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051274: Ballard, Robert - Oeuvres de Robert Ballard
014934: Ballard, James F. - Catalogue of Oriental Rugs in the Collection of James F. Ballard
006187: Ballard, Edward G. - Philosophy at the Crossroads
035988: Ballas, Bebe, et al., Eds - Greek Gourmet Cooking
034322: Balliett, Whitney - Barney, Bradley, and Max; Sixteen Portraits in Jazz
018441: Balliett, Whitney - American Singers
036576: Balls, Edward K. - Early Uses of California Plants
013712: Bally, Gustav - Vom Ursprung Und Von Den Grenzen Der Freiheit; Eine Deutung Des Spiels Bei Tier Und Mensch
022643: Balogh, Sandor - Magyarorszag Külpolitikaja 1945-1950: Masodik, Bövitett, Atdolgozott Kiadas
018334: Balogh, Jolan - Matyas Kiraly Es a MüVészet
014564: Balogh, Sandor - Autonomy and the New World Order; a Solution to the Nationality Problem
031563: Khanna, Balraj and George Michell - Human and Divine; 2000 Years of Indian Sculpture
012701: Balsan, François - L'Expédition Panhard-Capricorne
040529: Balsdon, J. P. V. D. - Roman Women; Their History and Habits
010909: Balsdon, J. P. V. D. - Romans and Aliens
041031: Balsley, Betsy, Ed - The Los Angeles Times California Cookbook
002728: Baltazar, Eulalio R. - Teilhard and the Supernatural
039710: Balter, Michael - The Goddess and the Bull. Catalhöyük: An Archaeological Journey to the Dawn of Civilization
043727: Balthus - Balthus, Antoinette de Watteville: Liebesbriefe 1928-1937
035489: Balthus - The Painter's House; Balthus at the Grand Chalet
020933: Baltramelli, Antonio - L'Uomo Nuovo (Benito Mussolini)
012378: Baltrusaitis, Jurgis - L'église Cloisonnée En Orient Et En Occident
022644: Balys, John P. - Lithuanian Periodicals in American Libraries; a Union List
035426: Balzer, Richard - Peepshows; a Visual History
043967: Balzert, Monika - Die Komposition Des Claudianischen Gotenkriegsgedichtes C. 26
037905: Bamford, Meggi - Alice's Dream
001704: Bamm, Peter - Alexander Der Grosse; Ein Koenigliches Leben
013713: Bamm, Peter - Frühe Stätten Der Christenheit
040964: Bammate, Haidar - Visages de L'Islam
050218: Bammesberger, Alfred - Die Larygaltheorie Und Die Rekonstruktion Des Indogermanischen Laut- Und Formensystems
017590: Bancroft, Caroline - Silver Queen; the Fabulous Story of Baby Doe Tabor
010785: Bancroft, Hubert Howe - The New Pacific
022461: Bandecchi, Brasil - Histoira Economica E Administrative Do Brasil
026039: Bandi, Hans-Georg, et al. - Die Steinzeit; Vierzigtausend Jahre Felsbilder
020127: Bandmann, Günter - Mittelalterliche Architektur Als Bedeutungsträger
023383: Banerjee, N. V. - Knowledge, Reason and Human Autonomy; an Essay in Philosophical Reconstruction
051554: Baney, Margaret Mary, Sister - Some Reflections of Life in North Africa in the Writings of Tertullian
030041: Banfield, Stephen - Sondheim's Broadway Musicals
003801: Bang, Herman - Eine Erzaehlung Vom Glueck
046426: Bangs, Richard - Adventure without End
017041: Bangs, Richard - The Lost River; a Memoir of Life, Death, and Transformation on Wild Water
015060: Bangs, Richard - The Lost River; a Memoir of Life, Death, and Transformation on Wild Water
030755: Banham, Martin, Ed - The Cambridge Guide to Theatre
048247: Banine - Ernst Jünger Aux Faces Multiples
014659: Banister, Judith - English Silver
015490: World Bank - The Little Data Book, 2002
015491: World Bank - Colombia; the Economic Foundation of Peace
015469: World Bank - World Development Indicators, 2002. 6th Edition
015468: World Bank - World Bank Atlas, 2002: From the World Development Indicators. 34th Edition
034097: Banke, Càcile De - Shakespearean Stage Production, Then & Now; a Manual for the Scholar-Player
035700: Bankes, Henry - Henry Bankes's Treatise on Lithography
023889: Bankes, George - Peru Before Pizarro
046330: Banks, Russell - The Book of Jamaica
037922: Banks, Ann, Ed - First-Person America
