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39272: PAGES, ALAIN - 13 Janvier 1898; J'Accuse... !
34669: PAGET, JAMES (EMERSON CROSBY KELLY, ED.) - On a Form of Chronic Inflammation of Bones (Osteitis Deformans). Additional Cases of Osteitis Deformans. On Disease of the Mammary Areola Preceding Cancer of the Mammary Gland. (Medical Classics, Compiled by Emerson Crosby Kelly, Vol. 1, No. 1)
34670: PAGET, JAMES (EMERSON CROSBY KELLY, ED.) - On a Form of Chronic Inflammation of Bones (Osteitis Deformans). Additional Cases of Osteitis Deformans. On Disease of the Mammary Areola Preceding Cancer of the Mammary Gland. (Medical Classics, Compiled by Emerson Crosby Kelly, Vol. 1, No. 1)
41436: PAINE, THOMAS - [Complete Works] Volume One Consists of "the Complete Religious and Theological Works", and "the Poetical and Miscellaneous Works. " Volume Two Consists of "the Complete Political Works.
12531: CAVALCANTI DE PAIVA, SALVYANO - Historia Ilustrada Dos Filmes Brasileiros (1929-1988)
32112: PAKISTAN - Report of the Pakistan Pay Commission; Volume 1
21188: PALADINO, VINCENZO - L'Opera Di Corrado Alvaro
31261: PALESTINA, GIOVANNI PIERLUIGI DA - Missa Breva for Five-Part Chorus of Mixed Voices a Cappella
42238: PALLA, MARCO - Mussolini E IL Fascismo
21731: PALLEY, JULIAN - El Labertino Y la Esfera
36870: PALLIS, SVEND AAGE - Babylonisk Kultur
36917: PALLIS, KIS - Casanova; Af En Lykkeridders Repertoire. Tegninger Af Ebbe Sadolin
10642: PALLOTTINO, MASSIMO, ED - Encyclopedia of World Art, Vol. 1
37894: PALMADE, GUY P. - Capitalisme Et Capitalistes Francais Au XIX Siecle
8164: PALMAS, GAVINO - Thiesi; Villa Antifeudale. Presentazione Di Manlio Brigaglia. Prefazione Di Luca Pinna
48531: PALMER, ROBERT E.A. - The Archaic Community of the Romans
16090: PALMER, GEORGE HERBERT - The Autobiography of a Philosopher
16756: PALMER, HUMPHREY - Analogy: A Study of Qualification and Argument in Theology
37387: PALMER, BARBARA D. - The Early Art of the West Riding of Yorkshire; a Subject List of Extant and Lost Art Including Items Relevant to Early Drama
39696: PALMER, ALAN - Metternich
45431: PALMER, ROBERT - The Blue Holes of the Bahamas
48361: PALMQUIST, AARON E. - Pa Vägen [Vagen] Hem; Predikningar
47617: EXECUTIVE COUNCIL OF THE PROVINCE OF NEW YORK (VICTOR HUGO PALTSITS, ED.) - Minutes of the Executive Council of the Province of New York, Administration of Francis Lovelace, 1668-1673; Vol. 1: Minutes; Collateral and Illustrative Documents, I-XIX; Vol. 2: Collateral and Illustrative Documents, XX-XCVIII
44983: PAMPERRIEN, RUDOLF - Das Problem Menschlicher Gemeinschaft in Richard Dehmels Werk
8287: PANAZZA, GAETANO - I Musei E la Pinacotca Di Brescia
42021: PANCOL, KATHERINE (WILLIAM RODARMOR, TR.) - The Slow Waltz of Turtles. Translated by William Rodarmor
32125: PANDEY, B.N. - Leadership in South Asia
7604: PANDEYA, RAMCHANDRA - Indian Studies in Philosophy
43025: PANKEN, SHIRLEY - Virginia Woolf and the "Lust of Creation"; a Psychoanalytic Exploration
35243: PANLILIO, F. [FILADELFO] - Vector Algebra; an Introduction
30735: PANNEKOEK, ANTON - Het Historisch Materialisme; Een Nieuwe Herdruk Van Een Beschouwing Van Anton Pannekoek, Destijds Gepubliceerd in Het Maandblad de Nieuwe Tijd Jaargang, 1919
31501: PANNWITZ, RUDOLF - Albert Verwey Und Stefan George; Zu Verwey's Hundertstem Geburtstag
38889: PANTALEONE, MICHELE - Mafia E Politica, 1943-1962. Prefazione Di Carlo Levi. [Cover: Le Radici Sociali Della Mafia E I Suoi Sviluppi Piu Recenti
12051: PANZERI, PIERA - Didattica Museale in Italia; Rassegna Di Bibliografia. Part II Only
39712: PAOLA, GIAN FILIPPO DI - Da Curtatone E Montanara Alla Marcia Su Roma. Prefazione Di Oddone Fantini
48580: PAOLI, EMORE - Marcellano; Indagine Su Un Castello Meidevale Umbro. Contributo Storico-Artistico Di Aldo Cicinelli
39851: PAPASOGLI, GIORGIO (PAUL GARVIN, TR.) - Saint Ignatius of Loyola. Translated from the Italian by Paul Garvin
