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0011035: MYRA L. JORDAN - 1929 Handwritten Diary of an Elderly, Depression-Era Woman of Some Means Living in Poughkeepsie, Ny
0MV567: JOSEPH DE FONDEVILLE, SECRETARY TO LOUIS XV - 1774 Archive of Two (2) Manuscript Letters Handwritten and Signed by de Fondeville, Personal Secretary to the King of France, Louis XV
000623: JOSEPH A. DU FOUR - C1900s Archive of Handwritten Correspondence Detailing a Pennsylvania Man's War Experiences in South Africa's Boer War and World War I
0002554: JOSEPH ANGELS - 1788 Original Revolutionary Era Baltimore Maryland Manuscript Letter and Interesting Picture of Contemporary Social Mores and Inclinations
000438: FLAVIUS JOSEPH - Histoire de la Guerre Des Juifs Contre Les Romains, Response a Appion, Martyre Des Machabe'Es par Flavius Joseph Et Sa Vie Ecrite par Luy-Mesme Avec Ce Que Philon a Escrit de Son Ambassade Vers L'Empereur Caïus Caligula
000755: REV. FRANCIS EMERSON JUDD - 1837 - 1887 Handwritten Manuscript Archive of Five [5] Writing Tablets by Noted Iowa Poet - 50 Years of Writing
000605: JULIA WARD HOWE - 1900 Handwritten Autograph Letter Signed by Famed Abolitionist, Activist for Women's Suffrage and Author of the Battle Hymn of the Republic [Als]
0001470: KAISER, LOUIS A. USN - 1889 - 1890 Original Cruise Journal, Diary and Log Book of a Young Man Destined to Be a Captain and the Future Acting Governor of Guam on His Initial Us Naval Academy Voyage to the Pacific Station Aboard the Storied Uss Iroquois
0001621: GENERAL DANILO KALAFATOVIC - 1909 - 1930 Original Archive of Ten [10] Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by Former General and Chief of Staff of the Royal Yugoslav Army and Key Player from Wwi Through Wwii in the Military, Politics & Diplomatic Events in Serbia, Yugoslavia & the Balkans
0002086: KALAT, DOROTHY K. [LATER MRS. WILLIAM E. WIRSCH] - 1934 - 1937 Original, Charming Manuscript 5-Year Diary Handwritten by a 12 Year Old Cleveland Girl-Next-Door
0001580: KATHERINE ???? - 1962 Original Manuscript Diary Retelling One Wealthy Vermont Woman's Horror of a Marriage, Terror of Her Body's Degradation to Venereal Disease, Her Open Desire to Murder Her Husband and the Regular Visitations She Gets from Ufos and Aliens
0009135: KATHERINE H. KENDRICK, SECRETARY - 1912 - 1920 Original Manuscript Scrapbook of Printed, Typed and Handwritten Pages, Detailing the Beginnings of a School Orchestra Composed of Members from a Maine School for Children of Troubled Families
0002571: HARLOW T KAYS - 1897 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by an All-American Boy-Next-Door Who Happens to Live in a Tent
0001118: WILLIAM FRANK KEITH - 1925 - 1939 Handwritten Manuscript Archive of 8 Diaries by an Obsessive Writer, Reporter and Trivia Enthusiast of the Mississippi River, Major League Baseball and World and Local Events
0002003: LT. COMDR. DAVID M. KELLOGG - 1943 -1944 Super, Action Packed Manuscript "War Diary" and Log Kept by the Lieutenant Commander of the Uss Thomas, Nazi U-Boat Hunter and Four Battle Star Recipient Under Orders to "Operate Offensively Against Enemy Submarines"
0001596: GENE VERNON KELLOGG - 1933 - 1945 Archive of Original Papers [35+] and Diary [1] of One Remarkable American Sailor and Member of the Famed Fighting Seabees
0002132: DR. ZACHARIAH WILLIS KEMP - 1889 Original Manuscript Journal of a Super Diarist at the Start of His Fascinating Life, Family and Careers
000707: HERBERT E. KEMP - 1920 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of a Charming Exuberant All-American Working at the Boston Shipyards and Soon to Be Married to His Love Back Home
0009125: CAPTAIN J.F.A.E. VAN KEMPEN - 1895 Original Handwritten Journal: “Meteorological Observations of the Dutch Steamer Java” As It Goes from Amsterdam to the Dutch West Indies and Back
000918: KEN SHERMAN, RAYMOND SOUSTER, JAMES DEAHL - 1998-2008 Archive of Eight [8] Handwritten and Typed Letters and Postcard from Three [3] Noted Canadian Poets to Polish-Canadian Poet and Holocaust Survivor Sam Simcovitch - Super Canadian Poetry Content
0001532: MARY ELIZABETH KENDALL - 1933 - 1968 Original Archive of Seven [7] Manuscript Diaries and Ephemera Detailing the Evolution of a Very Young 'Cowboy Crazy' Minnesota Girl to a Middle Aged Woman
0002139: A.W. KENNEDY - 1849 - 1860 Original Manuscript Financial Diary and Investor's Ledger Detailing the History of Two Ships Plying Their Trade on the Atlantic
0001511: KENNETH E. CROSS, DELAWARE STEEL AND ORDNANCE COMPANY - 1927 Original Contractor's Log Book and Journal of the Decommissioning and Removal of World War I Munitions from the Curtis Bay Ordnance Depot and the Raritan Arsenal
0001915: P.F.C. GORDON L. KENNEY - 1943 & 1945 Original Pair [2] of Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by an American Serviceman Serving with the Distinguished 45th Troop Carrier Squadron Lovingly Addressed to His Wife Butch
0008118: MARY KIBLING - 1886 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Very Active Student of the Tilden Female Seminary in North Central New Hampshire
0008154: GEORGE A KIMBALL - 1876, 1878 + 1880 Original Group of Three [3] Manuscript Diaries Hand Written by a City Engineer Building Above and Below the Ground in the Historic City Just North of Boston Known As the 'Chicago of New England'
0001301: ELLA C. KING - 1884 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Pennsylvania Woman Who Is Falling in Love with Denver
0001015: S. DEXTER KING - 1864 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of Sutton Massachusetts Bootmaker - Cobbler and Supplier to the Union Army
0002582: MR. KING - 1889 Original Manuscript Travel Journal of One Engaging Englishman's Trip to the Paris Expo Doing an in Depth Tour of la Tour Eiffel and His Introduction to Some of Europe's Notables
0002367: J.P. WILSON OR J.D. KING [?] - 1909 - 1927 Original Group of Eight [8] Manuscript Notebooks and Ledgers of a Busy Rural Alabama Doctor
0009071: MRS. GEORGE C. KING - 1920 - 1925 + 1940 - 1944: Three [3] Original Handwritten Manuscript Diaries of the Loving and Domestic Wife of a Cincinnati Plumbing Company Owner, Who Helps Her Husband As Much As She Can and Lives an Active Social Life Entertaining Guests at Home
0002323: ELIZABETH KINGSLEY [LATER SYMONDS] - 1763 - 1764 Superb, Original Manuscript Diary of Her Life and Journal of Her Religious Turmoil and Despair Handwritten by the Soon to Be Wife of a Noted English Clergyman
000090: REV. CHARLES C. KIRTLAND - 1901 + 1903 + 1908 Archive of Three (3) Handwritten Manuscript Diaries by Very Active California Reverend
0001389: EMMA L. KITCHELL [NEE REYNOLDS] - 1863 Original Manuscript New Jersey CIVIL War Homefront Diary of a 29 Yr Old Woman Hoping to Be a Better Christian in the New Year
00MV770: DANIEL WRIGHT KITTERIDGE - C1905 - 1906 Charming Archive of Original Manuscript Letters from Noted American Novelist to His Dear Friend and the One Day Wife of Diplomat and Industrialist Fay Ingalls
0001038: ZENO KLINKER - 1952 Archive of Original Color Stereoview Positives of the Remarkable and Stunningly Beautiful Marilyn Monroe During a Broadcast of Edgar Bergen and Charlie Mccarthy's Radio Show
0002362: K. L. KLOPFER - 1942 - 1943 Original Manuscript Journal of One Man's Service As a Mechanic and Pipefitter at the Puget Sound Navy Yard Repairing Some of the Most Storied Ships in the United States Navy
0002181: EDNA A. KLUSSMAN [NEE RICE] - 1917 Original Manuscript Diary of Life in Spokane Washington Handwritten by the Wife of an Eminent Doctor and a Super Car Trip Back Home to Ohio
0002067: WILLARD N. KNOWLES - 1911 - 1921 and 1926 Original Archive of Manuscript Diaries [2] and Ephemera Including Photos of a Chief Engineer and Merchant Seaman Plying His Trade on Both Sides of the Atlantic
0001454: PROFESSOR EDGAR C. KNOWLTON - 1911 Original Manuscript Journal and Diary of Brilliant and Noted Linguist and Future Professor While an Undergraduate at Harvard
0009016: ELIZABETH KNOWLTON - 1940s Wonderful Archive Including Edited Typescripts of Articles, Short Stories and Novels of Elizabeth Knowlton, One of the Most Accomplished Female Mountain Climbers in the First Half of the 20th Century
0001682: ROY B. KOCH - 1912 - 1921 Original, Fascinating Pair of Densely Written Manuscript Diaries Detailing the Life of a St. Louis Man from Chasing Girls to Warfare in the Trenches
0001465: UNTEROFFIZIER A. KONIG - 1941 Original Manuscript and Photgraphic Relic of Germany's Invasion of Greece During World War II - Original One of a Kind Photos Taken by a German Officer
0002594: L.D. KOOP [?] - 1945 Original, Manuscript Diary Handwritten by an American Army Officer Responsible for Many of the Comforts on a Liberty Ship for the Returning Heroes of Wwii and Their German Prisoners
0002159: JOHN KOVAL - 1944 - 1945 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Personable Radio Signalman Dodging Shrapnel,Torpedoes and Japanese Kamikaze Pilots
0001292: WILLIAM A. KREBS - 1896 Archive of 38 Manuscript Letters Detailing an Ohio Man's Attempt to Seek His Fortune in Southern California Only to Admit Defeat and Return Home Seven Months Later
0001452: DR. AND MRS. H.G. KRIBS - 1920s Original Scrapbook of Educational and Christian Outreach by the American Presbyterian Mission As a Pennsylvania Doctor of Biology and Zoology Spends 7 Years in India Teaching
0001797: HERCZEGH M. KRISZTINA - 1944 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Hungarian Military Nurse Working at a Weapons and Machine Factory As the Russian Army Rushes to Lay Siege to Budapest Ominously and Abruptly Ending Soon After the Assault Starts
0001331: VERNON [VERNIE] KUNTZELMAN - 1911 - 1915 Original Handwritten Diary and Log of a United States Navy Sailor Who Sees Action During the Mexican Revolution
0009107: L. S. MIDDLETON - 1859 Original Handwritten Letter Presenting a Snapshot of Life in a Town That Now Longer Remains, Describing Stories and Observations from One Sister Still Living in Town, to Her Sister Who Has Left Like So Many Others
0002361: L. W. BEARD - 1897 Original Manuscript Letter Requesting Prime Farming Land for the Purpose of Settling and Colonising Northern Farmers Into Alabama
0001669: LAC. [LACHLAN?] CROSS, NO. 97172 RCAF - 1944 - 1948 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Young Canadian Serviceman in Ireland, England and Back to Toronto Canada and the Hagersville Service Flying Training School with His English War Bride
0001445: ALFRED WILLIAM LAFONE - 1909 - 1910 Original Manuscript Journal and Notebook of a Young British Man Sent by His Father to Southeast Asia to Analyze and Purchase Rubber and Tea Plantations
0008091: NAPOLEON LAMBERT - 1898 - 1907 Fascinating Original Manuscript Notebooks of the French Canadian Born Police Chief of Central Falls Rhode Island
00JT42: LAMBRECHTS, MINISTER OF JUSTICE - Year 6 of the French Revolution Edict from the Minister of Justice"Aux Tribunals Civils Et Criminal, Et Aux Directeurs de Jurys"
00JT37: LAMPERIRE, COMBAULT, JOUEN, OSSEMONT, LIGNEL, DE TANVILLE ET AL - 1737 Handwritten 44p Manuscript Document with the Archival Blue Order of Malta Stamp on 'Seize Deni Alencon' Letterhead with 158 Entries in the Last Will and Testament of Jean Baptistes Ligne Royal Sergeant
0008064: GEORGE H. LANEY - 1944 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by an Exuberant, Exceptional Kansas City Husband and Father of Two with the Grit to Say He Has the Most Hellish Time of His Life Who Wouldn't Have Missed a Moment Getting the Worst of It in the Pacific Theater
0001953: JOHN LANG - 1800s Original Archive of Handwritten Music Arrangements of Numerous Classical Pieces and His Own Original Compositions
0007017: C. W. [CHARLIE] LANNAN - 1944 Original Manuscript Pair [2] of Manuscript Journals Detailing One Kentucky Man's Service in the South Pacific on a Very Active Liberty Ship
0001025: HARRY O. LANNING - 1911 - 1914 Archive of Handwritten Manuscript Diaries by an Astute, Widowed Indiana Science Teacher As He Pursues His New Love - Super Pre World War I Americana
000054: LARRIMER, C.W. - Archive Lot of 16 Diaries 1906 - 1921 Handwritten Manuscript Diaries of C.W. Larrimer of Bloomingburg Ohio
0010014: CAROLINE LARSEN - Sensational 1927 Rare Typed Occult Manuscript of "My Travels in the Spirit World"
0002334: JOHN [JACK] I. LASHWAY - 1966 Original Manuscript Diary, Photo Album and Scrapbook of Two [2] Big Game Hunting Trips by a Wildlife Artist Stalking Moose and Caribou in Canada and Antelope in Wyoming
000841: JOHN VANCE LAUDERDALE JR. - 1907 European Travel Diary of the Son and Family of Famed CIVIL War Surgeon and Author
000466: LAWRENCE, GEORGE ALFRED - Border and Bastille [by Famed British Writer Who Left England to Fight in the American CIVIL War for the Confederacy] with Manuscript Holograph Letter to General Howard
0002212: DOROTHEA DIX LAWRENCE - 1890s - 1950s Original Archive of 45+ Letters to and from Noted Turn of the 20th Century Opera Singer
0008169: LEWIS LAWRENCE - 1873 & 1877 Original Pair [2] of Manuscript Diaries Hand Written by a Manhattan Man Detailing His Life and Times
0002136: MAXINE HADLOCK LAYTON [LATER JOHANSEN] - 1938 - 1942 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Young Girl Destined to a Long Life of Serving Her Faith by Helping Bring the Mormon Gospel Wherever Her Career Army Officer Husband's Duty Took Them
00JT41: LE PETIT D'AVESNE - C1770 Handwritten Genealogical Survey and Rendering of Familial Contracts and Obligations of the le Petit Family Covering 1606 - 1750
0008005: RICHARD LEAN - 1943 + 1944 Charming Pair of Original Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by a Young Kexbrough, South Yorkshire Lad Coming of Age While the War Brings Deprivations and Sacrifice Throughout England
0002223: H. A. LEAPHART - 1907 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by an over Achieving Naval Academy Midshipman Only to Die One Month After Graduation
000992: DANIEL LEARY - 1867 Handwritten Manuscript New Hampshire Farmer and Lumberman's Diary
0001340: C.J. LEAVITT [CHARLES] - 1890 Original Manuscript Diary of a Noted Tacoma Washington Lumber Man, Realtor Prominently Cited in "the Centennial History of Oregon"
0008206: JOSEPH L. OCTAVE LEBRUN - 1888 Original, French Language Manuscript Book of Poetry, Essays and Opinion by a Late 19th Century Montreal Man
0001854: ROSALIND LECHTER - 1990s Small Original Archive of Ephemera Handwritten by Noted African American Artist
000681: PEARLE LECOMPTE - I, Annette Vallon - William Wordsworth's Mistress and the Mother of His Illegitimate Daughter
000070: JENNIE I. LEE - 1912 and 1914 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of a Young Girl Near Oswego New York
0008173: ANNA ELIZABETH LEE - 1959 - 1966 Original Manuscript Diary Hand Written by a Latino Los Angeles Senior Just Prior to and After the U.S. Political World Is Rocked and Her Mother Begrudgingly Accepts Her White Air Force Lieutenant Boyfriend
0002391: JAMES LEE - 1840s Original Manuscript Notebook of a British Physician and Surgeon Who Expounds on Temperance, the North Pole and a Diary of His Surgeries and Cases of Interest
000814: JACOBUS VAN ASTEN LEENDANUS [?] - 1786 Handwritten Manuscript Study of Astronomy, Cartography, Geography and Philosophy from the Famed University of Louvain
0001165: KARL GEORGE LEES - 1918 New Year's Eve Autograph Letter Signed [Als] Handwritten by a Canadian Soldier Veteran of Vimy Ridge and Passchendaele on Blighty Leave Complaining to His Girlfriend of the High and Mighty 'Yanks' and More
0002271: ADELE DE LEEUW - C1927 Original Manuscript Notes of a Trip to Holland That Would Later Be Published: The Flavor of Holland by an Accomplished Children's Author, Biographer and Travel Writer
000785: JOHN G. LEGEL JR. - 1912 Handwritten Manuscript Diary and Travel Journal of a Young Iowa Man Doing the Deluxe European Tour
000856: LEGISLATURE OF KENTUCKY - MULTIPLE SIGNATURES - 1849 Archive of Four [4] Handwritten Manuscript Documents Relating to the Formation of the Leesburg Light Artillery
000999: GEORGE LEHNER JR. - 1868 - 1873 Archive of Three [3] Handwritten Manuscript Ledger Books of a Prosperous, Successful Cobbler
000802: ARTHUR LELLIOT - 1906 Handwritten Manuscript Log Book of a Detroit Area Musician's Club - P.R. O.S. T.
