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007435-chrbiog: JACKSON, GEORGE. - Collier of Manchester. A Friend's Tribute.
007436-chreccl: JACKSON, GEORGE. - The Preacher and the Modern Mind.
007437-chrserm: JACKSON, GEORGE. - The Guests of God.
007948-psyogen: JACKSON, WILLIAM. - The Light of Language Or How to Hear and Read Aright the King of Sciences.
008212-chrserm: JACKSON, GEORGE. - The Table-Talk of Jesus and Other Addresses.
008748-chrserm: JACKSON, W. - Scripture Views of the Atonement; and the Atonement, the Conservative Force of the Moral Universe. Two Sermons.
001425-psysoci: JACOBS, JANE. - Systems of Survival. A Dialogue on the Moral Foundations of Commerce and Politics.
008517-psychia: JACOBS, JERRY. - Adolescent Suicide.
012211-psyogen: JACOBSON, EDMUND. - You Must Relax - a Practical Method of Reducing the Strains of Modern Living.
011804-psygene: JAENSCH, E.R. - Eidetic Imagery and Typological Methods of Investigation Their Importance for the Psychology of Childhood, the Theory of.
011386-chrhist: JAGER, OKKE. - Het Eeuwige Leven, Met Name in Verband Met de Verhouding Van Tijd En Eeuwigheid.
011465-chrdevo: JAGER, OKKE. - Zegen U Zelf, Tien Radio-Preken.
011466-chrdevo: JAGER, OKKE. - Achter Een Glimlach.
011467-chrdevo: JAGER, OKKE. - Worden Als Een Kind.
001543-ash: JAHODA, MARIE. - Freud and the Dilemmas of Psychology.
001662-chreccl: JAMES, JOHN ANGELL. - An Earnest Ministry the Want of the Times.
001761-psyogen: JAMES ===>> LEWIS, R.W.B. - The Jameses. A Family Narrative.
001908-psyogen: JAMES, WILLIAM. - Psychology. Briefer Course.
009195-chrdevo: JAMES, JOHN ANGELL. - Christian Progress
001823-ash: JAMIESON, ANNIE STRAITH. - William King. Friend and Champion of Slaves.
007038-chrbiog: JAMIESON, ANNIE STRAITH. - William King. Friend and Champion of Slaves.
008795-chrnewt: JAMIESON, ROBERT, A.R. FAUSSET, & DAVID BROWN. - A Commentary, Critical and Explanatory, on the Old and New Testaments.
010962-chrhist: JAMIESON, JOHN. - A Historical Account of the Ancient Culdees of Iona, and of Their Settlements in Scotland, England, and Ireland.
011201-chrtheo: JAMIESON, GEORGE. - The Great Problem of God Involving the Principles of a Scientific Theology
011185-phiethi: JANET, PAUL. - The Theory of Morals.
000318-ash: JANOV, ARTHUR. - The Primal Revolution
007893-chrmiss: MISSIONARIES OF THE UNITED CHURCH OF CANADA IN JAPAN (EDS). - Fruits of Christian Missions in Japan.
010592-chrmiss: MISSIONARIES OF THE UNITED CHURCH OF CANADA IN JAPAN (EDS). - Fruits of Christian Missions in Japan.
001757-chrstor: JAQUES, EDNA. - Beside Still Waters.
006254-chrstor: JAQUES, EDNA. - My Kitchen Window.
012367-chrdevo: JAQUES, EDNA. - Aunt Hattie's Place.
008851-miscmed: JARNEROT, GUNNAR. - The Thyroid in Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's Disease.
008192-chrtheo: JARROLD, W.T.F. - Our Great Heritage with Its Responsibilities. How and Where to Find the Title-Deeds.
011392-psychia: JASPERS, KARL. - General Psychopathology.
001406-psyogen: JASTROW, JOSEPH. - Keeping Mentally Fit. A Guide to Everyday Psychology.
007315-psyogen: JASTROW, JOSEPH. - Keeping Mentally Fit. A Guide to Everyday Psychology.
011561-psyogen: JASTROW, JOSEPH. - The Subconscious.
007801-chrbiog: JEFFS, H. - "J.B. " J. Brierley. His Life and Work.
010055-chrtheo: JENKINS, JOHN. - A Protestant's Appeal to the Douay Bible, and Other Roman Catholic Standards, in Support of the Doctrines of the.
011206-chrtheo: JENKINS, JOHN. - A Protestant's Appeal to the Douay Bible, and Other Roman Catholic Standards, in Support of the Doctrines of the.
011125-psysoci: JENKS, JEREMIAH W., & W. JETT LAUCK. - The Immigration Problem.
006690-chrhist: JERDAN, CHARLES. - Scottish Clerical Stories and Reminiscences.
010337-chrserm: JERDAN, CHARLES. - Gospel Milk and Honey - Seventy Short Sermons to Young People.
010338-chrserm: JERDAN, CHARLES. - Messages to the Children - Seventy-Two Short Sermons to Young People.
008524-philoso: JESSOP, T.E. - The Freedom of the Individual in Society - Being the First Lectures on the Chancellor Dunning Trust, Delivered at Queen's.
011173-chrtheo: JESSOP, T.E., R.L. CALHOUN, N. ALEXEIEV, EMIL BRUNNER, AUSTIN FARRER, WALTER M. HORTON, & PIERRE MAURY. - The Christian Understanding of Man.
005980-miscbio: JEWETT, S.W. - From Fourteen to Fourscore.
007310-philoso: JOAD, C.E.M. - Philosophical Aspects of Modern Science.
010092-psychia: JOFFE, JUSTIN M., & GEORGE W. ALBEE (EDS). - Prevention Through Politic Action and Social Change.
010712-chrstor: JOHN, UNCLE (ED). - Little Lily. A Gift for Good Children.
001087-chrchri: JOHNSEN, E.KR. - Paulus.
004943-chrmiss: JOHNSON, VICTOR EUGENE. - Pioneering for Christ in East Africa.
007581-chrpale: JOHNSON, FRANK. - Under Cross and Crescent. The Story of the Sunday School Union Pilgrimage to the Holy Land. With an Account of the World's.
010849-chroldt: JOHNSON, AUBREY R. - The Cultic Prophet in Ancient Israel.
005015-chrhist: JOHNSTON, L.A. - The Augustana Synod. A Brief Review of Its History 1860-1910.
006231-chreccl: JOHNSTON, ALFRED J. - A Larger Fellowship. A Book for Young People on the Nature, Doctrine, Policy and Task of the United Church of Canada.
011770-chrmiss: JOHNSTON, JULIA H. - Fifty Missionary Heroes - Every Boy and Girl Should Know.
