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014880: [Jones, Alexander] - Grand Civic and Military Demonstration in Honor of the Removal of the Remains of James Monroe, Fifth President of the United States, from New-York to Virginia
014833: [The New Albany] - The New Albany [September 1891 - January 1893]
015005: [The New Albany] - The New Albany [May 1891 - February/May 1893]
014790: [Rufus Merrill] - People of the Old World
015040: [Jones, Ignatius] - Random Recollections of Albany, from 1800 to 1808
014782: [Tennyson] - In Memoriam [Fore-Edge Painting]
014968: [George Hooper (Bishop of Bath and Wells)] - An Inquiry Into the State of the Ancient Measures, the Attick, the Roman, and Especially the Jewish
014842: Adams, JC - Gay Porn Heroes: 100 Most Famous Porn Stars
014824: Agnew, Spiro T. - Go Quietly... or Else [Signed]
014906: A Citizen of Albany - Tribute to the Memory of De Witt Clinton, Late Governor of the State of New-York
010170: Allestre, Richard - The Gentleman's Calling
014814: Anthony, Earl - Picking Up the Gun: A Report on the Black Panthers
011503: Mendel Mesick Cohen Architects - Fort Johnson, Amsterdam, New York: A Historic Structure Report, 1974-1975
012419: Banks, Lynne Reid - The Indian in the Cupboard Series: 4 Volumes
014916: Banks, A. Bleecker - Albany Bicentennial. Historical Memoirs.
015036: Banks, Charles Edward - The History of Martha's Vineyard Dukes County Massachusetts
015069: Barletta, Sergio and Vaughan, Elizabeth - Simbari
014829: Barnes, William - The Settlement and Early History of Albany [Signed]
015025: Barratt, Carrie Rebora; Zabar, Lori - American Portrait Miniatures in The Metropolitan Museum of Art
014793: Beckwith, S. R. - A New Therapeutics: For the Cure of Disease, by Sending Ozone, Oxygen, and Medicine into Diseased Tissues
015063: Bell, Charles - The Anatomy of the Human Body [Volumes III & 4 in one]
014796: Bergman, Ray - Fresh-Water Bass
014971: Bianchi, Tom - On the Couch, Volume Two
014970: Bianchi, Tom - On the Couch, Volume One
015006: Bielinski, Stefan - A Guide to the Revolutionary War Manuscripts in the New York State Library
015072: Black, Mary; Holdridge, Lawrence B. and Barbara C. - Ammi Phillips: Portrait Painter, 1788-1865
015060: Blaugrund, Annette - Thomas Cole: The Artist as Architect
014827: Bliven, Rachel D.; Anderson, Robert N.; Draper, G. Steven; Gemmill, Eva; Gemmill, Hughes; Parker, Joseph A.; Upton, Helen M. - A Resourceful People: A Pictorial History of Rensselaer County, New York
014772: Board of Education of Troy, NY - Manual of the Board of Education, of the City of Troy, for the School Year Beginning March, 1863
014770: Bonet, Theophile - A Guide to the Practical Physician: Shewing, From the most Approved Authors, both Ancient and Modern, The truest and fastest way of Curing all Diseases, Internal and External, Whether by Medicine, Surgery, or Diet
014944: Bradley, James W. - Before Albany: An Archaeology of Native-Dutch Relations in the Capital Region 1600-1664
015047: Brandow, John Henry - The Story of Old Saratoga and History of Schuylerville
014789: Brennan, Dave [editor] - The 1993 Precision Shooting Annual [Volumes I & II]
014810: Brennan, Dave [editor] - The 1992 Precision Shooting Annual [Volumes I & II]
015029: Breon, Emmanuel; Pepall, Rosalind - Ruhlmann: Genius of Art Deco
014885: Broderick, Frances D. [compiler] - The Burial Grounds of Lansingburgh, Rensselaer County, New York
014910: Browning, Dominique; Altman, Cynthia Bronson; Forrest, Todd; Banning, Cassie - The Rockefeller Family Gardens: An American Legacy
014905: Buist, Robert - The Family Kitchen Gardener; Containing Plain and Accurate Descriptions of All the Different Species and Varieties of Culinary Vegetables
015019: Burke, Edmund - Speech of Edmund Burke, Esq. on American Taxation, April 19, 1774
014950: Carson, Sam - Sam Carson: First Exposure
014773: Caviler, A. C. - Cours d'Architecture qui comprend les Ordres de Vignole, Avec des Commentaires, les Figures & Descriptions de ses plus beaux Batimens, & de ceux de Michel-Ange [First Part Only]
014996: Cerii, Lawrence J. - The History of Watervliet, New York
