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0010264: - Letter Ordering Release of a Prisoner from the Bastille Signed by Louis XVI and Pierre Phillippeaux
0010169: - 1828 French Rental Receipt Issued to One Nicholas Cherallu of Malzeville, France
00JT49: M. ABRIAL, MINISTER OF JUSTICE - Archive Lot of Three (3) Legal Bulletins of the French Revolution Dealing Primarily with the Set Up of the "Bourse de Commerce"
0012044: DR. ABSALOM PRIDE KING, DR. A. P. KING - 1857 Physician’S Manuscript Lecture Compelling the Medical Profession to Accept Homeopathy As a Viable Alternative to Allopathic Medicine
0012045: DR. ABSALOM PRIDE KING, DR. A. P. KING - 1856 Physician’S Manuscript Case Study Report on the Clinical Details of a Suspected Extrauterine Conception
0002059: ELI ADMIRE - 1897 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Hard Working, Hard Driving But Sickly Oklahoma Man Who Would One Day Publish a Noted Newspaper Only to End His Own Life in Its Offices
0010148: ALEXANDRE MORAND, FRENCH NOTARY FROM BILLY, FRANCE - 1861 Richly Detailed French Legal Property Contract
0011179: ANDREW JACKSON MUSSELMAN JR. , JACK MUSSELMAN - 1961 Diary and Ephemera of the Honorable Andrew Jackson Musselman Jr, Florida Lawyer, Member of the House of Representatives and Judge
0010266: THE ARCHBISHOP OF THE DIOCESE OF BOURGES, JEAN-JOSEPH MARCHAL - 1887 Pastoral Letter on the Religious Education of Young Children in Bourges, France
0010244: ARCHBISHOP OF BOURGE, ARIE-CHARLES-ISIDORE DE MERCY - 1807 and 1808 Pastoral Letters from Archbishop de Mercy As He Sought to Revitalize the Bourges Diocese
0008003: HERBERT ARSCOTT - C1915 Original Group of Documents Pertaining to the Military Service of a Lance Corporal in the 5th Battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force 2nd Brigade A.K. A "Tuxford's Dandies", Who Was Seriously Wounded, and Spent over a Year at Military Hospita
0010119: MULTIPLE AUTHORS - Collection of the Popular Journal Des Débats French Newspapers
0010109: MULTIPE AUTHORS - Marquess de Auxillon's 1800s Property Tax Documents from Sauveterre, France
0010170: MULTIPLE AUTHORS - Eight Galley Pages of the Les Annales Des Voyages French Geography Journal C 19th Century
0010202: MULTIPE AUTHORS - 1816 Archive of Reference Letters for Applicants for Director of the Necker – Enfants Malades Hospital
0010232: MULTIPE AUTHORS - 19th Century Letter to French University Dean from Staff Requesting Autonomy in Their Roles
0010221: MULTIPLE AUTHORS - 1940s Archive of Ephemera of Yann de Pierrefeu, Prolific Harvard Dropout and Writer
0010118: MULTIPLE AUTHORS - Collection of Three Volumes of the Journal of Maine-Et-Loire Published 1826, France
0010151: MULTIPE AUTHORS - Lovely Collection of Manuscripts from 18th and 19th Century France
0010099: MULTIPE AUTHORS - 1957 Internal Us Navy Documents Transferring a Reserve Commander to Raleigh, North Carolina
0010226: MULTIPLE AUTHORS - 19th and 20th Century Letters Written to French Magazine Publisher, Edouard Hubert
0010107: MULTIPE AUTHORS - 19th Century Collection of French Letters to Paris Nobleman Marquis de Beaumont
0010267: MULTIPE AUTHORS - 20 Years Worth of Personal Correspondence of a 19th Century Upper Class French Woman
0010091: MULTIPE AUTHORS - 27 Letters Spanning 108 Years Related to the Société Des Auteurs Et Compositeurs Dramatiques
0010288: WILLIAM L. AVERITT - 1944-1945 Remarkable Manuscript Diary and Naval Memorabilia Collection of an Indiana Soldier Serving on the Uss Lewis Hancock in the “Pacific Theater of War”
0010051: ALESE AXSON - 1938-1942 Diary of Alese Axson of St. Matthews, South Carolina
0001978: CAPTAIN C.H. BACON - 1905 Original Manuscript Diary of a Hardworking Ships Captain Plying His Ship Up and Down America's East Coast
0010184: DE BAEY - 1765 Legal Manuscript Describing Seigneurial Landholding in Northeast France
0010063: PAOLO BAGLIONI - 1767 Venetian Government Order by the Podestra of Chioza
0010094: BARAZER - 1796 Handwritten French Legal Contract About Real Estate Transactions
0010175: DOUGLAS B BEATTIE - 1932 Lighthearted Depression-Era Customer Service Letter to by a Grocery Chain Secretary
000457: BEATTY, JOHN WESLEY, JR. - Archive Lot of Us Navy Documents Relative to the Wwi Career of Ensign John Wesley Beatty Jr. Son of Famed Scalp Level Tradition Artist and Carnegie Director Emeritus
