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13721: ENTWISTLE, MARY - The Big book of Babies Being Stories of Babies of Many Lands
023347: DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENT - Vale of Belvoir Coalfield Inquiry Report
17719: DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENT - The Future of Sherwood Forest - Public Consultation Copy January 1972
15726: EPP, MARTIN; LEE, STEPHEN - Avalanche Awareness
027405: ERSKINE, PAYNE - The Mountain Girl
12034: ESKELUND, KARL - Revolt in the Tropics
15897: ETCHISON, DON L. - The United States and Militarism in Central America
15694: ETHERIDGE, TONY - Freestyle Skiing on Artificial Slopes
11587: ETHERIDGE, ERNEST - Baxter Prints - a Concise Guide to Their Collection, Including Baxter Licensee Prints Etc
025730: PERCY THOMAS ETHERTON & VERNON BARLOW - Tempestuous Isle : The Story of Lundy
022041: ETON - A List of Eton College taken at Election 1826
16024: EVANS, BRIAN - Bygone Ilford
025874: BRIAN D EVANS - Romford Record No 6
025873: BRIAN D EVANS - Romford Record No 5
025871: BRIAN D EVANS - Romford Record No 3
025875: BRIAN D EVANS - Romford Record No 7
025876: BRIAN D EVANS - Romford Record No 8
025877: BRIAN D EVANS - Romford Record No 9
025878: BRIAN D EVANS - Romford Record No 11
16955: EVANS, REV T. GWERNOGLE - NEATH - The Cup of Health (Cwpan Iechyd)
025872: BRIAN D EVANS - Romford Record No 4
022002: EVANS, VIVIENNE; EVANS, LEWIS - The Book of Dunstable & Houghton Regis
5043: EVANS, JOAN - Chateaubriand a Biography
4522: EWART, GAVIN - Forty Years On - an anthology of School Songs
17239: EWEN, DAVID - Encyclopedia of Concert Music
025360: HEALTH & SAFETY EXECUTIVE - Memorandum on the Electricity Regulations
9820: A. M. F - Foreign Courts and Foreign Homes
024252: FAIRLEY, W. - The Practice and Science of Mining Engineering : A Manual
023951: FAIRS, GEOFFREY L - Annals of a Parish : A Short History of Hay-On-Wye
025274: W. BARNARD FARADAY - The English and Welsh Boroughs: An Historical Outline
027113: FAREHAM, J. C. - Clipstone Colliery Village 1922-1972 - Recollections of Village Life in a Nottinghamshire Mining Community
15745: FARER, TOM T. - The Future of the Inter-American System
022548: FARMER, JACK - Epping Town Fire Brigade : A History
027686: FARNINGHAM, MARIANNE - Life Sketches and Echoes from the Valley
11804: DAVID P. FARRINGTON & JOHN GUNN - Reactions to Crime : The Public, the Police, Courts and Prisons
5255: HER FATHER - Recollections of Gwladys (Mrs Richard Evans)
025349: L'ESTRANGE FAWCETT - Writing for Films
024016: A. PETER FAWCETT & NEIL JACKSON - Campus Critique : The Architecture of the University of Nottingham
019943: FEATHER, FRED - Tales from the Essex Police Museum
8176: FEATHER, JOHN - Preservation and the Management of Library Collections
024488: FEGEN, KEVIN (EDITOR) - Around the Hemlockstone : An Anthology of New Work by Nottinghamshire Writers
027628: FELLOWS, GEORGE - Arms, Armour and Alabaster Round Nottingham being A Brief Description of Some Local Alabaster Alter Tombs
16172: FENN, GEO MANVILLE - Off to the Wilds : The Adventures of Two Brothers
020783: FENN, GEORGE MANVILLE - The Rajah of Dah
021796: FENN, CLIVE R - Tom and the Enemy
8562: FENNELL, K. R - Excavations at O.S. 38 Tallington
5171: FERGUSON, JOHN - The Open University from Within
14171: FERRARS, E. X. - Come and Be Killed
027082: FERRY, MRS J - Self Sacrifice and itts Reward
6372: FF, C. J - Handbook of the Italian Schools in the Dresden Gallery
11386: ECKETT FIELDEN, MARJORIE - Dartmoor My Dartmoor and Other Poems
4777: FIELDING, HENRY - The history of the Life of the Late Mr. Jonathan Wild the Great and a Journey From This World to the Next
10577: FIGUIER, LOUIS - Mammalia - Popularly Described By Typical Species With Numerous Anecdotes
022463: FILON, AUGUSTIN - The English Stage Being an Account of the Victorian Drama
6404: FILSON, M - Youth and Other Poems
019581: FINLAY, IAN - Columba
5482: FINLAY, JOHN HADDOW - Prose and Poetry
027515: FINN, RALPH L. - Champions Again - Manchester United 1957 and 1965
021629: FISHER, J. L - Epping
023948: FISHER, H. E. S. & MINCHINTON, W. E. - Transport and Shipowning in the Westcountry (Exeter Papers in Economic History)
023944: FISHER, STEPHEN - West Country Maritime and Social History some Essays (Exeter Papers in Economic History)
018509: FISHMAN, MORRIS - Play Production methods and practice
026430: FISHMAN, JACK - The Official Radio Luxembourg Book of Stars No. 4
11925: FITZWILLIAMS, KATE - Peterborough Yesterday and Today
6040: FLATTER, RICHARD - Hamlet's Father
6004: FLATTER, RICHARD - The Moor of Venice
6835: FLAUBERT, GUSTAVE - November
15015: FLEISCHER, NAT - Black Dynamite - Volume I the Story of the Negro in the Prize Ring from 1782 to 1938
025247: NAT FLEISCHER - The Ring Record Book and Encyclopedia 1962
12530: FLEISHITS, YE & MAKOVSKY, A - The Civil codes of the Soviet Republics
13942: FLEMING, H. K - In the shadow of the Butterfly
027596: FLEMING, PETER - News From Tartary : A Journey from Peking to Kashmir
026370: FLEMING, J. S. - The Old Castle Vennal of Stirling and its Occupants with the Old Brig of Stirling
18433: FLETCHER, CAMBELL - Stage Craft
4203: FLETCHER, J. S - The Pinfold
027427: FLETCHER, J. S. - The Remarkable Adventure of Walter Trelawney Parish Prentice of Plymouth in the Year of the Great Armada
10983: FLETCHER, J. S. - Poems Chiefly Against Pessimism (1893)
027654: FLEWITT, EDWARD - The Forest Fortress
5112: FLOWER, J. CYRIL - Psychology Simplified
7236: FLOYD, ANDRESS - My Monks of Vagabondia
024740: GEORGE FLYNN - Darlington in Old Photographs (Britain in Old Photographs)
7629: FOJUT, NOEL - A Guide to Prehistoric Shetland
17091: FOLDES, EUGENE - A New Approach to Dietetic Therapy in Epilepsy, Eclampsia of Pregnancy and Infancy, Migraine, Angina Pectoris, Bronchial Asthma, Allergic Diseases ......
