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42651: SILVA, ANTONIO DE ANDRADE E. - Eu Estive Em Macau Durante a Guerra
21281: SILVEIRA, ENIO, ED - Os Sete Pecados Capitais
36648: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - Stormy Voyager; the Story of Charles Wilkes. Maps and Drawings by Thomas R. Funderburk
26294: SILVERMAN, HUGH J., ED - Writing the Politics of Difference
24179: SILVERMAN, SANFORD S. - Looking Back; the Memoirs of Sanford S. Silverman Looking Back from 1995 to July 7,1917
26865: SILVERMAN, HUGH J. - Inscriptions; between Phenomenology and Structuralism
7268: SILVERT, KALMAN H., ED - Churches and States: The Religious Institution and Modernization. By Victor D. Du Bois [and Others]. Foreword by Kenneth W. Thompson
21212: SILVESTER, RICHARD - Coastal Engineering. Complete Set
32935: SILVESTER, VICTOR - Dancing Is My Life; an Autobiography
28587: SILVESTRELLI, ANITA - Franz Schubert; Das Wahre Gesicht Seines Lebens. Mit Vierundzwanzig Bildtafeln
31535: SILZ, WALTER - Early German Romanticism; Its Founders and Heinrich Von Kleist
20748: SILZ, WALTER - Realism and Reality; Studies in the German Novelle of Poetic Realism
41275: SIMIC, CHARLES - Charon's Cosmology; Poems
25819: SIMMEL, JOHANNES MARIO, HRSG - Für [Fur] Willy Droemer Zum 18. Juli 1971 in Grusse Und Wünsche [Wunsche] Zum Fünfundzwanzigjährigen [Funfundzwanzigjahrigen] Bestehen Der Droemerschen Verlagsanstalt
45944: SIMMEL, GEORG (K. PETER ERZKORN, TR.) - The Conflict in Modern Culture and Other Essays. Translated, with an Introduction, by K. Peter Etzkorn
37958: SIMMERN, H. FREIHERRN LANGWERTH VON - Oesterreich Und Das Reich IM Kampfe Mit Der Französischen [Franzosischen] Revolution. Von 1790 Bis 1797. Two Volumes in One
38932: SIMMONDS, GEORGE W., ED - Nationalism in the Ussr and Eastern Europe in the Era of Brezhnev and Kosygin; Papers and Proceedings of the Symposium Held at University of Detroit on October 3-4, 1975.
32869: SIMMONDS, HARVEY - John Quinn; an Exhibition to Mark the Gift of the John Quinn Memorial Collection
32870: SIMMONDS, HARVEY - John Quinn; an Exhibition to Mark the Gift of the John Quinn Memorial Collection
43864: SIMMONS, CHARLES - The Belles Lettres Papers; a Novel
38522: SIMMS, WILLIAM GILMORE. (JOHN CALDWELL GUILDS, ED.) - The Yemassee; a Romance of Carolina; Selected Fiction of William Gilmore. Arkansas Edition. Edited by John Caldwell Guilds
38338: SIMMS, W. [WILLIAM] GILMORE - Charlemont, or the Pride of the Village; a Tale of Kentucky
38477: SIMMS, W. [WILLIAM] GILMORE - Woodcraft, or, Hawks About the Dovecote; a Story of the South at the Close of the Revolution. New and Revised Edition
15574: SIMMS, WILLIAM GILMORE. EDITED BY C. HUGH HOLMAN - Views and Reviews in American Literature, History and Fiction. First Series
47478: SIMMS, JEPTHA R. - Trappers of New York; or, a Biography of Nicholas Stoner and Nathaniel Foster; Together with Anecdotes of Other Celebrated Hunters, and Some Account of Sir William Johnson, and His Style of Living
38339: SIMMS, W. [WILLIAM] GILMORE - Beauchampe, or the Kentucky Tragedy; a Sequel to Charlemont
30106: SIMÕES [SIMOES], JOÃO [JOAO] GASPAR - Vida E Obra de Fernando Pessoa; Historia Duma Geracão [Geracao]; Volume II: Maturidade E Morte. Vol. 2 Only
29098: SIMON, RITA J., ED - Immigration and American Public Policy. (the Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, Vol. 487, September 1986)
40539: SIMON, CLAUDE - Triptyque
40794: SIMON, CLAUDE - Le Sacre Du Printemps; Roman
40793: SIMON, CLAUDE - Gulliver; Roman
45679: SAINT-SIMON, CLAUDE-HENRI DE (GHITA IONESCU, ED.) (VALENCE IONESCU, TR.) - The Political Thought of Saint-Simon
40538: SIMON, CLAUDE - La Bataille de Pharsale
40828: SIMON, PIERRE-HENRI - Le Jardin Et la Ville
40790: SIMON, CLAUDE - Histoire
46720: SIMON, G.A. - L'Abbe Pierre-Francois Jamet; Second Fondateur de L'Institut Du Bon-Sauveur, Recteur de L'Academie de Caen (1762-1845). Preface de M. Maurice Souriau
28701: SIMON, PETER (PHOTOGRAPHER) - On the Vineyard III, with Photographs by Peter Simon and Written Contributions by Dana K. Anderson, Nancy Slonim Aronie, Susan Branch, Et Al.
