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150034: COLLINS, PAUL; KLAUSNITZER, WOLFGANG & SPARN, WALTER (EDITORS). - Autoritaet in Der Kirche - Authority in the Church. Theologische Beitraege Aus Der Church of England, Der Evangelish-Lutherischen Kirche in Bayern Und Der Katholischen Erzdioezese Bamberg.
152683: COLLINS, J. LAWTON. - War in Peacetime. The History and Lessons of Korea.
147939: COLLINS, JOAN. - We Remember It Well. A Patchwork of Personal Recollections by Members of Penarth Past Oral History Group. Stitched Together by...
124882: (PRIESTLEY). COLLINS, DIANA. - Time and the Priestleys. The Story of a Friendship.
137243: (HARDY) COLLINS, VERE H. - Talks with Thomas Hardy at Max Gate 1920-1922.
153484: COLLIS, MAURICE. - Foreign Mud. Being an Account of the Opium Imbroglio at Canton in the 1830s and the Anglo-Chinese War That Followed.
135032: COLONNA, FARNCESCO. - Thomas Mcknight’S Arcadia.
138806: COLQUHOUN, KATE. - Mr. Briggs’ Hat. A Sensational Account of Britain’S First Railway Murder.
125678: COLSON, ELIZABETH & GLUCKMAN, MAX (EDITORS). - Seven Tribes of British Africa.
112158: COLUMBUS, CHRISTOPHER. - Accounts and Letters of the Second, Third, and Fourth Voyages. Edited by Paolo Emilio Taviani, Consuelo Vareja, Juan Gil, and Marina Conti.
151024: COLUMBUS, CHRISTOPHER. - The Journal. Volume I [Only]. Account of the First Voyage and Discovery of the Indies. Introduction and Notes by Paolo Emilio Taviani and Consuelo Varela. Translated Into English by Marc A. Beckwith and Luciano F. Farina.
151025: (COLUMBUS) COLUMBUS, FERDINAND. - Historie Concerning the Life and Deeds of the Admiral Don Christopher Columbus. Volume IV. Part I [Only]. Introduction, Commentary and Notes by Paolo Emilio Taiani and Ilaria Luzzana Caraci, Eds. Translated and Edited by Luciano F. Farina.
154383: (LANDOR) COLVIN, SIDNEY (EDITOR). - Selections from the Writings of Walter Savage Landor. Arranged and Edited.
137733: (STEVENSON) COLVIN, SIDNEY ET AL. - Robert Louis Stevenson: His Work and His Personality.
122420: COMAROFF, JOHN (EDITOR). - The Boer War Diary of Sol T. Plaatje. An African at Mafeking.
143179: COMAY, JOAN. - The Hebrew Kings.
141923: COMER, JOHN. - Combat Crew.
152774: (DARWIN) COMFORT, ALEX. - Darwin and the Naked Lady. Discursive Essays on Biology and Art.
81625: COMFORT, CHARLES FRASER. - Artist at War.
149812: EC COMICS. - Two-Fisted Tales. Volume 1. No. 11.
149792: EC COMICS. - Two-Fisted Tales. Volume 1. No. 10.
149800: MARVEL ALL-COLOUR COMICS. - Creatures on the Loose Featuring Man-Wolf. Volume I. No. 34. Nightflight to Fear!
149801: MARVEL ALL-COLOUR COMICS. - Marvel Premiere Featuring Man-Wolf. Volume I. No. 46. The Saga of Stargod!
149793: EC COMICS. - Two-Fisted Tales. Volume 1. No. 12.
149797: MARVEL ALL-COLOUR COMICS. - Creatures on the Loose Featuring Man-Wolf. Volume I. No. 33.
149798: MARVEL ALL-COLOUR COMICS. - Creatures on the Loose Featuring Man-Wolf. Volume I. No. 37.
149791: EC COMICS. - Two-Fisted Tales. Volume 1. No. 4.
149796: MARVEL ALL-COLOUR COMICS. - Creatures on the Loose Featuring Man-Wolf. Volume I. No. 32
149799: MARVEL ALL-COLOUR COMICS. - Creatures on the Loose Featuring Man-Wolf. Volume I. No. 35. Wolfquest!
149802: MARVEL ALL-COLOUR COMICS. - Marvel Premiere Featuring Man-Wolf. Volume I. No. 45.