023902: Banks, Lynne Reid - Torn Country; an Oral History of the Israeli War of Independence
008067: Banks, Lynne Reid - Path to the Silent Country; Charlotte Bronte's Years of Fame
030065: Banning, Lance - The Jeffersonian Persuasion; Evolution of a Party Ideology
019324: Moya Del Baño, Francisca - Presencia de Tibulo
037167: Bantock, Nick - The Forgetting Room; a Fiction
036981: Bantock, Nick - The Golden Mean in Which the Extraordinary Correspsondence of Griffin & Sabine Concludes
035587: Bantock, Nick - The Forgetting Room; a Fiction
022221: Bantock, Nick - Sabine's Notebook in Which the Extraordinary Correspondence of Griffin & Sabine Continues
019497: Banton, Michael - White and Coloured; the Behavior of British People Towards Coloured Immigrants
046342: Bar, Francis - Le Genre Burlesque En France Au Xviie Siècle;étude de Style
052248: Baraclay, A. - Pure Chemistry; a Brief Outline of Its History and Development
011700: Baranson, Jack, et al. - Soviet Automation; Perspectives and Prospects
011699: Baranson, Jack - Robots in Manufacturing; Key to International Competitiveness
043083: Barante, Amable-Guillaume-Prosper Brugière, Baron De - Histoire Des Ducs de Bourgogne de la Maison de Valois 1364-1477
023388: Barany, George - The Anglo-Russian Entente Cordiale of 1697-1698; Peter I and William III at Utrecht
020129: Barasch, Moshe - Crusader Figural Sculpture in the Holy Land; Twelfth Century Examples from Acre, Nazareth and Belvoir Castle
042018: Baratta, Paolo, et al. - Prospettive Dell'Economia Italiana
043117: Schwendowius, Barbara and Wolfgang Dömling, Eds - Johann Sebastian Bach: Life, Times, Influence
040040: Bardes, Barbara and Suzanne Gossett - Declarations of Independence; Women and Political Power in Nineteenth-Century American Fiction
032046: Sichtermann, Barbara and Ingo Rose - Living in Berlin
025383: Forrest, Barbara and Paul R. Gross - Creationism Trojan Horse; the Wedge of Intelligent Design
024795: Ferraro, Barbara and Patricia Hussey - No Turning Back; Two Nuns' Battle with the Vatican over Women's Right to Choose
023322: Entwisle, Barbara and Gail E. Henderson, Eds - Re-Drawing Boundaries; Work, Households, and Gender in China
018661: MacKenzie, Barbara and Findlay MacKenzie - Singers of Australia; from Melba to Sutherland
034806: Barbaroux, Charles-Jean-Marie - Mémoires de Barbaroux
016948: Barbash, Jack - Unions and Telephones; the Story of the Communications Workers of America
034291: Barbaud, Pierre - Haydn
047520: Barbeau, Marius - Tsimsyan Myths Illustrated
044363: Barbeau, Marius - Jongleur Songs of Old Quebec
017831: Barbeau, Victor - Le Français Du Canada
045515: Barber, Malcolm - The Two Cities; Medieval Europe, 1050-1320
044483: Barber, Fionna - Art in Ireland Since 1910
041727: Barber, Malcolm - The Trial of the Templars
034433: Barber, Richard - Henry Plantagenet; a Biography
051233: Barber, Richard - The Knight & Chivalry
051906: Barber, Richard - The Figure of Arthur
051240: Barber, Richard - The Knight and Chivalry
014852: Barber, Stephen - Antonin Artaud; Blows and Bombs
040839: Barbieri, Torquato - Opere Anonime O Pseudonime Apparse Fra IL 1835 Ed IL 1907 Conservate Nella Bibioteca Carducci
010864: Barbour, Philip L. - Dimitry, Called the Pretender; Tsar and Great Prince of All Russia 1605-1606
004731: Barbour, Roger W., Et al. - Kentucky Birds; a Finding Guide
033397: Calderón de la Barca, Pedro - La Desdicha de la Voz (1639)
022755: Calderon de la Barca, Pedro - L Hija Del Aire
017157: Calderon De La Barca, Pedro - Ausgewählte Schauspiele
048349: Rubia Barcia, Jose, Ed - Americo Castro and the Meaning of Spanish Civilization
048901: Barclay, Isabel - Song of the Forest; Indian Folktales Retold by Isabel Barclay
038816: Bardach, John E., Et al. - Aquaculture; the Framing and Husbandry of Freshwater and Marine Organisms