0008069: MILDRED LEMERT - 1920s Original Group of Seven [7] Manuscript Diaries Hand Written by a Rural Kansas Teenager and Soon to Be College Girl
0001784: LEN KEMP, R.N. - 1946 Original Manuscript Post World War II Diary Handwritten by a Royal Navy Pilot Sailing the Mediterranean Sea Aboard the British Aircraft Carrier Hms Triumph
0008108: BETTY JEAN LENZ - 1944 Original Manuscript Homefront Diary Handwritten by a Young All-American Girl in the North Star State
0009158: FREDERICA DE LAGUNA AND MARY JANE LENZ (NEE DOWNS) - 1954 Original and Fascinating Typescript of Two Journals As They Travel to Rural Alaska to Study the Indigenous Yakutat Tlingit, from Two Anthropologists, One Who Is a New Graduate Student and the Other Established and Very Famous in the Field
0009043: WILLIAM SMITH LEONARD - 1842 Sweet Original Handwritten Journal by the 9-Year Old Son of a Reverend, Going to School, Learning About Life, and Exhibiting Quintessential ‘Joie de Vivre’
0JT51B: LEPROMPT, MERCHANT BUTCHER - 1860 Archive of Eight (8) Printed Receipts with Handwritten Notes
0001551: HILLIARD LESLIE ET AL - 1933 Original Charming Saskatchewan Depression Era Autograph Album and Memory Book
000599: LESLIE DAIKEN - Archive of Collected Research Papers and Correspondence Materials of Author Leslie Daiken Researching His Book - Children's Toys Around the World
000425: LEUSDEN, JOHANNES - Philologus Hebraeus - an Exceedingly Important Comprehensive Study of Judaism and Jewish Life Including Kabbalah by One of the Greatest Hebraists
0JT157: LEVI BARTLETT - Very Rare Handwritten Manuscript Archive of Seven (7) Fragments from the Hand of Levi Bartlett, Son of Josiah Bartlett, Signer of the Declaration of Independence
0002102: CHARLES P. LEVY - 1910 Original Manuscript Letters Copybook Filled with Eclectic Copies of Letters Typed and Handwritten by a Garrulous Maryland Businessman, Sportsman and Politico
0001109: DR. CHARLTON THOMAS LEWIS - 1897 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of Educator, Actuarial, Lawyer, Lecturer, Arts Patron and Speaker at Harvard and Yale
0001831: THOMAS R. LEWIS - 1988 Original, Fascinating Manuscript Journal of a Nearly 2 Year Fossil Hunting Expedition to the Southwest Usa by a 75 Year Old Western New York State Man, His Wife and Some Friends
0010017: EDITH MARGARET LIBBY - 1935 Original Handwritten Diary by a College Student Spending a Busy Summer Working and Socializing in and Around New York City
0JT121: LIEUTENANT DUPUY - 1822 Hand Written Manuscript Military Document Requesting Lieutenant Dupuy Be Accepted to the Royal Guard
000643: LIEUTENANT H. HOP, ENVOY EXTRAORDINARY TO ENGLAND - 1738 Handwritten Manuscript Letter Regarding the Barbarous and Cruel Treatment of a Castaway Dutch Vessel
00JT46: LIEUTENANT COLONEL ETIENNE LABORDE - C1800s Handwritten Manuscript Napoleon Era Letter from the General of the Rhine Army to the Commissary of War of le Havre
0001543: LIEUTENANT N.H.V. BROWN, DEPARTMENT OF NATIONAL DEFENSE - 1941 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Dedicated Canadian Junior Officer Dedicated to Canada's National Defense
0002329: LIEUTENANT P.Y. MATTHEWS JR., US NAVY CHIEF ENGINEER - 1955 Original Significant Manuscript Diary and Journal of the World's Largest Ice Breaker on It's First Polar Expedition Handwritten by the Chief Engineer
00JT29A: LIEUTENANT PARTICULIER, RAPPORTEUR - 1666 Printed 'Factum' Trial Document Summarizing Findings of an Expert in Handwriting Regarding the Wills and Last Testaments of Francois Gibert, a Hero of the Battles between the Dutch and the English in June of 1666
0002332: LIEUTENANT HENRY CABELL MADDUX, JR., USN - 1941 - 1945 Original Group of Manuscript Diaries [7] and Notebook [1] Detailing the Service, Duties and Sometimes Extreme Opinions of an Officer of the Storied Uss Ranger, America's First True Aircraft Carrier
0001602: LIEUTENANT COLONEL HARDRESS WALLER - C1915 Original Manuscript Report on the Notorious 1914 Battle of le Cateau Handwritten by a British Lieutenant Colonel on Royal Embossed Lettersheets
0009004: LIEUTENANT HUSSA, SERGEANT STEVENS, CORPORAL NELSON, PRIVATE MOWERS, PRIVATE SOURS - 1930s Fascinating and Unique Diary of an Armed Detail of Five Marines Traveling by Steamboat Into the Interior of China, Each Man Contributing Recording and Detailing the Life and Nature All Around Them
000403: LIGHTFOOT, JOHN (JOANNIS LIGHTFOOTI) - Opera Omonia "Duobus Voluminibus Comprehensa, Quorum Syllabus Pagina Post Vitam Authoribus Ultima Exhibetur" the First Christian Scholar to Call Attention to the Importance of the Talmud
000404: JAMES LIKELY - 1854 Handwritten Manuscript Diary and Study of Astronomy of James Likely
000595: LINDLEY MURRAY - 1823 French Pamphlet - Du Danger Des Spectacles - the Danger of Eyeglasses - Accompanied by Reflections of Lindley Murray
0002194: OSKAR LINDQUIST - 1871 Original Manuscript Diary of Financial Transactions and Trades by a Very Active Swedish Timber Dealer Based in England Travelling Throughout Sweden, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania Wheeling and Dealing in Lumber, Finished Wood Products, Stockholm Tar+++
0001426: SIR DR. DAVID MOORE LINDSAY - 1899 - 1930s Original Manuscript Diary, Family History and Genealogy Handwritten by an Esteemed Irish Doctor, War Hero, Knight Templar, Explorer, Friend of the Wealthy, Famous and Sometime Guest of the King of England
0001375: THEO C. LINN - 1896 Original Handwritten Manuscript Diary Detailing the Life and Times of an Itinerant Brampton Ontario Teacher and Sometime Scientist and Scholar
000656: FRANCES S. LINTCHELL - 1890 Handwritten Manuscript Travel Diary Through Europe Starting with the Steamer Puritan
0011040: MARY LIPSHULTZ - 1933 Diary of a Young Los Angeles, California Women Coming of Age During the Great Depression
0009095: ROBERT LITT - 1820s Original Gorgeous and Handwritten Algebra Book from a Rural School in Northwest England, Showing in Great Detail and Exceptional Penmanship How a Child Learned His Mathematics in the Early 19th Century
0011038: WILLIAM G. LITTELL - 1859 and 1860 Handwritten Diaries of a Young, Rural American Methodist Preacher, Preaching in the Wiltshire Circuit and a Kansas Circuit Prior to the CIVIL War
0011018: CARLETON K. LITTLE - 1920s Syracuse, Ny Medical Student's Physiology Notes, Demonstrates Massive Contrast between Medical Knowledge of the 1920s Vs Today
0002408: LIZZIE [ELIZABETH] MORRIS - 1857 Original Manuscript Pair [2] of Letters Handwritten by a Baltimore Sister to Her New York Brother Who Amidst the Breezy Family Talk Voices Concerns over the Elections and the Mobs
0009166: L. E. H. LLEWELLYN - 1899 Original Manuscript Pilotage and Navigation Training Book Handwritten by a Young Midshipman Who Would One Day Become the First Director of Unexploded Bombs Department During the London Blitz
000597: GLADYS LLOYD - Halloween Pranks and Parties
0001066: R. [RICHARD] LOCKE - The Western Rebellion
0002208: VON V.LOEBELL - 1840s Original, Massive, Magnificent Research Effort to Catalogue Almost 40 Centuries of the World's Conflicts and the Ranking Combatants from 1980 Bc to 1847 Ad
0001144: JOYCE LOHNES - 1944 - 1945 Handwritten Halifax Homefront Original Diary
0001510: EDITH LONG AND SADIE LONG - 1880s Through 1910s Scrapbook Homage to the Life and Times of Two Dedicated South Dakota Sisters and Their Love for the University of South Dakota
0001575: DR. JACOB J. LONGACRE - 1928 - 1932 Original Manuscript Medical and Pathology Study Books [2] Handwritten by a Man Who Will Become a Renowned Cleft Plate and Facial Surgeon
RAB3016: LOPES CARDOZO FR. - Seder Taaniyot - the Order for Fast-Days - Gebeden Voor de Vastendagen
00JT214/5: LOPPIN DE GEMEAUX - 1815 Small Archive of Handwritten Manuscript Napoleon Era Army Reports Compiled by Famed Mayor of Gemeaux and Good Friend of Rousseau and Voltaire
000686: LORIN BLODGETT - C1850s Handwritten Als by Early Meteorologist and Climatologist Working for the Smithsonian Institute to Famed Mapmaker
000448: LOUBIER, HANS - Der Bucheinband Von Seinen Anfängen Bis Zum Ende Des 18
0001631: LOUIE PATTEN - 1891 Original Manuscript Letter Detailing One Man's Grand Tour of the Ottoman Empire's Capital City to His Friends in Kansas
0002177: LOUIS GOETH DREYFUS, JR. - 1916 Original, Significant Manuscript Diary Handwritten by an American Diplomat at the European Center of World Conflict Carefully Observing the Politics, Strategics and Pretty Girls of the Austro-Hungarian Empire
0JT103: LOUIS XV, KING OF FRANCE - 1770 Edit Du Roi Regarding Tax Increases Featuring Very Large Vignette and Lettrine
0002048: LOUIS P. CAYOT, [ALSO CAYATT, CAYOTT] - 1862 Original, Unique French Language CIVIL War Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a New Immigrant Who Details His Battle Experience from Roanoke Island, the Second Battle of Bull Run and Antietam
0001686: LOUIS BERDEN, LOUIS DE SADELEER - Pictures of Ruined Belgium, Visions de la Belgique Detruite 72 Pen and Ink Sketches Drawn on the Spot - with Nine [9] Ephemeral Items Including Handwritten Letters, Postcards and Letter Copies
0001886: EARL A. LOUK - 1940s Original Handwritten Journal of a Young Torpedo Man's Education and Training and the Service Diary of One Charming, Personable 20 Year Old Mingo West Virginia Serviceman and Father of Three Kids Under 4
0001988: LOULIE D. QUINN, [SOMETIMES QUIN] - 1928 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Loving, Charming Georgia Grandmother
0008077: EDWARD EVERETT LOVEJOY - 1860s Super, Original Pair of Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by a Dedicated Student of the Noted Newton English and Classical School
0001205: ELEANOR HUNTINGTON LOVETT - 1910 Original Manuscript Diary of a Teenage Massachusetts Girl on a Grand Tour of England and a Sad Witness to the Funeral of One King to the Proclamation of Another
000040: LOVING, WILLIAM - 1853 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of William Loving
0001464: W. NORWOOD LOWRY - 1929 Original Manuscript Books [4] Being the Thesis on the 'Location of the Electromotive Force in the Photo-Voltaic Cell' by Renowned Doctor of Physics
000666: ROBERTI LOWTH [ROBERT LOWTH] - De Sacra Poesi Hebraeorum, Praelectiones Academicae Oxonii Habitae
0001082: LT. BRASHER, O. WHITE - 1879 + 1883 Handwritten Manuscript Letters [Als] to Renowned Lt. Colonel C.A. O'Malley of 25th Elgin Infantry Formed After the Raid at Fort Erie by the Fenian Brotherhood in 1866
0001755: LT. CMDR. ROBERT CARR, MD - 1943 - 1944 Original Archive of Manuscript Diaries [2], Photographs and Ephemera of a Senior Medical Officer Who Sadly Observes and Details His Often Gruesome Duties in the South Pacific Theatre
0008134: J.C. GAMMON LTD - C1950s Original Group of Three [3] Portfolios Detailing the Success and Accomplishments of One of Asia's Most Renowned Infrastructural Engineering Firms
1031Y1: LUANA - 1867 Handwritten Autograph Letter Signed [Als] - a Loving Sister to Her Brother
000128: LUCIAN WILLIS BUGBEE, JR - 1911 - 1921 Archive of Handwritten Diaries, Journals and Ephemera of Brilliant Student and Pioneer of the Optical Lens Industry
01MV35: LUDEK PACHMANN - 1991 Signed Special Cover - Chess Postal History - Czech Chess Grandmaster
00JT56: LUDOVIC LALANNE - Recherches Sur le Feu Gregeois
0009164: THOMAS LUNT - Late 1700s/Early 1800s Original Handwritten Book of Mathematics Related to Navigational and Sailing Science, by the Master of a Ship Going between England and America
000791: LUSENA PATCH - 1837 Handwritten Letter by an American Teacher Detailing and Protesting Roman Catholic Traditions of the Early Quebecoise: "Every Few Minutes My Ears Were Saluted with a Discharge of Musketry... On the Lords Day... A Descecration They Consider Worship"
0001202: LYDIA W. CULLEN, REVERENDS RAMSEY, DEWITT ET AL - 1836 Original Handwritten Autograph Album Including Many Noted Delaware Religious and Political Figures
0001592: EDWARD HUTCHINSON ROBBINS LYMAN - 1889 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Wealthy Banking Tycoon and the Great Uncle of Franklin Delano Roosevelt
0002404: LYMAN REED - 1858 Original Manuscript Letter Revealing a Critical Agricultural Scientific Discovery Related to Potato Rot by a Baltimore Area Naturalist
0009055: LYNN F. - 1950 - 1951 Handwritten Original Diary of a Young Jewish Girl Coming of Age Surrounded by Her Loving Family, Supportive Best Friends and a Frustrating Stream of Crushes and Loves Lost
0MV172: LYNNETTE 'SQUEAKY' FROMME - 1983 Handwritten Autograph Postcard Written by Manson Family Member and the Attempted Assassin of Gerald R. Ford - Lynnette 'Squeaky' Fromme
0JT109A: M.L.F. DU PORT, FOR THE KING - 1791 Loi Relative Aux Fonctionnaires Publics Qui Ont Refuse de Faire le Serment Civique
00JT35: M. LAURENT FRANÇOISE DEVELOGER, NOTARY & ATTORNEYS - 1742 Handwritten Manuscript Document with the Archival Blue Order of Malta Stamp for Madame la Comtesse de Bao of Alencon
0TP112: M. DESGRANGES - From the File of Famed Bibliophile Sir Thomas Phillipps: Archive Lot of Two Handwritten Autograph Letters to Antoine le Camus, Doctor of the Faculty of Medicine, Paris C. 1750s
00JT49: M. ABRIAL, MINISTER OF JUSTICE - Archive Lot of Three (3) Legal Bulletins of the French Revolution Dealing Primariliy with the Set Up of the "Bourse de Commerce"
0JT99B: M. LARAOUGE - 1783 Handwritten Manuscript Signed Document from Avignon Regarding Hospitals in Lyon
0001536: M.B. SAFFORD - 1892 Group of Two [2] Original Manuscript Letters Handwritten by a Dedicated, Descriptive Surveyor of the Us Coast and Geodetic Survey Team in Martha's Vineyard to Family Back Home
0001677: MRS. MABEL B. JOHNSON, MRS. ALICE DAVIS - 1960s Original Scrapbook and Autograph Album Compiled by a Devoted Country Western Fan with a Special Place in Her Heart for Buck Owens
0002359: MARJORIE MABIE - 1908 - 1913 + 1929 Group of Eight [8] Original Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by a Lovely Small Town Girl of a Well Known Family Living in What Will One Day Become One of the Most Famous Towns on the Planet
0002031: L. MACBEAN, [LACHLAN MACBEAN] - 1889 Elementary Lessons in Gaelic with Handwritten Notes by Dr. Peter Davidson of the Hermetic Brotherhood
00MV822: ALEXANDER MACFARLANE - 1904 Handwritten Manuscript Letter of Congratulations to the New President of the Carnegie Institution from One of the World's Foremost Mathematicians and Prominent Canadians
0009003: WILLIAM MACGILL - 1850s - 1940s Super Archive of Documents and Letters by and About William Macgill, Captain of One of the Fastest Clipper Ships in the World: The "Sweepstakes"
0009094: ANNIE MACLEOD - 1939 Original Handwritten Manuscript Notebook of First Hand Observations and Knowledge on Diet, Nutrition, Diabetes, and a Host of Other Subjects Done by a Young Woman Learning and Researching at the Beth Israel Food Clinic
0002273: DONALD BAXTER MACMILLAN - 1940s - 1950s Original Group of Handwritten and Typed Letters Some Ephemera Relating to the Famed Explorer and His Author Wife and the Beloved, Historic Schooner Bowdoin
0001440: JACK FLEMING A.K.A. PEAWADI THE MAGICIAN - 1939 - 1947 Original Scrapbook and Ephemeral Memory Book of a Teenage Magician Who Worships Houdini and Scarne - Boasting a Rare Orson Welles Mercury Wonder Show for Service Men
0002427: MAISIE SHEPHERD KINGSLEY, MRS. HARRY NORMAN SHEPHERD - 1924 - 1953 Original Group of 15 Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by a Fashion Forward Suffrage Era Brighton Girl Who Evolves Into a Dutiful 1950s Wife
000818: DEANE W. MALOTT - 1972 - 1978 Typewritten Travel Diary of Author, Academic, Agrarian and President Emeritus of Cornell University
0002325: MALTBY GELTSON ROSE, NELLIE DOUGLASS - 1820s Original Manuscript Copy Book, Catchall Created by a Noted Justice of the Peace and Eventual Scrapbook of a Young Sag Harbor Woman
000041: MARY AKA MAMIE - 1876 Handwritten Manuscript Journal Diary of Mary of Washington Dc
000106: UNIDENTIFIED YOUNG DANISH MAN - 1831 Handwritten Manuscript Diary by Young Danish Boy on Holiday/Buying Trip in Denmark
0001992: J. CARSON LITTLE AKA THE MOTORCYCLE MAN - 1936 Original Manuscript Diary Detailing One Young Man's Devotion to All Things Harley-Davidson Handwritten by 'the Motorcycle Man'
0001207: E.D. MANDELL, H.W. EMERSON - 1887 Archive of Three [3] Manuscript Letters Detailing the Whaling Business of Captain George Fox Brightman between New Zealand and New Bedford and Intelligence Regarding His Competitors
0002126: SOTIRIOS MANDRA - 1937 - 1943 Original Archive of Letters, Notebooks, Documents and Photographs Revealing the Service of a Sailor in the Greek Royal Navy Prior to and During World War II
0001864: J.G. MANNING, A.I.F - 1941 - 1943 Original World War II Manuscript Diary of War Service Within Beseeching Prayers, Soulful Confession and Perhaps Suppressed Homosexuality Handwritten by the Australian Ymca Representative in the Middle East
0008024: ARLENE BERYL MANUEL - 1940 - 1941 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Young Pennsylvania Girl Who Was a Student at the Southern College in Petersburg, Virginia in One of the Institution's Final Years
000676: G. MARCEL - 1706 Handwritten Manuscript Book - Calligraphy Treasure: Tablettes Chronologiques Contenant la Suite Des Papes, Empereurs Et Roys Qui Ont Règné Depuis la Naiss. De J. Chr. Jusqu'à Présent [Chronologische Tafelen Behelzende D'Achtervolging Der Pausen... ]
0002078: MARGARET MATILDA HARDIE, [MRS ROBERT ALEXANDER HARDIE] - 1925 Original Uncommon East to West Manuscript Travel Diary Handwritten by a Noted Methodist Missionary's Wife on a Trip Back Home to America Where the Work of Christian Outreach Continues
0002327: MARIA L. BAKER, WILLIAM BAKER ET AL - 1851 - 1858 Original, Somber Manuscript Book of Sentiments and Memories Handwritten by Friends and Family from Beaufort to Savannah to Ocala
0002133: MARGARET SAINSBURY MARIS - 1904 - 1930s Original Manuscript British Home Front Diary, Personal Catch-All and Detailed Retelling of the Terror of German Zeppelin Attacks During World War I
00JT32n: MARQUIS A.M. DE ROQUEPINES [COLONEL OF THE ROYAL COMTOIS REGIMENT] - 1747 Detailed Als [Autograph Letter Signed] Requesting an Absolute Leave Only to Become the Marechal de Camp 10 Years Later
00JT51: MARQUIS DE FALLETANS [SOMETIMES FALETANS] - 1825 & 1839 Handwritten Genealogical Breakdown of One of France's Oldest Families Dating Back to 1100 Ad
0002252: DR. BISHOP LESLIE R. MARSTON - 1921 - 1922 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Young Man We See Evolve from Student to Teacher, Swain to Husband and One Day President of the College He Attends
0001489: MARTHA HERNDEGGER, HERTA KALB, E. BAUER ET AL - 1945 Original Photograph Album and Manuscript Memory Book Handwritten by One Young Woman's Reichsarbeitsdienst - Rad - Reich Workers Service Sisters on Her Departure
000798: ERNEST MARTIN - 1887 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of a New Hampshire Farmer and Lumberman
0008100: FRANCIS X. MARTIN - 1918 - 1924 Original Manuscript Diary Hand Written by an American Marine Corp Rifle Sergeant During Wwi Who Would Go on to Investigate the Lindbergh Kidknapping and Protect Kings of Finance and the Prince of Wales
0002572: CAPTAIN JAMES P. MARTIN - 1856 - 1858 Original Meticulously Detailed Journal and Log of the Newly Launched Merchant Ship's Maiden 3 Year Voyage Criss Crossing the Globe from Newburyport to Calcutta and Beyond
0008182: JOHN MARSHALL MARTIN - 1914 Original, Charming Letter Hand Written by a Former Confederate Colonel Who Would One Day Be the Last Member of the Confederate Congress
0008136: E.M. MARTIN - 1911 Sensational, Significant, Original Typed Manuscript Log Book Detailing the California Conductor's Excursion: A Superb, Unique Piece of American Railroadiana by and for Ultimate Train Travel Enthusiasts
0001719: ZELLA GERTRUDE BAYNHAM LATER MARTIN - 1917 - 1919 Original Archive of Eight [8] Letters Handwritten by a Quaker Nurse While on Duty at the Premier American Mental Hospital
0002147: WALTER B. MARTIN - 1891 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by an Ottawa Canada Student: A Gift Book with the Threat 'Write Everyday or I Will Pound You out'
0001253: MARY LAWRENCE HERBERT PEABODY - 1845 Original Handwritten Autograph Letters Signed and Handwritten by Noted Missionary Trying to Bring the Christian Gospels to 'Satan's Seat'
0001143: "LADY" AND MARY - 1906 Enigmatic Handwritten Manuscript Diary in Two Hands Detailing Preparations for a Wedding, the Honeymoon and the Happily Ever After
0009101: MARY ELLEN LAWRENCE - 1922 Original Charming Letter of Life in Small Town New Mexico in the 1920s, Remarking on Native Americans Traditions and Spanish Colonialism
0002248: MARY OR MARGARET DISCON [?] - 1922 Original Manuscript Diary Describing a Day Spent Traveling and Visiting a Village in Singapore Near Saribue Dolok by an Unusually Observant and Intrepid British Woman
00JT96: MASTER DUPLESSIS, MASTER DELAURIER - 1662 Ancient Hand Written Manuscript Document with Seven (7) Bold Signatures
0011043: CHIEF ENGINEERS AND SHIP MASTERS - 1938 Incredible Engineering Log Books of Three Merchant Vessels Sunk in World War Two by the Chief Italian Engineer: M.N. Cellina, M.N. Fella, and M.N. Rialto, Includes Deck Logs and Mechanical Engineering Logs
0001972: NANCY MASTON - 1845 Original Pre CIVIL War Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Medina New York Matriarch Featuring Local History and Genealogy
0MV1243: WINIFRED HOLT MATHER - Handwritten Autograph Letter by Winifred Holt Mather Founder of the New York Association for the Blind
0001448: MANUEL ANTONIO MATOS - 1873 - 1914 Archive of Original Manuscript Letters and Documents Relating to the Liberation Revolution of Venezuela Handwritten to and from One of the Country's Greatest Bankers, Financiers, Businessman and General
0001397: PRIVATE RICHARD [BARNEY] R. MATSON - 1942 - 1946 Original Archive of Hundreds of Manuscript Letters, Ephemera and Telegrams Detailing One Private First Class' Air Force Experience from New Mexico to Alaska
0010013: ROSABELLE MATTESON - Gorgeous, Wonderfully Detailed Original Handwritten 1917 Travel Diary by the Wife of a Former Rhode Island Supreme Court Chief Justice
0008112: WERNER AVENHAUS AND HELMUT MATTHIAS - 1955 Fascinating Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Pair of German Teenagers: One Suffering Pre Berlin Wall Oppression in the Soviet Sector and His Luckier Friend in the American Sector Who Were Given a Summer Camp Experience in England
000433: MAUNDRELL, HENRY - A Journey from Aleppo to Jerusalem at Easter A.D. 1697
000833: ALAN E. MAURER - 1930 - 1941 Handwritten Manuscript Archive of Twelve [12] Depression Era and Pre World War II Diaries Offering a Rare Daily Look at the Personal, Local, National and International News and Politics of the Day Affecting a Down to Earth Pennsylvania Man
0008212: ALAN MAURER - 1923 + 1926 Original Pair of Detailed Diaries Handwritten by a Pennsylvania Man Trying to Make Ends Meet During the Great Depression But Who One Day Will Sit on the Indiana Supreme Court
0008213: A. E. WALLACE MAURER - 1945 - 1946 Original Wwii Era Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Winnipeg Canada Native Who Would Go on to Be One of America's Most Noted Experts in 18th Century Literature
00JT51b: MAURICE DEVILLIERS AND UNIDENTIFIED OFFICER OF HEALTH - 1801 & 1803 [2] Small Archive of Small Pox Related Handwritten Manuscript Letters
0001916: MAURICE [SMITH ?] - 1947 Original Manuscript Relic of British Rule in Mandated 'Palestine' Handwritten by a Lazy Shirking Soldier Until He Becomes an Active Officer
0JT71A: EMILE AUGUSTE MAURIN - 1852 Ville de Paris Rare Voting Card Coming Soon After the Troubles of the Second Commune
0JT71B: PIERRE AUGUSTE MAURIN - 1871 Republic of France Voting Card Signed Ads
0001968: MAVIS BRAZEL - 1936 Original Depression Era Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Passionate Young Oklahoma Girl
0002200: JULIA M. D. MAYBERG - 1870 Original Manuscript Diary, Travel Journal and Catch All of a Rather Well Off Teenage Girl from Southern Wales on the Picturesque, Enigmatic Gower Peninsula
000074: HIRAM MAYNARD - 1914 Handwritten Manuscript Journal Diary of Iowa High School Senior and Freshman at College - All American Boy
0001775: MAYO, LESLIE ARNOLD - 1928 - 1929 Original Pair [2] of Manuscript Diaries of an English Engineer's Time Tin Mining, Tiger Hunting and Traveling in Siam
0009113: JULIUS MAYR - 1867 Original Handwritten German Recipe Book of 100+ Recipes for Sweet Cakes, Desserts, and Drinks That Represent an Excellent View of Tastes in Austria During the Reign of Emperor Franz Joseph I
0001322D: O. HAROLD MCAVOY - 1906 & 1944 Original Sketchbooks and Journals of Noted Toronto Artist and Architect from a Young Teenager to a Middle Aged Man
0001924: C.H. MCCALLUM - 1929 Original British Army Officer Manuscript Diary and Ephemera Handwritten by the Newly Installed Commander of the Highland Light Infantry in India
0001919: C.H. MCCALLUM - 1918 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by an Injured British Officer Now in Command of the Home Service Employment Corps
00MV317: MCCAULL, ATKINSON, MCDOWELL FAMILIES ET AL - C1870s Archive of Eighteen [18] Manuscript Letters Typifying Life in the Great Midwest
