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007266-psybiol: THOMPSON, RICHARD F. - Foundations of Physiological Psychology.
007727-chrbiog: THOMPSON, E.A. - Keepers of the Faith. Biographical Sketches of the Leaders of the Reformation.
007871-psychoa: THOMPSON, CLARA. - Psychoanalysis
010120-psysexu: THOMPSON, VANCE. - Woman.
000882-chrserm: THOMSON, JOHN JAMES. - "Light Upon the Ways," and Other Sermons Mainly Suitable for Young Men.
002197-miscmed: THOMSON, STCLAIR. - Diseases of the Nose and Throat.
003196-psybiol: THOMSON, WILLIAM HANNA. - Brain and Personality, Or the Physical Relations of the Brain to the Mind.
004001-miscsci: THOMSON, J. ARTHUR. - The Natural History of the Year
004087-psybiol: THOMSON, WILLIAM HANNA. - Brain and Personality, Or the Physical Relations of the Brain and Mind.
004165-psygene: THOMSON, GODFREY H. - The Factorial Analysis of Human Ability.
006788-chrsoci: THOMSON, J. ARTHUR. - What Is Man?.
011555-mischis: THOMSON, JAMES SUTHERLAND. - Yesteryears at the University of Saskatchewan 1937-1949.
008912-psygene: THORNDIKE, ROBERT L. - The Concepts of over- and Under Achievement.
009129-chrstor: THORNE, EGLANTON. - Phil's Mother.
007518-chrtheo: THORNTON, L.S. - Revelation and the Modern World Being the First Part of a Treatise on the Form of the Servant.
012252-chrdevo: THORNTON, HENRY. - Female Characters.
009372-mischum: THORNWOOD, FREDERICK ADAIR. - The Book of Home Games and Evening Entertainments.
010086-chrdevo: THOROLD, ANTHONY W. - The Tenderness of Christ.
003050-psychth: THORPE, LOUIS P. - The Psychology of Mental Health.
004301-chrsoci: THURMAN, HOWARD. - The Luminous Darkness. A Personal Interpretation of the Anatomy of Segregation and the Ground of Hope.
002026-ash: THURSFIELD, J.R. - Peel.
010935-chrbiog: THWAITES, REUBEN GOLD. - Father Marquette.
005287-chrhist: TIFFANY, OSMOND (ED). - Sacred Biography and History, Or, Illustrations of the Holy Scriptures. . . Lives of the Patriarchs, Kings and Prophets. . . .
011715-chrtheo: VAN TIL, CORNELIUS. - The Protestant Doctrine of Scripture - Volume I of the Series of in Defense of Biblical Christianity.
003333-chrtheo: TILLICH, PAUL. - The Protestant Era.
003635-chrtheo: TILLICH, PAUL. - Dynamics of Faith.
011241-chrtheo: TILLICH, PAUL. - Systematic Theology.
006887-psybiol: TINBERGEN, N. - The Study of Instinct.
008531-psyogen: TITCHENER, EDWARD BRADFORD. - Systematic Psychology
012245-psyogen: TITCHENER, EDWARD BRADFORD. - A Text-Book of Psychology.
012246-psyogen: TITCHENER, EDWARD BRADFORD. - A Primer of Psychology.
011580-chrdevo: TITCOMB, TIMOTHY. - Lessons in Life. A Series of Familiar Essays.
004523-chrnewt: TITTLE, ERNEST FREMONT. - The Gospel According to Luke. Exposition & Application.
004524-chrnewt: TITTLE, ERNEST FREMONT. - The Gospel According to Luke. Exposition & Application.
004498-chrdevo: TOBEY, CHARLES W. - The Return to Morality.
011501-chrtheo: TODD, JOHN. - The Student's Manual.
009794-psygene: TOLMAN, EDWARD CHACE. - Drives Toward War.
001295-chrbiog: TONER, ARNOLD E., & BROTHER PLACIDE. - Brother Andre and His Work on Mount Royal.
012274-chrtheo: TORRANCE, THOMAS F. - God and Rationality.
010924-chrmiss: TORREY, R.A. - Personal Work. Part I of How to Work for Christ. A Compendium of Effective Methods.
