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463: - The Big Book of Aeroplanes
1452: ABBOTT, JOHN S.C. - History of Maria Antoinette
375: ADAMS, RICHARD - Nature Day and Night
3112: AEOLIAN CONCERT HALL - 1923 Joint Recital of Modern Music at the Aeolian Concert Hall : E. Robert Schmitz - Pianist ; Carlos Salzedo - Harpist and the Duo-Art Piano. (Concert Handbill - Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel)
1836: AERIAL LEAGUE OF CANADA - Propeller-Shaped Advertising Ephemera (Early Aviation, Barnstorming, Imperial Polarine)
1788: AGEE, JAMES; ARCHIBALD MACLEISH (FOREWORD) - Permit Me Voyage (First Edition of Author's First Book, Pulitzer Prize Poet Richard Eberhart's Copy)
2989: AGEE, JAMES AND WALKER EVANS - Let Us Now Praise Famous Men : Three Tenant Families
35: AINSWORTH, RALPH M. - Profitable Grain Trading
3116: ALASKA STEAMSHIP COMPANY - Alaska Steamship Company "Alaska's Magic" 1935 Travel Brochure
1966: ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS WORLD SERVICES - Alcoholics Anonymous Comes of Age : A Brief History of A.A.
2050: ALDER GROVE HERITAGE SOCIETY - The Place between : Aldergrove & Communities. Volume I and Volume II Plus Errata List
1397: ALDERSON, BRIAN - Edward Ardizzone: A Preliminary Hand-List of His Illustrated Books, 1929-70
1750: ALDRICH, ELIZABETH - Poems (Signed)
2000: ALGER JR., HORATIO - Facing the World
565: ALGREN, NELSON (1909-1981) - The Man with the Golden Arm (Books Into Film, Frank Sinatra)
2869: ALLEN, WALDO MORGAN - A History of the General Society of Mayflower Descendants 1897-1965
2887: ALLENBY, GENERAL SIR EDMUND H.H. (PARTIALY DRAWN FROM SOME OF T.E. LAWRENCE'S ACTIVITIES) - Second Supplement to the London Gazette. Of Tuesday, the 5th of November, 1918. No. 30994 (T.E. Lawrence, Wartime Dispatch)
3115: ALLIS-CHALMERS COMPANY - Test of the New York "Subway" Engines
2493: ALPINE GARDEN CLUB OF BRITISH COLUMBIA - Alpine Garden Club of British Columbia Bulletin (34 Issues 1988-93 W. Seed List and Index)
2745: AMARGOSA VALLEY RECREATION ASSOCIATION ; ET AL. - 21st Annual Amargosa Days Program Oct. 18-19-20 1985 Shoshone, California
2319: AMERICAN ODD FELLOWS - American Odd Fellows : 1873 Chromolithograph Broadside of the Lord's Prayer (Freemasonry, Fraternal Orders)
2252: AMES, ERNEST - The Tremendous Twins or How the Boers Were Beaten
1368: AMES, H.B. - Hell-Bent
1051: ANDERSON, FRANK W. - Oldtime Canadian Sheriffs and Outlaws
1567: ANGEL, JEN - Fucktooth Number Twenty Two (Punk Rock, Counter-Culture Zine)
705: ANNANDALE, CHARLES M.A. LL.D. - The Concise Imperial Dictionary of the English Language, Literary, Scientific, Etymological, and Pronouncing. ("Based on the Imperial Dictionary. " Stated at Head of Title Page)
3108: ANON - Romanian Letterpress Concert Broadside
1822: (ANONYMOUS) - Collection of 5 Original 1930's Artist's Fashion Sketches (Ladies Wedding & Fashion Artwork )
2516: ANONYMOUS - Niagara Falls (Dams, Hydro Electricity)
2720: ANONYMOUS - Photograph of Bob Hope Performing on Independence Day at London's Royal Albert Hall - July 4th, 1945
622: ANONYMOUS - Stereo Book of the U.S. Occupied Zone of Germany (Stereograph 3-D Images)
2917: ANONYMOUS - Five Art School Photographic Images (Zeljko Kujundzic, Solar Kiln)
1678: ANONYMOUS - Indian Motocycle and Yale Motorcycle Photographs (C. 1913 New England)
1721: ANSTEY, ARTHUR - The Romance of British Columbia
192: ANTHONY, EVELYN - The Defector (First Edition)
191: ANTHONY, EVELYN - The Grave of Truth (First Uk Edition)
56: ANTONSON, BRIAN AND STEWART, GORDON (EDITORS) - Canadian Frontier Annual (2 Volumes, 1976 and 1977)
1207: ANTONSON, BRIAN AND STEWART, GORDON (EDITORS) - Canadian Frontier Annual (2 Volumes, 1976 and 1977)
2440: APPLE COMPUTER, INC - Macintosh Multifinder User's Guide ; Macintosh Plus Owner's Guide ; Macintosh Utilities User's Guide (Apple Computers)
274: APPLE, AGENT - Pie Any Means Necessary : Biotic Baking Brigade (Signed First Edition)
2490: APPLE COMPUTER, INC - Macintosh Hypercard User's Guide ; Macintosh Hypercard Beginner's Guide ; Apple Laserwriter Iint/Ntx Owner's Guide (Apple Computers)
1300: ARENS, HERMANN F. - Industrial Securities ("Black Tuesday", 1929 Stock Market Crash, Trading)
2611: ARIMA, E. Y. - Report on an Eskimo Umiak Built at Ivuyivik, P.Q. , in the Summer of 1960 : National Museum of Canada, Bulletin No. 189, Anthropological Series No. 59
1651: ARIS, ERNEST A. - The Mystery of Cabbage-Patch House
1529: ARLEN, MICHAEL - Young Men in Love (First Edition)
902: ASSOCIATED SCREEN NEWS - The Rocky Mountains of Canada in Color [Cover Title] (Banff, Jasper, Rockies)
783: AXELSON, MARY LEE - Dina Deer's Busy Day (Collectible Children's Books, Color Lithographs)
2620: AYRES, LEONARD PORTER (1879 - 1946) - The "Gettysburg Edition" Measuring Scale for Handwriting (American Penmanship)
2506: B.C. HYDRO POWER AUTHORITY - A Report to the Regional District of Central Kootenay on the Kootenay Canal to Ashton Creek Transmission Line (Columbia River Treaty, Flooding, Dams, Hydro Electricity)
