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007168: BERGEN, PETER L. - Man Hunt: The Ten-Year Search for Bin Laden from 9/11 to Abbottabad
010295: BERGER, BRUCE - Notes of a Half-Aspenite
010967: BERGER, THOMAS - Arthur Rex: A Legendary Novel
010572: BERGER, CARL - B29: The Superfortress
012722: BERMAN, BORIS - Notes from the Pianist's Bench
008664: BERMAN, CHRIS - Red Moon
003044: BERNARD, TRISTAN - L'Anglais Tel Qu'on le Parle Et Quelques Anecdotes
008187: BERNAU, GEORGE - Black Phoenix
009466: BERNAU, GEORGE - Promises to Keep
008493: PEGGY A. HOGG; ROBERT J7. BERNDT - Grooming and Showing Toy Dogs
012630: SANDERS, BERNIE WITH HUCK GUTMAN - Outsider in the White House
012315: BERNSTEIN, MICHAEL - Windows to the Soul: A Psychiatrist Finds a Wealth of Ideas in the Weekly Torah Reading, Genesis - Exodus
012102: BERNSTEIN, R. B. - The Founding Fathers Reconsidered
012381: BERNSTEIN, CARL - A Woman in Charge: The Life of Hillary Rodham Clinton
007504: BEROLZHEIMER, RUTH - What Will We Eat Today? Pressure Cooking Recipes
006099: BERRY, WILLIAM B. N. - Growth of a Prehistoric Time Scale: Based on Organic Evolution
006063: BERRY, ROLAND - Watch with Me and Six Other Stories of the Yet-Remembered Ptolemy Proudfoot and His Wife, Miss Minnie, Nee Quinch
012584: BERRY, MARY FRANCES - The Politics of Parenthood: Child Care, Women's Rights, and the Myth of the Good Mother
004910: BERRY, ROLAND - Der Steinerne Tod Allan Wiltons Kriminalberichte
008364: BESS, SAVITRI L. - The Path of the Mother : With the Divine Guidance of the Holy Mother, Ammachi
001196: BRYANT, BETH AND JOHN GODWIN - 1977-78 Edition of Arthur Frommer's Guide to Ireland Dublin/Shannon
000457: BETHEL, ALLAN - They Lifted Their Eyes
009970: BETHELL, TOM - The Politically Incorrect Guide to Science
009643: BETSCHART, JEAN - Medical Book of Remedies: 50 Ways to Manage Diabetes
004815: BEVANS, C. F. - Ideas for the Thoughtful Teacher
007179: BIDINOTTO, ROBERT JAMES - Criminal Justice: The Legal System Vs. Individual Responsibility
009845: BIEGELEISEN, J. I. - Design and Print Your Own Posters
004639: BIGELOW, GARY - Sisters of Interment
005617: VLASIC, BILL & BRADLEY A. STERTZ - Taken for a Ride: How Daimler-Benz Drove Off with Chrysler
007139: EVANS, BILL & MARIANNA JAMESON - Category 7
011624: MCCARTNEY, BILL WITH DAVE DILES - From Ashes to Glory: Conflicts and Victories on and Beyond the Football Field
004309: BRESNAN, BILL & ERIC GELB - Getting Started in Asset Allocation
010066: BILLARD, JULES B. [EDITOR] - The World of the American Indian
004928: HUGHEY, BILLY & JANICE [EDITORS] - A Rainbow of Hope: 777 Inspirational Quotes Plus Selected Scriptures
007750: BINGHAM, HARRY - The Sons of Adam: An Epic Tale of Fortunes Lost and Won
011671: BIRD, ANNE - Blood Brother: 33 Reasons My Brother Scott Peterson Is Guilty
012449: BIRK, CHRIS - The Book on Va Loans: An Essential Guide to Maximizing Your Home Loan Benefits
011260: BIRKHEAD, TIM - A Brand New Bird: How Two Amateur Scientists Created the First Genetically Engineered Animal
006777: BISHOP, JENNIE - Bible Heroes
003847: BISHOP, GEORGE - The Concise Dictionary of Motorsport
004276: BISSELL, RICHARD - High Water
001598: BITTINGER, DESMOND W. - Wu Feng, Companion of Head Hunters and Other Stories
009050: BITTLESTON, JENNIE - Secrets of Yoga
006290: BJORNSTAD, JAMES - The Moon Is Not the Son: A Close Look at the Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church
004331: BLAAUWGEERS, HERMA-JOZE - Freedom Is Not Free the Price Was Paid on D-Day
012283: IMBER-BLACK, EVAN [EDITOR] - Secrets in Families and Family Therapy
003085: BLACKMAN, ANN - Seasons of Her Life a Biography of Madeleine Korbel Albright
012490: BLACKMER, JEAN - Momsense: A Common-Sense Guide to Confident Mothering
006133: BLACKWELL, SAM - Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge Dedication
010218: BLACKWOOD, ALGERNON - The Lost Valley and Other Stories
009214: BLAIR, CORNELIA; NANCY R. JACOBS, JAQUELYN QUIRAM [EDITORS] - Homeless in America: How Could It Happen Here? (the Information Series on Current Topics)
006811: BLAIR, RAYMOND N. [EDITOR] - Lithographers Manual, Seventh Edition
012823: BLAIR, CLAY - Ridgway's Paratroopers: The American Airborne in World War II
008168: BLAIR, CORNELIA; ALISON B. LANDES; NANCY R. JACOBS [EDITORS] - Information Plus: Energy an Issue of the 90's
011689: BLAIR, JASON - Burning Down My Masters' House: My Life at the New York Times
009446: BLAIR, CORNELIA; MARK A. SIEGEL; JACQUELYN QUIRAM [EDITORS] - Water - No Longer Taken for Granted
009224: BLAIR, CORNELIA; NANCY R. JACOBS; ALISON LANDES [EDITORS] - Garbage and Other Pollution
010597: BLAIR, TONY - A Journey: My Political Life
000353: BLAIS, MARIE-CLAIRE - Deaf to the City
006100: BLAKE, GRACE R. - Home Life of American Birds
001620: BLAKE, STEPHANIE - Callie Knight
009737: BLAKE, ROBERT R.; JANE SRYGLEY MOUTON - Corporate Excellence Through Grid Organization Development
011948: BLAKE, MICHAEL - Indian Yell: The Heart of an American Insurgency
011306: BLASS, THOMAS - The Man Who Shocked the World: The Life and Legacy of Stanley Milgram
005294: BLAZER, J. S. - Lend a Hand
007789: BLEDSOE - Don Giovanni by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
010305: BLEDSOE, LUCY JANE - Cougar Canyon
012151: BLESER, CAROL [EDITOR] - Secret and Sacred: The Diaries of James Henry Hammond, a Southern Slaveholder
004745: BLINN, JOHNA - Fast & Fabulous International Cuisine
006285: BLISH, JAMES - Cities in Flight Vol 2
007939: BLISSMER, ROBERT H.; ROLAND ALDEN - Working with Computers
012071: BLOCK, LAWRENCE - Hit Me: A Keller Novel - Large Print Edititon
009617: BLOCK, LAWRENCE; ERNIE BULOW - After Hours: Conversations with Lawrence Block
003591: BLOCKLINGER, BETTY - Love's Legacy
012497: BLOCKSMA, MARY - Reading the Numbers: A Survival Guide to the Measurements, Numbers, and Sizes Encountered in Everyday Life
008619: BLOOM, STEPHEN G. - Postville: A Clash of Cultures in Heartland America
012543: BLOOM, LISA - Suspicion Nation: The Inside Story of the Trayvon Martin Injustice and Why We Continue to Repeat It
