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021988: ST LUCIA HISTORY GROUP - An introduction to the history of St Lucia--Prepared to commemorate Guyatt Park hosting the Brisbane Festival
017756: NOEL GROVE - National Geographic Atlas of World History - Leather Bound Edition
008153: A. GROVEDAY & CARL STROVEN [ED] - True Tales of the South Seas
021074: DREW GROZIER - The Umbrella Company
008872: GRUBB, NORMAN P - C.T. Studd : cricketer & Pioneer
008873: GRUBB, NORMAN P - C.T. Studd : cricketer & Pioneer
016363: GRUMBINE, R. EDWARD - Ghost Bears: Exploring the Biodiversity Crisis
015830: A. P. CARTWRIGHT. ILLUS. BY BENNY GRUZIN - The gold Miners
023452: NEVILLE GRUZMAN, PHILIP GOAD - Gruzman : an architect and his city
003275: GRYLLS, R. GLYNN. - Trelawny
009727: GUDIOL, JOSE. - The arts of Spain
005452: PHILIP GUEDALLA - Middle East 1940-1942 a Study in Air Power
021696: GUÉRARD, EUGEN VON; INTRODUCED AND ANNOTATED BY MARJORIE TIPPING - An artist on the goldfields: The diary of Eugène von Guérard
009460: GUESS, JEFF - Rites of Arrival - Poems from the Museums of the History Trust of South Australia
018324: GUEST, SARAH L. - Gardens in Australia
005979: GUEST, SARAH L. - Flowers for the Australian Cottage Garden Border
022659: ANN GUGLER - A story of Capital Hill
013404: MICHELIN TOURIST GUIDE - Dordogne. Perigord-Limousin
015132: GUILCHER, ANDRE [TRANSLATED BY B.W. SPARKS AND THE REV. H.W. KNEESE ] - Coastal and Submarine Morphology
013322: GUINNESS, MEDD - Guinness : Book of British Hit Albums
023075: SERDAR GÜLGÜN - The Grand Bazaar Istanbul (Legends)
006758: GUNN, NEIL M - Storm and precipice and other pieces.
008458: GUNN, PETER - My dearest Augusta : a biography of the Honourable Augusta Leigh, Lord Byron¿s Half-Sister
022915: MRS. AENEAS GUNN - We of the Never-Never
022329: MRS. AENEAS GUNN - The Little Black Princess of The Never- Never
016029: JAMES GUNN - The Road to Science Fiction #2: From Wells to Heinlein
005390: GUNSON, NIEL - Daniel Gunson : Gippsland¿s pioneer Congregational Minister, 1847-1915.
013664: GUNSTON, BILL; WOOD, TONY - Hitler's Luftwaffe
002060: T. STUART GURR - The Castaways
022620: T. STUART GURR AND GWEN HARROWSMITH - Blue Mountains story
009566: GUTFELD, GREG - The Scorecard at Work: The Official Point System for Keeping Score on the Job
020158: HENK GUTH - Alice Springs as it was - in o;d photographs
018760: COMPILED BY STELLA GUTHRIE AND JILL CLARK - Lighter shades of grey and scarlet (signed copy)
015247: GUYTON, ARTHUR C - Human Physiology and Mechanisms of Disease
009625: TERRY GWYNN- JONES - Aviation's Magnificent Gamblers
022578: G.H., ED. POOLE - Melbourne Australia: A Way of Life
016829: HAAG, STEPHEN;PHILLIPS, AMY;BALTZAN, PAIGE - Business Driven Technology
006094: HACKETT, FRANCIS - Henry the eighth.
020586: HACKETT, EARLE - Blood, the Paramount Humour
021964: GUNBY HADATH - FALL IN !! a public school story
008891: HADDEN, J. CUTHBERT (JAMES CUTHBERT), 1861-1914. - Modern musicians : a book for players, singers & listeners / by J. Cuthbert Hadden.
004024: HADDON, A.C. - The wanderings of Peoples
006297: HADFIELD, CHARLES - The canals of Southern England.
013712: HADGRAFT, CECIL. - James Brunton Stephens
008893: HADLOCK, RICHARD. - Jazz masters of the twenties.
