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000228-psychil: - Psychoanalytic Study of the Child.
000245-psygene: - Annual Review of Psychology.
000257-psygene: - Psychological Bulletin.
000449-ash: - Emotions Anonymous.
000990-chrdevo: - Why Sunday? By a London Journalist.
001042-chrhist: - Story of the Christian Science Wartime Activities 1939-1946.
001098-psychil: - Psychoanalytic Study of the Child.
001443-psychia: - Digest of Neurology and Psychiatry.
001629-chreccl: - Forms of Service for the Offices of the Church.
001637-chreccl: - Constitution of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America. . . And As Amended in the Years 1805-1922.
002032-miscsci: - American Chemical Journal.
002036-ash: - How to Make Good Movies.
002157-chrhist: - Presbyterian Reunion
002275-chreccl: - Shorter Catechism Agreed Upon By the Assembly of Divines at Westminster, with Scripture Proofs.
002436-chrdict: - Bible Text-Book
002756-chreccl: - New Baptist Manual.
002908-chreccl: - Lectures Historical, Expository, and Practical on the Communion Office of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States.
003034-chrserm: - Half Tints
003188-chrsoci: - Armageddon and the Kingdom of Peace.
003309-chrhist: - Our Heritage 1885-1985. St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Lethbridge, Alberta.
003773-chrstor: - Not a Success.
003936-psychil: - Psychoanalytic Study of the Child.
003955-chrnewt: - The Minister's Concordance to the New Testament.
003987-psychil: - Psychoanalytic Study of the Child.
004112-chrdevo: - The Child's Scripture Question Book.
004495-chrchri: - The Passion and Glorious Resurrection of Our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ.
005076-chrbiog: - Bienheureuse Marie Assunta. Franciscaine Missionnaire de Marie.
005224-chrhymn: - The Christian Science Hymnal.
005308-chreccl: - Spruche Und Geistliche Nathsel, Nach Der Ordnung Aller Bucher Des Alten Und Neuen Testaments.
005317-chreccl: - Handbuch Zum Gebrauch Bei Gottesdienstlichen Handlungen Fur Die Aeltesten Und Prediger Der Mennoniten=Gemeinden in Nord=Amerika.
005319-chrhymn: - Gesangbuch Der Mennoniten.
005387-chrdevo: - Reisepsalter.
005388-chrdevo: - Reisepsalter.
005561-misctra: - A Day at Versailles. Illustrated Guide.
005646-psychil: - Psychoanalytic Study of the Child.
005647-psychoa: - Psychoanalytic Quarterly.
005648-psychoa: - Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association.
005655-chrdevo: - Biblische Bilder Und Deren Bedeutung. Sonntag-Abend-Gesprache Einer Familie.
005797-chrhymn: - Methodist Hymn-Book. Published By the General Conference of the Methodist Church.
005831-psygene: - Psychological Bulletin.
005849-chrstor: - Fisherman's Boy Or, "All Have Not the Same Gifts. ".
005894-chreccl: - Discipline of Canada Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends.
006065-chreccl: - Supplementary Reports on the Schemes of the Church of Scotland with the Legislative Acts Passed By the General Assembly. . . 1928.
006089-chrhist: - Churches Allied for Common Tasks
006303-chrhist: R., M.E. - The Story of Mary Jones and Her Bible.
006304-ash: R., M.E. - The Story of Mary Jones and Her Bible.
006331-ash: - Mining Explained in Simple Terms.
006561-chrstor: E.A.B.D. - Pincherton Farm. The Story of Maurice Hamilton.
006642-chreccl: - Luther's Small Catechism Developed and Explained.
006748-chrtheo: W., J. (ED). - The Recognition of Friends in Heaven.
006781-miscsci: - South African Railways. List of Technical and Other Terms / Suid-Afrikaanse Spoorwee. Lys Van Tegniese En Ander Terme.
006930-efe: - Dictionary of the Holy Bible, for General Use in the Study of the Scriptures; with Engravings, Maps, and Tables.
006931-chrpale: - Jerash. A Brief History and Some Photographs.
006933-misctra: - Al-Haram Al-Ibrahimi Al-Khalil.
006945-chrnewt: J.N.D. [JOHN NELSON DARBY] - Notes on the Gospel of John.
007150-chrhymn: - Worship Book for Use in Hospitals and Nursing Homes.
007503-miscsci: - Report of the Royal Commission on the Mineral Resources of Ontario and Measures for Their Development.
007567-chreccl: - Notes Ecclesiological and Historical on the Holy Days of the English Church.
007568-chrserm: - Presbyterian Church Pulpit.
007570-chrhist: - Pre-Assembly Congress. Addresses Delivered at the Presbyterian Pre-Assembly Congress, Held in Massey Hall, Toronto / Report of.
007628-chrhymn: - Methodist Hymn and Tune Book.
007641-mischis: - Toronto Normal School 1847-1947.
007651-chrhymn: - Canadian Hymnal.
007676-misclit: - Edinburgh Review, Or Critical Journal
007679-misclit: - Edinburgh Review, Or Critical Journal
007728-miscedu: - Training of Teachers in Service.
007855-chrhymn: - Hymns of Worship and Service.
007874-mischis: - Record of Proceedings at the Celebration of the Centenary of the University of Toronto, 1927.
007875-chrhist: - Brampton Presbyterian Church, Historical Sketch Prepared for the Jubilee of the Erection of the Present Building 1880-.
008002-chreccl: - Subordinate Standards, and Other Authoritative Documents of the Free Church of Scotland.
008034-mischum: - King Albert's Book, a Tribute to the Belgian King and People from Representative Men and Women Throughout the World.
008065-chrtheo: - The Denominational Reason Why; Giving the Origin, History, and Tenets of the Christian Sects with the Reasons Assigned By.
008077-chrstor: - Painstaking / the Gleaners and the Field Which They Chose.
008078-phiethi: - La Morale En Action, Ou Choix de Faits Memorables Et Anecdotes Instructives.
008105-chrstor: - Wee Hunchie.
008128-chreccl: - A Series of Popular Notes (with Illustrative Anecdotes) on the Shorter Catechism, Expressly Adapted for the Teachers of.
008169-chrchri: L.T. - Leaves from the Life of the Apostle Peter. Leaves from the Life of the Apostle Paul.
008176-chrnewt: - Le Nouveau Testament de Notre Seigneur Jesus-Christ.
008179-chrscie: - Simplified Ephemeris 1937 with Daily Aspectarian and Monthly Position of Pluto.
008246-chrstor: - The Cottage Door; and What I Saw and Heard There.
