MABANE, J. DE LA C.P. - 1771 Handwritten Manuscript Bas Quebec Document: "Inventaire de la Commonauté Des Biens Qui Etat Entre Pour Genevieve Brisson and Joseph Mailliot"
0002312: A.C. MATHEWSON - 1843 Original Manuscript Letter Handwritten by a Gold and Silver Dealer from Rhode Island Trying to Make Sales in Mobile to No Avail
0009042: A.R. SHOUSE [TO MR. LAWRENCE MOSSBY] - 1906 Original Handwritten Letter Concerning the Chartering and Piloting of a Ship and the Many Details to to Be Discussed and Ironed out in the Process
0TP111: ABBE (ABBOTT) DUCARME - From the File of Famed Bibliophile Sir Thomas Phillipps: 1753 Handwritten Autograph Letter to Antoine le Camus, Doctor of the Faculty of Medicine, Paris Regarding His Latest Writings "la Medecine de L'Esprit"
000032: RUTH ABBOTT - Handwritten Manuscript Study of Florentine History and Italian Art in 2 Stunning Leather Volumes 1907-1908
0MV208: ABDIEL & JANE - 1858 Charming Early Pioneer Handwritten Autograph Letter from Illinois
0008211: WESLEY ABELL - 1912 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Young University of Vermont Student, Strike Breaker and 'Scab' Working for the Elevated Street Railroad During a Bitter Labor Strike
0009049: ABOUT JAMES DIMMICK - 1759 Rare and Exceptionally Unique Handwritten Account of the Trial and Subsequent Punishment of an American Draft Dodger, Unwilling to Fight for the British in the French and Indian War
000720: ABRAHAM LINCOLN SECRETARY - 1861 Handwritten Manuscript Letter Written on Stationary Addressed from the "Executive Mansion"
00MV630: ACHILLE FOULD, MINISTER OF FINANCE AND NAPOLEON III - 1851 Superb - Bulletin Des Lois de la Republique de France No 434 - "Decret Relatif Aux Primes Pour la Peche de la Baleine Ou Du Cachalot"
0001056: FANNY ACKEY - 1925 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of a Man Chasing Predatory Flapper Era Girl
0001378: ROBIN [ROBERT] ADAIR - 1894 - 1913 Original Archive of 14 Manuscript Diaries Detailing a Life of Leisure and Conspicuous Consumption: Lessons, Lectures and Libraries, Global Travel and Tailors
00JT061: ADAM PHILLIPPE, COMTE DE CUSTINE - 1772 Handwritten Manuscript Letter by Noted Colonel, Future Brigadier General of the French Army Who Will Lose His Head to the Revolutionary Tribunal in 1793
000994: PEARL F. ADAMS - 1923 Handwritten Manuscript Charmingly Details the Life and Family of a Massachusetts Homemaker and Substitute Teacher
0002007: ADAMS FAMILY [?] - 1863 Original Manuscript Letter Detailing the Life and Times of This 87 Year Old Man When He Lived in New York City in 1791
0002339: CHAPLAIN JOHN WESLEY ADAMS - 1864 - 1865 Original, Significant CIVIL War Manuscript Diary of the Renowned 'Fighting Second' New Hampshire Regiment Handwritten by Their Beloved Chaplain and Battle Ready Comrade
00MV262: UNIDENTIFIED AGENT FOR LADY ADAMS - 1838 Handwritten Manuscript Relic of the French Blockade of Mexico's Ports, the Bombardment of San Juan de Ulua, the Capture of the Mexican Navy and the Return from Retirement of General Santa Anna: 'the Pastry War'
0002326: FREDERICK HENRY ADAMS - 1878 Super, Original Manuscript Relic of Old San Francisco Politics and Theater and Lucky Survivor of the Catastrophic 1906 Earthquake
0001407: ROBERT WILLIAM ADDISON - 1939 - 1959 Archive of Original Handwritten Letters, Personal Photographs and Ephemera of This Noted Chicago Illustrator and Artist
00JT42b: ADJUTANT GENERAL NIVET - 1798 Handwritten Manuscript Napoleon Era Orders Revolutionary Stationary by Important General Oft Noted in Napoleon's Correspondence
000610N: FELIX ADLER - 1886 Intimate Typed Letter Signed [Tls] by Famed Jewish Intellectual, Lecturer, Social Reformer and Religious Leader to His Friend Noted Lincoln Portrait Artist Douglas Volk
0001421: ADMIRAL THOMAS COCHRANE, 10TH EARL OF DUNDONALD, A.K.A. LE LOUP DES MERS [THE WOLF OF THE SEA] - 1823 Original Manuscript Letter Handwritten by One of England's Greatest Naval Heroes - the Model for Horatio Hornblower and 'Lucky' Captain Jack Aubrey But Known to the French Navy As the 'Wolf of the Seas'
0002059: ELI ADMIRE - 1897 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Hard Working, Hard Driving But Sickly Oklahoma Man Who Would One Day Publish a Noted Newspaper Only to End His Own Life in It's Offices
0001566: UNIDENTIFIED WEST TEXAS BORDER PATROL AGENT - 1946 - 1951 Original Pair [2] of Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by a West Texas Border Patrol Agent
RAB020: AHARON HEIMAN - Haksuvah V'Hamesorah - the Written Torah and the Tradition: 3 Volumes
RAB231: AHER NISSAN - L'Kutei Shoshanim - a Compilation of Roses
0001296: GEORGE B. AHN - 1908 - 1949 Remarkable Archive of Thirteen [13] Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by Railroad Executive, Evangelical Revival Church Service Attendee, Shrewd Political Prognosticator and Father of Five
00JT75: AIME GIRON, LAWYER, POET, NOVELIST - Archive Lot of 16 Handwritten Manuscript Letters from the Files of Aime Giron Famed French Poet, Novelist and Lawyer
0002101: CHRISTIAN HENRY AITKEN - 1920 - 1927 Original Group of Eight [8] Diaries Handwritten by a Rising and for the Most Part Keen Member of the Middle Class Enjoying Life As Best He Can
0008129: CHRISTIAN AITKEN - 1907 Original Manuscript Diay Hand Written by an All American Man, Postal Clerk and Philadelphia Man About Town
0001229: DAVID HARRIS UNDERHILL AKA 'DHU' - 1932 + 1935 Original Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by Depression Era Scion of the Underhill Society and One Time Librarian of the New York Library
0002551: 30 CITIZENS OF MADISON ALABAMA - 1869 Original Reconstruction Era Handwritten Petition and Protest by the Citizens of Madison Alabama
0002013: ALBERT 'BERTIE' SUMNER LAFONE, ROYAL NAVY, MIDSHIPMAN - 1879 Original Manuscript Relic of One Young Midshipman's Fortunate First Cruise on a Scientific Mission to the Galapagos Islands As He Climbs the Ratlines to the Admiralty
000REU002: RABBI JOSEPH ALBO - Sefer Ikarim, Sh'Chaber Hachacham Ish Haelokai M'Ranna V'Rabban Yosef Albo Z'Tz'l
0009079: RALPH ALBRIGHT - 1942 - 1945 Original World War II Handwritten Naval Communication Journal Kept by a Meticulous and Artsy Officer Writing Down His Comprehensive Material While Training for Wartime Combat
OMV578: JOHN ALDEN - 1906 Archive of Eleven [11] Multi-Page Handwritten Manuscript Love Letters
000701: ALEX P. OLSSON, ROSE HERMINGHAUS [OLSSON] - 1916 Through 1940 Large Archive of 100+ Handwritten Manuscript Letters to and from a Devout Christian Scientist, His Wife and Sister
0001199: ALEXANDER FORBES - 1912 Autograph Letter Signed [Als] by Famed Neurobiologist
0001529: ALFRED FREDERICK BELL WOODHOUSE, COMMANDER ROYAL NAVY - 1911 + 1914 - 1915 Superb Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Keenly Observant and Dedicated Diarist of This British Naval Commander's Service in the Early Years of World War I
0008054: JAMES ALLABEN - 1932 - 1944 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Middle Aged Teacher of the Army Navy Academy in San Diego Who We Follow Into His Senior Years
0001769: C[ONRAD] AND REBECCA ALLEMAND - 1843 Original Manuscript Stampless Folded Letter Handwritten by a Christian Missionary to His Friend Frederick Schott
0008168: BETSY ALLEN - 1847 Original Manuscript Intracontinental Travel Diary Handwritten by a Young Woman Traveling from Norwich to New York to Cleveland to Philadelphia to New York All by the Canal Network Established in the Prior 20 Years
0008107: HERBERT ALMY - 1871 Original Manuscript Notebook Filled with Lecture and Study Notes on a Variety of Subjects While at One of America's Oldest Institutions of Learning
0002104: HENDRIK VAN ALPHEN - 1739 Superb Original Handwritten Early 18th Century Manuscript Travel Diary and Journal of Three [3] Dutch Men in Germany
000449: ALSHEICH, MOSHE - Shoshanat Ha-Amakim : Composed by the Great Rabbi of the Holy City of Safed in Israel, the Great Pupil of the Rabbi Yosef Caro
000687: ALVIRA MERRIAM, CONTRACTOR FOR KEEPING STATE PAUPERS - 1851 Handwritten Stampless Cover Als to the Selectmen of Plainfield Regarding Samuel Harvey
00003c: E. ALVORD - 1871 Handwritten Diary: S.S. Germania Travel Diary of an Outspoken Opinionated Young Man
0MV688: AMANDA F. KELSEY - 1846 Handwritten Manuscript Letter Regarding the Shipwreck of the Schooner Lydia
0001402: 'AN AMERICAN' [COMMONLY KNOWN TO BE J.S. STEVENS] - Incidents of Travel in Egypt, Arabia Petraea and the Holy Land
00MV126: AMOS B. GEORGE - 1862 - 1863 Small Archive of Original Handwritten CIVIL War Letters Handwritten by a 48th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer
0002552: AN UNKNOWN COED AT OLE MISS - 1949 Original Post War Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Charming Russian Studies Sorority Sister and University of Mississippi Coed
0002178: F.A. ANDERSON, YEOMAN USN - 1918 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Navy Yeoman Enjoying Philadelphia's Sights and Trying to Stay Free of the Flu
000770: MARRIETTA ANDERSON - 1911 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of 5 Year Old Lucy Barnfield As Told by Her Grandmother: Americana Treasure
0001187: MRS. JOHN ANDERSON [?] - 1911 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by Hardworking Pittsburgh Family Woman
0001589: D. ANDERSON - C2000s Original Manuscript 'How-to' Handwritten by a Self Confessed Sneak Thief, Cat Burglar and Professional Break and Enter Criminal
0001667: D. ANDERSON - 2009 Original Manuscript Prison Diary of an Arkansas Thief
0011015: J. C. ANDERSON, S. R. DRURY, E. R BELL, ROBERT JAFFRAY - 1861-1863 Archive of Five CIVIL War-Era Manuscript Letters Relating to the Robust Us Banking System, Army Units, Debts, Corporate Elections
0001657: ANGELA A. - 1986 - 2007 Super Original Archive of Five [5] Manuscript Diaries & One [1] Photo Album Detailing the Life, Loves and Singing Career of a Drug Taking, Sexually Confused Woman Who Intimately Details Her Highs, Lows and Constant Cravings for True Happiness
000459: ANONYMOUS. - The London Riddler C1825 Very Early Book on Riddles, Puzzles, Mind Games, Enigmas, Charades, Rebusses & Conundrums
00MV48: ANTHONY BUTLER - 1839 Handwritten Manuscript Letter by a Rogue, Scamp and Hero of the Sinking of the Steamboat Anthony Wayne
00JT57: ANTI-WAR COMMUNE - Superb Commune Poster 1870-1871 Franco-Prussian War Poster Calling for 'l'Humanite'
0001444: ANTON HUGH SYREE, M.R.C.S., L.S.A. - 1893 Original Archive of Two [2] Journals Detailing Life and Duties Aboard a Cable Laying Ship Plying the Mediterranean
0008204: GEORGE E. APPLEGATE - 1935 Original, Unusual Manuscript Diary Hand Written by a Brash Brooklynite Who Confides in His Diary Perhaps Too Much Given His Unhappiness and the Tragedies That Befall
00JT64: ARCHBISHOP OF BOURGES - 1833 15 Page French Document Issued for the Universal Jubilee of Pope Gregory XVI Signed in Print by the Archbishop of Bourges Featuring Fantastic Coat of Arms
0009069: MARY LUCILLE ARCHER - 1939 - 1944 Original Handwritten Manuscript Diary of a Young Studious Woman with an Active Social Life of Friends, Fashion, and Boys Until She Graduates High School and Begins Her Studies As a Promising Nursing Student
0011012: ARDIS J. BARBEE, WIFE TO CECIL R. BARBEE - 1954-1958 Fascinating Diary of Ardis J. Barbee, Wife of Cecil Barbee, Los Angeles Coca-Cola Executive Vp, Living the High Life in Post-War California
0008132: S/SGT GILBERT R. ARGUELLES - 1943 - 1945 Super, Original Wwii Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a 22 Year Old Soon to Be Cited and Honored Aerial Gunner of a B-17 Serving over North Africa and the European Theater
0009170: H. W. ARMSTRONG - 1882 - 1883: 18 Original Hand Drawn and Beautiful Nautical Charts Intended to Teach the Science of Navigation to a Young Cadet at the Britannia Royal Naval College in Dartmouth, England
000930: ARNOLD DAGHANI - C1950s Original Hand Drawn Art with Handwritten Manuscript Note on the Reverse
0008003: HERBERT ARSCOTT - C1915 Original Group of Documents Pertaining to the Military Service of a Lance Corporal in the 5th Battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force 2nd Brigade A.K. A "Tuxford's Dandies", Who Was Seriously Wounded, and Spent over a Year at Military Hospitals
00MV22: ARTHUR OTIS GRANGER - 1914 Als Handwritten Letter Signed by General W.T. Sherman's Military Secretary and Confidant
0008193: RUTH ASCHNER - 1940 Super, Original Pre-State of Israel Diary Handwritten by a Young Immigrant Girl Detailing a Full and Complete Life in the Holy Land While the Dark, Destructive Back Drop of Wwii Looms
0001629: ASHBEL STEELE - 1840 Original Manuscript Letter Handwritten by a Young Episcopal Missionary to Lafayette Indiana Writing to His Wife
000783: ELIZABETH ASHLEY [NEE ELIZABETH WOODSON MOSS] - 1848 and 1850 Small Archive of Three [3] Handwritten Stampless Letters Regarding Personal Business and Personal Anecdotes Regarding the President of the United States of America
0002111: LIEUTENANT CLAUDE A. ASHLEY - 1943 Original Manuscript Diary Covering 52 Bombing Missions from Hansa Bay to the Battle of the Bismarck Sea Handwritten by One of the 'Jolly Rogers'
0001218: HELEN G. ATWATER - 1913 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten During a Six Month Vacation Tour of Southern California and Then Cross Country for Six Months in Maine
0001232: HELEN G. ATWATER - 1905 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Young Connecticut Girl Who Makes New York City Her Playground
0001956: AUBER FORESTIER, RASMUS B. ANDERSON - 1884 Norway Music Album - Folk Songs, Dances, National Airs, Recent Compositions
00MV1008: AUBIN, JOURDAIRE - 1795 Handwritten Manuscript Document Relating to the Imprisonment and Release of a 68 Year Old Man from the Infamous and Notorious Prison and Lunatic Asylum 'the Bicetre'
000471: MULTIPLE AUTHORS - 1959 New Orleans Fire Department Handwritten Manuscript Log Ledger Journal
000472: MULTIPLE AUTHORS - 1919 18th Precinct - Sunset Park - Brooklyn - New York Police Department Handwritten Manuscript Log Ledger Journal
0001252: MULTIPLE AUTHORS - 1920s Original Autograph Album with Many Noted Irish Poets, Authors, Educators and Artists with Handwritten Stories, Quotes and Personal Anecdotes and Inscriptions
0001500: MULTIPLE AUTHORS - 1941 - 1942 Original Manuscript Diary and Journal of Bund Deutscher Madel [Bdm] Camp Memories, Activities and Thoughts Handwritten by the Cream of Germany's Young Women Who Are Servants of the Nazi Regime and the Third Reich
0001272: MULTIPLE AUTHORS - 1832 Original Handwritten Manuscript Book Detailing the Craft, Rules, Procedures of Freemasonry
00TP10: MULTIPLE AUTHORS - Superb Handwritten Archive of Fifteen [15] Letters, Documents and Medical Treatments to Edme-Claude Bourru Esteemed French Doctor, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine in Paris and Orator at the Funeral of Guillotin
0001862: MULTIPLE AUTHORS - 1940 - 1941 Original, Historic Manuscript Day Book of the Greek National Youth Organisation [E.O. N. ] Detailing Volunteers and Doctors in the Health Service Including Their Memorial Page for Their Beloved Dictator on His Death
0001061: EDWARD E. AVERY - 1913 Handwritten Manuscript Diary by a Hard Drinking, Hard Dating East Lynn Massachusetts Man
0002584: W.H. AVERY - 1878 - 1879 Original Manuscript Journal and Handwritten Account of the Tragic and Compelling Voyages of the Brig "Harriet G" As It Plied Its Trade to and from New York and Venezuela Complete with Detailed Nautical Calculations and in-Depth Cargo Lists.
