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44269: [New Hampshire. Election of 1810] - [Manuscript Document Signed] Letter of Election Results of Concord Nh for the 13th Congress, Addressed to Samuel Spanhawk, Secretary of State Nh
45338: [Election of 1876] - Visitors Ticket for Congressional Vote Count in Bitterly Contested 1876 Presidential Election
38825: Adams, Charles Kendall, et al. - Examination and Education. The American Supplement to the Nineteenth Century, for March, 1889. Leonard Scott Extras, No. 4. [Cover Title]
44089: [Crime] Wiggin & Wood Detective Agency - [Typed Letter Signed] Wiggin & Wood Detective Agency of Boston Announces Its New Branch in Providence, Rhode Island
27498: Connecticut. State Board of Agriculture - Annual Report of the Secretary of the Connecticut Board of Agriculture (1866-1922) [with] Annual Report of the Connecticut Agricultural Experimental Station (1879-1895) [with] Annual Report of the Storrs School Agricultural Experimental Station, Storrs, Conn (1888-1896) [Forty-Three Volumes]
40268: [Alexander, William] - Picturesque Representations of the Dress and Manners of the Russians: Illustrated in Sixty-Four Coloured Engravings, with Descriptions
26261: Alexandre, Noel (Natalis, Alexander); Roncaglia, Constantino; Mansi, Giovan Domenico - R.P. Natalis Alexandri... Historia Ecclesiastica Veteris Novique Testamenti Ab Orbe Condito Ad Annum Post Christum Natum Millesimum Sexcentesimum: Et in Loca Ejusdem Insignia Dissertationes Historicae, Chronologicae, Criticae, Dogmaticae... [with]... Supplementum. [Twenty Volumes]
45761: [Science. Chemistry] Alvarez, Francisco - Semanario Instructivo, Periodico Popular de Ciencias Naturales, Y Conocimientos Utiles En Todos Los Ramos Del Saber. Año 1. Número 1 [with] año 1. Número 2 [with] año 1. Número 3
37486: [Annan, James Craig]. Duke of Hamilton. Christie, Manson & Woods - Catalogue of the Collection of Pictures, Works of Art, and Decorative Objects, the Property of His Grace the Duke of Hamilton, K.T... . Saturday, June 17, and Monday, June 19, 1882, and the Following Day [Five Portions Complete]
44944: [Anonymous] - [Manuscript Poem Beginning] "from Chaos and from Darkness Hurl'd / When Men First Landed on This World... .
45745: Lista y Aragon, Alberto - Ensayos Literarios Y Criticos. Tomo Primero [with] Tomo Segundo [2 Volumes in 1]
45627: [Risorgimento]. Armandi, Pier Damiano - Ma Part Aux éVénements Importants de L'Italie Centrale En 1831
37614: [Ohio. General Assembly] - Report of the Committee Appointed to Collect Information, Prepare and Report. A System of Common Schools. Friday, January 14, 1825
38829: [Women] College Settlements Association - Second Annual Report of the College Settlements Association for the Year 1891
45944: [Spain. Periodicals. Women Authors] - El Español: Revista Semanal de Politica, Ciencias Y Literatura; El Conservador: Revista Semanal de Politica, Ciencias Y Literatura [12 Issues]
46086: Baird, Henry Carey - Memoir of Col. Alexander Biddle
44400: Balch, George Beall - [Als] Capt. Of Uss Sloop Pawnee Instructs Sailor to See to Those Leaving the Service [with Sketch]
46061: [Baldwin, C. C.] - Memorial of Colonel Charles Whittlesey, Late President of the Western R Eserve Historical Society
45750: [Sociedad Jurídico Literaria]. Bustamante y Ballivián, Enrique - Revista de la Sociedad "Jurídico-Literaria. " Nueva Serie. Tomo XIX, Setiembre Y Octubre de 1917, NúM 52 Y 53
39594: Balmaceda, José Manuel - Reforma Constitucional. Discurso Pronunciado Por El Ministro Del Interior Don José Manuel Balmaceda En la Sesion Del 19 de Julio de 1884 de la Cámara de Diputados
45828: Barrett, C. Waller - Henry Adams: An Address Before the Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia, May 3, 1951
46046: Batchelder, Samuel Francis - Notes on Colonel Henry Vassall (1721-1769). His Wife Penelope Royall. His House at Cambridge and His Slaves Tony and Darby
45769: [Bates, Joseph; Hutchins, Alexander; Tilden, Henry A.] - Journal of Materia Medica, and Pharmaceutic Formulary. New Series. January, 1858
45772: [Bates, Joseph; Tilden, Henry A.] - The Journal of Materia Medica, Devoted to Materia Medica, Pharmacy, and Chemistry. Vol. 12. October, 1873. No. 10
45773: [Bates, Joseph; Tilden, Henry A.] - The Journal of Materia Medica, Devoted to Materia Medica, Pharmacy, and Chemistry. Vol. XIII. November, 1874. No. 11
44765: [New York City] Benson, Robert; Willett, Marinus - 18th C. Court Warrant for Trespassing Signed by Former General Marinus Willett, Sheriff, and Former Secretary of the New York Provincial Congress, Robert Benson (New City Clerk)
45821: Bickford, Christopher; Connecticut Historical Society - Literary Piracy in New Haven: Sidney Babcock and the Publication of Children's Books" in the Connecticut Historical Society Bulletin, Volume 40, Number 3, July 1975
45826: Bickford, Christopher P.; The Connecticut Historical Society - The Connecticut Historical Society 1825-1975. A Brief Illustrated History
46048: Biggs, Asa; Connor, R.D.W. [editor] - Autobiography of Asa Biggs: Including a Journal of a Trip from North Carolina to New York in 1832
45823: Bingham, Alfred M.; Connecticut Historical Society - Squatter Settlements of Freed Slaves in New England" in the Connecticut Historical Society Bulletin, Volume 41, Number 3, July 1976
34080: Blanchard, P.; Dauzats, Adrien; Maissin, Eugene, ed - San Juan de Ulua, Ou, Relation de L'Expedition Francaise Au Mexique, Sous Les Ordres de M. Le Contre-Amiral Baudin. Suivi de Notes Et Documents, Et D'Un Apercu General Sur L'Etat Actuel Du Texas, Par M.E. Maissin
44317: [Rhode Island] Bowdish, Nathaniel - [Manuscript Document Signed] Colonial Rhode Island Promissory Notes
45735: Álvarez Bravo, Manuel; Rodríguez, José Antonio - Manuel Alvarez Bravo: Los ãnos Decisivos, 1925-1945: Exposición Homenaje Del 12 de Marzo Al 14 de Junio, Galería Fernando Gamboa, Museo de Arte Moderno
46076: Briggs, James F. - Sketch of General James Wilson of New Hampshire
45803: [Glass] Wm. King & Bro - [Letterhead Signed] Wm King & Bro. Manufacturers of Baltimore Window Glass [with] Price List
44133: [War of 1812]. [Massachusetts. Militia]. Brooks, John - [Broadside] Commonwealth of Massachusetts. General Orders. Head-Quarters, Boston, June 17th, 1815... That His Excellency Be Advised to Issue His Order for the Discharge of All the Volunteer Corps Raised for the Defence of the Commonwealth. .
