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022400: ALTHEIM, FRANZ - Die Soldatenkaiser
033629: ALTHOFF, GERD - Otto III
010472: ALTHOFF, FRANK - Untersuchungen Zum Gleichgewichte Der Mächte in Der AußEnpolitik Friedrichs Des GroßEn Nach Dem Siebenjährigen Krieg (1763-1786)
043943: ALTHOFF, GERD - Family, Friends and Followers; Political and Social Bonds in Medieval Europe
044711: ALTHUSSER, LOUIS - The Future Lasts a Long Time and the Facts
033042: ALTICK, RICHARD D. - To Be in England
024492: ALTMANN, ALEXANDER, ED - Biblical and Other Studies
036090: ALTROCCHI, RUDOLPH - Sleuthing in the Stacks
014996: ALTSCHULER, GLENN C. - Andrew D. White, Educator, Historian, Diplomat
032227: ALTSCHULER, ERIC LEWIN - Bachanalia; the Essential Listener's Guide to Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier
029885: ALTSHULER, DAVID, ED - The Precious Legacy; Judaic Treasure from the Czechoslovak State Collections
021413: ALVAR, MANUEL - Estructuralismo, Geografia Lingüistica Y Dialectologia Actual
044351: ALVAR, MANUEL - Textos Hispanicos Dialectales; Antologia Historica
044171: ALVAR, MANUEL - De la Canciones Hice MI Officio; Homenaje a Don Emilio Garcia Gomez
017756: ALVAREZ, LUIS W. - Alvarez; Adventures of a Physicist
003249: AURIGEMMA ALVATORE - Le Terme Di Diocleziano E IL Museo Nazionale Romano
012472: LEES-MILNE, ALVIDE AND ROSEMARY VEREY - The Englishwoman's Garden
045342: LEES-MILNE, ALVILDE AND ROSEMARY VEREY, EDS - The New Englishwoman's Garden
016212: TOFFLER, ALVIN AND HEIDI TOFFLER - War and Anti-War; Survival at the Dawn of the 21st Century
025106: AHAD HA'AM - Selected Essays by Ahad Ha'-Am
019718: AMACHER, RICHARD E., AND MARGARET RULE - Edward Albee at Home and Abroadd; a Bibliography
007226: AMACHER, RICHARD E. - Benjamin Franklin
040598: AMACHER, RICHARD E. - American Political Writers: 1588-1800
005587: AMARASINGHE, UPALI - Dryden and Pope in the Early Nineteenth Century; a Study of Changing Literary Taste 1800-1830
021140: AMATO, JOSEPH A. - Dust; a History of the Small and the Invisible
002486: D'AMBRA, EVE - Private Lives, Imperial Virtues; the Frieze of the Forum Transitorium in Rom
008720: AMBROSE, STEPHEN E. - Undaunted Courage; Meriwether Lewis, Thomas Jefferson, and the Opening of the American West
043099: AMBROSE, KAY - Classical Dances and Costumes of India
027995: AMBROSE, STEPHEN E. - Nothing Like It in the World; the Men Who Built the Transcontinental Railroad 1863-1869
018188: AMBROSIANI, PER, ET AL., EDS - Podobaiet Pemet Stvoriti; Essays to the Memory of Anders Sjöberg
045571: AMBROSIUS - Saint Ambrose: On the Sacraments
044910: GROBBOM. KPJM AMD - Annis Miriabilis; 1905, Albert Einstein, and the Theory of Relativity
027732: AMELANG, MANFRED - Sozialabweichendes Verhalten: Entstehung, Verbreitung, Verhinderung
005787: AMELANG, JAMES S. - Honored Citizens of Barcelona; Patrician Culture and Class Relations, 1490-1714
026752: AMENDE, CORAL - Legends in Their Own Time
037565: AMENDE, CORAL - The Crossword Obsession; the History and Lore of the World's Most Popular Pastime
015789: AMENDOLA, GIORGIO - Storia Del Partito Comunista Italiano, 1921-1943
042190: AMENDOLA, GIORGIO - Intervista Sull'Antifascismo
042033: AMENDOLA, GIORGIO - Gli Anni Della Repubblica
041907: AMENDOLA, GIORGIO - Fascismo E Movimento Operaio
041936: AMENDOLA, GIORGIO - IL Rinnovamento Del Pci
041684: AMENDOLA, GIORGIO - Una Scelta Di Vita
025657: AMENT, WILLIAM SHEFFIELD - Oxcart to Airplane
021118: SWEDISH COUNCIL OF AMERICA - Partners in Progress; a Chapter in the American-Swedish Exchange of Knowledge
012189: AMES, RUTH M. - The Fulfillment of the Scriptures: Abraham, Moses, and Piers
029977: AMES, RUSSELL - Citizen Thomas More and His Utopia
019119: MIRA DE AMESCU, ANTONIO - La Casa Del Tahur
007817: AMFITHEATROF, ERIK - The Enchanted Ground; Americans in Italy, 1760-1980
021030: DE AMICIS, EDMONDO - La Vita Militare (Bozzetti)
024493: AMIET, PIERRE, ET AL. - Art in the Ancient World; a Handbook of Styles and Forms
033250: AMIET, PIERRE, ET AL. - Antiquity
032175: AMIN, MOHAMED, ET AL. - Lahore
022968: AMIR, SHIMEON - Israel's Development Cooperation with Africa, Asia, and Latin America
220: AMIRANACHVILI, CHALVA - Les émaux de Géorgie
044614: AMIRIE, ABBAS, ED - The Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean in International Politics
012642: AMORY, CLEVELAND - The Best Cat Ever
