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31900: WOLFF, JUSTIN - Thomas Hart Benton; a Life
43802: WOLFF, CAMILLE - Who Was Jack the Ripper? a Collection of Present-Day Theories and Observations. Compiled by Camille Wolff
11724: WOLFF, HELLMUTH CHRISTIAN - Oper; Szene Und Darstellung Von 1600 Bis 1900
28485: WÖLFFLIN [WOLFFLIN], HEINRICH - Gedanken Zur Kunstgeschichte, Gedrucktes Und Ungedrucktes. Mit 24 Abbildungen
45170: WOLFGANG, MÜLLER [MULLER] - Sechs Jahrzehnte Zeitgeschehen IM Spiegel Der Heimatzeitung, General-Anzeiger Der Stadt Wuppertal, 1887-1945
39943: YOURGRAU, WOLFGANG AND ALLEN D. BRECK, EDS - Physics, Logic, and History; Based on the First International Colloquium Held at the University of Denver, May 16-20, 1966
17253: MIEDER, WOLFGANG AND STEWART A. KINGSBURY, EDS - A Dictionary of Wellerisms
26727: WOLFRAM, SYBIL - Philosophical Logic; an Introduction
11839: WOLFSKEHL, KARL - Sang Aus Dem Exil
35559: WOLLE, FRANCIS - Desmids of the United States and List of American Pediastrums with Nearly Fourteen Hundred Illustrations on Sixty-Four Colored Plates
39648: WOLLSCHLÄGER [WOLLSCHLAGER], PETER - Kampfstofforschung Und ärztliches [Arztliches] Gewissen Der Beitrag Der Medizin Zur Chemischen Kriegführung [Kriegfuhrung], 1914-1933
20831: WOLTER, CHRISTINE - Wie Ich Meine Unschuld Verlor; Erzählungen [Erzahlungen]
40356: WOLTER, FRANZ - Franz Von Pocci Als Simplizissimus Der Romantik. Mit 10 Farbigen Tafeln Und 144 Abbildungen
36956: INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL OF WOMEN - Women in a Changing World; the Dynamic Story of the International Council of Women Since 1888
38109: WOMERSLEY, STEVE, ED - Payette Associates; an Evolution of Ideas
20968: MARTINI-WONDE, ANGELA, COMP - Musik Vor Allen Dingen; Ein Insel-Buch
34939: WONG, YOUNG-TSU - Search for Modern Nationalism; Zhang Binglin and Revolutionary China, 1869-1936
30350: WOOD, JAMES PLAYSTED - New England Academy; Wilbraham to Wilbraham & Monson
38297: WOOD, ELLEN (MRS. HENRY) - The Channings
40392: WOOD, DON A., ED - Red-Cockaded Woodpecker Symposium II; Proceedings
10836: WOOD, DON A. - Endangered Species: Concepts, Principles and Programs: A Bibliography
44243: WOOD, HARLESTON R. - Alan Wood; a Century and a Half of Steelmaking
39538: WOOD, MARGARET - The English Mediaeval House
44616: WOODBRIDGE, HENSLEY C. - Spanish and Spanish-American Literature; an Annotated Guide to Selected Bibliographies
32810: WOODRUFF, DIANNE L., ED - Essays in Dance Research from the Fifth Cord Conference, Philadelphia, November 11-14, 1976
28008: WOODS, REGINA - Tales from Inside the Iron Lung and How I Got out of It. With a Foreword by David E. Rogers
28108: WOODS, DIANE E. ED - Rehabilitation in Australia and New Zealand; U.S. Observations
12672: WOODS, HENRY ERNEST, ED - Vital Records of Tyringham, Massachusetts, to the Year 1850
28069: WOODS, DIANE E., ED - Traditional and Changing Views of Disability in Developing Societies
26924: WOODSIDE, ALEXANDER B. - Community and Revolution in Modern Vietnam
30405: WOODWARD, GERTRUDE L. (COMPILER) - English Books and Books Printed in England Before 1641 in the Newberry Library; a Supplement to the Record in the Short Title Catalogue
39177: WOODWARD, JOHN - To Do the Sick No Harm; a Study of the British Voluntary Hospital System to 1875
28973: WOODWORTH, STEVEN E., ED - CIVIL War Generals in Defeat