0010069: 2ND LIEUTENANT MELVIN BECKER - 1945 Us Military Furlough Order from the 327th Infantry Regiment
0010138: BELIZE, A FRENCH LAWYER - 1789 French Lawyer’S Letter Demonstrating Legal Arguments About Commercial Transactions
0012039: EUGENE S. BERRY - 1885 Successful Victor, New York Entrepreneur’S Manuscript Letter Filled with Urgent Business Matters
0010088: JENNY BOUPELLIER AND JEAN BEY - 1830s Collection of 13 Letters from a Close Friend in Southern France
0010286: J. L. BIGELOW - 1916 in-Depth Legal Notes by Harvard Law Student and Practicing Massachusetts Lawyer
0011039: JOHN BOGGS - 1989-1990 Handwritten Diary of a Self-Aware, Articulate, Profane, Sarcastic College Student, Coping with Roommates, Lovers and Coming-of-Age in the 20th Century America
0010122: MESSIEURS MERCIER AND JACQUEMET OF BOURGES. - 1702 French Death Notice Connected to French Nobility and the Case of Marguerite Mercier
0012030: ELIZABETH CALAWAY - 1936-1940 Pennsylvania Diary Highlighting the Immense Burden and Resilience of Middle Aged Womanhood and the Power of Community
0010153: F. CARY - 1700s English Letter to a Parisian Physician Seeking a Medical Consult for Two Patients
0010132: JULES CHANUT - 1800s Financial Letter and Receipts of a Well-to-Do Frenchman
0010110: MADAME MAYADE CHAUVELI - 1788 Letter to a Senior Officer Serving Under the 2nd Duke of Broglie
0010239: CONSTANTIN-MARIE-LOUIS-LéON DE BOUTHILLIER-CHAVIGNY - 1814 French Requisition Order for Supplies Following Napoleon’S First Surrender
0010240: CITY BANK OF EAMES, ALLEN & CO - 1858 Ottawa, Illinois Bank Letter Demanding Repayment of Large Sum of Us Dollars
0011120: ABIGAIL (ABBIE) BROWN SHAW COLE - 1859-1869 Diary of an Upper Class Virginia Woman Absorbed in Religion, Culture and Her Social World, Unaware of the Turmoil Brewing Around Her
0012032: FAMILY OF WALTER PETER COLE - 1884-1912 Archive of Family Letters Telling the Story of a Beloved Boy from Lackawanna Who Becomes a Husband, Father and Employee
0010275: ANTOINE-ATHANASE ROYER-COLLARD - 1819 Medical Letter from “Lunatic Asylum” Maison Royale de Charenton Stating a Criminal Is Unfit to Attend Court
0010101: ROYAL INSURANCE COMPANY - 1941 War Damage Act Insurance Documents Related to the Blitz Bombings
0010256: NATIONAL CONVENTION - 1793 Governmental Decree About Processes for Divorce in France
0010219: CREPIN - 1862 French Manuscript Agreement for Sale of a Vineyard in Nancy, France
0010080: MONSIEUR LE CURE - 1800s Handwritten Catholic Sermon for the Third Sunday of Lent
000933: ARNOLD DAGHANI - 1966 Original Hand Drawn Postcard with Handwritten Manuscript Note to Dear Elsie
0010068: DANISH VICE-CONSUL, PIERRE JEAN VANBOUGWERSS - Beautiful Pre-Revolutionary 1777 French Diplomatic Correspondence
0011162: ROSALIE EVELYN CLEEK DAVIDSON - 1928-1933 Fabulous, Detailed Diary of a Ucla Musician and Sorority Girl Turned Teacher and Wife Who Succeeds Amidst the Tumult of the Great Depression
0010085: DELISLELYS - 1800s Handwritten French Promissory Note and Letter from Vimoutiers
0010254: MONSIEUR DESCHAUD - 1822 Receipt for Taxes Paid to the City of Bourges, France
0010145: DU DESTRE - 1694 French Estate Labourers’ Names and Wages, Signed by One Du Destre
0010067: THE DIRECTORY - 1801 Post-War French Republic Legal Bulletin
0010100: COMMANDANT OF THE US NAVY’S SIXTH DISTRICT - 1957 Us Navy Correspondence About Naval Reserve Officer’S Deficient Request
0010124: DOMINIQUE JOSEPH GARAT, MINISTER OF THE INTERIOR & GASPARD MONGE, MINISTER OF THE NAVY - Incredible 1792 Minutes of the First Convention of the French Republic Following the French Revolution
0011119: GORDON WESTOVER DOOLITTLE - 1913 Diary of a Lovestruck, Flawed University of Toronto Student, Son of Prominent Canadian, Dr. Perry Ernest Doolittle
0010206: DORMAS - 1800s Letter to Aristocrat and Vaccine Proponent About a Job at Hospital of St. Pierre
0011160: HAROLD EDMUND (EDWIN) DRAKE - 1918-1919 Diary of an Intelligent, Witty Us Army Medic Exploring France While Stationed in Rumaucourt As the War Drew to Its Close
0010044: EARLE SUMNER DRAPER - 1914 Diary by Earle Sumner Draper, Who Coined the Term Urban Sprawl
0010117: DUBRELLE - 1738 French Note Related to Legal Issues in Bourges, France
0010218: DOCTOR DUFOUR - 1809 Proposal from a French Physician to the Ministry of Finance Requesting Funding
