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150639: GUMLEY, FRANCES & REDHEAD, BRIAN. - The Christian Centuries.
143201: GUMLEY, FRANCES & READHEAD, BRIAN. - The Christian Centuries.
150645: GUMMER, SELWYN. - The Chavasse Twins.
133933: GUNTHEROVA-MAYEROVA, ALZBETA. - Ferdis Kostka.
147742: GURNAL, PARCH. W. - Y Cristion Mewn Cyflawn Arfogaeth Neu Draethawd Am Ryfel Y Saint Yn Erbyn Y Diafol. Wedi Ei Gyfieithu Gan Y Parch. Thomas Jones.
148940: GUTH, DELLOYD J. - Late-Medieval England 1377-1485.
121501: GUTH, DELLOYD J. - Late-Medival England, 1377-1485.
136389: GUTHKE, KARL S. - The Last Frontier. Imagining Other Worlds, from the Copernican Revolution to Modern Science Fiction. Translated by Helen Atkins.
137645: GUTHKE, KARL S. - The Last Frontier. Imagining Other Worlds, from the Copernican Revolution to Modern Science Fiction.
154758: (STEVENSON) GUTHRIE, LORD. - Robert Louis Stevenson: Some Personal Recollections.
124113: (STEVENSON). GUTHRIE, LATE LORD. - Robert Louis Stevenson: Some Personal Recollections.
122455: GUTSCHE, THELMA. - A Very Smart Medal. The Story of the Witwatersrand Agricultural Society.
151608: GUTTENPLAN, SAMUEL. - Mind’S Landscape. An Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind.
154789: (STONE) GUTTENPLAN, D.D. - American Radical. The Life and Times of I.F. Stone.
154766: (STAEL) GUTWIRTH, MADELYN. - Madame de Stael, Novelist. The Emergence of the Artist As a Woman.
149043: GUY, JOHN R. & SMITH, EWART B. - Ancient Gwent Churches.
142968: (BAGSHAWE) GUY, ALAN J. (EDITOR). - Colonel Samuel Bagshawe and the Army of George II 1731-1762.
145967: [JENKINS, JOHN] ‘GWILI.’ - Caniadau John Ellis Williams, Pendref, Bangor.
146437: GWILYM, GWYNN AP & LLWYD ALAN (EDITORS). - Blodeugerdd O Farddoniaeth Gymraeg Yr Ungeinfed Ganrif.
146067: GWILYM, GWYNN AP. - Yr Ymyl Aur.
146106: (LEWIS) GWILYM, GWYNN AP (EDITOR). - Meistri a’U Crefft: Ysgrifau Llenyddol Gan Saunders Lewis.
146345: (JONES) GWILYM, GWYNN AP (EDITOR). - Thomas Gwynn Jones.
147262: (JONES) GWILYM, GWYNN AP (EDITOR). - Thomas Gwynn Jones.
144973: (JONES) GWILYM AP & LEWIS, RICHARD H. (EDITORS). - Cyfrol Deyrnged Y Prifardd T. Llew Jones.
145062: LLEWELYN GWYN. - Yr Ias Yng Ngruddiau’R Rhosyn. Nofel.
149395: GWYN, DAVID. - Gwynedd: Inheriting Revolution. The Archaeology of Industrialisation in North-West Wales.
145552: GWYNFRYN, HYWEL. - Y Dyn’I Hun.
144947: GWYNN, JEIRWEN. - Torri’N Rhydd.
150534: GWYNNE, PETER. - A History of Crawley.
142895: (COOK) GWYTHER, JOHN. - First Voyage. Being the Full & Authentic Story of the Great Discoveries Made by Lt. James Cook, R.N. - Commanding H.M. Bark Endeavour - in the Great South Seas in the Years 1768-1771.
137209: GZOWSKI, PETER. - A Peter Gzowski Reader. Compiled, Selected and Edited by Edna Barker.