21807: WOOLLEY, A.R. - Oxford; University and City; with Foreword by Sir Maurice Bowra
43340: WORDSWORTH, WILLIAM - A Guide Through the District of the Lakes in the North of England, with a Description of the Scenery, for the Use of Tourists and Residents. Facsimile of the Definitive Fifth Edition of 1835
34783: WORDSWORTH, DOROTHY (ALAN G. HILL, ED.) - Letters of Dorothy Wordsworth. A Selection Edited by Alan G. Hill
31311: ILLINOIS TOOL WORKS - Catalog E; High Speed Illinite Production Tools; Shakeproof Products (Sold by Shakeproof Lock Washer Company)
34292: YACHTING WORLD - Yachting World Annual 1960
7407: WORTH, DEAN S. - A Bibliography of Russian Word-Formation
26579: WORTMAN, SHARON WOOD (JAY DEE ALLEY, ILLUS.) - The Portland Bridge Book
30415: WOUDE, A.M. VAN DER - Her Noorderkwartier; Een Regionaal Historisch Onderzoek in de Demografische En Economische Geschiedenis Van Westelijk Nederland Van de Late Middeleeuwen Tot Het Begin Van de Negentiende Eeuw. Deel 1-3
40725: WOUK, HERMAN - Sailor and Fiddler; Reflections of a 100-Year-Old Author
44587: WOXLAND, THOMAS A., ED - Symposium of Law Publishers
43149: WRAXALL, PETER (CHARLES HOWARD MCILWAIN, ED.) - An Abridgment of the Indian Affairs, Contained in Four Folio Volumes, Transacted in the Colony of New York, from the Year 1678 to the Year 1751. Edited with an Introduction by Charles Howard Mcilwain
43430: WRIGHT, DAVID H. - The Roman Vergil and the Origins of Medieval Book Design
36295: WRIGHT, STEPHEN, ED - Classical Scientific Papers; Physics. Facsimile Reproductions of Famous Scientific Paper. With an Introduction by Stephen Wright
35079: [WRIGHT, HEZEKIAH HARTLEY] - Desultory Reminiscences of a Tour Through Germany, Switzerland, and France. By an American
43957: WRIGHT, C.E. - English Vernacular Hands from the Twelfth to the Fifteenth Centuries
25279: WRIGHT, C.P. - The St. Lawrence Deep Waterway; a Canadian Appraisal
16172: WRIGHT, ANTHONY - R.H. Tawney
45503: WRIGHT, SNOWDEN - American Pop; a Novel
44633: WANLEY, HUMFREY (C.E. WRIGHT AND RUTH C. WRIGHT, EDS.) - The Diary of Humfrey Wanley, 1715-1726; Vol. 1: 1715-1723; Vol. 2: 1723-1726. Two Volumes
36976: WRIGHT, NEIL, ED - Lincolnshire's Industrial Heritage; a Guide
6205: WRIGHT, ANDREW - Blake's Job; a Commentary
32034: WRIGHT, NOEL - Quest for Franklin
34149: WRIGHT, ANDREW H. - Jane Austen's Novels; a Study in Structure
25970: WRIGLEY, ROBERT E. - Systematics and Biology of the Woodland Jumping Mouse, Napaeozapus Insignis
37094: WROBLEWSKI, OTTO B. - Ti Aar I C.A. Reitsels Boglade
43971: WROTH, LAWRENCE C. - Mystical Reflections on the Ampersand
42822: GUANGHUA WU - Han Ying [Hanying] Da CI Dian [Dacidian; Cidian]; Chinese-English Dictionary. Two Volume Set
41796: WUBBEN, J.C. EBBINGE - Kabinet Van Tekeningen; 16e En 17e Eeuwse Hollandse En Vlaamse Tekeningen Uit Een Amsterdamse Verzameling. Tentoonstellingen; Rotterdam, Parijs, Brussel
25196: WULF, JOSEF - Das Dritte Reich Und Seine Vollstrecker; Die Liquidation Von 500,000 Juden IM Ghetto Warschau
11203: WUNDT, WILHELM - The Principles of Morality and the Departments of the Moral Life. Translated by Margaret Floy Washburn
29867: WUST, PETER - Gestalten Und Gedanken; Rückblick [Ruckblick] Auf Mein Leben
20955: WUTHENOW, R.R. (RALF RAINER), ET AL. - Stefan George Colloquium
