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34649: MURPHY & SONS, W.M. - Collection of 10 Catalogues of Books from W.M. Murphy & Sons
21797: SONTAG, SUSAN - Baby" in Playboy. Vol. 21, No. 2. (February 1974)
43127: SORTORE, ABRAM - Biography and Early Life Sketch of the Late Abram Sortore Including His Trip to California and Back. Alexandria, Missouri. March 25, 1909
44526: MASCARÓ Y SOSA, PEDRO - El Emperador Nezahualcoyotl, Considerado Como Poeta Elegíaco (Poesía Méjico-Gentílica)
35625: SOTHERAN, HENRY CECIL - Bibliotheca Chemico-Mathematica: Catalogue of Important Works, Chiefly Old and Rare, on Mathematics, Astronomy, Physics and Chemistry, and Kindred Subjects [Bound with] Bibliotheca Reuteriana Part VI... . Final Supplement to Bibliotheca Chemico-Mathematica [in 12 Parts]
35586: SOTHERAN, HENRY - [Collection of] Annotated Catalogue of Works of Medicine, Surgery and Pharmacology... Medical Series 1 Through 11 [Eleven Volumes Bound As One]
41708: SOUTHEY, THOMAS - Chronological History of the West Indies [Three Volumes]
36491: BERISTÁIN DE SOUZA, JOSÉ MARIANO; VERA, FORTINO HIPÓLITO; MEDINA, JOSÉ TORIBIO - Biblioteca Hispano Americana Setentrional (... Septentrional). Volume Three [Only of Three Volumes]
33465: SPAE, JOSEPH J., ED - China Update. A Quarterly Newsletter. Autumn 1983, No. 5; Summer 1984, No. 8; Autumn 1984, No. 9; Winter 1984, No. 10. [4 Issues]
34196: SPAIN - Guia de Forasteros En Madrid, Para El año de 1854 [with] Estado Militar de España é Indias. Año de 1854
34200: SPAIN - Guia de Forasteros En Madrid, Para El año de 1853 [with] Estado Militar de España é Indias. Año de 1853
34201: SPAIN - Guia de Forasteros En Madrid, Para El año de 1840 [with] Estado Militar de España é Indias. Año de 1840
34203: SPAIN - Guia de Forasteros En Madrid, Para El año de 1864
34199: SPAIN - Guia de Forasteros En Madrid, Para El año de 1860 [with] Estado Militar de España é Indias. Año de 1860
42977: [SPAIN] - Memorial Literario Instructivo Y Curioso de la Corte de Madrid Correspondiente Al Mes de Enero de 1784. [Volume I]
37897: SPALDING, KAREN - Huarochirí. An Andean Society Under Inca and Spanish Rule
41679: SPALIKOWSKI, ED. [EDMOND] - Notes Préhistoriques
43071: SPARKS, JARED - Letter to Lord Mahon, Being an Answer to His Letter Addressed to the Editor of Washington's Writings
34359: SPELL, LOTA M. - Obituary Notes. Rafael Heliodoro Valle (1891-1959) [from] Hispanic American Historical Review (Vol. 40, No. 3, Aug. , 1960)
39428: SPENCER, ELMA DILL RUSSELL - Green Russell and Gold
12408: SPENCER, J. A. - History of the United States from the Earliest Period to the Administration of James Buchanan. (in Three Volumes)
32929: HEBREW UNIVERSITY. SPIEGEL, MANKA, ED - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 1925-1950
30682: SPODEK, HOWARD - From "Parasitic" to "Generative": The Transformation of Post-Colonial Cities in India
31145: SPORTS AND SPORTSMEN - British Sports and Sportsmen. The Story of Shipping
28314: SPRAGUE, WILLIAM B. - The Claims of Past and Future Generations on CIVIL Rulers. A Sermon, Preached at the Annual Election, May 25, 1825. Before His Honor Marcus Morton, Esq. Lieutenant Governor, the Honorable Council, and the Legislature of Massachusetts
27822: SPRAGUE, PELEG - Speech of Mr. Sprague, of Maine, Upon the Arrangement of the Colonial Trade with Great Britain. Delivered in the Senate of the United States, on the 3d Day of April, 1832
43166: SPRAGUE, CHARLES - An Oration, Delivered on Monday, Fourth of July, 1825, in Commemoration of American Independence, Before the Supreme Executive of the Commonwealth, and the City Council and Inhabitants of the City of Boston
39427: SPRATT, JOHN S. - The Road to Spindletop. Economic Change in Texas, 1875-1901