2968: PAPPUS, LEONHARD - Des Leonhard Pappus Epitome Rerum Germanicarum Ab Anno Mdcxvii Ad Annum Mdcxli Gestarum, Mit Anmerkungen Hrsg. Von Ludwig Arndts
48647: PAQUET, ALFONS - Amerika Unter Dem Regenbogen; Farben, Konturen, Perspektiven
31449: PAQUET, ALFONS - William Penn; Gründer [Grunder] Von Pennsylvanien; Ein Schauspiel
35105: PARDEE, M.A. - Autour Des Masques de Napoleon Pour Faire Suite a L'Etrange Histoire D'Apres Des Documents Authentiques Du Vrai Et Unique Masque de Napoleon le Grand Pris En Secret a Sainte-Helene, a L'Aube Du 6 Mai 1821 Par le Docteur Archibald Arnott, Chirurgien Du 20 Regiment Charge Par Sir Hudson Lowe de Ne Pas Quitter Un Instant L'Empereur Mort Jusqu'a Sa Mise En Biere
24313: PAREDES, MARIO Y MARIA RAMIREZ - La Familia Alcalde; 2nd Edition
45489: PARETSKY, SARA - Shell Game; a V.I. Warshawski Novel
21783: PARINAUD, ANDRE - Connaissance de Georges Simenon; Tome 1: Le Secret Du Romancier, Suivi Des Entretiens Avec Simenon
13961: FACULTE DES SCIENCES DE PARIS (M. BRELOT, ET AL) - Seminaire de Theorie Du Potentiel, Dirige Par M. Brelot, G. Choquet Et J. Deny. 4e Annee 1959/60
46560: PARISET, GEORGES - Etudes D'Histoire Revolutionnaire Et Contemporaine
38019: PARISH, CHARLES - The Building and Development of the Library, 1793-1986
48560: PARKER, ARTHUR C. - The Archeological History of New York; Parts 1 and 2
36890: PARKER, MICHAEL - All I Have in This World; a Novel
46537: PARKER, ELINOR, ED. (JEAN VALLARIO, ILLUS.) - Echoes of the Sea. Poems Selected by Elinor Parker, Illustrated by Jean Vallario
16044: PARKER, THEODORE - The Slave Power. Edited with Notes by James K. Hosmer
47318: PARKER, MORGAN - Who Put This Song on
48157: GONGORA, LUIS DE (ALEXANDER A. PARKER AND GILBERT F. CUNNINGHAM) - Polyphemus and Galatea; a Study in the Interpretation of a Baroque Poem. With Verse Translation by Gilbert F. Cunningham
38258: PARKER, CHARLES M. - The Metallurgy of Quality Steels
38916: PARKIN, CHARLES - The Moral Basis of Burke's Political Thought; an Essay
31752: PARKINSON, CHARLOTTE - The Society for the Relief of Women and Children, 1797-1997; an Exploration of the Minutes and Records from 1797-1997
35874: PARKINSON, G.H.R. - Spinoza's Theory of Knowledge
15367: INDONESIE IN HET PARLEMENT - Indonesie in Het Parlement, Mei 1946. Met Een Voorwoord Van Max Van Poll
19972: GREAT BRITAIN. PARLIAMENT - Correspondence with British Commissioners and Other Representatives Abroad and with Foreign Ministers in England, Together with Reports from the Admiralty Relative to the Slave Trade (Class a and Class B). Slave Trade 47
28071: PARMENTER, TREVOR R. - Vocational Training for Independent Living
28077: PARMENTER, TREVOR R. - Bridges from School to Working Life for Handicapped Youth; the View from Australia
44915: PARNELL, STEVE - Man of War. An Eric Steele Novel
28002: PARRINDER, GEOFFREY - Mysticism in the World's Religions
46388: PARRINGTON, RONALD J. - The Little Liverpudlian
33697: PARRIS, PRESTON - Treasures in the Sand; Where and How to Find Hundreds of Gold and Silver Rings, Hundreds of Silver Coins and Hundreds of $$
44439: PARTHEY [PARSI], LILY [ELISABETH] (BERNHARD LEPSIUS, HRSG.) - LILI Parthey; Tagebücher [Tagebucher] Aus Der Berliner Biedermeierzeit
6305: PARSONS, ISAAC - The Faithfulness of God to His People Who Honor Him in the Worship of His House. A Sermon Preached on Lord's Day, January 4th, 1846. By... , Pastor of the First Congregational Church of Christ in East-Haddam. Published by Request
44603: PARSONS, EDWARD ALEXANDER - The Wonder and the Glory; Confessions of a Southern Bibliophile
33741: PARSONS, ALICE BEAL - Woman's Dilemma
31524: PARSSINEN, KEIJA - The Ruins of Us; a Novel
38711: PARTEE, CHARLES - Calvin and Classical Philosophy
30836: S.D.A.P. (SOCIAAL-DEMOCRATISCHE ARBEIDERS-PARTIJ) - Het Socialisatievraagstuk; Rapport Uitgebracht Door de Commissie Aangewezen Uit de S.D. A.P.
