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38165: HUMPHREYS, HELEN - The Evening Chorus
43952: HUMPHRY, JAMES, III (COMPILER) - The Library of Edwin Arlington Robinson; a Descriptive Catalogue
5801: HUN, HENRY - An Atlas of the Differential Diagnosis of the Diseases of the Nervous System. Analytical and Semeiological Neurological Charts
35032: HUNDSNURSCHER, FRANZ - Das System Der Partikelverben Mit "Aus" in Der Gegenwartssprache
34965: THE AMERICAN RAILWAY ASSOCIATION (EDWARD HUNGERFORD) - The American Railroad in Laboratory; a Brief Digest of Research and Experimentation, Conducted by Railroads Individually and Collectively Through the American Railway Association in the Interest of Constant Improvement of Their Facilities and Service. With an Introduction and an Historical Chapter by Edward Hungerford
29196: HUNT, LYNN, ED - The Invention of Pornography; Obscenity and the Origins of Modernity, 1500-1800
28004: HUNT, LYNN, ED - The Invention of Pornography; Obscenity and the Origins of Modernity, 1500-1800
31913: HUNT, LEIGH (R. BRIMLEY JOHNSON, ED.) - Prefaces by Leigh Hunt; Mainly to His Periodicals
31608: HUNT, LEIGH - Rimini and Other Poems
20696: [HUNT, LEIGH] - The Feast of the Poets, with Notes and Other Pieces in Verse. By the Editor of the Examiner
43472: HUNTINGFORD, G.W.B. - The Southern Nilo-Hamites
8266: HUNTINGTON, LUCIUS SETH - Professor Conant: A Story of English and American Social and Political Life. By Hon. L.S. Huntington, Q.C. (Late Postmaster-General of Canada... )
40153: HUNTINGTON, ANNIE OAKES (NANCY BYRD TURNER, ED.) - Testament of Happiness; Letters of Annie Oakes Huntington. With an Introduction by M.A. Dewolfe Howe
24861: HUNTLEY, G. HAYDN - Andrea Sansovino; Sculptor and Architect of the Italian Renaissance
20871: HUPKA, HERBERT, ED - Grosse Deutsche Aus Schlesien
41191: HURAULT, JEAN - Les Noirs Refugies Boni de la Guyane Francaise
42683: HURLEY, KAMERON - The Stars Are Legion
29751: HÜRLIMANN [HURLIMANN], THOMAS - Das Gartenhaus; Novelle
39906: HURST, MICHAEL - Joseph Chamberlain and Liberal Reunion; the Round Table Conference of 1887
43460: HUSAIN, IQBAL - The Ruhela Chieftaincies; the Rise and Fall of Ruhela Power in India in the Eighteenth Century
34726: HUSON, GORDON - The Faroes in Pictures. Drawings by Owen P.A. Evans
35905: HUSSEY, EDWARD - The Presocratics
30175: HUSTVEDT, SIRI - The Summer without Men; a Novel
28741: HUTCHINGS, R.S. - A Manual of Decorated Typefaces; a Definitive Guide to Series in Current Use, Including Inline, Outline, Shaded, Three-Dimensional, Stencil, Cameo, Halftone, with Two-Colour and Embellished Designs Selected and Arranged with an Introduction, Commentaries and Appendices
40181: HUTCHISON, WILLIAM R. - The Transcendentalist Ministers; Church Reform in the New England Renaissance
42530: HUTCHISON, B. [BEN], ED - Book Collecting and Library Monthly. 1-60 (1968-73). 58 Issues (Lacks No. 6 and 41)
16864: HUTCHISON, WILLIAM R. - The Transcendentalist Ministers: Church Reform in the New England Renaissance
31817: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - On the Margin; Notes and Essays
31019: HUYETTE, M.C. - Coal Is King
43217: HUYSMANS, J.K. - Les Soeurs Vatard
43309: HUYSMANS, J.K. [JONIS KARL] - En Menage
30338: HWANG, C. PHILIP, MICHAEL E. LAMB, AND IRVING F. SIGEL, EDS - Images of Childhood
43461: HYAMS, EDWARD - Pierre-Joseph Proudhon; His Revolutionary Life, Mind and Works
43101: HYDE, FLOY S. - Adirondack Forests, Fields, and Mines; Brief Accounts and Stories Concerning Lumbering, Forest-Related Products, Farm Specialties and Mining Yesterday and Today
44320: HYDE, MELISSA - Making Up the Rococo; Francois Boucher and His Critics
27084: HYDE, J.K. - Society and Politics in Medieval Italy; the Evolution of the CIVIL Life, 1000-1350
44107: HYDE, J. WILSON - The Early History of the Post in Grant and Farm