0010229: DUPOUR - 1848 Delightful Letter from Teacher to Student in Vanves, France
0010212: H. L. EAMES - 1861 H.L. Eames Letter Requesting Payment for Outstanding Loan
0012004: MABEL LAVINIA EARLE - 1884-1961 Incredible Massachusetts, New England Birthday Scrapbook and Journal: Almost 80 Years of Genealogical and Historical Data
0011069: EVA MAE BENDER EATON - 1949 Diary of a Stoic Liverpool, New York Widow and Woman of Faith, Making Ends Meet by Keeping the Homes of Others
0011105: HENRY CLAYTON ELIASON - 1918 Manuscript Diary of a Baltimore Man in the Us Navy’S 54th Aviation Company, Sailing to, and Serving in, Paulliac, France As the War Drew to an Close
0010313: ALBERT EDWARD ELLIS - 1929-1934 Archive of a Depression-Era Beat Cop’S Log Books and Ephemera Documenting His Patrols of Downtown Boston
0010314: ERIC D. FORSBERGH, WITOLD L. KLAWE, ENRIQUE L. DIAZ AND CUTHBERT M. LOVE - 1966 Fascinating Marine Biology Scientific Logbook and Reports of a Research Team on the Pacific Ocean Completing a Multi-Year Oceanography Study
0010149: M. DE EROVOC - 1773 Land Transfer Manuscript Connecting the Duchy of Lorges to Captain of the Scots Guard
0010135: FRENCH CONSEIL D’ETAT - 1809 French Urban Planning Letter from the Conseil D’Etat About Public Transportation
0011016: EZRA SKOW, CO. I, 56TH REGIMENT INFANTRY - 1919 Diary of American Soldier from the 56th Infantry, Ezra Skow, Stationed in Occupied Germany Following Wwi, Describing the Duties and Daily Life of a Us Soldier
0010290: SPEAR FAMILY - 1930 Photograph Album and Extensive Handwritten Commentary of the Spear Family’S Incredible Road Trip Across the United States of America and Niagara Falls, Canada
0010195: RAYMOND FAMILY - 1823 French Property Disbursement Manuscript Relating to the Raymond Family
0010257: PIERRE FERAY - 1832 Letter from French Shipowner Involved in the Slave Trade
0012041: E. W. FISK, NURSERYMAN - 1901 Fascinating Human Resources Job Offer Letter to a Salesman from the Company’S Owner
0001108: ETHEL FISKE - Rare 1899-1903 Diary and Scrapbooks by Student of Mathilde Marchesi
0012042: FLORA - 1940 Highly Relatable Letter from a Friend Who Just Could Not Make It to the Hospital for a Visit and Feels Just Terrible
0012040: FRIENDS OF ELMER ROLAND FRANCIS - 1920s Pair of Letters, One Angry and One Joyful, Written to a Pennsylvania Boy in Quantico and Then Back Home in Birdsboro
0010186: FREDERIC ALFRED PIERRE, COUNT OF FALLOUX. FREDERIC ALFRED PIERRE, COUNT OF FALLOUX. COUNT FREDERIC ALFRED PIERRE, COUNT OF FALLOUX - 1858 Outstanding, Detailed Letter from the Accomplished Count of Falloux Describing a Trip with Napoleon II
0010071: GASPARD MONGE, GEORGES DANTON - 1792 Post-Revolutionary French Property Seizure of Emigres Legal Document
0010147: GERMAIN PIERRE BLANCHEBARBE, THE LORD OF GRANDBOURGONE - 1756 Financial Document Connecting Prominent French Nobility with the the Father of the American Revolution
0010162: FRENCH GOVERNMENT - 1800 Post-Revolutionary Financial Legislative Bulletin About Taxation and Tax Rebates
0010127: FRENCH GOVERNMENT - 1792 French Naval Decree to Pay Officers’ Allowances
0010251: REVOLUTIONARY GOVERNMENT - 1793 French Revolutionary Legal Bulletin (Bulletin de Lois) Early in the Reign of Terror Changing Five Government Laws and Regulations
0010250: FRENCH GOVERNMENT - 1794 Incredible French Army Requisition Document Exposing Preparation for the French Revolutionary Army
0010126: FRENCH GOVERNMENT - 1793 Order for Compensation for Families of Soldiers Lost in the Champs de Mars Massacre
0010160: FRENCH GOVERNMENT - Fascinating Collection of Three 1856 French News Bullietins, Moniteur Des Communes, with Focus on the Crimea War
0010252: F. GOY - 1816 Tax Arrears Warning Demonstrating Bureaucracy Following the French Revolution
0011054: GEORGE GRANGER - 1943-47 Rural Alberta Labourer and Film Buff Discussing Work, Life, the War, and Many, Many Movies
0010208: DR. GUESENT - 1818 Dr. Guesent’S Letter to Comte de Montmorency Requesting a Vacant Position at the Children’S Hospital
0010223: DR. HANQUENT - 1815 Necker Hospital Medical Discharge Manuscript Note from Dr. Hanquent
0012043: DR. CHARLES J. HASTINGS - 1919 Public Health Vaccination Certificate During Mandatory Student Smallpox Vaccine Effort