37846: SQUIER, E.G. [EPHRAIM GEORGE] - Honduras; Descriptive, Historical, and Statistical
30346: SRIVASTAVA, VIJAI SHANKAR, ED - Cultural Contours of India. Dr. Satya Prakash Felicitation Volume
34632: STAACK, F. & G. - Collection of 7 Catalogues of Books from F. & G. Staack
35881: STAAL, MARGUERITE-JEANNE, BARONNE DE; BATHURST, SELINA, TRANS - Memoirs of Madame de Staal de Launay [Extra Illustrated]
21938: STAFFORD, CLAYTON - The Swann and the Eagle and Other Poems
31314: TEYCHINE STAKENBURG, A.J. - Op de Uitkijk, Aan Het Roer. Nigoco 75 Jaar: Tien Opstellen over Het Inspelen Op Veranderingen in de Wereld, Uitgegeven Ter Gelegenheid Van Het 75-Jarig Bestaan Van Van Nievelt, Goudriaan & Co. Te Rotterdam
41496: STALIN, GEORGES - Le Dolmen de Saint-étienne (Oise)
28010: STANTON, EDWIN M. UNITED STATES. WAR DEPT - Missouri Militia. Letter from the Secretary of War, in Answer to a Resolution of the House of Representatives of the 9th Instant, Transmitting Reports of Military Commanders in the Department of Missouri, Etc. , Relative to Military Service Rendered by the Missouri Militia. March 18, 1864. Referred to the Committee on Military Affairs and Ordered to Be Printed
36719: STAPLETON, DARWIN H. - Accounts of European Science, Technology, & Medicine Written by American Travelers Abroad, 1735-1860, in the Collections of the American Philosophical Society
24336: STARK, LEONARD W., CROOK, W. G. - Selections from W.G. Crook Nelsonville, O. , Illustrated Catalogue of 1888: With 1972 "Introduction to Watch Collecting" by Leonard W. Stark
30086: STAROSTIN, P.N. - Pamiatniki Imen';Kovskoi Kul';Tury
29681: STARY, G., ED - Central Asiatic Journal. International Periodical for the Languages, Literature, History and Archaeology of Central Asia. Volume 31, Nos. 3-4. 1987
37536: UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF STATE - Letter from the Secretary of State Accompanied with a List of the Names of Persons Who Have Invented Any New and Useful Art, Machine, Manufacture, or Composition of Matter, or Any Improvement Thereon, and to Whom Patents Have Issued . .
39860: DEPARTMENT OF STATE - Chile. Rebuilding for a Better Future. Background
31596: NAVY LEAGUE OF THE UNITED STATES - The Navy. Volume VI. [Jan. - Dec. 1912, Nos. 1-12]
35444: NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION OF THE UNITED STATES - Latin American Backgrounds. A Bibliography
27967: COMMITTEE OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE UNITED STATES - Report, in Part, of the Committee, on So Much of the Message of the President, As Relates to the Military Establishment of the United States. January 8th, 1810. Read, and Committed to a Committee of the Whole House, to-Morrrow
27972: COMMITTEE OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE UNITED STATES - Report of the Committee of Claims on the Petition of Margaret Lapsley. January 17, 1810. Read, and Committed to a Committee of the Whole House, on Monday Next
27974: COMMITTEE OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE UNITED STATES - Report of the Committee of Claims, on the Petition of John Thomson. January 23, 1810. Read, and Committed to a Committee of the Whole House on Friday Next
31597: NAVY LEAGUE OF THE UNITED STATES - The Navy. Volume VII. [Jan. - Dec. 1913, Nos. 1-12]
31598: NAVY LEAGUE OF THE UNITED STATES - The Navy. Volume VIII. [Jan. - Dec. 1914, Nos. 1-12]
31599: NAVY LEAGUE OF THE UNITED STATES - The Navy. Volume IX. [Jan. - Dec. 1915, Nos. 1-12]
31610: NEW YORK COMMANDERY. MILITARY ORDER OF THE LOYAL LEGION OF THE UNITED STATES, ED - Original and Selected Songs, Printed for the Use of the New York Commandery of the Military Order, Loyal Legion, United States
