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012852: JONES, BRUCE - GRAND PRIX 2005
012472: JONES, CHRIS - Quick and Easy Indoor Topiary: Crafting and Decorating With Nature
011953: GRIFFITH-JONES, E - Genesis : a little exposition with new Studies
011215: JONES, CATHERINE CHEREMETEFF - Year of Russian Feasts, A
011008: JONES, TRISTAN - Somewheres East of Suez
002814: GREGORY JONES - Papua New Guinean History & Politics an Annotated Bibliography 1950-1974
000543: JOCELYN HACKFORTH-JONES - The Convict Artists
007118: G. F. TREVALLYN JONES - Saw-pit Wharton the Political Career from 1640 to 1691 0f Philip, Fourth Lord Wharton
009055: JONES, ALLAN - Pearl Jam
009058: PRYCE-JONES, ALAN - Beethoven
007666: ROY E. JONES - The Functional Analysis of Politics - an Introductory Discussion
004922: JILL JONES - The Mask and the Jagged Star
022091: JONES, PETER JAMES - The Reluctant Volunteer: Five Years with the Australian Ninth Division (Military memoirs history series)
013995: ERNEST JONES AND INNIS BROWN - Swinging Into Golf
020856: [COMPILED BY] SUE JONES AND ROSS GILLETT - Navy news : 40th anniversary--Chronicling the news : this book marks the 40th anniversary of the publication of Navy news
021694: JOCELYN HACKFORTH-JONES - Augustus Earle, travel artist : paintings and drawings in the Rex Nan Kivell Collection, National Library of Australia
017087: H. BERKELEY JONES - Adventures in Australia in 1852 and 1853
015786: EDWARDS-JONES, IMOGEN - Fashion Babylon
020198: JONES, LLOYD. - Tasmania through the camera of Lloyd Jones. The Second of a Series.
019800: JONES, A. G. E. - Ships Employed in the South Seas Trade, 1775-1861 (Parts I and II); And, Registrar General of Shipping and Seaman: Transcripts of Registers of Shipping, 1787-1862 (Part III)
009027: ERICA JONG - Parachutes & Kisses
014256: WILLIAM JORDAN - Conquest without victory : a New Zealander in the Greek and French resistance
004491: JORDAN, HUMFREY - Anchor comes Back
013750: JORDAN, DALE R. - Overcoming Dyslexia: In Children, Adolescents, and Adults
015302: JORDAN, KENNETH N. SR. - Yesterday's Heroes: 433 Men of World War II Awarded the Medal of Honor 1941-1945
018571: JOSE, ARTHUR W - History of Australasia : from the earliest times to the present day with a chapter on Australian Literature
003800: JOSE, ARTHUR W - The growth of the empire : a handbook to the history of Greater Britain
011102: JOSE, ARTHUR W. - History of Australia : from the earliest times to the present day with a chapter on Australian Literature
005126: JOSE, ARTHUR W. - History of Australia : from the earliest times to the present day with a chapter on Australian Literature
021770: JOSEPHSON, PHYLLIS BEATRICE - This little book
021022: E.C. JOSLIN - Spink's Catalogue of British and Associated Orders, Decorations and Medals with Valuations
012738: JOTISALIKORN, CHAMI; ZABIHI, KARINA - Contemporary Asian Bedrooms
012736: JOTISALIKORN, CHAMI, KARINA ZABIHI - Contemporary Asian Kitchens And Dining Rooms
012737: JOTISALIKORN, CHAMI; ZABIHI, KARINA - Contemporary Asian Bathrooms
012527: JOTISALIKORN, CHAMI; ZABIHI, KARINA - Contemporary Asian Living Rooms
016465: ROGER JOUSSAUME - Dolmens for the Dead : megalith-building throughout the World
010361: JOY, WILLIAM (WILLIAM LEONARD) - The liberators
007445: THOMAS JOY - The Truth About Bookselling
000331: WILLIAM JOY - The Other Side of the Hill - 200 Years of Australian Exploration
001480: WILLIAM JOY - The Other Side of The Hill.
004406: JOYCE, JAMES - Dubliners
007258: JOYCE, JAMES - Dubliners
006273: STEPHEN JUDD & KENNETH CABLE - Sydney Anglicans a History of the Diocese
002146: DENNIS JUDD - Prince Philip. A Biography.