2710: B.C. HYDRO POWER AUTHORITY - A Report to the Regional Districts of Central and East Kootenay on the Kootenay Canal to Cranbrook Transmission Line (Columbia River Treaty, Flooding, Dams, Hydro Electricity)
2711: B.C. HYDRO POWER AUTHORITY - Kootenay Canal Development Progress Report : June 1971 - November 1972 (Columbia Basin)
1267: BACHER, ELMAN - Studies in Astrology (Complete Set - Volumes 1-9) (Cosmology, Theosophy, Age of Aquarius, Rosicrucian Fellowship)
1125: BAEDEKER, KARL (1801-1859) - Tyrol and the Dolomites, Including the Bavarian Alps (Hinrichsen E054, First and Only Edition Thus)
2738: BAEDEKER, KARL - Belgien Und Holland Nebst Luxemburg (W. Dust Jacket)
2739: BAEDEKER, KARL (EDITOR) - Italie Septentrionale : Jusqu'a Livourne, Florence Et Ravenne, Avec L'Ile de Corse Et Les Routes Menant de France, de Suisse Et D'Autriche En Italie (Northern Italy)
2622: BAEDEKER, KARL (1801-1859) - Southern Germany and Austria, Including Hungary and Transylvania : With 14 Maps and 30 Plans
1127: BAEDEKER, KARL (1801-1859) - Austria Together with Budapest, Prague, Karlsbad, Marienbad (Hinrichsen E059, 12th [Last English] Edition)
1466: BAKKEN, IRIS - Kootenay Stone Centre's Guide to Beautiful Stonework
2056: BALF, MARY - Ship Ahoy! : Paddlewheelers of the Thompson Waterway
2057: BALF, MARY - Why That Name? Place Names of Kamloops District
1998: BARBEAU, MARIUS ; ARTHUR BOURINOT - Come a Singing! : Canadian Folk-Songs : Bulletin No. 107, Anthropological Series No. 26
3110: BARCLAY, WILLIAM GREEN - Circa 1900's Photograph of Homestead with Two Women and a Girl in the Mountains of British Columbia, Canada
2694: BARLEE, N.L. (BILL) - Canada West Magazine. Vol. 7 No. 3 - Fall 1982 (Signed Copy)
2693: BARLEE, N.L. (BILL) - [EDITOR] - Canada West Magazine : Vol. 2 No. 1, 2, 3, 4 - Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter 1970 (Rossland, Kaslo, Ymir, Cascade, Alert Bay)
54: BARLEE, N. L. (EDITOR) - Canada Illustrated Magazine. Winter 1973, Vol. 1 No. 2
2297: BARLEE, N.L. (BILL) - [EDITOR] - Canada West Magazine : Vol. 1 No. 3 - Fall 1969 (Quesnel Forks Ghost Town, Yukon, Kitwanga)
2199: BARLEE, N.L. (EDITOR) - Canada West Magazine. 1971, Vol. 3 No. 1 - 4 Complete (Yukon, Greenwood, Gold, B.X. Line, Yale, Kaslo & Slocan Railway, Atlin, Kootenay Ghost Towns)
1983: BARLEE, (BILL) N.L. (EDITOR) - Canada West Magazine. Spring 1976, Vol. 6 No. 2 (Ainsworth, Kootenay Lake, Chinese Treasure)
2198: BARLEE, N.L. (EDITOR) - Canada West Magazine. 1971, Vol. 3 No. 1 - 4 Complete (Yukon, Greenwood, Gold, B.X. Line, Yale, Kaslo & Slocan Railway, Atlin, Kootenay Ghost Towns)
673: BARNES, MALCOLM (EDITOR) - The Mountain World 1966/67 (Mountaineering, Proof Copy)
536: BARRETT-LENNARD, CAPT. C.E. - Travels in British Columbia, with the Narrative of a Yacht Voyage Round Vancouver's Island (Travel & Exploration, N&W America)
2191: BARRIE, J.M. - Peter Pan Minature Playing Cards
2139: BARRIE, J.M. - Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens (Presentation Copy)
920: BARRIE, JAMES M. - The Little Minister (Photoplay, Katharine Hepburn, Rko Films)
2496: BARRY, ARTHUR JOHN ; ET AL. - Journal of the Royal Society of Arts. Vol. LVII No 2948 : May 21, 1909 (Chinese Railways)
1584: BASHOW, LIEUTENANT-COLONEL DAVID L. - Knights of the Air : Canadian Fighter Pilots in the First World War
113: BATES, HENRY; BUSENBARK, R. - Finches and Soft-Billed Birds
3140: BAUM, VICKI ; ELLA YOUNG "A REINCARNATED DRUIDESS" ; ET AL. - Wilson Bulletin for Librarians. Vol. V No. 10 - June, 1931 (Vicki Baum ; Ella Young "a Reincarnated Druidess")
1236: BAUM, VICKI (1888-1960) - Mortgage on Life (Books Into Film, Film Noir)
892: BAUM, VICKI (1888-1960) - Mortgage on Life (Review Copy, Books Into Film, Film Noir, )
2717: BAXTEPOB, B. - ... English Title : A Russian Primer for Teaching, Writing and Reading in Russian and Church Slavonic, with New Rules and New Illustrations (Russian a B C, Penmanship, Pedagogy)
2352: BEALBY, J.T. - Fruit Ranching in British Columbia * Together with * How to Make an Orchard in British Columbia : A Handbook for Beginners
1061: BEALBY, J.T. - Fruit Ranching in British Columbia (Kootenays, Okanagan, Local History)
3097: BEATON, CECIL - Cecil Beaton's New York
2911: BEATTY BROTHERS LIMITED - Directions for Operating the Beatty Electric Washer (C. 1930)
132: BEAUD, PHILIPPE - Peruvian Andes : Cordillera Blanca, Cordillera Huayhuaash, Volume 1
683: BECKER, MAY LAMBERTON (SELECTED BY) - Golden Tales of Canada (Canadiana, Lois Lenski Illustrations)
1773: BEGBIE, HAROLD (EDITOR) - The Children's Story Bible
2276: BEGG, ALEXANDER (EDITOR) - British Columbia Mining Record. Vol. 2 No. 8 : August, 1896 (Gold Mine, Cpr, Columbia & Western Railway Map)
1188: BEGG, ALEXANDER - History of British Columbia from Its Earliest Discovery to the Present Time
2958: BELL, DOUG ; MIKE NEWTON AND DENNIS WALKER. PROLOGUE BY NANCY HOLDER - Dungeon Master (First Real-Time Fantasy Role-Playing Game)
