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58683: DAVIS, GRANT M. & ETC., - Management of Transportation Carriers (Praeger special studies in U.S. economic, social, and political issues).
58565: DAVIS, DAVID BRION, - Slavery and Human Progress.
57955: DAVIS, MICHAEL, - Ancient Tragedy and the Origins of Modern Science (Philosophical Explorations).
54861: DAVIS, JAMES F., - U.S. Court of Claims Patent Practice.
54665: DAVIS, VINCENT, - The Admirals Lobby.
54302: DAVIS, GEORGE B., - A Treatise on the Military Law of the United States Together With the Practice and Procedure of Courts-Martial and Other Military Tribunals.
29992: DAVIS, TRACY C., - Theatricality.
52226: DAVIS, ARTHUR KYLE, - Folk-Songs of Virginia; : a Descriptive Index and Classification of Material Collected under the Auspices of the Virginia Folklore Society.
50096: DAVIS, KENNETH C., - Two-bit Culture: The Paperbacking Of America.
47268: DAVIS, SIDNEY A. LEDGERWOOD, BYRON K, - Electromechanical Components For Servomechanisms.
46304: DAVIS, LYNN E., - Individual Preparedness And Response To Chemical, Radiological, Nuclear, And Biological Terrorist Attacks.
45945: DAVIS, WILLIAM C., - Union That Shaped The Confederacy Robert Toombs And Alexander H. Stephens.
42538: DAVIS, ROBERT CON, - Rhetoric And Form: Deconstruction At Yale.
38435: DAVIS, RONALD L., - Opera In Chicago.
36426: DAVIS, ELI, - Rheumatic Fever Clinical, Ecological And Familial Aspects.
33900: DAVIS, JAMES W., - National Conventions In An Age Of Party Reform.
33659: DAVIS, HAROLD EUGENE, - Latin American Thought: An Historical Introduction.
23725: DAVIS, LOYAL, - Fellowship Of Surgeons A History Of The American College Of Surgeons.
31612: DAVIS, PETER G., - The American Opera Singer : The Lives And Adventures Of America's Great Singers In Opera And In Concert From 1825 To The Present.
28804: DAVIS, RONALD L., - A History Of Opera In The American West.
26034: DAVIS, STEPHEN D., - Plants In Danger What Do We Know.
25307: DAVIS, RICHARD G., - Carl A Spatz And The Air War In Europe.
100846: DAVIS, STANLEY N. AND DEWIEST, ROGER J. M., - Hydrogeology.
20205: DAVIS, DAVID BRION, - Homicide In American Fiction 1798-1860 A Study In Social Values.
19991: DAVIS, NATALIE ZEMON, - Society And Culture In Early Modern France: Eight Essays.
59893: DAVIS, ALEXANDER, - The Native Problem in South Africa: With a Review of the Problem in West and West-Central Africa,.
120479: DAVIS, ROBERT H., - Historical Dictionary of Colombia.
19599: DAVIS, WINSTON, - Dojo: Magic And Exorcism In Modern Japan.
281463: DAVIS, JOHN WILLIAM, - Infectious Diseases of Wild Mammals.
16163: DAVIS, ALLEN F., - The Peoples Of Philadelphia.
14968: DAVIS, RONALD L., - A History Of Opera In The American West.
901970: DAVIS, WILLIAM C., - Touched by Fire: A National Historical Society Photographic Portrait of the Civil War.
100331: DAVIS, JAMES W., - Presidential Primaries: Road to the White House (Contributions in Political Science).
59779: DAVIS, RALPH, - The Rise of the Atlantic Economies (World Economic History Series).
160366: DAVIS, MICHAEL JUSTIN, - William Blake: A New Kind of Man.
806047: DAVISON, ARCHIBALD T., - Historical Anthology of Music : Baroque, Rococo, and Pre-Classical Music.
804961: DAVISON, ARCHIBALD T., - Historical Anthology of Music : Baroque, Rococo, and Pre-Classical Music.
806389: DAVISON, ARCHIBALD T., - Historical Anthology of Music : Baroque, Rococo, and Pre-Classical Music.
34773: DAVISON, ARCHIBALD T., - Church Music Illusion And Reality.
806596: DAVISON, ARCHIBALD T. APEL, WILLI, - Historical Anthology of Music: Oriental, Medieval & Renaissance Music.