007933: Chandler, Thomas B - A Friendly Address to All Reasonable Americans, on the Subject of Our Political Confusions: In Which the Necessary Consequences of Violently Opposing the King's Troops, and of a General Non-Importation Are Fairly Stated
014022: Child, Hamilton - Gazetteer and Business Directory of Albany & Schenectady Co., N. Y., for 1870-71
014901: Christman, Henry - Tin Horns and Calico: A Decisive Episode in the Emergence of Democracy
014941: Clark, Rufus W. - The Heroes of Albany: A Memorial of the Patriot-Martyrs of the City and County of Albany, Who Sacrificed Their Lives During the Late War in Defence of Our Nation, 1861-1865
014826: Clark, Rufus W. - The Heroes of Albany. A Memorial of the Patriot-Martyrs of the City and County of Albany
014963: Schuyler Meadows Club - Schuyler Meadows Club, Inc. Constitution and By-Laws
014904: J. C. Kneeland & Co. - Kneelands' Troy Directory, 1847-8
014929: American Type Founders Co. - Our American Beauties: A Story told with Pleasing Type Faces and Beautiful Pictures [Typeface Catalogue]
014975: Colden, Cadwallader D. - Memoir, Prepared at the Request of a Committee of the Common Council of the City of New York, and Presented to the Mayor of the City, At the Celebration of the Completion of the New York Canals
014878: Coleman, Emma Lewis - New England Captives Carried to Canada Between 1677 and 1760 During the French and Indian Wars
013948: H. A. Manning Company - Manning's Saratoga Springs and Ballston Spa (New York) Directory for Year Beginning June, 1952
014893: Henry Bosch Company - Modern Home Decoration [Henry Bosch Company Catalogue]
015081: H. W. Caslon & Company - Specimens of Printing types and Illustrated Catalogue of Printing Materials
014997: Cooper, James Fenimore; Beard, James Franklin [editor] - The Letters and Journals of James Fenimore Cooper
015023: Courtney, Nicholas - The Queen's Stamps: The Authorised History of the Royal Philatelic Collection
014957: Crowninshield, Francis B. - The Story of George Crowninshield's Yacht Cleopatra's Barge on A Voyage of Pleasure to the Western Islands and the Mediterranean 1816-1817
015083: Cullen, William; Rotheram, John - First Lines of the Practice of Physic, With Practical and Explanatory Notes [Two Volumes in One]
014776: Dabney, R. L. - Life and Campaigns of Lieut.-Gen. Thomas J. Jackson, (Stonewall Jackson)
015074: Darwin, Charles - The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals
014976: Darwin, Charles - On the Various Contrivances by Which British and Foreign Orchids are Fertilised by Insects, and on the Good Effects of Intercrossing
014976: Darwin, Charles - On the Various Contrivances by Which British and Foreign Orchids are Fertilised by Insects, and on the Good Effects of Intercrossing
015021: Darwin, Charles - The Different Forms of Flowers on Plants of the Same Species
000933: Deakin, Irving - Ballet Profile
014921: A. Desaint - Decoration de Bois et Marbres
015008: Dickens, Charles - The Mystery of Edwin Drood [5 of 6 parts]
014720: Dillin, John G. W. - The Kentucky Rifle
015055: Dole, Bob - Bob Dole: One Soldier's Story, A Memoir [Signed]
014914: Dwight, Theodore - The Northern Traveller; Containing the Routes to Niagara, Quebec, and the Springs; with Descriptions of the Principal Scenes, and Useful Hints to Strangers
015054: Dyer, William - The Believer's Golden Chain: Comprehending, An Explanation of Christ's Famous Titles, and a Comfortable Assurance of the Fulfilling of the Gospel-Promises to All True Believers
014785: Eberlein, Harold Donaldson - The Manors and Historic Homes of the Hudson Valley
015078: Eliot, T. S. - Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats
014780: Ellis, Rowland C. - Colonial Dutch Houses in New Jersey: Twenty Wood Engravings by Rowland C. Ellis
014813: Estey, Paul C. - The Woodchuck Hunter
015070: Ferber, Linda S.; Welsh, Caroline M. - In Search of a National Landscape: William Trost Richards and the Artists' Adirondacks, 1850-1870
015079: Tom of Finland - Tom of Finland Retrospective II
010567: Fone, Byrne - Historic Hudson: An Architectural Portrait
014774: Foulard, Charles - Le Chateau de Bagatelle: Etude Historique et Descriptive Suivie d'une Notice sur la Roseraie
014886: Fouquier, Marcel - Paris au XVIIIe Siecle: Ses Divertissements, Ses Moeurs
015028: Fowles, John - The French Lieutenant's Woman [Signed]