008719: BLOOMINGDALE, TERESA - Up a Family Tree
006069: BLUE, JANET B. [EDITOR] - 1996 United States Volleyball Official Rules As Approved by Usa Volleyball
012832: BLUM, JEROME - Lord and Peasants in Russia: From the Ninth to the Nineteenth Century
007795: BLUNT, MATT - Official Manual, State of Missouri 2001-2002
010376: BLY, ROBERT [POETRY] - Angels of Pompeii
006053: BLY, ROBERT [POETRY] - The Copywriter's Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Copy That Sells
005020: BLY, ROBERT W. - The Ultimate Star Trek Quiz Book
004160: BLYTHE, LEGETTE - Man on Fire a Novel of the Life of St. Paul
011308: SCHIEFFER, BOB WITH H. ANDREW SCHWARTZ - Overload: Finding the Truth in Today's Deluge of News
006281: TIMBERLAKE, BOB WITH JERRY BLEDSOE - Partial to Home: A Memoir of the Heart
002739: BOBROW, JERRY - Cliffs Praxis I Pre-Professional Skills Tests: Preparation Guide
006998: BOBST, ELMER HOLMES - Bobst: The Autobiography of a Pharmaceutical Pioneer
010949: BOCCACCIO, GIOVANNI - The Decameron
011399: BODETT, TOM - As Far As You Can Go without a Passport: The View from the End of the Road
011365: THOENE, BODIE & BROCK - Only the River Runs Free: The Galway Chronicles
004241: BOGGS, MARY FIELD - Wheel Chair Triumph
010128: BOHLMAN, HERBERT M.; MARY JANE DUNDAS - Legal, Ethical, and International Environment of Business
011213: ALAN BOLD - Scottish Clans
011072: BOLI, ZHANG - Escape from China: The Long Journey from Tiananmen to Freedom
011141: BÖLL, HEINRICH - The Silent Angel
008038: BOLLIN, SUSAN K. - Quick-N-Easy Mexican Recipes: Marvelous Mexican Meals - in Minutes
010628: BONANNO, MARGARET WANDER - A Certain Slant of Light
010988: BOND, BOB - The Handbook of Sailing: A Complete Guide to All Sailing Techniques and Procedures for the Beginner and the Experienced Sailor Revised and Updated
010069: BONNIE, FRED - Flowering Trees, Shrubs, and Vines: A Guide for Home Gardeners
006691: BONSALL, CROSBY - Tell Me Some More . .
006686: BONSALL, CROSBY - The Case of the Dumb Bells
010454: BOOK, OTIS R - Keeping Memories Afloat
009386: BOORTZ, NEAL; JOHN LINDER - The Fairtax Book
012657: BOORTZ, NEAL - Somebody's Gotta Say It
008391: BOOTH, DAVID; JENNIFER ROWSELL - The Literacy Principal, Second Edition: Leading, Supporting, and Assessing Reading and Writing Initiatives
009525: BOREN, DAVID L. - A Letter to America
012725: BORLAND, HAL - Countryman: A Summary of Belief
012861: BOROS, JULIUS - Swing Easy, Hit Hard
003350: BORTIN, VIRGINIA - Publicity for Volunteers: A Handbook
003354: BORTIN, VIRGINIA - Watergate Wasn't All My Fault and Eight Other Award Winners from Playboy
000906: BOSE, IRENE MOTT - Totaram
012889: BOTHAM, LYDIA [DIRECTOR] - Land of Lakes Recipe Collection: One-Dish Meals
006189: BOTTRALL, RONALD - Art Centres of the World: Rome
003183: BOURGEOIS, ELISABETH - Provence Cooking
011673: BOURKE, ANGELA - Maeve Brennan: Homesick at the New Yorker
009427: BOURKE, DALE HANSON - Sacred Surprises: When God Turns Your Life Upside Down
011900: BOURNE, RUSSELL - Floating West: The Erie and Other American Canals
009373: BOURNE, KENNETH; ROBERT M. BROWN; LEO G. SANDS - 101 Questions & Answers About Amateur Radio
007827: BOUTELLE, EDITH W. - The Ghost That Goofed
008898: BOVA, BEN - Forward in Time: A Science Fiction Story Collection
011907: BOWEN, LILA - Wake of Vultures - the Shadow: Book One
005991: BOWEN, WILLIAM JR. - Globalism: America's Demise
011909: BOWEN, LILA - The Shadow: Book One [Wake of Vultures] & Book Two [Conspiracy of Ravens]
011908: BOWEN, LILA - Conspiracy of Ravens, the Shadow: Book Two
011459: BOWERS, MARY BEACOM [EDITOR] - Stories About Birds and Bird Watcher's from Bird Watcher's Digest
008375: BOWERS, K. W. M. - Antique Furniture Explained and Illustrated [1500 - 1901]
012838: BOWLER, PETER - The Superior Person's Book of Words
009579: BOWLES, ELLA SHANNON - Handmade Rugs
007551: BOWLING, STELLA - Everyday Cooking for Diabetics: Over 200 Delicious, Specially Created Recipes Which Provide Healthy, Balanced Meals Suitable for the Entire Family
003705: BOWMAN, HENRY - Marriage for Moderns Third Edition
012962: BOWMAN, LINDA - Free Stuff and Good Deals for Folks over 50, Third Edition
000659: BOWMAN, NEAL - Generally Speaking
001114: BOWNE, FORD - Thunderbird Range
008312: BOXT, LAWRENCE M. [EDITOR] - Magnetic Resonance Imaging Clinics of North America: Cardiac Mr Imaging, Volume 4 Number 2 May 1996
011374: BOYER, ELIZABETH - Marguerite de la Roque: A Story of Survival
006250: BOYLAN, JAMES R. - School Teaching As a Career
009519: BOYLAN, CLARE - Emma Brown: A Novel from the Unfinished Manuscript by Charlotte Brontë
011305: BOYLE, ROBERT H. - Bass Boss: The Inspiring Story of Ray Scott and the Sport Fishing Industry He Created
009822: BOYLE, T. CORAGHESSAN - Greasy Lake & Descent of Man, Set of 2
012656: BOYLE, KEVIN - Arc of Justice: A Saga of Race, CIVIL Rights, and Murder in the Jazz Age
002894: BOYLES, MARGARET - Columbia - Minerva Beginner's Needlepoint
011760: BOYNE, WALTER J. - Classic Airplanes: Epic Flights, Inventions and Milestones
005722: BOZEK, PHILIP - 50 One-Minute Tips to Better Communication
007249: BRABEC, BARBARA - Make It Profitable!: How to Make Your Art, Craft, Design, Writing, or Publishing Business More Efficient, More Satisifying, and More Profitable
009805: BRACE, RICHARD M. - Morocco – Algeria - Tunisia: The Modern Nations in Historical Perspective
012125: KASAL, BRAD AND NATHANIEL R. HELMS - My Men Are My Heroes: The Brad Kasal Story As Told to Nathaniel R. Helms
005491: BRADBURY, BIANCA - Sam and the Colonels
012502: BRADEN, BRUCE - "Ye Will Say I Am No Christian": The Thomas Jefferson/John Adams Correspondence on Religion, Morals, and Values
010669: BRADFORD, BARBARA TAYLOR - Three Weeks in Paris
005000: BRADLEE, BEN JR. - Guts and Glory: The Rise and Fall of Oliver North
012098: BRADLEY, ALEX - 24 Girls in 7 Days
011552: BRADLEY, JAMES - Flyboys: A True Story of Courage
008518: BRADLEY, MARILYNNE - Packets on Parade
012349: BRADLEY, JOHN ED - Tupelo Nights
006646: BRADLEY, MARION ZIMMER - The House between the Worlds
004038: BRADY, ROSE - Kapitalizm Russia's Struggle to Free Its Economy
