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008560: NANCE, JOHN J. - On Shaky Ground: An Invitation to Disasterr
009109: ZIEMAN, NANCY WITH GAIL BROWN - Creative Kindness: People and Projects Making a Difference - and How You Can, Too
003347: SOMMERS, NANCY & DONALD MCQUADE [EDITORS] - Student Writers at Work: The Bedford Prizes
001888: NARAYAN, R. K. - The Bachelor of Arts
007152: NATHAN, ADELE GUTMAN - Famous Railroad Stations of the World
004233: NATHAN, ROBERT STUART - Amusement Park
007386: NATHUSIUS, MARIE - Wo Wächst Der Glücksbaum?
003463: NATSOLIM - Enduring Poles
004422: NAUGHTON, BILL - Alfie
010433: NAVARRO, NICK - The Cuban Cop
006262: NAYLOR, PHYLLIS REYNOLDS - Witch's Sister
001585: NAYLOR, GLORIA - The Men of Brewster Place
010351: NEAMAN, JUDITH S.; CAROLE G. SILVER - Kind Words: A Thesaurus of Euphemisms
007837: NEGUS, CHRIS - Red Hat Linux Bible
007609: O'NEILL, ROSARY - The Actor's Checklist: Creating the Complete Character
009161: NELMS, HENNING - Thinking with a Pencil: With 692 Illustrations of Easy Ways to Make and Use Drawings in Your Work and in Your Hobbies
009784: NELSEN, JANE - Positive Discipline: A Warm, Practical, Step-by-Step Sourcebook for Parents and Teachers
010406: NELSON, GLENN C. - Ceramics: A Potter's Handbook Fourth Edition
007773: NELSON, RICHARD D. - From Eden to Babel: An Adventure in Bible Study
006395: NELSON, RICHARD D. - The Complete Puppeteer
007023: NESBITT, JOHN D. - Antelope Sky: Stories of the Modern West
009989: NESBITT, MARK - Saber & Scapegoat: J.E. B. Stuart and the Gettysburg Controversy
005581: RICH, LINDA G.; JOAN CLARK NETHERWOOD & ELINOR B. CAHN - Neighborhood: A State of Mind
009533: NEUHARTH, DAN - If You Had Controlling Parents: How to Make Peace with Your Past and Take Your Place in the World
007476: NEUHARTH, ALLEN H. - Buscapade: Plain Talk Across the Usa
004839: NEVILLE, PAULINE - Blackwater
006828: NEWMAN, HARRY JR. - Behind Pinstripes: Poems for Executives and Other Addicts
008444: NEWMAN, JOSEPH [EDITOR] - Our Country
007528: NEWMAN, THELMA R. - Plastics As an Art Form
010023: NEWMAN, LESLÉA - Remember That
004664: NEWMAN, STEVEN M. - Letters from Steven Stories from the First Solo Walk Around the World
007256: GINGRICH, NEWT & NANCY DESMOND - The Art of Transformation
002077: WILLIAMS, NIALL AND CHRISTINE BREEN - When Summer's in the Meadow
009401: NICHOLAS, ANNA KATHERINE - The Book of the Rottweiler
007783: NICHOLAS, ANNA KATHERINE - The Staffordshire Terriers: American Staffordshire Terrier and Staffordshire Bull Terrier
010487: NICHOLLS, JUDITH [COMPILED BY] - Someone I Like: Poems About People
007604: NICHOLS, NELL B. [EDITOR] - America's Best Vegetable Recipes: 666 Ways to Make Vegetables Irresistible
009469: NICHOLS, BYRON [EDITOR] - The Voice of Truth International Volume Seventy-Nine
006064: NICHOLS, JOHN - Nirvana Blues
004762: NICHOLS, FAN - Be Silent, Love an Inner Sanctum Mystery
009817: NICHOLSON, LOIS P. - Oprah Winfrey
009793: NICHOLSON, JOAN - Creative Embroidery
001458: NICOLAS, JEAN F. - The Complete Cookbook of American Fish and Shellfish
009349: NIDETCH, JEAN - Weight Watchers Program Cookbook
002416: NIELSEN, DEBBIE - Baskets for All Seasons and All Reasons
001612: NIELSEN, WALDEMAR A. - The Golden Donors: A New Anatomy of the Great Foundations
005431: NIEMEYER, LUCIAN - Where Water Meets Land
007748: NIERENBERG, GERARD I. - The Art of Creative Thinking: Think, Write, Research, Negotiate, Compose, Invent and Solve Any Problem with Greater Creativity and Success! Guaranteed
001168: GIOVANNI, NIKKI AND CATHEE DENNISON [EDITORS] - Appalachian Elders - a Warm Hearth Sampler
009152: NIKURADSE, TAMARA - My Mother Had a Dream: African-American Women Share Their Mothers' Words of Wisdom
009656: NILES, JOHN JACOB - Ballad Book of John Jacob Niles
008907: NIN, ANAIS - Delta of Venus
007583: NIN, ANAIS - Linotte: The Early Diary of Anais Nin, 1914-1920
004538: NOAH, RAYMOND E. - Mukua Henda, Mona Nzambi
006387: NODEL, MAXINE [ADAPTED BY] - Noah and the Ark
006399: NODEL, MAXINE [ADAPTED BY] - In the Beginning
007776: NOLAN, TOM - Ross Macdonald: A Biography
007161: NOLD, BRIAN - The Voyage of the Maxed out !