149794: EC COMICS. - Two-Fisted Tales. Volume 1. No. 21.
149234: COMMAGER, HENRY STEELE; CUNLIFFE, MARCUS & JONES, MALDWYN A. (EDITORS). - Illustrated History of the American CIVIL War.
141239: COMMAGERS, HENRY STEELE. - The Story of the Second World War.
144726: COMMINS, DANIEL; DEBROQ, MICHAEL ET AL. - In Praise of Music. 150 Years of Musical Life in Brussels.
133397: MUNICIPAL CORPORATIONS COMMISSION. - Report of the Commissioners Appointed to Inquire Into Municipal Corporations Acts, (Other Than the City of London); Together with Minutes of Evidence, Index, &C. Part I. Report, Special Reports, &C. Part II. Minutes of Evidence. Presented to Both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty.
143648: AGRICULTURAL COMMITTEE. - Fourth Report: Effects of the Beer Orders on the Brewing Industry and Consumers. Report and Proceedings of the Committee, Together with Minutes of Evidence and Appendices. Ordered by the House of Commons to Be Printed 21 April 1993.
153985: VAN RIEBEEK FESTIVAL BOOK EXHIBITION COMMITTEE. - South Africa in Print. Catalogue of an Exhibition of Books, Atlases and Maps Held in the South African Library, Cape Town, 1 March Till 5 April 1952.
152226: THE BUDAWANG COMMITTEE. - Fitzroy Falls and Beyond. A Guide to the Fitzroy Falls - Bundanoon Shoalhaven - Ettrema Wilderness Northern Morton National Park and Bungonia State Recreation Area.
140215: COMMYNES, PHILIPPE DE. - The Universal Spider. The Life of Louis XI of France. Translated and Edited by Paul Kendall.
149434: COMPTON-RICKETT, ARTHUR. - The London Life of Yesterday.
124361: LE COMTE, EDWARD. - Grace to a Witty Sinner: A Life of Donne.
124380: (DRYDEN). CONAGHAN, JOHN (EDITOR). - Dryden: A Selection.
123208: CONDON, THOMAS J. - New York Beginnings. The Commercial Origins of New Netherland.
154505: (MARVELL) CONDREN, CONAL AND COUSINS, A.D. (EDITORS). - The Political Identity of Andrew Marvell.
141658: CONFER, HAROLD B. - Finding and Creating Saints. Stories and Poems That Flow from Fifty Years of Work Camping.
147872: CONLON, EIRIAN & DAVIES, EMYR. - Cwrs Canolradd. Y Trydydd Llyfr Cwrs Mewn Cyfres O Dir I Oedolion Sy’N Dysgu Cymraeg/the Third Course Book in a Series of Three for Adults Learning Welsh.
79156: CONNAUGHTON, RICHARD. - Celebration of Victory. V-E Day 1945.
123521: CONNELL, BRIAN. - Return of the Tiger.
133561: O’CONNELL, ROBERT L. - Of Arms and Men. A History of War, Weapons, and Aggression.
123864: (WYCHERLEY). CONNELY, WILLARD. - Brawny Wycherley. First Master in English Modern Comedy.
151733: CONNOLLY, JOHN. - A Time of Torment.
153525: CONNOLLY, CYRIL. - Previous Convictions.
151732: CONNOR, JOHN. - The Ice House.
128139: O’CONNOR, S.J. (EDITOR). - A Calendar of the Cartularies of John Pyel and Adam Fraunceys.
128339: CONNOR, TONY. - Kon in Springtime. Poems.
128348: CONNOR, TONY. - With Love Somehow. Poems.
128351: CONNOR, TONY. - Lodgers. Poems.
134972: CONNOR, CAROLYN L. - The Color of Ivory. Polychromy on Byzatine Ivories.
138376: O’CONNOR, S.J. (EDITOR). - A Calendar of the Cartularies of John Pyel and Adam Fraunceys.
143432: CONQUEST, ROBERT. - Tyrants and Typewriters. Communiques in the Struggle for Truth.
143433: CONQUEST, ROBERT. - The Dragons of Expectation. Realitiy and Delusion in the Course of History.
142695: CONQUEST, ROBERT. - The Dragons of Expectation. Reality and Delusion in the Course of History.