005401: BRUCE JUDDERY - At the Centre the Australian Bureaucracy in the 1970's
011076: JUDE, W.H - Music and the higher life : a collection of descriptive and choral hymns, solos, and choruses.
016386: ARTHUR W. JUDGE - Small Gas Turbines and Free Piston Engines
006011: HORACE FREELAND JUDSON - The Search for Solutions
011222: JULAVITS, HEIDI - The Mineral Palace: Library Edition
017074: PETER JULL - The constitutional culture of nationhood, northern territories & indigenous peoples
003118: JOHN WILKS JUN. - A Christian Dictionary Containing an Account of the Lives and Writings of Most Distinguished Christians and Theologians of All Denominations, and in Every Nation from the Commencement of the Christian Era to the Present Period.
017330: ALLAN JUNIOR - Humoorous Scottish War Stories - Selected from the Daily Mail
002149: PENNY JUNOR - Charles
003822: JURGENSEN, MANFRED - Eagle and emu : German-Australian writing, 1930-1990
021144: TEOHHALBERT C. K - Journey through Borneo
008359: KADES, HANS - The great Temptation
012849: KAGAN, JEFFREY - Winning Communications Strategies: How Small Businesses Master Cutting-Edge Technology to Stay Competitive, Provide Better Service and Make More Money
016893: KAHN, LLOYD - Builders of the Pacific Coast
015636: KAISER, OTTO - Introduction to the Old Testament: A Presentation of Its Results and Problems
004400: ROBERT KALICH - The Handicapper
015164: H. T. KALMUS - Researches on Cobalt and Cobalt Alloys, Conducted at Queens University, Kingston, Ontario, for the Mines Branch of the Department of Mines. Parts 1-3
006974: ROGER KAMIEN - Music an Appreciation - Second Brief Edition
009020: PHILIP KAMIN & PETER GODDARD - The Rolling Stones
023277: ODILE NOUVEL-KAMMERER - Symbols of Power: Napoleon and the Art of the Empire Style, 1800-1815
004755: KAN, DIANA - The Bird-man
023461: RIAN KANDUTH - The Complete Book of Picture Framing and Decorative Framework
022537: FRANCES O'KANE - A Path Is Set
020567: FU WEI-KANG - The Story of Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion
017283: KAPLAN, HELEN SINGER. - The Illustrated Manual of Sex Therapy
012442: KAPLAN, LOUIS; MEYER, PEDRO; CRUICKSHANK, DOUGLAS; CASTELLANOS, ALEJANDRO - The Real and the True, The Digital Photography of Pedro Meyer
005221: KARABUDA, BARBRO - Goodbye to the Fez : a portrait of modern Turkey
023164: STEPHEN L. KARCHER - The Lover's I Ching
020818: KARCHER, STEPHEN - The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Divination: A Practical Guide to the Systems That Can Reveal Your Destiny
010692: FREDERICK R. KARL - A reader┐s guide to the contemporary English novel
022457: MARILYNN GELFMAN KARP - In Flagrante Collecto (Caught in the Act of Collecting)
004282: KASPER, WOLFGANG, JEFF BENNETT, RICHARD BLANDY. - Fiji : opportunity from adversity?
022293: KATHRINE ( KAY DOUGLAS) - One day at a time : a walk with the Holy Spirit
022296: KATHRINE - Explaining-- : my hope in God : gathering gems for God's mosaic
021459: BOB KATTER - An Incredible Race of People
008707: KATZ, ROBERT - Fatal Silence: The Pope, the Resistance and the German Occupation of Rome
016050: KATZ, WILLIAM - Double Wedding
022361: BRIAN KATZEN AND STANLEY BAKER - Looking at Cape Town
010956: KAUFFMAN, JAMES M.; HALLAHAN, DANIEL P - Exceptional Children: Introduction to Special Education
007919: KAUFFMAN, DONALD T. - For instance ┐ : current insights, anecdotes, quotations, questions for teachers, ministers, speakers and discussion Leaders
018913: KAULBACK, RONALD - Tibetan trek
004193: KAULBACK, RONALD - Salween
011947: KAVANAUGH, PATRICK - Taste for the Classics
000613: HETHER KAY (COMPILED BY) - The Land of the Red Dragon
002932: DAVID KAYE - Veteran and Vintage Public Service Vehicles
019615: KEABLE, IAN - The Big Book of Magic Fun
016782: KEAM, RICK - The Flyfisher
022553: RICHARD HUGH BELL KEARNS - Silverton: A brief history
022642: RICHARD HUGH BELL KEARNS - Broken Hill, a pictorial history
018365: KEAST, ALLEN;ROYAL AUSTRALASIAN ORNITHOLOGISTS UNION - Birds of Eucalypt Forests and Woodlands: Ecology, Conservation, Management
002118: DOUGLAS KEAY - Royal Pursuit. The Palace, the Press and the People.