45940: Maggs Bros - Catalogue 893: Bookbinding in Great Britain Sixteenth to the Twentieth Century
46032: Gringeri-Brown, Michelle, ed; Brinkmann, John - American Bungalow (Magazine) [21 Issues]
46049: Brown, O.B. - Life of Col. Edwin Franklin Brown
46042: Bryce, George - Sketch of the Life of John Tanner, a Famous Manitoba Scout. A Border Type
45739: Buelna, Eustaquio - La Atlántida Y la Ultima Tule; Exposición Formada Por El LIC. Eustaquio Buelna, Para Presentarla Al Congresso Internacional de Americanistas, Que Se Reunirá En la Ciudad de México El Próximo Mes de Octubre
41290: Brazilian Government Trade Bureau - Brazil at a Glance. [with] What Is Your I.Q. On Brazil
44110: [Burlington, VT] [Whitehall, NY] [Lake Champlain] - [Broadside] 1839. Lake Champlain. The New & Splendid Steam-Boats, Burlington and Whitehall, Will Run in the Following Order Until Further Notice... .
45753: Comisión provincial de monumentos históricos y artísticos de Cadiz - Boletin de la Comisión Provincial de Monumentos Históricos Y Artisticos de Cádiz. Año 1, I Trimestre 1908. No. 1, 30 de Marzo de 1908
45754: Comisión provincial de monumentos históricos y artísticos de Cadiz - Boletin de la Comisión Provincial de Monumentos Históricos Y Artisticos de Cádiz. Año II, Numero 5. 1909
45755: Comisión provincial de monumentos históricos y artísticos de Cadiz - Boletin de la Comisión Provincial de Monumentos Históricos Y Artisticos de Cádiz. Año III, Numero 14, Octubre 1910
45756: Comisión provincial de monumentos históricos y artísticos de Cadiz - Boletin de la Comisión Provincial de Monumentos Históricos Y Artisticos de Cádiz. Año IV, Numero 16, Noviembre 1911
45757: Comisión provincial de monumentos históricos y artísticos de Cadiz - Boletin de la Comisión Provincial de Monumentos Históricos Y Artisticos de Cádiz. Año V, Numero 17, Mayo 1912
45628: [Risorgimento] Camozzi, Gabriele - Cenni E Documenti Della Guerra D'Insurrezione Lombarda Del 1849
45582: [Printers]. [Carrington, Hotchkiss & Co.] - [Als] State Printers Carrington, Hotchkiss & Co. Request a Copy of a Report from Connecticut Comptroller, Leman W. Cutler
34295: Catlin, George - Illustrations of the Manners, Customs, & Condition of the North American Indians. With Letters & Notes Written During Eight Years of Travel and Adventure Among the Wildest and Most Remarkable Tribes Now Existing [Two Volumes]
45820: Caulfield, Ernest; Connecticut Historical Society - Connecticut Gravestones XIII" in the Connecticut Historical Society Bulletin, Volume 40, Number 2, April 1975
37791: Charlevoix, Pierre-François-Xavier de. Shea, John Gilmary - History and General Description of New France... . Translated, with Notes, by John Gilmary Shea [Six Volumes]
45596: [Pennsylvania Cavalry] Chormann, Ernest G. - Manuscript Document Signed by Five CIVIL War Officers Concerning Chorman's Mounted Rifle Rangers
44227: Clinton, DeWitt. [New York] - [Printed Document Completed in Manuscript] Appointment of Robert Ray As Notary Public. Signed by Governor Dewitt Clinton, 1821
46041: Clum, John P. - The San Carlos Apache Police. Reprinted from the New Mexico Historical Review, Vol. IV , No. 3, July 1929
45435: A.M. Thayer & Co - Request for Spicy Personal Reminiscences of General Benjamin "the Beast" Butler Requested by Boston Publishers A.M. Thayer & Co
45440: [Printers]. [George F. Nesbitt & Co.] - [Signed Receipt] Acknowledgment of Payment from the Commissioners of the Canal Fund, for Printing Services by George F. Nesbitt & Co
45700: [General Fireproofing Co.] - [Trade Catalogue] Fireproofer Insulated Files
45799: [Medical. Patent Medicines] T.P. Childs & Co - Child's Catarrh Specific. Twenty Years of Successful Treatment [with Testimonials & Order Form]
45805: [Produce Merchants. New York] S.B. Downes & Co - [Price Sheet] S.B. Downes & Co. Commission Merchants, in Poultry, Butter, Cheese, Eggs, &C
44232: Cobb, Thomas. [Revolutionary War] - [Manuscript Document] Georgia Senator Thomas Cobb's Corrected Speech Against the 'Bill on Making Provisions for the Surviving Officers of the Revolution' [with] Signed Letter
