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9601: TALLIS, RAYMOND - In Defence of Realism
6036: TAMES, RICHARD - Lifelines 30: Hitler: An Illustrated Life of Adolf Hitler 1889-1945
12749: TANNEN, DEBORAH - You Just Don't Understand: Women and Men in Conversation
6012: TARN, NATHANIEL - Where Babylon Ends
11900: TARNAS, RICHARD - The Passion of the Western Mind: Understanding the Ideas That Have Shaped Our World View
14098: TASEER, AATISH - The Way Things Were
16725: TATHAM, JULIE - Cherry Ames: Rest Home Nurse
16468: TATHAM, JULIE - Cherry Ames: Clinic Nurse
16732: TATHAM, JULIE - Cherry Ames at Spencer
16726: TATHAM, JULIE - Cherry Ames: Night Supervisor
16723: TATHAM, JULIE - Cherry Ames: Mountaineering Nurse
15632: TATHAM, JULIE - Cherry Ames: Mountaineering Nurse
16469: TATHAM, JULIE - Cherry Ames: Mountaineer Nurse
17102: TATHAM, JULIE - Cherry Ames: Clinic Nurse
17799: TAUBES, JACOB - The Political Theology of Paul
8909: TAYLOR, JOHN RUSSELL - Anger and After a Guide to the New British Drama
17141: TAYLOR, JENNY AND TERRY INGLEBY - The Baxter Family Have a Puppet Show
14217: TAYLOR, A. E. - Aristotle
13518: TAYLOR, GEORGE AND J. A. MORRIS - A Sketch-Map History of Britain and Europe 1485-1783
12013: TAYLOR, D. B. - Elements of Christian Belief
16028: TAYLOR, GERALDINE - Talkabout Bedtime
4977: TAYLOR, R. BRUCE - Ancient Hebrew Literature Volume Three Prophecy and Poetry
14672: TAYLOR, GEOFFREY - Insect Life in Britain
16784: TAYLOR, PHILIP A. M. - The Origins of the English CIVIL War: Conspiracy, Crusade, or Class Conflict?
13930: TAYLOR, INA - Helen Allingham's England
11527: TAYLOR, A. E. - Socrates
11507: TAYLOR, DANIEL M. - Explanation and Meaning: An Introduction to Philosophy
13698: TAYLOR, A. J. P. - The First World War, an Illustrated History
8135: TAYLOR, BASIL. - The Brontã« Sisters: Disbound Plate.
13579: TAYLOR, A. J .P. - The Origins of the Second World War
14127: TAYLOR, RICHARD - Metaphysics
16178: TAYLOR, REV R. V. - The Biographia Leodiensis; or Biographical Sketches of the Worthies of Leeds and Neighbourhood, from the Norman Conquest to the Present Time
13238: TAYLOR, A. E. - Aristotle
12062: TEB - The Uncle from India
14385: TEBBIT, MARK - Philosophy of Law: An Introduction
14246: TEICHMAN, JENNY AND KATHERINE C. EVANS - Philosophy: A Beginner's Guide
14581: TEMPLE, WILLIAM - Nature, Man and God Being the Gifford Lectures Delivered in the University of Glasgow in the Academical Years 1932-1933 and 1933-1934
10542: TENNYSON, HALLAM - Alfred Lord Tennyson, a Memoir by His Son: Two Volumes
16291: TENNYSON, ALFRED - Dramas
1881: TERRILL, ROSS - The Future of China After Mao
15896: TEULé, JEAN - Monsieur de Montespan
17779: THAUER, CHRISTIAN R. AND CHRISTIAN WENDT (EDITORS) - Thucydides and Political Order: Lessons of Governance and the History of the Peloponnesian War
15818: THETFORD, OWEN - British Naval Aircraft 1912-58
15229: THEURIET, ANDRé - The Canoness: A Novel of the Argonne
8913: THODY, PHILIP - Aldous Huxley: A Biographical Introduction
15796: THOMAS, GORDON AND MAX MORGAN-WITTS - The Day Their World Ended: Mont Pelã©E Earthquake, 1902
3794: THOMAS, BARBARA SCHALK - Nursing Research: An Experiential Approach
10405: THOMAS, EDWARD - The Childhood of Edward Thomas: A Fragment of Autobiography
12161: THOMAS, DYLAN - Portrait of the Artist As a Young Dog
1285: THOMAS, DONALD - Henry Fielding
13691: THOMAS, DYLAN - The Love Letters of Dylan Thomas: The Edge of Love
14505: THOMAS, DYLAN - Dylan Thomas: Selected Works
9312: THOMPSON, DENYS - Reading and Discrimination
4811: THOMPSON, JOHN CARGILL - A Reader's Guide to Fifty British Plays, 1660-1900
5155: THOMPSON, J. A. AND ARTHUR MEJIA (EDITORS) - Edwardian Conservatism : Five Studies in Adaptation
13058: THOMPSON, FLORA - The Illustrated Lark Rise to Candleford
12983: THOMPSON, FLORA - Still Glides the Stream
12946: THOMPSON, F. M. L. - The Rise of Respectable Society: A Social History of Victorian Britain, 1830-1900
15273: THOMPSON, EDWARD - Cithaeron Dialogues
16113: THOMPSON, W. J. - A Brief Guide to the Industrial Heritage of West Yorkshire
11583: THOMSON, ROBERT - The Psychology of Thinking