41732: [UNITED STATES, DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY] - Letter from the Secretary of the Treasury Transmitting the Annual Statement of the District Tonnage of the United States on the 31st Day of December 1814; with a Letter from the Register of the Treasury Explanatory of the Same
33851: NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION OF THE UNITED STATES., COMMISSION ON THE REORGANIZATION OF SECONDARY EDUCATION - Cardinal Principles of Secondary Education. A Report of the Commission on the Reorganization of Secondary Education Appointed by the National Education Association. Bulletin, 1918, No. 35
44065: [WHISKEY REBELLION]. UNITED STATES, THIRD CONGRESS - Third Congress of the United States: At the First Session, Begun and Held at the City of Philadelphia, in the State of Pennsylvania, on Monday, the Second of December, One Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety-Three. An Act Directing a Detachment from the Militia of the United States
42248: COMISIÓN DE RECLAMACIONES ENTRE CHILE Y ESTADOS UNIDOS [UNITED STATES AND CHILEAN CLAIMS COMMISSION] - Actas de la Comisión (Comisión de Reclamaciones Entre Chile Y Los Estados Unidos. Establecida a Virtud de la Convención de 7 de Agosto de 1892)
37613: UNITED STATES, DEPT. OF THE TREASURY - Letter from the Treasury Department, Transmitting Information in Relation to a Robbery of the Land Office at Vandalia, in the State of Illinois. January 23, 1824. Read, and Referred to the Committee Upon the Public Lands
40247: [NAPOLEONIC STATES, ITALY]. IMOLA. ALESSANDRETTI, [ANTONIO] - Programma. Regno D'Italia. Dipartimento Del Reno. Distretto D'Imola. IL Podesta Della Citta D'Imola
37597: UNITED STATES, CONGRESS - Joint Resolution of the United States. January 5th, 1816. Read Twice, and Committed to a Committee of the Whole House on the State of the Union
37605: UNITED STATES, CONGRESS - Joint Resolution for Abolishing the Traffick in Slaves, and the Colinization [Sic] of the Free People of Colour of the United States. February 11, 1817. Read, and Committed to a Committee of the Whole House on Monday Next
31607: COMMANDERY OF THE STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA. MILITARY ORDER OF THE LOYAL LEGION OF THE UNITED STATES - Song Book for the Use of the Commandery of the State of Pennsylvania
27433: JUNIUS AMERICANUS (GEORGE OSBORNE STEARNS, PSEUD.) - A Review of "a Discourse Occasioned by the Death of Daniel Webster, Preached at the Melodeon on Sunday, October 31, 1852, by Theodore Parker, Minister of the Twenty-Eighth Congregational Society in Boston.
32811: STEARNS, CHARLES W. - A Concordance to the Constitution of the United States of America; with a Classified Index, and Questions for Educational Purposes
28055: STEARNS, CHARLES - A Sermon Preached November 11, 1806, at the Interment of the Hon. Eleazar Brooks, Esq. By Charles Stearns, Minister of Lincoln
43828: COMPTROLLER OF THE TREASURY. STEELE, JOHN - Circular to Collectors. Treasury Department. Comptroller's Office, November [24 in Manuscript], 1801. Sir, Information Has Been Received at the Treasury, That a Practice Prevails, at Some of the Custom-Houses, of Permitting Vessels to Enter, of Securing the Duties on Their Cargoes, and Afterwards Allowing Them to Proceed to Foreign Ports without Unlading the Merchandize...
40068: STEELE, COLIN - English Interpreters of the Iberian New World from Purchas to Stevens. A Bibliographical Study. 1603-1726
43812: COMPTROLLER OF THE TREASURY. STEELE, JOHN - Circular to Collectors, Naval Officers, and Surveyors. Treasury Department, Comptroller's Office, January [15, in Manuscript] 1801. : Sir, Pursuant to the Intimation Given You in Mine of the 30th of May Last, I Now Forward You Herewith Inclosed a Table of the Duties Payable on All Goods, Wares and Merchandize Imported Into the United States . .