008395: BRADY, JOAN - God on a Harley: A Spiritual Fable
005450: BRAGG, MELVYN - Richard Burton: A Life
004226: BRAGG, RICK - Ava's Man
010042: BRAIDER, DONALD - An Epic Joy: A Novel Based on the Life of Pieter Paul Rubens
004452: BRAITHWAITE, ALTHEA - Bath from Roman Times
009801: BRAMSTED, ERNEST K. - Germany: The Modern Nations in Historical Perspective
012635: BRANCH, TAYLOR - The Clinton Tapes: Wrestling History with the President
012877: BRANDES, GEORG - Impressions of Russia
010242: BRANDRETH, GYLES - Oscar Wilde and the Dead Man's Smile: A Mystery (Oscar Wilde Murder Mystery Series)
001351: BRANDRETH, GYLES - A Game-a-Day Book
004989: BRANDT, KEITH - Caves
007541: BRANIGAN, CYNTHIA A. - Adopting the Racing Greyhound
007899: BRANN, DONALD R. - How to Modernize an Attic
007505: BRAU, M. M.  - Island in the Crossroads: The History of Puerto Rico
012469: BRAUDE, JACOB M. - Braude's Treasury Wit & Humor Revised Edition
000642: BRAUDE, JACOB M - Baude's Treasury of Wit and Humor
009797: BRAUDY, LEO - The Frenzy of Renown: Fame and Its History
009862: BRAUN, STEPHEN - Buzz: The Science and Lore of Alcohol and Caffeine
011364: BRAUN, ELIEZER - Bridging the Divide: The Journey of an Israeli Jew Into the Christian Evangelical World
012577: BRAZELTON, BEV - Altered Books Workshop: 18 Creative Techniques for Self - Expression
012799: BREATHNACH, SARAH BAN - Something More: Excavating Your Authentic Self
006990: BRÉAU, JULES - Wonderful Sarthe
001618: BRECHER, ERWIN - Surprising Science Puzzles
009439: BREDENBERG, JEFF - 2,001 Amazing Cleaning Secrets
001722: BERKLEY, BRENDA & ANULKA KITAMURA - The Fight for Quiet: The Growing Menace of Noise Pollution - How It Hurts You, Where It Comes from, and What You Can Do About It.
010174: BERKLEY, BRENDA & ANULKA KITAMURA - Zen Flowers: Designs to Soothe the Senses and Nourish the Soul
010260: BRENEMAN, JOHN W. - Mechanics, Third Edition
005498: BRENNAN, CHRISTINE - Edge of Glory: The Inside Story of the Quest for Figure Skating's Olympic Gold Medals
007655: BRENT, CAROL D. [EDITOR] - Pancakes & Waffles: The Fine Art of Pancake, Waffle, Crêpe and Blintz Cooking
011701: BRESLIN, JIMMY - I Want to Thank My Brain for Remembering Me: A Memoir
005147: BRETT, SIMON - Mrs. Pargeter's Point of Honour
010826: BREWER, JO - Butterflies
010872: DEMING, BRIAN AND TED HIFF - Hitler and Munich: A Historical Guide to the Sights and Addresses of Munich Important to Adolf Hitler, His Followers and His Victims
009142: BOITANO, BRIAN WITH SUZANNE HARPER - Boitano's Edge: Inside the Real World of Figure Skating
006791: COE, BRIAN ET AL - Techniques of the World's Greatest Photographers
007470: BRIAN, DENIS - The True Gen: An Intimate Portrait of Ernest Hemingway by Those Who Knew Him
003910: MAWHINNEY, BRIAN & RONALD WELLS - Conflict and Christianity in Northern Ireland
000962: BRICKETT, MARTHA (EDITOR) - Thursday Night at Suzanne's
006773: BRIDENNE, MICHEL - Fievre de Printemps
010653: BRIDGES, LOIS [EDITOR] - Open a World of Possible: Real Stories About the Joy and Power of Reading
012173: BRIDGMAN, GEORGE B. - Bridgman's Life Drawing
004524: BRIDWELL, DEBRA - The Ache for a Child
009286: O'BRIEN, DAVID M. - Supreme Court Watch 1996: Highlights of the 1993-1996 Terms, Preview of the 1996-1997 Term
011963: O'BRIEN, JIM - We Had 'Em All the Way: Bob Prince & His Pittsburgh Pirates - All-Star Edition of Pittburgh Proud Series
005818: BRIMNER, LARRY DANE - Being Different: Lambda Youths Speak out
011551: BRIN, LINDSAY - How to Exercise When You'Re Expecting: For the 9 Months of Pregnancy and the 5 Months It Takes to Get Your Best Body Back
010804: BRINK, ANDRÉ - Philida
003476: BRINNIN, JOHN MALCOLM - The Third Rose Gertrude Stein and Her World
008167: BRISCOE, DOLPH - My Life in Texas Ranching and Politics
006454: BRITT, SUZANNE - Images: A Centennial Journey
010267: BRITTON, CHRISTOPHER - Paybacks
010852: BROAD, WILLIAM J. - The Science of Yoga: The Risks and the Rewards
012437: CLUTTON-BROCK, TIM - Meerkat Manor: Flower of the Kalahari
011661: BROCKELMAN, PAUL - Cosmology and Creation: The Spiritual Significance of Contemporary Cosmology
012228: BROCKETT, D. A. - Our Darling
006710: BRODIE, IAN - Cameras in Narnia: How the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Came to Life
006453: BRODY, ELAINE - Music in Opera: A Historical Anthology
005421: BROEKER, HOLGER [EDITOR] - Gary Hill Selected Works Catalogue Raisonné
007610: BROER, TED - Maximum Solutions for Add, Learning Disabilities and Autism
006609: BROOKE, BOB - Solar Energy
002107: BROOKESMITH, PETER [EDITOR] - Survival of Death: Theories About the Nature of the Afterlife
006101: BROOKS, JOHN - Telephone: The First Hundred Years
006349: BROOKS, TERRY - The Druid of Shannara
005693: BROOKS, PATRICIA - Permanently New Yorkers: Final Digs of the Notable and Notorious
006653: BROOKS, PAT - Out! in the Name of Jesus
010722: BROOKS, WALTER [EDITOR] - The Art of Watercolor Painting: Still Life, Landscape, Seascape
006966: BROONER, E. G. - Local Area Network Book
010097: BROTHERTON, VELDA - Foggy Mountain Breakdown and Other Stories
010110: BROTHERTON, VELDA - Fly with the Mourning Dove
009891: BROUWER, SIGMUND - The Angel and the Cross: A Supernatural Adventure
001842: BROUWER, STEVE - Sharing the Pie
012968: BROWN, L. A. - The Marine's Handbook, Seventh Edition
010126: BROWN, PATRICK - Butterfly Mind: Revolution, Recovery, and One Reporter's Road to Understanding China
009948: BROWN, DOUGLAS A. - The Magic Compass: A Christmas Fantasy
012327: IPOCK-BROWN, REXANNA - Rosemary Wolfe, M.D. (Monster Doctor): Loving Monsters Series, Book 1
011196: BROWN, CLINT [COMPILED BY] - Artist to Artist: Inspiration and Advice from Artists Past & Present
007553: BROWN, JAMES T. - Second Opinions of Hippocrates' Oaf
007578: BROWN, ARCH - Jeep: The Unstoppable Legend
007712: BROWN, LARRY - Billy Ray's Farm: Essays from a Place Called Tula
009418: BROWN, JIMMY D. - It's a Wonderful Life, in Christ: Stories to Encourage, Inspire and Challenge Believers to Experience Life in Abundance