0008087: GEORGE AVERY - 1884 Original Manuscript Diary Hand Written by a Very Political Rhode Island Machinist, Merchant, Oysterman and Bass Horn Player in the Town Band
000936: B.E. BONEY - 1842 Handwritten Receipt for Having Received His Artificial Leg
0010023: RICHARD BACHHUBER - 1932-1933 Original Manuscript Diary Following the Experience of an American College Freshman During the Great Depression
0001614: MRS. HELEN BACKER - 1937 Original Manuscript South American Ocean Voyage Travel Diary Handwritten by an Intelligent, Observant Pennsylvania Woman
0008000: GEORGE CANNING BACKHOUSE - 1842 Original Manuscript Diary of a Young Clerk at the Foreign Department, Who Ten Years Later Was Appointed As Her Majesty's Judge in the "Havana Mixed Commission for the Suppression of the Slave Trade", and Was Murdered While in Service
0008048: JENNIE BACON - 1886 Original Manuscript Diary Hand Written by a Hardworking Upstate New York Teenage Girl
0008153: CAPTAIN CHARLES H. BACON - 1876 Original Manuscript Diary and Log of a Noted New England Sea Captain Whose Cargo Is Helping Build America's Great Cities
0001978: CAPTAIN C.H. BACON - 1905 Original Manuscript Diary F a Hardworking Ships Captain Plying His Ship Up and Down America's East Coast
0008111: J. CLEASON BAER [?] - 1948 Fascinating Original Manuscript Log Book and Journal Detailing the Day to Day Activities of a Major Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Steel Making Plant
000077: RUBY M. BAILEY - 1913 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of 29 Yr Old Sherbrooke Quebec Woman - Dedicated Diarist
0008219: GLADYS BAILEY - 1941 - 1945 Original Group of Four [4] World War II Era Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by a Hardworking Upstate New York Woman Richly Detailing a Full Family Farming Life Steps from the South Shore of Lake Ontario
000020: HATTIE BAKER - 1887 - 1892 Archive of Three (3) Original Handwritten Diaries by a Very Prolific 21 Year Old Holland New York Girl
0008123: MICHAEL BAKER - 1880 - 1929 Original Group of Eight [8] Diaries and One [1] Journal Detailing the Life of a Dartmouth Man; Son, Brother, Nephew of a Renowned Seafaring Family Who Bucks the Trend As Town Clerk of South Dartmouth
0001520: DR. HARRY H. BAKER - 1910 - 1911 Original Archive of Two [2] Manuscript Diaries Detailing the Life and Illness of a Brooklyn Doctor from Diagnosis to Death
0001986: ALBION F. BALLENGER - C1900s Original Group of 15 Handwritten Spanish-Language Manuscripts of "the Proclamation of Liberty and the Unpardonable sin" by a Rebel Seventh-Day Adventist Theologian and Preacher
0001987: EDWARD BALLENGER - 1912 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Rebel Seventh Day Adventists Preacher and Theologian
0001877: WILLIAM H. BALLOU - 1935 Original Manuscript Travel Diary of a Ship's Fireman Detailing a Trip from North to South America and the Amazon Delta Handwritten with Incredible Detail and a Tremendous Amount of Personality
0001173: NICOLAS MARY DESFONTAINES BY WAY OF JEAN BARATGIN - 1759 Original Handwritten Manuscript French Catholic Relic: The Tragedy of Saint Alexis [Saint Alexis Tragedie or L'Illustre Olympie]: "Tragédie Copiée par Moy Jean Baratgin Habitant Du Lieu de Bourisp le 24 May MIL Sept Cent Cinquante Neuf 1759"
0001107: MARY K. BARBER - 1904 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of a Young Acerbic Connecticut Girl
0009188: MAYBELLE CALEY BARKER - 1943 Original Manuscript Homefront Diary Hand Written by a Hard Charging Sierra Madre California Woman Who Does a Super Job Detailing Her Life and Times While the Dark Backdrop of World War II Looms
0002042: LT. BARLOW [?] - 1948 - 1949 Superb Original Manuscript Diary Detailing Life in Occupied Japan Handwritten by a Keen Eyed, Erudite Wac Lieutenant
000691: HATTIE JEANNIE BARNES - 1874 Through 1887 Archive of Four [4] Handwritten Manuscript Diaries of Life in Central New York State
0001885: DR. VICTORIA BARNES - 1942 - 1945 Original Typed Question and Answers by Noted Author and Educator of Spiritualism
0001959: J.D. BARNES - 1870s Original Manuscript Journal Retelling One Intrepid Hunter's 'Battles with Bears'
0001958: J.D. BARNES - 1876 Original Manuscript Trip Diary Covering a Unique Journey from Russia to Italy
0001037: ELLEN BARNETT - 1922 - 1930 Handwritten Manuscript Diary Detailing This Waco Texas This High School Student's Love of Football and Her Initial Fascination for the Ku Klux Klan
0001865: DALE BARNUM - 1909 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Young Richmond Indiana Man with a Fascination for Local Crime and Politics
0002157: STANLEY WADE BARON - 1950s Original, Super Look Into the Mind of a Noted Author, Political Analyst, Art Critic and Gifted Pianist As He Travels Europe and America
000907: OLIVER H. BARRE - 1950s - 1980s Archive of Photographs, Ephemera and Correspondence to and from an American Hero, Head of the American Legion and Goodwill Ambassador for the President of the United States
0001153: HAZEL BARRETT - C1930s Original Handwritten Young Girl's Elementary School Book of Poetry, Essays, Stories and a Little Arithmetic
000825: LUTHER G. BARRETT - 1866 European Travel Diary of a Keen Eyed Baptist Minister, Harvard Graduate and Future President of Jackson College Featuring a Signed Note by Famed Religious Author Merle D'Aubigne
0001062: MISS GERTIE B. BARRETT - 1868 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of a Young Girl Who Relishes Candy, Elegantly Frosted Cake and Chess
0009015: P. BARRY - 1943 - 1944 Fascinating Original Handwritten Captain's Log of One of the Most Decorated Ships of World War II, the U.S. S Caliente, As She Participates in Some of the Most Dangerous Refueling Missions of the Pacific Theater
00JT39: BARTHE, MINISTRE SECRETAIRE DE LA JUSTICE - Roi Des Francais, Louis-Philippe Presents: Bulletin Des Lois No. 550 Brevets D'Invention - 400 Patents
0002249: MISS BARTLETT - 1869 - 1870 Super, Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Young Connecticut Woman Visiting Her Famous Paris Based Artist Uncle and Cousin While France Once More Roils from Napoleon III Second Empire to Be Reborn As a More Enduring Third Republic
0008110: ANTHONY V DI BARTOLO [?] - 1940s Original Group of Diaries [2] and Ephemera Relating to a Navy Serviceman Serving in the Pacific Theater Repairing Ships
RAB112: BARUCH LANDA - Raisheet Limudim - the Genesis of Study
0008124: DELIA MARIA BATES AND MRS. HIRAM BATES - 1871 & 1907 Original Pair [2] of Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by Sisters Bookending the Late 19th Century to the Early 20th Century in Massachusetts
0001276: JOSEF BAUR - 1915 Original World War I Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Homesick German Soldier Detailing His Battalion's Advance Through Prussia Onto Russia
0008047: JOHN BEAL - 1873 - 1886 Original Manuscript and Photographic Retrospective Memoir of a Boston Born Maine Man
000751: FRANK BEARD JR. - 1877 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of a 14 Year Old New York Boy and Dedicated, Erudite and Romantic Diarist
0001912: W.B. BEATTY - 1936 Original Manuscript Journal and Diary of One Geologist's Work for the Alaska Sunshine Gold Mining Company
000457: BEATTY, JOHN WESLEY, JR. - Archive Lot of Us Navy Documents Relative to the Wwi Career of Ensign John Wesley Beatty Jr. Son of Famed Scalp Level Tradition Artist and Carnegie Director Emeritus
0008044: GEORGE BEAUFOY - Original 1852 London Diary - the Diary/Journal of George Beaufoy Rn, Owner of Beaufoy Vinegar Factory and Victorian Era Tycoon of One of England's Most Important Commodities
0009160: BEN D. BEELEY - 1899 - 1900 Original Manuscript Diary by a Missionary Travelling from London to Borneo to Bring Christianity to the Natives Facing Strife and Difficulty Throughout
0001315: MARKUS BEHRENDT - 1961 Original Handwritten, Hand Illustrated Scrapbook and Travel Journal of One German Man's Trip Halfway Around the World
0009057: J. G. BEILBY - 1942 - 1943 Two [2] Original Handwritten Manuscript Journals That Show Two Interesting and Different Views of a Life Lived, One Civilian, One Military, by an Australian Pilot in Canada
0001902: PFC ALFRED BELANGER - 1942 - 1945 Original Manuscript Diary of a Us Military Policeman and His Macabre Trophy of a Hanging He Witnessed
0MV1641: BELDRIDGE, F.M., SOUTHERN POWER CO. - 1924 Handwritten Manuscript Field Journal Detailing the Condition of Construction Camps for the Southern Power Co. - 'Do Not' Check for Malaria Carriers
0001611: LT. CLAUDIUS BELK - 1945 Original Manuscript World War II Diary Handwritten by a Louisville Kentucky Usaf Lieutenant Passing the Last Few Months of the War on Emergency Leave But Still Active in the War Through His Writings
0008202: WILLIAM C. BELLER - 1931 Super, Original Manuscript Diary Hand Written by a Columbia University Graduate Student, One Day Ph. D, Pioneer and Patent Holder, Linguist, Playwright and Beloved Patron of the Bronx Historical Society
0001310: IDA BELVEAL - 1920 - 1923 Original Manuscript 4 Yr Diary Handwritten by an Oklahoma College Girl with Not So Surprising Entries of the Times: Racism, Misogyny and Abuse Amid the Backdrop of Post World War I America and the Roaring 20s
000419: GEORGE BENEDICT - CIVIL War C. 1862 Ads Seeking Trade of Potatoes for Rifle Saddle and Bridle
0009174: J.M. (OR GEORGE) WEATHER AND SAMUEL BENN - C1904 Three (3) Original Handwritten Field Books of the Extensive, Detailed and Planned Work Required to Rebuild the Town of Aberdeen, Washington After It Had Burnt to the Ground a Year Earlier
000409: GEORGE W. BENNETT - The 1882 Manuscript Handwritten Diary of George W. Bennett Whitehall New York
0002348: MARK BENNITT [SOMETIMES BENNETT] - 1902 - 1906 Original Scrapbook of Letters, Documents and Ephemera Detailing Much of the Machinations and Publicity of the Marketing and Promotion for the 1901 Pan-American and 1904 Lousiana Purchase Expositions Compiled by the Head of Publicity
0002090: HAROLD E. BENSON - 1915 - 1929 Original Group of Three 5-Year Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by a Young Studious and Perhaps Obsessive Compulsive Valmont Colorado Boy Who Becomes a Charming Married Man
RAB108: BENZION BERKOWITZ - Sefer Lechem V'Simlah - the Book of Bread & Clothing
00004c: CARL AND EDNA M. BERG [NEE PARKINS] - 1921 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of a Young Hardscrap Pennsylvania Couple Living on Love
0002009: JOHANNA BERGEN - 1786 Original Manuscript Relic of Late 18th Century Cyphering and Early American Education in Mathematics of a Young Brooklyn New York Girl
0002129: MILDRED SOPHIA BERGFELDT - 1911 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Kansas City Missouri Teenage Beauty and Daughter of a Noted Merchant and One Day Paris Based Artist
0001975: DORIS L. BERGLUND - 1938 Original Enigmatic Travel Diary Handwritten by a Strong Willed Woman Who Suddenly Changes from English to Shorthand
0001287: ANNE BERNSTEIN [MRS. BEN BRADLEY LATER] - 1930 Through 1955 Original Travel Diary of a Young Jewish Girl from Rebellious Hitchhiker to a Mature Middle Aged Mother of Twins
0009118: SIDNEY BERNSTEIN [OF THE 602 AAA GUN BATTALION] - 1945 Unique and Original Typed Soldier’S Newsletter “Come-Back Diary”, Detailing the Final Months of the War, Composed by Sid Bernstein, the Famous Music Promoter Who Would Introduce the Beatles to America
0001362: FRANCISCO BERRA - 1880 Handwritten Spanish Manuscript: "Proyecto de Reglamento Para la Seccion de Estudios Del Ateneo Del Uruguay"
0001345: BERTHOLD MAHN [CHARLES DESIRE BERTHOLD-MAHN] - 1933 - 1944 Original Archive of Personal Letters by One Noted Artist to His Brother Artist in the 'Abbey de Creteil' Group
0001160: WARD L. BERTHOLF - 1921 Through 1939 Archive of Twelve [12] Manuscript Diaries Detailing This Young Upstate New York All American Boy and Musician Through the Roaring Twenties Through the Depression to the Very Cusp of World War II
0001161: WARD L. BERTHOLF - 1925 Original Manuscript Travel Diary Handwritten by the Groom Detailing an Epic 5100 Mile Honeymoon Trip from Upstate New York to California and the Pacific Ocean
000913: BERTRAM C. WATSON C.B., D.S.O [FUTURE VICE ADMIRAL] - 1916 Handwritten Manuscript Detailing the Sinking of the Hms Arethusa by a Survivor
000910: MRS. A.C. BESSEY - 1873 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of a Sad Sickly Woman Who Marks the Days with Sad Memories and Anniversaries
0001947: SGT. EUGENE BEST - 1940s Original Group of Personal Items of African American Gunner and Radio Operator with the 477th Bombardment Group
0002393: BETTIE G. HICKS - 1878 Original Manuscript Letter Handwritten by an Alabama Friend of the Mclaughlin Family Reporting on the State of Family Interests Now That Archie Has Passed
0001069: BETTY - 1931 and 1933 Handwritten Travel Diary and Depression Era Relic As a Poor Girl Takes a Cruise Ship to California Via Cuba and Panama in Search of Work and a New Life Only to Return to Pennsylvania
000648: JOHANNES BIERMANNUS - Moses en Christus, of Tafereel Der Voornaamste Voorbeelden Des Ouden Testaments, Uit Moses Wet, en Allerley Joodsche Oudheden Wydlopig T'Samengesteld en Op Christus en Syn Kerke Geestelyk Toegepast
0001230: FLOYD F. BIGAREL - 1923 Original Manuscript Diary of a Hardworking Upstate New York Farmer Who Details the Post World War I Rural Life of a Dairyman
0008058: GLORIA LEE BIGEWET - 1948 Original, Large Archive of Diaries [2], Photos and Ephemera Detailing a Sensational Post Wwii European Bicycle Tour Hand Written by a Hard Charging American Girl Who Does a Super Job Describing All She Sees
0001651: JOSEPH BILES - 1803 Original Pennsylvania Manuscript Surveyor's Journal Detailing the Land and Waters in and Around Tunk Hannack and Lackawanna
0002002: CHARLES E. MATTHEWS AKA WILLIAM E. SMITH AKA AUSTRALIAN BILLY - 1913 Original Manuscript Diary Detailing the Life of an el Paso Texas Lawman, Bodyguard, Boxer, Bouncer, Texas Ranger and Hotel Detective with Multiple Aliases Including 'Australian Billy'
0001630: BISHOP HENRY EVINGTON - 1898 Original Manuscript Letter Handwritten by One Missionary Bishop in Kiushu to His Colleague the Bishop of Nagasaki
0002127: FOR DR. FORRIST HALEY BY BL ET AL - 1957 - 1962 Original Manuscript Diary and History of the Crestline California Alcoholics Anonymous Chapter Founded by Farris Haley Noted West Coast Aa Founder and Leader
0007014: LOUISE BLACK - 1920 Original Upstate New York Farm Diary Handwritten by a Hard Working All American Girl
000496: HANNAH BLACKBURN - 1870 + 1890-1903 Handwritten Manuscript Journal of Life and Times & Stage - Steam - Train Travels Diary
0007031: JAMES FLETCHER BLACKINTON - 1844 Original, Chatty Manuscript Letter Hand Written by an Engaging Brown University Sophmore
0001597: ARTHUR BLACKMAN - 1880 Original Manuscript Double Trip Travel Diary Handwritten by a Charming, Very Well Written Young Boston Man in Maine
0001416: SIR WILLIAM BLACKSTONE - Blackstone's Commentaries: Volume 2 Part 2: With Handwritten Notes, Observations and Comments by Two Noted Loyalists - William Wylly and Cadwallader D. Colden
00MV185D: HOWARD LANE BLACKWELL - 1897 Original Manuscript Diary of Future 3-Degree Harvard Professor and Lecturer in Physics
0001104: ESTHER BLANKE - 1902 and 1903 Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by Noted Chicago Metalwork Artist Esther Blanke Sister of Marie Elsa Blanke, Early Lover of Jane Heap
0002315: "RUTLAND BLEIGN" (?) - 1890 Super, Original Manuscript Journal of a 3 Week Cruise on a 'Monkey Boat' Through Southern England's Sadly Declining Inland Waterways and Canal System As Railroads Begin to Overtake Boating
000873b: HARRIET ANN BLISH - 1842 Handwritten Manuscript Autograph and Memory Book with Dozens of Autographed Sentiments by Many Noted Residents of This Famed Whaling Hub on Nantucket Island
0002422: HENRY GUEST BLISS - 1834 + 1837 Original Group of Five [5] Letters Handwritten by a Young Massachusetts Man Seeking Investment and Employment in Alabama Only to Make an ILL Advised Move to Texas
0008015: BLOUGH, NOAH - 1889 Original, Detailed Handwritten Diary Authored by Noah Blough, a Prosperous Farmer from Morrison Cove Area in Pennsylvania, Documenting His Day-to-Day Life, and Containing Description of Severe 1889 Winter and of the Disastrous Johnstown Flood
0001431: T.H. BLUNT - 1899 - 1909 Original Friendship and Memory Album Owned by Renowned Christian Author and Missionary Signed and Inscribed by Noted Missionaries Around the World
0001334: SEAMAN JAMES PALMER 1ST DIV. BM 2/C - 1943 - 1946 Unusual Original Manuscript Log Book and 'Score Card' of a Naval Seaman Aboard the Uss Biloxi
0008008: ORILLIA SCHOOL BOARD - 1878 - 1887 Handwritten Minutes of Orillia School Trustees Meetings Offering a Glimpse of the Early Ontario Schools History, and Local Events, Including Elopement of the First Headmaster of Orillia's First High School
0009148: RUTH BOGARDUS - 1937 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by the Daughter of a Prominent Sociologist, As She Attends School, Falls for Boy After Boy, and Lives a Life Full of Drama and Excitement in Pre Ww2 America
0011039: JOHN BOGGS - 1989-1990 Handwritten Diary of a Self-Aware, Articulate, Profane, Sarcastic College Student, Coping with Roommates, Lovers and Coming-of-Age in the 20th Century America
OMV771: FANNY BUTCHER BOKUM [MRS. RICHARD DRUMMOND BOKUM] - 1973 Typed Letter [Tls] Signed by Famed Chicago Journalist, Editor, Raconteur and Gadabout to Noted San Francisco Bookseller Constance Spencer Regarding Intimate Details of Willa Cather's Life
0002567: SAMUEL DOW BOLLINGER - 1907 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a No Guff Montana Lawman, Former Judge, CIVIL War Veteran, Miner and Newspaper Man
0002053: CASMIRE G. BONKOSKE - 1905 - 1909 Original Archive of Manuscript Journal, Autograph Letters and Photographs Handwritten and Compiled by a Young Man Who Ran Away to the Sea and Was Part of the Famed Us Atlantic Battleship Fleet Around the World Tour
000979: RICHARD R. BOVARD - 1933 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of a Smart Charming All-American College Boy in Ohio
0001674: CLINTON BOWEN - 1868 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Noted Salem New Jersey Bookseller
0001619: BOYNTON, MILO S. - 1855 Original Manuscript Diary of a Young Tortured and Tormented Student of Religion Beseeching His God to Save Him from His Enemy - the Devils Temptation
000139: MRS. J.P. BRADBURY, WIFE OF OHIO SUPREME COURT JUSTICE - 1916 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of the Brokenhearted Widow of Ohio Supreme Court Justice Joseph Perry Bradbury
000965: EDWARD W. BRADFORD JR. - 1909, 1913, 1914 & 1916 Archive of Handwritten Manuscript Diaries of a Well Bred Esteemed Plymouth Massachusetts Man
0009097: BLANCHE BRADLEY - 1905 Original Handwritten Manuscript Letter Detailing a Fun and Unique Day Visiting the Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition, the World’S Fair That Would Bring Thousands to Portland, Oregon
0001003: J. BRANDER [?] - Dom: Anders Carl Rutstrom - Biography [?] of Noted Theologian, Author, Religious Activist
0002318: L. BRAUM - 1888 Original Group of Four [4] Manuscript Letters by a Jackson Mississippi Lawyer and Swain
0002151: KLAUS BREDEHOFT - 1945 Original Manuscript German Notebook Detailing the Studies, Classes and Lectures Taken by a Former Afrika Korps Soldier in Detention in Arkansas and Then Texas
0007022: MAUD ARNOLD BRIDGES - 1913 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by an ILL Fated 35 Year Old Amherst Massachusetts Woman
0001471: WILL A. BRIGGS [WILLIAM ADAMS BRIGGS] - 1870 - 1871 Original Manuscript Travel and Study Diary of a Determined Musician and Composer Traveling and Studying in Berlin Germany at the Height of the Franco-Prussian War
0001106: VIOLA BRODBECK - 1911 Through 1917 Archive of Five [5] Manuscript Diaries of a Young Woman Diligently Giving Her All to Become a Professional Singer
0001553: BRODY, SIDNEY IRVING - 1932, 1934 and 1935 Original Archive of Manuscript Diaries Intimately Revealing the Early Formative High School and University Years of a Jewish Boy Who Will Become a Heroic Man of Many Firsts: Naval Captain, Flight Surgeon, Test Pilot and Much More
0001411: LEO EDWIN BROMBERG - 1933 - 1936 Original Manuscript Journal of a Failed Business Trip to China and the Foiled Prospects of a Young Los Angeles Attorney As He Describes the Hell of His First Years in Practice
0001999: WILLIAM A. BROOKS - 1920s Original Manuscript Diary of a Professional World Traveler's Trip to the Mosques and Minarets of North Africa
0001998: WILLIAM A. BROOKS - 1920s Original Manuscript Diary of a Professional World Traveler's Trip to the Caminos Macionales in Panama
0001997: WILLIAM A. BROOKS - 1920s Original Manuscript Diary of a Professional World Traveler's Trip to the Zuyder Zee
0002000: WILLIAM A. BROOKS - 1920s Original Manuscript Journal of a Professional World Traveler's Memories of the People He Has Met While Abroad
0002221: DR. SWEPSON J. BROOKS - 1912 - 1915 Original Manuscript Trip and Travel Diary Handwritten by a Dedicated Yacht Racing Dentist and All Around 'Old Salt'
0MV868: BROTHER OF WILLIAM IVES OF COMPANY K, 10TH REGIMENT R.I.V. - Handwritten Manuscript Letter Seeking Advice and Philosophizing About the CIVIL War, Enlistment and Intimate Family Matters
0001795: BROTHER R.T. CROSOER, PGA - 1901 Original Manuscript Book of Druid Ritual, Procedure and Music Handwritten in a Beautiful Calligraphic Hand
0001705: MILLER BROTHERS - 1891 - 1892 Original Manuscript Handwritten Ledger of Diller Nebraska Blacksmiths, Miller Brothers
0008180: GERALDINE BROWN - 1952 Original, Sad, Significant Manuscript Diary Handwritten by the Wife of a Man Slowly, Inexorably Dragged Down to His Death by Alzheimers
000741: MISS JOSEPHINE BROWN - 1880 Handwritten Manuscript Diary Detailing Late 19th Century Life in the Finger Lakes Region of New York
0001544: ERNEST WALKER BROWN JR. - 1934 - 1937 Two [2] Original Scrapbooks, Diaries and Manuscript Tributes to His Life and Times at Washington and Lee University Plus Confederate Fun and Games at the Virginia Military Institute
0001565: ERNEST WALKER BROWN JR. - 1932 - 1933 Original Manuscript Scrapbook and Diary of a Kentucky High School Student Detailing the Rotc High School Experience
0009059: SAMUEL J. [AND FRED C.] BROWN - 1855 - 1891 Six [6] Original Handwritten Manuscript Journals Following the Adult Life of a Man As He Grows, Marries, Has Children and Lives a Busy Social Life in Salisbury Massachusetts
0001622: ERNEST WALKER BROWN JR. - 1941 - 1942 Original World War II Homefront Scrapbook and Photo Diary of an Upstanding Louisville Kentucky Man
0001767: I.R.L.W. BROWN - 1905 Charming Original Manuscript Journal of Poetry, Observations and Personal Feelings Dedicated to This 11 Year Old Dallas Texas Boy's Darling Mother and Father
0002069: MRS. GEORGE W. BROWN - 1936 - 1937 Original Manuscript Travel Diary Handwritten by an Unusual Woman Diarist Who Takes Unusual Trips Beginning with a Two Day Voyage Aboard the Zeppelin Lz 129 to Berlin Ending at Tin Can Island in Nigeria Africa
0001180: ABEL BROWN - 1813 Original Manuscript Journal of Legal Proceedings, Letters to the Governor, Protest of Land Transfers and School Policies of Early New Hampshire
0007008: CARRIE C. BROWNE - 1852 Original Manuscript Diary of a Noted School for Girls Providing a Super Look at the State of Education in Pre CIVIL War Pennsylvania
0009054: GEOFFREY BROWNE - 1915 Original Handwritten Travelogue of a Journey from Liverpool to Buenos Aires by an Observant and Clever Englishman in the Dangerous, Volatile Early Years of World War 1
0MV800: FRANZ FREIDRICH ERNST BRUNNOW - 1891 Autograph Clipped Signed Note by Famed German Astronomer
0002340: ELISE R. TYSON FOR J.H. BUCKINGHAM - 1840 Riveting, Original Manuscript Survivor's Account of the Sinking by Fire and Eventual Rescue of an American Packet Ship Filled with Combustibles and Passengers
0002106: CHRISTOPHER GRUT BUCKTON - 1916 Original Manuscript Wwi British Home Front Diary Handwritten by a Young Married Law Clerk in London Trying to Enjoy the Idyllic Life While Fearing His Call Up to an Action Station
0001850: WILLIAM J. BUDD - 1915 Original World War I Manuscript Manual by a Second Lieutenant on the Art of Bayonet Combat
0001814: DAVID BUEL JR. - 1857 Original Manuscript Autobiography Handwritten by One of Troy New York's Most Prominent Citizens of the Early 19th Century
0001702: R. BULLIMORE - 1943 Original World War II Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Salvation Army Band Member Serving in Hobart Tasmania