007074: NOONAN, DAVID - Neuro - Life on the Frontlines of Brain Surgery and Neurological Medicine
009016: NOONAN, JOHN T. [EDITOR] - The Morality of Abortion: Legal and Historical Perspectives
004889: NOOTEBOOM, CEES - Philip En de Anderen
008171: NORFLEET, MARY CROCKETT - With Happy Voices: Stories for Prayertime in Families with Young Children
007488: NORMAN, EDWARD R. - Church and Society in England 1770-1970: A Historical Study
010595: NORMAN, JOHN - Tarl Cabot of Gor, the Chronicles of Counter-Earth - Boxed Set #1, #2. #3, #4, #5
008914: MCWHIRTER, NORRIS ET AL (EDITORS) - Guinness Book of World Records: 1986 Special Edition
005774: NORRIS, GUNILLA BRODDE - Standing in the Magic
000472: NORTH, GRACE MAY - Adele Doring at Vineyard Valley
005726: NORTHCOTT, CECIL - Bible Encyclopedia for Children
009170: NORTHCUTT, WENDY - The Darwin Awards II: Unnatural Selection
009362: NORTHRUP, CHRISTIANE - Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom: Creating Physical and Emotional Health and Healing, Revised and Updated
003267: NORTON, CAROL - The Seven Sleuth's Club
006678: NORVELLE, LEE; RAYMOND G. SMITH; ORVIN LARSON - Speaking Effectively
007929: NORVILLE, DEBORAH - Back on Track: How to Straighten out Your Life When It Throws You a Curve
007552: NORWICH, JOHN JULIUS [INTRODUCTION] - The Burrell Collection
007156: NOTTINGHAM, ED - It's Not As Bad As It Seems: A Thinking Straight Approach to Happiness Revised Edition
008425: NOVAK, MICHAEL - The Experience of Nothingness
003564: NOVAK, MICHAEL - A Book of Elements Reflections on Middle-Class Days
009493: NOVEMBER, SHARYN [EDITOR] - Firebirds Rising: An Anthology of Original Science Fiction and Fantasy
009804: NOWELL, CHARLES E. - Portugal: The Modern Nations in Historical Perspective
004222: NOZICK, ROBERT - The Examined Life Philosophical Meditations
010019: NUMEROFF, LAURA JOFFE - If You Give a Moose a Muffin
009571: NUMEROFF, LAURA - If You Give a Pig a Party
010020: NUMEROFF, LAURA - If You Give a Cat a Cupcake
007811: NUNN, RICHARD V - Popular Mechanics Guide to Do-It-Yourself Materials
006763: NUTT, GRADY - Familytime: A Revolutionary Old Idea
005595: NYAMWERU, CELIA - Rifts and Volcanoes: A Study of the East African Rift System
010354: JONES, GREGORY O. WITH DAVE KELLEY - Chapman Practical Boat Handling: For Every Situation
009806: COLLINS, ROBERT O. & ROBERT L. TIGNOR - Egypt & the Sudan: The Modern Nations in Historical Perspective
009977: GOLDSMITH, ADOLPH O. ET AL - A Celebration of Poets: Showcase Edition
001793: SPITZER, WALTER O. AND CARLYLE L. SAYLOR [EDITORS] - Birth Control and the Christian
006784: OATES, WAYNE E. - Behind the Masks: Personality Disorders in Religious Behavior
009111: OATES, CINDY TAYLOR - More Jumpers with Bonys Purse Pattern Sizes 6 - 22
009112: OATES, CINDY TAYLOR - My Favorite Jacket Sizes S - XXL
008277: OATES, JOYCE CAROL - A Sentimental Education
009110: OATES, CINDY TAYLOR - The Sew-Easy Shirt: Sizes S - XXL
010131: OBAMA, MICHELLE - American Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America
005084: OBAMA, BARACK [FOREWORD BY] - Change We Can Believe in Barack Obama's Plan to Renew America's Promise
009655: OBERMEYER, NANCY J.; JEFFREY K. PINTO - Managing Geographic Information Systems
000823: OBERSKI, JONA - Childhood
007685: ODDIE, BILL; DAVID TOMLINSON - The Big Bird Race
008264: SHEPARD, ODELL AND WILLARD - Holdfast Gaines
006855: ODOR, RUTH SHANNON - The Very Special Night
008682: OGBUJI, UDOCHUKWU VINCENT - The Peace I Know
007754: OGGINS, ROBIN S. - Castles and Fortresses
004140: OGILVIE, ELISABETH - The Dreaming Swimmer
001416: O'SHAUGHNESSY, EDITH - Diplomatic Days
008388: UGWU-OJU, DYMPNA - What Will My Mother Say: A Tribal African Girl Comes of Age in America
007210: OKUN, LAWRENCE E. - On the 8th Day
009849: OLASKY, MARVIN - The American Leadership Tradition: Moral Vision from Washington to Clinton
000467: OLCOTT, VIRGINIA - Anton and Trini
008401: OLDFIELD, RICHARD - Simple But Not Easy: An Autobiographical and Biased Book About Investing
004943: OLDMEADOW, PETER - Zen: An Ancient Path to Enlightenment for Modern Times
002374: STONE, OLIVER & ZACHARY SKLAR - Jfk the Book of the Film
004055: OLMSTEAD, BENJAMIN L. - Arnold's Practical Commentary on the International Sunday School Lessons Uniform Series: Course for 1948
004966: ROBERT OLMSTEAD AND KAYE GIBBONS - Soft Water and Ellen Foster
002491: OLSEN, EINAR - Killer in the Trap
003514: OLSON, GENE - Last Night at Black Hammer
008005: OMOHUNDRO, DELIGHT DIXON - How to Win the Grocery Game: A Proven Strategy for Beating Inflation
008692: OPRISKO, KRIS - Csi: Crime Scene Investigation: Dominos
002864: ORCUTT, , GEORGIA - The Old Farmer's Almanac Gardener's Companion 1995
005149: OREM, PRESTON WARE - Harmony Book for Beginners
004249: ORENSTEIN, FRANK - Paradise of Death an Ev Franklin Mystery