148287: HAARSAGER, SANDRA. - Organized Womanhood. Cultural Politics in the Pacific Northwest, 1840-1920.
128494: HAAS, JILL. - Ports of Call. (1984-1986).
141173: HAAS, MICHAEL. - Forbidden Music. The Jewish Composers Banned by the Nazis.
129437: HABE, HANS. - Countess Tarnovska. Translated by Catherine Hunter.
134911: HABERMAN, IRVING. - Eyes on an Era. Four Decades of Photojournalism. Commentary by Walter Cronkite. Edited and with an Introduction by Miles Barth.
151750: HACK, RICHARD. - Hughes: The Private Diaries, Memos and Letters. The Definitive Biography of the First American Billionaire.
138286: HACKETT, MARTIN. - Lost Battlefields of Britain.
145161: HACKWELL, W. JOHN. - Signs, Letters, Words. Archaeology Discovers Writing.
153501: HADDAD, FANAR. - Sectarianism in Iraq. Antagonistic Visions of Unity.
136242: HADDEN, JEFFREY K. & SHUPE, ANSON (EDITORS). - Prophetic Religions and Politics. Religion and the Political Order.
126764: HADDINGTON, EARL OF. - I Love Mountains and Other Poems.
152701: HADFIELD, CHARLES. - The Canals of the West Midlands.
140877: HADFIELD, ALICE MARY. - The Chartist Land Company.
150589: HAEGEMAN, LILIANE. - Introduction to Government and Binding Theory.
133334: HAFEZ, SABRY & COBHAM, CATHERINE (EDITORS). - A Reader of Medern Arabic Short Stories.
97768: HAFIZ, HISHAM ALI. - The Desert Is My Oasis. Poems. Foreword by Peter Mansfield.
148360: HAFTER, DARYL M. (EDITOR). - European Women and Preindustrial Craft.
151165: O’HAGAN, ANDREW. - The Life and Opinions of Maf the Dog and of His Friend Marilyn Monroe.
126292: HAGAN, WILLIAM. - Theodore Roosevelt and the Six Friends of the Indian.
139319: HAGBERG, STEN. - Between Peace and Justice. Dispute Settlement between Karaboro Agriculturalists and Fulbe Agro-Pastoralists in Burkina Faso.
150931: (HINSLEY) HAGERTY, JAMES. - Cardinal Hinsley: Priest and Patriot.
124481: HAGGARD, H. RIDER. - Regeneration. Being an Account of the Social Work of the Salvation Army in Great Britain.
128228: HAGGARD, LIEUT.-COLONEL ANDREW C.P. - Sidelights on the Court of France.
137272: (HUGO) HAGGARD, LT.-COL. ANDREW C.P. - Victor Hugo: His Work and Love.
137619: HAGSTRUM, JEAN H. - Eros and Vision: The Restoration to Romanticism.
151911: HAHN, STEVEN. - A Nation Under Our Feet. Black Political Struggles in the Rural South from Slavery to the Great Migration.
148917: HAIDU, PETER. - The Subject of Violence. The Song of Roland and the Birth of the State.
153902: (ELIOT) HAIGHT, GORDON S. - George Eliot: A Biography.
151815: HAINING, PETER. - Ancient Mysteries.
150625: (ERRINGTON) HAIR, P.E.H. (EDITOR). - Coals on the Rails, or, the Reason of My Wrighting. The Autobiography of Anthony Errington, a Tyneside Colliery Waggon and Waggonway Wright, from His Birth in 1778 to Around 1825.
143198: HAIR, PAUL (EDITOR). - Before the Bawdy Court. Selections from Church Court and Other Records Relation to the Correction of Moral Offences Inengland, Scotland and New England, 1300-1800.
107113: (WRIGHT). HAKUTANI, YOSHINOBU. - Richard Wright and Racial Discourse.
139101: HALBERSTADT, HANS. - Bradley Company.
