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011772-chrdevo: CUYLER, THEODORE L. - God's Light on Dark Clouds.
011853-chrserm: CUYLER, THEO. L. - Hart Leven.
011388-chrstor: DA COSTA, ISAAC. - Da Costa's Kompleete Dichtwerken.
011977-chrtheo: DA COSTA, ISAAC. - Bijbellezingen.
010158-chroldt: DACHSEL, K. AUG. - Bijbel, of de Geheele Heilige Schrift Bevattende Al de Kanonieke Boeken Van Het Oude Testament. . . .
001593-chroldt: DALE, ROBERT WILLIAM. - The Ten Commandments.
010798-chrbiog: DALE, A.W.W. - The Life of R.W. Dale of Birmingham.
011854-chroldt: DALE, ROBERT WILLIAM. - The Ten Commandments.
007626-chrhist: DALES, JOHN B., & R.M. PATTERSON (EDS). - Report of Proceedings of the Second General Council of the Presbyterian Alliance, Convened at Philadelphia, September 1880.
012261-chrbiog: DALLIMORE, ARNOLD A. - George Whitefield - the Life and Times of the Great Evangelist of the Eighteenth-Century Revival.
008731-mischis: DALTON, ROY C. - The Jesuits' Estates Question 1760-1888 - a Study of the Background for the Agitation of 1889.
012170-chrdevo: DANHOF, H., & H. HOEKSEMA. - Van Zonde En Genade.
006480-chrbiog: DANIELL, G.W. - Bishop Wilberforce.
011229-chreccl: DARGAN, EDWIN CHARLES. - A History of Preaching
009355-psybiol: DARLINGTON, C.D. - The Evolution of Genetic Systems.
008133-chrbiog: DARLOW, T.H. - William Robertson Nicoll. Life and Letters.
009861-chrbiog: DARLOW, T.H. - William Robertson Nicoll - Life and Letters.
007054-psyogen: DASHIELL, JOHN FREDERICK. - Fundamentals of Objective Psychology.
007854-chrhymn: DATE, HENRY (COMPILER). - Pentecostal Hymns Nos 5 and 6 Combined. A Winnowed Collection for Young People's Societies, Church Prayer Meetings,.
005233-chrstor: DAVENPORT, EMMA. - Constance and Nellie; Or, the Lost Will.
009135-chrstor: DAVENPORT, EMMA. - The Happy Holidays; Or, Brothers and Sisters at Home.
007533-chrdevo: DAVIDSON, J.THAIN. - Forewarned, Forearmed.
010275-chroldt: DAVIDSON, A.B. - The Theology of the Old Testament.
010308-chroldt: DAVIDSON, A.B. - Old Testament Prophecy.
010309-chrtheo: DAVIDSON, A.B. - The Called of God.
010310-chrtheo: DAVIDSON, A.B. - Biblical and Literary Essays.
002571-chrscie: DAVIES, PAUL. - God and the New Physics.
000332-ash: DAVIS, PATRICIA A. - Suicidal Adolescents.
001303-psychil: DAVIS, MARION QUINLAN. - A Plan for Growing Up. The Blue Book for Building Better Lives.
002370-psychia: DAVIS, D. RUSSELL. - An Introduction to Psychopathology.
007103-psychil: DAVIS, CAROL. - Room to Grow. A Study of Parent-Child Relationships.
009236-chrmiss: DAVIS, RAYMOND J. - Swords in the Desert.
010434-chreccl: DAVIS, HENRY GRADY. - Design for Preaching.
011598-psychia: DAVIS, JOHN M., & DAVID GREENBLANT (EDS). - Psychopharmacology Update
009113-chrstor: DAVISON, MARY. - Little Solomon and Her Friends.
001050-chrdevo: DAWSON, W.J. - The Empire of Love.
001708-chrbiog: DAWSON, LAWRENCE H. - A Book of Saints.
002902-chrserm: DAWSON, W.J. - The Church of to-Morrow. Addresses Delivered in the United and Canada During the Autumn of 1891.
003504-chrscie: DAWSON, W. BELL. - The Bible, Science and Superstition.
008214-chrserm: DAWSON, W.J. - The Evangelistic Note.
008223-chrscie: DAWSON, J.W. - The Story of the Earth and Man.
011053-chrbiog: DAWSON, E.C. - James Hannington D.D. , F.L. S. , F.R. G.S. First Bishop of Eastern Equatorial Africa a History of His Life and Work 1847-1885.
011529-chrscie: DAWSON, J. WILLIAM. - Nature and the Bible. A Course of Lectures Delivered in New York, in December, 1874, on the Morse Foundation of the Union.
011530-chrscie: DAWSON, J. WILLIAM. - Modern Ideas of Evolution As Related to Revelation and Science.
006240-miscsci: DAY, JEREMIAH. - An Introduction to Algebra, Being the First Part of a Course of Mathematics, Adapted to. . . Instruction in the American Colleges.
008759-chrstor: DAY, THOMAS. - The History of Sandford and Merton.
010784-chrstor: DAY, BONNIE. - Observations on War and Other Poems.
010989-chrstor: DAY, BONNIE. - This Life One Leaf. Collected Poems By Bonnie Day.
008110-chrhist: DEANESLY, MARGARET. - A History of the Medieval Church 590-1500.
011500-chrnewt: DEARDEN, H.W. - Modern Romanism Examined.
010544-chrnewt: DEISSMANN, ADOLF. - Licht Vom Osten. Das Neue Testament Und Die Neuentdeckten Texte Der Hellenistisch-Romischen Welt.
003700-chrsoci: DEKOSTER, LESTER. - All Ye That Labor. An Essay on Christianity, Communism, and the Problem of Evil.
009480-miscmed: DELELLIS, RONALD A. (ED). - Diagnostic Immunohistochemistry.
011573-chroldt: DELITZSCH, FRANZ. - A New Commentary on Genesis.
011574-chroldt: DELITZSCH, FRANZ. - A New Commentary on the Book of Job.
006636-chrhymn: DEMILLE, C.W. (CHAIRMAN). - The Canadian Youth Hymnal (with Music).
012146-chrsoci: DENGERINK, JAN. - The Idea of Justice in Christian Perspective.
006088-miscsoc: DENISON, WALTER W. - Denison's Manual of Companies, Being the Practice of the Department of the Provincial Secretary of Ontario. . . .
005925-chrchri: DENNEY, JAMES. - Jesus and the Gospel
001424-psygene: DENNIS, WAYNE (ED). - Readings in General Psychology.
008371-psygene: DENNIS, WAYNE (ED). - Readings in General Psychology.
002195-miscmed: DENSLOW, L.N. - A Surgical Treatment of Locomotor Ataxia.