0010129: M. F. HODGE - 1929 Interesting Letter About a British Politician and World War Two Army Major
0012038: THOMAS HOOD - 1893 Handwritten Transcription of Thomas Hood’S Romantic “Sonnet for the 14th of February”
0010171: MR. H. L HOWLAND - 1901 Cover Letter by a Dissatisfied Employee of a Wholesaler of Anheuser Busch Seeking New Work
0011173: ETHAN ALLEN JONES II - 1865 Academic and Personal Journal of a Teenage Student of Maryland’S Charlotte Hall Military Academy
0011056: THE BOLDREY FAMILY OF INDIANA - 1890s Delightful Indiana Child’S Autograph Book Absolutely Brimming with Loving Messages, Poems and Phrases
0010113: JACQUES-MARIE ANTOINE CéLESTIN DUPONT, THE CARDINAL ARCHBISHOP OF THE DIOCESE OF BOURGES, FRANCE - 1849 Pastoral Letter from the Roman Catholic Cardinal Archbishop of Bourges, France
0010150: JAN D’ALENCON, SIEUR DES ESSARTS - 1711 Legal Declaration with Possible Connection to the Seigneury of Des Essarts
0010105: GERMAIN AND JAROIN - Gorgeous 17th Century Ephemera Displaying Ronde Script
0010176: H. M. JOHNSTON, THE VICE-PRESIDENT, TREASURER AND GENERAL MANAGER OF THE LAKE ERIE, FRANKLIN, AND CLARION RAILROAD - American Wartime Corporate Financial Letters for the Lake Erie, Franklin, and Clarion Railroad
0010173: CAMILLE JORDAN - 1819 Copy of a Letter from Camille Jordan, French Revolutionary Government Official
0011035: MYRA L. JORDAN - 1929 Handwritten Diary of an Elderly, Depression-Era Woman of Some Means Living in Poughkeepsie, Ny
0010235: JOSEPH DE PESQUIDOUX, THE GASCON VIRGIL - 1893 Personal Note from French Author, Joseph de Pesquidoux, Son of Countess Olga
0012033: HENRY F. ADAMS AND PAUL KADAK - 1915 Business Ephemera Archive Exploring the Process of Opening a Business in Copartnership in Scranton, Pennsylvania
0010284: BERTHA ANNA KING - 1905 Composition Book of a Descendant of Oregon’S Nahum King, Detailing Experiences at the Lewis and Clark Fair, Great California Earthquake
0010299: ALBERT E. KINGSLEY JR. - 1920-1928 Diaries of Boston University Superintendent, Describing the University’S Massive Expansion While Maintaining an Active Personal Life in Melrose, Massachusetts
0010103: ETABLISSEMENTS KUHLMANN - World War Two French Letter for Shipment of Military Chemicals
0010097: COLONEL LOUIS II DE LABROUSSE - 1875 Personal French Letters by Cavalry Officer of the Legion of Honour
0010131: FILHIOU DE LACOUR - Two 18th Century French Letters from One Noble Frenchman to Others
0010190: MAITRE LADEN - 1859 French Lawyer’S Letter Imploring a Client to Pay a Retainer
0010047: EVA B. LAMPHERE - Handwritten Rural Vermont World War II Homefront Diary by Eva B. Lamphere
0010225: HENRY LAPAUZE - 1921 Handwritten Thank You Note from Art Critic and Curator, Henry Lapauze
0010182: CONGRESSMAN HENRY LARCADE JR. - 1949 Letter from Louisiana Us Congressman About the Fair Labor Standards Act
0010205: MONSIEUR DE LAVAL - 1816 Pair of Letters to the Duc de Montmorency-Laval About a Job
001025: MONSIEUR DE LAVAL - 1816 Pair of Letters to the Duc de Montmorency-Laval About a Job
0010090: UNKNOWN ROYAL COURT LAWYERS - 1834 Analysis of Legal Judgement Against Swedish Nobility in France
0010046: ETHEL LEBER - Handwritten Depression-Era Vermont Diary by Ethel Leber
0010233: MADAME MARIE LOUISE LEJARD - 1924 Woman’S Formal Legal Request for Divorce from Husband, Including Details of Challenges in the Marriage
000403: LIGHTFOOT, JOHN (JOANNIS LIGHTFOOTI) - Opera Omnia "Duobus Voluminibus Comprehensa, Quorum Syllabus Pagina Post Vitam Authoribus Ultima Exhibetur" the First Christian Scholar to Call Attention to the Importance of the Talmud
0011040: MARY LIPSHULTZ - 1933 Diary of a Young Los Angeles, California Women Coming of Age During the Great Depression
0011038: WILLIAM G. LITTELL - 1859 and 1860 Handwritten Diaries of a Young, Rural American Methodist Preacher, Preaching in the Wiltshire Circuit and a Kansas Circuit Prior to the CIVIL War
0011137: CHARLES B. LITZ - 1943-1944 Diary of a Drafted Seabees Serviceman from Pennsylvania Who Served in Port Hueneme and Fiji While Recording Daily Routines and Significant Moments of War
0011139: CHARLES B. LITZ - 1943-1944 Diary of a Drafted Seabees Serviceman from Pennsylvania Who Served in Port Hueneme and Fiji While Recording Daily Routines and Significant Moments of War
