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2742: THOMAS COOK & SON - Belgium and the Battlefields : Conducted Motor Excursions (Passchendaele, Ypres, Somme)
812: THOMPSON, JIM (1906-1977) - The Killer Inside Me (Gold Medal K1522)
1369: THOMPSON, JOHN B. - Out of These Flames
1356: THOMPSON, JIM - The Golden Gizmo. Lion No. 192 (First Edition Pbo)
1095: THOMPSON, JIM & RICHARD WRIGHT, ET AL. - American Stuff: An Anthology of Prose and Verse by Members of the Federal Writers' Project with Sixteen Prints by the Federal Art Project
1523: THOMPSON, FRANCIS MICHAEL LONGSTRETH - Chartered Surveyors: Growth of a Profession
880: THOMPSON, PAUL & THEATRE PASSE MURAILLE - The Farm Show: A Collective Creation by Theatre Passe Muraille (Michael Ondaatje, Stage Play, Books Into Film)
2590: THORINGTON, J. MONROE - The Glittering Mountains of Canada : A Record of Exploration and Pioneer Ascents in the Canadian Rockies 1914-1924
1631: THORN, ISMAY - Jim
717: THULIN, J. G. - Gymnastic Hand-Book : Gymnastics with Theory and Method
1762: TILLYARD, AELFRIDA - Agnes E. Slack : Two Hundred Thousand Miles Travel for Temperance in Four Continents (Inscribed & Signed First Edition with Original Press Photo) (Alcohol and Temperance)
434: TILMAN, H.[AROLD] W.[ILLIAM] (1898-1977) - Snow on the Equator (Mountaineering, Travel & Exploration, Africa)
1445: TOLKIEN, J.R.R. - The Hobbit
511: TOLSTOI, COUNT LEO (1828-1910) - The Awakening [the Resurrection] (Russian Literarure, Pasternak Illustrations)
2265: TORONTO PUBLIC LIBRARY - Recent Canadian Books : Canadian Book Week, 1922 (Proof of "Canadian Culture")
1687: TRANSPORT CANADA AVATION - Ultra-Light Aeroplanes and Hang Glider Information Manuals - Tp4310 (2 Vols. - Second & Third Editions)
549: TRAPP, MARIA AUGUSTA WITH RUTH T. MURDOCK - A Family on Wheels: Further Adventures of the Trapp Family Singers (the Sound of Music, First Edition)
909: TREDE, MELANIE & RICHLER, LORENZ - Hiroshige: One Hundred Famous Views of Edo (Japanese Woodblock Prints)
1882: TRENCH, ARCHBISHOP RICHARD CHENEVIX - On the Study of Words : Lectures Addressed (Originally) to the Pupils at the Diocesan Training-School, Wincester (English Lexicography)
671: TUDOR, TASHA - Around the Year (Collectible Children's Books, Illustrated)
1060: TUGEND, HARRY & JACK YELLEN (ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY) - Shirley Temple in "Little Miss Broadway" a Twentieth Century-Fox Picture (Shirley Temple, Jimmy Durante)
1106: TYRON, MARK - Take It Off! (Sleeze Artwork)
1444: ULLMAN, JAMES RAMSEY - The Sands of Karakorum (Typed Letter Signed, Association Copy)
590: UNDERHILL, MIRIAM - Give Me the Hills (First Edition)
1102: UNITED SATES COAST GUARD - List of Lights and Other Marine Aids, Volume III, Pacific Coast and Pacific Islands, Cg-162 (Marine, Pacific Rim, Navigation)
152: UPDIKE, JOHN - Rabbit at Rest (First Edition)
4: URQUHART, FRED (EDITOR) - Cassell Miscellany: Selections from a Hundred Years of Publishing
1689: VAN DINE, S. S. - The Kidnap Murder Case (First Edition)
625: VAN WYK, EUGENE C. (EDITOR) - Memories of the Gripsholm Cruise Around South America: January 31st - March 28th, 1939 (Cruise Ship Memorabilia)
1303: VAN TUYL, FRANCIS M. ; J. WILLIAM SMALLWOOD - Oil Securities ("Black Tuesday", 1929 Stock Market Crash, Trading)
1114: VANE, ROLAND (PSEUDONYM OF ERNEST MCKEAG) - Sinful Sisters (Archer Book No. 52, Sleeze Artwork, Reginald Heade)
994: VANE, ROLAND (PSEUDONYM OF ERNEST MCKEAG) - Vice Rackets of Soho (Archer Books No. 35, Needle Artwork, Sleeze Artwork, Reginald Heade)
1147: VARIOUS - English Title: Primer - Second Edition (Russian Children's School Textbook, a B C Book)
1149: VARIOUS - English Title: Primer - Second Edition (Russian Children's School Textbook, a B C Book)
1148: VARIOUS - English Title: Russian Language Textbook for the 1st Year (Russian Children's Illustrated Book)