024941: Bardenhewer, O., Ed - Vom Münchener Gelehrten-Kongresse. Biblische Vorträge
051133: Bardenhewer, Otto - Geschichte Der Altkirchlichen Literatur
051602: Bardy, Gustave - La Question Des Langues Dans L'Eglise Ancienne. Part 1
052432: Bardy, Gustave - Saint Augustin; L'Homme Et L'Oeuvre
040404: Holder-Barell, Alexander - The Development of Imagery and Its Functional Significance in Henry James's Novels
023829: Barenboim, Daniel - A Life in Music
001892: Barentsen, A. A., Et al. - Dutch Studies in Russian Llinguistics
022418: Barfield, Lawrence - Northern Italy Before Rome
045913: Bargrave, Robert - The Travel Diary of Robert Bargrave, Levant Merchant (1647-1657)
008530: Barilli, Renato - Art Nouveau
039108: Baring, Maurice - Maurice Baring Restored
004128: Baring, Arnulf - Uprising in East Germany: June 17, 1953
034109: Barish, Jonas A. - Ben Jonson and the Language of Prose Comedy
021405: Barisione, Silvia, et al. - Parole E Immagini Futuriste Dalla Collezione Wolfson
047886: Bark, Dennis L. - Americans and Europeans Dancing in the Dark; on Our Differences and Affinities, Our Interests, and Our Habits of Life
005149: Barkai, Avraham - From Boycott to Annihiliation; the Economic Struggle of German Jews, 1933-1943
043313: Barkan, Leonard, Ed - Renaissance Drama. New Series X: Comedy
048278: Barker, Henry - English Bible Version with Special Reference to the Vulgate, the Douay Bible, and the Authorized and Revised Versions
047960: Barker, Jane - The Galesia Trilogy and Selected Manuscript Poems of Jane Barker
046964: Falcon-Barker, Ted - Roman Galley Beneath the Sea
035051: Barker, James H. - Always Getting Ready, Upterrlainarluta; Yup'Ik Eskimo Subsistence in Southwest Alasa
034978: Barker, Christopher - The Arms of the Infinite; George Barker and Elizabeth Smart
033635: Barker, Nicolas - Treasures of the British Library
027968: Barker, A. J. - Die Deutschen Infanteriewaffen Des Zweiten Weltkrieges
027228: Granville-Barker, Harley - Prefaces to Shakespeare
025717: Barker, Ernest - Age and Youth; Memories of Three Universities and Father of the Man
025111: Barker, Ernst - Principles of Social & Political Theory
019505: Barker, Richard H. - Marcel Proust; a Biography
013725: Barker, S. F. - Induction and Hypothesis; a Study of the Logic of Confirmation
012702: Barker, Jonathan, Ed - The Politics of Agriculture in Tropical Africa
010977: Barker, Brian - When the Queen Was Crowned
009961: Barker, Virgil - From Realism to Reality in Recent American Painting
038164: Barlach, Ernst - Ernst Barlach "Fries Der Lauschenden
038163: Barlach, Ernst - Ernst Barlach 1870-1938; Graphic Exhibition
046794: Barlow, Shirley A. - The Imagery of Euripides; a Study in the Dramatic Use of Pictorial Language
036452: Barlow, Elizabeth - The Forests and Wetlands of New York City
035288: Barlow, Elizabeth - Frederick Law Olmsted's New York
032106: Barlow, Bernyce - Sacred Sites of the West
029142: Barlow, Frank - Edward the Confessor
050409: Barlow, Frank - The Godwins; the Rise and Fall of a Noble Dynasty
016349: Barnaby, Frank - Future War; Armed Conflict in the Next Decade
036742: Barnard, Julian - The Decorative Tradition
020206: Barnard, Robert - Too Many Notes, Mr. Mozart
015621: Barnard, H. C. - Education and the French Revolution
014678: Barnard, Julian - Victorian Ceramic Tiles
047885: Barnes, Will C. - Arizona Place Names
036512: Barnes, Julian - A History of the World in 10 1/2 Chapters
025870: Barnes, F. A. - Utah Canyon Country
024940: Barnes, William Wright - The Southern Baptist Convention 1845-1953
020113: Barnes, Jay - North Carolina's Hurricane History
016754: Barnes, Samuel H. - Party Democracy; Poltics in an Italian Socialist Federation
015902: Barnes, D. E., Et al., Eds - Concise Encyclopaedia of Nuclear Energy
010978: Barnes, Thomas Garden - Somerset, 1625-1640; a County'e Government During the "Personal Rule