1786: BENFIELD, ERIC - Poison in the Shade (First Edition)
1951: BENTON, THOMAS HART (1889 - 1975) - Aaron
118: BERENSTAIN, MICHAEL - Sorcerer's Scrapbook (Signed First Edition)
1173: BERGERON, VICTOR (TRADER VIC) - Trader VIC's Kitchen Kibitzer (First Edition, Cookbook)
2031: BERLINER GRAM-O-PHONE COMPANY - Victor Records : July, 1913 - "His Master's Voice" (Trade Catalogue, Vintage Vinyl)
1451: BERNARDIN DE SAINT PIERRE, JACQUES-HENRI - Paul and Virginia (American Gift Book, Early Dust Jacket, Holiday Edition)
744: BERRUYER, ISAAC-JOSEPH - Histoire Du Peuple de Dieu, Troisième Partie Ou Paraphrase Littérale Des Epitres Des Apôtres... (History of the People of God, Part Three, or Literal Paraphrase of the Epistles of the Apostles... )
1130: BERTARELLI, L. V. - Northern Italy from the Alps to Rome (Rome Excepted)
2293: BERTHIAUME, ROCQUE - The Gitselasu : The People of Kitselas Canyon (Signed First Edition)
687: BERTON, PIERRE [1920-2004] - Drifting Home (Signed First Edition)
685: BERTON, PIERRE [1920-2004] - Drifting Home (Signed First Edition)
651: BIEL, JOHN (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - Collectible Automobile - Volume 9, Numbers 1 - 6
655: BIEL, JOHN (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - Collectible Automobile - Volume 17, Numbers 1 - 6
650: BIEL, JOHN (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - Collectible Automobile - Volume 7, Numbers 1 - 6
653: BIEL, JOHN (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - Collectible Automobile - Volume 13, Numbers 1 - 6
649: BIEL, JOHN (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - Collectible Automobile - Volume 5, Numbers 1 - 6
652: BIEL, JOHN (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - Collectible Automobile - Volume 11, Numbers 1 - 6
654: BIEL, JOHN (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - Collectible Automobile - Volume 15, Numbers 1 - 6
656: BIEL, JOHN (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - Collectible Automobile - Volume 19, Numbers 1 - 6
657: BIEL, JOHN (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - Collectible Automobile - Volume 1, Numbers 1 - 6 (Signed and Numbered Limited Edition)
1662: BIGELOW, JOHN - Memoir of the Life and Public Services of John Charles Fremont, Including an Account of His Explorations, Discoveries and Adventures on Five Successive Expeditions Across the North American Continent; Voluminous Selections from His Private and Public Correspondence; His Defence Before the Court Martial, and Full Reports of His Principal Speeches in the Senate of the United States
2933: BIGGS, H.A. ET AL. - Western Canadian Motorist. Vol. XIII No. 2 - February, 1924 (the Evolution of Studebaker Cars)
817: BILLINGS, E.[LKANAH] (1820-1876) - The Canadian Naturalist & Geologist : Vol. 1 No. 1 - February, 1856 (Biology, Natural History)
1835: BISHOP, HENRY R. (COMPOSER); SKEFFINGTON, SIR LUMLEY ST. GEORGE (WRITER) - Lovely Rose : A Ballad (Engraved Musical Score)
2649: BLACKALL, ROBERT H. - Up-to-Date Air-Brake Catechism : A Complete Study... (Trains, Railways)
614: BLAKE, NICHOLAS (PSEUDONYM OF DAY-LEWIS, CECIL) - A Penknife in My Heart (Harper Sealed Mystery with Publisher's Seal Intact, First Edition)
2653: BLOCK, LAWRENCE - One Night Stands (Signed Limited Edition with "Make a Prison" Pamphlet)
1044: BLUCHER HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Blucher Builders: Blucher Community 1900-1982 (Local History, Saskatchewan)
2225: BONFIRE II, MARS ; ET AL. - The Lost Whole Moose Catalogue : A Yukon Way of Knowledge
2070: BONHEUR, THEO - The Victoria Diamond Jubilee March (Cover Title)
595: BOUTELLE, PAUL (INTRODUCTION) - The Black Uprisings: Newark -1967- Detroit
720: BOWEN, R. SIDNEY (1900-1977) - Dave Dawson on Convoy Patrol
579: BOYD, JAMES - Drums (Books Into Film)
376: BOYLE, T. CORAGHESSAN - Descent of Man (Author's First Book)
1585: BRACKEN, ROBERT - Spitfire: The Canadians (Volume 1)
956: BRACKEN, ROBERT - Spitfire II: The Canadians (Vol II)
792: BRACKEN, ROBERT - Spitfire: The Canadians (Volume 1)
957: BRACKEN, ROBERT - Spitfire: The Canadians (Volumes 1 & 2)
3145: BRAND, STEWART (EDITOR) ET AL. - The Whole Earth Catalog : Access to Tools. Six Issues Inc. Supplements
1576: BRAUTIGAN, RICHARD - Sombrero Fallout: A Japanese Novel (First Edition)
1167: BREWER, REVEREND E. COBHAM - Character Sketches of Romance Fiction and the Drama
2035: BRITISH COLUMBIA - The British Columbia Gazette, Vol. LXXXIII, Numbers 1 - 52. (Jan. 7th, 1943 - Dec. 30th, 1943)
1974: BRITISH COLUMBIA - The British Columbia Gazette, Vol. XLVII, Numbers 1 - 17. (Part 1 : Jan 3rd, 1907 - April 25th, 1907)
2593: BRITISH PARLIAMENT (T.P. O'NIEL : EDITORIAL DIRECTOR ) - Reports from the Select Committees on the CIVIL Government of Canada and the Affairs of Lower Canada with Minutes of Evidence. Colonies - Canada 1. Sessions 1828-37 (Irish University Press Series of British Parliamentary Papers)
