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19100: DENEVAN, WILLIAM M., - The Native Population Of The Americas In 1492.
803111: DENEVE, ROSE M, - Print Casebooks 6 The Best In Annual Reports.
44458: DENKLER, HORST, - Romane Und Erzahlungen Des Burgerlichen Realismus Neue Interpreationen.
806361: DENNEE, CHARLES, - The International Library Of Music For Home and Studio Study Material Vol II Grades Three and Four.
806360: DENNEE, CHARLES, - The International Library of Music For Home and Studio Study Material Vol I Grades One and Two (I).
6672: DENNETT, DANIEL CLEMENT, - Brainstorms : Philosophical Essays on Mind and Psychology.
710405: DENNIS, JOHN V., - The Great Cypress Swamps.
51680: DENNIS, J. K. SUCH, T. E., - Nickel and Chromium Plating.
43561: DENNIS, W. H., - Foundations Of Iron And Steel Metallurgy.
16372: DENNIS, BARBARA, - Reform And Intellectual Debate In Victorian England, 1830-1880.
711689: DENNIS, RUTH, - The Homes of the Hoovers.
36627: DENNY, FREDERICK MATHEWSON, - An Introduction To Islam.
23210: DENOME, ROBERT T., - The French Parnassian Poets.
160770: DENSMORE, FRANCES, - Music Of The Tule Indians Of Panama.
40100: DENSMORE, FRANCES, - Chippewa Music I and II.
57010: DENT, CHRIS, - European Union and East Asia: An Economic Relationship.
35145: DENT, COLIN, - Quantity Surveying A Fully Metricated Text.
5639: DENT, EDWARD JOSEPH, - The Rise of Romantic Opera.
711069: DENT, EDWARD J. & ERWIN STEIN & LORENZO DA PONTE, - The Marriage of Figaro - Le Nozze di Figaro (Comic Opera in four acts by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart).
8671: DENTON, CRAIG, - People of the West Desert : Finding Common Ground.
280890: DENTON, JEFFREY H., - Philip the Fair and the Ecclesiastical Assemblies of 1294-1295 (Transactions of the American Philosophical Society).
806453: UNIVERSITY OF DENVER, - 1962 Kynewisbok, University of Denver Yearbook, Denver, Colorado.
807000: DENVER, COLO.) 1976 : (3RD : WATER RESOURCES COUNCIL (U.S.). FEDERAL INTER-AGENCY SEDIMENTATION CONF, - Proceedings of the Third Federal Inter-agency Sedimentation Conference, 1976 : March 22-25, 1976, Denver, Colorado : participating agencies, Agricultural Research Service ... [et al.]..
52764: DENYS, F. WARD, - Our Summer in the Vale of Kashmir.
56551: DEPALMA, ANTHONY F. AND ROTHMAN, RICHARD H., - The Intervertebral Disc.
12869: WAR DEPARTMENT, - Regulations For The Army Of The United States 1910.
160252: KENTUCKY STATE HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT, - (Kentucky) 1930 Standard Specifications for State and Federal Road and Bridge Construction.
54916: DEPEW, DAVID J. AND WEBER, BRUCE H., - Darwinism Evolving: Systems Dynamics and the Genealogy of Natural Selection.
160080: U. S. DEPT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES; MARTIN, SUSAN E., - The Effects of the Mass Media on the Use and Abuse of Alcohol (Sudoc HE 20.8315: 28).
280715: DEPUY, WILLIAM E. (COMPILED BY RICHARD M. SWAIN), - Selected Papers of General William E. Depuy.
21583: DERBER, MILTON, - The American Idea Of Industrial Democracy 1865-1965.
711759: DERGE, WANA MARIE, - Color, Form and Composition.
804782: DERKS, SCOTT, - Working Americans 1880-1999 Volume III the Upper Class.
804781: DERKS, SCOTT, - Working Americans, 1880-1999 Volume II the Middle Class.
804780: DERKS, SCOTT, - Working Americans, 1880-1999: Volume One. the Working Class.
25891: DERMAN, WILLIAM, - Serfs, Peasants, And Socialists.