008452: BROWN, DORT FRATZKE - Souvenir Buildings: A Collection of Identified Miniatures Volume II
001447: BROWN, IVOR - Shakespeare
003607: BROWN, ROY - The Viaduct
004118: BROWN, DALE - Chains of Command
010882: BROWN, MARY - It Wasn't All Dancing and Other Stories
008672: BROWN, WILLADENE - You Will Never Know What You Can Do Until You Try
009716: BROWN, HOWARD E. - Your Life in a Democracy
010617: BROWN, MARK DOUGLAS - Capone: Life Behind Bars at Alcatraz
010631: BROWNE, S. G. - Breathers: A Zombie's Lament
001779: BROWNJOHN, ALAN - The Way You Tell Them: A Yarn of the Nineties
009380: BROWNLOW, LEROY - Flowers of Friendship
006864: BROWNLOW, LEROY - For Love's Sake
009765: BROWNSTEIN, RONALD - The Power and the Glitter: The Hollywood-Washington Connection
011428: COVILLE, BRUCE & ELIZABETH LEVY - Paula Danziger's Amber Brown Is on the Move
009279: LUBIN, BRUCE & JEANNE BOSSALINA LUBIN - Who Knew? the Best of Vol. 1 & 2
011980: ARENA, BRUCE WITH STEVE KETTMANN - What's Wrong with Us?: A Coach's Blunt Take on the State of American Soccer After a Lifetime on the Touchline
009442: LUBIN, BRUCE & JEANNE BOSSALINA LUBIN - Who Knew? II: Over 15,000 Tips, Secrets, Facts and Quick Fixes to Make Your Life Easier, Your Home Cleaner, and Your Food Test Better - All While Saving Time and Money
009443: LUBIN, BRUCE AND JEANNE BOSSOLINA - Who Knew 3: Household Heroes, Money-Saving Miracles & Astonishing Uses for Everyday Items
006407: WILKINSON, BRUCE AND ROB SUGGS - Secrets of the Vine: For Young Hearts
012076: BRUCE, BARBARA K. - The Mayo Clinic Guide to Pain Relief
009985: FELTON, BRUCE AND MARK FOWLER - Felton & Fowler's Famous Americans You Never Knew Existed
005832: BRUECKNER, LEO J. - Diagnostic Remedial Teaching in Arithmetic
008954: BRUMBELOE, RENDA - Life at 35,000 Feet
012963: BRUNDAGE, ANTHONY - Going to the Sources: A Guide to Historical Research and Writing, Fourth Edition
011135: BRUNING, LESLIE D. - Gable and Gambrel: Barns, Cotton Gins, and Rural Buildings in Semo and Near [Southeast Missouri and Northeast Arkansas]
008569: BRUNNER, JOHN - The Crucible of Time
004176: ALRED, GERALD J.; CHARLES T. BRUSAW & WALTER E. OLIU - The Business Writer's Handbook Sixth Edition
012001: BRUZZESE, ANITA - 45 Things You Do That Drive Your Boss Crazy--and How to Avoid Them
009423: BRYAN, MARK - Codes of Love - How to Rethink Your Family and Remake Your Life
009700: BRYAN, JULIAN SCOTT - From Father to Son: Hints on the Game of Living Successfully
009711: BRYAN, ALLENE - Primary Sunday School Work
009390: BRYSON, BILL - I'm a Stranger Here Myself: Notes on Returning to America After Twenty Years Away
011559: BRYSON, BILL - One Summer: America, 1927
009744: BRYSON, BILL - In a Sunburned Country
005642: BRZEZINSKI, ZBIGNIEW [EDITOR] - Dilemmas of Change in Soviet Politics
002790: BUBEL, NANCY - Nancy Bubel's Handbook of Garden Projects for All Seasons
002315: BUCHANAN, JOHN - Jackson's Way: Andrew Jackson and the People of the Western Waters
005456: BUCHANAN, MARIE - The Dark Backward
007836: BUCHANAN, PATRICK J. - Day of Reckoning: How Hubris, Ideology, and Greed Are Tearing America Apart
004104: BUCHWALD, ART - Is It Safe to Drink the Water ?
004814: BUCKINGHAM, SANDRA - The Complete Stenciling Handbook
012474: BUCKLEY, WILLIAM F, JR - Airborne: A Sentimental Journey
011398: BUCKLEY, GAIL LUMET - The Black Calhouns: From CIVIL War to CIVIL Rights with One African American Family
001464: FRANKEL, BUD AND H. W. PHILLIPS - Your Advertising's Great... How's Business?
004010: BUGG, RALPH - The Times of Our Lives a Study Book
009918: BUKHARI, EMIR - Napoleon's Cavalry
008853: BULFINCH, THOMAS - Bulfinch's Mythology: The Age of Fable
012131: BULIK, CYNTHIA M. - Midlife Eating Disorders: Your Journey to Recovery
005768: BULLA, CYDE ROBERT - New Boy in Dublin
005738: BULLA, CLYDE ROBERT - Open the Door and See All the People.
002233: BULLA, CLYDE ROBERT - Dexter
009163: BULLARD, SARA [EXECUTIVE EDITOR] - Free at Last: A History of the CIVIL Rights Movement and Those Who Died in the Struggle
002537: BULTMAN, BUD - Revolution by Candlelight: The Real Story Behind the Changes in Eastern Europe
006107: BUNDEY, NIKKI - In the Gym
006108: BUNDEY, NIKKI - In the Park
012028: BUNDY, CHRIS - West Baden Springs: Legacy of Dreams - the Complete History in Script and Pictures, Third Edition
002091: BUNKLEY, ANITA RICHMOND - Balancing Act
008255: HOLMAN, BUNNY AND LARRY HOLMAN - Turning Dreams Into Success: Lessons in Leadership from the Ground Up
008139: COMMODITY RESEARCH BUREAU - The Crb Commodity Yearbook 2009 [with Cd]
003093: BURGESS, MELVIN - The Earth Giant
004994: BURGESS, ANNA - The Do-It-Yourself First Craft Book
011630: BURKE, JAMES - The Pinball Effect: How Renaissance Water Gardens Made the Carburetor Possible - and Other Journeys Through Knowledge
001739: BURKE, JAMES WAKEFIELD - The Sweet Dream
004368: BURKE, JAMES LEE - Bitterroot
005231: BURKETT, MICHAEL - The Dad Zone: Reports from the Tender, Bewildering, and Hilarious World of Fatherhood
005248: BURLEIGH, DAVID ROBERT - Piggyback
002860: BURMAN, BEN LUCIEN - Rooster Crows for Day
010395: BURNETT, FRANCES HODGSON - The Secret Garden
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010974: FIELD OPERATIONS BUREAU [PREPARED BY] - How to Identify & Resolve Radio - Tv Interference Problems
008361: THE TEXAS WATER UTILITIES ASSOCIATION [PREPARED BY] - Manual of Wastewater Operations
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006398: THORNBURG, Z. C. ET AL - Our America and Our Constitution
002662: LEONE, RICHARD C. & GREG ANRIG, JR. [EDITORS] - The War on Our Freedoms: CIVIL Liberties in an Age of Terrorism
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009636: CAIN, PAUL - Fast One
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001163: CALDWELL, ERSKINE - A House in the Uplands
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012932: CAMP, ASHBY L. - Feet Firmly Planted: A Theological Handbook for the Church of Christ
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010927: CARLIN, GEORGE - When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops?