002406-chrnewt: JONES, J. CYNDDYLAN. - Studies in the Gospel According to St. Matthew.
002682-chrdevo: JONES, E. STANLEY. - The Christ of the Indian Road.
003827-psychoa: JONES, ERNEST. - Papers on Psycho-Analysis.
004539-chrtheo: JONES, W. PAUL. - The Recovery of Life's Meaning -- Understanding Creation and the Incarnation.
004568-chrdevo: JONES, E. STANLEY. - Christ at the Round Table.
005790-chrserm: JONES, RUFUS. - The Testimony of the Soul.
005806-philoso: JONES, HENRY. - Browning As a Philosophical and Religious Teacher.
006330-chrdevo: JONES, E. STANLEY. - Christ and Human Suffering.
007004-chrdevo: JONES, E. STANLEY. - Along the Indian Road.
007463-psychoa: JONES, ERNEST. - Essays in Applied Psycho-Analysis.
007770-chrhist: JONES, T.D. - Streetsville United Church. A Historical Sketch of the United Church of Canada in Streetsville, Ontario, Canada.
008274-chrserm: JONES, J.D. - The Hope of the Gospel.
008276-chrserm: JONES, J.D. - Things Most Surely Believed.
008284-chrhymn: JONES, S. FLOOD, ET AL, EDS. - The Cathedral Psalter Chants.
010326-chrserm: JONES, J.D. - Keep Festival - Sermons on the Great Occasions of the Christian Year.
010327-chrserm: JONES, J.D. - Richmond Hill Sermons.
010943-chrbiog: JONES, TOM. - Living in the Ministry of Song.
012364-chrserm: JONES, J.D. - The Model Prayer. A Series of Expositions on "the Lord's Prayer".
003478-chroldt: JORDAN, W.G. - Prophetic Ideas and Ideals
003679-chroldt: JORDAN, W.G. - Songs of Service and Sacrifice
007410-chroldt: JORDAN, W.G. - Songs of Service and Sacrifice
007489-chroldt: JORDAN, W.G. - History and Revelation. The Individuality of Israel.
008164-chroldt: JORDAN, W.G. - The Book of Job
008220-chroldt: JORDAN, W.G. - Religion in Song Or Studies in the Psalter.
009678-chroldt: JORDAN, W.G. - The Book of Job
009679-chrnewt: JORDAN, W.G. - The Philippian Gospel Or Pauline Ideals. A Series of Practical Meditations Based Upon Paul's Letter to the Church at Philippi.
010318-chroldt: JORDAN, W.G. - Songs of Service and Sacrifice
012377-chrserm: JOWETT, J.H. - The High Calling - Meditations on St. Paul's Letter to Philippians.
011446-chrbiog: JOYAU, CHARLES-ANATOLE. - Saint Thomas D'aquin - Patron de Ecoles Catholiques.
010030-psybiol: JUBAK, JIM. - In the Image of the Brain. Breaking the Barrier between the Human Mind and Intelligent Machines.
004218-mischis: JUDSON, HARRY PRATT. - Europe in the Nineteenth Century.
011774-psychoa: JUNG, CARL GUSTAV. - Psychological Types.
010185-chrtheo: JURITZ, CHARLES F. - How Firm a Foundation - a Study-Course of Lectures on the Evidences of Christianity.
012101-misclit: JUTSUM, BERTRAM. - Jottings and Trottings.
011068-psychil: KABISCH, RICHARD. - Unser Kind. Gefurzte Ausgabe Des Erziehungsbuches. Das Neue Geschlecht.
012011-chrdevo: KAGAWA, TOYOHIKO. - Love - the Law of Life.
010049-chrhist: KAHL, WILHELM. - Lehrsystem Des Kirchenrechts Und Der Kirchenpolitik. Erste Halfte. Einleitung Und Allgemeiner Teil.
012260-chrnewt: KAISER JR., WALTER C. & MOISES SILVA. - An Introduction to Biblical Hermeneutics - the Search for Meaning.
008812-chrserm: KALLENBACH, WALTER D. - That Men May Believe - a Series of Sermons.
003702-chrsoci: KANE, JOHN J. - Catholic-Protestant Conflicts in America.
007968-psychth: KANFER, FREDERICK H. AND JEANNE S. PHILLIPS. - Learning Foundations of Behavior Therapy.
005246-psychia: KANNER, LEO. - Child Psychiatry.
009280-psysexu: KARDINER, ABRAM. - Sex and Morality.
011239-miscsoc: KARIEL, PAT. - New Directions
010523-psychia: KARIYA, TETSUHIKO, & MICHIO NAKAGAWARA (EDS). - Affective Disorders. Perspectives on Basic Research and Clinical Practice.
012014-miscmed: KAROW, ARMAND M., GEORGE J.M. ABOUNA, & ARTHUR L. HUMPHRIES (EDS). - Organ Preservation for Transplantation.
000320-psychoa: KARPMAN, BENJAMIN. - The Sexual Offender and His Offenses
012241-psybiol: KATCHALSKY, AHARON KATZIR, V. ROWLAND, & R. BLUMENTHAL, E. EIDELBERG & D. STEIN, J. SZENTAGOTHAI & M. ARBIB, E. LENNEBERG. - Neurosciences Research Program Bulletin - Volume Twelve.
009016-miscmed: KATZ, DAVID H., AND BARUJ BENACERRAF (EDS). - Immunological Tolerance - Mechanisms and Potential Therapeutic Applications.
011610-miscedu: KATZ, JOSEPH. - Education in Canada.
009964-chrdevo: KAUFFMAN, MILO. - The Challenge of Christian Stewardship.
011027-chrtheo: KAUFFMAN, DANIEL (ED). - Doctrines of the Bible - a Brief Dicussion of the Teachings of God's Word.
007302-psycogn: KAUFMAN, LLOYD. - Sight and Mind. An Introduction to Visual Perception.
000108-ash: KAUFMANN, FELIX. - Methodology of the Social Sciences.
004552-chrtheo: KEAN, CHARLES DUELL. - God's Word to His People.
008995-miscmed: KEARNS, JOHN E. - Treatment of Hyperthyroidism with Radioactive Iodine - a Twenty-Year Review.
008257-chrdevo: KEBLE, JOHN. - The Christian Year
006052-chroldt: KEELEY, E. HIGGINS. - Isaiah
008746-chrdevo: KEENLEYSIDE, C.B. - On the Banks of the Besor Or the Man Behind the Baggage.
010999-chrdevo: KEENLEYSIDE, C.B. - The Upper and the Nether Springs.
