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33380: - Building World, An Illustrated Weekly Trade Journal for Architects, Builders...[etc] Volume 13 (Nos 313 to 338)
33396: - III Miedzynarodowe Biennale Grafiki Krakow 1970
33397: - Polsky Plakatu Polityczny
33379: - Building World, An Illustrated Weekly Trade Journal for Architects, Builders...[etc] Volume 15 (Nos 365 to 390)
33413: - Bücher Blätter Bedrucktes. Katalog Außenseiterverlage + Privatpressen.
36188: - An Illustrated Guide and Descriptive Account of the Palace of Westminster
34153: - Administrative County of Surrey Development Plan 1953: The Town Maps (12) Dorking
34649: - Dartford Portable Buildings Ltd
35815: - 85 Years of Housing by LCC and GLC Architects
33401: - A Study in Yellow The Yellow Book Artists April 29 - June 5
33398: - 1948-1973: 25 Lat PZPR Plakat
34099: - Six Painters Hitchens, Hilton, Heron, Frost, Wells, Mackenzie
33395: - V Miedzynarodowe Biennale Plakatu Warszawa 1974
33377: - Building World, An Illustrated Weekly Trade Journal for Architects, Builders...[etc] Volume 14 (Nos 339 to 364)
33378: - Building World, An Illustrated Weekly Trade Journal for Architects, Builders...[etc] Volume 16 (Nos 391 to 416)
34679: - Country Life : April 6 1989. New Architecture Number.
15386: DES - Storage of Pupils' Personal Belongings
29823: 1851 GREAT EXHIBITION. BABBAGE CHARLES - The Exposition of 1851; or, Views of the Industry, the Science, and the Government, of England.
30559: 1893 CHICAGO. BRENTANO (PUBL) - The Buildings of the World's Columbian Exposition. Published by Authority
27680: 1893 CHICAGO. CALIFORNIA WORLD'S FAIR COMMISSION - Final Report of the California World's Fair Commission, including a description of all exhibits from the State of California,, collected and maintained under legislative enactments..........
26244: 1898 APPROX. EARL'S COURT. ANON - Earl's Court Contemporary photo of the Great Wheel. Issued by A G Parry & Co, Earl's Court Road
15711: 1900 PARIS. MONTGREDIEN ET CIE. (PUBL) - L'Exposition de Paris (1900): publiée avec la collaboration d'écrivans spéciaux et des meilleurs artistes.
24944: 1900 PARIS. LE FIGARO: TARIDE (PUBLISHED BY) - Guide Bleu du Figaro a l'Exposition de 1900. Ouvrage contenant de nombreuses photographies et deux plans.
29934: 1901 PAN-AMERICAN. JAMES RAYNE CO - 1901 Pan-American. A Souvenir of Buffalo N Y Niagara Falls and the great Pan-American Exposition...... held in Buffalo NY Commencing May 1 1901 and continuing until Nov 1. 1901
32277: 1904 ST LOUIS. ROBERT ALLAN REID (PUBL) - St Louis and the World's Fair. An Illustrated Courier and Advance Souvenir of the Louisana Purchase Exposition
4589: 1908 HUNGARIAN EXHIBITION, EARL'S COURT. ANON - Hungarian Exhibition Two postcards.
29936: 1910 BRUXELLES. HENRI BERTELSO - Exposition Universelle Bruxelles 1910. Plan Officiel
32271: 1910 BRUXELLES. COMITE DE LAEKEN - Projet d'une Exposition Universelle et Internationale á Bruxelles 1910 Variante du Projet de MM. Saintenoy & Vaes
24949: 1911 CHARLEROI. VAN LIER EUG (PUBL) - Plan General Officiel de l'Exposition et Plan de la Ville de Charleroi.
4538: 1911 CORONATION EXPOSITION, LONDON. VALENTINE & ROTARY - Coronation Exhibition Three postcards [two coloured, one b&w]
29946: 1915 PANAMA-PACIFIC - The Panama-Pacific International Exposition San Francisco 1915. Horticulture Palace and Tower of Jewels
30554: 1915 PANAMA-PACIFIC. - Views of Panama-Pacific International Exposition. San Francisco, California, U.S.A. February 20 to December 4, 1915
29933: 1915 PANAMA-PACIFIC. ROBERT A REID (PUBL) - The Official Panama-Pacific International Exposition Illustrated
29932: 1915 PANAMA-PACIFIC. PACIFIC NOVELTY COMPANY OF SAN FRANCISCO - 1915 Panama-Pacific. Souvenir Views of the Exposition San Francisco California. Opened by President Wilson February 20th Closes December 4th 1915
29945: 1915 PANAMA-PACIFIC. ROBERT A REID - Colortypes of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition of San Francisco 1915. Official Publication.
32319: 1915 PANAMA-PACIFIC. ANON (OFFICIAL?) - On The Shores Of The Pacific. Opening of the Panama Canal - 1915.
29944: 1915 PANAMA-PACIFIC. ROBERT A REID - Official Souvenir View Book of The Panama Pacific International Exposition at San Francisco 1915
32439: 1923 GOTHENBERG. ANON - Jubilee Exhibition Gothenberg Sweden . May 8th Sept. 30th 1923.
29929: 1926 PHILADELPHIA. CARDINELL JOHN D (PUBL) - 1926 Philadelphia. A Pictorial Record of the Sesqui-Centennial International Exhibition Philadelphia Pennsylvania June 1st-December 1st Nineteen Hundred and Twenty Six. Commemorating the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of the United States
30125: 1929 SEVILLE. PATRONATA NACIONAL DU GOUVERNEMENT ESPANOL - L'Exposition de Seville Hispano-Americaine
25138: 1931 PARIS. PETIT PIERRE (PHOTOGRAPHER AND PUBL) - Exposition Coloniale Paris 1931
4385: 1931 PARIS. BRAUN & CIE (PUBL) - Promenade a Travers l'Exposition Coloniale Internationale Paris 1931
33610: 1931 PARIS. L'ILLUSTRATION - Exposition Coloniale Internationale de Paris
30006: 1933 CHICAGO. A CENTURY OF PROGRESS, INC - Official Book of the Fair Giving Pre-Exposition Information 1932-1933 of A Century of Progress International Exposition Chicago 1933
32256: 1933 CHICAGO. THE REUBEN H DONNELEY CORPORATION (PUBL) - Official View Book A Century of Progress
33597: 1933 MUNICH. PALAIS KARL THEODOR, MUNCHEN - Munchen Sommerausstellung 1933. Veranstaltet von der Künster gemeinschaft Künst für Alle. Unter dem protektorat S K H Herzog Ludwig Wilhelm in Bayern. Offizieler Katalog
29567: 1933 CHICAGO. KAUFMANN & FABRY CO (PHOTOS) - Official Pictures of A Century of Progress Exposition
32275: 1935 CALIFORNIA PACIFIC INTERNATIONAL EXPOSITION. BELCHER FRANK G (ORGANISER) - California Pacific International Exposition. Official Guide Souvenir Program and Picture Book
23780: 1935 BRUXELLES. L'ILLUSTRATION - Exposition de Bruxelles 25 Mai 1935
26253: 1935 BRUXELLES. VAN DER DONCK (PUBL) - Exposition Universelle de Bruxelles 1935. Guide Officiel.
33608: 1935 BRUXELLES BRITISH INDUSTRIES HOUSE - An Invitation to British Industries House Exposition Universelle Internationale de Bruxelles 1935
28088: 1937 PARIS. - 1937 Paris Exposition International Des Arts & Techniques
33609: 1937 PARIS. "L'ILLUSTRATION" - Exposition 1937. (special issue, 14 Aout, 1937).
32044: 1939 NEW YORK. FORD MOTOR CO (ISSUED BY) - The Ford Exposition New York World's Fair. The Quality Group.
17246: 1947 ACT. CLARKE JOHN J - An Introduction to Planning with reference to The Town and Country Planning Act 1947.
17247: 1947 ACT. HOBSON NEVILLE AND DOW PETER - Shaw's Restatement of the Town and Country Planning Act, 1947.
17313: 1947 ACT. HEAP DESMOND - Introducing the Town and Country Planning Act, 1947.