16618: D. C. THOMSON - The Broons: Special Facsimile Edition of the First Ever Broons Annual (1939)
11274: D C THOMSON - The Bash Street Kids 1984
11283: THORN, ISMAY - Rita's Triumph
16132: THORNE, ROBERT - The Iron Revolution: Architects, Engineers and Structural Innovation 1780-1880
16644: THOROGOOD, JULIA - Margery Allingham: A Biography
2963: THORPE, MICHAEL - Matthew Arnold
2879: THORPE, DAVID - Rude Health Diet, Excercise and Equipment Photographed in the Pink
14313: THORPE, MICHAEL - Matthew Arnold
3691: THORPE, GEOFFREY L. AND SHERYL L. OLSON - Behavior Therapy Concepts, Procedures and Applications
11155: THURLEY, GEOFFREY - The Dickens Myth: Its Genesis and Structure
14577: THURMAN, JUDITH - Secrets of the Flesh: A Life of Colette
682: THWAITE, ANN - Edmund Gosse: A Literary Landscape
9328: THWAITE, ANN - Edmund Gosse: A Literary Landscape
14766: ÉTIEMBLE - L'Enfant de Choeur
15107: TIGER, LIONEL - The Decline of Males
14697: TILLER, TERENCE - The Vision of Piers Plowman by William Langland: An Unabridged Translation Into Modern English Verse
14780: TILLEY, ARTHUR - The Decline of the Age of Louis XIV or French Literature 1687-1715
14830: TILLEY, ARTHUR AND A. M. BOASE - Montaigne: Selected Essays
14824: TILLEY, ARTHUR - The Dawn of the French Renaissance
14782: TILLEY, ARTHUR - Franã§Ois Rabelais
14825: TILLEY, ARTHUR - From Montaigne to Moliã¨Re or the Preparation for the Classical Age of French Literature
14823: TILLEY, ARTHUR - The Literature of the French Renaissance, 2 Volumes
14826: TILLEY, ARTHUR - Studies in the French Renaissance
6093: TILLICH, PAUL - On the Boundary: An Autobiographical Sketch
13461: TITTERTON, A. F. - Books and Writing
8462: TODD, JANET - Death & the Maidens: Fanny Wollstonecraft and the Shelley Circle
2473: TODD, JANET - Mary Wollstonecraft: A Revolutionary Life
15257: TODD, JANET (EDITOR) - Dictionary of British and American Women Writers 1660-1800
8200: TODD, JANET (EDITOR) - Dictionary of British and American Women Writers 1660-1800
17017: TODD, JANET - Death & the Maidens: Fanny Wollstonecraft and the Shelley Circle
5667: TODD, JANET - Dictionary of British Women Writers
15430: TOLAND, JOHN - No Man's Land: 1918, the Last Year of the Great War
16623: TOLKIEN, J. R. R, EDITED BY WAYNE G. HAMMOND AND CHRISTINA SCULL - The Art of the Hobbit by J.R. R. Tolkien
16993: TOLSTOY, LEO - Little Stories of Leo Tolstoy
2159: TOLSTOY, LEO - Sunday / the Risen
15063: TOLSTOY, LEO N. - What Is Art?
17086: TOMALIN, CLAIRE - Charles Dickens: A Life
14574: TOMALIN, CLAIRE - Samuel Pepys: The Unequalled Self
12551: TOMALIN, CLAIRE - Mrs Jordan's Profession: The Story of a Great Actress and a Future King
14116: TOMASI, JOHN - Liberalism Beyond Justice: Citizens, Society, and the Boundaries of Political Theory
13588: TOMBERLIN, JAMES E. (EDITOR) - Philosophical Perspectives, 12, Language, Mind, and Ontology, 1998
16308: TOMLINSON, H. M. - The Sea and the Jungle
10655: TOMORY, P. A. - Murillo: Spanish School
9249: TOMPKINS, J. M. S. - The Art of Rudyard Kipling
12948: O'TOOLE, FINTAN - A Traitor's Kiss: The Life of Richard Brinsley Sheridan
16023: TORDJMAN, NATHALIE - The Pond
1821: TORRANCE, DAVID E. - The Strange Death of the Liberal Empire: Lord Selbourne in South Africa
13068: TORRE, SUSANA (EDITOR) - Women in American Architecture: A Historic and Contemporary Perspective
16458: TORTELIER, PAUL - Paul Tortelier: A Self-Portrait in Conversation with David Blum
15112: TOULMIN, STEPHEN - An Examination of the Place of Reason in Ethics
16295: TOULMIN, STEPHEN AND JUNE GOODFIELD - The Fabric of the Heavens
1423: TRAVERS, P. L. - Friend Monkey
9610: TREDELL, NICOLAS - The Critical Decade: Culture in Crisis
10624: TREDELL, NICOLAS - The Critical Decade: Culture in Crisis
17078: TREGLOWN, JEREMY - V.S. Pritchett: A Working Life
13445: TREVELYAN, G. M. - English Social History: A Survey of Six Centuries, Chaucer to Queen Victoria
13415: TREVELYAN, G. M. - Illustrated English Social History 2: The Age of Shakespeare and the Stuart Period
9276: TREVELYAN, RALEIGH (EDITOR). - Essays by Divers Hands: Being the Transactions of the Royal Society of Literature New Series XLVI Vol 46.