009084-miscmed: DENSON, K.W.E. - The Use of Antibodies in the Study of Blood Coagulation.
006528-psychoa: DEUTSCH, HELENE. - Neuroses and Character Types. Clinical Psychoanalytic Studies.
008045-chroldt: DEUTSCH, EMANUEL. - Literary Remains of the Late Emanuel Deutsch.
010340-chroldt: DEVINE, MINOS. - Ecclesiastes Or the Confessions of an Adventurous Soul - a Pratical Application of the Book of Koheleth Called.
005436-psychil: DEVLIN, WILLIAM J. - Psychodynamics of Personality Development.
011787-psychia: DEWAN, JOHN G. & WILLIAM B. SPAULDING. - The Organic Psychoses - a Guide to Diagnosis.
008555-chrtheo: DEWART, EDWARD HARTLEY. - Priestly Pretensions Disproved; Or, Methodism and the Church of England.
000747-chrserm: DEWHURST, FREDERIC E. - The Investment of Truth and Other Sermons.
008634-psyhist: DIAMOND, SOLOMON (ED). - The Roots of Psychology. A Sourcebook in the History of Ideas.
009722-psypers: DIAMOND, SOLOMON. - Personality and Temperament.
012378-chrnewt: DICE, A. - The Revelation - a Book for to-Day.
001164-chrpsyc: DICKERSON, ROY E. - Understanding Myself.
008162-chrdevo: DICKINSON, RICHARD W. - Religion. Teaching By Example
005892-psychia: DIETHELM, OSKAR. - Treatment in Psychiatry.
004268-chrdevo: DE DIETRICH, SUZANNE. - Free Men. Meditations on the Bible Today.
001152-chreccl: DIFFENDORFER, RALPH E. (ED). - The World Service of the Methodist Episcopal Church.
002876-chrtheo: DIJK, K. - Het Profetische Woord (de Leer Der Inspiratie).
004700-chroldt: DIJK, K. - Lijden En Loven. Het Boek Job in Schriftoverdenkingen.
010897-chrtheo: DIJK, K. - Over de Laatste Dingen
011162-chrtheo: DIJK, K. - Over de Laatste Dingen
011174-chreccl: DIJK, K - De Dienst Der Kerk.
011974-chroldt: DIJK, K. - Lijden En Loven. Het Boek Job in Schriftoverdenkingen.
012051-chrtheo: DIJK, K. - Over de Laatste Dingen
004509-chrmiss: DILLISTONE, F.W. - Christianity and Communication.
010800-philoso: DILTHEY, WILHELM. - Gesammelte Schriften.
010891-mischum: DINOTA, ANDREA. - Art Plastic Designed for Living.
002212-ash: DOBSON, JAMES. - Emotions Can You Trust Them?.
003296-chrbiog: DOBSON, JAMES O. - The Little Poor Man of Assisi. A Consideration of the Life and Significance of St. Francis.
004511-ash: DOBSON, J.O. - Worship.
005734-psygene: DOCKERAY, FLOYD C. - Psychology.
012187-chrtheo: DODDRIDGE, PHILIP. - Practical Discourses on Regeneration, in Ten Sermons. Preached at Northampton and Published at the Earnest Request of Many That.
010668-ash: DODGE, MARY MAPES. - Donald and Dorothy.
001379-chrnewt: DODS, MARCUS. - The First Epistle to the Corinthians.
001791-chrnewt: DODS, MARCUS. - The Bible. Its Origin and Nature.
003938-chroldt: DODS, MARCUS. - The Book of Genesis.
005314-chroldt: DODS, MARCUS. - The Book of Genesis.
006435-chrdevo: DODS, MARCUS. - The Prayer That Teaches to Pray.
006577-chrdevo: DODS, MARCUS. - The Prayer That Teaches to Pray.
006860-chrbiog: DODS, MARCUS. - Later Letters of Marcus Dods, D.D. Late Principal of New College, Edinburgh (1895-1909).
008119-chrnewt: DODS, MARCUS. - An Introduction to the New Testament.
009818-chrdevo: DODS, MARCUS. - The Prayer That Teaches to Pray.
009878-chrnewt: DODS, MARCUS. - The Parables of Our Lord
011140-chrnewt: DODS, MARCUS. - The Bible. Its Origin and Nature - Seven Lectures Delivered Before Lake Forest College on the Foundation of the Late.
011498-chroldt: DODS, MARCUS. - Israel's Iron Age Or Sketches from the Period of the Judges.
011989-chrnewt: DOEKES, G. - De Beteekenis Van Israels Val. Commentaar Op Romeinen Ix-Xi.
000301-psychth: DOLLARD, JOHN, & NEAL E. MILLER. - Personality and Psychotherapy.
012341-chrdevo: DOLLARD, JAMES B. - Poems.
004443-chrpsyc: DOMINIAN, J. - Psychiatry and the Christian.
004444-chrpsyc: DONIGER, SIMON (ED). - Sex and Religion Today.
005580-chrdevo: DONNER, J.H. (VOORAF VAN). - De Bijbelsche Beschiedenis Aan Kinderen Verhaald.
010569-psyogen: DONOVAN, H.C. - The Brain Book and How to Read It. Being an Exposition of Phrenology in Theory and Practice.
012152-chrtheo: O'DONOVAN, OLIVER. - Peace and Certainty - a Theological Essay on Deterrence.
012007-chrtheo: DOOYEWEERD, HERMAN. - In the Twilight of Western Thought. Studies in the Pretended Autonomy of Philosophical Thought.
012139-chrtheo: DOOYEWEERD, HERMAN. - In the Twilight of Western Thought - Studies in the Pretended Autonomy of Philosophical Thought.
011635-chrtheo: DOOYEWEERD, HERMAN. - In the Twilight of Western Thought. Studies in the Pretended Autonomy of Philosophical Thought.
012188-chrdevo: DORCHESTER, DANIEL. - The Problem of Religious Progress.
004513-chrserm: DORRITY, D., ROBERTS, J.E., A.S. PEAKE, GEORGE JACKSON, GEORGE SHILLITO, & J.E. ADAMSON. - Our Common Faith. Addresses By Five Nonconformists, Delivered By Invitation of the Rector in St. Ann's Church, Manchester.
001449-psyogen: DORSEY, GEORGE A. - Why We Behave Like Human Beings.
011430-psygene: DORSEY, JOHN M. - Psychology of Emotion. Self Discipline By Conscious Emotional Continence.
012330-chrdevo: DOTY, THOS. K. - The Two=Fold Gift of the Holy Ghost.
009661-chrstor: DOUDNEY, SARAH. - Nothing But Leaves.
005243-chrhist: DOUGLASS, H. PAUL. - Church Unity Movements in the United States.