007640-chrdevo: KEITH, HENRY JAMES. - I've Found a Friend.
011246-chrstor: KELLAND, CLARENCE. - Mark Tidd in Business.
001598-chroldt: KELLER, B. - Der Prophet Daniel.
008060-chrdevo: KELLEY, WILLIAM VALENTINE. - A Pilgrim of the Infinite.
006204-miscsci: KELLS, LYMAN M., WILLIS F. KERN, & JAMES R. BLAND. - Navigation.
001474-psychil: KELLY, WILLIAM A., & MARGARET REUTHER KELLY. - Introductory Child Psychology.
008400-chrdevo: KELLY, ALFRED DAVENPORT. - Values of the Christian Life.
010064-mischum: KELLY, WALT. - The Pogo Papers.
011447-chrhist: KELLY, E. (ED). - The Story of St. Paul's Parish Toronto.
004469-chrbiog: KELMAN, JOHN. - The Faith of Robert Louis Stevenson.
007519-chrdevo: KELMAN, JOHN. - Ephemera Eternitatis. A Book of Short Studies in Life Here and Hereafter, Arranged for the Sundays of the Christian Year.
009552-chrtheo: KELMAN, JOHN. - Prophets of Yesterday and Their Message for Today.
010486-chrbiog: KELMAN, JOHN. - The Faith of Robert Louis Stevenson.
009739-chrtheo: KELSEY, MORTON T. - Healing and Christianity in Ancient Thought and Modern Times.
003458-chrpsyc: KEMP, CHARLES F. - Physicians of the Soul. A History of Pastoral Counseling.
002408-chrnewt: KENNEDY, H.A.A. - The Theology of the Epistles.
003440-chrtheo: KENNEDY, JOHN. - A Popular Handbook of Christian Evidences.
004554-chrserm: KENNEDY, GERALD. - Who Speaks for God?.
006196-chrnewt: KENNEDY, H.A.A. - The Theology of the Epistles.
011208-chrtheo: KENNEDY, H.A.A. - St. Paul and the Mystery-Religions.
001389-chroldt: KENT, CHARLES FOSTER. - Biblical Geography and History.
003208-chroldt: KENT, CHARLES FOSTER. - A History of the Hebrew People from the Settlement in Canaan to the Division of the Kingdom.
006608-chroldt: KENT, CHARLES FOSTER. - A History of the Hebrew People from the Division of the Kingdom to the Fall of Jerusalem in 586 Bc.
007644-chrserm: KENT, H. HAROLD. - An Architect Preaches.
009996-chroldt: KENT, CHARLES FOSTER. - Narratives of the Beginnings of Hebrew History from the Creation to the Establishment of the Hebrew Kingdom.
001656-chreccl: KERBY, WILLIAM J. - The Considerate Priest.
000155-ash: KERLINGER, FRED N. - Foundations of Behavioral Research. Educational and Psychological Inquiry.
000547-chrhist: KERR, HUGH T. - Port to Listening Post.
003260-chrserm: KERR, HUGH T. - Children's Story-Sermons.
006638-chrdevo: KERR, HUGH THOMPSON. - The Gospel in Modern Poetry.
008480-chrhist: KESTEVEN, G.R. - The Reformation in England.
011000-chrserm: KETCHEN, BEVERLEY. - Sons of Martha.
010733-chrtheo: KEYSER, LEANDER S. - A System of Natural Theism.
004962-psysexu: KEYSERLING, HERMANN (ED). - The Book of Marriage. A New Interpretation By Twenty-Four Leaders of Contemporary Thought.
010527-psychia: KHANTZIAN, EDWARD J., KURT S. HALLIDAY & WILLIAM E. MCAULIFFE. - Addiction and the Vulnerable Self. Modified Dynamic Group Therapy for Substance Abusers.
001962-phiethic: KIDD, JAMES. - Morality and Religion.
011969-psychoa: KIELL, NORMAN. - Freud without Hindsight - Reviews of His Work (1893-1939).
002993-chreccl: KIK, J. MARCELLUS. - Ecumenism and the Evangelical.
003264-chrchri: KING, HENRY CHURCHILL. - The Ethics of Jesus.
003532-chrtheo: KING, H. PIERSON. - The Imperial Hope
004894-chrdevo: KING, JOHN M. - A Critical Study of in Memoriam.
005969-psyogen: KING, HENRY CHURCHILL. - Rational Living
007041-chrdevo: KING, JOHN M. - A Critical Study of in Memoriam.
007409-miscsoc: KING, JR., MARTIN LUTHER. - Conscience for Change.
012221-psyogen: KING, JOHN H. - Man an Organic Community
012224-psychth: KING, PHYLLIS M. (ED). - Sourcebook of Occupational Rehabilitation.
003755-chrserm: KINGSLEY, CHARLES. - Sermons for the Times.
007810-chrtheo: KINGSLEY, CALVIN. - The Resurrection of the Dead
009023-psychil: KINSBOURNE, MARCEL, AND PAULA J. CAPLAN. - Children's Learning and Attention Problems.
005161-chrdevo: KIRBY, MARY & ELIZABETH. - Things of the Forest.
009670-miscmed: KIRK, PROFESSOR. - Papers on Health.
006292-psysexu: KIRKENDALL, LESTER A. - Premarital Intercourse & Interpersonal Relationships.
009797-miscmed: KIRKES, WILLIAM SENHOUSE. - Manual of Physiology.
004050-chroldt: KIRKPATRICK, A.F. - The Divine Library of the Old Testament. Its Origin, Preservations, Inspiration, and Permanent Value. Five Lectures.
006986-chroldt: KIRKPATRICK, A.F. - The Doctrine of the Prophets. The Warburtonian Lectures for 1886-1890.
007510-psyogen: KIRKPATRICK, FRANK HOME. - Speaking in Public.
007508-philoso: KIRKWOOD, M.M. - Duty and Happiness in a Changed World.
011314-chrtheo: KIRWAN. - Letters to the Right Rev. John Hughes, Roman Catholic Bishop of New York.
008955-psybiol: KISSIN, BENJAMIN. - Conscious and Unconscious Programs in the Brain.
009972-chrpale: KITCHEN, J. HOWARD. - Holy Fields - an Introduction to the Historical Geography of the Holy Land.
007800-chroldt: KITTEL, RUDOLPH. - The Religion of the People of Israel.
005267-chrdevo: KITTO, JOHN. - Daily Bible Illustrations
006397-chrdict: KITTO, JOHN (ED). - The Popular Cyclopaedia of Biblical Literature Condensed from the Larger Work.
011355-chrhist: KITTO, JOHN. - The Court of Persia, Viewed in Connexion with Scriptural Usages.