007382: ORLEMANN, ERIC C. - Letourneau Earthmovers
004671: ORSINI, JOHN - Exercise and Nutrition: The Athlete's Way
005551: ORTBERG, JOHN - Now What?: God's Guide to Life for Graduates
001005: OSTERMANN, ROBERT; CHRISTOPHER SPURRELL; CAROLYN T. CHUBET - Father and Child, Practical Advice for Today's Dad
005625: NERZ, OTTO & CARL KIPPEHEL - Der Kampf Um Den Ball
009831: OWENS, WILLIAM A - This Stubborn Soil: A Frontier Boyhood
002232: OZMON, HOWARD - Twelve Great Philosophers
010482: ALLEN, JOSEPH P. WITH RUSSELL MARTIN - Entering Space: An Astronaut's Odyssey
008962: BUTTS, DAVID P. AND ADDISON E. LEE - Watermelon
005630: MAMCHAK, SUSAN P. & STEVEN R. MAMCHAK - Educators Lifetime Library of Stories, Quotes, Anecdotes, Wit and Humor
007933: ALLEN, BEM P. AND GENE F. SMITH [PREPARED BY] - Social Psychology: Understanding Human Interaction 5th Edition
009340: DAUER, VICTOR P. & ROBERT P. PANGRAZI - Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School Children Fifth Edition
003118: DENNIS, RICHARD P. & EDWIN P. MOLDOF [EDITORS] - Becoming Human Volume 1 [One] & 2 [Two]
005209: PAAR, JACK - I Kid You Not
002451: PAASSEN, PIERRE VAN - A Pilgrim's Vow
005879: PACE, ROY BENNETT - English Literature [with Readings]
010579: PACELLE, MITCHELL - Empire: A Tale of Obsession, Betrayal, and the Battle for an American Icon
006363: PAGE, CAROLE GIFT - Hallie's Secret
004650: PAGE, IRVINE H. - Speaking to the Doctor: His Responsibilities and Opportunities
010525: PAGE, CAROLE GIFT - The Down Way Up: The Roy Comstock Story
006002: PAGELS, DOUGLAS [EDITOR] - These Are the Gifts I'd Like to Give to You: A Sourcebook of Joy and Encouragement
009117: PAHMEIER, GINGER - Dazzling Designs for Easy Applique
008457: PAINE, RALPH D. - The Fugitive Freshman
007031: PAINTER, GENEVIEVE - Teach Your Baby: A Complete Tested Program of Simple Daily Activities for Infants and Small Children, Designed to Develop Learning Abilities to the Fullest Potential
010026: PAISNER, MILTON - One Word Leads to Another: A Light History of Words
010585: PALAHNIUK, CHUCK - Invisible Monsters Remix
004782: PALGRAVE, FRANCIS TURNER [THE SELECTION BY] - A Golden Treasury of English Verse
010600: PALIN, MICHAEL - Around the World in 80 Days with Michael Palin: Companion to the Pbs Series
006897: PALMER, TOM G. [EDITOR] - The Morality of Capitalism: What Your Professors Won't Tell You
008468: PALMER, EDITH - Tea Meeting Winner
008706: WOLF, DENNIE PALMER AND BONNIE NEUGEBAUER [EDITORS - More Than Numbers: Mathematical Thinking in the Early Years
002771: PALMER, HAROLD E. - What Is Phonetics? an Answer to This Question in the Form of 12 Letters from a Phonetician to a Non-Phonetic Friend
002517: DIXON, PAM & SYLVIA TIERSTEN - Be Your Own Headhunter on Line: Get the Job You Want Using the Information Superghighway
007396: PANDOLFINI, BRUCE - Chessercizes: New Winning Techniques for Players of All Levels
004575: PANSHIN, ALEXEI - Farewell to Yesterday's Tomorrow
003390: PARADIS, ADRIAN A. - Two Hundred Million Miles a Day
006754: PARENT, NANCY - Pajama Sam What's Different?
009463: PARK, OCK SOO - Repentance and Faith
010607: PARK, DAVID G., JR - Good Connections: A Century of Service by the Men & Women of Southwestern Bell
007780: PARKER, XENIA LEY - Mosaics in Needlepoint: From Stone to Stitchery
007436: PARKER, JOHN - Inside the Foreign Legion: The Sensational Story of the World's Toughest Army
007017: PARKER, WOODROW M.; JAMES ARCHER JR.; JAMES SCOTT - Multicultural Relations on Campus: A Personal Growth Approach
002252: PARKER, EDGAR - The Enchantress
010095: SIOBHÁN PARKINSON - Kathleen: The Celtic Knot
004012: PARKINSON, VIRGINIA - Manners Starring Mr. Do & Mr. Don't
000985: PARKINSON, ETHELYN M. - The Merry Mad Bachelors
009230: PARKS, FRANKLIN A.; JAMES A. LEVERNIER; IDA MASTERS HOLLOWELL - Structuring Paragraphs: A Guide to Effective Writing Second Edition
004182: PARKS, BILL - The Mestizo
001810: PARKS, PETER - The World You Never See: Underwater Life
009588: PARLETT, DAVID - Solitaire: Aces Up & 399 Other Card Games
005688: PARMLEY, ROBERT O. [EDITOR] - Media Mail, Us Priority & Some International Priority Shipping Include Free Tracking Information.
005553: PARNELL, DALE - Logolearning: Searching for Meaning and Education
006016: PARRISH, THOMAS - The Grouchy Grammarian
005737: HEIDE, FLORENCE PARRY & ROXANNE HEIDE - The Body in the Brillstone Garage
001714: PARRY, ALBERT - The Russian Scientist
004469: PARSONS, THOMAS - London
005183: PARSONS, CLAUDE - Common Faults in Oil Painting
004875: PARTCH, VIRGIL F. - Jiggers, Fellows, Here Comes Hodgekiss with Another Volkswagen Joke
006226: PARTRIDGE, BELLAMY - The Old Oaken Bucket
005761: PASDZIOR, MICHAEL - Beautiful Hamburg
006705: PASTORE, CLARE - Chantrea Conway's Story: A Voyage from Cambodia in 1975
006580: HOLT, PAT & LORI DODSON - Your Kids Have a Plan... Do You?
