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711762: NORMANA LODGE #52, - Victory Album 1941-1945 Freeborn County Minnestoa.
804638: 10, THIRD WARD PUPILS NO.; ILLUSTRATIONS, TEXT, - 1876 a Centennial Offering.
44141: DAS, M. N., - India Under Morley And Minto.
280841: J.D., J.M. &, - Golden Bells in Convent Towers: The Story of Father Samuel and Saint Clara, 1854.
711712: 101/102, DESIGN QUARTERLY, - The River: Images of the Mississippi.
29093: O; 'NEIL, ROBERT M., - Free Speech In The College Community.
38064: AABERG, THEODORE A., - The Self, Supervenience, And Personal Identity.
37241: AABERG, THEODORE A., - A City Set On A Hill A History Of The Evangelical Lutheran Synod (norwegian Synod) 1918-1968.
160407: AABOE, ASGER., - Episodes from the Early History of Mathematics..
25492: AAPG, - Ancient Deltas.
25486: AAPG, - Continental Shelves Origin And Significance.
60713: AAROFF, LEONID, - Electronic Processes in Materials.
28536: AARON, HENRY J., - Who Pays The Property Tax? : A New View.
43642: AARON, A. I., - The Theory Of Universals.
26102: AARON, STEPHEN, - Stage Fright Its Role In Acting.
3307: AARON, DANIEL, - The Unwritten War: American Writers And The Civil War.
60074: AARONSON, HUBERT I., - Proceedings of an International Conference on Solid [to] Solid Phase Transformations.
50693: ABADIE, J., - Nonlinear Programming.
42070: L'ABATE, LUCIANO, - Handbook Of Marital Interventions.
33562: L'ABATE, LUCIANO, - Handbook Of Differential Treatments For Addictions.
22626: L'ABATE, LUCIANO, - Handbook Of Differential Treatments For Addictions.
712007: MONKS OF NEW MELLERAY ABBEY, - The New Melleray Book a Pictorial Tour of the First American Cistercian Monastery Founded West of the Mississippi River.
53674: NEW MELLARY ABBEY, - New Mellary Abbey Cistercians of the Strict Observance.
901078: ABBOT, CHARLES GREELEY, - Smithsonian Scientific Series.
240341: ABBOTT, R. TUCKER, - American Seashells.
32624: ABBOTT, R. TUCKER, - American Seashells.
36961: ABBOTT, PHILIP, - The Shotgun Behind The Door: Liberalism And The Problem Of Political Obligation.
35873: ABBOTT, CARL, - Colorado: A History Of The Centennial State.
10456: ABBOTT, R. TUCKER, - American Seashells.
30163: ABDEL-KHALIK, A. RASHAD, - Impact Of Accounting Research On Practice And Disclosure.
803536: ABDILL, GEORGE B., - Locomotive Engineer's Album: the Saga of Steam Engines in America. Locomotive Engineer's Album: the Saga of Steam Engines in America..
22913: ABDILL, GEORGE B., - A Locomotive Engineer's Album.
34853: ABDULLAH, ACHMED, - Lute And Scimitar.
4472: ABEL, ERNEST L., - The Roots Of Anti-semitism.
29366: ABELL, PETER, - Model Building In Sociology.
100551: ABERBACH, ALAN DAVID, - The Ideas of Richard Wagner: an Examination and Analysis of His Major Aesthetic, Political, Economic, Social, and Religious Thoughts.
41274: ABERNETHY, VIRGINIA, - Population Pressure And Cultural Adjustment.
49863: ABLER, RONALD F., - Geography's Inner Worlds: Pervasive Themes in Contemporary American Geography.
44962: ABOULAFIA, MITCHELL, - The Mediating Self: Mead, Sartre, And Self-determination.
56966: ABPP, PHD LAURA S. BROWN PHD AND PHD, PHD MARY BALLOU, - Personality and Psychopathology: Feminist Reappraisals.
805082: ABRAHAM, ROLAND H, - Helping People Help Themselves: Agricultural Extension in Minnesota, 1879-1979.
29051: ABRAHAM, GERALD, - The New Oxford History Of Music, Vol. 4 The Age Of Humanism, 1540-1630.
160811: ABRAHAM, GERALD, - Slavonic and Romantic Music: Essays and Studies.