17315: 1947 ACT. CLARKE JOHN J - A Synopsis of the Town and Country Planning Act, 1947
33599: 1948 COPENHAGEN. LYNGESEN LYNGE (CATALOGUE ED.) - Britisk Udstilling København...1948
4218: 1951 FESTIVAL OF BRITAIN. VALENTINE & SONS LTD (PUBL) - London Festival of Britain Souvenir (Title page has, "Memories of London. A Picture Souvenir of the World's Greatest City")
32308: 1951 FESTIVAL OF BRITAIN. MORLEY COLLEGE CONCERTS SOCIETY - Festival of Britain. Concert Tallis Stravinsky Tippett. Wednesday 30th May
33607: 1951 FESTIVAL OF BRITAIN ARTS COUNCIL - 60 Paintings for '51
32438: 1951 FESTIVAL OF BRITAIN. HMSO (PUBL) - Festival of Britain. Souvenir Weather Report & Forecast [for 22 August 1951]
33604: 1951 FESTIVAL OF BRITAIN. COX IAN - Festival Ship Campania. A guide to the story it tells
32309: 1951 FESTIVAL OF BRITAIN. MORLEY COLLEGE CONCERTS SOCIETY - Festival of Britain. Concert Beethoven Britten Cimarosa Orff Monday 11th June
35991: 1951 FESTIVAL OF BRITAIN. COX IAN - South Bank Exhibition. A Guide to the Story it Tells.
33600: 1951 FESTIVAL OF BRITIAN. ANON - Festival of Britain South Bank Exhibition 1951 plan
33601: 1951 FESTIVAL OF BRITAIN. LONDON TRANSPORT - Festival of Britain Welcome to London.
24946: 1958 BRUXELLES. ANON - Exposition Universelle et Internationale de Bruxelles 1958. Plan Officiel
25141: 1958 BRUSSELS. RICHEZ HANDBILL - !958 Bruxelles Small Poster
24947: 1958 BRUXELLES. DESCLEE (PUBL) - Bruxelles Guide Officiel
33605: 1958 BRUSSELS. DAILY MAIL - The British Pavilion from Brussels. Exhibited at the Daily Mail Ideal Home Exhibition, Olympia London 1959.
24917: 1958 BRUXELLES. D'YDEWALLE CHARLES (PREFACE) - Belgique Joyeuse. Album Souvenir
24906: 1974 SPOKANE. ANON - Expo '74 World's Fair. Spokane, Washington May 4-November 3, 1974. Official Guide Book
24934: 1982 KNOXVILLE. KRUZE STEVE (ED) - The 1982 World's Fair Official Guide Book
35139: ABBEY NORMAN C - A Companion to the Town and Country Planning Acts and Orders
35369: ABERCROMBIE PATRICK & KELLY SYDNEY A - East Suffolk Regional Planning Scheme. Prepared for The East Suffolk Joint Regional Planning Committee.
35558: ABERCROMBIE PATRICK - Memorandum on a National Survey of Rural Resources. Presented to the Prime Minister by a Committee convened by....
35458: ABERCROMBIE PATRICK & ABERCROMBIE LASCELLES - Stratford-upon-Avon. Report on Future Development. Prepared, at the instance of the Stratford-upon-Avon Preservation Committee, by....
35368: ABERCROMBIE PATRICK & KELLY SYDNEY A - Cumbrian Regional Planning Scheme. Prepared for The Cumbrian Regional Joint Advisory Committee.
35008: ABERCROMBIE PATRICK & NICKSON RICHARD - Warwick: its preservation & redevelopment. A plan for the Borough of Warwick...
28643: ABERCROMBIE PATRICK & NICKSON RICHARD - Warwick: its preservation & redevelopment. A plan for the Borough of Warwick...
35494: ABERCROMBIE PATRICK & JOHNSON T H - The Doncaster Regional Planning Scheme. The Report Prepared for the Joint Committee by... Together with an Appendix on Coal Subsidence by Joseph Humble.
22127: ABERCROMBIE PATRICK & NICKSON RICHARD - Warwick: its preservation & redevelopment. A plan for the Borough of Warwick...
35121: ABERCROMBIE PATRICK & KELLY SYDNEY A - Cumbrian Regional Planning Scheme. Prepared for The Cumbrian Regional Joint Advisory Committee.
35841: ABERCROMBIE PATRICK AND KELLY SYDNEY A - Report to the Earl of Stamford on the Development Plan for his Cheshire Estate Dunham Massey
35847: ABERCROMBIE PATRICK AND KELLY SYDNEY A - Report to the Earl of Stamford on the Development Plan for his Cheshire Estate Dunham Massey
35457: ABERCROMBIE PATRICK, KELLY SYDNEY & FYFE THEODORE - The Deeside Regional Planning Scheme (Chester & Flintshire). The Report Prepared for the Joint Committee of Local Authorities
36105: ACADEMY ARCHITECTURE - Academy Architecture and Architectural Review. Volume 62.
36110: ACADEMY ARCHITECTURE - Academy Architecture and Architectural Review. Volume 38.
36108: ACADEMY ARCHITECTURE - Academy Architecture and Architectural Review. Volume 55.
32086: ACADEMY EDITIONS: ERNST & SOHN (PUBL) - Basil Al-Bayati. Recent Works.
36109: ACADEMY ARCHITECTURE - Academy Architecture and Architectural Review. Volume 49.
36106: ACADEMY ARCHITECTURE - Academy Architecture and Architectural Review. Volume 61.
29181: ACKERLEY R. O. - An Introduction to the Science of Artificial Lighting
33368: ACKERMAN JAMES S - L'Architettura di Michaelangelo
27471: ACKERMAN JAMES S - Palladio
32623: ACKROYD PETER - Country Life
34290: ADAM PETER - Eileen Gray: Architect/Designer - A Biography
35625: ADAMS JAMES WR (REVISED AND EDITED BY LAWS PETER) - Homes in the Countryside: Problems of Conservation
32910: ADAMS ANGELA AND WILSON DAVID - Older People with Mental Health Difficulties. User Preferences and Housing Options
33617: ADAMS THOMAS (WITH THOMPSON F, LONGSTRETH ET AL) - Recent Advances in Town Planning.
19122: ADAMS BERNARD - An Artist Looks at Britain
35492: ADAMS, THOMPSON AND FRY (TOWN PLANNING CONSULTANTS) - The Thames from Putney to Staines. A Survey of the River, with Suggestions for the Preservation of its Amenities, prepared for A Joint Committee of the Middlesex and Surrey County Councils.
32317: ADAMS, THOMPSON & FRY (TOWN PLANNING CONSULTANTS) - South East Sussex Regional Planning Scheme. Report Prepared for the South East Sussex Joint Town Planning Committee
33932: ADDISON WILLIAM - English Spas
31277: ADLER GREGERSON CHARLES E - Dankmar Adler His Theatres and Auditoriums
30463: ADLEROVA ALENA (TEXT) - Cesky Funkcionalismus 1920-1940. Architektura Bytove Zarizena Uzita Grafika. [cover title]
33849: ADORIAN PAUL - The Story of Gibbon's Mill [and 2 other items]
34251: ADSHEAD, S D - Town Planning and Town Development
36001: ADSHEAD PROFESSOR S D, MINTER C J, NEEDHAM C W C - York: A Plan for Progress and Preservation
33769: ADSHEAD S D - The West Essex Regional Planning Scheme 1933. The Report Prepared for the Advisory Joint Town Planning Committee.
36018: ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON RURAL COTTAGES - Report of the Committee Appointed by the President of the Board of Agriculture and Fisheries to consider and advise the Board on Plans, Models, Specifications, and Methods of Construction for Rural Cottages and Outbuildings with Appendices and Reduced Plans.
35722: ADVISORY PANEL ON POST-WAR CHURCH BUILDING - Post-War Church Building: Report to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners by an...
32416: AGIUS PAULINE & JONES STEVEN - Ackermann's Regency Furniture & Interiors.
34599: AGNELLI GIANNI (PREFACE) - Fiat 1899-1989. An Italian Industrial Revolution
35111: AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS RESEARCH INSTITUTE OXFORD - Country Planning. A Study of Rural Problems by...
36179: AINSWORTH ROBERT AND JONES GRAHAM - In the Footsteps of Peter Ellis: Architect of Oriel Chambers and 16 Cook Street, Liverpool
36146: AIRS MALCOLM & TYACK GEOFFREY (EDS) - The Renaissance Villa in Britain 1500-1700.
30180: AITKEN HEATHER H - Northumberland Village Halls
34935: AJUNTAMENT DE BARCELONA - Barcelona: espai public
34148: ALAZARD JEAN - La Modernité des idées de L. B. Alberti sur l'aménagement des villes Estrattto dal volume Umanesimo e Scienza Politica (ed. Enrico Castelli)
33933: ALBRECHT DONALD (ED) - World War ll and the American Dream: How Wartime Building Changed a Nation
8731: ALDERSON FREDERICK - The Inland Resorts and Spas of Britain
19054: ALDRIDGE MERYL - The British New Towns: A programme without a policy
35205: ALDRIDGE HENRY R. - The National Housing Manual. A Guide to National Housing Policy and Administration.
