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45644: CAMPBELL, TOM, - The Left And Rights: A Conceptual Analysis Of The Idea Of Socialist Rights.
45410: CAMPBELL, JAMES, - Understanding John Dewey: Nature And Cooperative Intelligence.
41429: CAMPBELL, ANGUS, - The Human Meaning Of Social Change.
39331: CAMPBELL, R. GORDON, - Foundations Of Fluid Flow Theory.
32193: CAMPBELL, LINDA, - Multiple Intelligences And Student Achievement: Success Stories From Six Schools.
180134: CAMPBELL, C. G, - Common Wealth: a Study in Social Philosophy.
806672: CAMPBELL, WILLIAM H, - Reflections: the Light and Texture of Charleston.
5386: CAMPBELL, JOHN R., - The Science Of Animals That Serve Mankind.
795: CAMPBELL, THOMAS M., - Masquerade Peace: America's UN Policy 1944-1945.
59372: CAMPBELL, TED; STAFFORD, GILBERT W. & CHARLES HIKARU SIMPSON & ANN K. RIGGS, - Ancient Faith And American-Born Churches: Dialogues Between Christian Traditions (Faith and Order Commission Theological Series).
160172: CAMPBELL, DELWIN MORTON, - Colics and Their Treatment (Veterinary Medicine Series).
160173: CAMPBELL, D. M. : EDITOR, - Veterinary Medicine Series, No.1: Springtime Surgery.
140573: CAMPBELL, RICHARD C., - Los Conquistadores. The Story of the Santa Cruz Evangelical United Brethren Church, Santa Cruz, New Mexico.
807211: CAMPION JESUIT HIGH SCHOOL. PRAIRIE DU CHIEN, WISCONSIN, - Campion Jesuit High School. Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin. 1965 Campion Knight Yearbook.
805992: CANADA, PUBLIC WORKS, - Winning Low Energy Building Design: Winners of a Government of Canada Competing for Commercial Buildings/Cat No W63-2-1980.
48267: CANADAY, JOHN, - The Lives Of The Painters.
40252: CANADAY, JOHN, - The Lives Of The Painters.
38671: CANADAY, JOHN, - The Lives Of The Painters.
55993: CANARY, ROBERT H, - George Bancroft, (Twayne's United States authors series, TUSAS 266 [i.e. 226]).
805348: CANBY, COURTLANDT AND CARRUTH, GORDON, - The Encyclopedia of Historic Places (Hudson Group Book).
803162: CANCEL, LUIS R., - The Latin American Spirit: Art And Artists In The United States, 1920-1970.
801919: CANCEL, LUIS R., - The Latin American Spirit: Art And Artists In The United States, 1920-1970.
801357: CANCEL, LUIS R., - Latin American Spirit: Art And Artists In The United States, 1920-1970.
220089: CANDEE, HELEN CHURCHILL., - Weaves and Draperies, Classic and Modern.
47010: DE CANDOLLE, ALPHONSE, - Origins Of Cultivated Plants.
57411: CANDY, JAMES V., - Signal Processing: a Modern Approach (Mcgraw Hill Series in Electrical and Computer Engineering).
41194: CANDY, DAVID J., - Biological Functions of Carbohydrates.
711963: CANE, PERCY S (EDITED BY C GEOFFREY HOLME & SHIRLEY B WAINWRIGHT), - Modern Gardens British & Foreign, Special Winter Number.
46798: CANN, RONNIE, KEMPSON, RUTH. MARTEN, LUTZ, - The Dynamics Of Language: An Introduction.
27888: DU CANN, C. G. L., - The Love-lives Of Charles Dickens.
710716: CANNON RIVER, MINNESOTA WATERSHED PARTNERSHIP HEALTH WATERS TASK FORCE, - Immediate Actions to Improve Local Water Quality with Regard to Phosphorus, Fecal Coliform Bacteria, and Mercury Pollution.
39152: CANNON, JOHN ROZIER, - The One-dimensional Heat Equation (encyclopedia Of Mathermatics And Its Applications).
16588: CANNON, CARL L., - American Book Collectors And Collecting From Colonial Times To The Present.
39184: CANON, MICHAEL D., - Theory Of Optimal Control And Mathematical Programming.
803876: CANOVA, ANTONIO. MOSES, HENRY. ALLRIZZI, COUNTESS, - The Works of Antonio Canova in Sculpture and Modelling Engraved in Outline with Descriptions from the Italian of the Countess Albrizzi and a Biographical Memoir.
