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151741: JACOBSON, HOWARD. - J.
150146: JAGR, MILOSLAV. - Herrn, Habas Achter Zwerg.
134807: MURPHY/JAHN. - Millenium: Six Works.
142556: JAKUBOWSKI, MAXIM (EDITOR). - Following the Detectives. Real Locations in Crime Fiction.
149524: JAMES, DAVID & DAVIS, COURTNEY. - The Celtic Image.
154226: JAMES, CLIVE. - North Face of Soho. Unreliable Memoirs Volume IV.
145072: JAMES, CLIVE. - Iwerddon. Llawlyfr Teithio I’R Cymry Cymraed. Cyfarwyddiadau Ynglyn a’R Ynganiad Gwyddeleg Gan Cathair O Dochartaigh.
145622: JAMES, HAWYS GLYN. - Heritage/Treftadaeth.
147375: (MORRIS-JONES) JAMES, ALLAN - John Morris-Jones.
145501: JAMES, E. WYN. - Dechrau Canu. Rhai Emynau Mawr a’U Cefndir.
153275: JAMES, LEIUT-COLONEL F.H. - History of the 1st Battalion 6th Rajputna Rifles (Wellesley’S).
149552: JAMES, SIMON. - Exploring the World of the Celts.
147840: JAMES, RACHEL PHILIPPS. - Blodeugerdd Sir Benfro.
149692: JAMES, JASON. - Johnny Repeat: The End of the Way That Was.
147587: JAMES, BRENDA M. - Perlau Bro Talyllychau.
144991: JAMES, MELERI WYN (EDITOR). - Stori a Mwy. Gyda Lingo Newydd. Cartwnau Gan Mumph.
145526: (JONES) JAMES, PARCH. T.J. - Y Parch. Isaac Jones, Nantglyn. Ei Hanes, Ei Arabedd, a’I Ddywediadau.
123179: JAMES, SYDNEY V. (EDITOR). - Three Visitors to Early Plymouth. Letters About the Pilgrim Settlement in New England During Its First Seven Years. By John Pory, Emmanuel Altham and Isaack de Rasieres. With an Introduction by Samuel Eliot Morison.
124574: JAMES, HENRY. - Portraits of Places.
130975: JAMES, SIMON. - My Friend Whale.
136508: (BRAHMS) JAMES, BURNETT. - Brahms: A Critical Study.
137277: JAMES, P.D. - Time to Be in Earnest. A Fragment of Autobiography.
137548: JAMES, LOUIS (EDITOR). - Print and the People 1819-1851. Edited with an Introduction and Commentary.
137999: JAMES, NORMAN G. BRETT. - The History of MILL Hill School 1807-1907.
152961: JAMES, SIR MORRICE (LORD SAINT BRIDES). - Pakistan Chronicle.
138937: JAMES, LAWRENCE. - Churchill and the Empire.
141550: JAMES, LAWRENCE. - Mutiny in the British and Commonwealth Forces, 1797-1956.
142894: JAMES, W. - Naval Occurrences of the War of 1812. A Full and Correct Account of the Naval War between Great Britain and the United States of America, 1812-1815. New Introduction by Andrew Lambert.
143260: JAMES, LIEUT.-COL. WALTER H. - Modern Strategy. An Outline of the Prnciples Which Guide the Conduct of Campaigns. To Which Is Added a Chapter on Modern Tactics.
125468: JAMESON, REDRIC. - The Ideologies of Theory. Essays 1971-1986. Volume I: Situations of Theory. Volume 2: Syntax of History. Foreword by Neil Larson.
131641: JAMESON, WILLIAM. - The Most Formidable Thing. The Story of the Submarine from Its Earliest Days to the End of World War I.
138613: JAMESON, E.M. - Charterhouse.
152963: JAMIE, KATHLEEN. - The Golden Peak. Travels in Northern Pakistan.
134459: JAMIESON, PAUL. - Adirondack Canoe Waters: North Flow. With a Chapter on Camping by Robert N. Bliss.
154817: (THOMAS) JANES, HILLY. - The Three Lives of Dylan Thomas.
144541: JANES, E. WYN (EDITOR). - Dechrau Canu. Rhai Emynau Mawr a’U Cefndir.
150427: JANET, DR. PIERRE. - Les Obsessions Et la Psychasthenie. Volume I [Only]: Etudes Cliniques Et Experimentales Sur Les Idees Obsedantes, Les Impulsions, Les Manies Mentales, la Folie Du Doute, Les Tics, Les Agitations, Les Phobies, Les Delires Du Contact, Les Angoisses, Les Sentiments D’Incompletude, Leur Pathogenie Et Leur Traitement
148521: JANEWAY, ELIZABETH. - Between Myth and Morning. Women Awakening.
151647: (HEIDEGGER) JANICAUD, DOMINIQUE. - The Shadow of That Thought. Heidegger and the Question of Poilitics. Translated by Michael Gendre.
134641: JANIESON, JOHN (EDITOR). - Wallace: Or, the Life and Acts of Sir William Wallace, of Ellerslie. By Henry the Minstrel. Published from a Manuscript Dated MCCCLXXXVIII. With Notes and Preliminary Remarks.