020457: RICHARD HAEHL - Samuel Hahnemann - His Life and Work - 2 volumes
013062: HAGARTY, BRITT - The Day the World Turned Blue
015989: WALTER HAGEMANN. - Richelieus Politisches Testament. 300 Jahre Europäische Unsicherheit
007381: VON HAGEN, VICTOR W - Highway of the Sun
011263: H RIDER HAGGARD - King Solomon's Mines
007277: HAGUE, R.M - Sir John Jeffcott : portrait of a colonial Judge
016230: HAGUE, GRAEME - And in the Morning
005316: HAHN, EMILY - England to Me
001713: CHRISTOPHER HAIGH - The Cambridge Historical Encyclopedia of Great Britain and Ireland
011621: GORDON S HAIGHT - George Eliot a Biography
005435: HAILEY, ARTHUR - Overload.
010353: HAINING, PETER - Doctor Who: A Celebration Two Decades Through Time and Space
005276: HAKLUYT, RICHARD - Voyages and discoveries : the principal navigations, voyages, traffiques and discoveries of the English Nation
002056: RICHARD HAKLUYT - The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation. Volume I+2+3+4+5+7+9+11+12
008699: HALBERSTAM, DAVID - War in a Time of Peace: Bush, Clinton and the Generals
016861: HALE, W.G. - Waders the New Naturalist No. 65
018906: A.G. HALES - The Queen of Hearts
017444: A.G. HALES - Telegraph Dick - a London Lad's Adventures in Africa
006600: HALL, RODNEY. - Captivity captive.
014862: HALL, RODNEY - The Collins Book of Australian Poetry
014126: HALL, DANIEL - Historians of South East Asia : Historical writing on the peoples of Asia 2
013934: HALL, JUDY;JACOBS, ROBERT - The Wise Woman: A Natural Approach to the Menopause
013608: HALL, ROSEMARY - Lonely Planet Greece
003819: HALL, RODNEY - Captivity Captive
013224: HALL, SANDRA - Critical Business: The New Australian Cinema in Review
013213: HALL, SANDRA - Turning On, Turning Off: Australian Television in the Eighties
012482: HALL, RODNEY - The Second Bridegroom
012042: NORMAN HALL & L.A.S. JOHNSON. - The names of acacias of New South Wales with a guide to pronunciation of botanical names
021585: CAPYTAIN BASIL HALL - Fragments of Voyages and Travels in three volumes
003384: HALL, JAMES. - Under cover of Daylight
005086: HALL, HENRY - Our back yard : how to make northern Australia an asset instead of a liability.
007503: NANCY LEE HALL - A True Story of a Drunken Mother
021598: HALL, LINCOLN - White limbo: The first Australian climb of Mt. Everest
005702: HALL, BEN M - The best remaining seats : the story of the golden age of the movie Palace
021777: HEATHER M. MURDOCH-HALL - Getting There Slowly!: A Family History Of John And Mary Nealis Of Onehunga, Auckland & Their Descendants
000323: TIMOTHY HALL - White Collar Crime in Australia
016535: ELIZABETH HALLAM (EDITOR) - Chronicles of the Age of Chivalry: The Plantagenet Dynasty from 1216 to 1377: Henry III and the Three Edwards; the Era of the Black Prince and the Black Death
006744: HALLIBURTON, RICHARD - The flying Carpet
016881: HALLIDAY, J. - Bookbinding as a Handwork Subject : Being a full explanation of how books can be bound with simple apparatus in a school classroom
005328: HALLIDAY, F.E. - Robert Browning : his life and work.
022842: JAMES HALLIDAY - Wine Atlas of Australia & New Zealand-Revised Edit
001685: F. E. HALLIDAY - England. An Illustrated Cultural History of.