22610: SIMON, PAUL - Lyrics; 1964-2008
30104: SIMON, RABBI YITZCHAK - Gemara K'Fshuta
47422: HART, SIMON AND HARRY J. KREIDER, TRS - Lutheran Church in New York and New Jersey, 1722-1760; Lutheran Records in the Ministerial Archives of the Staatsarchiv, Hamburg, Germany
36166: BERNARD-GRIFFITHS, SIMONE ET PAUL VIALLANEIX - Edgar Quinet, Ce Juif Errant. (Actes Du Colloque International de Clermont-Ferrand Centenaire de la Mort D'Edgar Quinet)
35135: SIMONE, ALINA - Note to Self
30005: SIMONE, ALINA - You Must Go and Win
43674: SIMONS, JOSEPH SERVATIUS FRANCISCUS - Robert Persons; Certamen Ecclesiae Anglicanae
46615: SIMONS, PAULLINA - The Tiger Catcher. (the End of Forever Saga)
18758: SIMONSON, L. (LEOPOLD) - The German Ballad Book: A Collection of Ballades, Romances, and Minor Poems, from Goethe, Schiller, Bürger, Uhland, Schwab, Körner, Etc. With Biographical Sketches, Introductions, Arguments, Grammatical and Miscellaneous Notes by L. Simonson. / Deutsches Balladen-Buch
38712: SIMPSON, PETER - Hegel's Transcendental Induction
42834: SIMPSON, E.S. - The Ground-Water Resources of Schenectady County, New York
41873: SIMPSON, MONA - Anywhere But Here
39688: SIMPSON, G.W.G. - Periscope View; a Professional Autobiography
43519: SIMPSON, DAVID - Wordsworth and the Figuring of the Real
44248: SIMS, WILLIAM LEE, II - 150 Years... And the Future; "Colgate-Palmolive" (1806-1956)
35791: SIMS, VICTOR H. - Small Town and Rural Police
37717: SINCLAIR, UPTON - The Goose-Step; a Study of American Education
45420: SINCLAIR, JOHN - Zambezi South; an Explorer's View of Africa South of the Zambezi; Camera, Story and Sketches
36218: ALBUTT, SIR T. CLIFFORD, ARTURO CASTIGLIONI, FRIEDRICH DANNEMANN, ET AL (CHARLES SINGER AND HENRY E. SIGERIST, EDS.) - Essays on the History of Medicine, Presented to Karl Sudhoff on the Occasion of His Seventieth Birthday, November 26th, 1923
15730: SINGER, RON - A Voice for My Grandmother
37813: SINGERMAN, ROBERT - American Library Book Catalogues, 1801-1875; a National Bibliography
32113: SINGH, BHAGAT LAKSHMAN - Sikh Martyrs
4025: SINGH, S. N. - The Secretary of State for India and His Council
28628: NARADA (NANDALAL SINHA, TR.) - The Bhakti Sutras of Narada. With Explanatory Notes and an Introduction by the Translator
44199: MALESEVIC, SINISA AND MARK HAUGAARD, EDS - Ernest Gellner and Contemporary Social Thought
40238: SINISALO, JOHANNA - The Core of the Sun. Translated from the Finnish by Lola Rogers
18041: BIBLIOTECA SIONISTA - Las Voces de la Emancipacion Judia
22716: SIPHER, ERTON - The Gene Revolution; the History of Cooperative Artificial Breeding in New York and New England, 1938-1990
42157: SIPIORA, PHILLIP, ED - The Mailer Review; Beyond Fiction. Fall 2009
26116: SIRCELLO, GARY - A New Theory of Beauty
36561: SIREN, OSVALD - Chinese Painting; Leading Masters and Principles. Vols. 1-3 Only
46989: SIRJEAN, GASTON - Encyclopedie Genealogique Des Maisons Souveraines Du Monde; 1: Les Merovingiens; 2: Les Carolingiens; 3: Les Capetiens Directs; Vol. 4: Les Valois; 5: Les Bourbons; 6: Les Orleans; 8: Les Illegitmes; 9: Premiere Maison de Bourgogne; Deuxieme Maison de Bourgogne. Preface de Docteur M. Dugast Rouille. Together with an out-of-Series Volume, Histoire de L'Europe En Tableaux. Vols. 1-10, Lacking Vol. 7: Les Bonaparte
46631: SISKIND, AARON (WILLIAM MORGAN, TEXT) - Bucks County; Photographs of Early Architecture. Text by William Morgan
35077: SISSONS, J.B. - The Evolution of Scotland's Scenery
36972: FOWKES, DUDLEY, MARK SISSONS AND IAN MITCHELL, EDS - A Guide to the Industrial Archaeology of Derbyshire
36920: SIVLE, PER (PREBEN RAMLOV, TR.) - Noveller. Paa Dansk Ved Preben Ramlov
33100: SIZE, WILLIAM B. - Use and Abuse of Statistical Methods in the Earth Sciences
24732: SKARBILOVICH, T.S. - Bibliography of Russian Literature on Nematodes Published between 1874 and 1975
25095: SKAUPY, FRANZ (MARION LEE TAYLOR, TR.) - Principles of Powder Metallurgy
23511: SKELLAND, A.H.P. - Diffusional Mass Transfer
42433: SKELTON, GEOFFREY - Wieland Wagner; the Positive Sceptic
22355: SKELTON, EARL F. - High Pressure Science and Technology in Japan
21546: SKELTON, ROBIN - The Dark Widow
34457: SKELTON, J.W. - Tom Paine; the Founding Father America Disowned
41415: MONKS OF NEW SKETE - Passion and Resurrection
41416: MONKS OF NEW SKETE - Troparia and Kondakia
41413: MONKS OF NEW SKETE - Monastic Typicon
7544: PEREDEL'SKII, GEORGII EFIMOVICH - Artilleriiskii Divizion V Boiu
47265: SKINNER, JOHN, REVEREND - An Ecclesiastical History of Scotland, from the First Appearance of Christianity in That Kingdom, to the Present Time, with Remarks on the Most Important Occurrences, in a Series of Letters to a Friend. Two Volumes
15325: SKINNER, WILLIAM, ED - Local, Ethnic, and National Loyalties in Village Indonesia: A Symposium
19405: SKINNER, HENRY - A Synonymic Catalogue of the North American Rhopalocera
10677: ROSEN, SUSANNA, ANNA SKOOG AND PETER GÖTTFERT [GOTTFERT] - Orkidéer: Sinnlight Vackra, Enkla Att Sköta
36948: SKOVMAND, ROAR - Dansk Nationalfølelse [Nationalfolelse] Fra Middelalder Til Nutid Genspejlet I Faedrelandssange
24431: SKRIVER, ANSGAR - Das Konzept Der Hilfe Ist Falsch; Entwicklung in Abhängigkeit [Abhangigkeit]
45472: SKUTCH, ALEXANDER F. - A Naturalist in Costa Rica
21140: SKWARA, ERICH WOLFGANG - Pest in Siena; Roman. Mit Einem Nachwort Von Joseph P. Strelka
29552: SLAVITT, DAVID R. - Epic and Epigram; Two Elizabethan Entertainments
39935: SLEIGH, R.C., ED - Necessary Truth
23715: SLITR, JIRI A JIRI SUCHY - Praha, Mesto Vesi
21544: SLOBIN, DAN ISAAC (WENGER F. LEOPOLD) - Leopold's Bibliography of Child Language, Revised and Augmented by Dan Isaac Slobin