56069: VAN DERMARCK, JAN, - Masterworks in Wood: the Twentieth Century.
100635: DEROSIER, ARTHUR H., - Removal of the Choctaw Indians.
59602: DERRIDA, JACQUES; BENNINGTON, GEOFFREY & RACHEL BOWLBY, - Of Spirit: Heidegger and the Question.
45995: DERUCHER, KENNETH N. HEINS, CONRAD P., - Bridge And Pier Protective Systems And Devices.
710440: DESAI, D. K., - Genealogical Research Studies of Families of Jhalod, India Families from Maharastra, Inda 1582-2008.
807432: DESAI, KANU. DESAI, BHADRA., - Indian Decorative Art.
240024: DESAUSMAREZ, MAURICE, - Basic Design: The Dynamics of Visual Form.
160789: DESBOROUGH, V.R.D'A., - The Greek Dark Ages.
801453: DESCHARNES, ROBERT, - Auguste Rodin.
19810: DESCOLA, JEAN, - Daily Life In Colonial Peru 1710-1820.
801633: DESHAZO, EDITH, - Everett Shinn 1876-1953.
100184: DESHMUKH, VINOD D., - Noninvasive Measurement of Regional Cerebral Blood Flow in Man.
805198: MILWAUKEE INSTITUTE OF ART AND DESIGN, - M. I. A. D. Things Will Never Look the Same Again.
804295: AMERICAN CENTER FOR DESIGN, - Planetarium: The 100 Show : The Fifteenth Annual of the American Center for Design.
710382: DESIGN, INFORMATION, - Notes on Architecture.
47411: TASK FORCE ON GEOMETRIC DESIGN, - A Policy On Geometric Design Of Highways And Streets 1984.
750124: AMERICAN CENTER FOR DESIGN, - American Center for Design Journal: Interact.
52767: DESMEDT, JOHN E., - New Concepts of the Motor Unit: Neuromuscular Disorders; Electromyographic Kinesiology (New Developments in Electromyography and Clinical Neurophysiology).
135: DESMOND, ROBERT W., - Windows on the World: World News Reporting 1900-1920..
22763: DESTLER, I. M., - Presidents, Bureaucrats, And Foreign Policy: The Politics Of Organizational Reform.
14582: DESTLER, I. M., - American Trade Politics.
54438: DETWILER, SAMUEL RANDALL, - Neuroembryology; an Experimental Study,.
34595: DEUCHAR, ELIZABETH M, - Cellular Interactions In Animal Development.
15655: VAN DEUSEN, MARSHALL, - J. E. Spingarn.
48754: DEUTRICH, MABEL E., - Clio Was A Woman: Studies In The History Of American Women.
45491: DEUTSCH, KENNETH L., - The Crisis Of Liberal Democracy: A Straussian Perspective.
8552: DEUTSCH, J. ANTHONY, - The Physiological Basis of Memory. Edited by J. Anthony Deutsch.
280054: DEVAMBEZ, PIERRE, - L'Art Au Siecle De Pericles.
42121: DEVAMBEZ, PIERRE, - L'art Au Siecle De Pericles.
180144: DEVANE, WILLIAM C, - A Browning Handbook.
45222: DEVERELL, WILLIAM, - Railroad Crossing: Californians And The Railroad, 1850-1910.
160207: DEVEREUX, GEORGE, - A Study of Abortion in Primitive Societies: A Typological, Distributional, and Dynamic Analysis of the Prevention of Birth in 400 Preindustrial Societies.
22957: DEVINE, DONALD J., - The Attentive Pubic Polyarchical Democracy.
59147: DEVINE, MICHAEL J., - Harry S. Truman, the State of Israel, and the Quest for Peace in the Middle East.
31624: DEVLIN, ALBERT J., - Eudora Welty's Chronicle: A Story Of Mississippi Life.
803528: DEVOLPI, CHARLES P. WINKWORTH, P. S., - Montreal Recueil Iconographique a Pictorial Record 1535-1885, Volume I.
804216: DEVRIES, JOHANNES J, - Shrublands in California: Literature Review and Research Needed for Management.