008248-chreccl: - Book of Common Prayer, and Administration of the Sacraments, and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church According to the.
008254-psysucc: - Success in Life. A Book for Young Men.
008271-miscsoc: - Royal Commission on Canada's Economic Prospects. Final Report.
008323-ash: - Experiments on the Rate of Heat Transfer from a Hot Gas to a Cooler Metallic Surface.
008325-chrdevo: - Half Hours with the Lessons of 1884. Chapters on the Bible Texts Chosen for Sabbath-School Study During 1884. . . By.
008337-chreccl: - The Book of Common Prayer, and Administration of the Sacraments. . . Of the Church of England in the Dominion of Canada;.
008394-miscbio: - Small Beginnings Or the Way to Get on.
008451-chrstor: - The Goldsmith's Widow and Other Stories.
008468-misctra: - Der Rhein Von Coln Bis Mainz.
008513-psygene: - Annual Review of Psychology.
008514-psygene: - Nebraska Symposium on Motivation.
008537-chrstor: - The Harp of Judah; Or Gems of Sacred Poetry.
008614-chrstor: - Thy Kingdom Come - a Tale for Boys and Girls.
008714-chrtheo: - Spurious Catholicity; Or, Socinianism Unmasked - a Review of the Rev. James Roy's Recent Pamphlet, in Which He Assails the.
008739-chrhymn: - Methodist Hymn-Book. Published By Authority of the General Conference of the Methodist Church.
008819-psychia: - American Journal of Orthopsychiatry.
008837-miscmed: - Proceedings of the Second International Congress of Endocrinology. London, 17-22 August 1964 - Parts I-Ii.
008952-chrstor: - Field Court; Or Who Maketh Thee to Differ?.
009096-psyogen: - Mental Hygiene.
009126-chrstor: - Learning to Live; Or, the Experience of Harriet Russel.
009139-chrstor: E.M. AND A.H. - Mabel's Holiday.
009140-chrstor: - The Cottage at the Firs.
009179-chrnewt: - The English Version of the Polyglott Bible, Containing the Old and New Testament; with the Marginal Readings. . . .
009197-chrstor: - Edward Clifford; Or Memories of Childhood.
009227-miscsci: - Condulets Catalog No. 2000.
009228-miscsci: - Machinery for Transmission of Power 1910.
009268-miscsci: - Handy Tips for Handy Men.
009293-miscsoc: - Manual of Subordinate Granges of the Patrons of Husbandry.
009318-chrstor: - Charlie Scott; Or There's Time Enough.
009321-chrstor: - How's Paul's Penny Became a Pound.
009322-chrstor: - Without and Within; Or, Judge Not from Appearances.
009363-chrhist: - St. Andrew's Church (Presbyterian) Quebec - an Historical Sketch of the Church and Its Ministers.
009467-miscmed: - Endocrine and Nonendocrine Hormone-Producing Tumors.
009543-chreccl: - The Code
009599-chrsoci: - The Student World, Ut Omnes Unum Sint.
009635-chrdevo: - The Sunday at Home. 1911-12.
009978-chrbiog: - Triumph of Faith
010006-chrtheo: - The Downside Review.
010012-psychia: - Taking Aim - Job Search Strategies for People with Disabilities.
010332-chrpale: - Pictorial Journey Through the Holy Land; Or Scenes in Palestine.
010364-psygene: - Annual Review of Psychology.
010404-chreccl: - Manual of Practice and Procedure in the United Free Church of Scotland, Prepared By a Committee of the General Assembly, and.
010405-mischum: - Die Apostelgeschichte Des Geistes. Von Dem Verfasser Des Evengeliums Der Natur. Ein Buch Fur Iedes Haus.
010413-chrhist: - Mensen in Canada. Over Ontdekkers, Pioniers En Immigranten.
010437-chrbiog: - Memoir of Robert Haldane, and James Alexander Haldane; with Sketches of Their Friends, and of the Progress of Religion in.
010462-chreccl: - Constitution of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America. . . And As Amended in the Years 1805-1922.
010558-chrsoci: - Christlijk Sociale Conferentie 1952. Gehouden Te Utrecht Op 4, 5, 6 En 7 November 1952.
010570-chrstor: - Sunday-School Illustrations.
010676-chrstor: - English Singing Birds
010677-chrstor: - The Golden Days of Youth. A Series of Bright Gospel Stories for Boys and Girls.
010723-chrstor: - Valentine Redmond; Or, the Cross of the Forest, Translated from the German. To Which Is Added, Hans, the Miser, Perrin and.
010783-chrserm: - Scout Sermons Series No. 6 - Resource Material for Ministers and Others Preparing Services for Boy Scout Sunday.
010846-chreccl: A., J.-M. - Le Symbole Des Apotres En Histoires.
010864-chrdevo: - Sickness Its Trials and Blessings.
010890-miscsci: - The "How" of Metro Toronto Mail.
010915-chrmiss: - Proceedings of the Church Missionary Society for Africa and the East One-Hundred-and-Twentieth Year 1918-19 - Containing the.
010941-chreccl: - Subscription to the Basis of Union By the Members of the First General Council of the United Church of Canada.
010949-chrbiog: - Life and Letters of Rev. Mother Teresa Dease. Foundress and Superior General of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary in.
010968-chrstor: - The Sickness and Health of the People of Bleaburn.
011012-chrpamp: - These Forty Years West China Mission 1892-1932.
011029-ash: - Monthly Time-Book for Contractors, Employers and Workmen.
011041-miscsoc: - Report of the Royal Commission on the Economic Union and Development Prospects for Canada.
011065-chrstor: - Children of the Old Testament.
011090-chrhist: - Les Ursulines Des Trois-Rivieres Depuis Leur Etablissement Jusqu'a Nos Jours.
011092-chrhist: - Memorial Volume of Jubilee Celebration of Fiftieth Anniversary of Knox Church, Ottawa - Held 11th, 12th, 13th and 18th.
011105-chrstor: - Tom Ray, Or the Mother's Prayer Answered; and Walter's Wish.
011149-chrtheo: - Philosophia Reformata, Organ Van de Vereeniging Voor Calvinistische Wijsbegeerte.
011155-miscsoc: - The Reciters' Magazine [Reciter and Speaker], Devoted to the Interests of Elocution
011243-chrserm: - The Pitts-Street Chapel Lectures.
011247-chrtheo: - Trinity Studies - Volume Ii.
011257-chrhist: - Inauguration of the New College of He Free Church, Edinburgh
011264-miscsci: - The American Standard of Perfection Illustrated. A Complete Description of All Recognized Varieties of Fowls, As Revised By.