36974: SLOCOMBE, PAMELA M., ED - A Guide to the Industrial Archaeology of Wiltshire. Compiled and Edited by Pamela M. Slocombe
31051: SLOCUM, ROBERT B. - New England in Fiction, 1787-1990; an Annotated Bibliography. Complete in One Volume
38139: CEJKA, MIREK, DUSAN SLOSAR AND JANA NECHUTOVA - Gramatika Ceska Jana Blahoslava
30689: SLUYSER, M. - De Centrale; Vijftig Jaar Arbeiders-Levens-Verzekering. Met Een Voorwoord Door Ir. H. Vos
22313: SMAKULA, ALEXANDER (W. MEISSNER UND M. NÄBAUER, HRSG.) - Einkristalle; Wachstum, Herstellung Und Anwendung. Mit 240 Abbildungen. (Technische Physik in Einzeldarstellungen; Band 14)
46467: SMALL, A.K. - Bright Burning Stars
46446: SMALL, K.J., ED - Break Into Day
46236: SMALL, A.K. - Bright Burning Stars
22688: SMEDAL, GUSTAV - Opgjør [Opgjor] of Forståelse [Forstaelse] Med Danmark; Grønlandssaken [Gronlandssaker], Historisk Og Politisk
8677: SMEKEN, JAN (GILBERT DEGROOTE, ED.) - Jan Smeken's Gedicht Op de Feesten Ter Eere Van Het Gulden Vlies Te Brussel in 1516. Met Inleiding, Aanteekeningen En Glossarium Door Dr. Gilbert Degroote
14907: SMIT, D. - Het Göring [Goring]-Gambiet
31170: SMITH, RICHARD GORDON (VICTORIA MANTHORPE, ED.) - Travels in the Land of the Gods (1898-1907); the Japan Diaries of Richard Gordon Smith
41188: SMITH, HELEN EVERTSON - Colonial Days and Ways As Gathered from Family Papers
30979: SMITH, JOHN THOMAS (CHARLES MACKAY, ED.) - An Antiquarian Ramble in the Streets of London, with Anecdotes of Their More Celebrated Residents. Vol. 1 Only
34674: SMITH, THEOBALD (EMERSON CROSBY KELLY, ED.) - Investigations Into the Nature, Causation, and Prevention of Southern Cattle Fever. A Comparative Study of Bovine Tubercle Bacilli and of Human Bacilli from Sputum. (Medical Classics, Compiled by Emerson Crosby Kelly, Vol. 1, No. 5)
34677: SMITH, NATHAN (EMERSON CROSBY KELLY, ED.) - A Practical Essay on Typhous [Typhus] Fever. Observations on the Pathology and Treatment of Necrosis. (Medical Classics, Compiled by Emerson Crosby Kelly, Vol. 1, No. 8)
33397: SMITH, F.J. - Phenomenology in Perspective
26443: SMITH, TONY - The Role of Ethics in Social Theory; Essays from a Habermasian Perspective
26101: SMITH, JOSEPH H. - Arguing with Lacan; Ego Psychology and Language
23662: SMITH, COLIN - Contemporary French Philosophy; a Study in Norms and Values
23018: SMITH, PAUL H., COMPILER - English Defenders of American Freedoms, 1774-1778; Six Pamphlets Attacking British Policy
47440: SMITH, RICHARD (FRANCIS W. HALSEY, ED.) - A Tour of the Hudson, the Mohawk, the Susquehanna, and the Delaware in 1769; Being the Journal of Richard Smith of Burlington, New Jersey. Edited, with a Short History of Pioneer Settlements, by Francis W. Halsey
37642: SMITH, NORA ARCHIBALD - The Children of the Future
46578: SMITH, JOYCE RONALD - Taaniko; Maori Hand-Weaving
39008: SMITH, IRA L. - Baseball's Famous First Basemen. Illustrated by Leo Hershfield
9862: SMITH, J. RUSSELL, ED - The American Industrial Opportunity
36603: SMITH, C. FOX - Ship Alley; More Sailor Town Days. With Six Illustrations by Phil W. Smith
46776: SMITH, C. FOX - Ship Models. Illustrated with 48 Pages of Photographs
22880: SMITH, EDWARD CONRAD - The Borderland in the CIVIL War
44947: SMITH, J.E.A. - The History of Pittsfield (Berkshire County) Massachusetts, from the Year 1734 to the Year 1800. [with His] the History of Pittsfield (Berkshire County) Massachusetts, from the Year 1734 to the Year 1800
31990: KEITH-SMITH, BRIAN - Lothar Schreyer; Ein Vergessener Expressionist; Achtzehn Aufsätze über [Aufsatze Uber] Leben Und Werk Mit Unveröffentlichten [Unveroffentlichten] Texten, Siebzehn Abbildungen Und Einer Bibliographie
33125: SMITH, NICHOLAS H. - Strong Hermeneutics; Contingency and Moral Identity
12633: SMITH, GUS - Dr. Tom's Festival Legacy
41808: ROBB-SMITH, A.H.T. - A Short History of the Radcliffe Infirmary
46758: SMITH, JOHN HOLLAND - The Death of Classical Paganism
38785: SMITH, LACHLAN - Fox Is Framed; a Leo Maxwell Mystery
41488: SMITH, REV. ALMIRON - Light Among the Shadows, or How and Why I Became Blind
44348: SMITH, HELEN - An Uncommon Reader; a Life of Edward Garnett
39039: SMITH, LACHLAN - Fox Is Framed; a Leo Maxwell Mystery
33250: SUTTON-SMITH, BRIAN, ED - The Games of the Americas; a Book of Readings; Part 1: Central and South America; Part 2: North America
20695: SMITH, THOMAS - An Epitome of Mythology. Enlarged and Improved by Donald Mcdonald. (the Scientific Library, or Repository of Useful and Polite Literature, Volume 3)
46711: GIBBS-SMITH, CHARLES - Early Flying Machines, 1799-1909
47512: SMITH, ARTHUR COSSLETT - The Monk and the Dancer
36602: SMITH, C. FOX - Ship Alley; More Sailor Town Days. With Six Illustrations by Phil W. Smith
43882: SAGE, DEAN, C.H. TOWNSEND, H.M. SMITH AND WILLIAM C. HARRIS - Salmon and Trout. Illustrated by A.B. Frost, Tappan Adney, Martin Justice, and Others
45453: TROW-SMITH, ROBERT - A History of British Livestock Husbandry to 1700
46377: SMITH, MARTIN - The Railways of Bristol and Somerset
2874: SMOLDAS, ZDENEK - Ceskoslovensti Letci V Joji Proti Fasismu
43677: SMOLLETT, TOBIAS - The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle; with 'the Memoirs of a Lady of Quality', to Which Is Prefixed, 'a Life of the Author'. In Four Volumes
30602: SMOYDZIN, WERNER - Npd; Neo-Nazistische Partijvorming in de Bondsrepubliek. Met Een Inleiding Van Martin Van Amerongen
33764: SMYTHE, DANIEL - Man in the Land
47375: SNELL, ADA L.F. - Palatines Along the Mohawk and Their Church in the Wilderness. Drawings by Sybil Clark Fonda
32344: SNELLER, Z.W., RED - Geschiedenis Van Den Nederlandschen Landbouw, 1795-1940. Onder Redactie Van Dr. Z.W. Sneller. Met Medewerking Van J.P. Bakker, P.J. Bouman, S.J. Fockema Andreae, Et Al.
