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39454: WEBB, WALTER PRESCOTT - The Search for William E. Hinds
39458: WEBB, WALTER PRESCOTT - A Corner of the Old South. Address by Walter Prescott Webb Made at the Inauguration of Ralph Wright Steen As the Third President of Stephen F. Austin State College on February 7, 1959
39463: (WEBB, WALTER PRESCOTT) - Texas Libraries. Fall 1963. Volume 25, Number 3
31625: WEBB, N. B. [NATHAN], ED - East Maine Conference Seminary War Record
11197: WEBB, KEMPTON E. - The Changing Face of Northeast Brazil
39406: WEBB, WALTER PRESCOTT. JOE B. FRANTZ, INTRO - An Honest Preface and Other Essays
42626: WEBER, JEFF - The Brain and the Book. [Catalogue] 90
42622: WEBER, JEFF - Catalog Number 25. Medicine and the Life Sciences: C - H. Fall 1993
42623: WEBER, JEFF - Antiquarian Medicine. Catalogue 46. Spring-Summer 1997
42624: WEBER, JEFF - The Black Death. Being the Continuation of the Library of Dr. Fritz Strauss & His Collection of Books About the Plague Including Insects & Early Microscopy. Catlog 53. 1997
42625: WEBER, JEFF - The Richard Westfall Library of Newton & Newtoniana. Catalogue 57. 1998
42627: WEBER, JEFF - The Ophthalmology Library of Jerry F. Donin. Catalogue 91. Pre-20th Century Imprints. Part I: A-M
42628: WEBER, JEFF - Medical Classics & History. Catalogue 111. 2004
38713: WEBSTER, [DANIEL] - Speech of Mr. Webster, at the Celebration of the New York New England Society, December 23, 1850
27689: WEBSTER, STOKELY - Stokely Webster and His Paris, New York, London and Venice
27396: WEBSTER, DANIEL - Speech of the Hon. Daniel Webster, Delivered to the House of Representatives of the United States, on the 14th January, 1814, on a Bill Making Further Provisions for Filling the Ranks of the Regular Army, Encouraging Enlistments, and Authorising the Enlistments for Longer Periods of Men Whose Terms of Service Are About to Expire
27398: WEBSTER, DANIEL - Speech of Hon. Daniel Webster, to the Young Men of Albany. Wednesday, May 28, 1851
27399: WEBSTER, DANIEL - Address Delivered by the Hon. Daniel Webster in Faneuil Hall, May 22, 1852, at the Request of the City Council of Boston (City Document No. 31. )
27404: WEBSTER, DANIEL - Address to the Citizens of Pittsburgh, July 9, 1833
27405: WEBSTER, DANIEL - Newly Discovered Fourth of July Oration by the Illustrious Orator and Statesman, Daniel Webster; Delivered at Fryeburg, Me. , in the Year 1802, and Now for the First Time Given to the Public
27406: WEBSTER, DANIEL - Speech of the Hon. Daniel Webster, in the Senate of the United States, on the President's Veto of the Bank Bill, July 11, 1832
27411: WEBSTER, DANIEL - An Address Delivered Before the New York Historical Society, February 23, 1852, by Daniel Webster
27416: WEBSTER, DANIEL - Mr. Webster's Vindication of the Treaty of Washington of 1842; in a Speech Delivered in the Senate of the United States, on the 6th and 7th of April, 1846
37813: WEBSTER, [DANIEL] - Speech of Mr. Webster on Mr. Clay's Resolutions. Delivered in the Senate of the United States, March 7, 1850
27408: WEBSTER, DANIEL - Speech of Mr. Webster, in the Senate, in Reply to Mr. Calhoun's Speech, on the Bill "Further to Provide for the Collection of Duties on Imports" Delivered on the 16th of February, 1833