022825: JAMES HALLIDAY - Clare Valley: The history, the vignerons & the wines
021019: HALLIDAY, PAT - The Illustrated Rhododendron: Their Classification Portrayed Through the Artwork of Curtis's Botanical Magazine
013244: LESLIE HALLIWELL - Halliwell's Film Guide Fourth Edition
016294: HALLIWELL, LESLIE;MURRAY, GRAHAM;GRANADA TELEVISION - The Clapperboard Book of the Cinema
010089: JOHN HALPERIN - The Theory of the Novel, New Essays
020460: HALSTEAD, BRUCE W.;HOOD, LORETTA L. - Eleutherococcus Senticosus: Siberian Ginseng an introduction to the concept of Adaptogenic medicine
020485: BRUCE W. HALSTEAD - Amygdalin (Laetrile) therapy for the nutritional support and control of cancer
007906: HAMBLY, FRANK - Bedtime philosophy : being fifty five-minute epilogues broadcast on Sundays over station 5AD,
023129: R. HAMILTON - Ancient Egypt
004508: HAMILTON, ELIZABETH - Put off thy shoes : a journey to Israel and Jordan
013052: IAN HAMILTON - Gazza Agonistes
010472: HAMILTON, DAVID; KLAUS, CARL H.; SCHOLES, ROBERT; SOMMERS, NANCY; COMLEY, NANCY R. - Fields of Reading: Motives for Writing
003194: HAMILTON, FREDERIC SPENCER - Nine holiday adventures of Mr. P.J. Davenant in the year 1915
007459: HANS CLAUDE HAMILTON - Grammar of the Greek Language
007597: HAMILTON, TAMSIN - Paris in Fall
002150: ALAN HAMILTON - The Real Charles
016868: HAMILTON, JAKE - Special Effects in Film and Television
020376: HAMILTON, BETTY - Masa: Medical Acronyms, Symbols, and Abbreviations
013710: CHARLIE HAMMOND - Charlie Hammond's Sketch-Book
004700: HAMMOND, DIANA - The Impersonator
002119: P. W. HAMMOND AND ANNE F. SUTTON - Richard III. The Road to Bosworth Field
017615: HAMMOND, RICHARD - On the Edge: My Story
009524: COUNT LOUIS HAMON - The Cheiro Book of Fate and Fortune
020583: HAMOSH, MARGIT - Lingual and Gastric Lipases: Their Role in Fat Digestion
011071: HAMPEL - Australian Cross Country Skiing
022594: A STORY BY JOY HAMPSON - Hello! : who is this?
001910: ROBIN HANBURY - TENISON - The Oxford Book of Exploration
008071: HANCOCK, W.K - The modern Map
013430: ALBERT HAND - Teenbeat Annual
021457: HANDLEY, BILL - Speed Mathematics
018400: HANDLEY, BILL - Teach Your Children Tables
020408: HANIN, ISRAEL - Phospholipids: Biochemical, Pharmaceutical and Analytical Considerations
013606: MRS. A. C. OSBORN HANN - Ronnie and the Creed
021719: HANNA, TIM - One Good Run: The Legend of Burt Munro
004803: HANNAN, MARGARET - The embraceable Years
016124: COLLECTED BY E.F. HANNEMAN - Grass roots art of New Guinea
014176: HANNON, PETER - Literacy, Home and School: Research and Practice in Teaching Literacy with Parents
004680: HANRAHAN, BARBARA. - A Chelsea girl.
009052: HANRAHAN, JOHN - Mel Gibson
004690: HANRAHAN, BARBARA - Dream people : Stories
016310: HANSEN, ERIC - Stranger in the Forest : On Foot Across Borneo
015119: HANSHAM, R. - Eumig Manual: For Better Home Movies
004328: HANSON, SIMON G - Utopia in Uruguay : chapters in economic history of Uruguay.
004392: JOHN O'HARA - The Hat on the Bed
007171: PETER HARBISON, HOMAN POTTERTON, JEANNE SHEEHY - Irish Art and Architecture from Prehistory to the Present
013676: HARBOTTLE, THOMAS; BRUCE, GEORGE - Harbottle's Dictionary of Battles
022271: DOROTHY M. HARDEN - The spire is rising: a history of St. Paul's Church, Tranmere and its parish
013749: HARDING, EDITH; RILEY, PHILIP - The Bilingual Family
018510: HARDY, FRANK J. - It's Moments like These
014651: THOMAS HARDY - A Loodicean - A story of To-day
005631: HARDY, FRANK - Who shot George Kirkland? : a novel about the nature of Truth
011383: HARDY, THOMAS; SEYMOUR-SMITH, MARTIN - The Mayor of Casterbridge
010995: G. M. GAYTHORNE-HARDY - A Short History of International Affairs 1920-1939
005060: FRANK J. HARDY - Journey Into the Future
005091: HARDY, FRANK - The obsession of Oscar Oswald.
