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010432: PUBLISHED BY THE CLASS OF 1933 - The Odyssey: Annual Publication of the Senior Class Lansingburgh High School Volume XXIII
009833: E. E. M. [MILLARD, EDWARD E.] - Days on the Nepigon
010434: PUBLISHED BY THE CLASS OF 1936 - The Odyssey: Annual Publication of the Senior Class Lansingburgh High School Volume XXVI
012370: N/A - Land Book of the Borough of Manhattan City of New York, Desk and Library Edition
012825: [DWIGHT, THEODORE AND HOOKER, WILLIAM] - The Northern Traveller: (Combined with the Northern Tour.) Containing the Routes to Niagara, Quebec, and the Springs. With the Tour of New-England, and the Route to the Coal Mines of Pennsylvania
013322: [VARIOUS] - Wildcat Cartridges Volume II
001969: THE POETRY CLUB AND THE POETRY CLASS 1927-1931 - The Poets' Pack of George Washington High School
010433: PUBLISHED BY THE CLASS OF 1934 - The Odyssey: Annual Publication of the Senior Class Lansingburgh High School Volume XXIV
012680: [BLACKWELL, THOMAS] - An Enquiry into the Life and Writings of Homer [and] Proofs of the Enquiry into Homer's Life and Writings
013513: [COWPER, WILLIAM] - The History of Johnny Gilpin
004876: G. K. L. [GEORGE K. LIVERMORE] - More Bubbles
013431: [DANA, C. W.] - The Garden of the World, or the Great West; Its History, Its Wealth, Its Natural Advantages, and Its Future
004877: G. K. L. [GEORGE K. LIVERMORE] - Bubbles, Please!
008840: G. K. L. [GEORGE K. LIVERMORE] - Bubbles, Please!
013092: [BROWN, J. W.] - Julia of Baiae, or The Days of Nero. A Story of the Martyrs
010217: R. S. [ROBERT PALTOCK] - The Life and Adventures of Peter Wilkins, Among the Flying Nations in the South Seas. Taken from His Own Mouth, in His Passage to England, off Cape Horn in America, in the Ship Hector
012500: [SPECIAL COMMITTEE] - Report of Special Committee to Investigate the Indian Problem of the State of New York, Appointed by the Assembly of 1888
012450: [MARCET, JANE H.] - Conversations on Political Economy; in Which the Elements of that Science are Familiarly Explained
000693: ABBEY, HENRY - Poems of Henry Abbey
005097: ABBOTT, EDWIN A. - St. Thomas of Canterbury: His Death and Miracles In Two Volumes
009206: ABELE, FRED B. - The Mohawk and Hudson Rail Road Company 1826-1853
009549: ABELE, FRED B. - The Mohawk and Hudson Rail Road Company 1826-1853
012883: ABRAMS, LEONARD [EDITOR] - East Village Eye, 5th Anniversary Issue, May 1984
010874: ABRAMS, RICHARD - F4U Corsair at War
006590: ABRAMSON, SARA; APPLETON, RUTH H.; CHEEVER, EDITH B. ET AL. - A Backward Glance: A Collection of Memoirs from the Residents of the Hunt Community, Located in Nashua, New Hampshire
008178: ACKERMAN, DIANE - A Slender Thread
010244: ADAM, REV. ROBERT - The Religious World Displayed; or a View of the Four Grand Systems of Religion, Judaism, Paganism, Christianity, and Mohammedism; And of the Various Existing Denominations, Sects, and Parties, in the Christian World to Which Is Subjoined a View of Deism and Atheism. In Three Volumes
000789: ADAMI, J. G. - Medical Contributions to the Study of Evolution
011028: ADAMS, LEONIE - This Measure [Number 7 of The Borzoi Chap Books]
010589: ADAMS, MICHAEL PATRICK AND URBAN, CAROL QUAM - Pharmacology: Connections to Nursing Practice Second Edition
013246: ADAMS, HENRY - Thomas Hart Benton: Drawing from Life
001021: ADAMS, WILLIAM DAVENPORT - By-Ways in Book-Land: Short Essays on Literary Subjects
011841: ADAMS, JOHN QUINCY - The Wants of Man
013248: ADAMS, ANSEL; SZARKOWSKI, JOHN [INTRODUCTION] - The Portfolios of Ansel Adams
002455: ADDISON, MR. - Interesting Anecdotes, Memoirs, Allegories, Essays, and Poetical Fragments; Tending to Amuse the Fancy, and Inculcate Morality
008646: AHLSTROM, HAROLD J., EDITOR - Chautauqua Lake Steamboats
010181: AHTAHAC - Antanas Gudaitis: A Book of Reproductions
012761: THE DUTCH SETTLERS SOCIETY OF ALBANY - The Dutch Settlers Society of Albany Yearbook Volume 42 1968-1970
012809: THE DUTCH SETTLERS SOCIETY OF ALBANY - The Dutch Settlers Society of Albany Yearbook Vol. X 1934-1935
013507: THE DUTCH SETTLERS SOCIETY OF ALBANY - The Dutch Settlers Society of Albany Yearbook Volume 39 1963-1964 40th Anniversary Year
009610: ALCOTT, WILLIAM A. - The Young Woman's Guide to Excellence
002936: ALDINGTON, RICHARD - The Love of Myrrhine and Konallis and Other Prose Poems
013013: ALEKSANDROV, P. S. - Combinational Topology
010029: ALEXANDER, DE ALVA STANWOOD - Four Famous New Yorkers: the Political Careers of Cleveland, Platt, Hill and Roosevelt [Forming Volume Four of "The Political History of the State of New York" 1882-1905]
012245: ALEXANDER, MISS E. C. - A Collection of Wild Flowers of California, Pressed and Arranged
003160: ALEXANDER, W. D. - History of Later Years of the Hawaiian Monarchy and the Revolution of 1893
012094: ALGER, PHILIP L. - The Human Side of Engineering
013358: ALLEN, STOOKIE - Men of Daring
010881: ALLEN, JOHN E. - John Steel: The Incompleate Family Lineage! Will It Ever Be Complete?
011775: ALLEN, HARVEY, AND LIMITED EDITIONS CLUB - Samples: A Book Containing Fine Illustrations and Fine Pages from the Books to be Published by the Limited Editions Club in its Sixth Series
001009: ALLEN, R. L., M. D. - An Analysis of the Principal Mineral Fountains at Saratoga Springs, Embracing an Account of Their History; Their Chemical and Curative Properties
001128: ALLEN, R. L., M. D. - A Historical, Chemical and Therapeutical Analysis of the Principal Mineral Fountains at Saratoga Springs; Together with General Directions for Their Use
013003: ALLEN, JACQUELINE CHAVERINI - A Toy Train Story: The Remarkable History of M.T.H. Electric Trains
010170: ALLESTRE, RICHARD - The Gentleman's Calling
001903: ALOISI, PETER - Fire Apparatus Fighting Fires
010390: AMERICUS, S. J. P. - Harrison and Morton Grand March
002826: AMPOLO, LOUIS - A Manual of International Folk Dances
008481: AMUCHASTEGUI, AXEL AND SICK, HELMUT - Studies of Birds and Mammals in South America
011217: VAN-ANDERSON, HELEN - Victoria True or The Journal of A Live Woman
000939: ANDERSON, JOHN - The American Theatre
011002: ANDREAE, CHRISTOPHER - Lines of Country: An Atlas of Railway and Waterway History in Canada
011603: ANDREAS, LYTER & CO. - Atlas Map of Morgan County, Illinois
005927: ANDREWS, JULIA - Breakfast, Dinner, and Tea: Viewed Classically, Poetically, and Practically. Containing Numerous Curious Dishes and Feasts of All Times and All Countries. Besides Three Hundred Modern Receipts.
012770: MYERS AND ANDREWS - Myers and Andrews Boys Clothing Catalogue, Spring 1889
003923: ANTHONY, CHARLES H. - This, Our Life
006487: APHTHONII - Aphthonii Progymnasmata, a Rodolpho Agricola partim, partim a Johanne Maria Catanao, latinitate donata ; cum scholiis R. Lorichii, auctario novissimo, tum Fabularum, & Chriarum tractationem, tum Genesios, & Analycos Logica, & Oratoriae exemplum, . . .
