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043818: BAZIN, GERMAIN, - L'Epoque impressionniste avec notices biographiques et Bibliographiques..
032012: BAZIN, GERMAIN, - The History of World Sculpture..
260: BE LL, CLAIR HAYDEN., - Peasant life in Old German epics: Meier Helmbrecht and Der arme Heinrich. T ranslated from the Middle High German of the thirteenth century...
027164: BEACH, EDWARD ALLEN, - The Potencies of God(s); Schilling's Philosophy of Mythology..
009379: BEACHAM, RICHARD C., - Spectacle Entertainments of Early Imperial Rome..
040309: BEACON, RICHARD, - Solon his Follie, or a politique discourse Touching the Reformation of Common-Weales Conquered, Declined or Corrupted..
010985: BEADLE, MURIEL, - These Ruins are Inhabited..
026692: BEAL, MERRILL D., - "I Will Fight No More forever"; Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce War..
009805: BEALE, HOWARD K., ED., - Charles A. Beard; an Appraisal..
006096: BEALES, DEREK, - England and Italy, 1859-60..
022799: BEALS, RALPH L., - Cheran: a Sierra Tarascan Village..
020285: BEAMER, LISA, - Let's Roll! Ordinary People, Extraordinary Courage..
042589: BEAN, JACOB AND FELICE STAMPFLE, - The Italian Renaissance..
009408: BEAN, SUSAN S., - Symbolic and Pragmatic Semantaics; a Kannada System of Address..
007456: BEAN, FRANK D. AND STEPHANIE BELL-ROSE, EDS., - Immigration and Opportunity; Race, Ethnicity, and Employment in the United States..
007102: BEARD, CHARLES A. AND GEORGE H. E. SMITH, - The Future Comes; a Study of the New Deal..
012204: BEARD, RICHARD AND REVA BEARD, - From Calcutta with Love; the World War II Letters of Richard and Reva Beard..
032149: BEARD, JAMES, - Beard on Pasta..
036358: BEARD, JAMES, - Delights and Prejudices..
041461: BEARDSLEE, L. A, - Reports of Captain L. A. Beardslee, U. S. Navy, Relative to Affairs in Alaska and the Operations of the U.S.S. Jamestown under His Command, While in the Waters of That Territory..
014255: BEARDSLEY, AUBREY, - Aubrey Beardsley; Exhibition of Drawings & Books..
013404: BEASLEY, BRUCE, - Bruce Beasley: Skulpturen/sculpture..
035064: BEATLEY, TIMOTHY, - Habitat Conservation Planning; Endangered Species and urban Growth..
037868: BEATON, CECIL, - Beaton..
023136: BEATON, CECIL, - Cecil Beaton: Memoirs of the 40's..
025935: BEATON, CECIL, - War Photographs 1939-45..
036429: BEATON, CECIL, - Cecil Beaton: Memoirs of the 40's..
020620: BEATTIE, ANN, - Alex Katz..
021069: BEATTY, RICHMOND CROOM AND WILLIAM PERRY FIDLER, EDS., - Contemporary Southern Prose..
011746: BEATTY, CHARLES, - De Lesseps of Suez; the Man and His Times..
007103: BEATY, RICHARD EDWARD, - The Mountain Angels; Trials of the Mountaineers of the Blue Ridge and Shenandoah Valley..
034469: BEAUJOUAN, GUY, - Manuscrits scientifiques médiévaux de l'Université de Salamanque et de ses "Colegios mayores"..
040427: BEAUMARCHAIS, PIERRE-AUGUSTIN CARON DE, - Lettres inédites de Beaumarchais, de Mme de Beaumarchais et de leur fille Eugénie..
034026: BEAUMONT, FRANCIS AND JOHN FLETCHER, - The Works of Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher..
027327: BEAUMONT, FRANCIS AND JOHN FLETCHER, - Philaster or, Love Lies A-Bleeding..
027350: BEAUMONT, FRANCIS AND JOHN FLETCHER, - The Maid's Tragedy..
015373: BEAUMONT, CYRIL W., - The Sadler's Wells Ballet; a detailed Account of Works in the Permanent Repertory with Critical Notes..
017051: BEAUMONT, CYRIL W., - Complete Book of Ballets; a Guide to the principal Ballets of the nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries..
033737: BEAURLINE, L. A., - Jonson and Elizabethan Comedy; Essays in Dramatic Rhetoric..
032832: BEAUVOIR, SIMONE DE, - A Transatlantic Love Affair; Letters to Nelson Algren..
005736: BEAVER, DANIEL R., - Newton D. Baker and the American war Effort, 1917-1919..
002916: BEAZLEY, J. D. AND BERNARD ASHMOLE, - Greek Sculpture and Painting to the End of the Hellenistic Period..
021434: BECERRA, SERVIO, - Fonologia de las consonantes implosivas en el español urbano de Cartagena de Indias (Colombia); ensayo Sociolingüistico..
033161: BÉCHADE, HERVÉ D., - Les Romans comiques de Charles Sorel; Fiction Narrative, Langue et Langages..
043229: BECHERT, HEINZ, - Buddhism and Society..
002057: BECHERT, JOHANNES, ET AL., - Einführung in Die Generative Transformationsgrammatik; Ein Lehrbuch..
029147: BECHTEL, HEINRICH, - Wirtschaftsstsil des deutschen Spätmittelalters; der Ausdruck der Lebensform in Wirtschaft, Gesellschaftsaufbau i. Kunst von 1350 bis um 1500..
022353: BECHTOLSHEIM, HUBERT VON, - Leningrad; Biographie einer Stadt..
003408: BECK, ANN, - A History of the British Medical Administration of East Africa, 1900-1950..
026023: BECK, THOMASINA, - Embroidered Gardens..
012438: BECK, GREGOR GILPIN AND BRUCE LITTELJOHNS, EDS., - Voices for the Watershed; Environmental Issues in the Great lakes-St. Lawrence Drainage Basin..
003256: BECK, JAN-WILHELM, - Annianus, Septimius Serenus Und Ein Vegessenes Fragment..
027715: BECK, THOMAS, ET AL., EDS., - Kolumbus' Erben; europäische Expansion und überseeische Ethnien im ersten Kolonialzeitalter, 1415-1815..
018028: BECK, LAWRENCE C., ED., - Encyclopedia of Ethics..
007402: BECK, GREGOR GILPIN AND BRUCE LITTELJOHNS, EDS., - Voices for the Watershed; Environmental Issues in the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Drainage Basin..
037826: BECK, HILARY, - Victorian Engravings..
039600: BECK, JAMES, - Leonardo's rules of Painting; an Unconventional Approach to Modern Art..
036928: BECK, LEONARD N, - Two "loaf-giver" or a tour through the Gastronomic Libraries of Katherine Golden Bitting and Elizabeth Robins Pennell..