002438: PATERSON, KATHERINE - The Spying Heart: More Thoughts on Reading and Writing Books for Children
003152: PATERSON, KATHERINE - Park's Quest
004993: PATIENCE, JOHN [RETOLD BY] - Aladdin & the Magic Lamp
001157: KLEIN, PATRICIA ET AL - Growing Up Born Again
009165: GERSTER, PATRICK & NICHOLAS CORDS [EDITORS] - Myth America: A Historical Anthology Volume 1
010548: PATRICK, JOHN - Craps for the Clueless: A Beginner's Guide to Playing and Winning
004543: PATTEN, LEWIS B. - The Arrogant Guns
010250: PATTERSON, MARLENE KREPELKA - In the Claws of the Vulture: A Remarkable Story
005814: O'CONNOR, PATTI & CATHARINE COLE - One Summer in Israel
002378: PATTOU, EDITH - Hero's Song
009884: RANKIN, PAUL AND JEANNE - Gourmet Ireland 2: As Seen on Public Television
009510: PASSY, PAUL & GEORGE HEMPL [EDITORS] - New International French-English and English-French Dictionary
009546: GRAFSTEIN, PAUL & OTTO B. SCHWARZ - Pictorial Handbook of Technical Devices
010403: LIEBRANDT, PAUL & ANDREW - To the Bone
003408: THOMPSON, PAUL & BEN WILSON - Bottlenose Dolphins
005554: SLOANE, PAUL & DES MACHALE - Infuriating Lateral Thinking: Puzzles
006264: PAULSEN, GARY - The Rifle
004352: PAULSEN, GARY - Clabbered Dirt, Sweet Grass
006474: PAYNE, ELIZABETH - Meet the Pilgrim Fathers
007335: PAYNE, R. E. "GUS - I Was a Communist for the Fbi: Matt Cvetic the True Life and Times of Undercover Agent Matt Cvetic
004443: JUAN CAMPOS PAYO - This Is Toledo
009836: PAZ, CARLOS F - Preparación Para El Examen de Cudadanía (Spanish Edition)
008039: PEALE, NORMAN VINCENT - Norman Vincent Peale's Treasury of Joy and Enthusiasm
009378: PEALE, NORMAN VINCENT - The Power of Positive Thinking
005933: PEARCE, MARY EMILY - Cast a Long Shadow
005658: PEARDON, BRUCE - Teddy's Night Lost in the Bush
010362: PEARSON, LINDA SEDRICK - 18 Minutes and a Lifetime: A Biography of Christopher Dale Sifford
009592: PEARSON, BRUCE - Book 1 - Flute: Standard of Excellence Comprehensive Band Method
005728: PECK, RICHARD - Dreamland Lake
008755: PEDEN, RACHEL - The Land, the People
005021: PEDEN, PEARLE - Whispering Halls
009936: PELLEW, JOHN C. - Acrylic Landscape Painting
008752: PELLS, RICHARD - War Babies: The Generation That Changed America
007925: PELLS, RICHARD H. - Not Like Us: How Europeans Have Loved, Hated and Transformed American Culture Since World War II
008000: PELZER, RICHARD B. - A Teenager's Journey: Overcoming a Childhood of Abuse
009743: PENCE, JAMES H. - Blind Sight
009719: PENNINGTON, TY - Ty's Tricks: Home Repair Secrets Plus Cheap and Easy Projects to Transform Any Room
004106: PENNINGTON, CHESTER A. - The Thunder and the Still Voice: God's Call to Life
006624: SMITH, PENNY & ZAHAVIT SHALEV - Africa and the Middle East
002475: PENTECOST, HUGH - Shadow of Madness
003068: PERCY, WALKER - Lancelot
004298: PERDOMO, WILLIE - Visiting Langston
007160: PERDUE, JANE COCKE - Stones of Help: My Ebenezers
007877: PERKINS, BETTY - Lion Taming: The Courage to Deal with Difficult People Including Yourself
005733: PERKINS, CAROL MORSE - The Sound of Boomerangs
009027: JOHN PERKINS - Malice in Wonderland: The Congressional Crook Book
010271: PERLIS, SAM - Theory of Matrices
002861: PERLONGO, BOB - The Everyday Almanac
004224: PERRENOT, EARLE E. - Valley of Gold
007418: PERRIAM, WENDY - Bourbon for Breakfast
007814: PERRY, STEVE - Another Dimension: You Have to See It to Believe It!
009266: PERRY, PHILIP - The Concise Illustrated Book of Trees
009172: PERRY, GREG - Crash Course in Qbasic: The Fastest Way to Learn Qbasic!
006573: PERRY, DEVERN J. - South-Western Spell-Ing Ref-Er-Ence
009330: ROSE, PETE WITH RICK HILL - My Prison without Bars
009141: MORRISSEY, PETER AND JAMES YOUNG - Figure Skating School: A Professionally Structured Course from Basic Steps to Advanced Techniques
001764: JENNINGS, PETER AND TODD BREWSTER - In Search of America
006832: PETER, LAURENCE J. - Peter's People and Their Marvelous Ideas
007851: PETERSON, JOHN R. - The Baseball Card Directory
002159: PETERSON, DALE - The Deluge and the Ark
009943: PETERSON, ROGER TORY - Wildlife Stamp Album
004700: PETERSON, HOUSTON [EDITOR] - A Treasury of the World's Great Speeches
010027: PETROSKI, HENRY - The Evolution of Useful Things: How Everyday Artifacts - from Forks and Pins to Paper Clips and Zippers - Came to Be As They Are
007075: PETTIGREW, JANE - Coffee
008453: PETTIT, ERNEST L. - The Book of Collectible Tin Containers with Price Guide
005380: PETTY, KATE - Horse Heroes: True Stories of Amazing Horses
004273: PFEFFER, SUSAN BETH - Just between Us
009049: PHILBRICK, NATHANIEL - Sea of Glory: America's Voyage of Discovery, the U.S. Exploring Expedition, 1838-1842
008763: PHILBRICK, NATHANIEL - Sea of Glory: America's Voyage of Discovery, the U.S. Exploring Expedition, 1838-1842
000601: VOLLMER, PHILIP AND BAUR, WILLIAM - Christian Family Altar
010426: PHILLIPS, MARIE - Gods Behaving Badly
003387: PHILLIPS, EUGENE; WAYNE SAROYAN [EDITORS]; PAULA VON LOEWENFELDT; JUDY LEE; RICHARD BASTIAN - Blockade: Direct Action at Diablo Canyon, a Book of Photo-Reproductions
009037: PHILLIPS, KEVIN P - Post-Conservative America: People, Politics & Ideology in a Time of Crisis
006042: PHILLIPS, SUE - A Creative Step-by-Step Guide to Patio Gardening
003549: PHILLIPS, CHRISTOPHER - Steichen at War
005838: PHILLIPS, CLAUDE A. - Modern Methods and the Elementary Curriculum: Revised Edition
003520: PHIPSON, JOAN - Birkin
002318: FIAROTTA, PHYLLIS & NOEL FIAROTTA - Cups & Cans & Paper Plate Fans: Craft Projects from Recycled Materials
009637: PICKLES, SHEILA [EDITOR] - Bridal Bouquet: Penhaligon's Scented Treasury of Verse and Prose