30842: S.D.A.P. (SOCIAAL-DEMOCRATISCHE ARBEIDERS-PARTIJ) - 25 Jaar in Het Parlement; Een Gedenkwoord Van Het Partijbestuur Der S.D. A.P.
30789: S.D.A.P. (SOCIAAL-DEMOCRATISCHE ARBEIDERS-PARTIJ) - Het Landbouw Vraagstuk; Rapport Eener Commissie Benoemd Door Het Partijbestuur Der S.D. A.P.
30809: S.D.A.P. (SOCIAAL-DEMOCRATISCHE ARBEIDERS-PARTIJ) - Het Staatkundig Stelsel Der Sociaal-Democratie; Rapport Uitgebracht Door de Commissie Tot Vergelijkend Onderzoek Van Politieke Systemen, Ingesteld Door Het Partijbestuur Der S.D. A.P.
30793: S.D.A.P. (SOCIAAL-DEMOCRATISCHE ARBEIDERS-PARTIJ) - Rapport Uitgebracht Door de Kommissie Ingesteld Door N.V. V. En S.D. A.P.
30794: S.D.A.P. (SOCIAAL-DEMOCRATISCHE ARBEIDERS-PARTIJ) - Rapport Uitgebracht Door de Kommissie Ingesteld Door N.V. V. En S.D. A.P.
30179: PARTRIDGE, ERIC - From Sanskrit to Brazil; Vignettes and Essays Upon Languages
38980: PARTURIER, MAURICE - Morny Et Son Temps
42207: PASCAL, [BLAISE] (LOUIS LAFUMA) - Oeuvres Completes. Preface D'Henri Gouhier. Presentation Et Notes de Louis Lafuma
47788: PASCAL, BLAISE (H.F. STEWART) - Pascal's Pensees. With an English Translation, Brief Notes and Introduction by H.F. Stewart
36543: BRINGEZU-PASCHEN, MARIA - Eberhard Quirin
29463: PASCHER, JOSEPH - Inwendiges Leben in Der Werkgefahr
47683: PASK, COLIN - Magnificent Principia; Exploring Isaac Newton's Masterpiece
35478: PASQUET, D. [DESIRE] (R.G.D. LAFFAN, TR.) - An Essay on the Origins of the House of Commons. Translated by R.G. D. Laffan. With a Preface and Additional Notes by Gaillard Lapsley
36188: PASQUINELLI, GIANNA - La Ceramica Di Volterra Nel Medioevo (Secc. XIII-XV)
42403: PASSAVANT, J.D. [JOHANN DAVID] - Le Peintre-Graveur; Contenant L'Histoire de la Gravure Sur Bois, Sur Metal Et Au Burin, Jusque Vers la Fin Du XVI Siecle; L'Histoire Du Nielle Avec Complement de la Partie Descriptive de L'Essai Sur Les Nielles de Duchesne Aine; Et Un Catalogue Supplementaire Aux Estampes Du XV. Et XVI Siecle Du Peintre-Graveur de Adam Bartsch. Six Volumes in Three. Complete Set
27187: PASSINGHAM, W.J. - London's Markets; Their Origin and History
45814: PASVOLSKY, LEO - Economic Nationalism of the Danubian States
3473: PASZENDA, JERZY - Kosciol Sw. Barbary W Krakowie Z Domem Zakonnym Ksiezy Jezuitow: Historia I Arkhitektura
40705: PAT, JACOB - Ashes and Fire
1472: PATHELIN - Maistre Pierre Pathelin, Suivi de Nouveau Pathelin, Et de Testament de Pathelin, Farces Du Quinzieme Siecle. Nouvelle Edition, Avec Des Notices Et Des Notes, Par P.L. Jacob, Bibliophile
24325: PATON, R. TOWNLEY - Keratoplasty
42604: SOURGET LIBRAIRIE (PATRICK ET ELISABETH) - Manuscrits Et Livres Precieux de Saint Louis a L'Imperatrice Eugenie
1065: PATRICK, W. B. - Letter to the Ghosts
41081: PATT, ANTHONY - Transforming Energy; Solving Climate Change with Technology Policy
24988: PATTARO, SANDRA TUGNOLI - Sviluppi Critici Del Pensiero Scientifico Moderno Nella Ricostruzione Metodologica Di Ernest Nagel
24989: PATTARO, SANDRA TUGNOLI - La Teoria Del Flogisto; Alle Origini Della Rivoluzione Chimica
11986: PATTEE, RICHARD - Essai Sur L'Evolution Historique de L'Amerique Espagnole
44595: VAN PATTEN, NATHAN - Printing in Greenland; with a List of Greenland Imprints in the Krabbe Library
44221: PATTERSON, DENNIS - Law and Truth
36895: PATTON, SUSAN (AKA "THE PRINCETON MOM") - Marry Smart; Advice for Finding the One
6657: PATTON, CORNELIUS HOWARD - The Amherst Wordsworth Collection; a Descriptive Bibliography
48351: PAUCO, NAPISAL JOZEF - 75 Rokov Prvej Katolickej Slovenskej Jednoty; 1890-1965
48388: PAUCO, NAPISAL JOZEF - 75 Rokov Prvej Katolickej Slovenskej Jednoty, 1890-1965
21015: PAUL, ULRIKE - Vom Geschichtsdrama Zur Politischen Diskussion; über [Uber] Die Desintegration Vom Individuum Und Geschichte Bei Georg Büchner [Buchner] Und Peter Weiss