710555: DEVROVE, JOHN M., - The New Frontier for Land Policy: Planning and Growth Management in the States.
50957: DEW, CHARLES B, - Bond of Iron: Master and Slave At Buffalo Forge.
240090: DEWEY, ADMIRAL GEORGE, - Record of Proceedings of a Court of Inquiry in the Case of Rear-Admiral Winfield S. Schley, U. S. Navy; Convened At the Navy-Yard, Washington, D. C. , September 12, 1901; 2 Volumes.
220098: DEWEY, DONALD, - Modern Capital Theory.
57836: DEWEY, JOHN. GOUINLOCK, JAMES, - The Moral Writings of John Dewey.
23930: DEWEY, DONALD, - Modern Capital Theory.
21785: DEWEY, JOHN. GOUINLOCK, JAMES, - The Moral Writings Of John Dewey.
51542: DEWHURST, C. KURT. MACDOWELL, MARSHA, - Michigan Hmong Arts, Textiles in Transition (Folk Culture Series, Volume 3, Number 2).
2311: DEWHURST, W. G. AND G. B. BAKER EDITORS, - Pharmacotherapy of Affective Disorders.
804212: DEWITT, THOMAS A, - Soil Survey of Story County, Iowa.
11363: DEWITZ, SANDRA DONALDSON, - Systems Analysis And Design And The Transition To Objects.
53794: DEXTER, BYRON, - The Foreign Affairs 50-Year Bibliography; New Evaluations of Significant Books on International Relations 1920-1970.
100786: DEY, ALOKE, - Orthogonal Factorial Designs.
801364: DIAL, THORNTON. BARAKI, AMIRI, - Thornton Dial: Image Of The Tiger.
48951: DIAMANT, LINCOLN, - Television's Classic Commercials; : The Golden Years, 1948-1958.
38598: DIAMANT, R. M. E., - Total Energy, (international Series Of Monographs In Heating, Ventilation And Refrigeration, V. 6).
57831: DIAMOND, EDWIN AND SANDLER, NORMAN AND MUELLER, MILTON, - Telecommunications in Crisis: The First Amendment, Technology, and Deregulation (Studies in domestic issues).
47435: DIAMOND, HENRY L. NOONAN, PATRICK F, - Land Use In America.
46140: DIAMOND, PETER, - Uncertainty In Economics: Readings And Exercises.
806005: DIAMONSTEIN, BARBARALEE, - Collaboration, Artists and Architects: the Centennial Project of the Architectural League.
801625: DIAMONSTEIN, BARBARALEE, - American Architecture Now II.
800501: DIAMONSTEIN, BARBARALEE, - Buildings Reborn New Uses Old Places.
281179: DIAZ, J., - Automata, Languages and Programming: Tenth Colloquium, Barcelona, Spain, July 18-22, 1983. Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) (English and French Edition).
61034: DIAZ, JOAQUIN AND DIAZ VIANA, LUIS, - Romances Tradicionales de Castilla y Leon.
60876: DÍAZ-GUERRERO, R., - Psychology of the Mexican: Culture and Personality (Texas Pan American Series).
804253: DIBNER, BERN, - Agricola on Metals.
804174: DIBNER, BERN, - Oersted and the Discovery of Electromagnetism.
4205: DICE, LEE R, - Natural Communities.
50046: DICHTER, HARRY, - Handbook of Early American Sheet Music, 1768-1889.
42080: DICHTER, HARRY, - Early American Sheet Music: Its Lure And Its Lore 1768-1889.
120571: DICK, EVERETT, - Vanguards Of The Frontier.
710721: DICK, BENNETT, - Standard Guitar Method - Theory Workbook.
49582: DICK, EVERETT, - Conquering The Great American Desert.
48802: DICK, BRUCE ALLEN, - A Poet's Truth: Conversations With Latino/latina Poets.
47505: DICK, EVERETT, - The Lure Of The Land: A Social History Of The Public Lands From The Articles Of Confederation To The New Deal.
40438: DICK, EVERETT, - Conquering The Great American Desert.
39789: DICK, EVERETT, - Conquering The Great American Desert.
36510: DICK, KAY, - Pierot.