58262: CANOVAN, MARGARET, - Political Thoughts of Hannah Arendt (Everyman's University Library).
30420: CANTELON, PHILIP L., - The History Of Mci: The Early Years 1968-1988.
46083: CANTER, L. W., - Ground Water Pollution Control.
45791: CANTER, MATHILDA B., - Ethics For Psychologists: A Commentary On The APA Ethics Code.
53492: CANTOR, MILTON, - Black Labor in America (Contributions in Afro-American and African Studies).
42553: CANTOR, MURIEL G., - Prime-time Television : Content And Control.
36316: CANTOR, ALFRED J., - A Handbook Of Psychosomatic Medicine With Particular Reference To Intestinal Disorders.
32243: CANTOR, MILTON, - American Workingclass Culture: Explorations in American Labor and Social History.
31712: CANTOR, HAROLD, - Clifford Odets, Playwright-poet.
25647: CANTOR, GEORGE, - Historic Landmarks Of Black America.
24108: CANTOW, MANFRED J., - Polymer Fractionation.
23814: CANTRIL, HADLEY, - The Human Dimension: Experiences In Policy Research.
800555: CANTWELL, ROBERT, - Alexander Wilson Naturalist And Pioneer.
120151: CANTWELL, GEORGE E, - Insect Diseases - Volume II (2).
901917: CAPA, ROBERT, - Robert Capa: Photographs.
42398: CAPEK, THOMAS, - The Cechs (bohemians) In America; : A Study Of Their National, Cultural, Political, Social, Economic, And Religious Life.
48915: CAPELOTTI, P. J., - By Airship To The North Pole.
27653: CAPLAN, PAULA J., - Lifting A Ton Of Feathers: A Woman's Guide To Surviving In The Academic World.
51263: CAPLIN, JESSIE, - The Lace Book.
54687: CAPOZZI, ROCCO, - Reading Eco: an Anthology (Advances in Semiotics).
33212: LA CAPRA, DOMINICK, - Soundings In Critical Theory.
42800: CARAMIN, PHILIP, - Henry Garnet 1555-1606 And The Gunpowder Plot.
53387: CARBALLIDO, EMILIO, - The Golden Thread and Other Plays.
19583: CARCOPINO, JEROME, - Daily Life In Ancient Rome.
18486: CARCOPINO, JEROME, - Daily Life In Ancient Rome.
711782: CARDINAL MEYER; NALIN, FR. ADOLF, - Dedication Day Italian Parish of St. Anthony of Padua, Chicago, Illinois. august 20,1961.
20103: CARDULLO, BERT, - Playing To The Camera: Film Actors Discuss Their Craft.
280401: CARDWELL, III, THOMAS A., - Command Structure for Theater Warfare the Quest for Unity of Command.
48549: CARDWELL, DONALD, - The Norton History Of Technology.
44563: CAREW, JEAN V. LIGHTFOOT, SARAH LAWRENCE, - Beyond Bias: Perspectives On Classrooms.
53849: CAREY, PATRICK W., - Orestes A. Brownson Selected Writings (Sources of American Spirituality).
48886: CAREY, PATRICK W., - The Roman Catholics.
21943: CAREY, GEORGE, - The Gate Of Glory.
42544: FRANKENSTEIN CARL, - Varieties Of Juvenile Delinquency.
60969: CARLETON, DUDLEY AND MAURICE LEE, JR., - Dudley Carleton to John Chamberlain, 1603-1624: Jacobean letters.
52422: CARLETON, WILL, - Rhymes of Our Planet.
160166: CARLETON, FRANK J, - Shoes and Feet, a Text Book for Students and Practitioners; : a Practical Consideration of Fifty Affections of the Foot Found in Chiropodical Practice: ... to Shoes, and Their Elemental Treatment.
53985: CARLEY, JAMES F., - Whittington's Dictionary of Plastics.
804579: CARLI, ENZO. CARLESI, DINO, - Alberico Morena.
56148: CARLISLE, LILIAN BAKER, - Look around Jericho, Underhill and Westford, Vermont, (Heritage series pamphlet).
8664: CARLISLE, DONALD, - Mineral Exploration : Biological Systems and Organic Matter.
5580: CARLSNAES, WALTER, - The Concept of Ideology and Political Analysis.