46763: SNOW, C.P. - Stranger and Brothers; Vol. 1: Time of Hope (1914-33), George Passant (1925-33), the Conscience of the Rich (1927-37), the Light and the Dark (1935-43); Vol. 2: The Masters (1937), the New Men (1939-47), Homecomings (1938-51), the Affair (1953-54); Vol. 3: Corridors of Power (1955-59), the Sleep of Reason (1963-64), Last Things (1964-68). Complete Three Volume Set
9678: SNOW, MARSHALL S. - The City Government of Saint Louis
41493: SNOWDEN, JAMES H. - The Coming of the Lord; Will It Be Premillennial
45672: SNYDER, LOUIS L. - The Meaning of Nationalism. Foreword by Hans Kohn
28360: SNYDER, ROBERT E., GUEST ED - Photography and the American South. (History of Photography; Vol. 19, No. 1; Spring 1995)
16838: SNYDER, DAVID NATHAN - Hominid Philosophical Orientations and Attitudinal Relationships with Other Species. Unpublished Ph. D. Dissertation, the University of Texas at Arlington
38788: SNYDER, CARRIE - Girl Runner; a Novel
45747: SOBOLEV, GENNADII LEONT'EVICH - Oktiabr'Skaia Revoliutsiia V Amerikanskoi Istoriografii, 1917-1970-E Gody
36137: SOBOUL, ALBERT, ED - Contributions a L'Histoire Paysanne de la Revolution Francaise
44943: BUFFALO HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Publications, Vol. 14 (1910). Includes the Holland Land Co. And Canal Construction in Western New York: Buffalo-Black Rock Harbor Papers, Journals and Documents; the Erie Canal and the Settlement of the West, by Lois Kimball Mathews; from New York to Niagara: Journal of a Tour, in Part by Canal, in 1829, by William Leete Stone; Journal of a Tour from Albany to Lake Erie by the Erie Canal in 1826; Buffalo and Black Rock Harbor Papers and Related Documents of Early Date
47447: PALATINE SOCIETY - The Palantines of New York State; a Complete Compilation of the History of the Palantines Who First Came to New York State in 1708-1722
29171: AMERICAN MATHEMATICAL SOCIETY - American Mathematical Society Translations; Series 2; Volume 5
21230: NEW ENGLAND HISTORIC GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY - Circulating Library Catalog for the New England Historic Genealogical Society. Complete Set
38142: THE AMERICAN MUSICAL INSTRUMENT SOCIETY - Journal of the American Musical Instrument Society; Vols. 9-13, 15, 16(1983-1989). Lacks Vol. 14
42879: THE FARADAY SOCIETY - Interaction in Ionic Solutions
47391: BEACON HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Retrospect; a Pictorial Review of Beacon, New York
23171: THE BOTSWANA SOCIETY - Botswana Notes and Records, Volume 3
25786: MARK TWAIN SOCIETY - Mark Twain Society Bulletin; Vol. 1, No. 1 - Vol. 10, No. 2; Vol. XIII, No. 1; Vol. XIV, No. 1; Vol. XV, No. 2; Vol. XVI, No. 1
37339: THE GLACIOLOGICAL SOCIETY - Symposium on the Hydrology of Glaciers; Cambridge 7-13 September 1969
25737: THE ANTI-SLAVERY SOCIETY - Slavery in Europe; a Letter to Neutral Governments
26967: THE SCHENECTADY COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Year Book of the Schenectady County Historical Society, 1908-1912
30665: ROYAL ASIATIC SOCIETY, KOREA BRANCH - Transactions; Volume 63,1988, Seoul
30666: ROYAL ASIATIC SOCIETY, KOREA BRANCH - Transactions; Volume 64,1989, Seoul
30667: ROYAL ASIATIC SOCIETY, KOREA BRANCH - Transactions; Volume 66,1991, Seoul
30668: ROYAL ASIATIC SOCIETY, KOREA BRANCH - Transactions; Volume 67, 1992, Seoul
34429: ROME HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Rome, New York Centennial History, 1870-1970. Compiled by Rome Historical Society for the Celebration of the Centennial of the City of Rome
22220: GERMANIC GENEALOGY SOCIETY - Germanic Genealogy Journal; Vol. 5, No. 2 (Summer 2002), Vol. 6, No. 1 (Spring 2003) - Vol. 9, No. 2 (Summer 2006)
41942: AMERICAN FOUNDRYMEN'S SOCIETY - Engineering Manual for Control of in-Plant Environment in Foundries
30658: ROYAL ASIATIC SOCIETY, KOREA BRANCH - Ras Transactions; Volume XLVII, 1972, Seoul
30659: ROYAL ASIATIC SOCIETY, KOREA BRANCH - Transactions; Volume 52,1977, Seoul
30660: ROYAL ASIATIC SOCIETY, KOREA BRANCH - Transactions; Volume 57,1982, Seoul
30661: ROYAL ASIATIC SOCIETY, KOREA BRANCH - Transactions; Volume 58,1983, Seoul
30662: ROYAL ASIATIC SOCIETY, KOREA BRANCH - Transactions; Volume 60,1985, Seoul
30663: ROYAL ASIATIC SOCIETY, KOREA BRANCH - Transactions; Volume 61,1986, Seoul
30664: ROYAL ASIATIC SOCIETY, KOREA BRANCH - Transactions; Volume 62,1987, Seoul
40378: THOMAS HARDY FESTIVAL SOCIETY - Official Handbook; Thomas Hardy Festival, Dorchester, July 7th-20th, 1968
41121: THE AMERICAN CANAL SOCIETY - American Canals; Nos. 39-67, 69, 72, 77, 78, 80, 82, 83 and 20 Year Index: 1972-92. 37 Issues
43439: UPPER MAKEFIELD HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Upper Makefield Speaks... Bucks County Recollections; an Oral History. Foreword by Jan de Hartog. Photographs by Ted Barash
17355: THE ELFUN SOCIETY - Reflections: Reminiscences of Schenectady General Electric People Who Reflect So Well the True Spirit of the Elfun Society
32852: THE YEATS SOCIETY - W.B. Yeats; the Ninth International Yeats Summer School, 10 August to 23 August, 1968
32914: SODRÉ [SODRE], MUNIZ - Rio, Rio; Contos
15355: SOEMARDJAN, SELO - Imbalances in Development: The Indonesian Experience
29541: SOGHOIAN, RICHARD J. - The Ethics of G.E. Moore and David Hume; the Treatise As a Response to Moore's Refutation of Ethical Naturalism