047312: Kottler, Barnet and Alan M. Markman - A Concordance to Five Middle English Poems: Cleanness; St. Erkenwald; Sir Gawin and the Green Knight; Patience; Pearl
019889: Barnet, Anne Alison - Extravaganza King; Robert Barnet and Boston Musical Theater
007096: Barnet, Richard J. - Roots of War
024478: Barnett, A. Doak - Communist China and Asia; Challenge to American Policy
050468: Barnett, L. D. - A Catalogue of the Telugu Books in the Library of the British Museum
049192: Barnett, A. Doak - China Policy; Old Problems and New Challenges
005032: Barnett, A. Doak - Communist China; the Early Years, 1949-55
004967: Barnett, A. Doak - Cadres, Bureaucracy, and Political Power in Communist China
004919: Barnett, Pamela R. - Theodore Haak, F.R. S. (1605-1690), the First German Translator of Paradise Lost
053088: Barney, Stephen A., Ed - Annotation and Its Texts
049573: Barnhart, Richard M., Et al. - Three Thousand Years of Chinese Painting
025642: Barnouw, Dagmar - Weimar Intellectuals and the Threat of Modernity
015361: Barnum, P. T. - Selected Letters of P.T. Barnum
014821: Baron, Robert C., Ed - America, One Land, One People: Noted Historians Look at America
007097: Baron, Salo Wittmayer - Steeled by Adversity; Essays and Addresses on American Jewish Life
040541: Barr, John - The Officina Bodoni, Montagnola, Verona. Books Printed by Giovanni Mardersteig on the Hand Press 1923-1977
038288: Barr, Pat - The Deer Cry Pavilion; a Story of Westerners in Japan 1868-1905
024938: Barr, Stringfellow - The Three Worlds of Man
020040: Barr, Nevada - Deep South
047958: Barratt, Barnaby B. - Psychoanalysis and the Postmodern Impulse; Knowing and Being Since Freud's Psychology
004704: Barratt, Glynn - The Rebel on the Bridge; a Life of the Decembrist Baron Andrey Rozen (1800-84)
018443: Barraud, Henry - Hector Berlioz
045903: Barrault, Jean-Louis - Réflexions Sur le Theatre
041109: Barrès, Maurice - Les Grands Problèmes Du Rhin
047891: Barrett, Franklin A. - Worcester Procelain and Lund's Bristol
020207: Barrett, Elizabeth Barrett - Diary by E.B. B. ; the Unpublished Diary of Elizabeth Barrett Barrett 1831-1832
013728: Barrett, David B. - World Christian Encyclopedia; a Comparative Study of Churches and Religions in the Modern World, A.D. 1900-2000
013727: Barrett, C. K. - A Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans
007379: Litoff, Judy Barrett and David C. Smith, Eds - What Kind of World Do We Want? American Women Plan for Peace
003254: Barrett, Anthony - Caligula; the Corruption of Power
030909: Penrose, Barrie and Simon Freeman - Conspiracy of Silence; the Secret Life of Anthony Blunt
020208: Barrie, J. M. - An Edinburgh Eleven; Pencil Portraits from College Life
018982: Barrie, J. M. - Margaret Ogilvy
008989: Barrier, N. Gerald - Punjab History in Printed British Documents; a Bibliographic Guide to Parliamentary Papers and Select, Nonserial Publications, 1843-1947
007968: Barris, Alex - Hollywood's Other Men
044523: Barro, Soledad Pérez-Abadin - La Configuración de Un Libro Bucólico: églogas Pastoriles de Pedro de Padilla
050188: Barron, John - Operation Solo; the Fbi's Man in the Kremlin
049710: Barron, James Ed - The New York Times Book of New York; 549 Stories of the People, the Events, and the Life of the City--Past and Present
047086: Barrow, R. H. - Plutarch and His Times
042495: Barrow, David Prescott - Berbères Et Noirs
033054: Barrow, John D. - The Artful Universe Expanded
009146: Barrow, Kenneth - Helen Hayes, First Lady of the American Theatre
006160: Barrow, John D. - Pi in the Sky; Counting, Thinking, and Being
003393: Barrow, G. W. S. - Robert Bruce and the Communityh of the Realm of Scotland
003255: Barrow, R. H. - Plutarch and His Times
019506: Barrus, Clara - Whitman and Burroughs, Comrades
045859: Miles, Barry et al. - The Greates Album Covers of All Time
039607: Gholson, Barry and Ted L. Rosenthal, Eds - Applications of Cognitive-Developmental Theory