120894: CARLSON, BRUCE, - Iowa's Vanishing Outhouse.
711698: CARLSON,, - Archaeoastronomy. Vol. VIII. No. 1-4, Jan-Dec. 1985.
804036: CARLSON, GAYLE F. JENSEN, RICHARD E., - Archeological Salvage and Survey in Nebraska: Highway Archeological and Historical Salvage Investigations in Nebraska, 1965-1968, a Preliminary Report of the Point of Rocks Archeological Survey 1971.
52865: CARLSON, GAYLE F. JENSEN, RICHARD E., - Archeological Salvage and Survey in Nebraska: Highway Archeological and Historical Salvage Investigations in Nebraska, 1965-1968, a Preliminary Report of the Point of Rocks Archeological Survey 1971.
36043: CARLSON, GAYLE F., - Archeological Investigations At Fort Atkinson (25wn9) Washington County, Nebraska 1956-1971.
36202: CARLSON, BRUCE, - Me 'n Wesley.
120835: CARLSON, BRUCE, - Me 'n Wesley.
59280: CARLYLE, THOMAS, - Letters of Thomas Carlyle to John Stuart Mill, John Sterling & Robert Browning.
40239: CARMAN, HARRY J, - A Guide To The Principal Sources For American Civilization, 1800-1900, In The City Of New York: Printed Materials.
805270: CARMEAN, JR. E. A., - The Collages of Robert Motherwell: A Retrospective Exhibition.
100636: CARMODY, DENISE LARDNER & THE LATE JOHN TULLY CARMODY, - Mysticism: Holiness East and West.
281591: CARMONY, DONALD F. ; ELLIOTT, JOSEPHINE M., - New Harmony, Indiana: Robert Owen's Seedbed for Utopia.
42875: CARNAP, RUDOLF. GEORGE, ROLF A., - The Logical Structure Of The World And Pseudoproblems In Philosophy.
12649: CARNAP, R., - Logical Syntax Of Language.
40114: CARNER, GARY, - Jazz Performers: An Annotated Bibliography Of Biographical Materials.
35711: CARNEY, MARGARET, - Handbook Of Collections In The Blanden Memorial Art Museum.
53502: CARO, ELME MARIE, - George Sand.
23054: CARP, E. WAYNE, - Family Matters: Secrecy And Disclosure In The History Of Adoption.
10103: CARP, ROBERT A., - Policymaking and Politics in the Federal District Courts.
54569: CARPENTER, NAN C., - John Skelton.
53690: CARPENTER, ALLAN & RANDY LYON & CARL PROVORSE, - Between Two Rivers Iowa Year by Year, 1846-1996.
26024: CARPENTER, CHARLES H., - The Decorative Arts And Crafts Of Nantucket.
60992: CARR, WILLIAM, - Hitler: A Study in Personality and Politics.
800734: CARR, MICHAEL H., - The Geology Of The Terrestrial Planets.
52488: CARR, JOHN DICKSON, - The Sleeping Sphinx; : a Doctor Fell Detective Story.
41385: CARR, PETER, - Immobilized Enzymes In Analytical And Clinical Chemistry: Fundamentals And Applications.
26049: CARR, JOSEPH J., - Digital Interfacing With An Analog World.
60810: CARR, HAROLD AND LATHAM, BARBARA, - The Technology of Clothing Manufacture.
38434: CARRA, MASSIMO, - Metaphysical Art.
801203: CARRANCO, LYNWOOD, - Logging The Redwoods.
711210: CARREIRA, LEA MARIA MEDEIROS, - Catalogo De Polen Das Leguminosas Da Amazonia Brasileira.
801520: CARRICK, ROBERT W., - Defending The America's Cup.
711369: CARRICK, JOHN (EDITED BY), - Art of the First Australians: An Exhibition of Aboriginal Painting, Sculpture, and Artefacts of the Past Two Hundred Years.
44170: CARRISON, DANIEL J., - The Navy From Wood To Steel, 1860-1890 (the Watts Histories Of The United States Navy).
47495: CARROLL, JOSEPH CEPHAS, - Slave Insurrections In The United States, 1800 1865.
43984: CARROLL, E. MALCOLM, - Soviet Communism And Western Opinion 1919-1921.
15785: CARROLL, JOHN A., - Reflections Of Western Historians.
33417: CARROLL, JACKSON W., - Handbook For Congregational Studies.
