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138190: THURMAN, JOHN. - Fun with Ropes and Spars. More Pioneering Projects.
124471: (GOSSE). THWAITE, ANN. - Edmund Gosse: A Literary Landscape 1849-1928.
125069: THWAITE, M.F. - From Primer to Pleasure. An Introduction to the History of Children’S Books in England, from the Invention of Printing to 1900. With a Chapter on Some Developments Abroad.
154376: (LARKIN) THWAITE, ANTHONY (EDITOR). - Selected Letters of Philip Larkin 1940-1985.
78068: (BURNETT). THWAITE, ANN. - Waiting for the Party. The Life of Frances Hodgson Burnett, Author of the Secret Garden.
148270: TIANJI, LI & XILIAN, DU. - A Guide to Chinese Martial Arts.
154828: TIBBLE, ANNE. - One Woman’S Story. An Autobiography.
136265: TIBI, BASSAM. - The Challenge of Fundamentalism. Political Islam and the New World Disorder.
153533: TIDRICK, KATHRYN. - Heart Beguiling Araby. The English Romance with Arabia.
141448: TIEKE, WILHELM. - Tragoedie Um Die Treue. Kampf Und Untergang Des III. (Germ. ) Ss-Panzer-Korps.
141451: TIEKE, WILHELM. - Das Ende Zwischen Oder Und Elbe - Der Kampf Um Berlin 1945.
148161: TIERNEY-TELLO, MARY BETH. - Allegories of Transgression and Transformation. Experimental Fiction by Women Writing Under Dictatorship.
151769: TIGER, LIONEL. - Optimism. The Biology of Hope.
132267: TIGER, CAROLINE. - General Howe’S Dog. George Washington, the Battle of Germantown, and the Dog Who Crossed Enemy Lines.
125599: TIGHE, CARL. - The Politics of Literature. Poland 1945-1989.
134938: TILBY, ANNE. - Twincheeks. Foreword by Julian Clary.
139136: TILDEN, SIR WILLIAM A. - Chemical Discovery and Invention in the Twentieth Century.
126780: TILLER, TERENCE. - Poems. The New Hogarth Library Vol. V.
132988: (STENDHAL) TILLETT, MARGARET. - Stendhal: The Background to the Novels.
123658: TILLMAN, BARRETT. - Hellcat: The F6f in World War II.
141817: TILLMAN, DICK. - The Complete Book of Laser Sailing.
149017: TILLOTSON, JOHN. - Picturesque Scenery in Wales, Illustrated by Thirty-Seven Engravings on Steel by H. Adlard, Allen, Gastineau and Others.
137446: TILLOTSON, GEOFFREY. - A View of Victorian Literature.
137597: TILLOTSON, GEOFFREY. - A View of Victorian Literature.
149918: TILNEY, CHRYSTAL. - Dinas Powys, St. Andrews Major & Michaelston-le-Pit. From Old Photographs.
147511: (JAMES) TILSLEY, GWILYM R. - Creffydd Y Beirdd. Darlith D.J. James 1977. Traddodwyd Yng Ngholeg Y Brifysgol, Aberystwyth.
150079: TIMMERMANS, FELIX. - Die Sehr Schoenen Stunden Von Jungfer Symforosa, Dem Beginchen.
127901: TIMMINS, SAM. - A History of Warwickshire.
151767: TINDALE, CHRISTOPHER W. - Rhetorical Argumentation. Principles of Theory and Practice.
147097: TINKER, EDWARD LAROCQUE. - Centaurs of Many Lands.
137287: (JOHNSON) TINKER, CHAUNCEY BREWSTER (EDITOR). - Dr. Johnson & Fanny Burney. Being the Johnsonian Passages from the Works of Mme. D’Arblay. With Introduction and Notes.
151075: TIPLER, FRANK J. - The Physics of Christianity.
139514: TISSERAND, F. & ANDOYER, H. - Lecons de Cosmographie.
141158: TISSIER, TONY LE. - Farewell to Spandau.
145160: TITE, WILLIAM. - A Descriptive Catalogue of the Antiquities Found in the Excations at the New Royal Exchange, Preserved in the Museum of the Corporation of London. Preceded by an Introduction Containing an Account of Their Discovery, with Some Particulars and Suggestions Relation to Roman London.