038780: Lord, Barry and Gail Dexter Lord - Artists, Patrons, and the Public. Why Culture Changes
030894: Millington, Barry and Stewart Spencer, Eds - Wagner in Performance
025410: Barry, John M. - The Ambition and the Power
007972: Barry, Jackson G. - Dramatic Structure; the Shaping of Experience
007470: Bluestone, Barry et al. - The Boston Renaissance; Race, Space and Economic Change in an American Metropolis
007099: Barry, Tom, et al. - The Great Divide; the Challenge of U.S. -Mexico Relations in the 1990s
005088: Bluestone, Barry and Bennett Harrison - The Deindustrailization of America; Plant Closings, Community Abandonment, and the Dismantling of Basic Industry
051737: Barsanti, Giulio, et al. - Misura D'Uomo; Strumenti, Teorie E Pratiche Dell'Antropometria E Della Psicologia Sperimentale Tra '800 E '900
031327: Barstow, Anne Llewellyn - Witchcraze; a New History of the European Witch Hunts
010478: Bartel, Walter - Die Linken in Der Deutschen Sozialdemokratie IM Kampf Gegen Militarismus Und Krieg
052656: Bartelmez, Erminnie Hollis - The "Expositio in Cantica Canticorum" of Williram, Abbot of Ebersberg 1048-1085. A Critical Edition
004177: Bartels, Hildegard - Epos--Die Gattung in Der Geschichte. Eine Begriffsbestimmung Vor Dem Hintergrund Der Hegelschen "ästehtik" Anhand Von "Nibelungenlied" Und "Chanson de Roland
042858: Barter, Judith - Victorian Style; Revolution, Revival & Reform
052959: Barth, Medard - Die Herz-Jesu-Verehrung IM Elsaß Vom 12. Jaharhundert Bis Auf Die Gegenwart
049946: Barth, Gunther - Fleeting Moments; Nature and Culture in American History
028065: Barth, Karl - The Holy Ghost and the Christian Life
027145: Barth, Karl - The Theology of Schleiermacher; Laectures at Göttginen, Winter Semester of 1923/24
024937: Barth, Else Margarete - De Logica Van de Lidwoorden in de Traditionele Filosofie
024935: Barth, Karl - Credo; Die Hauptprobleme Der Dogmatik Dargestellt IM Anschluß an Das Apostolische Glaubensbekenntnis
006188: Barth, Hans - Truth and Ideology
025730: De Barthe, Joe - The Life and Adventures of Frank Grouard, Chief of Scouts, U.S. A.
050452: Barthélemy, Jean Jacques - Voyage Du Jeune Anacharsis En Grèce, Dans le Milieu Du Quatrième Siècle Avant L'Ere Vulgaire
957: Barthes, Roland - The Grain of the Voice; Interviews 1962-1980. Translated by Linda Coverdale
032935: Barthes, Roland - Sur Racine
019234: Plönies, Bartho and Otto Schönwalder - Die Sowjetisierung Des Mitteldeutschen Handwerks
019128: Barthou, LOuis - Mirabeau
048809: Bartlett, Robert - Trial by Fire and Water; the Medieval Judicial Ordeal
035032: Bartlett, John Russell - Dictionary of Americanisms; a Glossary of Words and Phrases Usually Regarded As Peculiar to the United States
030343: Bartlett, John - A New and Complete Concordance or Verbal Index to Works, Phrases, & Passages in the Dramatic Works of Shakespeare with a Supplementary Concordanceo the the Poems
052843: Bartlett, Ellen Strong - Historical Sketches of New Haven
010979: Bartlett, C. J. - Castlereagh
005763: Bartlett, Norman - Australia and America Through 200 Years, 1776-1976
002731: Bartlett, Frederic - Thinking; an Experimental and Social Study
027146: Bartley, William Warren, III - The Retreat to Commitment
026082: Bartmann, Dominik, Ed - Eduard Gaertner 1801-1877
002732: Bartmann, Bernhard - Lehrbuch Der Dogmatik
010911: Bartoccini, R., Et al. - Tarquinia; la Tomba Delle Olimpiadi; le Tombeau Des Olympiades; the Tomb of the Olympiad; Das Grab Der Olympischen Spiele
030044: Bartok, Bela - The Stage Works of Bela Bartok
040198: Bartoli, Domenico - Gli Italiani Nella Terra Di Nessuno; IL Potere Democrtistiano E L'Assedio Comunista
050287: Bartoli, Matteo - Saggi Di Linguistica Spaziale
044971: Barton, Anne - The Names of Comedy
030395: Barton, George A. - The Religions of the World