153284: JANNER, GREVILLE. - One Hand Alone Cannot Clap. An Arab-Israeli Universe.
152669: THE ENGLISH SPEAKING UNION OF JAPAN. - Japan in Their Own Words 2000 - 2007.
151566: (BACON) JARDINE, LISA & STEWART, ALAN. - Hostage to Fortune. The Troubled Life of Francis Bacon.
95543: (JARRELL). JARRELL, MARY VON SCHRADER. - Remembering Randall. A Memoir of Poet, Critic and Teacher.
154394: (LAWRENCE) JARRETT-KERR, MARTIN. - D.H. Lawrence and Human Existence. Foreword by T.S. Eliot.
147210: (PARRY) JARVIS, BRANWEN (EDITOR). - Bro a Bywyd: Syr Thomas Parry.
147562: (PARRY) JARVIS, BRANWEN (EDITOR). - Syr Thomas Parry.
147403: (OWEN) JARVIS, BRANWEN. - Goronwy Owen.
85009: JARVIS, FREDERICK. - Burning Bright. Poets of the Industrial Revolution.
150197: (GAUTIER) JASINSKI, RENE. - Les Annees Romantiques de Th. Gautier.
133139: JAUFFRET, REGIS. - Severe. Translated from the French by Joel Anderson.
144021: JAURES, JEAN. - Studies in Socialism. Introduced by J.E. Mortimer, Leon Trotsky, J. Ramsay Macdonald.
149641: (BEDDOES) JAY, MIKE. - The Atmosphere of Heaven. The Unnatural Experiments of Dr. Beddoes and His Sons of Genius.
128496: JAY, PETER. - Bion’S Elegy for Adonis & the Vigil of Venus. New Versions.
152084: JEFFERIES, RICHARD. - Amaryllis at the Fair. A Novel. With an Introduction by Waveney Girvan.
146841: JEFFERIES, RICHARD. - The Gamekeeper at Home. Sketches of Natural History and Rural Life.
146842: JEFFERIES, RICHARD. - The Amateur Poacher.
151882: JEFFERIES, RICHARD. - Bevis: The Story of a Boy. With an Introduction by E.V. Lucas.
151102: JEFFERIES, RICHARD. - A Classic of English Farming: Hodge and His Masters. Edited and with an Introduction by Henry Williamson.
124586: JEFFERIES, RICHARD. - Hodge and His Masters.
154222: JEFFERIES, RICHARD. - Round About a Great Estate.
139046: JEFFERS, H. PAUL. - Taking Command. General J. Lawton Collins. From Guadalcanal to Utah Beach and Victory in Europe.
152956: JEFFERY, PATRICIA AND ROGER. - Don’T Marry Me to a Plowman! Women’S Everyday Lives in Rural North India.
122123: JEFFREY, ANDREW. - This Present Emergency. Edinburgh, the River Forth and South-East Scotland and the Second World War.
122124: JEFFREY, ANDREW. - This Time of Crisis. Glasgow, the West of Scotland and the North Western Approaches in the Second World War.
136342: JEFFREY, A.H.G. - Immersed Tube Tunnels: A Study in Achievement.
149381: JENKINS, DAVID. - Shipping at Cardiff. Photographs from the Hansen Collection, 1920-1975.
146461: JENKINS, JOHN GWILI. - Hanford Duw a Pherson Crist. Athrawiaeth Y Drindod a Duwdod Crist, Yn Bennaf Yn Ei Pherthynas a Chymru.
150959: JENKINS, DAVID E. - The Calling of a Cuckoo. Not Queite an Autobiography.
146433: JENKINS, R.T. - Hanes Cynulleidfa Hen Gapel, Llanuwchllyn.
147346: JENKINS, EMLYN. - Cyfoeth Ei Ras. Cyfrol O Bregethau.
144918: JENKINS, GERAINT H. (EDITOR). - Cof Cenedl XI. Ysgrifau Ar Hanes Cymru.
145654: JENKINS, EVAN. - Cerddi Ffair Rhos.
144919: JENKINS, GERAINT H. (EDITOR). - Cof Cenedl X. Ysgrifau Ar Hanes Cymru.
144920: JENKINS, GERAINT H. (EDITOR). - Cof Cenedl IX. Ysgrifau Ar Hanes Cymru.
148329: (LYTTON) JENKINS, LYNDSEY. - Lady Constance Lytton. Aristocrat, Suffragette, Martyr.
149416: JENKINS, J. GERAINT. - The Coracle.
145558: JENKINS, SIMON. - Maplyfr Y Beibl.
151817: (PEATE) JENKINS, GERAINT (EDITOR) - Studies in Folk Life. Essays in Honour of Iorwerth C. Peate.
147637: JENKINS, PARCH. JOSEPH. - Ianto, Ac Ystoriau Eraill.
146540: (EVANS-PRITCHARD) JENKINS, DAFYDD. - Evans-Pritchard.
147313: JENKINS, EMLYN G. - Cofiant Elfed 1860-1953.