27730: HYSLOP, JAMES HERVEY - A Further Record of Observations of Certain Trance Phenomena
38042: LEE, SANG HYUN AND ALLEN C. GUELZO, EDS - Edwards in Our Time; Jonathan Edwards and the Shaping of American Religion
38214: HYVÄRINEN [HYVARINEN], RISTO - The Finnish Defence Forces in the Service of Neutrality
43941: MOSTOFSKY, DAVID I. AND DAVID H. BARLOW, EDS - The Management of Stress and Anxiety in Medical Disorders
39707: IACOVELLI, JENNIFER - Simple Giving; Easy Ways to Give Every Day
21239: IAKIMENKO, LEV GRIGOREVICH - Tvorchestvo M.A. Sholokhova. Idei I Obrazy, Tvorcheskii Metod, Zhanry, Stil' Masterstvo, Poetika
21163: GABRIEL'IAN, G.G. - Osnovy Marksistskoi Logiki
43482: TALBOT, IAN AND GURHARPAL SINGH, EDS - Region and Partition; Bengal, Punjab and the Partition of the Subcontinent
17972: IBAÑEZ [IBANEZ], VICENTE BLASCO - La Barraca. Septima Edicion
2341: MARTI-IBANEZ, FELIX - Men, Molds, and History
6556: INSTITUTO INTERNACIONAL DE LITERATURA IBEROAMERICANA - El Teatro En Iberoamerica; Memoria Del Duodecimo Congreso,... 1965
44951: INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES (IBM) - Ibm Reference Manual; 407 Accounting Machine
25893: ABD ALLAH IBRAHIM, AL-DUKTUÌR - Mawsu'at Al-Sard Al-'Arabi
29992: IBRAHIM, AÏCHA [AICHA] - Le Sarment; Une Saison a Kerkennah
45397: ICAZA, FRANCISCO A. DE - Supercherias Y Errores Cervantinos Puestos En Claro
27870: INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR THE STUDY OF EUROPEAN IDEAS - History of European Ideas; Vol. 12, No. 1: Kierkegaard; Vol. 12. , No. 2: Political Thought; Vol. 12, No. 3: The European Peasantry on the Eve of the French Revolution; Vol. 12, No. 4: European Ecology; Vol. 12, No. 5: Untitled; Vol. 12, No. 6: Karl Max As Historian; Vol. 13, Nos. 1/2: Rise and Development of National European Languages
15378: IDEMA, H.A. - Parlementaire Geschiedenis Van Nederlandsch-Indie, 1891-1918
20950: IDEN, PETER - Die Schaubühne [Schaubuhne] Am Halleschen Ufer, 1970-1979. Mit Fotos Von Ilse Buhs, Helga Kneidl, Abisag Tüllmann [Tullmann], Günter Vierow Und Ruth Walz
20976: IDEN, PETER - Theater Als Widerspruch; Plädoyer Für Die Zeitgenössische Bühne [Pladoyer Fur de Zeitgenossische Buhne]. Nachwort: Claus Peymann IM Gespräch [Gesprach]
43950: DUCKWORTH, MELANIE P., TONY IEZZI AND WILLIAM T. O'DONOHUE, EDS - Motor Vehicle Collisions; Medical, Psychosocial, and Legal Consequences
41459: IGGULDEN, CONN - Wars of the Roses; Bloodline
11067: IGNATOV, I., COMP - The Encyclopedia of Russian Writers / Entsiklopediia Russkichi Pisatelei
32617: IHDE, DON - Experimental Phenomenology; an Introduction
24994: WILHELM II, KAISER - Meine Vorfahren; 1. Bis 14. Tausend
30053: ILCHEV, STEFAN - Rechnik Na Redki, Ostareli I Dialektni Dumi V Literaturata Ni Ot XIX I XX [Vek
28913: ILIESCU, MARIA - Le Frioulan; a Partir Des Dialectes Parlés [Parles] En Roumanie
44811: CULPEPER, NICHOLAS (OLIVE WARD HUNT, ILLUS. AND ED.) - Selections from the English Physitian. Compiled and Illustrated with Woodcuts by Olive Ward Hunt
32474: EIDRIGEVICIUS, STASYS (ILLUS.) ET ANNE FRERE (VERSE) - Histoires de Nez. Racontees En Images Par Stasys Eidrigevicius Et En Vers Par Anne Frere. D'Apres James Kruss
40268: ILLYES, ELEMER - Ethnic Continuity in the Carpatho-Danubian Area
27964: ARO, PAAVO, ERKKI LAITAKARI, YRJÖ [YRJO] ILVESSALO AND JARL LINDFORS - Suomalais, Ruotsalais, Saksalsis, Englantilaninen; Metsäsanakirja [Metsasanakirja] /Finsk, Svensk, Tysk, Engelsk; Skogsordbok/Finnisch, Schedisch, Deutsch, Englisches; Forstwörterbuch [Forstworterbuch]/Finnish, Swedish, German, English; Forest Dictionary
36612: KNOEBEL, IMI AND MICHAEL SANDLE - Heerstrasse 16 (IMI Knoebel); a Twentieth Century Memorial (Michael Sandle). Ein Ausstellung IM Rahmen Der 8. Duisburger Akzente, 6. Mai - 11. Juni 1984
38500: IMIG, ANN, ED - Listen to Your Mother; What She Said Then, What We'Re Saying Now