011622-philoso: TOULMIN, STEPHEN. - The Return to Cosmology - Postmodern Science and the Theology of Nature.
003038-chrpsyc: TOURNIER, PAUL. - The Meaning of Persons.
005018-chrpsyc: TOURNIER, PAUL. - Radicale Therapie.
005577-chrpsyc: TOURNIER, PAUL. - The Whole Person in a Broken World.
003182-psybiol: TOWER, DONALD B. (ED). - The Nervous System. I
001876-ash: TOWLE, GEORGE MAKEPEACE. - Ralegh. His Exploits and Voyages.
008668-chrhymn: TOWNER, DANIEL B., AND CHAS. M. ALEXANDER (EDS). - Revival Hymns - a Collection of New and Standard Hymns for Gospel and Social Meetings, Sunday Schools and Young People's.
000719-chrtheo: TOWNSEND, L.T. - Credo.
003019-philoso: TOWNSEND, HARVEY GATES. - Philosophical Ideas in the United States.
003104-chrhist: TOWNSEND, W.J., HERBERT B. WORKMAN, & GEORGE EAYRS (EDS). - A New History of Methodism.
003127-psygene: TOWNSEND, JOHN C. - Introduction to Experimental Method.
003729-ash: TOWNSEND, JOHN C. - Introduction to Experimental Method for Psychology and the Social Sciences.
002355-ash: TRAFTON, GILBERT H. - Nature Study and Science.
002427-chrnewt: TRATTNER, ERNEST R. - Unravelling the Book of Books
005730-psygene: TRAVERS, ROBERT M.W. - How to Make Achievement Tests.
003835-psychia: TRAVIS, LEE EDWARD (ED). - Handbook of Speech Pathology.
003935-psychth: TRAVIS, LEE EDWARD, & DOROTHY WALTER BARUCH. - Personal Problems of Everyday Life. Practical Aspects of Mental Hygiene.
008355-chrnewt: TRENCH, RICHARD CHENEVIX. - Notes on the Parables of Our Lord.
012374-chrnewt: TRENCH, RICHARD CHENEVIX. - Commentary on the Epistles to the Seven Churches in Asia. Revelation Ii. Iii. .
007065-chrsoci: TRESIDDER, HERBERT DEAN. - The Canadian Epworth Leaguer.
010603-chrsoci: TRESIDDER, HERBERT DEAN. - The Canadian Epworth Leaguer.
004177-psychoa: TRIDON, ANDRE. - Psychoanalysis and Love.
009566-chrsoci: TROELTSCH, ERNST. - The Social Teaching of the Christian Churches.
007476-chrbiog: TROLLOPE, T. ADOLPHUS. - The Story of the Life of Pius the Ninth.
007887-chrbiog: TROLLOPE, T. ADOLPHUS. - The Story of the Life of Pius the Ninth.
011436-misclit: TROMP, THEOD. M. - De Diamantdelvers.
001333-miscmed: TROUSSEAU, A. - Lectures on Clinical Medicine, Delivered at the Hotel-Dieu, Paris.
001212-psyogen: TROWARD, T. - The Creative Process in the Individual.
006294-phiethi: TSANOFF, RADOSLAV. - Ethics.
007760-chrhist: TUER, J.A. (EDITOR). - An Historical Narrative of Some Important Events in the Life of First Church St. Catherines 1831-1931.
006537-chrstor: TURK, MORRIS H. - The Shepherd of Jerusalem. The Story of Reuel the Strong.
004487-chrnewt: TURNER, H.E.W. - Jesus Master and Lord. A Study in the Historical Truth of the Gospels.
012352-miscmed: TURNER, CLAIR ELSMERE. - Hygiene Dental and General with Chapter on Dental Hygiene and Oral Prophylaxis By William Rice.
003531-chrtheo: TURTON, W.H. - The Truth of Christianity. Being an Examination of the More Important Arguments for and Against Believing in That Religion.
009256-chrstor: TYACK, LENA. - Don's Two Friends.
001914-psysexu: TYRER, ALFRED HENRY. - Sex, Marriage and Birth Control.