018983: Barton, Margaret - Garrick
009131: Barton, William E. - The Life of Abraham Lincoln
049366: Barton, Donald K. - Fundamentals of Amharic (Revised)
021397: Bartosek, Karel - Les Aveux Des Archives: Prague-Paris-Prague 1948-1968
029144: Bartsch, Karl - Untersuchungen über Das Nibelungenlied
017121: Bartsch, Rudolf Hans - Die Wachau
026757: Bartusiak, Marcia - Through a Universe Darkly; a Cosmic Tale of Ancient Ethers, Dark Matter, and the Fate of the Universe
023976: Sapir, Baruch and Dov Neeman - Capernaum (Kfar-Nachum); History and Legacy, Art and Archietcture
046931: De Bary, William Theodore - Self and Society in Ming Thought
006249: De Bary, William Theodore - The Trouble with Confucianism
043156: Barzini, Luigi - Gli Italiani
046419: Barzun, Henri Martin - Choric Education; a Record of Labors and Achievements 1920-1945
038863: Barzun, Jacques - From Dawn to Decadence; 500 Years of Western Cultural Life, 1500 to the Present
030309: Barzun, Jacques - A Stroll with William James
024929: Barzun, Jacques - The House of Intellect
022628: Barzun, Jacques - Clio and the Doctors; Psycho-History, Quanto-History & History
033476: Bas, Georges - James Shirley (1596-1666), Dramaturge Caroleen
010216: Basabe, Fernando M., Et al. - Japanese Youth Confronts Religion: A Sociological Survey
051611: Basabe, Fernando M. - Religious Attitudes of Japanese Men; a Sociological Survey
043074: Basanoff, Anne - Itinerario Della Carta Dall'Oriente All'Occidente E Sua Diffusione in Europa
030045: Basart, Ann P. - The Sound of the Fortepiano; a Discography of Recordings on Early Pianos
051959: Bascapè, Angelo - Arte E Religione Nei Poeti Lombardi Del Duecento
010479: Basch, Antonin - The Danube Basin and the German Economic Sphere
034239: Bascom, William - African Arts; an Exhibition at the Robert H. Lowie Museum of Antrhopology of the University of California, Berkeley, April 6/October 22, 1967; Catalogue
042821: Basdekis, Demetrios - Unamuno and the Novel
051759: Basil, Saint, Bishop of Caesarea - [Ta Heuriskomena Panta]. Opera Omnia Quae Exstant
020209: Basile, Giambattista - The Pentameron
033316: Basilov, Vladimir, N., Ed - Nomads of Eurasia
047859: Baskin, Leonard - Leonard Baskin
040832: Baskin, John - New Burlington; the Life and Death of an American Village
026034: Baskin, Esther - The Poppy and Other Deadly Plants
012458: Baskin, Esther - The Poppy and Other Deadly Plants
017194: Bass, Thomas A. - Camping with the Prince, and Other Tales of Science in Africa
007758: Bass, Herbert J., Ed - The State of American History
006018: Bass, Herbert J. - I Am a Democrat"; the Political Career of David Bennett Hill
015233: Bassani, Giorgio - The Smell of Hay
045561: Bassecourt, Claude De - Trage-Comédie-Pastoralle (1594)
008446: Bassett, John - William Faulker; an Annotated Checklist of Criticism
014401: Basso, Ellen B. - In Favor of Deceit; a Study of Tricksters in an Amazonian Society
053222: Basso, Keith H. - Portraits of "the Whiteman"; Linguistic Play and Cultural Symbols Among the Western Apache
049707: Bastianich, Lidia Matticchio - Lidia's Italian-American Kitchen
050833: Bastin, Jean - Précis de Phonétique Et Role de L'Accent Latin Dans Les Verbes Français
050891: Bastin, Maracel - Jésus Devant Sa Passion
016751: Bataille, Gretchen M., Ed - Native American Women; a Biographical Dictionary
031568: Batchelor, Jennifer, Ed - Giuseppe Verdi: Don Carlos, Don Carlo
010980: Batchelor, Denzil - The English Inn
049934: Bate, Walter Jackson - Samuel Johnson
034290: Bate, Walter Jackson - The Achievement of Samuel Johnson
011884: Bateman, Donald - Berkeley Moynihan, Surgeon
003405: Bateman, Alfredo D. - Paginas Para la Historia de la Ingenieria Colombiana; Galeria de Ingenieros Colombianos
045930: Bates, Arthur S., Ed - Le Roman de Vrai Amour and le Pleur de Sainte âme
045567: Bates, Darrell - The Abyssinian Difficulty; the Emperor Theodorus and the Magdala Campaign 1867-68
