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140193: COLLIER, JEREMY, - A Short View of the Immorality and Profaneness of the English Stage..
800768: COLLIER, SIMON, - The Cambridge Encyclopedia Of Latin America And The Caribbean.
21300: COLLIER, JAMES LINCOLN, - The Rise Of Selfishness In America.
9057: COLLIER, JAMES E., - Geography Of The Northern Ozark Border Region In Missouri.
901880: COLLIER, LAURIE AND NAKAMURA, JOYCE, - Major Authors and Illustrators for Children and Young Adults.
37670: COLLIGAN, ROBERT C., - The Mmpi: A Contemporary Normative Study.
24074: COLLINGS, A. J., - Safe Use Of Solvents.
120114: COLLINS, IRENE, - Napoleon and His Parliaments, 1800-1815.
802986: COLLINS, DON, - Our Volunteer Firemen: A Look At Firefighting In Early America As Exemplified By The Men And Machines Of Lancaster, Lebanon, Reading And York, Pennsylvania.
802617: COLLINS, CHARLES W., - Atlas Of Iowa.
800732: COLLINS, JOSEPH T., - Natural Kansas.
800039: COLLINS, STEWART A., - The Mariner 6 And 7 Pictures Of Mars.
220843: COLLINS, LOUIS L., - Minnesota in the World War, Volume I. History of the 151st Field Artillery Rainbow Division.
50497: COLLINS, P. D. B. MARTIN, A. D. SQUIRES, E. J., - Particle Physics and Cosmology.
40478: COLLINS, JIM, - Architectures Of Excess; Cultural Life In The Information Age.
806508: COLLINS, CHARLES W., - Illinois an Atlas.
37917: COLLINS, JAMES, - The Emergence Of Philosophy Of Religion.
27426: COLLINS, FLETCHER, - The Production Of Medieval Church Music-drama.
30683: COLLINS, D. RAY, - A Comprehensive Guide To Sports Skills Tests And Measurement.
29924: COLLINS, GAIL, - America's Women: Four Hundred Years Of Dolls, Drudges, Helpmates, And Heroines.
25978: COLLINS, JUDITH, - The Omega Workshops.
21584: COLLINS, MICHAEL F., - Transport Organization In A Great City: The Case Of London.
806958: COLLINS, MYRON D. GREEN, JOHN E., - Playing and Teaching Percussion Instruments.
19039: COLLINS, JOHN J., - Never Pay Off: The Story Of The Independent Tanker Union 1937-1962.
33177: COLLINS, JIM, - Uncommon Cultures: Popular Culture And Post-modernism.
7299: COLLINS, FRANK C., - Quality : the Ball in Your Court.
3152: COLLIS, MAURICE, - Quest for Sita: the Central Section of the Sanskrit Epic the Ramayana.
36484: COLLISON, GARY, - Shadrach Minkins: From Fugitive Slave To Citizen.
240110: COLLODI, CARLO; KIRK, MARIA L., - Pinocchio the Story of a Puppet (Gift Edition).
11712: COLMAN, FRED H., - Drilling And Surfacing Practice.
140591: COLMAN, DAVID L., - Standing Strong: A History of Cedar Rapids Carpenters Local Union 308.
115: COLODNY, ROBERT G. EDITOR., - The Nature and Function of Scientific Theories..
43885: COLOMBO, CRISTOFORO, - Epistola De Insulis Nuper Inventis.
806454: ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO, - The 1940 Coloradan. Published by The Associated Students of The University of Colorado..
160830: COLTON, RAY, - The Civil War in the Western Territories: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah.
160755: COLTON, CALVIN, - Manual for Emigrants to America.
2560: COLTON, JOEL AND STUART BRUCHEY, EDITORS, - Technology, the Economy and Society: the American Experience.
44200: COLUM, PADRAIC, - Legends Of Hawaii.
802527: UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI. COLUMBIA, - University Of Missouri. Columbia Alumni Directory 2003.
710107: COLUMBIA COLLEGE, DUBUQUE, IOWA, - (Loras College) the Purgold Annual of Columbia College, Dubuque, Iowa 1926.