004742-chroldt: DOUMA, J. - De Nachtgezichten Van Zacharia.
011161-chroldt: DOUMA, J. - De Nachtgezichten Van Zacharia.
011928-chrbiog: DOUMERGUE, E. - Calvijn's Jeugd / Calvijn in Het Strijdperk / Calvijn En Geneve.
000125-psysoci: DOW, GROVE SAMUEL. - Society and Its Problems. An Introduction to the Principles of Sociology.
004483-chrtheo: DOW, JOHN. - This Is Our Faith. An Exposition of the Statement of Faith of the United Church of Canada.
007356-chrbiog: DOW, JOHN. - Alfred Gandier. Man of Vision and Achievement.
008440-chrtheo: DOWLING, MORGAN E. - Reason and Ingersollism.
002582-ash: DRAPER, JOHN WILLIAM. - Thoughts on the Future Civil Policy of America.
011817-chrstor: DREWSON, M.E. - Frances Grey's Decision
006011-chrtheo: DREXELIUS, JEREMIAS. - The Heliotropium ("Turning to Him") Or Conformity of the Human Will to the Divine.
002102-chroldt: DRIVER, SAMUEL ROLLES. - An Introduction to the Literature of the Old Testament.
002103-chroldt: DRIVER, SAMUEL ROLLES. - An Introduction to the Literature of the Old Testament.
003724-chrmiss: DROWN, FRANK & MARIE. - Mission to the Head Hunters.
012317-chrserm: DRUKKER, DERK D. - The Beauty of the Lord and Other Sermons - a Selection of Sermons Preached By the Reverend D.R. Drukker.
001903-chrserm: DRUMMOND, HENRY. - The Ideal Life and Other Unpublished Addresses.
002311-ash: DRUMMOND, WILLIAM HENRY. - Johnnie Courteau and Other Poems.
002882-chrtheo: DRUMMOND, ROBERT J. - The Relation of the Apostolic Teaching to the Teaching of Christ.
008019-ash: DRUMMOND, HENRY. - Natural Law in the Spiritual World.
008166-chrserm: DRUMMOND, HENRY. - The New Evangelism and Other Papers.
009849-chrserm: DRUMMOND, HENRY. - The New Evangelism and Other Papers.
010375-chrbiog: DRUMMOND, MARGARET MARY. - The Life and Times of Margaret Bourgeoys (the Venerable).
008752-ash: DUCHAMEL, GEORGES. - Le Notaire Du Havre.
010166-chrmiss: DUCHAUSSOIS, P. - The Grey Nuns in the Far North (1867-1917).
011300-chrhymn: DUFFIELD, SAMUEL WILLOUGHY. - English Hymns
012350-chrhymn: DUFFIELD, SAMUEL WILLOUGHBY. - The English Hymns
012349-chrhymn: DUFFIELD, SAMUEL WILLOUGHBY. - The Latin Hymn-Writers and Their Hymns.
008985-psygene: DUIJKER, H.C.J., AND N.H. FRIJDA. - National Character and National Stereotypes - a Trend Report Prepared for the International Union of Scientific.
011262-miscbio: DUNBAR, PAUL LAURENCE. - Joggin' Erlong.
000341-chrmiss: DUNCAN, JESSIE. - Life in India.
005711-chreccl: DUNCAN, LESLIE H. - The Art of Teaching.
011816-chrbiog: DUNCAN, T. BENTLEY. - A Missionary Arrives in Brazil.
012073-chrdevo: DUNDORE, PAUL J. - The Compulsion of Love Or Jesus and the Woman at the Well.
008300-chrdevo: DUNKERLEY, RODERIC (ED). - God's Promises.
008392-chrhist: DUPUY, PAUL. - Villemarie. Petites Fleurs Religieuses Du Vieux Montreal.
010464-chrstor: DURIEZ, COLIN (ED). - Workshop Ii.
009049-philoso: DURR, KARL. - Metaphysik Und Wissenschaftliche Philosophie.
004323-chrserm: VAN DUSEN, HENRY P., & NILS EHRENSTROM (EDS). - The Christian Hope and the Task of the Church. Six Ecumenical Surveys and the Report of the Assembly.
001882-ash: DUTT, R. PALME. - The Problem of India.
012157-chrsoci: DUVENAGE, SCHALK CARL WILLEM. - Kerk, Volk En Jeug Deel I - Die Verhouding Van Kerk Tot Volk 'n Histories-Prinsipiele Studie.
008528-chrdevo: DWIGHT, THEODORE. - The Father's Book; Or Suggestions for the Government and Instruction of Young Children on Principles Appropriate to A.
009959-chrtheo: DYCK, CORNELIUS J. (ED). - The Witness of the Holy Spirit - Proceedings of the Eighth Mennonite World Conference, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, July.
009968-chrtheo: DYCK, CORNELIUS J. (ED). - The Lordship of Christ - Proceedings of the Seventh Mennonite World Conference, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, August 1-7, 1962.
002050-chrstor: VAN DYKE, HENRY. - The Ruling Passion. Tales of Nature and Human Nature.
002807-chrserm: VAN DYKE, HENRY. - Little Rivers. A Book of Essays in Profitable Idleness.
004022-ash: VAN DYKE, HENRY. - Out-of-Doors Holy Land.
011198-miscsoc: DYMOND, M.J. (ED). - The Canadian Woman's Legal Guide.
009407-miscmed: EAGLES, ELDON L., SAMUEL M. WISHIK, AND LEO G. DOERFLER. - Hearing Sensitivity and Ear Disease in Children
005511-ash: EAKIN, MILDRED MOODY. - Teaching Junior Boys and Girls.
005917-ash: EASTON, JOHN. - British Postage Stamp Design.
009626-ash: EASTON, DAVID. - A Framework for Political Analysis.
009020-psychil: EBERSOLE, MARYLOU, NEWELL C. KEPHART, AND JAMES B. EBERSOLE. - Steps to Achievement for the Slow Learner.
000627-chreccl: EBY, BENJAMIN (ED). - Christliches Gemutsgesprach Vom Seligmarhenden Glauben Fur Die Jugend. . . ; Und Ein Glaubensbekenntnis Der Mennoniten.
004515-chrsoci: ECKARDT, A. ROY. - The Surge of Piety in America. An Appraisal.
011480-chrhist: ECKENSTEIN, LINA. - Woman Under Monasticism. Chapters on Saint-Lore and Convent Life between A.D. 500 and A.D. 1500.
001491-philoso: EDDINGTON, ARTHUR STANLEY. - Science and the Unseen World.
001248-chrhist: EDDY, MARY BAKER. - The First Church of Christ Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts.
001249-chrserm: EDDY, MARY BAKER. - Retrospection and Introspection.