005727: CARLISLE, MADELYN - About Satellites
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009916: CARLSON, RICHARD - The Don't Sweat the Small Stuff Workbook: Exercises, Questions, and Self-Tests to Help You Keep the Little Things from Taking over Your Life
011596: CARLSON, GRETCHEN - Be Fierce: Stop Harassment and Take Your Power Back
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005532: CARROLL, DAVID D. - New York: A Feast of Memories
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011206: CASTEEL, SETH - Underwater Dogs
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003006: NAPOLITANE, CATHERINE & VICTORIA PELLEGRINO - Living and Loving After Divorce
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009122: CAVAIANI, MABEL - The New Diabetic Cookbook: 175 Delicious Recipes for a Low-Fat, Low-Sugar, Low-Cholesterol, Low-Salt, High-Fiber Diet
009922: CAVALIER, JULIAN - Classic American Railroad Stations
011513: CAVE, ERIC - Preferring Justice: Rationality, Self-Transformation, and the Sense of Justice
006633: CAVE, HUGH B. - The Evil
008126: CAVUTO, NEIL - Your Money or Your Life
011960: CAWOOD, CHRIS - Carp
011208: CAWTHON, CHARLES R - Other Clay: A Remembrance of the World War II Infantry
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011419: CHALEFF, IRA - The Courageous Follower: Standing Up to and for Our Leaders
010629: CHAMBERLAIN, PAUL - Final Wishes: A Cautionary Tale on Death, Dignity & Physician-Assisted Suicide
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011910: CHAMBERLAIN, MARY - The Dressmaker's War
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006627: CHANELES, SOL - Santa Makes a Change
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012743: CHANEY, MATT - My Name Is Mister Ryan: The Greatness in People Series Part One
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012632: CHAPMAN, STEVE - With Dad on a Deer Stand: Unforgettable Stories of Adventure in the Woods
004326: CHAPMAN, RAY - Who's Who in Waterfowl Art
012848: CHAPPELL, ANNE C. [EDITOR] - Light Cooking for Two
008893: CHARDIN, PIERRE TEILHARD DE - The Future of Man
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011209: PROUT, CHESSY WITH JENN ABELSON - I Have the Right to: A High School Survivor's Story of Sexual Assault, Justice, and Hope
004405: CHETHIK, MORTON - Techniques of Child Therapy Psychodynamic Strategies
012146: CHEUSE, ALAN - Listening to the Page: Adventures in Reading and Writing]
011401: CHEVALIER, TRACY - The Virgin Blue
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011237: CHIAZZARI, SUZY - The Healing Home: Creating the Perfect Place to Live with Color, Aroma, Light and Other Natural Elements
006317: CHILDS, JOHN L. - Education and Morals: An Experimentalist Philosophy of Education
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011436: CHMIEL, DAVID - Golf Hideaways: The Best Courses & Resorts
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008336: CHRISTIANSEN, LARRY - Storming the Barricades: Lessons in Attacking Chess from a Top American Grandmaster
002873: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Hickory Dickory Death
010889: COOPER, CHRISTOPHER AND ROBERT BLOCK - Disaster: Hurricane Katrina and the Failure of Homeland Security
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012760: CHRISTOPHER, DORIS - The Pampered Chef: Season's Best Recipe Collection Fall / Winter 2003
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004070: CHRISTOPHER, DAMIEN - The Game Player's Book of Sports Trivia
008378: CHRISTY, DENNIS T. - College Algebra
011655: LIDDELL, CHUCK WITH CHAD MILLMAN - Iceman: My Fighting Life
007247: CHUNDER, M. NELSON - Mad As Hell: A Master Tome of Revengemanship
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012675: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - The Story of the Malakand Field Force: An Episode of Frontier War
006201: CHURCHILL, RANDOLPH S. - Blood, Sweat and Tears
011084: CIAVOLA, DEBRA HAPENNY - 50 Great Tips, Tricks & Techniques to Connect with Your Teen
012750: CICCONE, CHARLES D. - Pharmacology in Rehabilitation Second Edition (Contemporary Perspectives in Rehabilitation)
010639: ROSS, CINDY & TODD - Kids in the Wild: A Family Guide to Outdoor Recreation
010010: CINOTTI, MYA - La Femme Nue Par Les Peintres
010507: CIRCLE, HOMER - Uncle Homer's Outdoor Chuckle Book: A Rare Catch of Folksy Jokes, Quips, Cartoons, and Keeper Memories
007144: CLAITOR, DIANA - Outlaws, Mobsters, and Murderers: The Villains... The Deeds
008333: CLAMP, BETTY ANN - Cooking with Low Cost Proteins: Nutritious, Economical, and Easy Recipies Using Less Familiar Protein Sources
011139: CLANCY, KELLY - Container Water Gardening for Hobbyists
010758: CLARK, KATHRYN A. - Pretty Tops for All Seasons
009481: CLARK, DAVID E. [EDITOR] - Breads: Step-by-Step Techniques
002704: CLARK, DAVID - Ultimate Treehouses
011316: CLARK, JENNESS - Born by the River: The True Story of a Young Girl Growing Up Along the Mississippi River During the Summer of 1963
011219: CLARK, GINA BETH - Tillie's Place
008955: CLARK, KAY - All by Himself
002718: CLARK, PAUL - The Phone: An Appreciation
003213: CLARK, DALE - Country Coffins
011354: CLARK, MARY HIGGINS - Kitchen Privileges: A Memoir
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004854: CLARKE, DAVID - Poldark Country
012271: CLARKSON, WENSLEY - Quentin Tarantino: Shooting from the Hip
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012241: CLAYTON, M. TERESA - Judith
004698: CLAYTON, JOHN BELL - Wait, Son, October Is Near
009494: CLEARY, BEVERLY - Dear Mr. Henshaw
012925: CLEARY, BEVERLY - Dear Mr. Henshaw
011315: CLEMENTS, JONATHAN - 48 and Counting: A Story of Money, Love and Bicycling
006570: ALLBRITTON, CLIFF ET AL - Single Adult Ministry in Your Church
011618: CLIFFORD, STEPHANIE - Everybody Rise
005206: CLIFFORD, JOHN H. [EDITOR] - The Musiclover's Handbook
010540: CLINTON, BILL - My Life
012639: CLINTON, BILL - My Life
010079: CLINTON, HILLARY RODHAM - Living History - with a New Afterword
010046: CLINTON, HILLARY RODHAM - It Takes a Village, and Other Lessons Children Teach Us
011189: CLINTON, DEWITT [EDITOR] - Eleven Wisconsin Poets: A Whitewater Poetry Sampler
009896: DAVIS, CLIVE WITH ANTHONY DECURTIS - The Soundtrack of My Life
012768: THE BEARDSTOWN LADIES INVESTMENT CLUB WITH LESLIE WHITAKER - The Beardstown Ladies' Common-Sense Investment Guide: How We Beat the Stock Market - and How You Can Too
005003: COATSWORTH, ELIZABETH - Grandmother Cat and the Hermit
012055: COCHRAN, ROBERT - Our Own Sweet Sounds: A Celebration of Popular Music in Arkansas
004917: COCHRAN, MOLLY - WARREN MURPHY - Herr Der Jahrhunderte
010696: COCHRANE, CHARLES L. - Painting Water and Weather
005960: COCKELL, JENNY - Across Time and Death: A Mother's Search for Her Past Life Children
001877: CODRESCU, ANDREI - The Life and Times of an Involuntary Genius
004197: CODY, AL - Gunsong at Twilight
004539: CODY, AL - Restless Spurs
011348: COEL, MARGARET - Blood Memory
012947: COELHO, SUSIE - Susie Coelho's Everyday Styling: Easy Tips for Home, Garden, and Entertaining
009888: COEN, SUE HENDERSON - Horseback Riding Made Easy and Fun
009615: COFFIN, ROBERT P. TRISTRAM - Poems for a Son with Wings
004150: COFFMAN, VIRGINIA - Dinah Faire
010884: COGHILL, TOM - Cavaliers
009770: COHEN, CARL - Earth's Hidden Mysteries
011953: COHEN, JOEL H. - How to Lose a Marathon: A Starter's Guide to Finishing in 26. 2 Chapters
002657: COHEN, EDIE - West Coast Rooms: Portfolios of 41 Architects and Interior Designers
012957: COHEN, DAVID [EDITOR]; SUSAN WELS [TEXT] - America Then & Now : Great Old Photographs of America's Life and Times - and How Those Same Scenes Look Today
005742: COHEN, PETER ZACHARY - Morena
004144: COHEN, MATT - Wooden Hunters
011911: COHEN, ANDY - Superficial: More Adventures from the Andy Cohen Diaries
007465: COHEN, STEVE - Just Juggle: An Easy-to-Learn Method with an Illustrated Flip Sequence
009366: COHEN, STEVEN - Secrecy and Democracy
004547: COHEN, DANIEL - The Monsters of Star Trek
003780: COHEN, SHLOMO - Bahamas Diver's Guide
003974: COHEN, SHLOMO - The Sea I Love
012033: COHEN, JOSHUA - Book of Numbers
011074: COHEN, JANET LANGHART - From Rage to Reason: My Life in Two Americas
009284: COHN, BEVERLY - What a Year It Was! 1948
005946: COHN, ROBIN - The Pr Crisis Bible: How to Take Charge of the Media When All Hell Breaks Loose
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011263: COLBERT, DON - Eat This and Live: How to Make Simple Food Choices. Feel Better, Look Younger, Live Longer!