42751: MORGAN, B. PAUL AND CLAIRE L. HARRIS - Complement Regulatory Proteins
23179: PAUL, DON - Lawrence and Mann Overarching; Once Up the Country of Ujamaa; Roll Away Der Rock, and Other Essays
18095: CONCUS, PAUL AND KIRK LANCASTER, EDS - Advances in Geometric Analysis and Continuum Mechanics. Proceedings of a Conference Held at Stanford University on August 2-5, 1993 in Honor of the Seventieth Birthday of Robert Finn
43059: GILBERT, IVOR PAUL AND PATRICIA PHENIX, EDS - Romanov Relations; Vol. 1: A Collection of Essays on Members of the Imperial House of Russia
45262: VEYRET, PAUL ET GERMAINE - Grenoble Et Ses Alpes. 209 Photographies
36131: DESALMAND, PAUL ET PATRICK TORT - Vers le Commentaire Compose. [Cover: Profil 417/418 le Francais Aux Examens)
20380: PAUL, ALEZANDR (PHOTO.) - Prazske Imprese
46470: PAUL, GILL - The Lost Daughter
47140: PAUL, GILL - The Lost Daughter
25089: SCHNEIDER, PETER-PAUL ET AL. (ULRICH OTT, ED.) - Litertur IM Industriezeitalter. Eine Ausstellung Des Deutschen Literaturarchivs IM Schiller-Nationalmuseum, Marbach Am Neckar. Complete Set
28129: BABITSKY, PAUL AND JOHN RIMBERG - The Soviet Film Industry. Foreword by Alex Inkeles
31757: PAUL, LESLIE - The English Philosophers
40818: VALERY, PAUL ET GUSTAVE FOURMENT - Correspondance, 1887-1933. Introduction, Notes Et Documents Par Octave Nadal
41139: WHITEMAN, PAUL AND LESLIE LIEBER - How to Be a Bandleader
40348: PAULOS, JOHN ALLEN - A Numerate Life; a Mathematician Explores the Vagaries of Life, His Own and Probably Yours
31991: PAULSEN, WOLFGANG, HRSG - Aspekte Des Expressionismus; Periodisierung, Stil, Gedankenwelt; Die Vorträge [Vortrage] Des Ersten Kolloquiums in Amherst, Massachusetts
44975: PAULSON, WOLFGANG, HRSG - Der Dichter Und Seine Zeit; Politik IM Spiegel Der Literatur. Drittes Amherster Kolloquium Zur Modernen Deutschen Literatur 1969
48546: PAULY, MARIE-HELENE - Fleurs-de-Lys Castors Et Caluments; L'Epopee Francaise Du Ouisconsin
48402: MUSEE DU JEU DE PAUME, PARIS - Trois Seicles D'Art Aux Etats-Unis. Exposition Organisee En Collaboration Avec le Museum of Modern Art, New York. Musee Du Jeu de Paume, Paris, Mai-Juillet 1938 [Cover: Peinture, Sculpture, Architecture, Art Populaire, Photographie, Cinema; 103 Reproductions]
48722: PAUPHILET, ALBERT - La Queste Du Saint Graal. Translatee Des Manuscrits Du XIII Siecle
28567: PAUPHILET, ALBERT - Jeux Et Sapience Du Moyen Age. Texte Etabli Et Annote Par Albert Pauphilet
8905: PAVAN, VICENZO, ED - Ultime Dimore; Catalogo Della Mostra. A Cura Di... . Agricenter Vorona 13 Settembre - 4 Ottobre 1987
33691: PAVEY, ROB - Warman's Fishing Lures Field Guide; Values and Identification
11856: PAVIS, PATRICE - Slovar' Teatra
48276: PAVLIKOVA, BOZENA - Od Roku Do Roku Uvahy a Nalady
45736: PAWLE, GERALD - The Secret War, 1939-45. With a Foreword by Nevil Shute. With 23 Plates in Half-Tone and an Endpaper Map in Colour
13534: PAYLORE, PATRICIA, ED - Desertification; a World Bibliography
38245: PAYN, JAMES - Lost Sir Massingberd; a Romance of Real Life
43973: PAYROT, ADA - Un Secolo Di Libreria, 1848-1948. [Ada Peyrot E Colleghi Di Lavoro Nella Libreria Antiquaria Bourlot Offrono Per IL Centenario Della Sua Fondazione a Carlo Ettore Bourlot in Segno Di Affettuisa Devozione Questa Testimonianza Storica Alla Quale Francesco Pastonchi Ha Dato Per Loro Preghiera Degna Veste Letteraria]
47474: PEABODY, ENDICOTT - A Church for Helldorado; the 1882 Tombstone Diary of Endicott Peabody and the Building of St. Paul's Episcopal Church
22454: PEACOCK, GEORGE - A Treatise on Algebra; Vol. I: Arithmetical Algebra; Vol. II: On Symbolical Algebra, and Its Applications to the Geometry of Position