014908: Freer, Martha Walker - The Married Life of Anne of Austria [Riviere & Son Binding]
014956: Frith, Henry - The Romance of Engineering; the Stories of the Highway, the Waterway, the Railway, and the Subway
014986: Fuller, Errol - The Great Auk
014794: Gaines, Mary Louise - I Heah de Voices Callin'
014831: Gardner, Emelyn Elizabeth - Folklore from the Schoharie Hills New York
015073: Gerber, Morris - Old Albany: Volume 2
014852: Gerber, Morris - Old Albany: Volume 1
015071: Gill, Brendan; Bloemink, Barbara - The Artists of Bronxville: 1890-1930
014919: Gould, Claudia; Kawamata, Tadashi - Kawamata Project on Roosevelt Island [Signed]
014832: Gregg, Arthur B. - Old Hellebergh: Historical Sketches of the West Manor of Rensselaerwyck, Including an Account of the Anti-rent Wars, the Glass House and Henry R. Schoolcraft
014964: Grey, C. - The Early Years of His Royal Highness The Prince Consort
014853: Grout, Jr, Jonathan - About Plants
014828: Hagedorn, Hermann - Roosevelt in the Bad Lands
014767: Haggard, H. Rider - Maiwa's Revenge
015011: Hamilton, Milton W. - Sir William Johnson: Colonial American, 1715-1763 [Signed]
014973: Hamilton, Milton W. - The Hamiltons of Fabius, New York [Signed]
014769: Harper's Weekly - Harper's Weekly: A Journal of Civilization, Volume X. For the Year 1866
014871: Hawthorne, Nathaniel - Twice-Told Tales
015020: Henderson, Mark - Household Idols
014998: The Hermitage - The Art of Costume in Russia: 18th to Early 20th Century
014757: Hillman, Joseph - The History of Methodism in Troy
014879: Hodgdon, David [Editor & Illustrator] - The Double Escape: Being an Account by an Unknown Author of the Schooner Fox During the War of 1812 [with presentation card signed by author]
014753: Hoffman, L. G. - Hoffman's Albany Directory, and City Register, for the Years 1847 '48
014993: Hogan, James P. - The Anguished Dawn [Signed]
014807: The Home Defense Committee of Columbia County, New York - Columbia County in the World War
012866: Horapollo [Horus Apollo] - De la signification des notes Hieroglphyiques des Aegyptiens
015016: Van Den Hout, J. - Adriaen van der Donck: A Dutch Rebel in Seventeenth-Century America [Signed]
014869: Howell, George R. - A Partial Genealogy of the Descendants of Samuel Parsons, of East Hampton, L. I., 1650
014819: Huang, Li; Feng-yi, Chang; Yin-Wu, Lin; Tsu-yi, Chu; Drama Group of the Political Dept. of the Navy of the Chinese People's Liberation Army - War Drums on the Equator: A Play in Seven Scenes
015035: Irving, Pierre M. - The Life and Letters of Washington Irving [Memorial Edition]
014804: Jackson, Victor Hugo - Orthodontia and Orthopaedia of the Face
015037: John G. Waite Associates, Architects - St. Peter's Episcopal Church Albany, New York, Historic Structure Report
014943: Johnston, Paul F. - Shipwrecked in Paradise: Cleopatra's Barge in Hawai'i [Signed]
014925: Kelley, James L.; Monroe, Lee S. - Roy M Mason: His Working Sketches and Watercolors
014837: Kimball, Francis P. - The Capital Region of New York State: Crossroads of Empire, Comprising Albany, Rensselaer, Greene, Montgomery, Herkimer, Columbia, Schenectady, Schoharie, Fulton, Otsego Counties and Environs [Three Volume Set]
015046: Kipling, Rudyard - Poems, 1886-1929 [Rudyard Kipling, Signed]
014841: Kirstein, Lincoln - Elie Nadelman [Signed]
015039: Price & Knickerbocker - The Albany Seed Store, Price & Knickerbocker Annual Catalogue for 1882, Containing a List of Garden, Field and Flower Seeds
015032: Krause, Martin F.; Yurtseven, Madeline Carol - Gustave Baumann: Nearer to Art
014756: The Ladies of the M. W. C. T. U. - Massachusetts Woman's Christian Temperance Union Cuisine: A Compilation of Valuable Recipes Known to Be Reliable
014924: Van Laer, A. J. F. [translator and editor] - Minutes of the Court of Albany, Rensselaerswyck and Schenectady 1680-1685, Volume III
014990: Lawson, Lizzie; Mateaux, C. L. - Old Proverbs with New Pictures
009903: Leene, Joseph van den and Le Roux, Jean - Le Theatre de la Noblesse du Brabant and Theatre de la Noblesse de Flandre & D'Artois
014991: Leroy, David H. - Mr. Lincoln's Book: Publishing the Lincoln-Douglas Debates
014939: New York State Library - Catalogue of New-York State Library: 1856. Maps, Manuscripts, Engravings, Coins, &c.