42901: [Cochrane, Charles] - The Journal of a Tour Made by Señor Juan de Vega, the Spanish Minstrel of 1828-9, Through Great Britain and Ireland, a Character Assumed by an English Gentleman. [Two Volumes]
40117: [Colombia] - Coleccion de Las Leyes Dadas Por El Congreso Constitucional de la Republica de Colombia En Las Sesiones de Los años 1825 I 1826
45760: Cámara Oficial Española de Comercio - Boletín de la Cámara Oficial Española de Comercio: Publicación Mensual. 3d Epoca. No. 38 [with] No. 39
31859: Ohio Commandery - Circular[S]: Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States, Commandery of the State of Ohio. 1882-1922 [Eight Volumes]
31861: [Civil War] Minnesota Commandery - Circular[S]: Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States, Commandery of the State of Minnesota. 1885-1922 [Four Volumes]
44393: [Brazil] [Commelin, Isaac] - [Copper-Engraved Map] T'Neemen Van de Suyker Prysen Inde Bay de Tode Los Santos Anno 1627
44394: [Brazil] [Commelin, Isaac] - [Copper-Engraved Map] Povo. Villa D Olinda D Pernambuco [Prise de la Forte Ville Olinda, Située Au Brasil En la Capitanie de Parnamboucq]
38801: [Boston School Board. Primary School Committee] - Report of the Special Committee of the Primary School Board, on a Portion of the Remarks of the Grammar Masters
44783: Old Colony & Newport Railway Company - O. Col. & Newport Railway. Grand Excursion. Boston to Rocky Point! Wednesday, August 28, 1867
45833: [Publishing] McGraw-Hill Book Company - [Mcgraw-Hill Sales Brochure for the Publication of] "the Madrid Codices of Leonardo Da Vinci .
42908: [New York City]. Office of the Secretary of State. Hudson Tunnel Railway Company - Hudson Tunnel Map and Profil [Sic]. [Profile of the First Tunnel Under the Hudson River, with Certificate]
45801: [Bicycles] Mead Cycle Company - [Advertisement] a Genuine 1900 Model Gas Lamp... Or Burdick 10,000 Mile Cyclometer Free
45813: [Medical. Vapor Baths] World Manufacturing Company - The World Manufacturing Company. Handbill for the Quaker Folding Bath Cabinet for "the Turkish and Vapor Bath Treatment. " [with] Company Brochure
44597: [American Revolution] [Connecticut] - [Broadside] [Nomination for Election in May, 1776] at a General Assembly of the Governor and Company of the Colony of Connecticut, Holden at New-Haven on the 2d Thursday of October, Anno Dom. 1775. The Gentlemen, Nominated by the Votes of the Freemen, to Stand for Election in May Next
46037: Conrad, August; Pleasants, William H.,trans - The Destruction of Columbia, S.C.
44111: [Coolidge, Calvin] - Engraved Portrait of Calvin Coolidge Inscribed by Coolidge in Pencil to a News Film Editor
46100: [Newburyport Turnpike Corporation] - [Manuscript Map] Plan for Newburyport Turnpike [1803]
45810: [Cowper, C.M.] - Hastening to the Cross
42188: [Chile. Biblioteca Nacional]. Feliú Cruz, Guillermo, ed - Gazeta Ministerial de Chile, Tomo II. N. Os. 1-55, 1819-1820 [Coleccion de Antiguos Periodicos Chilenos: VII]
45758: [Chile. Biblioteca Nacional]. Feliú Cruz, Guillermo, ed - Gazeta Ministerial de Chile, Tomo III. N. Os. 17-38, 1821-1822 [Coleccion de Antiguos Periodicos Chilenos: X]
44798: [Colonial Massachusetts. Scituate] Cushing, Nathan. Cotton, John - [Manuscript Deed Signed] Colonial Era Indenture for One Acre of Land in Scituate Massachusetts, Signed by Justices Joseph & Nathan Cushing
45284: [New Hampshire. Transportation] Cutts, Charles - [Printed Document Completed in Manuscript] Duty Paid on a Two Wheel Carriage for the Conveyance of Persons
40967: M'Carty & Davis - M'Carty's American Primer. Being a Selection of Words the Most Easy of Pronunciation. Intended to Facilitate the Improvement of Children in Spelling
46050: Deane, Llewellyn - Biographical Sketch of John G. Deane, and Brief Mention of His Connection with the Northeastern Boundary of Maine, Copied by Permission from the Records of the Maine State Historical Society; Also, Memoranda About Members of the Family, Old Residents of the City of Ellsworth, Maine, &C
44302: [Civil War] [George Washington]. Dechaux, Edward, pub - [Print] the Spirit of the Union. Lo! on High the Glorious Form, of Washington Lights All the Gloom
46040: Delafield, Edward - Biographical Sketch of J. Kearny Rodgers, M.D.