012315-chroldt: KITTO, JOHN. - Daily Bible Illustrations
005418-chrdevo: KLASSEN, J.P. - Meine Garbe.
002764-psyogen: KLEIN, DAVID BALLIN. - General Psychology. What Every Citizen Should Know About Psychology.
007304-psypers: KLEIN, GEORGE S. - Perception, Motives, and Personality.
007320-psygene: KLEIN, GEORGE S. - Perception, Motives, and Personality.
012232-psychoa: KLEIN, MELANIE. - The Psycho-Analysis of Children.
000081-ash: KLEINMUNTZ, BENJAMIN. - Personality Measurement.
008732-miscbio: KLINCK, CARL F. - Wilfred Campbell - a Study in Late Provincial Victorianism.
012204-psychth: KLINE, MILTON V. (ED). - Hypnodynamic Psychology
005426-psychth: KLINE, MILTON V. (ED). - Hypnodynamic Psychology
000020-psysoci: KLINEBERG, OTTO, & RICHARD CHRISTIE (EDS). - Perspectives in Social Psychology.
000113-ash: KLINEBERG, OTTO. - Race and Psychology.
005435-psysoci: KLINEBERG, OTTO. - Social Psychology.
005450-ash: KLOEFFLER, ROYCE GERALD. - Industrial Electronics and Control.
012091-chrtheo: KLOOSTER, FRED H. - Calvin's Doctrine of Predestination.
012090-chrtheo: KLOOSTER, FRED H. - Calvin's Doctrine of Predestination.
008598-psychia: KLOPFER, BRUNO, MARY D. AINSWORTH, WALTER G. KLOPFER, AND ROBERT R. HOLT. - Developments in the Rorschach Technique.
000091-ash: KLUCKHOHN, CLYDE, & HENRY MURRAY (EDS). - Personality in Nature, Society and Culture.
001111-psypers: KLUCKHOHN, CLYDE, & HENRY MURRAY (EDS). - Personality in Nature, Society and Culture.
010841-chroldt: KNABENBAUER, IOSEPHO. - Commentarius in Librum Iob [Job].
011542-chrserm: KNAP, J.J. - Zestiental Feest- En Gelegenheids-Preken.
008862-chroldt: KNAPP, J.J. - Bileam - Toepasselijke Verklaring Zijner Profetieen.
005225-miscmed: KNIEPP, SEBASTIAN. - Meine Wasser-Kur, Durch Mehr Als 40 Jahre Erprobt Und Geschrieben Zur Heilung Der Krankheiten. . . .
003315-chrchri: KNOWLINGS, R.J. - The Testimony of St. Paul to Christ.
000675-chrtheo: KNOX, JOHN. - The Ethic of Jesus in the Teaching of the Church. Its Authority and Its Relevance.
010452-chrhist: KNOX, WILFRED L. - The Catholic Movement in the Church of England.
011212-chrtheo: KNOX, JOHN. - Select Practical Writings of John Knox.
011855-chroldt: KNOX, E.M. - Bible Lessions for School - Exodus.
010583-philoso: KNUDSEN, ROBERT DONALD. - The Idea of Transcendence in the Philosophy of Karl Jaspers.
008398-chrtheo: KNUDSON, ALBERT C. - The Principles of Christian Ethics.
006841-psygene: KOCH, SIGMUND (ED). - Psychology
006842-psygene: KOCH, SIGMUND (ED). - Psychology
008974-psygene: KOCH, SIGMUND (ED). - Psychology
012228-psyogen: KOFFKA, KURT. - The Growth of the Mind - an Introduction of Child-Psychology.
011164-chrserm: KOHLBRUGGE, H.F. - De Eenvoudige Heidelberger. De Catechimuspreeken Die Nog Aanwezig Zijn.
006886-psyogen: KOHLER, WOLFGANG. - Gestalt Psychology.
008893-psyogen: KOHLER, WOLFGANG. - Dynamics in Psychology.
010809-psygene: KOHLER, WOLFGANG. - The Task of Gestalt Psychology.
010222-chrhist: KOK, J.H. - Uit de Geschiedenis Van de Gererormeerde Keren in Nederland 1882-1892 En 1893-1902.
011903-chroldt: KOK, J. - Salomo's Prediker. Gerangschikt En Verklaard.
011919-chrtheo: KOK, A.B.W.M. - Waarheid En Dwaling. Enkele Secten En Bewegingen.
009028-psychil: KOLSTOE, OLIVER P. - Teaching Educable Mentally Retarded Children.
005626-chroldt: KONIG, EDUARD. - Hermeneutik Des Alten Testaments Mit Spezieller Berucksichtigung Der Modernen Probleme.
010633-chrhist: VAN KOOIJ, F. - Geschiedenis Der Christelijke Kerk.
008865-chrbiog: KOOIMAN, W.J. - Philippus Melanchthon.
011869-chrsoci: KOOISTRA, REMKES. - Facts and Values -- a Christian Approach to Sociology.
012098-chrsoci: KOOISTRA, REMKES. - Facts and Values -- a Christian Approach to Sociology. Three Lectures Given at the Unionville Study Conference of the.
011380-chrtheo: KORFF, F.W.A. - Christologie. De Leer Van Het Komen Gods.
006161-philoso: KORZYBSKI, ALFRED. - Manhood of Humanity.
006885-psybiol: KOSSLYN, STEPHEN M., & OLIVER KOENIG. - Wet Mind. The New Cognitive Neuroscience.
010320-chrbiog: KOSTLIN, JULIUS. - Life of Luther.
010223-chrdevo: KOTZE, J.C.G. - Christen=Dissipelskap.
009987-chrtheo: KRAAY, JOHN, & ANTHONY TOL (EDS). - Hearing and Doing. Philosophical Essays Dedicated to H. Evan Runner.
010543-chrtheo: KRAEMER, H. - Godsdienst Godsdiensten En Het Christelijk Geloof.
000325-psychia: KRAINES, SAMUEL HENRY. - The Therapy of the Neuroses and Psychoses.
010810-psychia: KRAMER, MILTON (ED). - Dream Psychology and the New Biology of Dreaming.
011976-chrdevo: KRAMER, F. - Het Gebed.
010532-chrtheo: KRAUS, HANS-JOACHIM. - Die Biblische Theologie. Ihre Geschichte Und Problematik.
005355-psychth: KREBS, STANLEY L. - The Fundamental Principles of Hypnosis.
000654-ash: KRECH, DAVID, & RICHARD S. CRUTCHFIELD. - Theory and Problems of Social Psychology.