33171: CARROLL, DAVID, - Paraesthetics: Foucault, Lyotard, Derrida.
32095: CARROLL, JOHN M., - The Black Military Experience In The American West.
23689: CARROLL, JOHN M., - Design Manual For Transistor Circuits.
23702: CARROLL, JOHN M., - Modern Transistor Circuits.
27727: CARROLL, LEWIS, - Symbolic Logic And The Game Of Logic.
140372: CARROLL, ROBERT W., - Abstract Methods in Partial Differential Equations.
61017: CARROLL, JOHN M., - Interfacing Thought: Cognitive Aspects of Human-Computer Interaction (Bradford Books).
19549: CARROLL, VERN, - Adoption In Eastern Oceania.
17220: CARROLL, FRANCES LAVERNE, - The Library At Mount Vernon.
10104: CARROLL, VERN, - Pacific Atoll Populations.
100486: CARROLL, JOHN S, - Photographic Lab Handbook.
281534: CARROLL, JOHN M., - The Black Military Experience in the American West.
32291: CARRUBBA, EUGENE R., - Assuring Product Integrity.
25749: CARSE, ADAM, - Musical Wind Instruments.
160036: CARSLAW, H. S., - Introduction to the Theory of Fourier's Series and Integrals.
805816: CARSON-DEWITT, ROSALYN, - Encyclopedia of Drugs, Alcohol & Addictive Behavior, Volume 4: Appendix, Index.
802676: CARSON, TOM, - Elementary And Intermediate Algebra.
802677: CARSON, TOM, - Elementary And Intermediate Algebra.
805713: CARSON-DEWITT, ROSALYN, - Encyclopedia of Drugs, Alcohol & Addictive Behavior, Volume 1: A-D.
35190: CARSON, ROBERT C., - Interaction Concepts Of Personality.
31243: CARSON, ADA LOU, - Royall Tyler.
15627: CARSON, ADA LOU, - Royall Tyler.
902010: CARSON-DEWITT, ROSALYN, - Encyclopedia of Drugs, Alcohol & Addictive Behavior, 4 Volume Set.
120055: CARSTEN, F. L, - Revolution in central Europe, 1918-1919.
19927: CARSTEN, F. L., - The German Resistance To Hitler.
51396: CARSWELL, PAMELA. HASTINGS, CECILY, - Conflict and Light: Studies in Psychological Disturbance and Readjustment..
31364: CARSWELL, JOHN, - From Revolution To Revolution: England 1688-1776.
20033: CARTER, ROBERT F., - Tarnished Halo: The Story Of Padre Francisco Hidalgo.
801519: CARTER, JAMES D., - History Of The Supreme Council, 33°,: Mother Council Of The World, Ancient And Accepted Scottish Rite Of Freemasonry, Southern Jurisdiction, U.s.a., 1861-1891.
39989: CARTER, S. K., - International Symposium On Adriamycin.
53672: CARTER, CLARENCE E., - Historical Editing.
51609: CARTER, ROBERT E, - Dimensions of Moral Education.
49498: CARTER, EDWARD, - Response To God's Love: A View Of The Spiritual Life.
49023: CARTER, JENNY. RAE, JANET, - Chambers Guide To Traditional Crafts Of Scotland.
44106: CARTER, A. E., - Baudelaire Et La Critique Francaise 1868-1917.
40270: CARTER, HODDING, - Doomed Road Of Empire: The Spanish Trail Of Conquest.
40504: CARTER, H., - Applied Economics In Banking And Finance.
38851: CARTER, HARVEY LEWIS, - Dear Old Kit The Historical Christopher Carson.
15781: CARTER, HODDING, - Doomed Road Of Empire: The Spanish Trail Of Conquest.
35063: CARTER, JOHN, - An Enquiry Into the Nature of Certain Nineteenth Century Pamphlets.
27890: CARTER, PAUL A., - Another Part Of The Twenties.
21579: CARTER, EDWARD C II, - Enterprise And Entrepreneurs In Nineteenth And Twentieth Century France.
180107: CARTER, CHARLES FREDERICK, - The Wedding Day in Literature and Art : a Collection of the Best Descriptions of Weddings from the Works of the World's Leading Novelists and Poets ... New York, Dodd, Mead [1900].
100267: CARTER, JACK F., - Sunflower Science and Technology (Agronomy, Number 19).