139287: TITIEV, MISCHA. - The Science of Man.
151098: TITOW, J.Z. - Winchester Yields. A Study in Medieval Agricultural Productivity.
126901: (LAWRENCE). TIVERTON, FATHER WILLIAM. - D.H. Lawrence and Human Existence. Foreword by T.S. Eliot.
135772: TOCQUEVILLE, ALEXIS DE. - The Recollections of...
148180: TODD, JANET. - Women’S Friendship in Literature.
151350: TODD, ELLEN WILEY. - The “New Woman” Revised. Painting and Gender Politics on Fourteenth Street.
128158: TODD, JAMES HENTHORN (EDITOR). - An Apology for Lollard Doctrines, Attributed to Wicliffe. Now First Printed from a Manuscript in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin. With an Introduction and Notes.
143325: TODD, R.A. - Second Report on the Food of Fishes (North Sea, 1904-1905).
85004: TODRIN, BORIS. - Light on the Porch.
143136: TOKAYER, MARVIN & SWARTZ, MARY. - The Fugu Plan. The Untold Story of the Japanese and the Jews During World War II.
136917: TOKSVIG, SANDI. - The Ravels of Lady “Bulldog” Burton. With Original Illustrations Nervously Restored by Sandy Nightingale.
141629: TOLKIEN, SIMON. - Orders from Berlin.
153321: TOLLE, ECKHART. - Meditation: Practicing Presence in Every Moment of Your Life.
141449: TOLMEIN, HORST GUENTER. - Spaehtrupp Bleibt Am Feind. Die Geschichte Der Deutschen Panzer-Aufklaerungstruppe.
147714: TOLSTOY, LEO. - Nadolig Papa Panoff. Addasiad Cymraeg Gan Cynthia Saunders Dvies.
123985: (TOLSTOY). TOLSTOY, TATYANA. - Tolstoy Remembered. Translated from the French by Derek Coltman. With an Introduction by Professor John Bayley.
132747: TOLSTOY, NIKOLAI. - The Tolstoys. Twenty-Four Generations of Russian History, 1353-1983
133260: TOLSTOY, LEO N. - Stories & Dramas. Translated from the Russian by Mrs. Lydia Turin, Mrs, H.M. Lucas, and C.J. Hogarth.
148351: (WOLLSTONECRAFT) TOMALIN, CLAIRE. - The Life and Death of Mary Wollstonecraft.
153998: (HARDY) TOMALIN, CLAIRE. - Thomas Hardy.
153693: (DICKENS) TOMALIN, CLAIRE. - The Invisible Woman. The Story of Nelly Ternan and Charles Dickens.
124561: (HUDSON). TOMALIN, RUTH. - W.H. Hudson: A Bibliography.
153686: (DICKENS) TOMLIN, E.W.F. (EDITOR). - Charles Dickens 1812-1870. A Centenary Volume.
147178: TOMLINSON, PROFESSOR RICHARD. - The Athens of Alma Tadema.
154823: TOMLINSON, H.M. - Illusion: 1915.
154822: TOMLINSON, H.M. - Between the Lines.
154825: TOMLINSON, H.M. - All Our Yesterdays.
154824: TOMLINSON, H.M. - Out of Soundings.
123983: TOMLINSON, CHARLES. - Some Americans. A Personal Record.
128694: TOMLINSON, JOHN R.G. (EDITOR). - Additional Greville Papers 1763-1765. With an Introduction.
137808: TOMLINSON, H.M. - Under the Red Ensign.
141963: TOMLINSON, THOMAS M. - The Threadbare Buzzard. A Marine Fighter Pilot in Wwii.
147223: TOMOS, ANGHARAD. - Si Hei Lwli.
146338: TOMOS, ANGHARAD. - Wrth Fy Nagrau I.
147553: TOMOS, ANGHARAD. - Wele’N Gwawrio.
154322: (KIPLING) TOMPKINS, J.M.S. - The Art of Rudyard Kipling.
154742: (SHERIDAN) O’TOOLE, FINTAN. - A Traitor’S Kiss. The Life of Richard Brinsley Sheridan.