33516: DICK, STEWART, - The Cottage Homes Of England.
31365: DICK, EVERETT, - Vanguards Of The Frontier: A Social History Of The Northern Plains And Rocky Mountains From The Fur Traders To The Sod Busters.
34623: DICKENS, ROY S. JR., - Cherokee Prehistory: The Pisgah Phase In The Appalachian Summit Region.
10583: DICKENS, CHARLES, - Pictures from Italy.
42147: DICKERSON, JAMES L, - Just For A Thrill : LIL Hardin Armstrong, First Lady Of Jazz.
41709: DICKEY, JOHN W., - Analytic Techniques In Urban And Regional Planning: With Applications Inpublic Administration And Affairs.
36509: DICKEY, JAMES, - The Eye-beaters, Blood, Victory, Madness, Buckhead And Mercy.
160835: DICKEY, FRANKLIN, - Not Wisely But Too Well; Shakespeare's Love Tragedies.
52960: DICKINSON, A. E. F, - The Music Of Berlioz.
40521: DICKINSON, GOLDSWORTHY LOWES, - Causes Of International War.
38309: DICKINSON, A. E. F, - The Music Of Berlioz.
21539: DICKINSON, ROBERT E., - Regional Concept: The Anglo-american Leaders.
4637: DICKINSON, EMILY, - New Poems by Emily Dickinson.
35713: DICKSON, HAROLD E., - Arts Of The Young Republic: The Age Of William Dunlap.
28081: DICKSON, KATHERINE MURPHY, - History Of Aeronautics And Astronautics A Preliminary Bibliography.
28066: DICKSON, KATHERINE MURPHY, - History Of Aeronautics And Astronautics A Preliminary Bibliography.
806654: DICKSON, EDITOR JEAN, - Indiana University Arbutus for 1942 Yearbook.
37587: DIERCKXSENS, WIM, - The Limits Of Capitalism : An Approach To Globalization Without Neoliberalism.
60230: DIESING, PAUL, - How Does Social Science Work?: Reflections on Practice (Pitt Series in Policy & Institutional St).
711907: DIETRICH, RENEE, - Deye Mon Behind the Mountains.
52552: DIETZ, JOHANN. MIALL, BERNARD. HORDER, MERVYN, - Memoirs of a Mercenary; Being the Memoirs of Master Johann Dietz Surgeon in the Army of the Great Elector and Barber to the Royal Court.
100246: DIETZ, ALBERT G.H., - Dwelling House Construction.
220149: DIETZE, GOTTFRIED, - In Defense of Property.
800519: BRE DIGESTS, - Building Defects And Maintenance: Essential Information From The Building Research Establishment.
29864: DIGGINS, JOHN P., - The Bard Of Savagery: Thorstein Veblen And Modern Social Theory.
37282: DIKTER, VALDA. OLSON, ERNST WILLIAM, - Valda Dikter: Selected Poems.
22716: DAS, DILIP K, - Police Practices An International Review.
711726: DILL, HERBERT H., LEE, FORREST B. (EDITORS), - Home Grown Honkers.
711727: DILL, HERBERT H., LEE, FORREST B. (EDITORS), - Home Grown Honkers.
805083: DILLENGERGER, JANE, - Perceptions of the Spirit in Twentieth Century American Art.
220094: DILLINGHAM, WILLIAM B., - Frank Norris, Instinct and Art.
34173: DILLINGHAM, WILLIAM B., - Melville And His Circle: The Last Years.
50267: DILLON, GEORGE L, - Language Processing and the Reading of Literature: Toward a Model of Comprehension.
44136: DILLON, MERTON L., - Benjamin Lundy And The Struggle For Negro Freedom.
28526: DILLON, JOHN L., - The Analysis Of Response In Crop And Livestock Production.
61130: DILLON, RONNA F., - Individual Differences in Cognition.
58961: DILLON, MARTIN & ELIZABETH S. DILLON, - A Manual of Common Beetles of Eastern North America (v. 1).
59091: DILLON, MICHELE, - Catholic Identity: Balancing Reason, Faith, and Power.
16147: DILMAN, ILHAM, - Freud And Human Nature.