15408: TREVOR-ROPER, HUGH R. - The Last Days of Hitler
15935: TREVOR-ROPER, HUGH - Princes and Artists: Patronage and Ideology at Four Habsburg Courts 1517-1633
15639: TREWIN, YVONNE - Jean Becomes a Nurse
10709: TRIANA-TORIBIO, NúRIA - Spanish National Cinema
13192: TRIGG, ROGER - Reason and Commitment
14344: TRIGG, ROGER - Reason and Commitment
12234: TRILLING, LIONEL - Beyond Culture: Essays on Literature and Learning
13261: TROBRIDGE, GEORGE - Swedenborg: Life and Teaching
17192: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Barchester Towers
3446: TROUP, FREDA - South Africa: An Historical Introduction
9057: TROYAT, HENRI - Tolstoy
16661: TRUMBLE, MIKE - Rupert and the Hazelnut
16306: TRUSCOT, BRUCE - Red Brick University
13935: TRUSSLER, SIMON - Shakespearian Concepts
11678: TRUSTED, JENNIFER - Free Will and Responsibility
15385: TUCHMAN, BARBARA W. - August 1914: The First Month of the First World War
15384: TUCHMAN, BARBARA W. - The Proud Tower: A Portrait of the World Before the War 1890-1914
239: TUCKER, GEORGE HOLBERT - Jane Austen the Woman: Some Biographical Insights
13251: TUCKER, ROBERT - The Marxian Revolutionary Idea
15493: TUCKER, PATRICK - Secrets of Acting Shakespeare: The Original Approach
2163: TURGENEV, IVAN - Stories in 3 Volumes: Holiday, Rudin, Father and Sons
2079: TURGENEV, IVAN - Rudin and Other Stories
10690: TURNBULL, ANN - Pigeon Summer
14848: TURNELL, MARTIN - The Classical Moment: Studies of Corneille, Moliã¨Re and Racine
16260: TURNER, PAUL - Tennyson
16060: TURNER, PHILIP - Wigwig and Homer
12667: TURNER, DEREK (EDITOR) - The Quarterly Review Vol. 2, No. 1 Spring 2008
5023: TURNER, JOHANNA - Cognitive Developement
14512: TURNER, PAUL - Tennyson
14713: TURNER, BILL - Fables for Love: Poems New & Selected
16259: TURNER, PAUL - Tennyson
15709: TURNEY, CATHERINE - Byron's Daughter: A Biography of Elizabeth Medora Leigh
5822: TURNOCK, JOHN - A History Little Known: Four Centuries of Education in Shropshire
5820: TURNOCK, JOHN - A History Little Known: Four Centuries of Education in Shropshire
9423: TUVE, ROSEMOND - Elizabethan and Metaphysical Imagery: Renaissance Poetic and Twentieth-Century Critics
17217: TUVESON, ERNEST (EDITOR) - Swift: A Collection of Critical Essays
8475: TWAIN, MARK - The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
8542: TWAIN, MARK - The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
8539: TWAIN, MARK - Pudd'Nhead Wilson and Other Tales
16917: TWAIN, MARK - The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
11266: TWAIN, MARK - The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
14411: TYE, MICHAEL - Ten Problems of Consciousness: A Representational Theory of the Phenomenal Mind
10539: TYMIENIECKA, ANNA-TERESA (EDITOR) - The Philosophical Reflection of Man in Literature. Analecta Husserliana. The Yearbook of Phenomenological Research, Volume XII
6166: TYRELL HANSON, ANTHONY - The Cambridge Bible Commentary on the New English Bible: The Pastoral Letters
3284: TYRELL, ROBERT YELVERTON - Essays on Greek Literature
16223: TYRRELL, G. N. M. - The Personality of Man
16257: TYUTCHEV, FYODOR (TRANS. CHARLES TOMLINSON) - Versions from Fyodor Tyutchev 1803 - 1873
7861: VON UEXKüLL, GöSTA - Konrad Adenauer in Selbstzeugnissen Und Bilddokumenten: Mit Selbstzeugnissen Und Bilddokumenten (Rowohlts Monographien).
16369: UGLOW, JENNY - Elizabeth Gaskell: A Habit of Stories
14745: ULLMANN, STEPHEN - Semantics: An Introduction to the Science of Meaning
14757: ULLMANN, S. - Prã©Cis de Sã©Mantique Franã§Aise
14836: ULLMANN, STEPHEN - Language and Style
14837: ULLMANN, STEPHEN - The Principles of Semantics
7836: ULLRICH, VOLKER UND FELIX RUDLOF - Die Zeit: Der Fischer Weltalmanach Eu-Erweiterung
13650: UNGER, PETER - Identity, Consciousness and Value
5768: UNSWORTH, WALT - An Illustrated Companion Into Lakeland
8275: UNTERECKER, JOHN - Yeats
10584: UPDIKE, JOHN - Seek My Face
15914: URDANG, LAURENCE - Dictionary of Differences
14921: URMSON, J. O. - The Emotive Theory of Ethics
15088: URMSON, J. O. - Philosophical Analysis: Its Development between the Two World Wars
12480: URMSON, J. O. - The Emotive Theory of Ethics
12316: URRY, JOHN - Reference Groups and the Theory of Revolution
15345: URWIN, DEREK W. - Western Europe Since 1945: A Short Political History
12263: USTINOV, PETER - Add a Dash of Pity
16193: UTTLEY, ALISON - Little Grey Rabbit Goes to the Sea
4265: VADGAMA, KUSOOM - India: British-Indian Campaigns in Britain for Indian Reforms, Justice & Freedom 1831-1947
11966: VAIZEY, JOHN - Whatever Happened to Equality?
9930: VALéRY, PAUL - Eupalinos, L'Ame Et la Danse, Dialogue de L'Arbre
6683: VALE, M. G. A. - Piety, Charity and Literacy Among the Yorkshire Gentry, 1370-1480 Borthwick Papers Number 50
15903: VALENTE, CATHERYNNE M. - The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making
13469: VALLINS, G. H. - The Best English
16847: VAREY, SIMON - Joseph Andrews: A Satire of Modern Times
11456: VARIOUS - Krazy Annual 1979
10124: VARNEY, JOHN - Poems for a Prose Age
15381: VAN DER VAT, DAN - The Good Nazi: The Life and Lies of Albert Speer
15222: VAUGHAN, G. E. M. - Was It in Vain?
