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21687: HODGKINS, IAN - A Catalogue of Books, Prints and Autograph Letters by and About the Pre-Raphaelites and Their Associates. Catalogue 61. Spring, 1992
21688: HODGKINS, IAN - A Catalogue of Books, Autograph Letters and Prints by and About the Pre-Raphaelites and Their Circle. Catalogue 69. Summer, 1993
21689: HODGKINS, IAN - A Catalogue of Books, Prints and Autograph Letters by and About the Pre-Raphaelites and Their Circle. Catalogue 75. Spring, 1994
21690: HODGKINS, IAN - A Catalogue of Books, Prints and Autograph Letters by and About the Pre-Raphaelites and Their Circle. Catalogue 79. Winter / Spring, 1995
21691: HODGKINS, IAN - A Catalogue of Books, Prints and Autograph Letters by and About the Pre-Raphaelites and Their Circle. Catalogue 85. Spring, 1996
21692: HODGKINS, IAN - The "1890s". A Catalogue of Illustrated Books and Literature Including Children's Books, Arts & Crafts, the Birmingham School, the Leadenhall Press, the Pear Tree Press, Drawings, Prints, Etc. Catalogue 55. Spring, 1991
21694: HODGKINS, IAN - Mainly 19th Century Literature. A Catalogue of Literature, Poetry, Belles Lettres, Biography, Etc. And Women Travellers. Catalogue 77. Autumn, 1994
21695: HODGKINS, IAN - Fairy Tales. A Catalogue of Folk Legends, Children's Stories, Nursery Rhymes, Verse, Etc. Catalogue 84. Winter, 1995
26980: HODGSON, J. F. - The Episcopal Chapel of Auckland Castle
30725: HODGSON, J.A. - Memoir on the Length of the Llahee Guz, or Imperial Land Measure of Hindostan," [from] the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, Vol VII. 1840
31696: HOENIG, FRITZ - Inquiries Concerning the Tactics of the Future
30711: HOERNLE, A.F.R. - Gold Coins from Jalalabad," [from] Proceedings of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, April 1879
36686: HOFER, PHILIP - Baroque Book Illustration. A Short Survey. From the Collection in the Department of Graphic Arts Harvard College Library
43128: HOFFMAN, CHARLES FENNO - A Winter in the West: Letters Descriptive of Chicago and Vicinity in 1833-4
28101: HOFFMANN, HERBERT - L'Abitazione Moderna. Raccolta Di Esempi. Con 80 Progetti D'Interni, Di Artisti Moderni, Scelti Dai Volumi Esauriti Della Serie L'Abitazione Moderna
26430: BEER-HOFMANN, RICHARD - Aus Dem Fragment Paula, Herbstmorgen in Osterreich
29161: HOGARTH, D.G. [DAVID GEORGE] - The Life of Charles M. Doughty
30761: HOLLINGDALE, R.J. - Nietzsche. The Man and His Philosophy
34505: HOLLINGS, FRANK - Collection of 10 Catalogues from Frank Hollings Bookshop
25282: HOLLS, FREDERICK W. - The Peace Conference at the Hague: And Its Bearings on International Law and Policy
28057: HOLMAN, NATHAN - A Sermon, Preached at the Ordination of the Rev. David Holman, to the Pastoral Care of the Church in Douglas, October 19, 1808. By Nathan Holman, A.M. Pastor of the Second Church in Attleborough
28579: HOLME, C.G., ED - Decorative Art 1937: Thirty-Second Annual Issue of the Studio Year Book
43331: HOLMES, OLIVER WENDELL - The Autocrat of the Breakfast-Table
35247: HOLMES, HENRY ALFRED, ED - Contemporary Spanish Americans. Selections from the Works of Seventeen Modern Writers, Edited with Critiques, Notes, and Vocabulary
41474: HOLMES, W.H. [WILLIAM HENRY] - Order of Development of the Primal Shaping Arts
21871: HOLMES, OLIVER WENDELL - The Iron Gate and Other Poems
39261: STAËL-HOLSTEIN, BARON A. VON - On a Peking, a St. Petersburg, and a Kyoto Reconstruction of a Sanskrit Stanza Transcribed with Chinese Characters Under the Northern Sung Dynasty
31274: HOLYOAK, JOHN - Balmoral and the Story of the Bristol Channel Steamers
18337: HOMANS, JAMES E. - Self-Propelled Vehicles. A Practical Treatise on the Theory, Construction, Operation, Care and Management of All Forms of Automobiles
30806: HOOD, MANTLE, ED - Selected Reports. Volume 1, No. 3. Institute of Ethnomusicology
29049: HOOG, J. DE, ED - Kultuurpatronen. Bulletin Etnografisch Museum Delft. Deel 3-4. 1961
30992: HOOK, SIDNEY, ED - American Philosophers at Work. The Philosophic Scene in the United States
41389: HOONE, JEFFREY, DIR - Andrea Modica. At the Edge of Fiction. Contact Sheet 111
41387: HOONE, JEFFREY, DIR - The Light Work Annual. Contact Sheet 102
12652: HOPE, J. D., COMPILER - Descriptive and Illustrated Guide Book of the Famous Watkins Glen. A New York State Reservation Located at Watkins Schuyler Co. , N.Y. (Head of Seneca Lake)
28060: HOPKINS, SAMUEL M. - An Oration, Delivered Before the Washington Benevolent Society, in the City of New-York, at Zion Church, on the Twenty-Second of February, 1809
24557: HOPKINS, ALFRED. WILLIAM DEWEY FOSTER, ED.; F. R YERBURY, PHOTOS - Two Cotswold Villages. (the Tuileries Brochures: A Series of Monographs on European Architecture with Special Reference to Roofs of Tile. Volume 1, Number 4, July 1929)
13975: HOPKINS, GILES E. - Wool As an Apparel Fiber
30549: HOPKINS, EDWARD W. - The Mutual Relations of the Four Castes According to the Manavadharmacastram
27850: HOPKINSON, FRANCIS. [PETER GRIEVOUS, PSEUD] - A Pretty Story Written in the Year of Our Lord, 2774, by Peter Grievous, Esquire, A.B. C.D. E.