001252-chrserm: EDDY, MARY BAKER. - Unity of Good. Rudimental Divine Science. No and Yes. Retrospection and Introspection.
002589-chrserm: EDDY, MARY BAKER. - Christian Science Versus Pantheism and Other Messages to the Mother Church.
003035-chrserm: EDDY, MARY BAKER. - Rudimental Divine Science / No and Yes.
006305-chrserm: EDDY, MARY BAKER. - The First Church of Christ Scientist and Miscellany.
004741-chroldt: EDELKOORT, A.H. - Micha. De Profeet Vol Recht En Geldenmoed.
011384-chroldt: EDELKOORT, A.H. - De Christus Vervachting in Het Oude Testament.
011138-chrbiog: EDEN, HORATIA K.F. - Juliana Horatia Ewing and Her Books.
011107-chrstor: EDGEWORTH, MARIA. - Rosamond
010901-chrtheo: EDGHILL, ERNEST A. - Faith and Fact - a Study of Ritschlianism Being the Essay for the Norrisian Prize, 1908.
007598-chrhist: EDINBOROUGH, ARNOLD (ED). - The Enduring Word, a Centennial History of Wycliffe College.
002474-chreccl: EDLAND, ELISABETH. - Children's Dramatizations.
006799-chrsoci: EDWARDS, THEODORE, & BLASE BONPANE. - Marxism and Christianity
009038-miscmed: EDWARDS, DAVID G. (ED). - Drugs Affecting Kidney Function and Metabolism.
012321-chrhist: EDWARDS, F.G. - The History of Mendelssohn's Oratorio 'elijah'.
011407-chrhist: EGGINKSZ, A. - Ewiet Gerritsz, de Goudsche Chirurgijn En Zijn Woelige Omgeving.
001176-chrpsyc: EGGLESTON, MARGARET W. - Faith Or Fear in Child Training.
000276-psybiol: EIBL-EIBESFELDT, IRENAUS. - Ethology the Biology of Behavior.
009593-psysoci: EIBL-EIBESFELDT, IRENAUS. - The Biology of Peace and War - Men, Animals, and Agression.
002765-miscsoc: ELIOT, CHARLES. - A Late Harvest. Miscellaneous Papers Written between Eighty and Ninety.
002918-chrhist: ELIZABETH, CHARLOTTE. - Judaea Capta.
000277-ash: ELKIND, DAVID. - The Hurried Child
004965-chrnewt: ELLICOTT, CHARLES JOHN. - A Critical and Grammatical Commentary on St. Paul's Epistle to the Galatians, with a Revised Translation.
006428-chrnewt: ELLICOTT, CHARLES JOHN. - A Critical and Grammatical Commentary on St. Paul's Epistle to the Galatians, with a Revised Translation.
001084-chrdevo: ELLIOTT, HARRISON S. - How Jesus Met Life Questions.
011509-chrdevo: ELLIOTT, SPENCER H. - When Trouble Comes.
000167-ash: ELLIS, HAVELOCK. - The Dance of Life.
001764-psysexu: ELLIS ===>> GROSSKURTH, PHYLLIS. - Havelock Ellis.
005223-psyogen: ELLIS, ROBERT. - The Psychology of Individual Differences.
011365-psysexu: ELLIS, ALBERT. - The Intelligent Woman's Guide to Dating and Mating.
011398-chrold: ELLIS, E. EARLE. - Paul's Use of the Old Testament.
011714-chrtheo: ELLIS, E. EARLE. - Prophecy and Hermeneutic in Early Christianity - New Testament Essays.
011820-chrbiog: ELLIS, J.J. - Mary Slessor - the Dundee Factory Girl Who Became a Devoted African Missionary; Jeanie Gilchrist - Pioneer Missionary to the.
008181-chroldt: ELLSWORTH, E.E. - Children of the Old Testament.
012002-chrsoci: ELLUL, JACQUES. - Living Faith. Belief and Doubt in a Perilous World.
012005-chrsoci: ELLUL, JACQUES. - The Technological System.
004490-chroldt: ELMSLIE, W.A.L. - How Came Our Faith. A Study of the Relgion of Israel and Its Significance for the Modern World.
004823-chrhist: ELTON, G.E. - Reform and Reformation. England 1509-1558.
010545-miscsoc: ELY, RICHARD T., THOMAS S. ADAMS, MAX O. LORENZ, & ALLYN A. YOUNG. - Outlines of Economics.
011134-chrsoci: ELY, RICHARD T. - Social Aspects of Christianinty, and Other Essays.
011687-chrsoci: ELY, RICHARD T. - The Social Law of Service.
005728-psychil: ENDLER, NORMAN S., LAWRENCE R. BOULTER, & HARRY OSSER. - Contemporary Issues in Developmental Psychology.
008896-psypers: ENDLER, NORMAN S., AND DAVID MAGNUSSON (EDS). - Interactional Psychology and Personality.
009976-phiethi: ENGBERG-PEDERSEN, TROELS. - Aristotle's Theory of Moral Insight.
000017-psychia: ENGLISH, O. SPURGEON, & GERALD H.J. PEARSON. - Emotional Problems of Living.
001312-ash: ENGLISH, O. SPURGEON, & GERALD H.J. PEARSON. - Emotional Problems of Living. Avoiding the Neurotic Pattern.
001951-chrbiog: ENGLISH, JAMES W. - Handyman of the Lord
002768-psychia: ENGLISH, O. SPURGEON, & GERALD H.J. PEARSON. - Common Neuroses of Children and Adults.
009217-chrbiog: ENGSTROM, THEODORE W. - The Real Mckoy.
005397-chreccl: EPP, DIETRICH H. - Kurze Erklarungen U. Erlauterungen Zum "Katechismus Der Christlichen, Tausgesinnten Gemeinden So Mennoniten Genannt W. . ".
002586-chrnewt: ERDMAN, CHARLES R. - The First Epistle of Paul to the Corinthians. An Exposition.
002694-chrnewt: ERDMAN, CHARLES R. - Your Bible and You.
005479-chrnewt: ERDMAN, CHARLES R. - The Acts. An Exposition.
000302-psychoa: ERIKSON, ERIK H. - Insight and Responsibility
002525-psychil: ERIKSON, ERIK H. - Identity Youth and Crisis.
001767-psysexu: ERNST, MORRIS L., & DAVID LOTH. - American Sexual Behavior and the Kinsey Report.
000166-psysexu: ERSKINE, MRS. MONTEITH [CICELY]. - Sex at Choice.
007910-psyhist: ESPER, ERWIN A. - A History of Psychology.
004047-chrbiog: ESPINASSE, FRANCIS. - Life and Writings of Ernest Renan.
008964-chrtheo: EUCKEN, RUDOLF. - The Truth of Religion.