0010123: LOUIS-JéRôME GOHIER, THE PRESIDENT OF THE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL AND MINISTER OF JUSTICE - 1793 Decree of the National Convention of France Addressing Emigres of the French Revolution
0010194: LOUIS CéSAR RENAUD, VISCOUNT OF CHOISEUL - 1765 Military Leave Certificate for a Captain in the Poitou (Saint Mauris) Regiment
0010293: BARBOUR WALKER LYNDON - 1930s Unpublished Manuscript of a Novel by Barbour Walker Lyndon, High Profile, Female, New York Advertising Exec and Bernard College Alum
0010045: ELEANOR L MACRAE - 1940s Pair of Diaries Handwritten by a Wealthy Toronto Area Woman
0010092: ARCHBISHOP JEAN-JOSEPH MARCHAL - 1880s Pastoral Letters from Archbishop Jean-Joseph Marchal of the French Diocese of Bourges
0010224: PIERRE MARCILHACY - 1960 Letter from French Legal Giant Pierre Marcilhacy to Parisian Lawyer and Author, Yves-Frederic Jaffre
0010141: ANTOINE MARECHAL - 1800 Personal Loan Document between Landlord and Tenant in Pas de Calais, France
0010296: MARQUIS DE FALLETANS [SOMETIMES FALETANS], GARNIER DE FALLETANS - C. 1800-1845 Archive of Legal Documents About the Court Case Fought between the Garnier de Falletans and Marquis de Falletans Families over Use of the Falletans Name
0011168: HELEN T. MITCHELL MARUSKA - 1928 Diary of a Michigan Teacher on the Trip of a Lifetime, Cruising Through Europe, Grand Tour-Style
0012037: AUNT MARY - 1945 Gossipy World War II Homefront Letter to a Soldier Stationed in France from His Opinionated Aunt Two Days Before Japan Surrenders
0011053: ELIZA J. WEBSTER MASON - 1913 Wanamaker Diary of a Spunky Elderly Brooklyn Woman Who Travels Nyc, Loves to Read and Socializes Constantly
0011043: CHIEF ENGINEERS AND SHIP MASTERS - 1938 Incredible Engineering Log Books of Three Merchant Vessels Sunk in World War Two by the Chief Italian Engineer: M.N. Cellina, M.N. Fella, and M.N. Rialto, Includes Deck Logs and Mechanical Engineering Logs
0008213: A. E. WALLACE MAURER - 1945 - 1946 Original Wwii Era Manuscript Letters Handwritten by a Winnipeg Canada Native Who Would Go on to Be One of America's Most Noted Experts in 18th Century Literature
0010134: MAXIMILIAN ROBESPIERRE, JEAN DALBARADE, LOUIS-JEROME GOHIER - 1793 Official Order to Suppress the French Navy During the Reign of Terror
0010289: W. W. MCLESTER - 1842 Alabama Slave Contract Referencing the Potential Sale of a Black Woman and Her Child in Talladega County
0010049: CHARLES L. MERRICK - 1925 Diary of Charles L. Merrick, Whose Family Farming Legacy Dates Back to 1714
0010048: DORIS CUTHBERT METZLER - Original 1960s-1970s Collection of Diaries Handwritten by Doris Cuthbert Metzler of Michigan
0010022: OTIS ALONZO MILLER - 1930-1931 Original Manuscript Diary Chronicling the Final Year of a Professor, Artist, and Possible Land Developer in the American South
0010180: MINI FROM MONAH, UTAH - 1870s Letter from a Young American Woman Attending School to Her Parents Back Home
0012031: EDWARD ROCCO (E. R. ) MONTAGNA - 1939 Diary of an Italian Immigrant and Musician Living in Unbearable Poverty Amidst a Toxic Marriage and Culture Clashes in Pennsylvania
DMW001: CHRISTOPHER MORLEY - C1930s-50s Compact Christopher Morley Archive and Library: One Tls, One Clipping and 5 Collectible Volumes
0010220: DR. MOULET - 1792 Fascinating Letter from Dr. Moulet to Medical College Demanding Tax Benefits
0009137: ROLAND W. MYERS - 1948 - 1949 Original Handwritten Diary by an Attentive But Homesick United States Air Force Pilot, Brought over to Japan to Assist in the Administration of the Post-World War Two American Occupation of Japan
0010204: CADET DE NAUX - 19th Century French Author’S Document Draft with Many Corrections and Cross-Outs
0010282: C. MAUDE NEWCOMB - 1877 Paris Travel Diary of Maine Teen Who Would Later Become a Member of the Thursday Club
0010163: FRENCH NOTARY - Collection of 1800s Financial Receipts and Letters of a Rich Frenchman Who Loaned Money in the Cote D’or Region
0010304: T.D. NOWLIN - 1854 Composition Book by a Direct Descendent of Iowa Pioneer Hardin Nowlin, a Wise 16-Year-Old Who Was Ahead-of-His-Time and Died at Age 17
0010158: L’ARMEE DES COTES DE L’OCEAN - 1800s Conge Absolut Certificate from L’Armee Des Cotes de L’Ocean
0010165: FRENCH ARMY OFFICERS - Beautiful 1793 Military Certificate of Good Conduct for Soldier of the First Battalion in the Army of the Alps