008734: ARCHER, ROBERT D - The Official Monogram US Army Air Service & Air Corps Aircraft Color Guide Vol. 1 1908-1941
012490: ARCHIBALD, STEPHEN AND STEVENSON, SHEILA - Heritage Houses of Nova Scotia
012487: MEDEL MESICK COHEN ARCHITECTS - The Nicoll-Sill House: A Historical Structure Report, Prepared for the Town of Bethlehem
011503: MENDEL MESICK COHEN ARCHITECTS - Fort Johnson, Amsterdam, New York: A Historic Structure Report, 1974-1975
013444: THE ARGUS - Albany Illustrated. Illustrated Souvenir of Albany and Vicinity. Commerce, Trade and Industries, Historical, Descriptive and Biographical Sketches, with Views and Portraits.
011306: ARLISS, GEORGE - Up the Years from Bloomsbury: An Autobiography
007414: ASENCIO, PACO [EDITOR] - Ultimate Hotel Design
008170: ASIMOV, IZAAC - Asimov Laughs Again: More Than 700 Favorite Jokes, Limericks, and Anecdotes
004344: ASKEW, GILBERT - A Catalogue of Roman Coins
012134: JOHN G. WAITE ASSOCIATES - Exterior Preservation of the Delaware & Hudson and the Albany Evening Journal Buildings (University Plaza)
011086: NEW SCOTLAND HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION - New Scotland Township [Images of America Series]
011807: AMERICAN BOTTLERS' PROTECTIVE ASSOCIATION - Souvenir Proceedings for the Fourth Annual Convention of the American Bottlers' Protective Association of the United States, Held at Pittsburgh, PA., Commencing Tuesday, November 22, 1892
013439: ATHERTON, GERTRUDE FRANKLIN - The Conqueror: Being the True and Romantic Story of Alexander Hamilton
012229: ATTWOOD, F. G. - Manners and Customs of Ye Harvard Studente
011205: AULDJO, JOHN - Journal of a Visit to Constantinople, and Some of the Greek Islands, in the Spring and Summer of 1833
010118: AULTON, MARGARET - Fair Touraine: Stories and Legends of the Loire
012673: AUSTIN, MARGOT - Trumpet
013097: AUSTIN, SAM C. - Boxing and How to Train
011423: NEW JERSEY SPORTS AND EXPOSITION AUTHORITY - Specifications, Volume I of 3 for Contract No. A-100-B General Construction of Meadowlands Arena, December 1, 1978
005607: AXSOM, RICHARD H. - Beyond the Plane: The Relief Paintings of Judith Rothschild
013387: AYMONIN, GERARD G.; GASCAR, PIERRE; FINLETTER, EILEEN AND AYER, JEAN [TRANSLATORS] - The Besler Florilegium: Plants of the Four Seasons
010394: BABSON, JOHN J. - History of the Town of Gloucester Cape Ann Including the Town of Rockport
012161: BACHELLER, IRVING [EDITOR] - The Pocket Magazine: Vol. I. November. No. 1
005466: BACKEMEYER, SYLVIA; GRONBERG, THERESA [EDITORS] - WR Lethaby 1857-1931: Architecture, Design, and Education
004696: BACON, FRANCIS - The Essays or Counsels Civil & Moral of Francis Bacon
011754: BAETJER, KATHARINE AND LINKS, J. G. - Canaletto
006349: BAILLIE, JOAN PARKHILL [COMPILED AND ANNOTATED BY] - Look at the Record: An Album of Toronto's Lyric Theatres 1825-1984
000271: BAITSELL, GEORGE ALFRED (EDITOR) - The Evolution of Man
008472: BAKER, MICHAEL A.; BREWER, BRADLEY R. ET. AL. - Police on Campus:The Mass Police Action at Columbia University Spring, 1968
012648: BALDACCI, PAOLO [TEXT]; SCHMIED, WIELAND [PREFACE] - Giorgio de Chirico: Betraying the Muse, De Chirico and the Surrealists
012916: BALENTINE, F. J. PABLO - Freund & Bro.: Pioneer Gunmakers to the West
007428: BALLOU, ADIN AND HAYWOOD, WILLIAM S. [EDITOR] - History of the Hopedale Community, from Its Inception to Its Virtual Submergence in the Hopedale Parrish
000415: BALLOU, MATURIN M. - Genius in Sunshine and Shadow
009716: BAMBAS, RUDOLF C. - The English Language: Its Origin & History
009677: BANCROFT, AARON - Sermons on Those Doctrines of the Gospel, and on Those Constituent Principles of the Church, Which Christian Professors Have Made the Subject of Controversy
000968: BANCROFT, MARIE AND BANCROFT, SQUIRE - The Bancrofts: Recollections of Sixty Years
012314: BANGS, MERWIN & CO. - Catalogue of Private Collections of Choice and Elegant Books
000588: BANGS, JOHN K. - The Lorgnette 1886
010867: BANKS, A. BLEECKER [EDITOR] - Albany Bi-Centennial: Historical Memoirs 1686 -1886
008037: BANKS, A. BLEECKER [EDITOR] - Albany Bi-Centennial: Historical Memoirs 1686 -1886
012419: BANKS, LYNNE REID - The Indian in the Cupboard Series: 4 Volumes
006901: BARBE, WALTER B. AND REED, KURT A. - History of Wayne County, Pennsylvania (1798-1998)
013036: BARBER, JOHN L. - The Rimfire Cartridge in the United States & Canada: An Illustrated History of its Manufacturers and Their Products 1857 to 1984
006619: BARBER, EDWIN ATLEE - Tulip Ware of the Pennsylvania-German Potters: An Historical Sketch of the Art of Slip-Decoration in the United States
006343: BARD, NELSON P. - Hoodlebug Valley Stories
013083: BARLOW, JOEL - The Vision of Columbus; a Poem in Nine Books
005950: BARNARD, D. D. - A Letter from the Hon. D. D. Barnard, Addressed to the Hon. Erastus Brooks, Senator, on the Proceedings Against Trinity Church, Now Pending in the Senate of the State
007994: BARNES, PARKER THAYER - The Suburban Garden Guide
012401: BARNES, DONNA R. AND ROSE, PETER G. - Matters of Taste: Food and Drink in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Art and Life
000702: BARNES, MAUDE FIERO - Historic Vistas
009373: BARNES, TIMOTHY D. - Athanasius and Constantius: Theology and Politics in the Constantinian Empire
011480: BARNES, HARRY E. - State of New Jersey Report of the Prison Inquiry Commission, Volume II
003510: BARNET, WILL AND BARTLETT, RICHARD C. - The Lithographs of Ture Bengtz
013299: BARNETT, J. N. - History of Gilead Evangelical Lutheran Church, Centre Brunswick, Rensselaer Co., N. Y. and the Vicinity
012904: BARNUM, H. L. - The Spy Unmasked; or, Memoirs of Enoch Crosby, Alias Harvey Birch, the Hero of Mr. Cooper's Tale of the Neutral Ground: Being an Authentic Account of the Secret Services Which He Rendered His Country During the Revolutionary War
011699: BARON, WENDY - Sickert
009774: BARQUIST, DAVID L. - American Tables and Looking Glasses in the Mabel Brady Garvan and Other Collections at Yale University
012203: BARQUIST, DAVID L. - American Tables and Looking Glasses in the Mabel Garvan and Other Collections at Yale University
009570: BARRALI I ALTET, XAVIER - The Romanesque: Towns, Cathedrals and Monasteries [Taschen's World Architecture Series]
012369: BARRETT, VERNON - Pickaninny ABC
011989: BARRIE, JAMES MATTHEW - The Little Minister
012388: BARRINGTON, LOIS HALL - The Discovery of John Wilkie, Early American Folk Artist
007861: BARRON,STEPHANIE AND VARIOUS - Exiles + Émigrés: The Flight of European Artists from Hitler
009963: BARROWS, KATHLEEN - Flora
010442: BARRUEL, PAUL - Birds of the World: Their Life and Habits
003578: BARRY, IRIS - D. W. Griffith: American Film Master [Museum of Modern Art Film Library Series No. 1]
008131: BARTH, LYNDA J. - The Delaware and Raritan Canal [Images of America Series]
012494: BARTHOU, LOUIS - Le Neuf Thermidor
004212: BARTON, JOHN H.; IMAI, RYUKICHI [EDITORS] - Arms Control II: A New Approach to International Security
005733: BASKIN, JUDITH R. [ EDITOR ] - Jewish Women in Historical Perspective
002067: BATES, LINDON W. - Project for the Panama Canal with General Plans and Profiles of the Waterway, the Regulation Works and the Terminal Harbors
006214: BATES, CHARLES AUSTIN [EDITOR] - The Jewelry Book
013012: BATES, JR., JOSEPH D. - Streamers and Bucktails: The Big Fish Flies
011431: BATTY, JOSEPH H. - How to Hunt and Trap, Together with Chapters Upon Outfits, Guns etc., Abounding in Information Generally for Sportsmen
012237: BAULCH, WILLIAM - Views of Fortress Monroe and Vicinity
009574: BEACH, W. W. [EDITOR] - The Indian Miscellany; Containing Papers on the History, Antiquities, Arts, Languages, Religions, Traditions and Superstitions of the American Aborigines; with Descriptions of Their Domestic Life, Manners, Customs, Traits, Amusements and Exploits; Travels and Adventures in the Indian Country; Incidence of Border Warfare; Missionary Relations, Etc.