20940: SOHN, GEORG - Rede Vom Ursprung Der Universität [Universitat] Heidelberg 1587. Mit Einem Nachwort Herausgegeben Von Reinhard Düchting
37089: SØIBERG [SOIBERG], HARRY - De Levendes Land
3451: SOKOLOW, FLORJAN - Kawalkada Angielska; Sylwetki I Szkice
33213: SOLA, MIGUEL - Historia Del Arte Precolombiano. Con 105 Figuras En El Texto, 32 Laminas En Negro Y Una En Color
23209: SOLIS, JESUS-ANDRES - Vida Y Obra de "Clarin
21105: SOLMS, MAX, GRAF ZU, ED - Aus Der Werkstatt Des Sozialforschers
47545: SOLNIT, REBECCA - Recollections of My Nonexistence
47297: SOLOMON, BRIAN - Classic Railroad Signals; Semaphores, Searchlights, and Towers
14789: SOLOMONS, NOEL W., AND IRWIN H. ROSENBERG, EDS - Absorption and Malabsorption of Mineral Nutrients
36852: SØLVER [SOLVER], CARL V. - Imago Mundi; Skitser Fra de Store Opdagelsers Tid
10253: SOMERS, WAYNE, EDITOR - Encyclopedia of Union College History
47137: SÖNMEZ [SONMEZ], BURHAN (ÜMIT [UMIT] HUSSEIN, TR.) - Labyrinth. Translated from the Turkish by ûmit [Umit] Hussein
39666: SONNENFELD, ALBERT - Crossroads; Essays on the Catholic Novelists
30067: WILLIAM DAWSON & SONS - Medicine and Science; a Bibliographical Catalogue of Historical and Rare Books from the 15th to the 20th Century. Catalogue No. 91
46738: CHARLES SCRIBNER'S SONS - Rare Books, Including First Editions. [Cover: In English, American, and Continental Literature]
44048: SONTAG, SUSAN (BENJAMIN TAYLOR, ED.) - Debriefing; Collected Stories. Edited by Benjamin Taylor
40316: SORANZO, GIOVANNI - Peregrinus Apostolicus; Lo Spirito Pubblico E IL Viaggio Di Pio VI a Vienna
21883: SOREL, CHARLES - Histoire Comique de Francion, Reimprimee Sur L'Edition Originale (1623) Et Sur Les Editiones de 1626 Et 1633, Et Precedee D'Une Introduction Par Emile Roy. Vol. 1, 2 and 3
46833: SOREL, ALBERT - Europe and the French Revolution; the Political Traditions of the Old Regime. Translated and Edited by Alfred Cobban and J.W. Hunt
43910: ALBERT-SOREL, JEAN - Histoire de France Et D'Angleterre; la Rivalite L'Entente L' Alliance
30767: SORELL, TOM - Descartes
21183: SORENSEN, HANS - Nye Verga-Studier; Romanen Om Vizzini. (Festskrift Udgivet Af Kobenhavns Universitet I Anledning Af Hans Majestaet Kongens Fodselsdag, 11. Marts 1967. )
44440: SORET, FREDERIC - Conversations Avec Goethe. Documents Presentes Par A.R. De Clery. Edition Originale
11368: SORLEY, W.R. - Recent Tendencies in Ethics: Three Lectures to Clergy Given at Cambridge
41752: SAINT-SORLIN, DESMARETS DE (H. GASTON HALL, ED.) - Les Visionnaires; Comedie. Texte de la Premiere Edition (1637) Publie Avec Une Introduction Et Des Notes Par H. Gaston Hall
23316: SORREL, GEN. G. MOXLEY - Recollections of a Confederate Staff Officer. Introduction by Edwin C. Bearss. Index by Margie Riddle Bearss
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44714: STEPHENSON, MELISSA - Driven; a White-Knuckled Ride to Heartbreak and Back; a Memoir
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42802: STOLLER, JAMES H. - Glacial Geology of the Saratoga Quadrangle
26310: NEW YORK STATE MUSEUM (JAMES H. STOLLER) - Glacial Geology of the Schenectady Quadrangle
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13439: STOLLER, JAMES H. - Glacial Geology of the Schenectady Quadrangle. (Education Department Bulletin 154. )
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18545: SWINBURNE, RICHARD - Revelation, from Metaphor to Analogy
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46142: TSUSHIMA, YUKO (GERALDINE HARCOURT, TR.) - Territory of Light. Translated from the Japanese by Geraldine Harcourt
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39781: TUCK, LILY - The Double Life of Liliane; a Novel
47549: TUCK, LILY - Heathcliff Redux and Other Stories
47407: TUCK, LILY - Heathcliff Redux and Other Stories
40320: TUCKER, WILLIAM JEWETT - My Generation; an Autobiographical Interpretation
11649: TUCKER, KENNETH - A Bibliography of Writings by and About John Ford and Cyril Tourneur
38929: TUDJMAN, FRANJO - Nationalism in Contemporary Europe
42251: TUDOR, ANDREW - Image and Influence; Studies in the Sociology of Film
42649: TUER, ANDREW - Bartolozzi and His Works; a Biographical and Descriptive Account of the Life and Career of Francesco Bartolozzi, R.A. Two Volumes
45776: TUGGENER, JAKOB (MARTIN GASSER) - Jakob Tuggener; Photographer. With a Preface by Guido Magnaguagno
30088: TULARD, JEAN - Nouvelle Histoire de Paris; le Consulat Et L'Empire, 1800-1815
26857: TULLEY, HENRY C. - Tulley's Handbook; Steam and Electrical; Practical Care and Management of Boilers, Stokers, Fuels, Combustion, Pumps, Gages, Valves, Engines, Turbines, Motors and Generators, Refrigeration, Elevators, Meters, Air Compressing, Heating and Ventilating, Internal Combustion Engines, Etc. , Etc. In Three Volumes. Complete Set
24556: TUNKIN, G.I. - Das Völkerrecht [Volkerrecht] Der Gegenwart; Theorie Und Praxis
47263: TUNNER, ERIKA - Gefährliche Schönheit [Gefahrliche Schonheit]; Die Andere Hexe; Ein Beitrag Zur Landesausstellung "Hexen Und Zauberer" Auf Der Riegersburg
43935: TURIN, ALAN C. - No More Headaches; Practical, Effective Methods for Relief
36442: TÜRKER [TURKER], IRMGARD UND SEFIK, HRSG - Kostbarkeiten Orientalischer Teppichknüpfkunst [Teppichknupfkunst]. Anlässlich Des 10jährigen Firmenjubiläums [Anlasslich Des 10jahrigen Firmenjubilaums] Und Der Orientteppichausstellung in Der Nancy-Halle in Karlsruhe, Vom 17. 11. 73 Bis 16. 12. 73