133766: O’TOOLE, G.J.A. - Honourable Treachery. A History of U.S. Intelligence, Espionage, and Covert Action from the American Revolution to the C.I. A.
124182: (SHAW). TOPOLSKI, FELIKS. - Portrait of G.B. S. With an Introduction by Hesketh Pearson.
143418: DE TOQUEVILLE, ALEXIS. - The Recollections of... Translated by Alexancer Teixeira de Mattos. Edited, with Many Additions and Introduced by J.P. Mayer.
139312: TOREN, CHRISTINA. - Making Sense of Hierarchy. Cognition As Social Process in Fiji.
141445: (OEDER) TORKE, HORST. - Matthias Oeder in Der Saechsischen Schweiz. Oeders Nachlass Vom Bild Der Landschaft Am Ende Des 16. Jahrhunderts.
139552: TORPOLAEUS, NATHANIEL. - Diclides Coelometricae Seu Valvae Astronomicae Universales. Omnia Artis Totius Munera Psephophoretica in Sat Modicis Finibus Duarum Tabularum Methodo Noua, Generali, & Facilima Continentes. Praeunte Directionis Accuratae Consumata Doctrina, Astrologie Bactenus Plurimum Desiderata.
151074: TORRANCE, IAIN R. - Christology After Chalcedon. Severus of Antioch and Sergius the Monophysite.
153507: (DANTE) TORRENS, JAMES. - Presenting Paradise. Dante’S Paradise: Translation and Commentary.
149039: TOTTEN, MICHAEL J. - The Road to Fatima Gate. The Beirut Spring, the Rise of Hezbollah, and the Iranian War Against Israel.
153655: TOUGER, RABBI ELIHYAHU (EDITOR). - Maimonides Mishneh Torah. Hilchot Teshuvah. The Laws of Repentance. A New Translation with Commentaries, Notes and Index.
149194: TOURT, ROBERT J. - Galloping Thunder. The Story of the Stuart Horse Artillery Battalion.
141450: TOUT, KEN. - The Bloody Battle for Tilly. Normandy 1944.
153656: TOVEY, D’BLOSSIERS. - Anglia Judaica, or, a History of the Jews in England. Edited and Retold by Elizabeth Pearl.
154821: TOVEY, DOREEN. - Life with Grandma.
137635: TOWNSEND, JOHN ROWE. - Written for Children. An Outline of English-Language Children’S Literature.
139010: TOWNSEND, ALF. - Blitz Boy. An Evacuee’S Story.
136952: TOWNSIN, ALAN & BANKS, JOHN. - United Automobile Services Limited. Part One [Only]. The Fleet - 1912 to 1941. With Additional Material by Philip Battersby and John D. Watson.
136958: TOWNSIN, ALAN. - The Best of British Buses. No. 3 [Only]. Leyland Tigers 1927-1981.
121819: TOYNBEE, ARNOLD. - Lectures on the Industrial Revolution of the Eighteenth Century in England. Popular Addresses, Notes, and Other Fragments. Together with a Reminiscence by Lord Milner.
144682: TRACY, STEVEN C. - Going to Cincinnati. A History of the Blues in the Queen City.
123979: TRAIN, JOHN. - True Remarkable Occurences. Compiled & Annotated by John Train. Illustrations by Pierre le-Tan. Preface by George Plimpton.
150382: TRAQUAIR, PETER. - Freedom’S Sword. Scotland’S Wars of Independence.
148653: TRAUB, ROBERT & MORROW, MARY LOU. - A Revision of the Chiggers of the Subgenus Gahrliepia (Acarina: Tromiculidae).
139092: TRAUB, JAMES. - The Best Intentions. Kofi Annan and the Un in the Era of American Power.
135505: TRAUTMANN, THOMAS R. & KABELAC, KARL SANFORD. - The Library of Lewis Henry Morgan and Mary Elizabeth Morgan.
142046: (ALPINE SOCIETY) TRAUTWEIN, TH. (EDITOR). - Zeitschrift Des Deutschen Und Oesterreichischen Alpenvereins. Band XIX [Only]. Jahrgang 1888.