2034: BRITISH COLUMBIA - The British Columbia Gazette, Vol. LXXXII, Numbers 1 - 53. (Jan. 2nd, 1942 - Dec. 31st, 1942)
1975: BRITISH COLUMBIA - The British Columbia Gazette, Vol. XLVII, Numbers 29 - 39. (Part 3 : July 18, 1907 - Sept. 26th, 1907)
3111: BRONER, ROBERT (1922-2010) - Robert Broner Woodcut Invitation to His Sons' Bar Mitzvahs in 1966 (Jewish Americana)
3040: [BRONTE, EMILY] BY THE AUTHOR OF "JANE EYRE. - Wuthering Heights. A Novel
2803: BROTHERHOOD OF LOCOMOTIVE FIREMEN - 19th Century American Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen Allegorical Chromolithographic Broadside
3099: BROTHERS GRIMM - Märchen Der Brüder Grimm : Buchschmuck Von Gisela Werner
1389: BROWNING, ROBERT - The Classics of Golf Edition of a History of Golf (Cover Title: A History of Golf)
803: BRUCE, ALICE - Kootenay Sketchbook, 1920: With Drawings from the Sketchbook of Kathleen Lymbery 1891-1974
785: BRYAN, WILLIAM J. JR., M.D. - Legal Aspects of Hypnosis (Inscribed and Signed)
1176: BRYAN, WILLIAM S. (EDITOR) - Our Islands and Their People As Seen with Camera and Pencil (Cuba, Phillipines, Hawaii, Puerto Rico)
356: BUCK, PEARL S. - The People of Japan
2117: BUDGE, SIR E. A. WALLIS - A History of Ethiopia, Nubia & Abyssinia - According to the Hieroglyphic Inscriptions of Egypt and Nubia, and the Ethiopian Chronicles - in Two Volumes (First Edition in Dust Jacket)
779: BULLEN, A.H. (EDITOR) - Lyrics from the Dramatists of the Elizabethan Age
2949: BULLEN, HARRY - Ww II Era B.C. Electric Railway Co. Observation Car Photograph
1201: BURNETT, FRANCIS HODGSON - Little Lord Fauntleroy
1815: BURNETT, W. R. - King Cole (Signed First Edition)
2507: BURNS, ROBERT - The Cotter's Saturday Night
2043: BURNS, A.J. (EDITOR) - The Official Guide of the Railways and Steam Navigation Lines of the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico and Cuba. September, 1953 (Canadian Pacific)
2634: BURNS, A.J. (EDITOR) - The Official Guide of the Railways and Steam Navigation Lines of the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico and Cuba. January, 1966 (Canadian Pacific)
2439: BURROUGHS, WALTER (MANAGING EDITOR) - Official Guide Book : Golden Gate International Exposition - World's Fair on San Francisco Bay (First Edition)
708: BURROUGHS, JOHN (EDITED BY CLARA BARRUS) - My Dog Friends (First Edition)
1277: BURROUGHS, EDGAR RICE - The Return of Tarzan
464: BURROUGHS, EDGAR RICE [1875-1950] - Tarzan and the Foreign Legion (Books Into Film)
1279: BURROUGHS, EDGAR RICE - Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle
666: BYNE, ERIC AND SUTTON, GEOFFREY - High Peak (Publisher's Proof Copy, Mountaineering)
1055: CAIN, JAMES M. - The Postman Always Rings Twice (Photoplay Edition, Books Into Film, Noir)
1116: CALDWELL, ERSKINE - God's Little Acre (Modern Library No. 51)
2080: CALDWELL, HARRY H. (PRESIDENT, INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR IDENTIFICATION) ET AL. - Program : 7th Annual Convention of the International Association for Identification - Washington, D.C. September 21,22,23 and 24, 1921 (Racism, Police)
435: CALVERT, COMMANDER JAMES, USN - Surface at the Pole (First Edition)
2663: CAMPBELL, REGINALD - Cruiser in Action
2554: CAMPBELL, REGINALD - Tiger Valley (First Edition, Books Into Film)
1131: CAMPBELL, JIM - Squamish Rock Climbs
2637: CANADA. THE DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVAL SERVICE - Fish and How to Cook It (First Edition)
101: CANADA INDIAN AFFAIRS EDUCATION DIVISION - The Education of Indian Children in Canada (Residental Schools)
2689: CANADIAN PACIFIC LIMITED - 10 Year Locomotive Program (Canadian Pacific Railroad)
2706: CANADIAN WESTINGHOUSE - Canadian Westinghouse 1932 Diary (Trains, Railways)
2650: CANADIAN PACIFIC LIMITED - Highlights of the Royal Tour : Westward Through Canada on the Line of the Canadian Pacific Railway * Together with * Original B&W Photo of Queen Elizabeth on the Bridge of Steamship Princess Marguerite and Passenger List Folder for the Rms Empress of Britain
3078: CANADIAN PACIFIC - Canadian Pacific "Complaints Book
1045: CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY - Your Journey Through the Canadian Rockies - Eastbound: From Victoria and Vancouver to Calgary
2925: CANADIAN PACIFIC - 1931 Canadian Pacific Dining Car Service Menu * Together with * 2 - 1931 Banff Springs Hotel Menus
2680: CANADIAN LOCOMOTIVE COMPANY / CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY / CANADIAN GENERAL ELECTRIC, ET AL. - Collection of Five Locomotive Schematic Wiring Diagrams (Canadian Pacific)
2681: CANADIAN LOCOMOTIVE COMPANY / CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY / CANADIAN GENERAL ELECTRIC, ET AL. - Collection of Five Locomotive Schematic Wiring Diagrams (Canadian Pacific)
2271: CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY LINES - Canadian Pacific World's Greatest Travel System / Trans-Atlantic Trans-Canada Trans-Pacific (Map Caption Title) Roads of Adventure Through the Canadian Rockies, Alaska and the Evergreen Playground