011265-miscsci: - The American Standard of Perfection Illustrated. A Complete Description of All Recognized Varieties of Fowls, As Revised By.
011266-miscsci: - Instructions for Using and Adjsting Singer B.U. K. Electric Motors with Treadle Control for Family Sewing Machines.
011284-miscsci: - Instructions for Operating the Singer Portable Electtric Sewing Machine No. 99-13, (Attachments 120607) with Knee Control Lock.
011321-chrstor: A.L.O.E. [CHARLOTTE TUCKER]. - A Nutshell of Knowledge.
011351-chrbiog: - Life of Julius Caesar.
011353-chrbiog: - Life of Cyrus.
011354-chrhist: - Glimpses of the Dark Ages; Or, Sketches of the Social, Condition of Europe, from the Fifth to the Twelfth Century / the.
011379-chrhist: - The Waldenses
011385-chrhymn: - Die Gemeinschaftliche Lieder-Sammlung, Zum Allgemeinen Gebrauch Deswahren Gottesdienstes.
011419-chrhist: - Evangelical Album. Issued As a Premium for Our Weekly Church Organs, the Evangelical Messenger. Der Christliche Botschafter. .
011428-miscedu: - Tales from American History; Containing the Principal Facts in the Life of Christopher Columbus, for the Use of Young Persons,.
011448-chreccl: - Reports on the Schemes of the Church of Scotland for the Year 1874.
011511-chrhist: - The Story of Christ Church - One Hundred Years 1834 - 1934. Delaware Ontario.
011557-miscedu: - Ontario Department of Education - Bulletin No. 2 1912. Industrial, Technical, and Art Education.
011586-chrstor: - The Brydges - a Story of Three Homes.
011641-chrnewt: - Addresses on the Gospel of St. John - Delivered in Providence, R.I. , at Eight Conferences Held between October 21, 1903, and.
011736-chrbiog: - Life and Letters of Rev. Mother Teresa Dease. Foundress and Superior General of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary in.
011739-chreccl: - Handbook of Rules of the Calvinistic Methodist Or Presbyterian Church of Wales.
011793-chrmiss: - The Immortal Story.
011799-chrdevo: - A Form of Devotion for the Three Hours' Service on Good Friday Based on the Seven Words from the Cross.
011826-miscmed: - Family Practice
011892-chreccl: - Curiosities of the Bible Pertaining to Scripture Persons, Places, and Things Including Prize Questions and Answers,.
011941-misctra: - Half Hours in the Far East Among the People and Wonders of India.
011964-chrstor: - Myrtie Moseley and Her Friends. A Story of the Bahama Islands.
011987-miscsci: B., A.H. - The Tree Rose
012010-chrstor: A.L.O.E. - Precepts in Practice; Or, Stories Illustrating the Proverbs.
012110-chrscie: - The Plants and Trees of Scripture.
012173-chrhist: - 25th Anniversary. Calvin Christian Reformed Church of Ottawa, 1953-1978.
010684-chrsoci: - Statement of the Principles and General Political Program of the Anti-Revolutionary Party in the Netherlands.
012319-misclit: - The New Censorship. The Monthly Journal of the Next Savage State.
012254-chrstor: E.M.S. - The History of a Pin.
012371-mischum: - Favorite Recipes Compiled By the Residents of Rincon Country West Rv Resort, Tucson, Arizona 2002.
012347-miscsoc: - The Second Annual Report of the Executive Committee of the Indian Rights Association, for the Year Ending December, 1884.
012345-miscsoc: - Report of the Superintendent of Indian Schools to the Secretary of the Interior for the Year 1883.
012325-chrtheo: - The Christian Layman
011988-chrdevo: AALDERS, W.J. - Het Onze Vader.
011636-chrnewt: AALDERS, G. CH., G. VAN GELDEREN, S. GREIDANUS, R.W. GROSHEIDE, A. NOORDTZIJ, J. RIDDERBOS, EN ANDERE. - Korte Verklaring Der Heilige Schrift. Met Nieuwe Vertaling.
004555-chreccl: ABBEY, MERRILL R. - Preaching to the Contemporary Mind.
010499-chrdevo: ABBOT, LYMAN (ED). - The Parables.
001298-chrbiog: ABBOTT, LYMAN (ED). - Henry Ward Beecher. A Sketch of His Career
007179-chrbiog: ABBOTT, JOHN S.C. - History of Josephine.
007845-misclit: ABBOTT, JACOB. - The Florence Stories. The English Channel.
010167-chrdevo: ABBOTT, ALMON. - The Religion of the Tommy - War Essays and Addresses.
011581-chrstor: ABBOTT, JACOB. - The Young Christian Or a Familiar Itlustration of the Principles of Christian Duty.
011661-mischist: ABBOTT, GEOFFREY. - Lords of the Scaffold - a History of Execution.
012318-misclit: ABBOTT, KEITH. - Mordecai of Monterey.
012344-chrdevo: ABBOTT, JOHN S.C. - Practical Christianity. A Treatise Specially Designed for Young Men.
010878-psychia: ABT, LAWRENCE EDWIN, AND LEOPOLD BELLAK (EDS). - Projective Psychology. Clinical Approaches to the Total Personality.
000282-psychth: ACKERMAN, NATHAN. - Treating the Troubled Family.
009089-miscmed: ACKROYD, J.F. (ED). - Immunological Methods. A Symposium Organized By the Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences. . . Unesco & Who.
012263-mischis: ACLAND, ERIC. - The House of Windsor. George V to George Vi.
011122-mischis: ADAM, ALEXANDER. - Roman Antiquities
012120-chrhist: ADAM, VON ALFRED. - Lehrbuch Der Dogmengeschichte.
002657-chroldt: ADAMS, JOHN. - The Hebrew Prophets and Their Message for to-Day.
006073-mischum: ADAMS, CHARLES KENDALL (EDITOR). - Johnson's Universal Encyclopaedia.
006575-chrhymn: ADAMS, CARRIE B., ET. AL. - Winnowed Anthems No. 3 for Quartet and Chorus Choirs. A Collection of Forty-Eight Anthems By Twenty-Three Composers.
009276-psysucc: ADAMS, GEORGE MATTHEW. - You Can - a Collection of Brief Talks on the Most Important Topics in the World - Your Success.
011290-chrstor: ADAMS, H.C. - Barford Bridge Or Schoolboy Trails.
011317-chrhist: ADAMS, FRANK DAWSON. - A History of Christ Church Cathedral Montreal.