022569: BOBBIE HARDY - Water carts to pipelines; the history of the Broken Hill water supply
009069: HARDY, THOMAS - Far from the Madding Crowd/the Mayor of Casterbridge
017629: HARDY, THOMAS - The Australian and New Zealand Wine and Food Pictorial Atlas : Who's Who of Wine
014062: HARDY, BOBBIE - West of the Darling
017776: ROBERT GATHORNE-HARDY - The Tranquil Gardener
016435: E. MARSHALL-HARDY - Angling ways - Revised Edition
016612: T. LEMAN HARE, ED. - World's Greatest Paintings, The. 1, & 2, & 3. 3 Volume Set
019661: HARE, T. LEMAN. (EDITOR). - The world's greatest paintings selected masterpieces of famous art galleries: volumes 1, 2 and 3.
007599: HAREVEN, SHULAMITH - City of many Days
009507: ALFRED HARKER - Petrology for Students: an introduction to the study of rocks under the microscope.
005288: COMPILED BY ROBERT HARLING - The London miscellany : a nineteenth century Scrapbook
018988: HARLOT, SCARLOT;LEIGH, CAROL - Unrepentant Whore: Collect Works of Scarlot Harlot
002439: HARMAR, ROSEMARY. - Growing up at government House
012326: HARMER, WENDY - Love Gone Wrong
002785: MAURICE HARMON - Modern Irish Literature 1800-1967 a Readers Guide.
023210: GEOFF BURNIE; SUE FORRESTER; DENISE GREIG; SARAH GUEST; MICHELLE HARMONY - Botanica: The Illustrated A-z of over 10,000 Garden Plants and How to Cultivate Them
021877: HARNDEN, TOBY - Dead Men Risen: The Welsh Guards in Afghanistan
022297: C.M. HARNETT - Velvet Masks
015189: W. E. HARNEY - The significance of Ayers Rock for Aborigines
011893: HARPER, ANDY - The Socceroos : Voodoo to Destiny
009890: HARPER, ANDY - The Socceroos : Voodoo to Destiny
022967: CHRISTOPHER ALAN BAYLY; TIM HARPER - Forgotten Armies: Britain's Asian Empire and the War with Japan
013204: HARPER, ANDY - The Socceroos : Voodoo to Destiny
012212: CHARLES G. HARPER - Mansions of Old Romance
012201: CHARLES G. HARPER - Abbeys of Old Romance
008934: BEATRICE HARRADEN - Things Will Take a Turn a Story for Children
009553: HARRELL, KEITH - Attitude Is Everything: 10 Life-changing Steps To Turning Attitude Into Action
022326: JESSICA B. HARRIS - The Africa Cookbook
009246: HARRIS, NATHANIEL - Rugs and Carpets of the Orient
008808: HARRIS, W. GREGORY - Trengwith : a chronicle of clerical and social life in West Cornwall.
013373: HARRIS, STACY - The Best of Country : The Essential CD Guide
001140: ALEXANDER HARRIS - The Emigrant Family
010786: HARRIS, THISTLE YOLETTE; FORSTER, ADAM - Wild Flowers of Australia
010092: STEWART HARRIS - Political Football - The Springbok Tour of Australia, 1971
009788: HARRIS, ROLF - Mutiny on the Bounty: The Story of Captain William Bligh, Seaman Navigator, Surveyor and of the Bounty Mutineers
002710: HARRIS, T.R - Arthur Woolf : the Cornish engineer, 1766-1837
004011: H.L. HARRIS - The Economic Resources of Australia
013088: HARRIS, HARRY - Ruud Gullit : The Chelsea Diary
022397: BRET HARRIS - Winfield State of Origin 1980 - 1991
008399: HARRIS, MAXWELL HENLEY - The Angry Penguin: Selected Poems of Max Harris
021704: LORD HARRIS ... AND F. S. ASHLEY-COOPER - Lord's & the M.C.C. : a cricket chronicle of 137 years, based on official documents, and published, with the knowledge and sanction of the Marylebone Cricket Club, to commemorate the centenary of their present ground
022341: EDITED BY GEO. HARRISON. - Jubilee history of Ipswich : a record of municipal, industrial and social progress
021407: EDITED BY GEO. HARRISON. - Jubilee history of Ipswich : a record of municipal, industrial and social progress
006070: HARRISON, A.W. ET AL. - The Methodist Church : its origin, divisions, and reunion.
022482: ROBERT HARRISON - Colonial sketches, or, Five years in South Australia with hints to capitalists and emigrants
007206: HAZEL HARRISON - Masterstrokes Pastel a Step-By-step Guide to Learning from the Masters.