44490: IMMERWAHR, RAYMOND M. - The Esthetic Intent of Tieck's Fantastic Comedy
32330: IMPETA, C.N. - Kaart Van Kerkelijk Nederland
30037: IMRE, ORMOS - A Kerttervezes Története [Tortenete] Es Gyakorlata. Masodik, Atdolgozott Kiadas
43707: INAYATULLAH, ED - District Administration in West Pakistan; Its Problems and Challenges
43976: THE CONFERENCE ON RESEARCH IN INCOME AND WEALTH - Problems of Capital Formation; Concepts, Measurement, and Controlling Factors. A Report of the National Bureau of Economic Research, New York
32198: INDIA, CENTRAL PAY COMMISSION - Report of the Central Pay Commission
35810: INDIA, ARCHAELOGICAL SURVEY OF INDIA - Archaeological Remains, Monuments and Museums; Part 1 and 2. Two Volumes in One
15450: DEPARTEMENT VAN FINANCIEN IN NED.-INDIE - Tien Begrootingen Met Den Volksraad. Samengesteld Bij de Generale Thesaurie Van Het Departement Van Financien in Ned. -Indie Ter Gelegenheid Van Het Tienjarig Bestaan Van Den Volksraad, 1919-1928
15296: SOCIETY FOR INDUSTRIAL AND APPLIED MATHEMATICS - Studies in Numerical Analysis I. A Collection of Papers Presented at Symposia in Numerical Analysis Sponsored by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research at the 1966 National Meeting of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics Held at the University of Iowa, May 11-14, 1966
14061: SOCIETY FOR INDUSTRIAL AND APPLIED MATHEMATICS - Studies in Optimization, 1. A Collection of Papers Presented... At the Symposium on Optimization... At the 1968 National Meeting of Siam
32459: HARRISON, A.F., P. INESON AND O.W. HEAL, EDS - Nutrient Cycling in Terrestrial Ecosystems; Field Methods, Application and Interpretation
45354: HEDBERG, INGA AND OLOV, EDS - Conservation of Vegetation in Africa South of the Sahara. Proceedings of a Symposium Held at the 6th Plenary Meeting of the "Association Pour L'Etude Taxonomique de la Flore D'Afrique Tropicale" (A.E. T.F. A.T. ) in Uppsala, Sept. 12th-16th, 1966
37000: INGALLS, WALTER RENTON - The Metallurgy of Zinc and Cadmium
36631: INGENIEROS, JOSE - La Evolucion de Las Ideas Argentinas, Libros 1-4. (Obras Completas, Revisadas Y Anotadas Por Anibal Ponce, Vols. 13-16. )
22282: INGERSOLL, ERNEST - The Book of the Ocean. Illustrated
7184: INGHE, GUNNAR - Mental and Physical Illness Among Paupers in Stockholm
36196: INGMAN, HEATHER - Women's Fiction between the Wars; Mothers, Daughters and Writing
43780: SHELLEY, PERCY BYSSHE (ROGER INGPEN AND WALTER E. PECK, EDS.) - The Complete Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley, in Ten Volumes. Newly Edited by Roger Ingpen and Walter E. Peck
44368: ANGLO-SAXON CHRONICLE (JAMES INGRAM, ED.) - The Saxon Chronicle, with an English Translation, and Notes, Critical and Explanatory. To Which Are Added Chronological, Topographical, and Glossarial Indices; a Short Grammar of the Anglo-Saxon Language
3357: INGRIM, ROBERT - Hitlers Glücklichster [Glucklichster] Tag: London, Am 18 Juni 1935
2792: INGWERSEN, ERHARD - Berlinische Anekdoten
36853: AUGUSTINERCHORHERRENSTIFT REICHERSBERG AM INN - Ausstellung Des Landes Oberösterreich [Oberosterreich]; Die Bildhauerfamilie Schwanthaler, 1633-1848, Vom Barock Zum Klassizismus
24616: DAS BUNDESMINISTERIUM DES INNERN - Hat Sich Die Republik Verändert [Verandert]? Terrorismus IM Spiegel Der Presse
10727: ARNOLD-BERGSTRAESSER-INSTITUT - Zur Integration Der Indianischen Bevölkerung[Bevolkerung] in Die Moderne Gesellschaft Lateinamerikas: Wissenschaftliches Kolloquium Der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutsch Lateinamerika-Forschung (Adlaf) in Kirchzarten Bei Freiburg Vom 16. -19. Mai 1967
13532: THE AMERICAN GEOLOGICAL INSTITUTE - Bibliography and Index of Kansas Geology Through 1974. (Bulletin 213. )
24726: THE TERRENE INSTITUTE - International Lake and Watershed Liming Practices