15621: FONTAINE, ROGER W.;GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY;THEBERGE, JAMES DANIEL - Latin America's New Internationalism: The End of Hemispheric Isolation
13525: FORBES, RAYMOND - Examples in Technical Drawing
019492: FORD, GEORGE, JOHNSON, EDGAR ET AL - Dickens Criticism Past, Present and Future Directions : A Symposium
024171: FORD, TREVOR D. - The Story of the Peak District Rocks and Scenery
5878: FORD, JOHN & ELLIS, HAVELOCK (EDIT) - John Ford - (The Mermaid Series)
019575: FORD, MARY HANFORD - Goethe's Faust its Ethical Symbolism
027019: FORESTER, C. S. - Lord Horblower
019548: FOURTH FORM - The New Schoolmaster
8268: FORMAN, NIGEL - Towards a More Conservative Energy Policy
021971: FORSTER, W - Pit-Talk : A Survey of Terms Used By Miners in the South Midlands
023302: FOSTER, J - Elementary Education in Nineteenth Century Skipton
027128: FOSTER, C. W. & MAJOR, KATHLEEN - The Registrum Antiquissimum of the Cathedral Church of Lincoln Volume IV
7828: FOSTER, C. W (EDIT) - Calendars of Administrations AD1540 - 1659
8123: FOSTER, C. W (EDIT) - The Registrum Antiquissimum of the Cathedral Church of Lincoln Volume IV (four, 4) (Volume 32 of the seires)
027177: FOSTER, C. W. - Calendars of Administrations in the Consistory Court of Lincoln 1540-1659
16306: FOWLER, NORMAN - After the Riots : The Police in Europe
019513: FOWLER, JOHN COKE - Collieries and Colliers : A Handbook of the Law and Leading Cases Relating Thereto
024270: FOX, LEVI - In Honour of Shakespeare (Enlarged Edition)
12940: R. FORTESCUE FOX - The Principles and Practice of Medical Hydrology Being the Science of Treatment
024599: FOXTON, DEREK - Hereford Then & Now Volume One
8041: FRAENKEL, JOSEF - Robert Stricker
021288: DE FRANCE, ELIZABETH AND WORMELEY, KATHERINE PRESCOTT - The Life and Letters of Madame Elisabeth De France followed by the Journal of the Temple By Clery and The Narrative of Marie Therese De France, Duchess D'Angouleme
024103: FRANCIS, JEAN - The Maud Foster Story
024387: FRANCIS, THE FIRST EARL OF ELLESMERE - Personal Reminiscences of the Duke of Wellington by Frances First Earl of Ellesmere : Edited with a Memoir of Lord Ellesmere by his daughter, Alice, Countess of Strafford
4224: FRANCIS, DICK. - Whip Hand.
025498: NORMAN FRANKS & FRANK BAILEY - The Storks: The Story of France's Elite Fighter Groupe de Combat 12 (Les Cigognes) in WWI
024279: STAVRI TH. FRASHERI - England as I Saw Her 1927
023497: FREEDLEY, GEORGE - The Lunts
026514: FREEMAN, MARION - Pershore and District A Portrait in Old Picture Postcards
019585: FRERK, F. W - All About Focusing
019433: FROST, ALAN - The Voyage of the Endeavour: Captain Cook and the Discovery of the Pacific
022365: FROST, LESLIE - Seats in all Parts : Memories of the Lyceum, Sheffield Empire, Palace Attercliffe
019153: FROWDE, GEOFF - The Two Founders of Uppingham School
14867: ADRIAN FRUTIGER - Im Anfang - Au Commencement - In the Beginning
018616: FRY, CHRISTOPHER - The Firstborn
12309: FULFORD, ROGER - Glynn's 1753 - 1953 - Six Generations in Lombard Street (6)
9256: FULLER, ROY - Counterparts
14918: FURLONG, PRISCA - Aesthetic East Lindsey - Treasured By Tennyson and Modern Man
17001: FYLEMAN, ROSE - The Timothy Toy Trust
019447: C. G. - Louis Le Tricheur suivi de Les Tartines De Confitures, La Bille et le Bateau, Elisa, La Boussole, L'Hirondelle, La Tache D'Encre, La Course, La Fable
019224: GABORIAU, EMILE & VILLIERS, M - Crime at Orcival
021012: GADD, PAT - Hitchn Past and Present
5303: GADD, W. LAWRENCE - Soap Manufacture a Practical Treatise on the Fabrication of Hard and Soft Soaps and Analytical Methods for the Determination of Their Chemical Composition Together with a Short Account of the Materials Employed
13162: GALABIN, ALFRED LEWIS & BLACKER, GEORGE - The practice of Midwifery
023499: GALANTIERE, SACHA - If I Remember Right
019384: GALE, FREDERICK - Echoes from Old Cricket Fields
020998: ORLEANS HOUSE GALLERY - Richmond Bridge and Other Thames Crossings between Hampton and Barnes
11110: HUNTERIAN ART GALLERY - Prints & Printmaking - Hunterian Art Gallery University of Glasgow
16290: THE TATE GALLERY - Gaugin and the Pont-aven Group
027184: KATHERINE HOUSE GALLERY - St Ives Since the Fifties, Paintings, Prints, Sculptures, Ceramics
12345: GALTUNG, JOHAN - There Are Alternatives : Four Roads to Peace and Security
019947: GANDERTON, H. Y - Cycle Tour
16715: GARDNER, MONICA M - Kosciuszko a Biography
023610: GARDNER, ERLE STANLEY - The Case of the Daring Decoy
12555: GARDNER, CHARLES - The Inner life of George Eliot
024526: GARNER, A. A. - Boston and the Great Civil War 1642-1651 (History of Boston Series)
024531: GARNER, A. A. - Boston Politics and Sea 1652-1674 (History of Boston)
5611: GARNETT, M. E - The Land and People of France (the Lands and Peoples series)
027491: GARNETT, EDWARD - 53 Short Stories
14933: GARRETT, A. J. W - Brickwork Including Its Bond, Manufacture and Material Used in Connection Therewith
5598: GARRETT, STEPHEN - Children's Rooms - Plan Your Home
023334: GARTEL, W. - The Significance of Trace Nutrients in Viniculture
16171: GARVICE, CHARLES - For Her Only
020900: GARVIE, EDIE - My Pearl of Great Price : Autobiography: Scotland to Uganda
026180: GASCOIGNE, BAMBER - The Dramatic Life of Books
16749: GASTON, PETER - Korea 1950-1953 Prisoners of War the British Army
021306: GATER, G. H & GODFREY, WALTER H - Survey of London Volume XV : The Parish of All Hallows Barking (Part II)
027704: GATTER, REV. ALFRED - Sheffield Past and Present being a Biography of the Town During Eight Hundred Years
7326: GEDNEY, MATT - The Story of Helen and Thereabouts
4781: GEIPEL, DR ERNST - Die Englische Literatur Von Ihren Uransangern Bis Zur Trhonbesteigung Der Konigin Elisabeth (elizabeth). Ester Teil Von Widerholungsfragen Aus Der Englischen Literaturgeschichte Mit Angefugten Antowrten
026805: GENTRY, G - Screw Cutting Simply Explained
13401: GEOGRAPHIA - "Geographia" Map of Sourthen Counties
019113: GERARD, MORICE - The Adventures of Marmaduke Clegg
10361: GERARD, LOUISE - The Virgin's Treaure - a romance of the Tropics
