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0008011: UNIDENTIFIED - 1900s Original, Super Interesting Journal of an Unidentified Clockmaker from Massachusetts Accompanied by Drawings, Newspaper Clippings, and Information About Clock and Tool Manufacturing
0009163: UNIDENTIFIED. - 2002 Original Handwritten Journal of an Angry, Passionate Man Railing Against His 1st Wife, His Failed Relationships, and His Miserable Life in Long Diary Entries and Original Poetry
0002418: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1880s - 1906 Original Pair of of English Cookbooks with Recipes from the Victorian Era Through to Edwardian Times
0001878: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1939 - 1943 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Kansas Woman in a 5 Year Diary a Gift for Her 80th Birthday
0009192: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1939 - 1941 Original Manuscript Homefront Diary Handwritten by a Young Southwestern Ontario Gal-Next-Door Detailing a Life of Bake Sales, Cutting Hay and the Very Occasional Brutal Murder
0001966: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1863 Original Two of Three Volumes Latin Discourse: Theologia Dogmatica
0001748: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1917 - 1926 Original Archive of Five [5] Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by a Young Ithaca New York Woman Who Details Her Life of Rural Toil and Creating Art
0001738: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1937 Original Intriguing Depression Era Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a San Francisco Area Woman Who Is Haunted by the Past and Faces Trials and Tribulations in the Present
0001943: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1940s Original Manuscript Log Book of Distinguished Coast Guard Cutter Thetis - Famed for Destroying an Enemy U-Boat in Florida Home Waters
0002396: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1854 Original Naive Manuscript Diary Filled with the Daily Details of Life in East Boston Handwritten by a Elderly Woman Who Still Remembers That Her Father Would Have Been 112 Had He Lived
0002368: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1938 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Great Falls Montana Single Dad Who Works Hard Teaching His Son the Manly Arts of Shooting, Hunting, Treating Skins and Reading Books
0001184: UNIDENTIFIED - 1829 - 1834 Three [3] Original Handwritten Manuscript Ledgers for a Very Busy General Store Typifying the Local Commerce, Economy and Trade of Dover New Hampshire
0008175: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1940s Original, Significant British Wwii Air Search and Rescue Manuscript Diaries [6] Titled 'the Fortunes and Misfortunes of No. 284 Squadron' Handwritten by an English Pilot
0008176: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1947 - 1949 Original, Historical and Significant Manuscript Diary Handwritten by an American Traveler in Post Wwii Spain Under the Harsh, Brutal Rule of Francisco Franco
0001623: UNKNOWN - 1941 - 1942 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Japanese Newsman Detailing the Japanese Perspective of Pearl Harbor, Midway, Guadalcanal, the Eastern Solomon Islands and Much, Much More
0001801: UNKNOWN. - C1780s Original Manuscript Notes on Various Astronomy Topics Handwritten in a Fine Calligraphic Hand
0007016: UNKNOWN - 1920s Original Vernacular Photo Album of the Life and Times in Post World War I Central Mississippi
0009067: UNKNOWN. - 1930 Original Inscribed Cruise Log Book and Journal of a Trip Taken to Northern Europe and the Former Ussr on the Hamburg-American Line Steamer the ‘S.S. Reliance’
0001783: UNKNOWN. - 1945 Original Mini Scrapbook of British Single Engine Warplanes and Monoplanes
0008218: UNKNOWN. - 1941 Very Charming Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by Multiple Members of One California Family Welcoming Adored Baby Mike in His First Year of Life
00MV80: UNKNOWN MULTIPLE AUTOGRAPHS - 1808 Spanish War - Peninsula War Related Multi Handwritten Autograph Signatures Commencing: IL Prefetto E Assistenti, Della Venerabile Congregazione E Compagnia, Del Santissimo Sacramento, Eretta Nella Parrocchia Di Sant'Eulalia Del Quartiere Della Marina
0JT51A: UNKNOWN FRENCH FARMER - 1803 Sixteen (16) Page Register of Expenses for a Large Farm in France
00TP76: UNKNOWN - 18th Century Handwritten Manuscript Recipe for Cleaning Hard Stains from the Collection of Sir Thomas Phillipps
000473: UNKNOWN - 1965-1967 + 1970-1972 Handwritten Manuscript Vintage Ledger Lot [2]
000462: UNKNOWN - 19th Century Handwritten Manuscript Journal Fragment Prison Assessment Inventory of Cells/Convicts
000477: UNKNOWN - 1734 Original Handwritten Manuscript Document: Contract to Borrow Money from a Jewish Moneylender
000140: UNKNOWN - 1865 Store Ledger Fascinating Study of the Economy in CIVIL War Era America
000635: UNKNOWN. - 1544 Via Crucis - Ancient Latin Book - the Twelve Stations of the Cross - Book of the Cruxifiction with Extensive Handwritten Manuscript Notes
000674: UNKNOWN - C. 1800 Handwritten Manuscript Treatise and Notes on Heraldry, Coats of Arm and European Royal Houses Includes a Recipe and Process for Japanese Varnish and Lacquer
00TP128: UNKNOWN - 1754-1763 Complete Accounting Archive and Handwritten Manuscript Audit of the Expenses and Receivables of the Hopital Des Incurables