27414: WEBSTER, DANIEL - Speech of the Hon. Daniel Webster at the National Republican Convention, in Worcester, Oct. 12, 1832 [Six Volumes; Five Variants]
31137: WEBSTER, DANIEL - Mr. Webster's Second Speech on the Sub-Treasury Bill. Delivered March 12, 1838
36048: WEBSTER, DANIEL - Speech of the Honorable Daniel Webster, on the Compromise Bill, Delivered in the Senate of the United States, on the 17th Day of July, 1850
36245: WEBSTER, DANIEL - Mr. Webster's Speech, in the U.S. Senate, March 23, 1848, Upon the War with Mexico
40145: WEBSTER, DANIEL - Discourse, Delivered at Plymouth, December 22, 1820. In Commemoration of the First Settlement of New England
44003: WEEDEN, E. S. [ELNATHAN] - [Broadside Advertisement] Don't Fail to Read These General Directions Carefully a Number of Times, Until You Clearly Understand Them, Then Preserve the Same for Your Information and Guidance Until Your Case Is Completed
39400: WEEMS, JOHN EDWARD - Men without Countries. Three Adventures of the Early Southwest
39445: WEEMS, JOHN EDWARD - If You Don't Like the Weather... " Stories of Texas Weather
28806: WEGENER, GEORG - Erinnerungen Eines Weltreisenden
25119: (METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART). WEHLE, HARRY B. - Tiepolo and His Contemporaries
22259: WEHNER, RAINER MARIE - Rainer Maria Wehner. Die Spachlosigkeit - Die Vernutzung
22260: WEHNER, RAINER MARIE. (PETER ANSELM RIEDL, MARY MURRAY, FRITZ JACOBI) - Rainer Maria Wehner. New York - New York. Arbeiten 2000-2001
38441: NEW MEXICO BOOK LEAGUE; WEIGLE, MARTA - Book Talk. Vol. XIV, No. 2. April 1985. Ancient City Press Celebrates Twenty-Five Years
35358: TAEUBER & WEIL - Alte Medizin. Mittelalter Und Renaissance [with] Alte Medizin. Zweiter Teil. Two Volumes in One
28512: WEINSTEIN, DONALD. PASQUALIGO, PIETRO - Ambassador from Venice. Pietro Pasqualigo in Lisbon, 1501
32945: WEISBERG, ISIDOR - Sidur Shevil Hadash: Le-Vate Kenesiyot Ule-Vate Sefer: IM Harbeh Tikunim V E-Hidushim. [Prayer Book Newly Arranged for Synagogues and Schools]
43366: HERRERA DE WEISHAAR, MARIA LUISA - La Vega: Biografia de Una Parroquia
23914: WEISIGER, MINOR T., TRASER, DONALD R., AND E. RANDOLPH TRICE - Not Hearers Only: A History of St. James Episcopal Church Richmond, Virginia 1835-1985
42975: WEISSE, C.F. [CHRISTIAN FELIX], AND [HILLER, JOHANN ADAM] - Komische Opern. [Volumes I and II of Three]
39853: WEISSMAN, STEPHEN - Ximenes Rare Books. Literature, History, Theology, Science, Voyages and Travel. Catalogue Number Eight
30885: WELCH, STUART CARY - A Flower from Every Meadow. Indian Paintings from American Collections
33961: WELCH, STUART C. - The Art of Mughal India. Painting and Precious Objects
36257: WELCH, THOMAS L., ED - Catalogo de la Coleccion de la Literatura Chilena En la Biblioteca Colón
30544: WELLER, FRIEDRICH - Die Legende Von Sunahsepa IM Aitareyabrahmana Und Sankhayanasrautasutra
31689: WELLINGTON, ARTHUR WELLESLEY, DUKE OF; GURWOOD, JOHN, ED - The General Orders of Field Marshal the Duke of Wellington, K.G. , &C. &C. &C. In Portugal, Spain, and France, from 1809 to 1814; in the Low Countries and France, in 1815; and in France, Army of Occupation, from 1816 to 1818;. .