15244: DILMAN, ILHAM, - Freud And Human Nature.
46837: DILTS, JAMES D., - The Great Road: The Building Of The Baltimore And Ohio, The Nation's First Railroad, 1828-1853.
140536: DILTS, HAROLD, - From Ackley to Zwingle a Collection of the Origins of Iowa Place Names..
60495: DILWORTH, DAVID A., - Philosophy in World Perspective: A Comparative Hermeneutic of the Major Theories.
55462: DIMANCESCU, DAN AND DWENGER, KEMP, - World-Class New Product Development: Benchmarking Best Practices of Agile Manufacturers.
800530: DIMEDIO, ANNETTE MARIA, - Frances Mccollin Her Life And Music.
9787: DIMMITT, RICHARD BETRAND, - An Actor Guide To The Talkies.
24055: DINABURG, M. S., - Photosensitive Diazo Compounds And Their Uses.
802042: DINAR, ARIEL, - Measuring the Impact of Climate Change on Indian Agriculture.
34392: DINGLE, J. T., - Lysomes In Biology And Pathology.
800715: DINNERSTEIN, HARVEY, - Harvey Dinnerstein: Artist At Work.
18450: DINNERSTEIN, LEONARD, - America And The Survivors Of The Holocaust.
281272: DINSMORE, JAMES J., - Iowa Birds.
281479: DINSMORE, JAMES J., - Iowa Birds.
220940: DINSMORE, JAMES J., - Iowa Birds.
18993: DINTER, PAUL E., - Beyond Naive Belief: The Bible And Adult Catholic Faith.
34068: DINWIDDY, BRUCE, - Promoting African Enterprise.
140484: DINWOODIE, MARTIN DAVIDSON; (REVISIONS) CAMERON, - Elements of Mathematical Astronomy with a Brief Exposition of Relativity.
804983: DIPIRO, JOSEPH T. & ROBERT L. TALBERT & GARY C. YEE & GARY R. MATZKE & BARBARA G. WELLS & L. MICHAEL, - Pharmacotherapy a Pathophysiologic Approach.
34164: DIPPEL, JOHN V. H., - Bound Upon A Wheel Of Fire: Why So Many German Jews Made The Tragic Decision To Remain In Nazi Germany.
31505: DIPPEL, HORST, - Germany And The American Revolution, 1770-1800: A Sociohistorical Investigation Of Late Eighteenth-century Political Thinking.
31813: DIPPLE, BRIAN W., - Looking At Russell.
750096: DISCH, DAVE; STEPHENS, W. RICHARD, - A Century of Excellence : Greenville College, 1892-1992 [Illinois].
280590: DISKUL, M.C. SUBHADRADIS. PRINCESS CHUMBHOT OF NAGARA SVARGA, - The Lacquer Pavilion At Suan Pakkad Palace.
3999: DISRAELI, ISAAC EDITED BY B. DISRAELI, - Amenities of Literature Consisting of Sketches and Chareacters of English Literature.
220152: FOREST PRESERVE DISTRICT, - The Forest Preserves of Cook County.
140745: DITCHBURN, W. R., - Light.
806881: DITMARS, RAYMOND L., - Reptiles of North America.
280002: DITTMANN, ERLING, - Slottsfjellskolen of VI Som Gikk Der.
24207: DITTRICK, MARK, - Decorative Hardware.
806928: FORD PARTS AND SERVICE DIVISION, - 1977 Car Shop Manual Vol. 2 Engine.
807050: GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION BUICK MOTOR DIVISION, - 1981 Buick Chassis Service Manual. All Series Except Skylark.
805777: GM PONTIAC DIVISION, - 1984 Pontiac Grand Prix, Bonneville Service Manual.
711244: FORD PARTS AND SERVICE DIVISION, - 1977 Car Shop Manual Vol. 4 Body.
711329: FORD PARTS AND SERVICE DIVISION, - 1977 Car Shop Manual Vol. 3 Electrical.
807427: SERVICE DEPARTMENT - GENERAL MOTORS - CADILLAC DIVISION, - 1985 Cadillac Service Information Manual - Cimarron Final Edition Repair Manual.