0008036: RUTH GILBERT MCCLAIN - 1931 - 1940 Original Pair of Five Year Manuscript Diaries and Ephemera Handwritten by a Chicago Teenager Detailing a Decade of Development from Youth to Hard Charging Journalist As She Plunges Into Simmering Pre War Europe
0001216: JOSEPH E. MCCLELLAND - 1898 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by the Township Supervisor of Southfield Michigan
000671: PRIVATE J. MCCLELLAND - 1861 Handwritten Manuscript CIVIL War Diary, Journal and Muster of the New York State Militia Answering President Lincoln's Call to Put Down the Insurrection
0001047: MISS MCCLELLAND - 1915 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of Early World War I Toronto
0008144: ODESSA MCCLISTER (NEE ARNOLD) - 1944 Original Manuscript World War II Mid West Diary Handwritten by Hard Working Akron Home Maker All the While with the Dark Backdrop of the War
000721: MARY IDA MCCORMICK - 1882 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of an Optimistic Student/Teacher in the San Francisco Area
0MV1321: HAROLD MCCRACKEN - 1972 Handwritten Autograph Letter Signed by the Director of the Buffalo Bill Historical Center and Famed Author on Cowboy Life and Western Artists
000700: J. A. MCCUNE - C1800s Archive of Seventy-Five+ [75] Handwritten Manuscript Letters, Notes and Genealogical and Legal Documents of a Busy Shippensburg Pennsylvania Estate Attorney
0001671: JAMES MCDONALD - 1829 Original Massive Manuscript Mathematic and Arithmetic Cyphering Copybook Filled with Complex and Basic Equations and Solutions
0009013: PAUL JAMES MCGAHAN - Fascinating and Intricately Detailed Original Handwritten Manuscript Diary of a Young Infantryman, Enduring Intense Training and Working His Way Up the Ranks in the American Homefront at the Very End of World War One
0002123: LT. SIGNALMAN ALEXANDER MCGILL - 1914 - 1919 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve [Rnvr] Signalman Dedicated to His Newborn Daughter Who Would One Day Soon Enough Cherish Her Father's Brilliant, Intimate Retelling of His Naval Service Against Germany
0001856: UNA E. MCGILVRAY [LATER GORDEY] - 1931 - 1932 Charming Archive of Original Manuscript Letters Handwritten by a Lovely Lousiana Girl to Her Boyfriend and Future Husband Who Is in Texas
0011009: MARY PLUMMER MCILWAINE - 1932 Petersburg, Va Diary of a Church-Loving, Middle Aged, Middle Class Woman at the Height of the Great Depression
0001843: MRS. MCINTYRE - 1924 Original Manuscript Travel Diary of a Wonderful Diarist from Glasgow Scotland to Quebec, Canada and Through the Usa
0001359: ELIZABETH FRANCENIA MCKOY - 1906 - 1907 Original Manuscript Diary and Scrapbook of South Carolina College Life in the Early 20th Century
0001400: MAE MCLOUTH - 1913 - 1940 Original Manuscript Diary and Journal of a Young Woman's Tragic Story of Her Mother's Early Death, a Father's Loss of Love, a Treacherous Aunt and a Carnival That Leads to Cocaine and Criminality
0002020: LAWSON NATHANIAL MCMANUS - 1942 - 1945 Original Archive of 100 Letters Home Handwritten by a Corporal in the 828th Engineer Aviation Battalion Noted for Their Help Rebuilding the Munda Airfield
0008162: MILLIE MCMILLIN - 1919 Original Manuscript Post Wwi Diary Handwritten by a Vivacious and Vacuous Omaha Girl Detailing a Fun Life All the While the City Faces Violent Troubled Times, Muderous Labor Strife and a Chilling Reference to Riding an ILL-Fated Rollercoaster
000845: J.T. MCNICOL - 1939 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of an English Schoolboy - Scout, Interpreter, Cyclist, Handyman, Entertainer, Missionary, Plumber, Artist, Ambulance, Reader, Musician, CIVIL Defence and Public Health Man As the War in Europe Has Begun
0002044: CORPORAL JOHN M. MCSHANE - 1918 Original Archive of Long Breezy Letters [27] Handwritten by an American Corporal Who Cannot Mask His Fear and Concerns About Returning Home
0001064: ISAAC J. MEAD - 1878 Through 1889 Archive of 5 Handwritten Manuscript Diaries Detailing the Life and Times and Politics of a Circuit Riding Universalist Preacher
0001353: ALBERT M. MEAD - 1859 - 1860 Original Manuscript Journal with Detailed Entries on the Local History, Politics - Including the Democratic Candidate's Pro Slavery Stance - and Pre CIVIL War Background of a Sad, Failed, Unhappy Man Who Wants So Much More
0001696: ANNIE C. MEAD - 1894 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by the Bride to Be in an Interesting December - May Marriage
0009190: HESTER OAKLEY MEIGS - 1916 Original Manuscript Travel Journal Handwritten by a Very Young, Very Delightful and Insightful Diarist Whose Family Founded Sarah Lawrence College
0010035: BERNARD EUGENE MELAND - Early 1900s Original Scrapbook Compiled by a Young Man Who Would Become One of America?S Leading Theologians
00MV184: MENACHEM BEGIN - 1987 Original Hand Drawn Raoul Wallenberg Memorial Cover Signed by Menachem Begin Hero and Former Prime Minister of Israel
0011023: SCOTT MEREDITH - Scott Meredith, Pioneering Literary Agent's Biography, "Writing to Sell", Heavily Annotated by an Aspiring Writer, Plus Autographed Letter from Meredith
0002005: EDNA HUNTINGTON MERRELL - 1907 - 1910 Original Group of Three [3] Bird Watching Diaries Handwritten by the Daughter of the President of Ripon College
0008188: TIMOTHY MERRICK - 1881 Original, Significant Manuscript Journal Detailing the Municipal Activities and Procedures of America's First Planned Industrial City and Model for the Late 19th Century Vision of a Modern Urban Metropolis
0001812: RICHARD MERRITT - 1968 - 1976 Original Manuscript Travel and Alaska Hunting Diary of a New York State Big Game Hunter
0008094: GRACE MERRITT - 1903 Original Manuscript Diary Hand Written by a Lovely Upstate New York Woman
0008012: MERRY, L. C. - 1877 Original, Handwritten Diary and Ledger Authored by L.C. Merry, a Dairy Farmer from French Creek, a Small Town in Chautauqua County, Offering Insight Into Daily Life on His Farm and Into the Life of Local Community
0007026: JOHN BARTLETT MESERVE - 1930s Original Manuscript History of Native Indians of the South Eastern Usa Written by a Noted Historian and Jurist of Oklahoma
000989: GEORGE E. METCALFE - 1884 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of an Incredibly Hardworking 31 Year Old Connecticut Peddler
0011013: RICHARD ALLEN METZLER - 1930-1945 Diaries of a Ford Motor Company Employee, Chronicling His Life from Childhood to Adulthood Through the Great Depression and World War Two, Experiencing the Greatest Generation
0011007: HELEN MEYER - 1914 Diary of a Teen Girl Whose Family Were Prominent Early Settlers in New York, Involved in the Suffragette Movement, Keenly Observant of Global Events
0009027: DAVID MEYEROWITZ - 1944 - 1945 Original Manuscript Wartime Diary of Jewish Coast Guard Cadet Aboard the Uscgc Sassafras on ‘Aid to Navigation’ and U-Boat Detection Duty in Newfoundland and the North Atlantic
0002360: MICHAEL KARNER, KONDITOR - 1907 Superb, Original Handwritten Manuscript Journal with 100s of Desserts, Confections, Baked Goods and European Pastry Recipes, Plus Icing Design Illustrations: A Master Baker and Konditor's Treasure Trove
0001017: SGT. MIDDLETON - 1918 Handwritten Diary of an Englishman's World War I Service in Canada
0002390: MIDSHIPMAN ALEXANDER SHARP - 1877 Original Pair [2] of Manuscript Letters Handwritten by an 'Old Salt' Midshipman Who Will Serve His Country at Sea with Distinction and One Day Earn High Praise from the President of the United States
0008076: AMERICUS MIESSE - 1870s Original Manuscript Notebook of Recipes, Remedies and Medical Cures Handwritten by a Notable Lima Ohio Doctor and Inventor
000758: JEANIE L. MILES - 1866 Handwritten Manuscript European Travel Diary of a Young Woman Including 20 Pages of Ribald and Humorous Poetry
0001917: NINA MILLER [?] - 1960s Original Manuscript Diary, Dream and Therapy Journal and Intimate Personal Account of One Young Woman's Psycho Sexual Issues of Nymphomania, Marital Relations and Childhood Abandonment with the Back Drop of the Sexual Revolution and Hippie Era
0008029: JAHU DEWITT MILLER - 1870s Original Fort Edward Seminary Scrapbook Compiled by a Young Teenage Student and Bibliophile Who Would Go on to Run the Library, Teach and Lecture Extensively
000059: MILLER, MILO - Archive Lot of 33 Diaries 1885 Through 1950 Handwritten Manuscript Diaries of Milo Miller, Hartstown Pennsylvania Genealogist Teacher
0001060: JIM MILLER - 1886 - 1908 Archive of Handwritten and Typescript Letters Back Home from an Intelligent, Observant Senior Miner Writing Home from the Wilds of Idaho and South Africa and the Horrors of the Boer War
0002096: MARVIN J. MILLER - 1944 - 1945 Original Manuscript Diary and Testament to Human Survival and Endurance Handwritten by an American Airman Shot out of the Air, Imprisoned in Germany's Harshest Pow Camp and Then Nearly Marched and Starved to Death
0001167: MRS. HAROLD MILLER - 1935 Original Manuscript Diary of an English Woman Moving to Rio de Janeiro Brazil Only to Be Witness to the Start and End of the Graf Zeppelin Revolution
0010022: OTIS ALONZO MILLER - 1930-1931 Original Manuscript Diary Chronicling the Final Year of a Professor, Artist, and Possible Land Developer in the American South
0001995: PEGGY MILLER - 1950 Original Mansucript Diary Handwritten by a Nice All American 'Girl Next Door' Who Sadly Has Suffered from the Scourge of the Era - Polio and Who Writes of Her Continuing Ills and Her Remarkable Recovery
0001058: HENRY RIPLEY MILLETT - 1856 & 1857 Handwritten Manuscript Diaries by the Son of a Distinguished Maine Family Who Goes on to Great Personal Fame for His Service in the CIVIL War with the 5th Maine Regiment
0001033: EDMUND S. MILLS JR. - 1909 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of a Young New Jersey Boy and Nephew of a Major Steel Industrialist R.B. Carnahan Jr.
0001039: MRS. MILDRED RUTH MILLS - 1925 + 1936 Handwritten Manuscript Diaries of a Wealthy American Oilman's Wife at Critical Junctures in China's History
0001018: ZWY MILSHTEIN [SOMETIMES ZIVY] - Dossier Solange: Exemplaire No. 2
0001504: DR. AND MRS. H.J. MINTHORN - 1896 - 1897 Original Archive of Six [6] Manuscript Letters Handwritten by Missionaries to Alaska and Relatives of President Herbert Hoover
0002286: MISS P. P. RILEY - 1956 - 1958 Original Archive of 60+ Typed and Manuscript Letters Written by a Young Female Sailor As She Circumnavigates the World Aboard the Storied Brigantine Yankee and the Remarkable Sailing Couple Irving and Exy Johnson
0002057: MISS G. SEARLE - 1846 Original Charming 3 Page Travel 'Journal' Detailing a Family Trip to Nahant Massachusetts by a Very Young, Bright and Creative Girl
0002116: LT. COL. H. MITCHELL - 1845 - 1855 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a British Officer and Victorian Gentleman Settling Down to Retirement in London and Not without Intrigue
0002190: AMY REQUA LONG MITTEN - 1945 - 1949 Original Manuscript 5 Year Diary of an East Bay Oakland Socialite, Tycoon and Wheeler Dealer
0009038: REVEREND WILLIAM MONEY - 1824 Original Travel Diary Kept by a Proper Young English Gentleman on an Extravagant, Deluxe Trip to a Number of Dutch Cities, Landmarks and Waterways
00TP29B: MONSIEUR HERVE, RAPPORTEUR - 1669 Louis XIV Pardons and Provides Absolution to Criminals Sentenced to Death
00JT83: MONSIEUR DE SEQUEVILLE, SECRETARY TO LOUIS XV - 1765 Original Manuscript Rules and Instructions on How to Address the Hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church Handwritten by the Secretary of His Royal Majesty Louis XV
00JT40c: MONTALIVET, POR LE ROI LOUIS-PHILIPPE - Bulletin Des Lois No. 1102 - Ordonnance Du Roi Portant Reglement Pour L'Organisation Du Culte Israelite
000967: GERTRUDE MONTANEY - 1941-1944 Handwritten Manuscript 5 Yr Diary of a Robust Young Newlywed Only to See Her Die in a Foggy West Coast Car Crash
0007012: VIRGINIA MONTGOMERY - 1923 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Young American Woman on a European Tour and Mayhaps an Innocent Abroad or Early Version of an 'Ugly' Stereotype
0001401: EDWARD DE MONTULE - Travels in Egypt During 1818 and 1819
000036: MOORE, MARY - 1957 Handwritten Manuscript Diary European Travel Diary of Mary Moore, Coral Gables Florida
000502: JOHN UPDIKE - TRACY KIDDER - LORRIE MOORE - John Updike's Personal Copies with Ownership Signature on Two [2] Fine Uncorrected Proof Copies: Like Life and House
000780: CAROLYN R. MOORE - 1905-06 Handwritten Manuscript Diary and Travel Journal of a Young Woman of Means and the Prejudices of the Day - Early Description of the Daytona Car Race
0009114: DAVID MOORE [TO MR. FIRTH] - 1843 Original Manuscript Letter Handwritten by a Cotton Plantation Owner to His Friend and Accountant Detailing His Personal and Financial Problems, Despite a Bountiful Cotton Crop That Year
0001933: E. MOORE - 1882 Original Manuscript Travel Diary Handwritten by a Young Man from England to His New Employment on the Other Side of the World
0002163: PAUL MORAND - C1925 Original Archive of Letters, Postcards, Notes and Personal Papers of Noted French Author, Essayist, Womanizer, Anti Semite and One Day Puppet of the Vichy Government
0008082: CAMPBELL MORFIT - 1861 Original Manuscript Notebook of Scientific Formulations Hand Written by One of America's Most Distinguished Chemists, Professors, Editors and Authors
0001620: EULA MAE MORGAN - 1930 + 1935 Original Manuscript Depression Era Diaries Handwritten by a Sweet Kentucky Woman Who Goes from Excellent Student to Super Wife, Doctor's Assistant and Lady of the House
0001262: AVIS MATHEW MORISON - 1919 - 1923 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by the Charming, Lively Branch Librarian of Memorial Square Library
DMW001: CHRISTOPHER MORLEY - C1930s-50s Compact Chistopher Morley Archive and Library: One Tls, One Clipping and 5 Collectible Volumes
000807: SUSAN MORRIE [NEE SUSANNAH GUPTILL] - 1836 Limerick Maine Book of Memory and Verse from One of Maine's Early Pioneer Families
0001243: EDWIN BATEMAN MORRIS - Early 1900s Personal Handwritten Manuscript Journal of Ideas, Quotes and Stories Handwritten by Noted Author, Playwright and Essayist
0001662: JOHN MORRIS - 1840 Original Manuscript Book of Complex Equations, Mathematical Problems and Solutions for Navigation, Measuring Distances, Setting Courses and Working out Latitude and Longitude Along with a Charming, Engaging 15 Page Mini-Novel
0001600: LEWIS MORRISON - 1932 - 1945 Original Archive of Ten [10] Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by Scottish Immigrant to America, Factory Worker and Symphony Violinist and Music Teacher with the Depression and Oncoming World War Always in the Forefront
0001687: ETHEL A. MORSE - 1904 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Wellesley College Student Tormented by Her Love for Her Friend Anna and Troubled by Grace, Her Rival for Anna's Affections
000685: MORTIMER, FAVELL LEE - Christ in the Garden [by the Author of 'Peep of Day' Etc. ]
0001930: GEORGE ELKANA MORTON - 1886 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Halifax Nova Scotia Notable and Renowned Bookseller, Apothecary and Author
0001701: DOROTHY L. MORTON - 1928 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by Young Woman Student of Colby College in Maine
0002377: MORVEN M. JONES - C1870s Original, Significant CIVIL War Diary Detailing the Brutal Treatment and Scandalous Trial of 3 Union Officers Handwritten by a Key Player & Much Maligned Middle Aged Union Army Officer, Attorney Who at One Time or Another Had the Ear of Presidents
0009109: MOSES AND ELIZABETH STARR - 1797 Two [2] Original Handwritten Letters from Loving Parents Who Have Just Relocated to West Virginia, to Their Daughter from Whom They Have Not Heard from in Numerous Years
0001326: MOSES WOODS - 1736 Original Manuscript Document Detailing the Specifics of a New Road Through the Massachusetts Town of Marlborough
0002275: ELVIE MOSKAN - 1929 - 1933 Original Manuscript 5 Year Handwritten Diary by a Boy Crazy Louisiana Teenager Who's Making a Career of School Suspensions
000413: DR. VALENTINE MOTT - Handwritten Manuscript Ads Valentine Mott Colleague of Pasteur Rabies Hydrophobia Medical Discovery
0001094: MRS. EMILY A MOULTON - 1868 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of a Post CIVIL War Era Akron Ohio Woman
0001358: MARQUIS DE LAFAYETTE MOWRY - 1905 Original Manuscript Diary and Journal of Prominent Rhode Island Lawyer
0001368: MR. ____ W. BUTLER - 1951 Original Manuscript Copy of the 'Declaration of Independence' Presented As a July 4th Gift by the 81 Year Old Savannah Georgia Patriot Who Created This Charming Piece of Handwritten Americana
0MV173: MRS. J.B.VAN DEUSEN - 1863 Doctor's Wife Writes Dr. Bragg - "He Is Still from Home to Be Some Benefit to Our Noble Wounded to the Late Battle Field"
DC01385: MRS. ANN [WAITHMAN] RUSCHENBERGER ET AL - 1826 - 1845 Archive of 16 Original Handwritten Stampless Letters of Naval Business and Very Intimate Personal Letters from Mom to Us Naval Surgeon and Noted Author William Waitham Ruschenberger
0001393: MRS. REVEREND EDGAR STANNARD [?] - 1906 Original Manuscript Letter from the Wife of a Persecuted Belgian Congo Missionary Involved in the Notorious International Political Controversy of Cruelty and Cannabilism: The Commandant Hagstrom Affair
0002398: MRS. ARCHIBALD [ARCHIE] M. MCLAUCHLIN - 1870s Original Group of Four [4] Partial Manuscript Letters of Life, Death and the Legacy of Her Husband
000892: MRS. [CAPT.] WILLIAM B. ALEXANDER - 1862 Handwritten Manuscript CIVIL War Letter from a Loving and Lonely Wife Having a Hard Time Making Ends Meet
00JT68: MULTIPLE AUTOGRAPHS - BOINAC, CARAYON, DOMPMARTIN, BARON DE BERNOU, BAUREPAIN,ST. GENEST, MORISSET,VERNOIS) - 1856 Large Archive of Fifteen (15) Handwritten, Manuscript Letters Addressed to the Marquis de Beaumont
0TP107: MULTIPLE AUTOGRAPHS INCLUDING LALOUETTE - Archive Lot of Four (4) Handwritten Manuscript Signed Letters Addressed to Professor Francois Chopart Royal Member of the Royal Academy of Surgeons in Paris
00JT65: MULTIPLE AUTOGRAPHS OF THE FRENCH STAGE AND MUSIC HALLS - Archive Lot of Eighteen (18) Tls Typed Letters Signed by a Variety of Parisian Artists to Save the Olympia Music Hall
000891: MULTIPLE AUTHORS: ROWE, HYDRICK, COPELAND, DOBSON, BROWN, NELSON, LATHROP ET AL - C. 1930s Handwritten and Typescript Archive of Correspondence, Applications, Loan Documents Relating to the United Daughters of the Confederacy [Udc] South Carolina Chapter
00MV372: MULTIPLE AUTHORS - 1836 - 1850 Original Archive of Manuscript Letters to the Prominent Pre CIVIL War Steel Firm of Wm. Jessop and Sons Detailing the State of the Steel Industry and Economy
000631: MULTIPLE AUTHORS - BOINAC, CARAYON, DOMPMARTIN, BARON DE BERNOU, BAUREPAIN,ST. GENEST, MORISSET,VERNOIS) - Large Archive of Handwritten Letters Relating to Early British Politics with Multiple Autographs of British Peerage
0002119: ECTOR O. MUNN - 1944 Massacre of Oradour-Sur-Glane Retold C1987 by an American Supreme Headquarters Allied Forces Member Assigned to Investigate One of Germany's Most Heinous War Crimes
0002569: THOMAS MURDOCK - 1940s - 1950s Original Manuscript Book of a Global Mining Engineer No Stranger to the Belgian Congo or the Mines of Chile
0011002: ANNA SOPHIA MUSSER - Diary of an Early 20th Century Female Teacher Experiencing Loss Due to Typhoid Fever, Working, and Travelling in Rural America
0007001: CHARLES EMORY MYERS - 1916 Original, Significant Manuscript Notebook Handwritten by One of America's Pioneers in Botanical Research and Known Worldwide As 'Tomato Man'
0002141: MR. E.T. MYERS - 1895 - 1900 Super, Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Hardworking Southern California Fruit Farmer and Orchard Owner Near Rancho Cucamonga California
0009137: ROLAND W. MYERS - 1948 - 1949 Original Handwritten Diary by an Attentive But Homesick United States Air Force Pilot, Brought over to Japan to Assist in the Administration of the Post-World War Two American Occupation of
0002091: IRENE NAFZIGER [?] - 1927 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Young Woman Detailing Her First Year in the St Cloud, Davenport, Kisssimmee Part of Florida
0001212: NAKAHASHI - 1939 Original Manuscript World War II Diary Handwritten by a Lonely, Introspective, Philosophical Japanese Soldier Stricken with Malaria Recovering in China
0001983: HANNAH COY BY WAY OF AN UNKNOWN NARRATOR - 1798 Original Manuscript Relic of Religious Manifestation Being a Handwritten Eyewitness Account of a Young Girl's Visions of Heaven and Her Trip to Hell with Jesus
0011006: ESSIE NASH - 1939 Fascinating Working Southern American Woman's Diary, Focused on Her Romantic Entanglements, Social World, in the Midst of the Outbreak of World War Two (Wwii)
0001745: NATHAN MAYHEW, JAMES BARROWS, CHARLES SMITH, JIRAH LUCE, STEPHEN SKIFF AND JOSIAH SMITH - 1844 Original Manuscript Multi Signature Document Regarding the Construction and Finance of the New Congregational Meeting House at Holmes Hole Martha's Vineyard
0001073: NATHANIEL GOODWIN, AMOS GOODWIN ET AL - 1817 - 1830 Handwritten Manuscript Archive of Five [5] Letters from the Noted Founder of Goodwin Mills
0001379: CLAUD LEE NEAL - 1920 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by an Expressive, Intelligent Rough and Tumble Rural Boy Who Loves Nothing Better Than Hunting, Fishing and Truancy
0MV352: AURORA AND NED - 1860s - 1870s Correspondence Archive Lot of Seventy-Seven [77] Handwritten Letters Following the Romance and Love of Aurora and Ned in CIVIL War Era Boston and Maine
000509: HAZEL CRANDELL NELSON - 1918 Handwritten Diary of Love, Marriage and War
0009029: A.N. NELSON - 1919 - 1920 Handwritten Journal Handwritten by a Crew Member of the U.S. S. Birmingham Flagship of the Pacific Fleet’S Destroyer Squadron As It Performs Post - Ww1 Duties, Exercises and Navy Publicity Along the West Coast of America
0002399: TO GEORGE NEUMANN - 1942 - 1945 Original Group of 100+ Letters Sent in Thanks and Gratitude to an Exemplary American Who Made It His Service During World War II to Lift the Spirits and Feed the Souls of the Soldiers and Servicemen Who Gave Their All
000016b: LEONARD NEWCOMB - 1885 Handwritten Diary of Life in Providence Rhode Island by a Member of the Willing Helpers Society Ymca
0011010: MABEL NEWHOUSE - 1909-1910 Diary of a Young Clymer, New York Girl, Describing the Minutiae of Everyday Life in the Early 20th Century, Filled with Names and Sites of 1900s Rural Ny
0002230: GUY NEWMAN - 1901 - 1905 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten Almost Obsessively by a Banker and Perfume Dealer Exemplifying the New and Fashionable Edwardian Era
0002080: CHRISTIAN NEWSWANGER [ALSO XTIAN NEWSWANGER] - 1945 Original Group of Three [3] Art Books by a Noted Artist Hand Drawn During His Merchant Marine Service During World War II
0010024: GEORGE W. L. NEWTON - Fascinating 1842 Travel Diary Describing One Man's Transatlantic Voyage on a Famous Ship and His Enlightening Tour of England at the End of the Industrial Revolution
0001610: LIZZIE [ELIZABETH] NICHOLLS - 1914 - 1915 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Charming, Hard Working, Socialble, Emotional, Loving Teenage Girl Praying to God for the Love of Her Boyfriend While Intimately Detailing Her Life of Work, School, Church and Family in Rural Iowa
0009142: B. C. NIELSEN - 1880s “Report Upon the Manufacture of Gun Cotton” a Detailed Description, from Plant to Weapon, with Excellent, Detailed Descriptions of 19th Century Machinery, Processes and Military Science
0009076: NIGEL WALKER, LINZI TAGAKI, JULIA ABEL SMITH - Late 1980s, Early 1990s Original Scrapbook of Photographs and Postcards Alongside a History of the Buildings and Landmarks of a Noted and Storied British Isle
0001910: ULRIC NISBET [CAPTAIN H.U.S. NISBET] - C1946 Original Retrospective Manuscript Diary Detailing a Noted Author's Childhood and Then His Part in the Battle for Vimy Ridge
0011041: LUCY THOMPSON NIX - 1928-1932 Simple Diary of Rural Alabama Reverend's Wife Living Through the Great Depression
000618: NOAH WHEELER - 1796 Handwritten Manuscript Ledger Detailing Early Farming Accounting and Profits of Wheat Sales
0001308: EUGEN NOSS - 1939 - 1947 Original Manuscript Diary of a German Sailor from Early on in the War to a Prisoner of War Camp Within Months
0001786: NUATE [?] - 1890 Original Manuscript Letter Handwritten by a Colorful and Keen Eyed Observer of Mexican Bullfighting to Her Sister Mrs. Briggs
0001192: JOSEPHINE D. NYCZ - 1938 Original Manuscript Diary of a Hard Working Polish American Girl That Survives the 'Long Island Express' Hurricane
0001522: VICE ADMIRAL HANS ALFRED NYHOLM - 1939 - 1940 Original Manuscript Diary and Notebook of Denmark's Most Noted and Decorated Heroes of World War II and the Resistance to the German Occupation of Denmark
0MV166: O.W. KEYES - 1862 CIVIL War Handwritten Correspondence between Army Recruiter and the New Hampshire Adjutant General Regarding Deserters
000115: BEATRICE OBERLY - 1888 Handwritten Manuscript Travel Diary of a Very Observant 12 Year Old American Girl
0008066: U.S. ENGINEERING OFFICE - 1936 Original Design and Draft Study of a Major Us Army Corps of Engineers Reservoir and Dam Project