001912: JOHN KEAY - The Royal Geographical Society History of World Exploration
016883: SUE KEAYS - Firm foundations : a century of legal practice : partnering Queensland 1892-1999
001644: ROBERT KEE - Ireland
023314: JENNY KEE - A Big Life
004555: S.E. KEEBLE - The ABC Annotated Bibliography on Social Questions
004939: O┐KEEFE, DAN - The voyages of Captain Cook
023258: GEORGIA O'KEEFFE - Georgia O'Keeffe
013416: KEVIN KEEGAN - Kevin Keegan's Soccer Annual 1977
008586: KEEGAN, JOHN - Churchill's Generals
016999: KEEGAN, JOHN - Six armies in Normandy : from D-Day to the Liberation of Paris, June 6th-August 25th, 1944
002189: KENNETH D. KEELE AND JANE ROBERTS - Leonardo Da Vinci
016352: KEELER, CHRISTINE - The Truth at Last : My Story
014211: IAN KEEN, H. MORPHY, S PRICE [ED] - Canberra Anthropology Volume 2 Number 2,M. Reay: " A.P. Elkin and anthropology, K. Endicott: " The Hunting methods of the batek Negritos", G. Harrison: "What's in an ethnic name? Soccer clubs in Australia", M. Lindstrom: Americans in Tanna", Stanner, W.
016508: KEENE, RAYMOND D. - Aron Nimzowitsch, 1886-1935: A Reappraisal
008832: NANCY KEESING - Douglas Stewart
009126: KEESING, NANCY - The White Chrysanthemum: Changing Images of Australian Motherhood
005375: KEESING, NANCY - John Lang & "The forger┐s wife" : a true tale of early Australia.
023064: ALAN KEHOANE - Bedouin: Nomads of the Desert
012089: A.S. KEIGHLEY - The essentials of training for the home guard : weapons, their potentialities and limitations, attack, defence, and guerilla Tactics
008874: KEIR, DAVID - The house of Collins : the story of a Scottish family of publishers from 1789 to the present Day
002467: KEITH, B.R. - The lives of Frank Rolland
013154: KEITH, NICHOLAS; FOX, NORMAN - World Cup '82 : A Complete Guide
002363: KEITH, B.R - The lives of Frank Rolland
009836: EDITED BY ARTHUR BERRIEDALE KEITH - Selected speeches and documents on British colonial policy, 1763-1917
003441: KEITHLEY, RALPH - Buckey O┐Neill
002734: KELAHER, MARY. - The green Years
012827: KELLEY, KITTY - The Family : The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty
017334: WALTER T. KELLY - How to Keep Bees and Sell Honey
018975: KELLY, JOAN - Pleasures All Mine: A Sexual Memoir of a Submissive Who Has Trouble Taking Orders
014091: PAUL KELLY - The Hawke ascendancy : a definitive account of its origins and climax, 1975-1983
004756: KELLY, JOHN - Poems for People
013282: KELLY, JIM - How to Play Soccer
017679: KELLY, LYNNE - Crocodile: Evolution's Greatest Survivor
008441: KELLY, VINCE - A man of the people : from boilermaker to Governor-General : the career of the Rt. Hon. Sir William McKell, P.C., G.C.M.G., Q.C
010846: KELLY, J. - Brisbane Is a Garden
007953: KELSEY, VERA - Seven keys to Brazil.