005855-chrsoci: ADDAMS, JANE. - The Spirit of Youth and the City Streets.
012359-chrsoci: ADDERLEY, JAMES. - In Slums and Society - Reminiscences of Old Friends.
011637-chrtheo: ADEY, LIONEL. - C.S. Lewis's "Great War" with Owen Barfield.
008986-psygene: ADKINS, DOROTHY C. - Construction and Analysis of Achievement Tests - the Development of Written and Performance Tests of Achievement for.
010882-psygene: AHMAVAARA, YRJO AND TOUKO MARKKANEN. - The Unified Factor Model - Its Position in Psychometric Theory and Application to Sociological Alcohol Study.
005737-psygene: AIKEN, LEWIS R. - Psychological and Educational Testing.
008476-ash: AKENSON, DON. - At Face Value
009104-miscmed: ALBRIGHT, GEORGE A. - Anesthesia in Obstetrics - Maternal, Fetal, and Neonatal Aspects.
009609-chrpale: ALBRIGHT, LELAND S. - Exploring the Bible Afresh.
010298-chrscie: ALBRIGHT, WILLIAM FOXWELL. - Archaeology and the Religion of Israel - the Ayer Lectures of the Colgate-Rochester Divinity School 1941.
011828-chrhist: ALCOCK, D. - The King's Service - a Story of the Thirty Year's War.
004006-chrtheo: ALDEN, KARL R. - The City of God. Conversations on the Doctrines of the New Church.
012215-psychoa: ALDER, ALFRED. - The Practice and Theory of Individual Psychology.
004406-chrstor: ALDRICH, THOMAS BAILEY. - Prudence Palfrey. A Novel.
005444-psychia: ALDRICH, C. KNIGHT. - An Introduction to Dynamic Psychiatry.
012338-mischis: ALDRICH, MILDRED. - When Johnny Comes Marching Home.
000285-psyhist: ALEXANDER, FRANZ G., & SHELDON T. SELESNICK. - The History of Psychiatry.
002377-chrnewt: ALEXANDER, WILLIAM. - The Leading Ideas of the Gospels.
003048-psychoa: ALEXANDER, FRANZ, & HELEN ROSS (EDS). - Dynamic Psychiatry.
007612-psyogen: ALEXANDER, JESSIE. - Successful Recitations.
008684-chrdevo: ALEXANDER, WALTER R. - Holy Hours in the Holy Land.
010721-chrdevo: ALEXANDER, J.J.G. (ED). - The Master of Mary of Burgundy. A Book of Hours for Engelbert of Nassau.
011497-chrserm: ALEXANDER, ARCHIBALD. - Feathers on the Moor.
011577-chroldt: ALEXANDER, J.A. - The Psalms Translated and Explained.
012118-chrdevo: ALEXANDER, JAMES W. - Consolation
008857-mischis: ALGRA, A. & H. - Dispereert Niet - Twintig Eeuwen Historie Van de Nederlanden.
007526-chrhist: ALINGTON, C.A. - Christianity in England. An Historical Sketch.
003397-chrtheo: ALLAN, ARCHIBALD. - The Advent of the Father.
007070-chrserm: ALLAN, WILLIAM. - Memories of Blinkbonnie. A Second Book of Musings.
007071-chrserm: ALLAN, WILLIAM. - Memories of Blinkbonnie. A Second Book of Musings.
007072-chrserm: ALLAN, WILLIAM. - Musings.
007073-chrserm: ALLAN, WILLIAM. - Crowded Ways.
008051-chrserm: ALLAN, WILLIAM. - The Quiet Place.
009275-chrserm: ALLAN, WILLIAM. - The Quiet Place - a Short Series of Meditations Broadcast from the Rogers Radio Station Cfrb Toronto.
009634-chrtheo: ALLEINE, RICHARD AND JOSEPH. - Heaven Opened.
003430-chrtheo: ALLEN, ALEXANDER V.G. - Christian Institutions.
003795-psychth: ALLEN, FREDERICK H. - Psychotherapy with Children.
004002-ash: ALLEN, GRANT. - Stories of the Universe. The Plants.
004746-chrtheo: ALLEN, ALEXANDER V.G. - Christian Institutions.
005438-psychia: ALLEN, CLIFFORD. - Modern Discoveries in Medical Psychology.
012064-chrtheo: ALLEN, F.H. - God's Action Within the Soul.
004650-chroldt: ALLIS, OSWALD T. - God Spake By Moses.
002441-chreccl: ALLNATT, F.J.B. - Studies in Soul Tending Or Pastoral Work in Its Relation to the Individual.
001447-ash: ALLPORT, FLOYD HENRY. - Theories of Perception and the Concept of Structure.
011790-psysoci: ALLPORT, FLOYD HENRY. - Institutional Behavior - Essay Toward a Re-Interpreting of Contemporary Social Organization.
000286-psychia: ALVAREZ, WALTER C. - Nervous Indigestion.
009956-chrsoci: ALVES, RUBEM A. - Tomorrow's Child - Imagination, Creativity, and the Rebirth of Culture.
010133-chrdevo: AMBROSIUS, ISAAC [AMBROSE]. - Het Zien Op Jezus; Een Gezicht Van Het Eeuwig Evangelie, of Der Ziels-Oogingen Op Jezus.
011971-chrdevo: AMBROSIUS, ISAAC [AMBROSE]. - Het Zien Op Jezus; Een Gezicht Van Het Eeuwig Evangelie, of Der Ziels-Oogingen Op Jezus.
007690-psychia: AMES, LOUISE BATES, JANET LEARNED, RUTH W. METRAUX, AND RICHARD N. WALKER. - Child Rorschach Responses. Developmental Trends from Two to Ten Years.
009067-miscmed: ANAN'YEV, M.G. (ED). - New Soviet Surgical Apparatus and Instruments and Their Application.
000147-ash: ANASTASI, ANNE. - Psychological Testing.
004728-chrnewt: VAN ANDEL, JAN. - Handleiding Bij de Beoefening Der Gewijde Geschiedenis.
004729-chroldt: VAN ANDEL, JAN. - De Kleine Profeten.
004730-chrnewt: VAN ANDEL, JAN. - Paulus' Brief Aan de Romeinen Met de Gemeente Gelezen.
004731-chrnewt: VAN ANDEL, JAN. - Het Evangelie Naar de Beschrijving Van Lukas.
004734-chrnewt: VAN ANDEL, JAN. - Het Evangelie Naar de Beschrijving Van Lukas Aan de Gemeente Toegelicht.