013200: BEATIE, RUSSEL H. - Saddles
009225: BEAUCHAMP, WILLIAM M. - Aboriginal Place Names of New York [New York State Museum Bulletin 108 Archaeology 12]
011513: BEAUCHAMP, W. M. - Indian Names in New York, with a Selection from other States, and Some Onondaga Names of Plants, Etc.
002751: THE EDITORS OF COUNTRY BEAUTIFUL - Civil War: The Years Asunder
009300: BECK, JAMES H. - Italian Renaissance Painting
011738: BECKER, CARL - Decorative Arts from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance: The Complete Plates
001269: BEDELL, EMMA J. - Valley Folks
004730: BEEBE, C. D. - Lace, Ancient and Modern: Comprising a History of Its Origin and Manufacture, with Instructions Concerning the Manner of Making it.
013278: D. G. BEERS - Atlas of Steuben County New York, From Actual Survey's and Official Records
009093: BEGLEY, ALICE AND JOHNSON, MARY ELLEN - Guilderland New York [Images of America Series]
012736: BELL, JAMES B. - The Homoeopathic Therapeutics of Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Cholera, Cholera Morbus, Cholera Infantum, and All Other Loose Evacuations of the Bowels
013527: BELL, C. JEANENNE - Collector's Encyclopedia of Pendant and Pocket Watches, 1500-1950, Identification and Values
011768: BELLOC, LOUISE SW[ANTON] - Lord Byron
011483: BENDER, JOHN - Imagining the Penitentiary: Fiction and the Architecture of Mind in Eighteenth-Century England
012442: BENJAMIN, GERALD AND HURD, T. NORMAN [EDITORS] - Rockefeller in Retrospect: The Governor's New York Legacy
013008: BENNETT, ALLISON - More Times Remembered: Chronicles of the Towns of Bethlehem and New Scotland, New York
013473: BENNETT, ALLISON P. - The People's Choice: A History of Albany County in Art and Architecture
000289: BENTON, JOEL - Emerson as a Poet
007910: BERENBAUM, MICHAEL - A Promise to Remember: The Holocaust in the Words and Voices of Its Survivors
012585: BERKELEY, GEORGE - Selected Writings (The Great Philosophers Series)
010588: BERMAN, AUDREY AND SNYDER, SHIRLEE J. - Kozier & Erb's Fundamentals of Nursing: Concepts, Process, and Practice Ninth Edition
006264: BERNSTEIN, HERMAN; FOREWORD BY THEODORE ROOSEVELT - The Willy-Nicky Correspondence: Being the Secret and Intimate Telegrams Exchanged Between the Kaiser and the Tsar
006237: BERRY, CHARLES WALTER - The Temperature-Entrophy Diagram
011959: BERRY, MISS; LEWIS, LADY THERESA [EDITOR] - Extracts of the Journals and Correspondence of Miss Berry From the Year 1783 to 1852
012575: BEST, ANTHONY A. AND RAW, W. G. - Rowland Ward's Records of Big Game XVIth Edition (Africa)
012971: BETTERS, FRANCIS - Fishing the Adirondacks
013075: BETTERS, FRANCIS - Fran Betters' Fly Fishing, Fly Tying and Pattern Guide
005942: BETTS, RAYMOND F. - Uncertain Dimensions: Western Overseas Empires in the Twentieth Century
009438: BETZ, HANS DIETER - Galatians: A Commentary on Paul's Letter to the Churches in Galatia
012352: BEURDELEY, MICHEL - Chinese Trade Porcelain
013531: BIANCHI, TOM - In the Studio
011095: BIANCOLLI, AMY - Fritz Kreisler: Love's Sorrow, Love's Joy
012385: BICKERING, JR., B. AND BRACH, R. J. - The Barkless Dog: A Handbook for the Basenji Owner
006493: BILLINGS, JOSH - Selections from the Writings of Josh Billings, or; Proverbial Philosophy of Wit and Humor
003894: BIRD, J. BRIAN - The Physiography of Arctic Canada with Special Reference to the Area South of Parry Channel
011963: BIRDSALL, STEVE - The B-24 Liberator
002765: BIRREL, AUGUSTINE - A Rogue's Memoirs Etc.
007459: BISHOP, MINOR L. [EDITOR] - Architectural Renderings by Winners of the Birch Burdett Long Memorial Prize
011377: BISHOP, MONICA BERYL - The Pulmonary Vasculature in Congenital Heart Disease: A Study of the Response to Disordered Haemodynamics
009645: BLACKALL, ERIC A. - The Emergence of German As a Literary Language 1700-1775
011926: BLACKBURN, HENRY - Pictorial Notes in the National Gallery [British School], AND Illustrated Catalogue to the National Gallery [Foreign Schools]
009222: BLACKBURN, RODERIC H. AND PIWONKA, RUTH - Remembrance of Patria: Dutch Arts and Culture in Colonial America 1609-1776
013131: BLADES, WILLIAM F. - Fishing Flies and Fly Tying: American Insects, Including Nymphs and Crustaceans
004519: BLANE, SIR GILBERT - Elements of Medical Logic, Illustrated By Practical Proofs and Examples
012875: BLIVEN, RACHEL D.; ANDERSON, ROBERT N.; DRAPER, G. STEVEN; GEMMILL, EVA; GEMMILL, HUGHES; PARKER, JOSEPH A.; UPTON, HELEN M. - A Resourceful People: A Pictorial History of Rensselaer County, New York
003434: BLOM, GERTRUDE; HARRIS, ALEX (EDITOR); SARTOR, MARGARET (EDITOR) - Gertrude Blom: Bearing Witness
004283: BLUNT, C. E. AND DOLLEY, MICHAEL - Sylloge of Coins of the British Isles: University Collection Reading Anglo-Saxon and Norman Coins Royal Coin Cabinet Stockholm Anglo-Norman Pennies
011541: BLUNT, ANTHONY - The Drawings of Poussin
008477: BOCCIUS, GOTTLIEB - A Treatise on the Management of Fresh-Water Fish, with a View to Making Them a Source of Profit to Landed Proprietors
003883: BOESCH, GOTTFRIED - Vom Ruhm Der Rose
013262: BOKER, GEORGE H. - No. 18. The Will of the People
013514: BOLLES, JOHN R. - The Story of the Two Bulls
011634: BONNEFONS, NICOLAS DE, AND EVELYN, JOHN [TRANSLATOR] - The French Gardiner: Instructing How to Cultivate All Sorts of Fruit-Trees, and Herbs for the Garden
011134: BONNEY, CATHARINA V. R. - A Legacy of Historical Gleanings
009315: BORNGASSER, BARBARA AND TOMAN, ROLF [EDITOR] - Catalonia: Art, Landscape, Architecture
010763: THE RECORD COMMISSIONERS OF THE CITY OF BOSTON - A Report of the Record Commissioners Containing Boston Births, Baptisms, Marriages, and Deaths, 1630-1699
012802: M. DE BOUGE - Tableau Général des Pays Conquis, Cédés, Échangés ou Acquis Pour Indemnités par Diverses Puissances, en Vertu des Traités, et Ratifié par le Conclusum Général et la Note Supplémentaire de la Diète de l'Empire; Accompagné d'une Carte
011290: BOUHOURS, JEAN-MICHEL - L'art du mouvement: Collection cinematographique du Musee national d'art moderne, 1919-1996
005288: BOURDON, DAVID; PRINCENTHAL, NANCY; SHEPPARD-GALLAGHER, ILEEN - Jackie Ferrara Sculpture: A Retrospective
006534: BOURGERY, D.M.P. - A Treatise on Lesser Surgery; or, The Minor Surgical Operations [Spine Title: Bourgery's Surgery]
007360: BOWDEN, CHARLES - Stone Canyons of the Colorado Plateau
004483: BOWEN, CLARENCE WINTHROP - Woodstock: A Historical Sketch
012113: BOWEN, GEORGE LOVERIDGE - James Lloyd II, M.D. (1728-1810) And His Family on Lloyd Neck