004158-psysoci: KRECH, DAVID, & RICHARD S. CRUTCHFIELD. - Theory and Problems of Social Psychology.
011784-psychoa: KRIS, ERNST. - Selected Papers of Ernst Kris.
005318-chrbiog: KROEKER, NETTIE. - Far Above Rubies. The Story of Helena Wiens.
012042-chrstor: KROODSMA, ROBERT. - Poems Something for Everybody.
009062-psychia: KRUGMAN, MORRIS (ED). - Orthopsychiatry and the School.
004653-chroldt: KRUMMACHER, FRIEDRICH W. - Elia. De Profeet Van Israel.
002216-chroldt: KUHL, CURT. - The Old Testament Its Origins and Compositions.
009231-chrmiss: KUHN, ISOBEL. - Ascent to the Tribes. Pioneering in North Thailand.
012185-chrhist: KUIPER, J. - Geschiedenis Van Het Godsdienstig En Kerkelijk Leven Van Het Nederlandsche Volk. (626-1900).
010216-chrhist: KUIPER, B.K. - Ons Opmaken En Bouwen.
010225-chrhist: KUIPER, J. - Geschiedenis Van Het Godsdienstig En Kerkelijk Leven Van Het Nederlandscge Volk. (626-1900).
010226-chrpamp: KUIPER, B.K. - De Vier Paarden Uit Openbaring.
010755-chrtheo: KUIPER, R.B. - To Be Or Not to Be Reformed - Whither the Christian Reformed Church?.
011705-chrtheo: KUIPER, R.B. - To Be Or Not to Be Reformed - Whither the Christian Reformed Church?.
011990-chrnewt: KUIPER, B.K. - De Vier Paarden Uit Openbaring.
011632-psychia: KUSYSZYN, IGOR (ED). - Studies in the Psychology of Gambling.
011639-chrsoci: KUYPER, ABRAHAM. - Christianity and the Class Struggle.
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004202-chrpsyc: MICHAELS, PETER. - Mental Disease. A Christian Abnormal Psychology.
004861-chrtheo: MICHELET, GEORGES. - Dieu Et L'agnosticisme Contemporain.
009193-chrserm: MICHELL, WILLIAM. - Our Title to Sonship, and Other Sermons.
001912-chrmiss: MILFORD, C.S. - India Revisited.
010011-psychia: MILLAR, PAT (TEAM LEADER). - A More Progessive System for Determining Disability in Ontario's Social Assistance Program - Report of the Disability.
008395-chrtheo: MILLEN, GEORGE F. - Evil and Evolution. An Attempt to Turn the Light of Modern Science on to the Ancient Mystery of Evil.
000011-ash: MILLER, GEORGE. - Psychology the Science of Mental Life.
001197-psygene: MILLER, GEORGE. - Psychology the Science of Mental Life.
001725-chrsci: MILLER, HUGH. - The Old Red Sandstone
002349-chrnewt: MILLER, ROBERT V. - The Confession of the Hope. Outlines of Bible Studies in Unfulfilled Prophecy.
003291-chrbiog: MILLER, HUGH. - My Schools and Schoolmasters; Or, the Story of My Education.
004532-chrserm: MILLER, HUGH. - Essays Historical and Biographical, Political and Social, Literary and Scientific.
004533-chrscie: MILLER, HUGH. - The Foot-Prints of the Creator
004534-chrscie: MILLER, HUGH. - The Testimony of the Rocks; Or, Geology in Its Bearings on the Two Theologies, Natural and Revealed.
006399-chrdevo: MILLER, SAMUEL. - Thoughts on Public Prayer.
007480-chrbiog: MILLER, BASIL. - Ten Slaves Who Became Famous.
008420-chrbiog: MILLER, HUGH. - My Schools and Schoolmasters Or the Story of My Education.
008794-psychia: MILLER, THOMAS W. (ED). - Chronic Pain.
010749-chrdevo: MILLER, J.R. - The Inner Life.
011168-chrtheo: MILLER, DAVID L. - Hells & Holy Ghosts - a Theopoetics of Christian Belief.
011859-chrdevo: MILLER, J.R. - Paul's Message for to-Day.
009854-chrnewt: MILLIGAN, GEORGE. - Here & There Among the Papyri.
008029-miscsci: MILLIS, PAULETTE (ED). - Nutrition, Cooking, & Healing.
006018-chrbiog: MILLMAN, THOMAS R. - The Life of the Right Reverend, the Honourable Charles James Stewart D.D. , Oxon. Second Anglican Bishop of Quebec.
002783-ash: MILLS, FREDERICK CECIL. - Statistical Methods Applied to Economics and Business.
007603-chrstor: MILNER, HENRY. - The Lad Felix. A Tragedy of the Ne Temere.
000358-chrtheo: MINES, FLAVEL S. - A Presbyterian Clergyman Looking for the Church. By One of Three Hundred.
005432-psychia: MINSKI, LOUIS. - A Practical Handbook of Psychiatry for Students and Nurses.
009412-psygene: MISCHEL, THEODORE (ED). - Human Action Conceptual and Empirical Issues.
007865-psyhist: MISIAK, HENRYK, AND VIRGINIA STAUDT SEXTON. - History of Psychology
004819-psysoci: MITCHELL, WILLIAM. - Sociological Analysis and Politics. The Theories of Talcott Parsons.
005908-chrdevo: MITCHELL, THOMAS H. - The Drama of Life. A Series of Reflections Upon Shakespeare's "Seven Ages".
006533-chrstor: MITCHELL, RUTH. - Marion's Two Homes.
010094-mischis: MITCHINSON, WENDY. - The Nature of Their Bodies - Women and Their Doctors in Victorian Canada.
011756-chrstor: MITTON, G.E. - Animal Autobiographies - the Dog.
011612-psychoa: MOBERLY, ELIZABETH R. - The Psychology of Self and Other.
000996-chrpale: MODE, ROWLAND HECTOR. - He Shepherd's Me. The Twenty-Third Psalm Interpreted in Terms of Palestinian Life and Customs.
008136-chrhist: MOFFAT, JAMES. - The Presbyterian Churches.
002411-chrnewt: MOFFATT, JAMES. - An Introduction to the Literature of the New Testament.
004013-chrnewt: MOFFATT, JAMES. - The Approach to the New Testament.
008579-miscmed: MOFFATT, P. MCG. - Aids to Ophthalmology.
009271-miscsoc: MOKRE, HANS. - Das Versassungsrecht Der Osterreichischen Lander.
011924-chrtheo: MOLTMANN, JURGEN. - Theologie Van de Hoop. Studies over-de Grandslagen En de Konsekwenties Van Een Christelijke Eschatologie.