043706: BECKER, WERNER, - Idalistische und Materialistische Dialektik; das Verhältnis von "Herrschaft und Knechtschaft" bei Hegel und Marx..
022630: BECKER, CARL L., - The Heavenly city of the eighteenth=century Philosophers..
962: BECKER, ERNEST., - The structure of evil; an essay on the unification of the science of man...
025348: BECKER, WINFRIED, - Passau in der Zeit des Nationalsozialismus; ausgewählte Fallstudien..
012703: BECKER, PETER, - Dingane, King of the Zulu, 1828-1840; the Rule of Fear of the Chieftain Who Terrorized Boer South Africa..
030047: BECKER, HEINZ AND GUDRUN BECKER, - Giacomo Meyerbeer; a life in Letters..
010357: BECKER, ERNEST, - Angel in Armor; a post-Freudian Perspective on the Nature of Man..
032490: BECKERMAN, BERNARD, - Shakespeare at the Globe 1599-1609..
010986: BECKERMAN, W., ET AL., - The British Economy in 1975..
029853: BECKERMANN, RUTH, - Vienne, Rue du Temple; le quartier juif 1918-1938..
023660: BECKETT, LUCY AND ANGELO HORNAK, - York Minster..
036829: BECKETT, JAEN AND DEBORAH CHERRY, EDS, - The Edwardian Era..
037224: BECKEY, FRED, - Cascade Alpine Guide. Climbing and High Routes, Columbia River to Stevens Pass..
008058: BECKMAN, MORRIS, - The Jewish Brigade; an Army with Two Masters, 1944-45..
036375: BECKMAN, GERTRUDE WHEELER, - Tools for speaking and Singing..
038193: BECKMANN, MAX, - Max Beckmann 1948..
022483: BECKMANN, MARTIN J., - Rank in Organizations..
040034: BECKMANN, MARTIN, ET AL., - Studies in the Economics of Transportation..
038263: BECKMANN, MAX, - Max Beckmann Graphics..
032650: BECKS-MALORNY, ULRIKE, - Wassily Kandinsky, 1866-1944. The Journey to Abstractions..
034995: BECKSMANN, RÜDIGER, ET AL., EDS., - Beiträge zur Kunst des Mittelalters; Festschrift für Hans Wentzel zum 60. Geburtstag..
020617: BECKWITH, BURNHAM P., - The future of money and Banking; a United National non-bank Payment System..
030583: BECKWITH, DAVID W., - A New day in the Delta; Inventing school Desegregation as You go..
033266: BECKWITH, CAROL AND ANGELA FISHER, - African Ceremonies; the Concise Edition..
033914: BECOM, JEFFREY AND SALLY JEAN ABERG, - Maya Color; the Painted Villages of Mesoamerica..
040522: BÉCOURT, DANIEL, - Livres condamnés, livres interdits; régime juridique du livre. Outrages aux bonnes moeurs; arretés D'interdiction..
044083: BECQUET, JEAN, - Vie canoniale en France aux Xe-XIIe Siècles..
019822: BEDAU, HUGO ADAM, - Killing as Punishment; Reflections on the Death Penalty in America`..
006076: BEDDARD, ROBERT, - A Kingdom Without a King; the Journal of the Provisional Government in the Revolution of 1688..
009266: BEDELL, MADELON, - The Alcotts; Biography of a Family..
028542: BEDFORD, A. G., - The University of Winnipeg; a History of the Founding Colleges..
033967: BEDFORD, R. D., - The defence of Truth; Herbert of Cherbury and the Seventeeth Century..
040834: BEDFORD, HERBERT, - An Essay on Modern Unaccompanied Song..
039494: BÉDIER, JOSEPH, - Les légendes épiques; recherches sur la formation des Chansons de Geste..
041111: BEDIKIAN, A. A, - The golden Age in the fifth Century; an Introduction to Armenian Literature in Perspective..
043652: BEDINI, SILVIO A, - Early AMerican Scientific Instruments and Their Makers..
027257: BEDNARZ, JAMES P., - Shakespeare & the poets' War..
012680: DE LA BEDOYERE, MICHAEL, - The Greatest Catherine; the Life of Catherine Beninesa, Saint of Siena..
043830: LA BÉDOYÈRE, GUY DE, - Architecture in Roman Britiain..
043829: LA BÉDOYÈRE, GUY DE, - Pottery in Roman Britiain..
017686: BEEBE, LUCIUS AND CHARLES CLEGG, - San Francisco's Golden Era; a picture Story of San Francisco before the Fire..
013311: BEEBE, LUCIUS, - Trains in Transition..
013321: BEEBE, LUCIUS AND CHARLES CLEGG, - Narrow Gauge in the Rockies..
042526: BEEBE, LUCIUS, - The Central Pacific & the South Pacific Railroads..
043394: BEECH, F. W., ED, - Home Made wines, Syrups and Cordials..
012825: BEECHER, LYMAN, - The Remedy for Duelling. A Sermon, Delivered Before the Presbytery of Long-Island, at the Opening of Their Session, at Aquebogue, April 16, 1806..
025524: BEECHER, GARY R., ED., - Research instrumentation for the 21st Century..
036605: BEECHER, CATHARINE E, - A Treatise on Domestic Economy..
040657: BEECHER, LYMAN, - The Autobiography of LYman Beecher..
041347: BEECHING, JACK, - The Galleys at Lepanto..
038853: BEEDE, BENJAMIN R, - Intervention and Counterinsurgency; an Annotated Bibliography of the Small Wars of the United States, 1898-1984..
039173: BEEDE, GRACE LUCILE, ED, - Greek Drama; a Collection of Festival Papers..
018445: BEEDELL, A. V., - The decline of the ENglish Musician, 1788-1888; a Family of ENglish Musicians in Ireland, England, Mauritius, and Australia..
014582: BEEK, MARIJKE AND ERNEST KURPERSHOEK, - Amsterdam's Nieuwe Kerk..
042812: BEEKMAN, E. M, - Homeopathy of the Absurd; the Grotesque in Paul van Ostaijen's Creative Prose..
028668: BEENKEN, HERMANN, - Bildwerke des Bamberger Domes aus dem 13. Jahrhundert..
040819: BEER, JOHANN, - Sämtliche Werke. Band 1: Der Simplicianische Welt-Kucker..
020211: BEER, JOHN, - Coleridge's Poetic Intelligence..
008216: BEER, SAMUEL H., - To Make a Nation; the Rediscovery of American Federalism..
030627: DE BEER, JEREMY, ED., - Implementing the World Intellectuaal Property Organization's development Agenda..
010987: BEER, SAMUEL H., - Treasury Control; the Co-Ordination of Financial and Economic Policy in Great Britain..
035067: DE BEER, GAVIN, - Embryos and Ancestors..
027323: BEERBOHM, MAX, - A Survey..
020320: BEERBOHM, MAX, - Letters of Max Beerbohm, 1892-1956..