5081: HUGHES-GIBB, ELEANOR - How Plants Live and Work
025488: A. HAMILTON GIBBS - Rowlandson's Oxford
023889: GIBBS, HARRY & MORRIS, JOHN - "Box On" : Autobiography of Harry Gibbs
4358: GIBBS, ANTHONY - Here Lies Tomorrow
9068: GIBBS, H. S. - New Zealand Soils : An Introduction
024104: GIBSON, J. S. W. - Marriage Indexes, How to Find Them, How to Use Them, How to Compile One
7618: GIBSON, FRANK - Sea & Shore Birds and Marine Life on the Shores of the Isles of Scilly
8460: GIBSON, WILFRID - The Outpost
027610: GILBERT, MRS. A. - Remarks on Botany for beginners with a Tabulated list of Plants Found in the Neighbourhood of Nottingham
020588: GILBERT, W. S - The "Bab" Ballads. Much Sound and Little Sense
021256: GILBEY, A.N. - The Common Place Book of A. N. Gilbey
18436: GILDER, ROSAMOND & FREEDLEY, GEORGE - Theatre collections in Libraries and Museums : An International Handbook
025278: WALTER GILL - Second Hartlepool Trail
019709: GILL, HARRY - The Village Church in the Olden Time
019715: GILL, HARRY - A Short History of Nottingham Castle
027672: GILL, HARRY - A Short History of Nottingham Castle [Signed]
027711: GILLIAT, REV. E. - In Lincoln Green : A Merrie Tale of Robin Hood
13821: GILLMAN, REG & HAWKES, JOHN - The First Grand Open Correspondence Chess Tournament
13669: GILMORE, ANNE - Sylvie of Holiday isle (Schoolgirl's Own Library No 290)
027598: GIMLETTE, JOHN D. - Malay Poisons and Charm Cures
027655: GINEVER, EDWIN D. - The Parish and Priory of Lenton
027617: GLAISTER, ELIZABETH - The Markhams of Ollerton : A Tale of Civil War 1642-1647
027162: GLENNERSTER, HOWARD & PRYKE, RICHARD - The Public Schools
027662: GLOVER, STEPHEN - The History and Directory of the Town and County of the Town of Nottingham
12696: GODBER, GEORGE; MCLACHLAN, GORDON - A Question of Quality? : Roads to Assurance in Medical Care
025563: CHRIS GODBER - Ey up! Its the Death Knocker : The Recollections of a Door to Door Insurance Man in the Meadows District of Nottingham
7313: GODDARD, JOHN - Trout Flies of Stillwater : With Colour and Other Photographs
11950: GODFREY, G. BERNARD & COMMITTEE OF THE B.C.S.A - The use of Welding in Steel Building Structures (BCSA Publication No 14 1960)
027641: GODFREY, JOHN T. & WARD, JAMES - The History of Friar Lane Baptist Church, Nottingham
022725: GODWIN, OLIVE, DUDLEY, MICHAEL AND CARPENTER, CAROLINE - Treasures of the Ashmolean Museum : An Illustrated Souvenir of Art, Archaeology and Numismatics
022773: GODWIN, GEORGE - Godwin's Concise Guide to Local Authorities in England & Wales
4131: GOGARTY, OLIVER ST. JOHN - The Collected Poems of Oliver St John Gogarty.
16229: GOLDIE, MRS. BARRIE - The Piper of Arristoun
026714: GOLDIE, V. - The Declension of Henry D'Albiac
10345: GOLDING, ARTHUR L - Introducing Your Convenient Servant Electricity (What it Does, What it costs) - To the Added Comfort and Enjoyment of Those Who Make Their Electrical Servant Work to Full Capacity
13250: GOLDSTON, WILL - The Young Conjurer Part I (1, one)
027600: GOMES, EDWIN H. - Seventeen Years Among the Dyaks of Borneo - A Record of Intimate Association with the Natives of the Bornean Jungles.
5350: GOMME, G. L - Literature of Local Institutions
12536: GOMULKA, STANISLAW - Growth, Innovation and Reform in Eastern Europe
16308: GOODWIN, JOHN C - Crook Pie
025110: DONALD W. GOODWIN - Alcoholism the Facts
019557: GORDON, ADAM LINDSEY - Poems
022334: GORDON, D. I. - A Brief History of Newport and its Church
025914: ADAM LINDSEY GORDON - Poems (of Adam Lindsey Gordon)
024702: CHARLES & JOAN GOTT - The Book of Whitney
8162: GOUGH, RICHARD - Antiquities & Memoirs of the Parish of Myddle, county of Salop (antiquities and Memoyres of the parish of Myddle)
027705: BARING-GOULD, S. - An Old English Home and its Dependencies
023517: J. E. B. GOVER, ALLEN MAWER & F. M. STENTON - The Place-Names of Middlesex
020743: GOW, GREGSON - A Perilous Voyage
14875: GRAHAM, STEPHEN - A Tramp's Sketches
019098: GRAHAM, STEPHEN - The Padre of St. Jacob's
027569: GRAHAME, KENNETH - The Wind in the Willows [First E.H. Shepard edition]
5121: HANSON GRANGE, ELIZABETH 1890 - 1940 - Passing Thoughts
027634: GRANGER, JAMES - Old Nottingham its Streets, People &c - Old Nottingham Notes [Inscribed by Author]
4653: GRANT, HAMIL - Napoleon and the Artists
025664: COLONEL MAURICE HAROLD GRANT - A Chronology of the Old English Landscape Painters in Oil from the XVIth Century to the XIXth Century (Three Volumes)
8436: GRANT, W - Trees are for People - a Transatlantic Study of Methods and Techniqes for the Educational Aspects of Wildlife Conservation and Outdoor Recreation in Forests (forestry Commission Research and Development Paper No 83)
027095: THE GRAPHIC - The Travellers' Sketch Book : Pictures of People and Places in Europe
5099: LE GRAS, JOSEPH - Casanova Adventurer & Lover
018992: GRAY, DUNCAN & WALKER, VIOLET WINIFRED - Historical Records of Nottingham Corporation
11553: W. FORBES GRAY (ED) - Sir Walter Scott Quarterly Nos 1- 4 (one, Two, Three, Four, 1, 2 ,3 & 4)
9503: GRAY, HENRY - The Diseases of Cage and Aviary Birds - with Some Reference to to those of Furred and Feathered Game
027164: GREAVES, ROBERT WILLIAM - On the Religious Climate of Hanoverian England
023537: RICHARD GREEN - The Victorian Scene
17275: EVERETT-GREEN, EVELYN - Greyfrairs a Story for Girls
027595: GREEN, EDA - Borneo The Land of River and Palm
021191: GREEN, FRANK T. - Morden College, Blackheath being the Tenth Monograph of the London Survey Committee
17621: GREEN, CHRIS - John Betjeman and the Railways a Centenary Celebration 1906-2006
4536: GREEN, T. L - Zoological Technique
020329: GREENALL, R. L - Northamptonshire Past & Present Volume VI in Six Parts (complete) 1978-1983
5531: GREENBERG, SELMA BETTY - Kept in the Dark
027603: GREENE, GRAHAM - The Third Man and the Fallen Idol
027549: GREENE, GRAHAM - The End of the Affair
027563: GREENE, GRAHAM - The End of the Affair
026004: DAVID GREENEY - Thirty-Two Picture Postcards of Old Liverpool
022075: GREENWOOD, GEORGE W. - Golf Really Explained
5948: GREGG, S. J - The Adsorption of Gases By Solids