142047: (ALPINE SOCIETY) TRAUTWEIN, TH. (EDITOR). - Zeitschrift Des Deutschen Und Oesterreichischen Alpenvereins. Band XVIII [Only]. Jahrgang 1887.
142048: (ALPINE SOCIETY) TRAUTWEIN, TH. (EDITOR). - Zeitschrift Des Deutschen Und Oesterreichischen Alpenvereins. Band XVII [Only]. Jahrgang 1886.
123981: TRAVERS, BEN. - A-Sitting on a Gate. Autobiography.
145217: TRAVERSARI, GUSTAVO (EDITOR). - Rivista Di Archeologia (Rda) Anno XXIX.
131690: TREASURY DEPARTMENT, U.S. MARINE-HOSPITAL SERVICE. - Instructions Relative to Care and Preservation of Quarantine Steamers and Boat Ceremony and Discipline. Prepared by Direction of the Supervising Surgeon-General.
129740: TREBICH, WILLY & SWINGLEHURST, EDMUND. - The Broken Swastika.
135509: TREDELL, NICOLAS. - Conversations with Critics.
154641: (READ) TREECE, HENRY (EDITOR). - Herbert Read. An Introduction to His Work by Various Hands.
114452: TREGLOWN, JEREMY. - V.S. Pritchett. A Working Life.
136913: TREMAIN, ROSE. - Trespass.
112268: TREMAYNE, DAVID. - Ferrari. Formula 1 Racing Team. Second Edition.
154815: (THOMAS) TREMLETT, GEORGE. - Dylan Thomas. In the Mercy of His Means.
148696: TRENDALL, A.D. - South Italian Vase Painting.
140143: TRENDALL, A.D. - Red Figure Vases of South Italy and Sicily: A Handbook.
141610: TRENOWDEN, IAN. - Operations Most Secret. Soe: The Malayan Theatre.
141635: TRENOWDEN, IAN. - Operations Most Secret. Soe: The Malayan Theatre. Foreword by Admiral of the Fleet the Earl Mountbatten of Burman.
141622: TREPPER, LEOPOLD. - The Great Game. The Story of the Red Orchestra.
140504: TRETHEWEY, RACHEL. - Mistress of the Arts.
152859: TRETIAKOV, S. - Chinese Testament. The Autobiography of Tan Shih-Hua As Told to the Author.
132768: TREVELYAN, GEORGE MACAULAY. - Ramillies and the Union with Scotland. England Under Queen Anne.
137701: TREVELYAN, G.M. (EDITOR). - Select Documents for Queen Anne’S Reign Down to the Union with Scotland. 1702-7.
126560: (BROOK). TREWIN, J.C. - Peter Brook: A Biography.
137372: (MACREADY) TREWIN, J.C. (EDITOR). - The Journal of William Charles Macready 1832-1851. Abridged and Edited.
137374: (MACDONALD) TRIGGS, KATHY. - The Stars and the Stillness. A Portrait of George Macdonald.
137804: TRILLIN, CALVIN. - Family Man.
150169: TRILLO, CARLOS & BOBILLO, JUAN. - Zachary Holmes Case Two: The Sorceror.
149625: TRIMBLE, JOSEPH E. & FISHER, CELIA B. (EDITORS). - The Handbook of Ethical Reserach with Ethnocultural Populations & Communites.
143337: TRIMMER, MRS. - An Easy Introduction to the Knowledge of Nature, and Reading the Holy Scriptures, Adapted to the Capacities of Children.
147368: (HEMANS) TRINDER, PETER W. - Mrs. Hemans.
143334: TRINGHAM, NIGEL J. (EDITOR). - Charters of the Vicars Choral of Yourk Minster: City of York and Its Suburbs to 1546.
144133: TRINGLE, JOHN. - The Tongues of Men or Angels. A Novel.
153497: TRIPP, CHARLES. - A History of Iraq.
144220: (AUGUSTE) TROLLE, KARIN (EDITOR). - Miss Smilla’S Feeling for Snow. The Making of a Film by Bille August, Adapted from the Novel by Peter Hoeg.
124810: (MOLIERE). TROLLOPE, HENRY M. - The Life of Moliere.
126690: TROLLOPE, THOMAS ADOLPHUS. - What I Remember. Edited by Herbert Van Thal.