014923: Lincoln, Abraham - President Lincoln's Views. An Important Letter on the Principles Involved in the Vallandigham Case. Correpsondence in Relation to the Democratic Meeting, At Albany, N. Y.
014942: Livermore, S. T. - A Condensed History of Cooperstown, with a Biographical Sketch of J. Fenimore Cooper
014817: Lockhart, J. G. - Ancient Spanish Ballads: Historical and Romantic
014985: Loring, John - Joseph Urban
000658: MacDougall, John - Rural Life in Canada
014861: Marquette, Jacques; Allouez, Claude - Recit des Voyages et des Decouvertes du R. Pere Jacques Marquette de la Compagnie de Jesus, en l'annee 1673
014902: Marshall, Orsamus H.; Stone, William L. [introduction] - The Historical Writings of the Late Orsamus H. Marshall Relating to the Early History of the West
013406: Martin, Clarence S. - Three Quarters of a Century with the Tenth Infantry New York National Guard, 1860-1935
014875: McKee Jr., Samuel - Labor in Colonial New York 1664-1776 [Signed]
014945: McKinley, Daniel L. - James Eights, 1798-1882: Antarctic Explorer, Albany Naturalist, His Life, His Times, His Works
014840: McParland, Edward - James Gandon: Vitruvius Hibernicus
014882: Mendel, Mesick, Cohen Architects - Cherry Hill: Historic Structure Report
015003: Miller, Stephen Robeson; Stuhlman, Jonathan - Double Solitaire: The Surreal Worlds of Kay Sage and Yves Tanguy
015050: Miller, F. M. S. - A Letter Home [Buchenwald Concentration Camp]
014896: Mitchell, Stewart - Horatio Seymour of New York
015077: Mochi, Ugo; Carter, T. Donald - Hoofed Mammals of the World [Signed]
014792: Moleah, Alfred T. - Namibia: The Struggle for Liberation [Signed]
014932: Moore, Henry - Heads Figures and Ideas
014783: Morley, John [editor] - English Men of Letters [Bunyan, Gray, Macaulay]
014850: Morley, John - Regency Design 1790-1840
014984: Morris, Ellen K.; Levin, Edward S. - The Art of Publishers' Bookbindings 1815-1915
014897: Mountier, Mary; Morris, Tony - Notable English and Irish Thoroughbreds
014920: Miho Museum - Ko-Shigaraki: Jars from Shigaraki's Medieval Kilns
013620: Nelson, T. - Nelsons' Illustrated Guide to the Hudson and Its Tributaries
011128: Neu, Irene D. - Erastus Corning: Merchant and Financier 1794-1872
014915: Newton, Clair Alonzo - History of the Newton Families of Colonial America, Volume I
014787: Noyes, Alfred - The Avenue of the Allies and Victory [Signed]
014911: Oresko, Robert - The Works in Architecture of Robert and James Adam
015043: Paine, Thomas - Common Sense; Addressed to the Inhabitants of America
014972: Paine, Thomas - Letter Addressed to the Addressers, on the Late Proclamation
014761: Paine, Thomas - The Political Works of Thomas Paine
014889: Parisot, Christian - Modigliani [Glorious Art]
015024: Parry III, Ellwood C. - The Art of Thomas Cole: Ambition and Imagination
014859: Parsons, Mrs. Agnes E. - Parsons and Allied Families, Genealogical and Biographical
014862: The Society of the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick - 152nd Anniversary Dinner of The Society of the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick in the City of New York
013597: Pearson, Jonathan - Early Records of the City and County of Albany, and Colony of Rensselaerswyck, (1656-1675)
014907: C. S. Pease - The People's Railway Guide
014959: Peltz, W. L. L. [compiler] - Peltz Record, Rev. Philip Peltz, D. D., Reformed Protestant Dutch Church [and] DeWitt Record, Rev. John DeWitt, D. D.