002795-miscmed: EULER, H. - Lehrbuch Der Zahnheilkunde.
003009-psychoa: EVANS, RICHARD I. - Dialogue with Erik Erikson.
007819-chrtheo: EVANS, JOHN. - A Sketch of the Denominations of the Christian World, to Which Is Prefixed an Outline of Atheism, Deism, Theophilanthropism,.
011944-chrstor: EVANS WILSON, AUGUSTA J. - Vashti Or "Until Death Us Do Part".
007877-chrdevo: EVERARD, GEORGE. - Lys Og Skjon. En Bog for Unge Koinder.
006228-chrstor: EVERETT-GREEN, EVELYN. - Old Miss Audrey.
008063-chrstor: EVERETT-GREEN, EVELYN. - Gladys Or Gwenyth. The Story of a Mistake.
009663-chrstor: EVERETT-GREEN, EVELYN. - The Eversley Secrets.
007114-miscsoc: EWART, JOHN S. - The Kingdom of Canada Imperial Federation, the Colonial Conferences the Alaska Boundary and Other Essays.
005130-chrstor: EWING, JULIANA HORATIA. - Six to Sixteen.
006900-chrhymn: EXCELL, E.O., & WILLIAM EDWARD BIEDERWOLF (EDS). - Make Christ King. A Selection of High Class Gospel Music for Use in General Worship and Special Evangelistic Meetings.
000303-psychia: EYSENCK, HANS. - Handbook of Abnormal Psychology.
010948-chrchri: FABER, FREDERICK WILLIAM. - Bethlehem.
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003442-chrtheo: HERMANN, E. - Eucken and Bergson. Their Significance for Christian Thought.
005075-chrbiog: HERMANT, R.P. LEON. - Le Serviteur de Dieu. Vital-Justin Grandin, Oblat de Marie Immaculee, Misionnaire Des Indiens, Premier Eveque de. . .
009948-chrsoci: HERNLEY, H. RALPH. - The Compassionate Community - a Collection of Lectures Presented at Conferences of the Association of Mennonite Aid.
004853-chrnewt: HERR, JOHN. - The Illustrating Mirror; Or a Fundamental Illustration of Christ's Sermon on the Mount.
011633-psychia: HERRING, JOHN P. - Herring Revision of the Binet-Simon Tests. Examination Manual
004389-psychil: HERRMANN, THEO (ED). - Psychologie Der Erziehungsstile. Braunschweiger Symposion Uber Erziehungsstile (28. 3. -31. 3. 1966).
011596-psychth: HERRON, WILLIAM G. & SHEILA ROUSLIN. - Issues in Psychotherapy.
010136-chrdevo: HERVEY, JAMES. - De Tyd Van Gevaar, En de Middelen Ter Beveiliging; Nevens de Weg Tot Heiligheid
007908-psygene: HERZOG, THOMAS. - Research Methods and Data Analysis in the Social Sciences.
010035-chrbiog: HESS, JOSEPH F. - Out of Darkness Into Light; Or, the Story of My Life.
000447-psychoa: HEUSCHER, JULIUS E. - A Psychiatric Study of Fairy Tales Their Origin, Meaning and Usefulness.
000921-chrhist: HEUSSI, KARL. - Kompendium Der Kirchengeschichte.
010632-chrtheo: VAN DEN HEUVEL, A.J. - Een Eersteling Uit Israel, de H. Doop Toegediend Aan Een Bekeerden Israeliet.
001657-chreccl: HEWITT, ARTHUR WENTWORTH. - Highland Shepherds. A Book of the Rural Pastorate.
004787-ash: HEXTER, JACK H. - The Vision of Politics on the Eve of the Reformation. More, Machiavelli, and Seyssel.
010217-chreccl: HEYNS, W. - Homiletiek (Theoretisch Deel), Dictaat Voor de Theologishe School Der Christelijke Gereformeerde Kerk in Amerika.
010774-chrchri: HICK, GEO. E. - John the Baptist - the Neglected Prophet.
007622-chrdevo: HICKMAN, R.G. - Waters of Comfort.
003071-chrhist: HIGHAM, FLORENCE. - Faith of Our Fathers. The Men and Movements of the Seventeenth Century.
004927-ash: HIGHAM, FLORENCE. - Frederick Denison Maurice.
009075-misclit: HILDEBRAND [NICOLAAS BEETS]. - Camera Obscura Van Hildebrand.
011400-chrtheo: HILGENFELD, A. - Die Judische Apokalyptik in Ihrer Geschichtlichen Entwickelung - Ein Beitrag Zur Vorgeschichte Des Christenthums . . .
011315-chrserm: HILL, J. EDGAR. - Queen Charity and Othe Sermons.
006571-chrpsyc: HILLIS, NEWELL DWIGHT. - The Quest of Happiness. A Study of Victory over Lifes Troubles.
006673-ash: HILLIS, NEWELL DWIGHT. - Great Men As Prophets of a New Era.
010065-ash: HILLIS, NEWELL DWIGHT. - Great Books As Life Teachers - Studies of Character Real and Ideal.
011128-chrdevo: HILLIS, NEWELL DWIGHT. - The Home School - a Study of the Debt Parents Owe Their Children.
011277-psyogen: HILLIS, NEWELL DWIGHT. - A Man's Value to Society - Studies in Self-Culture and Character.
009337-chrbiog: HILLS, A.M. - Life and Labors of Mrs. Mary A. Woodbridge - Who Was for Six Years President of the Ohio W.C. T.U. ; . . . .
011429-psychoa: HINKLE, BEATRICE M. - The Re-Creating of the Individual. A Study of Psychological Types and Their Relation to Psychoanalysis.
001821-chrdevo: AUGUSTINE OF HIPPO. - The Confessions of St. Augustine.
002848-chrdevo: AUGUSTINE OF HIPPO. - Augustinus' Belijdenissen.
000854-philoso: HIRST, R.J. - The Problems of Perception.
006289-chrpsys: HITES, ROBERT W. - Act of Becoming
004349-chrpale: HOADE, EUGENE. - Jerusalem and Its Environs.
011001-chrdevo: HOATH, ARNOLD. - Meeting Good.
012328-chrdevo: HOBART, ALVAH SABIN. - Seed Thoughts for Right Living.
010703-ash: HOBBS, WILLIAM HERBERT. - Earth Features and Their Meaning - an Introduction to Geology for the Student and the General Reader.
002450-phiethi: HOBHOUSE, L.T. - Morals in Evolution. A Study in Comparative Ethics.
002957-psychia: HOCH, PAUL H., & JOSEPH ZUBIN (EDS). - Depression.
002590-philoso: HOCKING, WILLIAM ERNEST. - Human Nature and Its Remaking.