038988: BEERBOHM, MAX, - The poets' Corner..
035669: BEERBOHM, MAX, - A Christmas Garland Woven..
013405: BEERBOHM, MAX, - Rossetti and His Circle..
037437: BEERBOHM, MAX, - The Poet's Corner..
035389: BEERBOHM, MAX, - Yet Again..
041580: BEESON, CHARLES H, - A Primer of Medieval Latin; an Anthology of Prose and Poetry..
030049: BEETHOVEN, LUDWIG VAN, - Fidelio. In full Score..
030050: BEETHOVEN, LUDWIG VAN, - Missa Solemnis. In full Score..
036394: BEETHOVEN, LUDWIG VAN, - Beethovens Briefe..
021981: BEEZLEY, WILLIAM H., - Insurgent Governor; Abraham Gonzalez and the Mexican Revoltuion in Chihuahau..
021496: BEFU, BEN, - Worldly Mental Calculations; an Annotated Translation of Ihara Saikaku's Seken Munezan'yo..
036223: BEGBIE, HAROLD, - Great Men..
002735: BEGBIE, EDWARD HARALD, - Painted Windows; Studies in Religious Personality..
042290: BEGLEY, WALTER, - Breviarium Anagrammaticum; the Latin Hymns of the Breviary and Other Famous Latin Huymns of the Early Church Turned Into Metrical Anagrams..
029402: BÉGUIN, ALBERT, - Balzac lu et Relu..
029651: BÉGUIN, ALBERT AND YVES BONNEFOY, EDS., - La Quête du Graal..
017399: BEHREND, GEORGE, - Luxury Trains, from the Orient Express to the TGV..
039546: BEHRENDT, WALTER CURT, - Modern Building; Its Nature, Problems, and Forms..
041652: BEHRENS, INGEBORG AND JÜRGEN BEHRENS, EDS, - Friedrich Leopold Graf zu Stoberg Stolberg; Verzeichnis sämtlicher Briefe..
039818: BEHRMAN, CYNTHIA FANSLER, - Victorian Myths of the Sea..
034955: BEIDLER, PHILIP D., - The Victory Album; Reflections on the Good Life After the Good War..
007106: BEIDLER, PHILIP D., - The Good War's Greatest Hits; World War II and American Remembering..
038454: BEIDLER, PETER G. AND MARION F. EGGE, - The American Indian in Short Fiction; an Annotated Bibliography..
025113: BEIERWALTELS, WERNER AND WIEBKE SCHRADER, EDS., - Weltaspekte der Philosophie; Rudolph Berlinger zum 26. Oktober 1972..
029857: BEIK, PAUL H., - The French REvolution seen from the Right; social Theories in Motion, 1789-1799..
013934: BEILKE, MARLAN, - Family, Friends, and Poetry..
022970: BEIN, ALEX, - Theodore Herzl; a Biography..
010481: BEINSEN, LUTZ, - Die Wirkung Der Ausfuhr Auf Das Inländische Wirtschaftswachstum..
015422: BÉJART, ALAIN, - Danser Le XXe Siècle..
042251: BEJCYZ, ISTVAN P. AND RICHARD G. NEWHAUSER, EDS, - Virtue and Ethics in the twelfth Century..
259: BEKKER, HUGO., - The Nibelungenlied: a literary analysis...
041083: BEKKER-NEILSEN, HANS, - Old Norse-Icelandic Studies; a Select Bibliography..
020953: BEL, AUBREY F. G., - Studies in Portuguese Literature..
016054: BELARDI, WALTER, - Capitoli di grammatica Dell'alto-Tedesco Antico; Introduzione, Accento e Intonazioni, Morfologia Del Nome..
004567: BELASCO, WARREN J., - Appetite for Change; How the Counterculture Took on the Food Industry 1966-1988..
023932: BELAUNDE, VICTOR ANDRÉS, - Bolivar and the Political Thought of the Spanish American Revolution..
002736: BELAVAL, YVON, - Philosophers and Their Language..
006915: BELDEN, MARY MEGIE, - The Dramatic Work of Samuel Foote..
040802: BELEN'KII, M. S, - Chto takoe Talmud..
037918: BELL, QUENTIN, ET AL, - Those Impossible English..
010843: BELL, COLIN AND ROSE BELL, - City Fathers; Town Planning in Britain from Roman Times to 1900..
001749: BELL, J. H. B., ET AL, - British Hills and Mountains..
023909: BELL, CLIVE, - Civilization and Old Friends..
024589: BELL, DERRICK, - Silent Covenants; Brown v. Board of Education and the Unfulfilled hopes for racial Reform..
007107: BELL, KENSIL, - "Always Ready!" The Story of the United States Coast Guard..
015016: BELL, H. E. AND R. L. OLLARD, EDS., - Historical Essays, 1600-1750, Presented to David Ogg..
015084: BELL, MICHAEL, - Painters in a New Land..
022971: BELL, J. BOWYER, - Terror Out of Zion; Irgun Zvai Leumi, LEHI, and the Palestine Underground, 1929-1949..
004743: BELL, DANIEL, - The Winding Passage; Essays and Sociological Journeys, 1960-1980..
015654: BELL, MILLICENT, - Edith Wharton & Henry James; the Story of Their Friendship..
006908: BELL, SAM HANNA, - The Theatre in Ulster; a Survey of the Dramatic Movement in Ulster from 1902 Until the Present Day..
042410: BELL, OVID, - The Story of the Kingdom of Callaway..
039075: BELL, CLIVE, - Old Friends; personal Recollections..
037137: BELL, QUENTIN, - Bloomsbury..
033685: BELL, AUBREY F. G., - Castilian Literature..
966: BELLAH, ROBERT N., - Tokugawa religion; the values of pre-industrial Japan...
004769: BELLAH, ROBERT, ET AL., - Habits of the Heart; individualism and Commitment in American Life..
038634: DU BELLAY, JOACHIM, - La deffence et illustration de la langue Francoyse..
023826: BELLER, ANDREA H. AND JOHN W. GRAHAM, - Small Change: the Economics of Child Support..
008150: BELLER, SUSAN PROVOST, - To Hold this Ground; a Desperate Battle at Gettysburg..
035702: BELLER, ANNE SCOTT, - Fat and Thin; a Natural history of Obesity..
016481: BELLESSORT, ANDRÉ, - Les intellectuels et L'avènement De La Troisième République (1871-1875)..
043028: BELLINI, MARIO, ED, - Album 1: Progetto mangiare; eating as Design..
030137: BELLINI, VINCENZO, - Norma..
037172: BELLO, WALDEN, - U.S.-sponsored Low-Intensity Conflict in the Philippines..
034522: BELLOC, HILAIRE, - The Treat Heresies..
038478: BELLOC, HILAIRE, - Cautionary Tales for Children..