1892: CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY COMPANY - General, Train, and Interlocking Rules : Adopted by by-Law No. 87, Passed by the Board of Directors on June 10, 1901, and Approved by His Excellency the Governor-General-in-Council on August 10, 1901 (Trains)
2518: CANADIAN PRESS - 16 B&W Press Photographs of Famous Authors, Poets & Playwrights (Stephen King, Isaac Asimov, John Irving, Joseph Heller, Kurt Vonnegut Jr. Et Al)
2517: CANADIAN PRESS - 4 B&W Press Photographs of Criminals & Terrorists
1847: CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY COMPANY - Canadian Pacific Railway and Steamships Span the World : Bridging Two Oceans and Linking Four Continents
1479: CANADIAN PACIFIC - Through the Canadian Rockies, Banff, Lake Louise, Emerald Lake (Railway, Golf, Climbing)
2367: CANADIAN ORDER OF SCOTTISH CLANS - Canadian Order of Scottish Clans : Ritual (Freemasonry, Fraternal Orders)
2464: CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY - Map of Canadian Pacific Railway Kootenay District British Columbia (Gold Mining)
2302: CANADIAN PACIFIC (PASSENGER LIST) / THOMAS STEVENS (WOVEN SILK POSTCARD) - The Canadian Pacific Ocean Services R.M. S. "Metagama" First Class Passenger List : Liverpool for St. John, N.B. Friday, March 5, 1920 * Together with * R.M. S. Metagama. / Woven in Silk. (Unrecorded Stevengraph Postcard)
2874: CANADIAN PACIFIC - 1911 Canadian Pacific Empress Mail Steamer Booklet (Empress of Ireland & Empress of Britain)
2356: CANADIAN PACIFIC - 4 Cpr Dome Route Pamphlets. Eastward Across Canada by Canadian Pacific : The Only Dome Route Across Canada * Together with * Canada by Canadian Pacific
2269: CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY - Canadian Pacific to Alaska (the Inside Passage)
1392: CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY COMPANY - A Series of Views Illustrating the Chief Points of Interest to Be Seen on a Trip Through the Canadian Pacific Rockies: Bits of the Glorious Mountain Scenery of the Canadian National Park at Banff. Views of the Rocky and Selkirk Mountains, Fraser Canyon and Pacific Coast (Banff, Rockies, Climbing, Steamship)
3125: CANADIAN NATIONAL RAILWAYS - Canadian National Railways Western Lines
1031: CANBY, HENRY SEIDEL (EDITOR) - The Saturday Review of Literature - Saturday, June 1, 1935 Vol. XII No. 5
66: CAPT. R.L. DONALDSON (EDITOR) - Canada's Navy Annual Issue 4, 1989/90: A Wings Newsmagazine Special Edition
2592: CAPTAIN "MAC." (PSEUD. OF J. T. MCADAM) - Canada ; the Country, Its People, Religions, Politics, Rulers, and Its Apparent Future, Being a Compendium of Travel, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, the Great Lakes, Manitoba, the North-West, and British Columbia... (the Dedication Copy)
1239: CARD, ORSON SCOTT - Capitol: The Worthing Chronicle (Author's First Book)
1217: CARD, ORSON SCOTT - Shadow of the Hegemon (Signed Advance Uncorrected Proofs)
1253: CARD, ORSON SCOTT - Capitol (Signed First Edition, Author's First Book)
2683: CARELESS, VIRGINIA - Bibliography for the Study of British Columbia's Domestic Material History
547: CARR, JOHN DICKSON (1906-1977) - Castle Skull (Harper Sealed Mystery, First Edition)
1081: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Photoplay, Cary Grant, Gary Cooper, Books Into Film)
2928: CARSON, RACHEL LOUISE ; ET AL. - St. Nicholas Magazine - Vol. XLIX No. 9 - July 1922 (Rachel Carson's First Published Nature Story)
2183: CARSON, RACHEL - Nature Magazine "How About Citizenship Papers for the Starlings?" (Rachel Carson Article)
1088: CARSON, RACHEL - Mountains in the Sea (Environment, Under the Sea Wind, the Sea Around Us)
1272: CATHER, WILLA - Shadows on the Rock (First Edition)
2878: CATHER, WILLA SIBERT - O Pioneers !
1778: CENTRAL ELECTRIC RAILFANS' ASSOCIATION - Rapid Transit in the Cleveland Area: Electric Railways of Northeastern Ohio (Cera Bulletin No. 108)
1597: CHAMBERLAIN, NEWELL D. - The Call of Gold: True Tales on the Gold Road to Yosemite
2509: CHAMBERS, WHITMAN - Murder for a Wanton (Crime Club, Books Into Film)
1077: CHANDLER, RAYMOND - The Lady in the Lake (Zephyr Books No. 162, Philip Marlowe, Books Into Film)
1105: CHANDLER, RAYMOND - The Lady in the Lake (Zephyr Books No. 162, Philip Marlowe, Books Into Film)
1917: CHARTERS, CLARENCE CLAYTON (WITH L.M. MONTGOMERY) - The Charm of Green Gables [Cover Title] (Anne of Green Gables)
3102: CHAS. CHIPMAN'S SONS (PRINTER?) - Fast Blacks (Black Americana Hosiery Advertising, Trade Card)
1263: CHEKHOV, ANTON 1860-1904 (TRANSLATOR CHARLES DOWSETT) - Kashtanka (Kate Greenaway Medal Winner)
2054: CHERRINGTON, JOHN - Mission on the Fraser
340: CHESTER, JONATHAN - The Himalayan Experience: An Introduction to Treking and Climbing in the Himalaya
1608: CHEYNEY, PETER - Ladies Won't Wait
1050: CHRISTENSEN, MARGARET (COMPILED BY) - The Changing Times - a Story of the Upper Columbia Valley As Lived by the Harrison Family