006587-chrtheo: HOCKING, WILLIAM ERNEST. - The Meaning of God in Human Experience. A Philosophic Study of Religion.
010054-chrstor: HOCKING, SILAS K. - Sea-Waif
011249-chrtheo: HODGE, CHARLES. - Systematic Theology.
011299-chrnewt: HODGE, CHARLES. - An Exposition of the First Epistle to the Corinthians.
001264-chrhist: HODGES, GEORGE. - Three Hundred Years of the Episcopal Church in America.
011071-chrsoci: HODGES, GEORGE. - Religion in a World at War.
011420-chrhist: HODGINS, J. GEORGE. - Ryerson Memorial Volume
000489-chrbiog: HODGKIN, L.V. - A Book of Quaker Saints.
006136-chrmiss: HODGKINS, LOUISE MANNING. - Via Christi. An Introduction to the Study of Missions.
010482-chrpsyc: HOEKEMA, ANTHONY A. - The Christian Looks at Himself.
012079-chrhist: HOEKSEMA, HERMAN. - The Protestant Reformed Churches in America - Their Origin, Early History and Doctrine.
012104-chrtheo: VAN DER HOEVEN, JOHAN. - Filosofische Reflecties En Ontmoetingen.
005379-chrserm: HOFACKER, LUDWIG. - Predigten Fur Alle Soon=, Fest= Und Feiertage.
010645-chrnewt: HOFF, TORY. - Nephesh and the Fulfillment It Receives As Psuche.
011150-psyhist: HOFF, TORY. - Theories of Body Expression in Their Historical Relationship to Psychological Concepts
011151-psyhist: HOFF, TORY. - The Controversial Appointment of James Mark Baldwin to the University of Toronto in 1889.
003880-philoso: HOFFDING, HARALD. - The Philosophy of Religion.
001539-psychia: HOFFER, ABRAM, & HUMPHRY OSMOND. - How to Live with Schizophrenia.
008177-chtstor: HOFLAND, MRS. [BARBARA]. - The Young Crusoe Or, the Adventures of a Shipwrecked Family on a Desolate Island.
003644-ash: HOFMANN, HANS. - The Theology of Reinhold Niebuhr.
003645-chrtheo: HOFMANN, HANS. - The Theology of Reinhold Niebuhr.
003574-chrtheo: HOLE, F.B. - The Great Salvation.
004390-psysoci: HOLLANDER, EDWIN P., & RAYMOND G. HUNT (EDS). - Current Perspectives in Social Psychology. Readings with Commentary.
004391-psysoci: HOLLANDER, EDWIN P., & RAYMOND G. HUNT (EDS). - Current Perspectives in Social Psychology. Readings with Commentary.
004392-psysoci: HOLLANDER, EDWIN P., & RAYMOND G. HUNT (EDS). - Current Perspectives in Social Psychology. Readings with Commentary.
005421-chrdevo: HOLLAZ, DAVID. - Die Heils Und Gnaden Ordnung Nach Dem Evangelium; in Vier Gesprachen Vorgestellt.
004449-ash: HOLMAN, CHARLES T. - Psychology and Religion for Everyday Living.
002953-ash: HOLMES, MARY J. - Cousin Maude and Rosamond.
004120-ash: HOLMES, OLIVER WENDELL. - John Lothrop Motley.
008814-ash: HOLMES, URBAN TIGNER. - Daily Living in the Twelfth Century - Based on the Observations of Alexander Neckam in London and Paris.
010964-mischum: HOLT, EMILY. - Encyclopaedia of Etiquette - What to Write, What to Wear, What to Do, What to Say. A Book of Manners for Everyday Use.
011921-chrstor: HOLT, EMILY SARAH. - Margery's Son; Or, "Until He Find It. " a Fifteenth Century Tale of the Court of Scotland.
008877-chroldt: HOLWERDA, B. - De Priester-Koning in Het Oude Testament.
011434-mischum: HOMERE. - L'iliade.
012084-chrtheo: HOOGSTRA, JACOB T. (ED). - John Calvin Contemporary Prophet - a Symposium.
000852-philoso: HOOK, SIDNEY (ED). - Dimensions of Mind. A Symposium.
001101-psychoa: HOOK, SIDNEY (ED). - Psychoanalysis, Scientific Method and Philosophy.
001549-philoso: HOOK, SIDNEY (ED). - American Philosophers at Work. The Philosophic Scene in the United States.
011066-chrscie: HOOPER, E. RALPH. - Does Science Support Evolution?.
002839-chrserm: TEN HOOR, F.M. (ED). - Tot de Volmaking Der Heiligen. Achtiental Leeredenen Door Verschillende Predikanten de Christelijke Gereformeerde Kerk.
012127-chrserm: TEN HOOR, F.M. (ED). - Tot de Volmaking Der Heiligen. Achtiental Leeredenen Door Verschillende Predikanten de Christelijke Gereformeerde Kerk.
008262-phiethi: HOPKINS, MARK. - The Law of Love and Love As a Law; Or, Christian Ethics. Theory of Morals Restated.
011395-chrtheo: HOPKINS, MARK. - Evidences of Christianity. Lectures Before the Lowell Institute, January, 1844. Revised As a Text Book.
006680-chrhist: HORNE, C. SILVESTER. - A Popular History of the Free Churches.
009237-chrhist: HORNE, C. SILVESTER. - A Popular History of the Free Churches.
011884-chrdevo: HORNER, RALPH C. - Pentecost.
000322-psychoa: HORNEY, KAREN ==>> KELMAN, HAROLD (ED). - Advances in Psychoanalysis
000818-psychoa: HORNEY, KAREN. - The Neurotic Personality of Our Time.
000825-ash: HORNEY, KAREN. - Self-Analysis.
000826-ash: HORNEY, KAREN. - New Ways in Psychoanalysis.
001310-ash: HORNEY ===>> QUINN, SUSAN. - A Mind of Her Own. The Life of Karen Horney.
011175-miscsoc: HORRELL, MURIEL, DUDLEY HORNER, JOHN KANE-BERMAN, & ROBIN MARGO. - A Survey of Race Relations in South Africa.
003733-psychia: HORROCKS, JOHN E. - Assessment of Behavior. The Methodology and Content of Psychological Measurement.
012020-miscmed: HORSLEY, VICTOR, & MARY D. STURGE. - Alcohol and the Human Body - an Introduction to the Study of the Subject, and a Contribution to National Health.
009727-psygene: HORST, PAUL. - Matrix Algebra for Social Scientists.
009737-psygene: HORST, PAUL. - Factor Analysis of Data Matrices.
011474-chrnewt: HORT, FENTON JOHN ANTHONY. - Prolegomena to St Paul's Epistles to the Romans and the Ephesians.