004423-miscmed: MONRAD-KROHN, G.H. - The Clinical Examination of the Nervous System.
011704-chreccl: MONSMA, MARTIN. - The New Revised Church Order Commentary - a Brief Explanation of the Church Order of the Christian Reformed Church.
012141-chrsoci: MONSMA, STEPHEN. - Responsible Technology - a Christian Perspective.
002068-chrmiss: MONTGOMERY, HELEN BARRETT. - From Jerusalem to Jerusalem.
009454-chrhist: MONTGOMERY, JOHN WARWICK. - The Quest for Noah's Ark. A Treasury of Documented Accounts from Ancient Times to the Present Day of Sightings of the Ark.
011835-chrstor: MONTGOMERY, L.M. - Mistress Pat - a Novel of Silver Bush.
011154-chrbiog: MONTGUERRE, JEAN-MARC. - St. Francis Xavier.
002334-chrbiog: MOODY, WILLIAM R. - The Life of Dwight L. Moody.
005406-ash: MOODY, WILLIAM R. - The Life of Dwight L. Moody.
008339-chrbiog: MOODY, WILLIAM R. - The Life of Dwight L. Moody.
008376-chrbiog: MOODY, JAMES. - Pious Remains of the Rev. James Moody, Late Minister of the Gospel at Warwick
011381-chrbiog: MOODY, WILLIAM R. - The Life of Dwight L. Moody.
002844-chrnewt: DE MOOR, J.C. - De Hemel Geopend. Predikatien over de Openbaring Van Johannes.
002852-chrserm: DE MOOR, J.C. - Genade Voor Genade. Predikatien Voor de Christelijke Vierdagen.
008698-chrnewt: DE MOOR, J.C. - De Hemel Geopend, de Openbaring Van Johannes.
000804-chrserm: MOORE, WILLIAM HENRY. - The Commandments of Men.
003106-chrhist: MOORE, EDWARD CALDWELL. - The New Testament in the Christian Church.
003925-chrhist: MOORE, EDWARD CALDWELL. - An Outline of the History of Christian Thought Since Kant.
004936-chrstor: MOORE, BERTHA. - The Triplets Sign Up.
005152-psyogen: MOORE, THOMAS VERNER. - Dynamic Psychology
006706-miscsoc: MOORE, WILLIAM HENRY. - By Their Fruits.
006998-chrserm: MOORE, WILLIAM HENRY. - The Commandments of Men.
007145-miscsoc: MOORE, WILLIAM H. - The Irresponsible Five. A New Family Compact.
007159-miscsoc: MOORE, WILIAM H. - Grey Days.
009274-ash: MOORE, BRIAN. - No Other Life.
003006-misctra: MOOREHEAD, ALAN. - No Room in the Ark.
010519-chrsoci: MOQUIST, TOD. - Nemesis and Fulness. Reinhold Niebuhr's Vision of History, 1927-1934.
000047-philoso: MORGAN, CHARLES. - Reflections in a Mirror. Second Series.
000263-psychil: MORGAN, JOHN J.B. - Child Psychology.
000435-psychia: MORGAN, JOHN J.B. - The Psychology of Abnormal People with Educational Applications.
001241-chroldt: MORGAN, CHARLES HERBERT, & THOMAS EDDY TAYLOR. - Studies in the Old Testament.
002119-chroldt: MORGAN, CHARLES HERBERT, & THOMAS EDDY TAYLOR. - Studies in the Old Testament.
004421-psychil: MORGAN, JOHN J.B. - The Psychology of the Unadjusted School Child.
004535-ash: MORGAN, T.J. - Book of Practical Television (How It Works).
005019-miscsoc: MORGAN, LEWIS. - Die Urgesellschaft [Ancient Society].
006883-psybiol: MORGAN, CLIFFORD T., & ELIOT STELLAR. - Physiological Psychology.
008134-chrtheo: MORGAN, W. - The Nature and Right of Religion.
008320-chrdevo: MORGAN, BERTHA ADDY. - "Loves Redeeming Work Is Done".
009979-chroldt: MORGAN, G. CAMPBELL. - The Analyzed Bible. The Book of Job.
010331-chrmiss: MORGAN, E.R. (ED). - Essays Catholic and Missionary.
011120-chroldt: MORGAN, G. CAMPBELL. - Studies in Malachi; Or "Wherein Have We Robbed God?".
011145-chrnewt: MORGAN, G. CAMPBELL. - The Birth of the Church.
010840-chrbiog: MORISSEAU, HENRI. - Un Apotre Canadien. Le Pere Arthus Guertin, Missionnaire Oblat de Marie-Immaculee, 1868-1932.
002018-ash: MORLEY, JOHN. - Recollections.
002019-ash: MORLEY, JOHN. - Walpole.
008573-miscmed: MORLEY, T.P. (ED). - Current Controversies in Neurosurgery.
000122-psysoci: MORRIS, ALBERT. - Criminology.
005477-chrnewt: MORRIS, LEON. - The First and Second Epistles to the Thessalonians.
000609-ash: MORRISON, CHARLES CLAYTON. - The Unfinished Reformation.
009518-chrserm: MORRISON, GEORGE H. - Twenty-Five Talks with Boys & Girls.
011271-chrserm: MORRISON, GEORGE H. - The Unlighted Lustre - Addresses from a Glasgow Pulpit.
011272-chrserm: MORRISON, GEORGE H. - Morning Sermons.
011273-chrserm: MORRISON, GEORGE H. - Highways of the Heart - a Series of Addresses.
011274-chrserm: MORRISON, GEORGE H. - The Gentle Art of Making Happy.
011860-chrserm: MORRISON, GEORGE H. - Highways of the Heart - a Series of Addresses.
011861-chrserm: MORRISON, GEORGE H. - The Wind on the Heath.
012369-chrdevo: MORRISON, GEORGE H. - Flood-Tide - Sunday Evening in a City Pulpit.
007045-chrhist: MORROW, E. LLOYD. - Church Union in Canada. Its History, Motives, Doctrine and Government.
010955-chrhist: MORROW, E. LLOYD. - Church Union in Canada - Its History, Motives, Doctrine and Government.
001925-ash: MORTON, H.V. - In the Steps of the Master.
004267-chrnewt: MORTON, R. RALPH. - The Twelve Together.
004581-chrpale: MORTON, H.V. - Through Lands of the Bible.
004582-ash: MORTON, H.V. - Through Lands of the Bible.
005442-psygene: MOSES, ELBER E. - A Guide to Effective Speaking.