010075-chrstor: TYTLER, SARAH. - Days of Yore.
003070-chrhist: UHLHORN, GERHARD. - The Conflict of Christianity with Heathenism.
003164-ash: UHLHORN, GERHARD. - The Conflict of Christianity with Heathenism.
004926-chrhist: UNDERHILL, EVELYN. - The Mystics of the Church.
004929-chrchri: UNDERHILL, FRANCIS. - Saint Peter.
012055-miscsci: UNDERHILL, FRANK P. - The Physiology of the Amino Acid.
007259-psygene: UNDERWOOD, BENTON J. - Experimental Psychology. An Introduction.
005034-chroldt: UNGER, MERRILL F. - Archaeology and the New Testament.
004046-chrbiog: URLIN, R. DENNY. - The Churchman's Life of Wesley.
006494-chrtheo: URQUHART, JOHN. - Wonders of Prophecy. The Testimony of Fulfilled Prediction to the Inspiration of the Bible.
010725-psychia: USDIN, GENE (ED). - Acp Psychiatric Update. A Clinical Continuum in Psychiatry.
006560-chrstor: USHER, NORA C. - Elsie's Sacrifice.
011808-chrstor: VAIZEY, GEORGE DE HORNE. - More About Peggy.
005736-psyogen: VALENTINE, WILLARD L., & DELOS D. WICKENS. - Experimental Foundations of General Psychology.
006955-chrpsyc: VALENTINE, CYRIL H. - Modern Psychology and the Validity of Christian Experience.
010283-chroldt: VALETON JR., J.J.P. - De Psalmen.
006253-ash: VALLANCE, ALEXANDER. - Design of Machine Members.
009579-psypers: VALLE, FRED P. - Motivation - Theory and Issues.
007912-psygene: VANDERPLAS, JAMES M. - Controversial Issues in Psychology.
010260-chrsoci: VANDEZANDE, GERALD. - Christians in the Crisis. Toward Responsible Citizenship.
008789-chrbiog: LA VARENDE, JEAN DE. - The Cure of Ars and His Cross.
007600-chrbiog: VAUGHAN, HAROLD W. - The Living Church. A Book in Memory of the Life and Work of Rev. Richard Davidson, M.A. , Ph. D. , D.D. , Principal of.
007601-chrbiog: VAUGHAN, HAROLD W. - The Living Church. A Book in Memory of the Life and Work of Rev. Richard Davidson, M.A. , Ph. D. , D.D. , Principal of.
012183-chrstor: VEENENDAAL, E.J. - Blinde Peter En de Smokkelaars.
012184-chrstor: VEENENDAAL, E.J. - Blinde Peter En de Smokkelaars.
010638-chrtheo: VEENHOF, C. - De Beslissende Strijd Der Kerk.
011994-chrserm: VEENHOF, C. - Predik Het Woord. Gedachten En Beschouwingen Van Dr A. Kuyper over de Prediking.
011996-chreccl: VEENHOF, C. - Om Kerk Te Blijven.
012160-chroldt: VELDKAMP, H. - Van Reformatie Tot Deportatie - over Jeremia 1-24 / Een Dubbelleven - over Jeremia 25-52.
011742-psyogen: VAN DER VELDT, J. - L' Apprentissage Du Mouvement Et L'automatisme. Etude Experimentale.
011873-chrtheo: VENTING, R. - The Final Preservation of the Saints, Versus the Perseverance of the Saints.
011995-chrsoci: VERKUYL, J. - De Geest Van Communisme En Kapitalisme En Het Evangelie Van Christus.
011515-chrtheo: VERMEER, JUSTUS. - De Leer Der Waarheid Die Na de Godtzaligheid Is, Voorgestelt, Bevestigt End Toegepast in Lxxxv. Oeffeningen over Den.
004397-psypers: VERNON, PHILIP E. - Personality Assessment
004398-psycogn: VERNON, M.D. - A Further Study of Visual Perception.
008483-ash: VICINUS, MARTHA (ED). - A Widening Sphere
004221-miscbio: DE VILLAMIL, R. - Newton
003080-chrhist: VINCENT, MARVIN R. - The Age of Hildebrand.