004735-chrnewt: VAN ANDEL, JAN. - Paulus' Beide Briefen Aan Timotheus Togelicht.
004736-chrnewt: VAN ANDEL, JAN. - Paulus' Eerste Brief Aan de Corinthiers Aan de Gemeente Uitgelegd.
004737-chrnewt: VAN ANDEL, JAN. - Paulus' Tweede Brief Aan de Corinthiers Aan de Gemeente Uitgelegd.
004738-chrnewt: VAN ANDEL, JAN. - Paulus' Brief Aan de Epeziers Voor de Gemeente Bewerkt.
005544-chrnewt: VAN ANDEL, JAN. - Paulus' Evangelie.
005546-chrserm: VAN ANDEL, JAN. - Uit de Heilsfontein Nagelaten Schriftoverdenkingen.
005547-chrnewt: VAN ANDEL, JAN. - Handleiding Bij de Beoefening Der Gewijde Geschiedenis.
003143-chrbiog: ANDERSON, JOHN. - Reminiscences and Incidents Connected with the Life and Pastoral Labors of the Reverend John Anderson.
003144-chrbiog: ANDERSON, JOHN. - Reminiscences and Incidents Connected with the Life and Pastoral Labors of the Reverend John Anderson.
005464-misctra: ANDERSON, ISABEL. - From Corsair to Riffian.
005688-philoso: ANDERSON, F.H. - The Argument of Plato.
007043-ash: ANDERSON, JOHN. - Reminiscences and Incidents Connected with the Life and Pastoral Labors of the Reverend John Anderson.
007176-chrtheo: ANDERSON, ROBERT. - The Silence of God.
010951-chrmiss: ANDERSON, W.H.P., & M. ANDERSON. - Mending and Making.
008066-chrstor: ANDRE, R. - Ebb and Flow
008094-chrdevo: ANGER, WILLIAM H. - The Atoning Life of Christ the Lord.
008095-chrdevo: ANGER, WILLIAM H. - The Atoning Life of Christ the Lord.
010713-chrstor: AMELIA AND ANNIE. - Flowers That Never Fade; Culled for Their Young Friends.
003142-chrbiog: ANSON, HAROLD. - Looking Forward.
000032-ash: ANTHONY, E. JAMES, & THERESE BENEDEK (EDS). - Depression and Human Existence.
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011293-chrserm: CAMERON, W.A. - Jesus and the Rising Generation.
012086-chreccl: CAMMENGA, ANDREW, & GERRIT VOS. - The Church Order of the Protestant Reformed Churches and Constitutions of Standing Committees Rules and Regulations.
005618-psysexu: CAMPBELL-BEST, THOMAS E. - A Way of Light.
006818-chrserm: CAMPBELL, MURDOCH. - In All Their Affliction.
010714-chrtheo: CAMPBELL, GEORGE. - A Dissertation on Miracles
011308-chrtheo: CAMPBELL, JOHN MCLEOD. - The Nature of the Atonement and Its Relation to Remission of Sins and Eternal Life.
008092-chrtheo: CAMPENHAUSEN, HANS VON. - Tradition and Life in the Church, Essays and Lectures on Church History.
005341-psychth: CANNON, ALEXANDER. - Science of Hypnotism.
009740-chrstor: CANNON, BRENDA. - More Stately Mansions.
008560-psygene: CANTRIL, HADLEY, AND CHARLES H. BUMSTEAD. - Reflections on the Human Venture.
007900-psyhist: CAPLAN, RUTH B. - Psychiatry and the Community in Nineteenth Century America. The Recurring Concern with Environmant in the Prevention and.
008522-psyhist: CAPRETTA, PATRICK J. - A History of Psychology in Outline.
010664-ash: CARLETON, WILL. - City Legends.
011592-psychia: CARLTON, PETER L. - A Primer of Behavioral Pharmacology - Concepts and Principles in the Behavioral Analysis of Drug Action.
002476-chreccl: CARMACK, H.E. - How to Teach a Sunday-School Lesson.
003003-chreccl: CARMICHAEL, JAMES. - Organic Union of Canadian Churches
007937-chrdevo: CARMICHAEL, ORTON H. - The Shadow on the Dial.
006603-psysucc: CARNEGIE, DOROTHY. - Don't Grow Old-Grow Up!.
002030-chrstor: CARON, MAURICE B. - The Cure of St. Michel.
002651-psyogen: CARPENTER, WILLIAM BENJAMIN. - Temperance and Teetotalism. An Inquiry Into the Effects of Alcoholic Drinks on the Human System in Health and Disease.
008372-miscsci: CARPENTER, WILLIAM B. - Vegetable Physiology and Botany
008499-miscedu: CARPENTER, CHARLES. - History of American Schoolbooks.
009266-chrserm: CARPENTER, E. (ED). - The American National Preacher. Original Monthly. From Living Ministers of the United States.
009799-miscmed: CARPENTER, WILLIAM B. - Principles of Human Physiology with Their Chief Applications to Psychology, Pathology, Therapeutics, Hygiene, and.
002545-misctra: CARREL, FRANK. - A Round the World Cruise.
004437-ash: CARRINGTON, W.L. - Psychology, Religion, and Human Need. A Guide for Ministers, Doctors, Teachers, and Social Workers.
004438-ash: CARRINGTON, W.L. - Psychology, Religion, and Human Need. A Guide for Ministers, Doctors, Teachers, and Social Workers.
006209-chrhist: CARRINGTON, PHILIP. - A Church History for Canadians to 1900 A.D. .
006286-psychia: CARROLL, HERBERT A. - Mental Hygiene
008194-chrhist: CARROLL, JOHN. - The "Exposition" Expounded, Defended, and Supplemented.
008442-chrstor: CARSCADDEN, A.F. - Two Cities & Two Kingdoms Or, Turning from Darkness to Light.
012270-chrnewt: CARSON, D.A. - The Gospel According to John.
008429-miscmed: CARTWRIGHT, FREDERICK F. - The Development of Modern Surgery.
009382-ash: CARTWRIGHT, JULIA. - Beatice D'este Duchess of Milan 1475-1497 - a Study of the Renaissance.
012343-chrbiog: CARTWRIGHT, PETER. - Autobiography of Peter Cartwright, the Backwoods Preacher.
000507-chrhist: CASE, SHIRLEY JACKSON. - The Evolution of Early Christianity.
001305-psysoci: CASE, CLARENCE MARSH. - Outlines of Introductory Sociology. A Textbook of Readings in Social Science.