019206: LAUNCELOT HARRISON - Pan-Pacific Science Congress, Australia, 1923, Sydney, 23rd August - 3rd September.Guide-book to the zoology of the excursions in New South Wales
016603: HARRISON, RICHARD - The Australian Investor's Dictionary
017233: HARRISON, GORDON - Cross Channel Attack
016647: HARRISON, HAZEL - World Antiques
011352: HARRY HARRISON & BRIAN ALDISS EDS - The Year's Best SF 1972
021015: JEAN HARSLETT - They came to a plateau
018693: HART, DANIEL - Fido and Friends : A Family Story and The World War II of Queenslanders
017521: HART, ROBERT A. DE J. - Forest Gardening
004538: JAMES D. HART - The Oxford Companion to American Literature
014617: CHRIS HARTE - SACA : the history of the South Australian Cricket Association
006764: HARTE, F. BRET. - That heathen Chinee and other poems mostly Humorous
014619: HARTE, CHRIS - History of the Sheffield Shield
018389: V J HARTEN- ASH - The Knob - a history of Yorkey's Knob
010718: V J HARTEN- ASH - Colorectal Cancer
014985: A. M. HARTLEY, - ACADEMIC SPEAKER, A S Designed for Schools and Self-Instruction ; Embracing a Series of Lessons in the Art, and a Copious Selection from the Best Authors, Each Extract Accompanied By Comprehensive Notes Suggesting the Proper Manner of Reading or Speaking
014414: HARTMAN, ROBERT - The remainder Biscuit
007819: JAN DE HARTOG - The Peaceable Kingdom
022774: JAN DE HARTOG - The fourposter - The story of a marriage in six scenes- a play
004519: HARTRICH, EDWIN - The fourth and richest Reich
018738: HARVEY, MILES - The Island of Lost Maps : A True Story of Cartographic Crime
009354: HARVEY, P. D. A. - The History of Topographical Maps: Symbols, Pictures and Surveys
008999: HARVEY, P. D. A. - The History of Topographical Maps: Symbols, Pictures and Surveys
022586: LEN HARVEY - Letters from the Veldt : an account of the involvement of volunteers from Queensland at the war in South Africa (Boer War), 1899-1902
022047: AS COMPILED BY HUGGUS ON BEHALF OF CLIVE HARVIE - That's where I met my wife : a story of the first swimming pool in the National Capital at Canberra
010095: HASELOFF, WIN - Australians Yesterday and Today
005812: JOHN HASKELL - Haskell's Sydney
022624: JOHN HASKELL - Haskell's Sydney
006144: REV. W. HASLEM - Yet Not I or, More Years of My Ministry
000681: E. B. HASLEM - The History of Royal Air Force Cranwell
010891: HANS HASS - Men Beneath the Sea - Man's Conquest of the Underwater World
003808: HASSALL, R. AND MACKIE, C.M. - Things of Beauty, rarity and Distinction
008800: ARTHUR HASSALL - European History Chronologically Arranged 476-1920
009605: HASSAM, ANDREW - Through Australian Eyes: Colonial Perceptions of Imperial Britain
014292: HASSEL, CARLA J. - You Can Be a Super Quilter
013652: HASTE, CATE; BOOTH, CHERIE - The Goldfish Bowl: Married to the Prime Minister
022399: MAX AND REET; HASTIE, PETER HOWELL - State of Origin: The First Twelve Years
014968: HASTINGS, SELINA - Children's Illustrated Bible
012826: HASTINGS, SELINA - Children's Illustrated Bible
004935: HASTINGS, MARY. - Oliver / adapted from the screenplay based on Lionel Bart¿s Oliver! freely adapted from Charles Dickens¿ Oliver Twist by Mary Hastings.
005377: HASTINGS, MICHAEL. - The handsomest young man in England : Rupert Brooke.
004704: HASTINGS, PHYLLIS. - The feast of the peacock.
004703: HASTINGS, PHYLLIS - The gates of Morning
005633: HASTINGS, PHYLLIS - The death-scented flower.
023426: GABRIELE; HATANO, NARIMI; FRAHM, KLAUS FAHR-BECKER - Ryokan: A Japanese Tradition
014416: HATCH, ALDEN AND SEAMUS WALSHE - Crown of glory : the life of Pope Pius XII.