1351: VAUGHAN, HENRY - The Poems of Henry Vaughan with Introduction and Notes by Edward Hutton
15832: VAUGHAN, WILLIAM, HELMUT BöRSCH-SUPAN AND HANS JOACHIM NEIDHARDT - Caspar David Friedrich, 1774-1840: Romantic Landscape Painting in Dresden
1155: VENUTI, LAWRENCE - Our Halcyon Dayes: English Prerevolutionary Texts and Postmodern Culture
16573: VERGIL - Aeneid, Book VIII
16574: VERGIL - The Georgics of Virgil Book IV
14481: VERNE, JULES AND RETOLD BY JOYCE FARADAY - Around the World in Eighty Days
12007: VERNON, M. D. - Human Motivation
11999: VESEY, GODFREY - Perception
16612: VESEY-FITZGERALD, BRIAN - A Third Book of British Birds and Their Nests
15039: VESEY, GODFREY (EDITOR) - Understanding Wittgenstein
16611: VESEY-FITZGERALD, BRIAN - A Third Book of British Birds and Their Nests
13309: VESEY, G. AND P. FOULKES - Collins Dictionary of Philosophy
16002: VESEY-FITZGERALD, BRIAN - The Ladybird Book of Garden Flowers
9146: LéVI-STRAUSS, CLAUDE - The Scope of Anthropology
12996: VIDAL, GORE - Inventing a Nation: Washington, Adams, Jefferson
4100: VIDAL, GORE - Palimpsest: A Memoir
2835: DE VIGNY, ALFRED - Cinq-Mars Ou Une Conjuration Sous Louis XIII
14817: VILLON, FRANçOIS - Oeuvres Poã©Tiques
17797: VINCENT, ANDREW - Philosophy, Politics and Citizenship: The Life and Thought of the British Idealists
15403: VINEN, RICHARD - A History in Fragments: Europe in the Twentieth Century
13708: VINEN, RICHARD - The Unfree French: Life Under the Occupation
9826: VINSON, JAMES (EDITOR) - Great Writers of the English Language: Novelists and Prose Writers
9825: VINSON, JAMES (EDITOR) - Great Writers of the English Language: Dramatists
16482: VIRGIL - The Aeneid
3281: VIRGIL ( P. VERGILI MARONIS ) - Bucolics and Georgics ( Bucolica Et Georgica )
6933: VOLTAIRE - Candide or Optimism
2647: VAN DER VYVER, MARITA - Childish Things
15948: WäGNER, WILHELM - Great Norse, Celtic, and Teutonic Legends
694: WADDELL, MARTIN AND BARBARA FIRTH - Let's Go Home, Little Bear
6858: WADE, GWEN (EDITOR) - An Anthology of West Riding Dialect Verse
6539: WAGENKNECHT, EDWARD (EDITOR) - Chaucer: Modern Essays in Criticism
11129: WAGNER, GEOFFREY - Wyndham Lewis: A Portrait of the Artist As the Enemy
12189: WAIN, JOHN - Professing Poetry
9006: WAIN, JOHN - A House for the Truth: Critical Essays
9137: WAIN, JOHN - Professing Poetry
3450: WAIN, JOHN - Essays on Literature and Ideas
9668: WAIN, JOHN - Preliminary Essays
6612: WAINWRIGHT, REV. CYRIL - The Heptonstall Octagon 1764
5430: WAINWRIGHT, REV. CYRIL - The Heptonstall Octagon 1764
13356: WAINWRIGHT, A. - Wainwright on the Pennine Way
15952: WALCUTT, CHARLES CHILD - John o'Hara - American Writers 80: University of Minnesota Pamphlets on American Writers
8255: WALDER, DENNIS. - Mandela's Books and the Strong-Room of Dreams Reflecting on the Value of Literature
8254: WALDER, DENNIS - Mandela's Books and the Strong-Room of Dreams Reflecting on the Value of Literature
8253: WALDER, DENNIS - Mandela's Books and the Strong-Room of Dreams Reflecting on the Value of Literature
7978: WALDER, DENNIS - The Nineteenth-Century Novel: Identities
6770: WALDER, DENNIS - The Realist Novel (Approaching Literature)
6477: WALDER, DENNIS - Mandela's Books and the Strong-Room of Dreams Reflecting on the Value of Literature
3090: WALDER, DENNIS - Mandela's Books and the Strong-Room of Dreams Reflecting on the Value of Literature
6476: WALDER, DENNIS - Mandela's Books and the Strong-Room of Dreams Reflecting on the Value of Literature
7977: WALDER, DENNIS - The Nineteenth-Century Novel: Identities
12665: H. R. H. THE PRINCE OF WALES - A Vision of Britain: A Personal View of Architecture
4773: WALKER, VICTORIA - The Winter of Enchantment
4779: WALKER, VICTORIA - The Winter of Enchantment
5785: WALKER, VICTORIA - The House Called Hadlows
10182: WALKER, BARBARA G. - The Woman's Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects
16428: WALKER, PHILIP - Woodworking Tools
14354: WALKER, ARTHUR D. (EDITOR) AND R. J. DUCKETT - The Brontã« Society Transactions 1895 - 2001: An Index and History
15454: WALKER, MARTIN - The Waking Giant: The Soviet Union Under Gorbachev
12286: WALKER, ALEXANDER, SYBIL TAYLOR AND ULRICH RUCHTI - Stanley Kubrick, Director: A Visual Analysis
7151: WALKER, VICTORIA - The Winter of Enchantment
10460: WALKER, HUGH (EDITOR) - The Merry Devil of Edmonton: A Comedy
14306: WALL, STEPHEN (EDITOR) - Charles Dickens
879: WALLACE, CHRISTINE. - Germaine Greer: Untamed Shrew
15393: WALLACH, JOHN AND JANET - Arafat: In the Eyes of the Beholder
11287: WALLEY, DEAN - I Wish I Could: A Make-Believe Story
13339: WALLWORK, J. F. - Language and Linguistics: An Introduction to the Study of Language
4326: WALSH, WILLIAM - F.R. Leavis
16026: WALT, DISNEY - Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day
16073: HODGES. C. WALTER - The Globe Restored: A Study of Elizabethan Theatre
14539: WALTERS, L. D'O (EDITOR) - An Anthology of Recent Poetry
12595: WALTERS, RICHARD H., J. ALLAN CHEYNE AND ROBIN K. BANKS (EDITORS) - Punishment: Selected Readings
14712: WALTHAM, BRIAN - Masterclass
15512: WALTON, J. MICHAEL (EDITORS) - Craig on Theatre
12794: WALTON, PAUL AND ANDREW GAMBLE - From Alienation to Surplus Value
10036: WARD, GLADYS H. - At All Costs: A Romance of the Days of James II
9847: WARD, MAISIE - Robert Browning and His World: The Private Face (1812-1861).
