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013833: WHARTON, EDITH - The Descent of Man and Other Stories
012907: WHARTON, EDITH - Italian Backgrounds
013206: WHARTON, DONALD - Adirondack Forest & Stream: An Outdoorsman's Reader
011886: WHEATCROFT, ANDREW [COMPILER] - Dolin: Friends and Memories
011365: WHEELER, WILLIAM REGINALD (EDITOR) - The Road to Victory: A History of Hampton Roads Port of Embarkation in World War II
005018: WHEELER, JOSEPH K. [EDITOR] - The Centennial: One Hundredth Anniversary of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Connecticut
004755: WHEELER, DANIEL - The Chateaux of France
013628: WHELEN, TOWNSEND - The Ultimate in Rifle Precision: Handbook of the National Bench Rest Shooters Association
012975: WHIFFEN, EDWIN THOMAS - Outing Lore: A Guide for the Modern Angler
012794: WHILDEN, JR., W. G. - The International Collector’s Guide [Featuring Confederate Stamps]
006321: WHIPPLE, GURTH - A History of Half a Century of the Management of the Natural Resources of the Empire State 1885-1935 [ Fifty Years of Conservation in New York State 1885-1935]
000434: WHISHAW, F. J. - The Romance of the Woods
010272: WHITE, C. F. [COMPILER] - Directory of The Hosiery and Knit Goods Manufacturers of the United States 1887-88
007695: WHITE, TIMOTHY - Timothy White: Portraits
014100: WHITE, DANIEL APPLETON; RICHARDS, ANNIE FRANCES - The Descendants of William White, of Haverhill, Mass
006026: WHITE, ARTHUR SILVA - The Development of Africa: A Study in Applied Geography
008237: WHITE, BROOKS - Galeyville, Arizona Territory 1880: Its History and Historic Archaeology
013392: WHITE, HENRY P. AND MUNHALL, BURTON D. - Center Fire Metric Pistol and Revolver Cartridges, Volume I of Cartridge Identification
013321: WHITE, HENRY P. AND MUNHALL, BURTON D. - Center Fire American and British Pistol and Revolver Cartridges, Volume II of Cartridge Identification
012774: WHITE, ERNEST C. - [Yacht Club] Vest Pocket Launching Guide
002892: WHITEHOUSE, RUTH D. (EDITOR) - The Facts on File Dictionary of Archaeology
012363: WHITNEY, LUTHERA - Old-Time Days and Ways
000545: WHITTIER, JOHN GREENLEAF - The Tent on the Beach and Other Poems
004188: WICH, RICHARD - Sino-Soviet Crisis Politics: A Study of Political Change and Communication
013939: WICKHAM, P. R. - A Book of Model Railways
001800: WICKHAM, JOSEPH F. - The English Essay
007804: WIEDERHOLD, KATHLEEN M. - Exploring Oregon's Historic Courthouses
009168: WIGAN, ARTHUR C. - The Great Wonders of the World from the Pyramids to the Crystal Palace
001239: WIGGIN, KATE DOUGLAS - The Story of Waitstill Baxter
011053: WILDE, OSCAR - The Happy Prince and Other Tales
013679: WILKINSON, ALAN G. - Henry Moore Remembered: The Collection at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto
011087: WILKINSON, JOHN P. D. - The Schoharie Valley [Images of America Series]
008798: WILLCOX, WALTER DWIGHT - The Rockies of Canada. A Revised and Enlarged Edition of "Camping in the Canadian Rockies"
012908: WILLIAMS, ALLEN S. - The Demon of the Orient and His Satellite Fiends of the Joints: Our Opium Smokers as they are in Tartar hells and American Paradises
004565: WILLIAMS, EPHRAIM - Some Old Letters Relating to Early Stockbridge 1749-1754
004295: WILLIAMS, RODERICK T. - The Confederate Coinage of the Arcadians in the Fifth Century B. C.