0001633: UNKNOWN - 1910 Original Manuscript Essay Detailing the Difficulties of Christian Outreach in the Congo Africa
0002337: UNKNOWN. - 1896 Original Manuscript Autobiography of a Young Muslim Man Who Witnesses the Death of His Father at the Hands of the Sultan's Soldiers, His Mother by Robbers and His Subsequent Enslavement As a Gunmaker and Training at America's Winchester Arms Factory
0002120: UNKNOWN. - 1818 Original Manuscript Ship's Log Detailing an Early 19th Century 13,661 Mile Voyage from Rhode Island to Indonesia Back to Sandy Hook
0001508: UNKNOWN - 1849 - 1850 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Rebel and Participant in the Revolution of Baden Detailing His Participation, Arrest, Interrogation and Imprisonment
0002279: UNKNOWN. - 1956 Original Manuscript Notes on the Chess 'Game of the Century' When the 13 Year Old Bobby Fischer Beat International Chess Master Donald Byrne at the Rosenwald Memorial Tournament
00JT25: UNKNOWN - 1606 Superb Document with Gothic Calligraphy Handwritten During the Reign of Henri IV Regarding Armenians Population of Europe Notably the Famed Seyne [Seine] Family
0002280: UNKNOWN. - 1948 Original Manuscript Group of File Cards Detailing the Critical Chess Championships in the Hague Two Years After the Death of Alexander Alekhine
00JT23: UNKNOWN - C1790s Original Handwritten Inventory of Heraldic Titles Relating to Charles Francois Masson, Baron of Longery
0001964: UNKNOWN. - 1928 Original Manuscript Notes and Observations on the Relationship of Geology to Christianity
0001655: UNKNOWN - C1970s Original Chinese Manuscript Homework Book Showing One Student's Efforts to Learn English Giving Insight Into Mao's Educational Agenda
0002553: UNKNOWN. - 1864 Original Group of Six [6] CIVIL War Cdvs Some Photographs Unknown Depicting an Alabama in the Throes of Occupation and a Parade of Recently Freed Slaves Known As Contrabands
0002211: UNKNOWN. - 1647 Original Manuscript Diary Fragment Transcribed C1680s Describing the Means and Methods of the Native American Indians They Observe
0001635: UNKNOWN - 1880 - 1938 Original Handwritten History of the Bobbili Caste Girl's School Founded by Canadian Baptist Missionary Matilda Moore Faulkner Churchill
0001483: UNKNOWN - C1910 - 1920 Original Manuscript Relic of Early Police Work Being a Handwritten Mug Shot Notebook Filled with Murderers, Armed Robbers, Kidnappers and Escaped Felons and Much More
RAB245: UNKNOWN - Bava Kamma [Baba Kama]
RAB275: UNKNOWN - Tzion L'Nefesh Chayah - Mark of a Living Soul
0002285: UNKNOWN. - 1864 - 1865 Original Manuscript Log Book of a Commercial Vessel the 'Schooner Napoleon' Plying It's Trade from the Union North to the Confederate South During the CIVIL War
0002210: UNKNOWN. - 1722 Original Manuscript Titled 'Plans Fondamenteaux' a Hand Drawn and Handwritten Book Detailing the State of the Art Moving and Parading Masses of Armed Soldiers Into and During Battle
0002071: UNKNOWN. - 1950s Original Manuscript Book Detailing 37 Mostly British Church and Cathedral Pipe Organs
0007028: UNKNOWN - 1935 Super, Original Scandinavia Through Russia Manuscript Travel Diary Handwritten by a Keen Eyed, Erudite Brooklynite
000503: UNKNOWN. - 1890s Rare Worldwide Travel Photo Diary Album of 200 Original Photos, Many Hand Coloured
000033b: UNKNOWN. - 1810 to 1827 Original Ledger and Log of the New York Based Ship "the Edward" Spanning the Pre War of 1812 Era to Recommence After the British American War
0001147: UNKNOWN - 1940 Original Manuscript Handwritten World War II Homefront Diary
0001046: UNKNOWN - 1935 - 1939 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of a Hard Working Rancher, Farmer and Plumbing Contractor
0002012: UNKNOWN. - 1942 Original Manuscript Account of a Dangerous Trek between Burma and Assam Undertaken by Allied Forces and the Indian Army Ordnance Corps
0011036: UNKNOWN - 1894 Handwritten Transcribed Manuscript of Tom Taylor's "Plot and Passion", a 19th Century Detective Play
RAB113: UNKNOWN - Milei D'Avos - Words of the Fathers
0001800: UNKNOWN - C1870s - 1880s Charming Original Manuscript Book Handwritten in a Beautiful Calligraphic Hand Detailing 'Ye Marks on China'
0002149: UNKNOWN. - 1944 Original Group of Sub Chaser Logs, Ledgers and Technical Information
0008145: UNKNOWN - 1945 - 1946 Original World War II Manuscript Diary Handwritten by an Insightful, Erudite Scottish Signalman on His Way to and While Serving in Southeast Asia and Japan
RAB115: UNKNOWN - Lekutei Pardas - Gatherings of the Orchard
0009108: UNKNOWN. - 1860 Fascinating, Significant Original Handwritten Document Detailing the Tense and Fraught Mood Only Two Weeks Before the 1860 Presidential Election That Would Be the Catalyst for the Bloodiest War in American History
000828: UNKNOWN - C. 1750 Handwritten Original Italian Medical Manuscript: Epitome Patologie
0011022: UNKNOWN - 1933 Detailed Travel Diary of a Young Woman Cruising the Great Lakes on the Ss Octorara, Making Many Stops Along the Way
0001097: UNKNOWN - 1930 + 1936 Handwritten Manuscript 'Lest We Forget' British Empire Service League Diaries [B.E. S.L. ] by Presumed British Diplomat or Foreign Service Worker
0011003: UNKNOWN - 1885-1904 Diary Chronicling 20 Years in the Life of a Wealthy American Frontier Woman from Teen to Middle Age, Referencing the Panic of 1893, Deaths of Ulysses Grant and Carter Harrison Sr