146171: JENKINS, R.T. - Casglu Ffrydd
146460: JENKINS, JOHN GWILI. - Arweiniad I’R Testament Newydd.
147858: JENKINS, GWYN (EDITOR). - Llyfr Y Ganrif.
149487: JENKINS, SIMON. - Wales. Churches, Houses, Castles.
147211: JENKINS, R.T. - Cwpanaid O de. A Diferion Eraill. Detholwyd a Golygwyd Gan Emlyn Evans.
147266: JENKINS, GERAINT H. - Cadw Ty Mewn Cwmwl Tystion. Ysgrifau Hanesyddol Ar Grefydd a Diwylliant.
147215: (JONES) JENKINS, DAVID. - Thomas Gwynn Jones. Cofiant.
147219: JENKINS, R.T. & JONES E.D. (EDITORS). - Y Bywgraffiadur Cymreig 1941-1950. Gydag Atodiad I’R Bywgraffiadur Cymreig Hud 1940. Paratowyd Dan Nawdd Anrhydeddus Gymdeithas Y Cymmrodorion.
146440: JENKINS, R.T. - Edrych Yn Ol.
147384: (DAVIES) JENKINS, ISLWYN. - Idris Davies.
145076: JENKINS, R.T. - Yr Apel at Hanes. Ac Ysgrifau Eraill.
147568: (JONES) JENKINS, DAVID (EDITOR). - Thomas Gwynn Jones.
146365: JENKINS, R.T. - Y Ffordd Yng Nghymru.
147903: JENKINS, IAN; FARGE, CELESTE & TURNER, VICTORIA. - Defining Beauty. The Body in Ancient Greek Art.
149003: JENKINS, D.W. & WILLIAMS, ANN MASON. - Caves in Wales and the Marches.
147393: (WILLIAMS) JENKINS, DAFYDD. - D.J. Williams.
144506: JENKINS, EMLYN G. - Cofiant Elfed 1860-1953.
144579: JENKINS, R.T. - Hanes Cymru Yn Y Bedwaredd Ganrif Ar Bymtheg. Y Gyfrol Gyntaf (1789-1843).
144610: JENKINS, DAVID. - Thomas Gwyn Jones. Cofiant.
153221: (BENLOWES) JENKINS, HAROLD. - Edward Benlowes (1602-1676): Biography of a Minor Poet.
122864: JENKINS, ALAN. - The Forties.
134580: JENKINS, R.T. - The Moravian Brethren in North Wales. An Episode in the Religious History of Wales.
137534: (POTTER) JENKINS, ALAN. - Stephen Potter. Inventor of Gamesmanship.
138594: JENKINS, J.B. - The Removal of Blundell’S: Town and Gown in Tiverton 1846-1882. Foreword by Sir John Palmer.
138781: JENKINS, T.A. (EDITOR). - The Parliamentary Diaries of Sir John Trelawny, 1858-1865.
141007: JENKINS, INEZ. - The History of the Women’S Institute Movement of England and Wales.
142998: JENKINS, IAN. - The Parthenon Frieze.
143299: (SECKER) JENKINS, A.P. (EDITOR). - The Corresponcence of Thomas Secker, Bishop of Oxford 1737-58.
132382: (FRIAR) JENNETT, MATTHEW. - The Stone Eyes of Medusa, by Kimon Friar. With an Afterword and Exhibition Notes. [with] the Masks of the Poet.
131143: JENNINGS, ANNA & WILLIAMSON, GWYNETH. - Titus’S Troublesome Tooth.
145615: JENSEN, VIRGINIA ALLEN. - Hanes Y Nisse. Wedi’I Ailadrodd Gan Virginia Allen Jensen Ar Sail Stori Gan Vilhelm Bergsoe.
140265: JERDAN, WILLIAM. - Rutland Papers: Original Documents Illustrative of the Cours and Times of Henry VII. And Henry VIII. Selected from the Private Archives of His Grace the Duke of Rutland, &C. &C. &C.
126848: JERROLD, WALTER. - A Book of Famous Wits.
154220: JERROLD, DOUGLAS. - Mrs. Caudle’S Curtain Lectures. With a Foreword by Anthony Burgess.
154219: (JERROLD) JERROLD, WALTER (EDITOR). - The Essays of Douglas Jerrold. Edited by His Grandson.
143192: (FULLER) JESSOPP, AUGUSTUS (EDITOR). - Wise Words and Quaint Counsels of Thomas Fuller. Selected and Arranged, with a Short Sketch of the Author’S Life.
151333: JEVONS, FRANK BYRON. - An Introduction the Study of Comparative Religion. The Hartford-Lamson Lectures on the Religions of the World.
136629: JEWELL, KEREK. - The Popular Voice. A Musical Record of the 60s and 70s.
133936: JEWITT, LLEWELYNN. - The Ceramic Art of Great Britain.
109168: (SOYINKA). JEYIFO, BIODUN.(ED.). - Perspectives on Wole Soyinka Freedom and Complexity.
150297: JHA, VANYA & JHA, AJEYA. - Ethno-Ornithology of Lepchas of Sikkim.