002424: AMOS, MAURICE SHELDON - Lectures on the American Constitution
013675: AMOUDRUZ, MADELEINE - Proudhon Et L'Europe; Les Idées de Proudhon En Politique étrangère
001695: AMPERE, J. J. - L'Histoire Romaine a Rome
040954: AMPRIMOZ, ALEXANDRE L. - La Poésie érotique de German Nouveau; Une Lecture Des Valentines
010293: AMSHOFF, MARIA CATHARINA HILJE - Goudkruintje: Een Atjehsche Roman Met Vertolking En Toelichting
026189: RIJKSMUSEUM AMSTERDAM - Rembrandt 1669/1969
019335: RIJKSMUSEUM AMSTERDAM - Rembrandt Tentoonstelling
017380: RYKSMUSEUM AMSTERDAM - Parmi Les Tresors Du Moyen Age, Juillet-Octrobre, 1949
040614: AMSTERDAMSKI, STEFAN - Between Experience and Metaphysics; Philosophical Problems of the Evolution of Science
032261: AMSTRONG, EDWARD A. - The Life and Lore of the Bird in Nature, Art, Mtyh, and Literature
032172: AMYX, DARRELL A., ED - Echoes from Olympus: Reflections of Divinity in Small-Scale Classical Art
030108: ANATI, EMMANUEL - Palestine Before the Hebrews; a History, from the Earliest Arrival of Man, to the Conquest of Canaan
039333: ANCHEL, ROBERT - Les Juifs de France
005482: ANCHOR, ROBERT - Germany Confronts Modernization; German Culture and Society, 1790-1890
022404: ANCONA, RONNIE - Time and the Erotic in Horace's Odes
041493: LEVI D'ANCONA, MIRELLA - The Illuminators and Illuminations of the Choir Books from Santa Maria Degli Angeli and Santa Maria Nuova and Their Documents
035446: VAN ANDEL, TJEERD - Tales of an Old Ocean
042324: HAGEN, ANDERS AND ASLAK LIESTØL, EDS - Ancient Norwegian Design; Pictures from the University Museum of National Antiquities, Oslo
034073: ANDERS, H. R. D. - Shakespeare's Books; a Dissertation on Shakespeare's Reading and the Immediate Sources of His Works
003074: ANDERS, GÜNTHER - Kafka Pro Und Contra; Die Prozeß-Unterlagen
040847: ANDERS, GÜNTHER - Kektzereien
038322: ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN - Die Nachtigall; Die Kleine Seejungfrau; Der Reisekamerad
034321: ANDERSEN, KURT - Turn of the Century
032300: ANDERSEN, WAYNE - My Self
020190: ANDERSEN, CHRISTOPHER - Sweet Caroline; Last Child of Camelot
020199: ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN - The Andersen-Scudder Letters: Hans Christian Andersen's Correspondence with Horace Elisha Scudder
019419: ANDERSEN, POUL NYBOE, ET AL. - Pengevaesen Og Finanser; Grundbod for Studiekredse
020438: ANDERSEN, ALFRED F. - Liberating the Early American Dream; a Way to Transcend the Capitalist/Communist Dilemma Nonviolently
034332: ANDERSEN, CHRISTOPHER - Madonna, Unauthorized
034879: ROMERO-ANDERSON, EMERITA - Milagro of the Spanish Bean Pot
033445: ANDERSON, DONALD K., JR. - John Ford
042987: ANDERSON, WILLIAM S. - Barbarian Play: Plautus' Roman Comedy
042000: ANDERSON, PERRY - Ambiguità Di Gramsci
037344: ANDERSON, WARREN H. - Vanishing Roadside America
001732: ANDERSON, EDWARD DEMING - The People Called Shakers; a Search for the Perfect Society
023531: ANDERSON, WALTER - A Symphony of Animals
027919: ANDERSON, MARK CRONLUND - Pancho Villa's Revolution by Headlines
005558: ANDERSON, JOHN Q. - The Liberating Gods; Emerson on Poets and Poetry
035685: ANDERSON, M. D. - Misericords; Medieval Life in English Woodcarving
005953: ANDERSON, THORNTON - Brooks Adams, Constructive Conservative
020200: ANDERSON, DONALD K., JR. - John Ford
012230: ANDERSON, JACK - Field Trips on the Rapid Transit
010744: ANDERSON, HAROLD J. - Men of the Milford Road
007966: ANDERSON, WILLIAM - Castles of Europe from Charlemagne to the Renaissance
027493: ANDERSON, CHARLES W. - The Political Economy of Modern Spain; Policy-Making in an Authoritarian System
027643: ANDERSON, QUENTIN, ET AL., EDS - Art, Politics, and Will; Essays in Honor of Lionel Trilling
009397: ANDERSON, NELS, ED - Studies in Multilingualism
009398: ANDERSON, STEPHEN R. - The Organization of Phonology
013676: ANDERSON, ALAN ROSS, ET AL. - The Logical Enterprise
011697: ANDERSON, FANNIE - Doctors Under Three Flags
031106: ANDERSON, LARS - Carlisle Vs. Army; Jim Thorpe, Dwight Eisenhower, Pop Warner, and the Forgotten Story of Football's Greatest Battle
039317: ANDERSON, ROBERT - Elgar in Manuscript
017821: ANDERSON, JAMES M. - Structural Aspects of Language Change
043474: ANDERSON, J. MARTIN - The Humours of Cynicus
222: ANDERSON, GEORGE K. - The Literature of the Anglo-Saxons
038460: ANDERSON, JOHN Q., ET AL., EDS - Southwestern American Literature; a Bibliography