35418: ALDRIDGE HENRY R - The Case for Town Planning: A practical manual for the use of councillors, officers, and others engaged in the preparation of town planning schemes.
34785: ALDRIDGE MERYL - The British New Towns: A programme without a policy.
35792: ALECHINSKY PIERRE - Le Test du Titre: 6 planches et 61 titreurs d'élite
22630: ALESSI ALBERTO - The Dream Factory. Alessi since 1921
33575: ALESSI - A di Alessi: A Catalogue
21967: ALLAN CHARLES E., ASSISTED BY ALLAN FRANCIS J. - The Housing of the Working Classes Acts, 1890-1909.
34455: ALLAN JOHN - Berthold Lubetkin: Architecture and the tradition of progress
28635: ALLEN J S & MATTOCKS R H - West Cumberland 1946. An Outline Plan and Report prepared at the request of the Minister of Town & Country Planning.
34619: ALLSOPP BRUCE AND CLARK URSULA - Architecture of France
34537: ALLWOOD JOHN - The Great Exhibitions
25091: ALOI GIAMPIERO - Architture Industriali Contemporanee (Seconda Serie) Con la Presentazione di Carlo Bassi test e didascalie in Italiano e Inglese
34509: ALSOP WILL (ED) - Public Space (Journal of the London Architecture Club: Number 2)
35772: AMERICAN SEATING COMPANY - American Tubular Steel School Furniture
20709: AMERICAN SOCIETY OF PLANNING OFFICIALS - Planning 1954. Proceedings of the annual National Planning Conference, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, September, 1954
35073: AMT FUR INFORMATION DER REGIERUNG DER DEUTSCHEN DEMOKRATISCHEN REPUBLIK - Das nationale Aufbauwerk und die Aufgaben der deutschen Architektur
31862: D. ANDERSON & SON LTD - Roofs and Their Covering
35890: ANDERSON ROBERT AND FAWZY IBRAHIM - Egypt in 1800: scenes from Napoleon's Description de l'Egypt
35337: ANDERSON MATTHEW - The Book and Programme of the Liverpool & Manchester Railway Centenary: LMR 1830 - LMS 1930
34967: ANDRAG BETTINA (ED) - Capetown Stadium: Between the Lines
36183: ANDREWS WILLIAM (ED) - The Church Treasury of History, Custom, Folk-lore etc
36185: ANDREWS WILLIAM (ED) - Ecclesiastical Curiosities
33139: ANDREWS W P - Construction of Concrete Roads
20018: ANDRUSZ GREGORY D. - Housing & Urban Development in the USSR
33888: ANGERER FRED - Surface Structures in Building
28860: ANIKST MIKHAIL AND CHERNEVICH ELENA - Soviet Commercial Design of the Twenties
20762: ANON - Modern Typescript Report on the Moravian Settlement at Fairfield, Lancashire.
33305: ANSTIS GORDON - Redditch: Success in the Heart of England. The History of Redditch New Town 1964-1985.
21102: ANTHONY D'OFFAY GALLERY (PUB) - The Omega Workshops: Alliance and Enmity in English Art 1911-1920.
32033: ANTHONY MOULD LTD (ISSUED BY) - Quinlan Terry Neoclassic Drawings.
33195: ANTHONY HUGH - Houses: Permanence and Prefabrication.
35562: ANTONIOU JIM - Environmental Management
34221: APRR (ED) - Town and Country Planning Textbook. An indispensable book for town planners, architects, and students.
22828: APTER DAVID (SUPERVISOR), LEWIN MOLLY (ED) - The City of Los Angeles. The First 100 Years 1850-1950 [cover title]
35839: ARCHITECTS JOURNAL - Masters of Building: De Carlo in Urbino (13 February 2003 Issue)
34976: ARCHITECTS' JOURNAL - Fifty-Four Public Houses (Supplement to the Architect's Journal for 24th November 1938).
35803: ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW (PUB) - Les Salines de Chaux: reprinted from The Architectural Review May 1972
35975: ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW - A Programme for the City of London (Vol XCVII, No 582, June 1945) Incorporating the Reconstruction Supplement
35568: ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW - The Architectural Review (Vol CXXV, No 748, May 1959) Incorporating the Reconstruction Supplement
35502: ARCHITECTURAL PRESS (PUB) - The Smaller House: being selected examples of the latest practice in modern English domestic architecture
35565: ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW - Architectural Review: A Magazine of Architecture and Decoration (Vol XCI, No 546, June 1942) Incorporating the Reconstruction Supplement
34697: ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW - AR '30s: A Special Issue (Vol 166, Number 993)
35189: ARCHITECTURE CLUB (SELECTED BY THE) - Recent English Architecture 1920-1940
35784: ARCHITECTURE ILLUSTRATED LTD - Church Interiors and Details
35499: ARCHITECTURE CLUB (SELECTED BY THE) - Recent English Architecture 1920-1940
27523: ARNELL PETER AND BICKFORD TED (EDS) - A Tower for Louisville. The Humana Competition.
34536: ARNOLD FRIEDRICH (ED) - Anschlâge. Politische Plakate in Deutschland 1900-1970
23470: ARNOLD T W (TRANSLATION) - The Little Flowers of S Francis of Assisi. Translated from the Italian By T W Arnold MA
35876: ARONSON JOSEPH - The Book of Furniture and Decoration: Period and Modern
33827: ARRILOA ANDREU, GEUZE ADRIAAN, HOYER STEEN ET AL - Modern Park Design. Recent Trends
36025: ARS - Gendai shogyo bijutsu: (4) [Modern Commercial Art: Volume 4 - Product Display Windows]
36026: ARS - Gendai shogyo bijutsu: (4) [Modern Commercial Art: Volume 3 - Product Display Windows]
34589: ARTEMIDE - Un'industria verso il futuro. Alcune note sulla tecnologia delle mateie plastiche. Some notes on the technology of plastic materials.
15383: ARTHUR HENDERSON CONSULTANTS - The University of Essex Impact on Colchester and the Region. A Preliminary Report on Transport and Land Use Planning
32966: ARTHUR TOOTH & SONS - Cecil Collins recent paintings
33834: ARTS COUNCIL, INTRODUCTION BY LAURENCE WHISTLER - Rex Whistler 1905-1944 : A Memorial Exhibition
32670: THE ARTS COUNCIL - Contemporary English Theatre Design
33387: ARTS COUNCIL - Memorial Exhibition of the Works of Jankel Adler 1895-1949
32137: THE ARTS COUNCIL - Charles Cameron c.1740-1812 Architectural drawings and photographs from the Hermitage Collection, Leningrad and Architecture Museum, Moscow
33853: ARTS COUNCIL - Plans for an arts centre
32476: ARUP ASSOCIATES - Arup Associates
35075: ASCHER CHARLES S - Better Cities
28342: ASHBEE C R - Caricature
35777: ASHTON MFG. CO., NEWARK, NJ, USA - Gasoline Torches and Fire Pots
28244: ASLET CLIVE - Quinlan Terry. The Revival of Architecture.
15035: ASQUITH RT HON H.H. - Ancient Universities & the Modern World
32376: ASSOCIATED NEWSPAPERS LTD - Daily Mail Ideal (Workers') Homes. Midlands Industrial Area. Reproductions of the best plans entered in the Daily Mail's £2,000 Architects' Competition, 1919.
30975: THE ASSOCIATED PORTLAND CEMENT MAUNUFACTURERS (1900) LTD - Everyday Uses of Portland Cement.