806049: DAVISON, ARCHIBALD T., - Historical Anthology of Music : Baroque, Rococo, and Pre-Classical Music.
807314: DAVISON, ARCHIBALD T., - Historical Anthology of Music : Baroque, Rococo, and Pre-Classical Music.
24436: DAVISSON, WILLIAM I., - European Economic History Volume 1 The Ancient World.
35218: DAVSON, HUGH, - The Eye.
48482: DAWDY, DORIS OSTRANDER, - Artists Of The American West: A Biographical Dictionary Volume 1.
281493: DAWES, CLINTON J., - Marine Botany.
45369: DAWKINS, RICHARD, - The Extended Phenotype.
801230: DAWLEY, JOSEPH, - Painting Western Character Studies: Techniques In Oil.
39093: DAWLEY, PAMELA R., - Wisconsin Men Of Achievement Bicentennial Edition 1776-1976.
60161: DAWLEY, ALAN, - Struggles for Justice: Social Responsibility and the Liberal State.
56252: DAWN, MARVA J., - Reaching Out Without Dumbing Down: A Theology of Worship for the Turn-of-the-Century Culture.
802618: DAWSON, PATRICIA. HUDSON, DAVID, - Iowa History And Culture: A Bibliography Of Materials Published Between 1952 And 1986.
52902: DAWSON, CARL, - Victorian Noon English Literature in 1850.
49279: DAWSON, C. A., - The New North-west.
140924: DAWSON, ROBERT MACGREGOR, - Development of Dominion Status 1900-1936.
805087: DAY, HOLLIDAY T., - Shape of Space: The Sculpture of George Sugarman.
802217: DAY, KENNETH, - The Typography Of Press Advertisement A Practical Summary Of Principles And Their Application..
57444: DAY, WILLIAM, - Genesis on Planet Earth: Search for Life's Beginning (The Bio-origins series).
56259: DAY, ALICE T., - Remarkable Survivors: Insights into Successful Aging Among Women.
55973: DAY, DAVID, - The Great Betrayal: Britain, Australia and the Onset of the Pacific War, 1939-42.
46780: DAY, RICHARD H. GROVES, THEODORE, - Adaptive Economic Models.
40522: DAY, WILLIAM, - Genesis on planet Earth: The search for life's beginning.
39490: DAY, KENNETH, - Book Typography 1815-1965 In Europe And The United States Of America.
37677: DAY, RICHARD B, - Democratic Theory And Technological Society.
30666: DAY, RANDAL D., - Conceptualizing And Measuring Father Involvement.
28174: DAY, RICHARD H., - Economic Analysis And Agricultural Policy.
13999: DAY, A. GROVE, - Eleanor Dark.
11646: DAY, FREDERICK T, - Mosaic Handcraft: Coloured Paper Craft.
4850: DAY, CHRISTINE L., - What Older Americans Think : Interest Groups and Aging Policy.
2773: O'DAY, DANTON H. AND PAUL A. HORGEN, EDITORS, - Eucaryotic Microbes As Model Developmental Systems.
280413: DAYAL, YOGESHWAR, - Endocrine Pathology of the Gut and Pancreas.
140199: DAYDI-TOLSON, SANTIAGO, - The Post-Civil War Spanish Social Poets (Twayne's World Authors Series).
10851: DEACON, RUTH E., - Families Of The Future.
711139: IOWA SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF, - Iowa School for the Deaf Yearbook 1991.
711140: IOWA SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF, - Iowa School for the Deaf Yearbook 1993.
711138: IOWA SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF, - Iowa School for the Deaf Yearbook 1987.
902093: DEAN, ROGER, - Views.
805360: DEAN, PETER, - SLR Yearbook 1971: a Book about Single Lens Reflex Photography..
804451: DEAN, JEFF, - Architectural Photography: Techniques for Architects, Preservationists, Historians, Photographers, and Urban Planners.
800050: DEAN, JILL, - Wisconsin: A State For All Seasons.
57556: DEAN, JOAN FITZPATRICK, - David Hare (Twayne's English Authors Series).
41491: DEAN, JOHN A., - Flame Emission And Atomic Absorption Spectrometry Volume 2 Components And Techniques..
38505: DEAN, BERYL, - Ideas For Church Embroidery.
37709: DEAN, JOHN A., - Lange's Handbook Of Chemistry.