38714: WELLS, E.M. P. (ELEAZER MATHER PORTER) - Preparation for Death. The Sixth Price Lecture, Delivered at Trinity Church, Boston, on the Sixth Wednesday in Lent, A.D. Mdccclii
30832: WELLS, HENRY W. - The Classical Drama of the Orient
15851: WELTY, EUDORA - The Eye of the Story. Selected Essays and Reviews
32639: WEMYSS, STANLEY - The General Guide to Rare Americana 1493-1699 [and] 1700-1943. [Two Volumes]
39368: DEVLIN, WENDE AND HARRY - How Fletcher Was Hatched
32970: WERBLOWSKY, R.J. ZWI - The Meaning of Jerusalem to Jews, Christians and Muslims
33113: FORMAN, WERNER AND HEJZLAR, J. - Fleurs de Joie. Les Decoupures Populaires Chinoises
40477: WEST, JESSAMYN - The Story of a Story & Three Stories
39937: WEST, E.E. - Catalogue of Books on Art, Engravings and Etchings. No. 13
39938: WEST, E.E. - An Illustrated Catalogue of Etchings and Engravings by Old and Modern Masters. No. 14
32648: WEST, CLARENCE J., ED - Bibliography of Pulp and Paper Making 1937 and United States Patents on Paper Making and Related Subjects 1937
23501: ZUR WESTEN, WALTER VON - Exlibris (Bucheignerzeichen)
41752: [WESTERMAN, ADAM]. WESTERMANNUM, ADAMUM - Groote Christelyke Zeevaart, in XXVI. Predikatien, in Maniere Van Een Zee-Postille. In Wellien Een Schipper Koopman
41751: WESTERMAN, ADAM - Groote Christelyke Zeevaart, in XXVI. Predikatien, in Maniere Van Een Zee-Postille. Verrykt Met Verscheyde Gebeden, En Christelyke Liedekens, Met de Beschryvinge Van Stavoren
19567: WESTHEIM, PAUL - La Escultura Del Mexico Antiguo. Colección de Arte, 1
12240: WESTHEIM, PAUL - Obras Maestras Del Mexico Antiguo
39413: WESTMORELAND, JR., PECK, ED - Texas Libraries. Winter 1966-1967. Volume 28, Number 4
32593: WESTON, WALTER - Travel and Exploration in the Southern Japanese Alps" [from] the Geographical Journal, Vol. XXVII, No. 1, January 1906
39494: WESTPHALL, VICTOR, ED - The Historical Society of New Mexico Hall of Fame Essays
37402: WESTPHALL, VICTOR, ED - The Historical Society of New Mexico Hall of Fame Essays
37834: WETHERINGTON, RONALD K., ED - The Ceramics of Kaminaljuyu, Guatemala
34607: WEYHE, E. - Collection of 6 Catalogues of Books on Fine and Applied Art, Architecture and Decoration from E. Weyhe
34284: [WEYLER, VALERIANO] - Gaceta de la Habana. Periodico Oficial Del Gobierno. Edicion Extraordinaria. Sábado 30 de Octubre de 1897
30106: WHARTON, JR., CLIFTON R. - Research on Agricultural Development in Southeast Asia
29675: WHEELER, GEOFFREY - The Peoples of Soviet Central Asia
36361: WHEELER, DOUGLAS, ED - Portuguese Studies Newsletter [11 Issues]
28071: WHELPLEY, SAMUEL [INVESTIGATOR] - The Triangle. A Series of Numbers Upon Three Theological Points; Enforced from Various Pulpits in the City of New-York. By Investigator
36073: WHIPPLE, CHARLES K. - Relation of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions to Slavery
38041: WHITAKER, DONALD P., ET AL. - Area Handbook for Japan
33844: WHITAKRE, ARTHUR P. - The Retrocession of Louisiana in Spanish Policy [from the] American Historical Review. Vol. XXXIX, No. 3. April, 1934
38605: (WHITCHER, WILLIAM FREDERICK). C.F. LIBBIE & CO - Catalogue of the Private Library of W.F. Whitcher, Woodsville, N.H. December 10 and 11, 1917
27597: WHITE, D.A. - Remarks on the Existing State of the Laws in Massachusetts, Respecting Violations of the Sabbath
28939: WHITE, BENJAMIN - Silver. Its History and Romance
36564: WHITE, ANDREW D. - Paper-Money Inflation in France. How It Came. What It Brought, and How It Ended