1825: CHRISTENSEN, GLEN - An Evening with Groucho - Carnegie Hall - 1972 (Marx Brothers, Vintage Poster)
2045: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Why Didn't They Ask Evans? (Collins Crime Club, Golf Mystery, First Uk Edition)
1283: CHRISTIE, AGATHA (STORY) - A Night of Terror (Original Film Poster)
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545: PECHT, MICHAEL - Integrated Circuit, Hybrid, and Multichip Module Package Design Guidelines
2953: PEDERSON, LOUIS H. - Photograph of "the White House" in Skagway, Alaska
2833: PELLETREAU, WILLIAM S. ; HENRY P. HEDGES AND EDWARD H. FOSTER - The First Book of Records of the Town of Southampton with Other Ancient Documents of Historic Value
524: PENNINGTON, JOHN. ET AL. - The British Heritage: The People, Their Crafts and Achievements As Recorded in Their Buildings and on the Face of the Countryside
807: PENSON, R.[ICHARD] G.[EORGE] - In One Ear: Some Rambling Reminiscences of Creston Valley 1922 -1936 (Local History)
2610: PERRY, KEN - Jar of Iris (Serigraph Print)
790: PERRY, LEWIS [EDITOR] - The Journal of American History Vol. 66, No. 1, 2, 3 and 4. (June 1979 - March 1980)
1824: PERRY, KEN - English Iris (Tea Lautrec Litho Vintage Poster)
1887: PERRY, THE HONORABLE H. G. T. - Interim Report of the Post-War Rehabilitation Council * with * Appendix to Interim Report of the Post-War Rehabilitation Council (Ww II, British Columbia)
205: PETERSON, HAROLD - The Last of the Mountain Men
3011: PHILCOX, PAT (EDITOR) - Whistle Stops Along the Columbia River Narrows : A History of Burton and Surrounding Area
2021: PHIN, K. G. - The Record : 75th Anniversary Number, Trinity College School. Vol. 43 - No. 4
2605: PICCARD, JACQUES & ROBERT S. DIETZ - Seven Miles Down : The Story of the Bathyscaph Trieste
499: PIERREPONT, EDWARD W.[ILLOUGHBY] (1860-1885) - Fifth Avenue to Alaska (New York, Travel & Exploration, N&W America)
2950: PIKKUSAARI, LAURI T. - Copper Cliffin Suomalaiset Ja Copper Cliffin Suomalainen Evankelis-Luterilainen Wuoristo-Seurakunta
1215: PILLSBURY, ANN - Ann Pillsbury's Baking Book
2484: PIONCHON, J. ; HEILMANN, TH. ; VALENSI, R. - Collection de la Houille Blanche : Etudes Electrotechnique. Guide Pratique Pour la Calcul Des Lignes électriques aériennes a Courants Alternatifs Simples Et Triphasés [Together with] Méthode Graphique Pour le Calcul Des Pylônes Métalalliques (Electrical Engineering)
2521: PIRIE-GORDON, H. (MILITARY EDITOR) ; T.E. LAWRENCE - A Brief Record of the Advance of the Egyptian Expeditionary Force Under the Command of General Sir Edmund H.H. Allenby, July 1917 to October 1918. Compiled from Official Sources and Published by the Palestine News (Signed Collaborator's Copy)
2044: PLACE, G.M. (MANAGING EDITOR, THE GIRL GUIDES ASSOCIATION) - The Brownies' Annual - 1962 (Guides, Scouts)
1162: PLANUS, ABBE - Saint Jean-Baptiste - Etude Sur le Précurseur (Fine Binding, First Edition)
2909: PLUMLEY, RUTH (PSEUD. OF BENJAMIN RUSH PLUMLEY) - Lays of Quakerdom : Reprinted from the Knickerbocker of 1853-54-55
1406: POE, EDGAR ALLAN - The Murders in the Rue Morgue and Other Tales (First Modern Detective Story)
2700: POLLON, EARL & B. (EDITORS) AND EDITH KYLLO ET AL. - Hudson's Hope History : Dinosaur to Dynamo (Local History)
2754: [POND, PETER : 1740-1807] ; EDWARD CAVE [SYLVANUS URBAN, PSEUD.] ET AL. - A Map Shewing the Communication of the Lakes and the Rivers between Lake Superior and Slave Lake in North America. (Northwest Passage, Fur Trade, Lewis & Clark)
1849: POOLE BROTHERS - Map of the Canadian Pacific Railway, the Minneapolis, St. Paul and Sault Ste. Marie Railway, the Duluth, South Shore and Atlantic Railway. Indicating Where the Different Classes of Sport Are to Be Obtained
1362: POPULAR MECHANICS PRESS - Popular Mechanics Catalog of Helpful Books
1781: PORTER, HARRY R. - Trolley Bus Bulletin No. 110 - the Seattle Story Part 5 (Natta)
1779: PORTER, HARRY R. (EDITOR) - Trolley Coach News No. 38 : Vol. 9, No 1. Winter 1976-77
1643: POTTER, CHARLES R. - Personal Diary of an American's Voyage to Europe : May - Sept. 1873 (European Grand Tour, Masonic Lodge)
2147: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle
461: POTTON, CRAIG - The Story of Nelson Lakes National Park
1728: POWELL, JOHN WESLEY - Eleventh Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution: 1889-90 (First Nations, Assiniboin, Ungava District, Inuit, Siouan Cults, Sun Dance)
2002: POWELL, SELWYN - The Geographical Magazine : August, 1961 Volume XXXIV, No. 4 (Special Number : Expeditions & Exploration)
2123: POWELL, DAWN - Dance Night
3183: POWERS, RICHARD - Three Farmers on Their Way to a Dance
468: POWERS, MELVIN - Advanced Self-Hypnosis
2770: PRÉVÔT, RENÉ (EDITOR) [?] - Special Edition / Gazette Des Ardennes / the Russian Disaster. July 25th 1917 (Wwi Aerial Dropped Propaganda, Russian Revolution, Psychological Warfare)
2164: PRIESTLEY, J. B. - Wonder Hero (Art Deco Jacket)
2645: PRIOR, FREDERICK J. (EDITOR) - The Canadian New First, Second and Third Year Examinations for Engineers and Firemen (Trains, Railways)