16185: PIGGOTT, HORACE AND FINCH, ROBERT J. - Dent's Historical and Economic Geographies: Great Britain and Ireland
27831: VAN HORN, BURT - Liberty and the Union. Speech of Hon. Burt Van Horn of Niagara County. In Assembly-January 18, 1860
39236: HORN, JOSHUA - Hospitals in China
27941: VAN HORN, [ARCHIBALD] - Mr. Van Horn's Motions, Respecting the Commercial Arrangements of the United States. December 7, 1809. Ordered to Lie on the Table
39235: HORN, JOSHUA - Health Care in China. 1. The Mass Line. 2. Annotated Bibliography
37266: [HORNOT, ANTOINE] - Anecdotes Américaines, Ou Histoire Abrégée Des Principaux éVénments Arrivés Dans le Nouveau Monde, Depuis Sa Découverte Jusqu'a L'èpoque Présente
27324: NEW YORK HOSPITAL - Report of the Special Committee Appointed October 6, 1868 to Submit a General Plan for Carrying out the Views of the Board of Governors of the New York Hospital, in Reference to Leasing Their Property on Broadway. November 27, 1868
28557: HOTTEN, JAMES CAMDEN, ED - Abyssinia and Its People; or, Life in the Land of Prester John... . with a New Map; and Eight Coloured Illustrations by MM. Vignaud and Barrat
33004: HOU, CAN; YANG, DAIXIN - Loulan Han Wen Jian Zhi Wen Shu Ji Cheng. Comprehensive Collection and Deep Research on Chinese Documents from Lou-Lan. [Volume 3 Only of Three]
40599: HOUGH, SAMUEL J., ED - The Italians and the Creation of America. An Exhibition at the John Carter Brown Library
27970: UNITED STATES. CONGRESS. HOUSE - Report of the Committee, on the President's Message Communicating a Report of the Surveyor of the Public Buildings. January 11th, 1810. Accompanying a Bill Making Further Appropriations for Completing the Capitol, and for Other Purposes
32719: AVON HOUSE - The Biographical Dictionary of Contemporary Poets. The Who's Who of American Poets
22172: HOUSE, HOMER D. [DOLIVER] - Wild Flowers of New York. Two Volumes
37595: UNITED STATES. CONGRESS HOUSE; MISSISSIPPI. LEGISLATURE - Report of the Committee to Which Was Referred, on the 6th Instant, the Memorial of the Legislature of the Mississippi Territory, Praying for Admission Into the Union, As an Independent State. December 29, 1815. Read and Ordered to Be Printed
37599: UNITED STATES. CONGRESS HOUSE.; MISSISSIPPI. LEGISLATURE - Report of the Committee to Which Was Referred, on the 9th Instant, the Memorial of the Legislature of the Mississippi Territory, Praying for Admission Into the Union, As an Independent State. Made December 23, 1816
25258: HOUSTON, EDWIN J. - Easy Lessons in Natural Philosophy. For Young Children
30794: HOUSTON, JEANNE WAKATSUKI; HOUSTON, JAMES D. - Beyond Manzanar: Views of Asian-American Womanhood. [and] One Can Think About Life After the Fish Is in the Canoe
27768: HOWARD, CHARLES D. - False Statements of the New York Sun Concerning Gov. Hayes' Letter of Acceptance, Refuted
43052: HOWARD, [JACOB MERRITT]. (UNITED STATES. CONGRESS. SENATE) - In the Senate of the United States. Mr. Howard Submitted the Following Resolution. Senate 39th Congress, 1st Session. Mis. Doc. No. 39. January 16, 1866. Read, and Ordered to Lie on the Table and Be Printed... It Appears That Jefferson Davis, Late President of the So-Called Confederate States, Is Now Held in Custody, Charged with the Crimes of Having Incited the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln... Resolved by the Senate, (and the House of Representatives Concurring,) That It Be Respectfully Recommended to the President That Said Jefferson Davis and Clement C. Clay Be, without Unnecessary Delay, Tried by a Military Commission Upon Said Charges
27819: HOWARD, O. O. [OLIVER OTIS]. BALKNAP, WILLIAM W. - Letter from the Secretary of War, Transmitting a Report of the Commanding General, Department of the Columbia, of His Tour in Alaska Territory, in June, 1875. [44th Congress, 1st Session. Senate Ex. Doc. No. 12]
12368: HOWARD, KENNETH S. - How to Solve Chess Problems