040987: BELLOC, HILAIRE, - The Book of the Bayeux Tapestry Presenting the Complete Work in a Series of Colour Facsimiles..
009069: BELLONCLE, GUY, - Participation Paysanne et Aménagements Hydro-Agricoles; Les leçons De Cinqu expériences Africaines..
021435: BELLONI, PIETRO AND HANS NILSSON-EHLE, - Voci romanesche; aggiunte e commenti al vocabolario romanesco Chiappini-Rolandi..
032574: BELLONI, ANTONIO, - Il Seicento..
004688: BELLOT, LELAND J., - William Knox; the Life and Thought of an Eighteenth-Century Imperialis..
003737: BELLQUIST, ERIC CYRIL, - Some Aspects of the Recent Foreign Policy of Sweden..
030804: BELLROSE, FRANK, - Ducks, Geese & Swans of North America..
042205: BELLUCCI, DINO, - Fede e giustificazione in Lutero; un esame teologico dei "Dictata super Psalterium" e del commentario sull'Epistola ai Romani (1513-1516)..
010989: BELOFF, MAX AND GILLIAN PEELE, - The Government of the UK; Political Authority in a Changing Society..
043030: BELOUSOV, KONSTANTIN, ED, - Lev N. Tolstoi 1828-1978; Leo Tolstoy..
027739: BELOVIC, JASNA, - Die Sitten der Südslawen..
004455: BELSHAW, CYRIL S., - Under the Ivi Tree; Society and economic Growth in Rural Fiji..
010749: BELSHAW, HORACE, ED., - New Zealand..
039302: BELTERMAN, HANS, - Verse Groenten..
023359: BELUSHI, JUDITH JACKLIN, - Samurai Widow..
012381: BELYAEV, E. A., - Arabs, Islam and the Arab Caliphate in the Early Middle Ages..
024349: BEN-HORIN, MEIR, ET AL., EDS., - Studies and Essays in Honor of ABraham A. Neuman, President, Dropsie College for Hebrew and Cognate Learning, Philadelphia..
026382: BEN KHADER, AICHA BEN ABED AND DAVID SOREN, - Carthage: a Mosaic of Ancient Tunisia..
037705: BEN-DASAN, ISAIAH, - The Japanese and the Jews..
044161: BENAIM DE LASRY, ANITA, - Carlos Maynes and La Enperatris De Roma; Critical edition and study of Two Medieval Spsnish Romances..
039482: BENAMOU, MICHEL, - L'oeuvre--monde de Wallace Stevens..
030622: BENAVENTE, CARMEN, - Embroiderers of Ninhue; Stitching Chilean Rural Life..
034853: BENBOW-PFALZGRAF, TARYN, ED., - International Dictionary of Modern dance..
025895: BENBOW-PFALZGRAF, TARYN, ED., - Contemporary Fashion..
012537: BENCE-JONES, MARK, - The Viceroys of India..
038045: BENDALL, MOLLY AND GAIL WRONSKY, - Calamity and Belle; cowgirl Correspondence..
016335: BENDER, THOMAS, - New York Intellect; a History of Intellectual Life in New York City, from 1750 to the Beginnings of Our Own Time..
017843: BENDIX, EDWARD HERMAN, - Componential Analysis of General Vocabulary; the Semantic Structure of a set of verbs in English, Hini, and Japanese..
041943: BENDIX, REINHARD, - Re o popolo; il potere e il mandato di Governare..
014245: BENDIX, DEANNA MAROHN, - Diabolical Designs; Paintings, Interiros, and Exhibitions of James McNeill Whistler..
041274: BENDIX, REINHARD, - Von Berlin nach Berkeley; deutsch-jüdische Identitäten..
042182: BENDIX, EDWARD HERMAN, - Componential Analysis of General Vocabulary: The Semantic Structure of a set of Verbs in English, Hindi, and Japanese..
035152: BENDZ, GERHARD, - Emendationen zu Caelius Aurelianus..
042397: BENEDEK, ISTVAN, - Az értelem discsérete; müvelödéstörténeti tanulmány a 16-17 század Gondolkodóurók..
026244: BENEDEK, ISTVAN, - Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis 1818-1865..
007998: BENEDEK, EMILY, - The Wind Won't Know Me; a History of the Navajo-Hopi Land Dispute..
015131: BENEDETTI, JEAN, - The Moscow Art Theatre Letters..
006942: BENEDETTI, JEAN, - Stanislavski..
018452: BENEDICT, BRAD AND LINDA BARTON, - Phonographics; Contemporary Album Cover Art & Design..
005259: BENEDICT, MARION AND BURTON BENEDICT, - Men, women and Money in Seychelles..
042604: BENEDICT, BURTON, - The Anthropology of World's Fairs; San Francisco's Panama Pacific International Exposition of 1915..
038007: BENENSON, SHAREN, - The New York Botanical Garden Cookbook..
033648: BENES, PETER, - The masks of Orthodoxy; folk Gravestone Carving in Plymouth County, Massachusetts, 1689-1805..
023387: BENES, PAVEL, - Phrases à agents indéterminés dans le Nouveau Testament; leurs versions latines et Romanes..
038700: BENESCH, OTTO, - La peinture allemande de Dürer à Holbein..
010990: BENEWICK, ROBERT, - Political Violence & Public Order; a Study of British Fascism..
034237: BENEZRA, NEAL, - Stephan Balkenhol; sculptures and Drawings..
035022: BENFEY, CHRISTOPHER, - Degas in New Orleans; Encounters in the Creole World of Kate Chopin and George Washington Cable..
031017: BENGE, SOPHIE, - Private Hong Kong; Where Easts Meets West..
025319: BENGTSON, HERMANN, - Einführung in die alte Geschichte..
036036: BENGTSON, HERMANN, - Herrschergestsalten des Hellenismus..
027165: BENHAM, WILLIAM, - Old St. Paul's Cathedral..
032131: BENHAM, W. GURNEY, - Playing Cards; the History and Secrets of the Pack..
027084: BENJAMIN, MEDEA, ET AL., - No free Lunch; Food & Revolution in Cuba Today..
032057: BENJAMIN, MARINA, - Rocket Dreams; How the space Age Shaped Our Vision of a World Beyond..
032956: BENJAMIN, LORNA SMITH, - Interpersonal Diagnosis and Treatment of Personality Disorders..
035144: BENJAMIN, JACQUES, - Les Camerounais occidentaux; la minorité dans un état Bicommunautaire..
042186: BENJAMIN, WALTER, - The Origin of German tragic Drama..
010103: BENKARD, ERNST, - Das Selbstbildnis Vom 15. Bis Zum Beginn Des 18. Jahrhunderts..
017651: BENKE, BRITTA, - Georgia O'Keeffe, 1887-1986; Flowers in the Desert..
037510: BENKO, CATHLEEN AND ANNE WEISBERG, - Mass Career Customization; Aligning the Workplace with Today's Nontraditional Workforce..