57442: ABRAHAMS, EDWARD, - The Lyrical Left: Randolph Bourne, Alfred Stieglitz, and the Origins of Cultural Radicalism in America.
712115: ABRAHAMS, ETHEL EWERT., - Frakturmalen Und Schfonschreiben : the Fraktur Art and Penmanship of the Dutch-German Mennonites While in Europe, 1700-1900.
10008: ABRAHAMSEN, DAVID, - The Murdering Mind.
710683: ABRAMCZYK, LOIS W., - Social Work Education for Working with Seriously Emotionally Disturbed Children and Adolescents.
24430: ABRAMOVITZ, MOSES, - Thinking About Growth : And Other Essays On Economic Growth And Welfare.
35794: ABRAMS, PHILIP, - Towns In Societies: Essays In Economic History And Historical Sociology.
120852: ABRAMS, M.H., - The Mirror and the Lamp: Romantic Theory and the Critical Tradition.
18168: ABRAMS, A. H., - Doing Things With Texts: Essays In Criticism And Critical Theory.
60444: ABRAMSON, MARK A. AND LAWRENCE, PAUL R. AND CLARK-DANIELS, CAROLYN L. AND DANIELS, R STEVEN AND DELU, - Transforming Organizations (IBM Center for the Business of Government).
160120: ABRIKOSOV, A. A. / GORKOW, L. P. / DZYALOSHINSKII, I. Y., - Quantum Field. Theoretical Method in Statistical Physics. ( = Natural Philosophy, 4) ..
3742: ABROMOVITZ, HEDY AND LES ABROMOVITZ, - Bringing Tqm On The Qt To Your Organization.
23967: ABROMS, EUGENE M., - The Freedom Of The Self The Bio-existential Treatment Of Character Problems.
280000: ABU-LUGHOD, JANET L., - New York, Chicago, Los Angeles: America's Global Cities.
57585: ABZUG, ROBERT H., - Passionate Liberator: Theodore Dwight Weld and the Dilemma of Reform.
51416: ABZUG, ROBERT H., - Inside the Vicious Heart: Americans and the Liberation of Nazi Concentration Camps.
55245: ACADEMIC FREEDOM CONFERENCE ; HANSEN, W. LEE, - Academic Freedom on Trial: 100 Years of Sifting and Winnowing at the University of Wisconsin--Madison.
140351: MOUNT ASSISI ACADEMY, - Mount Assisi Academy Alumnae Directory 2002.
140345: PHILLIPS ACADEMY, - Andover 2008 Directory of Phillips Academy and Abbot Academy.
60839: ACKERMAN, BRUCE, - Private Property and the Constitution.
38796: ACKLEY, EDITH FLACK, - Marionettes Easy To Make Fun To Use.
48462: ACOCK, ALAN C. DEMO, DAVID H., - Family Diversity And Well-being.
803662: ACQUAVIVA, JANE. D., - Effective Documentation for Occupational Therapy.
15174: ADAIR, ROBERT K, - The Great Design: Particles, Fields, And Creation.
804991: ADAM, PETER, - Eileen Gray: Architect/designer.
58397: ADAM, JIM, - Destiny Unfulfilled: A Critique of the Harry Potter Series.
26535: ADAM, NABIL R., - Productivity Analysis At The Organizational Level.
24440: ADAM, JAN, - Wage Control And Inflation In The Soviet Bloc Countries.
120890: ADAM, ANTOINE, - Histoire De La Litterature Francaise Au Xviie Siecle. Volume 1-5. Set.
281296: ADAM, KATHERINE M. G., - Medical and Veterinary Protozoology.
38723: ADAMCZEWSKI, JAN, - Nicolaus Copernicus And His Epoch.
51661: ADAMCZYK, STANISLAUS, - De Obiecto Formali Intellectus Nostri. Secundum Doctrinam S. Thomae Aquinatis..
42105: ADAME, EDUARDO MORAGREGA, - Ultrasound In Ophthalmology Proceedings Of The 19th Siduo Congress.
120466: ADAMEC, LUDWIG W., - Historical Dictionary of Afghanistan (Asian/Oceanian Historical Dictionaries, No. 5).
9753: ADAMKOSKY, WALTER V., - Annual Yearbook 1983.
9752: ADAMKOSKY, WALTER V., - Annual Yearbook 1982.