003443-chrtheo: HORTON, WALTER MARSHALL. - Theism and the Modern Mood.
007157-chrdevo: HOSSACK, D.C. - The Gospel of the Home.
011696-chrdevo: HOSTE, W. & R. MCELHERAN (EDS). - The Great Sacrifice Or, What the Death of Christ Has Wrought - Twenty Well-Known Writers Tell of the Triumphs of Calvary.
008813-psyhist: HOTHERSALL, DAVID. - History of Psychology.
000613-chrmiss: HOUGH, S.S., & H.F. SHUPE. - Partners in the Conquering Cause.
000762-chrserm: HOUGH, LYNN HAROLD. - Imperishable Dreams.
003472-chrtheo: HOUGH, LYNN HAROLD. - The Productive Beliefs.
003520-chrtheo: HOUGH, LYNN HAROLD. - The Meaning of Human Experience.
003879-chrserm: HOUGH, LYNN HAROLD. - Imperishable Dreams.
002277-chrmiss: HOUGHTON, WILL H. - Lessons in Soul-Winning.
005238-chrhist: HOUGHTON, LOUISE SEYMOUR. - Handbook of French and Belgian Protestantism.
007527-chreccl: HOW, W. WALSHAM. - Pastor in Parochia.
000340-chrmiss: HOWARD, R.W. (ED). - Totems, Tigers, Torches and Other Stories of Indian Boys.
002948-chrnewt: HOWARD, WILBERT FRANCIS. - The Fourth Gospel in Recent Criticism and Interpretation.
007634-chrhist: HOWARD, OSWALD. - The Montreal Diocesan Theological College. A History from 1873 to 1963.
010807-ash: HOWARD, PETER. - Frank Buchman's Secret.
010808-ash: HOWARD, PETER. - Frank Buchman's Secret.
005247-psysoci: HOWE, FREDERIC C. - European Cities at Work.
010998-chrdevo: HOWE, MAUD. - A Challenge Answered -- Atheism Or Christ?.
001920-psychia: HOWELL, J. G. (ED). - Modern Perspective in World Psychiatry.
000427-chrdevo: HOWEY, WILLIAM. - Canadian Carols.
010950-chrdevo: HOWEY, WILLIAM. - Canadian Carols.
011114-chrtheo: HOWLETT, THOMAS ROSLING. - Anglo-Israel and the Jewish Problem. The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel Found and Identified in the Anglo-Saxon Race. The Jewish.
011088-chrhist: HOWLEY, M.F. - Ecclesiastical History of Newfoundland.
000635-ash: HOWSE, ERNEST MARSHALL. - The Law and the Prophets.
006936-chrsoci: HOYLAND, JOHN S. - The Race Problem and the Teaching of Jesus Christ.
010009-psychia: HUCKER, STEPHEN (CHAIRMAN). - Oak Ridge
011671-chrtheo: HUDSON, THOMSON JAY. - A Scientific Demonstration of the Future Life.
009403-miscmed: HUESTIS, DOUGLAS W., JOSEPH R. BOVE, AND SHIRLEY BUSH. - Practical Blood Transfusion.
002495-chroldt: HUFFMAN, JASPAR ABRAHAM. - Old Testament Messages of the Christ.
003573-chroldt: HUFFMAN, JASPAR ABRAHAM. - Voices from Rocks and Dust Heaps of Bible Lands.
009533-chrtheo: VON HUGEL, FRIEDRICH. - Essay & Addresses on the Philosophy of Religion.
009534-chrethi: VON HUGEL, FRIEDRICH. - Essay & Addresses on the Philosophy of Religion.
005459-psyogen: HUGHES, JAMES L. - Dickens As an Educator.
008003-chrbiog: HUGHES, THOMAS. - Vacation Rambles.
008288-chrbiog: HUGHES, BRENDA. - King Among Cannibals. The Story of James Chalmers.
010916-chrtheo: HUGHES, THOMAS HYWEL. - The Atonement Modern Theories of the Doctrine.
010932-chrbiog: HUGHES, KATHERINE. - Archbishop O'brien Man and Churchman.
012365-chrbiog: HUGHES, KATHERINE. - Father Lacombe - the Black-Robe Voyageur.
011103-chrstor: HUGHS, MRS. - Buds and Blossoms for the Young.
009009-psygene: HULL, CLARK L. - Essentials of Behavior.
010220-chrbiog: HULST, LAMMERT J. - Drie En Zestig Jaren Prediker.
002935-psyhist: HUMPHREY, GEORGE. - The Story of Man's Mind.
004222-psyogen: HUMPHREY, GEORGE. - Thinking. An Introduction to Its Experimental Psychology.
001797-psycogn: HUNT, MORTON M. - The Thinking Animal. A Report on the Rational and Emotional Life of Modern Man.
008855-miscmed: HUNTER, DONALD, AND R.R. BOMFORD. - Hutchison's Clinical Methods.
002403-chrnewt: HUNTING, HAROLD B. - The Story of Our Bible.
002037-ash: HUNTINGTON, ELLSWORTH, & SUMNER W. CUSHING. - Principles of Human Geography.
009144-chrstor: PANSY (G.R. ALDEN) AND FAYE HUNTINGTON. - From Different Standpoints; Or, Perry Harrison's Mistake.
011342-chrdevo: HUNTINGTON, F.D. - Helps to Holy Lent.
012069-chrtheo: HURLEY, JAMES B. - Man and Woman in Biblical Perspective.
000221-psychil: HURLOCK, ELIZABETH B. - Child Development.
007195-chrhist: HURST, ALLAN M. - The Canadian Y.M. C.A. In World War Ii.
007196-ash: HURST, ALLAN M. - The Canadian Y.M. C.A. In World War Ii.
009800-chrtheo: HURST, JOHN F. - History of Rationalism Embracing a Survey of Present State of Protestant Theology.
010870-chrtheo: HURTER, H. - Theologia Dogmaticae Compendium in Usum Studiosorum Theologiae.
011709-chrtheo: HUTTEN, KURT. - Geloof En Sekte - Het Sektarisme Als Anti-Reformatorisch Geloofsvershijnsel Zijn Doelstelling En Zijn Tragiek.
000763-chrserm: HUTTON, JOHN A. - That the Ministry Be Not Blamed.
003236-chrserm: HUTTON, JOHN A. - Our Ambiguous Life.
003237-chrserm: HUTTON, JOHN A. - As at the First.
003474-chrtheo: HUTTON, RICHARD HOLT. - Essays on Some of the Modern Guides to English Thought in Matters of Faith.
005149-chrserm: HUTTON, MAURICE. - All the Rivers Run Into the Sea.
006735-philoso: HUTTON, MAURICE. - Many Minds.