35261: ASSOCIATION OF BUILDING TECHNICIANS - Homes for the People How modern building technique can provide high standard dwellings quickly; how they could be planned and built; what they could look like; and how we can get them
35095: ASSOCIATION FOR PLANNING & REGIONAL RECONSTRUCTION - Maps for the National Plan: a background to The Barlow Report, The Scott Report, The Beveridge Report
34767: ASSOCIATION FOR PLANNING & REGIONAL RECONSTRUCTION - Housing Digest: An analysis of Housing Reports 1941-1945 (prepared for the Electrical Association for Women)
35289: ASSOCIATION OF BUILDING TECHNICIANS - Homes for the People How modern building technique can provide high standard dwellings quickly; how they could be planned and built; what they could look like; and how we can get them
35296: ASSOCIATION FOR PLANNING & REGIONAL RECONSTRUCTION - Housing Digest: An analysis of Housing Reports 1941-1945 (prepared for the Electrical Association for Women)
35838: ASSOCIATION OF LONDON HOUSING ESTATES - Housing - An Alternative Strategy
34223: ASSOCIATION FOR PLANNING & REGIONAL RECONSTRUCTION - Maps for the National Plan: a background to The Barlow Report, The Scott Report, The Beveridge Report
34765: ASSOCIATION OF BUILDING TECHNICIANS - Homes for the People How modern building technique can provide high standard dwellings quickly; how they could be planned and built; what they could look like; and how we can get them
35113: ASTRÖM KELL - City Planning in Sweden
36149: ATHERTON IAN, FERNIE ERIC ET AL (ED) - Norwich Cathedral: Church, City and Diocese 1096-1996
35804: ATOM - Nettoyage Par Le Vide
34142: ATTHILL REV. WILLIAM - Documents Relating to the Foundation and Antiquities of the Collegiate Church of Middleham, in the County of York
34470: ATTOE WAYNE (EDITOR), ASSISTED BY BRISKER SYDNEY - The Architecture of Ricardo Legorreta
34905: ATTOE WAYNE - Skylines. Understanding and molding urban silhouettes
11431: ATTOE WAYNE & LOGAN DONN - American Urban Architecture: catalysts in the design of cities.
30238: ATWELL DAVID - Cathedrals of the Movies: A History of British Cinemas and their Audiences
32596: AUDOT L E - Traite de la Composition et de L'Ornement des Jardins, Volume one only.
26413: AUGUST WESSELS (ISSUED BY) - Fünfundzwanzig Jahre August Wessels Schuhfabrik Augsburg.
34950: AUN MIGUEL - Minas Gerais: Cores e Sentimentos
5617: AUSTIN-SMITH/LORD PARTNERSHIP - Urban Renewal Proposals: Whitecross, Warrington
34925: AUSTIN-SMITH LORD PARTNERSHIP - Warrington New Town: Consultants' Proposals for the Draft Master Plan
33312: AUSTIN-SMITH/SALMON/LORD PARTNERSHIP - Expansion of Warrington: Consultants' Proposals for Designation. A Report to the Minister of Housing & Local Government
36184: AVELING S.T. (EDITED AND REVISED, WITH ADDITIONS BY) - Heraldry Ancient and Modern including Boutell's Heraldry
34592: AYNSLEY JEREMY (FOREWORD) - Zero - Hans Schleger - a life of design
33788: AYRES, JAMES - The Building of an 18th Century City: Bath Spa
32945: AYRTON MICHAEL - The Testament of Deadalus. With a foreword by Rex Warner.
23279: BABCOCK & WILCOX - Patent Water Tube Marine Boilers [cover title].
21095: BACON MARDGES - Le Corbusier in America. Travels in the Land of the Timid.
34602: BADAJOS ED - Filipino Food
22779: BAILEY DAVID - Imagine A Book for Band Aid. Preface by William Golding.
34568: BAKER DENYS VAL - Britain's Art Colony By The Sea
33840: BAKER DENYS VAL (ED) - The Cornish Review, Number Four, Spring 1950 (first series)
33842: BAKER DENYS VAL (ED) - The Cornish Review, Number One, Spring 1966 (second series)
31360: BAKER PAUL R - Richard Morris Hunt.
33841: BAKER DENYS VAL (ED) - The Cornish Review, Number Six, Winter 1950 (first series)
33838: BAKER DENYS VAL (ED) - The Cornish Review, No. 2 Summer 1949 (first series)
33923: BAKER T AND DIXON FE - Land and Engineering Surveying for Students and Practical Use
19431: BALGARNIE REV. R. - Sir Titus Salt. Baronet: His Life & Its Lessons.
29415: BANAS PAWEL - Polskie wspolczesne szklo artystyczne
34524: BANAS PAWEL AND MICHALOWSKA HELENA - Henryk Albin Tomaszewski
35089: BARKER FELIX & HYDE RALPH - London as it Might Have Been
33385: BARKER, GEORGE - The True Confession of George Barker Key Poets 2
21297: BARLO AND SHAW DAVE - Balgarnie's Salt: With commentary and additions [front title page].
23712: BARMAN CHRISTIAN - Balbus or The Future of Architecture
34914: BARNETT WINSTON AND WINSKELL CYRIL - A Study in Conservation
20467: BARNETT WINSTON AND WINSKELL CYRIL - A Study in Conservation
34916: BARNWELL P.S., CROSS CLAIRE & RYCRAFT ANN - Mass and Parish in Medieval England: The Use of York.
34845: BARON STANLEY (EDITOR) - Country Towns in the Future England. Being a report of the conference representing local authorities, arts and amenities organizations and members of the Town & Country Planning Assciation 1943
30514: BARON STANLEY (EDITOR) - Country Towns in the Future England - a report of the conference representing local authorities, arts and amenities organizations and members of the Town & Country Planning Association 1943
33501: BARRE-DEPOND ARLETTE - Jourdain. Frantz 1847-1935. Francis 1876-1958. Frantz-Philippe 1906-1990
32629: BARRELL JOHN - The Infection of Thomas de Quincey. A Psychology of Imperialism
10294: BARRETT ANTHONY A, LISCOMBE RHODRI WINDSOR - Francis Rattenbury and British Columbia. Architecture and Challenge in the Imperial Age.
27216: BARRUCAND MARIANNE & BEDNORZ ACHIM - Moorish Architecture in Adalucia
33629: BARTLETT EDWARD E JR - New York Cotton Exchange 1871-1923
33809: BASTIDE JEAN-FRANCOIS - La Petite Maison Preface by Abel Patoux, watercolours by AD Lalauze
33805: BASTIDE JEAN-FRANCOIS - La Petite Maison
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25194: BAYNES KEN AND BEAUMONT-NESBITT BRIAN - The Observer Jewellery Exhibition organised by the Welsh Arts Council
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35295: BEAZLEY ELISABETH - Designed to Live In
33302: BEAZLEY ELISABETH - Designed to Live In
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9108: BEDDINGTON NADINE - Design for Shopping Centres
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24491: BENEVOLO LEONARDO - The Origins of Modern Town Planning.
19312: BENEVOLO LEONARDO - The Origins of Modern Town Planning
33059: BENEVOLO LEONARDO - Die Geschichte der Stadt
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34715: BENGTSSON ARVID - Environmental Planning for Children's Play
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18167: BERLAGE DR. H. P. - De Ontwikkeling der Moderne Bouwkunst in Holland.
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29513: BEST MICHAEL - War Injury and War Damage. Your Rights to Compensation
8375: BEST ROBIN H - Land for New Towns: A study of land use densities and agricultural displacement
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18977: BINNEY MARCUS & BURMAN PETER - Change and Decay: The Future of Our Churches
32595: BINNS R W - Catalogue of a Collection of Worcester Porecelain in the Musem at the Royal Porcelain Works by ...
33499: BIUMO GIUSEPPE PANZA DI - James Turrell. Dipinto con la luce
34405: BLACKWOOD ALGERNON - Pan's Garden. A volume of nature stories
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33921: BLAGROVE GEORGE H - Shoring and Its Application
10153: BLAKE EDWARD (INTRO) - Edward Larrabee Barnes: Architect
34641: BLAKER CATRIONA - Edward Pugin and Kent: his life and work within the county.
34521: BLAMIRES DAVID - David Jones: Artist and Writer
32069: BLANDORD PRESS (PUBLISHED BY) - Show Window Backgrounds
20952: BLASER WERNER - Mies van der Rohe IIT Campus. Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago
30055: BLASER WERNER - Mies van der Rohe. Crown Hall. Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago. The Department of Architecture
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26179: BLOMFIELD REGINALD - Architectural Drawing and Draughtsmen.
12958: BLOOMER JENNIFER - Architecture and the Text: The (S)crypts of Joyce and Piranesi
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27011: BLUM OTTO - Städtebau.
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16628: BOARDMAN PHILIP - Not Housing but Home-Building: The life-centered approach of Patrick Geddes
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11178: BORLASE LT-COL A - New Town Development
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34471: BOTTA MARIO - Preliminary Studies
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31328: BOUCHIER MARTINE - Lumières. Textes rassenblés par...
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35291: BOUMPHREY GEOFFREY - Town & Country Tomorrow
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31633: BOURNVILLE VILLAGE TRUST - Reconditioning Slum Properties. An account of work carried out by the Bournville Village Trust Architect's Department for the Birmingham Copec House Improvement Society Ltd.