011919: F.H. HATCH - Text-book of Petrology - a Summary of the Modern Theories of Petro-Genesis, a Description of the Rock-Forming Minerals, and a Synopsis of the Cheif Types of the Igneous Rocks and Their Distribution as Illustrated By the British Isles
006760: HATFIELD, WILLIAM - Sheepmates
005075: HATFIELD, WILLIAM - Big timber.
010960: HATHERLEY, SHEILA - Dee-Ree-Ree and the Rainbow
023155: WILLIAM HAUPTMAN - Ingres (Gallery of the Arts Series)
022400: LIAM HAUSER - State of Origin 30 Years 1980-2009 the fine line between winning and losing
022489: JON B. HAUSSLER - Griswold Muffin Pans (A Schiffer Book for Collectors)
011987: RENE HAVARD - Taxi to Tobruk
023441: SASKIA HAVEKES - Grandiflora Arrangements
021522: D. W. DE HAVELLAND - Gold & Ghosts: Queensland Central & Southern Districts Vol.3-- a prospectors guide to metal detecting and history of the Australian goldfields
006886: HAVERFIELD, E.L - Our vow : a story for Children
015588: E. L. HAVERFIELD - Joan Tudor's Triumph
001730: E. L. HAVERFORD - The Girl from the Bush
007444: ALFRED G. HAVET - The Complete French Class-book First Part
005961: ALFRED HAVET - French Composition; Comprehending 1. English Prose Specimens, II Outlines of Narratives, Letters from Standard Writers, with Exercises.
003002: KATHLEEN HAWKE - Cornish Sayings and Remedies
002447: HAWKE, NEIL. - Bowled over,
015448: HAWKE, STEPHEN;GALLAGHER, MICHAEL - Noonkanbah: Whose Land, Whose Law
006743: HAWKS, ELLISON - The romance of transport.
022859: NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE - Stories--The Great Stone Face; Feathertop: A Moralized Legend; The Minister's Black Veil.
014018: HAY, ALEX; WORTHINGTON, JULIAN - Golf School
004289: HAY, IAN. - The willing horse : a Novel
011890: HAY, ASHLEY, ROBYN STACEY - Herbarium
008239: HAY, ASHLEY, ROBYN STACEY - Herbarium
020309: EDITED BY YUZO HAYASHI ET AL.. - Diet, Nutrition And Cancer: Proceedings of the International Symposia of the Princess Takamatsu Cancer Research Fund
003938: HAYDEN, JOHN O. - The Romantic reviewers, 1802-1824
011096: HAYENS, HERBERT - The tiger of the Pampas
006069: ERNEST H. HAYES - Christianity Goes Into Action Lessons on Great Deeds in Christ's Name
006116: ERNEST H. HAYES - Yarns on Christian Pioneers
000657: NANCY M. HAYES - The Plucky Patrol
006377: ERNEST H. HAYES - Yarns on the Human Quest
006317: ERNEST H. HAYES - More Yarns on Christian Pioneers
006318: ERNEST H. HAYES - More Yarns on Christian Pioneers
019628: HENRY WILLIAM HAYGARTH - Recollections of bush life in Australia, during a residence of eight years in the interior
021821: REV. HENRY WILLIAM HAYGARTH - Recollections of bush life in Australia, during a residence of eight years in the interior
018957: HAYMAN, SUZIE - Tantric Sex: Learn the Ancient Art of Eastern Lovemaking
008814: HAYNES, CARLYLE B - The legion of the Tenth
013184: REG HAYTER - The Arsenal Football Book
022165: PHILIP J. HAYTHORNTHWAITE - Invincible Generals: Gustavus Adolphus, Marlborough, Frederick the Great, George Washington, Wellington
011138: HAYWARD, ANTHONY - Julie Christie
010110: ARTHUR L. HAYWARD - The book of Explorers
004507: HAZEN, CHARLES DOWNER - Modern European History
002438: HAZLEHURST, CAMERON. - Menzies observed.