019929: KELSEY, DUDLEY EVAN;EDITED BY IRA NESDALE - The Shackle: A Story of the Far North Australian Bush
017427: KELSEY, HUGH - Slam Bidding
009496: JAMES FURMAN KEMP - A Handbook of Rocks for Use Without the Petrographic Microscope
009443: P.K. KEMP - A hundred years of sea stories : from Melville to Hemingway
001828: P. K. KEMP - The Boy's Book of the Navy
000669: PAUL KEMP - Underwater Warriors
011186: KENDAL, FELICITY - White Cargo : A Memoir
003592: KENDALL, HENRY. - Poems and Songs
006907: REV. H.B. KENDALL - History of the Primitive Methodist Connexion
020776: HENRY KENDALL - Austral year : poems for each month of the year
006945: KENDALL, PAUL MURRAY - Louis XI: The Universal Spider
019378: KENDRICK, A F AND TATTERSALL, C E C - Handwoven Carpets Oriental and European (2 vols) Limited edition
007875: KENEALLY, THOMAS - Ned Kelly and the City of the Bees
022191: THOMAS KENEALLY - Homebush Boy - a Memoir
017746: KENEALLY, THOMAS - Our Republic
015821: KENEALLY, THOMAS - American Scoundrel : Murder, Love and Politics in Civil War America
015935: KENEALLY, THOMAS - An Angel in Australia
014182: KENISON, KATRINA - Mitten Strings for God
008007: KENMARE, DALLAS - Fire-bird : a study of D.H. Lawrence
009787: KENNEDY, GAVIN - Bligh
014330: J.M. KENNEDY (INTRODUCTION BY W.L. COURTNEY) - How the War Began (Daily Telegraph War Books 1).
013432: KENNEDY, KEITH - Film in Teaching
013127: JOHN KENNEDY - Tommy Steele
021397: VICTOR KENNEDY. - By range and river : in the Queensland tropics
015388: DIXON-KENNEDY, MIKE - Arthurian Myth & Legend: An A-Z of People and Places
018648: BRIAN PATRICK KENNEDY - The Mountainy Kennedys : Tipperary Stayputs.
021847: KENNEDY, BRIAN PATRICK - The Irish Kennedys : The Story of the 'Rebellious O'Kennedys'
017955: MICHAEL PAUL KENNEDY - Sodier "I" S.A.S.
017304: INTRODUCTION BY DAVID KENT - The Kia ora coo-ee : the magazine for the ANZACS in the Middle East, 1918
014150: P. H. B. KENT - The twentieth century in the Far East; a perspective of events, cultural influences and Policies
010908: KENT, GRAEME - Company of Heaven:Early Missionaries in the South Seas: Early Missionaries in the South Seas
010149: PRINCESS MICHAEL OF KENT - Crowned in a Far Country, Portraits of Eight Royal Brides
022267: ALEXANDER KENT - Enemy in Sight !
018499: KENTLY, ERIC - Discover the Titanic with 3-D model instruction sheet and newspaper facsimile
002824: REV. W.T. KENYON - Malpas Town,parish and Church Bound with a Short History of the Church of St. Mary Magdalene, Taunton. And Excavations on the Site of Strata Marcell Abbey (1891), Political Reasons for the Worcestershire Monasteries.
020907: E.J. KEOGH - Locked away in Fannie Bay / reminiscences of prison officer E.J. Keogh
001572: WILLIAM PATON KER - Sir Walter Scott
009893: KERLOGUE, FIONA - Batik: Design, Style, & History
002940: M. J. KERNEY - A Catechism of Scripture History Compiled By the Sisters of Mercy for the Use of Children Attending Their Schools
002464: KERR, ANNE - Lanterns over pinchgut : a book of memoirs.
022415: BRETT; KERR, JAMES COCHRANE - Twenty Eight Heroes: Inside the 1990 Kangaroo Tour
015764: KERR, RUTH SADIE - Freedom of Contract : A History of the United Graziers' Association of Queensland
014519: EVANS E. KERRIGAN - American Badges and Insignia
023247: MICHAEL KERRIGAN - Asian Art (The World's Greatest Art)
007980: KERSH, GERALD - Guttersnipe : little Novels
013027: KERSHAW, ALAN; HOHENSEE, M. - Rock Reader 1953-78
008002: KEYES, FRANCES PARKINSON - Steamboat Gothic
009172: KHAIRAT, AL SALEH; SALIM, RASHAD - Fabled Cities Arab Myths & Legends
023204: YASMIN KHAN - The Saffron Tales: Recipes from the Persian Kitchen
022459: KHAYYAM, OMAR [TRANSLATED BY EDWARD FITZGERALD] - Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, [King's Treasury of Literary Masterpieces]
022257: OMAR KHAYYAM WITH INTRODUCTION BY MANOOCHER ARYANPUR - THE RUBAYYAT OF OMAR KHAYYAM Life and Love in one of the World's most famous Poems in the classic translation of Edward Fitzgerald
006964: V.G. KIERNAN - The Lords of Human Kind - European Attitudes to the Outside World in the Imperial Age
006791: KIERNAN, R.H - Lawrence of Arabia.