0012035: FRIENDS OF EULALIE PIATT OGDEN - 1908 Small Archive of Letters to Prominent Female Lawyer, Wellesley College Graduate, and Wife of Murdered Attorney General of Wyoming County, Pennsylvania
0010200: MONSIEUR PALLAN - 1806 French Letter from Middle Class Gentleman to a Local Physician on Financial Matters
0012003: RUTH M. PAU (RUTH MUI-KANG HSIA) - 1930-1931 Diary of an ILL-Fated Chinese Educator and Newlywed, Educated in America, Settling Down in Shanghai to Support Her Husband’S Career and Have a Child
0010262: PERRIGUY - 1868 Letter to French Minister of the Interior Promoting a Candidate for Appointment to the Prefect’S Committee
0010277: UNKNOWN PHYSICIAN - 19th Century French Physician’S Notes on Remedies and Cures for Ailments of the Elderly
0010155: UNNAMED PHYSICIAN - 1785 Exceptionally Detailed French Physician’S Report About a Female Patient
0010311: DORA J. BRADBURY PINKHAM - 1910-1914 Diary of a Remarkable Mount Holyoke and Columbia Graduate Who Would Make History As Maine’S First Female State Legislator and Senator
0010201: MONSIEUR DE LA PLACY - 1819 French Noble’S Letter Pleading with a Vicomte to Hire a Friend at St. Anthony’S Hospital
0010185: LAWRENCE DE PLOESQUELLEC - 1741 French Bill of Goods and Payment Schedule Manuscript
0010120: ADMINISTRATION DE LA PREVOYANCE - 1863 Letter from Post-Revolutionary French Insurance Society to a Notary in Eperay
0012046: REG POWELL, HARRY SHALSON - 1934 British Theatrical Script Connected to a Losing Artistic Censorship Court Case Brought by the Lord Chamberlain
0010106: REGNAULT - 1668 French CIVIL Law Document About an Army Captain’S Marriage
0010246: HIRAM ROBERTS - 1842 Receipt for Services from Law Firm Nicholson & Ormsbee
0010297: ARTHUR H. A. ROBINSON - 1856-1931 Outstanding Archive of Diaries and Mementos, Following Three Generations of the Notable Robinson Family of Peterborough and Haileybury, Ontario
0011100: LENA J. (EBBLIE) ROBINSON - 1934-1938 Depression-Era Diary of a Childless, Middle Aged Woman Keeping House in Small-Town New York
0011042: JAMES ROGER - 1895-1915 Handwritten Diaries Chronicling Scotland to Usa Immigration and the Subsequent Daily Life of a Politically and Religiously Involved Immigrant in New Hampshire, Usa
0010291: ISAAC BALDWIN & CAPTAIN EDWARD ROGERS - 1779 Letter between Prominent Members of the American Revolutionary Army Conveying Desperation and Plan for Support Following Tyron’S Raid on Connecticut
0010073: CONSEIL D’ETAT DU ROI - 1786 Decree Issued by King Louis XVI's Council of State
0010191: EUSèBE DE SALLE - Eusèbe de Salle 19th Century Medical Research Manuscript
0010298: MARY SAMPLE - 1929-1933 Heartrending Journal of a Pennsylvania Woman Suffering the Impacts of a Failed Marriage During the Great Depression
0010189: KING CHARLES ALBERT OF SARDINIA - Royal Decree by King Charles Albert of Sardinia in the Months Before He Was Forced to Abdicate the Throne
0010174: ROYAL OFFICE OF ACCOUNTS OF THE KINGDOM OF SAVOY - 1834 Decree of King Charles Albert of the Kingdom of Sardinia Hinting at Plans for Liberalizing the Kingdom
0010320: HARRY SILVERMAN - 1943-1944 Diaries of a Bold, Free-Spirited Jewish American Soldier Who Spends More Time Loving the Ladies Than Fighting in Wwii
000129: RUBERTA SMITH - 1913 Through 1917 Handwritten 5 Year Line a Day Diary of a Charming New Hampshire Girl
0011152: CASSANDRA SWASEY STEVENS - 1882-1885 Diary of a Rural New Hampshire Matriarch Richly Detailing Daily Life in Belknap County
0012036: FRED G. STICKEL JR. - 1907 Lighthearted Letter by New York University Law Student Who Would Go Have an Illustrious Legal Career in Newark, New Jersey
0008093: TAYLOR, BRAWN & FLOOD - 1900 Super, Original Manuscript Recipe Book Compiled by a Noted 200 Year Old Now Defunct British Chemist Firm Specializing in Cordials and Spirits and American Style Soda Pop
0010164: THERIOUX - 1806 Certificate of Positive Financial Standing for a Mortgage Applicant in Lille, France
0010292: R.A THOMSON - 1928 to 1962 Archive of Diaries of a White Collar London Man Who Is a Member of the Ancient Order of Foresters
0010130: WA THORBURN - 1965 Letter from the Scottish United Services Museum About a War of 1812 Relic
0010303: GEORGE W. TIBBITS - 1896-1907 Manuscript Diaries of a Dedicated Farmer Spending His Golden Years Tending to His Land and Animals in Rural New York