008726-mischis: LA VIOLETTE, FORREST E. - The Canadian Japanese and World War Ii - a Sociological and Psychological Account.
009348-psygene: VOGEL, SUSAN ANN. - Syntactic Abilities in Normal and Dyslexic Children.
011070-chrtheo: VOGNSBOL, N. - Martin Luthers Liv Og Hovedvaerker - Ii Bind
004540-ash: VOGT, V. ODGEN. - Cult and Culture. A Study of Religion and American Culture.
007160-chrhymn: VOGT, A.S. - School and Community Songbook.
011899-chrdevo: VOILA, M.E. - Zonder Toga.
011986-chrtheo: VOLLENHOVEN, D.H.TH. - Isagooge Philosophiae.
001151-chrserm: VOM BRUCH, HARRY W. - Modern Prodigals and Other Sermons.
011401-chrchri: VOS, GEERHARDUS. - The Self-Disclosure of Jesus - the Modern Debate About the Messianic Consciousness.
005537-chrstor: DE VRIES, ANNE. - De Levensroman Van Johannes Post.
011651-chrsoci: DE VRIES, EGBERT (ED). - Man in Community - Christian Concern for the Human in Changing Society.
001534-chrtheo: VRIEZEN, TH.C. - Hoofdlijnen Der Theologie Van Het Oude Testament.
005510-chrdevo: WAGNER, CHARLES. - The Better Way.
012285-chrbiog: WAINWRIGHT, GEOFFREY. - Lesslie Newbigin - a Theological Life.
000594-ash: WAKEMAN, HENRY OFFLEY. - An Introduction to the History of the Church of England from the Earliest Times to the Present Day.
009506-chrhist: WAKEMAN, HENRY OFFLEY. - An Introduction to the History of the Church of England from the Earliest Times to the Present Day.
011316-chrserm: WAKINSHAW, WILLIAM. - John's Ideal City and Other Sermons.
010450-psychth: WALDSTEIN, LOUIS. - The Subconscious Self and Its Relation to Education and Health.
007253-psycogn: WALK, RICHARD D., & HERBERT L. PICK (EDS). - Perception and Experience.
001317-psysexu: WALKER, KENNETH M. - Male Disorders of Sex.
008023-chrtheo: WALKER, JAMES BARR. - Philosophy of the Plan of Salvation. A Book for the Times.
008566-mischis: WALKER, ANNIE, EDITH M. COLLINS, AND M. MCINTYRE HOOD. - Fifty Years of Achievement - in Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Founding of the Women's Institutes of.
008677-miscmed: WALKER, A. EARL. - The History of the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies.
011672-chrnewt: WALKER, W.L. - Christ the Creative Ideal - Studies in Colossians and Ephesians.
012244-psybiol: WALKER, ALEXANDER. - Documents and Dates of Modern Discoveries in the Nevous System.
008384-miscsci: WALL, O.A. - Sex and Sex Worship (Phallic Worship). A Scientific Treatise on Sex, Its Nature and Function, and Its Influence on Art, Science.
003057-chrdevo: WALLACE, ARCHER. - I Believe in People.
004464-psysucc: WALLACE, ARCHER. - Poor Men Who Made Us Rich.
006904-chrdevo: WALLACE, ARCHER. - The Faith of Morn.
007611-chrhist: WALLACE, W.G. - A Half Century of Service Being the Story of Deer Park United Church Toronto - 1882 - 1932.
009289-chrhist: WALLACE, W.G. - These Forty Years -and After. Being the Story, 1887-1927, of Bloor Street United Church Toronto.
009954-chrdevo: WALLACE, ARCHER. - Stars in the Sky.
009958-chrdevo: WALLACE, ARCHER. - I Believe in People.
010988-chrnewt: WALLACE, W.G. - Some Understones in the New Testament.
010427-psycogn: WALLACH, HANS. - Hans Wallach on Perception.
011623-chrtheo: WALLIS, JIM. - The Call to Conversion.