9191: THE ATLANTIC INSTITUTE - The Atlantic Papers. Alastair Buchan, Zbigniew Brzezinski [and Others], Political and Strategic Studies, Published for the Atlantic Institute
35464: THE GRADUATE MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE, UNION COLLEGE (MARTIN A. STROSBERG, ED.) - New York's Health Care System; Making the Transition to Managed Care and Competition
35626: THE IRISH AMERICAN CULTURAL INSTITUTE - Eire-Ireland; a Journal of Irish Studies; Vol. 2, No. 3 (Autumn 1967) - Vol. 13, No. 4 (Winter 1978). Lacks Vol. 3, Nos. 1 & 2; Vol. 4, No. 1. 43 Issues
45342: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION - Annual Report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution, Showing the Operations, Expenditures, and Condition of the Institution for the Year 1864
23632: ALLIED INTELLIGENCE - German Order of Battle, 1944; the Directory, Prepared by Allied Intelligence, of Regiments, Formations and Units of the German Armed Forces
37923: UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR, CENSUS OFFICE (PORTER, ROBERT P.) - Compendium of the Eleventh Census: 1890; Part 1: Population; Part 2: Vital and Social Statistics; Educational and Church Statistics; Wealth, Debt, and Taxation; Mineral Industries; Insurance; Foreign Born Population; Manufactures; Part 3: Population; State or Territory of Birth; Country of Birth and Citizenship (Analyses Only); Foreign Parentage; Conjugal Condition; Ages; School Attendance; Illiteracy; Can Not Speak English; Occupations; Soldiers and Widows; Agriculture; Manufactures; Fisheries; Transportation; Wealth, Debt and Taxtion; Real Estate Mortgages; Farms and Homes; Indians
25907: FORO INTERNACIONAL EN COLABORACION CON EL DEPARTAMENTO DEL DISTRITO FEDERAL - El Peaton En El Uso de Las Ciudades. Serie: Documentos, Numero 11. (Cuadernos de Arquitectura Y Conservacion Del Patrimonio Artistico)
28288: COMMUNIST INTERNATIONAL - Four Separate 1924 Publications of the Communist International, Bound Together by a Previous Owner: "from the Fourth to the Fifth World Congress; Report of the Executive Committee of the Communist International" (122 P)," Varga, E [Eugen] - "the Decline of Capitalism" (69 P), "the Lessons of the German Events" (84 P. ), "Symposium on the Programme Question" (118 P. )
25712: EXEKUTIVKOMITEE DER KOMMUNISTISCHEN JUGEND-INTERNATIONALE, HRSG - Jugend-International. Die Elf Historischen Nummern Der Kriegsausgabe, 1915-1918
21785: MINTO, C.S. (INTRODUCTION AND COMMENTARIES) - Victorian and Edwardian Edinburgh from Old Photographs
36097: MOISIODAX, IOSEPOS AND ALKES ANGELOS - Apologia. Epimeleia Alkes Angelou
37645: IRELAND, GORDON - Boundaries, Possessions, and Conflicts in South America
32728: NATIONAL GALLERY OF IRELAND - Concise Catalogue of the Oil Paintings
32648: NATIONAL GALLERY OF IRELAND - W.B. [William Butler] Yeats; a Centenary Exhibition. [Cover Subtitle: A Centenary Exhibition in the National Gallery of Ireland]
40884: IRINCHEEV, BAIR (BRIAN DELF, ILLUS.) - The Mannerheim Line, 1920-1939; Finnish Fortifications of the Winter War. Illustrated by Brian Delf
41333: IRVING, WASHINGTON - Diedrich Knickerbocker's a History of New-York. With an Introduction by Andrew B. Myers. Illustrated by F.O. C. Darley
39014: LANGMUIR, IRVING AND ALBERT ROSENFELD (C. GUY SUITS AND HAROLD E. WAY, EDS.) - The Collected Works of Irving Langmuir; Vol. 12: Langmuir, the Man and the Scientist, Including a Biography by Albert Rosenfeld
11905: IRVING, WASHINGTON - Irving Vignettes; Vignette Illustrations of the Writings of Washington Irving, Engraved on Steel by Smillie, Hall, and Others. With a Sketch of His Life and Works, from Allibone's Forthcoming "Dictionary of Authors," and Passages from the Works Illustrated
33059: NATIONAL ACID PRECIPITATION ASSESSMENT PROGRAM (PATRICIA M. IRVING, ED.) - Acidic Deposition; State of Science and Technology; Summary Report of the U.S. National Acid Precipitation Assessment Program