012405: Peltz, W. L. L. - Notes: Albany's Oldest Post-Mark, 1773-1790
015080: Perrins, Christopher M.; Elphick, Jonathan - The Complete Encyclopedia of Birds and Bird Migration
015018: Piotrovsky, Mikhail Borisovich; Korshunova, Militsa Filipovna - The Winter Palace: Saint Petersburg
014946: Pirie, Elizabeth J. E. - Sylloge of Coins of the British Isles Vol. 21: Coins in Yorkshire Collections
014816: Pitts, Terence; Adams, Ansel; Heiting, Manfred [editor] - Edward Weston 1886-1958
014798: Pizzigoni, Davide; McClatchy, J. D. [translation]; Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - The Magic Flute
014913: Pohanka, Brian C.; Troiani, Don - Don Troiani's Civil War [Signed]
015038: Potter, Horatio - A Tribute to the Memory of A Faithful Public Servant: A Sermon on Occasion of the Death of President Taylor
014962: Praz, Mario - L'Ameublement: Psychologie et Evolution de la Decoration Interieure
015004: Prentice, William Kelly - Eight Generations: The Ancestry Education and Life of William Packer Prentice
015059: The Gehenna Press - The Gehenna Press Catalogue of Books
014883: Prodger, Phillip [editor] - Impressionist Camera: Pictorial Photography in Europe, 1888-1918
014933: Pruyn, Mrs. Mary - Grandmamma's Letters From Japan
014847: van Ravenswaay, Charles - The Arts and Architecture of German Settlements in Missouri: A Survey of a Vanishing Culture
014765: Redding, Harvey - Stripped Uncensored
015000: Reese, William S. - Stamped with a National Character: Nineteenth Century American Color Plate Books, An Exhibition
014762: Reid, W. Max - The Mohawk Valley: Its Legends and Its History
014822: Mrs. Schuyler Van Rensselaer - History of the City of New York in the Seventeenth Century
014979: Revere, Paul; Hale, Richard - The Bloody Massacre perpetrated in King-Street, Boston, on March 5th 1770 by a party of the 29th Regiment
015007: Reynolds, Cuyler - Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs
014948: Reynolds, Cuyler - The Banquet Book
015030: Rice, Harriet Langdon Pruyn - In the Carillon Country: Journals of Belgium and the Netherlands [Signed]
015058: Rice, Harriet Langdon Pruyn - Harmanus Bleecker: An Albany Dutchman, 1779-1849
014811: Richardson, Charles R. - Irvingiana: A Memorial of Washington Irving
015048: Roberts, Anne; O'Hara, Virginia; Semowich, Charles - Flora, Fauna, & Fantasy: The Art of Dorothy Lathrop
014987: Roberts, Kenneth - The Seventh Sense [signed by Roberts and dowser Henry Gross]
015066: Roberts, James A. - New York in the Revolution as Colony and State
014977: Robertson, William - Historical Disquisition Concerning the Knowledge which the Ancients Had of India
014747: Rodinson, Maxime; Carter, Anne [translator] - Muhammad
014596: Roffman, Howard - Bel Ami: The Blush of Youth
014222: Rohe, George H.; Robin, Albert - Text-Book of Hygiene: A Comprehensive Treatise on the Principles and Practice of Preventive Medicine from an American Standpoint
014835: Roosevelt, Theodore - Public Papers of Theodore Roosevelt Governor 1900
015065: Rush, Benjamin - Medical Inquiries and Observations [Volume IV]
014999: Rutherford, Emma; Guinness, Lulu - Silhouette: The Art of the Shadow
013779: The Saratogian - Directory of the City of Saratoga Springs Including the Geysers, Saratoga Lake, and the R. F. D. Routes, 1922
014952: Savinio, Alberto - The Departure of the Argonaut
014938: Van Schaack, Henry C. - The Life of Peter Van Schaack, LL. D.