37783: WHITE, DAVID A. - Western Trail Bibliographies. A Guide to Sources
40035: WHITE, JASPER - Jasper White's Cooking from New England
38797: WHITE, WILLIAM - Bishop White on Episcopacy and the Succession
44342: WHITE, ROBERTO; GOMEZ DE ORTEGA, CASIMIRO - La Nueva Farmacopea Del Real Colegio de Médicos de Londres, Y Su análisis, ó Sea, la Explicacion de la Naturaleza, Principios, Virtudes, Usos Y Dosis de Sus Preparaciones Y Composiciones / Por El Doctor Roberto White ; Traducidas Del Ingles Con Notas Relativas á la Farmácia, é Historia Natural Y Médica de España Por El Dr. Don Casimiro Gomez de Ortega, Primer Catedrático Del Real Jardin Botanico, Director Del Real Colegio de Boticarios de Esta Corte, Boticario Mayor Honorario Del Rey N.S. Y Alcalde Exâminador Decano de la Sala de Farmácia En El Real Protomedicato
24590: WHITEHEAD, RUSSELL F. - A Review and a Forecast. (the White Pine Series of Architectural Monographs, Volume X, No. 6, 1924)
43626: WHITEHEAD, WILLIAM - Elegies. With an Ode to the Tiber. Written Abroad. By William Whitehead, Esq; Register and Secretary to the Hon. Order of the Bath
43627: WHITEHEAD, WILLIAM - Verses to the People of England. 1758
32987: WHITFIELD, RODERICK - A Group of Tings
39378: WHITLEY, BENJAMIN - The Remarkable Mr. Franklin
38729: WHITMAN, BERNARD - Two Letters to the Reverend Moses Stuart; on the Subject of Religious Liberty
27546: WHITMORE, WILLIAM H. - The Old State House Defended from Unfounded Attacks Upon Its Integrity. Being a Reply to Dr. G.H. Moore's Second Paper, Read Before the Bostonian Society, Feb. 9, 1886
40273: WHITNEY, J.D. (JOSIAH DWIGHT) - Geological Survey of California. Geology. Volume I. Report of Progress and Synopsis of the Field-Work, from 1860 to 1864
36335: WHITTIER, JOHN GREENLEAF; LOWELL, JAMES RUSSELL - The Branded Hand. [Caption Title] [No. 9. ] Read and Circulate
36478: WHITTLESEY, CHARLES. [WALLACE, LEW] - General Wallace's Division - Battle of Shiloh - Was It Tardy
28987: WICKI, JOSEF, ED. [IOSEPH. JOSEPH] - Documenta Indica. II (1550-1553)
28988: WICKI, JOSEF, ED. [IOSEPH. JOSEPH] - Documenta Indica. III (1553-1557)
31299: WIDDOWS, NICK - Ferries of the British Isles and Northern Europe
32609: WIDERSHIEN, VITA. BOSTON UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES - Special Collections at Boston University
32688: WIDGER, THURLOW STANLEY - The Birth of New England. The True Story of Its Discovery and Settlement
30826: COHN-WIENER, ERNST - Das Kunstgewerbe Des Ostens. Aegypten, Vorderasien, Islam, China Und Japan, Geschichte, Stile, Technik
33846: WIGGINS, JAMES RUSSELL - Jefferson Through the Fog. An Address Delivered at Monticello on 13 April 1959
30666: WIJESEKERA, O.H. DE A. - Discoid Weapons in Ancient India. A Study of Vedic Cakra, Pavi and Ksurapavi," [Reprinted from] the Adyar Library Bulletin, Vol. XXV, Parts 1-4
24098: WILDE, OSCAR - The Decay of Lying
31082: WILDEN, JOSEF.  - Hundert Jahre Dusseldorfer Dampfer: Die Entwicklung Der Personen-Dampf-Schiffahrt Auf Dem Rhein
34249: WILGUS, A. CURTIS - Latin America, Spain and Portugal. A Selected and Annotated Bibliographical Guide to Books Published in the United States, 1954-1974
35753: WILGUS, A. CURTIS - Histories and Historians of Hispanic America
35389: WILGUS, A. [ALVA] CURTIS - Latin America: A Guide to Illustrations
30492: [HOHENZOLLER. WILHELM, KRONPRINZ] - Aus Meinem Jacdtagebuch
29753: WILHELM, RICHARD - Ostasien. Werden Und Wandel Des Chinesischen Kulturkreises
40468: WILKES, CHARLES - Life in Oregon Country Before the Emigration