005638: ANDERSON, WALLACE L. - Edwin Arlington Robinson; a Critical Introduction
021764: ANDERSON, J. N. D. - Islamic Law in the Modern World
039676: ANDERSON, SHERWOOD - The Sherwood Anderson Diaries, 1936-1941
039788: ANDERSON, RUDOLPH MARTIN - Methods of Collecting and Preserving Vertebrate Animals
001759: ANDERSSON, INGVAR - A History of Sweden
003741: ANDERSSON, INGVAR - A History of Sweden
035862: ANDO, HIROSHIGE - Horoshige: Birds and Flowers
006472: PITA ANDRADE, JOSÉ M. - Cathedrales D'Espagne
044773: VALDERRAMA ANDRADE, CARLOS - Un Capitulo de Las Relaciones Entre El Estado Y la Iglesia En Colombia: Miguel Antonio Caro Y Ezequiel Moreno
045645: CARRERA ANDRADE, JORGE - Registro Del Mundo; Antologia Poetica 1922-1939
026438: HURST, ANDRÉ AND JEAN RUDHARDT - Le Codex Des Vision; études Publiées
020318: GINGRICH, ANDRE AND JOHANN HEISS - Beiträge Zur Ethnographie Der Provinz Sa'Da (Nordjemen); Aspekte Der Traditionellen Materiellen Kultur in Bäuerlichen Stammesgesellschaften
013396: SINGER, ANDRÉ AND BRIAN V. STREET, EDS - Zande Themes; Essays Presented to Sir Edward Evans-Pritchard
044656: BENCINI, ANDREA AND EUGENIA CITERNESI - Parole Degli Anni Novanta
038399: ROBBINS, ANDREA AND MAX BECHER - Bavarian by Law; German Indians
039212: CORNIA, GIOVANNI ANDREA AND SHELDON DANZIGER, EDS - Child Poverty and Deprivation in the Industrialized Countries, 1945-1995
045532: DUFTER, ANDREAS AND DANIEL JACOB, EDS - Focus and Background in Romance Languages
044281: ANDREAS, CAPELLANUS - Andreas Capellanus on Love
017143: ANDRÉE, S. A., ET AL. - Andreé's Story; the Complete Record of His Polar Flight, 1897
029039: ANDREESEN, ALFRED, ED - Deutsche Vorgeschichte IM Arbeitsunterricht Eines Landerziehungsheimes; Forschungsergebnisse Zur Deutschen Vorgeschichte an Der Hermann Lietz-Schule
029128: ANDREESEN, WALTER - Untersuchungen Zur Translation Von Substantiven Zu Adjektiven IM Altrussischen
041277: ANDREESEN, ALFRED - Hermann Lietz, Der Schöpfer Der Landerziehungsheime
041886: ANDREOTTI, GIULIO - Intervista Su de Gasperi
021160: ANDRES, STEFAN - Die Grossen Weine Deutschlands
031038: AMORÓS. ANDRES - Introducción Al la Novela Contemporanea
024742: CUNNINGHAM, ANDREW AND OLE PETER GRELL - The Four Horsement of the Apocalypse; Religion, War, Famine and Death in Reformation Europe
026092: WILTON, ANDREW AND ANNE LYLES - The Great Age of British Watercolours 1750-1880
042352: MILLER, JAMES ANDREW AND TOM SHALES - Those Guys Have All the Fun; Inside the World of Espn
037367: WEIL, ANDREW AND ROSIE DALEY - The Healthy Kitchen; Recipes for a Better Body, Life, and Spirit
040752: ROBINSON, ANDREW AND ROBERTO TERLEVICH, EDS - The Nature of Compact Objects in Active Galactic Nuclei; Proceedings of the 33rd Herstmonceux Conference, Held in Cambridge, July 6-22, 1992
017742: ANDREWS, DEAN TIMOTHY - The Eastern Orthodox Church; a Bibliography
026406: ANDREWS, MARY RAYMOND SHIPMAN - A Lost Commander: Florence Nightingale
007995: ANDREWS, GREGG - Shoulder to Shoulder? the American Federation of Labor, the United States, and the Mexican Revolution, 1910-1924
009134: ANDREWS, WAYNE - Germaine; a Portrait of Madame de Stael
028044: ANDREWS, CHARLES M. - The Fathers of New England; a Chronicle of the Puritan Commonwealths
030624: ANDREWS, AUDREY - Be Good, Sweet Maid; the Trials of Dorothy Joudrie
044610: ANDREWS, DAVID M., ET AL., EDS - Governing the World's Money
037746: ANDREWS, WAYNE - Architecture, Ambition, and Americans; a Social History of American Architecture
010365: ANDREWS, WAYNE - Battle for Chicago
036391: ANDREWS, WILLIAM - At the Sign of the Barber's Pole; Studies in Hirsute History
040928: ANDREYEV, LEONID - Visions; Stories and Photographs by Leonid Andreyev
006168: ANDRIEU, PIERRE - Fine Bouche; a History of the Restaurant in France
005789: ANDRIEUX, MAURICE - Daily Life in Venice in the Time of Casanova
009205: ANDRIEUX, MAURICE - Henri IV
044710: LAKEY, ANDY AND PAUL ROBERT WALKER - Andy Lakey: Art, Angels, and Miracles
031385: LAKEY, ANDY AND PAUL ROBERT WALKER - Andy Lakey: Art, Angels, and Miracles
012149: GILKS, ANE AND GERALD SEGAL - China and the Arms Trade
033574: FLORES, ANGEL AND M. J. BENARDETE, EDS - Cervantes Across the Centuries; a Quadricentennial Volume
036961: NILSEN, ANGELA AND JUNE WEATHERALL - Just Like Mother Used to Make; Food from the '30s and '40s