151753: CONRAD, PETER. - How the World Was Won. The Americanization of Everywhere.
153523: CONRAD, JOSEPH. - Notes on Life and Letters.
153521: CONRAD, JOSEPH. - Last Essays.
142520: (MURDOCH) CONRADI, PETER J. (EDITOR). - Iris Murdoch: A Writer at War. Letters and Diaries 1939-45. Edited and Introduced.
124974: CONRAN, ANTHONY. - The Cost of Strangeness. Essays on the English Poets of Wales.
134777: HOLZMAN MOSS ARCHITECTURE; JAFFEHOLDEN & THEATRE PROJECTS CONSULTANTS. - Theaters 2. Partnerships in Facility Use, Operations, and Management.
154533: CONWAY, SIR WILLIAM MARTIN. - The Alps from End to End.
144612: (PRITCHARD) CONWAY, HELEN. - Sir John Pritchard: His Life in Music.
143148: CONWAY, MONCURE D. - Centenary History of the South Place Society, Based on Four Discourses Given in the Chapel in May and June, 1893. With Appendix Containing an Address by Mr. Fox, in 1842, Anoriginal Poem by Mrs. Adams, 1836, and a Discourse by Mr. Conway, 1893.
143190: CONWAY, MONCURE D. - Lessons for the Day.
138557: CONYERS, SHIRLEY & PLATER, MARIE (EDITORS). - Backward Glances.
107793: COOK, MALCOLM. - Fictional France. Social Reality in the French Novel 1775-1800.
144232: COOK, PAM - Fashioning a Nation. Costume and Identity in British Cinema.
124041: (CARY). COOK, CORNELIA. - Joyce Cary: Liberal Principles.
138105: COOK, A.K. - About Winchester Cllege. To Which Is Prefixed de Collegio Wintoniensi by Robert Mathew.
138478: COOK, A.K. - About Winchester College. To Which Is Prefixed de Collegio Wintoniensi by Robert Mathew.
140033: COOK, R.M. - Greek Painted Pottery.
140067: COOK, J.M. & PLOMMER, W.H. - The Sanctuary of Hemithea at Kastabos.
142912: COOK, J.M. & PLOMMER, W.H. - The Sanctuary of Hemithea at Kastabos.
153920: (EMERSON) COOKE, GEORGE WILLIS. - Ralph Waldo Emerson: His Life, Writings, and Philosophy.
139114: COOKE, JOSIAH PARSONS. - The New Chemistry.
139261: COOKE, JOSIAH P. - First Principles of Chemical Philosophy.
140672: COOKE, LIEUT.-COLONEL. - Short Sketch of the Campaign in Austria of 1866. With a Description of the Battle-Field of Sadova, by Captain Webber, Royal Engineers. Reprinted, with Additions, from the Professional Papers of the Corps of Royal Engineers, Vol. XV.
141654: COOKE, STEPHANIE. - In Mortal Hands. A Cautionary History of the Nucelar Age.
143092: COOKE, JOSIAH PARSONS. - Principles of Chemical Philosophy.
130094: COOKRIDGE, E.H. - The Third Man. The Truth About ‘Kim’ Philby, Double Agent.
138282: COOKSEY, JON (EDITOR). - Battlefields Annual Review.
124303: COOKSON, CATHERINE. - Let Me Make Myself Plain. A Personal Anthology.
148454: COOLIDGE, OLIVIA. - Women’S Rights. The Suffrage Movement in America, 1848-1920.
131943: COOLIDGE, JOH. - MILL and Mansion. A Study of Architecture and Society in Lowell, Massachusetts, 1820-1865.
151799: COOMARASWAMY, ANANDA K. - What Is Civilisation? and Other Essays. Foreword by Seyyed Hossein Nasr.
151731: COOPER, ELSPETH. - Trinity Rising. The Wild Hunt. Book Two.
149614: COOPER, PETER. - Poisoning. By Drugs and Chemicals, Plants and Animals. An Index of Toxic Effects and Their Treatment.
144812: COOPER, B. LEE & HOFFMANN, FRANK W. - Discs of Distinction: Essays on Remarkable Recordings by Exceptional Artists. With Assistance from Debbie Edens.
148662: COOPER, G. ARTHUR. - New and Unusual Species of Bachiopods from the Arbuckle Group in Oklahoma.