021506: BENKOVITZ, MIRIAM J., - Frederick Rolfe: Baron Corvo..
018975: BENKOVITZ, MIRIAM J., - Ronald Firbank; a Biography..
040809: BENN, GOTTFRIED, - Gesammelte Werke in acht Bänden..
022045: BENNASSAR, BARTOLOMÉ, - The Spanish Character; Attitudes and mentalities from the Sixteenth to the Nineteenth Century..
038613: BENNETT, H. S., - Life on the ENglish Manor; a Study of Peasant Conditions 1150-1400..
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014765: BISMARCK, OTTO VON, FÜRST, - Gedanken Und Erinnerungen..
010500: BISMARCK, OTTO VON, - Fürst Bismarcks Briefe an Seine Braut Und Gattin..
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011000: BLAND, A. E., ET AL., EDS., - English Economic History; Selected Documents..
039092: BLANK, REBECCA M., ET AL., EDS, - Working and poor; How Economic and Policy changes are Affecting Low-wage Workers..
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032452: BLANK, JONAH, - Arrow of the Blue-Skinned God; retracing the Ramayana Through India..
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028544: BLANSHARD, FRANCES, - Frank Aydelotte of Swarthmore..
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010921: BLASS, FRIEDRICH, - Grammatik Des Neutestamentlichen Griechisch..
041234: BLASS, FRIEDRICH AND ALBERT DEBRUNNER, - A Greek Grammar of the New Testament and other Early Christian Literautre..
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027765: BLAVATSKY, H. P., - Rätselhafte Volksstämme..
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011858: BLECHMAN, BARRY M. AND ROBERT P. BERMAN, - Guide to Far Eastern Navies..
006670: BLEGEN, THEODORE C., - Grass Roots History..
023630: BLEICH, DAVID, - Subjective Criticism..
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014539: BLESER, CAROL, ED., - In Joy and in Sorrow; Women, Family, and Marriage in the Victorian South, 1830-1900..
009955: BLESH, RUDI, - Modern Art USA; Men, Rebellion, Conquest, 1900-1956..
018462: BLESH, RUDI, - Shining Trumpets; a History of Jazz..
039380: BLINDER, ALAN S, - Toward an Economic Theory of Income Distribution..
037795: BLISS, EUGENE L. AND C. H. HARDIN BRANCH, - Anorexia Nervosa; Its History, Psychology, and Biology..
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024896: BLOCH, ERNST, - Das Prinzip Hoffnung..
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029573: BLOCH, ERNST, - Geist der Utopie..
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042612: BLOCH, R. HOWARD, - The Anonymous Marie de France..
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043840: BLOCH, DAVID AND STEN EBBESEN, - Videnssamfundet i det 12. og 13. århundrede; Forskning og Formidling..
039233: BLOCK, HERBERT, - Herblock's special for Today..
022439: BLOCK, JOYCE, - Family Myths; Living Our Roles, Betraying Ourselves..
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041803: BLOCK, JEAN F, - Hyde Park Houses; an Informal History, 1856-1910..
016548: BLOCK, GAY AND MALKA DRUCKER, - Rescuers; Portraits of Moral Courage in the Holocaust..
039731: BLOCK, LAWRENCE, - Ehrengraf for the Defense..
033810: BLOCKSON, CHARLES L., - The Underground Railroad..
014347: BLODGETT, JEAN, - Kenojuak..
026133: BLODGETT, JEAN, - Grasp Tight the Old Ways; selections from the Klamer Family Collection of Inuit Art..
029887: BLODGETT, JEAN, - Grasp Tight the Old Ways; selections from the Klamer Family Collection of Inuit Art..
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042629: BLOMQVIST, JERKER, - Der Hippokratestext des Apollonios von Kition..
004975: BLOODWORTH, DENNIS, - The Messiah and the Mandarins; Mao Tsetung and the Ironies of Power..
034006: BLOOM, SOL, - History of the Formation of the Union Under the Constitution with Liberty Documents and Report of the Commission..
025787: BLOOM, HOWARD, - The LUucifer Principle; a scientific Expedition Into the Forces of History..
036030: BLOOM, GORDON F, - Productivity in the Food Industry; Problems and Potential..
026866: BLOOM, HAROLD, ED., - Samuel Richardson..
027268: BLOOM, HAROLD, - Eighteenth-century British Fiction..
027271: BLOOM, HAROLD, - Tobias Smollett..
027577: BLOOM, HAROLD, - Shakespeare; the Invention of the Human..
027594: BLOOM, HAROLD, - Sir John Falstaff..
021600: BLOOM, HAROLD, - Michel de Montaigne..
034406: BLOOM, HAROLD, - Molière..
037049: BLOOM, STEPHEN G, - Postville; a Clash of cultures in Heartland America..
032873: BLOOM, JONATHAN AND SHEILA BLAIR, - Islamic Arts..
018464: BLOOMFIELD, ARTHUR J., - The San Francisco Opera, 1923-1961..
009338: BLOOMFIELD, ARTHUR, - 50 Years of the San Francisco Opera..
009414: BLOOMFIELD, MORTON W., - Essays and Explorations; Studies in Ideas, Language, and Literature..
037170: BLOOMFIELD, PAUL, - The Mediterranean; an Anthology..
038303: BLOOMFIELD, ROBERT, - Wild Flowers; or, Pastoral and Local Poetry..
040801: BLOUET, J, - Les Séminaires de Coutances et d'Avranches..
020182: BLOW, RICHARD, - American Son; a portrait of John F. Kennedy, Jr...
043882: BLOY, LÉON, - Pages de Léon Bloy..
040347: BLUCHE, FRANÇOIS AND JEAN-FRANÇOIS SOLNON, - La véritable hiérarchie sociale de l'ancienne France; le tarif de la première capitation (1695)..
025335: BLUEMEL, CARL, - Greek Sculptors at Work..
005088: BLUESTONE, BARRY AND BENNETT HARRISON, - The Deindustrailization of America; Plant Closings, Community Abandonment, and the Dismantling of Basic Industry..
007470: BLUESTONE, BARRY ET AL., - The Boston Renaissance; Race, Space and Economic Change in an American Metropolis..
002072: BLUHME, HERMANN, - Beitrag Zur Deutschen Und Zur Polnischen Mundart Im Oberschlesischen Industriegebiet Unter Besonderer Berücksichtigung Phonometrischer Methoden..
021498: BLUM, JOHN MORTON, - The Republican Roosevelt..
005499: BLUM, RICHARD AND EVA BLUM, - Health and Healing in Rural Greece; a Study of Three Communities..
003411: BLUM, HAROLD F, - Time's Arrow and Evolution..
024894: BLUM, CAROL, - Diderot: The Virtue of a Philosopher..