0009183: UNIDENTIFIED OFFICER [IN THE 9TH MASSACHUSETTS INFANTRY] - 1916 Daily Journal Manuscript Detailing the Duties, Meetings, and Work of a High Ranking Massachusetts Infantry Officer at Camp Cotton, Setting Up Camp and Preparing to Hunt Down the Mexican Revolutionary Pancho Villa
0008171: CHIEF OFFICER ET AL - 1937 Original Manuscript Merchant Ship's Log and Superb Relic of Merchant Marine Commerce from One of the World's Great Shipping Companies
000083nn: UNKNOWN SCORING OFFICIAL - 1927 Typed + Handwritten Manuscript Archive of Indianapolis 500 Race Day Ephemera
000613: MOSES L. OGDEN - 1825 Very Early Handwritten Manuscript Journal Detailing the Business and Travels of Moses L. Odgen on the Delaware River
0002343: GEORGE W. OLIPHANT - 1918 Original Manuscript Wwi Diary Handwritten by an Intrepid Sailor Detailing a Fraught Filled Crossing of the Atlantic
0002288: MR. OLIPHANT - 1875 Original Manuscript Travel Diary Handwritten by a Keen Eyed Erudite Englishman Whose Trip from Brindisi to Alexandria Is Thwarted by the Travel Genius Mr. Thomas Cook
0002124: ELDER JAMES MILTON OLSEN - 1918 Original Manuscript Diary Detailing the Last Few Weeks of His Mormon Mission Work in New Zealand and the Trip Home
0009146: UNIDENTIFIED RADIO OPERATOR - 1952 Original Handwritten Account of a Sailor on the Uss ‘Noa’ (Dd-841) As It Sailed from America to Undertake a Whirlwind Tour of Various European Ports, Exercising Drills and Protecting American Interests
000942: A. PONDS ORLANDO - 1974 Expose Screenplay Manuscript: Witness to Murder Alleges History of Investigative Error, Duplicity and Corruption in Pre War New Jersey Including the Lindbergh Kidnapping and Trial
0001443: RICHARD ROUSE BOUGHTON ORLEBAR - 1890 Original Manuscript Travel Diary by a Contrary, Critical, Xenophobic English Man
000668: ORVILLE & WILBUR WRIGHT +++ - Usa Patents: Early Archive of 450+ Aeronautics and Aviation Patents Including a 1909 Wright Brothers Patent
0002174: OSCAR PARKES, BASIL LUBBOCK - Ships of the Royal Navies
000611: OSCAR BERGER - Hand-Drawn and Autographed Original Art Christmas Card by Famed Cartoonist, Caricaturist Who Fled Germany After Angering Hitler
000601: OWEN RUTTER - 1937 Handwritten Manuscript by Owen Rutter - the Atlantic Crossed by Steam
0008020: PAT OWEN - 1954 Charming, Original Manuscript Diary Hand Written by a Fun-Loving, Likable Girl-Next-Door from the Panhandle of Northwestern Oklahoma, Showing Life of an American Teenage Girl in 1950s
000428: OWTRAM, WILLIAM [GUILIELMO OUTRAMO - De Sacrificiis Libri Duo Quorum Altero Explicantur Omnia Judaeorum, Nonnulla Gentium Profanarum Sacrificia : Altero Sacrificium Christi : Utroque Ecclesiae Catholicae His de Rebus Sententia Contra Faustum Socinum, Ejúsque Sectatores Defenditur /
00MV73N: JOHN M. OXTON - 1854 Handwritten Letter by a Staunch Anti-Catholic Calling for the Tar and Feathering of Jesuit Priests and Complaining About New York Politics and Lawyers As "a Miserable Set of Pimps and Tombs Lawyers... "
00JT50: OZAIRY [?] - 1830 Handwritten Manuscript Letter Addressed to General Baron de Rottenberg,Twice the Former Governor of Lower Canada [Quebec]
00JT55: P.J.F. TURPIN - Observations Generales Sur L'Organogenie Et la Physiologie Des Vegetaux
0001188: MAJOR SIDNEY G. PAGE - 1943 Original World War II Manuscript Diary Handwritten by an Observant Medical Officer Stationed in Oran Within Weeks of the City's Fall to the Allies and Amid the Excitement of the Build Up to the Invasion of Italy
000429b: PAGNINUS - Sir Thomas Peckitt's Personal Copy: Hebrew Grammar: Thesaurus Linguae Sanctae
000730: CHARLES F. PAIGE - 1900 - 1924 Archive of Seven [7] Handwritten Manuscript Diaries of an Extremely Hardworking Massachusetts Man Who Straddles the World of Rural and Urban Life: Super Example of the New Century's Labor and Employment
000738: MRS. B. FLOYD PAIGE - 1907 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of a Dutiful Young Homemaker and Wife
0002345: M.A. PAIR, CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER ET AL - 1850s - 1870 Original Group of Reports, Documents and Data Detailing the State of Medicine, Hospitals and the Health of the Inhabitants of the Most Notorious Prison on Earth
0001624: LT. ROBERT W. PALMER - 1940s Amazing Original Photo Diary of One Us Army Air Corp Lieutenant's Service in the Amazon Jungle
0001804: BENJAMIN W. PARKER - 1895 Original Manuscript Travel Journal and Scrapbook Written and Compiled by the Man and One Time Naval Academy Student Who Pulled President Grant's Coattails
0002050: HIRAM PARKER JR - 1866 Original Manuscript Letter Handwritten by Us Navy Engineer Detailing His Trip to Funchal Portugal
0002413: HERMAN T. PARKER - 1901 - 1902 Original, Superb Group of Four [4] Folio Manuscript Books Detailing the Education and Experiences on the Trip of a Lifetime for a New Cadet on the United States Training Ship Enterprise
0001858: A.C. PARKER - 1944 + 1945 Original Pair [2] of Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by a Sergeant of the Royal Canadian Air Force Describing His Training and Then Posting to British Columbia
0002051: HIRAM PARKER JR - 1867 Original Manuscript Letter Handwritten by a Us Navy Engineer Aboard the Uss Dacotah Describing His Trip to Talcahuano Bay Chile
000996: PASSLER - 1865 Prussian Military Pass with Holograph Notes of Soldier Passler's Service at the Battles of Koniggratz, Sedan, Verdun and Paris
0009006: ANTHONY PASTERNAK - Original and Handwritten Drama-Filled Diary of a Private in the ‘Battle of Hurtgen Forest’, the Longest Single Battle in U.S. History and One of the Bloodiest Battles in World War Two
0009136: ANNE PATEAT - 1937 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Whip Smart Young Woman, Studying English at a Women's Only College, Participating in Its Time Honored Traditions, and Travelling Through the Grand Cities of Pre-War Europe
0002061: PATRICK O'BRIAN - 1995 Original Handwritten Postcard by the Pre-Eminent Author of Historical Naval Fiction to a Fan at the University of Wales English and Linguistics Department
0001258: CLIFFORD L. PATTERSON - 1912 Through 1930 Archive of Original Manuscript Diaries [8] and Ledgers [9] of a Massillion Ohio Farmer Detailing the Life, Commerce and Industry of This Hard Working Midwesterner
00MV73: PAUL A. SIPLE, ANTARCTIC EXPLORER AND EAGLE SCOUT - 1931 Postal History - Autograph Battle Creek Michigan Welcomes Eagle Scout
0002131: PAUL ROBESON, WESLEY A. WILLIAMS - 1958 Copy of 'Here I Stand' by One of America's Most Iconic African Americans with Handwritten Notes of Rage and Bitterness by Another Renowned African American
0001653: ROBERT PAUSEH - 1939 Original Pre World War II Manuscript Travel Diary Following One Illinois Couple's Cross Country Car Trip and Up Through Canada
0002574: G. PAUT - 1899 Original Manuscript Journal of French Weaving Technology at the Turn of the 20th Century
0009058: ALBAN SMITH PAYNE - 1844 - 1846 Remarkable and Unique Original Handwritten Book of Pre-CIVIL War Medical Knowledge from an Aspiring Doctor with a Symptoms and Treatments for a Tremendous Amount of Diseases and Ailments
0001967: TERRI L. PAYNE - 1970s Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Young Student Going from a Girl to a Woman and Sharing All the Details with Her Diary
0009130: WILL H. PAYNE - 1908 Original Pair [2] of Extensive and Extraordinary Letters Handwritten by an Englishman Travelling from New Jersey to San Francisco and Discussing the Tragic Devastation and Destruction of the Bay City from the All Too Recent Earthquake
000744: B.H. PEABODY - 1866 - 1867 Handwritten Manuscript Diary/Journal/Notebook of a Successful Kinsman Ohio Businessman
0008189: OLIVE WHIPPLE PEABODY - 1900 - 1904 Original Archive of Nine [9] Manuscript Notebooks Handwritten by the Young Adopted Daughter of a Boston Financier and Philanthropist at the Start of the 20th Century
0008184: PHILIP G. PEABODY - 1915 Original Manuscript Letter Handwritten by Boston Financier, Philanthropist and Early Supporter of the Naacp Traveling by Ship During the Dark Early Days of Ww1
0008190: OLIVE PEABODY - 1908 Super, Original Tzarist Russia Manuscript Travel Journal Handwritten and Compiled by the Young Adopted Daughter of a Noted Boston Attorney, Financier and Hero of the Naacp
0009086: ISAAC S. PEAR - 1862 Handwritten Original Manuscript CIVIL War Era Diary of an Observant Manufacturer of Cots and Beds for the Union Side, Who Would One Day Become a Noted Massachusetts Legislator
0002099: HARRY GRANT PEARSON - 1911 - 1913 Original Manuscript Diary of Exotic Travel, Love Triangles, Secret Romance Handwritten by a Fascinating, Emotive, Deeply Introspective Man from an Artistic Family and Married to an Artist and in Law to a Friend of Buffalo Bill Cody
000991: MRS. ORIE A. PEASE - 1873 Bittersweet Handwritten Manuscript Diary by a Hardworking Newlywed Woman Who Inherits the Baby of Her Dear Dead Sister-in-Law
0001936: ALFRED H. PEAT - 1904 Original Handwritten Manuscript Book and Precursor to His Published Work on the Churches of Sussex England
0JT99A: PECQUOT, UNIVERSITY OF AVIGNON - 1682 University of Avignon Pamphlet Confirming Privileges and the Arrests of Many Notables
000797: ERNST PEKAR - 1929 - 1936 Extremely Detailed Handwritten Manuscript Journal of a Busy Austrian Alpine Mountain Climber - Hundreds of Cancellation Stamps
0002375: LIEUTENANT (JG) G.H. PENN - 1944 Original Manuscript Log and Diary of an American Army Lieutenant Focused on Winning One of America's Greatest Challenges in the South Pacific Fighting an Enemy More Numerous Than the Japanese
000659: MRS. ELECTA J.K. PENNY - 1867 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of Life in New York City in the CIVIL War Era
0008228: JOSÉ ELÍAS HERNÁNDEZ PÉREZ - 1855 Super, Original Manuscript Notebook and Diary Handwritten by a Noted Cuban Patriot and Hero of the Cuban War of Independence
0009019: FRANK JOSEPH PESCE - C1930s Fascinating, Original Exhaustive Handwritten Book on the Studies of an American Ophthalmology Student in the United Kingdom, Learning from Some of the Greatest Medical Minds of the 20th Century
000418: PETER J. ARNOLD, UNION SOLDIER - 1911 Handwritten and Signed CIVIL War Era Autograph by Union Soldier of the 134th Ny Vols Who Saw General Grant
0007013: VEDDER A PETERS - 1923 Interesting, Original Group of Four [4] Diaires Handwritten by an Albany New York Car Salesman for Who the Sun Rises and Sets on Buick Motor Cars
000789: CHARLES J. PETERSON [?] - 1862 Handwritten Manuscript CIVIL War Era Diary Chronicling the Travels and Travails of a Circuit Rider Teacher in Central New York State
0001306: JAMES PETRAN - 1920s Original Sketchbook, Ham Radio Operations Book and Charming Catch-All Book of a Delightful Milwaukee 8 Year Old
0008137: SAMUEL PEYTON - 1929 Unusual Original Manuscript Diary Hand Written by a Destitute, Perhaps Delusional, Struggling to Survive, Living Rough South Dakota Man, His Mother and a Horse Named Goldy
0001294: ZITA PHILLIPS - 1937 & 1938 Original Manuscript Diaries of a Young British Girl Boarding at a Norwich Religious School
0001586: EMMA PHIPPS AND MARTIN PHIPPS - 1880 Super Original Archive of Travel Diary and Letters Home Describing the New World of Colorado Springs to the Family Back Home in Massachusetts
0001095NNN: YANN DE PIERREFEU - 1923 Through 1943 Brilliant Archive of 18 Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by an Extraordinary Harvard Drop out, Photographer, Historian, Futurist, Follower of L. Frank Baum's Wizard of Oz and an Unparalleled Schemer and Social Climber
0001124: FRANCIS PINGREE - 1826 - 1845 Handwritten Manuscript Cobbler's Ledger and Super Relic of New Hampshire Commerce and Economy
0002238: THOMAS EDWARD PINKETT - 1859 Original Manuscript Payroll and Regimental Records of the Famed Royal Wiltshires
0002237: THOMAS EDWARD PINKETT - 1856 - 1858 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Dedicated Royal Wiltshire Lieutenant Who Details the Regiment's Travels and Duties Post Crimea
0008073: MRS. FRANK PINNEY - 1893 - 1907 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Homey Rural Wife Detailing Local Life and Times
0001279: MRS. MARY E. PIPER - 1924 Original Scrapbook and Journal of a Cross Country Coast to Coast Train Trip by the Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce
000724: H.C. PIPER - 1866 Handwritten Manuscript Farmer's Diary - Weather, Crops, Sugaring, Prices and Treasure for Genealogists
000638n: THOMAS D. PITTS - 1903-1905 Massive Archive of 600+ Handwritten Letters, Journal, Correspondence, Documents and Autobiographical Notes of Famed Shipwright, Naval Architect and Business Man
0002236: COUSIN PLUMERY - 1796 Super, Original Handwritten French Revolutionary Era Stampless Letter between Horologists at the Apex of Time Keeping History in Decimal Calendar and Clocks France
0011011: L. FLORA PLUMMER - 1913 Detailed Diary of Leading Member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, L. Flora Plummer, Sabbath School Secretary and Author, in Washington D.C.
0011001: ADDIE E BOWDEN PODRANSIK - 1937-1941 Diary of an Unremarkable American Housewife Living and Travelling in Pre-War America, Maintaining an Awareness of Remarkable Global Events
0001111: DOCTOR JAMES W. POLAND - 1864 + 1865 Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by Massachusetts Baptist Minister and Noted Doctor of Quack Remedies and Patent Compounds
0001866: CONSUELO POLLARD [LATER WADE] - 1908 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Wild and Wanton Memphis Teenager Who Surely Gave Her Mother Gray Hair and All the Boys a Broken Heart
000442: POLYBIUS - Polibio Historico Greco
0009149: J. PONTHAULT - 1739 Huge Tome of Scientific Knowledge: An 800+ Page Comprehensive Handwritten Notebook Compiling an Immense Amount of Information Related to the Latest Theories of the Scientific Revolution - Physics, Mathematics, Anatomy, Astronomy and So Much More
0002076: ALDEN A. POTTER - 1919 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by the Son of a Prominent Bethesda Maryland Family Who Would One Day Challenge for the Democratic Ticket in the Senate Race
0001267: MARY POTTS - 1849 Original Manuscript Treasure of Genealogy and Local History of Early Springfield Missouri
0002052: MR. POTTS - 1867 Original Manuscript Letter Handwritten by a Us Navy Engineer from Callas Peru to His Pal on Leave
0002179: MRS. ERNEST PRATT ? - 1909 Original Manuscript and Photographic Travel Diary of an Extended Trip to the White Mountains of New Hampshire
0001264: J.E. PRATT - 1924 - 1927 Original Manuscript Handwritten Journal and Diary of the Gardener and Groundskeeper of Denison University
000124: ALICE M. PRESTON - 1916 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of a New England School Teacher During World War I
0001277: LYNDELL IRVING PRICE - 1943 - 1945 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Tough Talking, Hard Drinking, Dice Throwing Member of the Military Police Who Can't Keep to His New Year's Resolution While Doing His War Service in Alaska, Attu and the Aleutian Islands
0001880: ROBERT H. PRICE - 1940 - 1952 Original Archive of 13 Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by a British Ex Pat Lawyer Living in Los Angeles California: Active Attorney, Dedicated Diarist and Penpal to British Prisoners of War
0001168: SOPHIE D. PRIDEAUX [MRS. CLARENCE EDMUND FRY] - 1861 Original Manuscript Journal of Victorian Remedies, Recipes, Salves, Cures and Chemical Formulae Compiled and Handwritten by a Professional Photographic Colourturist and Wife of One of Britain's Most Famous Photographers
0002180: GEORGE H. PRINCE - 1935 Original Manuscript Diary of a 71 Year Old Gold Miner, Orchard Owner and Fishing Guide Who Lives to Pan for Gold
000493: R. BROOKES AND JOHANNES (JOHN) PRINCE - 1776 Rare Americana - the General Gazetteer or Compendious Geographical Dictionary with Handwritten Manuscript Log of the Revolutionary Privateer 'the Pilgrim' Including the Spoils of War
0009000: PRINCE ALBERT [FRANCIS ALBERT AUGUSTUS CHARLES EMMANUEL] - 1852 Original, Superb Relic of His Love and Significant Manuscript Document 'Last Will and Testament' of Prince Albert, the Loving Husband and Confidant of Queen Victoria, One of the Most Beloved and Revered Monarchs to Ever Rule
0010041: FLORIDA CAMPBELL PRIOR - Original Handwritten 1969 to 1970 Diary Capturing Life in the American South As One Woman Fills Her Days with Social Visits and Watches the Moon Landing on Television
0002196: THOMAS PILCHER PRITCHARD - 1873 - 1879 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Real Life British Navy Blue Jacket Whose Naval Career Reads Like a Forester Novel
000093: PRIVATE JAMES R. ADAMS, 13TH BATTALION OF INFANTRY (HAMILTON) - Archive Lot of 58 Diaries 1888 Through 1944 Handwritten Manuscript Diaries of Pvt. Adams - History of the Canadian Colored Cotton Mills Co. And Textile Industry of Canada
000915: PRIVATE FRED WADESON - 1917 Handwritten Manuscript Letter of Thanks, Gratitude and of the Soldier's Life in the Trenches
0008070: NELLIE PROCTOR - 1910 Original Pair [2] of Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by a Very Active, Very Sharing Sacremento Area Girl
0008009: MARY ANN PROSSER - C1880s Pair of Fascinating, Elegant Victorian-Era Manuscript Cookbooks Handwritten by a Soon-to-Be Bride from a Noted Edinburgh Family Started Before Her Wedding to Sir John Prosser, Writer to the Signet and a Future Crown Agent for Scotland
0002033: JOHN STANWOOD PULSIFER - 1820s Original Manuscript Ledger Book Filled with Religious, Personal, Financial and Genealogical Entries in a Massive Folio
0008097: MARIAN PURCELL - 1910 - 1915 Original Group of Four [4] Manuscript Diaries Hand Written by a Young Los Angeles Woman Detailing Pre World War I Life in Los Angeles
0001762: S/SGT JOHN J. PURVIS - 1944 Original Battle of the Pacific Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Hard Living, Hard Drinking, Party Loving Staff Sergeant of the 868th Bomber Squadron
000993: F.H. PUTNAM - 1925 & 1929 Handwritten Manuscript Diaries of a Lumberman, Farmer, Rural Entrepreneur and New Father
0002432: JESCO VON PUTTKAMER ET AL - 1960s Original Relic of the Apollo Space Program: Apollo 10 Press Kit of Rocket Scientist Jesco Von Puttkamer
0002433: JESCO VON PUTTKAMER ET AL - 1960s Fascinating, Original Group of Documents, Letters and Ephemera Handwritten and Compiled by an Eminent Saturn and Apollo Rocket Scientist Recruited by Wernher Von Braun
00MV111: PVT. GEORGE S. ROUNTREE, JR. [LATER ENSIGN] - 1943 Original Archive of Handwritten Autograph Letters [Als] Detailing the Disasters and Deprivations of Boot Camp and Basic Training
0001828: KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS - 1880s - 1900s Original Pair [2] of Massive Ledgers and Journals Handwritten by Missouri Knights of Pythias Filled with Rites, Documents and Anecdotes
0009077: UNIDENTIFIED CREWMAN OF THE QUARTERDECK - 1825 Original Handwritten Manuscript Merchant Ship Log Book of the Four Month Journey of the Ship ‘Ann’ from New Zealand Sailing Across Two Oceans to London, England
0001838: JOHN CLIFFORD QUEMAN - 1914 - 1920 Original Historic Manuscript Diary and Journal of an American Soldier Who Serves His Country from the Mexican Border War to the Battlefields of France and Germany in Wwi
00MV245: R.B. GARDNER ET AL - 1878 - 1891 Archive of Documents, Letters, Receipts Etc. Handwritten and Printed Relating to the Brig 'Annie Batchelder'
RAB240: RABBI MOSHE ALSHICH - Torah Commentary by Famed 16th Century Rabbi of Tzefat Israel
RAB249: RABBI MENACHEM SIMTAH - Minchas Zikaron - a Gift of Remembrance
RAB243: RABBI TZVI HIRSCH KALISCHER - Moznayim L'Mishpot - a Scale for Justice
RAB248: RABBI YIZCHAK LIPIATZ - Sefer Matamim - Book of Good Taste
RAB109: RABBI YITZCHAK IZZAK TIRNA - Sefer Haminhagim - Book of Customs
RAB220: RABBI EFRAYIM ZALMAN MARGOLIS - Mateh Efrayim - the Staff of Ephrayim
RAB223: RABBI SHLOMO BEN ADERES, RABBI YOSEF SAMIGAH, - 1813 Kelilas Yofi - 1765 Sefer Avodat Hakodesh - 1813 Porat Yosef
RAB229: RABBI MOSHE BEN NACHAMAN [NACHMONIDIES] - Chidushei Haramban - Insights of Ramban
RAB238: RABBI CHASDAI KRESHKASH [HASDAI CRESCAS] - Or Hashem - the Light of God - Sometimes the Purpose of the World
0001923: RAFAEL ALTAMIRA Y CREVEA - 1900s Original Manuscript Treatise on Education in Spain Handwritten by a Noted Author, Jurist and Educator Destined to Die Exiled in Mexico
0002439: JAMES RAGSDALE - 1844 Original Manuscript Letter Handwritten by a Huntsville Alabama Man Keeping Up with His Friend in Mississippi
000864: RALPH [LORDY] E.C. LORD, CAPTAIN ROYAL CANADIAN ENGINEERS - 1940s Archive of Original Handwritten and Typed World War II Correspondence Detailing a Soldier Serving Overseas Is Trying to Maintain His Relationship with His Children While His Marriage to a Conniving Wife Is Ending
0001634: RALPH FREDRICK MACDONALD - 1925 Fascinating Original Manuscript Letter with Details of the Scopes Monkey Trial Handwritten by an Off the Wall, Obtuse Man to His Former Teacher
0009179: [COMPILED BY] ROY E. RAMSEIER - 1959 Massive Archive of Construction Reports, Financial Statements, Waste Management Plans, Etc. Relating to the Development of Recreation Areas Around Lake Berryessa, Collected and Compiled by Its Head Engineer
0009093: GUSTAVUS RAMSPERGER - Original Handwritten Manuscript Copy of the 1845 Rules and Regulations of the New York City Board of Pharmacy, Kept by One of Its Most Noted and Talented Members, a German Immigrant Who Made Good in America
0001806: MINERVA B. RANDALL - 1910 Original Manuscript Europeon Grand Tour Travel Diary Handwritten by the Mother of Noted Philosopher, Rebel and 'Surveyor of the Moral Landscape in Modern Literature'
0001547: JOHN EDWARD RANES - 1942 - 1944 Original Manuscript Diary and Service Record of One Young Iowa Man's Decorated But Up and Down Career As an Air Gunner and Bomber
000410: JENNIE C. RANSOM - The 1938, 1939 and 1953 Hand Written Manuscript Diaries of Jennie C. Ransom Enosburg Vermont
0001233: [HEWSTONE] REMY RAYMENTON - 1917 Handwritten Manuscript Travel Diary of a Seasoned Traveler to Japan Who Gives the Impression That He Loves the Country But Thinks It Would Be Better Off without Japanese People
0001213: HAZEL AND REMY RAYMENTON - 1914 Handwritten Manuscript Travel Diary of a Husband and Wife Who Witness the Onset of World War I in London and Paris
000043: ELMER D. RAYMOND - 1925-1926 Letters from a Globetrotter, Volume 1, Written for Members of the Round-the-World Society: Real Letters with Stamps, Postmarks, and Cancels
000831: EMILY A. RAYMOND - 1860s Handwritten Manuscript Autograph and Memory Book from Yarmouth Nova Scotia
0011027: ELMER D. RAYMOND - 1925-1926 Letters from a Globetrotter, Volume 2, Written for Members of the Round-the-World Society: Real Letters with Stamps, Postmarks, and Cancels
000810: R. W. RAYNER - 1950 Handwritten Manuscript Journal and Diary of a Famed Mycologist, Botanist and Biologist Working in Kenya Africa
0001343: JULIA A. READ - 1932 Original Manuscript Travel Diary of a Grand European Tour and of the Grand Man of Opera She Accompanies
0001304: CHARLES G. READE - 1892 - 1902 Archive of Four [4] Original Manuscript Diaries Detailing the Life and Love of a Dayton Ohio Newspaperman Turned Preacher Man
0001530: REVEREND CHARLES G. READE - 1908 - 1940 Large Archive of Original Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by a Most Dedicated Episcopalian Reverend Consumed with His Duties to the Poor, Sick and Needy of Cincinnati Ohio
0002440: MR. REAVIS - 1843 Original Manuscript Letter Handwritten by an Alabama Based Husband in No Rush at All to Reunite with His Termagant Wife in Mississippi
0009053: ELEANOR REBEHL - 1939 Original Eclectic and Fascinating Scrapbook of an Artistic and Poetic Young Woman's Road Trip Across the United States to the Famous New York World’S Fair
000411: MARY REDMAYNE - The 1944 - 1949 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of Mary Redmayne a Young British Girl of Ashton on Ribble Sees Churchill
0008018: EVELYN REED - 1929 - 1931, 1933 & 1961 Original Group of Three [3] Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by the Wife of Ardtrea, Ontario Councilman and Farmer in Orillia Township and One of Orillia Packet Correspondents in 1960s, Detailing Her Everyday Life and Times
000951: REED, WOOD, MERRILL FAMILIES ET AL - 1851-1905 Handwritten Manuscript Archive of 85+ Multi Generational Families Including the Reed, Wood and Merrill Families of North Central Massachusetts
0008191: SARAH A. REED - 1909 Original, Significant Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Noted Activist and Tireless Advocate for the Orphaned and Homeless Remembered to This Day in Her Home Town
0001969: MAGGIE REES [NEE MORGAN] ET AL - 1920 Original Roaring 20s Manuscript Diary Handwritten by an Intelligent, Educated Nurse and Chemistry Lover Who Sadly All Too Easily Exhibits the Racism of the Day
0001613: MAGGIE REES [NEE MORGAN] ET AL - 1879 Charming Original Manuscript Memory and Friendship Album Gifted to a Welsh Woman on the Occasion of Her Marriage
0008119: TOM REGAN - 1970s [?] Original Typed Manuscript Screenplay for a One Man Stage Play Titled 'the Duke: The Story of Marion Michael Morrison
0001007: M. CHRIST. REINECCIO - Grammaticae Hebraeo Chaldaicae Harmonice Et Synoptice Adornatae. Editio Novissima Recognita, Emendata & Nonnullis in Locis Discentium Commodo Inmutata.