131930: COOPER, J.P. (EDITOR). - Photosynthesis and Productivity in Different Environments.
133607: COOPER, ALAN W. - The Men Who Breached the Dams. 617 Squadron ‘the Dambusters. ’
134778: COOPER, GRAHAM. - Project Japan. Architecture and Art Media Edo to Now.
135263: COOPER, MICHAEL. - ‘a More Beautiful City. ’ Robert Hooke and the Rebuilding of London After the Great Fire.
137172: COOPER, STEPHEN. - (Fante). Full of Life. A Biography of John Fante.
139958: COOPER, REV. MR. - A New History of the Grecian States, from Their Earliest Period to Their Extinction by the Ottomans, Containing an Account of Their Most Memorable Sieges and Battles, and the Character and Exploits of Their Most Celebrated Heroes, Orators, and Philosophers. Designed for the Use of Young Ladies and Gentlemen.
141979: COOPER, ALAN W. - Free to Fight Again. Raf Escapes and Evasions 1940-45.
143045: COOPER, MATTHEW. - The Phantom War. The German Struggle Against Soviet Partisans 1941-1944.
95578: COOPER, JAMES FENIMORE. - The Wept of Wish-Ton-Wish.
141816: COOTE, JOHN. - Altering Course. A Submariner in Fleet Street. With a Foreword by Hugh Cudlipp.
152824: COPE, F. WOLVERSON. - Geology Explained in the Peak District.
144622: COPLAND, AARON. - The New Music 1900-1960.
149099: (MERRICK) CORBETT, JAMES ANDREW (EDITOR). - A Booke of Glamorganshires Antiquities. By Rice Merrick, Esq. , 1578.
152985: CORBETT, MARGER AND LIGHTBOWN, RONALD. - The Comely Frontispiece. The Emblematic Title-Page in England 1550-1660.
143072: CORDINGLEY, DAVID. - Billy Ruffian. The Bellerophon and the Downfall of Napoleon. The Biography of a Ship of the Line, 1782-1836.
139668: CORFIELD, RICHARD. - Architects of Eternity. The New Science of Fossils.
143406: CORNING, PETER A. - The Synergism Hypothesis. A Theory of Progressive Evolution.
149915: (FRITH) CORNISH, TONY. - Francis Frith’S Pembrokeshire.
154375: CORNISH, VAUGHAN. - The Travels of Ellen Cornish. Being the Memoir of a Pilgrim of Science.
150373: CORNS, CATHRYN AND HUGHES-WILSON, JOHN. - Blindfold and Alone. British Military Executions in the Great War.
134690: CORNWALL, JULIAN (EDITOR). - The County Community Under Henry VIII. The Military Survey, 1522, and Lay Subsidy, 1524-5, for Rutland. Edited for the Rutland Record Society.
149080: CORNWELL, JOHN. - Rhondda Collieries. Volume I. No. 4 in the Coalfield Series.
136817: CORNWELL, PATRICIA. - Point of Origin.
152033: MONOTYPE CORPORATION. - Pages from Books Set on the ‘Monotype’ Composing Machine and Published Mainly in London 1928-1931.
143498: (LUKACS) CORREDOR, EVA L. - Lukacs After Comunism. Interviews with Contemporary Intellectuals.
154685: (SASSOON) CORRIGAN, D. FELICITAS. - Siegfried Sassoon: Poet’S Pilgrimage. Assembled with an Introduction.
148488: CORRIGAN, THERESA & HOPPE, STEPHANIE (EDITORS). - With a Fly’S Eye, Whale’S Wit, and Woman’S Heart. Animals and Women.
152249: COSS, MELINDA. - Floral Needlepoint.
148613: (HORACE) COSTA, C.D.N. (EDITOR). - Horace.
152844: COSTON, H.E. TOWNER; PENTELOW, F.T.K. AND BUTCHER, R.W. - River Management. The Making, Care and Development of Salmon and Trout Rivers.
137618: COTSELL, MICHAEL (EDITOR). - 1830-1876 Creditable Warriors.
148465: COTT, NANCY F. & PLECK, ELIZABETH H. (EDITORS). - A Heritage of Her Own. Toward a New Social History of American Women. With an Introduction.