010416: HEACOX, KIM - Shackleton: The Antarctic Challenge
012494: HEADON, DAVID JOHN - North of the Ten Commandments: A Collection of Northern Territory Literature
022203: MATTHEW WITH HEADS, IAN BURKE - Matthew Burke: A Rugby Life
022414: IAN HEADS - The History of Souths
022396: IAN HEADS - The Kangaroos : the saga of Rugby League's great tours
009998: HEALEY, TIM - The World's Greatest Trials
019179: C.SWINNERTON HEAP - The Maid of Astolat. Cantata written by Desmond L. Ryan. Composed expressly for performance at The Wolverhampton Triennial Festival Sept. 16th. 1886. [words and music
008300: HEAPS, LEO; SAUMAREZ, PHILIP - Log of the Centurion, Based on the Original Papers of Captain Philip Saumarez on Board HMS Centurion, Lord Anson's Flagship during His Circumnavigation, 1740-44
010585: PHOTOGRAPHY BY LEO MEIER / TEXT DENNIS HEARNE - Blooms of the Australian wilderness
012987: HEARST, PATRICIA CAMPBELL - Patty Hearst: Her Own Story
008809: HEATH, CARL - Pacifism in time of War
000532: J.H HEATON - The Bedside Book of Colonial Doings
019939: J.H. HEATON - Australian dictionary of dates and men of the time : containing the history of Australasia from 1542 to date
008371: REGINALD HEBER - Sermons on the Lessons, the Gospel, or the Epistle, for Every Sunday in the Year; Preached in the Parish Church of Hodnet, Salop:Volume II
008372: REGINALD HEBER - Sermons on the Lessons, the Gospel, or the Epistle, for Week-day Festivals and on Other Occasions; Preached in the Parish Church of Hodnet, Salop:Volume III
008373: REGINALD HEBER - Sermons on the Lessons, the Gospel, or the Epistle, for Every Sunday in the Year; Preached in the Parish Church of Hodnet, Salop:Volume I Advent to Whitsunday
009377: C. HEDLEY - The Faunal Regions of Australia [Read at the Adelaide Meeting of AAAS
009364: CHARLES HEDLEY - The Townsville Plain
009363: CHARLES HEDLEY - Coral Shingle as a Beach Formation
009362: CHARLES HEDLEY - The Natural Destruction of a Coral Reef
010423: HEDREN, PAUL L. - We Trailed the Sioux: Enlisted Men Speak on Custer, Crook, and the Great Sioux War
016750: DOUG HEFFERNAN - Poems & Prose
012752: HEFFERNAN, JOHN - Sykie
012726: HEFFERNAN, DEBORAH DAW - An Arrow Through the Heart
005351: JACK HEFFERNAN - The Socialist Alternative
010981: OSCAR HEIDENSTAM - Bodybuilding for Women
012003: HEIFERMAN, RON - World War 2
009662: HEINERMAN, JOHN - Heinerman's Encyclopedia of Healing Juices
020398: HEIRD., WILLIAM C. - Nutritional Needs of the Six to Twelve Month Old Infant
013587: HELLER, NANCY G.; HELLER, NANCY - Women Artists: An Illustrated History
011264: HELLER, JOSEPH - Closing Time : The Sequel to Catch-22
011254: HELLER, JOSEPH; VOGEL, SPEED - No Laughing Matter
005232: HELLER, JOSEPH - Something Happened
020371: ANTHONY D. HELMAN - Vitamins, Minerals and other Nutrients in clinival Practice - a GP Guide
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023214: BEVIS HILLIER - World of Art Deco An exhibition organised by the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, July- September 1971
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003805: HOGAN, TERRY (COMPILED BY) - Index to Journal Articles on Australian History
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019924: T.M. HOGAN AND HAL GYE - The Tight Little Island a Trip Through Tasmania
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022033: CLARENCE P. HORNUNG - handbook of Early Advertising Art - mainly from American sources - Typographical and Ornamental Volume
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011616: ELIZABETH JANE HOWARD - After Julius
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016427: HOWARTH, STEPHEN - A Century in Oil: The "Shell" Transport and Trading Company 1897-1997
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021596: ROBERT HOWLETT - Battleground South Pacific