20146: CARTER, PAUL J., - Waldo Frank.
17221: CARTER, SAMUEL, - The Final Fortress: The Campaign For Vicksburg 1862-1863.
15032: CARTER, C. F., - British Economic Statistics: A Report.
8065: CARTER, R. G. (RICHARD GEOFFREY), - Electromagnetic Waves : Microwave Components and Devices.
711978: CARTER, DAVID G. MONTREAL MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS, - Images of the Saints / L'Art Et Les Saintes.
44250: CARTEY, WILFRED, - Palaver: Modern African Writings.
100530: CARTWRIGHT, JOHN, - Evolution and Human Behavior: Darwinian Perspectives on Human Nature.
18737: CARTY, REV. CHARLES MORTIMER, - Padre Pio The Stigmatist.
802239: CARUS-WILSON, E. M. COLEMAN, OLIVE., - England's Export Trade 1275-1547.
54305: CARUSO, JOHN ANTHONY. BOLYARD, NEIL E., - Mississippi Valley Frontier the Age of French Exploration and Settlement.
22976: CARVAJAL, M. J., - Family Planning And Family Size Determination.
280654: CARVAJAL, MANUEL J., - Socioeconomic Profile of Pharmacists in South Florida Volume 1.
44911: CARVER, TERRELL, - Marx And Engels: The Intellectual Relationship.
140062: CARVER, VIDA, - Disability and the Environment.
30475: CARVEY, PAUL M., - Drug Action In The Central Nervous System.
804415: CARY, M., - The Oxford Classical Dictionary.
802302: CARY, M., - The Oxford Classical Dictionary.
15642: CARY, RICHARD, - Mary N. Murfree.
902163: CASABELLA, - Casabella, Rivista Internazionale Di Architettura, 640/641.
52553: CASANOVA, JACQUES. GAYMARD, ANTOINE, - The Memoirs of Jacques Casanova De Seingalt Prince of Adventurers and the Most Indomitable of Lovers (Two Volumes) the Memoirs of Jacques Casanova De Seingalt Prince of Adventurers and the Most Indomitable of Lovers (Two Volumes).
39501: CASANOVA, PABLO GONZALEZ, - Democracy In Mexico.
59118: CASASENT, DAVID PAUL & S. H. LEE, - Optical Information Processing: Fundamentals (Topics in Applied Physics).
57479: CASCIATO, ARTHUR D. AND WEST, JAMES L. W., - Critical Essays on William Styron (Critical Essays on American Literature).
220451: CASDORPH, PAUL D., - Lee and Jackson: Confederate Chieftains.
56130: J. I. CASE, - Case Field Forage Harvesters Models 210, 220 and 225 Base Units with Quick Attaching Gathering Units.
56124: J. I. CASE, - Case Power Take off Tractor Spreader 125.
49425: CASE, CLARENCE MARSH, - Essays In Social Values.
47638: CASE, FREDERICK E., - Inner-city Housing And Private Enterprise Based On Studies In Nine Cities.
42839: CASE, SHIRLEY JACKSON, - Experience With The Supernatural In Early Christian Times.
40248: CASE, MARGARET H., - South Asian History 1750-1950 A Guide To Periodicals, Dissertations, And Newspapers.
32257: CASE, FRED E., - Environmental Impact Review And Housing: Process Lessons From The California Experience.
17194: CASE, LYNN M., - The United States And France: Civil War Diplomacy.
39434: CASELL, FRANK A., - Merchant Congressman In The Young Republic: Samuel Smith Of Maryland 1752-1839.
140211: CASEY, JOHN, - Morality and Moral Reasoning; : Five Essays in Ethics,.
50058: O'CASEY, SEAN. KRAUSE, DAVID, - The Letters of Sean O'Casey Volume III 1955-58.
48997: CASEY, BETTY, - International Folk Dancing U. S. A..
43110: CASEY, MAIE, - Early Melbourne Architecture 1840-1888.
20986: CASH, THOMAS F., - Body Images: Development, Deviance, And Change.
120098: CASHMAN, RICHARD, - Myth of Lokamanya: Tilak and Mass Politics in Maharashtra (Center for South & Southeast Asia Studies).
14668: CASHMAN, SEAN DENNIS, - African-americans And The Quest For Civil Rights 1900-1990.
60804: CASLEY, DENNIS J., - Project Monitoring and Evaluation in Agriculture (World Bank).