034932: SOTHEBY PARKE BERNET LOS ANGELES - Fine Collectibles, Including Property from the University of Seattle, Washington, the Collection of Mrs. H. Ettinger of Laguna Beach, and Various Owners
022297: ANGELL, IAN - The New Barbarian Manifesto; How to Survive the Information Age
038064: ANGELL, ROGER - Once More Around the Park; a Baseball Reader
017128: ANGELL, PAULINE K. - To the Top of the World; the Story of Peary and Henson
010948: ANGELL, NORMAN - After All; the Autobiography of Norman Angell
043176: ANGELO, VALENTI - Valenti's Verses
040472: ANGELOPOULOS, ELIE J. - Aristophane Et Ses Idées Sur Socrate
043398: ANGER, KENNETH - Hollywood Babylon
043927: ANGER, DENISE - Le Terrier de la Famille D'Orbec à Cideville (Haute-Normandie) Xive-Xvie Siècles
008640: ANGEVILLE, HENRIETTE D' - My Ascent of Mont Blanc
040065: ANGIER, CAROLE - The Double Bond; Primo Levi, a Biography
045476: ANGLADE, JOSEPH - Grammaire de L'Ancien Provençal Ou Ancienne Langue D'Oc: Phonétique & Morphologie
009646: MCINTOSH, ANGUS AND M. A. K. HALLIDAY - Patterns of Language; Papers in General, Descriptive and Applied Linguistics
033251: ANGUS, SAMUEL - The Mystery-Religions and Christianity; a Study in the Religious Background of Early Christianity
044275: ANHALT, DIANA - A Gathering of Fugitives; American Political Expatriates in Mexico 1948-1965
021336: AL-ANI, SALMAN H. - Fred W. Householder Bibliography
042740: ANKERSMIT, F. R., ED - Knowing and Telling History: The Anglo-Sxon Debate
015297: OSBUN, LEE ANN AND STEFFEN W. SCHMIDT, EDS - Issues in Iowa Politics
037198: SUTTON, ANN AND MYRON SUTTON - The American West; a Natural History
036073: PARKER, ANN AND AVON NEAL - Hajj Painting; Folk Art of the Great Pilgrimage
029265: CAVALLO, JO ANN AND CHARLES ROSS, EDS - Fortune and Romance; Boiardo in America
043310: TARUSCHIO, ANN AND FRANCO TARUSCHIO - Leaves from the Walnut Tree; Recipes of a Lifetime
042351: WALKER, ANN AND LARRY WALKER - To the Heart of Spain; Food and Wine Adventures Beyond the Pyrenees
044330: CARDINALETTI, ANNA AND NICOLA MUNARO - Italiano, Italiani Regionali E Dialetti
018843: ANNAHEIM, HANS - Alaska--Mexico; Der Pan-American Highway Von Anchorage in Alaska Bis Oaxaca in Südmexico
040340: CIARALLO, ANNAMARIA AND ERNESTO DE CAROLIS - La Casa Di Giulio Polibio; Studi Interdisciplinari
028292: ANNAN, NOEL - The Dons; Mentors, Eccentrics and Geniuses
015586: ANNAN, NOEL - Our Age; English Intellectuals between the World Wars: A Group Portrait
040545: LYLES, ANNE AND DIAN PERKINS - Colour Into Line; Turner and the Art of Engraving
014950: FOOTE, ANNE AND ELAINE SMEDAL - Decorative Art in Wisconsin
029060: ROSS, ANNE AND DON ROBINS - Der Tod Des Druidenfürsten; Eie Geschichte Einer Archäologischen Sensation
007288: ROE, ANNE AND GEORGE GAYLORD SIMPSON, EDS - Behavaior and Evolution
004972: GATES, MILLICENT ANNE AND E. BRUCE GEELHOED - The Dragon and the Snake; an American Account of the Turmoil in China, 1976-1977
012966: GATES, MILLICENT ANNE AND E. BRUCE GEELHOED - The Dragon & the Snake; an American Account of the Turmoil in China, 1976-1977
005690: ANNENKOV, P. V. - The Exraordinary Decade; Literary Memoirs
010863: ANNENKOV, P. V. - The Extraordinary Decade; Literary Memoirs
038256: VEZIN, ANNETTE AND LUC VEZIN - Kandinsky and Der Blaue Reiter
041301: D'ANNUNZIO, GABRIELE - Prose Di Romanzi
010098: ANOUILH, JEAN - The Lark
034133: ANSARI, K. H. - John Webster: Image Patterns & Canon
021650: ANSCOMBE, ISABELLE - Omega and After; Bloomsbury and the Decorative Arts
036898: ADAMS, ANSEL AND NANCY NEWHALL - This Is the American Earth
044233: HUGHES, ANSELM AND GERALD ABRAHAM, EDS - Ars Nova and the Renaissance 1300-1540
003075: ANSHEN, RUTH NANDA - The Reality of the Devil: Evil in Man
017822: ANSHEN, RUTH NANDA - Language; an Enquiry Into Its Meaning and Function
008214: ANSON, ROBERT SAM - War News; a Young Reporter in Indochina
042864: ANTEI, GIORGIO - La Invención Del Reino de Chile; Geronimo de Viva Y Los Primeros Cronistas Chilenos
039160: ANTHONY, JAMES R. - French Baroque Music from Beaujoyeulx to Rameau
024659: READ, ANTHONY AND DAVID FISHER - The Proudest Day; India's Long Road to Independence
016186: SUMMER, ANTHONY AND TOM MANGOLD - The File on the Tsara
016042: READ, ANTHONY AND DAVID FISHER - The Deadly Embrace; Hitler, Stalin and the Nazi-Soviet Pact, 1939-1941
016043: READ, ANTHONY AND DAVID FISHER - The Fall of Berlin
004171: ANTHONY, EDGAR WATERMAN - Romanesque Frescoes
015398: ANTHONY, GORDON - Dancers to Remember; the Photographic Art of Gordon Anthony