0001884: UNKNOWN. - C1770 - 1790s Original Manuscript Document of Nantucket's History of Capital Punishment to Some of the Local Indians
0002276: UNKNOWN. - 1928 Original Manuscript Diary Detailing a Summer Spent by an English Woman Teaching and Touring in Paris France
0002232: UNKNOWN. - 1884 - 1920s Original Folio Manuscript Ledger and Journal Detailing the Technical Specifics and Design Elements in the Critical Manufacturing Industry of Building Ferry Boats
0002077: UNKNOWN. - 1905 Charming, Original Manuscript Travel Diary Handwritten by a Young Scottish Woman Departing Leith Scotland to Holland
0002095: UNKNOWN. - 1940s Original Scrapbook and Homage to World War II Era Airplanes and Aviation by an Enthusiastic Fan of All Things Flying
0002085: UNKNOWN. - 1940s Original Manuscript Travel Diary Through the Deserts and Mountains of Nevada and Utah
0002205: UNKNOWN. - 1865 Original 200+ Handwritten Recipes of German - European Cookery from Soups to Savories, Aspic to Wurst
0011037: UNKNOWN - 1958-59 Cold War-Era American Railroad Engineer Handwritten Diary Detailing Successful Post-War Usa, While Reflecting on Global Events Like the Berlin Crisis
0010027: UNKNOWN - 1935 Original Handwritten Diary Recounting the Thoughts and Feelings of a Woman in Rural Oregon Living Through the Great Depression
0008152: UNKNOWN - 1876 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Young Near Philadelphia Woman in the Year of America's Centenary
0008099: UNKNOWN - 1917 Original Manuscript Diary of a Rochester to Chicoutimi Steamship Trip with the Awful Backdrop of Wwi and the Author's Reference to One of Canada's Most Divisive Issues in History
0002083: UNKNOWN. - 1830s Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Japanese Visitor to the Islands of Izu and the Seven Island Chain Et Al in the Early 19th Century
000407: UNKNOWN - 1873 the Saddest Manuscript Handwritten Diary Ever of a Norwich Sherburne New York Woman
0001656: UNKNOWN - C1970s Original Archive of Three [3] Manuscript Handwritten Books Providing Unique Cultural Insight to the People's Cultural Revolution
0002137: UNKNOWN. - 1938 Original Depressing, Depression Era Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Young Woman Doing Her Best to Help the Family's Finances and Dignity But All the While Living Hand to Mouth and Trying to Make Do with Pennies
0001447: UNKNOWN - 1938 Original Manuscript Travel Journal and Activities Diary of Hitler Youth Troop Gefolgschaften 6/59 As They March from Stuttgart to Baden Baden Spreading the Message of the Third Reich
0008114: UNKNOWN - 2008 Fascinating Original Manuscript Notebook and Stream of Conciousness Journal of an African American Stand Up Comic
00JT36: UNKNOWN - 1833 Original Handwritten Autograph Genealogical Precis - Claude de la Monnoye [Monnoie]
0008115: UNKNOWN - 1900 Original French Manuscript of Early 20th Century Education and Knowledge of Electro Mechanical Engineering
0008072: UNKNOWN - 1896 Original Informal Manuscript Log of a Voyage from New Brunswick to Liverpool Hand Written by a Knowledgeable Ship Savvy Passenger
0002023: UNKNOWN. - C1915 Super Scrapbook and Relic of Early 2oth Century War Machines: One Man's Homage to the Marriage of Combustible Engines and World War I Machine Warfare Including a 4 Month Diary of a Famous Motorcycle Racer and Despatch Rider
0001139: UNKNOWN - 1976 & 1982 Manuscript Handwritten Diaries of an Obsessive Compulsive Woman - Two Years of Detailed Notes of a Madwoman
0010012: UNKNOWN - Original Handwritten Manuscript Notebook Offering an Enlightening Documentation of Pediatric Medicine in Early 20th-Century America
0002233: UNKNOWN. - 1897 Original Manuscript Diary of a Three and a Half Month Voyage from New York City to the Land 'Down Under' on the Noted Commercial Ship 'Conqueror'
0011030: UNKNOWN - 1918-1925 Archive of 8 Meticulous, Detailed Diaries of Life in the Industrial Heyday of Philadelphia Through the Voice of a Young Married Father Who Is Insecurely Employed
0008068: UNKNOWN - 1925 Original Manuscript Diary of One American Woman and Family Doing the Grand European Tour in Grand Style
0001582: UNKNOWN - 1940s Original Manuscript Scrapbook and Journal Comprehensively Detailing the French Navy at the Time of World War II
000134: UNKNOWN - 1944 Archive of Two [2] Handwritten Ship's Log of the Uss Worthington in the South Pacific Battling Japan
0010029: UNKNOWN - 1935 Original Handwritten Diary Following a Traveller?s Transatlantic Journey from New York to France Aboard a Ship Crewed by Members of France?s Front Populaire
0001297: UNKNOWN. - 1859 Original Manuscript Book of Handwritten Recipes, Formulaes, Processes and Tricks of the Blacksmithing, Metal Working and Craft Trades Including Special Paints, Inks, Glues and Washes
0001794: UNKNOWN - C1950s Original, Charming Biography and Memoir of Sir Wilfred Grenfell and His Relationship with Newfoundland and Labrador
0009172: UNKNOWN - 1939 + 1948 Manuscript Diary of a Post Office Worker in Syracuse, New York Attending Meetings, Committees, and Going About His Normal Business of Making Sure the Mail Is Delivered Every Day
0011000: UNKNOWN, MAUD LEVY - 1933 Diary of a Depression-Era Member of the American Women's Club (Awc) and Art Dealer Living in London, England
000027: UNKNOWN - Multiple Trip Travel Diary Including; 1933 Chicago World's Fair, Niagara Falls and New England