12163: CASNER-LOTTO, JILL, - Successful Training Strategies: Twenty-Six Innovative Corporate Models.
59900: CASSEDY, JAMES H., - Demography in Early America.
17223: CASSEDY, JAMES H., - Demography In Early America.
26922: CASSELL, WILFRED A., - Interpreting Inner World Through Somatic Imagery Manual Of The Somatic Inkblot Series.
160033: CASSELL, WALLACE L., - Linear Electric Circuits.
19021: CASSERLY, DOMINIC, - Banking In Asia: The End Of Entitlement.
57509: CASSIDY, DAVID, - J. Robert Oppenheimer: And the American Century.
55945: CASSIDY, WILLIAM, - Memorial of William Cassidy.
52483: CASSILL, R. V. (RONALD VERLIN), - The President.
54317: CASSIRER, ERNST, - An Essay on Man an Introduction to a Philosophy of Human Culture.
25253: CASSIRER, ERNST, - The Logic Of The Humanities.
60119: CASSIRER, ERNST; MANHEIM, RALPH & CHARLES W. HENDEL, - The Philosophy of Symbolic Forms, Volume 1: Language.
100483: CASSUTO, DAVID NATHAN, - Cold Running River.
31889: CASTAGNO, MARGARET, - Historical Dictionary Of Somalia.
160757: CASTANEDA, PEDRO, - The Journey of Coronado.
100265: CASTRO, I.P, - An Introduction to the Digital Analysis of Stationary Signals: A Computer Illustrated Text.
805187: CASTRO, JAN GARDEN, - The Art and Life of Georgia O'Keeffe.
58376: CASTRO, J. E, - The Treatment of Prostatic Hypertrophy and Neoplasia.
4943: CASTRONOVA, FRANK V., - Almanac Of Famous People.
280075: CATCOTT, E. J. , SMITHCORS, J. F., - Progress in Canine Practice: Noninfectious Diseases, Reproducton and Nutrition.
280074: CATCOTT, E. J. , SMITHCORS, J. F., - Progress in Canine Practice: Infections, Infestations, and Neoplasms.
280073: CATCOTT, E. J. , SMITHCORS, J. F., - Progress in Canine Practice: Surgery, Anesthesiology, Radiology.
19185: CATCOTT, E. J., - Equine Medicine And Surgery.
39525: CATE, JAMES LEA, - Medieval And Historiographical Essays In Honor Of James Westfall Thompson.
31603: CATE, GEORGE ALLAN, - Carlyle And Emerson, Their Long Debate.
58869: CATERINE, DARRYL VICTOR, - Conservative Catholicism and the Carmelites: Identity, Ethnicity, and Tradition in the Modern Church.
44183: CATES, EDWIN H., - A Centennial History Of St. Cloud State College.
47515: CATHER, WILLA, - Early Novels And Stories : The Troll Garden, O Pioneers! The Song Of The Lark, My Antonia, One Of Ours.
34170: CATHER, WILLA, - O Pioneers!.
50261: CATLIN, GEORGE. ROSS, MARVIN C., - George Catlin: Episodes from Life Among the Indians and Last Rambles.
41645: CATON, CHARLES E., - Philosophy And Ordinary Language.
180116: CATONIS , M. PORCI; MAZZARINO, ANTONIO, - M. Porci Catonis de Agri Cultura ad Fidem Florentini Codicis Deperditi..
9561: CATSIMPOOLAS, NICHOLAS, - Isoelectric Focusing And Isotachophoresis.
51481: CATTELL, RAYMOND B., - Handbook of Multivariate Experimental Psychology.
17224: CATTELL, RAYMOND, - Beyondism Religion From Science.
801458: CATTERMOLE, PETER, - Mars The Story Of The Red Planet.
24399: CATTON, BRUCE, - America Goes To War: The Civil War And Its Meaning In American Culture.
18143: CATTON, BRUCE, - Gettysburg: The Final Fury.
51258: CAUGHEY, JOHN WALTON, - The American West : Frontier and Region.
60714: CAULFIELD, ERNEST, - Disease and Society in Provincial Massachusetts: Collected Accounts 1736-1939 (Medicine & Society in America).
19887: CAULFIELD, MAX, - The Easter Rebellion Dublin 1916.
56482: CAUTE, DAVID, - The Fellow Travellers: a Postscript to the Enlightenment.
