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020200: ANDERSON, DONALD K., JR., - John Ford..
025896: ANDERSON, ERIC A. AND GEORGE F. EARLE, EDS., - Design and Aesthetics in Wood..
012230: ANDERSON, JACK, - Field Trips on the Rapid Transit..
010744: ANDERSON, HAROLD J., - Men of the Milford Road..
007966: ANDERSON, WILLIAM, - Castles of Europe from Charlemagne to the Renaissance..
027493: ANDERSON, CHARLES W., - The political economy of Modern Spain; Policy-Making in an Authoritarian System..
027643: ANDERSON, QUENTIN, ET AL., EDS., - Art, Politics, and Will; Essays in Honor of Lionel Trilling..
009397: ANDERSON, NELS, ED., - Studies in Multilingualism..
009398: ANDERSON, STEPHEN R., - The Organization of Phonology..
013676: ANDERSON, ALAN ROSS, ET AL., - The Logical Enterprise..
005369: ANDERSON, MARGO J. AND STEPHEN E. FIENBERG, - Who Counts? The Politics of Census-Taking in Contemporary America..
011697: ANDERSON, FANNIE, - Doctors Under Three Flags..
031106: ANDERSON, LARS, - Carlisle vs. Army; Jim Thorpe, Dwight Eisenhower, Pop Warner, and the forgotten Story of Football's Greatest Battle..
039317: ANDERSON, ROBERT, - Elgar in Manuscript..
017821: ANDERSON, JAMES M., - Structural Aspects of Language Change..
222: ANDERSON, GEORGE K., - The literature of the Anglo-Saxons...
039321: ANDERSON, JANICE AND EDMUND SWINGLEHURST, - Ephemera of Travel and Transport..
038460: ANDERSON, JOHN Q., ET AL., EDS, - Southwestern American Literature; a Bibliography..
005638: ANDERSON, WALLACE L., - Edwin Arlington Robinson; a Critical Introduction..
021764: ANDERSON, J. N. D., - Islamic Law in the Modern World..
043766: ANDERSON, BONNIE S. AND JUDITH P. ZINSSER, - A History of Their Own; Women in Europe from Prehistory to the Present..
039676: ANDERSON, SHERWOOD, - The Sherwood Anderson Diaries, 1936-1941..
039788: ANDERSON, RUDOLPH MARTIN, - Methods of Collecting and preserving Vertebrate Animals..
001759: ANDERSSON, INGVAR, - A History of Sweden..
003741: ANDERSSON, INGVAR, - A History of Sweden..
043929: ANDERSSON-SCHMITT, MARGARETE ET AL, - Mittelalterliche Handschriften Der Universitätsbibliothek Uppsala. Katalog Über Die C-Sammlung. Band 4. Handschriften C301-400..
038991: ANDERSSON, THORSTEN AND KARL INGE SANDRED, EDS, - The Vikings; Proceedings of the Symposium of the Faculty of ARts of Uppsala University, June 6-9, 1977..
035862: ANDO, HIROSHIGE, - Horoshige: Birds and Flowers..
031148: ANDREADAKIS, KATYA BERGER AND JOHN BERGER, - Titian; Nymph and Shepherd..
043442: ANDREAE, BERNARD AND BALDASSARE CONTICELLO, - Skylla und Charybdis; zur Skylla-Gruppe von Sperlonga..
027138: ANDREAS-SALOMÉ, LOU, - Eintragungen: Letzte Jahre..
044281: ANDREAS, CAPELLANUS, - Andreas Capellanus on Love..
017143: ANDRÉE, S. A., ET AL., - Andreé's Story; the complete Record of His Polar Flight, 1897..
029039: ANDREESEN, ALFRED, ED., - Deutsche Vorgeschichte im Arbeitsunterricht eines Landerziehungsheimes; Forschungsergebnisse zur deutschen Vorgeschichte an der Hermann Lietz-Schule..
029128: ANDREESEN, WALTER, - Untersuchungen zur Translation von Substantiven zu Adjektiven im Altrussischen..
041277: ANDREESEN, ALFRED, - Hermann Lietz, der Schöpfer der Landerziehungsheime..
041886: ANDREOTTI, GIULIO, - Intervista Su De Gasperi..
021160: ANDRES, STEFAN, - Die grossen Weine Deutschlands..