34201: BOURNVILLE VILLAGE TRUST RESEARCH PUBLICATIONS - When We Build Again: A Study Based on Research into Conditions of Living and Working in Birmingham
35616: BOURNVILLE VILLAGE TRUST - Sixty Years of Planning: The Bournville Experiment.
31634: BOURNVILLE VILLAGE TRUST - Sixty Years of Planning: The Bournville Experiment.
35246: BOURNVILLE VILLAGE TRUST - The Bournville Village Trust 1900-1955.
33913: BOW ROBERT H - Economics of Construction in Relation to Framed Structures Prelimary Parts: Part First - Classification of Structures; Part Second - On Diagrams of Forces
23697: BOWMAN LESLIE GREENE - American Arts & Crafts: Virtue in Design. A Catalogue of the Palevsky/Evans Collection and Related Works at the Los Angeles County Musem of Art
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8788: BRACKEN C P - Antiquities Acquired: The Spoliation of Greece
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33035: BRANDWOOD GEOFFREY K - Temple Moore. An Architect of the Late Gothic Revival
36164: BRANDWOOD GEOFF - The Architecture of Sharpe, Paley and Austin
34516: BRANFORD VICTOR VERASIS - On the Calculation of National Resources
35820: BRANFORD VICTOR - St Columba: A Study of Social Inheritance and Spiritual Development
34985: BRANZI ANDREA - The Hot House: Italian New Wave Design
8809: BRAWNE MICHAEL - Kimbell Art Museum: Louis I Kahn
15380: BRAWNE MICHAEL (ED) - University Planning and Design
8810: BRAWNE MICHAEL - Museum für Kunsthandwerk: Richard Meier
32732: BREAKWELL IAN - Calendar Transformaction
33394: BREDLOW LUTZ (HG) - Betonzeit. Ein Pamphlet gegen diese Stadtlandschaft und ihre Verbesserungen
15201: BREEN DAVID & COATES KENNETH - Vancouver's Fair: An Administrative & Political History of the Pacific National Exhibition
24552: BRENNAN TOM - Midland City: Wolverhampton Social and Industrial Survey.
33621: BRETT LIONEL - Landscape in Distress.
35498: BRETT LIONEL - Landscape in Distress.
35678: BRETT LIONEL - The Things We See: Ships
35677: BRETT LIONEL - The Things We See: Houses
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34909: BRETT LIONEL - Parameters and Images: Architecture in a Crowded World
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32467: BREUHAUS FRITZ AUGUST - Das Haus in der Landschaft. Ein Landsitz unserer Zeit nach den Entwürfen des Architekten......
36077: BRIGGS MARTIN S - How To Plan Your House
28806: BRIGGS MARTIN S - Building To-day
35288: BRIGGS MARTIN S - Building To-day
33951: BRINCKMANN DR A. E. - Stadtbaukunst: vom Mittelalter bis zur Neuzeit.
33956: BRINCKMANN A E - Schöne Gärten Villen und Schlösser aus Fünf Jahrhunderten.
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34227: BRITISH ROAD FEDERATION (PUB) - Buchanan and After A Summary of the Buchanan Report.
24209: BRITTON J - An Historical and Architectural Essay relating to Redcliffe Church, Bristol: illustrated with plans, views, and architectural details: including An Account of the Monuments, and anecdotes of the eminent persons interred within its walls: Also an essay on the life and character of Thomas Chatterton
26491: BROAD & CO LTD - Lamp Standards in Vibrated Reinforced Concrete
27987: BROADBENT GEOFFREY (ESSAY) - Tomas Taveira
34906: BROADBENT GEOFFREY - Emerging Concepts in Urban Space Design
30246: BROCKHAUS HEINRICH - Deutsche Städtische Kunst und ihr Sinn.
23473: BROCKMAN H. A. N. - The British Architect in Industry 1841-1940.
34688: BROCKMAN H. A. N. - The British Architect in Industry 1841-1940.
32363: BRODERICK LAURENCE - Adam and Eve. A collection of original material
31388: BROOK JEREMY ET AL. - Erich Mendelsohn 1887-1953 : a Touring Exhibition - Bexhill, Bartlett School.
34371: BROOKE MARGARET L - Lace in the Making: With Bobbins and Needle
10713: BROTHERSTON GORDON - Painted Books from Mexico: Codices in UK Collections and the World They Represent
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34293: BROWN RICHARD - Sacred Architecture, and its Rise, Progress, and Present State. Embracing the Babylonian, Indian, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman temples, - the Byzantine, Saxon Lombard, Norman and Italian churches... Also, The Elements of Church Design, and an account of The Origin of Dioceses, and Parishes, and the Founding of their Cathedrals and Churches...
35587: BROWN G SUTTON - A Preliminary Plan for Lancashire. Prepared for the County Planning and Development Committee by....
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8593: BROWSE LILLIAN - Sickert
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35673: BRUNNER ELIZABETH - Holiday Making and the Holiday Trades
32942: BRUTON GALLERY - Michael Ayrton. Recurring Themes and Images. Sculpture, paintings, drawings, reliefs, theatre designs.
32943: BRUTON GALLERY - Michael Ayrton Graphics
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34125: BUCHANAN AND PARTNERS - Cardiff Development and Transportation Study: Report of the Main Study
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31741: BUCKLE RICHARD (DIRECTOR) - The Institute of Civil Engineers Presents a Bicentenary Exhibition in Honour of its First President Thomas Telford Fellow of the Royal Society 1757-1834
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18231: BUCKLEY ROBERT BURTON - The Design of Channels for Irrigation or Drainage. being a statement of the various furmulae in use and a guide to the practical application of them.
33752: BUILDING DESIGN PARTNERSHIP - Rhondda Valley Development Plan. A Future for a former mining community [cover title]
35279: THE BUILDING CENTRE - Three Bedroomed Cottages. 60 Designs Submitted in the Building Centre Competition.
34368: BULL MALCOLM - The Mirror of the Gods: Classical Mythology in Renaissance Art
32147: BULLOCK ALBERT EDWARD - Westminster Abbey and St. Margaret's Church. VOLUME ONE: Illustrated by Seventy Phototypes of Architectural and Sculptural Details of the Mediaeval and Later Gothic Monuments. VOLUME TWO: Illustrated by Eighty two Phototypesof Architectural Details of Renaissance and Later Renaissance Monuments and Cenotaphs.
15398: BULLOCK NICHOLAS, DICKENS PETER ET AL - Surveys of Space and Activities. Reading University
35078: BULMER-THOMAS IVOR - The Problem of Redundant Churches
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2478: BURKE GERALD - Towns in the Making
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23461: BURMAN PETER (ED) - Treasures on Earth. A good housekeeping guide to churches and their contents.
33826: BURN ROBERT SCOTT - The Self Aid Cyclopaedia for Self-Taught Students comprising General Drawing: Architectural, Mechanical, and Engineering Drawing; Ornamrntal Drawing and Design; Mechanics and Mechanism; The Steam Engine
34994: BURNETT JOHN - A Social History of Housing 1815-1970.
34784: BURNETT JOHN - A Social History of Housing 1815-1970.
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33877: BURRELL EDWARD - Elementary Building Construction and Drawing
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24600: BUSSMANN GEORG (ED) - Kunst im 3. Reich. Dokumente der Unterwerfung.
30683: BUTTNER OSKAR - Parkplätze und Grossgaragen. Bauten für den ruhen Verkehr
34539: BYARS MEL - The Design Encyclopedia
32655: BYATT A S - Wordsworth and Coleridge in their time.
32322: BYKOV V.E. - Georgii Gol'ts
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35854: CAIRNS JULIA - Home Making. The mid-twentieth century guide to the practical yet subtle art of making a house a home
35176: CALATRAVA - City Point: A New Tower for the City
34666: CALDERFORD LTD - La Lumière 2 Pennington Street; A New Landmark Building.
34402: CALVINO ITALO - The Castle of Crossed Destinies
8971: CAMBER RICHARD (ED) - Collectors & Collections
9002: CAMPBELL WILLIAM - Commerce and the Commercial Office: how the activities of the commercial world are organized and how the work of the business office is conducted
35669: CAMPBELL HAROLD - Housing Co-ops: After Ten Years
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35018: CANARY WHARF LIMITED - Canary Wharf
24664: CANDY & CO LTD - "The Devon Fire"
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31658: CANTACUZINO SHERBAN (ESSAY) - Charles Correa
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9337: CAPART JEAN - Le Temple des Muses
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27809: CARDINAL ROGER - German Romantics in Context
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28683: CARR A L - A Practical Guide to Prefabricated Houses
35238: CARRINGTON NOEL - Design in Modern Life
34775: CARRINGTON NOEL - Design in Civilisation
32132: CARRITT E F - A Calender of British Taste. From 1600 To 1800 being A Museum of Specimens & Landmarks chronologically arranged.