010845-chreccl: CASEY, P.H. - Notes on a History of Auricular Confession
010371-psybiol: CASSINARI, VALENTINO AND CARLO A. PAGNI. - Central Pain - a Neurosurgical Survey.
002308-misctra: CATAIL, DOMNALL O. - Killarney. Land and Lake.
009717-psypers: CATTELL, RAYMOND B., AND RALPH MASON DREGER (EDS). - Handbook of Modern Personality Theory.
009719-psypers: CATTELL, RAYMOND B. - Personality and Social Psychology. Collected Papers of Raymond B. Cattell.
009725-psypers: CATTELL, RAYMOND B. - Personality - a Systematic Theoretical and Factual Study.
010618-miscmed: CATTELL, HENRY W. (ED). - International Clinics, a Quarterly of Clinical Lectures and Especially Prepared Articles on Medicine, Neurology, Surgery. . . .
003497-chrtheo: CAVE, ALFRED, - The Spiritual World.
003498-chrtheo: CAVE, SYDNEY. - The Gospel of St. Paul. A Reinterpretation in the Light of the Religion of His Age and Modern Missionary Experience.
003964-chrtheo: CAVE, SYDNEY. - The Christian Estimate of Man.
009254-chrarch: CAVE, C.J.P. - Medieval Carvings in Exeter Cathedral.
009760-chrserm: CAVEN, WILLIAM. - Christ's Teachings Concerning the Last Things and Other Papers.
010903-chrhist: CAVERT, SAMUEL MCCREA, & HENRY PITNEY VAN DUSEN (EDS). - The Church Through Half a Century - Essays in Honor of William Adams Brown.
011463-chrbiog: CECIL, DAVID. - The Stricken Deer Or the Life of Cowper.
010797-psygene: CERMAK, LAIRD S. - Human Memory Research and Theory.
001562-chrnewt: CHADWICK, G.A. - The Gospel Accoring to Mark.
005748-chroldt: CHADWICK, G.A. - The Book of Exodus.
005549-chrtheo: CHALMERS, RANDOLPH CARLETON. - The Protestant Spirit.
010710-chrserm: CHALMERS, THOMAS. - Sermons, Preached in the Tron Church, Glasgow.
011135-chrpale: CHALMERS, THOMAS MITCHELL. - Under the Olive Trees - a Mediterranean Travelogue.
011291-chrscie: CHALMERS, THOMAS. - A Series of Discourses on the Christian Revelation, Viewed in Connection with Modern Astronomy.
010108-ash: CHAMBERS, ROBERT W. - Blue-Bird Weather.
012265-chrethi: CHAMBERS, OSWALD. - Biblical Ethics.
011087-chrhist: CHAMPAGNE, JOSEPH-ETIENNE. - Le Missions Catholiques Dans L'ouest Canadien (1818-1875).
009127-chrstor: CHANDLER, JULIA. - Agatha's Trust, and How She Kept It.
004249-psygene: CHANT, SPERRIN N.F., & E.I. SIGNORI. - Interpretive Psychology. The Nature of Human Activity.
006296-psygene: CHANT, S.N.F., & E.I. SIGNORI. - Interpretive Psychology
010281-psygene: CHANT, SPERRIN N.F. - Mental Training. A Practical Psychology.
004955-chrserm: CHAPIN, EDWIN HUBBELL. - Characters in the Gospels, Illustrating Phases of Character at the Present Day.
003211-chrserm: CHAPMAN, J. ARUNDEL. - The Supernatural Life and Other Sermons and Addresses.
009652-chrstor: CHAPPELL, JENNIE. - For Honour's Sake.
010084-chrnewt: CHAPPELL, CLOVIS G. - The Sermon on the Mount.
011020-chrserm: CHAPPELL, CLOVIS G. - Sermons on Old Testament Characters; Sermons on the New Testament Characters.
005681-chroldt: CHARLES, R.H. - The Decalogue, Being the Warburton Lectures Delivered in Lincoln's Inn and Westminster Abbey 1919-1923.
008928-chrpale: CHARLES, MRS. ANDREW. - Wanderings over Bible Lands and Sea.
011760-chrstor: CHARLESWORTH, MARIA LOUISA. - The Basket Maker's Shop - a Sequel to Ministering Children.
000251-psygene: DE CHARMS, RICHARD. - Personal Causation
011537-chrnewt: CHASE, FREDERIC HENRY. - The Credibility of the Book of the Acts of the Apostles, Being the Hulsean Lectures for 1900-1901.
012278-psygene: CHASE, KAREN. - Eros & Psyche - the Representation of Personality in Charlotte Bronte, Charles Dickens, and George Eliot.
009214-miscbio: CHATTERJEE, AJIT KUMAR. - A Peerless Education.
011042-psychia: CHAUDRON, C. DOUGLAS, & D. ADRIAN WILKINSON (EDS). - Theories on Alcoholism.
010027-chrbiog: CHEEVER, GEORGE B. - Wanderings of a Pilgrim in the Shadow of Mont Blanc / the Pilgrim in the Shadow of the Jungfrau Alp.
008227-psychia: CHESS, STELLA, & ALEXANDER THOMAS (EDS). - Annual Progress in Child Psychiatry and Child Development.
004436-chrpsyc: CHESSER, EUSTACE. - An Outline of Human Relationships.
001770-psysexu: CHIDECKEL, MAURICE. - The Single the Engaged and the Married.
001859-psygene: CHILD, IRVIN L. - Humanistic Psychology and the Research Tradition
005993-chrnewt: CHILDERHOSE, H.H. - A Minute Examination of Our Lord's Sermon on the Mount of Olives with Explanatory Notes.
006471-chrtheo: CHRISTLIEB, THEODORE. - Modern Doubt and Christian Belief
000511-chrhist: CHURCH, RICHARD W. - The Beginning of the Middle Ages.
008680-chrhist: CHURCH, R.W. - The Oxford Movement Twelve Years 1833-1845.
009672-chrbiog: CHURCH, RICHARD W. - Saint Anselm.
011950-chrstor: CLARE, AUSTIN. - Two Ways of Looking at It - Being the Views of James Elliot, Miner, and Daisy Meadows, Schoolmistress.
005952-chrtheo: CLARK, D.W. - Man All Immortal; Or, the Nature and Destination of Man As Taught By Reason and Revelation.
008116-chrsoci: CLARK, WILLIAM LUND. - Our Sons.
011585-miscsoc: CLARK, S.D. - The Social Development of Canada - an Introductory Study with Select Documents.