33094: NATIONAL ACID PRECIPITATION ASSESSMENT PROGRAM (PATRICIA M. IRVING, ED.) - Acidic Deposition; State of Science and Technology; Vol. 1: Emissions, Atmospheric Processes, and Deposition; Vol. 2: Aquatic Processes and Effects; Vol. 3: Terrestrial, Materials, Health and Visibility Effects; Vol. 4: Control Technologies, Future Emissions, and Effects Valuation. Four Volumes. Complete Set
44292: ISAAC, CATHERINE - You, Me, Everything
29413: ISAACS, RONALD H. - Animals in Jewish Thought and Tradition
16790: ISAACSON, RICHARD T. - Gardening: A Guide to the Literature
22291: ISACHSEN, GUNNAR - Gronland Og Gronlands Isen, Med Illustrasjoner Og Karter
30610: ISACKER, KAREL VAN - Het Daensisme, 1893-1914. Tweede Herziene Druk
32318: ISACKER, KAREL VAN - Averechtse Democratie; de Gilden En de Christelijke Democratie in België, 1875-1914
41194: ISAKSSON, OLOV (SÖREN HALLGEN, PHOTO.) - Bishop Hill, ILL. ; a Utopia on the Prairie/Bishop Hill; Svensk Koloni Pa Prarien. Preface by Folke Isaksson. Translation Into English by Albert Read
42789: ISALITA - Doces E Cozinhados; Receitas Escolhidas. Edicao Das Bodas de Prata Inteiramente Refundida E Muito Ampliada
30048: CHANCUN DE WILLIAME (ISELEY, NANCY V., ED.) - La Chancun de Williame. With an Etymological Glossary by Guerard Piffard
14007: ISOSAARI, JUSSI - Bruno BoxströM [Boxstrom] Ja Sortavalan Seminaarin Kasvatusaineiden Opetus, 1882 - 1917. Mit Deutschem Referat
21444: ISRAEL, JÜRGEN[JURGEN], ED - IM Urteil Der Dichter; Literaturbetrachtungen Von Optiz Bis Lessing
37883: ISTVAN, KILIAN - A Minorita Szinjatek a XVIII. Szazadban (Elmelet Es Gyakorlat)
28633: MEIJBOOM-ITALIAANDER, JOS - Javaansche Sagen Mythen En Legenden. Verzameld Door Jos. Meijboom-Italiaannder
24602: ITALIAANDER, ROLF, HRSG - ûbersetzen [Ubersetzen]; Vorträge [Vortrage] Und Beiträge [Beitrage] Vom Internationalen Kongress Literarischer ûbersetzer [Ubersetzer] in Hamburg, 1965
44644: CASA DI RISPARMIO ITALIANE - Catalogo Delle Edizioni Delle Casse Di Resparmio E Banche Del Monte
34355: D'ITRI, FRANK M., ED - Zebra Mussels and Aquatic Nuisance Species
44015: IVANOFF, NICOLA - I Disegni Italiani Del Seicento; Scuole Veneta, Lombarda, Ligure, Napoletana
45337: IVANOFF, PIERRE (EDWARD FITZGERALD, TR.) - Headhunters of Borneo. Translated from the French by Edward Fitzgerald
26809: IVANOV, MIROSLAV - Novosvetska
41618: ANISIMOV, ALEKSANDR IVANOVIC AND GEORGIJ PETRUSOV - Balet Gosudarstvennogo Ordena Lenia Akademiceskogo Bol'Sogo Teatre Sssr
40607: IVE, ANTONIO - I Dialetti Ladino-Veneti Dell' Istria
44183: IVERSEN, LESLIE L. - The Science of Marijuana
43840: IVES, JOSEPH C. - Report Upon the Colorado River of the West, Explored in 1857 and 1858 by Lieutenant Joseph C. Ives, Corps of Topographical Engineers. (Senate Issue)
42383: IVINS, WILLIAM M. - The Soul of the People; a New Year's Sermon
42300: IVINS, WILLIAM M. - A Catalogue of Italian Renaissance Woodcuts
37746: IWAMIYA, TAKEJI (PHOTOGRAPHER) - Katachi; Japanese Pattern and Design in Wood, Paper, and Clay. Photographs by Takeji Iwamiya. Introductory Essay by Donald Richie
25087: IWASAKI, EIJIRO UND YOSHINORI SHICHIJI, HRSG - Internationaler Germanisten-Kongreß [Krongress] in Tokyo; Band I: Ansprachen, Plenarvorträge [Plenarvortrage], Berichte
35098: IXTILILXOCHITL, D. FERNANDO ALVA - Decima Tercia Relacion de la Venida de Los Españoles [Espanoles] Y Principio de la Ley Evangelica
14684: BOUSFIELD, I.J. AND A.G. CALLELY, EDS - Coryneform Bacteria
34634: SMITH, MYRON J. AND ROBERT C. WELLER - Sea Fiction Guide. With a Foreword by Rear Admiral Ernest M. Eller
42202: MITCHELL, GEORGE J. AND ALON SACHAR - A Path to Peace; a Brief History of Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations and a Way Forward in the Middle East