34395: DEAN, DONALD L., - Discrete Field Analysis Of Structural Systems.
1553: DEAN, JACK H. AND MARTIN PADARATHSINGH, - Biological Relevance of Immune Suppression As Induced by Genetic Therapeutic and Environmental Factors.
56738: DEANE, CAPTAIN R. BURTON, - Mounted Police Life in Canada: a Record of Thirty-One Year's of Service, 1883-1914.
24049: DEANIN, RUDOLPH D., - New Industrial Polymers.
42521: DEAR, MICHAEL J., - Landscapes Of Despair: From Deinstitutionalization To Homelessness.
36880: DEARMENT, ROBERT K., - Knights Of The Green Cloth: The Saga Of The Frontier Gamblers.
18733: DEBELAK, DON, - How To Bring A Product To Market For Less Than $5,000.
48870: DEBENEDETTI, CHARLES, - An American Ordeal: The Antiwar Movement Of The Vietnam War.
31511: DEBENEDETTI, CHARLES, - An American Ordeal: The Antiwar Movement Of The Vietnam Era.
47896: DEBO, ANGIE, - A History Of The Indians Of The United States.
44112: DEBO, ANGIE, - The Road To Disappearance: A History Of The Creek Indians.
36298: DEBRUYNE, FRANS M. J. DENIS, LOUIS. VAN DER MEIJDEN, AD P. M., - BCG in Superficial Bladder Cancer: Proceedings of an EORTC Genitourinary Group Sponsored Meeting Held At Erenstein Castle Kerkrade, the Netherlands, on ... in Clinical and Biological Research).
120005: DEBRUYNE, FRANS M. J. DENIS, LOUIS. VAN DER MEIJDEN, AD P. M., - BCG in Superficial Bladder Cancer: Proceedings of an EORTC Genitourinary Group Sponsored Meeting Held At Erenstein Castle Kerkrade, the Netherlands, on ... in Clinical and Biological Research).
22408: DEBUS, ALLEN G., - World Who's Who In Science.
220002: DECALO, SAMUEL, - Historical Dictionary of Chad.
31397: DECALO, SAMUEL, - Historical Dictionary Of Niger.
31379: DECALO, SAMUEL, - Historical Dictionary Of Togo.
889: DECARIE, THERESE GOUIN, - Intelligence and Affectivity in Early Childhood.
803693: DECKER, HANS, - Romanesque Art in Italy.
802272: DECKER, HANS, - Romanesque Art In Italy.
58451: DECKER, ROBERT OWEN, - Hartford Immigrants: a History of the Christian Activities Council (Congregational) , 1850-1980.
53416: DECKER, JOANNE ARDOLF, - Making the Moments Count Leisure Activities for Caregiving Relationships.
100594: DEEKEN, ALFONS, - Process and Permanence in Ethics; : Max Scheler's Moral Philosophy.
9461: DEELEY, THOMAS J., - Modern Trends In Radiotherapy 1.
711439: JOHN DEERE, - FOS Fundamentals of Service, Fuels, Lubricants and Coolants.
711440: JOHN DEERE, - FOS Fundamentals of Service, Belts and Chains.
100811: JOHN DEERE, - The Operation, Care and Repair of Farm Machinery.
160590: DEERING, JAMES H., - The Penal Code of the State of California 1931.
805499: U. S. DEPT OF DEFENSE, - Water Resources Development in Iowa ... by the US Army Corps of Engineers (Sudoc D 103.35: IO 9/).
220725: DEFFAA, CHIP, - Voices of the Jazz Age: Profiles of Eight Vintage Jazzmen (Music in American Life).
48889: DEFFAA, CHIP, - Blue Rhythms: Six Lives In Rhythm And Blues.
805449: DEFOE, DANIEL; KROEBER, BERND ILLUSTRATED BY, - Roxana... the Fortunate Mistress or a History of the Life and Vast Variety of Fortunes of Mademoiselle De Beleau, Afterwards Called the Countess De Wintselheim in Germany Being the Person Known by the Name of Lady Roxana in the Time of Charles II.
52590: DEFOE, DANIEL. FALKE, PIERRE, - The Adventures of Robinson Cruscoe.
57566: DEGATEGNO, PAUL J., - James MacPherson (Twayne's English Authors Series).
60539: DEGH, LINDA, - American Folklore and the Mass Media (Folklore Today).