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35659: CASSON HUGH - New Sights of London: The Handy Guide to Contemporary Architecture
35232: CASSON HUGH - Homes by the Million: An account of the housing achievement in the U.S.A. 1940-1945
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35554: CAUTLEY H MUNRO - Norfolk Churches
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25541: CEMENT AND CONCRETE ASSOCIATION (ISSUED BY) - Concrete Roads and Paved Areas. Manual for Clerks of Works
35767: CEMENT AND CONCRETE ASSOCIATION - Concrete Flats: External Wall Construction and Finish
24577: CEMENT AND CONCRETE ASSOCIATION - Cycle Tracks, Paths and Pavements
28810: CEMP - Cemp Ornamental Ironwork Catalogue GR/2 [cover title]
35274: CENTAL HOUSING ADVISORY COMMITTEE - Living in Flats: Report of the Flats Sub-Committee of the Central Housing Advisory Committee
25381: CENTRAL DIRECTORATE OF RECONSTRUCTION AND HOUSING - Woningen Logements Wohnungen Homes Casas 1946-1952. Nederland Les Pays-Bas Die Niederlande The Netherlands Los Paises Bajos
35252: CENTRAL HOUSING ADVISORY COMMITTEE - Moving from the Slums Seventh report of the housing management sub-committee of the Central Housing Advisory Committee.
35632: CENTRAL OFFICE OF INFORMATION (PUBL) - Town and Country Planning In Britain (Pamphlet No. 9)
35423: CENTRAL OFFICE OF INFORMATION (PUBL) - Town and Country Planning in Britain
33345: CENTRAL OFFICE OF INFORMATION (PUBL) - The New Towns of Britain.
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23754: CENTRE GEORGES POMPIDOU - Architectures en Allemagne 1900-1933
33507: CERVER FRANCISCO ASENSIO - Commercial Space: Shop Windows, Cosmetics
12451: CERVER FRANCISCO ASENSIO - Commercial Space: Office Furniture
34409: CESAIRE AIME - Cahier d'un Retour au Pays Natal. Return to my Native Land
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34928: CHILDS RIGBY - A Test Case: Newbury New City. An Appreciation of the Implications of the Proposal for a New City in the Newbury-Hungerford Area, asoutlined in the South East Study, 1961-1981. Together with a statement by the Kennet Valley Preservation Society on the same proposal
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29093: CHURCH GUY & SMITH MAJOR R. DRYSDALE - What About A House Again?
35226: CHURCH GUY & SMITH MAJOR R. DRYSDALE - What About A House Again?
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35399: CORPORATION OF LONDON - Report. Improvements and Town Planning Committee ....on the Preliminary Draft Proposals for Post-War Reconstruction in the City of London
35973: CORPORATION OF LONDON - Report. Improvements and Town Planning Committee ....on the Preliminary Draft Proposals for Post-War Reconstruction in the City of London.
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34390: CRESWELL H B - Grig. With drawings by Anthony Gardner.
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26363: CULLINGWORTH J B & KARN V A - The Ownership and Management of Housing in the New Towns: report submitted to the Minister of Housing and Local Government by...
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15032: CURTIS HENRY S. - The Practical Conduct of Play,
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34096: DAILY TELEGRAPH INTRODUCES... - Son et Lumière
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35130: DARWIN CHARLES GALTON - The Next Million Years
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32516: O'DEA WILLIAM - The Meaning of Engineering
35919: DEAN G.A. - A Series of Selected Designs for Country Residences, Entrance Lodges, Farm Offices, Cottages, &c., Which have been Erected for H.R.H. the late Prince Consort, the Earl of Leicester, Lord Harris, Hon. G. W. Fitzwilliam, &c., &c., under the Superintendence of George Alfred Dean, 1, Lancaster Place, Strand, London; and of Messrs. Dean & Yeoman, 22, Coney Street, York; With remarks upon Site, Soil, Ornamental Planting, Water, Drainage, Sewerage Construction, &c.
20843: DEAN DAVID - The Architect as Stand Designer. Building Exhibitions 1895-1983
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21275: DECATUR CITY PLANNING COMMISSION - Decatur Waterfront Development Report
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33883: DELTA METAL COMPANY - "Delta" Extruded Rods and Sections
34672: DEMARCO RICHARD - Strategy: Get Arts
29885: DEMPSEY G. DRYSDALE - Rudimentary Treatise on the Drainage of Districts and Lands.
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35320: DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENT - Housing for the Elderly: the size of grouped schemes (Design Bulletin 31)
35102: DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMIC AFFAIRS - The North West: A regional study
35319: DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENT - Children at Play (Design Bulletin 27)
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32557: DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION FOR NORTHERN IRELAND - Regional Museums in Northern Ireland. Report of a Working Party appointed by the Department of Education
34252: DEPARTMENT OF THE ENVIRONMENT - Inner Area Studies: Liverpool, Birmingham, Lambeth. Summaries of consultants' final report.
24732: DEPARTMENT OF THE ENVIRONMENT - The Maplin Project. Surface Access Corridor. A consultation document
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25794: DEPARTMENTAL COMMITTEE ON THE EQUIPMENT OF SMALL HOLDINGS - Report of the Departmental Inquire and Report as to Buildings for Small Holdings in England and Wales, together with Abstract of the Evidence, appendices, and a series of Plans and specifications.
35619: DEPT. OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE - Report of the Land Use Study Group. Forestry, Agriculture and the Multiple Use of Rural land
35020: DERBYSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL - Matlock Bath Conservation Area Partnership Scheme
14476: DERQUI MORILLA F. F. - Conservacion de Monumentos. Restauracion y Conservacion de Templos, Pinturas Murales, Esculturas y Retablos Carcomidos.
21227: DERWIG JAN AND VAN DER WERF JOUKE - Beurs van Berlage
32633: DIACK WILLIAM - The Art of Masonry in Britain
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34588: DIAZ HERNAN - Cartagena Morena. Perfil de una ciudad colombiana en la costa del Mar Caribe.
34530: DIAZ HERNAN - Cartagena de siempre. Fotografias de Hernan Diaz
34420: DICKENS CHARLES (WITH ILLUSTRATIONS BY FRANK REYNOLDS) - The Posthumous Papers Of The Pickwick Club
28858: DICKERMAN LEAH (ED) - Building the Collective. Soviet Graphic Design 1917-1937. Selection from the Merrill C Berman collection.
33448: DIEMAL ULRICH AND WITTMAR PETRA (EDS) - Jene Zwanziger Jahre/Those Twenties. Fotografien zur Architektur im Rheinland und in Westfalen/Photographs of Architecture in the Rhineland and in Westphalia
33966: DIETZ ALBERT G H AND CUTLER LAURENCE S - Industrialized Building for Housing A compendium based on Industrialized Building
34984: DIGBY ANNE - Pauper Palaces
34724: VAN DIJK HANS VAN - Herman Hertzberger: Recent Works.
28944: DIMSON THEO (SELECTED BY) - Great Canadian Posters.
29862: DIRCKS RUDOLF (ED) - Sir Christopher Wren AD 1632-1723. Bicentenary Memorial volume published under the auspices of the Royal Institute of British Architects
33142: DISQUE EARL A - Selective Cutting of Roadside Vegetation. Special Report 43
29890: DOBSON EDWARD - Rudimentary Treatise on the Art of Building In Five Sections- General Principles of Construction; Materials used in Building; Strength of Materials; Use of Materials; Working Drawings; Specification, and Estimates
31687: DOBSON E. - Foundations and Concrete Works: containing.......footings, timber-planking, sand, concrete, and béton, pile-driving, caissons, and cofferdams...
31667: DOBSON EDWARD - Rudiments of The Art of Building In Five Sections- General Principles of Construction; Materials used in Building; Strength of Materials; Use of Materials; Working Drawings; Specification, and Estimates
20017: DONAHUE NEIL H. (ED) - Invisible Cathedral: The Expressionist art history of Wilhelm Worringer
28634: DOUBLEDAY DORAN - Homes of Doubleday, Doran and Company, Inc. Garden City. London. Kingswood, Surrey.Toronto.
19168: DOUGLAS GRAHAM AND OGLETHORPE MILES - Brick, Tile and Fireclay Industries in Scotland
35485: DOXIADIS CONSTANTINOS A - Ekistics: An Introduction to the Science of Human Settlements.