010270: PIELOU, E. C. - Fresh Water
008150: PIERCE, JOHN ROBINSON - The Science of Musical Sound
003211: PIGNATTI, TERISIO - Venedig in Kupferstichen Des 18. Jahrhunderts
006946: PILLA, DANIEL J. - How to Fire the Irs: A Plan to Eliminate the Income Tax and the Irs
009489: PINK, ARTHUR W. - Gleanings in Genesis
010078: PINKER, STEVEN - The Language Instinct: How the Mind Creates Language
009912: PIOTROWSKI, KATY - The Career Coward's Guide to Interviewing: Sensible Strategies for Overcoming Job Search Fears
010289: PIPER, WATTY [RETOLD BY] - The Little Engine That Could: The Complete, Original Edition
003427: PITCHER, DON - San Juan Islands Including Victoria and the Gulf Islands
002909: PITKIN, OLIVE - My Garden and I: The Making of a Mid - Life Gardener
003725: PITKIN, WALTER B. - How to Enjoy Retirement
009075: PITTMAN, RICKEY - Stonewall Jackson's Black Sunday School
009722: PIVER, SUSAN - The Hard Questions for an Authentic Life: 100 Essential Questions for Designing Your Life from the Inside out
000425: PIZER, VERNON - Take My Word for It
004898: PLAFKER, TED - Doing Business in China: How to Profit in the World's Fastest Growing Market
005493: PLAIDY, JEAN - The Spanish Bridegroom
005434: PLAIDY, JEAN - Gay Lord Robert
004090: PLAIN, BELVA - Blessings
001736: PLASKETT, C. A. - Principles of Box and Crate Construction
004597: PLASKOW, DAPHNE - Art with Children
006508: PLATH, IONA - The Decorative Arts of Sweden
010040: PLATT, COLIN - The Castle in Mediaeval England and Wales
005355: PLIMPTON, GEORGE - The X Factor
006799: PLUMMER, KENNETH [EDITOR] - The Making of the Modern Homosexual
003036: PLUMMER, BEVERLY - Earth Presents How to Make Beautiful Gifts from Nature's Bounty
002068: PODHAIZER, MARY ELIZABETH - Painless Spelling
007464: POGGI, JACK - The Monologue Workshop: From Search to Discovery in Audition and Performance
010153: POGUE, RANDY G. - A Mansion for Molly: Book II of the Sling Shot Circuit Rider Series
005455: POLITI, LEO - Juanita
010326: POLLAK, DALE - Velocity: From the Front Line to the Bottom Line
010455: POLLAN, MICHAEL - Second Nature
001204: POLLARD, JOSEPHINE - The Boyhood of Jesus: A Collection of Bible Stories Told in Words of Easy Reading
005636: POLLEY, ROBERT L. [EXECUTIVE EDITOR] - CIVIL War: The Years Asunder
010577: POLLOCK, D. J. - The Austin Affair
003142: POLSTER, JAMES - A Guest in the Jungle
004128: POOLE, SUSAN - Frommer's 1985 - 1986 Guide to New Orleans
007562: POPE, NIRAN BATES - The Story of Felt
005280: POPP, JEROME A. - Naturalizing Philosophy of Education: John Dewey in the Postanalytic Period
004101: POPSON, MARTHA - A Best Friend Is Forever and Always
004598: PORTER, DARWIN, DANFORTH PRINCE - Frommer's 2008 Bermuda
009663: PORTER, ELEANOR H. - Global Environmental Politics: Dilemmas in World Politics
003163: POSHARD, GLENN [INTRODUCED BY] - Southern Illinois... A Photographer's Love for the Countryside and Its Beauty
001977: POSNER, GERALD - Killing the Dream: James Earl Ray and the Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.
007412: POST, PEGGY - Emily Post's Wedding Planner, Fourth Edition
009676: POTELL, HERBERT; ESMER KNUDSON CLARK - Adventures in Living, Second Edition
007999: POTTER, DAVID M. - People of Plenty: Economic Abundance and the American Character
003304: POULSSON, EMILE - What Happened to Inger Johanne As Told by Herself
004027: POULSSON, EMILIE - What Happened to Inger Johanne As Told by Herself
007646: POUND, J. PRESLEY [EDITOR] - Voices of the Age
003338: POUNDSTONE, WILLIAM - Labyrinths of Reason: Paradox, Puzzles and the Frailty of Knowledge
002727: POVERMAN, C. E. - The Black Velvet Girl
008018: POWELL, JULIE - Cleaving: A Story of Marriage, Meat, and Obsession
000946: POWELL, NORMAN JOHN - Anatomy of Public Opinion
010158: POWELL, MICHAEL - A Life in Movies: An Autobiography
005584: POWELL, NICOLAS - The Sacred Spring: The Arts in Vienna, 1898-1918
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010322: PRATT, ELIZABETH A - Dancing with Angels... A Transplant Odyssey
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010252: EBURY PRESS - London Landmarks from the Air
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005828: PRESTON, EFFA E. - The Popular Commencement Book
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002703: PRICE, ELUNED - The Winter Garden: Structure, Planting, and Romance in the Garden in Winter
004767: PRICE, ALICE L. - The American Nurses Dictionary the Definition & Pronunciation of Terms in the Nursing Vocabulary
010532: PRICE, CHRISTINE - Arts of Clay
003616: PRIESTLEY, J. B. - Snoggle
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003802: PROCHNOW, HERBERT - Speakers' Source Book of Stories, Illustrations, Epigrams and Quotations
003821: PROCHNOW, HERBERT - A Treasury of Inspiration: Illustrations, Quotations, Poems and Selections
009679: PROUDFOOT, ANDREA HOFER - Child's Christ-Tales
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006279: RAHLENS, HOLLY-JANE - Becky Bernstein Goes Berlin
005894: RAIMES, JAMES - Gardening at Ginger: My Seven-Year Obsession with Designing and Planting a Personal Landscape
000929: RAINE, WILLIAM MACLEOD - The Big Book of the Ranges
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002414: NADER, RALPH AND WILLIAM TAYLOR - The Big Boys: Power and Position in American Business
006110: RAMBAUD, PATRICK - Napoleon's Exile
005345: RAMBAUD, PATRICK - Napoleon's Exile
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009787: RAMQUIST, GRACE - The King Is Coming: An Easter Service in Pantomime, Reading, and Song