24727: PEAKER, MALCOLM, ED - Avian Physiology
14722: PEANO, CARLO - IL Segreti Solari de Una Abbazia Cistercense: Santa Maria Di Staffarda
11322: PEARCE, JIM - Wildfowl Carving. Foreword by Hrh the Duke of Edinburgh
33035: PEARCE, LYNNE - Reading Dialogics
38939: PEARCE, CLIFFORD - The Machinery of Change in Local Government, 1888-1974; a Study of Central Involvement
33842: PEARL, SYDELLE - Dear Mr. Longfellow; Letters to and from the Children's Poet
36227: PEARS, SIR EDWIN - Turkey and Its People
41901: PEARSE, JOHN B. - A Concise History of the Iron Manufacture of the American Colonies Up to the Revolution and Pennsylvania Until the Present Time
11676: PEARSON, JONATHAN (HAROLD C. MARTIN, EDITOR) - The Diary of Jonathan Pearson. Edited with an Introduction and Notes by Harold C. Martin
46846: PEARSON, J.D., WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF JULIA F. ASHTON - Index Islamicus, 1906-1955; a Catalogue of Articles on Islamic Subjects in Periodicals and Other Collective Publications. With Supplements 1 and 2
44747: PEARSON, J. MICHAEL - Adventures and Mis-Adventures of Antique Dealers and Collectors
45096: PEARSON, BIRGER A. - Gnosticism, Judaism, and Egyptian Christianity
33733: PEARSON, JONATHAN, KATHRYN SHARP PONTIUS, GERALD F. DE JONG, AND J. DEAN DYKSTRA - Three Centuries; the History of the First Reformed Church of Schenectady, 1680-1980; in Two Volumes. Vol. 1 by Jonathan Pearson, with a Historical Sermon by William Elliot Griffis, and a New Foreword by David B. Potts. Vol. 2 by Pontius, de Jong and Dykstra
35623: PECCHIOLI, ARRIGO - I Tarocchi Del Duomo Di Siena
38756: PECHENARD, CHRISTIAN - Proust Et Les Autres; Proust a Cabourg; Proust Et Son Pere; Proust Et Celeste
43354: PECHEUX, SISTER M. CHRISTOPHER - Milton; Topographical Guide
20702: PECK, RICHARD - The River between Us
37105: PEDERSEN, SIGFRED - Vinland Det Gode
8159: PEDRETTI, CARLO - Leonardo Da Vinci; Studies for a Nativity and the 'Mona Lisa Cartoon' with Drawings After Leonardo from the Elmer Belt Library of Vinciana. Exhibition in Honour of Elmer Belt, M.D. On the Occasion of His Eightieth Birthday. Catalogue by Carlo Pedretti. [Cover Title: Elmer Belt at 80]
22697: PEDRIALI, FEDERICA G. - Altre Carceri D'Invenzione; Studi Gaddiani
26361: PEER, WILLIE VAN, ED - The Taming of the Text; Explorations in Language, Literature and Culture
39121: PEERS, E. ALLISON - The Spanish Tragedy, 1930-1936; Dictatorship, Republic, Chaos
45208: SALISBURY, ROLLIN D., ASSISTED BY HENRY B. KUMMEL, CHAS E. PEET AND GEORGE N. KNAPP - The Glacial Geology of New Jersey; Vol. 5 of the Final Report of the State Geologist
45074: PEGLER, MARTIN M., ED - Storefronts and Facades; Book 2
47804: PEI, MARIO A. - French Precursors of the Chanson de Roland
34666: PEIC, SAVA - Medieval Serbian Culture
38804: PEIXOTTO, JESSICA - The French Revolution and Modern French Socialism; a Comparative Study of the Principles of the French Revolution and the Doctrines of Modern French Socialism
20377: PEJSKAR, JOZKA - Pamatnik Na Zemrele Ceskoslovenske Exulanty V Letech, 1948-1981. (Posledni Pocta, Svazek 1)
20378: PEJSKAR, JOZKA - Pamatnik Na Zemrele Ceskoslovenske Exulanty V Letech, 1948-1994. (Posledni Pocta, Svazek 4)
38066: PELAJA, MARGHERITA E LUCIA ZANNINO, EDS - Caratteri Ribelli; la Stampa Democratica E Operaia Nell'Europa Dell'Ottocento. A Cura Di Margherita Pelaja E Lucia Zannino
34588: PELAYO, D. MARCELINO MENEDEZ Y. - Historia de Las Ideas Estéticas [Esteticas] En España [Espana]. 14 Volume Set
35601: PELAYO, D. MARCELINO MENEDEZ Y. - Historia de la Poesia Castellana En la Edad Media. Edicion Ordenada Y Anotada Por Don Adolfo Bonilla Y San Martin (Tomos 2 Y 3)
36811: PELAYO, DON MARCELINO MENEDEZ Y. - Historia de la Poesia Hispano-Americana. Two Volumes