28312: HOWE, JAMES B. - A Sermon, Preached at Concord, Before His Excellency Samuel Bell, Governor, the Honourable Council, and the Two Houses, Composing the Legislature of the State of New Hampshire, June 8, 1820. Being the Anniversary Election
38523: (HOWE, LEMUEL R.). C.F. LIBBIE & CO - Collection of Engravings, Etchings, Colored Prints, Naval Prints, Ship Pictures, Yacht Pictures... Water Colors and Oil Paintings from the Estate of the Late Lemuel R. Howe, of Boston. February 18 and 19, 1914
35623: HOWELL, JOHN - Science. Catalogue 48
35621: HOWELL, JOHN - Catalogue 33. Rare Books & Manuscripts. English Literature; Voyages, Travels & Early Chronicles; California & Western Americana, History of Science
35624: HOWELL, JOHN - Anniversary Catalogue. 1912-1982
27535: WARD ELEVEN WAR RELIEF COMMITTEE. EBEN HOWES - First Annual Report of the Ward Eleven War Relief Committee. January 1, 1864
40253: HOWISON, NEIL M. - Oregon. Report of Lieut. Neil M. Howison, United States Navy, to the Commander of the Pacific Squadron; Being the Result of an Examination in the Year 1846 of the Coast, Harbors, Rivers, Soil, Productions, Climate, and Population of the Territory of Oregon. February 29, 1848. Ordered to Be Printed. Ho. Of Reps. 30th Congress, 1st Session. Miscellaneous, No. 29
32746: HOWLAND, CHARLES P., ED - Survey of American Foreign Relations
38672: [RHODE ISLAND HISTORICAL SOCIETY]. HOWLAND, JOHN - Annual Report of the Board of Trustees of the Rhode-Island Historical Society, Submitted at the Meeting Held July 19, 1839
45008: HOYT, PETER L.; MUZZEY, FRANCIS A., TRANSCRIBER - Hoyt's History of Wentworth, New Hampshire
33271: HSU, TAO-CHING - The Chinese Conception of the Theatre
32457: HUANG, DAOZHOU, ED. CHEN, YUANSU - Guang Ming Jiang Zhuan [Five Volumes]
38871: HUBBARD, WILLIAM - A Narrative of the Indian Wars in New England: From the First Planting Thereof in the Year 1607, to the Year 1677: Containing a Relation of the Occasion, Rise and Progress of the War with the Indians in the Southern, Western, Eastern, and Northern Parts of the Said Country
33209: HUCKER, CHARLES O. - China. A Critical Bibliography
27601: HUDSON, CHARLES - Abstract of the History of Lexington, Mass. From Its First Settlement to the Centennial Anniversary of the Declaration of Our National Independence, July 4, 1876
40479: HUDSON, FREDERIC - An Account of the Massacre at Lexington Green and the Fight at Concord Bridge
41657: HUE, EDMOND - Lupus Marignyensis, Cité Lacustre de Chalain
41674: HUE, EDMOND - Levé Du Plan D'Une Allée Couverte. Maquette En Plâtre D'Un Mégalithe
41694: HUE, EDMOND - Le Dolmen de Pierre-Louve à épisy (Seine-Et-Marne)
41658: HUE, EDMOND - Atelier Du Bois de la Roche à Igé (Saône-Et-Loire)
41659: HUE, EDMOND - Le Préhistorique Dans la Vallée de L'Orvanne (Seine-Et-Marne)
41549: HUE, EDMOND - Le Quatrième Menhir de Bois-Rosier à Vergisson (Saône-Et-Loire)
41487: HUE, EDMOND - Deux Menhirs Du Calvados
44359: HUERTA, EPITACIO - Apuntes Para Servir a la Historia de Los Defensores de Puebla Que Fueron Conducidos Prisioneros a Francia; Enriquecidos Con Documentos Autenticos Por El General Epitacio Huertra
30069: HUFFMAN, FRANKLIN E. - Bibliography and Index of Mainland Southeast Asian Languages and Linguistics
33523: HUGHES, E.R. - L'Invasion de la Chine Par L'Occident
13579: HUGHES, THOMAS - Tom Brown at Oxford
31939: HUGHES, SUKEY - Washi. The World of Japanese Paper
40203: HUGHES, TED - Season Songs
40099: MARTINS, DANIEL HUGO AND ESPIELL, HECTOR GROS - La Constitucion Uruguaya de 1952. Suplemento de Constitucion Uruguaya Anotada
18089: HUIZINGA, JOHAN - The Autumn of the Middle Ages
42059: HULL, CLARK L. - Quantitative Aspects of the Evolution of Concepts. An Experimental Study
18185: HULME, EDWARD M. - Wandering in France
36705: HULTH, J.M. - Bibliographia Linnaeana. Matériaux Pour Servir a Une Bibliographie Linnéenne. Partie I, Livraison I.