28591: STEFANSSON, VILHJALMUR - Adventures in Error
28595: STEFANSSON, VILHJALMUR - My Life with the Eskimo
28592: STEFANSSON, VILHJALMUR - The Northward Course of Empire
29885: STEGMANN, B.K. - Uber Einige Neue Vogelformen Aus Der Mongolei" [from] Doklady Rossiiskoi Akademii Nauk. Comptes Rendus de L'Academie Des Sciences de Russie
21869: STEIG, MICHAEL - Dickens and Phiz
36535: STEIGER, ARNALD - Origin and Spread of Oriental Words in European Languages
21304: STEIN, DIANE - Essential Reiki:  a Complete Guide to an Ancient Healing Art
36558: STEIN, ADOLPHE - Master Drawings. March 9th - April 6th, 1977
39353: STEINER, JÖRG - The Bear Who Wanted to Be a Bear
39287: STEININGER, HANS - Hauch-Und Körperseele Und Der Dämon Bei Kuan Yin-Tze. Untersuchungen Zur Chinesischen Psychologie Und Ontologie
13219: STEKEL, WILHELM - Impotence in the Male. The Psychic Disorders of the Sexual Function in the Male. Two Volumes
20836: (STELLA, JOSEPH). BAUR, JOHN I. H. - Joseph Stella
20860: STELLA, JOSEPH - Joseph Stella. Paintings and Works on Paper. Fall 1990
33123: LANE, STEPHEN AND MACKENZIE, GINNY, EDS - Beijing / New York. Chinese Artists: Works on Paper
32613: STEPHENS, LESTER D., ED - Historiography: A Bibliography
20479: STEPHENS, JOHN L. - Incidents of Travel in Yucatan. (Two Volumes)
14474: (STERLING AND FRANCINE CLARK ART INSTITUTE) - Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute. Exhibit Twenty-Eight. Old Silver Dining Accessories. March, 1965
14475: (STERLING AND FRANCINE CLARK ART INSTITUTE) - Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute. Exhibit Twenty-Six. Fine Cups and Saucers. June 1964. (Cups and Saucers of Continental Porcelain)
30734: STERNBACH, LUDWICK - Juridical Studies in Ancient Indian Law: 18, Legal Position of Women Whose Husbands Live on Their Earnings," [Reprinted from] Siddha-Bharati or the Rosary of Indology Being the Dr. Siddheshwar Varma Presentation Volume
30736: STERNBACH, LUDWICK - Juridical Studies in Ancient Indian Law. Legal, Fiscal, Social and Penal Privileges Accorded to Infants Etc," [Reprinted from] Siddha-Bharati or the Homage of Indology Being the Dr. Lakshman Sarap Memorial Volume
21029: STERNE, LAURENCE - The Works of Laurence Sterne in One Volume with a Life of the Author Written by Himself
42946: STETSON, FRANK - [Manuscript] Map of Mexico and Central America
23029: STEVENS, PHILLIPS, JR., ED - New York Folklore. Vol. X, No. 1-2. Winter-Spring 1984
43086: STEVENS, BENJAMIN F. [FRANKLIN] - Portrait of John Paul Jones Presented to the Bostonian Society by Benjamin F. Stevens, November 12, 1889
25582: STEVENS, DANIEL GURDEN - The First Hundred Years of the American Baptist Publication Society
25644: STEVENS, WALLACE - Opus Posthumous
23031: STEVENS, PHILLIPS, JR., ED - New York Folklore: Marketing Folk Art, Vol. XII, No. 1- 2, Winter-Spring 1986
32666: STEWART, STUART B. - The Economy and Society of Colonial Brazil: A Brief Overview
36346: STEWART, WILLIAM M. - Reconstruction. Speech of Hon. William M. Stewart, of Nevada, Delivered in the Senate of the United States, February 3, 1868
29846: STEWART, IAN CHARLES, TEXT & PHOTOS - Indonesians. Portraits from an Archipelago
36053: STEWART, JAMES A. - Organization of the House. Speech of Hon. James A. Stewart, of Maryland, in the House of Representatives, December 12, 1859
39328: STEWART, RAY - War in China
31888: STEWART, BASIL - Japanese Colour-Prints and the Subjects They Illustrate. A Guide for the Collector & Student, with Description of the Subjects Illustrated in Landscape, Drama, Story and Portraiture
27763: STIMSON, F. J. [FREDERIC JESUP] - The Methods of Bribery and Its Prevention at Our National Elections. An Address Delivered Before the Massachusetts Reform Club, Boston, Jan. 12, 1889
44859: STINDT, FRED A. - Matson's Century of Ships
35703: STOCK, GUILLERMO - La Nación de Washington
12442: STOCK, DENNIS - This Land of Europe. A Photographic Exploration
35110: STOCKTON, FRANK R. - Personally Conducted
21913: STOCKTON, FRANK R. - John Gayther's Garden and the Stories Told Therein
21848: STOCKTON, FRANK R. - Amos Kilbright: His Adscititious Experiences, with Other Stories
26360: STOCKUM, WILHELMUS PETRUS VAN, JR. - La Librairie L'Imprimerie Et la Presse En Hollande a Travers Quatre Siecles; Documents Pour Servir à L'Histoire de Leurs Relations Internationales Recueillis Et Annotes Par W.P. Van Stockum Jr.