35510: DOXIADIS CONSTANTINOS A - City for Human Development: Research Report No. 12
35521: DOXIADIS C. A. - Urban Renewal and the Future of the American City: Prepared for the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials.
35522: DOXIADIS C A - Anthropopolis; Ecumenopolis; Building Entopia; Action (four volumes - the 'Red Books')
35452: DOXIADIS CONSTANTINOS A - Architecture in Transition
29479: DOZE PIERRE (PREFACE) - Christophe Pillet Design
34480: DRAKE F (ED) - Scarborough (National Union of Teachers Conference Souvenir)
36072: DREW JANE B & FRY E MAXWELL, IN COLLABORATION WITH FORD, HARRY L - Village Housing in the Tropics: with special reference to West Africa.
34895: DREW, JANE B AND DANNATT TREVOR (EDS) - Architects' Year Book 4
34958: DREXLER ARTHUR - The Drawings of Frank Lloyd Wright
13058: DRUDY P J (ED) - Regional & Rural Development: Essays in Theory and Practice
32329: DRYDEN PRESS (PUBL) - John R. Whitley: A Sketch of His Life and Work.
35882: DUBOIS MJ - Curtains & Draperies: A Survey of the Classic Periods
34348: DUBON DAVID - Tapestries from the Samuel H. Kress Collection: At the Philadelphia Museum of Art
35266: DUFF MAJOR-GENERAL A C - Britain's New Towns: An Experiment in Living
34678: DUFFY FRANCIS (INTRODUCTION) - Paternoster Square Urban Design Competition
31080: DUFOURNY M.M.A. AND HERMAN G - Note sur le Nouveau Pont Destiné a Franchir la Branche septentrionale de l'Elbe a Hambourg.
26396: DULFFER JOST, THIES JOCHEN HENKE JOSEF - Hitler Städte. Baupolitik im Dritten Reich. Eine Dokumentation.
15495: DUNLOP BETH. FOREWORD BY VINCENT SCULLY - Building a Dream: The Art of Disney Architecture
26490: DUNSTER DAVID (ED) - Michael Graves
23801: DUNSTER DAVID (SERIES ED) - Venturi and Rauch: The Public Buildings
34529: DURANT STUART - Ornament. From The Industrial Revolution to Today.
30084: A. DURENNE CIE (ISSUED BY) - Lanternes et Candélabres Début de Siècle [cover title]
33445: DURNING LOUISE AND WRIGLEY RICHARD (EDS) - Gender and Architecture
24256: DURTH WERNER. - Deutsche Architeckten. Biographische Verflechtungen 1900-1970.
27902: DUTTMANN MARTINA, SCHMUCK FRIEDRICH & UHL JOHANNES - Farbe im Stadtbild. Handbuch in 6 Teilen für Architekte, Bauherren, Farbegestalter, für Stadtbewohner und Betrachter.
34497: DUTTON JOHN - New American Urbanism: Re-forming the Suburban Metropolis.
34308: DUTTON RALPH - The English Interior 1500 to 1900
35152: DUTTON RALPH - The Age of Wren
34708: DYCKHOFF TOM (ED) - Post-War Houses
35902: DYE DANIEL SHEETS - A Grammar of Chinese Lattice
36150: EARLY JAMES - Romanticism and American Architecture.
33449: EAVES MORRIS - The Counter-Arts Conspiracy: Art and Industry in the Age of Blake
21965: EBHARDT BODO - Stienerne Zeugen: Wehrbauten Veronas von........
30798: ECKBO GARRETT - Urban Landscape Design
34856: ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL - The Future Pattern of Shopping
36101: EDEN W A - The Process of Architectural Tradition
35977: EDWARDS A TRYSTAN - Good and Bad Manners in Architecture
34623: EDWARDS RALPH (PREFACE) - Hepplewhite Furniture Designs
33968: EDWARDS BRIAN (EDITED) - Green Buildings Pay.
27606: EDWARDS MAX - The Regional Plannng of The North Lonsdale Area
34899: EDWARDS ARTHUR M - The Design of Suburbia: a critical study in environmental history.
35158: EDWARDS RALPH (PREFACE) - Hepplewhite Furniture Designs
35743: EDWARDS ELSIE E - EAW Point of View on Post-War Reconstruction: Interim Report
24432: EGLI ERNST - Die Neue Stadt in Landschaft und Klima/Climate and Town Districts. Consequences and Demands.
23156: EHLGÖTZ HERMANN - Städtebaukunst (Wissenschaft und Bildung 160)
33178: ELLIOTT JOHN & PRITCHARD JOHN (EDS) - George Edmund Street. a Victorian architect in Berkshire.
33304: ELSON MARTIN J - Green Belts: conflict mediation in the urban fringe.
32988: ELUARD PAUL - Poèmes Politiques Préface D'Aragon
13523: ELVEHJEM ART CENTRE, U OF WISCONSIN-MADISON (PUBL) - A Selection of Remarks presented at a Symposium on Collecting
36021: ELVIN C R S - The History of Walmer and Walmer Castle.
35728: EMBASSY OF DENMARK - sust-DANE-able
31123: ENGELBACH R - The Problem of the Obelisks. From a study of the unfinished obelisk at Aswan.
21627: ENGELUND ANKER& SCHAPER G - Die Strassen-und Eisenbahnbrücke über den Kleinen Belt in Dänemark. 1. Vorarbeiten-Entwurf Ausschreibung und Vertragsabschluss. 2. Die Pfeiler des stählerne Überbaues über den Belt und die Vorlandüberbauten.
22849: ENGLAND KATHLEEN M (COMPILER) - Housing: A Citizen's Guide to the Problem
32078: ENGLAND RICHARD (INTRO) AND VITTA MAURIZIO (PREFACE) - Richard England. The Spirit of Place
33446: ENGLISH HELEN W DRUTT & DORMER PETER - Jewelry of Our Time: art, ornament and obsession
33972: ERDMANNSDORFFER KARL (ED) - Bauberater für Siedlung und Eigenheim. Die Baugestaltung.
27246: ERI GYONGYI AND JOBBAGYI ZSUZSANNA - Das Goldene Zeitalter. Kunst und Gesellschaft in Ungarn 1896-1914.
34601: ESHLEMAN CLAYTON - Portrait of Francis Bacon
34760: ESSEX PLANNING OFFICERS ASSOCIATION - A Design Guide for Residential Areas: Draft for Consultation
35052: ESSEX COUNTY COUNCIL - Essex Coast Protection Subject Plan: Written Statement and Proposals
26843: ESTAPE FABIAN - Vida y Obra de Ildefonso Cerdá.
25013: EVANS SIÂN - Contemporary Japanese Design
33412: C.P.R.E. EVANS BROTHERS (PUB) - The Penn Country of Buckinghamshire
30725: EVANS SIAN - Contemporary Japanese Design
11150: EVANS HAZEL (ED) - New Towns Come of Age:
36065: EVELYN, JOHN - Silva: Or a Discourse Of Forest Trees, And The Propagation Of Timber In His Majesty's Dominions: As It Was Delivered In The Royal Society The 15th October 1662.
33653: EVELYN, JOHN - Silva: Or a Discourse Of Forest Trees, And The Propagation Of Timber In His Majesty's Dominions: As It Was Delivered In The Royal Society The 15th October 1662.
34432: EVENSON NORMA - Le Corbusier: The Machine and the Grand Design
33627: EVENSON NORMA - The Indian Metropolis: A View Toward the West
20542: FABIAN SOCIETY - Houses for the People. A summary of the powers of Local Authorities under the Housing of the Working Classes Acts, 1890 to 1903, and the use which has been and can be made of them
35780: FABIAN SOCIETY - Fabian Tracts (c. 45 different tracts, numbers 5, 7, 13, 14, 15, 23, 29, 46, 47, 48, 54, 62, 72, 79, 82, 85, 86, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 97, 98, 99, 108, 111, 112, 115, 117, 119, 120, 121, 122, 123, 126, 127, 128, 137, 139, 140, 215)
33720: FABRICIUS COL. R.D. - Droitwich Town Development: Second Annual Report
7869: FAIR T J D - Report on Regional Planning in Britain, The Netherlands and Germany
36048: FAIRLEY JOHN A. - Agnes Campbell, Lady Roseburn: A Contribution to the History of Printing in Scotland
36046: FAIRLEY JOHN - Lauriston Castle: The Estate and Its Owners
35051: FALK NICHOLAS - Getting Down to Grassroots: Attitudes to Change in a Riverside Conservation Area in Rotherhithe
30128: VON FALKE, DR. J - Art in the House; Historical, critical, and aesthetical, studies of the decoration and furnishing of the dwelling. Edited with notes by Charles C PERKINS.