130636: HALDANE, A.R.B. - New Ways Through the Glens. Highland Road, Bridge and Canal Makers of the Early Nineteenth Century.
143438: HALE, THOMAS & HELD, DAVID (EDITORS). - Handbook of Transnational Governance. Institutions and Innovations.
131797: HALE, JOHN RICHARD. - The Story of the Great Armada.
139230: HALE, STEPHEN. - Vegetable Staticks. Foreword to This Edition by M.A. Hoskin.
150203: (HODGSKIN) HALEVY, ELIE. - Thomas Hodgskin (1787-1869).
141005: HALEVY, ELIE. - The Era of Tyrannies. Essays on Socialism and War. Translated by R.K. Webb, with a Note by Fritz Stern.
148936: HALL, RICHARD. - The Viking Dig. The Excavations at York.
153642: HALL, JUDY. - The Crystal Wisdom Oracle. 40 Oracle Cards for Divination, Self-Understanding and Healing. And a Book About How to Use Them.
154384: (L’AMOUR) HALL, HALBERT W. - Louis L’Amour. An Annotated Bibliography and Guide. Introduction by Michael T. Marsden. Afterword by Michael T. Marsden and Kristine Fredriksson.
150008: HALL, JASON. - The Messengers. Based on the Screenplay by Mark Wheaton and Stuart Beattle.
151929: HALL, MALCOLM. - Forecast.
149158: HALL, JEFFREY C. - The Stand of the U.S. Army at Gettysburg.
150939: HALL, REV. FRANCIS J. - Theological Outlines. Revised by the Rev. Frank Hudson Hallock.
150932: HALL, STUART G. - Doctrine and Practice in the Early Church.
152848: HALL, HENRY C. AND FAHRIG, WALTER F. (EDITORS). - Mafic Dyke Swarms. A Collection of Papers Based on the Proceedings of an International Conference Held at Erindale College, University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, June 4 to 7, 1985.
149343: HALL, JAMES NORMAN. - On the Stream of Travel.
128513: HALL, J. C. - The Burning Hare.
134270: HALL, ANDREW (EDITOR). - 100 Great Kitchens & Bathrooms. By Architects.
135232: HALL, EDWIN T. - Dulwich: History and Romance 967-1922. The Manor, College, Schools, Village and Picture Gallery, Edward Alleyn and the Elizabethan and Jacobean Theatres.
136826: HALL, SARAH. - The Carhullan Army.
137614: HALL, ANNE DRURY. - Ceremony and Civility in English Renaissance Prose.
139430: HALL, A. RUPERT. - The Revolution in Science 1500-1750.
140276: HALL, A.C.S. (EDITOR). - Guide to the Reports of the Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts 1911-1957. Part I [Only]: Index of Places.
141808: HALL, KEITH. - Submariners. Real Life Stories from the Deep.
152242: HALL, JAMES NORMAN. - Under the South.
145665: HALLAM, GWION. - Creadyn Neu Huw Dafis a’R Draenog Ownaeth Gnoi at Y Gwaed, a’R Corryn Sy’N Crwydro’I Hunllefau.
154438: HALLIBURTON, RICHARD. - A Book of Marvels.
130733: HALLIDAY, STEPHEN. - Water: A Turbulent History.
142701: HALLIER, GILBERT; HUMBERT, MICHEL & POMEY, PATRICE. - Les Abords Du Forum. Le Cote Nord-Ouest (Fouilles 1971-1973). Suivi D’Annexes Par Alix Barbet, Paola Di Giambattista, Monique Reichlen-Pomey, Franca Zavatti, Deorges Depeyrot.
150205: HALLOWS, IAN S. - Regiments and Corps of the British Army.
152082: HALLPIKE, C.R. - Bloodshed and Vengeance in the Papuan Mountains. The Generation of Conflict in Tauade Society.
151984: HALPER, STEFAN AND CLARKE, JONATHAN. - America Alone. The Neo-Conservatives and the Global Order.