041371: Bates, Barbara - Bargaining for Life; a Social History of Tuberculosis, 1876-1938
031692: Bates, William Nickerson - Sophocles, Poet and Dramatist
027862: Bates, H. E. - The Face of England
017621: Bates, William - The Maclise Portrait Gallery of Illustrious Literary Characters with Memoirs Biographical, Critical, Bibliographical, and Anecdotal, Illustrative of the Literature of the Former Half of the Present Century
014701: Bates, Kenneth F. - Enameling; Principles and Practice
010981: Bates, Katharine Lee - From Gretna Green to Land's End; a Literary Journey in England
050570: Bateson, Mary Catherine - Arabic Language Handbook
030316: Bathurst, Bella - The Lighthouse Stevensons; the Extraordinary Story of the Builidng of the Scottish Lighthouses by the Ancestors of Robert Louis Stevenson
024927: Batiffol, Pierre - Anciennes Littératures Chrétiennes: La Littérature Grecque
052814: Batiffol, Pierre - Le Catholicisme de Saint Augustin
049640: Batin, Adela - Best Recipes of Alaska's Fishing Lodges
050037: Batkin, Jonathan - Splendid Heritage; Masterpieces of Native American Art from the Masco Collection
036054: Batra, Neelam - The Indian Vegetarian
044245: Battelli, Giulio - Lezioni Di Paleografia
003080: Batten, Loring W. - The Old Testament; a Study in the Hebrew Sacred Writings
047884: Battersby, W. J. - Brother Solomon, Martyr of the French Revoluion
044972: Battigelli, Anna - Margaret Cavendish and the Exiles of the Mind
010983: Battiscombe, Georgina - Shaftesbury, the Great Reformer, 1801-1885
029145: Batts, Michael - Hohes Mittelalter
049002: Baudelaire, Charles - Art in Paris 1845-1862; Salons and Other Exhibitions Reviewed by Charles Baudelaire
029735: Baudelaire, Charles - L'Art Romantique
029146: Baudier, Michel - Histoire de la Vie Et de L'Administration Du Cardinal XIMénes
017945: Baudin, E. - études Historiques Et Critiques Sur la Philosophie de Pascal
051480: Baudot, Marcel - Normandie Bénédictine
020879: Baudrillard, Jean - Jean Baudrillard; Selected Writings
047008: Bauer, Wolfgang - China and the Search for Happiness; Recurring Themes in Four Thousand Years of Chinese Cultural History
046084: Bauer, Henry H. - Beyond Velikovsky; the History of a Public Controversay
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021479: Bezold, Carl - Babylonisch-Assyrisches Glossar
005255: Bhagat, G. - Americans in India 1784-1860
038130: Bhattacharya, Sachchidananda - A Dictionary of Indian History
040765: Bhreathnach, Edel, et al., Eds - The Irish Franciscans 1534-1990
042839: Biaggi, Pietro - IL Catechismo a Bergamo Nel Secondo Ottocento; la Singolarità Dell'Episcopato Di Mons. Pietiro Luigi Speranza
003532: Biagi, Guido - Riproduzioni Di Manoscritti Miniati
010866: Bialer, Seweryn - The Soviet Paradox; External Expansion, Internal Decline
037630: Bialik, Hayyim Nahman - Aftergrowth and Other Stories
041709: Bialostocki, Jan - Spätmittelalter Und Beginnende Neuzeit
041332: Bianchini, Francesco - De Tribus Generibus Instumentorum Musicae Veterum Rrganicae
010918: Biancofiore, Franco - Civiltà Micenea Nell'Italia Meridionale
049003: Bianconi, Sandro - I Due Linguaggi; Storia Linguistica Della Lombardia Svizzera Dal '400 Ai Nostri Giorni
023663: Bianconi, Piero - All the Paintings of Piero Della Francesca
049347: Di Biase, Carmine - Tommaseo E Dante; Ritratto Di Dante Ovvero Autoritratto Di Tommaseo
045103: Biasin, Gian Paolo, et al., Eds - Studies in the Italian Renaissance; Essays in Memory of Arnolfo B. Ferruolo
019379: Bibby, Geoffrey - Looking for Dilmun
010919: Bibby, Geoffrey - The Testimony of the Spade
052071: Rudolf von Biberach - Die Siben Strassen Zu Got; Die Hochalemannische ûbertragung Nach Der Handschrift Einsiedeln 278
019226: Bibl, Viktor - Metternich, Der Dämon ôsterreichs
016478: Bibl, Viktor - Kaiser Franz, Der Letzte Römisch-Deutsche Kaiser