0001647: UNKNOWN - 1960s Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by One Chinese Factory Worker Who Records His Observations and Experiences on the Factory Floor While He Romances Two Female Co-Workers
0001425: UNKNOWN CHEMIST [?] - C. Late 18th Century Recipe [Receipt] for 'the King's Evil' Aka Scrofula, Tuberculosis
0010015: UNKNOWN - 1888 Original Handwritten Journal Compiling in Great Detail Notes on Riparian Law and the Water Rights of Mills in the Late 19th Century
0010026: UNKNOWN - 1919 to 1922 Original Handwritten Diary of an American WWI Soldier Returning Home to a Country in Upheaval Amid Fears of Communist Revolution
00MV487: UNKNOWN - 1845 - 1848 Original Manuscript Ledger and Accounts Book of a Salem Massachusetts and Kittery Maine Tobacco Merchant
0002596: UNKNOWN - 1899 - 1901 Sensational, Original Pair [2] of Significant Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by an American Gold Miner Battling Bolivian Indians, Peruvian Highwaymen, Thieves, Soldiers and Adventurers of All Stripes Prospecting for Gold in the Andes
0007029: UNKNOWN - 1911 Very Unusual, Original Husband and Wife Tandem Travel Diaries Handwritten by a Pair of Traveling Spouses Touring the West Indies and Central America
0001649: UNKNOWN - 1980s Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Worker Detailing the Changes and Experiences of Economic Reform and the Writer's Perspective and Opinions of the Changes
0002034: UNKNOWN. - 1650s Original Massive Manuscript Effort Detailing the Reign of Louis the XIII and His Laying the Foundation for Domination of France Under His Son Louis the XIV
0001830: UNKNOWN. - 1920 - 1922 Original Manuscript Journal Handwritten by an Engineer or Mate on the Technical and Financial Aspects of Shipbuilding
0010011: UNKNOWN - Original Handwritten Pair of 1922 Travel Diaries Granting a Remarkable Look Into the Post-WWI World of Art and Upper-Class Travel in Europe
0002049: UNKNOWN. - C1870s Original Manuscript Diary of One Man's Time Hunting, Fishing and Trapping on the North Shore of Lake Superior
0009184: UNKNOWN - 1999 Diary of a Young God-Loving American Missionary in Romania, Preaching the Gospel Around the Country and Detailing the Food, Culture, and Many Eccentricities of the Romanian People
0009060: UNNAMED [WITH JOHN JAMES, PETER DAWSON, HARRY DAVIES] - C1940s Original Handwritten Manuscript Book of a Fascinating and Adventurous Journey Taken by Four Proper Englishmen and Their Ethiopian Servants Through East Africa by Land, Sea and Air
000570: JOHN UPDIKE - Archive Lot of Four [4] First Day Covers All Signed by John Updike: Honoring Longfellow, Horatio Alger, Jack London and the University of Missouri School of Journalism
000727: I.F. USHER - 1900 - 1903 Handwritten Manuscript European Travel Diary of a Young Woman on Her Own
0002319: LIEUTENANT A. GEORGE ROCKWELL JR. USN - 1943 - 1946 Original Group of 375+ Manuscript Letters between a Young Medical Officer Serving Aboard the Uss Fond Du Lac and His Wife in Olalla Washington
0002297: BRIAN EUGENE MAYER USN - 1965 Original United States Navy Diver's Log Book Detailing His Work in San Francisco Bay and Area Waters with Duties Ranging from Recovering Buoys to Bodies and More
0002284: LIEUTENANT ARMAND MINKIN USN - 1944 - 1945 Original Archive of Manuscript Letters Handwritten by a Doting Husband, New Father and Communications Officer Serving His Country from San Francisco to the South Pacific
0002216: CHARLES WIESEKE USN - 1901 - 1905 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Charmed Wisconsin Man Who Goes to Sea and Lands a Berth on the Uss Massachusetts
0002310: LIEUTENANT ALEXANDER C. BROWN C-V(S) USNR - 1942 Original Archive of Papers Related to the Education of a Navy Radio Engineer and Intelligence Officer at the Newly Opened Harvard Naval Training School Who We Believe Goes on to a Noted Career As an Author and Expert on Maryland Maritime History
0001068: VARIOUS - 1880s Archive of Handwritten and Print Documents and Letters Regarding the Career of a Bumbling, Ineffective British Railway Engineer in Colonial India
0MV1942: VASCO RONCHI, INVENTOR, SCIENTIST - 1980 Signed Photograph Famed Italian Physicist
0002087: LT. RAY L. VEKROFF - 1945 Original Group of Manuscript Diaries and Ephemera Deatailing One Man's Service in the Critical India-Burma Theater and Then Later Whirlwind Travels Around the Globe
0001776: CHARLES DE VESCI ET AL - 1820s Original Manuscript Book of Poetry, Philosophy, Literature, Essays, Natural History and Genealogy of Early 19th Century Ireland and Great Britain
000058: UNIDENTIFIED CIVIL WAR VETERAN - Archive Lot of 3 Diaries 1903, 1907 and 1912 Handwritten Manuscript from Wayne County New York Area
0002580: HIPPOLYTE JOSEPH VIAL - 1905 Original, Superb French Navy Future Legion of Honour Winner Midshipman's Logbook in a Confident Hand and Beautifully Executed with Hand Drawn and Coloured Maps
0001367: GEORGE F. VICKERMAN - 1898 Original Manuscript Diary and Handwritten Treasure Trove of Local History and Genealogy of a Large Dairy Farm and Creamery in New York State
0007006: JOHN JAY VIETS - 1863 Original Manuscript Journal Handwritten by a Prosperous East Granby Connecticut Businessman with the Awful Backdrop of the Horrible CIVIL War
0MV628: JOSEPH VINOT - 1885 Handwritten Manuscript Holograph Note by the Famed Astronomer to the Marquis de Beaumont
000883: VIRGIL - Publii Virgilii Maronis Bucolica, Georgica, Et Aeneis, Illustrata, Ornata, Et Accuratissime Impressa.