040203: ANTINOLFI, RICCIOTTI - La Crisi Economica Italiana 1969-1973
040632: ANTON, THOMAS J. - Governing Greater Stockholm; a Study of Policy Development and System Change
025839: ANTONIAZZO, ANNA - Educazione Figurative Attraverso L'Architettura
031033: CARLUCCIO, ANTONIO AND PRISCILLA CARLUCCIO - Carluccio's Complete Italian Food
044176: FONTAN, ANTONIO AND ANA MOURE CASAS - Antologia Del Latin Medieval; Introduccion Y Textos
041605: ANTONISSE, RINUS - De Kroon Op Het Deltaplan; Stormvloedkering Oosterschelde, Het Groootste Waterbouwproject Aller Tijden
042945: GRIFFITHS, ANTONY AND GABRIELA KERNEROVA - Wenceslaus Hollar; Prints and Drawings from the Collection of the National Gallery, Prague, and the British Museum, London
020643: ANTREASSIAN, ANTRANIG - The Cup of Bitterness, and Other Stories
026207: ANTREASSIAN, JACK - The Confessions of Kitchoonie
026238: ANTREASSIAN, JACK, ED - Ararat; a Decade of Armenian-American Writing
011404: ANTRIM, LOUISA, COUNTESS OF - Louisa, Lady in Waiting; the Personal Diaries and Albums of Louisa, Lady in Waiting to Queen Victoria and Queen Alexandra
043705: ANTWEILER, ANTON - Das Problem Der Willensfreiheit
042385: ANZANI, GIOVANNI - Tilde Poli; Lirismo Astratto
023093: ANZENBACHER, ARNO - Die Intentionalität Bei Thomas Von Aquin Und Edmund Husserl
043495: AOUCHAR, AMINA - Colonisation Et Campagne Berbere Au Maroc
040735: APEL, WILLI - Masters of the Keyboard; a Brief Survey of Pianoforte Music
035921: APEL, WILLI - Harvard Dictionary of Music
035894: APEL, WILLI - Harvard Dictionary of Music
039242: APEL, WILLI - The Notation of Polyphonic Music 900-1600
045555: APICIUS, CAELIUS - Apicius; Cookery and Dining in Imperial Rome
041378: BIBLE. O.T. APOCRYPHA - Sophia Salomon; the Book of Wisdom
013498: APOLLONIO, UMBRIO - Hans Hartung
032533: APOLLONIO, MARIO - Storia Del Teatro Italiano
045556: APPELGREN, ERIK - Vallonernas Namn
041504: APPELT, HEINRICH - Die Kaiseridee Friedrich Barbarossas
033961: APPLETON, LE ROY H. - Indian Art of the Americas
032360: APPY, CHRISTIAN G. - Patriots; the Vietnam War Remembered from All Sides
012700: APTER, DAVID E. - The Political Kingdom of Uganda; a Study in Bureaucratic Natonalism
041958: AQUARONE, ALBERTO - Alla Ricerca Dell'Italia Liberale
027139: AQUILA, RICHARD E. - Rhyme or Reason; a Limerick History of Philosophy
044134: THOMAS AQUINAS - Sancti Thomae de Aquino Expositio Super Librum Boethii de Trinitate
044067: THOMAS AQUINAS - Tractatus de Unitate Intellectus Contra Averroistas
041946: ARAGON, LOUIS - Le Fou D'Elsa; Poème
042444: ARAGON, LOUIS - Henri Matisse, a Novel
043385: ARAMAKI, SHIGEO - Geology of Asama Volcano
041819: ARANHA, CELINE, ET AL. - Beyond the Fie Line; Perceptions of Eight Tribal Women
041112: ARANO, LUISA COGLIATI - The Medieval Health Handbook: Tacuinum Sanitatis
021178: ARARIPE, OSCAR - Marta, Jupiter E Eu; Novo Romance
024496: ARATUS - Arati Phaenomena
024954: ARBER, AGNES - The Manifold & the One
021406: ARBER, AGNES - The Mind and the Eye; a Study of the Biologist's Standpoint
036155: ARBUS, DIANE - Diane Arbus: Magazine Work
004173: ARCE, JOAQUIN - Boccaccio Humanista Y Su Penetracion En España
026927: SOCIETY OF BIBLICAL ARCHAEOLOGY - Proceedings of the Society of Biblical Archaeology
005247: ARCHER, W. G. - The Hill of Flutes; Life, Love and Poetry in Tribal India. A Portrait of the Santals
009803: TAYLOR ARCHER AND GUSTAVE O. ARLT - Printing and Progress; Two Lectures
037836: ARCHER, MILDRED - Tippoo's Tiger
036091: MACLEISH, ARCHIBALD AND MARK VAN DOREN - The Dialogues of Archibald Macleish and Mark Van Doren
023096: ARCHINARD, CHARLES - Histoire de L'église Du Canton de Vaud Depuis Son Origine Jusqu'Aux Temps Actuels
042516: UNITED STATES. NATIONAL ARCHIVES AND RECORDS ADMINISTRATION - Guide to Federal Records in the National Archives of the United States
044705: ARDITI, JORGE - A Genealogy of Manners; Transformations of Social Relations in France and England from the Fourteenth to the Eighteenth Century
037314: ARDIZZONE, EDWARD - Tim All Alone
037315: ARDIZZONE, EDWARD - Tim in Danger
038485: ARDIZZONE, EDWARD - The Young Ardizzone; an Autobiographical Fragment
036586: ARDIZZONE, EDWARD - Sketches for Friends
037171: ARDIZZONE, EDWARD - Sketches for Friends
030022: ARDOIN, JOHN - Callas at Juilliard; the Master Classes
030023: ARDOIN, JOHN - The Callas Legacy
030024: ARDOIN, JOHN - The Callas Legacy