14870: NAGERA. HUMBERTO - Early Childhood Disturbances, the Infantile Neurosis, and the Adult Disturbances. Problems of a Developmental Psychoanalytic Psychology
28333: HUMPHREY, HEMAN - An Address, Delivered at the Collegiate Institution in Amherst, Ms. By Heman Humphrey, D.D. On Occasion of His Inauguration to the Presidency of That Institution, Oct. 15, 1823
35253: HUMPHREYS, R.A. - Latin American History. A Guide to the Literature in English
39723: HUNEEUS, JORGE - La Leccion de la Jornada. Apuntes Para Un Estudio Histórico de Nuestra Situación Política En 1894
29785: HUNGER, F. W. T. (FRIEDRICH WILHELM TOBIAS) - Experience de Culture a L'Ombre Faite Avec Du Tabac de Deli Sur la Cote Orientale de Sumatra [from] Archives Du Musee Teyler. Serie II, Vol. X. Troisieme Partie
32602: HUNT, CHARLES WARREN. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS - Catalogue of the Library June, 1900 (American Society of CIVIL Engineers)
38561: (HUNT, HENRY W.) C.F. LIBBIE & CO - Catalogue of the Private Library of the Late Henry W. Hunt, Neponset, Mass. Together with Other Consignments, and the Modern Medical Library of a Boston Physician: CIVIL War, Genealogy, Indians, Laws, Trials, Almanacs, Including Paul Revere's Landing of the British Troops, Naval History and Sea Stories, Rare Maps, Portraits, Colored Prints, Views of Boston, Niagara Falls, Etc... . June 8 and 9, 1915
41393: HUNT, BRYAN - Bryan Hunt Recent Work. Cairns, Islets, and Turbes
42526: HUNTER, ANDREW - Science, Including Important Computer Books, Medicine, Including Manuscript Receipt Books, 1666-C. 1830, a Few Books on Agriculture, Others in Gaelic and Scots Abroad. Catalogue Five
38888: HUNTER, JOHN D. - Memoirs of a Captivity Among the Indians of North America, from Childhood to the Age of Nineteen: With Anecdotes Descriptive of Their Manners and Customs. To Which Is Added, Some Account of the Soil, Climate, and Vegetable Productions of the Territory Westward of the Mississippi
33837: HUNTER, R. [ROBERT] M.T. - Address to the Alumni of the University of Virginia at Charlottesville, by Hon. R.M. T. Hunter on Wednesday, June 30, 1875
42523: HUNTER, ANDREW - Andrew Hunter - Rare Books. Catalogue One
42524: HUNTER, ANDREW - Andrew Hunter - Rare Books. Catalogue Two
42525: HUNTER, ANDREW - Andrew Hunter - Rare Books. Catalogue Three
40568: HUNTER, BARBARA HARRIES - The People of Bermuda. Beyond the Crossroads
28461: HUNTING, GEORGE FIELD - VIM: A Poem Read Before the Delta Psi Fraternity of the University of Vermont at Their Twenty-Fifth Anniversary, July 13th, 1878, by Rev. George Field Hunting
38661: HUNTINGTON, F.D. [FREDERIC] - Permanent Realities of Religion, and the Present Religious Interest. A Sermon
38658: HUNTINGTON, JOHN T. - Our Schools and Colleges
38662: HUNTINGTON, F.D. [FREDERIC] - The Roman Catholic Principle; a "Price Lecture," Delivered in Trinity Church, Boston, March 18, 1863
28337: HUNTINGTON, F.D. (FREDERIC DAN) - The Strict System and the Easy. 1st Series. No. 265
28423: HUPFEL, ADOLPH G. WM. ZINSSER & CO - Fass-Roll-Maschine [Broadside Advertisement for a Barrel Rolling Machine]
15769: (HUPPI, ALFONSO) (HUEPPI; HÜPPI). GALLERIA HENZE - Alfonso Huppi. Zeichnungen Aquarelle. Bilder Objekte 1959-1985
41695: HURÉ, AUGUSTA - Association Dans la Vallée Sénonaise de L'Yonne Des Vestiges de L'âge de Pierre à Ceux Des époques Gauloise Et Gallo-Romaine
41691: HURÉ, AUGUSTA - Le Préhistorique Dans le Sénonais Sur la Rive Gauche de L'Yonne
36475: [HURLBERT, WILLIAM HENRY] - The Life and Services of Gen. Geo. B. Mcclellan. Campaign Document, No. 4
25532: GAIUS. HUSCHKE, PH. E. (PHILIPP EDUARD), ED - Gaii Institutionum Iuris Civilis Commentarii Quattuor: Separatim Ex "Iurisprudentiae Anteiustinianae Reliquiarum.
36735: HUSTON, K. GARTH - The Wonderful Monitor, or, Memorable Repository: Containing a Curious and Most Astonishing Account of the Revivication of Young Jo. Taylor
39380: HUTCHINS, PAT - The Wind Blew
44025: [VERMONT] HUTCHINSON, JOHN - [Manuscript Writ Signed] Vermont Justice of the Peace John Hutchinson Summons John Peck the Breach of the King's Peace
28414: HUXLEY, T.H. [THOMAS HENRY] - Social Diseases and Worse Remedies. Letters to the "Times" on Mr. Booth's Scheme with a Preface and (Reprinted) Introductory Essay
42819: HUYGHE, RENÉ, ED., ET AL. - L'Amour de L'Art. No. 2. March 1938. Xixth Year. Monthly Review
33000: HYDE, J.A. LLOYD - Oriental Lowestoft Chinese Export Porcelain. Porcelaine de la Cie Des Indes. With Special Reference to the Trade with China and the Porcelain Decorated for the American Market
33001: HYDE, J.A. LLOYD - Oriental Lowestoft Chinese Export Porcelain. Porcelaine de la Cie Des Indes. With Special Reference to the Trade with China and the Porcelain Decorated for the American Market
37899: HYSLOP, JOHN - Inka Settlement Planning
42952: MARIA I. - Eu a Rainha. Faço Faber Aos Que Este Alvará de Declaraçaõ Com força de Ley Virem: Que Tendo Resoluto Na Carta de Ley de Dezenove de Junho Deste Anno, Cuja Execuçaõ Deferi Pelo Decreto de Vinte de Julho Para O Mez de Novembro, Ou Para O Dia Que Eu Fosse Servida Ensinuar: . .