015062: Schweizer, Paul D.; Stuart, Melinda Young - Ferdinand Richardt: Drawings of America, 1855-1859
014870: Shawn, Ted - Ted Shawn Souvenir Dance Program
015056: Sheffield, Charles - Divergence: Book Two of the Heritage Universe [Signed]
015031: Singleton, Esther - Dutch New York
014995: Smith, William - History of New-York, From the First Discovery to the Year M.DCC.XXXII... With a Continuation, From the Year 1732, to the Commencement of the Year 1814
014778: T. Nelson and Sons - Nelson's Guide to Lake George and Lake Champlain
014823: St. Leger, Barry - Froissart, and His Times [Riviere Binding]
014324: The Freeman Staff - The Freeman's Second Annual Directory of the City of Kingston for the Years 1896-1897
014760: Steuben, Frederick William - Regulations for the Order and Discipline of the Troops of the United States
014988: Stevens, William - The Cannibal Isle [Signed]
015049: Stewart, Jeffrey C.; Ewers, John C. - To Color America: Portraits by Winold Reiss
014891: Stone, William L. - Visits to the Saratoga Battle-Grounds, 1780-1880
014978: Stone, William L. - History of New York City from the Discovery to the Present Day
014917: Sullivan, James; Flick, Alexander C. - Minutes of the Albany Committee of Correspondence 1775-1778
015017: Swyer, Lewis A. - A Collection of Poems [Lewis A. Swyer]
011274: Taylor, Kip - Wild Side of the Adirondacks
015061: Thomas Jr., George C.; Thomas III, George C. - Game Fish of the Pacific: Southern Californian and Mexican
014755: Thoreau, Henry D. - A Yankee in Canada, with Anti-Slavery and Reform Papers
014966: Thurman, Wallace - The Blacker the Berry: A Novel of Negro Life
015075: Tucker, Henry - Clog Dancing Made Easy
014771: Unstated [Catrou, Francois; Hortensius, Lambertus] - Histoire des Anabaptistes, Contenant leur Doctrine, les Diverses Opinions qui les divisent en plusieurs Sects
014803: Unstated - Dedication of Monument Erected by the State of New York at Andersonville, Georgia 1914
015045: Unstated - Seventh Report Forest, Fish and Game Commission Portfolio of Unbound Prints [as issued]
014758: Various/Unstated - A Tribute of Respect by the Citizens of Troy, to the Memory of Abraham Lincoln
014953: Unstated - Assault and Battery, Report of the Trials of the Causes of Elisha Jenkins vs. Solomon Van Rensselaer, Solomon Van Rensselaer vs. John Tayler, The Same vs. Charles D. Cooper, and The Same vs. Francis Bloodgood
014928: Unstated - History of Columbia County, New York
014857: Unstated - The Plaything; or Rhymes for the Nursery
015014: Various - The Dutch Settlers Society of Albany Yearbook Volume 47 1979-1981
014844: Various - Memorial of Cortlandt Van Rensselaer
014839: Vrooman, John J. - Forts and Firesides of the Mohawk Country New York [Signed]
014864: Wagner, Richard; Armour, Margaret [translator] - Siegfried and the Twilight of the Gods: Volume II of the Ring of the Niblung
014949: Waite, Diana S. [Editor] - Albany Architecture: A Guide to the City
014764: Wasson, Ernie [editor] - Trees and Shrubs
014821: Van de Water, Frederic F. - Lake Champlain and Lake George [The American Lakes Series]
015076: Webster, Ira - The New-England Primer Improved For the More Easy Attaining of the True Reading of English. To Which is Added the Assembly of Divines and Mr. Cotton's Catechism
015044: Weidhaas, Ernest - New York World's Fair Medals, 1939-1940
014940: Weise, Arthur James - Troy's One Hundred Years, 1789-1889
014937: Westcott, Thompson - Centennial Portfolio: A Souvenir of the International Exhibition at Philadelphia
015034: White, Samuel G.; White, Elizabeth - Stanford White: Architect
014894: Wicker, Tom - A Time to Die [Signed by Author, Owned by Leonard Bernstein]
015053: Willich, A. F. M. - Lectures on Diet and Regimen: Being a Systematic Inquiry Into the Most Rational Means of Preserving Health and Prolonging Life
014848: Willis, Peter - Charles Bridgeman and the English Landscape Garden
014784: Mac Arthur and Wilson - Mac Arthur & Wilson's Troy City Directory, for the Years 1853-4
014918: Wilson, R. L. - Steel Canvas: The Art of American Arms [Signed]
015064: Wilson, A. Philips - A Treatise on Febrile Diseases [Volume I]
015009: Worth, Gorham A. - Random Recollections of Albany, From 1800 to 1808
015041: Worth, David S. - Spencer Trask: Enigmatic Titan
014965: Zandvliet, Kees - The Dutch Encounter with Asia, 1600-1950
014846: Zebrowski, George - Macrolife [Signed]
014994: Zelazny, Roger - This Immortal
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