030025: ARDOIN, JOHN - The Callas Legacy; the Complete Guide to Her Recordings
030027: ARDOIN, JOHN - Valery Gergiev and the Kirov; a Story of Survival
040295: ARE, GIUSEPPE - Industria E Politica in Italia
033025: AREBI, SADDEKA - Women and Words in Saudi Arabia: The Politics of Literary Discourse
008356: ARENS, MOSHE - Broken Covenant; American Foreign Policy and the Crisis between the U.S. And Israel
035690: ARESTY, ESTHER B. - The Delectable Past. The Joys of the Table--from Rome to the Renaissance, from Queen Elizabeth I to Mrs. Beeton
020203: ARETINO, PIETRO - Italiänischer Hurenspiegel. Ferrante Pallavaicino: Der Geplünderte Postreuter
025933: ARGAN, GIULIO CARLO - Henry Moore
044425: LEFEBVRE D'ARGENCÉ, RENÉ-YVON - Chinese Jades in the Avery Brundage Collection; a Selection of Religious Symbols, Insignia of Rank, Ceremonial Weapons, Pendants, Ornaments, Figurines, Miniature Mountains and Containers from the Neolithic Period to Modern Times
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017041: BANGS, RICHARD - The Lost River; a Memoir of Life, Death, and Transformation on Wild Water
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008067: BANKS, LYNNE REID - Path to the Silent Country; Charlotte Bronte's Years of Fame
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019324: MOYA DEL BAÑO, FRANCISCA - Presencia de Tibulo
022221: BANTOCK, NICK - Sabine's Notebook in Which the Extraordinary Correspondence of Griffin & Sabine Continues
035587: BANTOCK, NICK - The Forgetting Room; a Fiction
037167: BANTOCK, NICK - The Forgetting Room; a Fiction
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011700: BARANSON, JACK, ET AL. - Soviet Automation; Perspectives and Prospects
043083: BARANTE, AMABLE-GUILLAUME-PROSPER BRUGIÈRE, BARON DE - Histoire Des Ducs de Bourgogne de la Maison de Valois 1364-1477
023388: BARANY, GEORGE - The Anglo-Russian Entente Cordiale of 1697-1698; Peter I and William III at Utrecht
020129: BARASCH, MOSHE - Crusader Figural Sculpture in the Holy Land; Twelfth Century Examples from Acre, Nazareth and Belvoir Castle
042018: BARATTA, PAOLO, ET AL. - Prospettive Dell'Economia Italiana
043117: SCHWENDOWIUS, BARBARA AND WOLFGANG DÖMLING, EDS - Johann Sebastian Bach: Life, Times, Influence
040040: BARDES, BARBARA AND SUZANNE GOSSETT - Declarations of Independence; Women and Political Power in Nineteenth-Century American Fiction
023322: ENTWISLE, BARBARA AND GAIL E. HENDERSON, EDS - Re-Drawing Boundaries; Work, Households, and Gender in China
024795: FERRARO, BARBARA AND PATRICIA HUSSEY - No Turning Back; Two Nuns' Battle with the Vatican over Women's Right to Choose
025383: FORREST, BARBARA AND PAUL R. GROSS - Creationism Trojan Horse; the Wedge of Intelligent Design
018661: MACKENZIE, BARBARA AND FINDLAY MACKENZIE - Singers of Australia; from Melba to Sutherland
001734: BARBARINO, JOSEPH LOUIS - The Evolution of the Latin /B/-/U/ Merger: A Quantitative and Comparative Analysis of the B-V Alternation in Latin Inscriptions
034806: BARBAROUX, CHARLES-JEAN-MARIE - Mémoires de Barbaroux
016948: BARBASH, JACK - Unions and Telephones; the Story of the Communications Workers of America
034291: BARBAUD, PIERRE - Haydn
044363: BARBEAU, MARIUS - Jongleur Songs of Old Quebec
017831: BARBEAU, VICTOR - Le Français Du Canada
035036: BARBER, RICHARD - The Figure of Arthur
014852: BARBER, STEPHEN - Antonin Artaud; Blows and Bombs
034433: BARBER, RICHARD - Henry Plantagenet; a Biography
045515: BARBER, MALCOLM - The Two Cities; Medieval Europe, 1050-1320
035475: BARBER, ELIZABETH WAYLAND - Women's Work; the First 20,000 Years. Women, Cloth, and Society in Early Times
041727: BARBER, MALCOLM - The Trial of the Templars
044483: BARBER, FIONNA - Art in Ireland Since 1910
040839: BARBIERI, TORQUATO - Opere Anonime O Pseudonime Apparse Fra IL 1835 Ed IL 1907 Conservate Nella Bibioteca Carducci
010864: BARBOUR, PHILIP L. - Dimitry, Called the Pretender; Tsar and Great Prince of All Russia 1605-1606
004731: BARBOUR, ROGER W., ET AL. - Kentucky Birds; a Finding Guide
022755: CALDERON DE LA BARCA, PEDRO - L Hija Del Aire
033397: CALDERÓN DE LA BARCA, PEDRO - La Desdicha de la Voz (1639)
017157: CALDERON DE LA BARCA, PEDRO - Ausgewählte Schauspiele
038816: BARDACH, JOHN E., ET AL. - Aquaculture; the Framing and Husbandry of Freshwater and Marine Organisms
024941: BARDENHEWER, O., ED - Vom Münchener Gelehrten-Kongresse. Biblische Vorträge