012355-chrtheo: CLARK, WILLIAM R., THOMAS B. THAYER, JAMES N. SYKES, NEHEMIAH ADAMS, GEORGE M. RANDALL, ORVILLE DEWEY, & THOMAS STARR KING. - The Pitts-Street Chapel Lectures Delivered in Boston By Clergy Six Different Denominations During the Winter of 1858.
003499-chrtheo: CLARKE, WILLIAM NEWTON. - An Outline of Christian Theology.
003500-chrtheo: CLARKE, WILLIAM NEWTON. - An Outline of Christian Theology.
005548-chrdevo: CLARKE, EDWIN LEAVITT. - Petting, Wise Or Otherwise?.
007520-chrbiog: CLARKE, C.P.S. - Every Man's Book of Saints.
010691-miscmed: CLARKE, C.K. - A History of the Toronto General Hospital - Including an Account of the Medal of the Loyal and Patriotic Society of 1812.
006275-chrmiss: CLARKSON, WILLIAM. - Christ and Missions
010997-chroldt: CLAY, T. ALBERT. - Light on the Old Testament from Babel.
002354-ash: CLEGG, JOHN. - The True Book About Insects.
002785-ash: CLELAND, HERDMAN FITZGERALD. - Geology Physical and Historical.
011325-chrhist: CLIFFORD, N. KEITH. - The Resistance to Church Union in Canada 1904-1939.
001163-chrpsyc: CLINEBELL, JR., HOWARD J. - Understanding and Counselling the Alcoholic Through Religion and Psychology.
011383-chrstor: CLOIE, MACK. - The Old Orchard.
011794-chrchri: CLOW, W.M. - The Five Portraits of Jesus.
009587-psypers: COAN, RICHARD W. - The Optimal Personality - an Empirical and Theoretical Analysis.
006188-chrbiog: COCHRANE, WILLIAM. - Memoirs and Remains of the Reverend Walter Inglis, African Missionary and Canadian Pastor.
006245-chrserm: COCHRANE, WILLIAM. - The Church and the Commonwealth. Discussions and Orations on Questions of the Day. Practical, Biographical, Educational.
007042-chrserm: COCHRANE, WILLIAM. - The Church and the Commonwealth. Discussions and Orations on Questions of the Day. Practical, Biographical, Educational.
009613-chrserm: COCHRANE, WILLIAM. - The Heavenly Vision; and Other Sermons (1863-73).
004307-chrpsyc: COE, GEORGE ALBERT. - The Religion of a Mature Mind.
004308-chrpsyc: COE, GEORGE ALBERT. - The Motives of Men.
007130-chrserm: COE, EDWARD B. - Life Indeed.
001094-chrdevo: COFFIN, HENRY SLOAN. - Social Aspects of the Cross.
007713-chrdevo: COFFIN, HENRY SLOANE. - The Ten Commandments. With a Christian Application to Present Conditions.
007947-chrtheo: COFFIN, JOSEPH HERSCHEL. - The Soul Comes Back.
010435-chreccl: COFFIN, HENRY SLOANE - Communion Through Preaching the Monstrance of the Gospel - the George Craig Stewart Lectures on Preaching at Seabury-Western.
006085-ash: COHEN, I. BERNARD. - Science, Servant of Man
002457-ash: COLE, G.D.H. - A Plan for Britain.
010205-miscsci: COLE, L. HEBER. - The Gypsum Industry of Canada.
000296-ash: COLEMAN, JAMES C. - Abnormal Psychology and Modern Life.
011210-chrhist: COLEMAN, LYMAN. - The Antiquities of the Christian Church.
011942-chrstor: COLEMAN JR., CHARLES G. - The Shining Sword.
007848-ash: COLESWORTHY, D.C. - The Year.
012113-chrsoci: COLEY, G.E. ALTREE. - The Wonder Race - Its Extraordinary History and Future Destiny.
011183-chrdevo: COLLIGAN, J. HAY. - What Was Jesus Like?.
001485-psyogen: COLLINS, MARY, & JAMES DREVER. - Psychology and Practical Life.
011660-miscbio: COLLINS, ROGER. - Charlemagne.
004257-chrnewt: COLTMAN, WILLIAM G. - The Cathedral of Christian Truth --- Studies in Romans.
006667-philoso: COMBE, GEORGE. - The Constitution of Man Considered in Relation to External Objects.
012111-chrstor: COMRIE, MARGARET S. - Miss Monteith's Riddle.
009977-chrtheo: CONFUCIUS. - The Sacred Books of Confucius and Other Confucian Classics.
011048-psychia: CONNERY, ROBERT H. - The Politics of Mental Health - Organizing Community Mental Health in Metropolitan Areas.
000015-psygene: O'CONNOR, N. (ED). - Recent Soviet Psychology.
009741-chrdevo: O'CONNOR, ELIZABETH. - Letters to Scattered Pilgrims.
010875-miscsoc: O'CONNOR, EILEEN. - How to Defend Yourself. A Must for Every Woman.
011834-chrstor: CONNOR, RALPH. - Treading the Winepress.
002044-chrdevo: CONRAD, ARCTURUS Z. - The Seven Finalities of Faith.
011934-chrtheo: CONRADIE, H., N.T. VAN DER MERWE, B.J. VAN DER WALT, & B.J. VAN JAARSVELD (EDS.). - Social Theory and Practice
002628-miscsci: LE CONTE, JOSEPH. - Elements of Geology.
004759-miscmed: CONVERSE, JOHN MARQUIS (ED). - Clinics in Plastic Surgery. An International Quarterly. Volume I / Number 3
008278-chrchri: CONYBEARE, WILLIAM JOHN, & JOHN SAUL HOWSON. - The Life and Epistles of the Apostle Paul.
012205-psychth: COOK, WM. WESLEY. - Practical Lessons in Hypnotism.
004845-psyogen: COOK, WILLIAM WESLEY. - Practical Lessons in Hypnotism.
005055-chrserm: COOK, JOSEPH. - Transcendentalism, with Preludes on Current Events.
005493-psyogen: COOK, WILLIAM WESLEY. - Practical Lessons in Hypnotism.
006273-phiethi: COOK, JOSEPH. - Conscience, with Preludes on Current Events.
006213-ash: COOKE, ARTHUR O. - The Luck of Colin Charteris. A Story of Adventure in Modern Mexico.
009729-psygene: COOLEY, WILLIAM W. - Multivariate Data Analysis.
012186-miscbio: COON, NANCY MARIA. - Western Life in Sunshine and Sunshine.
009669-chrstor: COOPER, LINA ORMAN. - Aunt Tabitha's Trial.