011247: KILLEEN, GRETEL - My Life Is a Toilet
017706: KILLEEN, RICHARD - Short History of Modern Ireland
007934: KIM, IL-SONG [KIM IL SUNG]. VOL. 5, 1972 - Selected Works V
022824: KEN KINCAID - Chateaux of the Medoc
001442: ADMIRAL ERNEST J. KING - A Report to the Secretary of The United States Navy. Report Covering Combat Operations Up to March I 1944
017326: KING, NORMA - Nickel Country-Gold Country
018471: KING, JUDITH E. - Seals of the World
018479: KING, JONATHAN - In the Beginning: The Story of the Creation of Australia from the Original Writings
009529: KING, CUCHLAINE A.M. - Beaches and Coasts
014735: KING, JAMES - Cleopatra's Needle : A History of the London Obelisk, with an Exposition of the Hieroglyphics By-paths of Bible Knowledge Series Number 1
013259: KING, J. - The Football Factory
013174: KING, JOHN - Headhunters
005186: KING, EVAN - Children of the black-haired People
011982: KING, WILLIAM DONALD AELIAN - Adventure in Depth
011741: KING, STEPHEN - Nightmares and Dreamscapes
011742: KING, STEPHEN - Desperation
011740: KING, STEPHEN - Nightmares and Dreamscapes
011739: KING, MICHAEL - Pilates: The Complete Body System
011629: KING, STEPHEN - Desperation
009570: KING, STEPHEN - Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, The
002861: STEPHEN KING - Needful Things
007290: KING, A. HYATT - Chamber Music
005879: ANGELA KING - Knit One
008024: KING, STEPHEN - Dolores Claiborne.
020207: NORMA KING - Ghost towns of the north country
021688: KING, JONATHAN - The Other Side of the Coin; A Cartoon History of Australia
009190: KING, STEPHEN - Needful Things
010077: KING, STEPHEN - Christine
000432: LORD KING - The Life of John Locke, with Extracts from His Correspondence, Journals, and Common-Place Books.
021698: EDWARD KING - Descriptive Portraiture of Europe in Storm and Calm twenty years' experiences and reminiscences of a special correspondent --sketches and records of noted events, celebrated persons and places, national and international affairs in France, Spain, Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, Roumania, Turkey-in-Europe, Switzerland and ItalyCover titile: Europe in Storm and Calm
021888: SIR GEORGE KING. - Journal of the Adiatic Society of Bengal Vol LXXIV, Part 1 Extra No. , 1905. , Part II 1905, Vol. LXXIV, Part II Materials for a flora of the Malayan Peninsula
006634: CHARLES KINGSLEY - Westward Ho ! Or, the Voyages and Adventures of Sir Amyas Leigh, Knight - in the Reign of Quenn Elizabeth
003777: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - The Works of Charles Kingsley, Vol. 8: Two Years Ago
010342: HILARY KINGSLEY - The Bill - the First Ten Years
002753: KINGSLEY, HENRY. - Tales of old travel / re-narrated by Henry Kingsley
004035: FLORENCE M. KINGSLEY - Titus: a Tale of the Christ
005354: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - Westward ho! or, the voyages and adventures of Sir Amyas Leigh, Knight of Burrough, in the County of Devon, in the reign of her most glorious majesty Queen Elizabeth
021454: CHARLES KINGSLEY - The Water Babies (Nelson's Famous Books Series)
015653: KINGSLEY, DAVID - Printed Maps of Sussex, 1575-1900
006494: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - Two years Ago
020851: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - The Water Babies (16 Plate Sunshine Series edition)
022512: JOHN KINGSMILL - SYDNEY: The Harbour City
016464: HUGH KINGSMILL - After Puritanism 1850-1900
011181: KINGSOLVER, BARBARA - The Poisonwood Bible : A Novel
006411: KINGSTON, W.H.G - Twice lost.