031038: AMORÓS. ANDRES, - INtroducción al la novela Contemporanea..
044536: ANDRESS, DAVID, ED, - Experiencing the French Revolution..
016860: ANDREW, CHRISTOPHER AND VASILII MITROKHIN, - The Sword and the Shield; the Mitrokhin Archive and the Secret History of the KGB..
034966: ANDREWARTHA, H. G. AND L. C. BIRCH, - The distribution and abundance of Animals..
017742: ANDREWS, DEAN TIMOTHY, - The Eastern Orthodox Church; a Bibliography..
014709: ANDREWS, EDWARD DEMING AND FAITH ANDREWS, - Shaker Furniture; the Craftsmanship of an American Communal Sect..
026406: ANDREWS, MARY RAYMOND SHIPMAN, - A Lost Commander: Florence NIghtingale..
007995: ANDREWS, GREGG, - Shoulder to Shoulder? The American Federation of Labor, the United States, and the Mexican Revolution, 1910-1924..
009134: ANDREWS, WAYNE, - Germaine; a Portrait of madame De Stael..
028044: ANDREWS, CHARLES M., - The Fathers of New England; a Chronicle of the Puritan Commonwealths..
030624: ANDREWS, AUDREY, - Be Good, Sweet Maid; the Trials of Dorothy Joudrie..
044610: ANDREWS, DAVID M., ET AL., EDS, - Governing the World's Money..
037746: ANDREWS, WAYNE, - Architecture, Ambition, and Americans; a Social history of American Architecture..
010365: ANDREWS, WAYNE, - Battle for Chicago..
036391: ANDREWS, WILLIAM, - At the Sign of the Barber's Pole; Studies in Hirsute History..
040928: ANDREYEV, LEONID, - Visions; Stories and Photographs By Leonid Andreyev..
006168: ANDRIEU, PIERRE, - Fine Bouche; a History of the Restaurant in France..
005789: ANDRIEUX, MAURICE, - Daily Life in Venice in the Time of Casanova..
009205: ANDRIEUX, MAURICE, - Henri IV..
034932: SOTHEBY PARKE BERNET LOS ANGELES, - Fine Collectibles, Including Property from the University of Seattle, Washington, the Collection of Mrs. H. Ettinger of Laguna BEach, and Various Owners..
022297: ANGELL, IAN, - The New Barbarian Manifesto; how to Survive the information Age..
038064: ANGELL, ROGER, - Once more around the Park; a baseball Reader..
017128: ANGELL, PAULINE K., - To the Top of the World; the Story of Peary and Henson..
010948: ANGELL, NORMAN, - After All; the Autobiography of Norman Angell..
043176: ANGELO, VALENTI, - Valenti's Verses..
040472: ANGELOPOULOS, ELIE J, - Aristophane et ses idées sur Socrate..
043398: ANGER, KENNETH, - Hollywood Babylon..
043927: ANGER, DENISE, - Le terrier de la famille d'Orbec à Cideville (Haute-Normandie) XIVe-XVIe Siècles..
008640: ANGEVILLE, HENRIETTE D'., - My Ascent of Mont Blanc..
040065: ANGIER, CAROLE, - The Double Bond; Primo Levi, a Biography..
044481: ANGLADE, JOSEPH, - Grammaire de l'Ancien Provençal ou ancienne langue d'Oc: Phonétique & Morphologie..
030020: ANGLÉS, HIGINIO AND JOSÉ SUBIRA, - Catalogo musical de la Biblioteca Nacional de Madrid..
033251: ANGUS, SAMUEL, - The Mystery-Religions and Christianity; a Study in the Religious Background of Early Christianity..
044275: ANHALT, DIANA, - A Gathering of Fugitives; American political Expatriates in Mexico 1948-1965..
021336: AL-ANI, SALMAN H, - Fred W. Householder Bibliography..
042740: ANKERSMIT, F. R., ED, - Knowing and Telling History: The Anglo-Sxon Debate..
018843: ANNAHEIM, HANS, - Alaska--MExico; Der Pan-American Highway Von Anchorage in Alaska Bis Oaxaca in Südmexico..
028292: ANNAN, NOEL, - The Dons; Mentors, Eccentrics and Geniuses..
015586: ANNAN, NOEL, - Our Age; English Intellectuals between the World Wars: a Group Portrait..