153587: HALTER, MAREK. - The Book of Abraham.
133074: (FAULKNER) HAMBLIN, ROBERT W. & BRODSKY, LOUIS DANIEL. - Selections from the William Faulkner Collection of Louis Daniel Brodsky. A Descriptive Catalogue.
140896: HAMBRICK, MARGARET. - A Chartist’S Library.
150137: HAMBURGER KUNSTHALLE & DEM MUSEUM FUER KUNST UND GEWERBE HAMBURG (EDITOED BY). - Jahrbuch Der Hamburger Kunstsammlungen. Band 19 [Only].
128483: HAMBURGER, MICHAEL. - Real Estate.
137207: HAMBURGER, MICHAEL. - String of Beginnings. Intermittant Memoirs 1924-1954.
140920: HAMBURGER, LOTTE & HAMBURGER, JOSEPH. - Comtemplating Adultery. The Secret Life of a Victorian Woman.
124501: HAMERTON, PHILIP GILBERT. - The Intellectual Life.
140874: (WILSON) HAMILITON, JAMES. - Memoirs of the Life of James Wilson, Esq. , F.R. S.E. , M.W. S. , of Woodville.
148713: HAMILTON, BERNARD. - The Christian World of the Middle Ages.
144735: HAMILTON, DAVID (EDITOR). - The Metropolitan Opera Encyclopedia. A Comprehensive Guide to the World of Opera.
154357: (KOESTLER) HAMILTON, IAIN. - Koestler: A Biography.
154428: (LOWELL) HAMILTON, IAN. - Robert Lowell: A Biography.
154466: (MANN) HAMILTON, NIGEL. - The Brothers Mann. The Lives of Heinrich and Thomas Mann, 1871-1950 and 1875-1955.
124115: (STEVENSON). HAMILTON, CLAYTON. - On the Trail of Stevenson. The Pictures from Drawings by Walter Hale.
126773: HAMILTON, G. ROSTREVOR. - Death in April & Other Poems.
128770: HAMILTON-WILLIAMS, DAVID. - The Fall of Napoleon. The Final Betrayal.
132941: (ARNOLD) HAMILTON, IAN. - A Gift Imprisoned: The Poetic Life of Matthew Arnold.
133337: HAMILTON, IAN. - Keepers of the Flame. Literary Estates and the Rise of Biography.
135218: HAMILTON, JAMES. - London Lights. The Minds That Moved the City That Shook the World, 1805-51.
136827: HAMILTON-PATERSON, JAMES. - Amazing Disgrace.
138690: HAMILTON, D.H. (EDITOR). - The History of St. Peter’S School
154693: (SALINGER) HAMILTON, IAN. - In Search of J.D. Salinger.
150434: HAMM, MICHAEL F. - Kiev a Portrait 1800 - 1917.
149001: HAMM, JEFFREY. - Action Replay. An Autobiography.
124498: HAMMARSKJOLD, DAG. - Markings. Translated from the Swedish by Leif Sjoberg & W.H. Auden. With a Foreword by W.H. Auden.
152097: HAMMERTON, SIR JOHN (EDITOR). - Outline of Nature in the British Isles.
132563: HAMMOND, BASIL EDWARD. - The Politcal Institutions of the Ancient Greeks.
137860: (WELLS) HAMMOND, J.R. (EDITOR). - H.G. Wells. Interviews and Recollections.
139447: HAMMOND, RAY. - The Modern Frankenstein. Fiction Becomes Fact.
132173: HAMPDEN, JANET & HAMPDEN, JOHN (EDITORS). - Sir Francis Drake’S Raid on the Treasure Trains. Being the Memorable Relation of His Voyage to the West Indies in 1572. Faithfully Taken from Eye-Witness Reprots by Members of the Expedition, and Enlarged by Drakes’S Own Hand.
141863: HAMPSHIRE, A. CECIL. - The Blockaders.