45880: Instituto Cultural de Ponta Delgada - Insulana: Orgão Do Instituto Cultural de Ponta Delgada. Volume XXXIX
45905: Instituto Cultural de Ponta Delgada - Insulana: Orgão Do Instituto Cultural de Ponta Delgada. Volumes XL
45906: Instituto Cultural de Ponta Delgada - Insulana: Orgão Do Instituto Cultural de Ponta Delgada. Volumes XLI
44213: [Pennsylvania] Denker, David - [Als on Patriotic Stationary] CIVIL War Soldier Stationed in Pennsylvania Writes to a Friend Back Home
46014: Art Union of Philadelphia. Dewey, George W.; Rothermel, Peter Frederick - Key to Rothermel's Picture of Patrick Henry, Delivering His Celebrated Speech in the House of Burgess of Virginia, in the Year 1765... . [Caption Title]
44770: [New Hampshire]. Dow, Moses - [Holograph Manuscript] Draft of Discharge Request of New Hampshire Major General Moses Dow to Governor John Taylor Gilman
35046: Burlington Fine Arts Club. Duff, E. Gordon; Prideaux, Sarah Treverbian - Exhibition of Bookbindings
45946: Duffus, R.L. - The Santa Fe Trail
45789: Dunbar, Philip H.; Connecticut Historical Society - Portrait Miniatures on Ivory 1750-1850 from the Collection of the Connecticut Historical Society" in the Connecticut Historical Society Bulletin, Volume 29, Number 4, October 1964
45726: Almazan y Duque, José - Enajenación Del Patrimonio de Aranjuez Informe Presentado Al Ilustrísimo Señor Director General Del Patrimonio Que Fué de la Corona
39100: Armand Guérinet Editeur - Broderies Chinoises, Indiennes Toiles de Gênes & de Jouy, Etc. , Etc. 1ère Sér
38808: [Maine. Board of Education] - Fifth Report of the Board of Education of the State of Maine. 1851. Published Agreeably to Resolve of March 22, 1836
41235: Salas Edwards, Ricardo - Balmaceda Y El Parlamentarismo En Chile. Un Estudio de Psicología Política Chilena. I. La Evolución de Las Libertades Políticas. [Volume One Only]
45960: Einthoven, Wink; Smagorinsky, Margaret - The Tigers of Princeton University. A Campus and Safari Photo Essay
45894: [New York City. Elections] - [Archive] 47 Signed Manuscripts of Election Results in New York City 1809-1811
45858: [Civil War. Pennsylvania. Elections] - Poll-Book October Election. Companies [Wrapper Title] [for Company H, of the Two Hundred & Third Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. ]
46039: Ellison, Robert S. - [Extra Illustrated] Fort Bridger, Wyoming, a Brief History; Comprising Jim Bridger's Old Trading Post, Fort Bridger Becomes an Army Post, Fort Bridger As a Frontier Army Post [with Photos & Pencil Illustration of Fort]
44264: [Maine] Evans, George - [Alss] Correspondence from George Evans, U.S. Senator from Maine Concerning an Estate & an Invitation
44277: Evarts, William .M. - [Als] William M. Evarts Declines the Invitation to Speak at the Boston Latin School
45293: Everett, Edward - [Als] Edward Everett to G.P. Putnam, on Publishing His Washington Irving Memorial Remarks
44121: [Agriculture] New York Farmers - Signatures from a Gathering of the New York Farmers Organization
44740: [Mexican-American War] [Mexico State] Perez Fernandez, Diego J. - [Broadside] El Teniente Gobernador En Ejercicio Del Poder Ejecutivo Del Estado Libre Y Soberano de México, á la Nacion. Puesto Al Frente de Los Habitantes Del Estado Por la Ausencia Del Exmo. Sr. Gobernador, Me He Creído Obligado á Vindicarlos de la Injusta Y Atroz Imputación Que Se Les Hace. .
18176: Finch, Christopher - Special Effects: Creating Movie Magic
44100: [Wisconsin] La Follette, Philip F. - [Autograph Quote Signed] Wisconsin Politician Philip F. La Follette's Fond Tribute to His Father, Robert M. La Follette
45676: Fora, Nicolas de la; Alessio Robles, Vito, editor - Nicolás de Lafora, Relación Del Viaje Que Hizo a Los Presidios Internos, Situados En la Frontera de la América Septentrional, Perteneciente Al Rey de España
45788: French, Reginald F.; Connecticut Historical Society - Erastus Salisbury Field 1805-1900" in the Connecticut Historical Society Bulletin, Volume 28, Number 4, October 1963
44234: Fuller, Catharine - [Als] Correpondence of a Young Massachusetts Woman to Her Friend Speaks of Lonliness and Health
45684: American Art Galleries - Works of Jean-François RaffaëLLI on Exhibition for Two Weeks Only at the American Art Galleries (Madison Square South) Beginning Thursday, February 28th
44308: Galvez, Josef de; compiler. New Spain. Tribunal de minería - Reales Ordenanzas Para la Direccion, Regimen Y Gobierno Del Importante Cuerpo de la Mineria de Nueva-Espana, Y de Su Real Tribunal General. De Orden de Su Magestad
45743: Gamio, Mario; Secretaría de Agricultura - Programa de la Dirección de Estudios Arqueológicos Y Etnográficos
46068: George, Christopher S., ed - The Ca Amah Ro a a Tantra, Chapters I-VIII. A Critical Edition and English Translation. American Oriental Series (Vol. 56)
41804: [Pennsylvania German] - Eine Wahre Geschichte, Oder Eine Probirte Kunst in Feuers-Gefahr Wie Auch in Pestilenz-Zeiten Zu Gebrauchen
36585: Gillem, Alvan - Letter from the Secretary of War, Transmitting, in Answer to a Senate Resolution of March 2, 1877, a Copy of the Final Report of the Operations of the Troops in the Modoc Country, by General Alvan Gillem. March 10, 1877