005690: ANNENKOV, P. V., - The exraordinary Decade; Literary Memoirs..
010863: ANNENKOV, P. V., - The Extraordinary Decade; Literary Memoirs..
041301: D'ANNUNZIO, GABRIELE, - Prose di Romanzi..
010098: ANOUILH, JEAN, - The Lark..
034133: ANSARI, K. H., - John Webster: Image Patterns & Canon..
021650: ANSCOMBE, ISABELLE, - Omega and After; Bloomsbury and the Decorative Arts..
003075: ANSHEN, RUTH NANDA, - The Reality of the Devil: Evil in Man..
017822: ANSHEN, RUTH NANDA, - Language; an Enquiry Into Its Meaning and Function..
008214: ANSON, ROBERT SAM, - War News; a Young Reporter in Indochina..
042864: ANTEI, GIORGIO, - La Invención del Reino de Chile; Geronimo de Viva y los primeros cronistas Chilenos..
039160: ANTHONY, JAMES R, - French Baroque music from Beaujoyeulx to Rameau..
004171: ANTHONY, EDGAR WATERMAN, - Romanesque Frescoes..
015398: ANTHONY, GORDON, - Dancers to Remember; the Photographic Art of Gordon Anthony..
040203: ANTINOLFI, RICCIOTTI, - La crisi economica italiana 1969-1973..
014335: ANTON, FERDINAND AND FREDERICK J. DOCKSTADER, - Pre-Columbian Art and Later Indian Tribal Arts..
040632: ANTON, THOMAS J, - Governing Greater Stockholm; a study of Policy Development and system Change..
026770: ANTONIADIS, I. AND H. VIDEAU, EDS., - Susy 95; International Workshop on Supersymmetry and Unifiication of Fundamental Interactions; Colloque International sur aa Supersymétrie et l'Unifications des Interactions Fondamentales..
025839: ANTONIAZZO, ANNA, - Educazione figurative attraverso L'architettura..
041605: ANTONISSE, RINUS, - De kroon op het Deltaplan; stormvloedkering Oosterschelde, het groootste waterbouwproject aller Tijden..
020643: ANTREASSIAN, ANTRANIG, - The Cup of Bitterness, and Other Stories..
026207: ANTREASSIAN, JACK, - The confessions of Kitchoonie..
026238: ANTREASSIAN, JACK, ED., - Ararat; a Decade of Armenian-American Writing..
011404: ANTRIM, LOUISA, COUNTESS OF, - Louisa, Lady in Waiting; the Personal Diaries and Albums of Louisa, Lady in Waiting to Queen Victoria and Queen Alexandra..
043705: ANTWEILER, ANTON, - Das Problem der Willensfreiheit..
042385: ANZANI, GIOVANNI, - Tilde Poli; Lirismo Astratto..
023093: ANZENBACHER, ARNO, - Die Intentionalität bei Thomas von Aquin und Edmund Husserl..
043495: AOUCHAR, AMINA, - Colonisation et campagne berbere au Maroc..
040735: APEL, WILLI, - Masters of the Keyboard; a Brief Survey of Pianoforte Music..
035921: APEL, WILLI, - Harvard Dictionary of Music..
035894: APEL, WILLI, - Harvard Dictionary of Music..
039242: APEL, WILLI, - The Notation of Polyphonic Music 900-1600..
036160: APKARIAN-RUSSELL, PAMELA E, - Postmarked Yesteryear; Art of the Holiday Postcard..
041378: BIBLE. O.T. APOCRYPHA, - Sophia Salomon; the Book of Wisdom...
013498: APOLLONIO, UMBRIO, - Hans Hartung..
032533: APOLLONIO, MARIO, - Storia del teatro Italiano..
024549: APOSTOLOU, JOHN L. AND MARTIN H. GREENBERG, EDS., - Murder in Japan; Japanese stories of Crime and Detection..
041504: APPELT, HEINRICH, - Die Kaiseridee Friedrich Barbarossas..
033961: APPLETON, LE ROY H., - Indian Art of the Americas..
012690: APPLETON, RICHARD AND BARBARA APPLETON, COMPS., - The Cambridge Dictionary of Australian Places..
032360: APPY, CHRISTIAN G., - Patriots; the Vietnam War remembered from All Sides..