19904: WUTHNOW, ROBERT, ED - Rethinking Materialism; Perspectives on the Spiritual Dimension of Economic Behavior
39527: STIFT ST. FLORIAN UND SCHLOSSMUSEUM (DR. OTTO WUTZEL) - Die Kunst Der Donauschule, 1490-1540; Ausstellung Des Landes Oberösterreich
35084: WYCK, RICHARD T. VAN (VIRGINIA HUGHES KAMINSKY, ED.) - A War to Petrify the Heart; the CIVIL War Letters of a Dutchess County, N.Y. Volunteer. Chapter Introductions by John C. Quinn
33298: WYSS, HILDE - Bettina Von Arnims Stellung Zwischen Der Romantik Und Dem Jungen Deutschland
24851: WYZEWA, T. DE, ET G. DE SAINT-FOX - W.A. Mozart; Sa Vie Musicale Et Son Oeuvre de L'Enfance a la Pleine Maturite, 1773-1777; Essai de Biographie Critique; Suivi D'Un Nouveau Catalogue Chronologique de L'Oeuvre Complete Du Maitre; Vol. 2: Le Jeune Maitre. Ouvrage Orne de Cinq Portraits Et Deux Fac-Similes
28061: ALFONSO X, REY DE CASTILLA (PIDAL, RAMON MENENDEZ CON LA COLABORACION DE ANTONIO G. SOLALINDE, MANUEL MUNOZ CORTEZ Y JOSE GOMEZ PEREZ) - Primera Cronica General de España [Espana]; Que Mando Componer Alfonso El Sabio Y Se Continuaba Bajo Anscho IV En 1289. Two Volumes
41587: YAKYMCHUK, NELLIE A. - Iskusstvo Gzheli/Painted Pottery from Gzhel
22464: YAMANAKA, NORIO - The Love of Kimono Embraces the Whole World
31916: YANITELLI, VICTOR R., ED - A Newman Symposium; Report on the Tenth Annual Meeting of the Catholic Renascence Society at the College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, Mass. , April 1952
32632: YEATS, W.B. [WILLIAM BUTLER] (DENIS DONOGHUE, ED.) - Memoirs; Autobiography-First Draft-Journal. Transcribed and Edited by Denis Donoghue
32686: YEATS, JOHN BUTLER (WILLIAM M. MURPHY, ED.) - Letters from Bedford Park; a Selection from the Correspondence (1890 - 1901) of John Butler Yeats. Edited, with Introduction and Notes by William M. Murphy
32742: YEATS, MICHAEL B. - Cast a Cold Eye; Memories of a Poet's Son and Politician
32649: YEATS, JACK B. (ROBIN SKELTON, ED.) - The Collected Plays of Jack B. Yeats. Edited, with an Introduction by Robin Skelton
32853: YEATS, WILLIAM BUTLER (MICHAEL J. DURKAN, CATALOGUER) - William Butler Yeats, 1865-1965; a Catalogue of His Works and Associated Items in Olin Library, Wesleyan University, Together with an Essay by David R. Clark '42. Catalogue by Michael J. Durkan
37401: YEDDER, KARIM BEN - Puits Et Puisatiers Dans la Tunisie Coloniale
33577: YELLOWITZ, IRWIN, ED - Essays in the History of New York City; a Memorial to Sidney Pomerantz
24438: YEPES, J.M. - Le Panamericanisme Au Point de Vue Historique Et Politique. Preface de J.G. Guerrero
38052: YEVTUSHENKO, YEVGENY - Don't Die Before You'Re Dead. Translated by Antonina W. Bouis
27582: YEW, WEI, ED - Storks & Bonds; the Best of Designer Wedding Invitations and Birth Announcements
42830: BINYONG, YIN AND JOHN S. ROHSENOW - Modern Chinese Characters
27679: YIN, MA, ED - China Minority Nationalities
42687: WANG, JIAN-YING AND ROBERT A. CASERO, JR., EDS - Polyamine Cell Signaling; Physiology, Pharmacology, and Cancer Research
17989: YNDURAIN, FRANCISCO - De Lector a Lector
43848: YOGANANDA, PARAMAHANSA - God Talks with Arjuna; the Bhagavad Gita; Royal Science of God-Realization; the Immortal Dialogue between Soul and Spirit. A New Translation and Commentary; Chapters 1-18. Two Volumes
40326: YU, YONG AND YALIN ZHANG - Chang Yong Tao CI Zhuang Shi Wen Yang