150151: HAMPTON, SCOTT. - The Upturned Stone. A Graphic Novella.
138188: HAMPTON, LORD. - Scouting Sketches. Being an Apology, a Prologue, and Ten Effusions in Praise of the Game. With a Foreword by the Chief Scout.
142124: HANCOCK, TERRY. - Directory of Britain’S Military Aircraft. Volume 2 [Only].
142125: HANCOCK, TERRY. - Directory of Britain’S Military Aircraft. [Volume I Only].
142323: HANDLEMAN, PHI8LIP. - Chicago O’Hare. The World’S Busiest Airport.
125329: HANDLER, ANDREW. - An Early Blueprint for Zionism. Gyozo Istoczy’S Political Anti- Semitism.
125343: HANDLER, ANDREW. - An Early Blueprint for Zionism. Gyozo Istoczy’S Political Anti- Semitism.
124395: (ELIOT). HANDLEY, GRAHAM. - George Eliot’S Midlands: Passion in Exile.
137362: (MASEFIELD) HANDLEY-TAYLOR, GEOFFREY (EDITOR). - John Masefield, O.M. The Queen’S Poet Laureate. A Bibliography and Eighty-First Birthday Tribute.
154470: (MASEFIELD) HANDLEY-TAYLOR, GEOFFREY (EDITOR). - John Masefield, O.M. The Queen’S Poet Laureate. A Bibiography and Eighty-First Birthday Tribute.
151919: HANDLO, ROBERTUS DE. - Regule/ the Rules [and] Hanboys, Johannes. Summa/the Summa. A New Critical Text and Translation on Facing Pages, with an Introduction, Annotations, and Indices Verborum and Nominum Et Rerum by Peter M. Lefferts.
149366: HANDO, FRED J. - Monmouthshire Sketch Book.
149051: HANDO, FRED J. - Out and About in Monmouthshire.
151375: HANIFI, MANZOOR AHMAD. - A Survey of Muslim Institutions and Culture.
152100: O’HANLON, MICHAEL. - Reading the Skin. Adornment, Display and Society Among the Wahgi.
90624: (CHAUCER). HANLY, MICHAEL G. - Boccacio, Beauvau, Chaucer. Troilus and Criseyde. Four Pespectives on Influence.
138348: HANRAHAN, DAVID C. - Charles II and the Duke of Buckingham. The Merry Monarch & the Aristocratic Rogue.
131140: HANSARD, PETER. - Jig, Fig and Mrs. Pig. Illustrated by Francesca Martin.
148292: HANSEN, DEBRA GOLD. - Strained Sisterhood. Gender and Class in the Boston Female Anti-Slavery Society.
153899: (ELIOT) HANSON, LAWRENCE AND HANSON, ELISABETH. - Marian Evans and George Eliot. A Biography.
150938: HANSON, RICHARD P.C. - Studies in Christian Antiquity.
150358: HANSON, VICTOR DAVIS. - Why the West Has Won. Carnage and Culture from Salamis to Vietnam.
151298: HANSON, R.P.C. - Saint Patrick. His Origins and Career.
142711: HANSON, VICTOR DAVIS. - The Wars of the Ancient Greeks and Their Invention of Western Military Culture.
142971: HANSON, VICTOR DAVIS. - Why the West Has Won. Carnage and Culture from Salamis to Vietnam.
137451: HAPPE, PETER. - Cyclic Form and the English Mystery Plays. A Comparative Study of the English Biblical Cycles and Their Continental and Iconographic Counterparts.
95429: O’HARA, DANIEL T. - Radical Parody. American Culture and Critical Agency After Foucault.
154333: (KILLIGREW) HARBAGE, ALFRED. - Thomas Killigrew: Cavalier Dramatist 1612-83.
130255: HARCOURT, COLONEL G.J. - Soldiers of the King: Their Battles, Sieges, and Campaigns.