45724: TURNELL, MARTIN - The Classical Moment; Studies of Corneille, Moliere and Racine
34654: TURNER, PAUL V. - The Grand Design; Joseph Ramée's [Ramee's] Drawings for the Union College Campus; April 11 - May 26, 2013, Mandeville Gallery
22940: TURNER, THOMAS REED - Beware the People Weeping; Public Opinion and the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
16874: TURNER, JOHN - Macmillan
34938: TURNER, EDWARD RAYMOND - The Privy Council of England in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries, 1603-1784. Two Volume Set
45454: TURNER, T.W. - Memoirs of a Gamekeeper (Elveden, 1868-1953). With a Foreword by the Earl of Iveagh
33513: TWAIN, MARK - Przygody Tomka Sawyera. Przelozyl Kazimierz Piotrowski
46542: TWAIN, MARK (FREDERICK ANDERSON, ED.) - A Pen Warmed-Up in Hell; Mark Twain in Protest
20694: TYING, STEPHEN H. - The Child of Prayer; a Father's Memorial to the Rev. Dudley A. Tying
43488: TYLER, J. ALLEN, ED - A Concordance to the Fables and Tales of Jean de la Fontaine
16106: TYMIENIECKA, ANNA-TERESA, ED - Man's Self-Interpretation-in-Existence: Phenomenology and the Philosophy of Life: Introducing the Spanish Perspective. (Analecta Husserliana; the Yearbook of Phenomenological Research; Vol. XXIX)
32872: TYNDALL, CHARLES (OLIVER WAGSTAFF, ILLUS.) - The Ancient Parish and Church of St. John the Baptist, Sligo; from Early Times to Disestablishment. Illustrated by Oliver Wagstaff
37904: TYRELL, ARLBRECHT, HRSG - Bibliographie Zur Deutschlandpolitik, 1941-1974. Bearbeitet Von Marie-Luise Goldbach, Werner John, Hannelore Nathan, Karlbeinz Niclauß [Niclauss], Karl-Günter [Karl-Gunter] Schirrmeister Und Albrecht Tyrell
18846: TYRRELL, BERNARD J. - Christotherapy II: The Fasting and Feasting Heart
31185: TZAIR, RAV - Book of Memories; Portraits and Appraisals: 1. Sages of Odessa; 2. Personalities and Scribes. (Collected Works of Rav Tzair)
30465: UBEDA, FRANCISCO LOPEZ DE - La Picara Justina
37479: UDET, ERNST - Mein Fliegerleben. Mit 78 Abbildungen
46549: MOCHI, UGO AND T. DONALD CARTER - Hoofed Mammals of the World. [Foreword by William G. Conway]
17240: UHLIG, KARL HEINZ - Die Zeit Der Furchterlichen Zeichen: Kolportagehafte Darstellung Eines Pandamoniums
45115: UHLY, STEVEN (JAMIE BULLOCH, TR.) - Kingdom of Twilight. Translated from the German by Jamie Bulloch
28709: ULIVE, UGO - Memorias de Teatro Y Cine
45310: ULKE, TITUS - Die Elektrolytische Raffination Des Kupfers. Ins Deutsche übertragen [Ubertragen] Von Viktor Engelhardt. Mit 86 Figuren Und 23 Tabellen IM Text
25872: ULLMANN, S.O.A. (SAMSON) - Rossetti, Stillman, and the Union College "Willowwood" Manuscripts, with Two Previously Unpublished Drawings by Dante Gabriel Rossetti
25361: ULLSTEIN, DR. LEOPOLD - Eugen Richter Als Publizist Und Herausgeber; Ein Beitrag Zum Thema "Parteipresse
44833: ULMAN, JOSEPH N. - A Judge Takes the Stand
26402: ULMER, GREGORY L. - Applied Grammatology; Post(E)-Pedagogy from Jacques Derrida to Joseph Beuys
35124: ULRICHS, CARL LUDWIG VON, ED - Codex; Urbis Romae Topographicus
38049: UNALI, ANNA - Mercanti E Artigiani Italiani a Cordova Nella Seconda Meta Del Quattrocento
17977: UNAMUNO, MIGUEL DE - Abel Sanchez. Unabridged Novel of Miguel de Unamuno, Edited, and with an Introduction, by Angel Del Rio, Columbia University, and Amelia de Del Rio
46842: FAIK RESIT UNAT - Hicri Tarihleri Miladi Tarihe Cevirme Kilavuzu; Genisletilmis Ucuncu Basim
39602: UNDERWOOD, F.M. - United Italy. With Twenty-One Illustrations
37179: UNDERWOOD, LORI J. - Kant's Correspondence Theory of Truth; an Analysis and Critique of Anglo-American Alternatives
36861: UNDSET, SIGRID - Ida Elisabeth
42799: UPPER MANTLE COMMITTEE - UNESCO - East African Rift System; I: Report of the Umc/Unesco Seminar on the East African Rift System; II: Report on the Geology and Geophysics of the East African Rift System
42588: UNGER, MAX - Ein Faustopernplan Beethovens Und Goethes. Mit Zwei Sepiazeichnungen Des Verfassers
15027: UNION PANAMERICANA / PAN AMERICAN UNION - Diccionario de la Literatura Latinoamericana: Ecuador
22406: ST. LAWRENCE UNIVERSITY - The Ulysses Sumner Milburn Collection of Hawthorniana
44932: CORNELL UNIVERSITY - The Cornellian and Class Book; the Year Book of Cornell University, 1919
11751: ST. LAWRENCE UNIVERSITY - The Frank P. Piskor Collection of Edwin Arlington Robinson
35350: LIBRARY OF CORNELL UNIVERSITY - Catalogue of the Historical Library of Andrew Dickson White, First President of Cornell University; 1: The Protestant Reformation and Its Forerunners. Vol. 1 Only
44385: UNRUH, FRITZ VON - Opfergang
40816: UNSELD, SIEGFRIED, HRSG - Zur Aktualität [Aktualitat] Walter Benjamin; Aus Anlaß [Anlass] Des 80. Geburtstags Von Walter Benjamin. Herausgegeben Von Siegfried Unseld
43993: UPSON, ARTHUR - Westwind Songs
20844: URBAN, HENRY F. - Die Entdeckung Berlin. Mit Zeichnungen Von Paul Haase
33001: URGINSKY, ALEXEJ - Lessing and the Enlightenment
14644: URSPRUNG, H., ED - The Stability of the Differentiated State. With 56 Figures
28563: URZIDIL, JOHANNES - Das Glück [Gluck] Der Gegenwart; Goethes Amerikabild
30586: USHENKO, ANDREW PAUL - The Problems of Logic
47326: USHENKO, A.P. - The Philosophy of Relativity