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017251: JEAFFRESON, JOHN CORDY - City of Coventry a Calendar of the Books, Charters, Letters Patent, Deeds, Rolls, Writs, and Other Writings in the Cases and Drawers of the New Muniment Room of St. Mary's Hall Made and Edited for the Corporation of the City of Coventry
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011924: HAROLD JEFFREYS - Earthquakes and Mountains
004901: JEFFREYS, IRENE F - Unforgettable Safari
021778: [BY] ERWIN ORTMANN ; PHOTOGRAPHS BY ERNST SCHAFER ; ENGLISH VERSION [FROM THE GERMAN MS.] BY RUTH MICHAELIS-JENA AND PATRICK MURRAY - The collector's guide to model tin figures: Erwin Ortmann ; photos. by Ernst Schafer ; English version by Ruth Michaelis-Jena and Patrick Murray
012455: JENKINS, MARY - Picture Your Home In Counted Thread
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020124: JIRUI, CHEN;WANG, NISSI - Acupuncture Case Histories from China
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022345: CAPT W. E. JOHNS - Biggles Makes Ends Meet
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007057: AUBREY R.JOHNSON - The Vitality of the Individual In the Thought of Ancient Israel
005119: JOHNSON, LYNDON B - The quotable Lyndon B. Johnson
022826: JAMES HALLIDAY; HUGH JOHNSON - The Art and Science of Wine
012903: SAMUEL JOHNSON - The Works of the English Poets with Prefaces, Biographical and Critical, Vol XXII , XXIII,XXIV Containing the Three Volumes of Dryden's Works of Virgil
022748: BRENT JOHNSON - Mammals of the South-West (Bush books)
018279: JOSEPH JOHNSON - Birdies and billabongs : a history of the Kew Golf Club, 1894-1994
023059: J. STEWART JOHNSON - Eileen Gray Designer
016533: JOHNSON, CLIVE FRANCIS - The Devil's Labyrinth : Encounters with the Arctic
020308: JOHNSON, J. C. - Yeasts for Food and Other Purposes
023165: PAUL JOHNSON - Socrates: A Man for Our Times
017279: JOHNSON, DANIEL - White King and the Red Queen : A History of Chess during the Cold War
021784: JOHNSON, PETER - Phillips Guide to Tomorrow's Antiques
010171: JOHNSTON, ANN - Mediaeval Folk in Painting
000599: BRIAN JOHNSTON - Wines of the Canberra District - Undiscovered Treasures
006384: H. A. JOHNSTON - Let Us Pray the Rosary
021147: JOHNSTON, ALEXA - Sir Edmund Hillary: An Extraordinary Life: The Authorised, Illustrated Biography
000860: IAN JOHNSTON & ROB MCAULEY - The Battleships
022666: BRIAN JOHNSTON - Wines of the Canberra District - Undiscovered Treasures
021350: JOHNSTON, W. ROSS - A bibliography of Queensland history (Robert and Esmee Veitch bequest publications)
023280: SHIRLEY JOHNSTON - The Villas of the Riviera: Magnificence and Majesty on the Cote d'Azur
005281: JOHNSTON, H.H - The opening up of Africa.
009943: W.B. JOHNSTON - Dynamic Relationships in Physical Geography
015633: JOHNSTON, L. - Gaslight Sydney
010794: CAITLIN JOHNSTONE - Complete Book of Astrology Your Personal Guide to Learning, Understanding and Using Astrology.
001166: PAUL JOHNSTONE - The Archaeology of Ships
005084: JOHNSTONE, KATHLEEN YERGER - Collecting seashells.
004673: JOHNSTONE, S.M - The mind of Man
020542: MATTHEW AND AINSLEY JOHNSTONE - Living with a Black Dog: His Name Is Depression (Paperback) AND I Had a Black Dog (Paperback)
023012: MICHAEL JOHNSTONE - The Freemasons
020433: NORMAN JOLLIFFE - Nutritional Defeciency Disease- Pathogenesis and Diagnosis
019117: JOLLIFFE, ERIC - Jolliffe's Outback Number 112
018731: JOLLY, DAVID C. (COMPILED & EDITED BY) - Antique Maps, Sea Charts, City Views, Celestial Charts & Battle Plans; Price Record & Handbook for 1991; Volume 9
020770: JONES, GEORGE - Growing together: A gardening history of Geelong, extending to Colac and Camperdown
006042: JONES, ERNEST - Psycho-myth, psycho-history : essays in applied psychoanalysis. 2 volumes.
022926: MICHAEL JONES - Cotter : nature's gift to Canberra - water supply and recreation
020828: JONES, D. L. AND C. J. GOUDEY - Ferns in Australia: Common, Rare & Exotic
013039: JONES, KEN; CHARLTON, BOBBY - Bobby Charlton's Most Memorable Matches

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