32399: POPE, STEPHEN J. AND CHARLES HEFLING, EDS - Sic Et Non; Encountering Dominus Iesus
22990: ECKENRODE, H.J. AND BRYAN CONRAD - James Longstreet; Lee's War Horse. Foreword by Gary W. Gallagher
22735: IHDE, AARON J. AND WILLIAM F. KIEFFER - Selected Readings in the History of Chemistry
32257: BUEHNER, WILLIAM J. AND JOHN J. COLBY - Comprehensive Second Year Latin
32286: FARRELL, THOMAS J. AND PAUL A. SOUKUP, EDS - Communication and Lonergan; Common Ground for Forging the New Age
33056: SPENCER, R.J. AND I-MING CHOU, EDS - Fluid-Mineral Interactions; a Tribute to H.P. Eugster
27650: BORJAS, GEORGE J. AND MARTA TIENDA, EDS - Hispanics in the U.S. Economy
29389: MULLINS, E.J. AND T.S. MCKNIGHT, EDS - Canadian Woods; Their Properties and Uses
42694: AITCHISON, IAN J. AND ANTHONY J. G. HEY - Gauge Theories in Particle Physics; a Practical Introduction; Vol. 1: From Relativistic Quantum Mechanics to Qed; Vol. 2: Qcd and the Electroweak Theory. Third Edition
21213: MUGA, BRUCE J. AND JAMES F. WILSON - Dynamic Analysis of Ocean Structures
43153: BRENNAN, THOMAS J. AND FINBARR O'REILLY - Shooting Ghosts; a U.S. Marine, a Combat Photographer, and Their Journey Back from War
42113: ORTNER, J. AND H. MASELAND, EDS - Introduction to Solar Terrestrial Relations; Proceedings of the Summer School in Space Physics Held in Alpbach, Austria, July 15-August 10, 1963 and Organized by the European Preparatory Commission for Space Research (Copers)
36592: KLINKERT, J. AND G.W. WHITE - Nautical Calculations Explained
17292: JAACKS, GISELA - Hamburg: In Zeichnungen Und Aquarellen Des 19. Jahrhunderts
35822: ABU-JABER, FAIZ S. - American-Arab Relations from Wilson to Nixon
27255: JABERG, SABINE - Systeme Killektiver Sicherheit in Und Für [Fur] Europa in Theorie, Praxis Und Entwurf; Ein Systemwissenschaftlicher Versuch
30112: JACHIMOWICZA, JANA - Podreczny Lekarz Domowy; Praca Zbiorowa Pod Redakcja Doktora Medycyny I Doktora Filozofji
42003: BARKLEY-JACK, JAN - Hawkesbury Settlement Revealed; a New Look at Australia's Third Mainland Settlement, 1793-1802
38826: JACKMAN, SYDNEY - Galloping Head; the Life of the Right Honourable Sir Francis Bond Head, 1793-1875, Late Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada
19271: JACKSON, ROBERT MAX - The Formation of Craft Labor Markets
40711: JACKSON, JOSHILYN - The Opposite of Everyone
39092: JACKSON, PATRICK N. WYSE, ED - Science and Engineering in Ireland in 1798; a Time of Revolution. Proceedings of a Symposium Organised by the National Committee for the History and Philosophy of Science, 4th November 1998
1078: JACKSON, DIANE - August in Abiquiu
44126: JACKSON, JOE - Black Elk; the Life of an American Visionary
41962: JACOB, SUZANNE FELLMAN - The History of Joanne Furnace, 1791-1999; the History of a Berks County, Pennsylvania Charcoal Iron Furnace
15481: JACOB, WALTER, ED - The Pittsburgh Platform in Retrospect: The Changing World of Reform Judaism. Papers Presented on the Occasion of the 100th Anniversary of the Pittsburgh Platform, February 1985 and the Proceedings of 1885
40549: JACOB, MAX - Le Terrain Bouchaballe
40550: JACOB, MAX - La Defense de Tartufe; Extases, Remords, Visions, Prieres; Poemes Et Meditations D'Un Juif Converti. Nouvelle Edition. Introduction Et Notes Par Andre Blanchet
25622: JACOB, WOLFGANG - Vorschlag Zur Gründung [Grundung] Von Leibniz-Akademien
44519: JACOB, MARTIN - Kölner [Kolner] Theater IM XVIII. Jahrhundert Bis Zum Ende Der Reichsstädtischen [Reichsstadtischen] Zeit (1700-1794)
25372: JACOBI, UWE - 250 Jahre Heilbronner Presse; Geschichte Der Medien IM Unterland Und in Hohenlohe, 1744-1994
22864: JACOBS, LEE, ED - The Gray Riders; Stories from the Confederate Cavalry
38129: JACOBS, WILLIAM WYMARK - Many Cargoes
44217: JACOBS, CAROL - In the Language of Walter Benjamin
38131: JACOBS, WILLIAM WYMARK - Light Freights. With Illustrations