012700: APTER, DAVID E., - The Political Kingdom of Uganda; a Study in Bureaucratic Natonalism..
041958: AQUARONE, ALBERTO, - Alla Ricerca dell'Italia Liberale..
027139: AQUILA, RICHARD E., - Rhyme or Reason; a Limerick History of Philosophy..
044134: THOMAS AQUINAS, - Sancti Thomae de Aquino expositio super librum Boethii de Trinitate..
044067: THOMAS AQUINAS, - Tractatus de unitate intellectus contra Averroistas..
015214: ARAGON, LOUIS AND JEAN COCTEAU, - Entretiens Sur Le Musée De DResde..
041946: ARAGON, LOUIS, - Le fou d'Elsa; Poème..
042444: ARAGON, LOUIS, - Henri Matisse, a Novel..
035456: ARALDO, JOSEPHINE AND ROBERT REYNOLDS, - From a Breton garden; the Vegetable Cookery of Jseophine Araldo..
043385: ARAMAKI, SHIGEO, - Geology of Asama Volcano..
041819: ARANHA, CELINE, ET AL, - Beyond the Fie Line; Perceptions of Eight Tribal Women..
041112: ARANO, LUISA COGLIATI, - The Medieval Health Handbook: Tacuinum Sanitatis..
021178: ARARIPE, OSCAR, - Marta, Jupiter e Eu; Novo Romance..
024496: ARATUS, - Arati Phaenomena..
024954: ARBER, AGNES, - The Manifold & the One..
021406: ARBER, AGNES, - The Mind and the Eye; a Study of the Biologist's Standpoint..
943: ARBERRY, A. J. AND ROM LANDAU., - Islam to-day. Edited by A. J. Arberry and Rom Landau...
036155: ARBUS, DIANE, - Diane Arbus: Magazine Work..
004173: ARCE, JOAQUIN, - Boccaccio Humanista y Su penetracion En España...
026927: SOCIETY OF BIBLICAL ARCHAEOLOGY, - Proceedings of the Society of Biblical Archaeology..
005247: ARCHER, W. G., - The Hill of Flutes; Life, Love and Poetry in Tribal India. A Portrait of the Santals..
003716: ARCHER, CLIVE AND STEPHEN MAXWELL, - The Nordic Model; Studies in Public Policy Innovation..
037836: ARCHER, MILDRED, - Tippoo's Tiger..
032809: ARCHER-HIND, R. D. AND R. D. HICKS, EDS., - Cambridge Compositions Greek and Latin..
023096: ARCHINARD, CHARLES, - Histoire de l'église du canton de Vaud depuis son origine jusqu'aux temps Actuels..
044705: ARDITI, JORGE, - A Genealogy of Manners; Transformations of social Relations in France and England from the Fourteenth to the Eighteenth Century..
037314: ARDIZZONE, EDWARD, - Tim All Alone..
037315: ARDIZZONE, EDWARD, - Tim in Danger..
038485: ARDIZZONE, EDWARD, - The Young Ardizzone; an autobiographical Fragment..
036586: ARDIZZONE, EDWARD, - Sketches for Friends..
037171: ARDIZZONE, EDWARD, - Sketches for Friends..
030022: ARDOIN, JOHN, - Callas at Juilliard; the Master Classes..
030023: ARDOIN, JOHN, - The Callas Legacy..
030024: ARDOIN, JOHN, - The Callas Legacy..
030025: ARDOIN, JOHN, - The Callas legacy; the Complete Guide to Her Recordings..
030027: ARDOIN, JOHN, - Valery Gergiev and the Kirov; a Story of Survival..
040295: ARE, GIUSEPPE, - Industria e politica in Italia..
033025: AREBI, SADDEKA, - Women and Words in Saudi Arabia: The Politics of Literary Discourse..
008356: ARENS, MOSHE, - Broken Covenant; American Foreign Policy and the Crisis Between the U.S. And Israel..
035690: ARESTY, ESTHER B, - The delectable Past. The Joys of the Table--from Rome to the Renaissance, from Queen Elizabeth I to Mrs. Beeton..
020203: ARETINO, PIETRO, - Italiänischer Hurenspiegel. Ferrante Pallavaicino: Der Geplünderte Postreuter..
025933: ARGAN, GIULIO CARLO, - Henry Moore..
009141: ARGENZIO, VICTOR, - The Fascination of Diamonds..