41709: PELIEU, CLAUDE - Je Suis Un Cut-Up Vivant; Ouvrage Collectif Autour de Claude Pelieu
43786: SYKES, M'CREADY (BOOTH TARKINGTON, WILLIAM B. PELL AND HAROLD IMBRIE, ILLUS.) - Poe's Run and Other Poems, to Which Is Appended the Book of the Chronicles of the Elis. With Many Pictures by Booth Tarkington, William B. Pell and Harold Imbrie
37794: PELLEGRI, MARCO, ED - Parma Nell'Arte; Rivista Di Lettere, Storia E Arte, Diretta Da Marco Pellegri. 1988
29985: PELLEW, JILL - The Home Office, 1848-1914; from Clerks to Bureaucrats
44893: PELOUBET, M.E. - The Lawyers' Scrap Book; a Monthly Magazine Containing Material of Permanent Interest and Value to Lawyers and Laymen. Vol. 2 Only
11419: PELTZ, W.L.L. - Albany's Oldest Post-Mark, 1773-1790; Block Letters 44 X 7. 5 M.M. Straight Line
11429: PELTZ, W.L.L. - The Banks and Savings Banks of Albany, New York: A Syllabus of Their Officers, Their Locations and Something of Their Strength with Illustrations
37707: PELTZ, REV. PHILIP (W.L.L. PELTZ, ED.) - Peltz Record. Rev. Philip Peltz, D.D. , Reformed Protestant Dutch Church. Compiled by His Grandson, W.L. L. Peltz
37893: PELUSO, VINCENZO E MARIO PELUSO - Caprarica Del Capo (Note Storiche E Documenti)
37548: PEMBLE, JOHN - Shakespeare Goes to Paris; How the Bard Conquered France
29089: PENN, COURTENAY H. (COMPILER), WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF MR. CHIN HSIEN TSENG - The Five Thousand Dictionary and Index to the Character Cards of the College of Chinese Studies, California College in China. Revised American Edition, Based on the Fifth Peking Edition, Which Included Additions and Revisions by George D. Wilder and Mr. Chin Hsien Tseng
37808: ANDERSON GALLERIES (JOSEPH PENNELL) - Important Bibliographies, Autograph Letters and Manuscripts; an Extensive Collection of the Artistic and Literary Life Work of Joseph and Elizabeth R. Pennell, First Editions of American and English Authors, American Historical and Other Books of Interest and Importance. [Cover: The Bibliographical Library of the Late Hon. John Boyd Thacher, Albany, N.Y. ; an Imposing Collection of Books, Drawings, Lithographs and Letters by Joseph and Elizabeth R. Pennell, Formed by H. Devitt Welsh, New York, N.Y. ; a Portion of the Library of the Late L.V. Case, Tarrytown, N.Y. And Other Properties]
15554: PENNEY, SHERRY - Patrician in Politics: Daniel Dewey Barnard of New York
34240: PENNINGTON, HOWARD - The New Ocean Explorers; Into the Sea in the Space Age
44251: PENROSE, CHARLES - Old Kittery; Land of Adventure, 1647, and Captain Francis Champernowne (1614-1687)
9547: PENTEADO, ANTONIO ROCHA - Belem - Estudo de Geografia Urbana
21466: PENZOLDT, ERNST - Süsse [Susse] Bitternis; Die Gesammelten Erzählungen [Erzahlungen]
48673: PEPER, JÜRGEN [JURGEN] - Bewusstseinslagen Des Erzählens Und Erzählte [Erzahlens Und Erzahlte] Wirklichkeiten; Dargestellt an Amerikanischen Romanen Des 19. Und 20. Jahrhunderts Insbesondere Am Werk William Faulkners
37910: PERCEAU, LOUIS - Le Cabinet Secret Du Parnasse; Recueil de Poésies Libres, Rares Ou Peu Connues, Pour Servir de Supplément Aux Oeuvres Dites Completes Des Poets Francais; Pierre de Ronsard Et la Pleiade; Theophile de Viau Et Les Libertins; Francois de Malherbe Et Ses Escholiers; Mathurin Regnier Et Les Satyriques. Textes Revus Sur Les éditions Anciennes Et Les Manuscrits Et Publiés Avec Notes, Variantes, Bibliographie Et Glossaire. Four Volume Set
28470: PERCIVAL, A. BLAYNEY (E.D. CUMING, ED.) - A Game Ranger's Note Book. With Illustrations from Photographs by the Author and Mr. Martin Johnson
48991: DAVIES, PERCY AND FREDERICK YATES - Barefists and Courage; the Adventures of a Welsh Prizefighter During the Reign of Queen Victoria