148227: JIANHUA, LIN. - Form and Will Boxing. Xingyiquan (Shing Yee Ch’Uan). One of the Big Three Internal Chinese Body Boxing Styles.
152793: (EDITORS) JIH-CHANG, HSIEH AND YING-CHANG, CHUANG. - The Chinese Family and Its Ritual Behaviour.
145977: JNES, DAFYDD. - Yr Arloeswr a Cherddi Eraill.
146256: JNOES, E. CEFNI & HUGHES, JOHN (EDITORS). - Y Llawlyfr Moliant Newydd. At Wasanaeth Cynulleidfaoedd Y Bedyddwyr.
137895: (YEATS) JOCHUM, K.P.S. - W.B. Yeats. A Classified Bibliography of Criticism.
141656: JODL, LUISE. - Jenseits Des Endes. Der Weg Des Generalobertst Alfred Jodl.
136849: JOEL, MAGGIE. - The Second-Last Woman in England.
150550: JOHANNESSEN, JANNE BONDI. - Coordination.
145494: (JONES) JOHN, E. STANLEY (EDITOR). - Y Gair a’R Genedl. Cyfrol Deyrnged I R. Tudur Jones.
137297: JOHN, AUGUSTUS. - Finishing Touches. Edited and Introduced by Daniel George.
151236: JOHNS, REV. C.A. - Flowers of the Field. Revised Throughout and Edited by R.A. Blakelock. With an Appendix Including the Pipe-Wort Tribe (Eriocaulaceae), the Sedge Tribe (Cyperadeae), and the Grass Tribe (Gramineae).
149717: JOHNS, GEOFF & KATZ, JEFF. - Booster Gold: Blue and Gold.
147169: JOHNS, CATHERINE. - Sex or Symbol. Erotic Images of Greece and Rome.
137833: (WALEY) JOHNS, FRANCIS A. - A Bibliography of Arthur Waley.
138084: JOHNS, CAPT. W.E. - Biggles and the Cruise of the Condor.
138086: JOHNS, CAPT. W.E. - Biggles Flies Again.
138110: JOHNS, CAPT. W.E. - Biggles and the Black Peril.
138111: JOHNS, CAPT. W.E. - Biggles Air Detective.
153580: JOHNSON, AUBREY R. - The Vitality of the Individual in the Thought of Ancient Israel.
150963: JOHNSON, ELIZABETH A. - She Who Is. The Mystery of God in Feminist Theological Discourse.
154354: (LAMB) JOHNSON, EDITH CHRISTINA. - Lamb Always Elia.
150975: JOHNSON-DEBAUFRE, MELANIE. - Jesus Among Her Children. Q, Eschatology, and the Construction of Christian Origins.
150976: JOHNSON, RAYNOR C. - The Imprisoned Splendour. An Approach to Reality, Based Upon the Significance of Data Drawn from the Fields of Natural Science, Psychical Research and Mystical Experience.
149163: JOHNSON, ROSSITER. - Campfires and Battlefields. A Pictorial Narrative of the CIVIL War.
149624: JOHNSON, NORMAN (EDITOR). - Private Markets in Health and Welfare: An International Perspective.
151649: JOHNSON, RAYNOR C. - The Imprisoned Splendour. An Approach to Reality, Based Upon the Significance of Data Drawn from the Fields of Natural Science, Psychical Research and Mystical Experience.
149127: JOHNSON, CLINT. - Bull’S-Eyes and Misfires. 50 People Whose Obscure Efforts Shaped the American CIVIL War.
115923: JOHNSON, DOUGLAS, ED. - The Making of the Modern World. Europe Discovers the World.
124499: (HAMMETT). JOHNSON, DIANE. - The Life of Dashiell Hammett.
126204: JOHNSON, CLIFFORD R. - Plots and Characters in the Fiction of Eighteenth-Century English Authors. Volume I [Only]. Jonathan Swift, Daniel Defoe, and Samuel Richardson.
129031: JOHNSON, DAVID. - Regency Revolution. The Case of Arthur Thistlewood.
129697: JOHNSON, DAVID. - The City Ablaze. The Second Great Fire of London, 29th December 1940.
129698: JOHNSON, STOWERS. - Agents Extraordinary.
130083: JOHNSON, ROSSITER. - Campfire and Battlefield. An Illustrated History of the Campaigns and Confilicts of the Great CIVIL War.
131577: JOHNSON, R.F. - The Royal George. With a Foreword by Admiral of the Fleet Earl Mountbatten of Burma.
133352: JOHNSON, CLIFFORD R. - Plots and Characters in the Fiction of Eighteenth-Century English Authors. Volume I [Only]. Jonathan Swift, Daniel Defoe, and Samuel Richardson.
136666: JOHNSON, KIM K.P. & LENNON, SHARRON J. (EDITORS). - Appearance and Power. Dress, Body, Culture.
137431: (THRALE) JOHNSON, R. BRIMLEY (EDITOR). - The Letters of Mrs. Thrale. Selected with an Introduction.