009288-chrbiog: WALMSLEY, LEWIS C. - Bishop in Honan - Mission and Museum in the Life of William C. White.
011960-chrstor: WALROND, DOROTHY. - Mopsie - the Story of a London Waif.
005090-chrhist: WALSH, WALTER. - The Secret History of the Oxford Movement.
006759-chrmiss: WALSH, W. PAKENHAM. - Modern Heros of the Mission Field.
007757-chrhist: WALSH, H. (EDITOR). - Stewards of a Goodly Heritage. A Survey of the Church's Mission Fields in Canada.
008046-chrhist: WALSH, JAMES J. - The Popes and Science, the History of the Papal Relations to Science During the Middle Ages and Down to Our Own Time.
010039-psychth: WALSH, JAMES J. - Psychotherapy Including the History of the Use of Mental Influence, Directly and Indirectly, in Healing and the.
012217-psychth: WALSH, JAMES J. - Psychotherapy Including the History of the Use of Mental Influence, Directly and Indirectly, in Healing and the.
012083-chrhist: VAN DER WALT, B.J. - Anatomy of Reformation - Flashes and Fragments of a Reformed Cosmoscope.
011991-chrbiog: VAN DER WALT, B.J. - Antheunis Janse Van Biggerkerke (1890-1960). Morester Van 'n Twintigste-Eeuse Reformasie.
012147-chrtheo: VAN DER WALT, B.J. - Anatomy of Reformation - Flashes and Fragments of a Reformational Worldview.
012148-chrtheo: VAN DER WALT, B.J. - Horizon - Surveying a Route for Contemporary Christian Thought.
011587-chrstor: WALTON, O.F. - The King's Cup-Bearer.
003083-chrhist: WAND, J.W.C. - A History of the Modern Church from 1500 to the Present Day.
003084-ash: WAND, J.W.C. - A History of the Modern Church from 1500 to the Present Day.
011457-chrhist: WAND, J.W.C. - Anglicanism in History and Today.
005125-chrtheo: WARD, JAMES. - Naturalism and Agnosticism.
011803-psyogen: WARD, JAMES. - Psychology Applied to Education - a Series of Lectures on the Theory & Practice of Education.
007371-chrhist: WARE, FRANCIS B. - History of Cronyn Memorial Church. London, Ontario 1873 - 1949.
012078-chrtheo: WARFIELD, BENJAMIN BRECKINRIDGE. - Calvin and Augustine.
002482-ash: WARNER, CHARLES DUDLEY. - Being a Boy.
002483-ash: WARNER, CHARLES DUDLEY. - Backlog Studies.
009479-miscmed: WARNER, NANCY E. - Basic Endocrine Pathology.
009383-phiethi: WARNOCK, MARY. - Ethics Since 1900.
009850-chrhist: WARR, CHARLES L. - The Presbyterian Tradition - a Scottish Layman's Handbook.
011269-chrhist: WARR, CHARLES L. - The Presbyterian Tradition - a Scottish Layman's Handbook.
000205-ash: WARREN, HOWARD C., & LEONARD CARMICHAEL - Elements of Human Psychology.
001477-psyogen: WARREN, HOWARD C. (ED). - Dictionary of Psychology.
002606-psyogen: WARREN, HOWARD C. - Elements of Human Psychology.
003191-psyogen: WARREN, HOWARD C. (ED). - Dictionary of Psychology.
008135-chrbiog: WARREN, WILLIAM ROBINSON. - The Life and Labors of Archibald Mclean.
010359-chrbiog: WARREN, MISS. - John Knox and His Times.
010445-misclit: WARREN, HUGH L. - Rhymes of a Northland.
011013-chrbiog: WARREN, WILLIAM ROBINSON. - The Life and Labors of Archibald Mclean.
005727-miscsci: WARRINGTON, C.J.S., R.V.V. NICHOLS (COMPILERS). - A History of Chemistry in Canada.
011363-psybiol: WASSERMANN, GERHARD D. - Neurobiological Theory of Psychological Phenomena.
009047-miscedu: WATERINK, J. - Theorie Der Opvoeding.