000546: WILLIAMS, EDWIN - The New York Register for the Year of Our Lord 1837
004526: WILLIAMS, T. HARRY - The History of American Wars: From 1745 to 1918
008399: WILLIAMS, EDWARD T. - A Short History of Old Fort Niagara
013435: WILLIAMS, RUTH WHITE - On the Map 145 Years: The History of West Point, Mississippi 1846-1991
002768: WILLIAMSON, DAVID [ EDITOR ] - William Ewart Gladstone: Statesman and Scholar
014076: WILLIAMSON, DAVID - The National Portrait Gallery History of the Kings & Queens of England
014104: WILLIS, PAULINE - Willis Records; or, Records of the Willis Family of Haverhill, Portland, and Boston [Signed]
014103: WILLIS, WILLIAM - Genealogy of the McKinstry Family, with a Preliminary Essay on the Scotch-Irish Immigrations to America
012753: WILLS, W. HENRY - Old Leaves: Gathered From Household Words
011386: WILSON, EPIPHANIUS - Dante Interpreted: A Brief Summary of the Life, Times, and Character of Dante, with an Analysis of the Divine Comedy and Original Translations in the Spenserian Stanza
013955: WILSON, JR., SAMUEL; BRADY, PATRICIA; ADAMS, LYNN D. [EDITORS] - Queen of the South: New Orleans, 1853-1862, The Journal of Thomas K. Wharton
000496: WILSON, ANDREW - Insects and Their Control
002616: WILSON, GRACE ELIZABETH - Robert Browning's Portraits, Photographs and Other Likenesses and Their Makers
012978: WILSON, DONALD A. - Smelt Fly Patterns: Dressings, Tying, Fishing
013333: PRESCOTT & WILSON - Prescott & Wilson's Troy City Directory, for the Year 1848-9: Containing the Names of Residents, with Their Occupations and Professions; Together with A List of State, County, City and Bank Officers, &c., &c. Volume XX
013559: WILSON, ANDREW - Leisure-Time Studies, Chiefly Biological, A Series of Essays and Lectures
003719: WINKLEY, HARVEL E. - Soil Survey of Washington County, New York
005674: WINTER, MARIAN HANNAH - The Theatre of Marvels
009241: WINTER, BRUCE W AND CLARK, ANDREW D. [EDITORS] - The Book of Acts in Its Ancient Literary Setting [Volume 1 in the Series The Book of Acts in Its First Century Setting]
010908: WISE, DANIEL - Summer Days on the Hudson: The Story of a Pleasure Tour from Sandy Hook to the Saranac Lakes, Including Incidents of Travel, Legends, Historical Anecdotes, Sketches of Scenery, Etc.
009983: WISEMAN, ADELE - Old Woman at Play
004971: WISHNIETSKY, BENJAMIN [EDITOR] - Confederate States of America Stampless Cover Catalog
014066: WISTHALER, JOHANNA S. - By Water to the Columbian Exposition
004369: WOLFE, THOMAS W. - Soviet Power and Europe 1945-1970
009460: WOLFE, TOWNSEND - The Face
005654: WOLLMAN, KATHERINE BARD [COMPILER]; NEWTON, JOANNA BARD [INTRODUCTION] - Western Drawings from the Sketchbooks of Margaret Boyd Bush 1883-1887
007547: WOOD III, THOMAS N. - Around the Town of Saratoga [Images of America Series]
013145: WOOD, H. TRUEMAN - Modern Methods of Illustrating Books
012306: WOODS, BRUCE - From the Carp of Good Hope
002574: WOODS, THOMAS - Three Waters
013186: WOODWARD, GEO. E. - Woodward's Architecture and Rural Art. No. II. [Suburban and Country Houses]
014108: WOODY, JACK - George Platt Lynes: Photographs 1931-1955
012701: WOOLNOUGH, JOHN H. - The 8th Air Force Yearbook
013534: DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS - Report of the Department of Public Works of the City of New York for the Quarter Ending June 30, 1879 with Special Report on the Subject of the Water Supply
012816: IVER JOHNSON'S ARMS AND CYCLE WORKS - Iver Johnson Bicycle Catalogue
010402: W. A. SNOW IRON WORKS - For the Lawn, Porch and Old-Fashioned Garden
011368: PITTSBURGH LOCOMOTIVE WORKS - World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 1893: Locomotives Exhibited by the Pittsburgh Locomotive Works, Pittspurgh, PA., U.S.A.