006412: KINGSTON, WILLIAM H.G - The cruise of the "Dainty", or, Rovings in the Pacific
007486: KINGSTON, WILLIAM H.G - Peter the Whaler His Early Life and Adventures in the Arctic Regions
021622: GEOFFREY KINKEAD - Immigration, Liaisons & Effervesence - a history of Aerated Water & Cordial Manufacturers of the Richmond
014332: KINNANE, GARRY - George Johnston: A Biography
010909: KINSOLVING, WILLIAM - Mister Christian: The Further Adventures of Fletcher Christian, the Legendary Leader of the "Bounty" Mutiny
014972: KIPLING, RUDYARD - A Diversity of Creatures
011570: RUDYARD KIPLING - Captains Courageous
007718: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Songs from Books
008659: KIPLING, RUDYARD, 1865-1936. - Puck of Pock's hill : [illust.].
016841: KIPNIS, LAURA - Against Love: A Polemic
003438: KIRBY, DIANE. - Alice Henry : the power of pen and voice : the life of an Australian-American labor reformer.
005563: E. STUART KIRBY - Russian Studies of China Progress and Problems of Soviet Sinology
006110: REV. GILBERT KIRBY - The Protestant Churches of Britain - a Guide
015161: WILLIAM KIRK - Geographical Pivots of History - an Inaugural Lecgture Delivered at the University of Leicester 24 November 1964
001931: A. A. KIRK - Ships and Sailormen
022629: COMPILED BY DAVID R. KIRKBY - From sails to atoms; first fifty years of Sutherland Shire, 1906 to 1956
006990: WENDY KIRKE - Central Australia in Paint and Print
021499: KIRKLAND, FREDERICK AND PEARS, M. B. - Korea Remembered
023171: THOMAS KIRKWOOD - Time of Our Lives: the Science of Human Ageing
003198: KIRTON, JOHN W. - Standard temperance dialogues : being a collection of original prose and poetical pieces suitable for anniversary, social, and other meetings.
023440: MEREDITH KIRTON - Plot: Designing Your Garden
016433: KITCHING, TOM;GOH, ECK KHENG - Life and Death in Changi: The War and Internment Diary of Thomas Kitching, 1942-1944
022687: KATHY KITUAI - There Is No Mystery - an Artistic Response to Weereewa/Lake George
023233: PIERRE KJELLBERG - Art de?co: Les mai^tres du mobilier (French Edition)
017029: KLAEBE, HELEN - Sharing Stories: A Social History of Kelvin Grove Urban Village
011876: KLEIN, MAXINE - Theatre for the Ninety-Eight Percent
004916: KLEIN, JULIUS - The Mesta : a study in Spanish economic history, 1273-1836
020972: KLENKE, WILLIAM W - Art and Education in Wood-Turning; a Textbook and Problem Book for the Use of Students
022135: LOU KLEPAC - Louis Kahan
007121: RUDIGER KLESSMANN - The Berlin Museum - Paintings in the Picture Gallery, Dahlem-West Berlin
012707: HAULEITNER; KLIER - South Tyrol
003491: KLINGEL, GILBERT C - Inagua : a very lonely & nearly forgotten Island
003755: KLINGEL, GILBERT C. - The ocean island (Inagua)
016240: KLIOT, KAETHE;KLIOT, JULES - Bobbin Lace:Form by the Twisting of Cords: A New Look at a Traditional Textile Art
022019: KNAPP, STEPHEN - Poster Art (Design Library Series)
002358: KNEALE, VELMA - Hallelujah Anyway
011549: KNEALE, MATTHEW - English Passengers
016351: KNEEN, DEBORAH - Deborah Kneen's Handpainted Heirlooms
013070: KNIGHT, CURTIS - Jimi : An Intimate Biography of Jimi Hendrix
021348: COMPILED BY KENNETH W. KNIGHT AND JILL ADAMS - Politics and administration in Queensland : a select bibliography
021555: KNIGHT, CAROLINE - Frank Lloyd Wright (Essential Art)
005925: KNIGHT, STEPHEN - Brotherhood: The Secret World of the Freemasons
003083: HILDE KNORR - The Mystic Lake
020666: KNOWLES, SIR JAMES - King Arthur and His Knights
022836: MIETTA AND KNOX, TONY O'DONNELL - Great Australian Chefs
005875: PATTY KNOX - New Directions in Fair Isle Knitting
020771: JAMES KNOX - A farewell and other poems
011933: KNUDTSON, PETER; SUZUKI, DAVID - Wisdom of the Elders
007912: KNUDTSON, PETER & DAVID SUZUKI - Wisdom of the Elders
023279: TERENCE PEPPER; JOHN KOBAL - The Man Who Shot Garbo: The Hollywood Photographs of Clarence Sinclair Bull
006687: KOCH, C.J. - The Doubleday
012938: WILLIAM KOENIG, PETER SCHOFIELD, DOUGLAS HART, ANTHONY ROBINSON - Red Menace the Soviet War MacHine Today - 3 Books in Boxed Set; Soviet Militarypower, the Encyclopedia of Soviet Spacecraft and Soviet Air Power.