853: PROKOSCH, FREDERIC - Chosen Poems
3164: PURDY, AL (EDITED BY SAM SOLECKI) - To Paris Never Again : New Poems (Signed First Edition)
165: PUTNAM, WILLIAM L. - Place Names of the Canadian Alps (Rockies, Mountaineering)
371: PYATT, EDWARD C. - Where to Climb in the British Isles (First Edition)
1923: PYPER, LIEUTENANT COMMANDER, NANCY (EDITOR) - Women at War Collection : The Tiddley Times ; Three Page Typed 'Naval Message' Letter ; We Skirted the War! (Women's Royal Canadian Naval Services, Wartime 'Zine)
1531: QUEEN, ELLERY - The Siamese Twin Mystery
770: QUEEN JR., ELLERY (GHOST WRITTEN BY MCCOY, SAMUEL D. 1882-1964) - The Red Chipmunk Mystery
151: RADDALL, THOMAS H. - Halifax Warden of the North
1381: RANSOME, AUTHOR - Swallows and Amazons (Books Into Film)
2881: RANSOME, ARTHUR (STEPHEN LEACOCK ; BOOTH TARKINGTON ; G. K. CHESTERTON ; MARK TWAIN ; RICHARD BURTON ET AL) - The Soldier and Death : A Russian Folk Tale Told in English by Arthur Ransome (Harper's Magazine - Nov. 1922)
2956: RAVEL, MAURICE AND SIDONIE-GABRIELLE COLETTE (ANDRÉ HELLÉ - ILLUSTRATOR) - L'Enfant Et Les Sortilèges : Fantaisie Lyrique En Deux Parties. Poème de Colette. Partition, Chant Et Piano
514: RAWLINGS, MARJORIE KINNAN - The Yearling (Pulitzer Prize, Books Into Film)
2001: REDFERN, ROGER A. (EDITOR) - Mountain Craft Magazine : No. 71 - Spring, 1966 & No. 79 - Spring, 1968 (Rockies, Himalaya, Chris Bonington)
1577: REES, LESLIE - The Story of Shadow, the Rock Wallaby (First Edition)
3029: REMINGTON, JOSEPH P. - The Practice of Pharmacy : A Treatise on the Modes of Making and Dispensing Official, Unofficial, and Extemporaneous Preparations, with Descriptions of Medicinal Substances, Their Properties, Uses, and Doses - Intended As a Hand-Book for Pharmacists and Text-Book for Stuidents
1115: RÉNIN, PAUL (PSEUDONYM OF RICHARD GOYNE) - Flame (Harborough No 18, Sleeze Artwork, Reginald Heade, Pbo)
1679: REYNOLDS, HELEN DICKSON - Music for Melanie (the Dedication Copy, Signed First Edition)
360: RICHARDSON, JOHN - The Local Historian's Encyclopedia
272: RICHLER, MORDECAI - On Snooker : The Game and the Characters Who Play It (First Edition)
886: RIKER, DOROTHY AND THORNBROUGH, GAYLE (EDITORS) - Governor Noah Noble: Messages and Papers 1831-1837
879: RIKER, DOROTHY AND THORNBROUGH, GAYLE (EDITORS) - Messages and Papers Relating to the Administration of James Brown Ray, Governor of Indiana 1825-1831
336: RILEY, MURDOCH - Kiwi and Moa, New Zealand's Unique Flightless Birds - Together with - Know Your New Zealand Birds (Two Volumes)
731: RILEY, JAMES WHITCOMB; CHRISTY, HOWARD CHANDLER - An Old Sweetheart of Mine (Hoosier Poet)
1690: RINGGOLD, FAITH - Tar Beach (First Edition, Afro-American Fiction, Caldecott Honor Book)
1727: ROBBINS, HAROLD - A Stone for Danny Fisher (Signed A.R. C. , Books Into Film, Elvis Presley)
3061: ROBERTS, ERIC A. - Salt Spring Saga
1575: ROBINSON, BRYAN E. - Working with Children of Alcoholics: The Practitioner's Handbook
1170: ROBINSON, HORATIO N. - New Elementary Algebra, Containing the Rudiments of the Science for Schools and Academies
338: ROCKWELL, NORMAN - Norman Rockwell : My Adventures As an Illustrator
1599: ROCKWOOD, ROY - Bomba the Jungle Boy in the Abandoned City
3012: ROGERS, J. C. INGRAM - A Sportsman's Map of West Kootenay British Columbia (Columbia River Treaty, Flooding, Dams, Hydro Electricity)
1934: ROLLS, S. C. ; FRANK REID ET AL ; SIR JOHN HAMMERTON (EDITOR) (T. E. LAWRENCE) - I Was with Lawrence of Arabia When He Blew Up a Turkish Railway (T.E. Lawrence)
1735: ROSENBERG, ETHEL AND JULIUS (FOREWORD BY CANON L. JOHN COLLINS) - The Rosenberg Letters (First Edition, Russian Spies)
2492: ROSENBERG, AVIS LANG - Selections from Pork Roasts : 250 Feminist Cartoons
2768: ROTARY INTERNATIONAL - Service Is My Business (Rotary International)
308: ROWELL, GALEN - Mountains of the Middle Kingdom: Exploring the High Peaks of China and Tibet
2899: ROYAL CANADIAN NAVY - Wartime Photograph of Hmcs Frigate Waskesiu : K-330 (First U-Boat Kill by Canadian Frigate)
270: ROYAL GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY AND THE MOUNT EVEREST FOUNDATION - The Mountains of Central Asia : 1: 3,000,000 Map and Gazetteer
801: RUDNAI, JUDITH A. - The Social Life of the Lion
401: SALINGER, J. D. - Nine Stories
112: SAMSON, JACK - Line Down! : The Special World of Big-Game Fishing
2524: SANDWELL, B. K. - Canada and United States Neutrality (Signed by Author)
201: SATTERWAIT, WALTER - Masquerade (Signed)
1537: SAUNDERS, JOHN (EDITOR) - The People's Journal with Which Is Incorporated Howitt's Journal of Literature and Popular Progress. February, 1849 (California Gold Rush, Workhouse Orphan Girls)
481: SAWYER, DON - Tomorrow Is School and I'm Sick to the Heart Thinking About It (Signed First Edition)
2757: SCHMELING, MAX (FULTON OURSLER : EDITOR IN CHIEF) - Liberty Magazine. June 13, 1936 - Vol. 13 No. 24 ("How I Shall Beat Joe Louis Where All Others Failed" by Max Schmeling)