36057: DEGLER, CARL N., - Place Over Time The Continuity Of Southern Distinctiveness.
32945: DEGRAZIA, DIANE, - Correggio And His Legacy: Sixteenth-century Emilian Drawings.
58093: DEGROVE, JOHN M., - Balanced Growth: A Planning Guide for Local Government (Practical Management Series).
800141: DEHARPPORTE, DEAN, - Northwest, North Central, And Alaska Wind Atlas.
800448: DEHN, VIRGINIA, - Adolf Dehn Drawings.
802226: DEIS, JAMES, - Henderson Then And Now In The Minnesota River Valley 1852-1994.
58118: DEISSNER, VERA., - Bookdie Volkskunde Und Ihre Methoden : Perspektiven Auf Die Geschichte Einer "Tastend-Schreitenden Wissenschaft" Bis 1945.
220663: DEKKER, GEORGE, - The American Historical Romance (Cambridge Studies in American Literature and Culture).
29223: DEL MEL, NELOUFER, - Women & The Nation's Narrative: Gender And Nationalism In Twentieth Century Sri Lanka.
12312: DEL MAR, DONALD, - Introduction to Quality Control.
17103: DELACHET, ANDRE, - Contemporary Geometry.
52406: DELAND, MARGARET, - The Hands of Esau.
51210: DELAND, MARGARET, - John Ward, Preacher (1888).
711185: DELANEY, EDMUND T., - New York's Turtle Bay : Old and New.
45443: DELANEY, C. F., - The Liberalism-communitarianism Debate.
806254: DELANO, ALONZO. WILSON, RUFUS ROCKWELL. PALENSKE, LOUIS, - Across the Plains and Among the Diggings.
37428: DELBRUCK, HANS, - History Of The Art Of War. Volume III (3) Medieval Warfare.
711262: DELCO-REMY, DIVISION OF GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION, - Delco-Remy Electrical Equipment Operation and Maintenance Handbook Dr-324.
807131: DELEE, JOSEPH B., - The Principles and Practive of Obstetrics. with 938 Illustrations on 923 Figures, 175 of Them in Colors.
180121: DELEHAYE, HIPPOLYTE AND ATTWATER, DONALD, - The Legends of the Saints.
803779: DELEVOY, ROBERT L., - Dimensions of the 20th Century 1900-1945.
59333: DELGUM, DAVID, - A Story of Religious & Cultural Diversiry in America.
100439: O'DELL, LESLIE, - Shakespearean Characterization: A Guide for Actors and Students.
140189: O'DELL, ANDREW C AND RICHARDS, PETER S, - Railways and Geography.
902081: DELL'ACQUA, GIAN ALBERTO, - Capolavori Di Brera E Dell'ambrosiana.
8074: DELMONTE, JOHN, - Metal-Polymer Composites.
39296: DELONEY, THOMAS. MANN, FRANCIS OSCAR, - The Works Of Thomas Deloney.
710992: DELONG, LEA ROSSON, - Shifting Visions: O'Keeffe, Guston, Richter.
711175: DELONG, LEA ROSSON, - Shifting Visions: O'Keeffe, Guston, Richter.
804847: DELPAR, HELEN, - Encyclopedia of Latin America.
49516: PHI GAMMA DELTA, - Songs Of The Fijis And Their Colleges.
806467: DELTA DELTA DELTA, - Delta Delta Delta - Alumnae Directory 2000.
281122: DELTA, DETROIT ALUMNAE CHAPTER ALPHA XI, - Alpha XI Delta Favorite Recipes.
58657: DELVE, KEN, - Nightfighter: The Battle for the Night Skies.
23458: DELVIN, EDGARD E., - Gastrointestinal Functions.
8427: DELVIN, EDGARD E., - Gastrointestinal Functions, Vol. 46.
280917: DEMARAY, JOHN G., - Dante and the Book of the Cosmos (Transactions of the American Philosophical Society).
33931: DEMARR, MARY JEAN, - Adolescent In The American Novel: Since 1960.
53986: DEMASTES, WILLIAM W. & KATHERINE E. KELLY, - British Playwrights, 1880-1956 a Research and Production Sourcebook.
26620: DEME, SANDOR, - Semiconductor Detectors For Nuclear Radiation Measurement.
25620: DEMETER, RICHARD, - The Fighting 69th : A History.
804258: DEMETRION, JAMES T., - Selections from the B. Gerald Cantor Collection.