138236: JOHNSON, ROB. - Outnumbered, Outgunned, Undeterred. Twenty Battles Against All Odds.
140809: (GREVILLE) JOHNSON, REV. A.H. (EDITOR). - The Letters of Charles Greville and Henry Reeve, 1836-1865.
141304: JOHNSON, GARRY & DUNPHIE, CHRISTOPHER. - Brightly Shone the Dawn. Some Experiences of the Invasion of Normandy.
142630: JOHNSON, BRIAN. - The Secret War.
143000: JOHNSON, DAVID. - The French Cavalry 1792-1815.
143210: JOHNSON, AUBREY R. - The Cultic Prophet in Ancient Israel.
144104: (ROUSSEAU) JOHNSTON, STEVEN. - Encountering Tragedy. Rousseau and the Project of Democratic Order.
149777: JOHNSTON, ANTONY; NORTON, MIKE & BUCKLEY, LEANNE. - Closer: Distance Means Nothing.
123878: (WORDSWORTH). JOHNSTON, KENNETH R. - The Hidden Wordsworth.
123974: (TROLLOPE). JOHNSTON, JOHANNA. - The Life, Manners and Travels of Fanny Trollope. A Biography.
129066: JOHNSTON, WILLIAM. - England As It Is. Political, Social and Industrial in the Middle of the Nineteenth Century.
133608: JOHNSTON, WING COMMANDER TIM. - Tattered Battlements. A Fighter Pilot’S Malta Diary, D-Day and After.
141846: JOHNSTON, JAMES W. - The Long Road of War. A Marine’S Story of Pacific Combat.
153032: JOHNSTONE, J.K. - The Bloomsbury Group. A Study of E.M. Forster, Lytton Strachey, Virginia Woolf, and Their Circle.
133772: JOHNSTONE, PAUL. - The Sea-Craft of Prehistory. Prepared for Publication by Sean Mcgrail.
141977: JOHNSTONE, AIR VICE-MARSHAL SANDY. - Diary of an Aviator. An Autobiography.
126876: JOLINE, ADRIAN H. - Meditations of an Autograph Collector.
151639: (LEIBNIZ) JOLLEY, NICHOLAS. - Leibniz.
148691: JOLLIFFE, RICHARD ORLANDO. - Phases of Corruption in Roman Administration in the Last Half-Century of the Roman Republic. A Dissertation Submitted to the Faculty of the Graduate School of Arts and Literature in Candidacy for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy, Department of Latin.
136479: JOLLIFFE, JOHN. - Glyndebourne: An Operatic Miracle.
135064: JOLLY, PENNY HOWELL. - Made in God’S Image ? Eve and Adam in the Genesis Mosaics at San Marco, Venice.
147482: JONES, EVAN J. - History of Education in Wales. Volume I [Only].
145645: JONES, ANN PIERCE. - Fflamio.
153272: JONES, CAPT. OLIVER J., R.N. - Recollections of a Winter Campaign in India 1857 - 58.
145981: JONES, PENRI. - Capeli Cymru.
145944: JONES, RHIANNON DAVIES. - Llelan Llan Llyr.
144913: (PARRY) JONES, BEDWYR LEWIS. - Dawn Dweud: R. Williams Parry. ‘Ar Y Daith Ni Phara. ’ Golygwyd a Chwblhawyd Gan Gwyn Thomas.
145588: JONES, BOBI. - Canu Arnaf. Ail Gasgliad O Gerddi. Cyfrol 1; Cyfrol 2.
146555: JONES, R. LLOYD. - Met Y Mona. Stori Antur I Blant.
146341: JONES, D. JAMES. - Hanes Athroniaeth. Y Cyfnod Groegaidd.
147815: JONES, BRYNMOR. - A Bibliography of Anglo-Welsh Literature 1900-1965.
149031: JONES, ANTHONY. - Welsh Chapels.
145698: JONES, R. AMBROSE. - Pregethau.
147784: JONES, GLYN & ROWLANDS, JOHN. - Profiles. A Visitor’S Guide to Writing in Twentieth Century Wales.
145631: JONES, GARETH LLOYD. - Lleisiau O’R Lludw. Her Yr Holocost I’R Cristion.
149348: JONES, IEUAN GWYNEDD & WILLIAMS, DAVID (EDITORS). - The Religious Census of 1851: A Calendar of the Returns Relating to Wales. Volume I [Only]: South Wales.
149364: JONES, O.V. - The Progress of Medicine. A History of the Caernarfon and Anglesey Infirmary 1809-1948.
146515: JONES, R. GERALLT. - Cysgodion. Detholiad O Gerddi.
149559: JONES, ANTHONY. - Welsh Chapels.
148173: JONES, MARGARET C. - Heretics & Hellraisers. Women Contributors to the Masses, 1911-1917.
147462: JONES, R. TUDUR. - Diwinyddiaeth Ym Mangor/Theology in Bangor 1922-1972.
145594: JONES, A. GWYNN. - Blodau’R Gwynt.
147669: JONES, W.J. - Ti Gynt a Gerais.
144898: JONES, J. EVANS. - Rhamant Y Gwenyn.