148724: COTTON, M. AYWIN. - The Late Republican Villa at Posto, Francolise. Report of an Excavation by the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University and the British School at Rome.
147041: COTTON, FRED. - Full Cry.
148153: COTTON, NANCY. - Women Playwrights in England, C. 1363-1750.
128340: COTTON, JOHN. - Old Movies and Other Poems.
140633: COTTON, SERGEANT-MAJOR EDWARD. - A Voice from Waterloo. A History of the Battle Fought on the 18th June, 1815, with a Selection from the Wellington Dispatches, General Orders and Letters Relating to the Battle.
148623: COTTRELL, LEONARD. - Enemy of Rome.
142042: COUGHLIN, TOM. - The Dangerous Sky. Canadian Airmen in World War II. With a Foreword by G/C Douglas Bader.
153498: COUGHLIN, CON. - Saddam: The Secret Life.
126509: (ARNOLD). COULLING, SIDNEY. - Matthew Arnold and His Critics. A Study of Arnold’S Controversies.
134964: COULTER-SMITH, GRAHAM. - The Postmodern Art of Imants Tillers. Appropriation En Abyme, 1971-2001.
140191: COULTON, G.G. - The Chronicler of European Chivalry.
143171: COULTON, G.G. - Inquisition and Liberty.
149844: GREATER MANCHESTER COUNCIL. - Medieval and Early Renaissance Treasure in the North West. 15 January to 28 February, 1976.
133399: THE TRADES UNION CONGRESS GENERAL COUNCIL. - The Book of the Martyrs of Tolpuddle, 1834-1934. The Story of the Dorsetshire Labourers Who Were Convicted and Sentenced to Seven Years’ Transportation for Forming a Trade Union.
133400: THE TRADES UNION CONGRESS GENERAL COUNCIL. - The Book of the Martyrs of Tolpuddle, 1834-1934. The Story of the Dorsetshire Labourers Who Were Convicted and Sentenced to Seven Years’ Transportation for Forming a Trade Union.
131676: COURSE, CAPT. A.G. - The Wheel’S Kick and the Wind’S Song. The Story of the John Stewart Line of Sailing Ships : 1877-1928.
126845: (JOHNSON). COURTNEY, WILLIAM PRIDEAUX & SMITH, DAVID NICHOL. - A Bibliography of Samuel Johnson. With Johnsonian Bibliography. A Supplement to Courney, by R.W. Chapman, with the Collabration of Allen T. Hazen.
126863: (JOHNSON). COURTNEY, WILLIAM PRIDEAUX. - Bibliography of Johnson. Revised and Seen Through the Press by David Nichol Smith.
132208: COURTNEY, CDR. ANTHONY. - Sailor in a Russian Frame.
133297: COVENY, PETER. - Poor Monkey. The Child in Literature.
135590: (WEST). COWAN, ROSEMARY. - Cornel West. The Politics of Redemption.
132157: COWBURN, PHILIP. - The Warship in History.
138097: COWBURN, PHILIP (EDITOR). - A Salopian Anthology. Some Impressions of Shrewsbury School During Four Centuries.
153561: COWEN, ANNE AND COWEN, ROGER. - Victorian Jews Through British Eyes.
143028: COWHAM, JOSEPH H. - Cowham’S Graphic Lessons in Physical & Astronomical Geography. Designed to Meet the Requirements of Male and Female Candidates for Certificates, and of Pupil Teachers and Assistants in Preparing for the Examinations at the End of Each Year of Apprenticeship and for the Scholarship Examination, and Also to Assist Them in Preparing Lessons in the Standard Geography.
138688: COWIE, LEONARD & COWIE, EVELYN. - That One Idea. Nathaniel Woodard and His Schools.
132849: COWLES, VIRGINIA. - The Russian Dagger. Cold War in the Days of the Czars.
143428: COWLEY, PHILIP. - Revolts and Rebellions. Parliamentary Voting Under Blair.
149265: COWLEY, ROBERT (EDITOR). - What If? the World’S Foremost Military Historians Imagine What Might Have Been.
109304: COWLEY, MALCOLM. - New England Writers and Writing. Edited and with an Introduction by Donald W. Faulkner.
141818: COWMAN, IAN. - Dominion or Decline. Anglo-American Naval Relations on the Pacific, 1937-1941.