136918: TROLLOPE, ROSEMARY. - Aspects of Somewhere Else.
137801: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY. - The New Zealander. Edited with an Introduction by N. John Hall.
150035: TROMLITZ, J.G. - Ueber Die Floeten Mit Mehrern Klappen. Deren Anwendung Und Nutzen. With an Introduction by Karl Ventzke.
129063: TROUBRIDGE, LAURA. - Life Amongst the Troubridges. Journals of a Young Victorian 1873-1884. Edited by Jaqueline Hope-Nicholson.
151204: TROUGHTON, JOHN & DONALDSON, LESLEY A. - Probing Plant Structure. A Scanning Electron Microscope Study of Some Anatomical Features in Plants and the Relationship of These Structures to Physiological Processes.
138803: TROW, M.J. - The Pocket Hercules. Captain Morris and the Charge of the Light Brigade.
145531: TROYAT, HENRI. - Y Brawd. Troswyd Gan Rhiannon Davies a T. Ifor Rees.
150108: TRUDEAU, G.B. - Check Your Egos at the Door.
149785: TRUDEAU, G.B. - The War Within. One More Step at a Time.
149786: TRUDEAU, G.B. - The Long Road Home. One Step at a Time.
153356: (BYRON) TRUEBLOOD, PAUL GRAHAM (EDITOR). - Byron’S Political and Cultural Influence in Nineteenth-Century Europe. A Sympsium.
147689: TSCHECHOF, ANTON. - Gwylan. Cyfieithiad O Tshaica Gan W. Gareth Jones.
154439: TSCHIFFELY, AF. - Don Roberto. Being the Account of the Life and Works of Rb Cunninghame Graham 1852 - 1936.
154569: TSCHIFFELY, A.F. - Southern Cross to Pole Star. Tschiffeley’S Ride, Being the Account of 10,000 Miles in the Saddle Through the Americas from Argentina to Washington.
149125: TSOURAS, PETER G. - Gettysburg: An Alternate History.
153002: TUCHMAN, BARBARA W. - Stilwell and the American Experience in China 1911 - 45.
130046: TUCHMAN, BARBARA W. - The First Salute.
132162: TUCHMAN, BARBARA W. - The First Salute.
149401: TUCKER, NORMAN. - Llanrwst: The History of a Market Town.
149400: TUCKER, NORMAN. - North Wales & Chester in the CIVIL War.
154627: (POWELL) TUCKER, JAMES. - The Novels of Anthony Powell.
149121: TUCKER, GLENN. - High Tide at Gettysburg. The Campaign in Pennsylvania.
146168: TUDUR, ALUN. - Rwan Te Blant. 52 O Storiau Beiblaidd I Blant.
151764: TUERCK, HERMANN. - The Man of Genius.
147071: TUKE, DIANA. - Bit by Bit. A Guide to Equine Bits.
153252: (EDITOR) TUKER, LIEUT.-GENERAL SIR FRANCIS. - The Chronicle of Private Henry Metcalfe. Hm 32nd Regiment of Foot, Together with Lieutenant John Edmondstone’S Letter to His Mother of 4th January, 1858, and Other Particulars.
123528: TULEJA, THADDEUS V. - Climax at Medway.
151072: TULLY, MARK. - An Invesitagion Into the Lives of Jesus. God, Jew, Rebel, the Hidden Jesus.
154696: (SHAW) TUNNEY, JAY R. - The Prizefighter and the Playwright. Gene Tunney and Bernard Shaw.
148965: TUPPER, M.F. - Stephan Langton: Or, the Days of King John.
125399: TURBERFIELD, ALAN. - John Scott Lidgett. Archbishop of British Methodism?
143937: TURKLE, SHERRY. - Psychoanalitic Politics. Jacques Lacan and Freud’S French Revolution.
122372: TURNBULL, COLIN M. - Wayward Servants. The Two Worlds of the African Pygmies.
151771: TURNER, SHARON. - The Sacred History of the World, Attempted to Be Philosophically Considered, in a Series of Letters to a Son.
109227: (SCOTT, WALTER). TURNER, JOHN R. - The Walter Scott Publishing Company. A Bibliography.