15487: GREGG, ROBERT (EDIT) & DREEIER, JOHN C; CONNELL-SMITH, GORDON; WIONCZEK, MIGUEL S & O'LEARY, MICHAEL K - International Organization in the Western Hemisphere
023828: GREIN, J. T. - The New World of Theatre
018542: GRESSWELL, ALBERT - The Vital Balance : a short survey of some of the More Important Aspects of Health
027072: GREY, JUDITH - Christmas at Chillinghurst
10984: GRIERSON, R - Some Methods of Ventilation - with Special Reference to Public Buildings - Standards of Ventilation, design of Ducts, Selection of Fans, Washers, and Heaters, Specifications, Test Forms, and Specimen Schedules for Designers
15517: GRIFFITHS, GEO - A Guide to Tong Church Shropshire with Photographs, Drawings and Plans
027574: GRIFFITHS, MERVYN - The Man in the Middle
5109: GRIFFITHS, ALED, ROBERTS, GWYNETH & WILLIAMS, JOHN - Sharpening the Instrument : The Law and Older People
024554: G. NESTA GRIFFITHS - Some Southern Homes of North South Wales
024389: MAJOR ARTHUR GRIFFITHS - Wellington His Comrades and Contemporaries
026796: GRODZINSKI, PAUL - A Practical Theory of Mechanisms
023628: GROOM, ARTHUR - Lords of the Isle
10435: GROSVENOR, DAVID - Rheilffordd Eryri Welsh Highland Railway Travellers Guide
14140: THE BURTON JOYCE LOCAL HISTORY GROUP - Burton Joyce and Bulcote Remembered - the Two Villages Recorded in Photographs and Reminiscences
022960: THE SURREY LIBRARIANS' GROUP - Surrey People : A Union List of Directories and Allied Material Held in the Libraries of Surrey
4706: SOUTH WITHAM ARCHAEOLOGICAL GROUP - South Witham Stone Age to Space Age - the history of a Lincolnshire Village
023580: THE HARROGATE W.E.A. LOCAL HISTORY GROUP - A History of Harrogate and Knareborough
8831: GRUBB, EDWARD - What is Quakerism? : An Exposition of the Leading Principles and Practices of the society of Friends, as Based on the Experience of "The Inward Light"
025184: FRANCY DE GRYS - Cobba-Cobba
023321: GUENEAU, ROBERT - Le Vignoble Alsacien
026045: JOHN GUEST - Relics and Records of Men and Manufactures at or in the Neighbourhood of Rotherham in the County of York : A Paper Read on the 27th March 1865 before ... the Rotherham Literary and Scientific Society
10242: THE INCORPORATED BREWERS' GUILD - Brewing Scientific Reviews
027146: THE INCORPORATED BREWERS' GUILD - The Incorporated Brewers' Directory 1938-1939
027615: GUILFORD, E. L. - Nottingham [The Story of the English Towns]
023337: J. M. GUILLON - Les Grandes Vins de Bordeaux 1949
024579: GUNBY, NORMAN - A Potted History of Ilford
020165: GUSTAITIS, RASA - Wholly Round
16367: ARMY GYMNASTIC AND PHYSICAL STAFF ASSOCIATION - Journal of the Army Physical Training Staff No 17 1937
6298: S. M. H - The "Nausicaa" (nausicaa) a Love Story
024361: CAPTAIN G. H. F. PAYLING M.I.H. - Breathing It Application to Health & Athletics
024371: HABBERTON, JOHN - Some Boys' Doings
019572: HABERSHON, S. O - On Diseases of the Stomach the Varieties of Dyspepsia, their Diagnosis and Treatment
021005: HACKETT, F. - Luton in Old Picture Postcards
16030: HACKWOOD, FREDERICK W - The Story of the Shire : Being the Lore, History and Evolution of English County Institutions
023670: HADEN, H. JACK - 1882 and All That : A Survey of Events in the Dudley Area 100 Years Ago
6532: HADFIELD, R. L - Picturesque Rogues
027606: HAGGARD, H. RIDER - Regeneration - Being an Account of the Social Work of The Salvation Army in Great Britain
024037: HAINING, ROBERT - Notes on the Wood-Engravings of Eric Ravilious
13833: HAISELDEN, D. C. - Peddar's Way and the Norfolk Coastal Path
16330: HALL, GLADYS MARY - Prostitution in the Modern World
020028: HALL, SALEM - Mistress Mary's Garden
021855: HALL, F. - Water Installation and Drainage Systems
11531: PEWTERERS HALL - A Short History of the Worshipful Company of Pewterers of London and a Catalogue of Pewterware In Its Possession
026049: T. WALTER HALL - A Descriptive Catalogue (3rd Volume) of Sheffield Manorial Records from 1424 to 1624
8335: HALL, NOR; DAWSON, WARREN R. - Broodmales
027649: HALL, A. W. G. - The Post Office at Nottingham
022517: HALLETT, TERRY - Bristol's Forgotten Empire : The History of the Empire Theatre, Bristol
5487: HAM, ROSWELL - Fish Flying Through Air
7736: HAMDY, R. C - Geriatric Medicine - a Problem - Oriented Approach
026085: CLAYTON MEEKER HAMILTON - "So you are Writing a Play!"
7559: HAMILTON, JOHN - Conflict at Sea 1939-1945 : a Collection of Paintings By John Hamilton Displayed on Board the Museum Ship HMS Belfast
8611: DOUGLAS HAMILTON, W - The Chronology of History, Art, Literature and Progress Form The World to the Conclusion of the Franco German War (The Civil Service Chronology)
9873: HAMILTON, OWEN - Tyrolean Summer
025241: MALCOLM BARR-HAMILTON - A Century of Bexley including Erith, Crayford & Sidcup
024256: HAMMERICH, L. L. & JAKOBSON, ROMAN - Tonnies Fenne's Low German Manual of Spoken Russian Pskov 1607 Volume II
13016: HAMMOND, ROLT - Civil Engineering Today
024000: WHYNNE-HAMMOND, CHARLES - Northamptonshire Place Names
027627: HAMMOND, T. W. - Nottingham Past and Present
024540: KATHY HANCOCK & ANN BENSON - Extracts from the Minutes of the Board of Guardians of Holbeach Union Workhouse: 1861 to 1868 Pt. 3
024541: KATHY HANCOCK & ANN BENSON - Extracts from the Minutes of the Board of Guardians of Holbeach Union Workhouse: 1868 to 1880 Pt.4
025704: M. HANCOCK & S. HARVEY - Hadleigh
024542: KATHY HANCOCK & ANN BENSON - Extracts from the Minutes of the Board of Guardians of Holbeach Union Workhouse 1880 to 1887 Part 5
024543: KATHY HANCOCK & ANN BENSON - Extracts from the Minutes of the Board of Guardians of Holbeach Union Workhouse: 1887 to 1895 Part 6
6441: PARISH COUNCILS ADVISORY HANDBOOK - Constitution and Powers
4878: CASSELLS WORK HANDBOOKS - Small Workshop Appliances - the Building of a Number of Appliances and Small MacHines of Use in Woodworking and Metalworking
8503: HANDLEY, W. R. C - Mycorrhizal Associations and Calluna Heathland Afforestation (Forestry Commission Bulletin No 36)
9270: HANGER, GEORGE - Reflections on the Menaced Invasion, and the Means of Protecting the Capital, by Preventing the Enemy from Landing in Any Part Contiguous to It ...