51581: DEMOLEN, RICHARD L, - The Meaning of the Renaissance and Reformation.
160737: DEMOLEN, RICHARD L, - Albert Hyma; : Bibliography and Biographical Sketch.
42743: DEMOS, RAPHAEL, - The Philosophy Of Plato.
19836: DEMOS, JOHN, - Remarkable Providences, 1600-1760.
42602: DEMPSTER, W. J., - An Introduction To Experimental Surgical Studies.
19100: DENEVAN, WILLIAM M., - The Native Population Of The Americas In 1492.
803111: DENEVE, ROSE M, - Print Casebooks 6 The Best In Annual Reports.
44458: DENKLER, HORST, - Romane Und Erzahlungen Des Burgerlichen Realismus Neue Interpreationen.
806361: DENNEE, CHARLES, - The International Library Of Music For Home and Studio Study Material Vol II Grades Three and Four.
806360: DENNEE, CHARLES, - The International Library of Music For Home and Studio Study Material Vol I Grades One and Two (I).
6672: DENNETT, DANIEL CLEMENT, - Brainstorms : Philosophical Essays on Mind and Psychology.
710405: DENNIS, JOHN V., - The Great Cypress Swamps.
51680: DENNIS, J. K. SUCH, T. E., - Nickel and Chromium Plating.
43561: DENNIS, W. H., - Foundations Of Iron And Steel Metallurgy.
16372: DENNIS, BARBARA, - Reform And Intellectual Debate In Victorian England, 1830-1880.
711689: DENNIS, RUTH, - The Homes of the Hoovers.
36627: DENNY, FREDERICK MATHEWSON, - An Introduction To Islam.
23210: DENOME, ROBERT T., - The French Parnassian Poets.
160770: DENSMORE, FRANCES, - Music Of The Tule Indians Of Panama.
40100: DENSMORE, FRANCES, - Chippewa Music I and II.
57010: DENT, CHRIS, - European Union and East Asia: An Economic Relationship.
35145: DENT, COLIN, - Quantity Surveying A Fully Metricated Text.
5639: DENT, EDWARD JOSEPH, - The Rise of Romantic Opera.
711069: DENT, EDWARD J. & ERWIN STEIN & LORENZO DA PONTE, - The Marriage of Figaro - Le Nozze di Figaro (Comic Opera in four acts by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart).
8671: DENTON, CRAIG, - People of the West Desert : Finding Common Ground.
280890: DENTON, JEFFREY H., - Philip the Fair and the Ecclesiastical Assemblies of 1294-1295 (Transactions of the American Philosophical Society).
806453: UNIVERSITY OF DENVER, - 1962 Kynewisbok, University of Denver Yearbook, Denver, Colorado.
807000: DENVER, COLO.) 1976 : (3RD : WATER RESOURCES COUNCIL (U.S.). FEDERAL INTER-AGENCY SEDIMENTATION CONF, - Proceedings of the Third Federal Inter-agency Sedimentation Conference, 1976 : March 22-25, 1976, Denver, Colorado : participating agencies, Agricultural Research Service ... [et al.]..
52764: DENYS, F. WARD, - Our Summer in the Vale of Kashmir.
56551: DEPALMA, ANTHONY F. AND ROTHMAN, RICHARD H., - The Intervertebral Disc.
12869: WAR DEPARTMENT, - Regulations For The Army Of The United States 1910.
160252: KENTUCKY STATE HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT, - (Kentucky) 1930 Standard Specifications for State and Federal Road and Bridge Construction.
54916: DEPEW, DAVID J. AND WEBER, BRUCE H., - Darwinism Evolving: Systems Dynamics and the Genealogy of Natural Selection.
160080: U. S. DEPT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES; MARTIN, SUSAN E., - The Effects of the Mass Media on the Use and Abuse of Alcohol (Sudoc HE 20.8315: 28).
280715: DEPUY, WILLIAM E. (COMPILED BY RICHARD M. SWAIN), - Selected Papers of General William E. Depuy.
21583: DERBER, MILTON, - The American Idea Of Industrial Democracy 1865-1965.
711759: DERGE, WANA MARIE, - Color, Form and Composition.
804782: DERKS, SCOTT, - Working Americans 1880-1999 Volume III the Upper Class.
804781: DERKS, SCOTT, - Working Americans, 1880-1999 Volume II the Middle Class.