010913-chrpsyc: COPE, GILBERT. - Symbolism in the Bible and the Church.
006613-chrbiog: CORBETT, E.A. - Father, God Bless Him.
010352-chrbiog: CORBETT, E.A. - Mcqueen of Edmonton.
004140-psychoa: CORIAT, ISADOR H. - Abnormal Psychology.
011394-psychia: CORNELL, ETHEL L. & WARREN W. COXE. - A Performance Ability Scale - Examination Manual.
011017-chrhist: CORNISH, GEORGE H. - Cyclopaedia of Methodism in Canada
011483-chrstor: CORNWALL, NELLIE. - Joyce's Little Maid.
001265-chrhist: CORWIN, EDWARD TANJORE. - A Manual of the Reformed Church in America.
009343-chrtheo: M'COSH, JAMES. - The Method of the Divine Government, Physical and Moral.
012255-chrtheo: M'COSH, JAMES [MCCOSH]. - The Method of the Divine Government, Physical and Moral.
009095-psysoci: COSS, MILLICENT M. - Girls and Their Problems - a Manual for Home Economics Classes.
011646-phiethi: COUNTRYMAN, L. WILLIAM. - Dirt Greed and Sex - Sexual Ethics in the New Testament and Their Implications for Today.
011764-chrstor: COURTENAY, ANNIE E. - 'than Many Sparrows'.
011840-philoso: COUSIN, VICTOR. - Course of the History of Modern Philosophy.
000319-ash: COUSINS, NORMAN. - The Healing Heart
002633-ash: COWAN, HENRY. - Landmarks of Church History to the Reformation.
000299-ash: COWEN, EMORY L, ELMER A. GARDNER, & MELVIN ZAX. - Emergent Approaches to Mental Health Problems.
004011-chrstor: COWPER, EDITH E. - Andrew Garnett's Will.
007346-psyhist: CRABTREE, ADAM. - Multiple Man. Explorations in Possession & Multiple Personality.
008580-psychia: CRABTREE, ADAM. - Multiple Man. Explorations in Possession & Multiple Personality.
005616-chreccl: CRAFTS, SARA J. [MRS. WILBUR F. CRAFTS]. - Open Letters to Primary Teachers, with Hints for Intermediate Class Teachers.
011306-chrsoci: CRAFTS, WILBUR F. - Practical Christian Sociology - a Series of Special Lectures Before Princeton Theological Seminary and Marietta College with.
001936-chrhist: CRAIG, CLARENCE TUCKER. - The Beginning of Christianity.
002905-chrtheo: CRAIK, JAMES. - Search of Truth
011098-chrtheo: CRAMP, J.M. - A Text-Book of Popery
005619-psygene: CRANE, GEORGE W. - Psychology Applied.
007375-chrbiog: CRANSTON, WILLIAM H. (ED). - George W Morrison. Country Parson.
005757-psysucc: CRAWFORD, ROBERT P. - The Technique of Creative Thinking. How to Use Your Ideas to Achieve Success.
002632-chrhist: CREIGHTON, MANDELL. - The Age of Elizabeth.
004315-chrserm: CREIGHTON, MANDELL. - Thoughts on Education. Speeches and Sermons.
007602-chrserm: CREIGHTON, WILLIAM BLACK. - Life Is Like That.
010073-chrserm: CROFTS, J. - Pages from the Green Book. For Children.
009530-misclit: CROKER, THOMAS CROFTON (COLLECTOR). - Popular Songs of Ireland.
011313-chrtheo: CROMPTON, THOMAS. - The Agency of the Church; Or, the Church of Christ - the Great Working Power for the Salvation of the World.
002709-chrmiss: CRONK, KATHARINE SCHERER. - Missionary Methods for Church and Home. Principles and Programs Tested in Practical Experience.
002896-ash: CROSSLEY, H.T. - Practical Talks on Important Themes to Young Converts Older Christians and the Unconverted.
006257-chrdevo: CROSSLEY, H.T. - Practical Talks on Important Themes to Young Converts Older Christians and the Unconverted.
008120-chrdevo: CROSSLEY, H.T. - Practical Talks on Important Themes to Young Converts Older Christians and the Unconverted.
008302-chreccl: CROSSMAN, H. - An Introduction to the Knowledge of the Christian Religion
010342-chrserm: CROW, ALEXANDER. - Gum Leaves
009022-psychil: CRUICKSHANK, WILLIAM M. - Learning Disabilities in Home, School, and Community.
011426-mischum: CRUIKSHANK, GEORGE, AND OTHER ARTISTS OF EMINENCE. - Pictorial Illustrations of the Novels of Sir Walter Scott, in Their Order of Publication.
004442-chrpsyc: CRYER JR., NEWMAN S., & JOHN MONROE VAYHINGER (EDS). - Casebook in Pastoral Counseling.
007544-chrbiog: CULROSS, JAMES. - William Carey.
007654-chrhist: CUMMINGS, MRS. WILLOUGHBY. - Our Story, Some Pages from the History of the Woman's Auxiliary to the Missionary Society of the Church of England in Canada.
007655-chrhist: CUMMINGS, MRS. WILLOUGHBY. - Our Story, Some Pages from the History of the Woman's Auxiliary to the Missionary Society of the Church of England in Canada.
008554-chrdict: CUMMINGS, PRESTON. - A Dictionary of Congregational Usages and Principles According to Ancient and Modern Authors
011824-chrbiog: CUMMINGS, ASA. - A Memoir of the Rev. Edward Payson, D.D. Late of Portland, Maine.
009150-chrstor: CUMMINS, MISS [MARIA SUSANNA]. - The Lamplighter; Or, an Orphan Girl's Struggles and Triumphs.
003923-chrsoci: CUNNINGHAM, C. - Christianity and Social Questions.
001564-chrnewt: CURRY, S.S. - Vocal and Literary Interpretation of the Bible.
001568-chrnewt: CURRY, A. BRUCE. - Jesus and His Cause. A Book Study of the Gospel By Mark Approached from the Problem Viewpoint.
010698-miscbio: CURTIS, GEORGE WILLIAM. - Washington Irving - a Sketch.
004114-ash: CURTIUS, FREDRICH (ED). - Memoirs of Prince Chlodwig of Hohenlohe-Schillingsfuerst.
003988-chrhist: CUTTS, EDWARD L. - Turning Points of English Church History.
005135-chrtheo: CUTTS, EDWARD L. - Some Chief Truths of Religion.
008362-chrhist: CUTTS, EDWARD L. - Turning Points of English Church History.

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