0010317: JOHN ERNST TIEDEMAN - 1914-1915 Sensational Firsthand Account of the Geopolitics of the Construction of the Panama Canal by the Only Reporter with Access to the Key Players
0011125: ISADORE SHELDON TUCKER - 1912 Manuscript Diary of University of Nebraska Sorority Girl from a Prominent, Entrepreneurial Nehawka Family
0010280: J. STANDLEY TWELLS - 1800s New Jersey Shipping Agent and Captain’S Diary and Ledger Naming Vessels, Locals and Global Ports
0011128: UKNOWN HORSEMAN, HUNTER AND HORSE RACING FAN - 1911-1915 Simple Journals of an Avid Horseman and Hunter from Baltimore, Listing His Horses and Hunting Seasons
000095: UNIDENTIFIED - 1896 - 1897 Handwritten Manuscript Diary, History and Weather Log of Florence's Grandpa
0009192: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1939 - 1941 Original Manuscript Homefront Diary Handwritten by a Young Southwestern Ontario Girl-Next-Door Detailing a Life of Bake Sales, Cutting Hay and the Very Occasional Brutal Murder
0010137: UNKNOWN - 18th Century French Language Personal Note to Family
0010133: UNKNOWN - 1806 Beautiful Solvency Declaration Certificate for a French Woman
0011071A: UNKNOWN - 1854 Diary of a New Yorker Who Collected Life Lessons and Wrote Simply of Life in 19th Century Nyc
0010207: UNKNOWN - 1793 Reference Letter for a Foreign-Trained Doctor Seeking Work in France
0010188: UNKNOWN - 1773 French Financial Documents Pertaining to Personal Loans of a Man and Wife
0010245: UNKNOWN - 1864 Official German to French Translation Stating the Count of Faletans Can Reside in Munich
0011036: UNKNOWN - 1894 Handwritten Transcribed Manuscript of Tom Taylor's "Plot and Passion", a 19th Century Detective Play
0010196: UNKNOWN - French Revolutionary Legal Manuscript Regarding a Large Sum of Money
0010154: UNKNOWN - Manuscript Highlighting Achievements of France’S Great Pharmacist, Pierre-Irenee Jacob
0010192: UNKNOWN - 1713 French Financial Manuscript, Likely a Marriage Agreement
0010078: UNKNOWN - 1928 Paris, France Post Office Telegraph Notice
0010076: UNKNOWN - High Value 1905 Money Order Receipt from Vieux Marche, France
0010104: UNKNOWN - Elaborate, Handwritten French Letter from a Catholic Bishop to His Boss
0011037: UNKNOWN - 1958-59 Cold War-Era American Railroad Engineer Handwritten Diary Detailing Successful Post-War Usa, While Reflecting on Global Events Like the Berlin Crisis
0010231: UNKNOWN - 1778 French Land Plan Including Sketch and Reference Material
0010255: UNKNOWN - 1929 Depression-Era Small Business Sale Agreement for French Chairmaking Business
0010136: UNKNOWN - 1898 Commercial Promissory Note for 237 Francs Worth of Goods
0010111: UNKNOWN - 1798 Letter to the French Minister of War, Referencing the 22nd Military Division
0011149A: UNKNOWN - 1882 Diary of a Mystery New Hampshire Farmer’S Wife Who Embodies the Concept of Women’S Invisible Labour
0010248: UNKNOWN - 18th Century Detailed List of Workers in St. Just, France
0011051: UNKNOWN - C1960s Report on the Impact of Austria’S Singing of the 1955 State Treaty on Their Armed Forces
0010287: UNKNOWN - World War One-Era Photo Album Depicting an American Family and Military Scenes
0010236: UNKNOWN - 1626 Stunning French Manuscript Document, Likely a Contract
0010237: UNKNOWN - 1881 French Manuscript Thank You Note for Tributes to Deceased Mother
0010077: UNKNOWN - 1924 French Money Order from Nice, France
0010087: UNKNOWN - 1777 Legal Registry Document About French Nobility Real Estate
0010102: UNKNOWN - 1921 Post-War Certificate of Birth Details for Parisian Serviceman
0010043: UNKNOWN - Handwritten 1941 Diary of a Wife and Mother in Pre-Wwii California
0010283: UNKNOWN - 1920s Emory University Handwritten Catalog of Birds of North America in Ornithologist Shorthand
0010295: UNKNOWN - 1765 Incredible Handwritten Legal Pleading in a Lawsuit between Benedict Arnold, Benjamin Franklin’S Nephew, and a Notable Surety
0010139: UNKNOWN - Post-Revolutionary Letter Promoting Employee Support for Revolutionary Government
0010234: UNKNOWN - 1930 Polite French Correspondence Expressing the Norms of Social Interactions
0011086: UNKNOWN - 1909-1916 Charming French Diary of a Religious, Romantic Young Woman in Quebec’S Eastern Townships
0010089: UNKNOWN - 1696 Gorgeous, Detailed Manuscript Referencing the Seigneur de Valon