27545: WILKINS, JOHN H. - A Review of the Report of the Water Commissioners of 1845; with an Examination of Some of Its Statements and Estimates
18493: WILKINS, W. H. - Caroline the Illustrious: Queen-Consort of George II. And Sometime Queen-Regent. A Study of Her Life and Time. Two Volumes
34250: WILKINSON, JOHN GARDNER - Manners and Customs of the Ancient Egyptians, Including Their Private Life, Government, Laws, Arts, Manufactures, Religion, Agriculture, and Early History; Derived from a Comparison of the Paintings, Sculptures, and Monuments Still Existing, with the Accounts of Ancient Authors [Five Volumes]
41792: WILKINSON, ROBERT - A New and Accurate Map of the Southern Provinces of Hindoostan, Showing the Territories Ceded by Tippoo Saib, to the Different Powers
31446: WILKINSON, SPENSER - War and Policy
28080: WILLARD, SAMUEL - A Sermon, Preached at Taunton, July 25, 1821. At the Ordination of Rev. Luther Hamilton to the Pastoral Care of the First Congregational Society and Church in That Place. By Samuel Willard, Minister of the First Church in Deerfield. Published at the Request of the Committee
28033: WILLARD, JOSEPH - A Sermon, Delivered May 13, 1790, at the Funeral of the Reverend Timothy Hilliard, A.M. Pastor of the First Church in Cambridge, Who Departed This Life on Lord's-Day, May 9, 1790, in the 44th Year of His Age. By Joseph Willard, D.D. President of the University in Cambridge. Printed by the Desire of Many of the Hearers
36462: WILLARD, JOSEPH - Letter to an English Friend on the Rebellion in the United States, and on British Policy
34157: WILLARD, EMMA - Compendio de la Historia de Los Estados Unidos, ó República de América
10232: WILLARD, JOHN, ED - The Charles M. Russell Book
28108: BRULS, WILLEM AND VAN HOOFF, DOROTHEE - Grand Hotels Van de Benelux
34982: LINCOLN, WILLIAM AND BALDWIN, C.C., EDITORS - The Worcester Magazine and Historical Journal. Containing Articles Original and Selected, Miscellaneous - Historical - Biographical - Descriptive and Remarkable Places and Scenery - Relating to the Arts - Scientific - Poetical - and Amusing. [Two Volumes]
26654: MORRIS, WILLIAM AND MANUSSON, EIRIKR - The Story of Kormak, the Son of Ogmund
10662: JUSTEMA, WILLIAM AND DORIS - Weaving and Needlecraft Color Course
42681: DAILEY, WILLIAM AND DAILEY, VICTORIA - Panacea. Catalogue Forty-Three
42676: DAILEY, WILLIAM AND DAILEY, VICTORIA - Two Hundred Books on Bibliography & the Book Arts. Catalogue Twenty-Five
42677: DAILEY, WILLIAM AND DAILEY, VICTORIA - Italian Books. Catalogue 26
42678: DAILEY, WILLIAM AND DAILEY, VICTORIA - Rare Books. Variety. Catalogue Thirty
42679: DAILEY, WILLIAM AND DAILEY, VICTORIA - Science. Catalogue Thirty-One
42680: DAILEY, WILLIAM AND DAILEY, VICTORIA - Bibliography. Catalogue 36
42684: DAILEY, WILLIAM AND DAILEY, VICTORIA - Bibliography. With a Supplement of Bookseller & Auction Catalogues. Catalogue 62
16769: (TENNESSEE WILLIAMS) - Playboy. Vol. 20, No. 4. (April, 1973)
20145: WILLIAMS, C. K. STEPHEN DOBYNS. NORMAN MANEA. ROBERT BOYERS, ED - Salmagundi: No. 121-122, Winter-Spring 1998. Special Feature: A Hooligan's Return to Romania
36763: WILLIAMS, W.D. - Williams - Miles History of Chemistry Collection. A Shelf List
30349: WILLIAMS, MONIER - Modern India and the Indians, Being a Series of Impressions, Notes, and Essays
38043: WILLIAMS, JOHN - The Redeemed Captive Returning to Zion: Or, a Faithful History of Remarkable Occurrences in the Captivity and Deliverance of Mr. John Williams, Minister of the Gospel in Deerfield. .