4454: HANRATH, JOH. J. - Het Exlibris in Rusland
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15513: HOBBS, EDWARD - Foulsham's Practical Woodwork Staining Polishing & Varnishing - How to Brighten the Furniture & Woodwork in Your Home
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8994: HOCKADAY, ARTHUR - The Strategic Defence Initiative - New Hope or New Peril
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025166: HOLE, HUGH - Looking Life Over
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023938: HOLLAND, DEREK - Changing Landscapes in South Yorkshire
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8558: INGHAM, M. J - A Guide to the Air Force Memorials of Lincolnshire
13124: INGLEBY, BETTY & YORATH, MARGARET - Living with Old Age
023771: TRIDENT PRESS INTERNATIONAL (CREATOR) - Army and Navy Stores Limited General Price List 1939-40
7242: INWOOD, THE REV. JETHRO - Sermons in Which are Explained and Enforced the Religious, Moral and Political Virtues of Freemasonry
12075: IONESCU, GHITA - Leadership in an Interdependent World : The Statesmanship of Adenauer,De Gaulle,Thatcher,Reagan and Gorbachev
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13269: IVE, G. A. G - Photo-Electric Handbook with Notes on Installation and Maintenance
9210: IVEY, W. F - A Dictionary of Cornish Dialect Words Including a Glossary of Cornish Names
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022868: JACKSON, EDGAR - Rhythm Style Series No 2
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020336: JAKES, CHRIS - Ely & District : Britain in Old Photographs
16406: JAMES, MICHAEL - Emergency! : a Doctor's Story
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5356: JAMES, SAMUEL B - Morals of Mottoes
019857: JAMES, JOHN - Continuations and Additions to the History of Bradford and its Parish Volume 1
7995: JAMESON, ANNA BROWNELL - Legends of Madonna as Represented in the Fine Arts
13041: JANEWAY, ELIOT - The Economics of Crisis : War, Politics and the Dollar
13698: JANNAWAY, F. G - A Bible Student in Bible Lands
13624: JANNAWAY, F. G - Satan's Biography
13697: JANNAWAY, F. G - A Bible Student in Bible Lands
16753: JAQUIN, NOEL - The Hand of Man : a Practical Treatise of The Science of Hand Reading Dealing in Detail with Its Psychological, Sexual, Superstitious and Medical Aspects
026396: JARDINE, D. R. - Cricket How to Succeed
9714: JARMAN, T. L - Democracy and World Conflict 1868 - 1970 - a History of Modern Britain
021836: JARVIS, STAN - Frinton Past
9617: JASS, JEREMY R. - Atlas of Surgical Pathology of the Colon, Rectum, and Anus
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12299: JEFKINS, F. W - Copywriting and Its Presentation a Guide to Advertisement and Sales Letter Writing
16380: JELF, ERNEST A - The Corrupt and Illegal Practices Prevention Act 1883
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024819: JENKINS, ROBIN - Leicestershire the Photographic Collection (A Compilation of Leicestershire People & Leicestershire at War)
021704: JENKINS, ERIC - Victorian Northamptonshire: The Early Years
14295: JENNINGS, G. - Nottingham and South Notts on Old Postcards
026573: JENNINGS, GREVILLE - Radford with Hyson Green and the Forest on Old Pictures Postcards
025566: WALTER JERROLD - Field-Marshall Earl Roberts V.C., the Life-Story of Great Soldier
5386: JERROLD, W. BLANCHARD - The life of Douglas Jerrold
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026859: JEWITT, W. H - The Romance of Love : A Garland of Verse
027671: JEWITT, LLEWELLYNN - Black's Tourist Guide to Derbyshire its Towns, Watering Places, Dales, and Mansions
6104: JEYES, S. H - The Right Honourble Joseph Chamberlain (public men of Today series)
13037: JOHANY, ALI D.; BERNE, MICHEL; MIXON, J. WILSON - The Saudi Arabian Economy
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026450: JOHN, EVAN - King Charles I
027535: JOHNS, W. E. - Biggles and the Black Raider
027740: JOHNS, W. E. - Death Rays of Ardilla
027536: JOHNS, W. E. - Biggles Hunts Big Game
027537: JOHNS, W. E. - Biggles Cuts it Fine.