010504: BLUM, HANS, - Das Deutsche Reich Zur Zeit Bismarcks; Politische Geschichte Von 1871 Bis 1890..
011859: BLUM, JOHN MORTON, - V Was for Victory; Politics and American Culture During World War II..
029964: BLUM, LÉON, - Souvenirs sur l'Affaire..
031542: BLUM, HOWARD, - The Gold of Exodus; the Discovery of the True Mount Sinai..
033856: BLUM, DEBORAH, - The Monkey Wars..
037897: BLUM, STELLA, ED, - Ackermann's Costume Plates; women's Fashions in England 1818-1828..
007818: BLUMANN, ETHEL AND MABEL W. THOMAS, EDS., - California Local History; a Centennial Bibliography..
032645: BLUMBERG, RHODA, - The Great American Gold Rush..
015246: BLUMBERG, DONALD, - Donald Blumberg..
014789: BLUMBERG, PAUL, - Inequality in an Age of Decline..
001800: BLUME, FRIEDRICH, - Studien Zur Vorgeschichte Der Orchestersuite Im 15. Und 16. Jahrhundert..
024095: BLÜMEL, CARL, - Die klassisch griechischen Skulpturen der staatlichen Museen zu Berlin..
040052: BLUMENFELD, HANS, - The Modern Metropolis; Its Origins, Growth, Characteristics, and Planning. Selected Essays..
003088: BLUMENFELD, KURT, - Erlebte Judenfrage; Ein Vierteljahrhundert Deutscher Zionismus..
018412: BLUMENSCHEIN, HELEN G., - Selected Petroglyphs in Rio Arriba County; Text and Photographs..
005559: BLUMENTHAL, GERDA, - The Poetic Imagination of Georges Bernanos; an Essay in Interpretation..
029309: BLUMENTHAL, HENRY, - American and French Culture, 1800-1900; Interchanges in Art, Science, Literature, and Society..
029728: BLUMENTHAL, HENRY, - France and the United States; Their Diplomatic Relations, 1789-1914..
044078: BLUMENTHAL, UTA-RENATE, - Papal reform and Canon Law in the 11th and 12th Centuries..
034998: BLUMENTHAL, UTA-RENATE, - The Early Councils of Pope Paschal II, 1100-1110..
003932: BLUMHARDT, JAMES FULLER AND D. N. MACKENZIE, - Catalogue of Pashto Manuscirpts in the Libraries of the British Isles..
042628: BLÜMLEIN, CARL, - Bilder aus dem römisch-germanischen Kulturleben (nach Funden und Denkmälern)..
025336: BLÜMNER, H, - The home life of the Ancient Greeks..
039634: BLÜMNER, H, - The Home Life of the Ancient Greeks..
019512: BLUNDEN, EDMUND, - Shelley..
032188: BLUNDEN, CAROLINE AND MARK ELVIN, - The cultural atlas of the World: China..
013435: BLUNT, WILFRID, - Cockerell: Sydney Carlyle Cockerell, Friend of Ruskin and William Morris and Director of the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge..
010845: BLUNT, WILFRID, - Isfahan, Pearl of Persia..
014612: BLUNT, ANTHONY, ED., - Baroque & Rococo: Architecture & Deocration..
025703: BLUSTEIN, PAUL, - The Chastening; inside the crisis That Rocked the Global Financial system and Humbled the IMF..
038317: BLUTH, MANFRED, - Manfred Bluth. Bilder 1972-1985. Der Blick auf Italien (Uno Sguardo sull'Italia)..
006089: BLYTH, HENRY, - Old Q, the Rake of Piccadilly; a Biography of the Fourth Duke of Queensbury..
030152: BLYTH, ALAN, ED., - Opera on Record..
030153: BLYTH, ALAN, - Song on Record..
011003: BLYTHE, RONALD, - Akenfield; Porotrait of an English Village..
005979: BLYTHE, LEGETTE, - William Henry Belk, Merchant of the South..
036507: BLYTHE, RONALD, - The View in Winter; Reflections on Old Age..
002445: BOARDMAN, JOHN, - Athenian Black Figure Vases..
029106: BOARDMAN, JOHN, - Die Perser und der Westen; eine archäologische Untersuchung zur Entwicklung der achämenidischen Kunst..
002444: BOARDMAN, JOHN, - Archaic Greek Gems; Schools and Artists in the sixth and Early fifth Centuries BC..
037987: BOARDMAN, JOHN, - The Parthenon and Its Sculptures..
040479: BOARDMAN, JOHN, - The Greeks overseas; their Early Colonies and Trade..
033500: BOAS, FREDERICK S., - Christopher Marlowe; a biographical and Critical Study..
028675: BOAS, ADRIAN J., - Crusader Archaeology; the Material Culture of the Latin East..
037301: BOAS, ISMAR ISIDOR, - Diseases of the Stomach..
033550: BOAS, FREDERICK S., - Thomas Heywood..
031698: BOAS, GEORGE, ED., - Rationalism in Greek Philosophy..
032463: BOAS, FREDERICK S., - An Intiroduction to Eighteenth-Century Drama 1700-1780..
030336: BOAS, FREDERICK S., - An Introduction to Stuart Drama..
033773: BOAS, FREDERICK S., - An Introduction to Tudor Drama..
033127: BOAS, GEORGE, - The Major traditions of European Philosophy..
033720: BOAS, FREDERICK S., - University Drama in the Tudor Age..
023666: BOASE, T. S. R., - The York Psalter in the LIbrary of the Hunterian Museum, Glasgow, with an introduction and Notes..
038731: BOASE, WENDY, - The Sky's the Limit; Women Pioneers in Aviation..
041484: BOASE, T. S. R, - Castles and Churches of the Crusading Kingdom..
037339: BOATTI, ABELE, - Grammatica del greco del Nuovo Testamento..
041905: BOBBIO, NORBERTO, - Quale Socialismo? Discussione di un'Alternativa..
037385: BOBOT, MARIE-THÉRÈSE, - Musée Cernuschi; promenade dans les collections Chinoises..
030907: BOBRICK, BENSON, - East of the Sun; the Epic Conquest and Tragic History of Siberia..
032150: BOBRICK, BENSON, - Angel in the Whirlwind; the Triumph of the American Revolution..
043162: BOCCA, GIORGIO, - Il terrorismo italiano 1970-1978..
041562: BOCCACCIO, GIOVANNI, - The Corbaccio..
003534: BOCCACCIO, GIOVANNI, - The Nymph of Fiesole (Il Ninfale feisolano)...
043010: BOCCACCIO, GIOVANNI, - Dal Decameron e dalle Opere Minori..
035153: BOCCACCIO, GIOVANNI, - The Decameron of Giovanni Boccaccio..
023432: BOCELLI, ANDREA, - The Music of Silence; a Memoir..
024892: BOCHENSKI, J. M., - Soviet Russian Dialectical Materialism ([DIAMAT]..