16538: WARD, COLIN - Chartres: The Making of a Miracle
16706: WARD, JASON - Alice's Puzzles Through the Looking Glass
16707: WARD, JASON - Alice's Puzzles Through the Looking Glass
16570: WARDE FOWLER, W. - Rome
12739: WARDHAUGH, RONALD - An Introduction to Sociolinguistics
1592: WARDROPER, JOHN (ED). - Lovers, Rakes and Rogues: Amatory, Merry and Bawdy Verses from 1580 to 1830
14545: WARNER, MARINA - Once Upon a Time: A Short History of Fairy Tale
14546: WARNER, MARINA - From the Beast to the Blonde on Fairy Tales and Their Tellers
15142: WARNER, RICHARD AND TADEUSZ SZUBKA (EDITORS) - The Mind-Body Problem: A Guide to the Current Debate
14250: WARNOCK, MARY - Ethics Since 1900
14202: WARNOCK, G. J. - Contemporary Moral Philosophy
12608: WARNOCK, G. J. - The Object of Morality
13253: WARNOCK, M. - Existentialist Ethics
14985: WARNOCK, G. J. (EDITOR) - The Philosophy of Perception
14753: WARTBURG, W. V. - ã‰Volution Et Structure de la Langue Franã§Aise
9944: WARTON, THOMAS - The History of English Poetry from the Eleventh to the Seventeenth Century
16716: WATKINS, DUDLEY D. ET AL - The Broons and Oor Wullie the 1960s Revisited
8991: WATSON, GEORGE - Modern Literary Thought
13180: WATSON, GEORGE - The Literary Critics: A Study of English Descriptive Criticism
10310: WATSON, GODFREY - Goodwife Hot and Others: Northumberland's Past As Shown in Its Place Names
11435: WATSON, JAMES L. (EDITOR) - Between Two Cultures: Migrants and Minorities in Britain
9009: WATSON, GEORGE - The Discipline of English: A Guide to Critical Theory and Practice
9401: WAUGH, PATRICIA - Practising Postmodernism/ Reading Modernism
8880: WAUGH, AUBERON - Will This Do? the First Fifty Years of Auberon Waugh
8773: WAUGH, EVELYN AND DIANA COOPER AND EDITED BY ARTEMIS COOPER - Mr. Wu and Mrs. Stitch: The Letters of Evelyn Waugh and Diana Cooper, 1932-66
11141: WAUGH, ARTHUR AND THOMAS HATTON - Nonesuch Dickensiana
6948: WAUGH, EDWIN, SAMUEL LAYCOCK, ET AL. - Lancashire Dialect Poems, Sketches and Stories
6947: WAUGH, EDWIN, SAMUEL LAYCOCK, ET AL. - Heywood's Samples of Lancashire Literature in Prose & Verse
6873: WAUGH, EDWIN (EDITED BY GEORGE MILNER). - The Chimney Corner
15788: WAUGH, EVELYN - The Loved One
261: WEATHERHEAD, A. KINGSLEY - Stephen Spender and the Thirties
16071: WEAVER, WILLIAM - The Golden Century of Italian Opera from Rossini to Puccini
1758: WEBB, MARY - Armour Wherein He Trusted: A Novel and Some Stories
11184: WEBB, BEATRICE - The Diary of Beatrice Webb: Volume Two 1892-1905 - All the Good Things of Life
11185: WEBB, BEATRICE - The Diary of Beatrice Webb: Volume Three 1905-24 - the Power to Alter Things
11186: WEBB, BEATRICE - The Diary of Beatrice Webb: Volume Four 1924-43 - the Wheel of Life
11183: WEBB, BEATRICE - The Diary of Beatrice Webb: Volume One 1873-92 - Glitter Around and Darkness Within
13674: WEBB, MARY - Gone to Earth
9067: WEBER, CARL J. - Hardy of Wessex: His Life and Literary Career
11242: WEBSTER, JAMES - Water
8546: WEBSTER, JOHN - The White Devil
7275: WEBSTER, T. B. L. - Life in Classical Athens
13846: WEBSTER, ROGER - Studying Literary Theory
13040: WEBSTER, KEN AND CRAIG JOHNSON - Sense and Sustainability: Educating for a Low Carbon World
11575: WEBSTER, RICHARD - New Dialogue with Anglo-American Philosophy: The Problem of Being, Rational Thought and Rational Theology
17218: WEBSTER, JOHN - The Duchess of Malfi
10041: WEBSTER, WILLIAM - Jack Safford: A Tale of the East Coast
16005: WEBSTER, JAMES - The Ladybird Book of Toys and Games to Make
13416: WEDGWOOD, C. V. - Richelieu and the French Monarchy
12651: WEGENER, MOGENS (EDITOR) - Time, Creation and World Order (Acta Jutlandica)
7636: WEIGHTMAN, M. SCOTT. - Farne Islands
13686: WEINBERG, STEVEN - Dreams of a Final Theory
12617: WEINTRAUB, KARL JOACHIM - The Value of the Individual: Self and Circumstance in Autobiography
16736: WEISSER, HENRY - British Working-Class Movements and Europe, 1815-48
2714: WEIST, JERRY (INTRODUCTION BY RAY BRADBURY ) - Bradbury: An Illustrated Life a Journey to Far Metaphor
15425: WEITZ, JOHN - Joachim Von Ribbentrop: Hitler's Diplomat
7860: VON WEIZSäCKER, RICHARD - Drei Mal Stunde Null?: 1949 - 1969 - 1989
11974: WEIZSäCKER, C.F. VON - The Relevance of Science
16261: WELDON, FAY - Wicked Women
8947: WELDON, FAY - Rebecca West
13145: WELLEK, RENé - Discriminations: Further Concepts of Criticism
9614: WELLS, STANLEY W. - Literature and Drama: With Special Reference to Shakespeare and His Contemporaries
16180: WELLS, HELEN - Cherry Ames: Senior Nurse
15634: WELLS, HELEN - Cherry Ames: Boarding School Nurse
16467: WELLS, HELEN - Cherry Ames: Island Nurse
17041: WELLS, HELEN - Cherry Ames: Chief Nurse
17038: WELLS, HELEN - Cherry Ames: Flight Nurse
17040: WELLS, HELEN - Cherry Ames: Senior Nurse
16470: WELLS, HELEN ET AL - Cherry Ames Girls Annual 1963