145952: JONES, IFAN. - Cerddi Y Pren Gwyn.
146463: JONES, PARCH. JOHN PULESTON. - Meddyliau Puleston. Lloffion O Ysgrifau Ac Anerchiadau. Wedi Eu Trefnu a’U Golygu Gan Y Parch. R.W. Jones.
145030: JONES, GERAINT VAUGHAN. - Y Leiner Olaf.
144907: JONES, PRYDERI LLWYD. - Iesu’R Iddew a Chymru 2000.
147745: JONES, JOHN HENRY; ROBERTS, BLEDDIN JONES; GRIFFITHS, JOHN GWYN & THOMAS, ISAAC. - Cefndir Y Testament Newydd. Penodau Ar Y Byd Helenistaidd. Golygwyn Ar Ran Pwyllgor Adran Glasurol Urdd Y Graddedigion, Prifysgol Cymru, Gan John Gwyn Griffiths.
149441: JONES, BILL & THOMAS, BETH. - Teyrnas Y Glo/Coal’S Domain. Golwg Hanesyddol Ar Fywyd Ym Meysydd Glo Cumru/Historical Glimpses of Life in Welsh Coalfields.
146266: JONES, R.M. - Mawl a’I Gyfeillion. Cyfrol I [Only]: (Hanfod Y Traddodiad Llenyddo Cymraeg). Adeiladu Mawl.
146264: JONES, ALUN. - Plentyn Y Bwtias.
145518: JOHN JONES (PUBLISHER). - Croeso Cymreig/a Welsh Welcome. Recipes for Some Traditional Welsh Dishes.
149312: JONES, ARTHUR HERBERT. - His Lordship’S Obedient Servant. Recollections of a South Wales Borderer.
145074: JONES, LIS. - Byw a Bod Yn Y Bath.
145021: JONES, WILLIAM. - Tannau’R Cawn.
147429: JONES, LLEWELYN. - Schoolin’S Log.
147550: (JONES) JONES, R.W. - Y Parchedig John Puleston Jones M.A. , D.D.
147723: JONES, JOHN MORGAN. - Y Datguddiad O Ddiw Yn Yr Hen Destament.
149066: JONES, IVOR WYNNE. - Money Galore. The Story of the Welsh Pound.
146327: JONES, PARCH. IORWERTH. - Pregethau.
147739: JONES, D. JAMES. - Hanes Athroniaeth. Y Cyfnod Groegaidd.
151680: JONES, MARIAN MOSER. - The American Red Cross. From Clara Barton to the New Deal.
150284: JONES, REX L. & JONES, SHIRLEY KURZ. - The Himalayan Woman. A Study of Limbu Women in Marriage and Divorce.
145032: JONES, D. GWYN. - Plaesteina: Gwlad Yr Iesu.
145992: (WYNN) JONES, J. GWYNFOR. - Syr John Wynn.
146539: JONES, ALUN R. & THOMAS, GWYN (EDITORS). - Mabon. Cyfrol Un: Rhif Un-Chwech [Only].
147372: (PARRY) JONES, BEDWYR LEWIS. - Robert Williams Parry.
147203: JONES, GWILYM M. - Dawns Yr Ysgubau.
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150423: LAVEAUX, J.-CH. - Nouveau Dictionnaire de la Langue Francaise, Ou L’on Trouve, le Receueil Des Tous Les Mots de Lan Langue Usuelle, Dont Un Grand Nombre Ne Se Trouve Point Dans Les Autres Dictionnaires, Avec Leurs Definitions, Et Des Exemples Propres a En Indiquer L’Usage Et la Construction. 2o. Les Etymologies Necessaires Pour L’Intelligence de Ces Mots, Tirees Des Langues Anciennes Ou Etrangers. 3o. Un Grand Nombre D’Accetions Non Indiquees Ni Definiees Jusqu’a Present, Justifiees Par Des Passages D’Auteurs Classiques, Et Auxquelles Ces Passages Servent En Meme Temps de Fondement Et D’Exemples. 4o. L’Explications Detaillee Des Synonymes. 5o. Des Remarques Sur la Prononciation Et L’Orthotgraphe, Lorsqu’Elles S’Ecartent Des Regles Generales. 6o. La Solution Desprincipales Difficultes Grammaticales. 7o. Les Noms Des Outils Et Instrumens Des Arts Et Metiers, Avec L’Indicationqui Sont Soumis Aux Prodedes Des Uns Et Aux Speculations Des Autres. 9o. La Critique de Plusieurs Mots Recueillis Ou Inseres Mal a Propos Dans Quelques Dictionnaires Modernes, Etc. , Etc.
138756: LAVEN, DAVID & RIALL, LUCY (EDITORS). - Napoleon’S Legacy. Problems of Government in Restoration Europe.
149847: LAVER, JAMES. - The Ladies of Hampton Court.
139869: LAVER, JAMES (INTRODUCED BY). - Costume in Antiquity.
153046: LAVIE, SMADAR. - The Poetics of Military Occupation. Mzeina Allegories of Bedouin Identity Under Israeli and Egyption Rule.