0001725: ESTHER MARIE GERNIT BULLOCK - 1897 - 1900 Original Massive Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Hardworking, Stressed out, Sad and Fearful Woman Who Pours Her Heart out with Ink on Paper
0001309: MRS. DR. PAUL BURGESS [FRANCES B.] - 1917 Original Manuscript World War I Oahu Hawaii Homefront Diary of a Young Married Woman, Her Chemist Husband with a Cross Country Trip Back Home to Rhode Island and Maine
000980: MISS CORA BURLINGTON - 1877 and 1878 Handwritten Manuscript Diaries of a 16 Year Old Owego Girl
000742: GEORGE M. BURNETT - 1856 Enigmatic Pre-CIVIL War Handwritten Manuscript Diary of a Pioneer, Laborer, Preacher and Traveling Bookseller
0008147: MARGARET (MARDI) BURNHAM - 1931 - 1935 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Young Illinois Woman, Grand Daughter of America's Most Prominent Architect and Affluent Member of Chicago's Cultural and Business Elite Unaffected by the Grinding Years of the Great Depression
000052: BURTON, WALTER A. - Archive Lot of Nine Handwritten Manuscript Diaries of Walter A. Burton, Akron Ohio Inventor Technical Writer and Photographer
000589: JOHN HILL BURTON - The Book-Hunter
0010036: HERBERT J. BUSCH - Exceptional 1943-1945 Original Handwritten Autograph Book Compiled by a Canadian World War II Soldier in the Italian Campaign as the Allies Advanced North
0001926: MAUDE BUSH [MRS. IRVING T. BUSH] - 1919 - 1921 Fascinating Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by the Daughter of the Notorious CIVIL War Gold Hoaxer and Wife of a Major, Wealthy Industrialist Whose Train Wreck of a Marriage Is All Too Obviously on the Rocks
0001799: VITTORIA BUSSONI - 1937 - 1945 Original Archive of Five [5] Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by a Young Italian Girl Living the Fun and Frivolous Life Until the Harsh Reality of World War II Comes to Her Beloved Home of Trieste
0001388: MARION BUTTERWICK - 1926 - 1930 Original Archive of Three [3] Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by a Noted Artist During Her Formative College Years
0008028: JOHN A. BYERS - 1870 Original Letters Copy Book of Noted and Renowned Builder, Architect and CIVIL Engineer Responsible for Many of Virginia's Important Infrastructure Projects
0001455: C. TURNER, ROYAL MARINE - 1880 Original Manuscript Autograph Letter Signed [Als] Handwritten by a Royal Marine Aboard the the Storied Hms London Relating His Experiences Suppressing the Slave Trade
0002371: C.B. PENDLETON, CAPTAIN - 1853 Original Manuscript Letter and Handwritten Relic of Sea Faring Commerce Handwritten by a Captain Very Soon to Be Noted in Dispatches for His Gallant Saving of Passengers and Crew in the 'San Francisco' Shipping Disaster
0008223: THOMAS DUDLEY CABOT - 1919 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Young Harvard Man Who Would Go on to a Multi Faceted Life: Industrialist, Engineer, Corporate Ceo, State Department Director and Cia Operative During the Bay of Pigs
0002581: JOEL CADBURY - 1815 - 1820 Original, Fascinating, Manuscript Journal Handwritten by a Young Politically Engaged, Virulently Anti Slavery Englishman Traveling in Post War of 1812 America Seeing Slavery First-Hand, Meeting the Vice President and Witnessing Congress
0001239: ABBOT GIUSEPPE CALANDRELLI - 1807 Handwritten Latin Book of Mathematics As Studied in the Collegio Romano Under the Famed Abbot Calandrelli
000808: MARY ANN WELLS CALHOUN - 1892 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of an Aged New York State Woman
0002272: PARKER EMERSON CALKIN - 1956 Original Archive of Manuscript Letters from the Westernmost Edge of the United States Handwritten by a Brilliant Young Man Learning to Protect America from It's Cold War Enemies
0001698: GRACE WALDRON CALVERT - 1909 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by the Daughter of a Pioneer Journalist and One of the Founders of the Boston Herald
0009092: JOSEPH A. CAMERATA - 1934 Pre World War II Original Handwritten and Beautifully Illustrated and Hand Drawn Naval Training Course Notebook Kept by a Talented and Astute Student at the U.S. Navy Electrical School
000062: UNIDENTIFIED WORLD WAR II ROYAL AIR FORCE PILOT TRAINEE AFRICA CAMPAIGN - 1943 Handwritten Personal Manuscript Journal of an Raf Trainee Beginning in Scotland to Durban South Africa and on to Egypt
0002243: CADET C.F.P. CAMPBELL - 1921 - 1922 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Dedicated Salvation Army Cadet Intent on Saving Souls and Bringing More Soldiers to the Army of God in Pre Confederation Newfoundland
0002397: CAPT. LOUIS MCKEEHAN - 1941 Original Manuscript Diary of a Critically Timed Trip to War Torn England by an American Physicist Whose Determination and Outside-the-Box Thinking Will Perfect the Art of Torpedo Warfare
0002414: CAPT. HENRY HAWKINS, GEORGE HAWKINS - 1810 Original Manuscript Log and Ledger of a Busy Commercial Ship Trying to Ply It's Trade in the Increasingly Dangerous Waters Faced by American Shipping from the British Navy As Coastal Waters and the Atlantic Crossing Heat Up As the War of 1812 Looms
0008192: CAPT. AUGUST C. WAHL, MATE PASHLEY, ET AL - 1930s Super, Original Manuscript Ship's Log Detailing the Activities and Programs of One of America's Foremost Youth Training Programs
0JT114: CAPTAIN OF THE STATE, MAJOR JEAN BLANCHARD - 1818 "Cedule" Subpoena to M. Rouen of the Augustine House to Appear Before the Military Court of Bourges 21st Division
000673: CAPTAIN J.E. HANCE - 1934 - 1941 Archive of Fourteen [14] Handwritten Manuscript Letters by Famed Equestrian and Expert Author of Equestrian Books
0002299: CAPTAIN JOHN HENRY HUBLEY, L.H. DICKS - 1911 - 1947 Original Large Group of Journals, Deck Logs, Letters of Correspondence, Documents and Ephemera Related to the Service of an East Coast Canadian Merchant Marine Steamship Captain Plying His Trade from the Maritimes, Quebec and the West Indies
0001096: CAPTAIN DE LA CONTARDIERE - 1694 Handwritten Manuscript Letter Outlining the Maladies of the Army of King Louis XIV from the Soon to Be Famous Hero of the Siege of Entrevaux
00MV582: CAPTAIN BURTON H. SHUPPER, C.O. USS PROVIDENCE ET AL - 1962 - 1963 Archive of Handwritten and Typed Letters to and from 'Bunny' Shupper Commander of a United States Nuclear Missile Cruiser
0001196: CAPTAIN EDWARD THOMPSON BY WAY OF AN UNKNOWN HAND - Late 18th - Early 19th Manuscript Poems: The Choice of a Wife by Cheese and a Doctor from Sussex Advice on Sleep Habits
0001525: CAPTAIN FRANCIS COGSWELL, USN - 1919 - 1923 Original Post World War I Manuscript Diary Handwritten by Much Noted and Decorated Commander of the Uss Chandler and Husband of an American Spy
0002008: CAPTAIN G.P.D. PEASE, ROYAL MARINE - 1939 - 1940 Original Manuscript Diary Detailing the Onset of World War II and the Royal Navy's Rush to Engage the Enemy from the Unique Perspective of a Captain of the Royal Marines
00JT84: CARDINAL BOYER, ARCHBISHOP OF BOURGES - 1895 Edict from the Archbishop of Bourges Featuring Fantastic Coat of Arms
00JT53: CARDINAL DUPONT, CARDINAL OF BOURGES - 1859 Edict from the Cardinal of Bourges Ordering Special Prayers for the Armed Forces During the Crimean War, Featuring Fantastic Vignette and Coat of Arms
00JT072: CARDINAL DE LATIL, ARCHBISHOP OF RHEIMS, BISHOP OF CHARTRES - 1819 Calligraphic Latin Roman Catholic Church Document Titled 'Forma Sacramenti'
0011020: LENA D CAREY - 1943-48 Archive of Six Diaries from a Rural Farmer's Wife from Walton, New York Who Was Active in 4-H, the Home Bureau, and Walton Grange, During and After World War Two
0002125: MRS. CARL ______? - 1923 + 1924 Original Manuscript Journal Detailing the Fascinating African Travels of a British Woman and Her Husband Who Winter in Nigeria and Travel in the Highest of Social, Political and Military Circles
0001057: MAJOR GEORGE LYNEDOCH CARMICHAEL [SMYTHE] - 1865 Handwritten Manuscript Journal of the British Army 95th Regiment of Foot [Derbyshire] While in Kurrachee
0008150: HATTIE CARNES - 1869 Super, Original Manuscript European Travel Diary Handwritten by the Exceedingly Bright Young Girl Who Is the Niece and Ward of Her Famous American Artist Uncle
000654: CAROLINE F. AIKEN - 1853 Literary Exercises of the Young Ladies of Professor Metcalfe's Academy in Reverend Mr. Porter's Church - Broadside
00MV597: L. O. CARPENTER - 1864 Handwritten Manuscript Letter to Col. Charles C. Dwight Regarding the Death and Funeral of Their Friend Colonel W. Babcock Hero of the Battle of Winchester Virginia
0002082: B.F. CARR [?] - 1894 - 1900 Original Manuscript Account Book and Financial Diary of the Secret Fraternal Order of the Ancient Order of the Mystic Chain [Aokmc]
000706: JOHN LE CARRE - The Naive and Sentimental Lover
0001410: MRS. HEREWARD CARRINGTON [MARIA ELENE CARRINGTON] - 1977 Original Manuscript Journal of Eclectic Notes and Writings Handwritten by the Wife of Renowned Investigator of Psychic Phenomena Hereward Carrington
000060: CARRINGTON, EDWARD SR. AND FAMILY - Archive Lot of 59 Diaries 1867 Through 1913 Handwritten Manuscript Diaries of Patriarch Edward Carrington Sr. And Other Family Members in Colebrook Connecticut
0001834: CARROLL GREENE JR. - C1990s Original Manuscript Outline by Noted African American Art Historian and Curator
0001035: CARVER [?] - 1885 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of a Boston Based Student, Court Reporter, Serious High Wheel [Penny Farthing] Bicyclist and Future Educator of Physical Education
0011024: GLADYS CASTEEL - 1905 High School Composition Book of a Young Creative Writer with Fictional Stories and Real-Life Accounts of Life in Francisville, Indiana
0002282: CATHERINE PRICE NELSON - 1966 Original Typed Manuscript Biography of Her Father: The Man Who Prosecuted Wyatt Earp and Helped Bring Law and Order to Idaho
0001373: DANIEL K. CATLIN - 1885 Original Handwritten Manuscript Book of Cases, Tort Law, Precedents and Legal Theory Including the Inner Mental Workings of a Young Mid-America Litigator
000667: EDITH CAVELL - Circa 1920s Set of Four (4) Postcards: Scarcer Cartes Postale Honoring Edith Cavell - British Nurse Murdered by the Germans in Belgium August 1915
000804: EDGAR CAYCE [FORWARD BY LYTLE W. ROBINSON] - Original Typed Manuscript - What I Believe - with Later Revisions and Forward by Editor L.W. Robinson
000716: MINNIE L. CAYWOOD - 1882 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of a Student/Teacher in Western New York State Under the Thumb of a Mean Principal
0001412: DI CESARE, CARLO ANTONIO - 1744 - 1764 Original Manuscript Vade Mecum Handwritten by a Young Jesuit Scholar Detailing His Logic Studies Under Professore Giuseppe Guidone, His Financials, His Books and His Notes of His Religious Devotions and Dedication
000973: EDWIN H. CHAFIN - 1881 & 1914 Handwritten Manuscript Diaries of a Rural Upstate New York Farmer and Then Later a Senior Citizen Cashing His Pension Checks
0001778: H. LOUISA CHAMBERS - 1860s Super, Original Miss Steven's Manuscript School Project Detailing the Counties of England in a Beautiful Calligraphic Hand
0009186: BILLY CHANTLER - 1917 Original Manuscript Pair of Light-Hearted and Nostalgic Letters Home Handwritten by a Young British Soldier Fighting the Ottomans at the Battle of Jerusalem and in the Battle for Gaza
0001583: MRS. CHAPIN - 1845 Original Manuscript Diary and Journal of the Busy and Supportive Wife of a Circuit Riding Preacher in South Eastern Massachusetts
0002244: GRACE ELINORE CHAPMAN [LATER NASH] - 1930 Original Manuscript Diary of a Young Ohio Violinst Who Would One Day Soon Defy Her Japanese Captors, Endure Three Years of Horrific Treatment and Deprivations Even While Pregnant in Prison Only to Endure and Flourish Until Her 97th Year
0001739: JACQUES CHARLAND - 1952 Original Manuscript Diary and Photo Journal of a Young French Canadian Ski Jumper's Trip Representing His Country at the Oslo Winter Olympics
0MV136: CHARLES R. AIKEN - Early 19th Century Als by Charles R. Aiken, English Physician Noted for Writings on Cowpox in 1800
0MV165: CHARLES DOLLFUS - Autograph Letter Signed by Charles Dollfus: French Aeronaut, Balloonist, Historian. Very Warm Response to an Autograph Request.
00MV1102: CHARLES HAYDEN, H.W. DUSINBERRE - 1872 - 1886 Archive of Three (3) Handwritten Manuscript Letters Regarding Pioneer Kansas Life and Business
000803: CHARLES COPP - 1917 - 1936 Archive of Handwritten Manuscript Letters by an American English Teacher in Japan to the Folks Back Home
0001360: CHARLES BLACK, FARRIER SERGEANT - C1860s Original Manuscript Farrier Journal and Castration Log of Peshawar Based British Royal Horse Artillery Farrier Who Would One Day Serve in Canada's North West Rebellion and Found the Black's Photography Chain
00MV03: CHARLES TREPIED - 1891 Handwritten Manuscript to Famed Astronomer Ernest Mouchez Regarding the Author's Own Book
00MV226: CHARLES HORTON PECK - 1878 - 1882 Handwritten Archive of Manuscript Autograph Letters from the Foremost Mycologist of His Time
00MV36: CHARLES LAMETH - 1813 Handwritten Manuscript Als by French Politician and Revolutionary War Hero in the American War of Independence
OMV085: CHARLES DOLLFUS - Autograph Letter/Postcard Signed by Charles Dollfus Discussing Preparations for Flight
0001658: CHARLES F. BER_____, USN - 1923 - 1925 Original Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by a Doctor's Assistant Aboard the Newly Commissioned Uss Raleigh Who Details Naval Life 'between the Wars'
000669: CHARLES REGINALD ENOCK - 1904 Archive of Hand Drawn Water-Color Art with Handwritten Manuscript Notes by Famed Travel Author and Artist of Inca Ruins and Peruvian Views
0001971: CHARLES S. SKINNER, FREDERICK CEASAR DE SUMICHRAST, FRANK H. JACKSON - 1905 Original, Official Manuscript Journal of the Victorian Club of Boston
000467: CAPTAIN J.D. CHARTRAND [?] - 1890 Handwritten Manuscript Journal Regarding the Induction Training and Progress Reporting of the 12th Alpine Group 27th Bataillon de Chasseurs Pied Army of France
0002428: COUSIN CHAS - 1862 Original Manuscript Letter Handwritten by Baltimore Based Cousin Chas Reporting on the Local Baltimore News and Politics of the Day Including Rebels 'Hooking Up' with the Ladies
0009150: [TO EDITH HOWSER CHASE - 1874-1887 Large Archive of Colorful and Detailed Handwritten Personal Correspondence and Ephemera of a Young Woman Coming of Age in Rural New York in the Last Quarter of the 19th Century
0001181: HORACE G. CHASE - 1844 Handwritten Diary of a 17 Year Old Boston Boy Detailing the Life of Young Man and the Politics of the Day
0002307: CAPTAIN GEORGE SYLVESTER CHASE - 1868 - 1872 Original Ship's Log and Captain's Diary Who Lives a Rollicking Sea Faring Life But Pines for His Carrie
00JT58: CHEF DE BATTALION - 1815 Handwritten Manuscript Note Signed X 3 Regarding Deserters to the French National Guard Mere Days Before the Restoration of King Louis XVIII and the End of Napoleon's 'One Hundred Days'
0001882: OTTO DE LA CHEVALLERIE - 1888 Original German Manuscript History and Genealogy: Beautifully Calligraphic Private Copy of Renowned British Military Historian, Author, Inventor and One Time Friend of Infamous Occultist Aleister Crowley
000132b: REVEREND B.W. CHIDLAW - C1858 - 1859 Archive of Manuscript Handwritten Letters from Many Preachers to Future CIVIL War Army Chaplain and Member of the American Sunday School Union [Assu]
0002301: EMMA LOUISA CHITTY - 1871 - 1883 Original Manuscript Journal of Southern Poetry and Literary Musings Some Pro Confederate by a Noted South Carolina Teacher and Doll Making Pioneer
0002164: FREDERICK J. CHIVERS A.B. - 1919 - 1920 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by an Able Bodied Seaman on an Historic Cruise Aboard the Flagship of the Mediterranean Speeding to Danger to Assist in the Russian CIVIL War and the Evacuation of Smyrna During the Greco Turkish War
0009115: ALEXANDER C. CHRISHOLY [TO ALLAN MCLEAN] - 1886 Original Manuscript Handwritten Letter of a Member of the Glendale River Inhabitants Mission, and Catholic Community Isolated in the Deep Woods of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia
0001302: UNIDENTIFIED BRIDE OF CHRIST - 1936 and 1937 Original Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by a Nun Who Serves Former Florida Father John Francis Conoley - a Man of God Who Stood Against the Klan
0008075: PETER H. CHRISTIE - 1871 Original Fascinating Pair of Manuscripts: A Hand Written Diary Detailing a Near Idyllic Life by the Man Who Pioneered Trout Farming in America Along with a One Page Tale of CIVIL War Horror
0001791: DELIA M. NEEDHAM ON BEHALF OF THE SISTERS OF THE CIRCLE - 1883 Original Manuscript Journal of the Readings and Writings of the the Sisters of the Circle Women Only Literature and Science Studies Group
00JT44: CITIZEN GAUTHIER - 1793 - Year II - Intriguing Handwritten Manuscript Letter from Newly Minted Captain to the Minister of the French Navy But Complaining of Poor Treatment by His Colleagues
0009124: CHARLES O'KEEFE AND R.E. CLABBY - 1911 - 1916 Original Manuscript Handwritten Logbook Kept by Three Successive Forest Rangers As They Kept Tabs on the Claims of the Many Homesteaders Who Populated the Wilderness of the Boise National Forest
0009061: REV. [?] CLAIR - 1940 Unique Handwritten Manuscript Diary and Log Book of a British Army Scripture Reader [and Intelligence Agent!], Preaching the Word of God to the Troops, and Advocating to Better Their Spiritual Lives in the Middle East
0001462: CLARENCE LAKEN, GUNNERS MATE FIRST CLASS - 1936 - 1940 Original Five Year Manuscript Diary Fully Handwritten by a Keenly Observant Gunners First Mate
0008142: JOHN CLARK - 1861 Original CIVIL War Era Diary Handwritten by a Noted Merchant and Justice of the Peace in Central New York State Near Fort Edward
0009051: MARY AND ELLEN CLARK - Mid & Late 1800s Original Group of Six [6] Diaries of Sisters Coming of Age in Two Different Times in America, One the Backdrop of the CIVIL War, and the Other an Era of Depression and Disease
0001810: RUTH CLARK - 1935 - 1940 Original Manuscript Diaries [2] Handwritten by Very Young Detroit Michigan Girl Soon to Be Studying at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor
0001840: WILLIAM B. CLARK - 1869 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Prolific Connecticut Cobbler and Farmer
000705: JOHN C.C. CLARKE - 1900 Alphabets of the World - a Handwritten Original Manuscript Book Detailing Alphabets from Ancient Through Modern Era by the Famed University of Chicago Professor, Author and Renowned Linguist
0002324: CAPTAIN THOMAS CLARKE - 1810 Original Enigmatic Ship's Log Book of an Unusual Russia and Norway to Rhode Island Voyage
00MV35: CLAUDE-LOUIS MATHIEU - 1855 Handwritten Manuscript Holograph Note by the Famed Astronomer to the Marquis de Beaumont
0001098: H. CLAYTON - 1861 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of One Pennsylvania Railroad Man's Voyage to Cuba to Visit the Grave of His Brother and Do a Little Business As the CIVIL War Breaks out Around Him
0JT108: CLERK OF THE FINANCE DEPARTMENT, PARIS - 1790 Autograph Receipt to A.M. Outrebon for His Patriotic Contribution of 25% of His Salary
000886: CLOWNS, ANIMAL TRAINERS, CIRCUS OWNERS AND PERFORMERS ET AL - 1970s - 1980s Huge Archive of Original Handwritten and Typescript Letters from Hundreds of Clowns, Animal Trainers and Circus Performers to Noted Specialty Bookseller Frank Barry
0008210: THE THURSDAY CLUB ET AL - 1906 Through 1948 Original Group of Six [6] Manuscript Diaries and Ledgers Detailing the Depth and Breadth of Early 20th Century Women's Interests and Thought
0001759: CLYDA WHEELER, ELIZABETH NEVENS, JEAN ??, ET AL - 1930 - 1936 Original Archive of 60 Manuscript Letters Handwritten by Five [5] Different Young Women to a 14 Year Old Wilmore Kansas Lothario
0009090: CARL O. WEDERKINCH OF THE SILVER ISLET MINING CO. - 1876 - 1877 Original Handwritten Manuscript Book of Detailed Metallurgical Analyses and Assays Made for a Noted Mining Company Looking to Expand Its Operations Both in Canada and Abroad
0009082: R. H. COBB - 1946 - 1947 Original Handwritten Midshipman Journal of a Sailor on Three Different Ships Patrolling British Waters, Escorting the Royal Family to South Africa, and Expertly Drawing Portraits, Maps, and Naval Diagrams
0001941: LENA GREGG COCHRAN - 1899 Original Group of Three [3] Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by the Well Traveled Daughter of an Ohio Notable and the Wife of Another Renowned Reverend
000427: BARTHOLOMEO COCLITI - Ein Kurtzer Bericht Der Gantzen Phisionomey Und Ciromancy with over 80 Woodcuts
0002566: MR. AND MRS. COE - 1853 Original Manuscript Diary of One Rhode Island Man's Trip to Cincinnati and His Impressions and Extensive Observations of the City
0007025: ELIPHELET COFFIN [?] - 1759 Super, Original Colonial Era Hand Written Lyric Composition 'the Battle of Quebec' the Story of Britain's Victory over France and May Very Well Have Contributed to the American Revolution
0001524: COGSWELL, MRS. GRACE PHILLIPS - 1917 - 1926 Original Manuscript Diaries of an Exceptional American Woman Serving Her Country During World War I As a Foreign Service Agent and Then an Operative for the Central Intelligence Agency [Cia] While Her Husband Sailed with the Pacific Fleet
000834: JEAN COLEMAN - 1931 - 1935 Handwritten Manuscript 5 Year Diary Following a Depression Era 13 Year Old and Seeing Her Bloom Into a College Going Young Woman
0009132: CYRENA COLES - 1942 Original Handwritten Manuscript Diary of Young, Loving, and Devoted Housewife and Mother in New York, As the War Begins to Affect the Daily Lives of Those on the Homefront
0008179: CAROLINE L. CARR; FRANK T. CARR; HELEN F. CARR: JOHN H. COLLINS - 1868 - 1900s Super Archive of Family Diaries Detailing over 30 Years of New England Life and Times
000617: COLONEL HENRY WHIPPLE - 1852 Handwritten Manuscript Document Signed Detailing Early Book Buy by Famed Bookseller Henry Whipple
0009169: PROCTOR MINSTREL CAST & COMMITTEE - 1946 Original Photo Album of 30+ Photographs Depicting the Lead Up and Performance of a Racist Blackface Minstrel Show Put on by the All White Employees of Philadelphia’S Proctor & Schwartz Company
0009023: NEW BEDFORD MILITARY COMMITTEE - 1861 - 1865 Original Handwritten One-of-a-King and Fascinating Record Book of the Military Committee of New Bedford Massachusetts, Detailing the Many Military and Economic Impacts of the CIVIL War on a Small Northern City
0002344: FOR SAMUEL W. COMSTOCK - 1833 Original Manuscript Ship's Log of a 155 Day Voyage from the Pacific Coast of Mexico to New York City
0001985: ALBERT WILSON CONDON - 1892 + 1893 Original Pair [2] of Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by a Tobacco Merchant and Owner of the First 5 and Dime in Frederick Maryland
0001615: ROBERT CONNELLY - 1944 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a 21 Year Old Catholic Seminarian Intimately Sharing His Highs and Lows and Turmoil of Studying for the Priesthood
0001842: LT. COMMANDER WILLIAM G. CONRAD - 1908 Original Manuscript Diary and Log of a Keen Eyed Detail Oriented Lieutenant Commander Through the Pre World War I Era to World War II
0002202: ERNEST COOK - 1918 Original Manuscript Diary of a Sensitive, Sincere, Poetic Young 23 Year Old New Jersey Man Fighting Germany to the Death on the Front Lines
0009028: LORAN COOLIDGE - 1954 - 1955 Two (2) Original Handwritten Logbooks and Journals of the Captain of a Hired Freighter in Alaska Fighting Dangerous Weather, Being Arrested and Enduring Months of ‘Blood, Sweat and Misery’
0001516: SHIRLEY COOPER - 1952 Original American History School Project Scrapbook Detailing the Eisenhower Stevenson 1952 Presidential Election
0002081: MARIO RUBEN COOPER - 1960s Original Pre Publication Manuscript Art and Layout Book by Renowned Mexican-American Master Watercolourist
0001792: CHARLES CORBOULD - 1866 Original Manuscript Book of Prize Winning Poetry Handwritten by a Young Toronto Upper Canada Man Who Will Go on to Find His True Love in Life and in Law
0008090: JOSEPHINE AND SHIRLEY CORNELL - 1897 - 1898 & 1899 Original Trio [3] of Manuscript Diaries Handwritten of Two [2] Massachusetts Sisters Filled with Comings, Goings and Doings of a Popular Pair of Young Ladies
0001542: CLAUDIUS CORNELOUP - 1934 - 1942 Extraordinary Archive of Three [3] Original Manuscripts Handwritten by Noted and Notorious Canadian Soldier and Quebec Author: 1934 Judas Iscariote, 1935 la Sultane de L' Atlas, 1942 le Cantique de L' Erable
0001757: NATHANIEL OLIVER CORNWALL - 1832 Original Manuscript Copy and Study Book Related to One Young Man's Study of Navigation, Sailing and Seamanship