010034: BOWERS, Q. DAVID - Commemorative Coins of the United States: A Complete Encyclopedia
011378: BOWERS, VIRGINIA B. - The Texture of a Neighborhood: Albany's South End, 1880-1940
013537: BOYD, ANDREW - Boyd's Syracuse City Directory, 1877-1878
003310: BOYLE, RICHARD; DOUGLAS, JOHN D.; GERDTS, WILLIAM H.; PETERS, LISA (EDITOR) - Twachtman in Gloucester: His Last Years, 1900-1902
007486: BOYLE, BERNARD MICHAEL [EDITOR] - Wright in Arizona: The Early Works with Pedro E. Guerrero. A Selection of Photographs from the Pedro E. Guerrero Collection in the Architecture and Environmental Design Library, Arizona State University
009957: BRADBURY, JOHN M.; RICHARDSON, EDGAR P. AND RORIMER, JAMES J. - Union Worthies Number Twelve: William James Stillman Class of 1848
010506: BRADFORD, FREDERICK H. [EDITOR] - Preflight: Class Forty-Four K
000990: BRADLEY, DAVID - No Place to Hide
004535: BRADY, JEREMIAH D. - Sylloge of Coins of the British Isles: 30 Ancient British, Anglo-Saxon, and Norman Coins in American Collections
005523: BRADY, THOMAS A. JR.; OBERMAN, HEIKO A.; TRACY, JAMES D. [EDITORS] - Handbook of European History 1400-1600: Late Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformations. Volume II: Visions, Programs and Outcomes
010114: LA BRANCHE, GEORGE M. L. - The Salmon and the Dry Fly
004288: BRANDON, JAMES R.; MAIM, WILLIAM P.; SHIVELY, DONALD H. - Studies in Kabuki: Its Acting, Music and Historical Context
010191: BRASSINGTON, W. SALT [EDITOR] - A History of the Art of Bookbinding with Some Account of the Books of the Ancients
006547: BRAVMANN, RENÉ A. - Open Frontiers: The Mobility of Art in Black Africa
003852: BRAZER, ESTHER STEVENS - Early American Decoration: A Comprehensive Treatise Revealing the Technique Involved in the Art of Early American Decoration of Furniture, Walls, Tinware, Etc.
002491: BRETON, ANDRE - Le Surrealisme et La Peinture Suivi De Genese et Perspective Artistiques Du Surrealisme et De Fragments Inedits
008329: BREWER, FLOYD I. AND BUCKLEY, TERESA (EDITOR IN CHIEF) - Bethlehem Diary: Stories & Reflections 1983-1993
009136: BREWER, FLOYD I. ( EDITOR ) - Bethlehem Revisited: A Bicentennial Story, 1793-1993
005022: BREWERTON, GEORGE DOUGLAS - Overland with Kit Carson: A Narrative of the Old Spanish Trail in '48.
012617: BRIADDY, KATHERINE Q. - Shadows: The Life and Times of Eliphalet Ball, The Founder of the Town of Ballston
012745: BRICKMAN, DAVID - Neighborhood: Photographs of Arbor Hill and West Hill
009291: BRIDBURY, A. R. - England and the Salt Trade in the Later Middle Ages
007834: BRIDGMAN, GEORGE B. AND SIMON, HOWARD [EDITOR] - Bridgman's Complete Guide to Drawing from Life
013256: BRINK, BENJAMIN MYER - The Early History of Saugerties 1660-1825
003444: BRISTOWE, W. S. - Victorian China Fairings
010602: BRITTON, COBURN - Second Seasons: Poems by Coburn Britton
013366: BRODERICK, WARREN F. AND BOUCK, WILLIAM - Pottery Works: Potteries of New York State's Capital District and Upper Hudson Region
012116: BRODIE, ALLAN; CROOM, JANE; O DAVIES, JAMES - English Prisons: An Architectural History
007860: BRODNER, STEVE - Freedom Fries:The Political Art of Steve Brodner
008185: BROIN, SEOSAMH O - Inchicore, Kilmainham and District
013338: BROMER, ANNE C.; EDISON, JULIAN I. - Miniature Books: 4,000 Years of TIny Treasures
009630: BROOKE, CHRISTOPHER N. L. - London 800-1216: The Shaping of the City [History of London]
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012276: THE NEW YORK STATE LEGISLATIVE CORRESPONDENTS' ASSOCIATION - Thoroughly Mad-Ern Malcolm, or: He Didn't Need A Course in Forensics to Become a Famous Public Streaker
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012044: EVERSON, CHARLES WILLIAM - Broadcasting (By the Seat of Our Pants!)
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011104: THE NORTH FAMILY - Original Shaker Music Published by the North Family of Mt. Lebanon, Col. Co., N.Y.
011048: THE FAMILY - A Memorial of Mrs. Henry Burden
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009830: FARBER, ROBERT - Classic Farber Nudes: 20 Years of Photography by Robert Farber
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010401: FARROW, EDWARD S. - A Military System of Gymnastic Exercises and a System of Swimming
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011291: FAULKNER, SANDRA WITH NELSON, JUDY - Love Match: Nelson vs. Navratilova
006958: FAWCETT, MILLICENT GARRETT - Tales in Political Economy
013413: FEARING, KENNETH - The Big Clock
011286: FEINSTEIN, HAROLD - Orchidelirium
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010720: FIELD, RACHEL - All This and Heaven Too
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013144: FINEBERG, JONATHAN - The Innocent Eye: Children's Art and the Modern Artist
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013072: FITCH, GEORGE HAMLIN - The Critic in the Orient
011986: FITZ-GIBBONS, JOHN - The Reports of Several Cases Argued and Adjudged in the Court of King's Bench at Westminster; With Some Special Cases in the Courts of Chancery, Common Pleas and Exchequer. In the I, II, III, IV, and V Years of his Present Majesty King George II
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005901: FOSTER, THOMAS J. - The Mine Foreman's Pocket Book
012881: FOUHSE, TONY - Report: Photographs by Tony Fouhse
011426: GETTYSBURG FOUNDATION - Treasures of the Civil War: Legendary Leaders Who Shaped a War and a Nation
012243: FOWLER, O. S. - A Home For All or The Gravel Wall and Octagon Mode of Building: New, Cheap, Convenient, Superior and Adapted to Rich and Poor
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007722: FRALISH, LYNDA ALLMOND [EDITOR] - Historic Mills of America
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011907: FRANCHOT, ANNIE W. - Bugs and Wings and Other Things
011588: FRANCK, HARRY A. - Roaming in Hawaii: A Narrative of Months of Wandering Among the Glamorous Islands That May Become Our 49th State
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008200: FRANKLIN, CHARLES M. - Dutch Genealogical Research
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011174: FREAR, EDWIN A. - From Pier 39
011749: FREAR, W. H. - Five Weeks in Europe: A Photographic Memorandum
006507: FREEMAN, JOHN - Two Poems [Includes the Red Path: A Narrative and the Wounded Bird]
011778: FRERE, CATHERINE FRANCES - The Cookery Book of Lady Clark of Tillypronie
012480: FRIED, MARC B. - The Early History of Kingston & Ulster County, N.Y.