023420: GLORIA KOENIG - Albert Frey: 1903 - 1998: a Living Architecture of the Desert:
022369: OSKAR KOENIG - The Masai Story
008871: KOESTLER, ARTHUR AND CYNTHIA - Stranger on the square / edited with an introduction and epilogue by Harold Harris
003753: KOESTLER, ARTHUR. - Reflections on Hanging
009757: KOESTLER, ARTHUR - Janus: A Summing Up
005613: KOESTLER, ARTHUR - The call-girls : a tragi-comedy with prologue and epilogue.
008141: KOESTLER, ARTHUR - The yogi and the commissar : and other Essays
003282: KOMROFF, MANUEL AND ODETTE. - Marie Antoinette.
019965: KONSTAM, ANGUS - Historical Atlas of the Renaissance
015965: KORESHOFF, DOROTHY; KORESHOFF, VITA - Bonsai in the Tropics
020208: KORNWEIBEL, A. H. - Ghost towns of the north country
003376: KOROLENKO, VLADIMIR. - The herb of Love
022975: JACK KOSKIE - Ships That Shaped Australia
007036: JULES KOSLOW - The Despised and the Damned; the Russian Peasant Through the Ages
007916: KOSSOFF, DAVID - The little book of Sylvanus (died 41 A.D.).
015722: NURGESH KOTHAWALA - Sunshine and Shadows
016328: HELEN KOUES - Encyclopedia of decorating ( The American woman's encyclopedia of home decorating)
006017: KOV┴CS, ╔VA - Romanesque goldsmiths┐ art in Hungary.
004592: DE KOVEN, REGINALD, MRS. (ANNA FARWELL DE KOVEN) - The life and letters of John Paul Jones
010771: ADELAIDE AH KOW. - Mallee musings
013177: EARL KOWALL - Our World in Colour: Sikkim and Darjeeling
011171: KOWALSKI, ROBERT - Eight Steps to a Healthy Heart : Complete Guide to Heart Disease Prevention and Recovery
013629: KOZAK, HARLEY JANE - Dating Is Murder
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009105: KRISTIANSON, G.L - The politics of patriotism : the pressure group activities of the Returned Servicemen┐s League.
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021723: LAMBERT, S.M - A doctor in Paradise
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021005: LANE, PETER - Studio Porcelain : Contemporary designs and Techniques
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020753: JOHN LANG - The secret police, or, plot and passion
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010062: D.H. LAWRENCE - Sons and Lovers, Lady Chatterley's Lover, St Mawr, Love Among, the Haystacks
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018247: MAUREEN LILLIE - St Mary's Convent of Mercy, Cooktown
015003: LILLYE, BERT - Backstage of Racing
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023169: MARGARETTE LINCOLN - Naval Wives and Mistresses
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022511: DAVID LINDSAY - Journal of the Elder Scientific Exploring Expedition, 1891-2. Under command of D. Lindsay. Equipped solely at the cost of Sir Thomas Elder GCMG for the purpose of completing the exploration of Australia . . . [Together with] The Elder Scientific Exploration Expedition, 1891-2. Photographs . . . [Together with] The Elder Scientific Exploration Expedition, 1891-2. the folder of Maps 3 books
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001255: ROB LINN - Malvern Uniting Church. a Centenary History
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013974: LINSLEY, LESLIE - Leslie Linsley's Weekend Decorating: 1,001 Quick Home Decorating Ideas, Tips and How-To's
012112: LINSLEY, LESLIE; LINSLEY - Crafts for Dummies
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018733: LISTER, RAYMOND - Old Maps and Globes: With a List of Cartographers, Engravers, Publishers and Printers Concerned with Printed Maps and Globes from C. 1500 to C. 1850
020999: LISTER, RAYMOND - Antique Maps and Their Cartographers (First Edition)
008962: LISTER, MARGOT - Costumes of Everyday Life: An Illustrated History of Working Clothes from 900-1910
023449: MASSIMO LISTRI - New Asian Interiors
009458: LITTLE, JOHN MILES - Round Trip
005213: LITTLE, BRENDA - Delight in Fire
005766: AGNES LITTLEJOHN - Lyrics and Mystic Sketches
019443: R.T. LITTLEJOHNS AND S.A. LAWRENCE ; WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY J.A. LEACH - Birds of our bush, or, Photography for nature-lovers
022723: R.T. LITTLEJOHNS - Lyrebirds calling from Australia
016040: ROD OATEN DAVID LITTLETON KERRY LITTLETON - Lorne School the First Hundred Years
022458: ROBERT K. LIU - Collectible Beads: A Universal Aesthetic (Beadwork Books)
006576: LIU, PO CHEN. - Ancient China┐s Poets
014663: LIVELY, PENELOPE - Fanny's Sister
000353: THERESE HUBER. TRANS. BY RODNEY LIVINGSTONE - Adventures on a Journey to New Holland / the Lonely Deathbed
017598: LLOYD, BERNARD; MCLEOD, LIZ - When We Eat : A Tasmanian Seasonal Produce Guide
005198: LLOYD, M.E - A mock Widow
005514: LLOYD, CHRISTOPHER - The Queen┐s pictures : old masters from the Royal collection.