45304: USLAR, MANUEL VON, UNTER MITWIRKLUNG VON DR. GEORG ERLWEIN - Cyanid-Prozesse Zur Goldgewinnung. Nach Einschlägigen [Einschlagigen] Quellen Bearbeitet Von Manuel Von Uslar. Mit 30 Figuren Und 13 Tabellen IM Text Und 3 Tafeln
11204: INSTITUTE FOR THE STUDY OF THE USSR, MUNICH, GERMANY - Biographic Directory of the Ussr
30409: UTRECHT, ERNST - Indonesië's [Indonesie's] Nieuwe Orde; Ontbinding En Neokolonisatie
34944: UYEHARA, GEORGE ETSUJIRO - The Political Development of Japan, 1867-1909
42174: PROCTOR, R.V. AND T.L. WHITE - Rock Tunneling with Steel Supports. With an Introduction to Tunnel Geology by Karl Terzaghi
22279: STECH, V.V. AND JOSEF EHM - Krasy Plna Slavou I Kletbou Bohata... Praho!; Pohledy Na Minulost I Pritmonost Mesta Podavaji
45218: VACQUIER, J. - Souvenirs of Napoleon Bonaparte, Classed in Alphabetical Order According to the Official Classification. [Cover: Authentic Relics of Napoleon I Preserved at the Musee de L'Armee, Arranged in Alphabetical Order. Graphically Compiled by J. Vacquier]
41521: VAILLAND, ROGER (MAX CHALEIL) - Roger Vailland. Publie Sous la Direction de Max Chaleil
44397: VAILLAT, LEANDRE - La Societe Du XVIII Siecle Et Ses Peintres; Ouvrage Orne de 12 Portraits Hors Texte
32470: COCULA-VAILLIERES, A.M. - Un Fleuve Et Des Hommes; Les Gens de la Dordogne Au XVIII Siecle. Preface de Pierre Goubert
30849: NEDERLANDSCH VERBOND VAN VAKVEREENIGINGEN - Arbeidersleven in Nederland; Resultaten Der Enquete, Ingesteld Door Het Nederl. Verbond Van Vakvereenigingen in Het Najaar Van 1907 Naar de Wenschelijkheid En Mogelijkheid Van Beperking Van Den Arbeidsduur Voor Volwassenen Tot 10 Uren Per Etmaal En Afschaffing, Respectievelijk Beperking Van Nacht- En Kinderarbeid
38937: VALANDRO, ROBERTO - Luoghi, Vie E Strade Tra Citta E Campagna; Appunti Di Toponomastica Monselicense. Presentazione Di Camillo Corrain
46089: VALDEAVELLANO, LUIS G. DE - Curso de Historia de Las Instituciones Españolas [Espanolas] de Los Origenes Al Final de la Edad Media. Segunda Edicion Corregida Y Aumentada
30452: VALDES, ARMANDO PALACIO - La Hermana San Sulpicio
17974: VALDES, JUAN DE - Dialogo de la Lengua. Cuarta Edicion
36658: VALE, EDMUND - The Way of Ships
46157: VALENTE, ANNE - The Desert Sky Before Us; a Novel
41928: VALENTE, ANNE - Our Hearts Will Burn Us Down
41465: VALENTE, ANNE - Our Hearts Will Burn Us Down; a Novel
33271: VALENTINE, MRS. M.T. - Biography of Ephram Mcdowell, by His Granddaughter, Mrs. M.T. Valentine. With Valuable Scientific Treatises and Interesting Monographs on Ovariotomy, and Eulogistic Letters, and Addresses by Eminent Members of the Medical Profession in Europe and America
27390: VALENTINE, LUCIA N. - Ornament in Medieval Manuscripts; a Glossary
17971: VALERA, JUAN - Antologia. Seleccion Y Prologo de Emiliano Aguado
46553: VALETTE, REGIS - Catalogue de la Noblesse Francaise Contemporaine
23619: VALIRON, G. (GEORGES) - Familles Normales Et Quasi-Normales de Fonctions Meromorphes
28711: VALK, MELVIN E. - Word-Index to Gottfried's Tristan
32323: VALKHOFF, J. - Grondwet En Maatschappij in Nederland, 1848-1948. Met Medewerking Van A.M. Donner, M.V. D. Goes Van Naters, A.J. C. Rüter, Et Al.
9749: VALLE, JORGE GONZALEZ DEL, ED - Hacia la Union Monetaria Controamericana
9748: VALLE, JORGO GONZÁLEZ DEL, ED - Acuerdo Monetario Centroamericano; Reglamento General
9709: VALLE, RAFAEL HELIODORO, ED - La Anexion de Centroamerica a Mexico; Documentos Y Escritos de Enero a Junio de 1823. Tomo IV
42102: VALLEAU, MARJORIE A. - The Spanish CIVIL War in American and European Films
44572: BIBLIOTECA VALLICELLIANA - S. Filippo Neri E IL Contributo Degli Oratoriani Alla Cultura Italiana Nei Secoli XVI-XVIII. Mostra Bibliografica
3421: VALLINKOSKI, J. - Italia Suomen Kirjallisuudessa 1640-1953. L'Italia Nella Letteratura Finlandese 1640-1953
3154: VALLOTTON, HENRY - Finlande 1940; Ce Que J'As Vu Et Entendu
30611: HAARSVELD, F.A. VAN EN G.D. SCHOLTZ, RED - Die Republiek Van Suid-Afrika; Agtergrond, Ontstaan En Toekoms
13392: VANDALL, FRANK J. - Police Training for Tough Calls; Discretionary Situations
41438: VANDERPUTTEN, STEVEN - Imagining Religious Leadership in the Middle Ages; Richard of Saint-Vanne and the Politics of Reform
36400: VANDEURS, KAY (KADY) - Panhandling Papers. Drawings by Paula Gottlieb
9200: VANEK, JAROSLAV - General Equilibrium of International Discrimination; the Case of Customs Unions
29642: VANO, ROBERT - Love You from Prague
32847: CONGRESS ON RESEARCH IN DANCE (ADRIENNE L. KAEPPLER, JUDY VANZILE AND CARL WOLZ, EDS.) - Asian and Pacific Dance; Selected Papers from the 1974 Cord-Sem Conference
29986: VARET, GILBERT - Manuel de Bibliographie Philosophique; 1: Les Philosophies Classiques; 2: Les Sciences Philosophiques. Two Volumes
31199: VARGA, MIKLOS N. - Dall'Arte Nella Storia Alla Storia Nell'Arte, 1100-1925; Repertorio Cronologico-Bibliografico Dal Romanico Al Surrealismo (Con la "Linea Simbolica" Dell'Arte)
25953: VARGA, E. - Grundfragen Der ôkonomik [Okonomik] Und Politik Des Imperialismus (Nach Dem Zweiten Weltkrieg)
30135: VARGAS, ISMAEL Y SYLVIA ORDÓÑEZ [ORDONEZ] - Dialogos Del Arte Mexicano; Coleccion de Arte Popular/Collection of Popular Art
37556: VARNHAGEN, RAHEL (AUGUSTA WELDLER-STEINBERG, HRSG.) - Rahel Varnhagen; Ein Frauenleben in Briefen. Ausgewählt [Ausgewahlt] Und Mit Einer Einleitung Versehen Von Dr. Augusta Weldler-Steinberg