36946: CAVA, RALPH DELLA, - Miracle At Joaseiro.
21350: CAVA, RALPH DELLA, - Miracle At Joaseiro.
10566: CAVAFY, C. P., - C. P. Cavafy: Collected Poems.
53947: CAVENDISH, GEORGE, - Metrical Visions.
33546: CAVERT, SAMUEL MCCREA, - Church Cooperation And Unity In America; : A Historical Review: 1900-1970.
28437: CAVES, RICHARD A., - Trade And Economic Structure Models And Methods.
39825: CAVIGLIA, JILL L., - Sustainable Agriculture In Brazil: Economic Development And Deforestation.
10179: CAWLEY, C. C., - The Right to Live.
792: CAWLEY, C. C., - The Right to Live.
48365: CAWS, MARY ANN, - About French Poetry From Dada To Tel Quel: Text And Theory.
47835: CAWS, MARY ANN, - Writing In A Modern Temper: Essays On French Literature And Thought, In Honor Of Henri Peyre.
43275: CAWS, PETER, - The Philosophy Of Science: A Systematic Account.
32153: CAYLEFF, SUSAN E., - Babe: The Life And Legend Of Babe Didrikson Zaharias.
160079: CAZARES, ARTURO & BEATTY, LULA A., EDS, - Scientific Methods for Prevention Intervention Research. National Institute on Drug Abuse Research Monograph 139.
901410: CAZAUX, YVES, - Guillaume Le Taciturne Comte De Nassau, Prince D'orange.
100415: CAZDEN, ELIZABETH, - Antoinette Brown Blackwell: A Biography.
59295: CBD, SECRETARIAT OF THE, - Handbook of the Convention on Biological Diversity.
56938: O'CEALLAIGH, DALTUN O., - Reconsiderations of Irish History and Culture: Selected Papers from the Desmond Greaves Summer School, 1989-'93.
34533: CEASER, JAMES W., - Reconstructing America : The Symbol Of America In Modern Thought.
802356: CECCHI, EMILIO, - The Sienese Painters Of The Trecento.
20517: CECIL, ANDREW R., - Individualism And Social Responsibility.
140782: CECIL, LISLE, - The Elizabethan Sonnet Sequences: Studies in Conventional Conceits.
32145: CEDRARS, BLAISE, - Hollywood Mecca Of The Movies.
800111: CELENKO, THEODORE, - A Treasury Of African Art From The Harrison Eiteljorg Collection.
120483: CELL, JOHN W., - British Colonial Administration in the Mid-nineteenth Century: The Policy-making Process.
51878: CELLINI, BENVENUTO. SYMONDS, J. ADDINGTON, - Harvard Classics Volume 31. the Autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini.
27012: BUREAU OF THE CENSUS, - Historical Statistics Of The United States Colonial Times To 1957 : A Statistical Abstract Supplement.
140834: CENTENO, AUGUSTO, EDITOR., - The Intent Of The Artist By Sherwood Anderson, Thornton Wilder, Roger Sessions, William Lescaze..
805027: DES MOINES ART CENTER, - Giorgio Morandi: An Exhibition Organization By the Des Moines Art Center.
803527: NASA LYNDON B. JOHNSON SPACE CENTER, - Skylab Erep Investigations Summary.
806274: CESSNA PILOT CENTER, - Cessna Professional Manual of Flight.
710699: AFRICAN STUDIES CENTER, - African Arts February 1979 Volume XII Number 2.
710700: AFRICAN STUDIES CENTER, - African Arts May 1979 Volume XII Number 3.
710701: AFRICAN STUDIES CENTER, - African Arts August 1979 Volume XII Number 4.
710702: AFRICAN STUDIES CENTER, - African Arts November 1979 Volume XIII Number 1.
710703: AFRICAN STUDIES CENTER, - African Arts August 1980 Volume XIII Number 4.
710704: AFRICAN STUDIES CENTER, - African Arts November 1981 Volume XV Number 1.
710697: AFRICAN STUDIES CENTER, - African Arts April 1978 Volume XI Number 3.
710698: AFRICAN STUDIES CENTER, - African Arts July 1978 Volume XI Number 4.
710695: AFRICAN STUDIES CENTER, - African Arts January 1977 Volume X Number 2.
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710694: AFRICAN STUDIES CENTER, - African Arts January 1976 Volume IX Number 2.
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