009628: FRIEDMAN, MARTIN - Close Reading: Chuck Close and the Art of the Self-Portrait
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012864: FROST, JOHN - Pictorial Ancient History of the World, from the Earliest Ages to the Death of Constantine the Great; Pictorial History of the Middle Ages, from the Death of Constantine the Great to the Discovery of America by Columbus [and] Pictorial Modern History, from the Discovery of America by Columbus to the Present Time
010277: FROST, ROBERT - Does No One But Me At All Ever Feel This Way In the Least [with scarce errata sheet initialed & signed by Frost]
010695: FROTHINGHAM, WASHINGTON [EDITOR] - History of Montgomery County
003738: FROTHINGHAM, ALICE WILSON - Hispanic Glass: With Examples in the Collection of the Hispanic Society of America
013074: FULTON, LEN - The Small Press Review [Eight Issues]
010108: FULTON, DR. JOHN F. - Rare Medical Books Based on the Collection of Dr. Arno B. Luckhardt [Catalogue No. 2 New Series]
012545: FUNK, ROBERT E. - Archaeological Investigations in the Upper Susquehanna Valley, New York State
011954: FUNNIDOS, RIGDUM - The Comic Almanack for 1842: An Ephemeris in Jest and Earnest, Containing "All Things Fitting for Such a Work."
005480: FURFEY, PAUL HANLY - The Parish and Play: Some Notes on the Boy Problem
000909: FYFE, HAMILTON - Sir Arthur Pinero's Plays and Players
011379: GAFFEN, FRED - Forgotten Soldiers
011781: LEONARD HUTTON GALLERIES - Jawlensky & Major German Expressionists: Opening October 17, 1980
012484: GALUSHA, DIANE - Another Day, Another Dollar: The Civilian Conservation Corps in the Catskills
011872: GAMMOND, PETER - Offenbach: His Life and Times
004552: GARCIA, BEN - A Man of Many Dimensions
004018: GARDENIER, NORMAN - Gardenier's Ready Help for Locomotive Engineers: Being an Educational Chart for Locomotive Firemen Seeking Promotion, for the Scholar and Student, and for the Help of the Examiner When Employing or Promoting New Men; and is a Ready Help to Engineers. . .
013476: GARRETT, JEFF; GUTH, RON - Encyclopedia of U.S. Gold Coins, 1795-1933: Circulating, Proof, Commemorative, and Pattern Issues
012103: GATES, WILLIAM PRESTON - Lake George Boats and Steamboats
011383: GAVANTO, BARTHOLOMAEO - Thesaurus Sacrorum Rituum
011278: GAYLE, MARGOT (INTRODUCTION) - Victorian Ironwork: A Catalogue by J. B. Wickersham
008963: GEALT, ADELHEID M. AND KNOX, GEORGE - Domenico Tiepolo: A New Testament
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012903: GEORGEN, CYNDE - One Cowboy's Dream, John Kendrick: His Family, Home and Ranching Empire
012167: GERBER, MORRIS - Old Albany: Volume 2
012158: GERBER, MORRIS - Old Albany: Volume 1
013279: GERDTS, WILLIAM H. - Art Across America: Two Centuries of Regional Painting, 1710-1920
002785: GERE, JOHN A. - Drawings by Raphael and His Circle: From British and North American Collections
009663: GERSON, THOMAS.; MOORE, H. IRVING AND CALKINS, HERBERT A. - Troy Uncle Sam Historical Celebration September 11 to 15 1959: Official Souvenir Booklet and Program of Events
011254: GERSZI, TEREZ AND GONDA, ZSUZSA - Drawings from Budapest: Nineteenth-Century German, Austrian, and Hungarian
009475: GESSI, ROMOLO AND GESSI, FELIX [EDITOR] - Seven Years in the Soudan: Being a Record of Explorations, Adventures, and Campaigns Against the Arab Slave Hunters
008480: GETCHELL, GEORGE H. - Our Nation's Executives and Their Administrations. The Continental and National Congresses. An Historical, Biographical and Statistical Conspectus of the National Government, from Its Foundation, 1775-1885. The Settlement and Formation of the State Governments and State Executives
005841: GETTINGER, MAX C. - Coming of Age: The Atlanta Jewish Federation, 1962-1982
001487: GIBB, HUGH R. - National Railway Bulletin Cumulative Index Volumes 1-50 1936-1985
005881: GIBERNE, AGNES - The Ocean of Air: Meteorology for Beginners
012117: GIBSON, WILLIAM HAMILTON - Happy Hunting Grounds: A Tribute to the Woods and Fields
010582: GIBSON, EDWARD - The Bishop of London's Three Pastoral Letters to the People of His Diocese; Particularly to Those of the Two Great Cities of London and Westminster, in Defense of the Gospel-Revelation, and by Way of Preservative against the Late Writings in Favor of Infidelity
013474: GIDDINGS, EDWARD D. - Coeymans and the Past
006729: GIERLICH, DR.NIKOLAUS; FRIEDMANN, DR. M.; JELLIFFE, SMITH ELY [TRANSLATOR/EDITOR] - Studies in Paranoia: Periodic Paranoia and the Origin of Paranoid Delusions and Contributions to the Study of Paranoia
009350: GIFFORD, MARTHA (LIDDLE) - Genealogy of the Liddle Family
004582: GILBORN, CRAIG; SCHERER, JOHN L. - The Rustic Artistry of Clarence O. Nichols: Furniture in the Collection of the New York State Museum
012271: GINDELY, ANTON; TEN BROOK, ANDREW [TRANSLATOR] - History of the Thirty Years' War
008617: GINTER, STEVE - Curtiss SOC Seagull [Naval Fighters Series Number Eighty-Nine]
001386: GINZBURG, RALPH - An Unhurried View of Erotica
004915: GITTINGS, ROBERT; MANTON, JO - Dorothy Wordsworth
013045: GLASSIE, HENRY - Barn Building in Otsego County, New York
010375: GLOVER, CHARLES W. - The Battles of Sebastopol
005779: GLUCKSTADT, ILSE [EDITOR] - Dipping Into Our Past
012853: GOBIE, P. H. - Bellows Falls and Vicinity Illustrated
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001946: GODDARD, GLORIA - A Breadline for Souls
011247: VON GOETHE, J. W. - The Story of Reynard the Fox
008397: GOLDBERGER, PAUL - The World Trade Center Remembered
001161: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER. - The Deserted Village, a Poem
011323: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - She Stoops to Conquer, or the Mistakes of a Night
004352: GOLDSTEIN, WALTER - The Dilemma of British Defense: The Imbalance Between Commitments and Resources
013197: GOOD, ALBERT H. - Park and Recreation Structures: Part III - Overnight and Organized Camp Facilities
013335: GOODALE, ELAINE AND DORA READ - In Berkshire with the Wild Flowers
004154: GOODE, DIANE - Diane Goode's American Christmas
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006377: GOODRICH, LLOYD - Thomas Eakins. Two Volume Set.