00MV115: W.E. GRIMLING - 1872 Handwritten Manuscript Epic Poem of the Voyage of the Famed Hms Himalaya, the Largest Steamer of Her Time, Detailing the Voyage and the Release of Many Slaves to Africa
0008164: DR. JUDGE A. WACHS - 1940s Super, Fascinating Pre Independent State of Israel British Legal Volume Providing Significant Insight Into the British Implementation of the English Legal System Replacing the Elaborate Now Defunct Ottoman Empire's Legal System
0002292: L. M. WADDEL - 1850 Original Manuscript Letter Handwritten by a Prominent Montgomery Presbyterian Who Covers Life and Times from Consumption to Humorous Anecdotes
0008174: WILLIAM WADELL - 1943 - 1944 Original, Significant U.S. Navy Armed Guard Manuscript Relic of World War II Service, Allied Cooperation and One of the Toughest, Most Grinding Jobs in the Wartime Navy by a Us Naval Reserve Lieutenant
0010039: CHARLES BLODGETT WAGGONER - Original Handwritten 1874 Diary Detailing Life in a Small Frontier Town in the American West
000737: WILLIAM WAKELEY - 1853-1874 Handwritten Manuscript Diary/Journal/Notebook of a Successful Homer New York Businessman
0001335: ANDREW C. WALCH - 1892 - 1897 Original Archive of Six [6] Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by a Noted Kansas Newspaperman
0002018: M.S. WALKER [PERHAPS MABLE] - 1907 - 1920 Original, Charming South Western Ontario Manuscript Diary That Begins with Sad Loss Then Continues to Happiness and Contentment
0009017: ESTHER A. WALLING - 1919 Original Handwritten Diary of a Female Clerk of the Erie Railroad Who Is a Strong and Proud Union Member, Church Going Woman and Lively Presence in Her Small Town
0001560: WANG JIYAO - 1950s Original Manuscript Archive of Chinese Documents Detailing One Teacher's Contribution to Chinese Policy and Then His Required Confession and Apology All Highlighting the Schizophrenic Nature of Mid 20th Century Chinese Policy and Politics
000743: THE DAUGHTERS OF UNION VETERANS OF THE CIVIL WAR - Large 225+ 1913-1931 Archive of Handwritten Certificates of Application to the Daughters of the Union Veterans of the CIVIL War Association [Duvcw]
0001501: CECILIA RUTH STEVENSON AND CHARLES A.WARD - C1940 Annotated Copy of 'Oracles of Nostradamus' with Handwritten and Typed Notes by Famed Occultist and Spiritualist and Disciple of the Enigmatic Prince Rakockzy, Comte de St. Germain
0001805: JOHN WARDEN JR. - 1898 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Very Musical Worcester Massachusetts Man
0008061: GARY WARES - 1970s Fascinating Original Manuscript Diary Hand Written by a Young Man Determined to Break Into the New York Fashion Scene and His Eventual Success with One of the Titans of Fashion
0002274: RUTH WARFIELD - 1942 -1949 Original Group of 12 Diary Like Letters Handwritten by a Noted Missionary Bringing Christian Aid and Education in Parts of Nigeria and the Sudan Where No White People Have Been Seen Before
0001206: REBECCA [BESS OR BESSIE] P. WARNER - 1899 Original Manuscript German Travel Diary Handwritten by the Eldest Child of Wealthy, Prominent Washington Dc Bankers and Land Developers Not Adverse to Commenting on the 'Drummers and Jews' or the Coarsest Person She Ever Saw - Princess Matilda
0008148: SAMUEL EDWARD WARREN - 1852 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Noted and Renowned Massachusetts Author, Educator and Engineer
0001381: D. SMITH WASHBURN - 1867 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Young Huron County Ohio Farmer Detailing His Life, Times and Travels in Post CIVIL War Ohio
0001607: LILLIE & WARREN WATERMAN - 1907 Original Unique Pair of Matched Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by an Upstate New York Husband and Wife Team of Dairy Farmers Filled with Rural Commerce and Economic Data of the Times
0001290: AUGUSTA MARIE WATZLAWIK [STAGE NAME GUSTY RAINHOFF] [LATER HART] - 1942 - 1945 Original German World War II Home Front Diary Handwritten by Opera Star and Then German-American War Bride from the City That Was the Spiritual Heart of Hitler's Third Reich
0009084: MARGARET C. WEBSTER - 1876 Original Handwritten Journal and Notebook of a Bright Young Woman Being Educated at the Abbot Academy, One of the Very First Secondary Schools for Women in the United States
0001481: LANCE SGT. G. WEBSTER - 1900 - 1902 Original Manuscript Diary Intimately Detailing the Battle Service of the Loyal North Lancashires Up to and Including Lord Methuen's Battle at Harty River
0001638: WEIMER, JENNIE T. - 1891 Original Manuscript Diary of a Young Victorian Era Woman in Her Eighth Year of Teaching at the University of Akron Ohio Aka Buchtel College
000657: WILLIAM C. WEISS - 1935 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of an American Soldier Serving in the Philippines
0001009: CHAIM WEIZMANN - Israel Und Sein Land with Facsimile Holograph Forward by Albert Einstein
0001428: MRS. CORA WELCH SMITH [MRS. DAVIID STANLEY SMITH] NEE CORA DEMING WELCH - 1923 Original Manuscript Travel Diary of Famed Yale Professor of Music, Conductor of the New Haven Symphony and Renowned Composer During His Grand European Tour
000762: THOMAS J. WELLS - Massive 1898 - 1907 Handwritten Manuscript Ten Year Diary of Important Attorney and Citizen of Scranton Pa
0002573: EDWARD W. WELLS - 1859 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Wealthy Family Scion of Hartford Connecticut
000764: HAROLD SHERMAN WELLS - Circa 1905 Photo Album Showing Yale University's Elite at Play and Study
0001156: NETA RODIER WEST - 1939 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Young New Jersey Woman
0001771: LINDA WESTERGREN - 1978 Super, Original Manuscript Travel Diary of One Young Woman's Hippie Era Grand Tour of Europe Taking Drugs, Sleeping in Train Stations and Much Much More
000102: WESTMORELAND, EARL A. - Archive Lot of 25 Diaries 1928 Through 1955 Handwritten Manuscript Diaries of Woodsman, Inventor, Bible Studies Teacher and Seventh Day Adventist
0007002: GEOFFREY WHALEN - 1920s Original, Fascinating Manuscript Notebook and Journal of a Vaudeville Comedian and Vocal Member of the White Rats Union of America