43136: STODDARD, ROGER E. AMERICAN ANTIQUARIAN SOCIETY - A Catalogue of the Dramatic Imprints of David and Thomas Longworth, 1802-1821," [in] Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society. Volume 84, Part 2. Annual Meeting, Worcester, October 16, 1974
41832: STOETZER, O. CARLOS - Two Studies on Contemporary Argentine History. On the Eve of the 1976 Crisis and a Review of Current U.S. -Argentine Relations
24423: STONE, ROBERT. HALPREN, DANIEL, ED - The Life of Hazard," in Antaeus, No. 43, Autumn, 1981
26112: BOOTH WILLIAM STONE - The Hidden Signatures of Francesco Colonna and Francis Bacon. A Comparison of Their Methods, with the Evidence of Marston and Hall That Bacon Was the Author of Venus and Adonis
26527: STONE, LAWRENCE - Sculpture in Britain: The Middle Ages
34504: STONEHILL, C.A. - Collection of 13 Catalogues and Lists from C.A. Stonehill
39160: STONES, ALISON - The Minnesota Vincent of Beavers Manuscript and Cistercian Thirteenth-Century Book Decoration
36953: JACKSON-STOPS, GERVASE - An English Arcadia, 1600-1990: Designs for Gardens and Garden Buildings in the Care of the National Trust
39792: ARGOSY BOOK STORES - Argosy Selection of Books. Part I - Americana. Part II - General. Catalogue 462
34415: STORMS, KATE, ED - The Rural Folio. The Rensselaerville Historical Society Quarterly. Vol. 2, No. 4. Fall 1977
28078: STORRS, RICHARD S. - The Mutability of Created Things a Reason for Active Benevolence. A Sermon, Delivered Before the Howard Benevolent Society of Boston, January 12th, 1820. By Richard S. Storrs, A.M. Pastor of a Church in Braintree. Published at the Request of Individual Bearers
20304: STOUDT, JOHN JOSEPH - The Pennsylvania Dutch: An Introduction to Their Life and Culture
37985: STOWE, HARRIET BEECHER - Sunny Memories of Foreign Lands. [Two Volumes]
23835: STRACHEY, LYTTON. ILLUS.. BY ERTE - Ermyntrude and Esmeralda
33592: STRACHEY, WILLIAM. MAJOR, R. H., ED - The Historie of Travaile Into Virginia Britannia; Expressing the Cosmographie and Comodities of the Country, Together with the Manners and Customes of the People. Gathered and Observed As Well by Those Who Went First Thither As Collected by William Strachey, Gent. , the First Secretary of the Colony
32281: STRAELEN, H.V. (HENRICUS JOHANNES JOSEPHUS MARIA) - The Japanese Woman Looking Forward
26762: STRAHAN, AUBREY - Guide to the Geological Model of Ingleborough and District [Memoirs of the Geological Survey, England and Wales]
39580: STRAIN, ISAAC G. - Cordillera and Pampa, Mountain and Plain. Sketches of a Journey in Chili, and the Argentine Provinces in 1849
31401: STRAITH, HECTOR - Introductory Essay to the Study of Fortification, for Young Officers of the Army
45127: STRATTON, MARGARET - Margaret Stratton. Detained in Purgatory. Contact Sheet. Number 110
41450: STRAWSON, JOHN - Hitler's Battles for Europe
31999: STREETER, TAL - The Art of the Japanese Kite
32773: [STREETER, THOMAS WINTHROP]. PARKE-BERNET GALLERIES - The Celebrated Collection of Americana Formed by the Late Thomas Winthrop Streeter. Volume Seven
32770: [STREETER, THOMAS WINTHROP]. PARKE-BERNET GALLERIES - The Celebrated Collection of Americana Formed by the Late Thomas Winthrop Streeter. Volume Three
13614: STRICH, FRITZ - Goethe Und Die Weltliterature
26452: STRUMPELL, ADOLF VON; SEYFARTH, CARLY - Lehrbuch Der Speziellen Pathologie Und Therapie Der Inneren Krankheiten Fur Studierende Und Arzte. 2 Bande [Two Volumes]