0001760: NATHANIEL OLIVER CORNWALL - 1830 - 1867 Original Archive of Five [5] Manuscript Journals Handwritten by Noted Connecticut Medical Doctor and Dentist Plying His Trade in North and South America
000112: CORPORAL JOSEPH ENGELHARDT, ANTI-TANK CO. - 1943 Personal Handwritten Manuscript Battle Diary of an American Infantryman
0001023: CORPORAL F. STANLEY, R.A.M.C. - 1909 Original Handwritten Manuscript Journal Detailing a British Legation Mission to Meet the Sultan of Morocco
000103: UNIDENTIFIED AVIATION SECTION SIGNAL CORPSMAN - 1917 Handwritten Manuscript Wwi Diary from Jefferson Barracks to the Uss Mongolia and on to France
0002579: JOSEPH GERMAIN CHARLES COTTIER - C1896 Original Typed and Handwritten Manuscript Study of Advanced Highly Technical Complex Mathematics by a Prodigy Who Would Die Within the Year at the Age of 23
0009173: C. COTTON - 1822 Original Printed New York State Agricultural Almanac with over 45 Pages of Handwritten Entries from an Albany Man Detailing His Life and Times As a Landlord and Church Goer
0007023: FREDERICK C. COULTER - 1849 Super, Original Manuscript Diary and Ship's Log of a Young Man and 'Ship's Boy' Circumnavigating the World and Describing in Detail All He Sees and Experiences Right out of a Patrick o'Brian Novel
0002564: COURT CLERK TO GEORGE WILLIAM GORDON, AMERICAN CONSUL AT RIO DE JANEIRO - 1845 Original, Riveting Depositions of Captain and Crew Members of the Whaling Bark Alto of New Bedford Massachusetts Beset by Lawlessness, Desertion and Mutiny
0002601: JAMES L. COUSAR - 1869 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Young Man Struggling to Succeed in Post CIVIL War Reconstruction Mississippi
0001803: GEORGE E. COWELL - 1865 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a 22 Year Old CIVIL War Veteran and Pensioner
0007005: [JUDGE] RUFUS C COWING - 1854 Super, Original Manuscript Diary of a Young 14 Year Old Boy Who Would Soon Grow to Be One of New York City's Most Renowned Jurists Presiding over Some of the City's Most Notorious Crimes
00MV264: COLONEL ANDREW C. COWLES ET AL - 1860s - 1900s Large Archive of Handwritten Letters to and from the Noted North Carolina Congressman, Senator and Hero of the Confederate Army and His Family
0011004: RICHARD GLEN COX - 1947-1950 Collection of Post-War Diaries Detailing the Daily Existence of a Rural Appalachian Farmer Who Worked Hard and Died Young
0010019: FLORA COYNE - 1941-1942 Original Handwritten Diary Recording the Life of a Rural Michigan Woman in Her 60s As the United States Joins the Second World War
0001761: CRAIG L. BROWN, USMC - 1960s Fascinating Original Vietnam Era Diary and Journal Handwritten by an Austin Texas Marine Medic and Mayhaps Murderer
000067: E. CRAIGHEAD - 1897 Handwritten, Hand-Drawn Student's Physiology Personal Notebook
000775b: RETTA CRAIGHEAD [LATER TINCHER] - 1912 - 1929 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of a Gilded Age Femme Fatale
0011025: DOYLE O. CRAIN - 1952 Diary of an American Seaman Posted to the Uss Marsh During the Korean War
0009193: LUCY LEIGHTON CRANDON [LATER ALLEN] - 1896 Original Late 19th Century Manuscript Diary Handwritten by One Young Columbia Maine Teenager Who Manages a Very Busy Family and Social Life
000065: CRANE, MRS. A. L. (FRANCES) - 1917 Hand Written Manuscript Adirondack Vacation and Hunting Trip Diary of Mrs. A.L. (Frances) Crane
000104: CRANE, W.R. - 1869 Tiny Silk-Covered Handwritten Manuscript Travel Diary
0008199: THOMAS J. CRAVEN - 1918 Super, Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Young Teenager, Son of a Wealthy Industrialist, Attending the Georgia Military Academy As He Prepares to Go to War
000658: MARY A. CRAWFORD - 1915 Handwritten Manuscript Travel Diary and Log by a Mother Taking Her Son from Ohio to Alaska by Way of the San Francisco World's Fair Exposition and Canada
0002410: CRAWFORD R. BUELL - 1972 Original Typed Manuscript: Long Walk Recollections by Navajos by Noted Historian Plus His Editors Copy
0001217: C. J. CREEDON - 1956 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by an Industrious Toronto Ontario Oil Industry Sales Rep
0008135: ETHEL CREUTZ - 1937 - 1957 Original Group of Four [4] 5-Year Manuscript Diaries Detailing Life in Chicago Illinois from the Depression to the Post Korea Conflict Era
0001963: WESLEY CREVELING - 1891 - 1892 Original Manuscript Note Book of the Man Who Was Mayor of Trenton New Jersey
0009123: UNIDENTIFIED CREWMAN - 1945-1946 Original Manuscript and Logbook of the First Voyages of the U.S. S General H.F. Hodges, As It Brings Troops Back to America, from Many Disparate Parts of the World Ravaged by the World War
0008059: BAINBRIDGE CRIST - 1920s - 1930s Original Manuscript Notebook of Voice and Vocals Hand Written by a Renowned American Composer, Educator, Author and Theorist
0009117: AXEL FREDERIC CRONSTEDT [TRANSLATED BY GUSTAV VON ENGESTROM] - 1788 an Essay Towards a System of Mineralogy, Translated from the Original Swedish, 2nd Edition, Printed for Charles Dilly with Handwritten Manuscript Notes
00MV582B: BOB CROSBY - 1963 Original Manuscript Autograph Letter by American Dixieland Band Leader Handwritten to His Pal 'Bunny' Captain of a United States Nuclear Cruiser
0001420: CROSS, STANLEY THOMAS - 1907 - 1950 Awesome Archive of 35 Original Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by an Insider at the League of Nations, the International Courts and the United Nations Working Under the Noted Norwegian Edvard Hambro
0001255: T.J.F. CROSS - 1942 + 1943 Original Manuscript World War II Service Diaries of a Sunderland Flying Boat Airman and Mechanic Patroling the Coasts, Sighting and Sinking Submarines
0MV207: CULLER FAMILY - Archive Lot of Seven [7] Handwritten Letters and Ephemera of Early Pioneer Life in the West
0008220: FRANK S. CUMMINGS - 1910 - 1930 Original Group of 12 Manuscript Diaries Detailing 19 Years in the Life: From High School to Hoboken and Engineering Student to Ensign in the Us Navy
0009180: SAMUEL CURCHACK - C1940 Original Manuscript Notebook Detailing Extensive Notes Taken on the Geology of New York City and the Palisades, Complete with Extensive Drawings, Diagrams, Figures and Dozens of Photographs
00JT33NEW: CURE FRANCOISE ADAM ET AL - 1656 Ancient Hand Written Manuscript Document with Five (5) Bold Signatures Most Notably the Pastor of the Church of Magny
000039: CURRIER, ADDIE B. - 1936 + 1937 Handwritten Manuscript Diaries of Addie B. Currier of Boltonville Vermont
0009151: THOMAS FLORIAN CURRIER - 1860s - 1870s Pair (2) of Original Handwritten Books from the Life of a Virulent Abolitionist and Loyal Member of Lincoln’S Republican Party Including a Diary of Essays, Articles and Personal Travel That Show an Astute Understanding of Post War Era
0009032: SALON C. CURRIER - 1865 Unique, Fascinating, Original Handwritten Diary by an American Laying Low in South America, Living a Lonely But Rustic Cowboy Lifestyle in the Rural Argentina Mountains
000779: MR. CURTIS - 1853 - 1866 Handwritten Manuscript CIVIL War and Pre-CIVIL War Era Diary of a 53 Year Old Oxford New York Man
0001777: F.R. CURTIS - 1860s - 1880s Collection of Original Postmarks: A Book of American Postal History
0001036: ALFRED BUCKINGHAM CUSPLEY - C1850 Handwritten Manuscript Apothecary's Book of Personal, Household and Farm Cures, Salves, Recipes and Remedies
0001753: CUSTOMS OFFICERS BARLOW, DAY AND HAGNER - 1938 - 1939 Original Pre World War II Manuscript Journal of 3 Customs Officers Seizing Goods and Arresting Smugglers in the Port of New York
000729: CYNTHIA DUNHAM ARNOLD, DANIEL ARNOLD - 1868 - 1893 Handwritten CIVIL War Era Archive of Six [6] Manuscript Diaries from the Family of Traitor Benedict Arnold
0009111: CYRUS E. JOY, MIDSHIPMAN - 1837 - 1840 Extraordinary Original Private Journal Handwritten by a Midshipman As the Ship Travels to Russia to Meet the Emperor Then Moves on to South America, Tasked with Protecting American Commerce at All Costs As Flagship of the Brazil Station
0001077: D. LINES - 1854 Handwritten Manuscript Folded Letter Detailing the Shipwreck of the 'Humboldt' Near Halifax Nova Scotia
000924: ARNOLD DAGHANI - C1950s Handwritten Manuscript Journal, Sketchbook and Personal Diary of Noted Artist, Poet, Author and Survivor of the Holocaust Including Two [2] Self Portraits
0002220: JAMES DALTON [?] - 1862 - 1863 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by an Officer Aboard the Naval Run Merchant Clipper 'the Ellen Stuart' from Liverpool England to Calcutta India
000948: MR. C.F. DALY - 1862-1881 Handwritten Manuscript Archive of 13 Letters Relating Events in Massachusetts to the Family in Maine
000649: RUDELLE DALZON [DALSON] - 1745 - 1789 Handwritten Manuscript Journal, Ledger and Diary of a Wealthy Landlord on the French Riviera - Ex Libris Hpk [Hans Peter Kraus]
0002156: S.W. DANA - 1865 Original CIVIL War Era Diary Handwritten by a Dedicated Divinity Student of the Famed Cooper Union College a Mere Five Years After the School Was Founded
000523: DANIEL WEBSTER - 1851 Handwritten Autograph Letter Signed [Als] Regarding a New Writing Instrument Written in the Revere House
0008221: CHARLES H. DARCY - 1905 - 1928 Original Group of Six [6] Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by a Young 17 Year Old Boy Who Would Go on the Be a Key Member of the Us Geological Survey Team After a Stint in Army Intelligence
0001293: ELEANOR DARLINGTON - 1920s Original Memory and Autograph Book of a Southern California Girl's Huntington Union High School Experience
0001198: DAVE MORRIS FN USN - 1965 Original Manuscript Letter Signed [Als] Handwritten by Vietnam Combatant and Dedicated Father
0007032: ISSAC DAVEY - 1850 Original, Historic Manuscript Letter Handwritten by a Greatly Relieved Father That His Daughter Survived the Devastation of the Belle of the West Disaster
0002017: DAVID EILENBERGER - 1830 Original Manuscript Relic of the Seminole Indian Wars and the Scandalous Charges of Desertion Against the Tennessee Volunteer Soldiers
000997: DAVID DODGE - 1825 Handwritten Manuscript Stampless Letter Detailing the Family Laundry to His Sister
0001845: DAVID BRONSON - 1875 Original Manuscript Autograph Letter Signed [Als] by a Struggling Farmer in South Western Ontario Battling Grasshoppers, Clearing Stumps and Trying to Collect Monies Owed
0001844: DAVID CHRISTIE - 1855 Original Manuscript Autograph Letter Signed [Als] by a Canadian Politician Bemoaning the Terrible State of Corruption in the Government of the Day
0001918: DAVID G. BOYCE, SPECIAL FORCES CHAPLAIN - 1966 - 1967 Original Manuscript Duty Journal and Personal Diary of a Much Decorated Special Forces Chaplain Serving in Vietnam
OMV580: MAGNUS DAVIDSOHN - 1927 Typed Letter Signed [Tls] by Famed German Cantor Introducing the Young Soon to Be Renown German Rabbi and Expressionist Painter Frederick Solomon
0001904: LT. F. J. DAVIES - 1885 and 1891 Original Manuscript Diary of British Colonial Expeditions and Warfare Following the Loss of Khartoum and General Gordon in the Sudan and Then Later in Lagos Nigeria
000001b: ED V. DAVIS - Original Handwritten Archive of Two (2) World War II Diaries of Ed V. Davis - Y2c U.S. S Beatty (Dd640)
000887: KATHERINE DAVIS - 1922 Handwritten Manuscript Diary Relating the Spiritual Journey and Difficult Life of Illness and Her Courage to Face It
0001415: EVA M. DAVIS - 1922 Original Manuscript Relic of Handwritten History of West Pownal Maine
0008125: KATHERINE DUNCAN DAVIS - 1892 - 1893 Original, Charming Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Young All-American Western Pennsylvania Woman
0002186: CHARLES M. DAWSON - 1876 Original Manuscript Travel Diary Handwritten by an English Wool Merchant's 18 Year Old Son Who Gains Knowledge, Confidence and Experience in Canada and the Usa Before He Tackles China
0002193: CHARLES M. DAWSON - 1890 Original Hand Drawn Sketchbook by a Renowned Wool Merchant and Accomplished Landscape Artist of Yorkshire and Central England
0002187: CHARLES M. DAWSON - 1877 - 1878 Original Manuscript Travel Diary Handwritten by the 19 Year Old Son of an English Wool Merchant Travelling in the Guise of a Gentleman on a Grand Tour Who Is in Fact a Spy
000046: C. E. DAWSON - 1886 - 1890 Wisconsin Weather Diary la Crosse Wi Birding Bird Notes
000898: DE MENCK - 1782 - 1783 Archive of Handwritten Manuscript Entries Provided the Royal Court of Belgium Regarding Maritime Trade with the Americas and Most Notably the Thirteen United States of America
0JT111: DECREE OF THE NATIONAL CONVENTION - 1792 Decree of the National Convention with Reference to the Louvre
0001899: PRIVATE GROVER PERRY DEERWESTER - 1918 Original World War I Manuscript Diary Handwritten in Intimate Detail by a Sadly Typical for Times Racist at Camp Jackson South Carolina
0010021: GUISEPPE ARCIPRETE DEFIO - 1810 Original Handwritten Manuscript Document Detailing Plans for a Proposed MILL in Italy
0002443: HENRY S. DEFOREST - 1888 Original Manuscript Letter Handwritten by the Noted President of Talladega College and the Father of the Father of Radio
0002235: ??? DEFOREST - 1826 - 1827 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Young Woman Who Shuttles Back and Forth between Her Chamber at the Convent and Her Family Home
0JT54A: GOVEROA DEIPLACER (?) - Beautifully Penned 1817 Handwritten Manuscript Legal Document Bringing Claim Against Surgeon Pize
0009081: MR. DEKKER - 1943 Original World War 2 Era Training Course for a Young Navy Soldier Learning Everything There Is to Know About Propeller Planes in a Naval Aircraft Training Course in Chicago
00TP75: DELABIQUE AND AN UNIDENTIFIED CHIEF SURGEON TO THE KING - Archive of Two (2) Handwritten Holograph Letters Giving Opposing Testimonies Regarding the Same Incident from the Sir Thomas Phillipps Collection
00JT32: DELONGCHAMPS ET AL - 1681 Handwritten Multiple Autograph Detailed Financial Document Superb Illustrated 'Petit Papier' Revenue Stamp
0008039: JOYCE DELUCA - 1942 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Vivacious Young Woman Who Works at the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics in the Heady Critical Days of Fighting the Nazis and Japanese in Wwii
0001911: JAMES M. DEMPSEY - 1980 Original Manuscript Journal and Diary of the Arrest and Imprisonment of a 32 Year Old American Man in Tangier Morocco's Notorious Malabata Prison for 70 Grams of Hashish
0001678: CHARLES DENGLER JR. - 1932 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a 15 Year Old Pittsburgh Paper Boy, Student and Devoted Son Who Uncomplainingly Works in This Endearing Depression Era Relic
0001430: DELOS A. DENHAM - C1970s - 1980s Archive of Ephemera Relative to the History, Bibliography and Tournament Statistics Recorded and Kept by a Near Obsessive Fan and Player
0002030: HELEN DENZER - 1930 Original, Massive Scrapbook Filled with Photos, Clippings, Autographs and Ephemera Documenting the 1930 World Champion Dance Marathon in Fort Wayne Indiana
0001951: STUART COLUMBUS DESKINS - 1920s Archive of Six [6] Original Manuscript School Notebooks of a Doctorate Student and One Day Faculty Member at Elon College
0001950: STUART COLUMBUS DESKINS - 1921 - 1935 Original Archive of 15 Manuscript Diaries Detailing the Education of a World War I Veteran Who Will One Day Head the History Department at Elon College in North Carolina
000024N: DEUCHAR, DAVID - An Important Collection of Scottish Hand Drawn and Engraved Heraldic Armorials Crests by David Deuchar the Famed Engraver of Hans Holbein's Dance of Death
0008052: FAIRMAN R. DICK - 1919 Original Group of Notebooks and Ephemera Detailing One Man's Service During and After Wwi and Beyond
0001564: DICKINSON, ERNEST R. - 1915 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Young Massachusetts Lumber Man, Farmer and Teamster Living on the Mohawk Trail
00JT29: THE BARONNIE DE DIGOINE - 1671 Two Handwritten Manuscript Documents from the Baronnie de Digione with Very Fine Revenue
0001365: EMILY C. DINGMAN - 1878 - 1881 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by an Isolated Pioneer Woman Living the Hard Life As the Wife and Mother of Men Who Work and Sail the Waters of Lake Ontario
0001312: MARIA DIVEN [MRS. GENERAL ALEXANDER SAMUEL DIVEN] - 1891 - 1917 Original Archive of Twelve [12] Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by Wife of Noted CIVIL War General and Prominent Wealthy Floridian and One Time New York Congressman
0002064: CHARLES DIXON - 1902 Original Pre Publication Handwritten Manuscript Book on Birds' Nests by One of England's Most Published Ornithologists
00TP79/81: DOCTEUR SAGUECE - 1779 - 1784 Small Archive of Three [3] Handwritten Letters As Dr. Saguece Reports to His Master Monsieur le Duc
00TP44: DOCTEUR RAPATEL - 1775 Archive of Handwritten Manuscript Letters from Noted Royal Surgeon to the Widow Belloste
00TP02: DOCTOR NAUDIN - 1816 Unique Handwritten Manuscript Archive of Three (3) Letters Offering a Glimpse of the Inner Workings of the French Court and a Persistent Resourceful Doctor Using All His Networking Skills
0TP105: DOCTOR (? ) J.S. WARNEZEN - 1780 Archive Lot of Two (2) Handwritten Manuscript Signed Letters by J.S. Warnezen, Perhaps a Veterinarian Regarding Epizootie Disease - Foot and Mouth - Casserole
00TP89: DOCTOR, LE COMTE - 1814 Handwritten Manuscript Letter to the Editor of 'la Quotidienne' from the Sir Thomas Phillips Collection
00TP85: DOCTOR BERCOLIER - 1706 Handwritten Manuscript Report on the Health of Madame L'Abbesse de Charenton from the Collection of Sir Thomas Phillipps
0TP83A: DOCTOR JEAN-BAPTISTE REGNAULT, KNIGHT OF THE ORDER OF ST. MICHEL, MEDICAL CONSULTANT TO KING LOUIS XVIII, CHIEF MEDICAL DOCTOR AND ADJUNCT TO THE MILITARY HOSPITAL OF THE ROYAL GUARD, ETC. - 1819 Handwritten Holograph Letter on Official Letterhead Stationary from the King's Senior Physician to the Director of the Annals of Architecture
0TP83B: DOCTOR DUMANPAN, DIRECTOR OF THE ROYAL CHARENTON HOSPITAL - 1819 Handwritten Holograph Letter on Official Letterhead Stationary from the Director of the Royal Charenton Hospital to the Director General of the Ministry of the Interior from the Sir Thomas Phillipps Collection
00TP129: DOCTOR S. BRUNES - 1764 - 1767 Archive of Handwritten Manuscript Reports Detailing Status and Accounting of Hospitals for 'Les Comte Des Flandres Et D'Artoi'
0001482: UNIDENTIFIED DOCTOR - 1881 Original Manuscript Travel Diary Handwritten by a Kingston Ontario Doctor More Interested in Hospitals Than Hotels and Surgery More Than Statuary
000986: MISS JENNIE [JINNEY] DODGE - 1874 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of a Charming Expressive 10 Year Old New Hampshire Girl and Super Diarist
0007033: LT. BYRON F. DOENGES - 1945 Super, Original Significant Pair [2] of Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by a Dogged and Determined Fort Wayne Indiana Naval Lieutenant Who Will Go on to Fame and Renown But Not Until He Survives Iwo Jima and Okinawa
0MV1475: AUDOUIN DOLLFUS - December 31 1959 Avec Les Voeux de Charles Et Audouin Dollfus Signed Autograph Photo of Dollfus Ascending 42,000' Using 105 Balloons
0009176: MARY ELIZABETH DONOVAN - 1928 Original Manuscript Diary Hand Written by a Lovely, Family Oriented Woman in Delaware, Spending Each Day Thankful for the Gift of Friends, Family, and Her Doting Boyfriend
000906: CLOMBE [?] - CARABINIER VAN DOO - 1842 Handwritten Chansonnier - a Romantic Homage of Poetry to This Soldier's Love
0001747: PFC DAVID J. DORAN - 1945 Original Manuscript Diary of One American Soldier's Last Year in Service to His Country in the South Pacific
000125N: DOREEN C. - 1936 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of British Mandated Palestine Brilliantly Written by a 16-17 Yr. Old British Girl - Historically Significant Witness to the First Arab Intifada - Palestinian Uprising, Terrorism and Strike
000684: DOROTHY HARTONG, CARRIE RABER - 1887 - 1913 Archive of Five [5] Family Diaries - Handwritten Manuscript Entries Throughout by Cousins - a Treasure Trove of Ne Ohio Genealogy and History
0001347: WILLIAM A. DOUBLEDAY [?] - 1879 & 1883 Original Manuscript Diaries from Prominent Local Family Detailing Genealogy and Local History of Cooperstown New York
0002160: DOUG, TED, MRS. MOORE ET AL - 1908 - 1937 Original Group of 60+ Manuscript Letters Handwritten by Some 'Ardent' and Some More Than Ardent Lovers to Two Maryland Sisters and Some from Mom
0001548: LUTHER DOUGLAS AND CHARLES EVERETT DOUGLAS - 1855 - 1862 Original Scrapbook and Diary of Work, Purchases, Finance and Personal Interests of a Sagamore - Plymouth Massachusetts Father and Son
0001960: COMMODORE [?] JOHN DOWNES - 1852 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Passionate, Opinionated Man Who Detests the Free Soilers, Lady's Bloomers and Interfering Foreigners Trying to Tell Americans 'What Is What'
0002056: DR. H. COLIJN - 1936 Original Manuscript Letter Handwritten by the Prime Minister of the Netherlands on His Personal Letterhead
000629: DR. C.S. HOYT, SURGEON - 1865 Handwritten Manuscript Medical Related CIVIL War Letter by Famed Surgeon of the 39th New York
00TP02n: DR. W.L. KIDD [WILLIAM LODGE] - C1830 Handwritten Manuscript Letter of Introduction of Nephew Dr. Cuming Kidd
OMV565B: DR. FREDERICK SOLOMON - 1978 Handwritten Manuscript Notes by German-American Professor, Rabbi and Expressionist Painter
000630: DR. MARY L COOK - C1930s Archive of Handwritten and Typed Manuscripts Speeches of Renowned Quaker Physician and Children Rights Activist
0001053: DR. GEORGE BIRD - C. 1790 Handwritten Manuscript Recipe: 'an Excellent Receipt for Ink'
0TP113: DR. DELAPLANCHE, FACULTY OF MEDICINE - Circa Late 18th Century Precis on Menstration and Microbes from the Collection of Sir Thomas Phillipps
00TP77: DR. JEAN VERDIER - 1802 Handwritten Report Wherein Dr. Verdier Describes His Battle to Receive Payment from the Treasury of the Towns of Buffons and Codlein Since 1787
0002382: DR. BRYAN C. (B.C.) WEST, JR., YALE L. SAFFRO ET AL - 1980s Original Group of Manuscript Notes and Hand Made Drawings by 29 World War II Air Force Aces from Both the European Theater and the Pacific
0002381: DR. O.L. CHASON, DR. JOHN M. MCKEE, HARRY SEALE ET AL - 1966 Original Group of Manuscript and Typed Letters Regarding a Notorious Double Murder and Attempted Suicide in Mobile Alabama in the 1940s
0002576: DR. I.J. ALLEN - 1865 Original Manuscript Pair [2] of Handwritten Letters Exhaustively Detailing His Life and Keen Eyed View of China, Hong Kong and Us Relations by America's Consul to China
0002162: DR HIROSHI HAGATA - 1945 Original Manuscript Essay on the Subject of Leprosy Handwritten by a Leading Japanese Expert in Okinawa As the War Against Japan Comes to an End
00MV244: DR. HENRY BLANCHARD - C1833 Large Archive of Manuscript Essays, Writing Assignments and Critical Debate Offering a Rare Look at the Pre CIVIL War State of Philosophy, Education and Political Discourse at the Apex of American Educational Institutions
0011019: MARION ESTELLE DRAKE - 1968 Texan Woman's Descriptive Travelogue of a 6+ Month Long Journey by Train and Ship Throughout Western Europe
0011017: N. E. DRURY - 1925 Work Journal of a Massachusetts Railroad Laborer During the Heyday of Railroad Construction
00MV106: DEBORAH [BACHE] DUANE - 1834 Original Manuscript Letter Handwritten by Benjamin Franklin's Grand-Daughter to His Naval Officer Great Grandson
0002036: KERMIT E. DUCKETT - 1950s - 1960s Original Astronomy and Astrophysics Notes of a Tennessee Professor and Author
0002313: MARCEL THEODORE DUCROS - 1930 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Prominent New Orleans Citizen, CIVIL Engineer and All Around Man About Town Who Helps Push the City Towards It's Great Future
000633: WILLIAM DUFOUR - 1861 + 1864 Handwritten Manuscript CIVIL War Era Diaries Kept by a Young New Yorker and Member of Governor Curtin's Family
0002394: HOWARD P. DUNHAM - 1927 Original Manuscript Diary of a Near 'Zelig' Like Connecticut Man Who Works and Socializes in the Upper Echelons of Connecticut Politics
0008121: DELORES DUNN - 1863 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a West Central Ohio Woman Who Most Remarkably Has No Knowledge of the War Being Fought Around Her
0001901: WILLIAM CLEMENT DUNN - 1943 - 1945 Original Manuscript Diary Detailing One Sailor's Service in the Us Navy Aboard the Storied Uss Jack Miller
0009171: ALBERT DURAND - 1893 Original Manuscript Book of French Fin-de-Siècle Regiment Bugle Songs from a Bugle Player Stationed in the Indre-Et-Loire Département
000614: H. A. DWELLE - 1888 Handwritten Manuscript Travel Diary of a Young Woodland California Girl Heading to the Mid-West - Future Author/Historian of Iowa [?]