804780: DERKS, SCOTT, - Working Americans, 1880-1999: Volume One. the Working Class.
25891: DERMAN, WILLIAM, - Serfs, Peasants, And Socialists.
56069: VAN DERMARCK, JAN, - Masterworks in Wood: the Twentieth Century.
100635: DEROSIER, ARTHUR H., - Removal of the Choctaw Indians.
59602: DERRIDA, JACQUES; BENNINGTON, GEOFFREY & RACHEL BOWLBY, - Of Spirit: Heidegger and the Question.
45995: DERUCHER, KENNETH N. HEINS, CONRAD P., - Bridge And Pier Protective Systems And Devices.
710440: DESAI, D. K., - Genealogical Research Studies of Families of Jhalod, India Families from Maharastra, Inda 1582-2008.
807431: DESAI, KANU, - Lovers' Cascade.
807432: DESAI, KANU. DESAI, BHADRA., - Indian Decorative Art.
240024: DESAUSMAREZ, MAURICE, - Basic Design: The Dynamics of Visual Form.
160789: DESBOROUGH, V.R.D'A., - The Greek Dark Ages.
801453: DESCHARNES, ROBERT, - Auguste Rodin.
19810: DESCOLA, JEAN, - Daily Life In Colonial Peru 1710-1820.
801633: DESHAZO, EDITH, - Everett Shinn 1876-1953.
100184: DESHMUKH, VINOD D., - Noninvasive Measurement of Regional Cerebral Blood Flow in Man.
805198: MILWAUKEE INSTITUTE OF ART AND DESIGN, - M. I. A. D. Things Will Never Look the Same Again.
804295: AMERICAN CENTER FOR DESIGN, - Planetarium: The 100 Show : The Fifteenth Annual of the American Center for Design.
710382: DESIGN, INFORMATION, - Notes on Architecture.
47411: TASK FORCE ON GEOMETRIC DESIGN, - A Policy On Geometric Design Of Highways And Streets 1984.
750124: AMERICAN CENTER FOR DESIGN, - American Center for Design Journal: Interact.
52767: DESMEDT, JOHN E., - New Concepts of the Motor Unit: Neuromuscular Disorders; Electromyographic Kinesiology (New Developments in Electromyography and Clinical Neurophysiology).
135: DESMOND, ROBERT W., - Windows on the World: World News Reporting 1900-1920..
22763: DESTLER, I. M., - Presidents, Bureaucrats, And Foreign Policy: The Politics Of Organizational Reform.
14582: DESTLER, I. M., - American Trade Politics.
54438: DETWILER, SAMUEL RANDALL, - Neuroembryology; an Experimental Study,.
34595: DEUCHAR, ELIZABETH M, - Cellular Interactions In Animal Development.
15655: VAN DEUSEN, MARSHALL, - J. E. Spingarn.
48754: DEUTRICH, MABEL E., - Clio Was A Woman: Studies In The History Of American Women.
45491: DEUTSCH, KENNETH L., - The Crisis Of Liberal Democracy: A Straussian Perspective.
8552: DEUTSCH, J. ANTHONY, - The Physiological Basis of Memory. Edited by J. Anthony Deutsch.
280054: DEVAMBEZ, PIERRE, - L'Art Au Siecle De Pericles.
42121: DEVAMBEZ, PIERRE, - L'art Au Siecle De Pericles.
180144: DEVANE, WILLIAM C, - A Browning Handbook.
45222: DEVERELL, WILLIAM, - Railroad Crossing: Californians And The Railroad, 1850-1910.
160207: DEVEREUX, GEORGE, - A Study of Abortion in Primitive Societies: A Typological, Distributional, and Dynamic Analysis of the Prevention of Birth in 400 Preindustrial Societies.
22957: DEVINE, DONALD J., - The Attentive Pubic Polyarchical Democracy.
59147: DEVINE, MICHAEL J., - Harry S. Truman, the State of Israel, and the Quest for Peace in the Middle East.
31624: DEVLIN, ALBERT J., - Eudora Welty's Chronicle: A Story Of Mississippi Life.
803528: DEVOLPI, CHARLES P. WINKWORTH, P. S., - Montreal Recueil Iconographique a Pictorial Record 1535-1885, Volume I.
804216: DEVRIES, JOHANNES J, - Shrublands in California: Literature Review and Research Needed for Management.