032528: ARIANI, MARCO, - Tra classcismo e manierismo; il teatro tragico del Cinquecento..
043625: ARIAS CABENZUDO, PILAR, ET AL, - Catalogo de la escultura zoomofa protohistorica y romana de tradicion indigena de la provincia de Avila..
023935: ARIÈS, PHILIPPE AND ANDRÉ BÉJIN, EDS., - Western Sexuality; Practice and Precept in Past and Present Times..
032547: ARIOSTO, LUDOVICO, - The Satires of Ludovico Ariosto: a Renaissance Autobiography..
012873: ARIOSTO, LODOVICO, - Orlando Furioso..
027301: ARIOSTO, LUDOVICO, - Orlando Furioso..
027302: ARIOSTO, LUDOVICO, - Orlando Furioso..
027319: ARIOSTO, LUDOVICO, - Orlando Furioso..
027401: ARIOSTO, LUDOVICO, - Cinque canti; Five Cantos..
037278: ARIOSTO, LODOVICO, - Orlando Furioso..
035918: ARISTIDE, JEAN-BERTRAND, - Aristide; an Autobiography..
042514: ARISTOPHANES, - Aristophanis Comoediae quae supersunt cum perditarum fragmentis. Vol. II (only)..
001699: ARISTOPHANES, - Ranae..
003246: ARISTOPHANES, - Comoediae..
031660: ARISTOPHANES, - The birds of Aristophanes..
031661: ARISTOPHANES, - The Comedies of Aristophanes. Vol. II:III. The Clouds. IV. The Wasps...
031662: ARISTOPHANES, - The Comedies of Aristophanes. Vol. V:IX. The Frogs. X. The Ecclesiazusae..
031663: ARISTOPHANES, - The Frogs of Aristophanes..
031680: ARISTOPHANES, - The Wasps of Aristophanes..
031677: ARISTOPHANES, - Lysistrata, the Grecian Temptress..
031678: ARISTOPHANES, - Peace..
031679: ARISTOPHANES, - The Plutus of Aristophanes..
031684: ARISTOTELES, - Athenaion Politeia. Aristotle on the Constitution of Athens..
031685: ARISTOTELES, - The Politics of Aristotle..
031687: ARISTOTELES, - The Student's Oxford Aristotle..
042489: ARISTOTELES, - Aristote: Constitution d'Athènes..
044609: ARKELL, TOM, ED, - Warwickshire Hearth tax Returns: Michaelmas 1670 with Coventry Lady Day 1666..
012569: ARKUSH, R. DAVID AND LEO O. LEE, - Land Without Ghosts; Chinese Impressions of America from the mid-nineteenth Century to the Present..
017680: ARLEN, MICHAEL J., - Passage to Ararat..
035385: ARLEN, MICHAEL J., - Exiles..
038470: ARLOTT, JOHN, - English cheeses of the South and West..
009803: TAYLOR ARCHER AND GUSTAVE O. ARLT, - Printing and Progress; Two Lectures..
040239: ARMANI, PIETRO, ET AL, - L'Economia italiana 1975-77..
002400: ARMITAGE, M. J. AND R. A. MASON, - Air Power in the Nuclear Age..
011727: ARMITAGE, ANGUS, - Copernicus, the Founder of Modern Astronomy..
025848: ARMOR, JOHN AND PETER WRIGHT, - Manzanar..
025023: ARMOUR, RICHARD, - It all Started with Marx..
012365: ARMOUR, ROBERT A., - Gods and Myths of Ancient Egypt..
038300: ARMOUR, RICHARD, - Yours for the Asking; a Book of Light Verse..
014639: ARMS, DOROTHY NOYES, - Kerr Eby, A.N.A...
042058: ARMSTRONG, KAREN, - The case for God..
024953: ARMSTRONG, JOSEPH, - The Mother Church; a history of the Buildling of the original edifice of the First Church of Christ Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts..
007489: ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM H., - Major McKinley; William McKinley & the Civil War..
019855: ARMSTRONG, MARY, - Seven eggs Today; the Diaries of Mary Armstrong, 1859 and 1869..
035386: ARMSTRONG, HAMILTON FISH, - Those Days..
021978: ARNADE, CHARLES W., - The Emergence of the Republic of Bolivia..