16731: WELLS, HELEN - Cherry Ames: Private Duty Nurse
16730: WELLS, HELEN - Cherry Ames: Student Nurse
16728: WELLS, HELEN - Cherry Ames: Boarding School Nurse
16727: WELLS, HELEN - Cherry Ames at Hilton Hospital
15633: WELLS, HELEN - Cherry Ames: Chief Nurse
15494: WELLS, J. C. AND GRETA COLSON - Practical Phonetics
17037: WELLS, HELEN - Cherry Ames: Cruise Nurse
15588: WELLS, J. C. AND GRETA COLSON - Practical Phonetics
15817: WELLS, H. G. - The Shape of Things to Come
17039: WELLS, HELEN - Cherry Ames: Student Nurse
16440: WELLS, HELEN - Cherry Ames: Student Nurse
16181: WELLS, HELEN - Cherry Ames: Flight Nurse
17101: WELLS, HELEN - Cherry Ames: Flight Nurse
16185: WELLS, HELEN ET AL - Cherry Ames Girls Annual 1960
16177: WELLS, HELEN ET AL - Cherry Ames Girls Annual 1958
16179: WELLS, HELEN ET AL - Cherry Ames Girls Annual 1964
5046: WELSH, A. N. - The Skills of Management
11990: WENDEL, FRANCOIS - Calvin: The Origins and Development of His Religious Thought
13576: WERTHEIMER, ROGER - The Significance of Sense: Meaning, Modality, and Morality
576: WESKER, ARNOLD - Fears of Fragmentation
12168: WESKER, ARNOLD - Words As Definitions of Experience
16249: WEST, REBECCA - Henry James
16938: WEST, JOHN - Castles
10572: WEST, REBECCA - The Fountain Overflows
14575: WEST, RICHARD - The Life and Strange Surprising Adventures of Daniel Defoe
10053: WHEELIS, ALLEN - The End of the Modern Age
13213: WHEEN, FRANCIS - Karl Marx
12733: WHELEHAN, IMELDA - Modern Feminist Thought: From the Second Wave to "Post-Feminism"
13612: WHIPPLE, DOROTHY - The Priory
16891: WHITAKER, THOMAS DUNHAM - The History and Antiquities of the Deanery of Craven, in the County of York, Volume II Only
16889: WHITAKER, THOMAS DUNHAM - The History and Antiquities of the Deanery of Craven, in the County of York
12653: WHITE, ALAN R. (EDITOR) - The Philosophy of Action
7610: WHITE, PAUL - Classic West Country Ghost Stories
16088: WHITE, MORTON AND LUCIA WHITE - The Intellectual Versus the City: From Thomas Jefferson to Frank Lloyd Wright
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11812: WHITE, CONSTANCE M. - Sandra Takes Command
11720: WHITE, MORTON - Toward Reunion in Philosophy
940: WHITE, PATRICK - Memoirs of Many in One by Alex Xenophon Demirijian Gray
17110: WHITE, T. H. - The Book of Merlyn
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15441: WHITE, DAN S. - The Splintered Party: National Liberalism in Hessen and the Reich, 1867-1918
14207: WHITELEY, C. H. - Mind in Action: An Essay in Philosophical Psychology
11506: WHITELEY, C. H. - Mind in Action: Essay in Philosophical Psychology
11681: WHITELEY, D. E. H. - The Theology of St. Paul
17005: WHITEMAN, ROBIN WITH INTRODUCTION BY ELLIS PETERS - The Cadfael Companion: The World of Brother Cadfael
6041: WHITESIDE, NOEL - Bad Times: Unemployment in British Social and Political History
1205: WHITHAM, G. I. - Basil the Page: A Story of the Days of Queen Elizabeth
14074: WHITHAM, JOHN - The Offices of St. Wilfred According to the Use of the Church of Ripon; from a Psalter Belonging to the Dean and Chapter of Ripon Cathedral, with an English Translation
8905: WICKER, BRIAN - The Story-Shaped World: Fiction and Metaphysics; Some Variations on a Theme.
10286: WICKETT, WILLIAM AND NICHOLAS DUVAL - The Farmer's Boy: The Story of a Suffolk Poet
9656: WIDDOWSON, PETER - Re-Reading English
10103: WIGHTMAN, ELFREYDA M.C. - Paul, Prisoner for Christ
3292: DE WILAMOWITZ-MOELLENDORFF, VDALRICS - Bvcoloci Graeci [ Greek Bucolica ]
12919: WILCOX, MICHAEL - Outlines : Benjamin Britten
16343: WILD, BENJAMIN - A Life in Fashion: The Wardrobe of Cecil Beaton
14603: WILDE, OSCAR - The Wit of Oscar Wilde
13377: WILDER, THORNTON - The Bridge of San Luis Rey
17813: WILDER LANE, ROSE - Let the Hurricane Roar
16875: WILDERSON, PAUL W. - Governor John Wentworth & the American Revolution: The English Connection
13484: WILENSKI, R. H. - Mantegna (1431-1506) and the Paduan School, the Faber Gallery
13486: WILENSKI, R. H. - Renoir, the Faber Gallery
11512: WILKERSON, T. E. - Minds, Brains and People
11641: WILKERSON, T. E. - Kant's "Critique of Pure Reason": A Commentary for Students
14711: WILKIE, PAMELA - In the Lexicographer's Bedroom
16672: WILKIN, WENDY (TRANSLATOR) - Around the Farm
16673: WILKIN, WENDY (TRANSLATOR) - Benjamin's Travels
7118: WILKINS, MRS. WILLIAM NOY - The Slave Son
7792: WILKINSON, L. P - Horace and His Lyric Poetry
16338: WILKINSON, RICHARD AND KATE PICKETT - The Spirit Level: Why Equality Is Better for Everyone
15728: WILKS, BRIAN - The Brontã«S
15727: WILKS, BRIAN - The Illustrated Brontã«S of Haworth: Scenes and Characters from the Lives and Writings of the Brontã« Sisters
14428: WILL, GEORGE F. - The Woven Figure: Conservatism and America's Fabric, 1994-1997