38130: JACOBS, W.W. [WILLIAM WYMARK] - More Cargoes
37018: JACOBSEN, J.P. - Samlede Skrifter. Two Volumes. Complete Set
24533: JACOBSEN, HANS-ADOLF, GERT LEPTIN, ULRICH SCHEUNER, EBERHARD SCHULZ, HRSG - Drei Jahrzehnte Aussenpolitik [AußEnpolitik] Der Ddr; Bestimmungsfaktoren, Instrumente, Aktionsfelder
6077: JACOBSSON, PER - Some Monetary Problems International and National. Ed. By Erin E. Jucker-Fleetwood. (Basle Centre for Economic and Financial Research, Series B No. 4)
43660: JACOBUS, MARY - Romanticism, Writing and Sexual Difference; Essays on the Prelude
43310: RIVIERE, JACQUES ET ALAIN FOURNIER - Correspondance, 1903-1914. Nouvelle Edition Revue Et Augmentee. Two Volume Set
30124: BORGE, JACQUES ET NICOLAS VIASNOFF - Archives de Paris. Preface D'Armand Lanoux de L'Academie Goncourt
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37327: KENDRICK, BRYCE, ED - The Whole Fungus; the Sexual-Asexual Synthesis. Proceedings of the Second International Mycological Conference Held at the Environmental Sciences Centre of the University of Calgary, Kananaskis, Alberta, Canada. Two Volumes
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21263: KLUYEVA, ELENA - Svetoten, Stikhi
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45385: KNAPP, SANDRA - Plant Discoveries; a Botanist's Voyage Through Plant Exploration
44668: KNAPP, BETTINA - French Novelists Speak out
23092: KNIGHT, DAVID - Ordering the World; a History of Classifying Man
35240: KNIGHT, JANICE - Orthodoxies in Massachusetts; Rereading American Puritanism
35056: KNIGHT, R.-C - Racine Et la Grece
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40916: KNITTLE, WALTER ALLEN - Early Eighteenth Century Palatine Emigration; a British Government Redemptioner Project to Manufacture Naval Stores. With a Foreword by Dixon Ryan Fox
37736: KNOBLER, CLAUDE - More Love (Less Panic); 7 Lessons I Learned About Life, Love, and Parenting After We Adopted Our Son from Ethiopia
4296: KNOLL, JOACHIM H. - Wilhelm Von Humboldt; Politiker Und Pädagoge [Padagoge]
33362: KNOWLES, RAYMOND R. - Geology of a Portion of the Everett 15-Minute Quadrangle, Bedford County, Pennsylvania
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10863: KOERT, DOROTHY - The Sue Boynton Story
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26612: KOHANSKI, ALEXANDER S. - Martin Buber's Philosophy of Interhuman Relation; a Response to the Human Problematic of Our Time
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41832: KOHLER, SHEILA - Once We Were Sisters; a Memoir
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45261: KOHUT, THOMAS A. - Wilhelm II and the Germans; a Study in Leadership
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13633: KOLOKOTRONES, THEODOROS - Diegesis Symvanton Tes Hellenikes Phyles Apo Ta 1770 Heos Ta 1836. Introduction by Tasos Gritsopoulos
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21218: KOMESU, OKIFUMI - The Double Perspective of Yeat's Aesthetic
34471: KOMJATHY, ANTHONY TIHAMER - The Crises of France's East Central European Diplomacy, 1933-1938
37811: KOMSKI, VICTOR - Blackbirds' Field
40640: KONCZEWSKA, HELENE - L'Unite de la Matiere Et le Probleme Des Transmutations
24082: KONOWITZ, MORDECAI - Heritage; Memories and Reflections
38562: SIMPLICIUS OF CILICIA (DAVID KONSTAN, TR.) - Simplicius on Aristotle's Physics 6. Translated by David Konstan
20398: KONWICKI, TADEUSZ - Rzeka Podziemna, Podziemne Ptaki
30547: KOOY, DR. G.A. - Het Echec Van Een 'Volkse' Beweging; Nazificatie En Denazificatie in Nederland 1931-1945
31395: KOPF, RAINER UND SABINE BETZLER - Biberach an Der Riß [Riss] Stadt-Leben
21410: KÖPKE [KOPKE], WULF - Erfolglosigkeit Zum Frühwerk [Fruhwerk] Jean Pauls
22269: KÖPKE [KOPKE], MONIQUE - Nachtzug Nach Paris; Ein Jüdisches Mädchen überlebt [Judisches Madchen Uberlebt] Hitlers Frankreich