43920: [BRAZIL] [MARIA I, QUEEN OF PORTUGAL] - Eu O Principe Regente Faco Saber Aos Que Este Meu Alvará Com Forca de Lei Virem: Que Sendo-Me Presente a Falta de Administracão de Justica, Que Ha Nas Villas, E Julgados Do Interior Da Comerca de Pernambuco, Por Não Poder O Ouvidor Fazer As Competentes, E Necessarias Correicões Por Muito Occupado Nos Objectos, E Incumbencias Do Meu Real Servico . .
23341: IACOBUCCI, JEFFREY - Kitzbuhel Durch Vier Jahreszeiten. [Kitzbuhel: Through Four Seasons]
29875: D'IAKONOV, M. M. - Putevoditel' Po Zalam Otdela Vostoka
30122: IAKUBOVSKII, A. IU. (ALEKSANDR IUR';EVICH) - Kul'Tura I Iskusstvo Srednei Azii: Putevoditel' Po Vystavke
29968: GRIGOR'IAN, ASHOT TIGRANOVICH, ED - Iz Istorii Nauki I Tekhniki V Stranakh Vostoka: Sbornik Statei, Vypusk 2
37366: IBÁÑEZ, MAXIMILIANO - Revision Del Código de Comercio. Memoria de Prueba Para Optar El Grado de Licenciado En la Facultad de Leyes Y Ciencias Politicas de la Universidad de Chile
28897: MARTI-IBANEZ, FELIX - Journey Around Myself. Impressions and Tales of Travels Around the World: Japan, Hong Kong, Macao, Bangkok, Angkor, Lebanon
32319: IBUSE, MASUJI - Lieutenant Lookeast and Other Stories
44534: ICAZA, ISIDRO IGNACIO DE; GONDRA, ISIDRO RAFAEL - Colección de Las Antigüedades Mexicanas Que Existian En El Museo Nacional
35864: GARCÍA ICAZBALCETA, JOAQUÍN. MILLARES CARLO, AUGUSTÍN - Bibliografia Mexicana Del Siglo XVI. Catálogo Rasonado de Libros Impresos En Méxicode 1539 a 1600. Con Biografías de Autores Y Otras Ilustraciones. Precedido de Una Noticia Acerca de la Introducción de la Imprenta En México. Neuva Edicion Por Augustín Millares Carlo
36274: GARCÍA ICAZBALCETA, JOAQUÍN - Bibliografia Mexicana Del Siglo XVI. Parte Primera. Catálogo Rasonado de Libros Impresos En Méxicode 1539 a 1600. Con Biografías de Autores Y Otras Ilustraciones. Precedido de Una Noticia Acerca de la Introducción de la Imprenta En México [All Published]
37089: ALVAREZ THOMAS, IGNACIO AND TAGLE, GREGORIO - Oficio Que Dirige El Gobierno a Las Corporaciones, Magistrados, Xefes Militares, Y Ciudadanos Reunidos de Su Orden Suprema En Cabildo Abierto... . Excmo. Señor. Quando El ùltimo de Los Ciudadanos Ha Llegado á Penetrarse de la Inminencia de Los Riesgos a Que Están Expuestas la Libertad Y la Existencia de la Patria. .
34107: IGUÍNIZ, JUAN B. - Bibliografía Biográfica Mexicana. Tomo I. Repertorios Biográficos
35730: IGUINIZ, JUAN B. - Disquisiciones Bibliograficas. Autores-Libros-Bibliotecas-Artes Graficas
36272: IGUÍNIZ, JUAN B. INSTITUTO BIBLIOGRÁFICO MEXICANO - Disquisiciones Bibliográficas; Autores, Libros, Bibliotecas, Artes Gráficas. Segunda Serie
34650: FENNING II, JAMES O'D - Collection of 4 Catalogues of Interesting Books on Various Subjects from James O'd. Fenning II
43024: [JAPAN. CINEMA. WORLD WAR II] - [Small Archive of Japanese Movie Stills from the World War II Era]
28180: L'ILLUSTRATION - L'Illustration. Noel 1931
28183: L'ILLUSTRATION - L'Illustration. Noel 1938
28182: L'ILLUSTRATION - L'Illustration. Noel 1933
39587: LA SOCIEDAD DE AMIGO DE LA ILUSTRACION - Revista de Sud-America Anales de la Sociedad de Amigos de la Ilustracion. Tomo II. Entrega 9. Año I. Setiembre 10 de 1861
31980: KUNIYOSHI, YASUO. ATSUO IMAIZUMI AND LLOYD GOODRICH, TEXT - Kuniyoshi. Catalogue of Kuniyoshi's Posthumous Exhibition March 20-April 25, 1954, Held at the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
35758: GÓMEZ ÍMAZ, MANUEL - Curiosidades Bibliográficas Y Documentos inéditos. Homenaje Del Archivo Hispalense Al Cuarto Centanario Del Descubrimiento Del Nuevo Mundo
31684: IMBERT, J. - Cours Elementaire de Fortification, Precede de Considerations Sur la Maniere D'Envisager L'Etude de Cette Science Dans Ses Rapports Avec la Tactique Et la Strategie, a L'Usage Des Eleves de L'Ecole Royale Speciale Militaire de Saint-Cyr
39796: BRENTANO'S INC - Brentano's Catalog of French Books
24901: INDERWICK, F. A. - The King's Peace: A Historical Sketch of the English Law Courts
45000: GALLERY ARTS INDIA - Satish Gujral
42888: INDIANA, ROBERT - Love-O-Rama [Mini-Muliple No. 6]
43923: [AMERICAN REVOLUTION] [WEST INDIES] - [Battle of Martinique... Combat de la Dominique Reported in] the London Gazette Extraordinary. Thursday, May 25, 1780
30034: SOCIETE DES ETUDES INDOCHINOISES - Bulletin de la Societe Des Etudes Indochinoises. Nouvelle Serie - Tome XLI, No. 2, 2e Trimestre 1966