17180: WILLARD, BARBARA - Mantlemass Box Set: Lark and the Laurel, the Sprig of Broom, a Cold Wind Blowing, the Iron Lily and, Harrow and Harvest
17185: WILLARD, BARBARA - Mantlemass Box Set: Lark and the Laurel, the Sprig of Broom, a Cold Wind Blowing, the Iron Lily and, Harrow and Harvest
15523: WILLETT, JOHN - The Theatre of Bertolt Brecht
10170: WILLETT, FRANK - African Art
9846: WILLEY, BASIL - Samuel Taylor Coleridge
8974: WILLEY, BASIL - The Eighteenth Century Background: Studies on the Idea of Nature in the Thought of the Period
2899: WILLEY, BASIL - The Seventeenth-Century Background Studies in the Thought of the Age in Relation to Poetry and Religion
13433: WILLEY, BASIL - The Eighteenth Century Background: Studies on the Idea of Nature in the Thought of the Period
1097: WILLEY, BASIL - The Seventeenth-Century Background: Studies in the Thought of the Age in Relation to Poetry and Religion
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16524: WILLIAMS, ROWAN - Dostoevsky: Language, Faith and Fiction
16187: WILLIAMS BUTCHER, J. - The Making of Treherne
15313: WILLIAMS, DAVID - Peter Brook and the Mahabharata: Critical Perspectives
5159: WILLIAMS, DAVID - Mr George Eliot: A Biography of George Henry Lewes
5085: WILLIAMS, IOAN - The Realist Novel in England: A Study in Development
12195: WILLIAMS, RAYMOND - Orwell
13610: WILLIAMS, GORDON - Shakespeare, Sex and the Print Revolution
13094: WILLIAMS, RAYMOND - Communications
12541: WILLIAMS, CHARLES - And the Deep Blue Sea
918: WILLIAMS, HEATHCOTE - Whale Nation
12717: WILLIAMS, PETER - Practise & Pass 11+ Level Two: Develop Maths
11633: WILLIAMS, GEORGE C. - Plan and Purpose in Nature
16949: WILLIAMS, URSULA MORAY - Gobbolina the Witch's Cat
14171: WILLIAMS, BERNARD - Ethics and the Limits of Philosophy
14134: WILLIAMS, BERNARD - Morality: An Introduction to Ethics
16293: WILLIAMS, T. I. - The Chemical Industry, Past and Present
12543: WILLIAMS, CHARLES - The Concrete Flamingo
12873: WILLIAMS, BERNARD - Descartes: The Project of Pure Enquiry
12719: WILLIAMS, PETER - Practise & Pass 11+ Level Two: Develop English
14259: WILLIAMS, MEREDITH - Wittgenstein, Mind, and Meaning: Toward a Social Conception of Mind
9620: WILLIAMSON, GEORGE - The Proper Wit of Poetry
16873: WILLIAMSON, AUDREY - Artists and Writers in Revolt: The Pre-Raphaelites
15787: WILLSON, WINGROVE (EDITOR) - Scouts of the Great Wild West: With Buffalo Bill on Track and Trail
13599: WILSON, JAMES Q. - On Character: Essays
14382: WILSON, JAMES Q. - The Moral Sense
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9718: WILSON, A. N. (EDITOR) - Essays by Divers Hands: Being the Transactions of the Royal Society of Literature New Series Volume XLIV 44
9075: WILSON, A. N. - C.S. Lewis: A Biography
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12288: WILSON, SUE (EDITOR) - Aspects of Lancaster (Discovering Local History)
10290: WILSON, JUNE - Green Shadows: The Life of John Clare
4890: WILSON, COLIN - The Devil's Party : A History of Charlatan Messiahs
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16999: WILSON-DICKSON, ANDREW - The Story of Christian Music
13477: WILSON, JOHN DOVER - Life in Shakespeare's England
12437: WILSON, DAVID M. - The Vikings and Their Origins: Scandinavia in the First Millennium
12093: WILSON, COLIN - The Misfits: A Study of Sexual Outsiders
9611: WIMSATT, WILLIAM K. AND CLEANTH BROOKS - Literary Criticism: A Short History
17803: WINCH, PETER (EDITOR) - Studies in the Philosophy of Wittgenstein
13153: WINCH, PETER (EDITOR) - Studies in the Philosophy of Wittgenstein
12850: WINDELBAND, WILHELM - An Introduction to Philosophy
16697: WINGFIELD, ETHEL - Was WeiãŸT Du ãœBer Kleider
17231: WINGFIELD, ETHEL - Shapes
16435: WINGFIELD, ETHEL - Was WeiãŸT Du ãœBer Den Strand
8395: WINN, CHRISTOPHER - I Never Knew That About England
9308: WINNIFRITH, TOM - The Brontã«S and Their Background: Romance and Reality
14342: WINOGRAD, TERRY - Understanding Natural Language
9151: WINTERS, YVOR - In Defense of Reason
7772: WIRSCHING, ANDREAS - Deutsche Geschichte IM 20. Jahrhundert
13736: WISDOM, JOHN - Problems of Mind and Matter
14363: WISDOM, JOHN - Paradox and Discovery
9004: WISEMAN, CHRISTOPHER - Beyond the Labyrinth: A Study of Edwin Muir's Poetry
16101: DE WITT, DENNIS J. AND ELIZABETH R. DE WITT - Modern Architecture in Europe: A Guide to Buildings Since the Industrial Revolution
13657: WITT, CHARLOTTE - Substance and Essence in Aristotle: An Interpretation of Metaphysics VII-IX
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13252: WODDIS, JACK - New Theories of Revolution: A Commentary on the Views of Frantz Fanon, Rã©Gis Debray and Herbert Marcuse
13417: WOLFE, BERTRAM D. - Three Who Made a Revolution: A Biographical History
2932: WOLFE, HUMBERT - Others Abide
2930: WOLFE, HUMBERT - Requiem