141025: LAW, FRANCIS. - A Man at Arms. Memoirs of Two World Wars.
152218: LAWES, REV. W.G. - Grammar and Vocabulary of Language Spoken by the Motu Tribe, New Guinea.
142507: (HOPKINS) LAWLER, JUSTUS GEORGE. - Hopkins Re-Constructed. Life, Poetry and the Tradition.
151224: LAWLOR, D.W. - Photosynthesis: Molecular, Physiological and Environmental Processes.
132170: LAWN, G.R. - Music in State Clothing. The Story of the Kettledrummers, Trumpeters and Band of the Life Guards.
138237: LAWN, G.R. - Music in State Clothing. The Story of the Kettledrummers, Trumpeters and Band of the Life Guards.
154416: LAWRENCE, JOAN. - The House on the Cliff.
150986: LAWRENCE, RAYMOND J. - The Poisoning of Eros. Sexual Values in Conflict.
147896: LAWRENCE, A.W. - Later Greek Sculpture and Its Influence on East and West.
154395: LAWRENCE, D.H. - Mornings in Mexico and Etruscan Places. With Introduction by Richard Aldington.
154396: LAWRENCE, D.H. - Twilight in Italy; Sea and Sardinia; Mornings in Mexico and Etruscan Places. With Introduction by Richard Aldington.
125803: LAWRENCE, T. E. - Revolt in the Desert.
128534: LAWRENCE, D. H. - Birds, Beasts and Flowers. Poems.
137333: LAWRENCE, D.H. - Assorted Articles.
137337: LAWRENCE, D.H. - Apocalypse. With an Introduction by Richard Aldington.
137350: LAWRENCE, D.H. - Assorted Articles.
138647: LAWRENCE, ANGEL. - St. Hild’S College 1858-1958.
142829: LAWRENCE, A.W. - Classical Sculpture.
154390: LAWRENCE, D.H. - Selected Literary Criticism. Edited by Anthony Beal.
146862: LAWRIE, W.H. - All-Fur Flies and How to Dress Them.
149764: LAWS, GEOFF. - A Cartoonist’S Chronicle.
125601: LAWSON, PETER. - Anglo-Jewish Poetry from Isaac Rosenberg to Elaine Feinstein. Foreword by Anthomy Rudolf.
128559: LAWSON, HENRY. - Poetical Works. With Preface and Introduction by David Mckee Wright.
138023: LAWSON, JOHN. - A Town Grammar School Through Six Centuries. A History of Hull Grammar School Against Its Local Background.
138644: LAWSON, JOHN. - A Town Grammar School Through Six Centuries. A History of Hull Grammar School Against Its Local Background.
85355: LAYBOURN, KEITH. - The General Strike. Day by Day.
109226: (HAMMETT) LAYMAN, RICHARD. - Dashiell Hammett. A Descriptive Bibliography.
148688: LEACH, JOHN. - Pompey the Great.
138071: LEACH, ARTHUR F. (EDITOR). - A History of Bradfield College. By Old Bradfield Boys.
139314: LEACH, E.R. - Rethinking Anthropology.
137057: LEAD, PETER. - Historic Waterways: The Trent & Mersey Canal.
148602: (BLAKE) LEADER, ZACHARY. - Reading Blake’S Songs.
147787: NATIONAL BOOK LEAGUE (PUBLISHER). - A Reader’S Guide to Wales. A Select Bibliography.
128772: LEAN, E. TANGYE. - The Napoleonists. A Study in Political Disaffection 1760-1960.
141323: LEASOR, JAMES. - The Unknown Warrior.
154728: (SNOW) LEAVIS, F.R. - Two Cultures? the Significance of C.P. Snow. Bieng the Richarmond Lecture, 1962. With an Essay on Sir Charles Snow’S Rede Lecture, 1962, by Michael Yudkin.
154391: (LAWRENCE) LEAVIS, F.R. - D.H. Lawrence: Novelist.
141986: LEBENSON, LEN. - Surrounded by Heroes. Six Campaigns with Division Headquarters, 82d Airborne Division, 1942-1945. With a Foreword by Barbara Gavin Fauntleroy.
122152: LEBER, ANNEDORE (EDITOR). - Conscience in Revolt. Sixty-Four Stories of Resistance in Germany 1933-45. Assisted by Willy Brandt and Karl Dietrich Bracher. With Contributions from Hilde Walter, Wolfgang Steglech and Harald Poelchau. Introduction by Robert Birley, Headmaster of Eton College.
142706: LEBLANC, STEVEN A. - Constant Battles. The Myth of the Peaceful, Noble Savage.
136429: LEBRECHT, NORMAN. - Covent Garden: The Untold Story. Dispatches from the English Culture War, 1945-2000.
132094: LECH, RAYMOND B. - All the Drowned Sailors.
143499: LECKY, WILLIAM EDWARD HARTPOLE. - History of the Rise and Influence of the Spirit of Rationalism in Europe.
134847: LECUYER, ANNETTE. - Radical Tectonics. Enric Miralles, Gunter Behnisch, Mecanoo, Pataku Architects.