0MV168: RENATO DULBECCO - Autographed Article by Renato Dulbecco Nobel Prize Winning American Virologist the Salk Institute
000897NNN: RICHARD RENSHAW - 1796 - 1801 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of the Noted British 4th Battalion Royal Regiment of Artillery - of Which Parts Were Later Published As 'Voyage to the Cape of Good Hope'
0001490: RENTZEL [?] - 1914 Original Handwritten 'Statement' of Death for a German Captain and Early Casualty and Great Loss to the Imperial Prussian Reserve Infantry Battalion
0001632: REV. C.E.C. LILLINGSTONE - 1902 Original Manuscript Letter Handwritten by an Enthusiastic Clergyman Tending the Troops in South Africa During the Boer War
0001254: REV. JONAH PEABODY [?] - 1845 Original Handwritten Extract Detailing the State of Turkey's Attempts to Battle Russia Mere Months After Its Fleet Was Destroyed
0001480: REV. LEVI SPAULDING - 1846 & 1847 Original Manuscript Stampless Folded Letters Handwritten by Famed American Missionary Bringing Education and the Gospel of Christian Outreach to the People of Ceylon
0001456: REV. D.M. MACLISE - 1877 Original Manuscript Letter by Noted Reverend Imploring the Singer Sewing Company to Help Provide a Means of Income to the Dressmakers and Sewing Girls Who Lost All in the Massive Fire That Destroyed Half the City Saint John New Brunswick
0002251: REVEREND NEWTON HEELAS, VICAR OF NORBITON - 1917 Original Manuscript World War I Surrey England Homefront Diary Handwritten by the Vicar of Norbiton
0001770: REVEREND WALTER GUNN - 1843 Original Manuscript Pair [2] of Folded Stampless Autograph Letters Handwritten by a Missionary to His Friend in Waterloo New York While He Travels to Be One of the First Men in India Preaching Christian Gospel
0001789: DR. RUTH REYNA - 1982 Fascinating Original Manuscript Journal of Sayings, Quotes, Memories and Diary of a Noted Historian, Spiritualist and Sanskrit Scholar
0002304: P. REYNAUD - C1780s Original Manuscript Book of Complex Geometry and Mathematics Handwritten in French by an Advanced Student with 100 Pages of Hundreds of Equations, Graphs and Formulae
0001273: WILSON FISKE REYNOLDS - 1916 - 1917 Original Manuscript Diary of an American Businessman in Petrograd Experiencing the Russian Revolution and the Birth of Communism First Hand
0001694: PVT. FRANKLIN T. RHODES - 1918 Original Manual, Scrapbook and Early Aviation Mechanic's Technical Journal During World War I
0001743: REVEREND ALEX D. RICCIO - C1930s Original Photo Album of One Young Man's Time at Fordham University
0001744: REVEREND ALEX D. RICCIO - 1930 - 1934 Original Photo Journal of a Young Man's Religious Grand Tour of Europe and the Middle East and Then Some Unique Photos of the Great New England Flood in 1936
0002430: ADELE RICE [MRS OWEN R. RICE] - 1929 Original, Significant Manuscript Relic of Early Soviet Union and American Relations Handwritten by a Keen Eyed and Enthusiastic American Delegate from Oak Park Illinois a Mere Seven Years After the Establishment of the Ussr
0002146: CAROLINE LAURA RICE - 1885 Original Group of Three [3] Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by the Wife of Noted Reverend William Rice
OMV565: RICHARD CARLINE - 1976 - 1978 Archive of Handwritten Letters between Famed War Artist to Noted German-American Professor, Rabbi and Expressionist Painter
0009155: CAPTAIN ANGUS RICHARDS - 1901 - 1902 Original Handwritten Log Book of the Many Trips of the Schooner ‘Kipling’ from Nova Scotia to Brazil and the Caribbean Providing an Excellent Look at Early 20th Century American Sailing Commerce
0008010: MARY ANN RICHARDS - 1869 Super, Original Diary Handwritten by a Young Bruce County, Ontario Woman Who Acted As an Account Manager for the Family Business Belonging to Her Father, One of Tara's Early Settlers and a Founder of Its First Manufacturing Business
000935: ERNEST SADLER RICHARDSON - 1930s Archive of Handwritten and Typed Letters, Logs and Journal of Canadian Department of Marine and Meteorological Weather Watcher
0011033: ELINOR PRESSON RICHARDSON - 1915-1927 Manuscript Poetry Collection of Tufts University Newspaper Editor with Distinct Literary Talent Who Died Before She Could Achieve Notoriety
0009047: CLAYTON SMITH RICHMAN [TO FREDERICK RODGERS] - 1870 - 1900 Original Handwritten Manuscript Letters from One Seaman to a Friend, Captain and Confidant Detailing His Life at Various Points Including a Detailed Account of the Flora, Fauna and Customs of the Samoan Islands
00MV242: RICHMOND FAMILY ET AL - 1861 - 1865 Archive of Handwritten Manuscript Letters - Interesting Religious, Personal and CIVIL War Content
000025B: RICHTER, HILLY - 1942 Handwritten Original World War II Manuscript Scientific Study of German Aviation, Rocketry and Rocket Theory
0009133: J. W. RIDGEWAY - 1945 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Young Soldier Enduring Grueling Basic Training to Become Part of the Naval Construction Force of the U.S. Navy, the World Famous 'Seabees'
0001781: TO JENNIE FROM THE PARACHUTE RIGGERS - 1944 Original Sentiment, Memory and Autograph Book by Her Parachute Rigging Friends to Jenny
N00038: GLORIA M. RIGGS - 1930 - 1935 Handwritten Manuscript Depression Era Diary of a Well Educated, Coarse West Springfield Massachusetts Girl
0008049: HAYDEN J. RINGER - 1895 - 1900 Superb Original Trio of Hand Written Notebooks Detailing the Nitty Gritty Job of Policing the Streets of Boston in the Late 19th Century
0008181: EDWARD RISCHMANN - 1918 Significant Original Manuscript Letter Handwritten by One of America's Most Honoured Soldiers of Wwi Retelling the Action That Led to His Distinguished Service Cross and Whose Version Differs from the Official Government Citation
000728: F.M. RITES, R.D. MERSHON, J.A. LIGHTHIPE, C.G. CURTIS, J. WILKINSON, H. KELLER, S.D. SPRONG, J.G. ACEVES, H.E. WARREN +++ - 1897 - 1959 Usa Patents: Early Archive of 24 Patents for Electricity, Generators, Turbines and Governors
000880: ROB SINCLAIR, DEPT. OF INDIAN AFFAIRS CANADA - 1883 Handwritten Autograph Letter Signed by the Deputy Head of Indian Affairs for the Government of Canada
0009021: ROBERT SCURFIELD - 1940s Original and Final Typescript Play Written During Time in a Pow Camp and Finished After the War by the Soldier and Playwright Robert Scurfield
0MV432: ROBERT SPENCE, ENGLISH QUAKER - 1808 Handwritten Autograph Letter Signed to Robert Foster, Future Father in Law
00MV481: ROBERT ROGER JUN [JR.] - 1823 Early Usa Trade with Cuba from Rhode Island for Superior Gunpowder
0001006: ROBERT SANDILANDS, 11TH LORD TORPHICHEN - C1830 Archive of Three [3] Handwritten Manuscript Ledgers Detailing the Economy and Commercial Affairs of Lord Torphichen
0002309: ROBERT C. SAVAGE, USN - 1918 Original World War I United States Navy National Naval Volunteer's Manuscript and Photographic Diary Handwritten by a Young Sailor on Treacherous Convoy Duty Who Exemplified the Volunteer Spirit
0001113n: ROBERT WHYTE JR., MARGARET [MACLEROY] WHYTE - 1880 - 1956 Huge One of a Kind Lifetime Archive of Handwritten Manuscript Diaries, Journals, Letters of Margaret and Robert Whyte Jr. And Family - Famed Cellists, Singers and Symphonic Conductors
0001737: ROBERT WORMSER - 1909 - 1912 Charming Original Manuscript Journal and Diary of School Memories Handwritten by a Young San Rafael California Boy
0008186: GEORGE ROBERTS - 1875 Original, Significant Manuscript Letter Detailing the Savage Results of Pestilence on the City of Chicago Handwritten by a Cleveland Man Seeking a Better Life
0008085: JOHN ROBERTSON - 1870 - 1875 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Young Central Wisconsin Farmer Who Chronicles the Toiling and Times of a Rural Life in America's Dairyland
0011032: ANTHONY WAYNE ROBINSON - 1899 Detailed Letter by an American Meeting Famed Native Warrior, Chief Chula (Chief Bull's Head) , on the Sarcee Reservation in Calgary
0002347: ADMIRAL FREDRICK W. RODGERS - 1902 Super, Original Manuscript Diary and Log Book of the Travels and Diplomacy of the Flagship Admiral of the Asiatic Fleet on the China Station at This Most Perilous Time in China and Japan Relations
0011042: JAMES ROGER - 1895-1915 Handwritten Diaries Chronicling Scotland to Usa Immigration and the Subsequent Daily Life of a Politically and Religiously Involved Immigrant in New Hampshire, Usa
0001278: ROMANUS TELLER [TELLERO] - 1718 Original Manuscript Letter Handwritten by Famed Catholic Author and Theologian on Christian Doctrine to an Equally Famous Lutheran Theologian
0002074: ROSCOE JOHN, ORVILLE JOHN, LYLE JOHN - 1942 - 1946 Original Large 230+ Archive of Handwritten Letters from Three Montana Nephews and Son Writing Back Home While Bravely Serving Their Country
0002331: ROSCOE CHARLES MOODY, U.S.N. ENGINEER DIVISION - 1894 - 1896 Original Manuscript Cruise Notes of the Noted Uss New York While Commanded by the Renowned 'Fighting Bob' Evans Handwritten by a Young Naval Cadet Who Would One Day Command the Uss Maine and Be Awarded the Navy Cross
0001928: DAVID (DAVE) E. ROSE - 1900s Original Archive of Letters, Receipts, Photos and Books by One of Tennessee's Finest Bird Dog Handlers, Trainers and Breeders
0001734: JAMES ROSS - 1846 - 1849 Original Manuscript Diary Detailing This Young Teacher's Education to Become a Medical Doctor
0001896: HELEN AND WILLIAM (BILL) ROSSAN - 1952 - 1954 Original Manuscript Travel Diary of a Married Couple of American Service Personnel Taking Road Trips Through Reconstruction Era Europe
000927: EDMOND ROSTAND - Cyrano de Bergerac - the Author's Personal Copy of the 1898 1st English Edition Signed and Inscribed by the Translator and Dated by Rostand
0MV910: ALONZO ROTHSCHILD - 1913 Signed Proof Sheet for Who's Who in America - Famed Lincoln Authority Author
0010038: MACGREGOR ROULSTON - Evocative 1940s Archive of Letters and Ephemera from a Member of the Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada During World War II
0002175: L'ABBE PROFESSOR P. ROURE - 1931 Original Manuscript Diary and Photo Journal of a Voyage to Spitsbergen Norway and the Land of the Midnight Sun Lyrically Told by a Priest, Professor and Intrepid Traveller
0008019: A.W. ROW - 1867 Original, Historic Manuscript Travel Journal Handwritten by a Charming Englishman Detailing His Voyage from Plymouth to Quebec Then Overland to 'Upper Canada' Mere Days After Confederation
0001721: M.N. ROWAN - 1864 - 1874 Original Archive of Eight [8] Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by a Key Railroad Executive Right in the Middle of the Schleswig-Holstein War in Denmark
0001070: JOHN ROWE - 1862 - 1865 Handwritten Manuscript Pre-Confederation Canada West 'Letters Book' Detailing One Canadian's Desire to Find His True Love and Find Adventure As a Volunteer in the American CIVIL War: Buchanan's 13th Battalion
000622: ROWLAND GIBSON HAZARD - 1861 Handwritten Autograph Letter by Noted Rhode Island Abolitionist, Senator and Legislator
0001244: JULIA L. HALE [?] OR JULIA DE RUBIGNIR [?] - 1867 - 1868 Original Manuscript Travel Diary from America to Ireland Through to Italy Only to Witness the Eruption of Mount Vesuvius
0007015: ROBERT J. RUBY - 1950 Superb Original Manuscript Journal of Hand Written Notes and Hand Drawn Charts, Graphs and Technical Illustrations Created by a Gifted Student of Mining in Michigan
0002117: RUFUS DAWES - 1848 Original Manuscript Letter Referencing a Literary Feud Handwritten by a Baltimore Poet and Long Time Bitter Rival of Edgar Allan Poe
0002356: CADET LOUIS G. RUGGLES - 1901 Original Manuscript Log Book Handwritten by a Young Cadet in Training Aboard America's Noted Training Ship the Uss Enterprise and Who Will Go on to Serve His Country at Sea in World War I
0002365: MARY EDITH RUSK - 1893 - 1894 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by the Daughter of the Governor of Wisconsin, a Dedicated Diarist Who Details Her Father's Last Days of Pain Mere Weeks After the Pleasure of Seeing the Chicago World's Fair and Much More
0008167: NATHANIEL JOHN RUTHERFORD - 1914 - 1916 Superb, Original Manuscript Regimental [Ramc] Diary and Significant Record of the 6 Division British Army Medical Corps' 17 Month Day to Day Grind at the Front Handwritten by an English Major Who Would Go on the Author Books on His Service
0009044: JOHN WHEELER RUTLEDGE [TO JULIA ANN WARD RUTLEDGE] - 1835 Handwritten Letter from a Doting Husband in Baltimore to His Wife, Touching on Family, Friends, and the Growth and Love of Their Children Together
0002114: MR. RYMER [AS WRITTEN BY MRS. ELIZABETH SPARROW] - 1888 Original Manuscript Travel Diary Detailing the Eventful Voyage of Pioneering Anglican Missionaries Off to Establish St. Cuthbert's in Colonial British Guiana
0002281: S.T. JOSHI [SUNAND TRYAMBAK JOSHI] - C1990s Original Typed Manuscript Biography and Analysis of Horror Author Shirley Jackson by Critic, Novelist and Expert of the Horror Genre S.T. Joshi
0001484: ROSE AND SALEEM N. SABA - 1921 Original Manuscript Diary of Emigrees to Toronto Canada Who Return of the Newly Established Country of Syria
0009041: EBENEZER SAGE - C1810s Handwritten Copies of Letters and Statements Made by a Noted New York Congressman on the War of 1812, Including the Dramatic Burning of Washington, As Well As the Sorry State of Greed and Money in American Politics
0008195: KATHERINE SAGE - 1925 - 1929 Original Manuscript Diary Hand Written by a Wealthy Los Angeles Matron Beset by Perfect Day After Perfect Day Making One Wonder How She Will Be Affected by the Looming Great Depression
000044: UNKNOWN SAILOR - 1944 Original Royalmont Notepad Filled with the Thoughts and Observations of a Sailor from Ohio During the Second World War II Aboard the Uss Monticello and Later the Uss West Point
000013b: ANONYMOUS AMERICAN SAILOR - 1907 Detailed Handwritten Manuscript Diary of a Keen Eyed American Sailor - Guam, Manila, Hong Kong - Super Content
0008187: WILLIAM SAIN - 1940s Original Group of Wwii Era Letters of Love and Yearning and a Competitive Suitor Handwritten by a Hard Working Staff Sergeant of the Quartermaster Corps
0002108: MARIA L SALISBURY - 1884 Charming Original Manuscript Book of Patriotic, Religious, Romantic and Cowboy Songs
0007027: RITA ZUCCA AKA AXIS SALLY - 1940s Super Group of Original Manuscript Documents, Letters and Ephemera Relating to the High Crimes and Treason of the Notorious Propaganda Tool of the Italian Dictatorship 'Axis Sally'
000854n: CHARLES BRONSON AKA MICHAEL PETERSON AKA CHARLES SALVADOR - 1990s Huge Archive of Handwritten Letters, Poetry, Drawings and Ephemera of Britain's Most Feared and Notorious Author, Artist, Kidnapper, Armed Robber, Physical Fitness Expert, Long Time Prison Inmate and Self Claimed 'Mad Man'
0001497: SAMPSON, LOUISA HOLDSWORTH - 1920 Original Manuscript Diary of Noted Abstract Artist Roger Hilton's Mother
RAB3015: SAMUEL ISRAEL MULDER - Seder Rosh Hashanah - Orde Voor Het Nieuwjaarsfeest
RAB3005: SAMUEL ISRAEL MULDER [TRANSLATOR] - Leviticus - Vayikro: Sefer Torah Elohim - de Vijf Boeken Van Mozes
RAB3005-2: SAMUEL ISRAEL MULDER [TRANSLATOR] - Deuteronomy - Devorim: Sefer Torah Elohim - de Vijf Boeken Van Mozes
RAB3018: SAMUEL ISRAEL MULDER [TRANSLATOR] - Seder Tefilos - Order of Prayers
0001174: SAMUEL M. CONLEY - 1905, 1907 & 1910 Original Manuscript Journals, Logs and Diaries of the Steam Yacht 'Aria' - Owned by the Storied One-Time Mayor of Bangor Maine Edward H. Blake
0007019: ALBION SANBORN - 1874 Super, Original Manuscript Diary of an Extended Voyage and Eventual Resettlement of an Amesbury Massachusetts Man and His Family to the Gold Fields of California
0008035: WILLIAM L. SANDER - 1931 Original Bittersweet Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Celebrated But ILL Fated Rochester New York Police Officer Who Works Hard, Has a Cherished Life But Sadly Doesn't Make It Through the Year
0001921: CYRIL G. L. SANDERSON - 1920s Original Manuscript Notebook of Technical Naval Drawings Created and Handwritten by a Dedicated Camden New Jersey Machinist
0009036: CAPTAIN CHARLES SANDERSON - 1919 Original Superb Diary of the Last Year of World War 1, Handwritten by the Acting Captain of a Machine Gun Corps Company, Fighting and Living Through the Last Gasps of the German Army in Northern France and Beligum
0009165: [STUDENT OF] PROFESSOR SANDERSON - Late 1700s/Early 1800s 500+ Tome of Vast Scientific Knowledge Related to an Enormous Amount of Information on the Natural, Physical and Astronomical Sciences
0001654: ABLE SEAMAN REGINALD SANDS - 1928 - 1930 Superb Original Manuscript Diary and Scrapbook of a British Seaman Detailing the Hms Suffolk on It's Important Maiden Voyage to the China Station at a Critical Time in the Region's History
0001319: SAPPER [PRIVATE] J. FRY - 1917 Original Manuscript Diary of Sapper Fry's 'First Trip to France' to Beat Back the Germans and Help Repatriate the French
0002227: SARAH E. MILLER, SECRETARY - 1889 - 1896 Original Manuscript Diary, Record and Ledger Book of the Royalston Chapter of the King's Daughters: A Charitable Works Society
0002385: SARAH ? - 1888 Original, Charming Manuscript Letter Home to Her Siblings in New York State Describing Her Life in Pomona California 'Now with 3 Horses'
0002289: JOSE JULIO SARRIA - 1969 Original Manuscript Travel Diary Handwritten by One of San Francisco's Most Famous Politicians, Restauranteurs, Philanthropists and Drag Queens Known As the Grand Mere and the Absolute Empress I of San Francisco
0009185: ELIZABETH E. SAUNDERS - 1923 - 1941 Beautifully Written and Unique Diary by a Smart, Clever and Well Educated Woman in Cape Ann, Massachusetts, Relishing Her Days on the Beach, Her Close Friendships, and the Beautiful Nature That’S All Around Her
0002022: SAVERIO FILIPPONE, USN - 1933 - 1936 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Young United States Naval Academy Midshipman As He Learns the Ways of the Navy, the Sea, Women and Love As He Begins a Career That Will See Him As a Submarine Commander in Three Wars
0001091: NICOLO ENZZO SAVIO [?] - C. 1750 Handwritten Original Italian Military Manuscript Book: Officer Trainee's Vade Mecum
0009066: JOSEPH E. SAWYER - 1868 Original Handwritten Manuscript Diary of a Year in the Life of a Young, Aspiring Lawyer Working for a Noted Judge and Maintaining an Active Presence in Politics and Various Fraternal Societies
0002434: CAPTAIN HAROLD B. SAY ET AL - 1950s Original Group of 200+ Letters, Photographs and Ephemera Compiled by an American Navy Captain Involved in Operation Strike Back with the Barely out of It's Infancy North Atlantic Treaty Organization [Nato]
0009018: E. W. D. SAYERS [?] - 1912 - 1914 Original Manuscript Diary of a Petty Officer Aboard the Hms Kent, a Royal Navy Armoured Cruiser in China Station, Working and Living Through the Violent and Consequential Second Revolution of the 1913 Chinese CIVIL War
0001668: ROY J. SCATES - 1929 Original Manuscript Diary of a Detroit Michigan Area Lawman Detailing Uncountable Violence and Crimes in This Superb Prohibition Era First Person Account
0001329: MISS HELEN GERTRUDE SCHAFFTER - 1916 Original Manuscript School Memories Journal - an Homage to High School Life and Charming Relic of Pre World War I Americana
0001593: DALE SCHAFFTER [?] - 1941 Original Manuscript Diary of a Woman Who Details the Never Ending Hard Work of Living on a Farm and the Sometime Cruelty of Those She Lives with in and Around the Amish and Mennonite Communities of Ohio
0001305: MRS. DR. WILLIAM SCHILLER[?] - 1936 Original Manuscript Diary of a Bitter, Resentful, Self Absorbed New Wife of a Medical Doctor Working His Way out His Marriage
0008092: FLORA G SCHILLING - 1900 Charming Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a West Central Indiana Woman at the Turn of the Century
0002153: J. HENRY SCHINDLER JR. - 1969 Original Manuscript Diary and Meticulous Log of an Engineer Contracted to Blow Things Up in South Vietnam
0001693: CHARLES SCHOBINGER - 1939 - 1951 Original Archive of Ten [10] Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by Outdoorsman, Future Ski Hall of Famer, Graduate of Harvard School for Boys Who Served His Country in the Navy During World War II
0002089: ROBERT J. SCHRIEBER - 1942 - 1945 Original Group of Five [5] Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by a Young Tell City Indiana Wwii Field Hospital Pharmacist
0002419: SIDNEY SCHULMAN - 1941 + 1945 Original Pair [2] of Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by a Jewish High School Senior, Then College Freshman and 3 Years and One War Later a Man Searching the Fleshpots of Asia and Raining Death on America's Enemies
0001574: E. W. SCHUSTER - 1997 - 2000 Original, Intimate Manuscript Diaries [2] Handwritten by a Woman Struggling to Control Her Addictions to Alcohol, Bulimia, Money and Her Newly out of the Closet Lesbianism
0002098: MATILDA SCHWABE - 1910 Original Scrapbook and Diary of an Enthusiastic Student's Trip to the Nation's Capitol
0008222: EDWARD S. SCHWANTES - 1917 Original, Charming Peek Into Young Love and Courting with the Awful Back Drop of Wwi Looming for a Couple Who Would Join in Life for Nearly 6 Decades
0001067: K.V.S. SCHWARTZENAW - 1749 Superb Gothic German Letter of Manumission Liberating Georg Wilhelm Schenk from the Servitude of His Master Johann Heinrich Broder
0002134: IRENE SCHWARZ - 1955 Original Photo Album and Photo Diary of the Massive Jehovah's Witnesses' 'Triumphant Kingdom' Assembly in Nuremburg Germany: A Celebration of Joy at the Home Base of the Nazis Who Would Have Destroyed Them
0001925: DR. THOMAS SCORESBY - 1863 Original CIVIL War Era Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Noted Doctor a Mere 3 Years Before His Own Demise
0001371: UNKNOWN SCRIVENER - 1525 Original Ancient Manuscript of CIVIL Law: 'Corpus Iuris Civilis of Justinian'
0001271: UNIDENTIFIED SCRIVENER - 1820s-30s Original Manuscript Book Handwritten in a Lovely Script Detailing the History and Culture of Ancient Greece
0002378: UNKNOWN SCRIVENER - 1750 Superb Original French Roman Catholic Book of Piety, Prayers and Meditations Handwritten in a Stunning Calligraphic Hand
0002168: UNKNOWN SCRIVENER - 1872 Original Manuscript Homage to a Christian Saint and Patron of the Boston Masonic Commandry
000434: SCUPOLI, LORENZO; JUAN DE CASTANIZA - Combatting the Devil: Combate Espiritual Escrito por el Venerale Scupoliu
0001327: MISS ANNE SEGAN - 1940 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Charming Young Woman from Cleveland Ohio
0001479: JOHN OF SEGOVIA - Two [2] Original Late 16th Century, Early 17th Century Manuscript Volumes of the Noted Catholic Theologian: Tractatus de Deo and Tractatus de Sacramentis - Superb in Vellum
0002568: MARY SELLZER - 1909 - 1917 Original Manuscript Diary of Labor Strife, Union Violence and the Uneasy Life of a Strike Breaker in an Iowa Wool MILL
0002351: SENATOR JAMES THOMAS 'COTTON TOM' HEFLIN - 1932 Original Typed Letter Signed by Alabama's Most Colorful and Controversial Anti CIVIL Rights Legislators Who Also Created One of America's Most Beloved National Holidays
00MV237: SENATOR HENRY MEYERS - 1838 Original Manuscript Letter by the Senator from Pennsylvania Who Pulls out All the Stops and Helps a Widow's Son Launching the Career of a Future Admiral and Hero of the CIVIL War Pierce Crosby Jr.