1592: SCHMID, ELEONORE - Horns Everywhere (First Edition)
2617: SCHWARZ, HERBERT F. (EDITOR) ; ROY CHAPMAN ANDREWS ; HENRY FAIRFIELD OSBORN ET AL. - Natural History : Journal of the American Museum of Natural History. Volume XXII No. 3. May-June 1922
638: SCOTT, ANNA LEE (PSEUDONYM) - Cookery Arts and Kitchen Management (Recipes, Cookbook)
214: SCULLY, VINCENT - Architecture : The Natural and the Manmade
1790: SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO - Sears Roebuck and Company. Catalog No. 154, Spring and Summer 1927 (First Norman Rockwell Cover)
1927: SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO - Sears 1947 Christmas Book
1742: SEBASTIAN, TIM - Special Relations (Uncorrected Proof Copy)
2678: SEIBERT, T. LAWRENCE ; PERCY WENRICH & IRVING BERLIN - Casey Jones : The Brave Engineer ; Chicago Express ; When That Midnight Choo Choo Leaves for Alabam' (Train Related Musical Scores)
544: SELKIRK, THOMAS DOUGLAS, FIFTH EARL OF (1771-1820) - Observations on the Present State of the Highlands of Scotland, with a View of the Causes and Probable Consequences of Emigration
947: SERVER, LEE - Danger Is My Business
1615: SERVICE, ROBERT W. [1874-1958] - Ballads of a Cheechako (Yukon, Klondike, Gold Rush, Poetry)
399: SERVICE, ROBERT W. [1874-1958] - Ballads of a Cheechako (Yukon, Klondike, Gold Rush, Poetry)
2672: SERVICE DEPARTMENT, ELECTRO-MOTIVE DIVISION OF GENERAL MOTORS - Sd40-2 Locomotive Service Manual (Railroads, Trains)
1519: SERVICE DEPARTMENT - 1968 Oldsmobile Chassis Service Manual; F85 Through 98 (Muscle Cars, 442, Toronado, Cutlass)
1617: SETON, ERNEST THOMPSON - Monarch, the Big Bear of Tallac
1395: SETON-THOMPSON, ERNEST - The Trail of the Sandhill Stag (First Edition, Association Copy, Boy Scouts)
1741: SHAW, IRWIN - The Troubled Air (First Edition)
2906: SHAYLOR, H.W. - Harper's Spelling Blank for Written Spelling ; Harper's Spelling and Dictation Blank ; Harper's Dictation Blank for Written Work (3 Volumes) (American Penmanship)
1119: SHIEL, M.P.; MULLIN, STANLEY - Famous Fantastic Mysteries Vol. 10, No. 5 June, 1949 (Gillette Opium Smuggling Advertisment)
3126: SHINN, J.F. (GENERAL PASSENGER AGENT) - Erie Railroad Company Letter and Ephemera (Tls)
960: SHUTTLEWORTH, JOHN (EDITOR) - Master Detective Vol. 44, No. 5 (May 1951)
266: SICES, DAVID - Music and the Musician in Jean-Christophe: The Harmony of Contrasts
818: SIFTON, CLIFFORD - Descriptive Atlas of Western Canada: Showing Maps of the Provinces of Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Manitoba, British Columbia, Assiniboia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Athabasca, Also of the World and the Dominion of Canada
2413: SILVER-MARSHALL, INC - 1930 Silver-Marshall Data Sheets (Superheterodyne, Radio, Short Wave)
2414: SILVER-MARSHALL, INC - The Radiobuilder Newsletter. Vol. 1 No. 1 - No. 25 : 1928-32 Silver-Marshall, Inc. (Superheterodyne, Radio, Short Wave)
3149: SILVER-MARSHALL, INC - Silver-Marshall Typed Letter Signed, Silver-Marshall General Service Bulletin, Blue Print Schematic and Related Ephemera
701: SILVER-MARSHALL, INC - Silver-Marshall, Inc. 1931 General Parts Catalogue (Superheterodyne, Radio, Short Wave)
588: SIMPSON, SIR GEORGE (1787?-1860) - An Overland Journey Round the World, During the Years 1841 and 1842 (Fur Trade, Travel & Exploration)
1177: SIMPSON, JOSEPHINE - Old Mother Earth, Her Highways and by-Ways
926: SINCLAIR, UPTON - One Clear Call
3074: SKELDING, SUSIE BARSTOW - Flowers from Here and There
1199: SKIDMORE, ELIZA RUHAMAH - The Guide-Book to Alaska and the Northwest Coast (Alaska, Yukon, Klondike, Gold Rush)
324: SKREBNESKI, VICTOR - Five Beautiful Women (Photo Book, Fashion Photography)
1155: SMALL, AUSTIN J. - The Needle's Kiss (Dope-Smuggling, Yellow Peril)
1156: SMALL, AUSTIN J. - The Avenging Ray (Crime Club, Dust Jacket)
2513: SMALLEY, E.V (EDITOR & PUBLISHER) - The Illustrated Monthly Northwest Magazine. Vol X No 9 - September, 1892
2369: SMEDLEY, RALPH C. - The Story of Toastmasters : Reminiscences of the Founder [Cover Title] (Public Speaking)
1419: SMITH, BETTY - Tomorrow Will Be Better (a Tree Grows in Brooklyn)
519: SMITH, PHILIP HUBERT - The Design and Tuning of Competition Engines
3000: SMITH, DR. THEODATE L. (LOUISE) - The Montessori System in Theory and Practice : An Introduction to the Pedagogic Methods of Dr. Marie Montessori with Some Reports of American Experience
1259: SMITH, HORACE - Roscoe's Digest of the Law of Evidence in Criminal Cases
2751: SMITH, HORACE AND GILBERT GEORGE KENNEDY - Roscoe's Digest of the Law of Evidence in Criminal Cases
2752: SMITH, HORACE AND GILBERT GEORGE KENNEDY - Roscoe's Digest of the Law of Evidence on the Trial of Actions at Nisi Prius in Two Volumes
930: SMYTHE, F.S. - The Spirit of the Hills
2900: SNOW, JOSEPH W. (PREPARED BY) - Monthly Tables of Wages. Amount Computed for Any Number of Days between 1 and 50, for 175 Different Rates . .

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