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010430: COLLINGHAM, LIZZIE - Curry: A Tale of Cooks and Conquerors
012523: COLLINS, SCOTT - Crazy Like a Fox: The Inside Story of How Fox News Beat Cnn
012105: COLLINS, PAUL - The Murder of the Century: The Gilded Age Crime That Scandalized a City & Sparked the Tabloid Wars
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004612: COOPER, SONNI - Black Fire a Star Trek Novel
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002059: CORBETT, SCOTT - What Makes a Boat Float?
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011925: COUGHLIN, DAN - The Management 500: A High-Octane Formula for Business Success
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005288: COWIE, COLIN - For the Bride: A Guide to Style and Gracious Living
012641: COWIE, NORM - The Next Adventures of Guy... More Wackiness, the Only Parts of This That Aren't True Are the Parts That I Make Up
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008189: COYLE, WILLIAM - Firestorm
010657: CRAIG, VICTORIA - Texexotics
009490: CRAIG, CLARENCE TUCKER - The Beginning of Christianity
006010: CRAIL, TED - Apetalk and Whalespeak: The Quest for Interspecies Communication
007601: CRAINER, STUART - The 75 Greatest Management Decisions Ever Made... And 21 of the Worst
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005753: CRESSWELL, HELEN - The Night Watchmen
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011489: CRIER, CATHERINE - Final Analysis: The Untold Story of the Susan Polk Murder Case
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008181: CRISWELL, MILLIE - The Trials of Angela
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005621: CROCKETT, JAMES UNDERWOOD - Crockett's Tool Shed
003130: CRONBACH, ABRAHAM - The Jewish Peace Book for Home and School
010510: CRONIN, EILEEN - Mermaid: A Memoir of Resilience
005430: CROOK, KEITH - A Preface to Swift
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002294: CROWE, CHARLES M. - Getting Help from the Bible
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009902: CROWLEY, DONALD J. [EDITOR] - The Day Room: A Memoir of Madness and Mending
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011780: CRUICKSHANK, DAN - Dan Cruickshank's Bridges: Heroic Designs That Changed the World.
011786: CRUMLEY, BETH L. - The Man Minute: 60 Seconds Can Change Your Life with Dvd
005732: CRUMLEY, BETH L. [EDITOR] - A Legacy Walk Through Marine Corps History: 1775 - 2009
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010538: CRUZ, ARTURO - Memoirs of a Counter-Revolutionary: Life with the Contras, the Sandinistas, and the Cia
011496: CRYSTAL, BILLY - Still Foolin' 'Em: Where I'Ve Been, Where I'm Going, and Where the Hell Are My Keys?`
012991: CUADROS, ALEX - Brazillionaires: Wealth, Power, Decadence, and Hope in an American Country
010108: CULLEN, CHERYL DANGEL - The Art of Design: Inspired by Fine Art, Illustration and Film
007366: CULLEN, V. ALEXANDER - Pawnbroker's Handbook: How to Get Rich Buying & Selling Guns, Gold, & Other Good Stuff
012285: CUMMINGS, JOHN B. "RED", JR. - The Last Fling: Hurricane Carol 1954, Stories from Westport, Massachusetts
011324: CUNLIFFE, BARRY - The Roman Baths: A Guide to the Baths and Roman Museum
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011595: CUNNINGHAM, JASON - The Island of Ted
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011511: CUOMO, KERRY - Speak Truth to Power: Human Rights Defenders Who Are Changing Our World
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011420: CURLEE, LYNN - Skyscraper
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007206: CZERNEDA, JULIE E. - Survival: Species Imperative #1
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004505: DAICHES, DAVID - Let's Collect Scotch Whiskey
012618: DÁIL, PAULA VW. - Women and Poverty in 21st Century America
008490: DAIL, HUBERT - The Singing Fool and the Story of Sonny Boy
012606: DAKOTA, HEATHER - Monster Survival Guide
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004037: GROOM, DALE & DAN GILL - Month-by-Month Gardening in Texas
011956: DALEY, KATHI - Seventh Chapter
012966: DALGLIESH, ELIZABETH RHODES - The History of Alpha Chi Omega 1885-1948, Sixth Edition
012887: DALLIN, LYNN - The Pregnant Woman's Low Calorie Cookbook
010755: DALTON, DAVID - James Dean: The Mutant King
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011007: DALY, PAULA - The Mistake I Made
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012741: DAMROSCH, LEO - Tocqueville's Discovery of America
001653: DAMS, JEANNE - Holy Terror in the Hebrides
010157: ASFAR, DAN AND EDRICK THAY - Ghost Stories of the CIVIL War
007539: DANCE, DARYL CUMBER [EDITOR] - Honey, Hush!: An Anthology of African American Women's Humor
008368: DANFORTH, SENATOR JOHN - Faith and Politics: How the "Moral Values" Debate Divides America and How to Move Forward Together
012267: DANGL, BENJAMIN - Dancing with Dynamite: Social Movements and States in Latin America
010340: OKRENT, DANIEL AND STEVE WULF - Baseball Anecdotes
008895: CHU, DANIEL AND ELLIOTT SKINNER - A Glorious Age in Africa: The Story of Three Great African Empires
006112: DANIELL, ROSEMARY - Fatal Flowers: On Sin, Sex, and Suicide in the Deep South
009829: DANIELS, ROBERT V. - Russia: The Modern Nations in Historical Perspective
011278: DANIELS, KATIE L. - Perfect Town
012772: DANIELS, JONATHAN - The Time between the Wars: Armistice to Pearl Harbor.