000439: SENN, C. HERMAN - Book of Sauces
00JT49b: SEPTIEMS BERUIERE ????? - C1800s Original Handwritten Manuscript List Detailing over 30 Engagement and Battles During Active Service for Napoleon Bonaparte
000530: SERJEANT T. WELLS, 1ST BATTALION OXFORDSHIRE & BUCKINGHAMSHIRE LIGHT INFANTRY - 1934 Handwritten Manuscript Instruction Manual in the Art of Fencing Using the Foil, Sabre and Epee
0002254: SETH C. SMITH, AMORY HOLMAN ET AL - 1829 Original Manuscript Contract Agreement by a Noted Bolton Massachusetts Businessman Hiring to 'Convey the United States Mail'
000610: SETTALA, LUDOVICO [LUDOVICI SEPTALII] - Mediolanensis, Medici Clarissimi, Animadversionum, & Cautionum Medicarum
0008216: ERIC HYDE SEXTON - 1918 Original Diary and Notebook of a Teenage Boy in England Enduring the Awful War with Germany But Who Would Soon Enough Go on to Princeton, Harvard, Us Military Intelligence and Fame As an Archaeologist and Antiquarian
0001391: SGT. JOHN REED, 316 INFANTRY BAND - 1917 Original Sensational Manuscript Diary of an Army Band Sergeant Who Looks for Friends and Foes on the Frontlines between Concerts, a Revolver His Only Companion
0002204: AMNON ISH-SHALOM - 1943 - 1944 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Jewish Volunteer from Jerusalem in British Mandated Palestine Who Helps Fight Germany Serving in His Majesty's Royal Navy
000735: MR. AND MRS. GRANT AND LELAH SHANK - 1907 - 1926 Archive of Eight [8] Handwritten Manuscript Diaries and One [1] Address Book by a Hard Working Indiana Farming Family
0002412: GEORGE SHAPLAND - 1788 Original Manuscript Dual Purpose Book: Ciphering and Complex Mathematics with Nautical and Navigational Exercises and Observations Handwritten by an Advanced Scholar Beautifully Executed
0001852: ALONZO G. SHARP - 1890 Original 'Pressed Copy' Manuscript Letter Written by Famed Postal Inspector Alonzo Sharp Requesting That the Storied Postmaster of Athens Georgia Be Fired
0002024: ANN P. SHARPLES - 1883 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by the Daughter of a Noted Quaker Minister in Chester County Pennsylvania Detailing the Life, Times and Sadly the Oncoming Death of Her Mother
0001585: CORRINA SHATTUCK - 1882 Original Manuscript Letter Handwritten by a Missionary Heroine of the Armenian Genocide
0002094: PROFESSOR CANDELARIO CALOR MOTA AND DR. ALBERT SHAW - 1940s Original Group of Typed Mostly and Some Handwritten Letters between Professor C. Calor Mota and Dr. Albert Shaw Discussing Common Interests, American Exceptionalism and the Politics of the Day
0002070: ALBERT SHAW - 1941 Original Manuscript Travel Diary of a Visit to Educator Martha Berry Mere Months Before Her Death and Handwritten Literary Notes and Comments by a Noted Author and Scholar
0001225: DETECTIVE ALBERT SHEDLOCK - 1936 - 1939 Original Manuscript Journal of Murder, Mayhem and True Crime by an Active Suburban Pittsburgh Detective
0008088: JAMES SHEERIN - 1885 Original Manuscript Journal Hand Written by a 20 Year Old St. Stephen's College Man Well on His Way to Harvard, Cambridge and the Priesthood
0002558: ROBERT SHELDRICK - 1942 Original Manuscript Diary of a Canadian Army Lawyer in Newfoundland Dealing with Unique Homefront Issues
0001316: REV. CHARLES WILLIAM SHEPHERD. - 1861 Original Archive of Journal, Letters, Photos and Ephemera Documenting the Early Travel and Exploration of the North Frisian Islands by Renowned Author and Ornithologist Documenting the Birds, People and Geography of This Once Contested Area
000092: CAPTAIN JAMES M. SHERBURN - 1864 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of Pioneer New Hampshire Man
0001418: DR. WILL P. SHERIDAN AND MRS MARY W. P. SHERIDAN - 1909, 1910 & 1911 Archive of Three [3] Manuscript Journals and Diaries of Two Dedicated Canadian Missionaries Bringing Western Health Care and Christian Outreach to the Sichuan Provinces with the Back Drop of Sun Yat-Sen and the Revolution
0008021: FAE ? INTERNAL AFFAIRS LOS ANGELES SHERIFF'S DEPT. - 2013 - 2015 Super, Original Group [5] of Diaries Handwritten by a 30 Yr Employee of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept (Lasd) Detailing Her Work and Personal Life and Inside Revelations of a Corruption Scandal Involving the Sheriff and Undersheriff
0001706: CONSTABLE R.C. SHEWARD - 1942 Original Manuscript Diary and Log Book Handwritten by a Detail Oriented Constable for the Canadian Pacific Railroad Company Protecting and Guarding the Ports and Railways of Vancouver British Columbia
0007010: MARY MARGARET SHIMER - 1913 - 1917 Super World War I Era Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Young Pennsylvania Lehigh University Student and All-Around 'Girl-Next-Door'
0007000: JOHN ELLIS SHIPPAM - 1909 - 1927 Original Group of Four [4] Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by an Englishman Recently Settled with His Family in San Diego Detailing a Life Through the Eyes of Those Newly Arrived
0002557: ARTHUR GORDON AKA ARTHUR SHIRT - 1919 Original, Massive Manuscript Diary of a Young Man, Already an Old Salt, Who Pines for a Ship After Serving in the Navy and Who One Day Goes on to Write About the Sea
0008194: SHLOMO [A JEWISH LEGION MEMBER] - 1919 Superb, Significant Original Manuscript Letter Hand Written by a Young Jewish Legion Member, Likely from Holland, Detailing the Aspirations and Frustrations of a Zionist Assigned to One of the Most Unsettled and Conflicted Post Wwi Areas on Earth
RAB233: SHMUEL ZEINVIL KAHANA, BERNARD FRIEDBERG - Anaf Eitz Avos - a Branch from the Patriarchal Tree & Lichot Sikoron
0002306: ABEL VEIL SHOTWELL - 1881 - 1885 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by the Scion of a Long Established [1709] New Jersey Family with Roots to the Mayflower
0001128: ROBERT CARL SHUSTER - 1936 - 1940 Manuscript Diary of One Allentown Teenager's Personal History of Enlistment Through His Honorable Discharge - Includes His Prized Autographs of World Series New York Yankees Heffner and Ruffing
0002320: SIDNEY B. PAINE - 1850s Original Group of Four [4] Manuscript Letters Handwritten by a Tuskegee Lawyer Who Will One Day Captain the 61st Alabama Regiment
0001714: JOHN SILVERWOOD - 1922 Original Manuscript Post World War I Diary Handwritten by a Young, Personable Pennsylvania Man
0001703: MR. AND MRS. DANIEL SILVESTER - 1935 - 1941 Original Archive of Three [3] Manuscript Diaries Detailing the Life, Times and Music of Noted Worcester Massachusetts Symphony Conductor and His Wife
0009048: FRANCES M. SIMMONS - 1914 - 1918 Handwritten Manuscript 5-Year Diary of the Life and Work of a Young Woman Who Moves to Nyc to Become a Red Cross Nurse and Contribute to the War Effort in a Homefront Hospital
0001872: JAMES W. SIMONS - 1944 - 1945 Super, Original World War II Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Tough Fighting Seabee Who Pines for His Wife Butch
000489: SINGER, ISAAC BASHEVIS - Nobel Lecture - Double Autograph - English and Hebrew
000680: GREGORY SIPE - Vietnam Era Archive of Letters, Correspondence and Photos of the Military Service, Travels and Insights of Brigadier General Patton's Aide
000458: SIR JOHN STEVENSON, THOMAS MOORE - A Selection of Popular National Airs : A Manuscript of Early American Secular Music, a Song from James Joyce, and One of the Earliest Collections of Non-Western Music Ex-Libris First Governor of Kansas Charles Robinson
00MV223: SIR EDMUND BECKETT - 1886 Handwritten Manuscript Letter Regarding the Famed Architect's Speech on Lunacy
000870: SIR JOHN THOMAS DUCKWORTH - C1810 Handwritten Document Signed by the First Governor and Commander in Chief of Newfoundland and Labrador
000921: EMMA M. SLACK - 1856 Handwritten Manuscript Memorial Album of Poetry Intimate Thoughts, Lovely Poetry and Some Sad Goodbyes: A Lovely Treasure of Antebellum Times in New Orleans
000097: SLADE, J.B., TRIAL JUDGE - 1873 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of a Farmer and Judge Overseeing the Execution of a Convicted Murderer
000826: CHARLES E. SLEEPER - 1864 Lot of Two [2] Handwritten CIVIL War Era Manuscript Diaries by a Rye New Hampshire Man Busy with the Portsmouth Naval Yard
0009034: MRS. ADAM S. SMALLEY - 1872 - 1873 Original Diary and Log Book Handwritten by the Increasingly Unhappy Wife of the Captain of the Bark 'Nehamia Gibson' As It Faced Trials and Tribulations on the Journey from New York to Melbourne Australia and Back
0010040: MOLLIE COTTON SMART - 1917 to 1926 Original Diary Handwritten by a Daughter of the American Revolution with a Full Social Calendar
0001691: ROSS SMILEY - 1811 Original Manuscript Mathematic and Arithmetic Cyphering Copybook Filled with Complex Equations and Solutions
000042: GILBERT SMITH - 1942 - 1944 Archive of Two [2] Handwritten Manuscript Wwii Diaries and 200 Picture Photo Album by Gilbert Smith of Silver Creek New York and the 335th Aaaf
000129: RUBERTA SMITH - 1913 Through 1917 Handwritten 5 Year Line a Day Diary of a Charming New Hampshire Girl
000662: J.F. SMITH - 1870 Handwritten Manuscript Travel Diary Starting from England on to America
000698: GEORGE DRESSER SMITH - 1900 and 1913 [?] Handwritten Manuscript European Travel Diary and Boston Area Religious Studies with Reverend Broadhead, Talbot and Addison
000964: DOROTHY MAE SMITH - 1934 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of a Smart Charming American High School 'Girl Next Door' During the Depression Era
0008025: SMITH, BETTYE JO - 1940s - 1950s 13-Year Old Alabama Girl Delightfully Evolving from Young Girl to Early Womanhood All the While with the Terrible Backdrop of World War II
000958: GEORGE SMITH - 1932-1933 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of a Charming Intelligent Cookie Seller Trying to Make It Through During the Depression
0001512: BOWDITCH/PAUL F. SMITH PH.D - American Practical Navigator with Handwritten Notes of a Future Professor Emeritus at the University of North Texas
0001685: HAZEL A. SMITH - C1920s Original Manuscript Notebook of Anatomy Notes Handwritten by a Young Woman Studying at the Miami University at Oxford Ohio
0002583: LIEUTENANT ALBERT SMITH - 1867 - 1921 Original, Significant Archive of Ten [10] Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by a Victorian Era Career Officer in the Royal Navy Littered with First-Hand Accounts of Naval History Including the Sinking of the Hms Victoria by the Hms Camperdown
0001731: SMITH, E. CYRIL - 1917, 1918 and 1920 Original Manuscript World War I Diaries Handwritten by a Marconi Radio Operator Who Witnesses First Hand the Dangers of Convoy Work and the Resolute Determination of the British Navy
0011005: EMILY CAROLINE SMITH - 1913-1914 Diary of a Single Morris County, Nj Woman with Close Familial Ties to the Col Hiram Smith, Mayflower Settlers, and an Heir to the Smith/Baldwin House, Writing As Wwi Commenced
0001336: ELIAS D. SMITH - 1858 Handwritten Original Manuscript Journal and Diary of a Well Known Phillipsburg New Jersey Man Who Will Soon Be a Sergeant in the CIVIL War
0008080: WILBUR A. SMITH - 1931 + 1934 Original Manuscript Diaries [2] Handwritten by a Well Acquainted Arkansas Businessman with Fingers in Oil, Transportation and Insurance and Who Served His Country and State with Distinction
0001809: ELMINA SMITH - 1932 - 1936 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Young Pennsylvania Girl Going to Maryland to Attend Hood College
000805: ROBERT MORRIS SMITH - 1938 - 1942 Handwritten 5 -Year Manuscript Diary - Superb Homefront Diary by a Depression Era Young Indiana Boy Who Turns Into a War Wise Young Man
0002103: CAROLINE SMITH - 1940s Original Manuscript Book on Weaving with Samples Included Created and Compiled by a Rutgers University Student
0008101: EMMA JANE SMITH - 1919 - 1921 Fascinating Post World War I Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Pious Woman in Service to a Cornwall England Family
0009068: 'LOU' W. SMITH - 1923 Exceptional, Funny and Unique Typescript Diary of a Witty and Bitingly Clever Woman As She Travels from Brooklyn to Hawaii and Back, Observing the World Around Her in a Mature and Refreshingly Original Way
0001541: E. HULBERT AND P.L. SMITH - Churches and Views of Stroud and Neighborhood - with Handwritten Notes by Local Historians
0010020: J SMITH - 1924 to 1925 Original Handwritten Diary of a New York Flapper in the Roaring Twenties Spending Her Nights at Theaters, Restaurants, and Clubs Around the City
0002043: PORTER JUDSON SMITH - 1912 Original Manuscript Diary Sadly Handwritten by a Very Sick Man in the Final Months of His Life
0009162: HENRY SNEVELY (OR SNAVELY) - 1802 - 1803 Original Manuscript Book of Mathematics, Geometry, Trigonometry and More, Geared Towards the Irish Immigrants New to the Southeastern Pennsylvania Township
0MV1509: CLARENCE EUGENE "HANK" SNOW - 1989 Typed Letter Signed by Canadian Country Music Legend 'Hank Snow'
0008033: PETER MOORE SNR. ? - 1922 - 1925 + 1938 - 1939 Superb Group of Original Photo Albums [5] Detailing the Lives of a British Family in Malaya and a Wide Lens Into British Colonial Life of Rubber Plantations, Tin Mining and British Social Life in South East Asia
0008177: WILLIAM ROBERT KING JNR. AND SNR. - 1909 - 1921 + 1949 Super Group of Original Manuscript Diaries Hand Written by a Young Man [7] and One by His Noted Father and Founder of the University of Tulsa
000110: SNYDER, CHARLES - 1938 Handwritten Manuscript Diary Journal of Obsessed Ohio Man
0008022: SNYDER, CHARLES H. - 1935, 1940 & 1941 Original Diaries Handwritten by a Westport, Mendocino County, California Man Providing Insight Into Life in Northern California During the Great Depression and Early Days of Wwii
0002144: GEORGE HOWARD SNYDER JR - 1929 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Young Active Student Living the Complete College Experience at Washington and Lee
0002595: HARRY W. SNYDER - 1942 Original, Historic Manuscript Diary and Photo Album Detailing the Beginning of Pan American Airlines Critical Contribution to the War Effort Hand Written and Compiled by an Erudite and Keen Eyed Aviation Machinist's Mate
000015b: ANONYMOUS BRATTLEBORO VERMONT SOCIALITE - 1885 Life of a Brattleboro Vermont Socialite Handwritten Diary
000769: UNIDENTIFIED SOLDIER - C. 1935 - 1945 Photo Album Detailing with over 180 Pictures of One Soldier's Travels Through Egypt and the Land of Israel
0001450: UNIDENTIFIED CANADIAN SOLDIER - 1952 Original Manuscript Day Book Diary of One Canadian Soldier's Work Laying Minefields, Building Rafts and Dodging Mortars with the Famed Vandoos in Korea
0001754: MR. SOMERVILLE - 1873 Original Manuscript Diary and Journal of an English Immigrant to the North Shore of Lake Erie in Southwestern Ontario Canada
0007007: H.A. SOMMER - 1909 Original, Superb, Eventful World Cruise Diary Handwritten by a Los Angeles Man Who Does a Superior Job Detailing All He Sees
0008139: WILLIAM LECH AND SONS - 1910 - 1911 Original Manuscript Ledger Book of a Pre Confederation 146 Year Old Family Business in Peterborough Ontario Detailing a Classic Canadian and Foundational Business
NNJT77/81: SOPHIE MOUCHEZ ET AL TO AMÉDÉE ERNEST BARTHÉLEMY MOUCHEZ, ADMIRAL OF THE FRENCH NAVY AND GREAT ASTRONOMER - 1840s-1890s Large Archive of 47 Handwritten Manuscript Letters to the Famed Astronomer, Admiral, Inventor and Author Ernest Mouchez from His Sister, Cabinet Ministers, Friends and Colleagues
000081: LILIAN SOUTIERE - 1909 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of Quebec Woman Teacher Including a Detailed Trip to California
000035b: ATTORNEY OF THE REAL AUDIENCIA FOR THE VICEROY OF NEW SPAIN - Extremely Rare and Important First Hand Text of Mexican History 1794 Handwritten Manuscript Book
0001790: LT. LYMAN G. SPALDING - 1877 Original American Naval Relic of a 19th Century Survey of the Mouth of the Mississippi Handwritten by an ILL Fated Lieutenant
00MV781: SIR PERCY CLAUDE SPENDER - 1953 Handwritten Manuscript Letter by Noted Australian Diplomat, Politician and Jurist
0001240: K. SPIVEY [?] - 1969 Original Manuscript Diary and Journal of a Talented Professional Dancer, Artist and Psycho-Sexual Mentally ILL Woman in Los Angeles
0008081: E. A. SPOFFORD - 1848 Original Manuscript Almanac and Journal Catchall of a Gloucester Massachusetts Fisherman
000712: JAMES WILLIAM E. SPOONER - 1876-1879 Handwritten Manuscript Diary Detailing the Presidential Politics of the Day - the Contested Rutherford Hayes Samuel Tilden Election
000677: DR. JOHN [JAMES] HUME SPRY - Late 18th, Early 19th C. Handwritten Manuscript Translation and Commentary of the Gospels in Greek by the Rector of Marlebone and Prebendary of Canterbury
0001954: LIEUTENANT DOUGLAS A. ST______ - 1905 Original British Royal Navy Officer's Log Book Handwritten by Lieutenant of the Hms Cornwall
0001288: BEATRICE STAHL - 1912 - 1923 Original Manuscript Journal and Diary of a Young New York City Jewish Girl Who Yearns for Love, Feels Undeserving of Love But Then Rejects the One Man Who Pledges Himself to Her and Much Much More
0001136: STANLEY TAYLOR, RAF - 1943 - 1946 Archive of Manuscript Diaries of One Welsh Boy's Service in the Royal Air Force Including India, Italy, North Africa
0002158: HALLIE M. STANLEY - 1917 Orignal Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Hardworking, Dedicated Central Ohio Woman
0001572: SEABURY STANTON - 1918 Original Manuscript World War I Officer Training Journal Handwritten by the Long Time Friend of Warren Buffet and Director of Berkshire Hathaway Who Would Later Prove Buffet Wrong
0001084: SUSIE C. STAPLES - 1907 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of a Young Topeka Kansas Woman with Charm, Personality and a Keen Observer
000754: WILLIAM B. STARK - Original 1862 - 1865 Important CIVIL War Journal Detailing the Entire History of the 34th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Volunteer to the Steps of Appomattox and the Surrender of Lee
000796: MARGARET [PEG] E. STAUFFER - 1926 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of a Young Harvard University Student
0001194: HELEN STEARNS - 1905 - 1909 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Young Popular Bryn Mawr Student and Phi Mou Pawa Girl
000430: HENRY STEBBING - The Christian in Palestine or Scenes of Sacred History
000740: FRANK W. STEELE - 1887 Handwritten Manuscript Journal Detailing the Work and Economy of One Hardworking Man in New Hampshire
0011028: GERTRUDE W. B. STEELE - 1916-1927 Two Diaries by the Busy, Affluent Wife of Us Navy Dr. John Murray Steele Detailing Life and Death in Annapolis, Md
0009104: STEER BROTHERS AND GENERAL MERCHANTS - 1910 Original Manuscript Handwritten Letter from Newfoundland Importers the Steer Brothers to a Supplier, Detailing a Business Transaction Soon to Take Place between Them
0001871: STEPHANIE W. - 1994 - 1999 Original Late 20th Century Poignant Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Sweet, Sad and Suffering Teenage Girl Who Only Wants to Lose 5 Pounds and a Boy Who Will Love and Respect Her
0010030: LESTER STEPHENS - 1959 Original Handwritten Manuscript Diary by an Avid Rose Gardener in Post-War America
000516: T.H. STEPHENSON - 1943 Original Personal Handwritten Manuscript Diary While Aboard the Uss Leopard
0002266: EDWIN FLYE STETSON - 1876 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Future Medical Doctor Detailing His Education and Life at the Now Closed Bowdoin Medical College in Brunswick Maine
0009011: EDWIN AND MARY STETSON - 1870s Archive of Six [6] Original Handwritten Journals from a Young Well-to-Do Man, Edwin Stetson, Who Would Become a Well Regarded and Beloved Family Doctor and Mary, Who Would Eventually Become His Wife Many Years Later
0001162: CHARLES STEVENS - 1861 Archive of Six [6] Manuscript Letters Handwritten by a Confederate Sympathizer Taunting His Brother 'a Lincoln Man'
0010008: HERBERT E. STEVENS - 1929 Original Manuscript Diary of a Retired Buffalo New York Engineer at the Onset of the Great Depression
0001942: CULBERTSON STEVENS ET AL - 1890s Original Archive of Manuscript Letters between Abilene Kansas and One Land Agent's Family About His Holdings in Illinois
0001499: THEODORE STEWART - 1913 - 1923 Archive of Original Manuscript Diaries and Work Journals of a Popular Farmington Maine Architect and Carpenter
0001584: CAROLINE SOPHIA CAMPBELL STEWART - 1891 Original Manuscript Diary of a Young Teenage Surrey England Girl Growing Up in High Style
0011029: HAZEL M. STEWART - 1938-1942 5 Year Diary of an American Teenager, Learning, Working and Dating, Naively Unaware of the Impact of World War Two
000533: CAPTAIN ELBERT EMERSON STICKELS - 1951 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of the Korean Conflict and a Miserable Sickly Dissatisfied Captain of the Us Army 51st Battalion out of Fort Ord
00MV256: DONALD P. STIMPSON ET AL - 1879 Archive of Handwritten Manuscript Americana: Intimate Personal Family Letters Detailing Local History, Genealogy and Social Conditions of the Era
0001026: DAISY STONE - C1885 Handwritten Manuscript Elementary School Language Tablet Filled with Completed Lessons - Essays, Letters and Stories
0009085: BERNARD B. STONE - 1945 - 1946 Original Handwritten Manuscript Diary and Log of a Soldier on the Uss Providence, Patrolling the Mediterranean Sea Immediately After the End of the Bloodiest War in Human History
000616: W.H. STONEMAN - 1848 + 1856 + 1857 Archive of Handwritten Manuscript Diaries of Pre CIVIL War Life in Pioneer Indiana Including an Eight Year Voyage to the Caribbean to Cure Tuberculosis
0009070: J. H. STORER - 1942 - 1949 Pair of Two [2] Diaries Belonging to a Marine Captain [Later Major] Serving in Guadalcanal and the Homefront Who Eventually Leaves the Military to Become a Steelworker, Union Man and Labor Advocate
0008038: ULYSSES GRANT STOWELL - 1935 + 1936 Original Pair of Handwritten Diaries by a Southwestern Washington State Farmer and Entrepreneur
0001355: JUDGE CHARLES PRESTON STRATTON - 1871 & 1877 Original Archive of Two [2] Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by a Prominent New Jersey Judge, Lawyer, Politician and Railroad Industrialist
0008050: ZOLA GRACE STRAWSER - 1909 Original Manuscript Diary of a Trip to the Seattle World's Fair by a 14 Year Old Los Angeles Girl and Family