711831: COLUMBIA HIGH SCHOOL. WHITE SALMON, WASHINGTON., - Columbia High School. White Salmon, Washington. Columbian. 1992 Yearbook.
36115: COLUMBUS, CHRISTOPHER, - The Journal Of Christopher Columbus.
710497: COLVIN, BARBARA LEA THOMAS, - Tapestry: a Thomas Family Memoir.
41985: COLWELL, HECTOR A., - The Method Of Action Of Radium And X-rays On Living Tissues.
806529: COLYER, S.W. WITH A FOREWORD BY SIR ARTHUR QUILLER-COUCH, - The Spell of Oxford. a Book of Photographs by S. W. Colyer....
50526: COMBER, GUSTAV, - Tierzuchtungslehre.
58699: COMBS, GENE & JILL FREEDMAN, - Symbol, Story, and Ceremony: Using Metaphor in Individual and Family Therapy.
33610: COMER, FRED R., - Coming Of Age Teachers In Iowa 1954-1993.
42191: COMFORT, KENNETH JEROLD, - The Ego And The Pursuit Of Happiness.
281089: COMINA, CLAUDE, - Engineering Education in Europe Formation Des Ingenieurs En Europe.
61139: COMINGS, JOHN & BARBARA GARNER & CRISTINE SMITH, - The Annual Review of Adult Learning and Literacy, Volume 3 (NCSALL Review 2002).
61150: COMINGS, JOHN & BARBARA GARNER & CRISTINE SMITH, - The Annual Review of Adult Learning and Literacy, Volume 1.
43569: COMMAGER, HENRY STEELE. GIORDANETTI, ELMO., - Was America A Mistake: An Eighteenth-century Controversy.
35279: COMMAGER, HENRY STEELE, - Foundations Of American Nationalism.
712015: NAVAL EDUCATION AND TRAINING COMMAND, - Ear Training Manual for Musicians.
240171: COMMITTEE ON COMMERCE, - Dry Cereals: Hearings before the Consumer Subcommittee of the Committee on Commerce United States Senate Ninety-First Congress Second Session on Dry Cereals July 23, August 4 and 5, 1970.
281211: TOPEKA-SHAWNEE COUNTY METROPOLITAN PLANNING COMMISSION, - Remembrances in Wood, Brick, and Stone: Examples From the Architectural Heritage of Shawnee County, Kansas; a Historical Preservation Project Prepared by the Topeka-Shawnee County Metropolitan Planning Commission.
803316: INTERSTATE COMMERCE COMMISSION, - Railways In The United States In 1902: Part Iv. State Taxation Of Railways And Other Transportation Agencies.
35751: PRESIDENT'S WATER RESOURCES POLICY COMMISSION, - Ten Rivers In America's Future No. 3 The Missouri.
901930: MISSOURI HIGHWAY AND TRANSPORTATION COMMISSION, - Missouri Standard Plans for Low Traffic Bridges 24"-0" Roadway and HS20 Loading.
160247: IOWA STATE HIGHWAY COMMISSION, - Standard Specifications for Construction on Primary, Farm to Market and Secondary Roads and Maintenance Work on the Primary Road System.
160248: IOWA STATE HIGHWAY COMMISSION, - Standard Specifications for Construction on Primary, Farm to Market and Secondary Roads and Maintenance Work on the Primary Road System.
160249: MISSOURI STATE HIGHWAY COMMISSION, - Missouri Standard Specifications for State Roads, Materials, Bridges, Cluverts & Incidental Structures 1955.
160253: IOWA STATE HIGHWAY COMMISSION, - Iowa Highway Road and Street Laws 1956.
803864: THE 75TH ANNIVERSARY COMMITTEE, - The Dental Corps of the United States Navy a Chronology 1912-1987.
58111: COMMITTEE ON THE BIOLOGICAL EFFECTS OF IONIZING RADIATIONS, & NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL, - Health Risks of Radon and Other Internally Deposited Alpha-Emitters: BEIR IV (Series on Technology and Social Priorities).
51111: INDUSTRIAL PLANTS POWER SYSTEMS COMMITTEE, - IEEE Recommended Practice for Energy Conservation and Cost-Effective Planning in Industrial Facilities.