100695: ADAMS, FRANK DAWSON,, - The Birth & Development of the Geological Sciences.
802720: ADAMS, LOWELL W., - Wildlife Conservation In Metropolitan Environments.
801280: ADAMS, ROBERT, - The Lost Museum.
240351: ADAMS, K. T., - Hydrographic Manual: Special Publication, Number 143, Revised (1942) Edition.
220609: ADAMS, RAMON F.; EGGENHOFER, NICK, - The Old-Time Cowhand.
52899: ADAMS, JOHN R, - Edward Everett Hale.
49683: ADAMS, DOUG, - Humor In The American Pulpit From George Whitefield Through Henry Ward Beecher.
46748: ADAMS, D. M., - Inorganic Solids.
46323: ADAMS, MICHAEL C. C., - Fighting For Defeat: Union Military Failure In The East, 1861-1865.
42639: ADAMS, EPHRAIM DOUGLASS, - Great Britain And The American Civil War.
36975: ADAMS, RICHARD N., - A Community In The Andes Problems And Progress In The Muquiyauyo.
34858: ADAMS, EDWARD B., - Through Gates Of Seoul Trails And Tales Of Yi Dynasty.
34805: ADAMS, RICHARD N., - A Community In The Andes Problems And Progress In The Muquiyauyo.
29465: ADAMS, TRACEY L., - A Dentist and a Gentleman: Gender and the Rise of Dentistry in Ontario.
28419: ADAMS, F. GERALD, - Commodity Exports And Economic Development.
28410: ADAMS, F. GERALD, - Stabilizing World Commodity Markets: Analysis, Practice, And Policy.
28407: ADAMS, F. GERALD, - Econometric Modeling Of World Commodity Policy.
26583: ADAMS, JAMES A., - Iowa Practice Volume 7 Evidence.
22105: ADAMS, STEPHEN B., - Manufacturing The Future : A History Of Western Electric.
19884: ADAMS, RICHARD E. W., - Origins Of Maya Civilization.
901065: ADAMS, JAMES TRUSLOW., - Dictionary Of American History.
15884: ADAMS, WM. MANSFIELD, - Statistical Seismology.
806071: ADAMS, HENRY, - Thomas Hart Benton: An American Original.
801559: ADAMS, RAMON F., - Prose And Poetry Of The Live Stock Industry Of The United States.
52927: ADAMSON, LYNDA G., - A Reference Guide to Historical Fiction for Children and Young Adults.
60052: ADAMSON, JANE, - Troilus and Cressida (Twayne's new critical introductions to Shakespeare).
14013: ADAMSON, LYNDA G., - A Reference Guide To Historical Fictiion For Children And Young Adults.
21433: ADDIS, LAIRD, - The Logic Of Society A Philosophical Study.
9009: ADDIS, LAIRD, - Philosophy And Human Nature.
28421: ADDISON, JOHN T., - The Market For Labor: An Analytical Treatment.
160922: ADDY, GEORGE M., - The Enlightenment in the University of Salamanca.
52201: ADE, GEORGE, - Fables in Slang.
29309: ADELMAN, IRMA, - Economic Growth And Social Equity In Developing Countries.
160022: ADELSON, HOWARD L., - Light Weight Solidi and Byzantine Trade During the Sixth and Seventh Centuries (Nuismatic Notes and Monographs, No. 138).
804772: ADES, DAWN & RICHARD PETERSON & ROBERT BROWN, - The 20th-Century Poster Design of the Avant-Garde.
801316: ADES, DAWN, - In The Mind's Eye: Dada And Surrealism.
20586: ADEY, LIONEL, - Hymns And The Christian Myth.
60280: ADKINS, HECTOR ERNEST, - Treatise on the Military Band.
12299: ADLAM, DIANA S., - Code in Context.
806228: ADLER, KURT, - The Art of Accompanying and Coaching.
50031: ADLER, NORMAN T., - Neuroendocrinology of Reproduction: Physiology and Behavior.
47549: ADLER, THOMAS P., - American Drama, 1940-1960: A Critical History.
44244: ADLER, MORTIMER J., - Poetry And Politics.
31934: ADLER, JACQUES, - The Jews Of Paris And The Final Solution: Communal Response And Internal Conflicts, 1940-1944.
30422: ADLER, ELIZABETH W., - Print That Works.