0009020: WALLACE WHEELER - 1912 - 1929 Original Handwritten Detailed and Comprehensive Journal and Scrapbook of the Music Career of One of Nebraska’S Most Famous Orchestra Pianists, Wallace Wheeler, During the Roaring 20s
0008013: WHEELER, C. W. - 1878 Original Journal and Ledger Handwritten by C.W. Wheeler, a Farmer from Hardwick, Massachusetts, Providing a Glimpse Into Farmers' Life, Including Prices for Labour and Products
0008083: GEORGE A. WHEELER - 1869 Original, Homey Rochester New York Area Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Descendent of an Ontario County Pioneer
0002593: E.C. WHITE - 1890 - 1891 Fascinating, Significant Original Diary Written by a Keen Eyed American Adventurer, Businessman, Author and Expert on South America Who Goes from the CIVIL War in Chile to the Ruins of a Pygmy City in the Andes and Much, Much More
0008056: STELLA MAE WHITE - 1940s Original Manuscript Diary of a 30-Yr Old Hot Springs Arkansas Woman Who Ends Up in Wilmington California
0009127: M. WHITE [NURSE OF THOMAS FREDERICK WATKINS] - 1907 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of a Nurse As She Documents the Horrible Sickness of a Child Afflicted with Whooping Cough, the Treatments to Make Him Well, and His Eventual Return to Health and Happiness
0010018: CHARLES A. WHITE - 1952 Original Handwritten Diary Account of an American Army Mp Who Witnesses the Bloody May Day Riots in Japan and Serves in the Korean War
0001332: DR. RALPH M[OZART] WHITEHEAD - 1893 Original Archive of Thirty [30] Manuscript Letters by a Wonderful Correspondent and Well Traveled Ship's Surgeon to His Family
0002055: KENNETH L. WHITING - 1960s Original Archive of Letters and Ephemera Written by an Associated Press Journalist Observing and Writing About the Many Tribal and CIVIL Wars in 1960s Africa
0001598: JAMES TORF WHITON [SOMETIMES WHITIN] - 1860 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Pious, Intelligent Massachusetts Man from a Prominent Mid-State Family
0001472: WILLIAMS CARTER WICKHAM - 1908 Original Manuscript Journal of a Young Midshipman's Education in Navigation and Seamanship Aboard the Uss Hartford
0009189: CARLOS WILHEM WIEBER - 1909 Original Pair [2] of Super Travel Journals Handwritten by a 14 Year Old Boy Who Would One Day Remake the Trip As Commander of the Uss Essex to Become the Hero of the Battle of Leyte and Winner of the Navy Cross
0001519: LT. COLONEL GEORGE A. WIECZOREK - 1921 Original Manuscript Diary and Journal of the 'School of the Line' Handwritten by a Distinguished World War I Soldier and Author
0009073: ALEXANDER AVIRAM WIESEL - 1942 - 1945 Handwritten Original Archive of 37 Hebrew Language Letters Sent by a Jewish Soldier in the British Army Depicting His Life and Service As Well As His Intimate Fears and Desires While Stationed in the Middle East
0001059: MRS. W. H. WIESTER [LUCY E. WIESTER] - 1900 - 1901 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of Renowned California Still Life Artist
0007003: SIR HENRY WIGGIN - 1896 Original Manuscript Journal of Noted British Industrialist, Parliamentarian and Metallurgist
0001612: SGT. WILLIAM K[ELIIKUI] WILCOX - 1917 - 1918 Original Manuscript Relic of World War I Officer Training and Procedure Handwritten by a Dedicated Sergeant Who Focused and Worked Hard Toward Promotion
0001663: DAVID WILEY - 1809 Original Manuscript Cyphering Books [2] Handwritten by a Farmer, Tradesman and Soon to Be Participant in the War of 1812
0002242: E.B. WILHELM - 1927 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Michigan Master of Magic
0009083: WILL [?] - 1904 Original Handwritten Manuscript Letter Detailing an Exciting Trip to the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis Marred by the Many Ailments of the Author
0009144: WILLIAM F. WILL - 1915 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Young Man Working His First Job As a Forest Ranger with Duties That Include Drawing Maps, Surveying Homesteads, and Fighting Raging Forest Fires and Antagonistic Ranchers
0001270: SIR DOCTOR WILLIAM WILLCOX - 1935 Original British Medical Association 'Round the World' Tour Book with Handwritten Entries Throughout by the Famed Physician-Detective and Father of Modern Forensic Science
000644: WILLIAM DEARING - 1792 Handwritten Manuscript Letter to Famed Tennessee Attorney General John Haywood
000513: WILLIAM A. MACKENZIE - 1862 Handwritten CIVIL War Letter to James Hanna Future Indiana Congressman, Mayor and District Attorney
000919: WILLIAM G. CRERAR, 21ST KINGSTON BATTALION CEF - 1915 Handwritten Manuscript Transcription of a Conversation Overheard between Enemies in the Trenches
000925: WILLIAM EWART GLADSTONE - Handwritten Small Archive of Two [2] Items: A 1839 Handwritten Letter Front Autographed and Undated 5 Line Note on 10 Downing Street Notepaper
000877: WILLIAM TUDOR & FAMILY - 1872 - 1915 Handwritten Archive of a Prosperous Industrialist's Traveling Family from Boston and Plenty of Intrigue
0002403: WILLIAM WILSON - 1848 + 1849 Original Pair [2] Manuscript Letters Handwritten by a Baltimore Man Who Has a Grasp of Both the Local and International Politics of the Day
0002290: WILLIAM WICKOFF - 1794 Original Manuscript Letter Detailing a Louisiana Planter's Concerns for His Tenant's Plans and Ambitions
0002088: WILLIAM E. MCKAY - 1893 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Young Midshipman Who Recalls His Time in Morocco During the Melilla War
0001122: WILLIAM STARBUCK MAYO - C1866 Handwritten Manuscript Letter by Noted New York Doctor Complaining of Being Swindled During the Italian Austrian Conflict
0002370: WILLIAM ROUSY - 1841 Original Stampless Manuscript Letter Handwritten by His Elder Brother Filled with Advice, Admonitions [and Warnings Against Intercourse] to a Newly Minted Midshipman on the Sloop of War Cyane
0001146: WILLIAM CLINTON NEWMARCH, USN - 1937 - 1939 Personal Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a United States Navy Radio Operator Who Sees Service Throughout the South Pacific and China
000522: WILLIAM NEKERVIS - 1829 Original Handwritten Manuscript Document Regarding the Farmer's Bank of Virginia and Prominent Jewish Merchant and Businessman Perhaps Acting for Would-Be Playwright and Descendant of a Colonial Jewish Family