33990: MATERIALS TESTING AND QUALITY CONTROL DIVISON, - Prevention Of Structural Failures.
9014: MATERIALS TESTING AND QUALITY CONTROL DIVISON, - Prevention Of Structural Failures.
805429: DIXON, JOHN, - Architectural Design Preview, U. S. A.
802543: DIXON, JOSEPH S, - Wildlife Portfolio Of The Western National Parks.
220948: DIXON, WHEELER, - Producers Releasing Corporation: A Comprehensive Filmography and History.
38133: DIXON, THEODORE R., - Verbal Behavior And General Behavior Theory.
20944: DIXON, W. G., - Special Relativity: The Foundation Of Macroscopic Physics.
47550: DIXSON, A. F., - The Natural History Of The Gorilla.
29474: DIZARD, JAN E., - The Minimal Family.
46049: DIZIKES, JOHN, - Opera In America: A Cultural History.
220330: DJAMOUR, JUDITH, - The Muslim Matrimonial Court in Singapore (LSE).
180057: DJILAS, MILOVAN, - Die Neue Klasse. Eine Analyse Des Kommunistischen Systems.
34401: DJUBEK, J., - Limit State Of The Plate Elements Of Steel Structures.
23841: DMITRIEV, V. K., - Economic Essay On Value, Competition And Utility.
56340: DOANE, FRANCIS H, - Electric Railway Engineering (International Library of Technology).
100750: DOANE, FOSTER BAIRD, - Principles of Magnaflux.
2232: DOANE, CHARLES C. AND MICHAEL L. MCMANUS EDITORS, - The Gypsy Moth: Research Toward Integrated Pest Management.
53647: DOAR, BRUCE GORDON, - China Archaeology and Art Digest Qingzhou Statues Vol. 3 No.1 April 1999: Qingzhou Buddhist Statuary.
53282: DOBBING, J., - Sweetness (Ilsi Human Nutritions Reviews).
38050: DOBBY, ALAN, - Conservation And Planning.
160308: DOBREE, BONAMY, - Modern Prose Style.
34752: DOBRIE, BONAMY, - Oxford History Of English Literature English Literature In The Early Eighteen Century 1700-1740.
140053: DOBSON, AUSTIN, - Rosalba's Journal and Other Papers (Essay Index Reprint Series).
26205: LE DOC, THOMAS, - Piety And Intellect At Amherst College 1865-1912.
53891: DOCHERTY, JAMES C., - Historical Dictionary of Australia.
53872: DOCHERTY, JAMES C., - Historical Dictionary of Australia.
801283: DOCKSTADER, FREDERICK J., - Weaving Arts Of The North American Indian.
901332: DOCKSTADER, FREDERICK J., - Indian Art In South America.
901348: DOCKSTADER, FREDERICK J., - Indian Art In Middle America.
15333: DODD, A. H., - The Growth Of Responsible Government From James The First To Victoria.
220516: DODGE, PHYLLIS B, - Tales of the Phelps-Dodge Family, A Chronicle of Five Generations.
52228: DODGE, GRENVILLE M., - How We Built the Union Pacific Railway and Other Railway Papers and Addresses.
51903: DODGE, TOBY, - Inventing Iraq: The Failure Of Nation-building And A History Denied.
49318: DODGE, ERNEST S., - Beyond The Capes: Pacific Exploration From Captain Cook To The Challenger 1776-1877.
47220: DODGE, GRENVILLE M., - How We Built The Union Pacific Railway And Other Railway Papers And Addresses.
43926: DODGE, ERNEST S., - New England And The South Seas.
38904: DODGE, W. W., - The Fraternal And Modern Banquet Orator: An Original Book Of Useful Helps At The Social Session And Assembly Of Fraternal Orders, College Entertainments, Social Gatherings And All Banquet Occasions.
37911: DODGE, ERNEST S., - Beyond The Capes: Pacific Exploration From Captain Cook To The Challenger 1776-1877.
36744: DODGE, NATT M., - Trees Of Grand Canyon National Park.