34051: FALKINER SUZANNE (ED) - Leslie Wilkinson. A Practical Idealist.
33715: FALUDI E G (CONSULTANT) - A 30-year program for Development. Peterborough 1946-1976
29881: FALYS DOMINIQUE-ANNE, HOMEZ ROGER ET AL - Questions 4. Le jardin dans la cité.
35904: FAREY CYRIL A & EDWARDS A TRYSTAN - Architectural Drawing Perspective & Rendering: a handbook for students and draughtsmen
32017: FARRELL TERRY AND MAXWELL ROBERT (ESSAYS) - Sketchbook 12.05.98. Terry Farrell & Partners.
31993: FARRELL TERRY - Terry Farrell Interiors and the Legacy of Postmodernism
34212: FAWCETT C B - A Residential Unit for Town & Country Planning
32095: FAWCETT C B - A Residential Unit for Town & Country Planning
35938: FAWCETT C B - A Residential Unit for Town & Country Planning
33975: FEDOROV SERGEJ G - Wilhelm von Traitteur. Ein badischer Baumeister als Neuerer in der russischen Architektur 1814-1832. Zur entwicklung der deutsch-russischen Beziehungen im Bauwesen der ersten Halfte des 19. Jahrhunderts
36010: FEILD ROBERT D - The Art of Walt Disney
35560: FEILDEN AND MAWSON ET AL - Chesterfield: Central Area Study. Working Party Final Report. Volume 1, the Main Report.
35022: FEILDEN & MAWSON (ARCHITECTS) - Wisbech: Old Market and West Bank Buildings: Consultants' Report
28033: FEILDEN BERNARD - Conservation of Historic Buildings
16447: R. FELLOWS (PUBLISHERS) - Report from His Majesty's Commissioners for Inquiring into the Administration and Practical Operation of the Poor Laws. Published by Authority.
34782: FELLOWS RICHARD A - Sir Reginald Blomfield: An Edwardian Architect.
34312: FELTON HERBERT & HARVEY JOHN - The English Cathedrals
33409: FERGUSSON ADAM - The Sack of Bath: a record and an indictment.
33038: FERREY BENJAMIN - Recollections of A. N. Welby Pugin and his father Augustus Pugin... with an appendix by E Sheridan PURCELL and a new introduction and index by Clive and Jane WAINWRIGHT
33447: FERRY, KATHRYN (ED) - Powerhouses of Provincial Architecture 1837-1914
35751: FESTIVAL OF BRITAIN - Skylon Postcard and London Transport Special Bus Service Ticket
30484: FEVRE L A - Quelques Aperçus sur les Pierres de Taille françaises par L.A. Fevre Ingénieur Civil de la Société Févre & Cie.
34948: FICHER SYLVIA, MILAN ACAYABA MARLENE - Arquitetura Moderna Brasileira
31637: FIDLER A G SHEPPARD - "Housing to High Density" (paper given at the Public Works and Municipal Services Congress)
36097: FIELD HORACE AND BUNNEY MICHAEL - English Domestic Architecture of the XVII and XVIII Centuries. A selection of examples of smaller buildings measured drawn and photographed with introductions and notes by..
35814: FIELD FRANK - Housing and Poverty
32624: FIELD SIMON, SAINSBURY PETER (EDS) - Afterimage Avant Garde Film
11255: FIELDHOUSE KEN & HARVEY SHEILA (EDS) - Landscape Design: An International Survey.
33638: FIFE COUNTY COUNCIL PLANNING ADVISORY COMMITTEE - Fife Looks Ahead. A Regional Survey of the County
34513: FIRE PROTECTION ASSOCIATION - Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting in Churches
35773: FIRST GARDEN CITY M AND I CO. LTD. - Proposed Houses in Howard Drive, Letchworth
25104: FISCHER WEND - Bau Raum Gerät
19264: FISHER J R - Government and Society in Colonial Peru. The Intendant System 1784-1814.
19966: FISHER MICHAEL - Pugin-Land: A.W.N. Pugin, Lord Shrewsbury and the Gothic Revival in Staffordshire.
32639: FISHER ROY - The Ship's Orchestra
33450: FISHER MICHAEL - 'Gothic for Ever' A. W. N. Pugin, Lord Shrewsbury, and the Rebuilding of Catholic England.
30748: FISHER MICHAEL - A Vision of Splendour: Gothic Revival in Staffordshire 1840-1890.
35227: FLEETWOOD-HESKETH PETER - Murray's Lancashire. Architectural Guide
24297: FLETCHER SIR BANISTER & FLETCHER MAJOR H. PHILLIPS - Architectural Hygiene: or Sanitary Science as Applied to Buildings.....
34314: FLETCHER SIR BANISTER - A History of Architecture. Edited by John MUSGROVE.
34313: FLETCHER SIR BANISTER - A History of Architecture: on the comparative method. For students, craftsmen & amateurs.
15705: FLINCHUM ROBERT - Henry Dreyfuss Industrial Designer: The Man in the Brown Suit
34932: FONDATION ROI BAUDOUIN - Les intérieurs d'îlots: Villes, villages 80
29290: FORBES COLIN (ED) - Robert Welch. Design in a Cotswold Workshop.
33585: FORD PROFESSOR P. & THOMAS C. J. - Housing Targets: The Third Report of the Southampton Survey
32229: FORD PROFESSOR P. & THOMAS C. J. - Housing Targets: The Third Report of the Southampton Survey
35623: FORESTRY COMMISSION - Report of the Forest of Dean Committee 1958
33538: FORMES ET VIE - Revue Trimestrielle de Synthese des Arts: No. 1
16846: FORSDYKE SIR JOHN, COX TRENCHARD ET AL - Museums in Modern Life. Seven papers read before the Royal Society of Arts in March, April and May 1949.
34991: FORSTER C A - Court Housing in Kingston Upon Hull An Example of Cyclic Processes in the Morphological Development of Nineteenth-century Bye-Law Housing.
33973: FOSSO MARIO, OTAKER MACEL AND MERIGGI MAURIZIO (EDS) - Konstantin S. Mel'nikov and the Construction of Moscow
36058: FOWLER JOHN AND CORNFORTH JOHN - English Decoration in the 18th Century.
31619: FOWLER CHARLES EVAN - The Coffer-Dam Process for Piers. Practical Examples From Actual Work
34512: FOWLER DARYL - Church Floors and Floor Coverings
8730: FOX R FORTESCUE (INTRODUCTION) - The Spas of Britain : the official handbook of the British Spa Federation: compiled from the Reports of the local Medical Committees. For the use of the medical profession
34434: DE FRANCLIEU FRANÇOISE (COMMENTARIES) - Le Corbusier: Sketchbooks (4 volumes) Vol 1, 1914-1948; Vol 2, 1950-1954; Vol 3 1954-1957; Vol 4, 1957-1964
19658: FRASER MURRAY - John Bull's Other Homes. State Housing and British Policy in Ireland, 1883-1922.
28012: FRAYLING CHRISTOPHER (INTRO) - David Mellor: Master Metalworker.
26990: FREDLAND ARNE (ED) - Swedish Planning. In times of transition
2574: FREMANTLE SIR FRANCIS - The Housing Problem: A Concise Survey
20769: FRIEDMAN TERRY - The Georgian Parish Church. Monuments to Posterity.
35874: FRIEDMAN JOE & APRAHAMIAN PETER (PHOTOS) - Inside London. Discovering London's Period Interiors
34098: FRIENDS OF WINCHESTER CATHEDRAL - Son et Lumière in the Cathedral Close
34656: FRIENDS OF THE CITY CHURCHES - Occasional Paper No. 1
34657: FRIENDS OF THE CITY CHURCHES - Occasional Paper No. 2
34658: FRIENDS OF THE CITY CHURCHES - Occasional Paper No. 3
34659: FRIENDS OF THE CITY CHURCHES - Occasional Paper No. 3
26518: DE FRIES H. (ED) - Moderne Villen und Landhäuser.
29994: FROST MALCOLM, LEWIS ANGHARAD AND WINTERBURN AIDAN - Street Talk. The Rise and Fall of the Poster.
35409: FROST PATRICIA (DRAWINGS) AND COOK JUDITH (WORDS) - Changing Birmingham The Bristol and West's Look At...
33656: FROST WILLIAM - The Modern Bricklayer. A practical work on bricklaying in all its branches. With special sections on tiling and slating, specifications, estimating, etc. etc. (3 uniform vols).

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