009981-chrhist: MOSHEIM, JOHN LAURENCE VON. - Historical Commentaries on the State of Christianity During the First Three Hundred and Twenty-Five Years from the Christian.
005343-psychth: MOSS, C. SCOTT. - Hypnosis in Perspective.
012202-miscmed: MOSS, AARON A. - Hypnodontics Or Hypnosis in Dentistry.
011800-psygene: MOSTOFSKY, DAVID I. (ED). - Stimulus Generalization.
009329-miscbio: MOTLEY, JOHN LOTHROP. - The Life and Death of John Barneveld Advocate of Holland with a View of the Primary Causes and Movements of the Thirty Years'.
011490-chrnewt: MOULE, HANDLEY C.G. - The Second Epistle to Timothy
011932-chrtheo: MOULE, H.C.G. & T.W. DRURY. - English Church Teaching on Faith and Order.
003555-chrtheo: MOULTON, WILFRID J. - The Certainty of God.
010099-chrbiog: MOULTON. - James Hope Moulton.
010311-chroldt: MOULTON, WILFRID J. - The Witness of Israel.
007477-chrserm: MOUNTAIN, GEORGE JEHOSHAPHAT. - Sermons.
009645-chrserm: MOWATT, A.J. - Words of Life - Sermons By Rev. A.J. Mowatt Preached in St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, Fredericton, N.B. .
000013-psygene: MOWRER, O. HOBART. - Learning Theory and the Symbolic Process.
004369-ash: MOXON, P.R.A. - Gundogs
008366-ash: MOYER, JAMES A., JAMES P. CALDERWOOD, & AUDREY A. POTTER. - Elements of Engineering Thermodynamics.
000835-chrserm: MOZLEY, J.B. - Sermons Preached Before the University of Oxford and on Various Occasions.
001468-chrhist: MOZLEY, J.B. - The Beginnings of Christian Theology.
002120-chroldt: MOZLEY, J.B. - Ruling Ideas in Early Ages and Their Relation to Old Testament Faith.
007478-chrserm: MOZLEY, J.B. - Sermons Parochial and Occasional.
002970-psyhist: MUELLER, FERNAND-LUCIEN. - Histoire de la Psychologie de L'antiquite a Nos Jours.
012201-psychoa: MUHL, ANITA M. - Automatic Writing - an Approach to the Unconscious.
004128-miscbio: MUIR, JOHN. - The Story of My Boyhood and Youth.
007578-chrhist: MUIR, PEARSON M'ADAM. - The Church of Scotland. A Sketch of Its History.
010357-chrbiog: MUIR, AUGUSTUS. - John White, C.H. , D.D. , Ll. D,.
003616-chrchri: MUIRHEAD, LEWIS. - The Times of Christ.
002840-mischis: MULDER, LODEWIJK. - Handleiding Tot de Kennis Der Algemeene Geschiedenis.
000436-psychoa: MULLAHY, PATRICK. - Oedipus Myth and Complex. A Review of Psychoanalytic Theory.
001114-psychth: MULLAN, HUGH, & IRIS SANGIULIANO. - The Therapist's Contribution to the Treatment Process. His Person, Transactions and Treatment Methods.
001140-philoso: MULLER, MAX. - Chips from a German Workshop.
003129-psyhist: MULLER-FREIENFELS, RICHARD. - The Evolution of Modern Psychology.
003949-psysoci: MULLER-LYER, FRANZ. - The History of Social Development.
006487-chrtheo: MULLER, MAX. - Thoughts on Life and Religion. An Aftermath from the Writings of the Right Honourable Professor Max Muller.
009172-miscbio: MULLER, F. MAX. - Biographical Essays.
011655-miscbio: MULLER, F. MAX. - Ramakrishna - His Life and Sayings.
008294-chrstor: MULOCK, DINAH MARIA. - The Little Lame Prince.
010074-chrstor: MULOCK, DINAH MARIA. - My Mother and I. A Love Story.
007762-chrhist: MULROONEY, P.J. - St. Brigid's Parish. Toronto. 1920-1945.
001895-psychil: MUMFORD, EDITH E. READ. - The Dawn of Religion in the Mind of the Child. A Study of Child Life.
011733-chrhist: DE MUN, COMTE ALBERT. - Ma Vocation Sociale - Souvenir de la Fondation de L'ceuvre Des Cercles Catholiques D'ouvriers [1871-1875].
001852-chrnewt: MUNCK, JOHANNES (COMMENTATOR). - The Acts of the Apostles.
011674-chrnewt: MUNHALL, L.W. - The Highest Critics Vs. The Higher Critics.
000223-ash: MUNN, NORMAN L. - The Evolution and Growth of Human Behavior.
003747-ash: MUNN, NORMAN L. - The Evolution and Growth of Human Behavior.
008672-miscmed: MUNRO, DONALD. - The Treatment of Injuries to the Nervous System.
008828-chrdevo: MUNRO, KENNETH M. - Divine Optimism.
007280-psychoa: MUNROE, RUTH L. - Schools of Psychoanalytic Thought. An Exposition, Critique, and Attempt at Integration.
002624-psysoci: MUNSTERBERG, HUGO. - The Americans.
007281-psyhist: MUNSTERBERG, HUGO. - Psychology and Life.
000213-psygene: MURPHY, GARDNER. - Human Potentialities.
000451-ash: MURPHY, GARDNER (ED). - An Outline of Abnormal Psychology.
005826-chrchil: MURPHY, LOIS BARCLAY. - Personality in Young Children.
008775-psyhist: MURPHY, GARDNER. - Historical Introduction to Modern Psychology.
006184-chrdevo: MURRAY, LINDLEY. - The Power of Religion on the Mind, in Retirement, Affliction, and at the Approach of Death Exemplified in the Testimonies. . . .
008043-chrpsyc: MURRAY, J.A.C. - An Introduction to a Christian Psycho-Therapy.
010285-philoso: MURRAY, J. CLARK. - Outline of Sir William Hamilton's Philosophy. A Text-Book for Students.
010942-phiethi: MURRAY, J. CLARK. - An Introduction to Ethics.
011235-chrhist: MURRAY, JOHN. - The History of the Presbyterian Church in Cape Breton.
011533-phiethi: MURRAY, J. CLARK. - A Handbook of Christian Ethics.
001478-psyogen: MUSE, MAUDE B. - A Textbook of Psychology.
001842-chroldt: MYERS, JACOB M. (COMMENTATOR). - I & Ii Chronicles.
001850-chroldt: MYERS, JACOB M. (COMMENTATOR). - Erza & Nehemiah.
010056-chrbiog: MYERS, A.J. WM. - Horace Bushnell and Religious Education.