127047: (THACKERAY) HARDEN, EDGAR F. - The Emergence of Thackeray’S Serial Fiction.
133692: HARDER, JEREMY. - Love Sets You Free. (Liebe Macht Frei). The Biography of Janni Kowalski.
137307: (KOWALSKI) HARDER, JEREMY. - Love Sets You Free. (Liebe Macht Frei). The Biography of Janni Kowalski.
141148: HARDER, JEREMY. - Love Sets You Free. (Liebe Macht Frei). The Biography of Janni Kowalski.
152219: (EDITOR) HARDER, KELSIE B. - Illustrated Dictionary of Place Names United States and Canada.
153377: HARDIE, MARCUS. - Black & Bulletproof. An African-American Warrior in the Israeli Army.
126719: (WALDEN). HARDING, WALTER. - A Centennial Check-List of the Editions of Henry David Thoreau’S Walden.
134348: HARDING, GEORGINA. - Tranquebar. A Season in South India.
137032: HARDING, JAMES. - Agate.
138689: HARDING, RICHARD D. - St. Peter’S Schook, York: A Chronology. With a Foreword by John Dronfield.
150646: (FINNEY) HARDMAN, KEITH J. - Charles Grandison Finney 1792-1875. Revivalist and Reformer.
128727: (LOUIS-PHILIPPE) HARDMAN, JOHN (EDITOR). - Louis-Philippe: Memoirs 1773-1793. Translated and with an Introduction. Foreword by Henri, Comte de Paris.
153688: (DICKENS) HARDWICK, MICHAEL AND HARDWICK, MOLLIE. (EDITORS). - The Charles Dickens Encyclopedia.
154033: (HARDY) HARDY, EVELYN AND PINION, F.B. (EDITORS). - One Rare Fair Woman. Thomas Hardy’S Letters to Florence Henniker 1893-1922.
124493: HARDY, EVELYN. - The Countryman’S Ear and Other Essays on Thomas Hardy.
124718: HARDY, GEORGE & HARRIS, NATHANIEL. - A D.H. Lawrence Album.
137204: HARDY, BARBARA. - The Collected Essays. Volume One [Only]. Narrators and Novelists.
142916: HARDY, CLIVE. - Francis Frith’S Victorian & Edwardian Maritime Album.
124907: (RANSOME). HARDYMENT, CHRISTINA. - Arthur Ransome and Captain Flint’S Trunk.
133014: (MALORY) HARDYMENT, CHRISTINA. - Malory. The Life and Times of King Arthur’S Chronicler.
153904: (EDGEWORTH) HARE, AUGUSTUS J.C. (EDITOR). - The Life and Letters of Maria Edgeworth. Volume II [Only].
128997: HARE, RICHARD. - Portraits of Russian Personalities between Reform and Revolution.
133377: HARE, AUGUSTUS J.C. - The Years with Mother. Being an Abridgement of the First Three Volumes of the Story of My Life. Edited with Notes and an Introduction by Malcolm Barnes.
135222: HARE, KENNETH. - Our Cockney Ancestors.
143002: HARFIELD, ALAN. - Pigeon to Packhorse. The Illustrated Story of Animals in Army Communications.
152228: (EDITOR) HARKIN, MICHAEL E. - Reassessing Revitalization Movements. Perspectives from North America and the Pacific Islands.
126575: (BUTLER). HARKNESS, STANLEY B. - The Career of Samuel Butler (1835-1902). A Bibliography.
113418: (DAVIES, W. H. ) HARLOW, SYLVIA. - W.H. Davies. A Bibliography.
144618: HARMAN, ALEC; MELLERS, WILFRID & MILNER, ANTHONY. - Man and His Music. The Story of Musical Experience in the West.
146839: HARPER, STEPHEN. - Angling Afloat. A Complete Guide for Coarse Fishermen.
153706: HARRER, HEINRICH. - Seven Years in Tibet.
145917: HARRI, IDRIS AP. - Cerddi (1960).