710555: DEVROVE, JOHN M., - The New Frontier for Land Policy: Planning and Growth Management in the States.
50957: DEW, CHARLES B, - Bond of Iron: Master and Slave At Buffalo Forge.
240090: DEWEY, ADMIRAL GEORGE, - Record of Proceedings of a Court of Inquiry in the Case of Rear-Admiral Winfield S. Schley, U. S. Navy; Convened At the Navy-Yard, Washington, D. C. , September 12, 1901; 2 Volumes.
220098: DEWEY, DONALD, - Modern Capital Theory.
58217: DEWEY, JOHN; BOYDSTON, JO ANN & PROFESSOR JOHN J. MCDERMOTT, - John Dewey: The Later Works, 1925-1953: 1935-1937/Essays and Liberalism and Social Action, Vol. 11.
57836: DEWEY, JOHN. GOUINLOCK, JAMES, - The Moral Writings of John Dewey.
23930: DEWEY, DONALD, - Modern Capital Theory.
21785: DEWEY, JOHN. GOUINLOCK, JAMES, - The Moral Writings Of John Dewey.
51542: DEWHURST, C. KURT. MACDOWELL, MARSHA, - Michigan Hmong Arts, Textiles in Transition (Folk Culture Series, Volume 3, Number 2).
2311: DEWHURST, W. G. AND G. B. BAKER EDITORS, - Pharmacotherapy of Affective Disorders.
804212: DEWITT, THOMAS A, - Soil Survey of Story County, Iowa.
11363: DEWITZ, SANDRA DONALDSON, - Systems Analysis And Design And The Transition To Objects.
53794: DEXTER, BYRON, - The Foreign Affairs 50-Year Bibliography; New Evaluations of Significant Books on International Relations 1920-1970.
100786: DEY, ALOKE, - Orthogonal Factorial Designs.
801364: DIAL, THORNTON. BARAKI, AMIRI, - Thornton Dial: Image Of The Tiger.
48951: DIAMANT, LINCOLN, - Television's Classic Commercials; : The Golden Years, 1948-1958.
38598: DIAMANT, R. M. E., - Total Energy, (international Series Of Monographs In Heating, Ventilation And Refrigeration, V. 6).
57831: DIAMOND, EDWIN AND SANDLER, NORMAN AND MUELLER, MILTON, - Telecommunications in Crisis: The First Amendment, Technology, and Deregulation (Studies in domestic issues).
55869: DIAMOND, SANDER A., - Nazi Movement in the United States, 1924-1941.
47435: DIAMOND, HENRY L. NOONAN, PATRICK F, - Land Use In America.
46140: DIAMOND, PETER, - Uncertainty In Economics: Readings And Exercises.
806005: DIAMONSTEIN, BARBARALEE, - Collaboration, Artists and Architects: the Centennial Project of the Architectural League.
801625: DIAMONSTEIN, BARBARALEE, - American Architecture Now II.
800501: DIAMONSTEIN, BARBARALEE, - Buildings Reborn New Uses Old Places.
281179: DIAZ, J., - Automata, Languages and Programming: Tenth Colloquium, Barcelona, Spain, July 18-22, 1983. Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) (English and French Edition).
61034: DIAZ, JOAQUIN AND DIAZ VIANA, LUIS, - Romances Tradicionales de Castilla y Leon.
60876: DÍAZ-GUERRERO, R., - Psychology of the Mexican: Culture and Personality (Texas Pan American Series).
804253: DIBNER, BERN, - Agricola on Metals.
804174: DIBNER, BERN, - Oersted and the Discovery of Electromagnetism.
4205: DICE, LEE R, - Natural Communities.
50046: DICHTER, HARRY, - Handbook of Early American Sheet Music, 1768-1889.
42080: DICHTER, HARRY, - Early American Sheet Music: Its Lure And Its Lore 1768-1889.
120571: DICK, EVERETT, - Vanguards Of The Frontier.
710721: DICK, BENNETT, - Standard Guitar Method - Theory Workbook.
49582: DICK, EVERETT, - Conquering The Great American Desert.
48802: DICK, BRUCE ALLEN, - A Poet's Truth: Conversations With Latino/latina Poets.
47505: DICK, EVERETT, - The Lure Of The Land: A Social History Of The Public Lands From The Articles Of Confederation To The New Deal.
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