51112: POWER SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES COMMITTEE, - Recommended Practice for the Design of Reliable Industrial and Commercial Power Systems.
49077: OBERLIN CENTENNIAL COOKBOOK COMMITTEE, - A Book Of Favorite Recipes (oberlin Centennial Cookbook 1885-1985).
47244: ASTME PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE, - Plastics Tooling And Manufacturing Handbook.
34677: COMMITTEE ON SCIENCE, ENGINEERING, AND PUBLIC POLICY, - Frontiers In Science & Technology: A Selected Outlook.
32667: CRSI ENGINEERING PRACTICE COMMITTEE, - Reinforced Concrete Fire Resistance.
26995: COMMITTEE., - Materials Of Construction For Shipboard Waste Incinerators.
19909: BRITISH COMMITTEE, - Tabvla Imperii Romani: Condate-glevvm-londinivm-lvtetia.
100126: COMMITTEE ON THE JUDICIARY, UNITED STATES SENATE, - Reorganization of the Federal Judiciary. Hearings before the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, Seventy-Fifth Congress, First Session, on ... the Judicial Branch of the Government..
10314: THE EDITORIAL COMMITTEE, - The Annual Of Psychoanalysis.
9357: NATIONAL OPEN HEARTH STEEL COMMITTEE, - Deoxidation Of Steel: A Memorial Volume To C. H. Herty, Jr.
140602: THE EDITORIAL COMMITTEE, - Brochure of Poems by Iowa Poetry Day Association Eighth Annual Publication 1953.
140525: MAYFLOWER HISTORY COMMITTEE, - A Journey in Faith: the Story of Mayflower Home (Grinnell Iowa).
806611: COMMODORE-AMIGA, INC., - AMIGA ROM Kernel Reference Manual: Libraries Devices.
160343: COMMONS, JOHN R, - Trade Unionism & Labor Problems First Series.
807018: COMPANY, FORD MOTOR, - Ford 1998 Taurus Sable Service Manual.
100726: DOUBLE SEAL RING COMPANY, - The Double Seal Piston Ring Handbook.
807026: FORD MOTOR COMPANY, - Ford F and B 600 700 800 900 1994 Body Chassis Service Manual.
804322: DIRECTORY SERVICE COMPANY, - Official 1984 Wapello County, Iowa Rural Resident and Plat Directory.
804290: WHITE SEWING MACHINE COMPANY, - White Sewing Machines Sewing Manual.
803772: PITTSBURG PLATE GLASS COMPANY, - Glass Paints, Varishes and Brushes Their History, Manufacture and Use.
803532: LEWIS HISTORICAL PUBLISHING COMPANY, - History of Arizona Family and Personal History Volume III.
801788: DATA ANALYSIS COMPANY, - Oil And Grease Seal Interchanges.
801695: DES MOINES STOVE REPAIR COMPANY, - Furnace And Boiler Repair Parts Manufactured To Fit By Des Moines Stove Repair Co..
800755: DEERE AND COMPANY, - How Johnny Popper Replaced The Horse: A History Of John Deere Two-cylinder Tractors.
220610: LESHNICK DIRECTORY COMPANY, - 1922 Leshnick's Bloomington and Normal City Directory.
55325: UNION PUBLISHING COMPANY, - History of Bremer County, Iowa.
54497: COMPANY, S. D. WARREN & SCOTT PAPER COMPANY, - Paper Permanence: Preserving the Written Word.
53199: ARTHUR ANDERSON AND COMPANY, - Retailers on Retailing: Lessons from the School of Experience.
53135: FORD MOTOR COMPANY, - 1996 Passenger Car Front & Rear Wheel Drive Ford Specification Book.
49752: CABLE RAILWAY COMPANY, - The Cable Railway Company's System Of Traction Railways For Cities And Towns.
35432: ANACONDA COPPER MINING COMPANY, - The Anaconda Reduction Works.
35258: ANDERSON AUCTION COMPANY, - Catalogue Of The Library Of Robert Hoe Of New York Part IV A-k, L-z.