002744: BOCHENSKI, J. M, - The Methods of Contemporary Thought..
034937: BOCIURKIW, MARUSYA, - Feeling Canadian; Television, Nationalism, and Affect..
040791: BOCK, CLAUS VICTOR, - Quirinus Kuhlmann als Dichter; ein Beitrag zur Charakteristik des Ekstatikers..
021555: BOCK, KARL N., - Mittelniederdeutsch und heutiges Plattdeutsch im ehemaligen dänischen Herzogtum Schleswig; Studien zur Beleuchtung des Sprachwechsels in Angeln und Mittelschleswig..
003535: BOCK, FRIEDRICH, - Reichsidee Und Nationalstaaten Vom Untergang Des Alten Reiches Bis Zur Kündigung Des Deutsch-Englischen Bündnisses Im Jahre 1341..
031299: BOCK, HENNING, ET AL., - The Complete Catagloue of the Gemäldegalerie, Berlin..
020012: BÖCKMANN, PAUL, - Schillers Geisteshaltung Als BEdingung seines Dramatischen Schaffens..
014238: BOCKRIS, VICTOR, - The Life and Death of Andy Warhol..
276: (BOTTICELLI, SANDRO). BODE, WILHELM VON., - Sandro Botticelli...
005951: BODE, CARL, ED., - Midcentury America; Life in the 1850s..
015087: BODE, WILHELM VON, - Die Meister Der Holländischen Und Vlämischen Malerschulen..
010139: BODELSEN, C. A., - Studies in mid-Victorian Imperialism..
023603: BODENSTEIN, WALTER, - Neige des Historismus; Ernst Troeltschs Entwicklungsgang..
027062: BODGER, LORRAINE, - Savory Tarts; 40 Delicious main-course tarts with Fresh, New Fillings and Crisp, Easy-To-make Crusts..
014804: BODIE, ZVI AND JOHN B. SHOVEN, - Financial Aspects of the United States Pension System..
023604: BODIN, LOUIS, - Les Intellectuels..
035828: BOEHM, GEORGE A. W, - The New World of Math..
013764: BOEHMER, HEINRICH, - Luther & the Reformation in the Light of Modern Research..
014763: BOEHN, MAX VON, - Carl Spitzweg..
013481: BOEHN, MAX VON, - Giorgione Und Palma Vecchio..
014697: BOEHN, MAX VON, - Puppen..
034931: BOEHN, MAX VON, - Dolls and Puppets..
013409: BOEHN, MAX VON, - Lorenzo Bernini; Seine Zeit, Sein Leben, Sein Werk..
022110: BOELAARS, J. H. M. C., - The Linguistic Position of South-Western New Guinea..
043858: BOEN, JOHANNES, - Ars (musicae)..
025802: BOENIG, HERMAN V., - Plasma Science and Technology..
038987: BOEPPLE, WILLARD, - Willard Boepple Sculpture: 1970-1990..
038789: BOESCH, B, - Deutsche Literaturgeschichte in Grundzügen; die Epochen deutscher Dichtung..
034403: BOETTCHER, ROBERT, - Gifts of Deceit; Sun Myung Moon, Tongsun Park, and the Korean Scandal..
031699: BOETTICHER, ADOLF, - Olympia das Fest und seine Stätte nach den Berichten der Alten und den Ergebnissen der deutschen Ausgrabungen..
035886: BOGAERT-DAMIN, ANNE-MARIE AND JACQUES A. PIRON, - Livres de fruits du XVIe au XXe siècle dans les collections de la Bibliothèque Universitaire Moretus Plantin..
032602: BOGARD, TRAVIS, - The Tragic Satire of John Webster..
006338: BOGDAN, RADU J., ED., - Jaakko Hintikka..
023132: BOGGS, CARL AND TOM POLLARD, - World in Chaos; social Crisis and the rise of postmodern Cinema..
041760: BOGHARDT, MARTIN, - Analytische Druckforschung; ein methodischer Beitrag zu Buchkunde und Textkritik..
017516: BOGHIGUIAN, ANNA, - Anna's Egypt; an Artist's Journey..
032040: BOGLE, DONALD, - Toms, Coons, Mulattoes, Mammies, and Bucks; an Interpretative History of Blacks in American Film..
026177: BOGORAS, WALDEMAR, - Koryak Texts..
037282: BOGUE, MARGARET BEATTIE AND VIRGINIA A. PALMER, - Around the Shores of Lake Superior; a Guide to Historic Sites..
021142: BOGUE, DONALD J. AND CALVAIN L. BEALE, - Economic Areas of the United States..
032694: BOGUSLAVSKAIA, IRINA IAKOVLEVNA, - Russkoe Narodnoe Iskustvo; Art Populaire Russe..
008664: BOHANAN, DONNA, - Old and New Nobility in Aix-en-Provence, 1600-1695; Portrait of an Urban Elite..
010725: BOHEEMEN, PETRA VAN, ET AL., - Het Boek in Nederland in De 16de Eeuw..
024893: BÖHL, FRANZ M. TH., - Das Zeitalter Abrahams..
017848: BÖHM, GERHARD, - Suffixkonjugation; Zur Aussagebildung in Den "Hamitensprachen". Vorläufige Studien Über Den Bau Des Prädikats in Den Erythräischen Sprache, Der Ful-Psrache Und Dere Sprache Der Hottentotten. Ein Grammatikhistorischer Beitrag Zur Hamitenfrage..
005497: BÖHME, HELMUT, - An Introduction to the Social and Economic History of Germany; Politics and Economic Change in the Nineteenth and twentieth Centuries..
020056: BÖHMER, GUNTER, - Gunter Böhmer: Zeichnungen Und Aquarelle..
036402: BOHN, DAVE AND RODOLFO PETSCHEK, - House of three Turkeys; Anasazi Redoubt..
039717: BOHR, NIELS, - Atomic physics and Human Knowledge..
038583: BOIARDO, MATTEO MARIA, - Le più belle pagine di Matteo Maria Boiardo..
044056: BOIARDO, MATTEO MARIA, - Orlando Innamorato..
040729: BOICE, JUDITH, ED, - Mother Earth Through the Eyes of Women Photographers and Writers..
022803: BOIES, DAVID, - Courting Justice; from NY Yankees v. Major League Baseball to Bush v. Gore 1997-2000..
016521: BOIGNE, LOUISE-ELEANORE-CHARALOTTE-ADELAIDE D'OSMOND, COMTESSE DE., - Mémoires De La Comtesse De Boigne, Née d'Osmond: Récits d'une Tante..
030186: BOILEAU-DESPRÉAUX, NICOLAS, - Épîtres; Art poétique; Lutrin..
043700: BOILEAU, ETIENNE, - Le Livre des métiers d'Étienne Boileau..