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008418: RANDOLPH, WILLIAM - Flight of a Lifetime: Around the World in a Homebuilt Airplane
010002: RANDOLPH, VANCE - Ozark Magic and Folklore
006661: BRANTLEY, RANDY & DAVID HUGHEY - Team 3 Clubs: A Student Guide for Starting a Christian Club on Campus
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010291: RANSFORD, SANDY - Horse and Pony Factfile: An Essential Guide to the World of Horses and Ponies
006959: RAPHAEL, FREDERIC - Richard's Things
007424: RASMUSSEN, RICHARD MICHAEL - Mysteries of Space: Opposing Viewpoints
005627: RATCLIFFE, ALAN - Electric Guitar Handbook
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002058: RAU, MARGARET - The Yellow River
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005596: RAWLINSON, GEORGE - Fox Valley Veterans: A Salute to Hometown Heroism
006520: RAY, BRIAN D. - Home Educated and Now Adults: Their Community and CIVIC Involvement, Views About Homeschooling, and Other Traits
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004348: RAY, RICHARD G. - Aerial Photographs in Geologic Interpretation and Mapping Geological Survey Professional Paper 373
009206: RAY, ROBERT J. - The Weekend Novelist: A Dynamic 52-Week Program to Help You Produce a Finished Novel... One Weekend at a Time
008523: RAZZI, JIM [STORY ADAPTED BY] - Dumbo's Circus: Walt Disney Choose Your Own Adventure
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008904: REAGE, PAULINE - Story of O
007291: REAKES, LIZZIE - Beautiful Ragwork: Over 20 Hand-Hooked Designs for Floors, Walls, Furniture, and Accessories
002033: REAKES, LIZZIE - Beautiful Ragwork
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008602: REAY, STEPHEN M. - The Forgotten Veterans
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002863: REILLY, ANN [CONSULTING EDITOR] - Taylor's Pocket Guide to Perennials for Shade
002886: REILLY, ANN [CONSULTING EDITOR] - Taylor's Pocket Guide to Ground Covers for Shade
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006464: RETI, RICHARD - Modern Ideas in Chess
010615: RETTNER, RAPHAEL - Vegetarian Cooking for People with Alergies
010547: REVILO - Talk to the Tail 'Cause the Whiskers Ain't Listening
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005748: RHODIN, ERIC - The Good Greenwood
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008565: PEABODY, RICHARD ET AL - Gargoyle # 41
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007945: ROBERSON, RICHARD & HERBERT OLSON - Beginning Handball
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006826: RICHARDS, HERBERT - Dog Breeding for Professionals
006739: RICHARDS, KENNETH - The Story of the Supreme Court
006735: RICHARDS, KENNETH - The Story of the Gettysburg Address
006737: RICHARDS, KENNETH - The Story of the Conestoga Wagon
006738: RICHARDS, NORMAN - The Story of the Alamo
005788: RICHARDS, RALPH - The Forts of Fort Scott and the Fateful Borderland
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009668: BURGESS, RICK AND BILL "BUBBA" BUSSEY WITH MARTHA BOLTON - Rick and Bubba's Expert Guide to God, Country, Family, and Anything Else We Can Think of: Includes a "Best of Rick and Bubba" Cd
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007507: RIDGWAY, NICOLE - The Running of the Bulls: Inside the Cutthroat Race from Wharton to Wall Street
001480: RIDLEY, MATT - Warts and All: The Men Who Would Be Bush
004477: RIDPATH, JOHN CLARK - Ridpaths's History of the World Volume X the Development of Social Institutions and the Story of All Nations
003685: RIEMER, NEAL - Problems of American Government
005239: RIFKIN, JEREMY - Algeny
009018: RIGELSFORD, ADRIAN; ANTHONY BROWN; GEOFF TIBBALLS - Are You Being Served? the Inside Story of Britain's Funniest and - Public Television's Favorite - Comedy Series
003429: RIGER, ROBERT - The Athlete an Original Collection of 25 Years of Work
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003659: RIGONI, ORLANDO - Showdown at Skeleton Flat
009031: KLIEMAN, RIKKI WITH PETER KNOBLER - Fairy Tales Can Come True: How a Driven Woman Changed Her Destiny
006244: RILEY, LYMAN W. [CATALOGUE BY] - Aristotle Texts and Commentaries to 1700 in the University of Pennsylvania Library
005535: RIMMER, DAVE - Like Punk Never Happened: Culture Club and the New Pop
009638: RINEHART, WILLIAM - Clear Your Record and Own a Gun
010500: RINGGOLD, GENE - The Films of Rita Hayworth: The Legend & Career of a Love Goddess
010230: RINKOFF, BARBARA - Headed Ror Trouble
010239: RIPLEY, TIM - Mercenaries: Soldiers of Fortune
002642: RISTORI, AL - The Saltwater Fish Identifier
009384: RITTER, LAWRENCE S. - Glory of Their Times: The Story of the Early Days of Baseball, Told by the Men Who Played It, New Enlarged Edition
000550: RIVERS, RONDA - We Loved Them Once
001493: RIVES, HALLIE ERMINIE - Hearts Courageous
003893: RIVIERE, BILL - The Pampered Camper a Guide to Quick and Easy Cooking for the Camping Family
010429: ROAM, ANN MAREE - A Bouquet of Love
005113: ROATE, METTJA CAPPON - The New Hamburger & Hot Dog Cookbook
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010210: ROBBINS, ALEXANDRA - Secrets of the Tomb: Skull and Bones, the Ivy League, and the Hidden Paths of Power
004514: ROBE, DIANE [SELECTED BY] - Today Is Your Day Beautiful Birthday Thoughts
007364: POWERS, ROBERT AND ELAINE DAILY [EDITORS] - International Disaster Nursing
009950: BORJA, ROBERT & CORINNE - Making Chinese Paper Cuts
006971: ULLMAN, ROBERT AND JUDYTH REICHENBERG-ULLMAN [EDITORS] - Moments of Enlightenment: Stories from Ancient and Modern Masters.
