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29691: ZHANG QIONG ZHU - Ambivalence & Ambiguity: chinese-American Literature Beyond Politics and Ethnography
8853: ZIEGER, ROBERT H. - American Workers, American Unions, 1920-1985,
13658: ZIEROTH, DALE - Clearing: Poems from a Journey
27686: ZILLER, WOLF G. - The Tree Rusts of Western Canada
18305: ZILM, GLENNIS - The Smart Way: An Introduction to Writing for Nurses
22963: ZIMBALIST, ANDREW (ED.) - Case Studies on the Labor Process
15809: ZINCK, JACK - Shipwrecks of Nova Scotia, Volume 1
15680: ZINKEWYCH, OSYP (ED.) - The Ukrainian Helsinki Group: 1978-1982; A Collection of Documents and Materials (In Ukrainian)
22993: ZINS, JOSEPH E., MICHAEL J. CURTIS, JANET L. GRADEN AND CHARLENE R. PONTI - Helping Students Succeed in the Regular Classroom
22354: ZISK, KIMBERLY MARTEN - Weapons, Culture, and Self-Interest; Soviet Defense Managers in the New Russia
4029: ZLATOPOLSKY, D. - State System of the U.S.S.R.
23602: ZNAMIEROWSKI, NELL - Step-By-Step Weaving: A Complete Introduction to the Craft of Weaving
19537: NELL ZNAMIEROWSKI - Step-by-Step Weaving: A Complete Introduction to the Craft of Weaving
7072: ZOLA, EMILE - Germinal
13022: ZOLA, EMILE - La BÍte humaine
10805: ZOLA, EMILE - Le RÍve
10806: ZOLA, EMILE - Nana
5501: ZOLA, EMILE - Germinal
2434: ZOLA, EMILE - La Terre (deux tomes)
26856: ZOLA, …MILE - Pot-Bouille
27066: ZOLTVANY, YVES F. (W.J. ECCLES - SERIES ED.) - The Government of New France: Royal, Clerical, or Class Rule?
15280: (RUBEN RUBINSTEIN) CENTRAL COMMITTEE OF THE LIBERATED JEWS OF US ZONE - The Extermination of the Jews of Kowno (Kaunas)
4998: ZOSZCZUK, STEFAN - Shevchenko Scientific Society, Volume 52
5554: ZUHUR, SHERIFA - Revealing Reveiling: Islamist Gender Ideology in Contemporary Egypt
27995: ZUMRICK, JOHN L., J. JOSEPH PROSSER AND H.V. GREY - NSS Cavern Diving Manual
HCW-23762: ZWIRNER, E. (ED.) - Phonetica: Vol. 6 No. 1/2
HCW-23753: ZWIRNER, EBERHARD AND KURT ZWIRNER WITH H. BLUHME (TRANSL.) - Principles of Phonometrics (Alabama Linguistics and Philological Series No. 18)
26596: ZWOSTA, MARIANNE - The Essential Snowshoer; A Step-by-Step Guide
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