27682: T. B. WOOD'S SONS COMPANY, - Mechanical Power Transmission Equipment General Catalog.
26737: ALCO VALVE COMPANY, - Handbook Of Automatic Refrigerant Controls.
807025: COMPANY, FORD MOTOR, - 1994 Ford F & B, 600 - 700 - 800 - 900: Powertrain / Drivetrain Service Manual.
12715: WATERBURY CLOCK COMPANY, - Illustrated Catalogue Of Clocks, Regulators, And Calendars.
806136: FORD MOTOR COMPANY, - 1981 Car/truck Shop Manual Engine/emissions Diagnosis (All Car Models and Truck Series).
711646: SPARTAN SUPPLY COMPANY, - Spartan Supply Company Catalog 1990.
806877: SIMPLICITY PATTERN COMPANY., - Simplicity. Spring Fashion Preview 2006.
806922: FORD MOTOR COMPANY, - 1981 Car Shop Manual Body Chassis Electrical, Ford Thunderbird, XR-7, Fairmont, Zephyr, Granada, Cougar, Mustang, Capri.
807019: COMPANY, FORD MOTOR, - 1998 Ford Escort Mercury Tracer Workshop Manuals (2 Volume Set).
807015: FORD MOTOR COMPANY, - Aerostar, Ranger, Explorer 1994: Body / Chassis Service Manual.
901627: JUMBO JACK'S COOKBOOK COMPANY, - Iowa Homecoming 86 Official Cookbook.
901825: THE ATLAS COMPANY, - Atlas of Cerro Gordo County Iowa Containing Maps, Plats of the Townships, Rural Directory, Pictures of Schools, Churches, Articles on Agriculture, Etc..
901826: THE ATLAS COMPANY, - Atlas of Cerro Gordo County Iowa Containing Maps, Plats of the Townships, Rural Directory, Pictures of Farms & Families, Articles about History, Etc..
901948: SIDWELL COMPANY, - Atlas of Mclean County Illinois.
901949: SIDWELL COMPANY, - Atlas of Mclean County Illinois.
807128: LEWIS HISTORICAL PUBLISHING COMPANY, - History of Minnesota : Volumes III and IV : Family and Personal Records.
160244: THE SPECTATOR COMPANY, - The Handy Guide to Standard and Special Contracts and Dividends, Net Costs and Annuities (Life Insurance).
140584: P. & D. COLNAGHI & COMPANY, - Mannerism and the North European Tradition. Prints From C. 1520- C. 1630.
902176: PILLSBURY COMPANY, - The Pillsbury Family Cook Book.
6695: INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON CHLORINATED DIOXINS AND RELATED COMPOUNDS, - Human and Environmental Risks of Chlorinated Dioxins and Related Compounds.
38586: COMPTON, MICHAEL, - Towards A New Art: Essays On The Background To Abstract Art, 1910-20.
29259: COMPTON, J. LIN, - The Transformation Of International Agricultural Research And Development.
160392: COMPTON, ARTHUR H., - X-Rays and Electrons an Outline of Recent X-Ray Theory.
280235: APPLE COMPUTER, - Macintosh Family Hardware Reference.
36340: COMSTOCK, GARY L., - Vexing Nature: On The Ethical Case Against Agricultural Biotechnology.
56677: COMTE, AUGUSTE, - The Positive Philosophy of Auguste Comte. Freely Translated and Condensed by Harriet Martineau..
37305: CONACHER, J B., - Waterloo To The Common Market: 1815-the Present (the Borzoi History Of England ; V. 5).
160281: CONAN, ARTHUR, - The Sterling Area.
280345: CONANT, KENNETH JOHN, - Carolingian And Romanesque Architecture: 800-1200.
52313: CONAWAY, FREEMAN R, - Report of the Iowa Commission to the Louisiana Purchase Exposition St. Louis 1904.
800494: CONCKLIN, EDWARD F., - The Lincoln Memorial Washington.
807174: CONCORDIA COLLEGE, MOORHEAD, MINNESOTA, - Concordia College, Moorhead, Minnesota 1999 Cobber Yearbook (Reflections).