149598: TURNER, BARBARA CARPENTER. - A History of the Royal Hampshire County Hospital.
154035: TURNER, EDITH. - The Spirit and the Drum. A Memoir of Africa.
152977: TURNER, JAMES. - The Politics of Landscape. Rural Scenery and Society in English Poetry 1630-1660.
152973: TURNER, PAUL. - English Literature 1832-1890. Excluding the Novel.
125233: TURNER, J.E. - Essentials in the Development of Religion. A Psychological Study.
129562: TURNER, HENRY ASHBY. - Hitler’S Thirty Days to Power: January 1933.
137577: TURNER, PAUL. - Victorian Poetry, Drama and Miscellaneous Prose, 1832-1890.
138215: TURNER, GEORGE FRAYN. - Awards of the George Cross 1940-2009.
141520: TURNER, ALWYN W. - Tribute. A Salute to the British Armed Forces of the Second World War.
141792: TURNER, HARRY. - With the Utmost Possible Dispatch. Poems of Nelson’S Navy.
142104: TURNER, JOHN FRAYN. - Fight for the Air.
142690: TURNER, E.S. - Gallant Gentlemen. A Portrait of the British Officer 1600-1956.
153343: (BYRON) TURNEY, CATHERINE. - Byron’S Daughter. A Biography of Elizabeth Medora Leigh.
152482: TURNEY, CLIFFORD, BYGOTT, URSULA AND CHIPPENDALE, PETER. - Australia’S First. A History of the University of Sydney Volume 1 1850 - 1939.
143384: (COLE). TURNLEY, E. W. - Cole of the Book Arcade. A Pictorial Biography of E.W. Cole.
132401: “PISH” AND “TUSH.” - Red Paint at Oxford. Sketches.
137880: (WORDSWORTH) TUTIN, J.R. - The Wordsworth Dictionary of Persons and Places. With the Familiar Quotations from His Works (Including Full Index) and a Chronologically-Arranged List of His Best Poems [Together with] an Index to the Animal and Vegetable Kingdoms of Wordsworth.
143030: TUTTON, A.E.H. - Crystals.
132997: TWEEDIE, JILL. - Eating Children. Young Dreams and Early Nightmares.
153654: TWERSKY, ISADORE AND SEPTIMUS, BERNARD (EDITORS). - Jewish Thought in the Seventeenth Century.
147684: TWRGENIEFF, IFAN. - Y Tadau a’R Plant. Nofel Gan Ifan Twrgenieff (1818-1883). Wedi’I Chyfieithu O’R Rwseg Gan T. Hudson-Williams.
153459: TYLER, PATRICK. - A World of Trouble. America in the Middle East.
143335: TYMMS, T. VINCENT. - The Christian Idea of Atonement. Lectures Delivered at Regent’S Park College, London, in 1903.
152883: TYNAN, KENNETH. - Bull Fever.
149388: TYRELL, FRANK. - The Story of the City of Swansea.
147901: TYRRELL, WM. BLAKE. - The Smell of Sweat. Greek Athletics, Olympics, and Culture.
140358: TYRRELL, H. & HAUKEIL, HENRY A. - The History of Russia. Volume III [Only]. From the Foundation of the Empire to the War with Turkey in 1877-’78.
153684: TYSON, JOSEPH B. - Like, Judaism, and the Scholars. Critical Approaches to Luke-Acts.
142309: (BEETHOVEN) TYSON, ALAN (EDITOR). - Beethoven Studies. [First Series].
125971: UDY, JAMES S. - Living Stones. The Story of the Methodist Church in Canberra.
143134: UFFINDELL, ANDREW & CORUM, MICHAEL. - On the Fields of Glory. The Battlefields of the 1815 Campaign.
153949: (GASKELL) UGLOW, JENNY. - Elizabeth Gaskell: A Habit of Stories.
138408: UGLOW, JENNY. - A Gambling Man. Charles II and the Restoration 1660-1670.
136238: ULHORN, DR. GERHARD. - The Conflict of Christianity with Heathenism. Edited and Translated, with the Author’S Sanction, from the Third German Edition, by Egbert C. Smyth and C.J. H. Ropes.