43967: YONGE, ENA L. - A Catalogue of Early Globes Made Prior to 1850 and Conserved in the United States; a Preliminary Listing
45029: YOON, EMILY JUNGMIN - A Cruelty Special to Our Species; Poems
45493: YOON, EMILY JUNGMIN - A Cruelty Special to Our Species; Poems
34359: THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK - Transactions of the American Institute of the City of New York for the Year 1853
4951: ASSOCIATION OF THE BAR OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK - Electricity and the Environment; the Reform of Legal Institutions. Report of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York, Special Committee on Electric Power and the Environment. Sheldon Oliensis, Chairman, Charles A. Ehren, Executive Director
36481: STATE OF NEW YORK - Report of the Hudson Valley Survey Commission to the Legislature, March 1, 1939
32904: THE ANALYTICAL PSYCHOLOGY CLUB OF NEW YORK - Spring: An Annual of Archetypal Psychology and Jungian Thought;
37800: STATE OF NEW YORK - The Legislative Manual of the State of New York for 1861
28110: YOUNG, REV. ERNLÉ W.D (DIANE E. WOODS, ED.) - Societal Provision for the Long-Term Needs of the Disabled in Britain and Sweden Relative to Decision-Making in Newborn Intensive Care Units
34971: YOUNG, D.M. - The Colonial Office in the Early Ninteenth Century
22422: YOUNG, ERIC (BOWES MUSEUM) - Catalogue of Spanish Paintings, with Introduction by Elizabeth Conran
22386: LITCHFIELD, CARTER, HANS-JOACHIM FINKE, STEPHEN G. YOUNG AND KAREN ZERBE HUETTE - The Bethlehem Oil MILL, 1745-1934; Oilseed MILL, Hemp MILL, Tanbark MILL, Groat MILL, Snuff MILL, Waterworks; German Technology in Early Pennsylvania
20282: YOUNG, ALAN - Tudor and Jacobean Tournaments
43656: YOUNG, PLATT - Glossary of Terms Typographical, with the Appendix Removed. Second Edition
39858: YOUNG, HESTER - The Gates of Evangeline
34215: YOUNG, LOUISE MERWIN - Thomas Carlyle and the Art of History
40823: YOUNG, ARTHUR - Political Arithmetic. Containing Observations on the Present State of Great Britain; and the Principles of Her Policy in the Encouragement of Agriculture. Addressed to the Oeconomical Societies Established in Europe. To Which Is Added, a Memoir on the Corn Trade: Drawn Up and Laid Before the Commissioners of the Treasury. By Governor Pownall. By Arthur Young, Esq. F.R. S. Author of the Tours Through England-Honorary Member of the Societies of Dublin, York, and Manchester, and of the Oeconomical Society of Berne in Switzerland
28456: YOUNGHUSBAND, SIR FRANCIS - Wonders of the Himalaya. With Frontispiece and Map
11563: YOUNGKEN, HEBER W., ED - For Nelson Fithian Davis: A Volume to Commemorate His Sixty-Fifth Birthday, Tenth August, 1872-1937
41676: YOURCENAR, MARGUERITE - Oeuvres Romanesques. Avant-Propos de L'Auteur Chronologie
17342: GREENE COUNTY 4-H LEADERS FOR YOUTH - Atlas & Plat Book, Greene County, Pennsylvania
34943: YRIARTE, CHARLES - La Vie D'Un Patricien de Venise Au Seizieme Siecle, D'Apres Les Papiers D'Etat Des Archives de Venise
32251: YÜKLEYEN, AHMET - Localizing Islam in Europe; Turkish Islamic Communities in Germany and the Netherlands
36874: YVER, JEAN - La Ville de Caen le Gouverneur Et Les Premiers Intendants de 1636 à [a] 1679
30544: ZAAL, WIM - De Herstellers; Lotgevallen Van de Nederlandse Fascisten En Van Wouter Lutkie's Tijdschrift Aristo
27391: ZACHRISSON, BROR - Textningsboken