014632: American Association of Architectural Bibliographers - The American Association of Architectural Bibliographers Papers
001878: Uppsala. Universitet. Bibliotek - Catalogue Critique Et Descriptif Des Imprimés de Musique Des Xvie Et Xviie Siècles Conservés à la Bibliothèque de L'Université Royale
017711: Koninklijke Bibliotheek - Honderd Hoogtepunten Uit de Koninklijke Bibliotheek; a Hundred Highlights from the Koninklijke Bibliotheek
045494: Bibolet, Françoise - Histoire de Troyes
045209: Bickerton, Derek - Language & Species
042932: Bickerton, Derek - Dynamics of a Creole System
017846: Bickerton, Derek - Language and Human Behavior
046810: Bickley, R. Bruce, Jr. - Joel Chandler Harris
005189: Bidault, Georges - Resistance; the Political Autobiography of Georges Bidault
038219: Biddle, George - Tahitian Journal
050031: Bidermann, Jakob - Cenodoxus
022708: Bidwell, Paul T. - The Legionary Bath-House and Basilica and Forum at Exeter, with a Summary Account of the Legionary Fortress
011872: Bidwell, Shelford, Ed - Brassey's Artillery of the World; Guns, Howitzers, Mortars, Guided Weapons, Rockets and Ancillary Equipment in Service with the Regular and Reserve Forces of All Nations
011856: Bidwell, Shelford - World War 3; a Military Projection Founded on Today's Facts
011855: Bidwell, Shelford - The Chindit War; Stilwell, Wingate, and the Campaign in Burma; 1944
004024: Bie, Oskar - Die Schöne Helena
041216: Bieber, Margarete - The History of the Greek and Roman Theater
012720: Biebuyck, Daniel P. - Hero and Chief; Epic Literature from the Banyanga, Zaire Republic
044364: Biel, Gabriel - Defensorium Obedientiae Apostolicae Et Alia Documenta
051426: Bienaimé, Germain - Moise Et le Don de L'Eau Dans la Tradtion Juive Ancienne: Tarum Et Midrash
052215: Bienek, Horst - Time without Bells
012721: Bienen, Henry - Kenya; the Politics of Participation and Control
007111: Bienstock, Gregory - The Struggle for the Pacific
981: Bier, William C. - Conscience: Its Freedom and Limitations. Edited by William C. Bier
023255: Bierens de Haan, J. D., Et al. - Spinoza; Gezamelijke Rrdevoeringen, Gehouden Bij de Spinoza-Herdenking Door de Afdeeling-Nederland Van de Kant-Gesellschaft Op Donderdag, 29 December 1932 Te Amsterdam in de Agnieten-Kapel (Athenaeum-Illustre)
031547: Bierhorst, John - The Mythology of North America
031546: Bierhorst, John - The Mythology of Mexico and Central America
031278: Bierhorst, John, Ed - The Sacred Path; Spells, Prayers & Power Songs of the American Indians
050338: Bieri, Peter - Analytische Philosophie Des Geistes
982: Bierman, A. K. - Logic: A Dialogue. San Francisco, Etc.
000014: Biermann, Wilhelm Eduard, Ed - Volkwirtschaftliche Und Wirtschaftsgeschichtliche Abhandlungen, Wilhelm Stieda Als Festgruss... Dargebracht
031695: Biers, William R. - The Archaeology of Greece; an Introduction
021482: Bierwisch, Manfred - Modern Linguistics; Its Development, Methods and Problems
031696: Biese, Alfred - Griechische Lyriker in Auswahl
033633: Bigaroni, Marino Luigi - S. Francesco D'Assisi Dagli Scritti Dei Suoi Compagni: "Compilazione D'Assisi" Dal Ms. 1046 Di Perugia
027896: Dixon, Michael Bigelow and Michele Volansky, Eds - A Decade of New Comedy; Plays from the Humana Festival
047437: Biggs, Frederick M., Et al., Eds - Sources of Anglo-Saxon Literary Culture: A Trial Version
035991: Biggs, Donald C. - The Pony Express; Creation of the Legend
047984: Vazquez Bigi, Angel Manuel - Son Dos Las Puertas Del Sueño
052535: Bigi, Emilio - La Poesia Del Boiardo
016058: Bigongiari, Dino - Essays on Dante and Medieval Culture; Critical Studies of the Thought and Texts of Dante, St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, Marsilius of Padua, and Other Medieval Subjects
006901: Bihaly, Andrew - The Journal of Andrew Bihaly

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