120555: ADLER, MORTIMER JEROME, - The Time of Our Lives; the Ethics of Common Sense.
13982: ADLER, DORIS, - Philip Massinger.
120576: FEDERAL HIGHWAY ADMINISTRATION, - Standard Specifications for Construction of Roads and Bridges on Federal Highway Projects 1979 FP-79 (Revised June, 1981).
281228: PUBLIC ROADS ADMINISTRATION, - Highways of History: the Pictorial Story of the Improvement of Transportation in Colonial America and the United States During the Past Four Centuries.
53681: ADORNO, THEODOR W., - Aspekte der Hegelschen Philosophie.
25810: ADRIAN, CHARLES R., - A History Of American City Government The Emergence Of The Metropolis 1920-1945.
32389: ADRIANI, JOHN, - The Chemistry Of Anesthesia.
901975: CAMP ADVENTURE, - Polar Bears and Parkas in the Amazing Arctic.
804511: AEGERTER, ROGER, - Golf Courses of Iowa a Complete Book of Iowa Golf Courses.
803016: AEGERTER, ROGER, - Golf Courses Of Iowa A Complete Book Of Iowa Golf Courses.
710508: AEGERTER, ROGER, - Golf Courses of Iowa.
54529: AEPPLI, FELIX, - Heart of Stone: The Definitive Rolling Stones Discography, 1962-1983 (Rock and Roll Reference Series).
180140: AFANASYEV, V.G., - Marxist Philosophy: A Popular Outline.
807292: UNITED NATIONS: DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL AFFAIRS, - Central Product Classification: Version 1. 0 (Statistical Papers).
60215: AFKHAMI, MAHNAZ, - Faith and Freedom: Women's Human Rights in the Muslim World (Contemporary Issues in the Middle East).
52128: AFNAN, RUHI, - Zoroaster's Influence on Greek Thought.
12300: AFT, LAWRENCE S., - Quality Improvement Using Statistical Process Control.
37379: AFZAL-KHAN, FAWZIA, - Cultural Imperialism And The Indo-english Novel: Genre And Ideology In R. K. Narayan, Anita Desai, Kamala Markandaya, And Salman Rushdie.
17964: AGASSI, JOSEPH, - The Gentle Art Of Philosophical Polemics.
100429: AGASSIZ, ELIZABETH CABOT (CARY), - Seaside Studies in Natural History (American Environmental Studies).
807011: AGAY, DENES, - Anthology Of Piano Music Volume 1 : Baroque Period (Anthology of Piano Music, Vol 1).
20550: IRON AGE., - The Men And Machines That Made America.
61104: AGEE, JAMES & PAUL ASHDOWN, - James Agee, Selected Journalism.
711371: U. S. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY, - Final Report of the Federal Facilities Environmental Restoration Dialogue Committee Consensus Principles and Recommendations for Improving Federal Facilities Cleanup (Sudoc EP 1.2: F 11/4/FINAL).
711372: U. S. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY, - Characterizing Heterogeneous Wastes Methods and Recommendations : March 26-28, 1991 (Sudoc EP 1.23/6: 600/R-92/033).
804194: U. S. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY, - Process Design Manual Surface Disposal of Sewage Sludge and Domestic Septage.
804196: U. S. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY, - Epa Manual Constructed Wetlands Treatment of Municipal Wastewaters.
710108: FEDERAL EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AGENCY, - Protecting Building Utilities From Flood Damage: Principles And Practices.
52807: INTERNATIONAL ATOMIC ENERGY AGENCY, - Thermodynamics: Proceedings of the Symposium on Thermodynamics with Emphasis on Nuclear Materials and Atomic Transport in Solids Organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency 22-27 July 1965 Volume 1.
711616: U. S. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY, - Ground Water Sampling a Workshop Summary : Dallas, Texas, November 30 - December 2, 1993 (Sudoc EP 1.23/6: 600/R-94/205).
51782: AGNEW, WILLIAM J., - Standards-Based K-12 Language Arts Curriculum: a Focus on Performance.
19808: AGNEW, BRAD, - Fort Gibson, Terminal On The Trail Of Tears.
31683: AGNEW, BRAD, - Fort Gibson, Terminal On The Trail Of Tears.
41489: AGOSTON, G. A., - Color Theory and Its Application in Art and Design.