0001788: SUE - 1937 - 1938 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a 17 Year Old American Girl Whose Parents Send Her to Their Ancestral Homeland in Hungary to Study, Visit Relatives and Perhaps Marry a Traditional Boy All Against the Backdrop of Impending Disaster
0001868: WILLIAM O. SWENSON - 1917 - 1918 Original, Intense Manuscript Diary Handwritten by an American Soldier in France Ducking Danger While Delivering Deadly Cargo Through War Torn France
0001134: HARRY SWETORS [?] - 1884 Charming Handwritten Account of One Leicester Family's Travels in North Wales
0001241: JOHN LINDSAY SWIFT - 1860 Original Manuscript Election Campaign and Abolitionist Speech Handwritten by a Future General and Biographer of American Hero and Future President: Ulysses S. Grant
0002431: J.W. SYKES - 1884 - 1889 Original Manuscript Diary and Log Books [2] Handwritten from the Unique Perspective of the Commander's Steward of the Renowned Hms Dreadnought
0002446: SYLVIA BOND-SMITH, [DEREK BOND-SMITH] - 1951 - 1952 Original Manuscript Travel Diary of a 10,000 Mile Epic Journey by Truck from Europe to South Africa Handwritten by a 17 Year Old Girl Making the Trans Continental Trek with Her 20 Year Old Brother
0001764: SYMONDS [?] - 1867 Original Manuscript Post CIVIL War Diary Handwritten by a Well to Do Builder Living in the Winter Hill Area of Somerville Massachusetts
0008102: LEWIS SZAREK - 1920s Super, Original Manuscript Notebook Hand Written by a Musically Inclined Machinist's Mate Who Catalogued and Compiled Popular and Naval Songs from Wwi Through Wwii
0001782: DR. M. SZWARCA - 1904 Original Manuscript Book of Correspondence Letters Detailing a Polish Medical Doctor's Service to Imperial Russia in the Far East During the Russo - Japanese War
000957: NETTIE TAFFNER - 1886 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of a Suburban Syracuse Woman and Her Family
000816: TAKITAKA KAWAGUCHI - 1903 - 1904 Handwritten Archive of Manuscript Letters by a Patriotic Japanese Cadet Before, During and Immediately After the Russo-Japanese War While at the Imperial Academy and Manchuria
0002263: ABIJAH W. TALBUT [SOMETIMES TALBOT] - 1862 - 1871 Original Manuscript Travel Diary of a Near Epic Journey to Find Work from Maine to Minnesota by Steamship, Stagecoach, Train and His Own Two Feet
0001223: B.B. LE TALL - 1886 - 1889 Original Diary of Multiple Tours and Trips Mostly for Botanical Study of the Flora and Fauna of the Alps in Switzerland, Italy and the Dolomites, Norway, Berlin and Dresden
0002349: THEOPHILUS TAPPIN - 1838 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Young Man Enjoying Life, Work and Sunday School in Greenwich Village New York
0002240: EVELYN M. TAYLOR - 1929 Original Handwritten Manuscript Diary Detailing Her Year and Life As the Worthy Matron of Her Hialeah Florida Order of the Eastern Star Chapter
0008093: TAYLOR, BRAWN & FLOOD - 1900 Super, Original Manuscript Recipe Book Compiled by a Noted 2oo Year Old Now Defunct British Chemist Firm Specializing in Cordials and Spirits and American Style Soda Pop
0009110: UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE SCHOOL TEACHER - 1940 - 1941 Original Journal and Logbook Handwritten by a Primary School Teacher Detailing Her Efforts to Keep the Children Safe and in School During the German Air Raids That Terrorized England
00MV92: OSCAR S. TEALE - Higher Magic - Magic for the Artist - Signed and Inscribed by the Author
0009116: WASHINGTON TEASDALE - 1860 - 1865 Three [3] Original Letters Handwritten by Noted English Engineer, Scientist, and Pioneering Photographer As He Travels Around India Working for the Monumental Project Connecting Bombay to Other East Indian Cities
0002246: MAUD[E] MAY TELFER - 1888 + 1889 Original Pair [2] of South Western Ontario Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by a Young, Inordinately Mature 12 Yr Old Girl Who Goes from Playing Games at Recess to Discussing the Scott Act of 1888 for Temperance in Kent County
0001114: UNIDENTIFIED MARINE FROM TENNESSEE - C1947 Photographic and Typescript Journal of a Marine from Tennessee - Super Relic of Wwii by a Charming Near Poetic Survivor of Guadalcanal
0001135: RAY JOHNSON WITH JOHN TERREAULT - 1933 Handwritten Manuscript Travel Journal Detailing a Depression Era Canoe Trip from Montreal to New York City and Back - Bonus Feature: Canadian Boy Meets American Girl - Marriage Ensues!
000745: EDMUND TERRY - Yale College Class of 1837 Autograph Album with over 90 Autographs and Inscriptions Including Reputed Skull and Bones Society Members
0002112: IRIS TERVORT [LATER LINDSTROM] - 1932 Original Depression Era Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Charming All American Mormon Girl in Utah
00MV14: THEODORE D. WOOLSEY - 1884 Handwritten Aqs by Former President of Yale University
0009030: THEODORE JANSEN, MATTHEW JANSEN - 1905 Superb Original Handwritten Manuscript Retrospective Journal of the Detailed and Engrossing Biography of CIVIL War Captain Matthew Jansen, by His Loving Brother and Comrade in Arms Who Served and Fought in over 100 Battles and Skirmishes with Him
0001204: EDWIN THOMAS - 1911 Original Handwritten East to West Travel Diary of a New York Mining Engineer
0009080: THOMAS J. ? - C1825 Original Handwritten Manuscript Book of Mathematical Rules, Cases, Examples, and Diagrams Relating to the Elements of Geometry and Trigonometry in Land Surveying
0002084: FOR DR. ROY ZACHARIAH THOMAS - 1923 Superb, Original Manuscript and Photographic Relic of Early 20th Century Railroad Travel and Touring Hosted by Dr. Roy Zachariah Thomas
0001993: THOMAS BOYLSTON ADAMS - 1806 Original Manuscript of Historical Phi Beta Kappa Speech at Their 30th Anniversary Meeting Handwritten by the Son of President Adams
0001300: RICHARD SUTCLIFFE THOMAS - 1844 - 1911 Original Manuscript Diary: A Handwritten Epic by a West Yorkshire Man and Expert on Good Templarism: From Child Laborer to Captain of Industry, from Poverty to Comfort and the Upper Echelons of Freemasonry
00MV185: GERTRUDE F. THOMAS ET AL - 1897 Original Archive of Handwritten Letters and Manuscript Notes by American Poet Gertrude Thomas
0001733: WILLIAM GWYNN THOMAS - 1948 - 1949 Original Fascinating Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Crew Member of the Falkland Island Base Camps Working to Help Supply and Research the Antarctic Region Including a Typescript Proposal for a Sledge Journey to Snow Hill Island
0011021: JOSEPHINE THOMAS - 1932 Diary of an American Woman Factory Worker During the Great Depression
0009102: THOMAS TAYLOR - 1816 Original Handwritten Manuscript Letter from Privateer Thomas Taylor, Seeking Any Information to Bring About the Capture of the Man Who Stole His Ship and Robbed Him of His Treasure
0009022: JOHN THOMPSON - Late 1800s Original Handwritten Ledger Book of a General Store in Tuckersmith, Ontario Keeping Detailed and Meticulous Notes on Prices, Payments and Balances over the Course of Almost 20 Years
0001832: THORNTON, FRANK L. - 1874 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Prominent Rhode Island Merchant Who Travelling Back from South Africa to England Meets the 3 Survivors of the Tragic Cospatrick Shipwreck and Disaster Mere Weeks After the Event
00JT20N: THREE MEMBER JUDICIAL COUNCIL - 1603 Handwritten Legal Judgement After 26 Years of Proceedings: Possible Establishment of Noble Line and Estate
000714: M.B. THURLOW - 1868-1869 Handwritten CIVIL War Era Archive of Handwritten Diaries, Ledgers and an 1880s Autograph Book
0001676: JOHN LAWRENCE THURSTON - 1894 Original Scrapbook of a Young ILL Fated Future China Missionary Detailing His Experience at Yale College and Divinity School
0002421: DORIS TIBBELS - 1944 - 1946 Original Archive of 150+ Manuscript Letters Handwritten by an Adoring Baltimore Homemaker Worshiping Her Husband from Afar Keeping Up Hearth, Home and Their Happy Baby Until He Returns
0002562: TIM DEWING, MIDSHIPMAN - 1983 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten Aboard the Noted Hms Fearless Cruising to Tortola Proving Midshipman Even 100s of Years Separated by Time Are Still Much the Same Since the Age of Sail
0002445: TOM BROWN TIVEY - 1920s Original Archive of Documents, Draft Novels, Manuscripts and Other Related Ephemera of an Englishman Living in Northern Alberta Who Authored a Number of Novels Based on His Experiences and Observations of the 'Wilderness to the East of the Rockies'
0002425: TO/FROM FRANKLIN J. SCHOFIELD, DECK ENGINEER ET AL - C1935 - 1950s Original Group of 120+ Manuscript Letters and Ephemera of a Baltimore Man of Many Parts: Husband, Father, Steamship Deck Engineer, Seaman's Union Representative, Ship Board Negotiator and Labor Activist
0002105: TO ARCHDEACON SIDNEY RICHARD SMITH, MABEL KATHERINE SMITH - 1900s - 1947 Original Archive of Manuscript Letters, Illustrations, Photos and Ephemera Relating to a Renowned Reverend, Later Archdeacon and Missionary Bringing Christian Outreach to One of the Earth's Most Difficult Regions
0002072: ELLEN FRANCES TOBEY [LATER WASHBURN] - 1943 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Portsmouth Naval Yard Worker Who Details Her Work and Duties and Homefront Life and Provides Ephemeral Proof of American Exceptionalism
0001436: VALENTINO JAY TOLMAN - 1985 - 1986 Original Manuscript Diary of One Eager Young Mormon's First Mission to Rome in Intimate Detail
0002333: SENATOR JAMES THOMAS 'COTTON TOM' HEFLIN - 1930s Original Archive of Expense Vouchers, Accompanying Letters and Unusual Insight to the Travel and Workings of One of Alabama's Noted and Notorious Sons
000624: FRANK J. TONE - 1883 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of a Fine Studious Young Man in Upstate New York
000401: TOVEY, JOHN - The 1859 and 1866 Handwritten Manuscript Steamship Travel Diary of John Tovey from England to South Africa and Back 7 Years Later
00009b: ANNIE F. TOWLE - 1870 European Travel Diary Handwritten by Annie F. Towle
000010b: EDITH TOWLE - 1874 Paris/European Travel Diary Handwritten by 14 Year Old Edith Towle
0001321D: W.D. TOWNLEY - 1868 Original Photograph of the Sutton MILL Dam with Original Handwritten Inscription
0MV879: E. D. TOWNSEND, ASST. ADJUTANT GENERAL - 1864 General Orders No. 116 "Declared Unfit for Further Field Service But Fit for Duty in the Veteran Reserve Corps"
000739: MISS O. J. TOWNSEND - 1892 Handwritten Manuscript Diary Detailing Late 19th Century Life in Rochester New York
0002035: MARIANA TOWNSEND - 1923 Original Manuscript Travel Diary Detailing a Grand Jubilee Around the World Tour with Historic Stops in Egypt and the Suez Canal Handwritten by a Super Woman Diarist
0010016: BESSIE TOWNSEND - 1905 Original Handwritten Diary by a Vermont Student Who Would Become the Matriarch of a Multigenerational British Columbia Lumber Dynasty
0011034: TRACY THOMPSON, POET OF THE SUN - Tracy Thompson, Poet of the Sun, Part of the San Francisco Literary Renaissance Movement, Archive of 41 Journals from the 1960s-1970s: Poetic, Raw Ideas Capturing Political and Cultural American Change
0001437: UNIDENTIFIED TRAVELLER - C1807 Original Manuscript Travel Diary of a Near Obsessive Man Recording the State of England and a Census of Homeownership and Housing in Early 19th Century England
000119: UNIDENTIFIED TRAVELLER - 1822 Handwritten Manuscript European Travel Diary of an Observant British Gentleman
0009010: WALTER TRENT - 1944 Fascinating Original Handwritten Journal of a Hard-Drinking, Short-Tempered Everyman, Working As a Carpenter on the Ss Joliet, Working Hard on Duty, Drinking and Fighting When Off
000515: STANLEY F. TREU - 1929 Handwritten Usa and Mexico Cross-Country Travel Diary - Lots of Fun Adventure Observations and a Little Bit of Rum-Running
0002122: ROBERT B. WRIGHT ET AL MEMBERS OF THE KITCHAWAU TRIBE - 1893 Manuscript Ledger of Minutes, Members, Meetings and Procedures of the Original American Secret Fraternal Society Formed to Honor the Native Indians That Assisted the American Revolutionaries Against England: The Improved Order of the Red Men
000929: MRS. JANE TROUP [NEE ROSE] - 1891 + 1892 Handwritten Manuscript of the Troup Family of Rockbeare Exeter Living a Life of Privilege and Illness
0001680: JOHN C. TROY - 1941 - 1942 Sensational Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Rough, Ready and Ribald Montana Man Detailing His Service in Sitka Alaska Prior to and at the Very Beginning of World War II
000922: MRS. N. L. TUDOR - 1887 - 1890 Handwritten Manuscript Journal and Diary of the Tudor Family - from a Long Line of Priests, Vicars, Deacons, Reverends and Bishops
0001526: CHARLOTTE TUFTS - C1960s - 1980s Reference Librarian's Massive Scrapbook Homage and Tribute to the Queen of Mystery Writers: Agatha Christie
0001851: THOMAS TAYLOR TURNBULL - 1847 - 1921 Original Manuscript Ledger and Journal of a Hard Working Pre Confederation South Western Ontario Man Detailing a Life of Hard Work and Enterprise
0002041: JAMES GREY TURNER - 1909 Original Manuscript Travel Diary of a Voyage to Italy Naples and Tunis by a Banker Who Would One Day Be the Patriarch of a Family of Famous Doctors
0001488: MARY TURNER - 1942 - 1943 Original Manuscript Lecture Notes, Study Materials, Essays, Exam Questions and Translations of Anglo-Saxon Literature Including J.R. R. Tolkein's Lectures on Beowulf, Caedmon and the Wanderer and Much More
0009129: MARIA A. TUTTLE - 1856 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Young Woman Maturing, Growing, and Facing the All-Too-Common Difficulties of Youth: Mean Boys, Hurtful Gossip, and Difficult Family
0001055: J. TWEEDALE - 1819 Handwritten Manuscript 'Poor Rate' Book for Dewsbury West Yorkshire
000862: MILLICENT UMBACH [LATER LORD] - 1920s Original Handwritten and Hand Drawn Autograph Memory Book from the Otis School of Art in Los Angeles California - Including Famed Disney Animator 'Frenchy' de Tremaudon, Artists Bill Bender and F.J. Zimerer
0008017: UNIDENTIFED. - 1933 Fascinating Darkly Cynical Handwritten Journal with Dozens of Original Sketches, Caricatures, Jokes and Lyrical Poems Authored by an Ardent Irish Patriot, Critic of Corrupt Politicians Expressing the Mood of Many Irish Catholics on the New Deal
0008207: UNIDENTIFED. - 1923 Unusual, Original Spanish Language Travel Diary Detailing a Pair of Friends Driving a Model T Ford from St. Louis to Columibia Missouri
0009187: UNIDENTIFED. - 1968 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by an Iranian-American Doctor Who Answers the Call Back Home to Assist After the Devasting Dasht-E Bayaz and Ferdows Earthquakes
0008042: UNIDENTIFED. - 1802 Fascinating Original Very Early 19th Century 'Almanack' with Manuscript Notes and Some Enigmatic Coded Messages Perhaps Indicating Some Post Revolutionary Paranoia
0007024: UNIDENTIFED. - 1887 Super, Original Manascript Diary and Ship's Log from the Unique Perspective of a Petty Officer on Two of Her Majesty's Shps - Thalia and Edinburgh
0008140: UNIDENTIFED. - 1918 Original North-West Oregon Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Charming Woman Who Manages to Keep a Sense of Grace and Humour While She and Her Sister Deal with Hardscrap Lives and the Dark Backdrop of a Terrible War
0001756: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1967 Original Manuscript Diary Notes Handwritten by an American Operative, Likely Cia, Describing His Initial Time, Training and Difficulties to Accomplish His Mission in the Delta
0002019: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1906 Original, Superbly Detailed Unusual England to Canada Overland to the Pacific on to Japan and China Early 20th Century Travel Diary
0001189: UNIDENTIFIED - 1899 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Prominent New Hampshire Resident Dealing with the Major Politicians of the Day
0002054: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1934 Original Scrapbook of the Historical New York to Warsaw Poland Trans Atlantic Mono Plane Flight
0001260: UNIDENTIFIED - 1912 Original Manuscript Travel Diary Handwritten by One Sister of the Eastern Star Temple on a Train Trip of a Lifetime to California
0008040: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1932 Original Charming Manuscript Diary of a Keen Woman Diarist Recording Her Around the World Ocean Tour Aboard the Noted and One Day Storied Cunard Ship Rms Franconia
0001337: UNIDENTIFIED - 1886 - 1887 Original Manuscript Relic of Christian Outreach - the Constitution, Minutes and Muster of the Good Missionary Women of Tenants Harbor Maine
0002184: UNIDENTIFIED. - C1960s - 1970s Original Manuscript 3 Page Memoir Handwritten by an Outside Contractor Who Does a Short, Significant Stint Helping Build Howard Hughes' Aviation Dream the Spruce Goose
0001364: UNIDENTIFIED - C1850 - 1870s Original Charming Victorian Era Handwritten Memory Book of World Travel and a Grand Tour - an Unusual Pairing of Flora and Fauna and Classic Poetry of an Uncommon Trip from Tyre to Toronto
0001201: UNIDENTIFIED - 1938 Original Manuscript Journal, Lecture Notes and Case Studies of an Insane Asylum Psychiatric Nursing Student
00TP99: UNIDENTIFIED DOCTOR OR MEDICAL STUDENT - Circa Late 18th Early 19th Century Beautifully Handwritten Recipe for Glue Specifically to Repair Porcelain
000068: UNIDENTIFIED KANSAS WOMAN, DAUGHTER OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION - Archive of Four (4) Handwritten Manuscript Diaries of a Kansas Woman
0JT196: UNIDENTIFIED - 1917 Old India Partnership Agreement between the Owners and Operators of 'Heilgers Brothers'
0JT195: UNIDENTIFIED - 1914 Old India Handwritten Manuscript Mortgage Agreement between Isaac Joseph Hyam and Deb Prosanna Ghose
0JT194: UNIDENTIFIED - 1905 Power of Attorney Bank of Bengal Acts for Sir George Henry Marshall, Irish General of the Royal Artillery
000095: UNIDENTIFIED - 1896 - 1897 Handwritten Manuscript Diary, History and Weather Log of Florence's Grandpa
000122: UNIDENTIFIED - 1914 Handwritten Manuscript Journal Detailing the Canals System of Northeastern Usa
0MV1531: UNIDENTIFIED CLERK FOR DUBLIN TOWNSHIP, PENNSYLVANIA - 1795 Dublin Township Enumeration of the Number of "Bastard Children, Negro or Molatto Slaves, the Number of Liquor Retailers... "
00JT104B: UNIDENTIFIED BUREAUCRAT OF BORDEAUX - 1825 Handwritten Multiple Signature Iou - Legal Bond for Loan and Payment
000528b: UNIDENTIFIED - 1938 Handwritten Manuscript Travel Diary - Six Alpha Delta Phi Brothers on the Road to New York and Then Off to Pre-War Europe
000536: UNIDENTIFIED CIVIL WAR VETERAN - 1896 Handwritten Manuscript Diary - Reminiscences of the CIVIL War Recorded While at the 30th Annual Grand Army of the Republic [G.A. R. ] Encampment by Twenty [20] Members of the Springfield Massachusetts Contingent
000694: UNIDENTIFIED - 1925 Handwritten Manuscript Travel Diary by a Young Woman of the Train Trip of a Lifetime to California
000627: UNIDENTIFIED - 1887 Original Early Baseball Handwritten Advert Request "Bath Battery Vs. Gardiner's Goodmen"
000663: UNIDENTIFIED - 1909 Alaska Cruises Tourists' Souvenir Handwritten Manuscript Travel Diary and Log: Philadelphia to Alaska Swan Lake Camp - Very Detailed
000645: UNIDENTIFIED - 1912-13 Handwritten Manuscript Mountain Climbing and Hiking Diary - Log by the Weona Appalachian Climbing Club
000665: UNIDENTIFIED - 1905 Handwritten Manuscript Canadian Pacific Railway 'Annotated Time Table' and Travel Diary and Log
0MV327: UNIDENTIFIED UNION SOLDIER - C1860s Handwritten Manuscript Letter by a Union Soldier to His Father Revealing His Most Recent CIVIL Wars Encounters and Experiences
000959: UNIDENTIFIED - 1908 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of a Cooperstown Area Incredibly Hardworking Rural Woman and Her Family
000746: UNIDENTIFIED - 1897 Handwritten Manuscript Travel Journal Detailing a Cross Country Train Trip from Buffalo Ny to California
000756: UNIDENTIFIED - 1805 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of Early New York State Life by a Young School Age Man
000767: UNIDENTIFIED - 1887 Handwritten Manuscript Diary Detailing Late 19th Century Life in Fly Creek New York by a Charming and Entertaining Semi-Illiterate Boarding House Worker
000778: UNIDENTIFIED - C1730 Handwritten Manuscript German Army Military Orders Detailing the Parade Program and Military Maneuvers to Entertain a Prince of Germany
00JT48: UNIDENTIFIED - 1809 Handwritten Manuscript Napoleon Era Letter from the General of the Rhine Army to the Commissary of War of le Havre
00JT308: UNIDENTIFIED - 1524 Extraordinary Ancient 32 Page Medieval Genealogical Report Regarding Chabans Family: Former Document of Cabinet D'Hozier - One of the Greatest Genealogists of the 19th Century
00TP127: UNIDENTIFIED - 1754 - 1763 Ten Year Accounting for a Hospital Supply Company Specializing in Building Supply and Bed Construction
000836: UNIDENTIFIED - 1854 Handwritten Manuscript Recipes for Blackwash [Syphilis] and Green Salve "for Drawing Healing Sores"
000843: UNIDENTIFIED - 1879 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of an English Gentleman
0001487: UNIDENTIFIED - 1945 Original Manuscript and Photographic Diary and 'Homage' to Hitler's Manipulation of Young German Girls in the Bund Deutsche Madel - Bdm
0001712: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1935 Original Depression Era Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Charming, Pious and Very Astute Southern California Woman Who Keenly Observes Much of What Ails Her Beloved America
0001688: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1919 Original Fully Captioned Photo Album and Relic of Travel to Post World War I Estes Park, Denver and Greeley Colorado
000875: UNIDENTIFIED - 1944 - 1945 Handwritten Manuscript Diary Detailing the Last Horrible Months of Nazi Occupation in the Heart of Holland and the Difficulties of Their New Freedom When the Occupation Finally Ends
0002424: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1932 - 1936 Original Manuscript 5-Year Diary Handwritten by a West Coast Navy Wife Dutifully and Delightfully Following Her Husband from San Diego California to Bremerton Washington and Back
00JT97: UNIDENTIFIED SIGNATURE - 1668 Handwritten Signed Parchment Legal/Financial Document Beautifully Written During the Reign of Louis XIV
000827: UNIDENTIFIED - C. 17th Century Handwritten Original Latin Philosophy Manuscript: Logica - Syntagma Philosophicum & Tractatus Secundus de Universalibus