0002234: MARY DWIGHT [?] - 1912 Original Two Voyage Manuscript Diary: Australia to London, Then London to Calcutta with Descriptions of All Points and Ports in between
0001142: ETHEL DYSON - 1913 Charming Handwritten Manuscript Travel Diary of Two Tours by a Young Woman Diarist
00JT41n: E. ROUHER, MINISTRE DE LA JUSTICE, REPUBLIC OF FRANCE - Bulletin Des Lois No. 435 Brevets D'Invention - 438 Patents
0001636: E.C. BOND - 1891 Original Warm Family Letter by Noted Doctor and Missionary in Kohala Hawaii to His Children at the Punahou School
0008225: EARLE G HOGGARD, JULIENNE HOGGARD - 1930s Original Unusual Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Young Boy on the Brink of Teenage Years and His Slightly Older Sister Whose Life Would Be Complete If She Could Just Marry Both Twins
0008053: ROLAND D. EATON - 1930s Superb Notebook of Early 20th Century Inventor Detailing His Dozens of Inventions and Patents Mostly in the New and Emerging Technologies of the Day That Have Resonance to This Day
0MV380: EBENEZER JOLLS ORMSBEE - 1881 Handwritten Manuscript Document Signed: Vermont Infantry and the Brandon 'Allen Grays'
NNMV718N: C.J. [CECIL JAMES] EDMONDS (?) - 1920s Original Archive of Three [3] Historic Photograph Albums Detailing the Demise of Ancient Persia and Marking the Birth of Modern Iran Created by a Future Author and Renowned Expert on Iran and Iraq
00MV86: EDMUND VANCE COOKE - 1929 Typed Poem by the Noted 'Poet Laureate of Childhood' to Honor Theodore Roosevelt Soon After His Death
0002226: EDWARD J. AUSTIN, DECK BOY - 1927 Original Manuscript Diary of a Young Man's First Voyage Proudly As the Deck Boy But Not One Afraid to Take a Turn at the Wheel
0MV182: EDWARD ATKINSON - Late 19th Century Clipped Autograph Signature of Famed Abolitionist and Founder of the Anti-Imperialist League
000080: EDWARD SEHON (19) AND RICHARD HOMER MEAD (2) - 1860s - 1870s Correspondence Archive Lot of Twenty-One (21) Manuscript Handwritten Letters Sent to Noted CIVIL War Veteran Henry H. Hannan by Two Other Noted Veterans
0MV212: EDWARD ADAMS, ANN ADAMS AND FAMILY - 1870s - 1920s Early Pioneer Correspondence Archive Lot of 30+ Manuscript Handwritten Letters between Sons, Daughters, Sisters, Cousins and Friends to Mrs. John Q. Adams of Medford Massachusetts
0002317: EDWARD B. CURRIE - 1895 - 1897 Original Group of Manuscript Letters [6] Handwritten by a Young Man Keeping in Touch with His Mother in Tennessee While He Works His Ways Through the Timberlands of Mississippi
0001101: WILLIAM HALE EDWARDS - 1936 Original Manuscript Diary of a Young Boy in Depression Era Superior Wisconsin
000608: EDWIN MARKHAM - C1900s Handwritten Small Archive of Autograph Items and Bookplate of Famed Writer/Author/Poet Edwin Markham
000773: PERSEPHONE ADRASTEA EIRENE - Book on Cd: Digital Copy of Original Personal Handwritten Manuscript Grimoire of Rituals, Spells and Incantations by a Generational, Hereditary High Priestess of Wicca - Ex Libris Jewish Occultist Israel Reagardie
000774: PERSEPHONE ADRASTEA EIRENE - Book on Cd: Digital Copy of Original Personal Handwritten Manuscript Occult Alchemy Book of Cures, Remedies, Potions and Balms by a Generational, Hereditary High Priestess of Wicca - Ex Libris Jewish Occultist Israel Reagardie
0JT45B: ELECTIONS COMMUNALE - Year 9 of the French Revolution Election Rules and Nomination Form
0001004: ELIJAH & SALLY HOUGHTON, WILLINGTON, PIPER, LAWRANCE ET AL. - C1790 Congregational Church Covenant of Faith and Statement of Mission
0009139: S. ELIZABETH BIGELOW, SECRETARY OF THE WINTERGREEN CLUB - 1898 - 1911 Original Manuscript Journal Detailing Meeting Minutes, Events and Discussions of the Wintergreen Club, a Prominent Organization Advocating for the Right of Women to Vote in the United States
0002426: ELIZABETH LEONARD, CAPTAIN OLIVER LANE JR. - 1890s Manuscript Transcription of Her Own 1855 Travel Journal from Boston to Chile and Her Friend's Log of the Same Trip in 1854
000976: ELLA ???? - 1870 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of a Young Rochester Area School Age Woman
0009063: MARGARET ELLIOTT - 1925 Unique Deeply Personal Original Handwritten Diary of a Young Liberated Woman in University, Living an Exciting Social Life, Dating Several Men, and Embodying the Quintessential ‘Flapper’ Ideal
00100025: H. W. ELLIS - 1922 and 1924 Pair of Original Travel Diaries Taking Us to Europe and Panama, Featuring a Chance Encounter with a Noteworthy Businessman
0002441: W.R. ELLIS - 1888 Original Manuscript Letter Handwritten by an Alabama Man 'Wedded' to Old Southern Theological Dogma Now Seeking Spiritual Enlightenment from a Madison County Medium
0010025: H. W. ELLIS - 1922 and 1924 Pair of Original Travel Diaries Taking Us to Europe and Panama, Featuring a Chance Encounter with a Noteworthy Businessman
0002039: ELSTON GREY TURNER - 1938 Original Manuscript Letter Handwritten by a Future Renowned Doctor and Medical Officer of the Coldstream Guards
0001032: EDWARD WALDO EMERSON - 1891 Handwritten Autograph Letter Signed [Als] by Son of Ralph Waldo Emerson
0001049: EMILIA EA______ ? - Handwritten Manuscript Historical Retelling of the "Invasion Barbares" - the Invasion of the Barbarians in a Beautiful Calligraphic Hand
0001940: PETER H. EMLEY - 1878 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Young New Jersey Man Suffering in an Unhappy Marriage
0008001: CLARENCE ENGEBRETSEN - 1942 Original Wartime Diary of Clarence Engebretsen, Who Served the Country As a Technician of the 301st Ordnance Regiment in North Africa During the Second World War Accompanied by 3 Postcards with Views of Oran
0009128: UNIDENTIFIED ENGINEER - Late 19th Century Original Manuscript Notebook Filled with Charts, Tables, Formulae, and Notes Relating to the Science and Application of Mechanical Engineering for a Spectacular Range of Areas and Topics
0009001: CHURCH OF ENGLAND - C1700s Original Significant Handwritten Manuscript Relic of Anglican Dogma Being the 'Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion', a Definitive Statement of Doctrine by the Church of England
0001377: FRED ENGLISH - 1927 Original Manuscript Travel Diary of One Boston Couple's Cruise Aboard an ILL-Fated Ship That Would One Day Sadly Boast the Costliest British Loss at Sea in Naval History
0001578: MRS. OTTO ENKE [?] - 1945 - 1946 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Berlin Policeman's Wife Detailing Day to Day the Final Months and Immediate Aftermath of the Battle for Berlin and the Russian Onslaught
0002150: ENSIGN DONALD B KING, USNRF - 1918 - 1919 Original Manuscript World War I Diary Handwritten by an Ensign in the United States Navy Reserve Force
0002075: ENSIGN R.L. ATWELL, USN - 1919 Original Group of Manuscript Notes, Journals and Documents Regarding the Education of a Young Ensign of the United States Naval Reserve Force in the Naval Academy and Submarine School
0007009: DOROTHEA H. ENSOR - 1933 - 1961 Original Group of Four [4] Original 5-Yr Diaries Handwritten by a Teenage to Middle Age Maryland Woman
RAB104: EPHRAYIM ZANVIL - Divrei Chachomim V'Chidosom - Sayings of the Wise and Their Riddles & Moreh Derech - a Guide
0008157: AMBROSE EPPERSON - 1892 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Soon to Be Successful Lawyer, Another in a Long Line of Lawyers, Plying His Trade in Lincoln Nebraska and All the Way to the State Supreme Court
0001339: ERICK MARSCHEK [?] - C1930-40s Original Handwritten Manuscript 'Jungvolk Diary' Filled with Hitler's Nazi Version of Pre-History and the Birth of the Aryan Race
OMV847: ROBERT C. ERNST - 1922 - 1923 Large Archive of Handwritten Courtship and Love Letters by a Student, Not Suprisingly, of Chemistry
000878: H.S. AMBLER ESQ - 1864 Handwritten Manuscript Surveyor's Field Notes As He Searches for Oil in CIVIL War Era West Virginia
0008065: ESTELLE MANDELBAUM, LENNY PITT [LEONARD PITT] - 1940s Original Archive of Manuscript Letters Handwritten by a Charming Bronx Jewish Girl to and from Her Beau and Future Noted Historian and Author Lenny Pitt Going to School in Los Angeles
00TP08: ETIENNE POURFOUR-DU-PETIT, DOCTOR AND SENIOR PROFESSOR OF THE FACULTY OF MEDICINE, ADVOCATE TO THE PARLIAMENT - 1782 Handwritten Manuscript 'Testament' Requiring the Faculty to Uphold It's Agreement to This Professor of the 'Ancien Regime'
0002287: EVA ROBIN, PROFESSOR A.C. TIMIRYAZEV - 1941 Original Correspondence and Biography of the Patriarch and Semi Exile of Tzarist Russia Klementi Arkadavich Timiryazev
0011026: C. R. EVANS - 1894 Handwritten African-American Plantation Song, de Ol Rusty Hoe
0001606: JOANNA S. EVELETH - 1879 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by Hardworking, Sickly Bangor Maine School Teacher
0002010: HERMETIC BROTHERHOOD EXECUTIVES ET AL - 1899 Original Archive of Six [6] Manuscript Letters,Temple Talks: Very Scarce Copies of the Hermetic Brotherhood's Executive Committee's 'Official Organ' on Reincarnation, Dreams and Interpretations, Kabbalah Teachings and Much More
000893: ARTHUR B. CREAGH AND OTHER MEMBERS OF ADMIRAL BYRD'S ANTARCTIC EXPEDITIONS - 1928-1930s Archive of Autograph Manuscript and Typed Items, Maps and Clippings Relating to Admiral Byrd's Antarctic Expeditions
000114: EZRA SKOW, CO. I, 56TH REGIMENT INFANTRY - 1919 Personal Handwritten Manuscript Diary of an American Soldier in Post War Germany
0011016: EZRA SKOW, CO. I, 56TH REGIMENT INFANTRY - 1919 Diary of American Soldier from the 56th Infantry, Ezra Skow, Stationed in Occupied Germany Following Wwi, Describing the Duties and Daily Life of a Us Soldier
NNN1351b: FALAGITIS [?] - 1936 Original Manuscript Diary of a Young Greek As the Fascist Revolution of Metaxas and the Greek Nationalistic Right Are on the Move
0002436: WILLIAM A FALCONER - 1880s - 1900s Original Manuscript Journal of One Arkansas Man's Determined Documenting of the 1857 Mormon Atrocity and America's Worst Mass Shooting Known As the Mountain Meadows Massacre
0001350: ORIANA FALLACI ET AL - Her Personal Compact Research Library of Famed Journalist and Author and Anti-Sharia Freedom Fighter
000784: SUTHERLAND/BAILLIE FAMILIES - 1941 - 1944 Algonquin Park Camp Tanamakoon Photo Album - Elite Girl's Camp in Idyllic Setting During the War Years
000625: J. HENRY BRUBAKER AND FAMILY - 1914 - 1927 Archive of Handwritten Diaries by Prominent Pennsylvania Family - a Treasure Trove of Lancaster County Genealogy and Economy
000793: ABRAHAM CALDWELL AND FAMILY - 1867 - 1900 Archive of Five [5] Handwritten Manuscript Diaries Belonging to the Abraham Caldwell Family of Ipswich Massachusetts
000835: HELEN WOOD & FAMILY - 1876 Archive of Fifteen [15] Handwritten Manuscript Letters between Wood Family Members in Brooklyn New York, Hanover New Hampshire and St. Johnsbury Vermont
000660: RACHEL C. THOMAS AND FAMILY - 1864 - 1928 Archive of 24 Handwritten Diaries, Journals and Ephemera of the Thomas Family of Toughkenamon and Philadelphia Pennsylvania
0001285: UNIDENTIFIED MEMBER OF THE LEWIS FAMILY [?] - 1917 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Hardworking Detail Oriented Diarist and Genealogist in Central West New York State
0001257: UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN OF THE MINER FAMILY [?] - 1878 Original Manuscript Diary Detailing the Hard Life of a Young Rural Washerwoman and the Harder Burden of Grief She Carries
0001802: COSTIN FAMILY - 1807 Original Manuscript Book Handwritten by a Member of a Well Known British Family While Studying at the Noted Quaker School at Wigton in England
0001980: PEARSON FAMILY [HANNAH & WARREN] - 1906 Original Scrapbook of Local News, Events and Genealogy Mostly of the Pearson Family of le Roy New York
000851: PEARSON FAMILY [HANNAH & WARREN] - 1875 - 1905 Archive of Handwritten Manuscript Letters between Pearson Family Members from Alaska, Arkansas and Ohio to Indiana
0002448: HOWLE FAMILY ET AL - 1897 - 1910 Original Modest Archive of Correspondence and Ephemera to and from the Howle Family of Wetumpka and Eclectic Alabama
0009056: FEGAN FAMILY [JOHN FEGAN, DANIEL B. FEGAN, JOHN R. FEGAN, JOSEPH G. CATHERINE] - 1880 - 1895 Handwritten Ledger Book of the Comprehensive Personal and Business Expenses and Bills of the Patriarch of a Family of Stone Masons in Small Town Iowa
0001646: XI TAO FANG - 1975 - 1978 Original Manuscript Diary and Relic of Mao Zedong's Communist Party Handwritten by a Newly Enlisted Soldier Detailing His Impressions, Observations and Inculcation in Mao's Army and His Successful Return to His Village As Mao's Man
0001453: L.E. FARINO, PFC, 4TH P.O.T.C. T-55 - 1943 Original Manuscript Notebook of Detailed Information Regarding the State of America's Ammunitions, Armaments and Methods of Bomb Making: "Military Explosives Reference"
0002155: MR. FARLENZA - 1944 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by an Enthusiastic Shipbuilder Exemplifying the Can Do Spirit of America to Bring Germany to Defeat
00MV002NEW: CLARISSA FOSTER FARMER - 1850s - 1860s Archive of Original Manuscript Letters and Ephemera by and to a Massachusetts Matriarch and Mother in Law of the Noted Dr. Henry Blanchard
0001374: DR. LEROY DWIGHT FARNHAM - 1869 Original Handwritten Manuscript Diary of an Interesting 19 Year Old Doctor and Scholar
0008002: HELEN SAWYER FARNSWORTH - 1936-1937 Original Manuscript Diary Detailing a Year in Life of a Noted American Artist and Teacher, Founder of Art Schools in North Truro and Saratoga, and a Member of American Women Artist Association
0008166: D.W FARNSWORTH - 1854 Original Manuscript Log Book Handwritten by an ILL Fated Sailor Aboard a Two Masted Merchant Brig Plying Its Trade between Maine and the Caribbean
00JT22: FAUBIER ?? - 1662 Handwritten Multiple Signature Marriage Contract and Familial Bonding in Medieval France - Woman Taken As Chattel?
000777: JOSEPH J. FEDELE - 1944 Handwritten Manuscript World War II Diary of the Quintessential American G.I. Joe Serving in China
0007030: ARTHUR FENTON - C1915 Original Wwi British Royal Navy Diary Handwritten by a Dedicated Volunteer Reserve Signalman
0009045: ROY W. FERRENBACH - 1985 Original Handwritten Diary and Journal of the Complex and Intense Day-to-Day Work of Exploration and Development in an Alaska Gold Mine
000696c: FIELD-MARSHAL SIR DOUGLAS HAIG, K.T., G.C.B., G.C.V.O., K.C.I.E., COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF, BRITISH ARMIES IN FRANCE - Only Known Copy of Original Handwritten Manuscript Special Order of the Day for April 11, 1918: Haig's "with Our Backs to the Wall" Order
0001841: ELSA DOROTHY FIELD - 1895 Original Manuscript Diary and Fashion Journal Handwritten by a Young Kansas City Missouri Girl, Daughter of One of Missouri's Wealthy Business Families
0008046: LIDA FIELD - 1862 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Sassy New Jersey Schoolmarm Though the Backdrop of the CIVIL War Is Never Far Away
0001193: LESTER E. FIELDING - 1916 Original Manuscript Diary of a Umass Senior Living the High Life and Soon to Be Fighting the Kaiser at the Battle of the Marne
000006b: UNIDENTIFIED FIRE FIGHTER - Boston Fire Department, 1903, Manuscript Daily Log
0008133: K.J. FILLERY - 1956 Original Significant Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineer in Post Wwii Hong Kong
00MV776: FINCH, R.H. - 1937 Signed Who's Who of America Pre Publication Proof Sheet for Famed Volcanologist with 'Tart' Comment
0001661: LEONORA FINN [LATER MRS. JOHN A. BODAMER] - 1870 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by the Love of a CIVIL War and Indian Wars Hero
0001395: UNIDENTIFIED FIREMAN - 1871 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Dedicated Pennsylvania Fireman and First Responder to Many Local Disasters and Conflagrations
0008006: FISHER, E. O. - 1891-92 Diary of E.O. Fisher, an Ambitious School Student from Rural Iowa, Describing His Day-to-Day Life Against the Backdrop of Economic Growth and Technology Expansion in the "Gilded Age"
000517: PAUL FISK - Archive of Eight [8] Handwritten Diaries Detailing Pioneer Life in Central New York and a Wealth of Genealogy Information of the Catskills
0001108: ETHEL FISKE - 1899 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of a Young Aspiring Singer Who Travels the Atlantic to Study with Some of Europe's Greats
0011031: ROSEMARY FISSE - 1942-1943 Diary of a Young New Orleans Shopgirl Focused on Her Love Life and Social Status over the Realities of Life in War Time America
000693: JULIA M. FITCH - 1876 Handwritten Manuscript Diary by a Daughter of the American Revolution
0002189: PATTIE FITZGERALD - 1872 - 1878 Original, Sad Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Virginia Teenager Suffering at School and Starting to Have Dark Murderous Nightmares
0001587: PVT. HARRY E. FITZGIBBONS - 1937 - 1942 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Pre World War II Airman Detailing Life in the Service at Wheeler Field in Hawaii Up to and Soon After the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor
0008041: M. JAY FLANNERY - 1888 - 1918 Super, Near Complete Adult Life Original Diary Grouping of Thirteen [13] Notebooks Handwritten by an Antioch College Professor Dedicated to His Profession and His Community
0008198: VERNIE FLINT - 1913 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by an Elderly Upstate New York Woman Detailing a Life of Toiling Even in a Home Bereft of Children
0002170: FLORRIE - 1889 Original Charming Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Young British Teenager Living in Switzerland
000443: LUCIUS ANNAEUS FLORUS - L. Flori de Gestis Romanorum
0002590: MARY BETH FOLAND - 1967 Significant, Original Manuscript Diary Hand Written by an American Christian Woman Touring Europe and the Mideast and Eyewitness to the Aftermath of Israel's Smashing Victory Against Her Seething, Antagonistic Neighbours
0008096: GLENN FOLGER - 1910 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a University of Pennsylvania Graduate Who Brings His Skills Back to the Family Farm Only to Return to School and Take Up Law
000867c: MULTIPLE OFFICERS OF THE 94TH REGIMENT OF FOOT - 1809 - 1833 Handwritten Manuscript Book of the Noted British Army 94th Regiment of Foot - Regimental Orders, Officer Communications, Memorials, Status Reports, Correspondence of Importance
0002100: FOR JESUS [?] - Circa Late 1700s Original Manuscript Copy: "a Letter Written by Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and Found Under a Great Stone Sixty Five Years After His Crusifixion"
0002093: FOR JOHN MYERS - 1849 Original Manuscript Statement of Mr. Myers Detailing the Mood of the People and the State of the Economy and Politics by a Busy Tavern Owner, Land Holder and Mason from Georgetown in the District of Columbia
0002383: FOREMAN LEROY ALPAUGH, USMC - 1917 Original Scrapbook Compiled with Handwritten Notes by a United States Marine Serving at Guantanamo During the Sugar Intervention
0001552: C.S. FORESTER - The Happy Return Aka Beat to Quarters
0001758: JAMES R. FORSTER - 1950s Original Typed Manuscript by a Mexico City College Student and One Day Author with World Famous Swedish Explorer Titled 'Wandering Down the Balsas River, Mexico'
000812: J. BELL FORSYTHE - A Few Months in the Middle East or, a Glimpse of the Red, the Dead, and the Black Seas by a Canadian
000787: JOSEPH DU FOUR - A New Immigrant to Racine Wisconsin: A Blacksmith's Original 1857 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of Personal and Business Financial Dealings Charmingly Detailed with a Wealth of Local History
000954: RUTH FOWLER - 1942-1946 Handwritten Manuscript 5 Yr Diary of One Young, Flighty Pennsylvania Woman's Homefront Experiences to Finally Settle Down Working at the State Penitentiary
0009072: VOLNEY FOWLER - 1908 - 1916 Original Handwritten Manuscript Journal Kept by a Land Surveyor Detailing His Life, His Work, and the Tragic and Sudden Death of His Wife in the Deep South
000809: MRS. SAM FOX - 1923 Handwritten Manuscript Travel Diary of a Keenly Observant Woman Awestruck by the Islands and Culture of Hawaii
0001121: FRANCES MESSER, EMMA C. HAYWARD, ADDIE ET AL - 1872 - 1886 Small Archive of 4 Handwritten Manuscript Letters Detailing Woods Hole Massachusetts Local History and Genealogy
0002314: FRANCIS G. CAFFEY - 1903 Original Archive of Typed and Manuscript Letters [17] Written by a Native Son of Alabama, Lieutenant Colonel During the Spanish American War, New York City Lawyer and One Day United States Federal Judge
0008089: FRANK ? - 1893 - 1920s Fascinating, Original Pair [2] of Manuscript Diaries Detailing a Somerville Massachusetts Man's Life over a 43 Year Span
0001735: YEHUDA LIEB FRANK - 1930s - 1990s Archive of Three [3] Original Manuscript Diaries Revealing the Life and Times of This Hero of South African Jewry and Zionism
00MV183: FRED O. HICHBE - 1866 Handwritten Manuscript Letter Discussing the Hurricane and Shipwreck of the Famed Paddle-Wheel Steamer the Evening Star to His Brother Aboard the Cushing
0002591: FRED ALEXANDER, ROY PINEGAR - 1910 Original, Unique Manuscript Diary Hand Written by a Pair of Engaging Young Men Hoboing Their Way Across America Going from One Adventure and Escapade to Another
000765: MRS. KATE WOOD FRENCH - 1866 Handwritten CIVIL War and Reconstruction Era Manuscript Diary Authored by the Indiana Wife of a Successful Oil and Mining Executive
0001922: HARLAN PAGE FRENCH - 1880 - 1921 Original Manuscript Diary of an Erudite and Expressive Late 19th Century Business Entrepreneur
0001895: FRANCES HARDING'S FAMILY AND FRIENDS - 1900 - 1908 Original Archive of Manuscript Letters to a Young Woman Studying at Soule College and the Memphis Conference Female Institute
000982: GERTRUDE FRISCH - 1945-1949 Handwritten Manuscript 5 Yr Diary of a Charming 12 Yr Old Child Who Turns Into a Grandma's Liquor Stealing Teenager
0001413: FRITS THAULOW - C1890s Original,Unique, Manuscript Autograph Letter Signed [Als] Handwritten by the Noted Norwegian Poet
0008045: ABRAHAM FROST - 1857 - 1879 Original Pair of Crawford County Ohio Ledgers Detailing the Commerce and Community of Pre CIVIL War and Beyond Central Ohio
0001697a: PROF. FRIEDRICH BLEEK BY WAY OF FREDERICK FROTHINGHAM - 1853 Original Manuscript English Language Notes Handwritten by Noted Abolitionist of Renown German Professor on the Holy Scripture of the Old Testament
0001145: L.S. FRY - 1887 - 1903 Original Manuscript Diary by a Missouri Man Taking a Grand Tour of Western America by Stagecoach, Railway and Steamboat Plus 15 Years of Milestones and Genealogy
0009134: MRS. CARRIE CECILIA COLE FRYE - 1864 - 1939 Fascinating and Unique Handwritten Retrospective Journal and Diary Documenting Almost the Entirety of One Woman’S Life, from Birth to Shortly Before Her Death, Through Two World Wars, the Great Depression, Great Happiness and Terrible Tragedy
0002308: WILLIAM ARTHUR FULKERSON - 1901 - 1920 Original Manuscript Career Log Book of an Uncommon Man Who Rises from Common Sailor Serving Below Decks to One Day Serve As a Ship's Captain in the United States Navy
0008043: JOHN FULLERTON - 1815 - 1865 Super, Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by One of His and Her Majesty Navy Lieutenants Living a Life Right out of Master and Commander with Sensational Royal Navy Ephemera: The Lt. 's Own Court Martial for Murder
0002560: CHARLES WELLINGTON FURLONG - 1915 Original Expedition Journal and Travel Scrapbook to West Africa and the Islands Off the West Coast for His Daughter Ruthie Handwritten and Compiled by a True Renaissance Man with the Backdrop of Wwi Looming