010821-psygene: WATERS, ROLLAND H., D.A. RETHLINGSHAFER, & WILLARD E. CALDWELL. - Principles of Comparative Psychology.
010474-chreccl: WATKINS, KEITH. - The Feast of Joy - the Lord's Supper in Free Churches.
008024-chrserm: WATKINSON, W.L. - Lessons on Prosperity and Other Addresses Delivered at Noonday in the Philosophical Hall, Leeds.
010822-chrtheo: WATKINSON, W.L. - The Influence of Scepticism on Character, Being the Sixteenth Fernley Lecture; Delivered at City Road Chapel, London, August.
000206-ash: WATSON, J.A.S. - Heredity.
000229-psychil: WATSON, ROBERT I. - Psychology of the Child.
001242-chroldt: WATSON, ROBERT A. - Judges and Ruth.
003669-chrchri: WATSON, JOHN [IAN MACLAREN]. - The Mind of the Master.
003670-chrchri: WATSON, JOHN [IAN MACLAREN]. - The Mind of the Master.
003746-psychil: WATSON, ROBERT I. - Psychology of the Child.
004052-chrtheo: WATSON, HERBERT A. - The Incarnation and Personality.
004169-psygene: WATSON, A.J., HARRY KAY, J.A. DEUTSCH, B.A. FARRELL, MICHAEL ARGYLE, & R.C. OLDFIELD. - Experimental Psychology. A Series of Broadcast Talks on Recent Research.
004474-philoso: WATSON, C.H. - Look Under Your Hat.
005424-ash: WATSON, DAVID L., & ROLAND G. THARP. - Self-Directed Behavior
006714-chrdevo: WATSON, JOHN. - Respectable Sins.
007523-chrtheo: WATSON, F. - The Defenders of the Faith; Or, the Christian Apologists of the Second and Third Centuries.
007794-psychth: WATSON, DAVID L., AND ROLAND G. THARP. - Self-Directed Behavior. Self-Modification for Personal Adjustment.
007889-chrtheo: WATSON, RICHARD. - An Apology for the Bible, in Answer to the Writings of Thomas Paine.
009211-chrbiog: WATSON, E.W. - Life of Bishop John Wordsworth.
009860-chrchri: WATSON, JOHN [IAN MACLAREN]. - The Mind of the Master.
010111-chrbiog: WATSON, WILLIAM R. - My Desire.
010451-psyogen: WATSON, JOHN B. - Psychology from the Standpoint of a Behaviorist.
010572-chrpsyc: WATSON, JOHN. - The Interpretation of Religious Experience. The Gifford Lectures Delivered in the University of Glasgow in the Years.
011532-philoso: WATSON, JOHN. - Christianity and Idealism - the Christian Ideal of Life in Its Relations to Greek and Jewish Ideals and to Modern Philosophy.
011575-chrtheo: WATSON, RICHARD. - Theological Institutes
000207-ash: WATT, HENRY J. - Psychology.
001630-ash: WATT, L. MACLEAN. - The Communion Table.
006923-chreccl: WATT, L. MACLEAN. - The Communion Table.
003005-miscsoc: WATTERSON, HENRY. - The Compromises of Life and Other Lectures and Addresses Including Some Observations on Certain Downward Tendencies. . . .
008724-mischis: WATTS, DAVID. - The West Indies
004549-chrdevo: TWO WAYFARERS. - The Christ of the English Road.
009386-phiethi: WAYLAND, FRANCIS. - The Elements of the Moral Science.
000886-ash: WEATHERHEAD, LESLIE. - The Eternal Voice.
000888-ash: WEATHERHEAD, LESLIE. - That Immortal Sea.
001016-chrdevo: WEATHERHEAD, LESLIE. - Personalities of the Passion. A Devotional Study of Some of the Characters Who Played a Part in the Drama of Christ's Passion.
001018-chrdevo: WEATHERHEAD, LESLIE. - The Resurrection and the Life.
001019-chrdevo: WEATHERHEAD, LESLIE. - Over His Own Signature. A Devotional Study of Christ's Pictures of Himself and of Their Relevance to Our Lives Today.