21437: KOPROWSKA, IRENA - A Woman Wanders Through Life and Science
24794: KOREKA, JÓZSEFA [JOZSEFA] - Budapeszt; Miasto Muzeow
44971: KORENKE, HANS-ULRICH - Frankfurt in Alten Und Neuen Reisebeschreibungen
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41642: KORKEAKIVI, ANNE - Shining Sea; a Novel
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26672: KORNBLITH, HILARY, ED - Naturalizing Epistemology
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33261: V.M. KORSUNSKAIA AND N.M. VERZILIN - V.I. Vernadskii; Posobie Dlia Uchashchikhsia
27809: KÓSA, LÁSZLÓ, ED - A Cultural History of Hungary; from the Beginnings to the Eighteenth Century
36036: KOSHAR, RUDY - Social Life, Local Politics, and Nazism; Marburg, 1880-1935
26932: KOSSMANN, E.H. - The Low Countries, 1780-1940
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25309: KOSZYK, KURT - Vorläufer [Vorlaufer] Der Massenpresse; ôkonomie Und Publizistik Zwischen Reformation Und Französischer [Franzosischer] Revolution; ôffentliche [Offentliche] Kommunikation IM Zeitalter Des Feudalismus
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4320: KOTEWICZ, RYSZARD - Z Dziejow Przemyslu Krakowa W Latach, 1918-1939
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35485: KOUWENHOVEN, JOHN A. - The Columbia Historical Portrait of New York; an Essay in Graphic History in Honor of the Tricentennial of New York City and the Bicentennial of Columbia University. With a Foreword by Grayson L. Kirk
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21244: KOVALEV, VALENTIN ARKHIPOVICH - Tvorchestvo Leonida Leonova; K Kharakteristike Tvorcheskoi Individual'Nosti Pisatelia
35036: KOWALEWSKI, GERHARD - Einführung [Einfuhrung] in Die Theorie Der Kontinuierlichen Gruppen. Mit 9 Textfiguren
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44503: KOZUMPLIK, WILLIAM ANTHONY - The Phonology of Jacob Ayrer's Language, Based on His Rhymes
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36970: KRAFT, HERBERT C. - The Dutch, the Indians, and the Quest for Copper; Pahaquarry and the Old Mine Road
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25648: KRAFT, GEORG - Der Urmensch Als Schöpfer [Schopfer]; Die Geistige Welt Des Eiszeitmenschen
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20634: KRAKOWSKI, OLTARZ - Wit Stwosz
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25572: KRISTELLER, PAUL OSKAR - Retorica E Filosofia Dall'Antichita Al Rinascimento
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43927: KROPOTKIN, PETER - Russian Literature
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45114: KRUG, NORA - Belonging; a German Reckons with History and Home
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38792: KURLANSKY, MARK - City Beasts; Fourteen Stories of Uninvited Wildlifr
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27119: LANGENHOVE, FERNAND VAN - Le Rôle Proéminent Du Secrétaire Général Dans L'Opération Des Nations Unies Au Congo
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8884: LANGHEIN, CARL - Minensucher an Die Front!" Mit Einem Vorwort Von Kapitänleutnant {Kapitanleutnant] Eberhard Wolfram
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32051: LANGWORTHY, HARRY W. - Zambia Before 1890; Aspects of Pre-Colonial History
24304: VOLKOV-LANNIT, LEONID FILIPPOVICH - Iskusstvo Fotoportreta; Izdanie Tretbe Ispravlennoe I Dopolnennoe
45411: LANO, PIERRE DE (A.C.S., TR.) - Napoleon III and Lady Stuart; an Episode of the Tuileries. Translated from the French by A.C. S.
38828: LANOUVELLE, LT-COLONEL DE - Gabrielle D'Estrees Et Les Bourbon-Vendome
30276: LANSON, GUSTAVE - Voltaire. (Les Grands Ecrivains Francais)
35817: LANSON, GUSTAVE - Nivelle de la Chaussée [Chaussee] Et la Comédie [Comedie] Larmoyante

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