146126: (LLWYD) HARRIES, LESLIE (EDITIOR). - Gwaith Huw Cae Llwyd Ac Eraill.
154011: HARRIES, RALPH. - From a Welsh Valley to the Zambezi. A CIVIL Engineering Adventure.
152676: HARRIES, MEIRION AND SUSIE. - Soldiers of the Sun. The Rise and Fall of the Imperial Japanese Army 1868 - 1945.
139935: (ARISTOPHANES) HARRIOTT, ROSEMARY M. - Aristophanes: Poet & Dramatist.
144825: HARRIS, SHELDON. - Blues Who’S Who. A Biographical Dictionary of Blues Singers.
148397: HARRIS, H. WILSON. - Human Merchandise. A Study in the International Traffic in Women.
149538: HARRIS, G.G. (EDITOR). - Trinity House of Deptford: Transactions, 1609-35.
154631: (REES) HARRIS, JOHN. - Goronwy Rees.
152332: HARRIS, ALEXANDER. - The Emigrant Family. The Story of an Australian Settler.
150501: HARRIS, SYD. - Fully Refrigerated Lpg Carriers.
149488: HARRIS, CHARLES. - Islington.
154653: (SACKVILLE) HARRIS, BRICE. - Charles Sackville, Sixth Earl of Dorset, Patron and Poet of the Restoration.
154032: (HARRIS) HARRIS, JULIA COLLIER. - The Life and Letters of Joel Chandler Harris.
154031: HARRIS, FRANK. - My Life and Loves. Edited and with an Introduction by John F. Gallagher.
154030: HARRIS, FRANK. - Contemporary Portraits. Fourth Series.
123241: HARRIS, REGINALD. - The Church of Saint Paul in Halifax, Nova Scotia: 1749-1949. Foreword by the Most Rev. George Frederick Kingston.
154027: HARRIS, FRANK. - His Life and Adventures: An Autobiography. With an Introduction by Grant Richards.
124519: HARRIS, FRANK. - Contemporary Portraits.
128492: HARRIS, RICHARD. - I, in the Membership of My Days. Poems.
129660: HARRIS, JOHN. - Dunkirk. ‘the Storms of War. ’
131693: HARRIS, BRAYTON. - The Age of the Battleship.
136739: HARRIS, MICHAEL. - Keighley and Worth Valley Railway.
137927: HARRIS, CAROL. - Miller’S Collecting Fashion & Accessories.
143222: HARRIS, P.R. (EDITOR). - Douai College Documents 1639-1794.
151374: HARRISON, JANE ELLEN. - Ancient Art and Ritual.
153696: (DE MAISSE) HARRISON, G.A. (EDITOR). - De Maisse. A Journal of All That Wwas Accomplished by Monsieur de Maisse, Ambassador in England from King Henri IV to Qeuun Elizabeth, Anno Domini 1597. Translated from the French and Edited with an Introduction.
143436: HARRISON, BERNARD. - The Resurgence of Anti-Semitism. Jews, Israel, and Liberal Opinion.
144868: HARRISON, MAX; FOX, CHARLES & THACKER, ERIC. - The Essential Jazz Records. Volume I [Only]. Ragtime to Swing.
153984: HARRISON, DAVID. - The White Tribe of Africa. South Africa in Perspective.
137559: HARRISON, JAMES (EDITOR). - Printing Patents. Abridgements of Paten Specificiations Relating to Printing, 1617-1857. First Published in 1859 and Now Reprinted with a Prefatory Note.
138046: HARRISON, J.F.C. - A History of the Working Men’S College 1854-1954.
138471: HARRISON, J.F.C. - A History of the Working Men’S College 1854-1954.
139281: HARRISON, JAME. - Ancient Art and Ritual. With an Introduction by Jack Lindsay.
143013: HARRISON, ADA M. & AUSTIN, R.S. - Some Umbrian Cities.