027601: JOHNS, CAPTAIN W.E. - Biggles and the Penitent Thief
027741: JOHNS, W. E. - Now to the Stars
027735: JOHNS, W. E. - Biggles Works it Out
027736: JOHNS, W. E. - Biggles Gets His Men
4458: JOHNSON, BEN. - Discoveries 1641 Conversations with William Drummond Of Hawthornden 1619
8432: JOHNSON, MAURICE - Atlas of the Mammals, Reptiles and Amphibians of Lincolnshire and South Humberside
027725: JOHNSON, HENRY - From Scrooby to Plymouth Rock : The Men of the Mayflower
026944: JOHNSTON, S. H. F. - British Soldiers
13632: FELLOWS-JOHNSTON, ANNIE - The Little Colonel a True Story
020759: JOHNSTON, THOMAS - The Fight for Arkenvald
027183: JOLLY, CLIFFORD - Early Hominids of Africa
15622: JONES, PETER D'A - Since Columbus : Poverty and Pluralism in the History of the Americas
026518: JONES, PHILIP EDWARD - Great Nottinghamshire Gardens
022969: JONES, DOUGLAS V. - The Royal Town of Sutton Coldfied
026829: JONES, S. K. - Dr Williams and His Library
022779: JONES, ROGER - A Book of Newton Abbot
16280: JONES, HAZEL WYNN - Death and the Trumpets of Tuscany
027425: JONES, LAURIAN - Prince Leopold and Anna
10582: JONES, M - The Story of the Black Prince
027688: JONES, JUDGE L. H. - Captain Roger Jones of London and Virginia. Some of His Antecedents and Descendants. With appreciative notices of other families viz Bathurst, Belfield, Browning, Carter, Catesby, Cocke, Graham, Fauntleory, Hickman, Hoskins, Latane, Lewis, Meriweather, Skelton, Walker, Waring, Woodford and others
4757: JONSON, BEN - Masques and Entertainments
7423: GUBRANDUR JONSSON - Iceland Nature and Nation in Photographs Published in Cooperation with the Tourist Association of Iceland Commemorating the 20th Anniversary of the independence of Iceland
16607: JORDAN, ROY - Know Your Gundog
17259: JOSCELIN, ELIZABETH - Mother's Legacie to Her Unborn Childe
8262: JOSEPH, DOV - The Faithful City - the Siege of Jerusalem 1948
023781: JOWETT, EVELYN M. - An Illustrated History of Merton and Morden
027611: JOYNES, LUCY - Original Rhymes Accompanying an Historical Chart of the Borough of Nottingham
021154: JUDGE, COLIN - The L.N.E.R. Era : A Collection of Photographs of Locomotives
019036: JUNGBLUT, ALBERT - Les Metiers Circulaires A Aiguilles A Bec : Metier Francais et Metier Berthelot (Bonneterie Mecanique)
027710: GILL JUNIOR, JOSIAH - The History of Wesleyan Methodism in Melton Mowbray and the Vicinity 1769-1909
9709: THE SHADE OF JUNIUS - The Dream of King William of Prussia and What Count Bismark Said Concerning it
8610: KAFTAL, GEORGE - St. Dominic in Early Tuscan Painting
14709: KAHN, SANDRA S.; DAVIS, JEAN - The Kahn Report on Sexual Preference
024900: KAISER, C & THOUAILLE, A. - German Prepositions at a Glance : A Series of Simple Scenes for the Practical Study of the German Prepositions through Graphic Pictures
027320: KAZANTZAKIS - Travels in China and Japan
12029: KEAT, OOI CHIN - My Way 10545 Km to Green Grass England
027680: KEELING, ANNIE. E. - John Nelson, Mason and Missionary in the Heathen England of the Eighteenth Century
027683: KEELING, ANNIE. E. - William Dawson : The "Yorkshire Farmer" and Eloquent Preacher
019441: KEEN, GEORGINA - The Love Apple : 101 Tomato Recipes
16659: KEITH, SIR ARTHUR - The Engines of the Human Body : Being the Substance of Christmas Lectures Given at the Royal Institution of Great Britain, Christmas 1916-1917
14161: KELLERMAN, FAYE - The Ritual Bath
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17918: KERNAHAN, JACK - Scottish Branch Line Steam
17127: KERR, J. GRAHAM - Evolution
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024770: CHISTOPHER KETCHELL - F. S. Smith's Drawings of Hull:Images of Victorian Hull 2
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025191: MAUDE EGERTON KING - Christian's Wife : A Story of Graubunden
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8214: LAW, HENRY - Rudiments of the Art of Constructing and Repairing Common Roads - to Which is Prefixed a General Survey of the Principal Metropolitan Roads
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4525: LAWRENCE, PHILIP HENRY (AFTER COTTA) - Classification of Rocks, with English, German and French Names and Minerals
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021754: LEFF, V. AND BLUNDEN, G. H. - The New Lewisham
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10325: LEICESTERSHIRE LIBRARIES AND INFORMATION - Model Railways Books, Magazines Information
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027645: LIVETT, GREVILLE MAIRIS - Southwell Minster : An Account of the Collegiate and Cathedral Church of Southwell, Architecutral, Archaeological and Historical [Signed & Inscribed]
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023827: LONDON, KURT - The Seven Soviet Arts
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15997: LUTZ, KARL & THIELE, HERBERT - Speyer Zur Goethezeit
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019506: LYNCH, HANNAH - George Meredith : A Study
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027701: LYTTON, EDWARD BULWER [LORD LYTTON] - Leila or The Seige of Granada bound with Calderon the Courtier
5553: J. E. M - The Crocus Containing Original Poems for Young People By J. E. M
024914: CHARLES M - Berlin Blockade : A Reminder
025859: D.M. & J.L. BARKER - Chertsey Camera : Historic Photographs of Chertsey, Ottershaw, Lyne & Longcross
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026382: MACARA, D - Crieff its Traditions and Characters with Anecdotes of Strathearn
024913: MACDONALD, MINA - Some Experiences in Hungary August 1914 to January 1915
023893: MACDOUGALL, PHILIP - A Century of Chatham
8815: MACEACHERN, IAN - Village Signs of North Cambridgeshire
7939: MACFADYEN, M. A - Bygone Bassetlaw
5150: MACFIE, RONALD CAMPBELL - Air and Health
025557: A. MACGEORGE - Wm. Leighton Leitch: Landscape Painter
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10616: MACGREGOR, M - The Netherlands - Romance of History
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13181: MACIVER, CATRIONA - On Foot in the Western Isles Oban to the Butt of Lewis
4429: MACKARNESS, MRS. HENRY. - Children of the Olden Time.
027579: MACKAY, DAVE - Soccer My Spur
4754: MACLAREN, A. C. - Cricket Old and New - a Straight Talk to Young Players
027599: MACLEAN, ALISTAIR - South By Java Head
16805: MACLEAN, UNA - Magical Medicine : A Nigerian Case-Study
027597: MACLEAN, ALISTAIR - Night Without End
16382: MACLEOD, R. D - Impressions of an Indian Civil Servant
14230: MACLEOD, CHARLOTTE - Vane Pursuit
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5466: MACMILLAN, HUGH - The Gate Beautiful and Other Bible Teachings for the Young