15615: STRYK, LUCIEN & IKEMOTO, TAKASHI, TRANSLATORS - Haiku of the Japanese Masters
31836: NEW JERSEY ADJUTANT GENERAL. STRYKER, WILLIAM S. - Record of Officers and Men of New Jersey in the CIVIL War, 1861-1865. [Two Volumes]
27424: STUART, MOSES - Mr. Webster's Andover Address and His Political Course While Secretary of State
27865: STUART, MOSES (AMERICAN TEMPERANCE SOCIETY) - Essay on the Prize-Question, Whether the Use of Distilled Liquors, or Traffic in Them, Is Compatible, at the Present Time, with Making a Profession of Christianity
39936: STUART AND TURNER - Genuine Period Antiques
33993: [LATIN AMERICAN STUDIES] - [Collection of 14 Papers and Meeting Minutes on Latin American Studies Especially Bibliography]
28099: STUDIO - Annuaire D'Art Decoratif Du "Studio" 1912
25406: STUERMER, HARRY - Two War Years in Constantinople. Sketches of German and Young Turkish Ethics and Politics
34752: (STURGES, HENRY CADY). ANDERSON GALLERIES - The Library of the Late Henry Cady Sturges of New York City. Part Four: Autographs
30162: STUZHINA, EMILIA PAVLOVNA - Politika Kitaiskogo Gosudrstva Po Otnosheniiu K Gorodu (XI-XIII Veka) in Narody Azii I Ariki 6 (1971)
12183: STYCZYNSKI, JAN - Vistula - the Story of a River
42197: SUAREZ, J. [JOSÉ] B. [BERNARDO] - Rasgos Biográficos de Niños Celebres Estractados, Traducidos I Referidos a Los Alumnos de Los Colejios I Escuelas
34908: GONZÁLEZ S. [SUASNAVAS], VÍCTOR A. - Paludismo En El Guayaquil Colonial
42072: VICUÑA SUBERCASEAUX, BENJAMÍN - Por Una Fístula (Cuento Largo O Novela Corta)
43393: SUBERO, EFRAIN - La Navidad En la Literatura Venezolana
43398: SUBERO, EFRAIN - Poesia Infantil Venezolana
27108: SULLIVAN, JAMES - The History of the District of Maine... Illustrated by a New Correct Map of the District
32792: SULLIVAN, EDMUND B. - Collecting Political Americana
33092: SULLIVAN, MICHAEL - The Three Perfections. Chinese Painting, Poetry and Calligraphy
43391: SULLIVAN, WILLIAM M. - Bibliografia Comentada de la Era de Cipriano Castro, 1899-1908
43722: SULLIVAN, GEORGE, ET AL.; [WEBSTER, NOAH], INGERSOLL, JONATHAN - An Address of Members of the House of Representatives of the Congress of the United States, to Their Constituents, on the Subject of the War with Great Britain [Bound with] an Address to the Freemen in Connecticut
41378: SULLIVAN, CONSTANCE, ED - Legacy of Light
36989: SULTAN, DONALD, AND MAMET, DAVID - Warm and Cold
27516: SUMMERSON, JOHN - Architecture in Britain 1530 to 1830. [Pelican History of Art]
27332: SUMNER, WILLIAM H. - Reminiscences [of Gov. John Hancock]
45128: SUMNER, CHARLES - The True Grandeur of Nations: An Oration Delivered Before the Authorities of the City of Boston, July 4, 1845
33313: SUN, E-TU ZEN - Ren Yidu Xian Sheng Fang Wen Ji Lu. Reminiscences of Prof. E-Tu Zen Sun
33556: DUNHUANG WEN WU YAN JIU SUO - Dunhuang Cai Su
16531: (DIRECTOR OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL SURVEY, BURMA) - Pictorial Guide to Pagan
42880: SUSSMAN, RINA, AND BROWNELL, DAVID - Observation. A Magazine of the Visual Arts. Spring 1968
35709: SUSVIELA, JACINTO - Junta de Gobierno de Montevideo En 1808
34748: (SUZANNET, COMTE DE). SOTHEBY & CO - Catalogue of a Portion of the Well-Known Library, the Property of the Comte de Suzannet, la Petite Chardière, Lausanne, Comprising an Exceedingly Fine Collection of the Work of W.M. Thackeray... A Very Choice Collection of Coloured Plates of Sporting Subjects. .