44139: Gilmore, James Roberts - [Autograph Letter Signed by Lincoln's One-Time Envoy Who Corrects Poe's Nemesis' Poetry] James R. Gilmore Corrects Thomas Dunn English's Factual Mistakes
43119: [Vocational Education. Child Labor] Goldsborough, Robert Henry - In Senate of the United States, June 3, 1836. Read and Ordered to Be Printed. Mr. Goldsborough Made the Following Report; with Senate Bill No. 225
45542: Golomshtok, Eugene A. [Eugenii Alexandrovich] - Archive of Russian émigré Anthropologist, Photographer, Teacher. Over 600 Images & 1000 Card Entries & 45 Artifacts
46067: Gonda, Jan - A Concise Elementary Grammar of the Sanskrit Language, with Exercises, Reading Selections, and a Glossary
45807: [Publishers. Lithographers] Moore & Goodspeed - [Trade Catalogue] Catalogue with Prices to Agents of the Oval Steel Engravings for 8 X 10 Frames. Engraved and Published by Moore & Goodspeed
46002: [Mayan Art] Gordon, George Byron; Mason, John Alden, eds - Examples of Maya Pottery in the Museum and Other Collections. Parts I-III [All Published]
46016: [Iron Mountain Railroad Company]. Gould, George Jay - Iron Mountain Railroad Company of Memphis to John F. Dillon and George J. Gould, Trustees. First Mortgage, Dated, November 10, 1888 [Cover Title]
45697: Granger, Gideon - [Manuscript Receipt] Paid Commissions for the State of Connecticut in Account with Gideon Granger
37671: [Arkansas. Reconstruction] Grant, Ulysses S. - Political Controversy in Arkansas. Message from the President of the United States, Relative to the Present Political Controversy in the State of Arkansas. April 24, 1874. [with] Arkansas Troubles. Message from the President of the United States, Transmitting Copies of Correspondence between Persons Claiming to Be Governor of Arkansas and Himself, Relating to Troubles in That State. April 28, 1874
45818: Grant, Ellsworth S.; Connecticut Historical Society - From Governor to Governor in Three Generations" in the Connecticut Historical Society Bulletin, Volume 39, Number 3, July 1974
45223: [Boston Public Schools] Greenhalge, Frederic T. - Manuscript Draft of Massachusetts Governor Frederic T. Greenhalge's Speech to Boston Public School Graduates
46077: Gregg, Samuel - Autobiography of Major Samuel Gregg. 1806
46052: Hall, Nathaniel - An Address Delivered in the First Church, Dorchester, Thursday, April 7, 1842, at the Funeral of Rev. Thaddeus Mason Harris, D.D. Formerly the Pastor of That Church
44145: Hamilton, James - [Print] Niagara Falls (American Side)
38782: Hammond, James H. - Speech of Hon. James H. Hammond, Delivered at Barnwell C.H. , October 29th, 1858
44690: [New Hampshire, Province of] Hale, Nathan - [1761 Deed Completed in Manuscript] Payment for Land in Newton, New Hampshire in Spanish MILL Dollars
33937: Harding, Warren G. - American Education Week. By the President of the United States of America. A Proclamation
45776: Harding, Walter - Thoreau's Library
46101: [Civil War Roundtable of New York] Haverlin, Carl - [Archive] Large Collection of Letters Pertaining to the CIVIL War Round Table of New York from Carl Haverlin, Its First President, and a Broadcasting Pioneer
41706: Head, F.B. [Francis Bond] - Rough Notes Taken During Some Rapid Journeys Across the Pampas and Among the Andes
44887: [Printers]. Hemphill, J. [John] - [Als] J. Hemphill to Benjamin Perley Poore, Clk Printing Records with Revisions for the 3rd Edition of the Congressional Directory
38726: Henry, Jr., James - An Address Upon Education and Common Schools, Delivered at Cooperstown, Otsego County, Sept. 21, and Repeated at Request, at Johnstown, Fulton County, Oct. 17, 1843
46092: Henry, W.W. [William Wirt] - [Als] William Wirt Henry Provides Alexander Brown with a Partial Genealogy for His Grandfather, Founding Father Patrick Henry
45943: [Spain. Periodicals. Herrera, Joseph] - Correo de Madrid (ó de Los Ciegos). Obra Periódica En Que Se Publican Rasgos de Varia Literatura, Noticias Y Los Escritos de Toda Especie Que Se Dirigen Al Editor. Tomo Primero
44113: [Byron's Circle]. Hodgson, Francis - [Autograph Letter Signed] Francis Hodgson Regrets to Decline Robert Balmanno's Offer
46044: Hollinshed, William - The Funeral Sermon of John M. Mason, Preached in the Congregational Church, Rochester, Michigan, Sunday, August 19th, 1888
45793: [Medical. Patent Medicines] Hollis, Thomas. Druggist & Apothecary - [Broadside Advertisement] Hollis' Celebrated Eye Water, for Sore, Weak, and Inflamed Eyes
44216: Holmes, John - [Als] Maine Senator John Holmes on Political Maneuvering Before the Controversial 1824 Presidential Campaign
44676: Van Horne, Augustus C.; Speyer, John; Rivington, Susan; Morris, James - [Rare 18th C. Manuscript Bond Signed] Fifty Thousand Dollars Jail Bond for Augustus C. Van Horne
46038: Howard, John L.; Young, S.B.M. - In the Department of the Interior: In the Matter of the Complaint of John L. Howard, Et Al. , Against Col. S.B. M. Young, U.S. A. , Superintendent of the Yosemite National Park, California. [1896]
45764: Real Academia de Bellas Artes de Santa Isabel de Hungría - Boletin de Bellas Artes. Número I.