006736-philoso: HUTTON, MAURICE. - The Greek Point of View.
007456-chrserm: HUTTON, MAURICE. - All the Rivers Run Into the Sea.
009985-chrhist: HUTTON, WILLIAM HOLDEN. - A Short History of the Church in Great Britain.
010860-chrbiog: HUTTON, WILLIAM HOLDEN. - Sir Thomas More.
008758-miscsci: HUXLEY, THOMAS HENRY. - Lay Sermons, Addresses, and Reviews.
010886-miscsci: HUXLEY, THOMAS HENRY. - Lay Sermons, Addresses, and Reviews.
006237-chrbiog: HUXTABLE, THOMPSON RUSSELL. - Down Memories Lane. Thompson Russell Huxtable 1875-1959.
003454-philoso: HYDE, LAWRENCE. - An Introduction to Organic Philosophy. An Essay on the Reconciliation of the Masculine and Feminine Principles.
006019-chrtheo: HYDE, WILLIAM DE WITT. - The Five Great Philosophies of Life.
012088-chrhist: HYMA, ALBERT. - The Christian Renaissance - a History of the "Devotio Moderna".
006467-chrpale: IDEN, T.M. - Upper Room Letters from Bible Lands.
002933-chrpsyc: IKIN, A. GRAHAM. - New Concepts of Healing. Medical, Psychological, and Religious.
009677-phiethi: ILLINGWORTH, J.R. - Christian Character, Being Some Lectures on the Elements of Christian Ethics.
000066-ash: INGE, WILLIAM RALPH. - The Gate of Life.
002248-chrserm: INGE, WILLIAM RALPH. - Outspoken Essays.
003269-chrserm: INGE, WILLIAM RALPH. - Outspoken Essays.
003693-chrserm: INGE, WILLIAM RALPH. - Truth and Falsehood in Religion.
005982-chrserm: INGE, WILLIAM RALPH. - More Lay Thoughts of a Dean.
006531-chrserm: INGE, WILLIAM RALPH. - Assessments and Anticipations.
009185-miscsoc: INGERSOLL, R.G. - Wit, Wisdom, Eloquence, and Great Speeches of Col. R.G. Ingersoll, Including Eloquent Extracts, Witty, Wise,. . . .
005088-chrstor: INGRAHAM, J.H. - The Pillar of Fire Or Israel in Bondage.
005636-chrchri: INGRAHAM, J.H. - Das Leben Jesu. Der Furst Aus David's Hause [the Prince of the House of David].
005637-chrchri: INGRAHAM, J.H. - Der Furst Aus David's Hause [the Prince of the House of David].
007226-chroldt: INGRAHAM, J.H. - The Throne of David; Or, the Rebellion of Prince Absolom.
009761-chrstor: INGRAHAM, J.H. - The Pillar of Fire Or Israel in Bondage.
011956-chrstor: INGRAHAM, J.H. - The Pillar of Fire
011957-chrstor: INGRAHAM, J.H. - The Throne of David. From the Consecration of the Shepherd of.
011958-chrstor: INGRAHAM, J.H. - The Prince of the House of David Or Three Years in the Holy City Relating, As If By an Eye Witness, All the Scenes and.
008183-chrserm: INGRAM, ARTHUR F. WINNINGTON. - The Attractiveness of Goodness.
008368-chrdevo: INGRAM, ARTHUR F. WINNINGTON. - The Love of the Trinity.
010018-chrbiog: INGRAM, ARTHUR F. WINNINGTON. - Holiday Recollections of a World Tour.
012062-chrdevo: INGRAM, ATHUR F. WINNINGTON. - The Spirit of Peace.
005613-chrhist: INNES, ARTHUR D. - Cranmer and the English Reformation.
010426-psysoci: INSKO, CHESTER A. - Theories of Attitude Change.
010856-chrbiog: A MEMBER OF THE INSTITUTE. - Life of Mother Catherine Aurelia of the Precious Blood. Foundress of the Institute of the Precious Blood 1833-1905.
001073-chrchri: INWOOD, INA M., & BETTY ROSS STEHELIN. - Paul the Triumphant.
001703-ash: IREMONGER, F.A. - William Temple Archbishop of Canterbury His Life and Letters.
009863-chrbiog: IREMONGER, F.A. - William Temple Archbishop of Canterbury His Life and Letters.
010026-chrbiog: IREMONGER, F.A. - William Temple Archbishop of Canterbury His Life and Letters.
006754-chrnewt: IRONSIDE, H.A. - Addresses on the Second Epistle to the Corinthians.
003694-ash: IRVINE, WILLIAM. - Apes, Angels, and Victorians. The Story of Darwin, Huxley, and Evolution.
009041-miscmed: IRVINE, W.J. (ED). - Thyrotoxicosis - Proceedings of an International Symposium, Edinburgh, May 1967.
010077-mischis: IRVING, WASHINGTON. - The Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus; Together with the Voyages of His Companions.
010670-chrbiog: IRVING, WASHINGTON. - Biography and Poetical Remains of the Late Margaret Miller Davidson.
012312-philoso: IRVING, JOHN (EDITOR). - Architects of Modern Thought. 5th & 6th Series.
002310-chrstor: IRWIN, WILL. - Where the Heart Is. Showing That Christmas Is What You Make It.
008745-chrnewt: IRWIN, A.J. - The Holy Spirit in the New Testament - a Study in Biblical Theology.
012070-chrhist: VAN ITTERZON, G.P., & D. NAUTA (RED). - Geschiedenis Van de Kerk.
007805-chrtheo: IVES, L. SILLIMAN. - The Trails of a Mind in Its Progress to Catholicism
001944-chrhist: JACK, DAVID RUSSELL. - History of Saint Andrew's Church, Saint John, N.B. .
003914-chrserm: JACKS, L.P. - The Faith of a Worker.
003915-chrserm: JACKS, L.P. - Responsibility and Culture.
003916-chrserm: JACKS, L.P. - A Living Universe. Three Lectures.
000765-chrserm: JACKSON, GEORGE. - A Young Man's Religion.
000766-chrserm: JACKSON, GEORGE. - The Guests of God.
001660-chreccl: JACKSON, GEORGE. - The Preacher and the Modern Mind.
002110-chroldt: JACKSON, GEORGE. - Studies in the Old Testament.
006778-chroldt: JACKSON, GEORGE. - Studies in the Old Testament.
006911-chrserm: JACKSON, GEORGE. - The Ten Commandments.
007435-chrbiog: JACKSON, GEORGE. - Collier of Manchester. A Friend's Tribute.
007436-chreccl: JACKSON, GEORGE. - The Preacher and the Modern Mind.
007437-chrserm: JACKSON, GEORGE. - The Guests of God.

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