009634: GOODRICH, CHARLES A. - The Family Tourist. A Visit to the Principal Cities of the Western Continent: Embracing an Account of Their Situation, Origin, Plan, Extent, Their Inhabitants, Manners, Customs, and Amusements, and Public Works, Institutions, Edifices, Etc. Together with Sketches of Historical Events
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012042: GORDON, WILLIAM R. AND MOWERS, ROBERT D. - Trolley's Down the Mohawk Valley
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010481: GOSNER, KENNETH L. - Working Decoys of the Jersey Coast and Delaware Valley
000655: GOSSE, EDMUND - Robert Browning Personalia
013275: GOULD, CHESTER - The "Pop-Up" Dick Tracy "Capture of Boris Arson"
002232: GOULD, S. BARING - Historic Oddities and Strange Events
009347: GOULD, LUCIUS D. - The American House Carpenters and Joiners Assistant: Being a New and Easy System of Lines, Founded on Geometrical Principles, for Cutting Every Description of Joints and for Framing the Most Difficult Roofs Also, and and Easy System of Stair Railing
013137: GOULD, A. C. - Modern American Pistols and Revolovers
012508: GOYA, FRANCISCO DE - Late Caprichos of Goya: Fragments from a Series
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004660: GRANT, FRANK AND GRANT, ELIHU [EDITORS] - Report of the Sixth Reunion of the Grant Family Association at the Brevoort House, Manhattan New York City February 27, 1914
007064: GRANT, H. ROGER - Living in the Depot: The Two-Story Railroad Station
013085: GRANT, DANIEL [EDITOR] - Art Workers News [2 issues]
007053: GRANT, H. ROGER - Kansas Depots
005819: GRATCH, HAYA - Twenty-five Years of Social Research in Israel: A Review of the Work of the Israel Institute of Applied Social Research 1947-1971
002511: GRAVES, C. L. - More Lauds and Libels
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013402: GREEN, JONATHAN; CONROY, PAT [FOREWORD] - Gullah Images: The Art of Jonathan Green
002874: GREENE, PATRICK [TRANSLATOR] - Looking at Paris
011448: GREENE, NELSON - The Story of Old Fort Plain and the Middle Mohawk Valley
013293: GREENE, NELSON [EDITOR] - History of the Valley of the Hudson, River of Destiny, 1609-1930
013228: GREENER, W. W. - Sharpshooting for Sport and War
013463: GREENER, W. W. - Modern Shot Guns
010962: GREENOUGH, ROY S. - On Board the Washington Irving: Dedicated to the Washington Irving of the Hudson River
009648: GREGG, ARTHUR B. - Outline History of the Town of Guilderland Albany County, New York
000940: GREGOR, JOSEPH AND FULOP-MILLER, RENE - Das Russische Theater: Sein Wesen Und Geschichte Mit Besonderer Berucksichtigung Der Revolutionsperiode
002010: GRENFELL, WILFRED T. - What Life Means to Me
004117: GREYLOCK, GODFREY - Taghconic: The Romance and Beauty of the Hills
003579: GRIFFEN, FRANCES - Old Salem in Pictures
012485: GROFT, TAMMIS KANE - Cast with Style: Nineteenth Century Cast-Iron Stoves from the Albany Area
007415: GRONDAHL, PAUL - Mayor Corning: Albany Icon, Albany Enigma
010130: GRONDAHL, PAUL - Mayor Corning: Albany Icon, Albany Enigma
001569: GRONEMAN, CHRIS H. - Plastics Made Practical
010546: GROOME, H. C. - Military Handbook: Prepared for the Use of the National Guard of Pennsylvania
012538: THE PRESERVATION/DESIGN GROUP - Peter Matteson Tavern: A Historic Structure Report
011224: GUIDEBOOK COMMITTEE, ADIRONDACK MOUNTAIN CLUB - Guide to Adirondack Trails: Northeastern Section
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000986: GUNDOLF, FRIEDRICH. - Goethe
011764: GUTMANN, EDWARD - The Watering Places and Mineral Springs of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland; with Notes on Climatic Resorts and Consumption, Sanitariums, Peat, Mud, and Sand Baths, Whey and Grape Cures, &c.
012936: DE HAAS, FRANK - Managing and Mastering the Set Triggered Rifle
013319: DE HAAS, FRANK AND DE HAAS, MARK - Mr. Single Shot's Book of Rifle Plans
012035: HABS, ROBERT AND ROSNER, L. - Appetit-Lexikon: Ein alphabetisches hand und Nachschlagebuch über alle Speisen und Getränke
012232: HAECKEL, ERNST - Die Naturanschauung von Darwin, Goethe und Lamarck
009854: HAECKEL, ERNEST - Anthropogenie oder Entwickelungsgeschichte Des Menschen: Gemeinverstandliche Wissenschaftliche Vortrage uber die Grundzuge der Menschlichen Keimes und Stammes-Geschichte
012616: HAGEN, WALTER - The How and Why of Golf
013372: HAGERTY, DONALD J. - Desert Dreams: The Art and Life of Maynard Dixon
013152: HAGERTY, DONALD J. - Leading the West: One Hundred Contemporary Painters and Sculptors
013515: HAGGARD, H. RIDER - King Solomon's Mines
011260: HAIKO, PETER - Vienna 1850-1930 Architecture
001546: HAINES, FRANCIS - The Buffalo
007231: HALBERSTADT, HANS AND APRIL - Train Depots and Roundhouses
012141: HALE, EDWARD E. - Franklin in France
005948: HALE, KEITH - Cody
012887: HALES, STEPHEN; HARTLEY, DAVID - An Account of Some Experiments and Observations on Mrs. Stephens's Medicines for Dissolving the Stone: Wherein Their Dissolving Power is Inquir'd Into and Shown
010891: HALL, GUS - The High Crimes and Misdemeanors of Monopoly Capitalism: Unite! Drive the Crooks Out Of Washington!
010273: HALL, FRANKLIN - Price List of Hall's Superior Roman Gold and Materials for Painting on China: Containing Also Practical Information for Painting on China, Gilding, Tinting, Groundlaying, Paste Raising, Jewel Work, Etc.
009640: HALLIDAY, F. E. - The Excellency of the English Tongue
011051: HALTIGAN, JAMES - The Irish in the American Revolution and Their Early Influence in the Colonies
012650: HAM, JOHN M. AND BUCENEC, ROBERT K. - The "Old Up and Down": Catskill Mountain Branch of the New York Central
010435: HAMILTON, JAMES - Wanderings in North Africa
012898: HAMILTON, DAVID - A Treatise of a Miliary Fever; with a Collection of Histories Relating thereto
012995: HAMILTON, DOUGLAS T. - Cartridge Manufacture
010798: HAMLIN, ARTHUR S. - Gideon Granger
012238: HAMM, MARGHARITA ARLINA - Famous Families of New York: Historical and Biographical Sketches of Families Which in Successive Generations Have Been Identified with the Development of the Nation. Volume I & Volume II in One Volume.
012991: HAMMOND, S. H. - Wild Northern Scenes; or Sporting Adventures with the Rifle and the Rod
002889: HANCOCK, RALPH [ EDITOR ] - Treasures of the Czars
005351: HANCOCK, E. CAMPBELL - The Amateur Pottery & Glass Painter, with Directions for Gilding, Chasing, Burnishing, Bronzing and Groundlaying
012037: HANSEN-TAYLOR, MARIE - Letters to a Young Housekeeper
013391: HANSON, STEVE - A Varmint Hunter's Odyssey
006208: HANSON, WILLIS T., JR. - A History of St. George's Church in the City of Schenectady. In Two Volumes
009056: HANSON, WILLIS T., JR. - A History of St. George's Church in the City of Schenectady In Two Volumes
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008936: HARDING, R. BREWSTER - Roadside New England 1900-1955: A Photographic Postcard Record of the Eastern Illustrating & Publishing Company of Belfast, Maine
009959: HARING, BERNARD - Christian Renewal in a Changing World
000538: HARINGTON, SIR JOHN; WARLOCK, PETER AND LINDSAY, JACK [EDITORS] - The Metamorphosis of Aiax: A New Discourse of a Stale Subject By Sir John Harington with an Anatomie of the Metamorpho-sed Aiax. Reprinted from the Original Editions
012458: HAROLD, CHILDE - A Child's Book of Abridged Wisdom
000956: HARPER, FRANCIS AND HARPER, JEAN SHERWOOD; AND FRALEIGH, LUCY B. - New York State Museum Handbook 8: Animal Habitats in Certain Portions of the Adirondacks; Notes on Mammals of the Adirondacks; The Habits of Mammals at an Adirondack Camp