136292: LEDERHENDLER, ELI. - Jewish Responses to Modernity. New Voices in Americal and Eastern Europe.
149626: LEDERMANN, E.K. - Philosophy and Medicine.
150510: LEDERREY, COLONEL ERNEST. - La Gendarmerie Vaudoise de 1803 a 1953. .
144869: LEE, EDWARD. - Music of the People. A Study of Popular Music in Great Britain.
147774: LEE, LISA. - Owen’S Second Story Book.
151281: (EDITOR) LEE, CELIA AND STRONG, PAUL EDWARD/ - Women in War. From Home Front to Front Line.
148230: LEE, TINN CHAN. - The Wu Style of Tai Chi Chuan.
148253: LEE, DOUGLAS. - Tail Chi Chuan. The Philosophy of Yin and Yang and Its Application.
148254: LEE, J. YIMM. - Wing Chun Kung-Fu. Technical Editor: Bruce Lee.
149913: LEE, BRIAN (EDITOR). - Cardiff Voices.
122881: LEE, GENERAL RAYMOND E. - The London Observer. The Journal of... , 1940-41. Edited by James Leutze. With a Foreword by Dean Acheson.
130030: LEE, HENRY. - The American Revolution in the South. Edited, with a Biography of His Father, by Robert E. Lee.
133454: LEE, ASHER. - The Soviet Air Force.
134860: LEE, JONATHAN. - 50 Great Adventures. Extraordinary Places and the People Who Built Them.
136027: (RENAN) LEE, DAVID C.J. - Ernest Renan: In the Shadow of Faith.
137823: (ORWELL) LEE, ROBERT A. - Orwell’S Fiction.
141570: (HAMILTON) LEE, JOHN. - A Soldier’S Life. General Sir Ian Hamilton 1853-1947.
143052: (HAMILTON) LEE, CELIA. - Jean, Lady Hamilton 1861-1941. A Soldier’S Wife (Wife of General Sir Ian Hamilton). A Biography from Her Diaries.
97812: LEE, M. OWEN. - The Olive Bed and Other Quests.
150578: LEECH, GEOFFREY N. - Towards a Semantic Description of English.
149070: LEEKE, DAVID. - An Ironmonger’S Tale. The Story of Leekes, a South Wales Family Business.
151705: (ROSMINI) LEETHAM, CLAUDE. - Rosmini: Priest, Philosopher and Patriot. With an Introduction by Giuseppe Bozzetti.
139880: (ARISTOPHANES) LEEUWEN, J. VAN (EDITOR). - Aristohanis Vespae. Cum Prolegomenis Et Commentariis.
153493: (COLERIDGE) LEFEBURE, MOLLY. - Samuel Taylor Coleridge: A Bondage of Opium.
132282: LEFER, DAVID. - The Founding Conservatives. How a Group of Unsung Heroes Saved the American Revolution.
150164: LEGG, BARNABY & MCCARTHY, JIM. - Eminem: In My Skin.
139112: LEGG, PENNY. - Under the Queen’S Colour. Voices from the Forces 1952-2012.
123252: LEGGO, WILLIAM. - The History of the Administration of the Right Honorable Frederick Temple, Earl of Dufferin, K.P. , G.C. M.G. , K.C. B. , F.R. S. , Late Governor General of Canada.
154477: (MARVELL) LEGOUIS, PIERRE. - Andrew Marvel. Poet; Puritan; Patriot.
154638: (REED) LEHMAN, DANIEL W. - John Reed and the Writing of Revolution.
125477: LEHMAN, DAVID. - Signs of the Times. Deconstruction and the Fall of Paul de Man.
154414: LEHMANN, ROSAMOND. - The Swan in the Evening. Fragments of an Inner Life.
154415: LEHMANN, JOHN. - The Ample Propoistion. Autobiography III.
127017: (SITWELL) LEHMANN, JOHN & PARKER, DEREK (EDITORS). - Edith Sitwell: Selected Letters.
127077: (SITWELL) LEHMANN, JOHN & PARKER, DEREK (EDITORS). - Edith Sitwell: Selected Letters 1919-1964.
136851: LEHMANN, ROSAMOND. - Invitation to the Waltz.
137753: (SITWELL) LEHMANN, JOHN. - A Nest of Tigers. Edith, Osbert and Sacheverell Sitwell in Their Times.
140212: LEHMANN, A.G. - Teh European Heritage. An Outline of Western Culture.
141114: LEHMANN, ARMIN D. & CARROLL, TIM. - In Hitler’S Bunker. A Boy Soldier’S Eyewitness Account of the Fuerher’S Last Days.
151636: LEHRER, JONAH. - Imagine: How Creativity Works.
137959: LEIGH, TERA. - The Complete Book of Decorative Painting.
149436: LEIGHTON, RACHEL. - Rise and Progress. The Story of the Welsh Girls’ School and of the Honourable and Loyal Society of Antient Britons.
143948: (MACPHERSON) LEISS, WILLIAM. - C.B. Macpherson: Dilemmas of Liberalism and Socialism.

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