47529: AGRAWAL, ARUN., - Agrarian Environments: Resources, Representations, And Rule In India.
710984: U. S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE, - Woody-Plant Seed Manual, Prepared by the Forest Service (Miscellaneous Publication No. 654).
140299: SECRETARY OF THE DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE, - Report of the Secretary of the Department of Agriculture.
44941: BOARD ON AGRICULTURE, - Forested Landscapes In Perspective: Prospects And Opportunities For Sustainable Management Of America's Nonfederal Forests.
100806: UNITED STATE DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE, - Yearbook of Agriculture 1926.
100807: UNITED STATE DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE, - Yearbook of Agriculture 1890.
100808: UNITED STATE DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE, - Yearbook of Agriculture 1878.
160589: UNITED STATE DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE, - Yearbook of Agriculture 1927..
31969: AGUILERA-MALTA, DEMETRIO, - Babelandia.
23810: AGULLA, JUAN CARLOS, - Eclipse Of An Aristocracy : An Investigation Of The Ruling Elites Of The City Of Cordoba.
31334: AHARONI, YOHANAN, - The Archaeology Of The Land Of Israel: From The Prehistoric Beginnings To The End Of The First Temple Period.
39318: AHLBERG, J. H., - The Theory Of Splines And Their Applications.
46600: AHLGREN, CLIFFORD & ISABEL, - Lob Trees In The Wilderness.
8913: AHLGREN, C. E. (CLIFFORD ELMER), - Lob Trees in the Wilderness.
60516: AHLSTROM, SYDNEY E., - Religious History of the American People.
220908: AHMADJIAN, VERNON & SURINDAR PARACER; MARGULIS, LYNN, - Symbiosis: An Introduction to Biological Associations.
41201: AHMED, MUKHTAR, - Coloring Of Plastics Theory And Practice.
31870: AICHINGER, PETER, - The American Soldier In Fiction, 1880-1963: A History Of Attitudes Toward Warfare And The Military Establishment.
31242: AICHINGER, PETER, - Earle Birney.
120236: AICHINGER, PETER, - The American Soldier in Fiction, 1880-1963: A History of Attitudes Toward Warfare and the Military Establishment.
901725: AIGA,, - 365 AIGA Year in Design 21.
42051: AIKEN, CHARLES S., - The Coltton Plantation Since The Civil War.
34942: AIKEN, MICHAEL, - Economic Failure, Alienation, And Extremism.
35224: AINSWORTH, G. C., - The Fungi An Advanced Treatise Volume 1 The Fungal Cell.
711866: AINSWORTH, JOHN, - The Art of Indoor Bonsai: Cultivating Tropical, Sub-Tropical, and Tender Bonsai.
803739: AIRWAIR, - Dr. Air Wair Martens.
49728: AIRY, LOREN, - The Last Chance Kid.
805424: AITKEN, ROBERT INGERSOLL, - Arnold W. Brunner and His Work,.
35863: AITKEN, GEORGE A., - An English Garner: Later Stuart Tracts.
34414: AKAI, KOICHI, - Weak Rock Soft, Fractured And Weathered Rock 3.
9297: AKAI, S., - Morphological And Biochemical Events In Plant-parasite Interaction.
29781: AKER, CHARLES W., - Divine Politician: Samuel Cooper And The American Revolution In Boston.
901147: AKSTON, JOSEPH JAMES, - Beginning Of The Beginning; : An Unfolding Story Of How Nature And Life Evolved On Our Planet,.
281298: ALAGAR, V.S. AND PERIYASAMY, K., - Specification of Software Systems (Texts in Computer Science).
29454: ALAGIC, SUAD, - The Design Of Well-structured And Correct Programs.
806878: ALAND, KURT; BLACK, MATTHEW; MARTINI, CARLO M. ; METZGER, BRUCE M. ; WIKGREN, ALLEN, - The New Testament: Greek and English The Greek Text Prepared by the United Bible Societies and the Today's English Version from "Good News for Modern Man".
801170: ALBEE, LARRY. RANDALL, COLVIN, - Longwood Gardens..
806331: ALBERS, DONALD J., - Mathematical People: Profiles And Interviews.
711095: ALBERS, JOSEF; CULLER, GEORGE; CHAPMAN, DAVID AND WILLIAM KOLODNEY, - Dimension of Design: Second Annual Conference, American Craftsmen's Council, June 1958/Lake Geneva.