134382: ULLAH, HAROON K. - The Bargain from the Bazaar. A Family’S Day of Reconing in Lahore.
129775: ULLOM, JUDITH C. (EDITOR). - Folklore of the North American Indians. An Annotated Bibliography.
141132: ULLSTEIN, HERMAN. - The Rise and Fall of the House of Ullstein.
139304: UNDERHILL, RUTH M. - An Anthropologist’S Arrival. A Memoir. Edited by Chip Colwell-Chanthaphonh and Stephen E. Nash.
144131: UNSWORTH, BARRY. - The Quality of Mercy.
153652: UNTERMAN, ALAN. - Jews: Their Religious Beliefs and Practices.
153653: UNTERMAN, ALAN. - Jews: Their Religious Beliefs and Practices.
138415: URBAN, WILLIAM. - Bayonets for Hire. Mercenaries at War, 1550-1789. Foreword by William H. Mcneill.
141576: URBAN, WILLIAM. - Bayonets for Hire. Mercenaries at War, 1550-1789. Foreword by William H. Mcneill.
145987: URE, JEAN. - Wela I Di! Addasiad Elin Dalis.
132560: URE, PERCY N. - Black Glaze Pottery from Rhitsona in Boeotia.
137613: URE, PETER. - Elizabethan and Jacobean Drama. Critical Essays. Edited by J.C. Campbell.
132040: URICH, F.W. - Thrips, Black Ants and Other Insect Pests of Cacao in Grenada with a Note on Coconut Disease. Report Presented to the Government of Grenada.
133087: URROZ, ELOY. - Friction. Translated by Ezra E. Fitz.
144429: USAI, PAOLO CHERCHI. - La Storia Del Cinema in 1000 Parole.
144811: (CLARK) USLAN, MICHAEL & SOLOMON, BRUCE. - Dick Clark’S the First 25 Years of Rock & Roll.
140769: VACHON, MARIUS. - Detaille.
143931: VACULIK, LUDVIK. - A Cup of Coffee with My Interrogator. The Prague Chronicles. Introduciton by Vaclav Havel. Translated by George Theiner.
154349: VAIL, LEROY AND WHITE, LANDEG. - Power and the Praise Poem. Southern African Voices in History.
134917: VAKNIN, JUDY. - Smoke Signals. 100 Years of Tobacco Advertising.
149338: VAKSBERG, ARKADY. - The Prosecutor and the Prey. Vyshinsky and the 1930s’ Moscow Show Trials. Translated by Jan Butler.
142785: VALE, BRIAN. - A Frigate of King George. Life and Duty on a British Man-of-War 1807-1829.
142795: VALE, BRIAN. - The Audacious Admiral Cochrane. The True Life of a Naval Legend.
134858: VALENTINE, STEPHEN (EDITOR). - Timeship. The Architecture of Immortality.
139664: VALENTINE, D.H. (EDITOR). - Taxonomy, Phytogeography, and Evolution.
150103: VALENTINO, JIM. - Shadowhawk: Out of the Shadows. No. 1 [Only].
151068: VANAUKEN, SHELDON. - A Severe Mercy. C.S. Lewis and a Pagan Love Invaded by Christ, Told by One of the Lovers.
137607: VANCE, NORMAN. - Irish Literature: A Social History. Tradition, Identity and Difference.
152152: VANDERCOOK, JOHN W. - Dark Islands.
149138: VANDIVER, FRANK E. - Blood Brothers. A Short History of the CIVIL War.
133340: VANN, J. DON & VANARSDEL, ROSEMARY T. (EDITORS). - Periodicals of Queen Victoria’S Empire: An Exploration.
139328: VANSINA, JAN. - Oral Tradition As History.
132106: VANSITTART, PETER. - John Paul Jones. A Restless Spirit.
140661: (JAMES) VANSITTART, JANE (EDITOR). - Surgeon James’S Journal 1815.
136049: VARDEY, LUCINDA (EDITOR). - God in All Worlds. An Anthology of Contemporary Spiritual Writing. Edited with Introductions.
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124669: (KIPLING). WORSTER, W. - Merlin’S Isle. A Study of Rudyard Kipling’S England.

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