0001527: WILLIAM PENNINGTON COCKS, RICHARD Q. COUCH, JONATHON COUCH - 1838 a Cornish Fauna Being a Compendium of the Natural History of the County - Including Important and Significant Manuscript Additions and Illustrations by the Noted Naturalist William Pennington Cocks
0001044: MRS. J. LEON WILLIAMS - 1943 - 1945 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of a Strong, Tenacious, Determined British Woman Living in America and Doing Everything in Her Power to Assist the War Effort - Widow of World Famous Inventor, Scientist and Dentist
0008032: CLARENCE H. WILLIAMS - 1896 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Hard Working Entrepreneurial le Roy New York Man
0002602: ROBERT WHITE WILLIAMS - 1929 Super, Original Depression Era Manuscript Diary and Journal Handwritten by a Renowned Jurist, Early Environmentalist and Active Wildlife Conservationist
0009131: HUGH OTTO WILLIAMS - 1941 - 1942 Exceptional Relic of World War Two Flight and Pilot Training Being an Original Diary of a Young Cadet As He Makes His Way with Tremendous Determination to Become an Instructor Himself, Only Nine Months After His Own Instruction
0008030: ELIZABETH WILLIAMSON - 1888 - 1929 Fascinating Original Group of 15 Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by the Wife of an Edinburgh Minister
000876: MAJOR EDWARD WILLIS [JOHN EDWARD WHITRIDGE LINNEUS WILLIS] - Late 19th Early 20th C. Renowned 140+ Decorative & Historical Bookplate Collection Including Ex Libris Stamps and Armorial Crests of Particular Interest to Collectors of Rare Americana Ephemera
00JT12: WILLY COPPENS DE HOUTHULST - Handwritten Autograph Note on World War I Poster/Photograph of Se-5 Monoplane by Belgium's Most Famous Flying Ace
000012b: ELLEN WILSON - Archive: 1928 1935 1940 & 1941 Handwritten Manuscript Diaries of Ellen Wilson with Extensive Mention of the Lindbergh Trial, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Amelia Earhart and "Nasty Detention Camps" of the Nazis
0001235: DR. JOHN ARTHUR WILSON - 1922 + 1928 Original Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by One of America's Most Noted Chemists
0002172: WILSON SCOTT NORRIS, ELIZA HUFF - 1895 - 1906 Original Group of Letters by an Aged Baltimore Swain Who Romances and Marries His True Love Only to End Up with 3 Children by Another Woman He Marries Named Pink
0002110: GEORGE R. WILSON - 1914 Original Manuscript Diary of One Family's Time Spent on the Eastern Shore of Puget Sound Manning the West Point Light Station
0009065: CALEB P. WILSON - 1867 Unique and Fascinating Original Handwritten Manuscript Cookbook of 20+ Recipes for Cakes, Pies, Rolls, and More That Show a Lesser Known Side of Life in the CIVIL War Era
0001890: GEORGE R. WILSON - 1935 Original Manuscript Diary of One Man's Desperate Depression Era Job at One of the Most Remote Places in America
000689: JOHN D. WINCHESTER - 1939 Pre-World War II Seattle to Glasgow Scotland Via the Panama Canal Handwritten Travel Diary
0001468: DR. ANSELMO [ANSELM] WINDHAUSEN - 1909 - 1920s Original Massive Archive of Primary, Historical Manuscripts, Photographs, Documents and Ephemera by Noted Geologist, Geographer and Explorer of Argentina and the South American Continent
0001563: WILLIAM WINE [?] - 1750 Original Manuscript Seaman's 420pp+ Handwritten Vade Mecum and Reference Manual Filled with Charts, Illustrations, Tables and Hundreds of Pages of Detailed Information for Circumnavigating the Oceans of the World
0001211: JOHN H. WING - 1857 Original Manuscript Autograph Letter from One Brother Aboard a Whaling Ship to His Brother the Captain of the Bark Mattapoisett
0002097: HERBERT WING JR. - 1913 Original Manuscript Notebook of One Student's Work in Athens Greece on His Way to a Doctorate in Greek Studies
0001268: MIKE 'JOHN MICHAEL' WINGATE AKA JOHN 'MIKE' WINGATE AKA MIKE WINGATE - 1970s - 1980s Original Archive of 3 Massive Folios Filled with the Writings, Drawings and Details of This Renowned Tattoo Artist's Battle Against Addiction
0001914: JACOB WINKEL - 1936 Original Manuscript Homage to German Patriotism, Heroic Songs and Battles Long Forgotten by a Believed Belgian Serving in the German Army Titled 'Fahrt: Lieder Und Bilder'
0001666: PRIVATE HARRY WILSON WINN - 1941 Superb Original World War II Manuscript Relic of Britain's North Africa Campaign Against Rommel's Afrikakorps by a British Private Who Authors an Incredibly Detailed Eye Witness Account from Haifa to Tobruk
0001645: JOHANN [JOHN] G. WINNBERG - 1890 - 1894 Original Archive of Five [5] Farmer's Almanacs with Manuscript Personal Diary Notes, Professional Entries and Financials of One Swedish Apothecary's Immigration to Jamestown New York Usa
0001507: OBA WISER - 1942 Original Manuscript Work Journal and Personal Diary of a Hardworking 74 Year Old Miner and Metallurgist Working and Traveling from Mexico to Canada and Mining Sites in between
0007021: ESTELLE 'STELLA' JACOBOSKY LATER WITMER - 1899 Original Manuscript Diary Detailing the Life of a 2nd Generation Jewish Woman, the Daughter of German Jewish Immigrants Chasing the American Dream
000977: WM. BRYCE, THOS. BALLANTYNE ET AL - 1861-1887 Handwritten Manuscript Accounting Ledger of the N. P Congregational Church of Lansingville New York
0002016: WM NESBITT FOR MR. ELIJAH ALLEN - 1792 Original Hunterdon New Jersey Financial 'Collection' Notice
0001459: LIEUTENANT DAVID M. WOERNER - 1944 - 1945 Riveting Original Manuscript First Hand Account of German Army and Their Serbian Minion's Brutality, Murder and the Horrible Deprivations Meted out to Their American Prisoners
000089: UNIDENTIFIED TOLEDO OHIO WOMAN - 1920 - 1929 Archive of Ten (10) Handwritten Manuscript Diaries of an Active Ohio Woman
0009039: UNIDENTIFIED ENGLISH WOMAN - 1877 Extraordinary Retrospective Journal of One English Woman’S Luxurious and Deeply Detailed Trip from Naples to the Biblical Holy Land, Crossing the Desert by Boat, Rail, Donkey and Horse
0009012: UNNAMED YOUNG WOMAN - 1920s Four Year Diary of a Loving Daughter, Active Church and Choir Participant, Women’S Activist and Modern Woman, Living in Post Wwi Small Town Pennsylvania