807173: CONCORDIA COLLEGE, MOORHEAD, MINNESOTA, - Concordia College, Moorhead, Minnesota 1998 Cobber Yearbook (Bound Together).
711678: CONDER, LYLE, - Collectors Guide to Heisey's Glassware for Your Table.
49596: CONDIT, CARL W., - The Chicago School Of Architecture : A History Of Commercial And Public Building In The Chicago Area, 1875-1925.
901879: CONDON, J. J, - A 1400 MHz sky atlas covering -5 [deg.] < [delta] < +82 [deg.].
807307: CONDON, EDDIE & HANK O'NEAL, - Eddie Condon's Scrapbook of Jazz.
804787: CONE, MICHELE, - The Roots and Routes of Art in the 20th Century.
220283: CONE, AL J.; LAWYER,VERNE, - The Art of Persuasion in Litigation.
18648: CONE, CARL B., - Hounds In The Morning: Sundry Sports Of Merry England.
160606: CONE, AL J, - The Art of Persuasion in Litigation.
220165: CONFERENCE, AND MARITAIN, JACQUES UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA. BICENTENNIAL, - University of Pennsylvania. Bicentennial Conference. Religion and the Modern World.
100400: UPSTREAM ENGINEERING CONFERENCE, - Headwaters Control and Use; : a Summary of Fundamental Principles and Their Application in the Conservation and Utilization of Waters and Soils ... and Abuse of America's Natural Resources).
281639: LIBRARY OF CONGRESS., - Calendar of the Papers of Martin Van Buren.
49229: PACIFIC LOGGING CONGRESS, - Men Of Timber - Honoring Leaders In The West Coast Logging Industry : Volume II.
59066: CONKIN, PAUL K., - The Uneasy Center: Reformed Christianity in Antebellum America.
803332: CONKLIN, JO-ANN, - The Louise Noun Collection Art by Women.
5636: CONLEY, WILLIAM C., - Computer Optimization Techniques.
160962: CONN, CHARLES W, - Like a Mighty Army, Moves the Church of God, 1886-1955.
280109: CONN, STETSON & ROSE C. ENGELMAN & BYRON FAIRCHILD, - The Western Hemisphere: the Framework of Hemisphere Defense (United States Army in World War II).
39381: CONN, G. K. T., - Essays In Physics Volume 2 1971.
39382: CONN, G. K. T., - Essays In Physics Volume 3 1972.
34857: CONN, STETSON, - United States Army In World War II The Western Hemisphere The Framework Of Hemisphere Defense.
12811: CONN, GEORGE H., - Arabian Horse In Fact, Fantasy And Fiction.
806931: CONNECT, HARRIS, - The University of Iowa Alumni Today 2011.
806830: CONNECT, HARRIS, - The University of Iowa Alumni Today 2011.
11149: HUMAN CONNECTION, - Making Cp/m-80 Work For You.
39498: O'CONNELL, CHARLES, - The Victor Book Of Overtunes, Tone Poems And Other Orchestral Works.
34419: CONNELL, DES W., - Chemistry And Ecotoxicology Of Pollution.
31697: CONNELLY, STEPHEN E., - Allan Seager.
42691: CONNOLLY, MAJOR JAMES A., - Three Years In The Army Of The Cumberland.
805877: CONNOLLY, M. CAREN, - Ranches: Design Ideas for Renovating, Remodeling, and Building New.
45413: CONNOLLY, WILLIAM E., - Political Theory And Modernity.
800994: CONNOR, LINDA, - Solos: Photographs.
240188: O'CONNOR, J. J. (EDITOR), - Dollar's Veterinary Surgery - General, Operative, and Regional.
47513: CONNOR, JOHN M., - Food Processing: An Industrial Powerhouse In Transition.
41111: O'CONNOR, JOHN, - Introducing Relief Printing.
39764: O'CONNOR, JACK, - The Shotgun Book.
23834: O'CONNOR, JAMES, - The Meaning Of Crisis: A Theoretical Introduction.
29267: O'CONNOR, BONNIE BLAIR, - Healing Traditions: Alternative Medicine And The Health Professions.