44263: Hutchinson, Edward; Wentworth, Benning - [Manuscripts] Two Financial Documents Concerning the Hutchinson and Wentworth Families
44280: [Maine. Real Estate]. Hutchinson, Edward - [Manuscript Deed] 18th C. Colonial New England Land Agreement between Edward Hutchinson, Boston and James Stinson, Georgetown
44630: Hutchinson, Thomas - [Colonial Manuscript Document] in the House of Rep[Resentatives] Nov. 3. 1748
44024: [Vermont] Hutchinson, John. Camp, Luke - [Manuscript Writ Signed Twice] Vermont Justice of the Peace John Hutchinson Summons Six Residents to Appear Before Him in Court
36274: García Icazbalceta, Joaquín - Bibliografia Mexicana Del Siglo XVI. Parte Primera. Catálogo Rasonado de Libros Impresos En Méxicode 1539 a 1600. Con Biografías de Autores Y Otras Ilustraciones. Precedido de Una Noticia Acerca de la Introducción de la Imprenta En México [All Published]
45941: García Icazbalceta, Joaquín. Millares Carlo, Augustín - Bibliografia Mexicana Del Siglo XVI. Catálogo Rasonado de Libros Impresos En Méxicode 1539 a 1600. Con Biografías de Autores Y Otras Ilustraciones. Precedido de Una Noticia Acerca de la Introducción de la Imprenta En México. Neuva Edicion Por Augustín Millares Carlo
43024: [Japan. Cinema. World War II] - [Small Archive of Japanese Movie Stills from the World War II Era]
37649: [Illinois and Michigan Canal] Macalester, Charles - [Appeal of Macalester and Stebbins to the People of Illinois, Philadelphia, June, 1851] to the People of the State of Illinois
46238: [West Indies] - A Journal of the Expedition to Carthagena, with Notes: In Answer to a Late Pamphlet, Entitled, an Account of the Expedition to Carthagena
43923: [American Revolution] [West Indies] - [Battle of Martinique... Combat de la Dominique Reported in] the London Gazette Extraordinary. Thursday, May 25, 1780
45766: Instituto Medico Nacional, Mexico; Sosa, Secundino E.; et al; Escuela Nacional de Medicina - El Estudio. Semanario de Ciencias Medicas. Organo Del Instituto Medico Nacional. Tomo IV [Bound with] Monografías Mexicanas de Materia Médica: Coleccion de Tésis Inaugurales Y de Concurso de la Escuela Nacional de Medicina de México. Acopiadas Y Reproducidas Por 'El Estudio' Tomo II
44775: [Theater. Collecting] Ireland, Joseph Norton - [Small Archive] Three Letters from Joseph Norton Ireland, Offering to Sell His Collection to Fellow Theater Historian, Douglas Taylor
45119: [Jackson, Andrew] Snowden, William - [Als] Political Letter to Duff Green, Newspaper Publisher, About Andrew Jackson and the Success of the Hickory Clubs
45965: Jacobi, F.H. [Friedrich Heinrich] - [Als] Friedrich Jacobi Arranges for a Visit with Heinrich Wilhelm Von Gerstenberg
45922: [Erotica][Cartoons][Mutt & Jeff] - Series of Six Illustrated "Risqué" Cards Featuring Mutt & Jeff
46045: Johnson, Ella H. - Granny Remembers
45570: Joy, John; Copley, John Singleton - [Manuscript Signed] John Joy Leases Land in Boston Commons from Loyalist John Singleton Copley
38707: [Hamilton College]. Knox, Henry M., et al. - Class of Fifty-One. Hamilton College. Forty-Six Anniversaries in One
44384: Kotzebue, Otto von - Entdeckungs-Reise in Die Süd-See Und Nach Der Berings-Strasse Zur Erforschung Einer Nordöstlichen Durchfahrt: Unternommen in Den Jahren 1815, 1816, 1817 Und 1818 Auf Kosten Sr. Erlaucht Des Herrn Reichs-Kanzlers Grafen Rumanzoff Auf Dem Schiffe Rurick Unter Dem Befehle Des Lieutenants Der Russisch-Kaiserlichen Marine, Otto Von Kotzebue [Three Volumes in One]
44616: [Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin. Westward Expansion] - [Als] the Beauties of Frontier Fond Du Lac Wisconsin Described by Byron Murray Hanks, Newly Minted Lawyer & Settler
40250: Lafitau, Joseph-François - Histoire Des Découvertes Et Conquestes Des Portugais Dans le Nouveau Monde, Avec Des Figures En Tailledouce. [Two Volumes]
43359: Castillo Lara, Lucas Guillermo - Sesquicentenario de la Muerte de Simon Bolivar 1830-1980
44611: [War of 1812. Connecticut. Law] - [Manuscript Document Signed] [Court Martial of Thomas Bevins] State of Connecticut. General Orders March 24th 1814
44341: [Spanish Colonial Law] - Recopilacion de Leyes de Los Reynos de Las Indias. Mandadas Imprimir Y Publicar Por la Magestad Católica Del Rey Don Carlos II, Nuestro Señor: Va Dividida En Quatro Tomos, Con El Indice General, Y Al Principio de Cada Tomo El Indice Especial de Los Titulos, Que Contiene. [Four Volumes]
46069: Lawler, Matthew; Raguet, Condy - American Manufactures. An Adjourned Meeting of the Citizens of the City of Philadelphia, Friendly to American Manufactures Was Held in the County Court House, on Saturday the 2d of October, 1819
43222: [Lawrence, Charles, photographer] - [Photograph] Souvenir of World Famous Mt. Lowe: America's Greatest Scenic Trip
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44632: Lewis, John Vaughn - [Archive] Four Letters from the Rector of St. John's Parish, Chronicling His Temporary Breakdown and Resignation
45797: [Dogs]. Spratts Patent (America) Limited - [Advertisement for] Spratts Patent (America) Limited [Dog and Poultry Supplies on] First Annual Exhibition of the New York Poultry Exchange [Form]
44404: Lincoln, Benjamin; Mevill, Thomas - [Printed Document Completed in Manuscript] Customs Receipt for Claret at the Port of Boston and Charlestown Signed by Both the First Collector at the Port of Boston and Melville's Grandfather
41809: [Lincoln, Abraham]. Pratt, W. H. - [Broadside] Proclamation of Emancipation. Names of Members of Congress Who Voted for the Resolution to Submit to the Legislatures of the Several States the Amendment to the Constitution of the United States Prohibiting Slavery Forever
45636: [Lindsay, Vachel]. Pond, J. B. [James Burton, Jr.] - [Typed Letter] J.B. Pond, Vachel Lindsay's Agent, Pleads for Help in Booking Him to Lecture in England
45727: A. Rosenthal Ltd - Catalogue 21. Judaica and Hebraica from the Libraries of the Late Dr. A. Büchler, Dr. Robert Eisler, Prof. Dr. Samuel Krauss, Prof. Scheftelowitz, and Others