100454: ALBERT, ROBERT S., - Genius and Eminence: The Social Psychology of Creativity and Exceptional Achievement (International series in experimental social psychology).
280045: ALBERT, A. ADRIAN, - Modern Higher Algebra (The University of Chicago Science Series).
56808: ALBERT, LILLIAN SMITH. KENT, KATHRYN, - The Complete Button Book.
50544: ALBERT, MARK R. AND JOHN T. YATES, JR, - The Surface Scientist's Guide to Organometallic Chemistry.
41136: ALBERT, DANIEL M., - Foundations Of Ophthalmic Pathology.
27464: ALBERT, ARTHUR LEMUEL, - Electrical Communication.
120363: ALBERT, RICHARD N., - From Blues to Bop: A Collection of Jazz Fiction.
19608: ALBERT, A. A., - Studies In Modern Algebra.
44: BENNETT. ALBERT A. ET AL., - Numerical Integration of Differential Equations..
710175: ALBERTS, ROBERT C, - Hardships and heroics: Southwestern Pennsylvania, 1749-1799.
49592: ALBERTS, FRANCES JACOBS, - Sod House Memories Volumes I II III.
19953: ALBERTSON, CHRIS, - Bessie.
120219: ALBORNOZ, MIGUEL, - Hernando De Soto: Knight of the Americas.
711271: ALBRIGHT, EDWIN W., JR. & MARY BAINE RUDOLPH, - Planning a Church Officer Retreat.
57474: ALBRITTON, CLAUDE, - Catastrophic Episodes in Earth History (Topics in the Earth Sciences).
49160: ALCOCK, NATHANIEL G., - One Hundred Years Of Iowa Medicine.
38459: ALCOCK, NATHANIEL G., - One Hundred Years Of Iowa Medicine.
140486: ALCOCK, NATHANIEL G., - One Hundred Years Of Iowa Medicine.
49733: NATIONAL INSTITUTE ON ALCOHOL ABUSE AND ALCOHOLISM, - Alcohol And Health Monograph 4 Special Population Issues.
51956: ALCOTT, LOUISA MAY. CHENEY, EDNAH D., - Louisa May Alcott Her Life, Letters and Journals.
712052: ALDERN, ROBERT J., - Aldern. the Robert J. Aldern Retrospective Exhibition 1957-1997.
56866: ALDERSON, M. H., - Iowa Palimpsest Magazine: Upper Iowa University.
25726: ALDERSON, JOHN, - Law And Disorder.
711670: ALDRED, CYRIL, - Akhenaten and Nefertiti.
711250: ALDRED, CYRIL, - The Temple of Dendur.
20864: ALDRICH, BESS STREETER, - The Collected Short Works 1907-1919.
120919: ALDRICH, VIRIGIL C.; VIRGIL C. ALDRICH (AUTHOR); ELIZABETH AND MONROE BEARDSLEY (EDITED BY), - Philosophy of Art (Foundations of Philosophy Series).
60612: ALDRIDGE, A. OWEN, - Early American Literature: A Comparatist Approach.
281112: ALEEV, IU. G, - Function and Gross Morphology in Fish.
100201: ALEMÁN, MATEO, - The Rogue or the Life of Guzman de Alfarache. Written in Spanish by Matheo Aleman and Done into English by James Mabbe. With an Introduction by James Fitmaurice - Kelly. Volume 1 - 4..
52737: ALEX, WILLIAM, - Japanese Architecture.
24293: ALEX, LYNN MARIE, - Exploring Iowa's Past: A Guide To Prehistoric Archaeology.
240244: ALEXANDER, SIDNEY, - Michelangelo the Florentine.
58693: ALEXANDER, DAVID C., - The Practice and Management of Industrial Ergonomics (Prentice-Hall International Series in Industrial and Systems Engineering).
58682: ALEXANDER, SIDNEY, - Marc Chagall.
56351: ALEXANDER, CALVERT, - The Catholic Literary Revival; : Three Phases in its Development from 1845 to the Present.
51130: ALEXANDER, R. MCN. GOLDSPINK, G., - Mechanics and Energetics of Animal Locomotion.
50026: ALEXANDER, NANCY J., - Animal Models for Research on Contraception and Fertility.
48914: ALEXANDER, MICHAEL, - Jazz Age Jews.