42301: PERCY, HUGH EARL (CHARLES KNOWLES BOLTON, ED.) - Letters of Hugh Earl Percy from Boston and New York, 1774-1776
42586: PEREIRA, DOM NUMO ALVAREZ - Chronica Do Condestabre de Portugal Dom Nuno Alvarez Pereira. Com Revisao, Prefacio E Notas Por Mendes Dos Remedios
46887: PERETTI, ANDRE DE - L'Independance Du Maroc Et la France: 1946-1956; Memoires Et Temoignage
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49132: PHILIPSE, HERMAN - Heidegger's Philosophy of Being; a Critical Interpretation
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48333: PILLIONNEL, JAQUES-HENRI - Poemes D'Amerique
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46402: PINKUS, OSCAR - Embers
46403: PINKUS, OSCAR - The Son of Zelman
46404: PINKUS, OSCAR - The Son of Zelman
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46486: THE CLEVELAND PLAYHOUSE - The Cleveland Playhouse, 1915-1990. (75th Anniversary)
48804: PLEASANTS, HENRY FOR THE TRUSTEES OF THE OLD EAGLE SCHOOL - The History of the Old Eagle School, Tredyffrin, in Chester County, Pennsylvania. With Alphabetical Lists of Interments in the Graveyard and of German Settlers in Chester County, and a Poem Presenting the Suggestive Features of the Place
11495: PLECK, JOSEPH H. - Male Sex Role Identity: Fact or Fiction
11493: PLECK, JOSEPH - Three Conceptual Issues in Research on Male Roles
11494: PLECK, JOSEPH H. - Current Book and Media Resources on Male Roles
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45193: PÖLS [POLS], WERNER - Sozialistenfrage Und Revolutionsfurcht in Ihrem Zusammenhang Mit Den Angeblichen Staatsstreichplänen [Staatsstreichplanen] Bismarcks
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45045: PRONTEAU, JEANNE - Les Numerotages Des Maisons de Paris Du XV Siecle a Nos Jours. Preface de Pierre Lavedan
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42020: RECHY, JOHN - After the Blue Hour; a True Fiction
15340: FELLOWSHIP OF RECONCILIATION - America's Political Prisoner's in South Vietnam: A "White Paper" on the Total Suppression of All Political Dissent by the Government of South Vietnam. A Special Pre-Print of a Soon-to-Be-Published Pamphlet
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16116: REDDING, J. SAUNDERS - To Make a Poet Black
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26976: REED, REV. THOS. [THOMAS] C. - Christian Consolation; a Sermon Occasioned by the Death of Mrs. Sarah Maria Potter, Preached in St. George's Church, Schenectady, on Sunday, March 24, 1839
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47241: REES, J. ROGERS - The Brotherhood of Letters
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34028: REESE, JAMES H. - Conversations with an Artist: Kenneth Callahan; the Cycle; Mural for Syracuse University
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34884: REGO, A. DA SILVA - O Ultramar Portugues No Século [Seculo] XVIII (1700-1833). (Palestras Na Emissora Nacional de 23 de Abril a 26 de Novembro de 1966)
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37178: REHBERG, ANDREA, AND RACHEL JONES, EDS - The Matter of Critique; Readings in Kant's Philosophy
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39476: REICH, LUCIAN - Hieronymus; Lebensbilder Aus Der Baar Und Dem Schwarzwald. Entworfen Und Geschildert Von Lucian Reich. Mit 25 Bildtafeln Nach Den Steinzeichnungen Von J. Nepomuk Heinemann. Jubiläumsausgabe [Jubilaumsausgabe]
39714: REICHARD, RICHARD W. - Crippled from Birth; German Social Democracy, 1844-1870
20946: REICHEL, PETER, ED - Theatertexte
22563: REICHELT, KARL LUDVIG (KATHRINA VAN WAGENEN BUGGE, TR.) - Truth and Tradition in Chinese Buddhism; a Study of Chinese Mahayana Buddhism. Translated from the Norwegian by Kathrina Van Wagenen Bugge