25798: ZACKHEIM, VICTORIA, ED - The Face in the Mirror; Writers Reflect on Their Dreams of Youth and the Reality of Age
36182: ZAGONEL, GIAMPAOLO - Lorenzo Da Ponte; la Straordinaria Vita Del Poeta Di Mozart
41268: ZAHL, HAROLD A. - Electrons Away, or, Tales of a Government Scientist. With a Forward by Jerome B. Wiesner
17683: ZAHN, THEODOR (JACOBUS, MELANCTHON WILLIAMS, ET AL., TRANS.) - Introduction to the New Testament. Translated from the Third German Edition. In Three Volumes
21122: ZALYGIN, SERGEI - Literaturnye Zaboty
42368: ZAMACOIS, MIGUEL (JOHN N. RAPHAEL, TR.) - The Jesters; a Simple Story in Four Acts of Verse. Adapted from the French by John N. Raphael
24965: ZANDER, ERNST - Die Kampagne Gegen Die Remilitarisierung in Deutschland
11538: ZANDER, JOSEF UND FRITZ ZIMMER - Die Bayerische Gesellschaft Fur Geburtshilfe Und Frauenheilkunde: Eine Documentation Anlasslich Ihres 75 Jährigen [Jahrigen] Bestehens
33981: ZANDER, ROBERT, FRITZ ENCKE UND GÜNTHER [GUNTHER] BUCHEIM - Handwörterbuch [Handworterbuch] Der Pflanzennamen Und Ihre Erklärungen [Erklarungen].9. Auflage. Völlig [Vollig] Neubearbeitet Von Robert Zander, Fritz Encke Und Günther [Gunther] Bucheim
30612: ZANDSTRA, EVERT - Vrijheid; Het Leven Van F. Domela Nieuwenhuis
9672: ZANETTA, PIERO - Ghemme Al Tempo Degli Antonelli
25285: ZAPF, WOLFGANG, HRSG - Beiträge [Beitrage] Zur Analyse Der Deutschen Oberschicht
39598: ZAPP, ALBERT - Untersuchungen Zum Nationalsozialistischen Deutschen ärztebund (Nsdäb)
35744: ZASLOFF, JOSEPH J. - The Pathet Lao; Leadership and Organization
37841: THE ROYAL SOCIETY OF NEW ZEALAND - Large Earthquakes in New Zealand; Anticipation, Precaution, Reconstruction. Proceedings of a Conference Held at Napier, New Zealand, 31 January-3 February 1981 on the Occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the Hawkes Bay Earthquake
29823: ZEEB, DR. KLAUS (URSULA GUTTMANN, FOTOGRAFIERT) - Wildpferde in Dülmen [Dulmen]; Pferde, Wie Sie Wirklich Leben, Beobachtet in Freier Wildbahn
32349: ZEEUW, CHR. A. DE RUYTER-DE - Hendrik Spiekman; de Grondvester Van de Rotterdamse Sociaal-Democratie, 13 Februari 1874-18 November 1917
24559: ZEHREN, ERICH - Das Testament Der Sterne, Mit 90 Abbildungen Auf Kunstdrucktafeln Und IM Text
7516: ZELGER, FRANZ - Der Historienmaler Ernst Stuckelberg, 1831 Bis 1903. (Phd Dissertation, Universitat Zurich)
43040: ZELINSKY, PAUL O. - Rumpelstiltskin. From the German of the Brothers Grimm. Retold and Illustrated by Paul O. Zelinsky
31578: ZELLER, BERNHARD - Schiller; Eine Bildbiographie
31562: ZELLER, BERNHARD - Marbacher Memorabilien, Vom Schiller-Nationalmuseum Zum Deutschen Literaturarchiv, 1953-1973
19268: ZELLER, BELLE - Pressure Politics in New York; a Study of Group Representation Before the Legislature
44857: ZELLER, GASTON - Les Institutions de la France Au XVI Siecle
39205: ZEMAN, ZAB - Twilight of the Hapsburgs; the Collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire
34031: ZENKERT, CHARLES A. - The Flora of the Niagara Frontier Region; Ferns and Flowering Plants of Buffalo, N.Y. , and Vicinity
39760: ALEXANDR W. BELOBRATOW UND ALEXEJ I. ZEREBIN, HRSG - Dostojewskij Und Die Russische Literatur in ôsterreich [Osterreich] Seit Der Jahrhundertwende (Literatur, Theater)
28596: ZERMATTEN, MAURICE - Visages