0002354: G.H. DUDLEY - 1885 Original Nine Page Autographed Letter Handwritten by the President of the Union Refining Company in Montgomery Alabama to His Corporate Bankers in Cincinnati Ohio
0002363: FRANK P. GAGE - 1946 Original Group of Six [6] Manuscript Letters Handwritten by a Wide Eyed Massachusetts Man in the United States Naval Reserve Having a Great Time in San Francisco and Treasure Island in the Bay
000794: JOHN GALBREATH - 1862 Handwritten CIVIL War Era Manuscript Diary Filled with Emotional Intimate Homefront War Entries by This Expressive Young Teacher
000609: CLAUDIUS GALEN [CLAUDII GALENI] [CLAUDIUS GALINUS] - Claudii Galeni in Aphorismos Hippocratis
0002118: JOSEPH CUTHBERT GANNON - 1898 Original Manuscript Diary Detailing the Preparations by American Naval Forces Just Before the Decisive Battle of Santiago de Cuba and the Destruction of the Spanish Fleet Handwritten by a Sailor Aboard the Uss Oregon Who Would One Day Publish a Book
0002253: NELLIE GARDNER - 1882 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Charming, Simple Western New York Farm Girl
0001815: GARRISON, SIDNEY H. - 1903 Original Manuscript Diary and Observations Journal Handwritten by the Lighthouse Keeper of One of the Most Famous Icons of Canada and the Maritime Provinces
0001605: MYERS? OR GARVER? - 1947 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by an ILL Man Fighting a Terrible Divorce and Child Custody Case Seeking His Daughter Who Has Been Hidden Somewhere in Alabama or Florida
0001263: MISS J. MAIE GARWOOD AND MRS. [?] T.J. GARWOOD - 1912 Through 1927 Archive of Nine [9] Original Handwritten Diaries Detailing the Life, the Times of a Rural Illinois Family Amidst the Backdrop of Newly Discovered Oil
0002152: THOMAS C. GATTRELL - 1944 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Personable All American Boy Under Attack by Kamikaze Pilots and Japanese Submarines
000896: OSWALD G. GEACH - 1897 Handwritten Manuscript Travel Diary - England to Australia Travel Diary by the Soon to Be Senior Art Master of Boxhill College
0002407: GEARY BEAM - 1887 Original Manuscript Letter Handwritten by an Itinerant Near Illiterate Though Wonderfully Descriptive Traveler
0001005: C.F. GELLERT - Fabelen en Vertelsels in Nederduitsche Verzen Gevolgd
0001435: GENERAL EDMUND WINSTON PETTUS' SISTER - 1864 Original Manuscript CIVIL War Letter Handwritten by the Sister of Noted Confederate General and 3 Time Prisoner of War Who Would Later Become a Us Senator
0JT115: GENERAL DE BARRAL, CHANCELLOR OF THE LEGION OF HONOUR - 1807 Near Mint Napoleonic Military Conscription Order Featuring Exceptional Vignette
00JT37b: GENERAL GUILLAUME DE VAUDONCOURT - 1835 Original Handwritten Autograph Letter Signed [Als] by Noted General Who Defeated Joachim Murat in the Neapolitain Wars
00JT40: GENERAL OF LIQUIDATION OF THE PUBLIC DEBT - 1802 Very Long Handwritten Holograph Letter on Official Stationary to Citoyen Marechal in Conquered Turin Italy
0001314: GENERAL ALFRED E. BRADLEY, CHIEF SURGEON AEF - 1916 - 1917 Original Archive of Four [4] Manuscript World War I Handwritten Diaries [2] and Check Books [2] Following the Chief Surgeon of the American Expeditionary Forces First As Military Observer in England Before the Entry of America Until the End
0002578: GEORGE EMLEN ROOSEVELT - 1935 - 1947 Original Group Including Logs and Scrapbook of the Noted Racing Schooner the 'Mistress'
0MV1529: GEORGE JOHN DOUGLAS CAMPBELL, DUKE OF ARGYLL - Handwritten Manuscript Letter from the Hand of the 8th Duke of Argyll
0MV347: GEORGE JELISON - 1864 Handwritten Manuscript Autograph Letter Signed by a Union Soldier of Company K of the Massachusetts Artillery While in Fort Woodruff Virginia
0MV050: GEORGE HAVEN PUTNAM - 1926 Tls Regarding the Supposed British-American Conspiracy Involving This Author, CIVIL War Hero and Modern Era Copyright Defender
000855: GEORGE III KING OF ENGLAND - 1775 His Majesty George Regina Sends His German Cousin the Princess Abbess Profuse New Year Greetings a Mere Six Days Before Massachusetts Declared a State in Rebellion
0001338: GEORGE MCNEE, CHIEF ENGINEER - 1923 Original Chief Officer's Log Book of the Sail and Steam Packet Ship S.S. Tees Plying Her Trade from Ardrossan Scotland to Greymouth New Zealand and the Land Down Under
0001523: GEORGE CRAWFORD MURRAY, LAVINIA MURRAY, JAMES M. HOAGLAND ET AL - 1830s - 1870s Original Massive Archive of Manuscript Diaries [50] and Handwritten Letters [65+] Detailing the Life and Loves and Religious Devotions of New Jersey and New York City Cousins
0001171: GEORGE JAMES TOMLIN, CAPTAIN ROYAL NAVY - 1882 Original Manuscript Eyewitness Account by Naval Captain of the Bombardment of Alexandria and the Destruction of the Port
000998: GEORGE H. RAY - 1891 Handwritten Manuscript Autograph Letter Signed on Nonotuck Silk Company Letterhead
00MV185GGD: GEORGE GRAFTON WILSON - 1928 Original Typed Letter Signed by One Distinguished Harvard Professor to Another Harvard Professor
0001169: GEORGE NAPIER TOMLIN, RN REAR ADMIRAL - 1914 Original Manuscript Diary by the Commander of the Famed and Notorious Hms Agincourt from Determined Mobilization to the Dangerous North Sea
00MV127: GEORGE B. CARLTON - 1861 - 1864 Archive of Manuscript Letters Handwritten by a 19th Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteer to His Dear Friend and Former Boss David Smith: Super CIVIL War Content
0001152: GEORGE DOUGLAS - 1838 Handwritten Manuscript Document: Dismissal Statement Middlesex and Gorham Baptist Church Members
0001546: ALBERT E. GEORGE - 1914 - 1918 Original Manuscript Diary and Journal of a Religious Massachusetts Man Detailing the Bad Economy, Spiritual Matters, Societal Conditions and Suffrage Efforts Within His Church
0002409: GEORGE W. FERNALD - 1863 - 1864 Original Group of Four [4] Manuscript Letters Handwritten by a Pay Clerk in the Union Army with a Unique Perspective from His Offices in Baltimore and in the Field Following the Troops to Battle
0001729: GEORGE A. HENDERSON - 1889 Original Manuscript Autographed Letter Signed by Saint John New Brunswick Methodist Church Man Writing the History of the Church to the Son of a Former Pastor
000903: GEORGE GERSHWIN - 1934 Boldly Signed Toronto Massey Hall Concert Program
0002305: GEORGE J. NORTON, FIRST MATE - 1898 Original Manuscript Ship's Log Book of the Famed Steam Yacht Windward As It Crossed from London to New York to Meet It's Future and Destiny with Robert Edwin Peary
0001603: GEORGE KERR, ROYAL ARMOURED CORPS - 1941 Original Archive of Handwritten Diaries, Documents, Letters and Ephemera Handwritten by a Glasgow Man Serving King and Country on the Indian Subcontinent with the 26th Hussars and the 3rd Carabiners
0001798: GEORGE VERNON PORTER, USN - 1920 Original Manuscript Deck Log and Scrapbook of a Young Navy Seaman Aboard a Renowned and One Day Legendary But ILL Fated Destroyer - the Uss Borie
0009105: GEORGE H. CLARK, CIVIL ENGINEER AND SURVEYOR - 1889 Original Handwritten Letter from a Recent Transplant to Selma, Alabama, a CIVIL Engineer and Surveyor Who Details His New Life in the Deep South and the Kindness of His New Neighbors
0001461: GERALDI CAUAILBER - C1600s Original Manuscript Latin Book: Logica Metaphisica Et Theologia Naturalia Ex Libris Chateau de Pointis
0002388: EMMA FREIDA GERZ - 1912 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by an Enigmatic Young Los Angeles Woman Trying to Become a Stage Actress Only to Be Outraged When She Is Cast As a 'Negro Mammy'
0001280: ANNA M. GETHINGS - 1874 Original Autograph and Memory Album Filled with Love, Romance and Yearning of a Young Quebec Girl
0010037: JOHN E. GIBSON - 1926 Original Handwritten Diary of a Young Norfolk Man Who Provides an Entertaining Glimpse of Post-Wwi Life, Mildly Inconvenienced by the United Kingdom General Strike and Scandalized by Local Theatre
000606: ANDRE GIDE - Imaginary Interviews
0MV216: GIDEON HAUSNER - 1984 Typed Letter Signed Hero of Israel - Adolf Eichmann's Main Prosecutor Tls
0007020: CHARLES DAWSON MCALLISTER; GAYLORD GILBERT - 1932 Super, Significant Original Typed Manuscript Log Book Detailing an Early Aviation Event of Stunning Achievement in an Open Air Bi-Plane by an Early Aviation Pioneer and Great Friend of Charles Lindbergh
0009120: EDWIN GILBERT - Early 20th Century Relic of a Town and Family Being a Scrapbook of Newspaper Clippings, Letters, and Drawings Pertaining to the Life and Times of the Gilbert Family in Chester County, Pennsylvania
0002597: GILGUY? - C1905 Superb, Exhaustive, Original Four [4] Volume Set of Manuscript Books Filled with Ship's Lore, Sailor's Lingo and All Manner of Sailing Wisdom Garnered from over 400 Years of British Navy Experience
0001027: PAUL GILLIE - 1883 - 1886 Small Archive of Handwritten Manuscript Letters Signed [Als] Referencing Land Claims and Crown Land Registries
0001369: UNIDENTIFIED 14 YEAR OLD ORPHAN GIRL - 1917 Original Manuscript Diary of a Young Orphaned Russian Girl Who Details Her Life and Times and Answers the Question "I Am?"
0001772: 'BABY GIRL' - 2006 - 2010 Original, Fascinating Manuscript Diaries [2] Handwritten by a Chola Girl Providing a Very Intimate Look Into the Life of a Latina Woman and Her Gangster Friends and Lovers
0001398: REVEREND JOHN C. STUFF & ISABELLE GISH [LATER STUFF] - 1929 - 1931 Original Archive of Original Manuscript Diaries [4] Handwritten by a Doubt Filled Seminarian and His Devoted without-a-Doubt Future Wife
0001931: REVEREND C.H. VON GLAHN - 1937 Original Manuscript Diary and Scrapbook Handwritten and Compiled by a Beloved Religious Leader in Pre War Rhode Island
0001116: AARON GLASSBERG [LATER VOLPE] - 1911 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Russian Born, Toronto Emigree and Zionist 16 Year Old Jarvis Collegiate Student and Future Patriarch of a Family of Doctors
0001063: GORDON PEETE GLEASON - 1917 Handwritten Manuscript Diary - Journal of a Keen Eyed All-American Newspaper Reporter Commenting on the Politics of Albany New York, the Building of the Barge Canal, Conscription, Lynchings, Beating Germany and His Wife 'His Little Mouse'
0008004: LESTER GLOTFELTY - 1934 + 1936 Original Handwritten Diaries by a Young Farmer and Bus Driver from Garret County, Portraying Rural Life in Maryland During the Great Depression
000423b: ALIXANDRO OF GNANOA - 1505 - 500+ Year Old Handwritten Manuscript Journal, Ledger and Diary of a Wealthy Business Man of Genoa
0008026: CHARLES GOFF - 1825 - 1828 Original Manuscript Ledger of Early 19th Century Commerce and Maritime Economy Handwritten by a Maiden Lane New York Merchant Who Would Also Play a Role in America's Glass Industry
0001485: PIERRE W. GOLAY ET AL - 1938 - 1950 Original Autograph Album and Relic of Swiss Neutrality During World War II As One Student Voraciously Collects Autographs Including Montgomery, Guisan and Dollfus
0009159: CAPTAIN CHARLES EDWIN GOOD - Late 1880s, Early 1890s Original Scrapbook of over 400 Illustrations, Cut Outs, and Photographs, All Pertaining to the Author’S Deep and Wildly Passionate ‘Marriage’ to All ‘Things Pertaining to the Ocean’
0008155: ALICE GOODRICH - 1879 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Maine Woman Detailing Daily Life in a Small Farming Village
0001361: EUGENIA [GENIE] A. GOODRICH - 1869 Original Handwritten Diary of the Hard Rural Life of Death, Disease and Neverending Work During a Very Cold Year in Central Vermont
000529: WILLIAM D. GOODSMITH - 1921 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of a Merchant Seaman Traversing the Globe
0009138: _____ GOODWIN - 1937 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Frustrated and Depressed Teenage Girl, Discovering Her Sexuality As She Falls in Love with Her Female Teacher, and Acts out in Strange and Unpredictable Ways
0002437: JAMES LIPPINCOTT GOODWIN - Sensational 1895-1903 Original Handwritten Diary Collection Rich with Detail About Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Years at Groton School from the Perspective of His Closest Friend
0009075: ARTHUR GORDON - 1928 - 1929 Unique and Fascinating Travel Scrapbook and Journal of a Young Man with a Keen Artistic Eye As He Travels Around the World Photographing His Travels and Collecting Engrossing Postcards and Compelling Ephemera
0002411: DR. F.E. GORDON - 1847 Original Manuscript Letter Handwritten by a South Carolina Man Not Happy with the Less Civilized, Less Hospitable Alabama Which He Is Determined to Make His New Home and Medical Practice
0001040: MARJORIE GOSS - 1913 + 1914-1916 Handwritten Manuscript Diary by a Young Ohio School Girl Reporting Smallpox, Killer Wind Storms and Playing Farmer and Being Chosen As 'Wife'
0008062: MRS. RICHARD H. GOTT - 1963 - 1965 Original Manuscript Travel Diary Handwritten by Young American Woman and Her 'Fulbrighter' Husband Based in Austria Seeing the Sights of Croatia, Serbia, Greece and the Balkans
0002366: JEREMIAH GOULD [?] - 1849 - 1854 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Keen Eyed, Introspective Indiana Surveyor Detailing His Life and Family Hardships of Tragic Illness Who Still Sees the Wonders of the World While Visiting the New York Crystal Palace Exposition
0001664: JOHN GOULD - 1849 - 1855 Massive Original Manuscript Diary and Journal Detailing the Life and Times of a Lockport New York Man Who Would Soon Be Elected to the State Legislature of New York
0009050: BRIAN CAMERON GOURLEY - 1903 - 1906 Pair [2] of Handwritten, Exceptionally Detailed Journal and Log Books Detailing the Exciting Life and Work of a Young Royal Navy Officer and Showcasing His Ability to Draw Intricate Diagrams, Maps, and Illustrations
000904: GOVERNOR JOHN ANDREW - 1863 Handwritten Manuscript CIVIL War Letter from the Governor of Massachusetts to the Governor of Connecticut Imploring Buckingham to Seek General Hamilton's Commission As Brigadier General and End the Federal Occupation of Texas
0001466: KARL GRABBLE - 1940 Original Photograph Album Detailing One Young German Officer's Memories of Invading Norway
0002302: REV. FRANCIS MITCHELL GRACE - 1832 - 1904 Typed Manuscript Copy with Handwritten Corrections Being a Retrospective Memoir by a Noted Alabama Preacher of Life in the Deep South
0001549: SHERBURNE M. GRAHAM - 1886 Original Manuscript Diary of a Young New Jersey Woman Whose Life Both at Work and Home Make for a 19th Century Soap Opera
0008103: JANE KIRKLAND GRAHAM - 1930s Original, Significant Handwritten Manuscript Book Dealing with the Art and Craft of Bookbinding
0001275: ERRETT M. GRAHAM - 1910 Unique Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Young Ambitious Railroad Engineer and His Wife Who Shares His Devotion to Railroading and Advancement
0001709: MRS. [WILHELMINA] BARNS GRAHAM - 1888 - 1889 Original London to Australia Travel Diary Handwritten by a Scottish Woman in Precise Detail Traveling with Her Notable Husband
0002218: GRANDMA TO SARAH SEYMOUR - 1832 Utterly Charming Original Handwritten Book of Observations, Sage Advice, Instruction in Decorum, Poetry and Quotations of Famed American Icons and Philosophers to Her Two Year Old Granddaughter
0008122: MELISSA M. GRANNIS - 1880 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Southeast Minnesota Matron Detailing a Full Life of Toiling and Tragedy But Not without Fulfillment
0002203: CHARLOTTE GRANT [MRS. IVAN GRANT] - 1937 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Hockey Loving Canadian Girl in Depression Era Toronto in What Would Be Little Portugal Today
0009037: SANDY GRANT - 1947 Unique Travel Diary of Sandy Grant, a Dancer and Entertainer with the Uso, Staging over 70 Shows in Japan and Korea and Meticulously Documenting Her Life Traveling and Performing for the Troops Stationed Overseas
0002047: GRANVILLE S. OLDFIELD - 1841 Original Manuscript Autograph Letter Signed [Als] and Handwritten by an Interesting Baltimore Merchant and One Time Consul of the Kingdom of Hawaii with Intelligence Regarding the Wine Trade
0001989: GRANVILLE WILSON, COXSWAIN - 1930s Original Manuscript Log Book and Training Journal of the Sea Scout Patrol Program Charmingly Written and Illustrated by the Ship's Coxswain
0001016: E.C. GRAY - C1850s - 1880s Eclectic Handwritten Journal of Medical Information, Genealogical Records, Recipes, Remedies and Cures, Poems, Psalms, Sermons and Songs in This Mid 19th C. Treasure of Americana
0001736: S. BRALEY GRAY JR. - 1934 Original Manuscript Autograph Letter Signed Handwritten by a Member of the Famed Bowdoin Macmillan Arctic Expedition on a Scientific Journey to the Wilds of Labrador Newfoundland
0008224: WILLIAM J. GRAY - 1944 - 1945 Original Group of Four [4] Manuscript Notebooks Detailing the Arduous, Critical Work of a Replenishment Ship in the Deadly Pacific Theater That Would Go on to Win 3 Battle Stars
000069: GENERAL (GENE) GRAZZINI - Archive Lot of Documents, Diary, Ephemera and Artifacts Relative to Service in Wwii and Post War Occupied Japan Including Ads by President Harry Truman
0010031: CHARLES GREEN - 1918 Original Handwritten Diary of a 65-Year-Old Widower in Rural Maine
0002598: W.S. GREEN - 1925 to 1957 Original Group of Nine [9] Hand Written Diaries and Manuscript Relics Detailing a Depression and World War II Era Rural Farm and Community Life and a Significant Spotlight on Virginia's Use of German Prisoners of War Laborers
0001357: NELSON GREEN [?] - 1872 - 1883 Original Archive of Nine [9] Manuscript Diaries Detailing the Life and Times of a South Central Ontario Farmer, Lumber and Quarry Man
0002004: VERNA C. GREEN - 1920s Original Scrapbook and Photo Diary of a Teacher's Time Spent with the Hopi Indians of Oraibi Arizona
0009122: DR. HUGH R. GREEN - 1860s Original Handwritten Manuscript Journal Covering Two Different Times in a Virginia Man’S Life, First As a Student of the Classical Scholar Basil Gildersleeve, Then As a Physician Making House Calls to Patients in Need
0001681: VAL GREENFIELD - 1947 Original Post World War II Manuscript Diary of a Charming and Brilliant Brooklyn New York Teenage Jewish Girl
000857: DR. MATHIS P. GREENSWORD - 1857 - 1860s Original Handwritten Manuscript Medical Case Book of a Progressive Physician, Pathologist and Would Be Author
0001137: JOSEPH M. GREGO - 1941 - 1942 Original Manuscript Diary of a New Jersey Boy Who Trains for War But Ends Up Fighting in a Courtroom
0009088: LUCY GREGORY - 1908 Handwritten Original Diary of a Young German Girl Living a Year in America, Writing Vividly of Her Teenage Life with Friends and Family, and Finally Reluctantly Returning Home to Germany in a Steamboat
0001236: LENA ESTELLE GREGORY - Late 1800s to Early 1930s Scrapbook Honoring Famed Composers and Talented Musicians: Edward Mcdowell, William Mason, Josef Hoffman and Teresa Carreno
0002166: GREGORY MEISLER - 1939 - 1945 Original Manuscript Diary of Noted Jewish, Polish Officer Held a Prisoner for 6 Years by the Nazis in Bavaria
0001897: GRACE M. GRIFFIN - 1892 - 1894 Original Pair of Fully Written Original Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by the Deputy Postmistress of the Osgood Indiana Who Details the Life and Times of a Late 19th Century Mid State Indiana Family
0001594: WILLIAM GRIFFITH [AND ABRAHAM WESTERVELT] - 1813 the Scrivener's Guide with Additional Handwritten Notes Regarding Legal Precedent
0002245: WARREN R. GRIMES - 1942 - 1945 Original Group of Eight [8] Manuscript Letters Handwritten by a Purdue University Chemist Working on Top Secret Projects Likely the Atomic Bomb Who Shares Many Details with His Girlfriend in Uncensored Letters
0009033: JAMES MCFADDEN GRIMES - 1868 Archive of Two [2] Notebooks and Journals of Midshipman and Navigator of the Steamer ‘Dacotah’, Including a Log Book of a Trip to South America, and a Book of Impressively Detailed Notes and Immaculately Drawn Engine Diagrams
000073: GRISHAM, PETER H., 2ND KY. CAVALRY - 1881 + 1883 + 1890 Handwritten Manuscript Journals/Diaries of P.H. Grisham CIVIL War Veteran, Genealogist of Washington Dc Alexandria Virginia, Arkansas and Tennessee
0009178: 2ND LIEUTENANT MARTIN M. GROSS - 1945 Original Typescript Report of Reconstruction of the Manila Harbor After Its Devastating in World War II, Written by a Lieutenant in the Army Corps of Engineers and Containing His Hand Drawn Diagrams
000914: GROUP CAPTAIN SIR LOUIS LEISLER GREIG K.B.E., C.V.O. - 1920 Handwritten Manuscript Letter by Famed Raf Officer and Great Friend to King George VI
000801: DAVID B. GRUBB - 1868 - 1872 - 1879 Archive of Handwritten CIVIL War Era Manuscript Diaries
0002222: LAURENCE M. GRUBB - 1920 Original, Sad and Sobering Manuscript Diary Handwritten by an American Soldier Whose Ultimate Sacrifice Doesn't Come Until 2 Years After the War and a Series of Tragedies Along the Way
0001557: ZHANG GUANG - 1960s Original Manuscript Relic of Mao Zedong's Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution Handwritten by a Cadre Director Forced to Confess to His Capitalist Sins and Anti-Socialist Revolutionary Activities
0001065: GEORGE W. GUILD - 1845 - 1850 Handwritten First Hand Manuscript of the Mexican-American War and Ledger of a Busy Providence Rhode Island Merchant and Justice of the Peace
0001517: A. GULHNER - 1861 Original Manuscript Relic of Mid 19th Century German Military Artillery and Gunnery Skill and Technique
000406: LYMAN O. GUNN - The 1891 and 1892 Handwritten Manuscript Diaries of CIVIL War Veteran Lyman o. Gunn
0001679: GUNTER STAMER, 13882 - 1941 - 1945 Original Archive of Manuscript Diaries [5], Book of Poetry and Prose [1] and Photographs [21] Detailing One Decorated German Soldier's Experiences on the Eastern Front Leading to His Capture and Imprisonment
0002600: WILLIAM EUGENE GUTHRIE - 1930 Original, Significant Nebraska Manuscript Diary Handwritten by an Aged Historian, Buffalo Hunter, Genealogist and Water Rights Activist in Washington Dc to Fight One of His Final Battles
0009087: GUY SMITH, MIKE CROSS - 1956 Original Handwritten Retrospective Journal Detailing the Exciting and Gripping Events of Operation Musketeer, an Anglo-French Plan to Cripple the Egyptian Air Force During the Suez Crisis
BK0009: HAHN, GOTTHOLD - Der Pilzsammler Oder Anleitung Zur Kenntnis Der Wichtigsten Pilze Deutschlands Und Der Angrenzenden Ländern
0009191: WILLIAM HAHN - 1890 Original Manuscript Travel Diary Handwritten by the Founder and Scion of the Still in Operation Wm. Hahn Shoe Company
000118: HAINES JR., R.B. - 1867 - 1868 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of an 11 Year Old Boy in Post CIVIL War Pennsylvania
000460b: HAINES, GREGORY - 19th Century Handwritten Hand-Drawn Manuscript Book - Birds of Britain - 378 Different Birds Minutely Detailed
0008074: JOSEPH STARR HAINES - 1874 Original Manuscript Diary Hand Written by a Well Educated, Well Acquainted New Hampshire Man Who Graduated Dartmouth with Distinction
0009074: PETER HAINING - C1960s Large Archive of Original Typed and Handwritten Manuscript Pages Alongside the Original Research That Inspired Them by One of England’S Most Noted and Controversial Journalist, Anthropologist and Author
0008116: VA'AD HAKEHILA - 1947 Significant, Original Hebrew Manuscript Diary Hand Written by a Local Community Council Member Detailing the Increasingly Difficult and Violent Months and Weeks in Jerusalem Before the Nation of Israel Was Reborn