13249: WOLFE, BERTRAM D. - Strange Communists I Have Known
15013: WOLFE, ALAN - Whose Keeper?: Social Science and Moral Obligation
2931: WOLFE, HUMBERT - This Blind Rose
13402: WOLFF, PHILIPPE - The Awakening of Europe: The Pelican History of Thought 1
14877: WOLFF, ROBERT PAUL (EDITOR) - Kant: A Collection of Critical Essays
10851: WOLFREYS, JULIAN (EDITOR) - Introducing Literary Theories: A Guide and Glossary
10843: WOLFREYS, JULIAN (EDITOR) - Literary Theories: A Reader and Guide
9750: WOLLEN, PETER - Signs and Meaning in the Cinema
15181: WOLLHEIM, RICHARD - F.H. Bradley
14475: WOLLHEIM, RICHARD - Sigmund Freud
12205: NATIONAL WOMEN'S FORUM - Irish Women Speak out: A Plan of Action
735: WOOD, ANDREW - Blackbird Patrol
17032: WOOD, STEVEN - Haworth, Oxenhope & Stanbury from Old Maps
1238: WOOD, ANTHONY - Nineteenth Century Britain 1815-1914 Second Edition
9102: WOODCOCK, GEORGE - The Crystal Spirit : A Study of George Orwell
13945: WOODCOCK, GEORGE - The Crystal Spirit : A Study of George Orwell
12895: WOODHAM-SMITH, CECIL - Florence Nightingale 1820-1910
15402: WOODWARD, BOB - Plan of Attack
6342: WOODWARD, MARCUS - Leaves from Gerard's Herball
15278: WOOF, PAMELA AND MADELINE HARLEY - The Wordsworths and the Daffodils
16523: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - Virginia Woolf: Paper Darts
10323: WOOLF, LEONARD AND EDITED BY FREDERIC SPOTTS - The Letters of Leonard Woolf
14016: WOOLF, ROSEMARY - The English Religious Lyric in the Middle Ages
17816: WOOLF, FELICITY - Picture This: A First Introduction to Paintings
11445: WOOLF, CHARLES - Introduction to the Archaeology of Cornwall
11922: WOOZLEY, A. D. - Theory of Knowledge: An Introduction
15232: WORBOISE, EMMA JANE - Crystabel, or, Clouds with Silver Linings
12035: WORDSWORTH, WILLIAM - William Wordsworth
16265: WORDSWORTH, WILLIAM - Wordsworth's Literary Criticism
16266: WORDSWORTH, WILLIAM - Wordsworth's Literary Criticism
17146: WORSICK, DAVID - Henry's Gift: The Magic Eye
6841: WRIGHT, PETER - Yorkshire Yammer: How It Is Spoke (Mini Books)
9995: WRIGHT, ANDREW H. - Jane Austen's Novels: A Study in Structure
8845: WRIGHT, STUART. - Donald Davie: A Checklist of His Writings, 1946-88.
7102: WRIGHT, D. G. - Democracy and Reform 1815-1885
6630: WRIGHT, PETER - The Lancashireman's Dictionary
5700: WRIGHT, J. J. (EDITOR) - Young Days Vol. XL.
15857: WRIGHT, PETER - The Yorkshireman's Dictionary
152: WRIGHT, ESMOND (ED). - The Expanding World: A History of Civilisations from Reformation to the Age of Revolutions
14703: WRIGHT, EDMOND LEO - The Jester Hennets
14270: WRIGHT, ANDREW H. - Jane Austen's Novels: A Study in Structure
6840: WRIGHT, PETER - Yorkshire Yammer: How It Is Spoke (Mini Books)
13460: WRIGHT, CHRISTOPHER JOHN - A Guide to the Pennine Way
16076: WRIGHT, MARIATERESA - Vintage Richmond, Surrey
16811: WRIGHT, RONALD - Stolen Continents: The Indian Story
15664: WRIGHT, DAVID - Beowulf
12720: WRIGLEY, TERRY - Another School Is Possible
17016: WU, DUNCAN - William Hazlett: The First Modern Man
294: WYNDHAM LEWIS, D. B. - Four Favourites
16182: WYNDHAM LEWIS, D. B. - The Hooded Hawk, or the Case of Mr Boswell
11599: WYSS, DIETER - Depth Psychology: A Critical History: Development, Problems, Crises
16598: XENOPHON - Hellenica Books I and II
11956: PLATO AND XENOPHON - Socratic Discourses by Plato and Xenophon
13571: XENOPHON - Recollections of Socrates, and Socrates' Defense Before the Jury
4444: XENOPHON - The First Book of Xenophon's Anabasis
14916: XENOPHON - Xenophon's Anabasis, Book I
3306: XENOPHONTIS [ XENOPHON ] - Opera Omina Tomvs I Historia Grecia [ Complete Works 1 ]
9703: YEATS, W. B. - Autobiographies
14038: YEATS, W. B. - Letters on Poetry from W.B. Yeats to Dorothy Wellesley
2476: YELLAND, CHARLES (FOREWORD BY DENNIS HEALEY) - Dulcie Yelland 1907-1987: A Socialist of Our Times
15962: YEVTUSHENKO, YEVGENY - Yevtushenko Selected Poems
17046: YGLESIAS, J. R. C. - Queen Victoria
15614: YOUNG, ANGELA - The Dance of Love
12918: YOUNG, ANGELA - The Dance of Love
11188: ZACK-WILLIAMS, TUNDE, DIANE FROST AND ALEX THOMSON (EDITORS) - Africa in Crisis: New Challenges and Possibilities
16750: ZAMOYSKA, BETKA - The Burston Rebellion
15822: ZANTOVSKY, MICHAEL - Havel: A Life
329: ZIEGLER, PHILIP - The Black Death
11927: ZIJDERVELD, ANTON C. - The Abstract Society: A Cultural Analysis of Our Time
399: ZIJLSTRA, TJERK - Benny and His Geese
13423: ZIMMERMAN, J. E. - Dictionary of Classical Mythology
12475: ZINK, SIDNEY - The Concepts of Ethics
15047: ZOHAR, DANAH IN COLLABORATION WITH I. N. MARSHALL - The Quantum Self: Human Nature and Consciousness Defined by the New Physics
14834: ZOLA, ÉMILE - Le Roman Expã©Rimental
4082: ZWERDLING, ALEX - Improvised Europeans: American Literary Expatriates and the Siege of London
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