000331: HARPER, HENRY M. - The Genius of Henry Fielding (with Selections from His works)
011591: HARRIS, JOHN - The Palladian Revival: Lord Burlington, His Villa and Garden at Chiswick
013156: LONE STAR HARRY - Lone Star Harry: American Representative Scout
003180: HART, HAROLD [EDITOR] - The Picture Reference File: Volume I A Compendium
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002452: HART, LARRY - Tales of Old Schenectady: Volume II The Changing Scene
013232: HART, LILIAS MACBEAN [ESSAYS] - The Four Seasons of Mary Azarian
001145: HARTE, BRET - A Protégée of Jack Hamlin's and Other Stories
009590: HARTHAN, JOHN - The History of the Illustrated Book: The Western Tradition
010468: HARTMAN, JOHN GEOFFREY - The Development of American Social Comedy from 1787 to 1936
011881: HARTMANN, RUDOLF - Richard Strauss: The Staging of His Operas and Ballets
004255: HASELKORN, AVIGDOR - The Evolution of Soviet Security Strategy 1965-1975
005486: HASELOFF, ARTHUR - Pre-Romanesque Sculpture in Italy
013057: HATCH, ALDEN - Glenn Curtiss: Pioneer of Naval Aviation
013436: HATCH, JAMES W. - The Wee Tree's Christmas
013510: HATCHER, JULIAN S. - Textbook of Pistols and Revolvers: Their Ammunition, Ballistics and Use
012619: HAUPRICH, ANN AND NOONAN, MICHAEL L. - Ballston Spa: The Way We Were, The Way We Are
012589: HAUSCHILD, STEPHANIE - Meister Bertram Der Petri-Altar
011802: HAVEMEYER, HARRY W. - Fire Island's Surf Hotel: and other Hostelries on Fire Island Beaches in the Nineteenth Century
013090: HAVLIN, VICTOR AND HAVLIN, CHERYL - Mossberg: More Gun for the Money
010491: HAWN, WILLIAM - All Around the Civil War or Before and After
011332: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL - Twice-Told Tales
006670: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL - Our Old Home: A Series of English Sketches
013066: HAY, JOHN - Castilian Days
003191: HAZLITT, W. CAREW - Studies in Jocular Literature: A Popular Subject More Closely Considered
009317: HAZZARD, HARRY W. [EDITOR] - A History of the Crusades: Volume III the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries
009318: HAZZARD, HARRY W AND ZACOUR, NORMAN P. [EDITORS] - A History of the Crusades: Volume V The Impact of the Crusades on the Near East
009998: HEAD, BARCLAY V. - Handbook of Greek and Roman Coins
011203: HEADLEY, J. T. - Farragut and Our Naval Commanders
013350: HEALD, EDWARD T. - Taconic Trails: Being a Partial Guide of Rensselaer County, Rambles by Auto and Afoot
002237: HEBERDEN, WILLIAM - Commentaries on the History and Cure of Diseases
012029: HEILPRIN, ANGELO - The Eruption of Pelée: A Summary and Discussion of the Phenomena and their Sequels
007168: HEINZ, THOMAS A. - Frank Lloyd Wright (Architectural Monographs No 18)
012558: HELLENBRAND, HAROLD - The Unfinished Revolution: Education and Politics in the Thought of Thomas Jefferson
005739: HELPS, SIR ARTHUR - Realmah
010193: HEMSTREET, WILLIAM - The Economical European Tourist: A Journalist Three Months Abroad for $430, All in the Manner of Ordinary American Style and Comfort
006139: HENGEN, ELIZABETH DURFEE; SAMSON, GARY - Capital Views: A Photographic History of Concord, New Hampshire 1850-1930
004444: HENIG, MARTIN; WHITING, MARY - Engraved Gems from Gadara in Jordan: The Sa'd Collection of Intaglios and Cameos
005521: HENKE, JACK - Lawyers and the Law in New York: A Short History and Guide
012651: HENRY, REGINALD BUCHANAN - Genealogies of the Families of the Presidents
012803: HENRY, J. BUCHANAN - The Messages of President Buchanan. With an Appendix Containing Sundry Letters from Members of His Cabinet at the Close of His Presidential Term, etc.
013218: HENTY, G. A. - Maori and Settler: A Story of the New Zealand War
012921: F. HEPPENHEIMER'S SONS - F. Heppenheimer's Sons Cigar Box Label Sample Catalogue
008173: HERBERS, JILL - Prefab Modern
010900: HERBERT, HENRY WILLIAM [FRANK FORESTER] - Horse and Horsemanship of the United States and British Provinces of North America
013331: HALBERT'S FAMILY HERITAGE - Austins of the Civil War
012840: VON HERMANN, BENEDICT FRANZ JOHANN - Statistische Schilderung von Russland in Rucksicht auf Bevolkerung, Landesbeschaffenheit, Naturprodukte, Landwirthschaft, Bergbau, Manufakturen und Handel
012181: HERMINE, BOB [ROBERT REBERNIGG] - Bob Hermine's Magazine of Midgets
010985: HERRERA, HAYDEN - Richard Baker
012128: HERRICK, ROBERT - Selections from the Poetry of Robert Herrick
013292: HERRICK, ROBERT; PALGRAVE, FRANCIS TURNER - Chrysomela: A Selection of the Lyrical Poems of Robert Herrick
010608: HERRICK, DR. L. R. - Sarah Goodwin and Her Sons [Cover Title: The Story of Sarah Goodwin and Her Boys; to Which Is Added a Guide to Health, Wealth and Happiness]
013176: HERVEY, A. B. - Wayside Flowers and Ferns
012341: HESSLING, BRUNO - Buchhandlung Fur Architektur und Kunstgewerbe
005711: HEY, JR., WILLIAM - A Treatise on the Puerperal Fever, Illustrated By Cases Which Occurred in Leeds and Its Vicinity, in the Years 1809-1812
011761: HIBBARD, SHIRLEY G. - Rock Hall: A Narrative History
013396: HIBLER, HAROLD E. AND KAPPEN, CHARLES V. - So-Called Dollars: An Illustrated Standard Catalog
013425: HICKS, C. STANSFELD - Yachts, Boats and Canoes, with Special Chapters on Model Yachts and Single-Handed Sailing
013130: HICKS, JAMES E. - Notes on United States Ordnance Volume I: Small Arms, 1776 to 1940
005884: HILDRETH, REV. HOMER WESLEY [EDITOR] - History of the First Church in Cromwell 1715-1915
010436: HILDRETH, RICHARD - Depotism in America: An Inquiry into the Nature, Results, and Legal Basis of the Slave-Holding System in the United States
010849: HILL, JOHN W. [EDITOR] - A Pocket Manual for Engineers
013344: HILL, ROBERT A. [EDITOR] - The Marcus Garvey and Universal Negro Improvement Association Papers, Volume II: 27 August 1919 - 31 August 1920
013093: HILLARD, GEORGE STILLMAN - Six Months in Italy
008491: HILLERMAN, TONY - Sacred Clowns
002542: HILLYER, WILLIAM HURD - James Talcott: Merchant and His Times
007017: HIMKA, JOHN-PAUL - Socialism in Galicia: The Emergence of Polish Social Democracy and Ukrainian Radicalism (1860-1890)
004868: HIRAM, HARVESTER - Lumberman "Lew": A Story of Fact, Fancy, and Fiction
010921: HIRSHBERG, AL - From Sandlots to League President: The Story of Joe Cronin
009463: HIRSHLER, ERICA E.; COMY, JANET L. AND ROBERTS, ELLEN E. - A Studio of Her Own: Women Artists in Boston 1870-1940
009052: HITCHCOCK, HENRY-RUSSELL - Netherlandish Scrolled Gables of the Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth Centuries
013060: HOCH, ALPHONSE [EDITOR] - North American Big Game Hunters
001956: HODGETTS, J. FREDERICK - Older England, Illustrated By the Anglo-Saxon Antiquities in the British Museum in a Course of Six Lectures
004192: HODGSON, MRS. WILLOUGHBY - Old English China
013384: HOFFMAN, EDWARD G. - Setup Reduction Through Effective Workholding
012682: HOFFMAN, BOB - The Big Chest Book
013486: HOFFMAN, L. G. - Hoffman's Albany Directory: 1848-9
004903: HOFFMANN, HERBERT - Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Attic Black-Figured Amphorae Plates
011252: HOIBY, LEE AND BALL, WILLIAM - Natalia Petrovna: Opera in Two Acts
006032: HOLFORD, GEORGE - The Destruction of Jerusalem, an Absolute and Irresistible Proof of the Divine Origin of Christianity: Including a Narrative of the Calamities Which Befell the Jews, So Far as They Tend to Verify Our Lord's Predictions Relative to That Event
008725: HOLLAND, RAY P. - Shotgunning in the Uplands
012989: HOLLENDER, KEITH - Scripophily: Collecting Bonds and Share Certificates