44729: VON ZESEN, PHILIPP - Moralia Horatiana; Das Ist, Die Horazische Sittenlehre. Nach Der Deutschen Erstausgable Von Kornelis Dankers, Amsterdam 1656. Mit Den Kupfern Der Originalausgabe Von Hieronymus Verdussen, Antwerpen 1607. In Faksimile
40137: ZETLIN, MIKHAIL OSIPOVICH - Dekabristy, Sudeba Odnogo Pokolyeniya
45383: ZEUNER, FREDERICK E. - A History of Domesticated Animals
43307: ZEVIN, GABRIELLE - Young Jane Young; a Novel
43560: ZEVIN, GABRIELLE - Young Jane Young; a Novel
42828: ZHENG, DINGOU [DING OU] - You Gang Ao Xue Yue Yu [Hong Kong and Macao Tour to Learn Cantonese]
26027: ZHIZHANG, YE, ED - Biology of Leaf Monkey (Presbytis) / Yehou Shengwu Xue / Ye Hou Sheng Wu Xue
25863: ZIEGLER, HEINRICH ERNST - Der Begriff Des Instinktes Einst Und Jetzt; Eine Studie über [Uber] Die Geschichte Und Die Grundlagen Der Tierpsychologie. Mit 16 Abbildungen IM Text Und Zwei Tafeln
24442: ZIEGLER, HEINZ O. - Die Moderne Nation; Ein Beitrag Sur Politishen Soziologie
25929: ZIEHER, OTTMAR - Oberammergau; 20 Der Schönsten [Schonsten] Ansichten in Postkartenform
25930: ZIEHER, OTTMAR - Scenen Und Lebende Bilder Aus Dem Passionsspiel in Oberammergau in 20 Ansichtskarten (Nach Früheren [Fruheren] Ausnahmen)
44627: ZIELINKSKA, MARIA DANILEWICZ - Bibliografia; "Kultura" (1958-1973); "Zeszyty Historyczne" (1962-1973); Dzialalnosc Wydawnicza (1959-1973)
21261: ZILBERSHTEIN, I.S.; N.G. ZAKHARENKO, AND Z.I. LEVINSON - Tvorchestvo Konstantina Fedina; Stat'i Soobshcheniia, Dokumental'Nye Materialy, Vstrechi S Fedinym, Bibliografiia
32835: ZILCZER, JUDITH - The Noble Buyer"; John Quinn, Patron of the Avant-Garde
25760: VAN ZILE, EDWARD S. - Samuel Gompers Vs. Arthur Henderson
36417: ZILLE, HEINRICH (HERBERT REINOSS, HRSG.) - Das Neue Zille-Buch. Herausgegeben Und Mit Einem Nachwort Versehen Von Herbert Reinoss
33419: ZIMMERMAN, DWIGHT (WAYNE VANSANT, ILLUS.) - The Hammer and the Anvil; Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, and the End of Slavery in America. Foreword by James M. Mcpherson. Illustrated by Wayne Vansant. [Graphic Novel]
43262: ZIMMERMAN, MICHAEL E. - Eclipse of the Self; the Development of Heidegger's Concept of Authenticity
41867: ZIMMERMAN, JONATHAN - Small Wonder; the Little Red Schoolhouse in History and Memory
25243: ZIMMERMAN, ALBRIGHT G. (COMPILER) - A Canal Bibliography with a Primary Emphasis on the United States and Canada
45230: ZIMMERMANN, MOSHE - Wilhelm Marr; the Patriarch of Anti-Semitism
4015: ZIMMERMANN, HORST - Die Schweizerisch-österreichischen [Osterreichischen] Beziehungen Von 1922-1931; Ein Diskussionsbeitrag. (Phd Dissertation, Universität [Universitat] Bern. )
21136: ZIMMERMANN, ROLF CHRISTIAN - Der Dichter Als Prophet: Grotesken Von Nestroy Bis Thomas Mann Als Prophetische Seismogramme Gesellschaftlicher Fehlentwicklungen Des 20. Jahrhunderts
25525: ZINCK, JACK - Shipwrecks of Nova Scotia; Volume II
34705: ZINK, MICHEL (JEFF RIDER, TR.) - Medieval French Literature; an Introduction
28489: ZINSLI, PAUL - Grund Und Grat; Die Bergwelt IM Spiegel Der Schweizerdeutschen Alpenmundarten
26004: ZIZEK, SLAVOJ - For They Know Not What They Do; Enjoyment As a Political Factor
41599: ZODHIATES, SPIROS, ED - The Complete Word Study New Testament; King James Version. Words in the Text Numerically Coded to Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible, Introduction to Each Book, Exegetical Notes, Grammatical Codes on the Text, Lexical Aids, Greek Concordance, Strong's Concise Dictionary of Words in the Greek Testament