0010263: UNKNOWN - 1929 Handwritten Note to French Government Official
0010168: UNKNOWN - 1806 Receipt for Large Tax Payment in la Rochelle, France
0010210: UNKNOWN - 1850 Catholic Christmas Sermon Manuscript in Beautiful Script
0010199: UNKNOWN - 1816 Fascinating Reference Letter for a French Physician Who Aims to Work at Enfants Malades Hopital
0010042: UNKNOWN - 1906 Original Travel Diary of a Young Englishwoman
0010159: UNKNOWN, MULTIPLE SIGNATURES - Stunning 1582 Secretary Script Middle French Financial Document Mentioning Jacques Bellot
0010086: UNKNOWN - 1792 French Revolutionary Order of Estate Forfeiture After Mass Emigration
0010227: UNKNOWN - 1826 Disputed Inheritance Legal Document Connected to French Nobility
0010294: UNKNOWN - 1814 Student’S Cipher Book Replete with Cases to Support Mathematical Application in Real World Settings
0011076: UNKNOWN - 1913 Diary of an Upper Class Young New Yorker Who Writes of Her Charmed Life in an Affected Voice
0010187: UNKNOWN - 1748 French Letter Bearing the Seal of the Order of Knights of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem
0010114: UNKNOWN - 1863 Statement of Accounts for a Roman Catholic Diocese of Bourges, France
0010156: UNKNOWN - Lovely 1855 Malzeville, France Legal Agreement for a Plot of Land Near Nancy
0010216: UNKNOWN - 1860 Anti-Love Manuscript Letter, Rejecting the Romantic Advances of a New York Woman
0011077: UNKNOWN - 1929 Teen Girl’S Handwritten Account of an Epic Family Road Trip from Texas Through the Northern States, Washington, Dc and Ontario, Canada
0010081: UNKNOWN - Beautiful 1800s Handwritten French Sermon on Roman Catholic Teachings
0010243: UNKNOWN - 1851 Deeply Detailed French Roman Catholic Lecture on the Subject of Mercy
0010152: UNKNOWN - Early 19th Century Page from a Letter to a Powerful French Statesman
0010214: UNKNOWN - 1856 Probate Court Notice for the Wife of California Pioneer, Grove C. Cook
0010083: UNKNOWN - 1727 Handwritten Legal Note of Noble Navy Officer from the D'Estienne Family
010242: UNKNOWN - 1967 Postcard with Cancelled Supai, United States Post Office Stamp
0010281: UNKNOWN - 1508 Handwritten Contract of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem (Knights Hospitaller) with Coat of Arms
0010064: UNKNOWN - 1801 French White Wine Contract for Trade at la Rochelle Seaport
0010066: UNKNOWN - French Revolution Commerce Document with Defaced Fleur de Lis Seals
0010075: UNKNOWN - 1896 Elegant Death Announcement from Epernay, France
0010285: UNKOWN - 1920s Notes of Evangelical Christian Minister Attending Lectures by Religious Scholars Across America
0012000: 262 ANTEBELLUM SENATORS AND CONGRESSMEN FROM ACROSS THE USA - 1830-1861 Stunning Antebellum Autograph Album Featuring the Signatures of 262 American Senators and Congressmen, Including Many of Impressive Historical Significance
00JT37b: GENERAL GUILLAUME DE VAUDONCOURT - 1835 Original Handwritten Autograph Letter Signed [Als] by Noted General Who Defeated Joachim Murat in the Neapoleonic Wars
0010193: PIERRE VERGNE - 1857 Legal Contract for Sale Drawn by Master Pierre Vergne
0010093: ARCHBISHOP GUILLAUME-AUBIN DE VILLèLE - 1825 Inaugural Pastoral Letter by the New Archbishop of the Diocese of Bourges
0010121: NOTRE DAME DES VOCATIONS - Rules for Students of the Assumptionists’ Notre Dame Des Vocations School in 19th Century France
0010079: GENERAL RAOUL VORUZ - 1939 French Orders to British Troops Including Mandatory Masking
0011052: MARIE WECKESSER - 1900-1901 Diary of a Young, Single and Social Illinois Woman Finding Joy in the Mundane
0010179: JOHN WELLS - 1883 Letter from Rural Ohio Man Suffering Illness and Seeking Neighbourly Support
0011182: GLADYS SMITH WHITE - 1929 Simple Diary of a Newton, Massachusetts Widow and Mother of Adult Children
0010310: ALBERT W. WIGGIN JR. - 1944-1946 Archive of Insightful, Detailed Letters from a Young Army Man Serving in the Pacific Theater in a Time of Rampant Racism and Political Upheaval
0010310A: STUART D. WIGGIN - 1944-1945 New Hampshire Us Naval Officer’S Letters Home, Discussing Army Academics and Comparing German, Italian and British Submarines
0011074: FRIENDS AND FAMILY OF NANCY WITHERELL - 1842-1849 Providence, Rhode Island Lady’S Autograph Album with Stunning Calligraphy and Pastoral Drawings
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