143143: HARRISON, J.F.C. & THOMPSON, DOROTHY. - Bibliography of the Chartist Movement, 1837-1976.
142964: (CRESSWELL) HARROD, DOMINICK (EDITOR). - War, Ice & Piracy. The Remarkable Career of a Victorian Sailor. The Journals and Letters of Samuel Gurney Cresswell.
138568: HARROP, SYLVIA. - The Merchant Taylors’ School for Girls, Crosby. One Hundred Years of Achievement, 1888-1988.
147691: HARRY, JOSEPH. - Elfennau Beirniadaeth Lenorol.
150511: HARRY, MYRIAM. - La Divine Chanson. Roman.
154000: (HAMILTON) HARSENT, DAVID (EDITOR) - Another Round at the Pillars. Essays, Poems, and Reflections on Ian Hamilton.
154029: HART-DAVIS, DUFF. - Never Say No. A Memoir.
125117: HART, JAMES D. - The Concise Oxford Companion to American Literature.
129482: HART, LIDDELL. - Europe in Arms.
133488: HART, PETER. - At the Sharp End. From le Paradis to Kohima. 2nd Battalion, the Royal Norfolk Regiment.
137236: HART-DAVIS, RUPERT. - Halfway to Heaven. Concluding Memoirs of a Literary Life.
137870: (WILDE) HART-DAVIS, RUPERT (EDITOR). - More Letters of Oscar Wilde.
142510: HART-DAVIS, RUPERT. - Halfway to Heaven. Concluding Memoirs of a Literary Life.
128467: HARTE, F. BRET. - That Heathen Chinee. And Other Poems Mostly Humorous.
151793: HARTFORD, WILLIAM F. - Where Is Our Responsibility? Unions and Economic Change in the New England Textile Industry, 1870 - 1960.
151602: (BERGERAC) HARTH, ERICA. - Cyrano de Bergerac and the Polemics of Modernity.
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131465: INFIELD, GLENN B. - The Poltava Affair. The Secret World War II Operation That Foreshadowed the Cold War.
138993: MINISTRY OF INFORMATION. - What Britain Has Done. 1939-1945. A Selection of Outstanding Facts and Figures. Introduction by Richard over.
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151624: IVERACH, JAMES. - Theism. In the Light of Present Science and Philosophy.
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152948: IZZARD, RALPH. - The Hunt for the Buru.
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151795: JACKSON, KEVIN & STAMP, JONATHAN. - Building the Great Pyramid.
147783: JACKSON, KENNETH HURLSTONE. - A Celtic Miscellany. Translations from the Celtic Literatures.
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131464: JACKSON, ROBERT. - Storm from the Skies. The Strategic Bombing Offensive 1943-1945.
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134140: JACKSON, DEIRDRE. - Marvellous to Behold. Miracles in Medieval Manuscripts.
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138847: JACKSON, KEVIN. - Constellation of Genius. 1922: Modernism and All That Jazz.
139437: JACKSON, JJOE. - A World on Fire. A Heretic, an Aristocrat, and the Race to Discover Oxygen.
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121528: JACOB, W.M. & YATES, NIGEL (EDITOR). - Crown and Mitre. Religion and Society in Northern Europe Since the Reformation.
153582: JACOBS, LOUIS. - A Tree of Life. Diversity, Flexibility, and Creativity in Jewish Law.
150958: JACOBS, ALAN. - Original Sin. A Cultural History.
125357: JACOBS, JANET LIEBMAN. - Hidden Heritage. The Legacy of the Crypto-Jews.
142999: JACOBS, MICHAEL. - The Painted Voyage. Art, Travel and Exploration 1564-1875.
85002: (AMIS). JACOBS, ERIC. - Kingsley Amis a Biography.
151735: JACOBSON, HOWARD. - The Finkler Question.
149154: JACOBSON, DORANNE. - The CIVIL War in Art: A Visual Odyssey.

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