013534: ARNASON, H. H., - Jacques Lipchitz; Sketches in Bronze..
042569: ARNASON, H. H, - The Sculptures of Houdon..
016477: ARNAUD, RENÉ, - La Deuxième République et Le Second Empire..
041235: ARNDT, WILLIAM F. AND F. WILBUR GINGRICH, - A Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament and Other Early Christian Literature..
014605: ARNELL, PETER AND TED BICKFORD, EDS., - Robert A. M. Stern, 1965-1980; Toward a Modern Architecture After Modernism..
039793: ARNIM, L. ACHIM VON AND CLEMENS BRENTANO, - Des Knaben Wunderhorn; alte deutsche Lieder..
032324: ARNOLD, DOROTHEA, - When th pyramids Were Built; Egyptian Art of the Old Kingdom..
038602: ARNOLD, MATTHEW, - On the Study of Celtic Literature and on Translating Homer..
025661: ARNOLD, MARY ELLICOTT AND MABEL REED, - In the Land of the Grasshopper Song; Two women in the Klamath River Indian Country in 1908-09..
029202: ARNOLD, WILHELM, - Deutsche Urzeit..
038598: ARNOLD, MATTHEW, - Matthew Arnold's Notebooks..
038597: ARNOLD, MATTHEW, - God & the Bible; a Review of Objections to "Literature & Dogma"..
038593: ARNOLD, MATTHEW, - Essays in Criticism. First Series..
038594: ARNOLD, MATTHEW, - Essays in Criticism. Second Series..
038595: ARNOLD, MATTHEW, - Discourses in America..
038596: ARNOLD, MATTHEW, - Literature & Dogma; an essay Towards a Better Apprehension of the Bible..
035285: ARNOLD, CORLISS RICHARD, - Organ Literature: a Comprehensive Survey..
038601: ARNOLD, MATTHEW, - St. Paul & Protestantism with an Essay on Purtianism & the Church of England and Last Essays on Church & Religion..
033846: ARNOLD, EVE, - Eve Arnold Handbook (with footnotes)..
037906: ARNOLD, EVE, - In AMerica..
025295: ARNOLDO, M., - Gekweekte en nuttige planten van de Nederlandse Antillen..
031153: ARNOUX, JEAN-CLAUDE, - The Ultimate water garden Book..
023098: ARNSBERG, PAUL, - Neunhundert Jahre "Muttergemeinde in Israel", Frankfurt am Main, 1974-1974. Chronik der Rabbiner..
010101: ARNSBERG, PAUL, - Bilder Aus Dem Jüdischen Leben Im Alten Frankfurt..
010474: ARNSBERG, PAUL, - Bilder Aus Dem Jüdischen Leben Im Alten Frankfurt..
016512: ARON, ROBERT, - Histoire De L'épuration..
024951: ARON, RAYMOND, - The Committed Observer; Le Spectateur engagé..
005161: ARON, RAYMOND, - France Steadfast and Changing; the Fourth to the Fifth Republic..
017209: ARON, RAYMOND, - Mémoires..
017210: ARON, RAYMOND, - Le spectateur engagé..
039935: ARON, JOAN B, - The Quest for Regional Cooperation; a study of the New York Metropolitan Regionsl Council..
035709: ARONOVICI, CAROL, - Community Building; Science, Technique, Art..
034272: ARONOWITZ, STANLEY, - How class Works; Power and Social Movement..
041254: ARONSON, HOWARD I., - Bulgarian Inflectional Morphophonology..
010951: ARONSON, THEO, - Queen Victoria and the Bonapartes..
036524: ARONSON, HUGH, - Our Village Homes; Present Condition & Suggested Remedies..
013400: ARP, JEAN, - Arp..
042016: ARRIGO, GIANNI, - Lo Statuto dei lavoratori: un bilancio Politico. Nuove prospettive del Diritto del lavoro e democrazia Industriale..
044486: ARRIGONI, PAOLO AND ACHILLE BERTARELLI, - Ritratti di Musicisti ed Artisti di Teatro Convervati nella Raccolta delle Stampe e Dei Disegni. Catalogo Descrittivo..
007347: ARRINGTON, LEONARD J. AND THOMAS G. ALEXANDER, - A Dependent Commonwealth; Utah's Economy from Statehood to the Great Depression..