010699-psychia: MYERSON, ABRAHAM. - Speaking of Man.
012257-miscbio: NABAKOV, VLADIMIR. - Speak, Memory. An Autobiography Revisited.
000007-ash: NADEL, S.F. - The Foundations of Social Anthropology.
008719-miscsoc: NADER, GEORGE A. - Cities of Canada.
000508-chroldt: NAEGELSBACH, C. EDUARD. - Der Prophet Jeremia.
009478-miscmed: NAIB, ZUHER M. - Exfoliative Cytopathology.
003481-chrsoci: NAISH, REGINALD T. - The Midnight Hour and After!.
011588-psysexu: NAPHEYS, GEORGE H. - The Transmission of Life. Counsels on the Nature and Hygiene of the Masculine Functions.
004454-chrpsyc: NARRAMORE, CLYDE. - The Psychology of Counseling
003649-ash: NASH, ARNOLD S. (ED). - Protestant Thought in the Twentieth Century
010694-psyogen: NASMYTH, GEORGE. - Social Progress and the Darwinian Theory - a Study of Force As a Factor in Human Relations.
008611-psychia: NATHAN, PETER E. - Cues, Decisions, and Diagnoses
010688-chrbiog: NEEDHAM, GEO. C. (COMPILER & EDITOR). - The Life and Labors of Charles H. Spurgeon, the Faithful Preacher, the Devoted Pastor, the Noble Philanthropist, the.
002729-chrmiss: NEELY, THOMAS B. - South America
004565-chrdevo: NEIGHBOUR, R.E. - Gems of Gold.
007758-chrhist: MILLER A. NEIL. - Background and History of Brampton Presbyterian Church 1847-1940.
001356-psychil: NEILL, A.S. - Summerhill. A Radical Approach to Child Rearing.
003638-chrsoci: NEILL, STEPHEN. - The Christian Society.
009570-chrtheo: NEILSON, WILLIAM ALLAN. - Intellectual Honesty and Other Addresses - Being Mainly Chapel Talks at Smith College.
000170-psysexu: NELSON, ADIE, & BARRIE W. ROBINSON. - Gigolos and Madames Bountiful. Illusions of Gender, Power, and Intimacy.
009983-chrdevo: NELSON, RUTH YOUNGDAHL. - God's Song in My Heart. Daily Devotions for Women.
010815-chrtheo: NELSON, DAVID. - The Cause and Cure of Infidelity Including a Notice of Author's Unbelief and the Means of His Rescue.
007230-miscmed: NETTER, FRANK N. - The Ciba Collection of Medical Illustrations. Volume I
011614-psychth: NEU, JEROME. - Emotion, Thought & Therapy - a Study of Hume and Spinoza and the Relationship of Philosophical Theories of the Emotions to.
004359-mischum: NEUGEBAUER, RUDOLF, & JULIUS ORENDI. - Handbuch Der Orientalischen Teppichkunde.
000623-psychia: NEUMANN, JOHANNES. - Der Nervose Charakter Und Seine Heilung.
011007-chroldt: NEUMARK, DAVID. - The Philosophy of the Bible.
002767-psychia: NEUSTATTER, W. LINDESAY. - Modern Psychiatry in Practice.
004219-ash: NEWBOLT, HENRY. - Studies Green and Gray.
010578-psygene: NEWCOMB, THEODORE M. (ED). - New Directions in Psychology.
009107-miscmed: NEWFIELD, PHILIPPA, AND JAMES E. COTTRELL (EDS). - Handbook of Neuroanesthesia
005796-chrtheo: NEWMAN, JOHN HENRY. - On the Scope and Nature of University Education.
006403-chrpale: NEWMAN, J.P. - "from Dan to Beersheba;" Or, the Land of Promise As It Now Appears. Including a Description of. . . That Wonderful Land.
009433-chrtheo: NEWPORT, JOHN P. - Theology and Contemporary Art Forms.
012287-chrtheo: NEWPORT, JOHN P. - Life's Ultimate Questions - a Contemporary Philosophy of Religion.
009381-miscmed: NEWSHOLME, ARTHUR. - Evolution of Preventive Medicine.
003045-phiethi: NEWSOM, G.E. - The New Morality.
004129-ash: NEWTON, A. EDWARD. - The Greatest Book in the World and Other Papers.
012253-chrtheo: NEWTON, THOMAS. - Dissertations on the Prophecies, Which Have Remarkably Been Fulfilled and at This Time Are Fulfilling in the World.
012357-chrbiog: NEWTON, JOSEPH FORT. - David Swing Poet-Preacher.
003932-chrnewt: NICHOLLS, BENJAMIN ELLIOTT. - Help to the Reading of the Bible.
007808-chrtheo: NICHOLS, JAMES R. - Whence, What, Where? a View of the Origin, Nature, and Destiny of Man.
001677-chrserm: NICHOLSON, CECIL. - The Wonderful City. Twenty-Six Addresses to Children.
001702-ash: NICOLL, W. ROBERTSON. - `Ian Maclaren' Life of the Rev. John Watson D.D. .
002141-chrserm: NICOLL, W. ROBERTSON. - Letters on Life.
006926-chrtheo: NICOLL, W. ROBERTSON. - The Church's One Foundation. Christ and Recent Criticism.
006928-chrbiog: NICOLL, W. ROBERTSON. - `Ian Maclaren' Life of the Rev. John Watson D.D. .
009904-chrserm: NICOLL, W. ROBERTSON. - Reunion in Eternity.
009905-chrserm: NICOLL, W. ROBERTSON. - The Seen and the Unseen.
009906-chrserm: NICOLL, W. ROBERTSON. - People and Books.
009910-chrserm: NICOLL, W. ROBERTSON. - The Seven Words from the Cross.
011139-chrdevo: NICOLL, W. ROBERTSON. - The Lamb of God - Exposition in the Writings of St. John.
003636-chrsoci: NIEBUHR, REINHOLD. - Pious and Secular America.
011649-chrtheo: NIESEL, WILHELM. - Reformed Symbolics - a Comparison of Catholicism, Orthodoxy, and Protestantism.
008501-miscedu: NIETZ, JOHN A. - The Evolution of American Secondary School Textbooks. Rhetoric & Literature, Algebra, Geometry, Natural History (Zoology),.
008671-chrhist: NIEUWBARN, M.C. - Church Symbolism - a Treatise on the General Symbolism and Iconography of the Roman Catholic Church Edifice.
002867-chroldt: NIEUWHUIS, W.H. - De Schepping En de Zondvloed.
009582-psychil: NIJHAWAN, H.K. - Anxiety in School Children.

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