44058: ALEXANDER, JOHN A., - Potidaea: Its History And Remains.
32122: ALEXANDER, ROBERT L., - The Architecture Of Maximilian Godefroy.
29666: ALEXANDER, ROBERT L., - The Architecture Of Maximilian Godefroy.
27307: ALEXANDER, FRANZ, - Psychosomatic Specificity Vol. 1 Experimental Study And Results.
25990: ALEXANDER, ROBERT L., - The Architecture Of Maximilian Godefroy.
710823: ALEXANDER, J. J. G., - Italian Renaissance Illuminations.
21870: ALEXANDER, HARRIET SEMMES, - American And British Poetry: A Guide To The Criticism 1925-1978.
60936: ALEXANDER, SALLY, - Becoming A Woman: And Other Essays in 19th and 20th Century Feminist History.
18250: ALEXANDER, THOMAS J., - Simpson's U. S. Postal Markings 1851-61.
13471: ALEXANDER, EDWARD, - Resonance of Dust: Essays on Holocaust Literature and Jewish Fate.
120104: ALEXANDER, THOMAS BENJAMIN, - The Anatomy of the Confederate Congress; : a Study of the Influences of Member Characteristics on Legislative Voting Behavior, 1861-1865.
120655: ALEXANDER, FRANZ, - Psychosomatic Specificity Experimental Study and Results Volume One.
44258: ALEXANDRIAN, SARANE, - Surrealist Art.
54557: FITZPATRICK; JOHN C. & HORATIO ALGER, - The Writings of George Washington from the Original Manuscript Sources 1745-1799 Volume 38 (General Index A-N).
46699: ALGER, HORATIO. GARDNER, RALPH D., - Frank And Fearless: Or, The Fortunes Of Jasper Kent.
46698: ALGER, HORATIO. GARDNER, RALPH D., - Ralph Raymond's Heir.
46696: ALGER, HORATIO. GARDNER, RALPH D., - Train Boy.
41750: ALGER, HORATIO. WESTGARD, GILBERT K., - Alger Street The Poetry Of Horatio Alger, Jr..
3127: ALHADEFF, DAVID A., - Microeconomics and Human Behavior: Toward a New Synthesis of Economics and Pyschology.
47504: ALI, ANUWAR, - Malaysia's Industrialization: The Quest For Technology.
35260: ALICATA, J . E., - Parasites Of Man And Animals In Hawaii.
60003: ALIGHIERI, DANTE; SINCLAIR, JOHN D., - The Divine Comedy: Volume 3: Paradiso (Galaxy Books).
59605: ALIGHIERI, DANTE. MUSA, MARK., - Dante's Inferno.
35494: ALINDER, JIM, - Twelve Photographers A Contemporary Mid-america Document.
807414: ALINDER, JAMES & MORRIS WRIGHT, - Wright Morris: Photographs & Words.
27242: ALLABY, MICHAEL, - The Concise Oxford Dictionary Of Zoology.
806483: ALLAIS, MAURICE, - Economies Et Societes La Theorie Generale Des Surplus. Two Volume Set.
46231: ALLAN, GEORGE, - Rethinking College Education.
9345: ALLARD, JEAN, - The Woman Business Lawyer Conference.
60709: ALLCOCK, HARRY R., - Volume 25, Inorganic Syntheses.
220648: ALLCOCK, JOHN B. AND MILIVOJEVIC, MARKO AND HORTON, JOHN J., - Conflict in the Former Yugoslavia: an Encyclopedia.
280275: ALLCOCK, JOHN B. & MARKO MILIVOJEVIC & JOHN J. HORTON, - Conflict in the Former Yugoslavia: an Encyclopedia.
2646: ALLEMAN, JAMES H. AND RICHARD D. EMMERSON, - Perspectives on the Telephone Industry: the Challenge for the Future.
281587: ALLEN, ROBERT PORTER, - The Roseate Spoonbill.
120028: ALLEN, R. H., - Part-Time Farming in the Southeast (Research Monograph Series).
60677: ALLEN, MARGARET VANDERHAAR, - The Achievement of Margaret Fuller.
60585: ALLEN, ORPHIA JANE, - Barbara Pym: Writing a Life.
59958: ALLEN, JOSEPH J., - Inner Way: Eastern Christian Spiritual Direction.
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