040404: HOLDER-BARELL, ALEXANDER - The Development of Imagery and Its Functional Significance in Henry James's Novels
023829: BARENBOIM, DANIEL - A Life in Music
001892: BARENTSEN, A. A., ET AL. - Dutch Studies in Russian Llinguistics
022418: BARFIELD, LAWRENCE - Northern Italy Before Rome
010029: BARGHOORN, FREDERICK C. - The Soviet Cultural Offensive; the Role of Cultural Diplomacy in Soviet Foreign Policy
008530: BARILLI, RENATO - Art Nouveau
004128: BARING, ARNULF - Uprising in East Germany: June 17, 1953
039108: BARING, MAURICE - Maurice Baring Restored
034109: BARISH, JONAS A. - Ben Jonson and the Language of Prose Comedy
021405: BARISIONE, SILVIA, ET AL. - Parole E Immagini Futuriste Dalla Collezione Wolfson
005149: BARKAI, AVRAHAM - From Boycott to Annihiliation; the Economic Struggle of German Jews, 1933-1943
043313: BARKAN, LEONARD, ED - Renaissance Drama. New Series X: Comedy
035369: BARKAS, JANET - The Vegetable Passion; a History of the Vegetarian State of Mind
035051: BARKER, JAMES H. - Always Getting Ready, Upterrlainarluta; Yup'Ik Eskimo Subsistence in Southwest Alasa
033635: BARKER, NICOLAS - Treasures of the British Library
034978: BARKER, CHRISTOPHER - The Arms of the Infinite; George Barker and Elizabeth Smart
009961: BARKER, VIRGIL - From Realism to Reality in Recent American Painting
025111: BARKER, ERNST - Principles of Social & Political Theory
025717: BARKER, ERNEST - Age and Youth; Memories of Three Universities and Father of the Man
012702: BARKER, JONATHAN, ED - The Politics of Agriculture in Tropical Africa
027228: GRANVILLE-BARKER, HARLEY - Prefaces to Shakespeare
019505: BARKER, RICHARD H. - Marcel Proust; a Biography
027968: BARKER, A. J. - Die Deutschen Infanteriewaffen Des Zweiten Weltkrieges
013725: BARKER, S. F. - Induction and Hypothesis; a Study of the Logic of Confirmation
010977: BARKER, BRIAN - When the Queen Was Crowned
045163: BARKER, ROGER G. - Ecological Psychology; Concepts and Methods for Studying the Environment of Human Behavior
041036: BARKER, JOHN W. - Justinian and the Later Roman Empire
038164: BARLACH, ERNST - Ernst Barlach "Fries Der Lauschenden
038163: BARLACH, ERNST - Ernst Barlach 1870-1938; Graphic Exhibition
029142: BARLOW, FRANK - Edward the Confessor
035288: BARLOW, ELIZABETH - Frederick Law Olmsted's New York
036452: BARLOW, ELIZABETH - The Forests and Wetlands of New York City
032106: BARLOW, BERNYCE - Sacred Sites of the West
016349: BARNABY, FRANK - Future War; Armed Conflict in the Next Decade
036742: BARNARD, JULIAN - The Decorative Tradition
020206: BARNARD, ROBERT - Too Many Notes, Mr. Mozart
014678: BARNARD, JULIAN - Victorian Ceramic Tiles
015621: BARNARD, H. C. - Education and the French Revolution
023547: BARNES, GILBERT HOBBS - The Antislavery Impulse, 1830-1844
025870: BARNES, F. A. - Utah Canyon Country
024110: BARNES, JOSEPH - Willkie; the Events He Was Part of--the Ideas He Fought for
015902: BARNES, D. E., ET AL., EDS - Concise Encyclopaedia of Nuclear Energy
020113: BARNES, JAY - North Carolina's Hurricane History
016754: BARNES, SAMUEL H. - Party Democracy; Poltics in an Italian Socialist Federation
024940: BARNES, WILLIAM WRIGHT - The Southern Baptist Convention 1845-1953
017095: BARNES, GILBERT HOBBS - The Antislavery Impulse, 1830-1844
010978: BARNES, THOMAS GARDEN - Somerset, 1625-1640; a County'e Government During the "Personal Rule
036512: BARNES, JULIAN - A History of the World in 10 1/2 Chapters
021873: KOTTLER, BARNET AND MARTIN LIGHT - The World of Words; a Language Reader
007096: BARNET, RICHARD J. - Roots of War
019889: BARNET, ANNE ALISON - Extravaganza King; Robert Barnet and Boston Musical Theater
024478: BARNETT, A. DOAK - Communist China and Asia; Challenge to American Policy
004919: BARNETT, PAMELA R. - Theodore Haak, F.R. S. (1605-1690), the First German Translator of Paradise Lost
005032: BARNETT, A. DOAK - Communist China; the Early Years, 1949-55
004967: BARNETT, A. DOAK - Cadres, Bureaucracy, and Political Power in Communist China
025642: BARNOUW, DAGMAR - Weimar Intellectuals and the Threat of Modernity
034398: BARNSTONE, ALIKI, ED - Voices of Light; Spiritual and Visionary Poems by Women from Around the World from Ancient Sumeria to Now
015361: BARNUM, P. T. - Selected Letters of P.T. Barnum
044625: CARO BAROJA, JULIO - Vidas Mágicas E Inquisición
014821: BARON, ROBERT C., ED - America, One Land, One People: Noted Historians Look at America