0001994: HAL ?, ROYAL NAVY - 1919 Original Archive of Seven [7] Manuscript Letters Handwritten by a Royal Navy Officer of the Hms Temeraire Detailing the Ship's Role in Settling the Post World War Eastern Mediterranean
0008037: ETTA MAY HALE - 1934 - 1938 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Teenage Nebraska Girl Trying to Navigate the Tricky Waters of Boys and Dating and a Thousand Other Matters
0002143: BRINLEY MORGAN HALL - 1923 Original, Charming Handwritten Diary of a Privileged Boston Youth Who Spends Most of His Days with Mademoiselle and Playing Golf, Tennis, Horseback Riding and Mah Jongg
0008126: K. HALLIDAY - 1940s Original Wwii Royal Air Force Manuscript Diary by an Raf Pilot Cruising the Bay of Bengal for Enemy Shipping and Submarines in the Wonderful Sunderland Flying Boats
0002121: CALVIN C. HALSEY - 1856 - 1859 Original Manuscript Journal Handwritten by a Young Medical Student and Soon to Be Prominent Citizen of Susquehanna County Pennsylvania
0001093: LIEUTENANT HALSTEAD - 1918 Archive of Handwritten Manuscript Autograph Letters [Als] from Salonika Greece 'the Forgotten Front' to Ealing Avenue in London
0001939: MARGARET RUTH POMEROY HAMLIN - 1903 - 1904 Original Manuscript Two-Year Diary Handwritten by a Noted Smith College Graduate and University of Massachusetts Faculty Member Who Will One Day Be Honored with a Building Built in Her Name
000806: MIRIAM HAMMOND - 1921 + 1923 + 1924 Handwritten Manuscript Diaries of a Flapper Era Girl
0001404: PHEBE ANNE HANAFORD - Lucretia the Quakeress or Principle Triumphant
000640: MORRIS HANDELSMAN - 1924 New York International Grandmasters Chess Tournament Scrapbook Including Handwritten Manuscript Scoring Notes
000405: ELLEN M. HANDY - 1893 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of Mrs. Ellen H. Handy, Wife of Ship Captain Charles Handy of Boston Area Massachusetts
0002025: IAN CAMPBELL HANNAH - 1908 - 1920 Original Manuscript Travel Diary and over Stuffed Scrapbook Compiled and Handwritten by a Renowned British Academic, Author and Politician
0001163: ELAINE HANNEY - 1920 Archive of Nine [9] Original Manuscript Autograph Letters Detailing the Budding Relationship and Crush of One Seminary Girl for Another
0MV484: HANS MARGOLIUS - C1970s Archive of Typed Letters Signed, Ephemera and Greetings from Famed German Philosopher to Famed Rabbi and German Expressionist Frederick Solomon
0001281: HANS HOLZER, KEN BRIGHAM - 1960s Small Archive of Letters and Documents between Newsman Ken Brigham and Noted Ghost Expert Hans Holzer
0011014: MAJOR H. A. HANSEN - 1940s Royal Artillery British Major's Pocket Notebook Kept While Serving on the Allied Commission for Austria After the Fall of Hitler's Germany
0001711: MAGDA HANSON - 1930s - 1940s Original Archive of Three [3] Scrapbooks of a Newly Arrived Danish Immigrant and Her Embracing Life in America and Her Dedicated Contribution to the American Way
0001492: SGT. ARTHUR J. HANTSCHEL - 1918 Original Manuscript World War I Diary Intimately Detailing One Wisconsin Sergeant's Service Duty to His Fairy Princess Back Home
0008014: HARD, LEVI - 1880 Original Diary Handwritten by Levi Hard, a Farmer from Kendall, Orleans County, Ny, Documenting Farming Activities and Social Life
0008156: LUCINDA HARDING - 1881 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by an Old Colony Massachusetts Matriarch
0009152: T. HARDJONO - 1970 - 1972 Original Vietnamese Language Diary Handwritten by a Soldier for the Republic of Vietnam, Fighting Alongside Americans Against the Communist Threat
0002037: MARIE HARDY - 1920s Original Memory and Scrapbook with Diary Entries Handwritten and Compiled by a Very Popular Central Texas Girl in the 1920s
0009078: WILLIAM HARDY - 1795 Fascinating Original Handwritten Study Notebook of Geometry, Trigonometry, Surveying and More Complex Mathematics from a Young Man Studying at America’S Most Respected University
000532: MR. AND MRS. ODEAN HAREID - 1921 Handwritten Manuscript Travel Diary Leaving South Dakota Across Country Back East to Washington Dc and North Carolina
000846: F. HOBART HARGRAVES - 1907 Handwritten Manuscript European Travel Diary by the Grandson of Famed Freemason A.K. P. Lord
0002032: FREDERICK HARKER - C1900s Super, Original Manuscript Homage and Detailed Compilation of Essays, Reviews, Playbills, Extracts and Newspaper Articles About the 18th Century Playwright and Actor David Garrick
0001080: DESMOND HARMSWORTH - 1939 Handwritten Manuscript Tahitian Travel Diary, Letters and Observations of Pre War Tahiti by Famed Poet, Publisher and Artist Written to His Parents
0001887: EDITH HARPOUR - 1869 Original, Charming Manuscript Diary Handwritten in the Style of a Novel by the Captain's Daughter
0002154: HARRIET ? - 1929 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Young Los Angeles Girl and Then As a Woman Noting the Tragedies of Her Later Life
000926: HARRIET BEECHER STOWE - 1860 Handwritten Manuscript Excerpt - "Sorrow Is Godlike - Sorrow Is Wise... " a Profound, Unique and Scarce Relic of the CIVIL War Era, the Abolition Movement and the Demise of Slavery in America
00MV615: HARRY [HENRY WILLIAM] GORDON, RN - C1860s Handwritten Manuscript Mourning Note by the Young Child Cousin of C.G. 'Chinese' Gordon and Doomed Future Crewmember of the Hms Captain
0002338: HARRY - 1904 Original Album of Snapshots Depicting the Northwest Territories Town of Frank and the Worst Canadian Natural Disaster in Near Arctic History
0009181: HARRY PHELPS - 1900 - 1902 + 1916 - 1918 Pair (2) of Detailed Logbooks from the Life of Commodore Harry Phelps, First As an Officer on the Uss Cincinnati in the Caribbean, and Later As a Retired Citizen Living a Simple Life in North Carolina
0001282: WILLIAM JAMES HART - 1933 - 1934 Original Depression Era Manuscript Diary of a Forthright, Hardworking Pennsylvania Teenage Boy
0002219: 'UNCLE' FRED HARTFORD - 1891 - 1892 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Related 'Guest' of the Captain in the Enviable Position of Ship's Purser on a 3 Masted Schooner from New York to Hong Kong and Back
0008071: REV. HENRY H. HARTWELL - 1896 Original Manuscript Diary Hand Written by a New Hampshire Minister, Commission Merchant and Auctioneer Still Going Strong at 77 Years of Age
0001913: M. HARWELL, ROYAL MARINE [?] - 1875 Original Manuscript Journal and Log Book of a Nine Month Voyage to India Aboard the Royal Yacht Serapis with His Royal Highness Prince Edward
0001955: OLIVER H. HASKELL - 1929 Original Photograph Album Detailing a Significant Relief Expedition to China by Ten Pomona College Students
0009031: ANNA P. HASTINGS - 1932 Original Handwritten Diary of a Young Woman’S Trip from Coast to Coast on a Greyhound Bus, Seeing Sights, Visiting Friends, and Living Leisurely in Great Depression Era America
000670: SHLOMO BILFURTI AND HAVIRI - Or Gadol - "Great Light"
0002603: GEORGE BAMBACH HAWES - 1889 Charming Group [17] of Original Late 19th Century Love Letters Handwritten by a Young American Living in Chile and Wooing an Illinois Girl All the While Describing Life in South America
0002225: ROBERT HAWORTH - C1820s Original Manuscript Book of Paint Recipes and Formula Handwritten by a New Bury England Man
0001562: GORDON E. HAYES - 1907 and 1942 Original Unique Archive of Two [2] Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by an 18 Year Old Boy and the 53 Year Old Man He Became
0001545: LIEUTENANT COLONEL PARKINS HEARLE - 1875 - 1914 Original Manuscript Journal and Vade Mecum Handwritten by a Lieutenant Colonel of the British Royal Marines
0008214: EDITH HEATH - 1916 Original Upstate New York Manuscript Diary Hand Written by a Local Farmer's Wife Intent on Recording All the Activities and Observations of Local Life and Times with the Awful Backdrop of Wwi Ever Looming
0001191: MAY HEBERLING ET AL - 1918 Charming Georgetown College Autograph Book: Handwritten Songs, Sayings and Nervous Draft Age Boys
000865: MARC-ANTOINE HEBRART - 1555 - 1597 Handwritten Manuscript Journal, Ledger and Diary of a Jewish Merchant and Land Baron in the South of France
0009182: F. G. HEDINGHAM - 1905 - 1907 Original Manuscript Journal Handwritten by a Royal Navy Sailor in the Australia Station, Patrolling the Coasts and Partaking First-Hand in the Massacre of the Native Peoples of Oceania
000435: HEINE, HEINRICH - Der Rabbi Von Bacherach
0011008: FLORENCE HELLER - 1930s Multi-Year Interwar Diary of a Middle Class Jewish New Yorker, Age 16, Untouched by the Great Depression, and Unaware of the Inequities of the Time
000702: HENDRY, MCCAULL, FRAZEE+ - 1860-1861 Archive of Eight [8] Handwritten Manuscript Letters between Family Members - Enterprise Illinois to Chicago to Aurelius New York
00TP53: HENRI PAIBLES - 1815 Handwritten (Holograph) Manuscript Letter to the Very Powerful Comte Mathieu de Montmorency from the Sir Thomas Phillips Collection
00MV219: HENRI GEORGES STEPHANE ADOLPHE OPPER DE BLOWITZ - 1893 Original Manuscript Letter Handwritten by Renowned Jewish Journalist to Noted Publisher Behind Willa Cather's Success
00MV428: HENRI ANTOINE JULES-BOIS - Late 19th C. Real Photo Postcard [Rppc] Autographed by the Notorious Satanist
0002416: MARIE BARBE THERESE HENROTAY - 1805 Original Manuscript Cookbook and Ancient Treasure of European Culinaria
0001354: HENRY A. WHITEHEAD - 1892 Original Manuscript World Travel Diary Handwritten by a 'Typical' Victorian Gentleman
00MV416: HENRY BEDLOW - 1854 Handwritten Als by Famed Dead Sea Explorer
000837: WILLIAM H. HENRY - 1882 Handwritten Manuscript Journal of an Eager Law Student at Chaddock College
0001515: HENRY CABOT LODGE, SCHUYLER COLFAX, JOHN HAY, CHARLES ELIOT, FRANCIS PARKMAN, HENRY ADAMS ET AL - 1861 - 1896 Large Archive of Original Autograph Letters [76] Signed [Als], Historical CIVIL War Documents and Ephemera Sent to Francis Amasa Walker Noted CIVIL War General, Yale Economist and President of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology [Mit]
0008034: GERALDINE HENRY - 1929 - 1930 Original Charming Manuscript Diary Hand Written by a Rural Arkansas Teenager Coming of Age in Pre Depression America
00MV107: HENRY C. CHAUNCEY - 1843 Original Handwritten Manuscript Letter [Als] Regarding the Killing of Mrs. Bacon 'and the Wretches They Have Caught' Handwritten by a Harvard Man to a Washington College Friend
0002559: HENRY BACON - C1895 'Etretat: Hamlet of the Setting Sun - a Norman Village and Its Surroundings' with 11 Original Watercolour Drawings by Bacon
0001708: HENRY ______ - 1868 Original Manuscript Letters Copybook/Travel Diary by a British Soldier on His Way to India Sharing Intimate Detals with His Mater, Pater and Kitty
0007011: WILLIAM UHLER HENSEL - 1877 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Significant Pennsylvania Lawyer Who Would One Day Be the Attorney General for the State Among Other Notable Positions of Importance
0001727: DR. MARSHALL HENSHAW - 1883 Original Manuscript Notebook Filled with the Lecture Notes of an Amherst College Professor of Physics
0008055: M. HENSLEY - 1936 Original Manuscript Diary Hand Written by a Keen Eyed, Well Read and Educated Young Woman Teaching in the Burnsville and Asheville Area
0001024: MRS. HENTSCHKE - 1916 Handwritten World War I Homefront Diary of a German Woman Whose Husband Is a Member of the American Expeditionary Forces Fighting Germany
0001417: HERBERT W. LEECH, MANAGER MINING OPERATIONS - 1919 Archive of Two [2] Original Handwritten Manuscript Notebook and Diary of Arctic Exploration and Marble Mining in the Far North of Norway with the Threat of Bolshevism Looming by the Manager for the Northern Exploration Company
0009140: HELEN BROOKE HERFORD - 1905 Manuscript Diary of a Young Woman Living a Fun, Social, and Liberal Teenage Schooling Life, Handwritten by the Future Founder of the British Unitarian Women’S League
0007018: CAPTAIN H. HERMAN - 1840 Original Significant Manuscript Diary of a British Army Officer's [Who May Very Well Have Been a Spy] Tour of England's Old Foe at a Time of Chaos and Cooperation
0002148: HERMAN MULLER, MABEL MULLER, NORMAN STIENHARDT MULLER - 1916 - 1924 Super, Original Archive of German and English Letters between Berlin and New York Relatives and Friends of Albert Einstein
0002197: SCHILLER B. HERMANN - 1891 Original Manuscript Travel Diary of One Man's Sojourn to the Battlefields of Virginia and Pennsylvania 25 Years After Brother Fought Brother in the CIVIL War
0002250: FRANK EARL HERRICK - 1905 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by the Police Magistrate Detailing the Trivial and Significant Events and Doings of Wheaton Illinois and Dupage County
000085: MARY A. HERRICK - 1864 + 1867 + Accounts Book Archive of Handwritten Manuscript Diary of a Young Pioneer CIVIL War Era Woman Beset by Tragedy
0001876: W.H. HERSKOVITS - 1923 Original 34 Day Manuscript Diary Handwritten by an Opinionated, Judgemental, Argumentative Yet Popular Jewish Fraternity Man
0001961: LUCILLE M. HERZFELD - 1894 Original Manuscript Travel Diary Amazingly Handwritten by a Seven [7] Year Old Girl While Traveling with Her Wealthy Family to Germany
0008217: GLADYS B. HETHERINGTON [LATER ATWOOD] - 1922 - 1924 Original Pair [2] of Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by a Hardworking Rural Maine Woman Detailing a Life More of the Toiling Twenties Never Mind the Roaring
0010028: JOHN HASKELL HEWITT - 1855 Original Handwritten Notebook and Relic of Yale Scholarship by a Prominent 19th Century American Academic
0008104: NATALIE HEWLETT - 1932 Through 1999 Original, Sporadic Manuscript Diary Handwritten by an American Nurse Who Finds Her Way from New York to Alaska to Massachusetts and Back to Alaska and Beyond
000956: EMMA JUNE HIBB - 1927 Handwritten Manuscript European Travel Diary of a Keen Eyed Floridian
0008151: MARY BELLE HICKS [?] - 1872 Original Ontario County Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Young Erudite Upstate New York Woman
0008016: HILL, J. P. - 1917 - 1919 Original, Historically Significant Diary of John Boynton Philip Clayton Hill, a Noted Maryland Lawyer, Army Officer, and U.S. Representative from Maryland, Documenting Two Years of His Career
0001903: G.R. HILL - 1885 Original Manuscript Journal of 19th Century 'Eclectic Medical' Education Using Many of the Forbidden and Dangerous Drugs of Today
0009103: ELENA DE HILLEBRANTH - 1960s Super Archive of 20 Letters between Fellow Artists Elena de Hellebranth and Her Friend Irene Rice Pereira, Renowned Abstract Expressionist, Poet, and Philosopher, As They Discuss Art, Life and Religion
0001855: CARRIE HILLIARD - C1960s Original Family Archive of Photos and Ephemera Relating to the Former Bishop of the St. Paul African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church in Detroit Michigan
0002014: ABRAHAM JOHN HILLSDON - 1886 Original Manuscript Relic of North Oxford County Ontario Finance and Commerce Handwritten by the County Treasurer
0001486: PAUL VON HINDENBURG ET AL - 1896 - 1920 Original Archive of Manuscript Postcards, Letters, Photos and Ephemera to and from One of Germany's Pre Eminent Families and the Man Who Singlehandedly Gave Hitler the Reins of Power and Thereby Put Germany on the Road to World War II
0008105: BERT A. HINDMARCH - 1923 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Very Young Boy Who Would Go on to Teach at Purdue Among Other Noteworthy Activities
0001249: HIPPOLYTE DE SAINT-ANTHOINE - 1856 Original Manuscript Letter from French Abolitionist to One of America's Most Noted Anti Slavery Activists: Joshua R. Giddings
0001640: HIRAM PARKER JR., US NAVY ENGINEER - 1866 Original Manuscript Diary and Journal of Us Naval Engineer, Veteran of the CIVIL War and Witness to One of the Most Destructive Wars in South America Ever
0009089: YOSEF (JOSEPH) HIRSCH - 1940 - 1942 Original Handwritten Hungarian Language Manuscript of a Jewish Refugee in Israel, Kept at the Noted Detention Camp at Atlit and Then Working on a Kibbutz in the Mountainous Galilee
0009153: ETHAN A. HITCHCOCK [TO HERBERT H.D. PEIRCE] - 1899 Original Typed Letter Sent by the U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ethan A. Hitchcock to the Secretary of the U.S. Embassy in Russia, Discussing the Upcoming 1900 Paris World’S Fair and U.S. -Russia Relations
0001973: JUNE KANDLES OR JUNE HLUEGNER - 1929 - 1933 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Sad, Lonely Girl Tormented by a Terrible Body Self Image Who Thinks Life Will Improve If She Can Just Lose a Few Pounds
0009175: HORACE R. HOBART - 1895 - 1912 Five (5) Original Manuscript Notebook Journals Belonging to Horace Hobart, Noted Chicago Journalist and Founding Editor of the Still-Published Railway Age Magazine
0008146: H.R. HOBSON, LT. [JG] - C1917 Original World War I Notebook Detailing the Never Ending Work of a Ship's Engineer
0002575: JULIUS THEODOOR LEOPOLD HOEFFTCKE - 1849 - 1868 Original Manuscript Letters Copy Book and Journal Handwritten by One of Holland's Pre Eminent Surgical Instrument Makers
0001291: CHARLES D. HOFF - 1886 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Hard Working Central Ohio Farmer
0001829: FREDERICK L. HOFFMAN - 1899 Original Typed Manuscript Report Made for the Prudential Life Insurance Company Regarding the Mortality of Pottery Craftsmen
0002380: ENSIGN CARL HOLBROOK - 1942 - 1945 Original Group of 30 Manuscript Letters and Ephemera of an Alabama Ensign and Boy Next Door Who Writes His Mom in Fort Payne
000719: ANNA HOLLISTER - 1859 Handwritten Manuscript Diary by an Observant Young Western New York State Woman - a Treasure for Genealogical and History of Tompkins County
0009062: JOSEPH HOLMES - 1850 Original Handwritten Manuscript Diary of a Well-to-Do Young Man Who Experiences Homesickness and Depression As He’S Sent Off to Cambridge, Massachusetts to Study for His Harvard Entrance Exam
0008086: THOMAS HOLT - 1881 Original Manuscript Letter Handwritten by a Prominent Cotton MILL Owner and Soon to Be Governor of North Carolina
0008143: MILTON DILTZ HOLTON - 1909 Original, Modest, Group of Letters and Manuscript Diary Hand Written by a Kentucky Man Working in the Mining Towns and Camps of the Nevada - California Mountains
0002028: HONEYWILL, LESLIE C.E.R.A. - 1972 Original Manuscript Book: 'Submarine Depot Ships Bases & Support Ships' Written by a British Royal Navy Submariner, Historian, Author and 'Plumber'
0002029: HONEYWILL, LESLIE C.E.R.A. - 1973 Original Manuscript Book: 'Periscope Personalities 1901-1972' About the Many Submarine Commanders, Officers, Mates and Seamen Serving in the Royal Navy Submarine Services Written by a British Royal Navy Submariner, Historian, Author and 'Plumber'
0002027: HONEYWILL, LESLIE C.E.R.A. - 1923 - 1945 Original Manuscript Autobiography of a Life Underwater from the Unique Perspective of the Engine Room Written by a British Royal Navy Warrant Engineer, Historian, Author and 'Plumber'
0002026: HONEYWILL, LESLIE C.E.R.A. - 1910 - 1971 Original Five [5] Volume Manuscript History of Submarines in the British Royal Navy Submarine Service Written by Author, Historian, 'Plumber' and One of the Foremost Authorities on Submarines
0001732: MRS. DOCTOR ANSON HOOKER [ANNA WRIGHT HOOKER] - 1869 Original Heartfelt Handwritten Manuscript Diary Detailing the Trials, Tribulations and Tragedies of a Well Connected, Well Respected Boston Family
0002135: [PROFESSOR] RAYMOND GUSTAV HOOPS - 1934 - 1938 Original Depression Era Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Young Man at the Beginning of His Formidable Career
0009091: OLIVER WHITFORD HOPKINS - 1839 Original Handwritten Special Mathematics Workbook with the Unique and Superb Addition of Beautiful and Detailed Drawings of 19th Century Ships and Naval Scenes
00TP91: HOUSE OF JODOR, APOTHECARY - Superb 1758 Statement of Account with Extensive Listing of Medications - Four (4) Page Folio Sized Beautifully Penned from the Sir Thomas Phillipps Collection
000839: LAURENCE HOUSMAN - "a Club Memory" - an Original Handwritten Manuscript Anti-War Poetic Rant by Well Known Controversial Author, Illustrator, Socialist, Champion of Women's Suffrage, Pacifist and Bookseller
0001874: GLENN W. HOVEY - 1899 - 1911 Original Archive of 12 Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by a Very Young, Very Bright Iowa Boy Who Early on Shows He Has an 'Old Soul' Following Him Through to Manhood
000952: H.W. HOWARD - 1863 - 1864 Handwritten Manuscript Ledger and Account Book Regarding Taxes, Tolls and Judicial Enforcement Including the Installation of a Madman to the State Lunatic Asylum
0001105: SAMUEL HOWARD - 1861 Handwritten University of Michigan Literary Adelphi Speech and Early Relic of the CIVIL War
0001148: T. DYSON HOWARD - 1890 Original Manuscript Journal and Diary of Commerce, Merchandising, Trade and Poetry in Manchester England by an Exceptional Young Man
0001129: AMELIA MARIA (ELY) HOWE - 1928 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by the Wife of a Noted Boston Surgeon Detailing a Life of Culture and Wealth
000871NN: SARAH HOWE - C1840s Archive of Handwritten Manuscript Personal Correspondence, Documents, and Ephemera of the American Wife of the French Vice Consul
0010009: GEORGE W. HOWE - 1890s Archive of Three [3] Original Manuscript Diaries by American Civil War Veteran, Railroad Booster, and Prominent Member of a Michigan Community
0001785: ALMON W. HOWES - 1896 Original Archive of Business and Personal Correspondence and the Handwritten Diary of a Nugget Colorado Gold Miner
0001259: BROTHER C.K. HOWRY - 1890s Original Manuscript Relic of Moravian Thought at the End of the 19th Century: "Christian Arguments"
0001648: WANG CHEN HUA - 1986 - 1987 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Young Girl Going Through What All Young Girls Experience with the Back Drop of Post Mao Communist China a Mere Two Years Before Tiananmen Square
0001342: WILLIAM LINES [HAVRAH] HUBBARD - 1932 Original Archive of Manuscript Diary and Photo Journal of the World's Foremost Authority at the Time on Opera with the World's Foremost Authority on Physics Albert Einstein His Shipmate from Los Angeles to Germany
0001981: GRETA HUGGINS - 1938 Excellent, Original Manuscript Travel Diary of the All England Womens' Hockey Association Team Tour of New Zealand and Australia Handwritten by the Team Goalie
0009100: HUGH SMITH - 1861 Original Handwritten Letter Detailing Time Spent in a Growing Mid-19th Century Toronto, Remarking on Its People, Fashion and Landmarks
0002215: HUGH GUION MACDONELL - 1870s Original Significant Manuscript Journal and Catch-All of the British Charge D'Affaires for Argentina Who Details the Yellow Fever Plague of 1871 and His Part in the Notorious Virginius Affair
000604: EDWARD HUGHES - 1907 - 1909 Handwritten Archive of Famed Artist Edward Hughes Relating to a Portrait for Queen Alexandria
0001509: FLORENCE E. HUGHES - 1933 Original Manuscript Relic of Depression Era Tennessee and a Sadly Typical Look at the Life and Times and Race Relations of the Day
0001384: HELEN GERRISH HUGHES - 1917 Original Manuscript World War I Homefront and College Diary of a Young San Francisco Woman Attending University of California at Berkeley
000894: HUGO BROCH - 1995 Handwritten Autograph Signed Letter [Als] by German Ace of World War II
0009052: MARGARET C. HULSEY - 1857 Pair [2] of Original Handwritten Diary and Memory Books Recounting the Deaths (and Lives) of Many Beloved Family Members, Along with Dozens of Quaker Hymns, Poems and Reminiscences.