004405: CHARLOTTE JANE LLOYD - Verse and Stories
003968: LLOYD, SETON - Twin rivers : a brief history of Iraq from the earliest times to the present Day
010126: C.J. LLOYD - Parliament and the Press
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006803: MARSHALL, A.J - Darwin and Huxley in Australia
014805: MARSHALL, SYBIL - Sharp through the Hawthorn
020662: EDITED BY PAUL MARSHALL - Raparapa : Stories from the Fitzroy River Drovers Raparapa kularr martuwarra : all right, now we go 'side the river, along that sundown way, stories / from the Fitzroy River drovers, Eric Lawford ... [et al.]
014798: MARSHALL, SYBIL - Chequer-Board
004303: MARSHALL, VANDA - We helped blaze the Track
004331: MARSHALL, JAMES VANCE. - The Children
002342: MARSHALL, HAROLD. - The cliff : before and after : an autobiography of sorts. [Harold Marshall
022603: ALAN MARSHALL - These are my people
006715: MARSHALL, JAMES VANCE - My boy John that went to Sea
019388: MARSHALL, ROBERT - In The Sewers of Lvov
001526: ANTHONY MARTIENSSEN - Hitler and His Admirals
013820: OWEN MARTIN - 12 Months of Verse Speaking
012607: MARTIN, J.H. - Pictorial History of Ships
017546: GUY MARTIN - Recettes Gourmandes De Guy Martin - Le Grand Vefour
001369: CATHERINE MARTIN - Breaking the Law
000401: H.B. MARTIN - Pictorial Golf - Practical Instruction for the Beginner, and Valuable Hints for the Star
016031: BEN MARTIN - Marcel Marceau Master of Mime
004305: MARTIN, JAMES - Escape from Botany Bay, 1791 : being Memorandums
006272: DAVID MARTIN & PETER MULLEN [ED] - No Alternative - the Prayer Book Controversy
011158: MARTINI, STEVE - The List/Critical Mass 2 in 1
023057: WUNDRAM; PAPE; MARTON - Andrea Palladio 1508-1580: Architect Between the Renaissance and Baroque
011898: WILLIAM J. MARTZ - The Distinctive Voice - Twentieth Century American Poetry
006146: ARTHUR MARWICK - The Nature of History
000922: ARTHUR MARWICK - The Illustrated Dictionary of British History
012999: GROUCHO MARX - The Groucho Letters
022721: MARYBOROUGH, WIDE BAY AND BURNETT HISTORICAL SOCIETIES. - A History of Maryborough, 1842-1976
006162: MASEFIELD, JOHN. - The tragedy of Pompey the Great
004307: MASEFIELD, JOHN - The taking of the Gry
012922: JOHN MASEFIELD - A Mainsail Haul
001116: JOHN MASEFIELD - The Midnight Folk
002481: MASEFIELD, JOHN. - Letters t o Reyna
007580: MASEFIELD, MURIEL - Peacocks and primroses : a survey of Disraeli┐s Novels
007691: MASEFIELD, JOHN - Odtaa : a Novel
012436: MASLIN, MARK - The Coming Storm : The True Causes of Freak Weather - And Why It's Going to Get Worse

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