12852: MACMUNN, LIEUT.-GENERAL SIR GEORGE - The Ghilzai's Wife and Other Stories of East and West
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5132: MAGNUS, LAURIE - A History of European Literature
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7293: DAILY MAIL - Our German Cousins
6438: MAINLAND, LESLIE G - Secrets of the Zoo
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15483: MAJOR, JOHN - The Contemporary World : A Historical Introduction
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027173: MAJOR, KATHLEEN - The Registrum Antiquissimum of the Cathedral Church of Lincoln Volume VI
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8124: MAJOR, KATHLEEN (EDIT) - The Registrum Antiquissimum of the Cathedral Church of Lincoln Volume V (five, 5) (Volume 34 of the seires)
9330: MAJOR, H - The Teacher's Manual of Lessons on Domestic Economy
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026884: MAJOR, KATHLEEN (EDIT) - The Registrum Antiquissimum of the Cathedral Church of Lincoln, Volume X (vol. 10). The Publications of the Lincoln Record Society Volume 67
14315: MAKSIMOV, VLADIMIR & GLENNY, M - Farewell from Nowhere
9774: MALCOLMSON, ANNE - Miracle Plays - Seven Medieval Plays for Modern Players
9331: MALORY, SIR THOMAS & HAMPDEN, JOHN (ARRANG) - Knights of the Round Table Taken from Le Morte D'arthur
10027: MALPASS, ERIC LAWSON - Of Human Frailty - a Biographical Novel of Thomas Cranmer
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023726: MALSTER, ROBERT - Lowestoft : A Pictorial History (Pictorial history Series)
021120: MALSTER, ROBERT - Lowestoft: A Pictorial History
026077: MAMOUR, ALYS - Literature Recitals : A Pageant of English Literature
15054: MANGER, WILLIAM - Pan America in Crisis - the Future of the OAS
023361: MANNING, STANLEY - The Right Way to Understand the Countryside
16013: MANNING, EDNA - Memories of Christine
5340: MARCAN, PETER - Down in the East End
15707: MARCH, W. - Cairngorms Area : Climbers Guide to the : Volume I Loch Avon Horseshoe & Northen Corries
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16470: MARCHMONT, ARTHUR - A Courier of Fortune
021360: WILLY MARGARET - The South Hams : The Regional Books
10124: MARGARY, HARRY - Salter's Families 1990
9685: MARIEL, PIERRE & TROCHER, JEAN - Paris Cancan
022471: MARILLIER, CHRISTOBEL - The Rose and the Ring a Light Opera in a Prologue and two Acts from the Book of W. M. Thackeray Dramatised and Composed by Christabel Marillier
12664: MARK, THISELTON - The Appeal of the Bible To-day (today)
12658: MARK, THISELTON - The Appeal of the Bible To-day
024603: S. F. MARKHAM - The Nineteen Hundreds being the Story of the Buckinghamshire Towns of Wolverton and Stony Stratford during the Years 1900-1911
6392: MARKS, EDWARD C R - The Manufacture of Iron and Steel Tubes
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027731: MARKS, ALFRED - Tyburn Tree its History and Annals
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15525: MARPLES, J. W - The Preparation of Dogs for Exhibition
025289: MORRIS MARPLES - Wicked Uncles in Love
14293: MARQUISS, RICHARD (EDIT) - The Nature of Nottinghamshire - the Wildlife and Ecology of the County
13439: MARRAT, REV. JABEZ - Our Sea-girt Isle - English Scenes and Scenary Delineated
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10468: MARSHALL, GEORGE W - The Genealogists Guide to Printed Pedigrees - Being a General Search through Genealogical, Topographical, and Biographical Works Relating to the United Kingdom, Together with References to Family Histories, Peerage Claims, Etc
022422: MARSHALL, R. C. - Trees of Trinidad and Tobago
025669: JAMES MARTIN - The Screw Cutters' Guide
9805: MARTINEAU, LADY - The Herbaceous Garden
10094: MARTYN, GLADYS W - A Study of Mental Fatigue
021960: FELIPA NINO MAS & PAULINA JUNQUERA DE VEGA - The Illustrated Guide to the Royal Palace of Madrid
14064: MASEFIELD, G. B - A handbook of Tropical Agriculture
8244: MASEFIELD, JOHN - Tristan and Isolt
16603: MASON, REGINALD HERBERT - To be a Professional Photographer
026851: MASON, REV. JOHN & JEWITT, REV. A. G. - Self Knowledge Chiefly Extracted from the Treatise of the Rev. John Mason A. M. with some alterations and additions by Rev. A. G. Jewitt
019269: MATHEWS, JULIA A - Bessie Harrington's Venture
022478: MATTHEWS, BRANDER - Rip Van Winkle Goes to the Play
019208: MATTHEWS, JOHN - The American Bi-Centennial Book of Do It Yourself Natural Wood Sculpture
024609: STEPHEN E. MAUGHAN - The Napoleonic Soldier
7184: MAUPASSANT, GUY DE - Tales of Day and Night
027342: DU MAURIER, GEORGE - Trilby
16337: MAVOR, DOROTHEA - Elizabethan Lyrics Selected from the Miscellanies
019491: MAXWELL, SIR HERBERT - Post Meridiana : Afternoon Essays
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10733: MAYBURY, HAROLD - The years of Remembrance "Ich Dien"
027445: MAYHEW, JAMES - Katie and the Mona Lisa
025083: JAMES MAYHEW - Katie and the Waterlily Pond: A Magical Journey through Five Monet Masterpieces
5516: MAYNARD, THEODORE - Queen Elizabeth
6374: MAYOR, BEATRICE - The Stream
025117: JIM MCBREARTY - Pembrokeshire In Print Number 1 Accounts Rendered
021870: MCCABE, JOSEPH - Goethe the Man and his Character
020790: MCCABE, JOSEPH - Goethe : the Man and His Character
025667: ELIZABETH MCCAUSLAND - George Innes An American Landscape Painter 1825-1894
019274: MCCINTYRE, JOHN T - Secret Agent Ashton-Kirk
12916: MCCLURE, J. CAMPBELL - A handbook of Fevers
027502: MCCULLOCH, DEREK - Uncle Macs Ladybird A B C Book
024233: JOHN HERRIES MCCULLOCH - Romantic Gretna Hall
10617: MCDONALD, JO - The Voyage of the Eider
5134: MCDONALD, DAVID - Legal Rights in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms : a Manual of Issues and Sources
027102: MCHARDY, A. K - Royal Writs Addressed To John Buckingham Bishop Of Lincoln 1363-1398.
027764: MCINTOSH, CHARLES - The Greenhouse, Hot House and Stove
13665: MCKEAY, EILEEN - The School on Highwayman's heath (Schoolgirl's Own Library No 252)
026596: MCKELVEY, KATHRYN - Fashion Source Book
8098: MCKENZIE, VALERIE;ALLEN, JOYCE - A Look at Yesteryear: Early Australian Cooking
4861: MCKERROW, JAMES CLARK - An Introduction to Pneumatology
019479: MCKIM, JOSEPH - Simon Peter Apostle and Martyr : A Poem
027150: MCLANE, BERNARD WILLIAM - The 1341 Royal Inquest In Lincolnshire
13483: MCLEAN, M. B & GRIBBON, C - British Bear Artists - friends of the Fur - a Second Book of British Bear Artists
027592: MCPARLAND, PETER - Going for Goal
10998: MEADE, L. T. - The Beauforts
13719: MEADOWS, MARGARET - Do You Remember Cock Oliver?