016140: BOILET, GEORGES-EDOUARD, - La Doctrine Sociale De Napoleon III; Réalisations Natonales et Internationales; Documents Authentiques..
016130: BOILY, ROBERT, - Québec 1940-1969; Bibliographie. Le Système Politique Québécois et Son Environnement..
005376: BOIM, LEON AND GLENN G. MORGAN, - The Soviet Procuracy Protests: 1937-1973..
041984: BOIS, PAUL, - Cahiers de doléances du Tiers État de la sénéchaussée de Chateau-du-Loir pour les États Généraux de 1789..
023667: BOITANI, PIERO AND JILL MANN, - The Cambridge Chaucer Companion..
043912: BOITANI, PIERO AND JILL MANN, EDS, - The Cambridge Chaucer Companion..
035599: BOJKO, SZYMON, - New graphic Design in Revolutionary Russia..
019009: BOK, SISSELA, - Alva Myrdal; a Daughter's Memoir..
011704: BOK, BAR J AND PRISCILLA F. BOK, - The Milky Way..
037729: BOK, SISSELA, - Secrets; on the Ethics of Concealment and Revelation..
039698: BOLAND, BEN, - Boland's Masterpieces in the Game of Checkers..
031700: BOLGAR, R. R., - The Classical heritage and Its Beneficiaries..
042816: BOLGENI, GIOVANNI VINCENZO, - Sopra gli atti umani; dissertazione di Gianvincenzo Bolgeni in continuazione all'altra intitolata Il Possesso..
044022: BOLGER, DOREEN, ET AL., EDS, - William M. Harnett..
011861: BOLGER, DANIEL P., - Dragons at War; 2-343 Infantry in the Mojave..
023186: BOLIN, WILHELM, - Spinoza; Zeit--Leben--Werk..
043564: BOLINGBROKE, HENRY ST. JOHN, VISCOUNT, - The Works of Lor Bolingbroke in Four Volumes..
006932: BOLL, THEOPHILUS E. M., - Miss May Sinclair, Novelist; a Biographical and Critical Introduction..
033052: BÖLL, HEINRICH, - The Stories of Heinrich Böll..
037973: BOLLAND, R. R, - Victorians on the Thames..
017636: BOLLES, BLAIR, - Tyrant from Illinois; Uncle Joe Cannon's Experiment with Personal Power..
006208: BOLOGH, ROSLYN WALLACH, - Dialectical Phenomenology; Marx's Method..
021556: BOLOGNA, MARIA PATRIZIA, - Ricerca etimologica e ricostruzione culturale; alle origini della mitologia Comparata..
001784: BOLSTER, JOHN, - The Upper Crust; the Aristocrats of Automobiles..
012390: BOLTON, W. F., - The Middle Ages..
024253: BOLZA, OSKAR, - Lecture on the calculus of Variations..
028382: BOMAN, MONICA, ED., - Design Art; schwedisches Alltagsform zwischen Kunst und Industrie..
043280: BOMBAUGH, C. C, - Gleanings from the Harvest-Fields of Literature. A Melange of Excerpta, Curious, Humorous, and Instructive..
005148: BOMBELLES, JOSEPH T., - Economic Development of Communist Yugoslavia, 1947-1964..
005209: BOMBIERI, ENRICO, ED., - Seminar on Minimal Submanifolds..
010927: BOMPOIS, FERDINAND, - Des Portraits d'Octavie, Soeur d'Auguste..
043374: BONACCORSO, ALESSANDRO, ET AL, - Mt. Etna: Volcano Laboratory..
014230: BONAFOUX, PASCAL, - Van Gogh. Self Portraits, with Accompanying letters from Vincent to His Brother Theo..
042640: BONALD, LOUIS-GABRIEL-AMBROISE, VICOMTE DE, - Bonald; la Révolution Française et le réveil Religieux..
042188: BONANATE, LUIGI, - La politica della dissuasione; la guerra nella politica Mondiale..
022508: BONAVIA, MICHAEL R., - The Economics of Transport..
035721: BONAVOGLIA, ANGELA, ED, - The Choices We Made; 25 Women and Men Speak Out about Abortion..
023668: BOND, GERALD A., - The Loving Subject; Desire, Eloquence, and Power in Romanesque France..
020136: BOND, FRANCIS, - Gothic Architecture in England; an Analysis of the Origin & Development of English Church architecture from the Norman Conquest to the Dissolution of the Monasteries..
025793: BOND, GEORGE D., - The Buddhist Revival in Sri Lanka; Religious Tradition, Reinterpretation, and Response..
008099: BOND, FRANCIS, - Westminster Abbey..
029158: BOND, FRANCIS, - Fonts and Font Covers..
025844: BONDESON, JAN, - Buried Alive; the Terrifying History of Our Most Primal Fear..
033881: BONDI, H., - Cosmology..
036112: BONDI, INGE, - Chim; the Photographs of David Seymour..
017974: BONDURANT, JOAN V., - Conquest of violence; the Gandhian Philosophy of Conflict..
019721: BONEY, F. N., - A Pictorial History of the University of Georgia..
025343: BONFANTE, LARISSA, - Etruscan Dress..
035822: BONGER, H, - Dirck Volckertszoon Coornhert; studie over een nuchter en vroom Nederlander..
041837: BONHOEFFER, DIETRICH, - Akt und Sein; Transzendentalphilosophie und Ontologie in der systemataischen Theologie..
039018: BONIFAZI, CONRAD, - Christendom Attacked; a Comparison of Kierkegaard and Nietzsche..
010487: BONITZ, HERMANN, - Über den Ursprung Der Homerischen Gedichte; Vortrag..
042325: BONJOUR, ADRIEN, - The Digressions in Beowulf..
038990: LA BONNARDIÈRE, ANNE-MARIE, - Recherches de chronologie Augustinienne..
031652: BONNEFOY, YVES, - Greek and Egyptian Mythologies..
041218: BONNER, ROBERT J. AND GERTRUDE SMITH, - The administration of justice from Homer to Aristotle..
034448: BONNER, STANLEY F., - Education in Ancient Rome, from the Elder Cato to the Younger Pliny..
041413: BONNER, ROBERT J, - Lawyers and Litigants in Ancient Athens; the Genesis of the Legal Profession..
043255: BONNET, GEORGES, - Défense de la paix de Washington au Quai d'Orsay..
041348: BONSANTI, GIORGIO, - The Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi; Glory and Destruction..
024880: BONSIRVEN, JOSEPH, - Le Judaisme palestinien au temps de Jésus-Christ..
026671: BONVICINI, CANDIDO, - The Tenor's Sons; my Days with Pavarotti..
013768: BOODIN, JOHN ELOF, - Studies in Philosophy; the Posthumous Papers of John Elof Boodin..
886: VAN DEN BOOGAARD, NICO H. J., - Autour de 1300; études de philologie et de littérature médiévales. Recueill ies par Sorin Alexandrescu, et al...

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