43097: DODGE, GRENVILLE M., - Personal Recollections Of President Abraham Lincoln, General Ulysses S. Grant, And General William T. Sherman.
160054: DODGE,, - Dodge Mechanical Power Transmission Equipment D66.
712005: DOE, DONALD. WRIGHT, LESLIE, - Patient Progress.
20977: DOERR, HANS O., - Forensic Neuropsychology: Legal And Scientific Bases.
41955: DOGAN, MATTEI, - Quantitative Ecological Analysis In The Social Sciences.
29984: DOGAN, MATTEI, - Social Ecology.
60203: DOGGETT, PROFESSOR FRANK A., - Wallace Stevens, The Making of the Poem.
220097: DOHERTY, J. E., - A Chronology of Irish History Since 1500.
55928: DOHERTY, THOMAS, - Projections of War: Hollywood, American Culture, and World War II (Film and Culture).
28054: DOHERTY, WILLIAM T., - Conservation In The United States A Documentary History Minerals.
53295: DOLAN, JAY P. & R. SCOTT APPLEBY & PATRICIA BYRNE & DEBRA CAMPBELL, - Transforming Parish Ministry The Changing Roles of Catholic Clergy, Laity, and Women Religious.
30223: DOLAN, JAY P., - Catholic Revivalism: The American Experience, 1830-1900.
49398: DOLBEARE, KENNETH M., - Trial Courts In Urban Politics: State Court Policy Impact And Functions In A Local Political System.
40838: DOLBOW, SANDRA W., - Dictionary Of Modern French Literature.
140247: DOLDEN, A.STUART, - Cannon Fodder: An Infantryman's Life on the Western Front, 1914-18.
49354: DOLE, MALCOLM, - The Glass Electrode: Methods, Application, And Theory.
41741: DOLECEK, RAJKO, - Metabolic Response Of The Burned Organism.
100154: DOLENC, V. V., - The Cavernous Sinus: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Vascular and Tumorous Lesions.
160268: DOLMETSCH, ARNOLD, - Interpretation of the Music of the XVII and XVIII Centuries, Revealed by Contemporary Evidence.
38382: DOLPH, EDWARD ARTHUR, - Sound Off Soldier Songs From Yankee Doodle To Parley Voo.
24711: DOMBROWSKI, DANIEL A., - St. John Of The Cross: An Appreciation.
60737: DOMENICO, P.A., - Concepts and Models in Groundwater Hydrology.
48580: DOMINGUEZ, JOHN R, - Devaluation And Futures Markets.
801506: DOMINIC, ZOE, - Frederick Ashton A Choreographer And His Ballets.
54917: DOMINICS, MARIA C. AND REYNOLDS, JOHN J., - Repase Y Escriba: Curso Avanzedo De Gramatica Y Composicion.
34342: DOMMISSE, G. F., - The Arteries And Veins Of The Human Spinal Cord From Birth.
52110: DONAHOE, BERNARD F, - Private Plans & Public Dangers: the Story of Fdr's Third Nomination..
712040: W., DONALD AND E., RICHARD, - Building with Passive Solar: An Application Guide for the Southern Builder.
49033: DONALDSON, GARY A, - Truman Defeats Dewey.
120340: DONALDSON, R.J., - Parasites and Western Man.
806791: DONALDSON, THOMAS E., - Iconography of Vaisnava Images in Orissa.
712076: DONATI, ENRICO; WEINSTEIN GALLERY, - Enrico Donati, A Retrospective: 1942 to 2001.
180147: DONDEYNE, ALBERT, - Faith and the World.
11595: DONNA, NATALIE, - Bead Craft.
51984: DONNE, JOHN. KERMODE, FRANK. REINER, IMRE, - The Poems of John Donne.
35434: O'DONNELL, J. REGINALD, - Nine Mediaeval Thinkers A Collection Of Hitherto Unedited Texts.
140077: O'DONNELL, JAMES JOSEPH, - Augustine (Twayne's World Authors Series).
16350: O'DONNELL, MICHAEL J., - Equational Logic As A Programming Language.
15482: O'DONNELL, MICHAEL J., - Equational Logic As A Programming Language.