39465: WILLIAMS, JEANNE - The Making of Books
37744: WILLIAMS, J.W. - Coronado from the Rio Grande to the Concho
37630: WILLIAMS, W.G. [WILLIAM] - Ship Canal Around the Falls of Niagara. To Accompany Bill H.R. No. 466,. January 25, 1838. Mr. Grant, from the Committee on Roads and Canals, Made the Following Report
25754: WILLIAMS, WALTER - The Mr. Bill Show
39395: WILLIAMS, PATRICK G. - Beyond Redemption. Texas Democrats After Reconstruction
33514: WILLIAMS, S. WELLS - The Middle Kingdom. A Survey of the Geography, Government, Literature, Social Life, Arts, and History of the Chinese Empire and Its Inhabitants. [Two Volumes]
35520: WILLIAMS, EDWIN - The New York Annual Register for the Year of Our Lord 1833. Containing an Almanac, CIVIL and Judicial List; with Political, Statistical, and Other Information Respecting the State of New-York and the United States
37494: WILLS, GEOFFREY - English Looking-Glasses. A Study of the Glass, Frames, and Makers (1670-1820)
20843: WILMERDING, JOHN - Robert Salmon: Painter of Ships and Shore
35918: WILMOT, D. [DAVID] - Slavery in the Territories. Speech of Hon. D. Wilmot, of Pennsylvania, in the House of Representatives, May 3, 1850, in Committee of the Whole on the State of the Union, on the President's Message Transmitting the Constitution of California
41639: WILSING, J. [JOHANNES] - Determination of the Mean Density of the Earth by Means of a Pendulum Principle
33762: WILSON, WOODROW - (Abrogating Regulations Governing the Flying of Civilian Aircraft). A Proclamation by the President of the United States
33947: WILSON, WOODROW - [Fourteenth Decennial Census of the United States]. By the President of the United States of America. A Proclamation
33941: WILSON, WOODROW - [Extra Session of Congress, 1919]. By the President of the United States of America a Proclamation
33943: WILSON, WOODROW - [Dissolution of Capital Issues Committee]. By the President of the United States of America a Proclamation
33949: WILSON, WOODROW - [Special Session of the Senate]. By the President of the United States of America. A Proclamation
33951: WILSON, WOODROW - Copyright - Sweden. By the President of the United States of America. A Proclamation. [with] Copyright - Denmark
33952: WILSON, WOODROW - [Fixing Compensation for the North German Lloyd and Hamburg-American Docks]by the President of the United States of America. A Proclamation
33953: WILSON, WOODROW - [Abrogating, Annulling, and Rescinding Certain Regulations Prescribing the Conduct of Alien Enemies]. By the President of the United States of America. A Proclamation
32899: WILSON, LAWRENCE - Fernando Cortez
25033: WILSON, LUCY SARAH ATKINS - A Visit to Grove Cottage for the Entertainment and Instruction of Children
35056: WILSON, H.W. - Les Flottes de Guerre Au Combat. De la Guerre de Sécession à la Grande Guerre (1861-1914). [Tome I Only]
19544: WILSON, MAJOR L. - The Presidency of Martin Van Buren
40062: WILSON, WOODROW - [Tercentenary of the Landing of the Pilgrims]. By the President of the United States of America. A Proclamation
33938: WILSON, WOODROW - [Cancelling License of Certain Food Commodities]. A Proclamation [by the President of the United States] [with] Ten Other Food Related Proclamations
18357: WILSON, DUNCAN - Leonard Woolf: A Political Biography
36806: WILSON, R. LUCOCK - The Story of Dentistry
28791: WILSON, PHILIP WHITWELL - An Explorer of Changing Horizons: William Edgar Geil, F.R. G.S. 1865-1925
36104: WILSON, HENRY - Territorial Slave Code. Speech of Hon. Henry Wilson, of Massachusetts. Delivered in the Senate of the United States, January 25, 1860
22907: WILTSE, CHARLES MAURICE - The Jeffersonian Tradition of Democracy
36064: WINDOM, WILLIAM - The Homestead Bill - Its Friends and Its Foes. Speech of Hon. William Windom, of Minn. Delivered in the House of Representatives, March 14, 1860
40985: WINEGAR, JESSICA - Creative Reckonings. The Politics of Art and Culture in Contemporary Egypt
26012: ARNO WINTERBERG - Auktion 68: Dekorative Graphik, Landkarten-Stadtansichten, Kunst Des 15. Bis 20. Jahrhunderts. Gemalde Aquarelle Zeichnungen Graphik Illustrierte Bucher. 2. Und 3. April 2004
26219: WINTERICH, JOHN - An American Friend of Dickens