109449: COX, MICHAEL (EDITOR). - The Oxford Chronology of English Literature. Volume 1. Volume 2.
132126: COX, CYNTHIA. - Talleyrand’S Successor. Armand-Enmmanuel Du Plessis, Duc de Richelieu 1766-1822.
136619: COX, DAVID. - The Henry Wood Proms.
138140: COX, JACK. - Ideas for Scout Troops.
140768: COX, CHARLES (PUBLISHER). - Old England’S Worthies: A Gallery of Portraits, from Authentic Copies, of the Most Eminent Statesmen, Lawyers, Warriors, Men of Letters and Science, and Artists of Our Country. Accompanied by Full and Original Biographies...
143183: COX, REV. SAMUEL. - Expositions. First Series.
143949: (MACHIAVELLI) COYLE, MARTIN (EDITOR). - Niccolo Machiavelli’S the Prince. New Interdisciplinary Essays.
154759: (STEVENS) COYLE, BEVERLY AND FILREIS, ALAN (EDITORS). - Secretaries of the Moon: The Letters of Wallace Stevens and Jose Rodriguez Feo.
133880: COYSH, A.W. - British Art Pottery 1870-1940.
127092: CRABBE JR, GEORGE. - The Life of George Crabbe.
116086: CRACRAFT, JAMES. - The Church Reform of Peter the Great.
134281: CRAFTI, STEPHEN (EDITOR). - Houses of Steel. Living Steel’S International Architecture Competition.
134174: CRAGG, TONY. - Nothing But Material.
139394: (METHAM) CRAIG, HARDIN. - The Works of John Metham. Including the Romance of Amoryus and Cleopes, Edited from the Unique Ms. In the Garrett Collection in the Library of Princeton University.
141253: CRAIG, WILLIAM. - The Fall of Japan.
112024: CRALLE, TREVOR (EDITOR). - Dictionary a Dictionary of Surfing Terms and Surfspeak.
154820: (TRELAWNEY) CRANE, DAVID. - Lord Byron’S Jackal. The Life of Edward John Trelawny.
126793: (FROST). CRANE, JOAN ST. C. (EDITOR). - Robert Frost: A Descriptive Catalogue of Books and Manuscripts in the Clifton Waller Barrett Library, University of Virginia.
153340: (BYRON) CRANE, DAVID. - The Kindess of Sisters. Annabella Milbanke and the Destruction of the Byrons.
137137: (DOSTOEVSKY) CRANE, BRUCE. - Man Is a Mystery. It Must Be Unraveled... Da Collection of Dostoyevsky’S Thoughts on the Human Condition, from Anger to Youth.
139229: CRANSTON, JOHN A. - Rational Approach to Chemical Principles.
136991: CRASCREDO. - Country Sense & Common Sense.
152039: CRASTER, SIR JOHN. - Naturalist in Northumberland. Foreword by Nancy Ridley.
142737: CRAWLEY, ERNEST. - The Mystic Rose. A Study of Primitive Marriage and of Primitive Thought in Its Bearing to Marriage. Revised and Enlarged by Theodore Besterman.
149573: CRAWSHAY-WILLIAMS, ELIOT. - This and That.
138456: CRAZE, MICHAEL. - A History of Felsted School 1564-1947.
128346: CREAGH, PATRICK. - A Row of Pharoahs.
137647: CREECH, JAMES. - Closet Writing/Gay Reading. The Case of Melville’S Pierre.
140828: (BUXTON) CREIGHTON, ELLEN R.C. (EDITOR). - Ellen Buxton’S Journal 1860-1864. Arranged by Her Grand-Daughter.
143005: CRILE, GEORGE. - My Enemy’S Enemy. The Story of the Largest Covert Operation in History: The Arming of the Mujahideen by the Cia.
151368: CRIM, KEITH. - The Perennial Dictionary of World Religions.
151366: CRIMMINS, JAMES E. (EDITOR). - Utilitarians and Religion. Edited and Introduced.
137920: CRINSON, MARK. - Empire Building. Orientalism and Victorian Architecture.
140764: CRISP, OLGA. - Studies in the Russian Economy Before 1914.
148372: CROCCO, MARGARET SMITH & DAVIS, O.L. (EDITORS). - “Bending the Future to Their Will. ” CIVIC Women, Social Education, and Democracy.