41551: ZOLA, EMILE - Les Rougon-Macquart; Histoire Naturelle Et Sociale D'Une Famille Sous le Second Empire. Edition Integrale Publiee Sous la Direction D'Armand Lanoux. Preface de Armand Lanoux. Etudes, Notes Et Variantes Par Henri Mitterand. Five Volume Set. Complete
40451: ZOLA, ÉMILE (ALBERT J. SALVAN, ED.) - Lettres Inedites a Henry Ceard. Publiees Et Annotees Par Albert J. Salvan
38314: ZOLA, ÉMILE - The Debacle. Introduction by Robert Baldick. [Translated by John Hands]
40458: ZOLA, EMILE (ALBERT J. SALVAN, ED.) - Vingt Messages Inedits de Zola a Céard. Presentes Et Annotes Par Albert J. Salvan
38247: ZOLA, ÉMILE (A. TEIXERIA DE MATTOS, TR.) - The Kill. Translated from the French by A. Teixeria de Mattos. Introduction by Angus Wilson
44225: ZOLO, DANILO (DAIVD MCKIE, TR.) - Reflexive Epistemology; the Philosophical Legacy of Otto Neurath. Translated from the Italian by Daivd Mckie
11851: ZOLOTNITSKII, DAVID - Akademicheskie Teatry Naputiakh Oktiabria
8123: ZONDEK, HERMANN - Auf Festem Fusse; Erinnerungen: Eines Jüdischen [Judischen] Klinikers
16985: ZONOVA, O. - Khudozhestven - Nie Sokrovishcha Moskovskogo Kremlia
12383: ZORETTI, LUDOVIC - Lecons Sur le Prolongement Analytique, Professees Au College de France Par Ludovic Zoretti
3584: MAATSCHAPPELIJKE ZORG********** - Maatschappelijke Zorg in Historisch Perspectief; Honderd Jaren Armenwet, 1854-1954. Door J.C. Van Dam, Et. Al
17957: ZORRILLA, JOSE - Don Juan Tenorio. El Puñal [Punal] Del Godo. Septima Edicion
31848: ZORRILLA, JOSE - El Zapatero Y El Rey (Primera Y Segunda Partes). Edicion Introduccion Y Notas de Jean-Louis Picoche
33752: ZRZAVY, JAN - Vzpomina; Na Domov, Detstvi a Mlada Leta
34811: ZSCHOKKE, FRIDTJOF, ED. (DOUGLAS COOPER, TR.) - Mediaeval Stained Glass of Switzerland; Ten Colour Plates. Edited and with an Introduction by Fridtjof Zschokke. Translated from the German by Douglas Cooper
9111: ZUBE, ERVIN H., ED - Changing Rural Landscapes. Ed. By... And Margaret J. Zube
33136: ZUBIRI, XAVIER - Naturaleza, Historia, Dios. Quinta Edicion
41286: ZUCKER, IRVING, COMPILER - A Sourcebook of French Advertising Art, with over 5000 Illustrations from the Turn of the Century
28074: ZUCMAN, ELIZABETH - Childhood Disability in the Family; Recognizing the Added Handicap
40898: ZUKOFSKY, LOUIS - Little; for Careenagers
18034: ZULETA, EMILIA DE - Historia de la Critica Española [Espanola] Contemporanea
40500: ZUMTHOR, PAUL - Histoire Litteraire de la France Medievale (VI-XIV Siecles)
39570: KUNSTHAUS ZURICH - Sammlung Emil G. Bührle[ Buhrle]; Festschrift Zu Ehren Von Emil G. Bührle [Buhrle] Zur Eröffnung [Eroffnung] Des Kunsthaus-Neubaus Und Katalog Der Sammlung Emil G. Bührle [Buhrle].7. Juni-Ende September 1958
33828: ZURMÜHL [ZURMUHL], RUDOLF - Matrizen Und Ihre Technischen Anwendungen. Mit 68 Abbildungen. Vierte Neubearbeitete Auflage
33225: ZUSSMAN, ROBERT - Mechanics of the Middle Class; Work and Politics Among American Engineers
41947: ZUSY, CATHERINE - Norton Stoneware and American Redware; the Bennington Museum Collection
21576: SOBEL, ZVI AND BENJAMIN BEIT-HALLAHMI, EDS - Tradition, Innovation, Conflict; Jewishness and Judiasm in Contemporary Israel
35129: ZWEIG, ARNOLD - Lessing, Kleist, Büchner [Buchner]; Drei Versuche
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