2474: VARIOUS - Collection of 13 Music Publisher / Seller Catalogues
2473: VARIOUS - Small Collection of Camera Dry Plate & P.O. P. Boxes (19th Century Photographica)
2274: VARIOUS - Small Collection of 1929-'30 U.S. Aviation Ephemera (Airlines, Barnstorming, Tri-Motor Aircraft)
593: VARIOUS ARTISTS - Collection of Japanese Woodblock Prints (Ori Ehon) (Ukiyo-E)
1146: VARIOUS - English Title: Native Speech. Reading Book for First Year of Primary School (Russian Children's Color Illustrated Textbook)
2027: VATICAN - Biblia Sacra Vulgatae Editionis Sixti V Pontificis Maximi Iussu Recognita Et Clementis VIII Auctoritate Edita (Cover Title : Biblia Sacra Vulgatae Editionis Luxta Exemplar Vaticanum)
2058: VEEMES, MAI - Mackenzie B.C. Turns Twenty
494: VELDENER, ET AL. - The Legendary History of the Cross : A Series of Sixty-Four Woodcuts from a Dutch Book Published by Veldener, A.D. 1483, with an Introduction Written and Illustrated by John Aston. Preface by S. Baring Gould, M. A (Vellum, Early Printing, Bible Studies)
2701: VENTRESS, CORA ; MARGUERITE DAVIES AND EDITH KYLLO - The Peacemakers of North Peace * Together with Supplement * Alphabetical Index of the Peacemakers of North Peace Including Hudson's Hope Section
1618: VERNE, JULES - The Adventures of Captain Hatteras, Containing the English at the North Pole and the Ice Desert
2337: VILLIERS, ELIZABETH (PSEUD. ISABEL MARY THORNE) - The Mascot Book : A Popular Encyclopaedia of Bringers of Luck, with Their Attendant Legends and Beliefs - Talismans from Every Land - Eastern Lore and Mystery - Gipsy Traditions - Ancient Love Charms and Spells - Old World Legends - Amulets That Cure Disease and Ward Off Danger - the Astrological Influence of Birth Dates - Mascots to Ensure Business Success - the Meaning of Moles - the Mystic Power of Colours - Jewels and Numbers, Etc. , Etc. The Book That Brings Good Luck
380: VON BOEHN, MAX, AND FISCHEL, DR. OSKAR - Modes and Manners of the Nineteenth Century As Represented in the Pictures and Engravings of the Time (Fashion, Customs, Clothing)
1532: VON HOFFMAN, CARL; EDITED BY EUGENE LÍHRKE - Jungle Gods (Africa, Religious Rites, Photography)
2579: W. J. BUSH CITRUS PRODUCTS CO. INC - Favorite Recipes : Aprol - the Sweet Oil of Persica
2041: W. EADE, T. BROAD, J. COAD, J. STEVENS, A. WOOLF AND R.H. HEATH (EDITED WITH A PREFACE BY R.H. HEATH) - Cornish Carols Composed by W. Eade, T. Broad, J. Coad, J. Stevens, A. Woolf and R.H. Heath. Part I (Musical Score)
2280: WALKER, DINSDALE - The Ess Club (First Edition, H&S Yellow Jackets)
389: WALKER, LUCY - Girl Alone
1169: WALKER, JOHN - A Critical Pronouncing Dictionary, and Expositor of the English Language... . Abridged for the Use of Schools, by an American Citizen. Standing Edition Greatly Improved. (Early Philadelphia Imprint)
1225: WALLACE, EDGAR - The Fourth Plague (Crime Club, Dust Jacket)
1226: WALLACE, EDGAR - People (the Autobiography of a Mystery Writer [Spine Title]) (First Edition, Crime Club, King Kong)
2277: WALPOLE, HUGH - A Letter to a Modern Novelist (the Hogarth Letters No. 9)
2177: WALSH, JENNIE BURTON - Mrs. Santa's Visit to Girl and Boy Land (Santa Claus, Christmas Poetry)
2067: WAR OFFICE, GREAT BRITAIN - Manual of Map Reading, Photo Reading, and Field Sketching : 1929 (Reprinted with Amendments [Nos. 1 to 4] 1939)
2060: WARD, MAJOR J. EADES - History of Notaries and the Notaries of Canada
1886: WARDELL, MICHAEL (EDITOR AND PUBLISHER) - The Atlantic Advocate. September, 1956 Issue No. 1 (Prospectus, Advertising Ephemera)
1258: WARING, THOMAS - A Treatise on Archery, or the Art of Shooting with the Long Bow. Containing Every Requisite to Obtain a Complete Knowledge of the Noble Weapon, Considered As an Instrument of Amusement: Likewise a Dissertation on the Steel Cross Bow, with Directions for Using It. .