27523: O'CONNOR, J. J., - Dollar's Veterinary Surgery.
25287: O'CONNOR, A. M., - An Economic Geography Of East Africa.
25092: O'CONNOR, A. M., - An Economic Geography Of East Africa.
19282: CONNOR, SEYMOUR V., - Broadcloth And Britches: The Santa Fe Trade.
20119: CONOLEY, JANE CLOSE, - The Tenth Mental Measurements Yearbook.
805448: CONRAD, JOSEPH. SHORE, ROBERT, - Outcast of the Islands.
43809: CONRAD, WILL C. WILSON, DALE, - The Milwaukee Journal: The First Eighty Years.
30786: CONRAD, JOHN, - Joseph Conrad - Times Remembered.
281263: CONRAD, FLEMMING, - Smagen Og Det Nationale: Studier I Dansk Litteraturhistorieskrivning 1800-1861.
13264: CONRAD, PETER, - A Song Of Love And Death.
805374: CONRAN, TERENCE, - Terence Conran on Design.
15185: COMMITTEE ON LONG-RANGE SOIL AND WATER CONSERVATION, - Soil And Water Quality: An Agenda For Agriculture.
45048: CONSETT, THOMAS. CRACRAFT, JAMES, - For God And Peter The Great: The Works Of Thomas Consett, 1723-1729.
800556: CONSIDINE, DOUGLAS M AND GLENN D. CONSIDINE, - Van Nostrand's Scientific Encyclopedia.
806515: CONSIDINE, DOUGLAS M AND GLENN D. CONSIDINE, - Van Nostrand's Scientific Encyclopedia.
38379: CONSTABLE, W. G., - The Painter's Workshop.
160418: H, LUBELFELD JERZY HOUPIS CONSTANTINE, - Outline of Pulse Circuits: Including Problems With Step-By-Step Solutions. 1st Ed.
4945: CONTENTO, WILLIAM, - Index to Science Fiction Anthologies and Collections.
59881: CONTI, MARIO SERGIO, - Noticias Do Planalto: a Imprensa E Fernando Collor (Portuguese Edition).
280934: CONTOSTA, DAVID R.; MUCCIGROSSO, ROBERT, - Henry Adams and His World (Transactions of the American Philosophical Society).
806642: INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION FOR AUTOMATIC CONTROL., - I.F.A.C. Symposium on fluidics, London, 4th-8th November 1968: Proceedings;.
54377: CONVENSION., UNITED STATES PHARMACOPCEIAL, - The Pharmacopceia Of The United States Of America. Tenth Decennial Revision (U.S.P.X). By Authority Of The United States Pharmacopceial Convension Held At Washington, D.C., May 11, 1920..
42049: CONVERSE, JOHN MARQUIS, - Reconstructive Plastic Surgery.
800092: CONWAY, MARTIN, - Harper's Ferry: Time Remembered.
220398: CONWAY, WILLIAM E.; GUFFEY, GEORGE ROBERT; NOVAK, MAXIMILLIAN E., - Return to Product Information after the Tempest: the Tempest, Or, the Enchanted Island : the Tempest, Or, the Enchanted Island : the Mock-Tempest, Or, the Enchanted Castle.
52654: CONWAY, MARTIN. MCCORMICK A. D., - The Alps.
39107: CONWAY, JOHN B., - Subnormal Operators.
120135: CONYNGHAM, WILLIAM J., - Industrial Management in the Soviet Union; The Role of the CPSU in Industrial Decision-Making, 1917-1970 (Hoover Institution Publications, 116).
711112: CONZELMANN, HANS; MACRAE, GEORGE W., S.J. & JAMES W. LEITCH, - First Corinthians: A Commentary on the First Epistle to the Corinthians (Hermeneia: a Critical and Historical Commentary on the Bible).
800651: COOGAN, HERTTA, - Finnish Reflections space time objects Heijastuksia Suomesta: Tilaa, Aikaa, Esineitã¤.
60986: COOK, WILLIAM W. AND TATUM, JAMES, - African American Writers and Classical Tradition.
100665: COOK, ADRIAN, - The Armies of the Streets: The New York City Draft Riots of 1863.