41379: WINTERS, TERRY - Intersections + Animations. 50 Drawings
28373: WINTHROP, ROBERT C. - National Monument to Washington. Oration Pronounced by the Hon. Robert C. Winthrop, Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States, on the Fourth of July, 1848, on the Occasion of Laying the Corner-Stone of the National Monument to the Memory of Washington
33066: WIRGIN, JAN - Sung Ceramic Designs
36862: UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN, MADISON. MEMORIAL LIBRARY - From Medieval to Modern. Italian Books & Manuscripts in University of Wisconsin -Madison Collections
32644: WISE, THOMAS JAMES, ED - Introductions by Richard Curle, Augustine Birrell, Edmund Gosse, John Drinkwater, E.V. Lucas, A. Edward Newton, R.W. Chapman, David Nichol Smith, Alfred W. Pollard, J.C. Squire to the Catalogue of the Ashley Library [1922-1930]
32910: WISE, LIEUT. [HENRY A.] - Los Gringos: Or, an Inside View of Mexico and California, with Wanderings in Peru, Chili, and Polynesia
20821: WISH, HARVEY - Society and Thought in America. Vol. I: Society and Thought in Early America- a Social and Intellectual History of the American People Through 1865. Vol. II: Society and Thought in Modern America- a Social and Intellectual History of the American People from 1865
27694: WITEK, JOAN - Joan Witek. New Paintings
30070: WITH, KARL - Java: Brahmanische, Buddhistische Und Eigenlebige Architektur Und Plastik Auf Java
36532: WITH, KARL - Buddhistische Plastik in Japan. Bis in Den Beginn Des 8. Jahrhunderts N Chr
36027: WITTE, PETRUS (PETRUM) DE - Wederlegginge Der Sociniaensche Dwalingen, Uyt-Gegeven, Na Voosgaende Visitatie En Approbatie Des E. Classis [Three Volumes in One]
42782: WITTEN, LAURENCE - Fine Books in Vernacular Languages. French-English-German-Spanish. Catalogue Twenty. Catalogue Twenty
42781: WITTEN, LAURENCE - 1501-1650 Three Hundred Printed Books of the Renaissance & Early Baroque. Catalogue Seventeen
42779: WITTEN, LAURENCE - Six Centuries of Illustrated & Ornamented Books. Part I, 1468-1600. Items 1-130. Catalogue Fifteen
42780: WITTEN, LAURENCE - Incunabula. A Selection of One Hundred Eighteen Printed Books of the Fifteenth Century. Catalogue Sixteen
34025: WOGAN, DANIEL S. - A Literatura Hispano-Americana No Brasil: 1877-1944. Bibliografia de Crítica, História Literária E Traduções
28459: WOLCOTT, HENRIETTA L. T. - In March of the Year 1889, I Gave to the Historical Society of Dedham... The Story of How and When I Came Into Possession Was Read at the Monthly Meeting, April, 1889, and Was Placed in the Archives of the Historical Society
43289: WOLDERING, IRNGARD - The Art of Egypt: The Time of the Pharohs
26668: DEMOSTHENES (DEMOSTENE); AESCHINES; ULPIANUS; WOLF, HIERONYMUS; SCHOTTUS, ANDREAS - Demosthenis Et Aeschinis Principum Graeciae Oratorum Opera: Cum Utriusque Autoris Vita & Ulpani Commentariis, Nouisq[Ue] Scholiis, Ex Quarta Eaq[Ue] Postrema Recognitione, Graecolatina; Sex Codicum Impressorum, & Inter Hos Parisiensis Nuper Editi, Duorum Manuscriptorum, Alterius Pannonii, Alterius Ex Augustana Bibliotheca Fidelissimi Collatione, a Mendis Repurgata, Variis Lectionibus Adaucta, Annotationibus Illustrata
36682: WOLF, II, EDWIN, ED - A Descriptive Catalogue of the John Frederick Lewis Collection of European Manuscripts in the Free Library of Philadelphia
40487: D'WOLF, JOHN - A Voyage to the North Pacific and a Journey Through Siberia More Than Half a Century Ago
39851: WOLFE, WILLIAM P. - Out-of-Print and Antiquarian Books. Americana, Canadiana, and General Including Fine Press, Signed, and Limited Editions. Catalogue Number 7
25301: WOLFE, THEODORE F. - Literary Rambles: At Home and Abroad
35370: WÖLFLE, ROBERT - Incunabula. 245 Wiegendrucke Au 106 Meist Deutschen Pressen. Katalog 75
33378: WOO, CATHERINE YI-YU CHO - Luster of Jade: Poetry, Painting and Music
17125: WOO, NANCY CHU - The Emerging Harmony of Forms
26564: WOOD, GORDON S.; WOOD, LOUISE G., EDS - Russian-American Dialogue on the American Revolution
27687: WOOD, DAVID F., ED - The Concord Museum. Decorative Arts from a New England Collection
31283: WOOD, ROBERT - West Hartlepool. The Rise and Development of a Victorian New Town
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