041009: ARRIVÉ, MICHEL, - Les langages de Jarry; essai de sémiotique Littéraire..
021417: ARRIVÉ, MICHEL AND JEAN-CLAUDE CHEVALIER, - La Grammaire; Lectures..
042118: ARROWSMITH, WILLIAM, - Antonioni, the Poet of Images..
001796: ARRUGA, LORENZO, - La Scala..
008531: METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART, - European Paintings in the Metropolitan Museum of Art By Artists Born in or Before 1865; a Summary Catalogue..
008589: MUSEUM OF MODERN ART, - Painting and Sculpture in the Museum of Modern Art..
025725: ANNELY JUDA FINE ART, - Ancient art from Persia..
026064: METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART, - Small Sculptures in Bronze; a Picture Book..
020147: CLEVELAND MUSEUM OF ART, - European Paintings Before 1500. Catalogue of Paintings: Part One..
026459: NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART, - Report and studies in the History of Art, 1967..
026535: METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART, - The Tomb of Perneb..
029364: R. S. JOHNSON FINE ART, - Marcel Gromaire 1892-1971; Works on Paper..
028399: PHILADELPHIA MUSEUM OF ART, - Philadelphia: Three Centuries of American Art..
028426: CLEVELAND MUSEUM OF ART, - Catalogue of the John L. Severance Collection; Bequest of John L. Severance 1936..
029198: CLEVELAND MUSEUM OF ART, - A missal for a King; an Introduction to the Gotha Missal and a Catalogue of the Exhibition Gothic art 1360-1449 Held at the Cleveland Museum of Art, August 8 Through Septebmer 15, 1963..
029870: MUSEUM OF INTERNATIONAL FOLK ART, - Multiple Visions: a Common Bond. The Girard Foundation Collection..
032376: LOS ANGELES COUNTY MUSEUM OF ART, - Masterpieces from the Shin'enkan Collection; Japanese Painting of the Edo Period..
035577: SMITH COLLEGE MUSEUM OF ART, - A guide to the Collections, Smith College Museum of Art..
034245: NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART, - Small French painting from the Bequest of Ailsa Mellon Bruce..
031427: METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART, - Egyptian Art in the Age of the Pyramids..
032997: METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART, - The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Asia..
036833: SAN DIEGO MUSEUM OF ART, - The Baldwin M. Baldwin Foundation Collection: Graphics an d Other Works By Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec..
038808: BALTIMORE MUSEUM OF ART, - 1914; an exhibition of Paintings, drawings and Sculpture in Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Baltimore Museum of Art..
016580: FUNDAÇÃO NACIONAL DE ARTE, - Artesanato Brasileiro..
003715: ARTER, DAVID, - The Nordic Parliments; a Comparative Analysis..
019503: ARTHOS, JOHN, - Shakespeare: the Early Writings..
018844: ARTHUIS, ISABELLE, - The Black Album..
009154: ARTHUR, GEORGE, - Sarah Bernhardt..
032004: ARTHUR, LINDA B., ED., - Religion, Dress and the Body..
010953: ARTHUR, GEORGE, - Queen Alexandra..
010954: ARTHUR, GEORGE, - George V..
036226: ARTHUR, JOHN, - REalismPhotorealism..
035026: ARTHUS-BERTRAND, YANN, - Earth from Above..
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044590: BAUER, WALTER, - Rechtgläubigkeit und Ketzerei im ältesten Christentum..
025529: BAUGHMAN, JAMES L., - The republic of Mass Culture; Journalism, Filmmaking, and Broadcasting in America Since 1941..
021345: BAULE, BERNHARD, - Die Mathematik des Naturforschers und Ingenieurs. Band VI: Parielle Differentialgleichungen..
003394: BAUM, PAULL F., - Chaucer; a Critical Appreciation..
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028032: BAUMEISTER, ROY F., - Evil; Inside Human cruelty and Violence..
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040841: BAUMER, ISO, - Rätoromanische Krankheitsnamen..
019507: BAUMGART, HERMANN, - Die Hamlet-Tragödie und Ihre Kritik..
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044649: BAUMGARTNER, EMMANUÉLE, - L'Arbre et le pain; essai sur La Queste del Saint Graal..
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030934: BAUMSTARK, REINHOLD, - Masterpieces from the Collection of the Princes of Liechtenstein..

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