900026: COOK, RAMSAY & FRANCESS G. HALPENNY & JEAN HAMELIN & RÉAL BÉLANGER, - Dictionary of Canadian Biography, Set 16 Vol. (1-15 W/ Cum Index for Vol. 1-12).
43088: COOK, ROY BIRD, - Washington's Western Lands.
240378: COOK, WILLIAM BURT (COMPILER), - Catalogue of the Egyptological Library and Other Books Fromt he Collection of the Late Charles Edwin Wilbour.
56507: COOK, R. M., - Greek Painted Pottery.
54921: COOK, THOMAS D. AND CAMPBELL, DONALD T., - Quasi-Experimentation: Design and Analysis Issues for Field Settings.
42055: COOK, WILLIAM BURT. WILBOUR, CHARLES EDWIN, - Catalogue Of The Egyptological Library And Other Books From The.
37811: COOK, RICHARD I., - Sir Samuel Garth.
33867: COOK, ROBERT S., - Zoning For Downtown Urban Design: How Cities Control Development.
33410: COOK, OLIVE, - The English Country House.
32000: COOK, CHRIS, - Longman Handbook Of Modern European History 1763-1991.
31848: COOK, CHRIS, - Longman Handbook Of Modern British History, 1714-1987.
29860: COOK, EDWARD M., - The Fathers Of The Towns: Leadership And Community Structure In Eighteenth-century New England.
25826: COOK, SHERBURNE F., - Essays In Population History Mexico And California. Volume 3.
20633: COOK, REGINALD, - Robert Frost: A Living Voice.
281397: COOK, NORMAN, - A Special Exhibition of Medieval English Pottery from the Collection of the Guildhall Museum, Londono.
15052: COOK, P. A., - Fourth Ima International Conference On Control Theory.
12474: COOK, A. H., - The Chemistry And Biology Of Yeasts.
11150: COOK, PETER, - The Antique Buyer's Handbook.
140858: COOK, ALBERT S. ; TINKER, CHAUNCEY B., - Select Translations from Old English Prose.
160627: COOK, CHRIS; RAMSDEN, JOHN; BUTLER, DAVID, - By-Elections in British Politics.
45924: COOKE, THOMAS D. HONEYCUTT, BENJAMIN L., - The Humor Of The Fabliaux: A Collection Of Critical Essays.
43184: COOKE, ROSE TERRY, - Root-bound And Other Sketches.
38221: COOKE, JACOB E., - The Federalist.
21114: COOKE, DERYCK, - Vindications Essays On Romantic Music.
40821: COOLEY, RICHARD L., - Regression Modeling Of Ground-water Flow (techniques Of Water-resources Investigations Of The United States Geological Survey) Book 3 Chapter B4.
21298: COOLEY, JOHN, - The Great Unknown: The Journals Of The Historic First Expedition Down The Colorado River.
100139: COOLEY, THOMAS MCINTYRE, - A Treatise on the Constitutional Limitations (Da Capo Press reprints in American constitutional and legal history).
8818: COOLEY'S ANEMIA SYMPOSIUM (5TH : 1984 : NEW YORK,, - Fifth Cooley's Anemia Symposium.
706: COOLIDGE, JULIAN LOWELL., - An Introduction to Mathematical Probability.
43772: COOMARASWAMY, ANANDA K., - The Arts & Crafts Of India And Ceylon.
120806: COOMARASWAMY, ANANDA K., - Buddha and the Gospel of Buddhism.
280961: COOMBS, MARGERY CHALIFOUX, - Large Mammalian Clawed Herbivores: A Comparative Study (Transactions of the American Philosophical Society).
55958: COOMBS, NORMAN,, - The Black Experience in America,.
800947: COOMBS, DAVID, - The Complete Antique Collector.
53128: COOMBS, HERBERT COLE; DODSON, MICK, - Aboriginal Autonomy Issues and Strategies.
39196: COOMBS, M. J., - Computing Skills And The User Interface.
22211: COON, LYNDA L., - That Gentle Strength Historical Perspectives On Women In Christianity.