001824-chrtheo: WEATHERHEAD, LESLIE. - A Plain Man Looks at the Cross.
002466-chrpsyc: WEATHERHEAD, LESLIE. - Psychology, Religion and Healing.
003058-ash: WEATHERHEAD, LESLIE D. - Thinking Aloud in War-Time. An Attempt to See the Present Situation in the Light of the Christian Faith.
004537-ash: WEATHERHEAD, LESLIE. - The Significance of Silence and Other Sermons.
009810-chrpsyc: WEATHERHEAD, LESLIE. - Psychology in Service of the Soul.
008932-chrstor: WEBB, MRS. J.B. [BEATRICE]. - The Martyrs of Carthage; Or, the Christian Converts.
011427-miscedu: WEBB, J. RUSSELL. - Webb's Word-Method
011673-chrstor: WEBB, MRS. - Alypius of Tagaste
004544-chrsoci: WEBBER, GEORGE W. - The Congregation in Mission. Emerging Structures for the Church in an Urban Society.
011099-chrserm: WEBBER, GEORGE. - God in History / God in Revelation.
001428-philoso: WEBER, ALFRED. - History of Philosophy.
004654-chrnewt: WEBER, F.W. - Kurzgefaszte Einleitung in Die Heiligen Schriften Alten Und Neuen Testamentes.
010410-psyogen: WEBER, E.H. - The Sense of Touch. De Tactu - Der Tastsinn.
010771-chrmiss: WEBER, LEWIS S. - Argentina from Within.
004869-psygene: WEBSTER, EDWARD C. (ED). - The Couchiching Conference on Professional Psychology. Canadian Psychological Association.
005877-psygene: WEBSTER, EDWARD C. (ED). - The Couchiching Conference on Professional Psychology. Canadian Psychological Association.
012266-chrtheo: WEBSTER, JOHN (ED). - The Cambridge Companion to Karl Barth.
011805-psygene: WECHSLER, DAVID. - Selected Papers of David Wechsler.
005299-chrhist: WEDEL, CORNELIUS H. - Abriss Der Geschichte Der Mennoniten.
009795-phiethi: WEIDNER, REVERE FRANKLIN. - A System of Christian Ethics - Based on Martensen and Harless.
010823-psysoci: WEINBERG, S. KIRSON. - Society and Personality Disorders.
006983-chrtheo: WEINEL, HEINRICH, AND ALBAN G. WIDGERY. - Jesus in the Nineteenth Century and After.
011364-psychia: WEISENBURG, THEODORE, & KATHARINE E. MCBRIDE. - Aphasia - a Clinical and Psychological Study.
006746-psychia: WEISS, EDWARD, & O. SPURGEON ENGLISH. - Psychosomatic Medicine. A Clinical Study of Psychophysiologic Reactions.
011597-psychia: WEISSTUB, DAVID N. (ED). - Law and Psychiatry - Proceedings of an International Symposium Held at the Clarke Institute of Psychiatry, Toronto, Canada.
006086-ash: WEIZSACKER, C.F. VON. - The History of Nature.
011450-chrhist: WEIZSACKER, CARL VON. - The Apostolic Age of the Christian Church.
009546-chroldt: WELCH, ADAM C. - The Religion of Israel Under the Kingdom - the Kerr Lectures, Delivered in the United Free Church College, Glasgow During.
010867-chrbiog: WELCH, A.C. - Anselm and His Work.
011268-chrbiog: WELCH, A.C. - Anselm and His Work.
001062-psybiol: WELFORD, A.T., JAMES E. BIRREN (EDS). - Behavior, Aging, and the Nervous System.
001692-chreccl: WELLS, AMOS R. - Select Notes on the International Sunday School Lessons. Improved Uniform Series
001693-chreccl: WELLS, AMOS R. - Select Notes on the International Sunday School Lessons. Improved Uniform Series
008454-chreccl: WELLS, AMOS R. - Select Notes on the International Sunday School Lessons. Improved Uniform Series
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012097-chrsoci: ZYLSTRA, BERNARD. - Challenge and Response - an Address Delivered to the Christian Labour Association of Canada at the 1960 National Convention.

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