007466: HOLLINGSWORTH, BRIAN AND COOK, ARTHUR - Modern Locomotives
004069: HOLLISTER, A. G. - Mission of Alethian Believers, Called Shakers
001660: HOLLISTER, PAUL - Glass Paperweights of the New-York Historical Society
012395: HOLMES, WENDY - Hudson City: The Living River
012003: HOLMES, OLIVER WENDELL - La Derniere Feuille
006855: HOLMES, RICHARD R. - Queen Victoria
010007: HOLT, RICHILD - Richild Holt: Paintings and Drawings
012591: HOOD, THOMAS - The Choice Works of Thomas Hood, in Prose and Verse, Including the Cream of the Comic Annuals
012791: HOOKER, WORTHINGTON - First Book in Chemistry. For the Use of Schools and Families
013516: HOPE, ANTHONY - Rupert of Hentzau (Sequel to the "Prisoner of Zenda")
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009948: HORACE [QUINTUS HORATIUS FLACCUS ] - Les Poesies D'Horace, Traduites en Francois, Par L'Abbe Batteux, de l'Academie Francoise & de celle des Inscriptions & Belles-Lettres, Nouvelle Edition Tome I [The Poetry of Horace Translated into French by Abbe Batteux, New Edition Book I]
012866: HORAPOLLO [HORUS APOLLO] - De la signification des notes Hieroglphyiques des Aegyptiens
006990: HORDYNSKY, SVIATOSLAV [EDITOR] - Catalogue: Ukrainian Artists International Exhibit Toronto Canada 1982
012785: HORNE, FIELD - With the Strength of the Adirondacks: A History of the Adirondack Trust Company 1901-2001
013049: HORNE, FIELD - With the Strength of the Adirondacks: A History of the Adirondack Trust Company 1901-2001
008363: HORTON, WILLIAM H. [EDITOR] - Child's Jefferson County Gazetteer 1681-1890
004204: HOUGH, JERRY F. - The Soviet Union and Social Science Theory
012628: HOULE, JOY [EDITOR] - In Our Own Words: The Story of Saratoga County
009177: HOUSEMAN, LAURENCE [RE-TOLD BY] - Princess Badoura: A Tale from the Arabian Nights
011519: HOUSTON, JAMES - Rawmoves
007742: HOWARD, HUGH - Wright for Wright
007856: HOWE, PETER - Shooting under Fire:The World of the War Photographer
009762: HOWELL, CAROL L. AND BLANC, WARREN - A Practical Guide to Archaeological Photography [Archaeological Research Tools 6]
013167: HOWITT, MARY - Sketches of Natural History
008252: HUBBARD, ELBERT - The Complete Writings of Elbert Hubbard: Author's Edition. Complete Twenty Volume Set
012771: LAMSON & HUBBARD - Lamson & Hubbard Manufacturing Hatters & Furriers Wholesale and Retail Illustrated Catalogue
000699: HUBBARD, ELBERT - The Note Book of Elbert Hubbard
011546: HUEG, H. - Designs and Instructions for Cake Decorations
012514: HUEY, PAUL R. - Historical and Archeological Resources of Castleton Island State Park, Towns of Stuyvesant, Columbia County, New Baltimore, Greene County, and Schodack, Rensselaer County, New York: A Preliminary Phase I Cultural Resources Assessment
005912: HUFTLE, JOHN W.[ EDITOR ]; O'BRIEN, LEO; WANHOPE, JOHN - Serious and Otherwise Men of New York State
002014: HUGELSHOFER, WALTER, ET AL. - Die Lithographie in Der Schweiz. Festschrift Zum 50jahrigen Bestehen Des Vereins Schweizerischer Lithographiebesitzer 1894-1944
013105: HUGHES, STEVEN DODD - Custom Rifles in Black & White
002382: HUGHES, THOMAS P. - American Ancestry: Giving the Name and Descent, the Male Line, of Americans Whose Ancestors Settled in the United States Previous to the Declaration of Independence, A. D. 1776. Vol. I, Albany City 1887
013272: HUGHES, THOMAS - Tom Brown at Oxford: A Sequel to School Days at Rugby
012313: HUGO, VICTOR - Notre-Dame de Paris, Volume II
010229: HUMEZ, ALEXANDER & NICHOLAS - Alpha to Omega: The Life & Times of the Greek Alphabet
000340: HUNEKER, JAMES - Painted Veils
006860: HUNT, J. ERIC - English and Welsh Crucifixes 670-1550
006558: HUNT, CHARLES HAVENS - Life of Edward Livingston
006339: HUNT, LOUIE - The Silverton Train: A Story of Southwestern Colorado's Narrow Gauges
008884: HUNT, SARA [EDITOR] - The Wright Experience: A Master Architect's Vision
010733: HUNT, ANN [COMPILER AND EDITOR] - Research Guide for the New York 1910 Federal Census
012204: HUNTER, ROBERT [EDITOR] - Ceramics in America
010200: HUNTLEY, STANLEY - Spoopendyke Sketches: The Humorous Productions of the Late Stanley Huntley Compiled from the Brooklyn Daily Eagle
012262: HUSBAND, W. W.; WHITE, ROBE CARL - Hearings Before the Committee on Immigration and Naturalization, House of Representatives, Sixty-Seventh Congress Second Session, Serial 6-B, August 22, 1922, Immigration for Fiscal Year ended June 30, 1922
009741: HUSSEIN, MOHAMED A. - Origins of the Book: Egypt's Contribution to the Development of the Book from Papyrus to Codex
010338: HUTCHINS, MASON C. [EDITOR] - The Hudson-Fulton Celebration Albany, N. Y., October 7 and 8, 1909: Souvenir of the Event "Commemorating the Tercentenary of the Discovery of the Hudson River by Henry Hudson in the year 1609 and the First Use of Steam in the Navigation of said River by Robert Fulton in the year 1807"
005536: HUTTON, LAURENCE - From the Books of Laurence Hutton
002342: HUTTON, RICHARD; SHAIRP, PRINCIPAL; AND TRAILL, H. D. - English Men of Letters: Sir Walter Scott; Robert Burns; and Coleridge
011417: HUXHAM, JOHN; AND HUXHAM, JOHN CORHAM (TRANSLATOR) - Observations on the Air, and Epidemic Diseases, from the Beginning of the Year 1738, to the End of the Year 1748. Vol II
009230: HYDE, WALTER WOODBURN - Roman Alpine Routes (with Map Showing Chief Roman Passes)
007924: IAIN, THOMSON - Frank Lloyd Wright: A Visual Encyclopedia
012814: IBANEZ, VICENTE BLASCO - Los Cuatro Jinetes del Apocalipsis
012312: INDAGINE, IOANNIS - Dess hochgelehrten Astronomi Ioannis Indagine, Astrologia Naturalis, Das ist; Grundlicher Bericht, wie man d. Chiromancia, Physiognomia u. Astrologia leichtlich erlehrnen, u. vermittelst derselben, e. jeden Menschen nach seiner Complexion u. Eigenschafften erkennen, auch gewisse Nativiteten stellen, u. von jhme judiciren solle, u. was e. Medicus bey e. jeden Patienten Curation, auss d. Astrologia mit fleiss in acht zunehmen
012850: DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION - The Schools of New York. A Glance at the Common School System of the Empire State
013415: GEMWORLD INTERNATIONAL - The Guide Reference Manual
008028: IRVING, WASHINGTON - Rip Van Winkle
013194: IRVING, JOHN - The Cider House Rules
001636: IRVING, WASHINGTON - The Mutability of Literature: A Colloquy in Westminister Abbey
008795: IRVING, WASHINGTON - The Crayon Miscellany. No. 1. Containing a Tour of the Prairies
001164: D'ISRAELI, ISSAC - Calamities of Authors; Including Some Inquiries Respecting Their Moral and Literary Characters
013082: D'ISRAELI, I. - Narrative Poems
002224: JABLOW, DAVE - Once Around Lightly or Hollywood What Did You Do to Me?
000023: JACKSON, WILLIAM ALEXANDER; BOND, WILLIAM H. [EDITOR] - Records of a Bibliographer: Selected Papers of William Alexander Jackson
011837: JACOBS, LOUIS - The Jewish Festivals
004172: JACOBSON, JON - Locarno Diplomacy: Germany and the West, 1925-1929
001533: JAMES, DR. MONTAGUE R. - The Book of Tobit and the History of Susanna, Reprinted from the Revised Version of the Apocrypha
010446: JAMES, EDSALL - Volcanic Firearms and Their Successors
011958: JAMES, G. P. R. - A History of the Life of Richard Coeur-de-Lion, King of England
011918: JAMES, HENRY - A Little Tour in France
004012: JAMESON, R. - Monnaies Grecques Antiques: Description et Planches. Vol. IA, IB, II, & III - IV.
012913: JAMIESON, G. SCOTT - Bullard Arms
012786: JANSSEN, VOLKER - Männer von hinten, Band 1: Photographie 1900-1970

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