009749: STERLING, ROBERT ET AL [ARRANGED BY] - The Ultimate Youth Choir Book 2
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005696: ROBERTS, ADAM - The Wonga Coup: Guns, Thugs, and a Ruthless Determination to Create Mayhem in an Oil-Rich Corner of Africa
008390: ROBERTS, DOROTHY - Shattered Bonds: The Color of Child Welfare
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004473: ROBERTS, TONY - Myths & Legends of Wales
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006575: ROBINSON, NANCY K - Just Plain Cat
007298: ROBINSON, JAMES M. [EDITOR] - The Beginnings of Dialectic Theology Volume One
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005169: ROCHE, MAZO DE LA - The Building of Jalna
006576: ROCK, GAIL - A Dream for Addie
007872: ROCKNESS, MIRIAM HUFFMAN - Keep These Things, Ponder Them in Your Heart: Reflections of a Mother
004611: RODDENBERRY, GENE - Star Trek the Motion Picture
010219: RODENGEN, JEFFREY L. - Old Dominion Freight Line: Helping the World Keep Promises
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009803: RODRIGUEZ, MARIO - Central America: The Modern Nations in Historical Perspective
004734: RODRIGUEZ, JILL - Cliffsquickreview Spanish I
006190: RODWELL, JENNY - Painting with Acrylics: 27 Acrylics Painting Projects, Illustrated Step-by-Step with Advice on Materials and Techniques
009191: ROEHL, TIM - Christmas Hearts: Twelve Stories of the First Christmas
005918: DE CROY-ROEULX, PRINCE R - Cameras: Macchine Fotografiche
003139: ROFFO, STEFANO [EDITOR] - Paul Klee
003481: ROFIHE, RICK - Father Must
009236: ROGERS, ADRIAN - The Wonder of It All: A Devotional Book
005565: ROGERS, J. A. - Lens Magic
004370: ROGERS, PAT [EDITOR] - The Oxford Illustrated History of English Literature
004683: ROGERS, SPENCE; GRAHAM, SHARI - The High Performance Toolbox: Succeeding with Performance Tasks, Projects, and Assessments Third Edition
010598: ROGERS, JANE [EDITOR] - Good Fiction Guide
001679: ROGGLI, LINDA SURRATT - Durham: Doorway to Discovery
009607: ROLFE, WILFRID - The Love of Britain
009953: ROMAIN, TREVOR - The Little People's Guide to the Big World: Parent/Child Edition
008566: ROMANO, TOM - Writing with Passion: Life Stories, Multiple Genres
003137: ROMER, ELIZABETH - The Tuscan Year Life and Food in an Italian Valley
009074: ROMINGER, LYNNE - Extraordinary Blogs and Ezines
007663: ROMM, JOSEPH - Hell and High Water: Global Warming - the Solution and the Politics - and What We Should Do
005708: GLOWEN, RON & KIM LEVIN - Glass: Material in the Service of Meaning
006755: DELONG, RON & JANET BROWN MCCRACKEN - Supporting Creativity Beyond the Classroom: 18 Standards-Based Activities/Lessons for After-School Programs & Other Groups
006756: DELONG, RON & MAUREEN CARNEY - Creative Connections with Vocabulary: 12 Standards-Based Lessons for Art and Classroom Teachers K-6
006425: GREER, RON AND MIKE WICKS - Fire from the Sky: A Diary over Japan
008913: WYNN, RON ET AL [EDITORS] - All Music Guide to Jazz: The Best Cds, Albums & Tapes
010302: SUKENICK, RONALD AND CURTIS WHITE [EDITORS] - In the Slipstream: An Fc2 Reader
010490: POLLITT, RONALD & VIRGINIA WILTSE - Helen Steiner Rice: Ambassador of Sunshine
009038: BROWNSTEIN, RONALD AND NINA EASTON - Reagan's Ruling Class: Portraits of the President's Top One Hundred Officials
005589: RONK, MARTHA [POETRY], CHARLES E. LITTLE [CONCLUDING ESSAY] - Recent Terrains: Terraforming the American West
004913: ROOF, WADE CLARK;SILK, MARK - Religion and Public Life in the Pacific Region: Fluid Identities
002593: ROSE, BARBARA - American Art Since 1900: A Critical History
008045: ROSE, THOMAS [EDITOR] - Violence in America: A Historical and Contemporary Reader
004448: ROSE, M. L. - The Road to Eden's Ridge
008674: ROSEN, WENDY - Crafting As a Business
002551: ROSENBERG, H. M. [EDITOR] - Counterpoint: An Anthology of Modern Poetry
004215: ROSENBLATT, ROGER - Children of War
009649: ROSENSTEIN, BRUCE - Living in More Than One World: How Peter Drucker's Wisdom Can Inspire and Transform Your Life
002656: ROSENTHAL, JOHN - Regarding Manhattan
008934: HARLOW, ROSIE & SALLY MORGAN - Garbage and Recycling (Young Discoverers)
009062: ROSS, ANNE; DON ROBINS - The Life and Death of a Druid Prince: How the Discovery of Lindow Man Revealed the Secrets of a Lost Civilization
010393: ROSS, STEWART - Ancient Greece
009798: ROSS, V.A.P. - The Hillbilly Healer: Memoirs of an Ozark Yarb Doctor
004523: ROSS, KATHY - Jewish Holiday Craft Book
004606: FULLER-ROSS, DANA - Nevada
010473: ROSS, JOEL - The Fog Diver
010396: , MATT ROSSICK - Extreme Boarders: Create and Customize Unlimited Extreme Boarders
005481: ROSTKOWSKI, MARGARET I. - The Best of Friends
010574: ROTH, JUDITH L. - Serendipity & Me
007808: SKIDMORE-ROTH, LINDA - Mosby's 1999 Nursing Drug Reference
001817: ROTH, HAL - Two Against Cape Horn
001963: ROTH, ALFRED C. - Small Gas Engines: Fundamentals, Service, Troubleshooting, Repairs
010334: ROTHBARD, MURRAY N. - The Essential Von Mises