021576: MEAKIN, BUGETT - Life in Morocco and Glimpses Beyond
14761: MEDAWAR, MARY - Under the Tricolor
022646: MEE, ARTHUR - Chester
027713: MEE, JOSIAH - Thomas Champness As I Knew Him
14168: MEEK, M. R. D. - A Worm of Doubt
022913: MEGROZ, R. L - Dramatic Verse From Shakespeare and His Contemporaries
4471: MELLANBY, HELEN (DEPARTMENT OF ZOOLOGY, UNIVERSITY OF SHEFFIELD) - Animal Life in Fresh Water - a Guide to British Fresh-Water Invertebrates
020353: MELTON, GEORGE - The Derby 1919-1947
019647: MELTORS, ROBERT - Men of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire
021018: DE MENEVAL, BARON - The Empress Josephine
11478: EDUCATION COMMITTEE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF PAPER MERCHANTS - Paper Its Making, Merchanting and Usage - the Paper Merchants' Textbook
025092: BRIAN MERRICK - Talking with Charles Causley
16631: MERRILL, JOHN N. - Short Circular Walks in the Dukeries (Short Circular Walks Guides)
6930: ARISTOPHANES & MERRY, W. W (NOTES & INTRO) - Aristophanes Peace with Intro and Notes in 2 Parts (complete)
6933: ARISTOPHANES & MERRY, W. W (NOTES & INTRO) - Aristophanes the Archanians
8776: MERYASEK, BEWNANS LINES 587 - 1099 & MORTON NANCE, R (PREPARED) - St. Meriasek in Cornwall (Bewnans Meryasek Lines 587 - 1099) - Extracts from the Cornish Texts in Unified Spelling with Amended Translation
6856: MESNAGE, M. P & MUSEES DE BESANCON - Collections D'horlogerie
026106: CLAUDE J. W. MESSENT - The Parish Churches of Norfolk and Norwich
022170: INSTITUTE OF METALLURGISTS - Effect of Surface on the Behaviour of Metals
13077: INSTITUTE OF METALS - Metallurgical Applications of the Electron Microscope
023993: AN OLD METHODIST - John Wesley in Company with High Churchmen
4742: MEYNELL, LAWRENCE - Famous Cricket Grounds
16650: MIALL, PROFESSOR L. C - The Natural History of Aquatic Insects
7267: MIALL, EDWARD - Title-deeds of the Church of England to Her Parochial Endowments
025952: RONALD MICHELL - The Parish of Beddington in the Year 1837 Occasional Papers / Beddington, Carshalton & Wallington Archaeological Society)
024533: MIDDLEBROOK, MARTIN AND ST MARY'S CHURCH - The Catholic Church in Boston (History of Boston)
024522: MIDDLEBROOK, MARTIN - Boston at War (History of Boston Series)
025129: MIKE, KEN AND TONY DEVEREUX - Memories of Stockton on Tees
027583: MILBURN, JACKIE - Golden Goals
9339: MILES, EUSTACE - Ten rules of Health
021659: MILLER, HAMISH MACKAY - Bygone Kent Volume Seven Number Three
020352: MILLIGAN, WILLIAM - The Resurrection of Our Lord
027714: MILLIGAN, GEORGE - Here & There Among the Papyri
024283: MILWARD, R. J. - Historic Wimbledon : Caesar's Camp to Centre Court
019931: MINCHINTON, WALTER E. - Reactions to Social and Economic Change, 1750-1939
4916: MINNS, JONATHAN & THE BRITISH ENGINEERIUM - One Man One Rod at the British Engineerium
7477: MISYN, RICHARD & HARVEY, REV RALPH (EDIT) - The Fire of Love and the Mending of Life or the rule of Living - the First Englisht in 1435, from the De Incendio Amoris - the Second in 1434 from the De Emendacione Vitae of Richard Royle Hermit of Hampole
022511: MITCHELL, R - Brighouse : Birth and Death of a Borough
022584: MITCHELL, RAY - Great Australian Fights
3888: MOGRIDGE, GEORGE - Calls of Usefulness
13342: MOLIERE - Oeuvres Completes De Moliere Procedes De La Vie De Moliere Par Voltaire (Complete in 2 vols)
024424: J. M. H. MOLL, H. A. BIRD & A. RUSHTON - Therapeutics in Rheumatology
16747: MOLLER, ALFRED - Breakthrough in Psychotherapy for All Emotional Problems and Psychosomatic Disorders
11955: MONDS, F. C.; MCLAUGHLIN, R. A. - An Introduction to Mini and Microcomputers
023523: MONEY, WALTER - History of Newbury
16858: MONKHOUSE, W. COSMO - The Precis Book or lessons in accuracy of Statement and Preciseness of Expression
16695: THE MONOPOLIES AND RESTRICTIVE PRACTICES COMMISSION - Collective Discrimination : a Report on Exclusive Dealing, Collecgiev Boycotts, Aggregated Rebates and Other Discriminatory Trade Practices
019510: MONRO, A. M - The Beautiful Lady Chichester
6947: MONRO, HAROLD - The Silent Pool and Other Poems
027176: MONSON, LORD JOHN NINTH - Lincolnshire Church Notes made by William John Monson, F.S.A., 1828-1840
4997: MONTAGUE, C. E. - The Mornings War
13464: MONTGOMERY, W. A & WEIGHTMAN, M. SCOTT - Grace Darling
024970: RON MONTGOMERY - A Gundog Trainer's "Tails"
14087: DE MONTMORENCY, J. E. G - The Legal System of England
14254: MOORE, MARGARET - Forests of the Night
14246: MOORE, MARGARET - Dangerous Conceits
018593: MOORE, REVEREND CANON - Croyland, the Abbey, Bridge and Saint Guthlac
3900: MOORE, W. C - Cereal Diseases - Their Recogntion and Control
5070: MOORE, JOHN - Tiger, Tiger
6462: MORANDO, PHILLIPE - Hypnoforce
5127: MORANT, A. W - Typical Examples of the Four Periods of English Gothic Architecture - Indications of Date
12340: VYRNWY MORGAN, THE REV J - The Welsh Mind in Evolution
6743: LLOYD-MORGAN, CERIDWEN - Augustus John Papers at the National Library of Wales
14909: MORISON, ANDREW - Ye Gods
13305: G MORRE - Description of the Royal Mausoleums and of the Memorial of Hugo Grotius in the New Church Delft
13670: MORRIS, SUSAN - Hostess of the Touring School (Schoolgirl's Own Library No 305)
4980: MORRIS, JOHN - How Mad Tulloch Was Taken Away
020827: MORRIS, HENRY - Baddesley Clinton, its Manor, Church and Hall with Some Account of the Family of Ferrers from the Norman Conquest to the Present Day
4151: MORSHEAD, E. D. A - Oedipus the King
12881: MOSELEY, SYDNEY A - The Truth About a Journalist
024328: MOSEY, CHRIS - Cruel Awakening : Sweden and the Killing of Olof Palme
026532: MOSLEY, WALTER - Blonde Faith
16736: MOTT, J. R. - Probation, Prison and Parole : A True Story of the Work of a Probation Officer
16615: MOULIS, ADELIN - Montsegur et Le Drame Cathare
12332: NATIONAL CONSTITUTION DEFENCE MOVEMENT - Vigilance Pamphlets 1-12: The Sources Of Extremism; Extremism In Britain; Extremist Finance; Individual Liberty; Extremist Militarism; Extremist Education; Social Conditions Under Dictatorships; Industrial Conditions Under Dictatorships; Economic Systems
018560: MOWBRAY, A. Q. - The Operation
027557: MOYES, A. G. - Bradman
027676: MUIR, EDWIN - Scottish Journey
025790: DHAN GOPAL MUKERJI - Gay-Neck : The Story of a Pigeon
024920: E. B. IWAN-MULLER - Ireland : To-Day and To-Morrow
026341: MULRYNE, RONNIE & SHEWRING, MARGARET - This Golden Round : The Royal Shakespeare Company at the Swan
8224: MUNT, M, HULLMAN, G & STREET, A - Isles of Wight Geology Fieldguide Whitecliff Bay
5104: MURDOCH, JAMES - A history of Constitutional Reform in Great Britain and Ireland with a Full acount of the Three Great Measures of 1832, 1867, and 1884
5838: ST THOMAS AQUINAS & MURPHY, RICHARD (EDIT). - St Thomas Aquinas Summa Theologiae. Volume 54 (3a 46-52) The Passion of Christ

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