160951: COOPER, CHARLES W.; PREFACE BY JESSAMYN WEST, - Whittier: Independent College in California, Founded By Quakers 1887.
806597: COOPER, TOM C., - Iowa's Natural Heritage.
805128: COOPER, DOUGLAS, - Work of Graham Sutherland.
806037: COOPER, TOM C., - Iowa's Natural Heritage..
805998: COOPER, TOM C., - Iowa's Natural Heritage..
803802: COOPER, TOM C., - Iowa's Natural Heritage..
806146: COOPER, TOM C., - Iowa's Natural Heritage..
803120: COOPER, WENDY A., - Classical Taste In America 1800-1840.
802515: COOPER, LANE, - A Concordance To The Poems Of William Wordsworth.
801878: COOPER, NECIA GRANT, - Particle Physics: A Los Alamos Primer.
801271: COOPER, GUY, - Paradise Transformed: The Private Garden For The Twenty-first Century.
806317: COOPER, TOM C., - Iowa's Natural Heritage..
57410: COOPER, DAVID E. AND MARGOLIS, JOSEPH; SARTWELL, CRISPIN, - A Companion to Aesthetics (Blackwell Companions to Philosophy).
54570: COOPER, FREDERIC TABER, - Some English Story Tellers: a Book of the Younger Novelists.
52799: COOPER, ROBERT B, - Introduction to Queueing Theory.
46649: COOPER, MARTIN, - The New Oxford History Of Music, Vol. 10 The Modern Age 1890-1960.
46055: COOPER, LEON, - Introduction To Operations Research Models.
41321: COOPER, JOHN L., - The Police And The Ghetto.
33182: COOPER, PHILIP J., - Hard Judicial Choices: Federal District Court Judges And State And Local Officials.
30954: COOPER, WAYNE F., - Claude Mckay Rebel Sojourner In The Harlem Renaissance.
26224: COOPER, WAYNE F., - Claude Mckay Rebel Sojourner In The Harlem Renaissance.
22939: COOPER, LEON, - Introduction To Methods Of Optimization.
806065: COOPER, TOM C., - Iowa's Natural Heritage..
806140: COOPER, TOM C., - Iowa's Natural Heritage..
21463: COOPER, PHILIP J., - Battles On The Bench: Conflict Inside The Supreme Court.
120447: COOPER, SANDI E. ; DURKHEIM,, - Sur L’internationalisme; Libres Entretiens, Deuxieme Serie, 1905-1906.
18087: COOPER, JOHN MILTON, - Walter Hines Page: The Southerner As American 1855-1918.
29049: COOPER, MARTIN, - The New Oxford History Of Music, Vol. 10 The Modern Age 1890-1960.
120174: COOPER, J.I., - Viruses and the Environment.
9577: COOPER, FRED, - Recent Advances In Particle Physics.
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807131: DELEE, JOSEPH B., - The Principles and Practive of Obstetrics. with 938 Illustrations on 923 Figures, 175 of Them in Colors.
180121: DELEHAYE, HIPPOLYTE AND ATTWATER, DONALD, - The Legends of the Saints.
803779: DELEVOY, ROBERT L., - Dimensions of the 20th Century 1900-1945.
59333: DELGUM, DAVID, - A Story of Religious & Cultural Diversiry in America.
100439: O'DELL, LESLIE, - Shakespearean Characterization: A Guide for Actors and Students.
140189: O'DELL, ANDREW C AND RICHARDS, PETER S, - Railways and Geography.
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281122: DELTA, DETROIT ALUMNAE CHAPTER ALPHA XI, - Alpha XI Delta Favorite Recipes.
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33931: DEMARR, MARY JEAN, - Adolescent In The American Novel: Since 1960.
53986: DEMASTES, WILLIAM W. & KATHERINE E. KELLY, - British Playwrights, 1880-1956 a Research and Production Sourcebook.
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160737: DEMOLEN, RICHARD L, - Albert Hyma; : Bibliography and Biographical Sketch.
42743: DEMOS, RAPHAEL, - The Philosophy Of Plato.
42602: DEMPSTER, W. J., - An Introduction To Experimental Surgical Studies.

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