45439: Lucas, F. [Fielding], Jr. - [Als] Cartographer & Printer Fielding Lucas Jr. To Captain J.L. Smith of the Engineering Department, Regarding the Quality of a Paper Shipment
45762: Orrego Luco, Luis - Los Problemas Internacionales de Chile: La Cuestión Argentina, El Tratado de 1881 Y Negociaciones Posteriores
44701: Lyman, Joseph - [Printed Document Completed in Manuscript] Duties Collected for a Wheel Carriage in West Springfield, Massachusetts
44256: [Maine]. Lynch, John - [Als] Congressman John Lynch Urges Senator William Fessenden to Use His Influence to Prevent the Pay Department of Maine from Relocating to Augusta
44257: [Maine, Portland] Willis, William - [3 Alss] Correspondence from Maine Politician and Historian, William Willis, Regarding Portland's New Public Library and the History of Kittery
38794: [Maine] - [Laws of Maine in Relation to the Education of Youth]. Revised Statutes. Chapter 17. May 3, 1842
46237: Makhacheva, Taus - [Print] Super Taus and Camel Yasha
43250: Real Tribunal de Comercio de Manila - [Manuscript. 19th C. Expansion of Philippine Cuban Trade]
38723: [Massachusetts. Board of Education]. Marsh, Capen, Lyon, and Webb - The School Library. Published Under the Sanction of the Board of Education of the State of Massachusetts. ' Vol. I. Introductory Essay to the School Library. Irving's Life and Voyages of Columbus, with the Author's Visit to Palos, and a Portrait, Map, and Other Illustrations
44052: [Shays' Rebellion]Massachusetts - [Four Documents on Shays' Rebellion] Acts and Laws, Passed by the General Court of Massachusetts... On Wednesday the Thirty-First Day of May, Anno Domini, 1786... To Wednesday the Twenty-Seventh Day of September Following [Bound with] Acts and Laws... To Wednesday the Thirty-First Day of January, 1787 [Bound with] Resolves of the General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts: Wednesday the Thirty-First Day of May, Anno Domini, 1786 and from Thence Continued by Prorogation, to Wednesday the Twenty-Seventh Day of September Following [with] Resolves... To Wednesday the Thirty-First Day of January, 1787
34301: [Mather, Cotton] - Ratio Disciplinae Fratrum Nov-Anglorum. A Faithful Account of the Discipline Professed and Practiced, in the Churches of New-England. With Interspersed and Instructive Reflections on the Discipline of the Primitive Churches
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46142: Merry, William Lawrence - The Board of Trade of San Francisco. Report of Special Committee on Inter-Oceanic Canal. "the Key to the Pacific. " [Cover Title]
37656: [Salt. Land Use] [New Mexico] - Resolution of the Legislature of New Mexico, in Favor of Reserving for Common Use the Wood on Mountains and Lands Not Tillable, and All Salt Lakes, Springs, and Mines, and of Perpetuating the Mexican Laws Relative to Mines. April 5, 1852
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45730: Universidad Nacional de México - Anales Del Instituto de Investigaciones Esteticas. 2. 1938
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45732: Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México - Anales Del Instituto de Investigaciones Esteticas. 7. 1941
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45716: Mitchell, S. Augustus, Jr. - County Map of the State of Texas. Showing Also Portions of the Adjoining States and Territories [with Inset] Plan of Galveston and Vicinity
43865: Mitchell, William "Billy - [Autograph Letter Signed] While on Tour After His Court-Martial, Colonel William "Billy" Mitchell to James B. Pond, His Lecture Agent
45723: Mitchell, S. Augustus, Jr. - [Map] Colorado [Verso with] Indian Territory
44029: Mitchell, L.B. - [Autograph Letter Signed] Printer for the Allegheny Democrat Writes His Brother About Business, Travel Logistics by Steamboat, and an Introduction to William Henry Harrison
45529: Neve y Molina, Luis - Reglas de Orthographia, Diccionario Y Arte Del Idioma Othomi: Breve Instruccion Para Los Principiantes
43823: Moore, F. [Franklin] - [Autograph Letter Signed] Union Soldier Franklin Moore Writing to His Mother from Camp Bramhall, Virginia, on His Way to Richmond
39690: Bachiller y Morales, Antonio - Apuntes Para la Historia de Las Letras, Y de la Instruction Publica de la Isla de Cuba [Three Volumes in One]
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44622: [Reconstruction] Morris, Daniel - [Autograph Letter Signed] N.Y. Representative Daniel Morris Talks Reconstruction Era Politics with His "Very Radical" Friend
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38644: [Kentucky. Committee on Education] Peers, B.O., et al. - Report of the Committee on Education, of the House of Representatives of Kentucky, on So Much of the Governor's Message As Relates to Schools and Seminaries of Learning
44646: [South Carolina] Pendleton, Henry G; Guerard, Benjamin - [Autograph Document Signed] Revolutionary War Pay Slip for South Carolina Judge Henry Pendleton [with] Governor's Request for Audit of His Account at His Retirement
43101: Pennell, Joseph - [Poster]. That Liberty Shall Not Perish from the Earth. Buy Liberty Bonds. Fourth Liberty Loan
46072: Union Canal Company of Pennsylvania - Report of the President & Managers of the Union Canal Company of Pennsylvania; to the Stockholders
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46246: RKO Radio PIctures, Inc - Archive of Signed Agreements between Rko Studios and Actors Charles Boyer, Rosalind Russell, Jack Oakie, Fay Bainter, & Signe Hasso
44757: Pitkin, George; Wolcott, Jr, Oliver; Wyllys, Samuel - [Signed Court Payment Order] Fine Owed to Tapping Reeve, Connecticut State Attorney, for Counterfeited New York Bills of Credit
44278: [Connecticut]. Broome & Platt - [Printed Document Completed in Manuscript] Legal Summons for Payment to Merchants of the New Haven Mint, Broome & Platt
44625: [City Point, Virginia]. Ingalls, Rufus. Gates, Theodore B. - [Autograph Document Signed] Report of Board of Inspection Pursuant to Special Orders No. 31. Headquarters Post & Defences