2220: WARNER, MISS E. (ELIZABETH) - Purity Flour Cook Book (the First Cookbook to Promote Purity Flour)
1404: WATSON, KEN - Ken Watson on Curling
396: WAUGH, ALEC [1898-1981] - Island in the Sun
1752: WAUGH, ALEC - Three Score and Ten
1732: WEIDMAN, JEROME - I'LL Never Go There Anymore (Signed First Edition, Inscribed to Robert Benchley) (Books Into Film)
1731: WEIDMAN, JEROME - I'LL Never Go There Anymore (First Edition, Books Into Film)
36: WEINTRAUB, NEAL - Tricks of the Active Trader: An Insider's Techniques for Getting the Edge
1459: WELLS, H.G. - Secret Places of the Heart (First Edition, First Issue)
1460: WELLS, H.G. - Apropos of Dolores (First Edition)
2660: WELWOOD, R.J. (EDITOR) - Kootenaiana : A Listing of Books, Government Publications, Monographs, Journals, Pamphlets, Etc. , Relating to the Kootenay Area of the Province of British Columbia. .
694: WERKMAN, CASPER J. - Trademarks: Their Creation, Psychology and Perception
1535: WHEATLEY, DENNIS - The Island Where Time Stands Still
2712: WHEELER, DANIEL - Extracts from the Letters and Journal of Daniel Wheeler, While Engaged in a Religious Visit to the Inhabitants of Some of the Islands of the Pacific Ocean, Van Diemen's Land, New South Wales, and New Zealand, Accompanied by His Son, Charles Wheeler (Quakers)
1582: WHEELER-OKELL COMPANY - America's Foremost Four Posters [Cover Title] (Trade Catalog, Bedroom Furniture)
521: WHIDDEN, GUY C. & SCHOFF, WILFRED H. - Pennsylvania and Its Manifold Activities (Early Dust Jacket, Labour History, Local History)
1601: WHITAKER, EVELYN - Halt!
492: WHITE, E.B. - Charlotte's Web / Stuart Little (Collector's Edition Gift Set)
1995: WHITE PASS & YUKON ROUTE - Alaska, Atlin and the Yukon Route (White Pass & Yukon Railway and Steamship Lines, Map)
144: WIEBUSCH, JOHN - Lombardi (Nfl, First Edition)
2589: WILCOX, WALTER DWIGHT - The Rockies of Canada, a Revised and Enlarged Edition of Camping in the Canadian Rockies with More Than Forty Photogravure and Other Illustrations from Original Photographs by the Author
2553: WILDE, PERCIVAL - Alias Santa Claus : A Play for Children (First Edition Christmas Play)
658: WILK, STEPHEN WILLIAM - One Day's Journey (Signed 1st Edition)
855: WILLIAMS, BRYAN A. - Rod & Creel in British Columbia. How and Where to Fish
417: WILLIAMS, TENNESSEE [1911-1983] - Hard Candy: A Book of Stories (Limited Edition)
2533: WILLIAMS, JOHN H. - The Mountain That Was God : Being a Little Book About the Great Peak Which the Indians Named Tacoma But Which Is Officially Called Rainier (W. Original Box, Glassine Dj & Photos by Edward S. Curtis)
155: WILLIAMSON, JOHN E. (EDITOR) - Accidents in North American Mountaineering, 1989 : Volume 5, No 6, Issue 42
488: WILLIAMSON, JOHN E. (EDITOR) - Accidents in North American Mountaineering, 1990 : Volume 6, No 1, Issue 43
1463: WILLSON, BECKLES - The Life of Lord Strathcona & Mount Royal G.C. M.G. , G.C. V.O. (Railways, Fur Trade)
1637: WILSON, W.J. - Geological Reconnaissance Along the Line of the National Transcontinental Railway in Western Quebec; Memoir No. 4, 1910 (1911)
182: WILSON, BILL - Alcoholics Anonymous : The Story of How Many Thousands of Men and Women Have Recovered from Alcoholism
772: WILSON, BILL - Alcoholics Anonymous : The Story of How Many Thousands of Men and Women Have Recovered from Alcoholism
795: WILSON, BILL - Alcoholics Anonymous : The Story of How Many Thousands of Men and Women Have Recovered from Alcoholism
299: WILSON, SIR CHARLES (LORD MORAN) - Churchill : Taken from the Diaries of Lord Moran - the Struggle for Survival, 1940-1965
1450: WINTERS, GLENN R. (EDITOR) - Handbook for Judges : An Anthology of Inspirational and Educational Writings for Members of the Judiciary
534: WISE, S.F. - Canadian Airmen and the First World War : The Official History of the Royal Canadian Air Force, Vol. I.