29984: SVENTITSKII, A.S. TSENTRAL'NYI NARODNO-PROMYSHLENNYI KOMITET, OTDIEL VNIESHNEI TORGOVLI. [SVENTITSKY] - Ekonomicheskie Interesy Rosii Na Vostoke. Vypusk"I. Dal'Nii Vosok". Mongoliia. Persiia. [Zkonomicheskie]
26572: SVIRIN, A. N. (ALEKSEI NIKOLAEVICH) - Early Russian Jewelry Work. Iuvelirnoe Iskusstvo Drevnei Rusi XI-XVII Vekov
38492: (SWAN, ROBERT T.). C.F. LIBBIE & CO - Catalogue of the Private Library of the Late Robert T. Swan, of Brookline, Mass. Commissioner of Public Records of Mass. February 28 and 29, 1912
34770: (SWANN, ARTHUR). PARKE-BERNET GALLERIES - The Collection of First Editions of American Authors Formed by the Late Arthur Swann
15939: SWIFT, GRAHAM - Last Orders
26345: SWINEFORD, ALFRED. UNITED STATES. CONGRESS. HOUSE. COMMITTEE ON THE TERRITORIES - Organization of Alaska: Hearings Before the United States House Committee on the Territories, Forty-Ninth Congress, Second Session
26821: SYBERBERG, HANS JURGEN - Fotografie Der 30er Jahre
18084: SYDENHAM, G. (GEORGE) - England Before the Norman Conquest: Considered with Especial Reference to Its Literary Character
34013: ROMERO, SYLVÍO AND RIBEIRO, JOÃO - Compendio de Historia Da Literatura Brasileira
19391: SYMINGTON, ELSIE - By Light of Sun
36741: SYMONS, JOHN. WELLCOME INSTITUTE FOR THE HISTORY OF MEDICINE - Books from the Library of the Medical Society of London. An Exhibition 14 January to 3 April 1985
39358: SYREN AND SHIPPING. PEARSE, RONALD, ED - The Syren and Shipping. Nos. 2706-2731. Vol. CCVIII, July - December, 1948
42928: SYRKIN, MARIE - Blessed in the Match. The Story of Jewish Resistance
40038: REMINGTON RAND SYSTEMS - Library Bureau Furniture
26879: SZARKOWSKI, JOHN; WEILEY, SUSAN, ED - Photography Until Now
39212: SZCZENSNIAK, BOLESLAW - Pictorials of Contempt: A Note on the British in Mid-Nineteenth Century Canton
39333: SZCZESNIAK, B. - A Russian Translation of J.B. Due Halde's Description de L'Empire de la Chine
42372: SZMULEWICZ, EFRAIM - Un Niño Nació Judío
39781: SZMULEWICZ, EFRAIN, DIR - Millantun. Revista Mensual de Arte Y Literatura. Año 2. Septiembre 1943. No. 13
39779: SZMULEWICZ, EFRAIN, DIR - Millantun. Arte - Literatura. Año I. Enero de 1943. Revista Mensual. No. 5
39780: SZMULEWICZ, EFRAIN, DIR - Millantun. Revista Mensual de Arte Y Literatura. Año I. Junio de 1943. No. 10
12398: PHILLIPS, HARRY T. AND GAYLORD, SUSAN A., EDITORS - Aging and Public Health
28015: OTTO, W. T. AND BROWNING, O. H. UNITED STATES. DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR - Union Pacific Railroad. Letter from the Acting Secretary of the Interior, in Answer to a Resolution of the House of the 9th Instant, Transmitting Certain Papers Relative to the Central Branch of the Union Pacific and San Francisco and St. Jose Railroad Company. December 11, 1867. Referred to the Committee on the Pacific Railroad and Ordered to Be Printed
26740: CLINTON, CHARLES T. AND GATES, ELEANOR; SAM HELLMAN, GLADYS LEHMAN, AND HARRY TUGEND - Shirley Temple in the Poor Little Rich Girl: From the Screen Play by Sam Hellman, Gladys Lehman, and Harry Tugend. With Illustrations from the Photoplay. A Twentieth Century-Fox Production
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