0001934: ANNIE OAKES HUNTINGTON - 1887 - 1905 Original Manuscript Journal and Scrapbook of a Future Author, Poet and Lesbian Lover of Jeanette Payson
000800: DEBORAH HURD [NEE HAYES] - 1836 Book of Memory and Verse with Remarkable Handwritten Four [4] Page Dedication by Firebrand Abolitionist and Member of the Underground Railroad - the Reverend Enock Mack
0009126: R.G. HURLBUT (?) - 1889 Original Manuscript Notebook Handwritten by a Student of Renowned Chemist Charles Avery Doremus, a Pioneer of Victorian Era Chemical and Toxicological Science
0010032: JOHN C. HURSPOOL - 1890 and 1892 Original Handwritten Diaries by a Lively Michigan Law Student Beginning His Career at the Close of the Nineteenth Century
000474: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - Twice Seven
000444: IBN HAYYIM, AARON - Sefer Korban Aharon : Being a Rare and Complete Hebrew Work on Ritual Sacrifice
0008201: NOT IDENTIFIED - 1924 Charming, Original Manuscript Travel Diary of an Idyllic Car Trip Up and Down the Eastern Seaboard
0008163: NOT IDENTIFIED - 1881 - 1884 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Hard Toiling Eastern Pennsylvania Woman Richly Detailing a Farm Family's Life and the Community They Live in
0008117: NOT IDENTIFIED - 1880s - 1920s Fascinating, Original Group of Three [3] Unusual Manuscript Books of the Occult with Roots to Late 16th Early 17th Century Germany Hand Written by an Unknown Devotee
0008197: NOT IDENTIFIED - 1931 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Delightful, Intelligent All American Girl Next Door Detailing a Busy Life and Her Plans for the Future
0008131: NOT IDENTIFIED - 1928 Original Manuscript Diary Detailing an Englishman's Trip to Argentina Touring Ranches and the Interior Then Back to England Via Senegal
0008158: NOT IDENTIFIED - 1892 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by an All American Teenage Boy Detailing His Life and Times and Even Great Grades in Late 19th Century Central Michigan
0008160: NOT IDENTIFIED - 1883 Original Manuscript Book of Theology, Theosophy, Philosophy and Esoterica Handwritten by an Unknown Rechabite
0008159: NOT IDENTIFIED - 1915 - 1931 Original Manuscript Journal Detailing a Trove of Genealogical Information Relating to Waterloo Ontario and Lancaster Pennsylvania by a Very Social Torontonian
0008130: NOT IDENTIFIED - 1960 Super, Original Journal and Scrapbook Detailing One Man's Love of the Sea and the Ship's That Ply the Ocean's Waters
0008095: NOT IDENTIFIED - 1908 - 1911 Original, Chatty Manuscript Diary Hand Written by an Erie Pennsylvania Woman Who Does a Great Job Detailing Her Life and Local Events
0008165: NOT IDENTIFIED - 1928 Original Family Trip Diary Handwritten by a Young Woman Describing an Idyllic Time of Fun, Friends and Frolicking from New York to Scotland
000978: REVEREND G.E. IHISON - 1880 Handwritten Manuscript of the New Reverend at the Clinton Congregational Church
00MV019: JOSIAH QUINCY III - 1834 Printed Pamphlet Issued by the Harvard Faculty with Handwritten Notes by the President of Harvard Regarding the 'Inquisition of the Faculty'
0001352: CHRISTOS IKONOMIDIS - 1906 History of the Eastern Church from Ancient Times Handwritten over 570 Pages in a Nice Calligraphic Hand
00064: INA A. EASTMAN, 10 YEAR OLD GIRL - 1898 and 1899 Handwritten Manuscript Diaries Completely Full by the Hand of a 9 or 10 Year Old Seaconia New Hampshire Girl
000615b: DICK RANSOM AND MULTIPLE AUTOGRAPHS OF THE 'BATTERY BOYS' OF THE CHICAGO MERCANTILE BATTERY LIGHT INFANTRY - 1880-90s Grand Army of the Republic [Gar] Archive of Letters and Handwritten Manuscripts with Multiple Autographs Including Two CIVIL War Medal of Honor Recipients
000615: DICK RANSOM AND MULTIPLE AUTOGRAPHS OF THE 'BATTERY BOYS' OF THE CHICAGO MERCANTILE BATTERY LIGHT INFANTRY - 1861 - 1863 CIVIL War Archive Including Two [2] Important Handwritten Diaries of the Chicago Merchantile Light Artillery Including the Soldier's Very First Letter Home and Signed Cdvs
N00MV475B: FAY INGALLS - 1907 - 1919 Archive of Handwritten Letters by Famed Industrialist, Outdoorsman and Son of Railroad Magnate M.E. Ingalls
0008051: HATTIE INGALLS - 1918 Super Original Album and Vernacular Photo Diary of a Young Woman and Her Family in Wwi Era Caron Saskatchewan
0001833: IOSEPH WYATT, [JOSEPH WYATT] - 1730s Original Manuscript Cookbook Filled with 100+ Pages of Handwritten Ancient Recipes, Some Remedies and a Few Musings
0002570: STANLEY P IRZA - 1940s Original Manuscript Book of Recipes for Feeding a Submarine Full of Sailors and Seamen
000819: ISAAC ADDINGTON & ADAM WINTHROP - 1700 Handwritten Manuscript Treasure of Boston Massachusetts Americana: Deed to Fort Warren and Area Signed by Isaac Addington and Adam Winthrop
0009106: ISAAC G. BARNET TO GARRET D. WALL - 1805 Letter from a Recently Relocated Lawyer Detailing His Move to Ohio and His Thoughts on the Sorry State of Law in the New State, All to Garret Wall, Who Would Eventually Become a New Jersey State Attorney and United States Senator
0001626: EUGENIA VASSEUR IVEY [LATER BIVENS] - 1938 - 1949 Original Archive of Three [3] Five Year Diaries Detailing the Life and Times of a 35 Year Employee of the Fbi with the Backdrop of World War II
0001422: J.J. HALSEY, PROFESSOR [?] - 1883 Original Manuscript Autograph Letters [2] Signed [Als] by a Keen Eyed American Visitor to St. John's Newfoundland Who Advises 'i Am Delighted with This Place As a Summer Retreat'
000917: J.L. CROSS - 1877 Handwritten Manuscript Letter Relating to the Integration of Louisiana State University and the Agriculture and Mechanical College
0001103: J. DREUX MONCRE - 1801 Handwritten Autograph Letter [Als] by French Emigre to Philadelphia Describing His Voyages and Finances
0001203: J.W. PECK - C1850s Original Archive of Fourteen [14] Manuscript Letters Regarding Very Early Morgan Horse Bloodlines and Sensation Philip Allen 'the Black Hawk'
0001690: J.M. HAMMONS - 1865 Original Manuscript Letter Handwritten by an Auburn Correctional Facility Guard and CIVIL War Veteran Thankful He Returned from His Service in the Carolinas for 'Uncle Samuel'
0001433: JACK ERNEST BRIDGMAN, SX3874 - 1940 - 1942 Original Manuscript Archive of Letters and Ephemera by an Australian Signalman Who Fought for the Liberation of Greece and His Recovery of Wounds Suffered in Syria
0002417: MRS. JACKSON - 1820 Original Manuscript Cookbook of Early 19th Century British Cooking and Culinary Arts
0008127: FRANK A. JACKSON - 1943 Original Archive of Manuscript Letters and Documents Detailing the Wwii Service of a Us Navy Sailor and Survivor of the ILL Fated Uss Leedstown
0001441: JACOB F. BLUM, H.B. REED, FRANK P. MUHLENBERG ET AL - 1864 Original Archive of 71 Manuscript Telegrams with Orders from the War Deartment of the Union Including the Provost General, the Secretary of War Et Al
0001394: A.K. JACOBS - 1862 Original Intriguing Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Pennsylvania CIVIL Engineer and School Teacher Who Insists He Is "Innocent of All Charges"
000861: CHEZ ST. JAILLOT - 1775 Folded Linen Backed Map: Cartes Des Postes de France, Chez le St. Jaillot Geographe Ordinaire de Roi Quay Et a Cote Des Grands Augustine
0002395: JAMES S. QUINN - 1934 Original Manuscript Letter Handwritten by a Grand Manan New Brunswicker Who Regales His Friend with Tales of Whales and Rum Running Rockefellers
000086: JAMES ROBERT WHITE, DELTA SIGMA PHI, COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, C.C.N.Y. - 1908 - 1923 Archive of Six (6) Handwritten Manuscript Diaries - Sensational Look at Turn of the Century Man About Town in New York City Through World War I
0MV239: JAMES AND BENJAMIN - 1863 Handwritten Manuscript Letters - Two Authors - One Piece of Paper - Two Separate Letters - CIVIL War Sailors Write Home
000723: JAMES RUSSELL LOWELL - 1853 Handwritten Manuscript Letter by Famed Poet, Satirist, Writer, Diplomat and Abolitionist
0001469: JAMES CONNELLY, FORREST L. EVANS ET AL - 1901 Original Maritime Manuscript Diary Detailing the Desertion and Day to Day Hardships of the Deserters and Former Sailors of the Storied Uss Hartford
0002231: JAMES BLAKEMAN, [SOMETIMES BLACKMAN] - 1786 Original Naive Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Very Active Farmer, Timberman and Jury Man on the North Shore of Long Island Sound
0001446: JAMES C. DOW, ROYAL AIR FORCE - 1944 - 1945 Original Diary and Photo Album of a 19 Year Old British Man Training to Be a Radio Operator in Canada
0001601: K. JAMES, ROYAL AIR FORCE - 1943 - 1945 Original Exceptional Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a British Airman Seeing Service Throughout the Mediterranean from North Africa to Italy
0002561: JAMES MAURICE SHIPTON, MIDSHIPMAN - 1803 - 1805 Original Nelson Era Manuscript Cypher and Exercise Book Belonging to a Royal Navy Midshipman Aboard a Storied Ship While the English Blockade Brest and Play Cat and Mouse with the French Fleet
000974: CARRIE S. JANES - 1916 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of a St. Albans Vermont Woman Whose Writings Contain a Wealth of Local History and Genealogy
000860: G. JANSSEN - 1933 - 1944 National Socialist Party of Germany [Nazi] Personal Membership and Dues Book - Mitgliedsbuch Nr. 1495063
0MV159: JEAN DAUSSET - Tls Jean Dausset: French Immunologist - Nobel Prize Winner Who in 1958 Described the Human Leucocytes Antigens System Thereby Enabling the Transplant of Organs and Tissues
0JT54B: JEAN DE LAURENS, SON OF JEROME - 1748 Handwritten Manuscript Legal Document Regarding Employment between the Parties
0001001: JEANETTE NOLAN, BERT MACKAY - 1961 Typed Letter Signed Employment Agreement Relating to "the Man Who Shot Liberty Valance"
0001140: GRACE E. JEFFERS - 1917 - 1918 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Personable But Perhaps Unsuited Student at a Strict Catholic School
0001888: CHARLES W. JEWELL - 1878 and 1884 Original Group of Two [2] Diaries Handwritten by a Young Vermont Man Trying His Hand at Mining and Hoping to Not End Up Ambushed by Indians Like His Father
0001766: SARAH HART PHELPS JEWETT - 1872 + 1911 Original, Unique Cross Century Pair [2] of Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by the Wife of New York City Publisher and Cross Gender Juvenile Author Hannah Warner
0008113: JOYCE JILLSON - 1970s - 1980s Original Group of Manuscript Notebooks [3] Handwritten by a World Famous Syndicated Columnist and Astrolger and Perhaps the Person Responsible for the Movie 'Star Wars' Success
0001990: JIM DICKINSON, RDSN - 1961 Original Super 'Below Decks' Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Radio Operator Aboard the Storied Uss Shangri la on Its Shakedown Cruise Prior to Service in Vietnam
000011b: A YOUNG VICTORIAN GIRL - JO - Rare West to East to West Coast Travel Diary by Jo and Her Three Sisters
0001081: JOAN CRAWFORD [LUCILLE FAY LESUEUR] - 1964 - 1974 Archive of Typed Letters Signed [Tls] on Personal Stationery to a Devoted Canadian Fan
0002058: JOE - 1944 - 1945 Original Archive of Manuscript Letters [18] Handwritten by a Real American 'Joe' Working His Way from Training at the Us Naval Base at Sampson New York to Subic Bay in the South Pacific to His Darling 'Honey'
0008067: ANDRE BERNE-JOFFROY - 1950s Original Manuscript and Typed Notes of One of France's Foremost Mid-20th Century Art Critics
000594: JOHN H. LIPPERT - 1867 Handwritten CIVIL War Era Manuscript Letter Referencing the Confederacy, Reconstruction, Stump Speeches
000619: JOHN WHEELER, INSTRUCTOR - 1820 Handwritten Manuscript School Accounting Detailing Tuitions Paid
000753: JOHN G. HASKELL - 1854 & 1855 Handwritten Manuscript Letters by Famed Kansas Architect, CIVIL War Officer and Chief Quartermaster of the Army of the Frontier and Almunus of Brown University
000829: JOHN - 1862 Handwritten CIVIL War Manuscript Letter by an Eyewitness and Combatant in the Battle of Washington
000849: JENNAVEVE JOHN [HOWLEY LATER] - 1910 - 1930 Archive of 4 Handwritten Manuscript Diaries and One [1] Journal of a Young Arizona Girl Growing Up Just Prior to the Start of World War I
000905: JOHN JOSEPH COIRON - 1812 Handwritten Manuscript Letter by Georgia Sugar Plantation Owner Moving to Louisiana to His Famed Business Partner Samuel Coates of Philadelphia
0001197: JOHN S. MANN - 1853 Original Manuscript Letter Signed [Als] by Noted Quaker and Stationmaster of the Coudersport Pa Underground Railroad
0001650: JOHN GAILBREATH - 1763 Original Colonial America Manuscript Landlord Tenant Agreement with Surprising Terms of Tenancy
000869: JOHN STRACHAN, 1ST BISHOP OF TORONTO - 1866 Handwritten Autograph Letter Signed by Famed Bishop, Hero of the War of 1812 and Prominent Leader of Pioneer Toronto - Church Versus State Content to the Anglican Bishop of Montreal
000718: JOHN SARTAIN - 1890 Handwritten Manuscript Als by Famed Artist/Engraver Regarding the Renowned Poet Bayard Taylor
0001628: JOHN F.P. TATE, 14TH BATTERY C.F.A. - 1915 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Young, Charming, Personable Toronto Man Preparing to Travel Overseas and Fight the Huns
0002183: JOHN SIMPSON, FIRST MATE - 1896 Original, Superbly Detailed Merchant Ship's Log of a Voyage from England to India and Then to Hamburg Germany Four Years After Its Launching and Nine Years from Its Destruction
0009145: JOHN D. INGRAHAM, JR. - 1863 + 1873 Original Handwritten Manuscript Logbook of One Man’S Life Aboard Two Different New England Schooners, the ‘Frederick Hall’ and the ‘Henrietta’ with Detailed Entries of Cargo Lists, Shipping Costs, and Daily Onboard Observations
0009005: JOHN BRUEN, SNR. - Archive of Twelve [12] Original Manuscript Letters to and from John Bruen, Grandson of an Escaped Slave, and Honored Chronicler of the Struggle for Black CIVIL Rights in 1960s America.
0002291: JOHN B. TOULMIN - 1846 Original Manuscript Letters [2] Handwritten by One of Alabama's Leading Cotton Factors and Why Cotton Was Indeed King in Mobile
0002588: JOHN JENKINS TO COL. JOHN JENKINS - 1802 Original Significant Manuscript Relic of Early Pennsylvania Politics and Politicking in Washington City by One John Jenkins to His Renowned Relative Colonel John Jenkins Back Home in Luzerne County
0001965: JOHN HARLAN JASON, AOM2C - 1942 - 1945 Original Manuscript Diary and Scrapbook Compiled and Handwritten by a Fun, Personable Aviation Ordnance Man
0009024: JOHN RING, ROYAL MARINE - 1914 - 1918 Ww1 Original Handwritten Journal of a Royal Marine Stationed and Patrolling in the Middle East and East Indies, Containing Both Detailed and Fascinating Diary Entries of and Comprehensive Lists of Naval Facts and Figures
0001013: JOHN TYLER, J.R. BRADFORD - 1854 Handwritten Manuscript Formal Report on the Shipwreck of the Brig Emily
0001768: JOHN MCDUFFEE - 1784 Original Post Revolutionary Complex Mathematics and Cypher Book Handwritten by Noted Citizen of Rochester New Hampshire
0002405: JOHN B. - 1900 Original Manuscript Letter Detailing a Massive Blaze in Baltimore City
0002374: JOHN WYCH - 1857 Original Ante Bellum Manuscript Letter Handwritten by an Alabama Man in a Financial Predicament from the Loss of His Commercial Property by Fire
0002046: JOHN PRENTISS POE, GEORGE H. STEWART ET AL - 1852 Original Manuscript Legal Document Signed by Local Baltimore Maryland Notables
0002201: JOHN CROWELL, E.A. HAMILTON - 1901 - 1935 Original Group of Eight [8] Original Lighthouse Keeper and Engineer Log Books Compiled and Handwritten at Seal Island Nova Scotia One of the Most Dangerous Maritime Locales on Earth Claiming 217 Ships Since Colonial Times
0001390: GRANT L. JOHNSON - 1919 - 1921 Original Manuscript Relic of Opera and Ballet in Post War Chicago Being the Electrical Department's Handwritten Plot Book
000985: ALFRED C. JOHNSON - 1872 Handwritten Manuscript European Russia Travel Diary, Genealogical Reference of Europe's Royalty and Heads of State and Intimate Look Into the Winder, Johnson and Lawrie Families
0001787: VERNON "RED" JOHNSON - 1946 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Los Angeles Cab Driver and Drunk Who Remarkably Manages Beer, Business and Relationships
0008141: KATHERINE NEARY JOHNSON - 1938 - 1939 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Hard Driving Western New York Woman Trying to Work Her Way out of the Depression
0008170: C.J. JOHNSTONE - 1877 Original Manuscript Travel Diary Titled 'Diary of a German Town' Detailing Three English Jesus College Students Touring Germany in and Around Boppard
000432: P. JOSEPH-ROMAINE JOLY - La Géographie Sacrée Et Les Monuments de L'Histoire Sainte
0009168: JONATHAN IRELAND JR [TO TABITHA ROBBINS, JOSIAH BUMSTEAD, ETC.) - 1787 - 1790 Original Exceptional Manuscript Correspondence Book Kept by a Salem, Massachusetts Blacksmith of the Letters Sent Back and Forth to His Friends Deep in the Throes of Christian Fundamentalism
000713: DELILAH JONES - 1863-1865 Handwritten CIVIL War Archive of Correspondence to Sgt. Peter Leer of the 103rd Regiment Pennsylvania with Details of the Confederate Invasion of Pennsylvania
0001970: ALICE CROSS JONES - 1920 - 1926 Original Global Multi Trip Manuscript Travel Journal and Personal Diary of a Young Wealthy Woman and Bryn Mawr Alumnus
0001827: BISHOP PAUL JONES - 1938 - 1941 Original Pair [2] of Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by a Notorious Episcopal Bishop Who Writes an Intense First Hand Report on the 'Gathering Storm' and His Return to America
000661: ADELL JONES - 1869 + 1873 + 1889 Handwritten Manuscript Diaries of a Young Upstate New York Girl from Childhood to Womanhood
0002350: GOVERNOR THOMAS JONES [?] - 1869 Original Manuscript Notes and Opinion on the Evils of Reconstruction from Montgomery Alabama and Likely Handwritten by the Future Governor of Alabama

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