2708: WOOD, CLIFTON, C. (EDITOR) - The Farm and Real Estate Journal : For the Man with the Back-to-the-Land-Idea. Vol. 20 No. 5 - Dec. 1915
1664: WOOD, MAJ.-GEN. LEONARD; ET AL (CONTRIBUTING EDITORS & AUTHORS) - The History of the First World War. Commemorative Edition (Slipcased 4 Volume Set)
1371: WOOD, CLEMENT - Artists' Model
1441: WOOD, REV. J.G. - Wood's Illustrated Natural History (Dust Jacket)
1138: WOOD, ALAN - Bertrand Russell : The Passionate Sceptic
2393: WOODCOCK, IRIS - Vintage Photograph of a Young Woman Holding a Chimpanzee
991: WOOLFENDEN, JOHN R. - Lawrence of Arabia - Original Movie Program (T.E. Lawrence, Lawrence of Arabia)
1216: WOOLLEY, C. L. (EDITOR) "WRITTEN BY MANY HANDS AND EDITED BY C.L. WOOLLEY - From Kastamuni to Kedos. Being a Record of Experiences of Prisoners of War in Turkey, 1916-18 (T.E. Lawrence)
170: WOOLLIAMS, NINA G. - Cattle Ranch : The Story of the Douglas Lake Cattle Company (First Edition)
1926: WORK, JOHN ; FRANCIS D. HAINES, JR. (EDITOR) ; H. D. DEE (INTRODUCTION & NOTES) - The Journal of John Work : January to October, 1835. Archives of British Columbia, Memoir No. 10. (Hudson's Bay Company, Fur Trade)
1808: WRIGHT, PAUL - The Complete British Family Bible : Being a New, Clear, Full and Universal Exposition and Commentary on the Holy Scriptures. Containing the Sacred Text of the Old and New Testaments, with the Apocrypha, at Large. Illustrated with Notes and Annotations . .
1108: WU CH'ENG-EN (WALEY, ARTHUR - TRANSLATOR) - The Adventures of Monkey (Kurt Wiese Illustrations, Chinese Folk Tales)
2262: WYATT-SMITH, J. AND P. R. WYCHERLEY - Nature Conservation in Western Malaysia, 1961. An Issue to Mark the Occasion of the Twenty-First Anniversary of the Founding of the Malayan Nature Society, 1940-1961
1074: YARDOS, DAVID W. (EDITOR) - Girls on City Streets ["Tantalizing Girls on the Loose" - Title Page] (Pulp Fiction, Exploitation Fiction, Police Blotter)
1046: YASODHARA ASHRAM SOCIETY - Ascent: Journal of Swami Radha's Work
1301: YEATMAN, POPE; EDWIN S. BERRY - Mining Securities ("Black Tuesday", 1929 Stock Market Crash, Trading)
816: YEIGH, FRANK - Through the Heart of Canada (Rockies, Selkirks, Kootenays)
2263: YIN, U TUN - Wild Animals of Burma
2498: YOUNG, PETER A. (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - Archaeology Magazine. Vol 54 No 1-5 : Jan-Oct 2001 - 5 Issues
2501: YOUNG, PETER A. (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - Archaeology Magazine. Vol 51 No 3 & 4 : May & July 1998 - 2 Issues
2500: YOUNG, PETER A. (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - Archaeology Magazine. Vol 52 No 1, 2 & 5 : Jan, March & Sept 1999 - 3 Issues
2502: YOUNG, PETER A. (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - Archaeology Magazine. Vol 50 No 1-4 : Jan-Aug 1997 - 4 Issues
2497: YOUNG, PETER A. (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - Archaeology Magazine. Vol 55 No 1-6 : Jan-Dec 2002 - 6 Issues Complete
2075: YOUNG, EGERTON RYERSON (MISSIONARY) : WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY MARK GUY PEARSE - By Canoe and Dog-Train Among the Cree and Salteaux Indians (Inscribed & Signed First Edition)
2458: YOUNG, PETER A. (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - Archaeology Magazine. Vol 56 No 1, 2, 3 & 4 : Jan - August 2003 - 4 Issues
2503: YOUNG, PETER A. (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - Archaeology Magazine. Vol 49 No 3 & 4 : May & July 1996 - 2 Issues
1484: YOUNG, GEOFFREY WINTHROP; GEOFFREY SUTTON & WILFRID NOYCE (EDITOR) - Snowdon Biography (Mountaineering, First Edition)
2499: YOUNG, PETER A. (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - Archaeology Magazine. Vol 53 No 1-6 : Jan-Dec 2000 - 6 Issues Complete

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