103H5N2: UNIDENTIFIED - 1879 Handwritten Autograph Letter Signed [Als] to World Traveling Cousin Ell
000916: UNIDENTIFIED - 1870 Handwritten Travel Diary and Eyewitness to the Beginning of the Franco-Prussian War
0001050: UNIDENTIFIED - 1916 Handwritten Manuscript Diary Detailing Life Aboard a Royal Navy Destroyer Protecting the British Coast and Shipping Lanes
0001363: UNIDENTIFIED - 1901 - 1902 Original Manuscript Diary and Memory Book of an Enthusiastic Syracuse University 'Girl-Next-Door' Student
N00TP133: UNIDENTIFIED - Superb 1788 Handwritten Manuscript Treatise on the Cure and Treatment of Tetanus by Dazille Addressed to and with Holograph Note by Edme-Claude Bourru Esteemed French Doctor, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine in Paris and Orator at Funeral of Guillotin
00MV631: UNIDENTIFIED - Early 18th Century Handwritten Report Detailing the Various Assemblies of the French Catholic Regulars (Reguliers) During the 17th Century Beginning Soon After the Death of Clement VIII
00JT36b: UNIDENTIFIED - 1665 Ancient Handwritten Manuscript Document Regarding Andorra
0001819: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1916 Original Personal Account Manuscript Diary Handwritten by an Officer of the Hungarian Army Marching and Drinking to the Balkans
000944: UNIDENTIFIED - 1786 Handwritten Manuscript Pre French Revolution Audit of Expenses of a Wealthy Noble Family
000955: UNIDENTIFIED - 1896 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of a Young Down to Earth Western New York Woman
000966: UNIDENTIFIED - 1909 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of a Rural Central New York State Teenager with a Big Photography Habit
000972: UNIDENTIFIED - 1937-1941 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of an Obsessive Compulsive Middle Aged Waterville Maine Man
000981: UNIDENTIFIED - 1920 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of a Rutland Vermont Woman Who Works Their Cattle Ranch and Farm Alongside the Men and Then Some
00MV323B: UNIDENTIFIED - 1917 Original Manuscript Letter Detailing German Submarine Attack Off Sicily in the Ionian Sea
RAB106: UNIDENTIFIED - Pirkei Avot - Ethics of Our Fathers
0001012: UNIDENTIFIED - 1909-1911 Archive of Two [2] Handwritten Manuscript Diaries by a Hardworking Woman and Her Family in Rural Central Indiana
0001014: UNIDENTIFIED - 1873 - 1877 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of a Hardworking Vermont Man Detailing Lumbering, Ranching, Farming and a Wealth of Local History, Genealogy and Events
0001554: UNIDENTIFIED - 1966 - 1972 Original Communist Cadre's Handwritten Manuscript Diary and Journal Detailing the Beginning, Middle and End of Mao Zedong's Cultural Revolution for One Chinese Village
0002209: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1919 - 1920 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by an American Girl Living in China Mere Months After the May Fourth Movement and Revolution
0001022: UNIDENTIFIED - 1885 - 1886 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of Rural Life in Western New York State
0009143: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1936 - 1937 Handwritten Original Diary of Two Long Car Trips Taken in Great Depression America, Through Small Towns, Big Cities and National Parks, a Relic of Car Travel Before the Eisenhower Interstate System
00JT91: UNIDENTIFIED - 1783 Original Manuscript Transcript of a Prosecutorial Interrogation Regarding the Theft of Money
000872: UNIDENTIFIED - 1849 Handwritten Manuscript Gold Rush Era Work Diary of a Boston Freight Handling Company
000968: UNIDENTIFIED - 1855 Handwritten Manuscript Diary and Ledger of a New York City Businessman and Attendee to the Funeral of Leading Bowery Boy William (Bill the Butcher) Poole
0001041: UNIDENTIFIED - 1996 - 1998 Handwritten Manuscript Journals of a Young Mentally Disturbed Woman Who Page by Page Reveals Her Self Mutilation, Multiple Personalities and the Voices Telling Her to Do Terrible Things While She Manages Her Co-Workers
0002229: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1935 - 1936 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by an Engaging, Studious, Skirt Chasing South African College Student Who Lives a Life of Fun and Sun Outside of School
0001051: UNIDENTIFIED - 1838 Handwritten Manuscript Letter to the Editor Regarding the Poor State of Home and Politics During and After the Rebellions of Upper and Lower Canada
0001054: UNIDENTIFIED - 1904 Handwritten Manuscript Diary by a Charming Stoic Massachusetts Man Whose Sister Is Dying of Consumption
00JT54: UNIDENTIFIED - 1809 Original Handwritten Manuscript Discharge Papers for a Lieutenant Lefevre a 33 Year Veteran of Active Service for Pre-Revolution France and Napoleon
00TP01: UNIDENTIFIED DOCTOR OR MEDICAL STUDENT - Handwritten French Manuscript Precis Document Reviewing or Writing Upon the Nervous System. From the Estate of the World Renowned Bibliophile and Antiquary, Sir Thomas Phillipps.
00TP73: UNIDENTIFIED PHYSICIAN - From the File of Famed Bibliophile Sir Thomas Phillipps: Hand Written Autograph Letter Signed But Indechiperhable Precis on the Lymphatic System
0001475: UNIDENTIFIED - 1879 - 1885 Original Manuscript Diary of a Prominent Salem New Jersey Board of Education Member and Leader Among the Society of Friends
0JT192: UNIDENTIFIED - 1887 Old Colonial India Railroad Document with Diagrams for a Proposed Rr Siding in Kanknarrah
000970: UNIDENTIFIED - 1927 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of a 91 Year Old Central New York Woman and Matriarch of a Large Rural Family
0001879: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1922 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Western Pennsylvania Logger, Miner, Railroader and Lumberman
0002565: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1880s Original Pair [2] of Manuscript Lecture Notes of Some Top Professors at the University of Maryland Medical School
0001155: UNIDENTIFIED - 1984 Original Manuscript Diary of a Young Teenage Schoolboy and His Love and Desire to Protect His Abused Friend Sarah
0001079: UNIDENTIFIED - 1904 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of an Active, Intelligent Observer of the American Teenager at the Turn of the 20th Century
0008031: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1889 - 1890 Original Manuscript Lecture Notes and 'Materia Medica' Handwritten by a Student of the American Veterinary College and Their Foremost Professor
0001178: UNIDENTIFIED - 1943 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Japanese Sailor Who Finds Love in Shanghai While Serving in the Emperor's Navy
0001074: UNIDENTIFIED - 1904 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of a New York Railroad Worker and the State of America at the Beginning of the 20th Century
0001085: UNIDENTIFIED - 1847 Almanack of a German Beer Merchant Including Payables, Receivables, Expenses, Contacts and Personal Writings
0001571: UNIDENTIFIED - 1892 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a North Adams Area Massachusetts Man Who Details the Politics, Births, Marriages and the Many Many Deaths That Occur Almost Daily
0001089: UNIDENTIFIED - C. 1740s Handwritten Manuscript, Original Limp Vellum Handwritten Officer's Vade Mecum in a Fine Calligraphic Hand French Military Theory and Practice: "Traite de Fortification"
0002182: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1836 Original Manuscript Log of a Us Naval War Ship Still Patrolling the Mediterranean Sea Protecting American Commercial Interests 20 Years After the Last Barbary War
0001639: UNIDENTIFIED - 1918 Original Manuscript Work Journal of a Supervisor or Foreman of Ship Yard Workers Repairing and Renovating Ships and Tugboats Including the ILL-Fated Ss Dora
0002207: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1943 Original World War II Home Front Diary Handwritten by a Lonely, Widowed Dentist Who Shares His Misery, Daily Routine and Keen Observations with Pen and Paper
0002214: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1838 - 1840 Original Manuscript Diary of a Tortured, Confused, Religious Englishman As He Arrives in Honduras Seeing the Sights, Visiting the Sick, Lusting After the Colonel's Wife Mere Days After Honduras Declares Independence
0002161: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1888 - 1889 Original Manuscript Diary and Log Book of a Lieutenant Aboard the Uss Independence While on an Historic South Pacific Cruise During the Samoan CIVIL War, the Wilcox Rebellion and a Visit with the King of Hawaii
0001713: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1944 Original Manuscript Diary and Logbook of a Keenly Observant Us Navy Seaman Who Records the Kamikaze Attacks During the Battle of Okinawa
0001577: UNIDENTIFIED - 1929 - 1933 Original Depression Era Manuscript Diary of a Young Woman Who Is Leading the High Life in the Olympia, Everett and Seattle Washington Area and Travels with Her Friends on Their Yachts
0002420: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1850s Original Manuscript Book of Glassmaking Recipes, Procedures and Formulaes
0001579: UNIDENTIFIED - 1933 Original Depression Era Manuscript Diary of a Young Woman's Life in the Oregon Back Country and Her 1965 Diary Which Shows Little Has Changed over 30 Years
0001099: UNIDENTIFIED - C1915 - 1919 Handwritten Manuscript Study of Ancient Egyptian Occult Practices, Amulets, Folk Remedies and Cures
0001100: UNIDENTIFIED - 1866 Original Handwritten Diary of Commerce, Economy and Home Life of an Important Oneida Area of West Central New York State Postmaster or Justice of the Peace
0001932: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1856 Original Manuscript Journal of Meeting Notes, Writs and Records of the Columbia Union Bridge Corporation
0002355: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1944 Original, Significant Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a British Soldier on Leave Touring Coptic Christian Monasteries in Egypt Accompanied by His One Day Famous New Zealand Friend and Hero of the Greeks
0002369: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1685 Original Ancient English Royal Warrant Handwritten a Mere Four Days After the Death of Charles II and in the Name of the New King James II Gifts and Largesse Are Showered on His Family and Retainers
0001617: UNIDENTIFIED - 1936 Original Depression Era Lake of Meadows Pennsylvania Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Woman Who Starts the Year Under the Pressure of a Father in the Hospital and Then His Death
RAB221: UNIDENTIFIED - Mishnayot Seder Kedoshim IM Payrush Chadash Ezra Yisroael
0001175: UNIDENTIFIED - 1912 - 1917 Original, Detailed Manuscript Journal and Diary of a Rural New Hampshire Doctor and First-at-the-Scene Account of a Grisly Murder
0002021: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1939 Original Manuscript Diary and Proudly Boastful Scrapbook of the German Invasion and Occupation of Poland Meticulously Compiled and Likely Created by a German Officer
0002185: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1900s Original Pair [2] of Manuscript Notebooks with Handwritten Entries Regarding the Cordwainers Guild in London England
0002386: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1944 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Very Capable Woman Suffering Through the Mechanics of a Love Triangle While Death Rains from the Sky During the Summer of the Buzz Bomb and Hitler's V1 Campaign to Terrorize England & Break Britain's Spirit
0001151: UNIDENTIFIED - 1873 - 1874 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Hardworking St. Albans Vermont Area Man
0001952: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1950s Original Police Officer's Manuscript Journal of Handwritten Orders, Procedures, Arrests, Receipts and Fines from the Republic of Malta
0001609: UNIDENTIFIED - 1876 Original Victorian Gentleman's Handwritten Manuscript Sporting Diary Detailing a Life of Hunting, Fishing, Horse Racing, Rowing and Lunch
0001573: UNIDENTIFIED - 1913 - 1916 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by an Active Buyer, Seller and Promoter of Art, Books and Antiquary
000971: UNIDENTIFIED - 1885 Handwritten Manuscript Diary and Ledger of an Oak Hill - Albany New York Area Farmer
0001434: UNIDENTIFIED - 1893 Original Handwritten Letter by the Son of Missionaries Relating His Observations of Relations between Christians and Muslims to Aunt Luella Back Home
0001496: UNIDENTIFIED - 1942 - 1946 Original Manuscript World War II Toronto Home Front Diary of a Wealthy Wasp Matron Dedicated to Work at the Red Cross in Support of the War Effort
0001494: UNIDENTIFIED - 1893 - 1898 Original Massive Manuscript Ledger of Every Possible Medical Problem and Peril As Ships from Around the World Are Inspected by the Merseyside Ports Medical Officer
00JT58B: UNIDENTIFIED - 1793 - Year II - French Revolution Document Calling Up Citizen Traversigny to Duty in the National Guard
0002006: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1967 Original Manuscript Dairy of One Young Man's Service As an Electrician's Mate Aboard the Storied Uss Richard B. Anderson in Vietnam
0008063: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1948 - 1949 Brief Original Manuscript Diary Detailing Life in Post War Milwaukee
0002372: UNIDENTIFIED. - 2001 - 2003 Original No Holds Barred Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a 25 Year Old African American Woman Who Will Share Any and All Intimacies with Her Diary
0001749: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1884 - 1886 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Young Channel Islands Boy Describing Life in Jersey and Then His Family's Emigration to San Leandro in Northern California
0002373: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1940s to 1950s Original Archive of 350 Handwritten File Cards Each with the Lyrics of Popular Songs of the Era from Broadway, Movies and Radio
00JT51c: UNIDENTIFIED - 1821 Superb Handwritten Letter from the Cloistered Nuns of the Carmel Monastery of Troyes to the Prieure [Chief Abbesse] of Carmel of Morlais
0001150: UNIDENTIFIED - 1888 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Cultured Upstate New York Renaissance Man Who Farms, Builds, Auctioneers, Acts As Interpreter and Works for Justice
0001900: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1942 Original World War II Flight Training Diary Handwritten by an Engaging American Serviceman Who Longs for As Much Air Time As Possible
0001555: UNIDENTIFIED - 1966 Original Manuscript Diary of the Beginning of Mao Zedong's Cultural Revolution Handwritten by a University Student and Dedicated Diarist Detailing the Implementation of the Movement
000527B: UNIDENTIFIED - 1917 Handwritten Manuscript Travel Diary Following the Business Dealings of an International Fur Trader on a Pan-Pacific Trip to China
0009161: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1837 Original Travel Diary of a Man’S 3 Month Trip from New Jersey to Illinois, on Horseback, Coach and Foot, and Coming Back by River Steamers on the Illinois and Ohio Rivers
0002415: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1919 - 1922 Original Manuscript Diary and Log Book of a Busy Hunter, Trapper and Fisherman Plying His Trade on the Alaskan Peninsula
0001811: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1941 - 1945 and 1966 - 1970 Original, Fascinating Multi Era Pair [2] of Manuscript Diaries Spanning the World War II Years to the Hippie Era
0002300: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1892 Original Manuscript Journal Filled with 19th Century Handwritten British Beer Making and Brewing Instruction, Education and Theory
0002379: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1915 + 1917 Original Pair [2] of Manuscript Dosage Logs of Patients Treated with Narcotics and a Significant Look at Early 20th Century Drug Treatments
0009014: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1939 Original Handwritten Detailed 5 Year Diary of a Young, Movie Loving Jewish Teenager from the Bronx New York, Graduating High School, Starting College and Living a Fast-Paced, Vigorous Life
0008185: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1936 Superb, Original Manuscript Diary Hand Written by a College Age American Woman on a Detailed Tour of Spain As the Country Is About to Explode Into CIVIL War
0001380: UNIDENTIFIED - 1890 Original Handwritten Manuscript Diary of a Young Hard Working Kansas Hog Farming, Cattle Ranching, Horse Trading, Lumberman
000884: UNIDENTIFIED - 1864 Handwritten Manuscript Diary of One Wisconsin Man's Last Months of War and First Hardscrap Months Back Home - Returning to a Sick Wife and Sick Farm
0008027: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1864 Original Manuscript Diary Hand Written by a South Central Massachusetts Woman Toiling Away But Never Losing Her Joie de Vivre Even with the Dark Backdrop of the CIVIL War
0001392: UNIDENTIFIED - C1930 Original Photo Album: 105 Superb Photos That Record the Modernity of Tracks and Trains As They Pass Through Ancient African Tribal Lands and the People of the Belgian Congo
0001419: UNIDENTIFIED - C. 1730 - 1750s Original 500+ Pp Manuscript Book of Ancient Monastic [?] Alchemy, Chemistry, Pharmacological and Medical Lore
0001231: UNIDENTIFIED - 1830s - 1840s Original Handwritten Book of Memories, Sentiments, Essays, Poetry, Hymns, Riddles and Classical Literature in a Stunning Burgundy Leather Fine Binding
0001325: UNIDENTIFIED - 1933 - 1938 Original Manuscript Diary of an Active Scottish Preacher Tending His Flock in New York State and Reaching out to a Prison Ministry and Conservations Camps During the Great Depression
0001467: UNIDENTIFIED - 1939 Original Photograph Album with over 150 Photos and Memories of One German Officer's Part in the Invasion of Poland
0009177: UNIDENTIFIED. - C1910 - 1920s Original Handwritten and Hand Drawn German Engineering Notebook, Containing Detailed Information on a Huge Amount of Mechanical Engineering Topics and Replete with Dozens of Expertly Hand Drawn Diagrams, Figures, and Charts
0001848: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1970s Original Manuscript Notebook of Handwritten Notes and Square Dancing Choreography
0001265: UNIDENTIFIED - 1900 Original Manuscript Diary of Family Life at the Turn of the Century Massachusetts
0001324: UNIDENTIFIED COMPANION TO PROFESSOR AUGUSTUS WALDO DRURY - 1886 Original Manuscript New York to Berlin and Back Travel Diary of a Young Evangelical Christian Completing His Studies in the Company of Noted Author and Minister Professor Augustus Drury
0002217: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1860 Original Handwritten 44 Page Account of the Murder of the Moore Family and the Capture of Mary by the Indians of Tazewell Virginia Differing from the 'Captives of Abb's Valley' As Told by Reverend James Moore Brown
0001283: UNIDENTIFIED - 1944 Original Manuscript World War II Homefront Diary Handwritten by an Expressive Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania Woman
0001723: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1843 - 1849 Original Manuscript Diary of One Young Man's Time at Dartmouth College and Then His Work in St. Louis Missouri Teaching
0001728: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1854 Original Manuscript Report on a Lady's Literary Society 'Athena'
0001320D: UNIDENTIFIED - C1890s Suite of Three [3] Original Photographs of One Woman's Visit to the Famed William Wordsworth's Home: Dove Cottage Including Her Meeting with the Noted Caretaker Mrs. Dixon
0001313: UNIDENTIFIED - 1940 - 1944 Original Manuscript German Home Front Diary Handwritten by the Daughter of a High Ranking Officer, Commander of a Panzer Division and Participant at the Battle of Stalingrad
0001846: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1883 Original Manuscript Travel Diary Handwritten by an Observant, Charming Young Woman Exploring the 1000 Islands by Yacht and Sail
0001616: UNIDENTIFIED - 1915 - 1917 Original Multi Trip Manuscript Travel Diary with Extensive Entries on This South Central Michigan Woman's Trip to the Panama Exposition and Much More
0001875: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1943 Original Fascinating Manuscript Diary Handwritten by a Miami Based War Department Military Secretary Dealing with Officers, Engineers and Taking Prisoner of War Depositions
0001710: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1942 Original Manuscript Diary and Travel Log of an Unknown Soldier on His Way to Freetown on the West Coast of Africa
0001808: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1914 and 1916 Original Group of Two [2] Manuscript Diaries Handwritten by a Hardworking Student and Son Who Details the Life and Times of World War I Era Richmond Virginia Including the Horrid Racism of the Day
0002206: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1865 - 1866 Original Manuscript Diary of a Young Anglo Woman Living in the French Heart of Lower Canada
0001521: UNIDENTIFIED - 1915 Original Manuscript Diary of a New York City Fireman and His Sometimes Uneasy Relationship with the Department
0001929: UNIDENTIFIED. - 1920s - 1940s Massive Archive of Original Manuscript Formulae, Recipes and Procedures for Making 1000+++ of Perfumes and Fragrance Related Products Such As Colognes, Soaps, Eau de Toilette +++
0001538: UNIDENTIFIED - 1911 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by an Entrepeneurial Tobacco Farmer and Medicine Show Wagon Owner
0001539: UNIDENTIFIED - 1865 Original CIVIL War and Reconstruction Era Diary Detailing a New York Man's Trip to Georgia to Buy Cotton and Finds Double-Dealing Partners
0001659: UNIDENTIFIED - 1940 Original Photo Album and Diary of a Group of Canadian United Church Missionaries on Their Way to Provide Christian Outreach on the Asian Sub Continent
0001556: UNIDENTIFIED - 1966 - 1969 Original Manuscript Diary Handwritten by One Military Officer in the Service of Mao Zedong Implementing the Cultural Revolution
0009119: UNIDENTIFIED - 1928 Original Photograph of a Chinese Family Living in Manchuria, Shortly Before Japan Invaded and Declared It a Puppet State

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