007097: BARON, SALO WITTMAYER - Steeled by Adversity; Essays and Addresses on American Jewish Life
024938: BARR, STRINGFELLOW - The Three Worlds of Man
020040: BARR, NEVADA - Deep South
013686: BARR, ALFRED H., JR. - Picasso: Fifty Years of His Art
040541: BARR, JOHN - The Officina Bodoni, Montagnola, Verona. Books Printed by Giovanni Mardersteig on the Hand Press 1923-1977
038288: BARR, PAT - The Deer Cry Pavilion; a Story of Westerners in Japan 1868-1905
004704: BARRATT, GLYNN - The Rebel on the Bridge; a Life of the Decembrist Baron Andrey Rozen (1800-84)
018443: BARRAUD, HENRY - Hector Berlioz
042624: BARRÉ, LOUIS - Herculanum Et PompéI
041109: BARRÈS, MAURICE - Les Grands Problèmes Du Rhin
013727: BARRETT, C. K. - A Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans
013728: BARRETT, DAVID B. - World Christian Encyclopedia; a Comparative Study of Churches and Religions in the Modern World, A.D. 1900-2000
020207: BARRETT, ELIZABETH BARRETT - Diary by E.B. B. ; the Unpublished Diary of Elizabeth Barrett Barrett 1831-1832
003254: BARRETT, ANTHONY - Caligula; the Corruption of Power
007379: LITOFF, JUDY BARRETT AND DAVID C. SMITH, EDS - What Kind of World Do We Want? American Women Plan for Peace
018982: BARRIE, J. M. - Margaret Ogilvy
020208: BARRIE, J. M. - An Edinburgh Eleven; Pencil Portraits from College Life
030909: PENROSE, BARRIE AND SIMON FREEMAN - Conspiracy of Silence; the Secret Life of Anthony Blunt
008989: BARRIER, N. GERALD - Punjab History in Printed British Documents; a Bibliographic Guide to Parliamentary Papers and Select, Nonserial Publications, 1843-1947
007968: BARRIS, ALEX - Hollywood's Other Men
044523: BARRO, SOLEDAD PÉREZ-ABADIN - La Configuración de Un Libro Bucólico: églogas Pastoriles de Pedro de Padilla
045461: BARROLL, LEEDS - Anna of Denmark, Queen of England; a Cultural Biography
040001: BARRON, HAL S. - Those Who Stayed Behind; Rural Society in Nineteenth-Century New England
003255: BARROW, R. H. - Plutarch and His Times
003393: BARROW, G. W. S. - Robert Bruce and the Communityh of the Realm of Scotland
006160: BARROW, JOHN D. - Pi in the Sky; Counting, Thinking, and Being
042495: BARROW, DAVID PRESCOTT - Berbères Et Noirs
033054: BARROW, JOHN D. - The Artful Universe Expanded
009146: BARROW, KENNETH - Helen Hayes, First Lady of the American Theatre
045462: BARROW, R. H. - Introduction to St. Augustine: The City of God
019506: BARRUS, CLARA - Whitman and Burroughs, Comrades
035759: BARRY, LYNDA - Down the Street
025410: BARRY, JOHN M. - The Ambition and the Power
007972: BARRY, JACKSON G. - Dramatic Structure; the Shaping of Experience
007099: BARRY, TOM, ET AL. - The Great Divide; the Challenge of U.S. -Mexico Relations in the 1990s
005088: BLUESTONE, BARRY AND BENNETT HARRISON - The Deindustrailization of America; Plant Closings, Community Abandonment, and the Dismantling of Basic Industry
007470: BLUESTONE, BARRY ET AL. - The Boston Renaissance; Race, Space and Economic Change in an American Metropolis
030894: MILLINGTON, BARRY AND STEWART SPENCER, EDS - Wagner in Performance
039607: GHOLSON, BARRY AND TED L. ROSENTHAL, EDS - Applications of Cognitive-Developmental Theory
035768: BARRY, LYNDA - Girls and Boys
038780: LORD, BARRY AND GAIL DEXTER LORD - Artists, Patrons, and the Public. Why Culture Changes
031327: BARSTOW, ANNE LLEWELLYN - Witchcraze; a New History of the European Witch Hunts
010478: BARTEL, WALTER - Die Linken in Der Deutschen Sozialdemokratie IM Kampf Gegen Militarismus Und Krieg
040175: BARTEL, NORBERT, ED - Supernovae As Distance Indicators; Proceedings of a Workshop Held at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, September 27-28, 1948
004177: BARTELS, HILDEGARD - Epos--Die Gattung in Der Geschichte. Eine Begriffsbestimmung Vor Dem Hintergrund Der Hegelschen "ästehtik" Anhand Von "Nibelungenlied" Und "Chanson de Roland
042858: BARTER, JUDITH - Victorian Style; Revolution, Revival & Reform
024935: BARTH, KARL - Credo; Die Hauptprobleme Der Dogmatik Dargestellt IM Anschluß an Das Apostolische Glaubensbekenntnis
024931: BARTH, KARL - Dogmatics in Outline
006188: BARTH, HANS - Truth and Ideology
024937: BARTH, ELSE MARGARETE - De Logica Van de Lidwoorden in de Traditionele Filosofie
027145: BARTH, KARL - The Theology of Schleiermacher; Laectures at Göttginen, Winter Semester of 1923/24

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