000402: NAOMI WONDERLICH - The 1928 Diary and Travel Journal of the Young Teenage Girl Naomi Wonderlich of Richland Iowa
0008084: W. WILTON WOOD - 1869 Super, Original Algebra Cypher Book Hand Written by a Young Long Island Man Who Will Go on to Prominence As a Local Businessman
0002192: DAISY H. WOODS [MRS. GEORGE WOODS] - 1934 - 1939 Original Group of Five [5] Depression Era Diaries Handwritten by the Matriarch of a Farming Family Doing Quite Well for the Times
0001604: MR. WOODS - 1926 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Young Wyoming Man Who Is a Fireman for the Railroad
0009008: CAPTAIN JAMES POSEY WOODSIDE - Original, Handwritten Journal and Diary of a Young Confederate Soldier, Held Prisoner and Then Witnessing the Lawless Aftermath of the CIVIL War and the "Bushwhackers" Who Terrorized the Missouri Populace
00MV063: ROBERT SIMPSON WOODWARD - 1903 Original Manuscript Notebook of Handwritten Notes, Equations and Formulae by Noted Astronomer, Physicist and Mathematician
0009157: J. J. WOODWARD - 1881-1883 Original Manuscript Log Book and Journal of the Uss Quinnebaug Handwritten by Its Naval Constructor, As It Travels to Europe to Protect American Interests, Including Participating in the Bombardment of Alexandria
0001962: WILEY J. WOOLFORD - 1927 Original Manuscript Archive of 14 Letters by the Bad Boy of the Family Seeking Kind Words and Money from His Aunt While He Awaits Court Martial for Desertion
000842: TELFORD WORK - . "the Land of Our Ancestors" a 1948 Archive of 100+ Articles on the Status of War Torn Europe and the London Olympics by One of California's Greatest Journalists
000715: R.F. WORTHLEY - 1910 - 1930 Handwritten Archive of Journals of Noted Graphic Artistof Zane Gray Novels and Golden Seal Books
0008161: DR. WILLIAM WORTHY - 1910 - 1915 Original, Significant Manuscript Ledger Books [2] Detailing a Busy Urban Obstetrics Practice Handwritten by the Noted African American Physician, Activist and Father of a One Day High Profile CIVIL Rights Activist in Early 20th Century Roxbury
000960: E.C. CONRAD WREDE - 1836 Schreib Almanack of a German Businessman with His Handwritten Notes Including Payables, Receivables, Expenses, Contacts and Personal Writings
0009141: NED WRENSHALL [TO HIS BROTHER] - 1858 Original Manuscript Handwritten Letter Detailing a Wild, Exciting, and Ultimately Farcical Duel between Two Drunk Men, One Who Wants to Duel to the Death, and the Other Who Wants to Play a Dirty Trick
0009002: IAN WRIGHT - 1990 British Open Manuscript Notebook Handwritten by Caddy Ian Wright Signed and Autographed by Some of the Premiere Golfers in the World
0002587: JOHN R. WRIGHT - 1830s - 1880 Original Archive of Eight [8] Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by a Western New York Farmer with One Eye to the Spiritualism Movement
0001891: NORMAN WRIGHT [?] - 1942 Original Photo Album and Travel Diary of a Trip Through One of the Most Beautiful and Disputed Places on Earth
00MV70: WILLIAM H. WYANT - 1832 Handwritten Manuscript Als Detailing Conditions at the State Prison in Wethersfield Ct
0009026: RAYMOND L. WYANT - 1944 - 1946 Original Handwritten Intricately Detailed and Beautifully Written Ww2 Logbook of the Head Engineer of the Decorated LCI(L) 322, on Duty in the Pacific Theater During and After the Last Years of World War 2
0002142: SARA H. WYMOND - 1862 - 1866 Original Manuscript Diary and Catchall of a Young Brooklyn Girl Who Could Probably Used Some Counseling to Handle the Upsets in Her Life
0002429: ĐANG VAN XUÂN [MAO] ET AL - 1950s to 1960s Original Memory Book and Letter Copy Book of a Viet Cong Soldier Leaving His Friends for the War in the South
0001599: ROBERT XXX - 1979 - 1983 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by an Alcoholic, Drug Taking Sex Addict Who Explicitly Details His Lusts, Loves and Sexual Encounters with Women All the While Mooning over Boys He So Desparately Desires
RAB122: YOSEF FINKELSHTEYN - Mekorei Minhagim - Sources of Customs and Sipurei Kedoshim - Tales of the Holy
000889: DAVID M. YOUNG - 1858 Handwritten CIVIL War Era Journal of Home Remedies and State of the Art Medical Knowledge Including Recipes for Creating Artificial Skin, Curing Cancer, Consumption +++
000030: DEAN YOUNG - 1943 Diary of Dean Young, a Young Enlisted Mormon Man Suffering Depression from His Bad Marriage
0001707: DALLAS H.W. YOUNG - 1942 - 1946 Super, Original Manuscript Diary and Journal of Noted British Soldier, Mbe Recipient and the Father of a Distinguished Hero of World War II
0008106: RUTH YOUNG - 1912 Original Manuscript Diary Hand Written by a Newly Arrived Scottish Girl Detailing Her Times in America and Brown University
0001561: LIAO ZI YU - 1960s Original Manuscript Archive Detailing Mao Zedong's Cultural Revolution and It's Movement of Suppressing Counter-Revolutionaries and One Doomed Man's Capture, Interrogation, Confession and Recantation
0010010: NATHAN S. Y. YUAN - Extraordinary 1958 Original Typed Manuscript of a Chinese Refugee?s First-Hand Account of Life in Communist China Following the Rise of Mao Zedong
000002B: GAVIN YUILLE - 1820 Manuscript Handwritten Journal: Annals of Curling Documenting the Early History of the Hamilton [Scotland] Curling Club Complete with Club Song - Rare Early Relic of the Roaring Game
000136: ZAK, MARIE KATHRYN - 1950 Scrapbook of Sodalist Travel to Visit the Pope by the Famed St. Louis Missouri Travel Writer
000135: MARIE KATHRYN ZAK - 1950s Archive Lot of Nine [9] Handwritten Manuscript Travel Diaries of a Famed St. Louis Missouri Travel Writer
0002176: HARRY VAN ZANT - 1877 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a New York Man Who Travels between Cities to Sell His Goods and Travels between Moral Compass Points Championing His Fidelity to His Girlfriend While He Makes the Odd Drunken Visit to a House of ILL Repute
000495: GRETCHEN ZIEGLER - 1927 Original Handwritten Manuscript Wisconsin to Germany Travel Diary
000593: EMILE ZOLA - Zola Masterwork's Set of Three; Nana, His Masterpiece and Germinal
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