009788: DANIELS, JOHN E. - Jesus Christ the Light of the World: An Original Christmas Program with Script and Music for Soloists and Choir
002084: DANIELS, ALFRED - Painting and Drawing
012569: DANIELS, JOSEPHUS - The Life of Woodrow Wilson
002390: DANIELS, JONATHAN - Washington Quadrille: The Dance Beside the Documents
012215: DANIELSSON, KRISSI - After Miscarriage: Medical Facts and Emotional Support for Pregnancy Loss
003089: DANTZIC, CYNTHIA MARIS - Sounds of Silents
008494: DAO, YANG - Hmong at the Turning Point
001360: DARBY, GENE - Pudgy, the Beaver
008642: DAREL, SYLVA - A Sparrow in the Snow
012661: LOVE, DARLENE WITH ROB HOERBURGER - My Name Is Love: The Darlene Love Story
009182: DARLING, EDWARD - When Sparks Fly Upward
012907: DARLING, JENNIFER [EDITOR] - Better Homes and Gardens Best Bread Machine Recipes
003063: DARR, KATHERYN PFISTERER - Journey Through the Bible Volume 7 Isaiah - Lamentations
012026: VIGNESWARAN, DARSHAN AND JOEL QUIRK - Mobility Makes States: Migration and Power in Africa
011640: DARWISH, NONIE - Now They Call Me Infidel: Why I Renounced Jihad for America, Israel, and the War on Terror
011938: LAMA SURYA DAS - Awakening the Buddha Within : Tibetan Wisdom for the Western World - Eight Steps to Enlightenment
009310: BECKHAM, DAVID WITH TOM WATT - Beckham: Both Feet on the Ground: An Autobiography
011234: LEVENSON, DAVID & TREVOR HALL - Charles and Diana's First Royal Tour
012130: MASON, DAVID & ELIZABETH BARRETT [EDITORS] - Change and Tradition: Revolutionary Europe and Colonial Nigeria (Change and Tradition Program, Butler University)
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007502: ARCHULETA, DAVID WITH MONICA HAIM - Chords of Strength: A Memoir of Soul, Song and the Power of Perseverance
011699: BEN-DAVID, MISHKA - Final Stop, Algiers
010794: DAVID, KURT A. - From Glory Days: Successful Transitions of Professional Detroit Athletes
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009874: FAUST, DAVID AND CANDY - More Puppet Plays with a Point: Original Music Included, Perforated Pages
003468: DAVIDSON, RON - High Jinks at the Hot Pool the Mirror Reflects the Life of a City
007474: DAVIDSON, CRAIG - How Bill Bartlett Became a Successful Food Merchant
011861: DAVIDSON, JEAN - Jean Davidson's Harley-Davidson Family Album - 100 Years of the World's Greatest Motorcycle in Rare Photos
010422: DAVIDSON, CYNTHIA [EDITOR] - Anywise
010203: DAVIES, DAVE - Grammar? No Problem!
008354: DAVIS, WILLIAM - The Rich: A Study of the Species
011922: DAVIS, MARTHA - Scientific Papers and Presentations, Second Edition: Effective Communication Skills in Science
011296: DAVIS, WILLIAM C. [FOREWORD]; RICHARD A. SAUERS [CONSULTANT] - CIVIL War Chronicle: 150th Anniversary
002912: DAVIS, FLORA - Eloquent Animals: A Study in Animal Communication
012730: DAVIS, PHILIP J. / DAVID PARK [EDITORS] - No Way: The Nature of the Impossible
011312: DAVIS, JOANNA - Viking Mine
001851: DAVIS, STEPHEN - Above Capricorn: Aboriginal Biographies from Northern Australia
001522: DAVIS, GWEN - The Motherland
002208: DAVIS, KENNETH C. - Don't Know Much About American History
004722: DAVIS, WATSON - The Century of Science
004951: DAVIS, LINDSEY - Last Act in Palmyra
007909: DAVIS, HAROLD - Red Hat Linux 6 with Cd
009809: DAVISON, RODERIC H. - Turkey: The Modern Nations in Historical Perspective
012260: DAWSON, MICHAEL E.; ANNE M. SCHELL; ANDREAS H. BÖHMELT [EDITORS] - Startle Modification: Implications for Neuroscience, Cognitive Science, and Clinical Science
012110: DAWSON, BUCK - Stand Up and Hook Up !
006198: DAWSON, MARY - The Mary Dawson Game Book: A Manual of Original Games and Guessing Contests for Entertainments of Every Description and for All Ages
000542: DAWSON, SOPHIE - The Art and Craft of Paper-Making
001746: DAY, NANCY - Sensational Tv: Trash or Journalism? Issues in Focus
008679: DAY, GROVE A - The Story of Australia
012223: DAY, VALERIE - Plastic Bag Trees and Other Cyprus Phenomena
012717: DUNCAN, DAYTON AND KEN BURNS - Lewis & Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery, an Illustrated History
008917: BALZAC. HONORE DE - Droll Stories Two Volumes in One
009666: DEAR, WILLIAM - The Dungeon Master: The Disappearance of James Dallas Egbert III
011385: DEAVER, JEFFERY - The October List
008331: JOHNSON, DEB AND GINI - Beginner's Book of American Pottery
004765: TRULSON, DEBBIE & DARREL - Appreciating Art
002096: DEBENHAM, FRANK - Tryin' to Sleep in the Bed You Made
011055: DECAGNA, JEFF; DAVID GAMMEL; JAMIE NOTTER; MICKIE ROPS; AMY SMITH - We Have Always Done It That Way: 101 Things About Associations We Must Change by Five Independent Thinkers
012970: DECKER, HAROLD A.; JULIUS HERFORD [EDITORS] - Choral Conducting Symposium (Second Edition)
004742: DEEGAN, PAUL J. - Harvard University
011216: DEEM, DAVID BRUCE - History of Butler County Missouri: A Narrative Account of Its Historical Progress, Its People and Its Principal Interests
012964: DEEP, SAM; LYLE SUSSMAN - Yes, You Can: 1,200 Inspiring Ideas for Work, Home, and Happiness
007493: DEGARMO, JOHN - The Road to Ballybunion: A Magical Journey Through the Golf and Lore of Southwest Ireland
008321: DEGENERES, ELLEN - Seriously... I'm Kidding
010757: DEGRAMONT, SANCHE - The Strong Brown God: The Story of the Niger River
001927: STANFORTH, DEIRDRE AND MARTHA STAMM CONNELL - Buying and Renovating a House in the City: A Practical Guide
004646: DEITRICK, JANET - Tomorrow the Accolade
009348: DELANO, PATTI - Arkansas: Off the Beaten Path, a Guide to Unique Places
011692: DELBANCO, ANDREW - College: What It Was, Is, and Should Be
007186: DELILLE, JACQUES ANDRIEU - 22o Recettes de Cuisine Belge
009534: DELINSKY, BARBARA - Flirting with Pete
008352: DELMAN, DAVID - Death of a Nymph
008295: DELONG, FRED J. - Aim for a Job in Drafting
002391: DEMETZ, PETER - The Air Show at Brescia, 1909
007417: DEMOSS, NANCY LEIGH - Lies Women Believe: And the Truth That Sets Them Free
010193: DEMPSEY, KATHY B. - Shed or You'Re Dead: 31 Unconventional Strategies for Growth and Change
012289: DENAY, JESSICA - The Hot Mom's Handbook: Moms Have More Fun
003198: DENEKE, MAX - 101 Questions Your Dog Would Ask
004900: DENEKE, MAX - Heidelberg a Guidebook of the Town, Castle and Vicinity