30032: SOCIETE DES ETUDES INDOCHINOISES - Bulletin de la Societe Des Etudes Indochinoises. Nouvelle Serie - Tome XXXII, No. 1, 1er Trimestre 1957
30033: SOCIETE DES ETUDES INDOCHINOISES - Bulletin de la Societe Des Etudes Indochinoises. Nouvelle Serie - Tome XXXIII, No. 4, 4e Trimestre 1958
30036: SOCIETE DES ETUDES INDOCHINOISES - Bulletin de la Societe Des Etudes Indochinoises. Nouvelle Serie - Tome XLIII, No. 3, 3e Trimestre 1968
34833: BOLIVIA. MINISTERIO DE HACIENDA E INDUSTRIA - Arancel de Aforos de la República de Bolivia. 1882
38668: [RHODE-ISLAND SOCIETY FOR THE ENCOURAGEMENT OF DOMESTIC INDUSTRY] - Transactions of the Rhode-Island Society for the Encouragement of Domestic Industry, in the Year 1857
38669: [RHODE-ISLAND SOCIETY FOR THE ENCOURAGEMENT OF DOMESTIC INDUSTRY] - Transactions of the Rhode-Island Society for the Encouragement of Domestic Industry, in the Year 1858
41231: ARTEAGA INFANTE, CLAUDIO - Los Problemas Internos de Chile
43041: E.D.I. [INGRAHAM, EDWARD D.] - A Sketch of the Events Which Preceded the Capture of Washington, by the British, on the Twenty-Fourth of August, 1814
40298: INMAN, HENRY - The Old Santa Fé Trail. The Story of a Great Highway
30737: INSLER, STANLEY - Sanskrit Taskara - and Text Criticism to Av. XIX 47-50," [Reprinted from] Die Sprache. Zeitschrift Fur Sprachwissenschaft. XVI. Band 2. Heft 1970
30689: INSLER, STANLEY - Rigvedic Amur, Amaritr-, Marmartu, Etc. " [Reprint from] Indo-Iranian Journal. Volume XIII, No. 2. (1971)
30685: INSLER, STANLEY - The Origin of the Sanskrit Passive Aorist" [Reprint from] Indogermanische Forschungen. 73. Band 1968 Heft 3
30686: INSLER, STANLEY - Vedic Dambhayati" [Reprinted from] Indogermanische Forschungen. 74. Band 1969
39344: NEEDHAM RESEARCH INSTITUTE - Needham Research Institute Newsletter. East Asian History of Science Trust. April 2000. Newsletter No. 19
30840: CARNEGIE INSTITUTE - 3 Self-Taught Pennsylvania Artists: Hicks, Kane, Pippin
39280: TAIBEI YU WEN XUE YUAN. TAIPEI LANGUAGE INSTITUTE - Chinese Thoughts and Customs. Zhongguo Si Xiang Yu Min Su
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26195: LOSHE, LILLIE DEMING - Early American Novel
28578: LOSSING, BENSON J. (BRADY, MATHEW) - Mathew Brady's Illustrated History of the CIVIL War 1861-1865 and the Causes That Led Up to the Great Conflict
28379: LOTHROP, S.K. [SAMUEL KIRKLAND] - Oration Delivered Before the City Authorities of Boston, on the Fourth of July, 1866, by Rev. S.K. Lothrop, D.D. Together with Some Account O [Sic] the Municipal Celebration of the Ninetieth Anniversary of American Independence
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27704: FORBES, N. LYLES AND DYKES, JEFF - Suggestive Curves
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28227: DAVID MACBRAYNE - Summer Tours in Scotland. Glasgow to the Highlands. The Royal Route with Time Tables and List of Fares, by David Macbrayne's Royal Mail Steamers, "Columba," "Iona," &C
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37747: MACGREGOR, GREG - Overland. The California Emigrant Trail of 1841-1870
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35830: VICUÑA MACKENNA, B. [BENJAMIN] - El Coronel Don Tomas de Figueroa. Estudio Crítico Segun Documentos inédito Sobre la Vida de Este Jefe I El Primer Motin Militar Que Acaudilló En la Plaza de Santiago El 1 de Abril de 1811
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28341: PRESBYTERIAN HISTORICAL SOCIETY. [MACLEAN, D.V.] - An Appeal of the Presbyterian Historical Society to the Members and Friends of the Several Branches of the Presbyterian Church
42101: MACNAIR, HENRY - A Survey of the Empire Group: With a Complete Distance Table, a Compendious Index of Cities and Post Offices, with Populations and Much Statistical Data
13529: MACNIECE, LOUIS - The Mad Islands and the Administrator: Two Radio Plays
30726: MACPHERSON, SAMUEL CHARTERS. JOURNAL OF THE ROYAL ASIATIC SOCIETY. ART. XX. READ NOVEMBER 20, 1841 - An Account of the Religious Opinions and Observances of the Khonds of Goomsur and Boad," [from] the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, Vol VII, 1842
30911: MACQUITTY, WILLIAM - Buddha
37498: MACQUOID, PERCY - A History of English Furniture. The Age of Mahogany
31287: MACTAGGART, SCOTT & CO - Gepatenteerde Veiligheids Stuur-Telemotor. Beschrijving Der Werking En Voorschriften Betreffende de Vulling En Het Onderhoud
32607: MADIGAN, THOMAS F. - A Catalogue of Autographs. With a Few Brief Extracts from "Word Shadows of the Great.