003494: ROTHENBERG, PAULA S. - Racism and Sexism an Integrated Study
002251: ROUNDS, GLEN - The Blind Colt
003128: O'ROURKE, P. J. [COMMENTARY] - The New Enemies List Compiled by Readers of the American Spectator
009673: ROUTLEY, ERIK - Saul Among the Prophets
009905: ROWELL, GALEN - Mountains of the Middle Kingdom: Exploring the High Peaks of China and Tibet
010152: ROWLEY, CYNTHIA; ILENE ROSENZWEIG - The Swell Dressed Party
009197: HAZELWOOD, ROY WITH STEPHEN G. MICHAUD - Dark Dreams: Sexual Violence, Homicide and the Criminal Mind
005472: KUMPE, ROY & JIM LESTER - The Lions Share: A History of Arkansas Enterprises for the Blind
005282: ROZWENC, EDWIN C. [EDITOR] - The Causes of the American CIVIL War
007110: RUBEL, DAVID - If I Had a Hammer: Building Homes and Hope with Habitat for Humanity
000813: RUBIN, JERRY - Growing (Up) at Thirty-Seven
007080: RUBINSTEIN, HELGE - The Oxford Book of Marriage
007182: RUBLESKI, TONY - Mind Capture: How You Can Stand out in the Age of Advertising Deficit Disorder
001846: RUCHWARGER, GARY - Struggling for Survival: Workers, Women, and Class on a Nicaraguan State Farm
008773: RUCKER, RUDY - Mathematicians in Love
008969: RUCKER, RHONDA HICKS - Swing Low, Sweet Harriet
005640: RUCKER, RHONDA HICKS - Great Works of Art and What Makes Them Great
010571: RUDETSKY, SETH - Broadway Nights: A Romp of Life, Love, and Musical Theatre
005192: FRANCHI, RUDY & BARBARA - Miller's Movie Collectibles
002006: RUFFO, VINNIE - Trapped in Death Valley
007225: JALALUDDIN RUMI - Words of Paradise: Selected Poems of Rumi, New Interpretations by Raficq Abdulla
003425: RUMI, JALAL AL-DIN - Mystical Poems of Rumi 1 First Selection, Poems 1-200
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009555: RUNES, DOGOBERT D. [EDITOR] - The American Way: Selections from the Public Addresses and Papers of Franklin D. Roosevelt
004709: RUNES, DAGOBERT D.[EDITOR] - A Treasury of Philosophy Volume 1
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010573: SORENSEN, TED - Counselor: A Life at the Edge of History
002189: SÖRENSEN, SIGVART - Norway
003713: SOROKIN, PITIRIM A. - S.O. S. The Meaning of Our Crisis
008662: SAN SOUCI, ROBERT D. - A Weave of Words
009007: SOULE, RICHARD [DESIGNED BY]; ALFRED D. SHEFFIELD [EDITED BY] - A Dictionary of English Synonyms & Synonymous Expressions
008843: SOUTHERN, TERRY - Blue Movie
007572: SOYER, RAPHAEL - A Painter's Pilgrimage: An Account of a Journey with Drawings by the Author
008300: SPALDING, LINDA - Daughters of Captain Cook
008301: SPALDING, LINDA - The Marcos Dynasty
003462: SPALDING, HENRY D. - A Treasury of Irish Folklore and Humor
008703: AMY SPANGLER - Breastfeeding: Keep It Simple Third Edition, Revised
004986: SPEARS, DIETLINDE E. - Dietlinde's Diary Turmoil to Triumph
005452: SPEARS, DIETLINDE - Dietlinde's Return to Yesterday
005451: SPEARS, DIETLINDE - Dietlinde My Four-Dimensional Life Under Nazism, Communism, Republic, and Democracy
002303: SPECK, SUSAN - Diving Baja California
009559: SPEER, ROBERT E. - Five Minutes a Day:
006324: SPENCE, ANNE - Bob's Camera
002051: SPENCER, CAMIKA - When All Hell Breaks Loose
005268: SPENSER, EDMUND - Books I and II of the Faerie Queene: The Mutability Cantos and Selections from the Minor Poetry
008330: SPIEGEL, JERRY; CRESENCIO TORRES - Manager's Official Guide to Team Working
002611: SPIELBERG, SUE - Pots and Containers: Practical Advice from National Trust Gardeners
002007: SPIELMAN, PATRICK - Router Basics
002052: LEE, SPIKE WITH RALPH WILEY - By Any Means Necessary: The Trials and Tribulations of the Making of Malcolm X... Including the Screenplay
009143: SPIKES, MICHAEL P. - Understanding Contemporary American Literary Theory
005221: SPINELLI, JERRY - The Library Card
007704: SPIZER, BRUCE [COMPILED BY] - The Beatles Solo on Apple Records
005649: SPONG, JOHN SHELBY - Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism: A Bishop Rethinks the Meaning of Scripture
002635: GOLDSTEIN, ARNOLD P.; ROBERT P. SPRAFKIN AND N. JANE GERSHAW - I Know What's Wrong, But I Don't Know What to Do About It
007758: SPURGEON, C. H. - The Treasury of David Volume I: Psalm I to LXXXVII
008741: SQUIRES, JOHN; KAREN WYRICK - Mymathlab Notebook to Accompany Mymathlab Ecourse Series Developmental Mathematics: Basic Mathematics, Introductory Algebra, and Intermediate Algebra
009819: SQUYRES, SUZANNE; NANCY R. JACOBS; JACQUELYN F. QUIRAM - Minorities: A Changing Role in American Society
000682: SRYGLEY, F.B. - The New Testament Church: Editorials of F.D. Srygley Which Appeared in the Gospel Advocate from 1889 to 1900
008995: STABINER, KAREN - The Empty Nest: 31 Parents Tell the Truth About Relationships, Love and Freedom After the Kids Fly the Coop
001650: AMERICAN ACADEMY OF FAMILY PHYSICIANS [EDITORIAL STAFF] - 2005 Family Doctor: Your Essential Guide to Health and Wellbeing
010489: STAFFORD, CLAY [RETOLD BY] - The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain

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