001966: MILLNER, DENENE AND NICK CHILES - What Brothers Think, What Sistahs Know
001904: MILLNER, DENENE AND NICK CHILES - What Brothers Think, What Sistahs Know About Sex
010170: DENGEL, RONI - Dance - and Be Charming
012224: DENNETT, DANIEL C. - Freedom Evolves
011380: DENNIS, DIANNA ROBIN; JOHN J. MCCULLY; PAUL M. JURIS - The Rider's Fitness Program: 74 Exercises & 18 Workouts Specifically Designed for the Equestrian
003570: DENONN, LESTER E. [EDITOR] - Bertrand Russell's Dictionary of Mind, Matter and Morals
010235: DENT, NICHOLAS - How to Sail: A Practical Course in Boat Handling
005310: DENT, DAVID J. - In Search of Black America: Discovering the Africanamerican Dream
007950: BERENICE DENTON AND JADYN M. STEVENS - Pass It on: Wild Tales and Estate Sales of Berenice Denton
000820: DERCUM, FRANCIS X - The Physiology of Mind
006057: HUMPHRY, DEREK & ANN WICKETT - The Right to Die: Understanding Euthanasia
009539: JOYCE, DEREK AND MARK SORENSEN - When Will Jesus Be Enough?: Reclaiming the Power of Worship
001304: JOYCE, DEREK AND MARK SORENSEN - Smoking Poppy
011651: DESAUTELS, PAUL E. - Gem Kingdom
003483: DESCARTES, RENE - Meditations and Selections from the Principles of Philosophy
010608: TUTU, DESMOND WITH DOUGLAS ABRAMS - God Has a Dream: A Vision of Hope for Our Time
004347: DESPAIN, PLEASANT - Eleven Turtle Tales Adventure Tales from Around the World
006532: DESPRES, LORAINE - The Southern Belle's Handbook: Sissy Leblanc's Rules to Live by
010807: DEVEREUX, FREDERICK L., JR. - Practical Navigation for the Yachtsman
011099: CARBADO, DEVON & DONALD WEISE [EDITORS] - The Long Walk to Freedom: Runaway Slave Narratives
011893: MAURER-MATHISON, DIANE WITH JENNIFER PHILIPPOFF - Paper Art: The Complete Guide to Papercraft Techniques
011532: MUNSON, DIANE AND DAVID - The Joshua Covenant
001500: MASON, DIANE AND DIANE INGERSOLL - Breastfeeding and the Working Mother Revised Edition
011102: MORRIS, DICK & EILEEN MCGANN - Outrage: How Illegal Immigration, the United Nations, Congressional Ripoffs, Student Loan Overcharges, Tobacco Companies, Trade Protection, Drug Companies Are Ripping Us Off... And What to Do About It
011728: DICKENS, CHARLES - David Copperfield
001766: DICKENS, CHARLES - The Adventures of Oliver Twist
005173: DICKENS, CHARLES - The Uncommercial Traveller
011292: DICKERSON, STEVEN - The Tyger Chronicles
008008: DICKSON, WILLIAM G. [EDITOR] - Quantitiy Cooking: Basic Skills
008090: DICKSON, PAUL - Think Tanks
002854: DICKSON, HEATHER [EDITOR] - X Is for Unexplained: An Incredible Selection of Inexplicable Trivia!
005218: DICKSON, JOHN T. - John Knox Mcewen and Pioneer Work in the Maritimes
012390: DIEHL, DIBBY - The Great American Tradition: The 75th Anniversary of the Budweiser Clydesdales
007026: DIFRANCO, ANI - Self Evident: Poesie E Disegni, a Cura Di Martina Testa
007635: DIGEORGIA, JAMES - The New Bull Market in Gold: $1000 Gold and the Many Ways to Profit from It
001328: DILLARD, ANNIE - Living by Fiction
012147: DILLOWAY, MARGARET - The Care and Handling of Roses with Thorns
011626: DIMARCO, HAYLEY - Sexy Girls: How Hot Is Too Hot?
006274: SPIOTTA-DIMARE, LOREN - Beyond the Finish Line: Stories of Ex-Racehorses
004190: DIMICCO, DAN - Steeling America's Future
009296: DIMPLEBY, JOHNATHAN - The Prince of Wales: A Biography
008079: MATTY, DINA AND MARK RICHARDSON - Simply Ball & Band with Pilates Principles: Three Great Workouts for Beginners to Advanced Cardio, Strength & Core Stability at Home
010838: DINES, LISA - Why Horses Do That: A Collection of Curious Equine Behaviors
012406: DINH, LINH - Love Like Hate
010477: DINOTO, ANDREA - Art Plastic: Designed for Living
004439: DIRKSEN, RICHARD W. - Music at Washington Cathedral
011818: DISCLAFANI, ANTON - The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls: A Novel
007614: DISHER, GARRY - Writing Fiction: An Introduction to the Craft
012334: DISPEZIO, MICHAEL A. - Optical Illusion Magic: Visual Tricks & Amusements
011581: DIVAKARUNI, LEKHA CHITRA BANERJEE - Shadowland: The Brotherhood of the Conch, Book III
011726: DIVAKARUNI, CHITRA BANERJEE - The Mirror of Fire and Dreaming: The Brotherhood of the Conch Book II
006208: DOBBS, ELLA VICTORIA - Primary Handwork
010867: DOCKERY, WALLENE T. - Home Again: A Celebration of Watson Brown's Return to Vanderbilt
009561: DODD, M. E. - The Democracy of the Saints: The Layne Lectures
005357: DODD, JOHN D. - Form and Function in Plants
012218: DODGE, RICHARD IRVING - South Dakota History: Scouting Along the Union Pacific Railroad Vol. 43, No. 1 Spring 2013
004939: DODSON, DANIEL BOONE - Scala Dei
000965: DOHAN, MARY HELEN - Mr. Roosevelt's Steamboat
010186: DOHERTY, GILLIAN - Stories of Dragons
006253: DOHERTY, BERLIE - White Peak Farm
011451: DOHERTY, SHANNEN - Badass: A Hard-Earned Guide to Living Life with Style and (the Right) Attitude
011529: DOLAN, CHARLOU BAKER - Charlou's Five-Finger Puppets and Stuffed Toys
008238: DOLAN, MARYANNE - Collecting Rhinestone Jewelry: An Identification and Value Guide
012927: DOLSON, SYLVIA - Bear-Ology: Fascinating Bear Facts, Tales & Trivia
004099: SHULA, DON & KEN BLANCHARD - Everyone's a Coach
006945: MEILACH, DONA AND MEL - Homemade Cream Liqueurs
005012: DONADIO, WILLIAM DANIEL - The Thorns of the Rose
001099: DONAHUE, JACKSON - The Confessor
011977: MAC DONALD, JAMES - Vertical Church: What Every Heart Longs for. What Every Church Can Be.
011964: MAC DONALD, ROGER - A Country Doctor's Casebook: Tales from the North Woods
011993: DELL, DONALD WITH JOHN BOSWELL - Never Make the First Offer (Except When You Should): Wisdom from a Master Dealmaker
010382: DONALDSON, STEPHEN R. - Daughter of Regals & Other Tales
010880: DONALDSON, STEPHEN R. - White Gold Welder: The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant Book Three
008527: DONALDSON, STEPHANIE - Gifts from the Garden: Inspired Ideas for Natural, Handmade Gifts
010991: DONALDSON, STEPHEN R. - The One Tree: The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, Book Two
010147: DONEHOWER, BRUCE - Miko: Little Hunter of the North
010178: DONLAN, YOLANDE - Third Time Lucky: The Funniest Book About Growing Up Since Life with Father and Cheaper by the Dozen in a Small Town Called Hollywood

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