44420: [Polk, James K.; Mexican American War] Burns, S. - [Als] Politically Connected Young Man Parties with President Polk and Other Prominent Mexican American War Figures Just After the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
44623: Potter, Edward Elmer - [Manuscript Document Signed] Brigadier General Potter Issues a Special Order to Withhold One Month's Pay for Soldiers "Straggling on the March
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45668: Raphael, Mary F. - [Archive] Five Letters to British Artist & Author, Mary F. Raphael, from Fellow Contemporary Artists
45251: [Maine] Rawson, M.M. [Maubec Mitchell] - [Als] Maine House Member M.M. Rawson Reports to Gubernatorial Candidate on Corruption in the Vote for Governor
46099: [Declaration Signer]. Read, George - [Manuscript Legal Brief Unsigned] Statement of Case for Opinion on Will of Isaac Hazell, of Kent County, Provided by George Read
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45242: [Battle of Trafalgar] [Martínez de la Rosa, Francisco] - Minerva ó El Revisor General. Obra Periódica. 1805
44664: [New York City] [Ruggles, Samuel B.] - [Archive. Nine Letters Concerning] Samuel B. Ruggles, 19th Century New York City Real Estate Developer and Public Servant
45339: Rusk, Dean - [Three Typed Letters Signed] Dean Rusk on the Soviet Union, Iraq, Cuba, and George Bush
44618: [Election of 1852. Winfield Scott]. Russell, E.M. - [Autograph Letter Signed] Recent Wisconsin Immigrant Supports Winfield Scott for President
46051: Ryder, John H. - A Short Sketch of the Life of Mrs. Azubah Freeman Ryder, a Centenarian; Now Living at the Advanced Age of 104 Years and 6 Months. Also, a List of Her Immediate Ancestors and Descendants
46064: Christie's - Important Chinese Furniture, Formerly the Museum of Classical Chinese Furniture Collection
45746: Garma y Salcedo, Francisco Xavier de - Theatro Universal de España, Descripción Eclesiástica, Y Secular de Todos Sus Reynos, Y Provincias En General, Y Particular. Que Consagra Al Rey N.S. Don Phelipe V El Animoso. Don Francisco Xavier de Garma Y Salcedo, Cavallero de la Orden de Alcantara. Tomo Segundo
45747: Garma y Salcedo, Francisco Xavier de - Theatro Universal de España, Descripción Eclesiástica, Y Secular de Todos Sus Reynos, Y Provincias En General, Y Particular. Que Consagra Al Rey N.S. Don Phelipe V El Animoso. Don Francisco Xavier de Garma Y Salcedo, Cavallero de la Orden de Alcantara. Tomo Tercero
44165: Santamaria, Sergio Sanchez - [Print] Poder Del Pueblo
43310: [Santamaria, Miguel] - Informe Secreto Al Pueblo Soberano, Con Puntas de Consejos, Sobre Asuntos Que Atañen a Sus Regalías
46047: [Savannah, Georgia.] - Savannah. Commercial Relations between the West and Savannah. Commercial History of Savannah. Pleas for Deep Water at Savannah. Appendices
45770: Schendel, Gordon - Medicine in Mexico. From Aztec Herbs to Betatrons
38800: [New York. Schools] - Laws Relating to Common Schools, with the Instructions of the Department Concerning the Duties of the Various County, Town and District Officers, and of the Inhabitants of Districts
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46011: Slaughter, Philip - A Brief Sketch of the Life of William Green, LL. D. , Jurist and Scholar, with Some Personal Reminiscences of Him. Also, Historical Tract by Judge Green, and Some Curious Letters Upon the Origin of the Proverb, "Vox Populi, Vox Dei.
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37668: [Civil War. Income Tax. Law. Lincoln] Springer, William M. - The Income Tax. Supreme Court of Illinois, January Term, A.D. 1868. Wm. M. Springer, Plaintiff in Error, Vs. John E. Rosette, Et Al. , Deft's in Error. Argument for Plaintiff, by Mcclernand, Broadwell & Springer
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44065: [Whiskey Rebellion]. United States, Third Congress - Third Congress of the United States: At the First Session, Begun and Held at the City of Philadelphia, in the State of Pennsylvania, on Monday, the Second of December, One Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety-Three. An Act Directing a Detachment from the Militia of the United States
44666: [Boston] Steel, John - [Manuscript Receipt Signed] Payment Received from the Estate of Edward Hutchinson for Chocolate
44631: [Loyalist. Canada] Stone, Joel - [Archive] Three Als by Colonel Joel Stone Concerning Loyalists in Upper Canada, One on Verso of Rare Printed Document
45795: Brown's House Furnishings Store - [Invoice on Letterhead] Brown's House Furnishings Store [with] Stamped Envelope from Proprietor J. Wilson Brown
45827: Stowell, Robert F. - A Thoreau Gazetteer
45991: Swift, Joseph Gardner - [Als] West Point's First Graduate, Joseph Gardner Swift, to Thomas Biddle
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43934: [New York. Westchester County] (Thomas, Edward) - [Manuscript] Legal Petition to Settle a Financial Dispute in Westchester County, New York
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45749: Thompson, J. Eric - The Civilization of the Mayas
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38802: Vattemare, Alexandre - Communication from M. Vattemare
44429: Velazquez, Lorena - Exit. Yo, Aqui, Ahora
42086: Valdes Vergara, Ismael - El Cuerpo de Bomberos de Santiago, 1863-1900
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41541: Volney, M. [C.-F. (Constantin-François)] - The Ruins, or, a Survey of the Revolutions of Empires
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44674: [Connecticut] Waldo, A. [Albigence] - [Als] Surgeon General of the Revolutionary Army Who Recorded His Sufferings at Valley Forge Needs Help with His Well
44214: Walker, R. [Robert J.] - [Autograph Letter Signed] R. Walker to A.D. Bache Concerning Newport & Rhode Island
46065: Wang, Fangyu - The Lady in the Painting
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