39829: MADIGAN, THOMAS F. - The Autograph Bulletin. Number 145, New Series. November, 1923
27957: MADISON, JAMES - Message from the President of the United States, Respecting Our Foreign Relations. January 3d, 1810. Read, and So Much of the Said Message As Relates to the Organization of the Militia, Referred to the Committee Appointed on the 1st Ultimo, on the Same Subject. .
37591: MADISON, JAMES - Message from the President of the United States, Transmitting a Correspondence between Admiral Cockrane and the Secretary of State [John Quincy Adams], in Relation to an Order of the Former to Destroy and Lay Waste the Towns Off the Coasts of the United States. September 26, 1814. Referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations
43042: [MADISON, JAMES. U.S. CONGRESS] - Documents Accompanying the Message of the President of the United States, to the Two Houses of Congress, at the Opening of the Third Session of the Eleventh Congress. December 5th, 1810. Printed by Order of the Senate United States
37596: MADISON, JAMES - Message from the President of the United States to the Two Houses of Congress, at the Commencement of the Second Session of the Fourteenth Congress. December 3d, 1816, Read and Referred to a Committee of the Whole House on the State of the Union
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34837: MAESO, JUSTO - Administracion Berro. Coleccion de Leyes Y Decretos Gubernativos, Tratados Internacionales, Y Acuerdos de la Exma. Cámara de Justicia, de la Republica Oriental Del Uruguay. Año Primero
41385: MAGEE, ALAN - Archive. Alan Magee. Monotypes
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30041: HOA MAI - La Montagne de la Femme Qui Attend Son Mari. Legendes Du Viet-Nam
39915: ABRAMS, MAIDA AND ABRAMS, GEORGE - Selections from the Collection of Dutch Drawings of Maida & George Abrams. A Loan Exhibition
42509: MAILLE, BERNARD - Medecine. Livres Anciens Rares Et épuisés. Iconographie Medicale. Old, Rare and out of Print Books
27647: MAIN, T. - Successful Application of Steam in Canal Navigation. To the Chamber of Commerce of the City of New York
38794: [MAINE] - [Laws of Maine in Relation to the Education of Youth]. Revised Statutes. Chapter 17. May 3, 1842
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30870: MAIZELS, JOHN, ED - Raw Vision. Number 17, Winter 1996 / 7: International Journal of Intuitive and Visionary Art. Outsider Art. Art Brut. Self-Taught Art. Contemporary Art
32428: MAKITA, TAIRYO - Sakugen Nyuminki No Kenkyu. 1
30950: MAKIYA, KANAN - Cruelty and Silence. War, Tyranny, Uprising, and the Arab World
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40629: MALIK, CHARLES - The Problem of Asia. A Statement Delivered Before the Political Committee of the General Assembly, December 11, 1950
42710: DAWSONS OF PALL MALL - The History of Science. A Catalogue of Rare Books, and Some Important Manuscripts. December 1975. Catalogue 262
42705: DAWSONS OF PALL MALL - The History of Science. A Catalogue of Rare Books, and Some Important Manuscripts. Catalogue 254
34596: DAWSONS OF PALL MALL - Collection of 25 Catalogues of Books from Dawsons of Pall Mall
34594: DAWSONS OF PALL MALL - Collection of 8 Catalogues on Bibliography and Other Reference Works from Dawsons of Pall Mall
23600: SALVA Y MALLEN, PEDRO, D. - Catalogo de la Biblioteca de Salva. [Two Volumes]
41559: MALLET, AUGUSTE - L'Industrie Paléolithique Des Grès Et Des Meulières Dans la Région Des Grès de Fontainebleau
41698: MALLET, AUGUSTE - L'Industrie Casseauxienne. Industrie Préchelléenne Des Meulières Et Des Grès de la Terrasse Supérieure Dans la Région Parisienne : Sa Persistance, Sa Morphologie, Sa Technique
41608: MALLET, AUGUSTE - La Station à Industrie Protochelléenne Des Casseaux (Seine-Et-Oise)
32174: MALM, WILLIAM P. - Japanese Music and Musical Instruments
32758: MALONE, DUMAS - The Relevance of Mr. Jefferson. An Address Given at the University of Virginia on Founder's Day April 13, 1961
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30641: MANDELBAUM, DAVID G. - Family, Jati, Village