45993: REICHMAN, HENRY - Railwaymen and Revolution, Russia, 1905
24435: REIF, PROF. DR. HANS - Europäische [Europaische] Intergration
41094: REILLY, CHRISTINE - Sunday's on the Phone to Monday
15103: REILLY, CATHERINE W. - English Poetry of the Second World War: A Biobibliography
41497: REIM, GUNTER - Studien Zum Alttestamentlichen Hintergrund Des Johannesevangeliums
22232: REINERS, LUDWIG - Sorgenfibel; Oder ûber [Uber] Die Kunst Durch Einsicht Und ûbung [Ubung] Seiner Sorgen Meister Zu Werden
21376: REINERT, CLAUS - Detektivliteratur Bei Sophokles, Schiller Und Kleist, Oder Das Rätsel Der Wahrheit Und Die Abenteuer Des Erkennens
14639: REINERT, J., ED - Chloroplasts. With 40 Figures
3322: REINHARD, MARCEL R. - Histoire de la Population Mondiale de 1700 a 1948
45698: REINHARDT, DANA - Tomorrow There Will Be Sun
34931: REINHARDT, NANCY S. - Danish Literature; Saxo Grammaticus to Isak Dinesen; an Exhibition at the Houghton Library, October 16-November 21
38376: REINHARDT, C., ED - Chemical Sciences in the 20th Century; Bridging Boundaries
46245: REINHARDT, DANA - Tomorrow There Will Be Sun
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45584: LE VICOMTE DE REISET - Louise D'Esparbes; Comtesse de Polastron. Avec Un Portrait En Heliogravure. Quatrieme Edition
23087: REISS, TIMOTHY J. - The Uncertainty of Analysis; Problems in Truth, Meaning and Culture
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44021: DURKEE, CORNELIUS, HENRY C. RITCHIE AND HOWARD I. BECKER - Names in Sylvesters' History of Saratoga County, 1878. [Cover Title: "Name Index to... "]
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24101: RIVLIN, RICHARD - Desert Capitalists; How Merchant Families and Private Equity Investors Are Changing the Middle East
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14535: ROBINSON, RICHARD D., ED - Direct Foreign Investment: Costs and Benefits
34842: ROBINSON, LOLLY, ED - Beatrix Potter in America. An Exhibition Selected and Introduced by Lolly Robinson
37914: ROBLES, FREDERICO CARLOS SAINZ DE - Monasterios de España [Espana]; Su Historia, Su Arte, Sus Leyendas. Edicion Ilustrada Con 55 Laminas
37580: ROBOTHAM, TOM - Varga
3140: ROCHE, JEAN DE LA - La Federation Francaise; Contacts Et Civilisations D'Outre-Mer
46840: ROCHEFORT, ROBERT - Ta Parole Est Verite; la Bible Approche Du Christ
47737: ROCHEFORT, HENRI (ERNEST W. SMITH) - The Adventures of My Life. Arranged for English Readers by the Author and Ernest W. Smith. In Two Volumes
45511: ROCHEGUDE, MARQUIS DE - Promenades Dans Toutes Les Rues de Paris Par Arrondissements; Origines Des Rues, Maisons Historiques Ou Curieuses Anciens Et Nouveaux Hotels Enseignes; IV Arrondissement
45013: ROCHEJAQUELEIN, MADAME LA MARQUISE DE LA - Memoires de Madame la Marquise de la Rochejaquelein, Ecrits Par Elle-Meme. Quatrieme Edition, Revue, Corrigee Et Augmentee de Differenties Pieces Relatives Aux Evenements de 1815, Et D'Une Table Raisonnee Et Analytique
48926: ROUX DE ROCHELLE, JEAN BAPTISITE GASPARD - Vereinigte Staaten Von Nord-Amerika. Translated from the French by C.A. Mebold
48474: ROCHELLE, M. ROUX DE - Etats-Unis D'Amerique
41111: ROCK, HOWARD B. - Haven of Liberty; New York Jews in the New World, 1654-1865. With a Foreword by Deborah Dash Moore and with a Visual Essay by Diana L. Linden
38181: RODAO, FLORENTINO - Franco Y El Imperio Japones. Prologo de Stanley Payne. [Cover Subtitle: Imagenes Y Propaganda En Tiempos de Guerra]
39711: RODD, RENNELL (TRISTAM ELLIS, ILLUS.) - The Customs and Lore of Modern Greece. With Seven Full-Page Illustrations by Tristam Ellis
37032: RODE, HELGE - Den Rejsende; Historier Og Skildringer. Ny Samling

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