44107: DONNELLY, MARIAN CARD, - The New England Meeting Houses Of The Seventeenth Century.
44662: DONOVAN, FRANK P., - Iowa Palimpsest Magazine: the Burlington (Railroad) in Iowa.
160932: DONOVAN JR., FRANK P. AND CUSHING F. WRIGHT, - The First Through a Century 1853 - 1953: A History of The First National Bank of Saint Paul.
803465: DONOVAN, MARY DEIRDRE, - The Professional Chef's Techniques of Healthy Cooking.
52049: DONOVAN, FRANK P., - Railroads of America.
47907: DONOVAN, ROBERT J., - Tumultuous Years: The Presidency Of Harry S. Truman 1949-1953.
44791: DONOVAN, FRANK P., - Iowa Palimpsest Magazine: the Great Northern--Union Pacific--Sante Fe (Railroads).
43757: DONOVAN, TIMOTHY PAUL, - Henry Adams And Brooks Adams: The Education Of Two Historians.
711548: DONOVAN, ARTHUR L, - James Hutton's Medical Dissertation (Transactions of the American Philosophical Society ; V. 70, Pt. 6).
750109: DONOVAN, MARY DEIRDRED, - The Professional Chef's Techniques of Healthy Cooking.
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42033: ESKINAZI, SALAMON, - Vector Mechanics Of Fluids And Magnetofluids.
804928: REAL ACADEMIA ESPANOLA, - Diccionario De La Lengua Espanola.
804929: REAL ACADEMIA ESPANOLA, - Diccionario De La Lengua Espanola Decimonovena Edicion.
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33588: ESQUENAZI-MAYO, ROBERTO, - Latin American Scholarship Since World War Ii: Trends In History, Political Science, Literature, Geography, And Education.
53468: ESSES, MICHAEL, - The Phenomenon of Obedience.
804123: CARL MAHR ESSLINGEN, - Dimensional Metrology: Measuring Instruments Measuring Equipment Gauges Dkd Calibration.
12419: ESSMAN, WALTER B., - Serotonin In Health And Disease Vol. 4 Clinical Correlates.
49345: ESTERMANN, IMMANUEL, - Methods Of Experimental Physics Volume 1 Classical Methods.
160184: ESTY, WILLIAM SUDDARDS FRANKLIN AND WILLIAM, - Dynamo Laboratory Manual For Colleges and Technical Schools Volume 1; Direct-Current Studies and Tests.
20697: ETHERINGTON, JOHN R., - Environment And Plant Ecology.
48640: ETHRIDGE, WILLIE SNOW, - Strange Fires; : The True Story Of John Wesley's Love Affair In Georgia.
711684: ETKIN, HARRY A, - AM/FM Broadcast Station Planning Guide.
29901: ETTIN, ANDREW VOGEL, - Speaking Silences: Stillness And Voice In Modern Thought And Jewish tradition.
55742: ETTINGER, STEPHEN J., - Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine: Diseases of the Dog and Cat, Vol. 1.
55286: ETULAIN, RICHARD, - Re-imagining the Modern American West: A Century of Fiction, History, and Art.
53968: ETULAIN, RICHARD W., - A Bibliographical Guide to the Study of Western American Literature.
40200: ETULAIN, RICHARD W., - Bibliographical Guide To The Study Of Western American Literature.
55579: ETZIONI, AMITAI, - The Moral Dimension, Toward a New Economics.
45006: ETZIONI, AMITAI, - The New Golden Rule: Community And Morality In A Democratic Society.
29363: ETZIONI, AMITAI, - a comparative analysis of complex organizations.
20459: ETZIONI, AMITAI, - The Moral Dimension: Toward a New Economics.
120088: EU-YANG, KWANG, - The Political Reconstruction of China ... by Eu-Yang Kwang, M. A.
24808: BURTON EUGENE, - The Fourth R Iowa Retired Teachers.
46357: EULAU, HEINZ, - Crossroads Of Social Science: The Icpsr 25th Anniversary Volume.
57153: EULBERG, MARY THOMAS, - The Rt. Rev. Mathias M. Hoffman, V. F. , Whose World Was Others.

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