30645: MANDELBAUM, DAVID G. - A Guide to Books on India [Reprinted from] American Political Science Review, Vol. XLVI, No. 4, Dec. 1952
43250: REAL TRIBUNAL DE COMERCIO DE MANILA - [Manuscript. 19th C. Expansion of Philippine Cuban Trade]
26484: MANN, THOMAS - Joseph and His Brothers
42064: MANN, WILHELM - Chile, Luchando Por Nuevas Formas de Vida. [Two Volumes]
34786: (MANSFIELD, BURTON). AMERICAN ART ASSOCIATION. ANDERSON GALLERIES - Choice Oil Paintings Examples of the Finest Works of Hassam, Metcalf, Blakelock, Weir, Martin, Inness, Crane, Wyant, Homer... From the Collection of the Late Burton Mansfield [American Landscapes]
38181: MANSILLA, LUCIO V. - El Diario de MI Vida (Estudios Morales)
16084: MANUSOU, EUGENE - Encyclopedia of Character Steins
41380: MAPPLETHORPE, ROBERT - Some Women
25938: MARAZZA, ACHILLE, ED. COMITATO NAZIONALE PER LE ONORANZE A LEONARDO DA VINCI NEL QUINTO CENTENARIO DELLA NASCITA - Leonardo: Saggi E Ricerche... . a Cura Del Comitato Nazionale Per le Onoranze a Leonardo Da Vinci Nel Quinto Centenario Della Nascita (1452-1952)
38969: KAYLAKIE, MARCIA AND WHITTINGTON, JANICE - Texas Quilts and Quilters
30456: STUTLEY, MARGARET AND STUTLEY, JAMES - Harper's Dictionary of Hinduism. Its Mythology, Folklore, Philosophy, Literature, and History
34180: MARGRY, PIERRE - La Conquête Et Les Conquérants Des Iles Canaries. Nouvelles Recherches Sur Jean IV de Béthencourt Et Gadifer de la Salle le Vrai Manuscrit Du Canarien
36058: MARHALL, [EDWARD COLSTON] - American Progress-Judge Douglas-the Presidency. Speech of Mr. Marshall, of California, in the House of Representatives, March 11, 1852, in Reply to the Speech of Mr. Breckinridge, of Kentucky
34839: DE-MARIA, ISIDORO - Rasgos Biográficos de Hombres Notables de la Republica Oriental Del Uruguay. Libro Primero. Libro Segundo. Libro Tercero [Three Volumes in One]
34840: DE-MARIA, ISIDORO - Compendio de la Historia de la República O. Del Uruguay. [Six Volumes Bound in Three] (República Oriental Del Uruguay)
39717: SANTA-MARIA, DOMINGO - Vida de Don José Miguel Infante
34089: MADURELL MARIMÓN, JOSÉ MARIA; RUBIÓ Y BALAGUER, JORDI - Documentos Para la Historia de la Imprenta Y Libreria En Barcelona (1474-1553)
41233: MARIN, RAUL - Derechas O Izquierdas
38232: MARÍN, OLIVIA, ED - Directorio de Bibliotecas Venezolanas
39645: MARÍN, RAÚL - La Neutralidad de Chile
39762: MARÍN, JUAN, ET AL. - Gabriela Mistral. 1889-1957
29801: MARINOV, N. A. (NIKOLAI ALEKSANDROVICH) - Stratigrafiia Mongol'Skoi Narodnoi Respubliki
41401: BASKIN, MARJORIE AND BASKIN, BERNARD - Ibis: The Book Arts. Catalogue 6. Judaica. The Holocaust #505 - #553
33663: MARKHAM, CLEMENTS R., ED - The Voyages of Sir James Lancaster, Kt. , to the East Indies, with Abstracts of Journals of Voyages to the East Indies, During the Seventeenth Century, Preserved in the India Office. And the Voyage of Captain John Knight (1606), to Seek the North-West Passage
43164: MARKHAM, CLEMENTS - Richard Hakluyt: His Life and Work. With a Short Account of the Aims and Achievements of the Hakluyt Society. An Address Delivered by Sir Clements Markham, K.C. B. , F.R. S. , (President), on the Occasion of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Foundation of the Society, December 15th, 1896
27851: MARKLAND, J. - Typographia. An Ode, on Printing. Inscrib'd to the Honourable William Gooch, Esq; His Majesty's Lieutenant-Governor, and Commander in Chief of the Colony of Virginia
34242: MARKMAN, SIDNEY DAVID, ED - Colonial Central America. A Bibliography
41681: MAROT, H. - Présentation D'Instruments En Calcaire
24101: GARCIA MARQUEZ, GABRIEL - The General in His Labyrinth
39682: MARROQUÍN, JOSÉ MANUEL - Diccionario Ortografico ó Catálogo de Lass Voces Castellanas Cuya Ortografía Puede Ofrecer Dificultad
26325: MARROT, H. V. [HAROLD VINCENT] - A Bibliography of the Works of John Galsworthy
27909: JORDAN, MARSH AND COMPANY - Jordan, Marsh & Co. 's Fall Catalogue for 1881. Boston, Mass

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