154678: (SCOTT) CROCKETT, W.S. - The Scott Originals. An Account of Notables and Worthies, the Original Characters in the Waverley Novels.
137727: (SCOTT) CROCKETT, W.S. - The Scott Originals. An Account of Notables & Worthies, the Originals of Characters in the Waverley Novels.
152331: CROCOMBE, RON. - The South Pacific. Environment, History, Society, Culture, Health, Language, Religion, Education, Information, Economics, Land and Water, Politics, Governance, Corruption, Security, the Pacific Way, Regional and International Relations, Futures.
150608: CROFTS, BRUCE (EDITOR). - At Satan’S Throne. The Story of Methodism in Bath over 250 Years. Contributors: The Rev. E. Ralph Bates, Joan Eades, Ian Duffy, Bruce Crofts.
152198: CROMBIE, JOHN. - Hanky Panky. A Cross Channel Tale.
151927: CROMPTON, RICHMAL. - More William.
148267: CROMPTON, PAUL - The Art of Tai Chi.
137085: (BYRON) CROMPTON, LOUIS. - Byron and Greek Love. Homophobia in 19th-Century England.
137221: (GOLDING) CROMPTON, DON. - A View from the Spire. William Golding’S Later Novels.
152923: CRONIN, JOHN. - The Anglo-Irish Novel. Volume One [Only]: The Nineteenth Century.
132072: CROOK, BRIGADIER PAUL. - Came the Dawn. 50 Years an Army Officer.
137949: CROOK, VIVIEN. - Three-Dimensional Decoupage.
139404: (PRIESTLEY) CROOK, RONALD E. - A Bibliography of Joseph Priestley, 1733-1804.
140647: CROOK, JONATHAN. - The Very Thing. The Memoirs of Drummer Bentinck, Royal Welch Fusiliers, 1807-1823. Foreword by Donald E. Graves.
142567: CROOK, JONATHAN. - The Very Thing. The Memoirs of Drummer Bentinck, Royal Welch Fusiliers, 1807-1823. Foreword by Donald E. Graves.
138226: CROOKS, TARA ET AL. - 1001 Things to Love About Military Life.
136961: CROSBY, KEITH. - The Aberford, Barrowby and East Garforth Railway. A Railway Conversation for the Model Railway Enthusiast.
132973: (SADE) CROSLAND, MARGARET. - Sade’S Wife. The Woman Behind the Marquis.
153559: CROSS, FRANK MOORE AND TALMON, SHEMARYAHU (EDITORS). - Qumran and the History of the Biblical Text.
123872: (YEATS). CROSS, K. G. W. & DUNLOP, R. T. - A Bibliography of Yeats Criticism 1887-1965. With a Foreword by A. Norman Jeffares.
142638: CROSS, J.P. - Jungle Warfare.
142704: CROSS, ROY ET AL. - Clippers, Packets & Men O’War: The Tall Ship in Art. Forewoard by Alex A. Hurst.
128342: CROSSLEY-HOLLAND, KEVIN. - The Dream-House. Poems.
154674: CROUCHER, NORMAN. - A Man and His Mountains.
154082: CROWDER, MICHAEL. - The Flogging of Phinehas Mcintosh. A Tale of Colonial Folly and Injustice, Bechuanaland 1933.
137018: (AUSTIN) CROWELL, NORTON B. - Alfred Austin, Victorian.
149630: CROWTHER, J.G. - British Scientists of the Twentieth Century.
143081: CROWTHER, JAMES ARNOLD. - Ions, Electrons, and Ionizing Radiations.
151777: CROXON, PAULA BYERLY. - The Piatkus Dictionary of Mind, Body and Spirit.
151914: CRUSE, HAROLD. - The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual. A Historical Analysis of the Failure of Black Leadership.
140124: (VIRGIL) CRUTTWELL, ROBERT W. - Virgil’S Mind at Work. An Analysis of the Symbolism of the Aeneid.
124844: (PARTRIDGE). CRYSTAL, DAVID (EDITOR). - Eric Partridge: In His Own Words. With Tributes by Anthony Burgess, Ralph Elliott, Winston Graham and Randolph Quirk.
131271: CUFF, R.H. - New-Founde-Land at the Very Centre of European Discovery & Exploration of North America.
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