30780: COMMISSIE UIT HET NEDERLANDSCH VERBOND VAN VARVEREENINGINGEN EN DE SOCIAAL-DEMOCRATISCHE ARBEIDERSPARTIJ - Bedrijfsleven Enverruiming Der Arbeidsmarkt in Nederland; Rapport Uitgebracht Door Een Commissie Uit Het Nederlandsch Verbond Van Varvereeningingen En de Sociaal-Democratische Arbeiderspartij
35851: VASCONCELLOS, MARIO DE - O Itamaraty E O Baráo [Barao]
22643: VASUT, VLADIMIR - Sasa Machov
30075: BIBLIOTECA APOSTOLICA VATICANA - Catalogo Delle Pubblicazioni Periodiche Esistenti in Varie Biblioteche Di Roma E Firenze
24933: VATTER, ERNST - Der Australische Totemismus. Mit 3 Kartenskizzen IM Text Und Einer Karte
44885: LE PRESTRE DE VAUBAN, SEBASTIEN (COEHORN, MENNO DE; KOEHOORN, MINNO DE - COEHOORN, MENNO VAN) - The New Method of Fortification, As Practised by Monsieur de Vauban, Engineer General of France. Together with a New Treatise of Geometry. The Fifth Edition, Carefully Revised and Corrected by the Original. To Which Is Now Added, a Treatise of Military Orders, and the Art of Gunnery, or Throwing of Bombs, Balls, &C to Hit Any Object Assigned. The Whole Work Illustrated with Thirty-Two Copper Plates
37409: VAUDAGNA, MAURIZIO, ED - I Trent'Anni Della Fondazione Luigi Einaudi; Mario Einaudi (1904-1994) Intellettuale Storico Ed Organizzatore Culturale Tra America Ed Europa. Atti Del Convegno Internazionale Promosso Dalla Fondazione Luigi Einaudi (Torino, 29-30 Novembre 1994). A Cura Di Maurizio Vaudagna
45539: VAUGHAN, HENRY (LEONARD CYRIL MARTIN, ED.) - The Works of Henry Vaughan. Two Volume Set
44269: VAUQUELIN, LOUIS NICOLAS (ALMIRA H. LINCOLN) - Dictionary of Chemistry, Containing the Principles and Modern Theories of the Science, with Its Application to the Arts, Manufactures, and Medicine. Translated from "le Dictionnaire de Chimie Approuve Par Vauquelin. With Additions and Notes by Mrs. Almira H. Lincoln
41509: VAUVENARGUES, LUC DE CLAPIERS, MARQUIS DE (HENRY BONNIER) - Oeuvres Completes de Vauvenargues. Preface Et Notes de Henry Bonnier. Two Volume Set
35613: VAZRA, PERSA - Mia Epimone Anoithe/a Persistent Spring
37058: VEDEL, VALDEMAR - Studier over Guldalderen I Dansk Digtning
37325: VEENSTRA, HEMMO JAN - Microscopic Studies of Boulder Clays
17985: VEGA, LOPE DE - Arte Nuevo de Hacer Comedias. La Discreta Enamorada. Tercera Edicion
21007: VEIGEL, HERBERT JOHANNES - Christbäume [Christbaume]; Briefe Aus Dem Krieg
9690: VELA, DAVID - Plastica Maya
30696: IN T' VELD, J. - De Inrichting Van Onzen Staat; Gezien Van Sociaal-Democratisch Standpunt
30691: IN 'T VELD, J. - De Inrichting Van Onzen Staat; Gezien Van Sociaal-Democratisch Standpunt
30629: VELLENGA, S.Y.A. - Katholiek Zuid Limburg En Het Fascisme; Een Onderzoek Naar Het Kiesgedrag Van de Limburger in de Jaren Dertig
9605: VENDITTELLI, MANLIO - Roma Capitale; Roma Comune; Sviluppo Economico E Crescita Urbana Della Citta
38003: CENTRO TEDESCO DI STUDI VENEZIANI - Incontri Italo-Tedeschi Al Volgersi Del Diciannovesimo Secolo
37971: CENTRO TEDESCO DI STUDI VENEZIANI - Italienisch-Deutsche Begegnungen Um Die Jahrhundertwende
14800: MINISTERIO DE MINAS E HIDROCARBUROS (REPUBLICA DE VENEZUELA) - Stratigraphical Lexicon of Venezuela. (English Edition)
39901: VENOSTA, GIOVANNI VISCONTI - Memoirs of Youth; Things Seen and Known, 1847-1860. Translated from the Third Edition by William Prall. With an Introduction by William Roscoe Thayer
30622: VERBERNE, L.G.J. - De Nederlandsche Arbeidersbeweging in de Negentiende Eeuw
25815: ARCHITEKTEN & INGENIEUR VEREIN, HRSG - Frankfurt Am Main Und Seine Bauren
37957: VEREMES, THANOS - Oikonomia Kai Diktatopia; E Sygkyria, 1925-1926
46766: VERENE, DONALD PHILLIP - Philosophy and the Return to Self-Knowledge
16036: VERESAEV, V. V. (VIKENTII VIKENTEVICH) (PSEUDONYM OF V.V. SMIDOVICH) - Pushkin V Zhizni; Sistematicheskii Svod Podlinnykh Svidetelstv Sovremennikov. Complete Two Volume Set
38815: VERGA, GIOVANNI - I Malavoglia. Col Commento Di Piero Nardi. Sul Testo Curato Da L. Ev. Perroni
38004: VERI, JOSEPH ALPHONSE DE - Journal de L'Abbe de Veri. Publié Avec Une Introduction Et Des Notes Par le Baron Jehan de Witte. Préface de Pierre de Nolhac
15375: VERKUYL, J. - De Achtergrond Van Het Indonesische Vraagstuk
31548: PAUL LIST VERLAG - List; 150 Jahre Buchhändlerischer [Buchhandlerischer] Tradition; 70 Jahre Paul List Verlag
38813: VERMEIL, EDMOND - The German Scene (Social, Political, Cultural). Translated by L.J. Ludovici
36152: VERMES, PAMELA - Buber on God and the Perfect Man
41522: VERNANT, JEAN-PIERRE - Oeuvres; Religions, Rationales, Politique. Ouvrage Publie Avec le Concours Du Centre National Du Livre. Two Volumes
33579: VERNE, JULES - The Exploration of the World; the Great Navigators of the Eighteenth Century. Translated from the French, with Illustrations by Philippoteaux, Benett, and Matthis, and Maps by Matthis and Morieu
38277: VERNE, JULES - Mathias Sandorf
44179: VERNE, JULES (VIRGINIA CHAMPLIN, TR.) - The Tribulations of a Chinaman in China. From the French of Jules Verne, by Virginia Champlin
27026: VERNE, JULES - Paris Au XX Siecle; Roman. Preface Et Etablissement Du Texte: Piero Gondolo Della Riva
36654: VERNEY, MICHAEL - Practical Conversions and Yacht Repairs
46718: VERNIERS, LOUIS - Bruxelles Et Son Agglomeration de 1830 a Nos Jours
39295: KATZ, VERNON AND THOMAS EGENES, TRS - The Upanishads; a New Translation

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