006725: WORTH, GORHAM A. - Random Recollections of Albany, from 1800 to 1808. Notes by the Publisher
013495: WORTMAN, DENIS - A Discourse in Memory of the Hon. Webster Wagner
007741: WRIGHT, FRANK LLOYD - Modern Architecture: Being the Kahn Lectures for 1930
010471: WRIGHT, THOMAS - A History of Caricature & Grotesque in Literature and Art
009624: WRIGHT, W. - An Essay on the Human Ear, Its Anatomical Structure and Incidental Complaint; Intended Not Only for the Medical Profession, but Also for the Use and Benefit of All Persons Afflicted with Deafness, Diseases of the Ears, or Those Alarming Sensations of Noises in the Head
007778: WRIGHT, FRANK LLOYD AND PFEIFFER, BRUCE BROOKS - Frank Lloyd Wright: the Guggenheim Correspondence
009724: WRIGHT, JOSEPH AND WRIGHT, ELIZABETH MARY - An Elementary Historical New English Grammar
009730: WRIGHT, LOUIS B. AND LAMAR, VIRGINIA A. [EDITORS] - Life and Letters in Tudor and Stuart England [First Folger Series]
002651: WRIGHT, CALEB EARL - Wyoming: A Tale
013670: WRIGHT, JOHN - The Flower Grower's Guide [6-volume set]
008796: WRIGHT, OLGIVANNA LLOYD - The Struggle within
008955: WRITTEN BY MYSELF XYZ ETC. [JOHNSTON VERPLANCK?] AND TUCKER, LOUIS LEONARD [EDITOR] - A Knickerbocker Tour of New York State, 1822: "Our Travels, Statistical, Geographical, Mineorological, Geological, Historical, Political and Quizzical"
010563: WROTH, WARWICK - Catalog of the Imperial Byzantine Coins in the British Museum. In Two Volumes
007177: YAPP, NICK - 150 Years of Photo Journalism. Volume I (The Hulton Deutsch Collection)
011046: YAU, JOHN [TEXT] - Richard Baker
013653: YEATS, JOHN BUTLER; MURPHY, WILLIAM M. [EDITOR] - Letters from Bedford Park: A Selection from the Correspondence (1890-1901) of John Butler Yeats
011920: YEATS, W. B., AND CURTIS, JARED [EDITOR] - Sophocles' Oedipus at Colonus: Manuscript Materials
007899: YENNE, BILL - Gothic Gargoyles
013887: WU YI - Selected Works of Wu Yi's Paintings
012428: UNIVERSITY OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK - Black History Month: Toward a Global Perspective in Education
012318: COMMITTEE OF THE BAR OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK - Memoir of Nicholas Hill, a Member of the Bar of New York, Who Died in the City of Albany, on the 1at of May, 1859
012871: FIREMEN'S ASSOCIATION OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK - Fifty-Third Annual Convention of the Firemen's Association of the State of New York
012053: ART DIRECTORS CLUB OF NEW YORK - 27th Annual of Advertising and Editorial Art: Reproductions from the Annual National Exhibition of Advertising and Editorial Art Shown at the Grand Central Galleries from June 1 to 19, 1948
007339: YOUNG, CHIC - Blondie Cut-Out Dolls: Introducing Cookie the New Baby
010895: YOUNGER, JOHN E. AND WARD, NAIRNE F. - Airplane Construction and Repair: A Textbook for Airplane Mechanics [McGraw-Hill Vocational Texts]
009408: YRIARTE, CHARLES AND LANSDALE, MARIA HORNOR [EDITOR] - Florence: It's History – The Medici – The Humanists Letters – Arts
007453: ZABALBEASCOA, ANATXU - The Architect's Office
011088: ZANKEL, SHARON MARTIN - Brunswick [Images of America Series]
012587: ZARNOWSKI, FRANK - American Decathletes: A 20th Century Who's Who
014049: ZARZYNSKI, JOSEPH W.; BENWAY, BOB - Lake George Shipwrecks and Sunken History
012468: ZEISBERGER, DAVID; WHRITENOUR, RAYMOND - A Delaware-English Lexicon of Words and Phrases
010106: ZENDER, J. D. L. - ABECEDAIRE Francais-Anglais, Illustre, suivi d'une Analyse Gymnastique Des Sons, et d'un Vocabulaire Pittoresque, Contenant Environ 500 Vignettes, A L'usage des deux nations
006047: ZIEL, RON; WETTEREAU, RICHARD - Victorian Railroad Stations of Long Island
013785: ZIERAK, SYLVIA JENNINGS - Perth: Memories and Reflections
013004: ZIMMERMANN, KARL - Amtrak at Milepost 10
003784: ZUCKER, BENJAMIN - Blue
002449: ZUORUI, CAO - The Taoist Priest of Laoshan Mountain
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